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  1. Alice grimaced as she thought about just how little they knew. Neither Billy or the gunman knew much, all they had was the drop point which she didn't give good chances of being in use after tonight. The other thing was that Billy wasn't passing his money upwards or he would've mentioned it, so obviously the guy in charge didn't care about the money. She didn't want to discuss with Archer where the goons could hear them, but having the opinion of a significantly older hero would definitely be valuable. She waved him outside where the gunmen were all unconscious and covered Billy's ears with he
  2. The Dreamer frowned at the man who spoke. "It matters not that I am an outsider, if you were worth knowing of then I would. Now perhaps it is time someone teaches a noble's whelp why manners are important." She channelled her best impersonation of The Carnifex's milk souring smile. And channelled the Carnifex itself. A bone chilling laugh echoed from the straightening monstrosity, the cracks in it's skin glowing volcanically. The men ahead need to learn why etiquette flows both ways. The nightmare surveyed the Yakuza, chuckling darkly. "Ah, my favorite. Small
  3. GM The gangster stared at his phone for a few moments before spinning to face Nevermore as he spoke. "Hey fuck you! Coming in here like you're hot shit! The Cardinal Rats own Southside now and there ain't shit you two can do to stop em!" As if to punctuate his hysterical screaming the man drew a switchblade and charged Charlie, swinging it wildly to no effect as he swung it way out of measure. He screamed like a man possessed as he swung the knife in front of Charlie's face until after several failed attempts he stopped, panting.
  4. Okay, the gangster is gonna try attacking Charlie after his phone stops working. 1d20+2 = 6 he obviously misses. 19 - Nevermore II - 3HP - Unharmed 16 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed 6 - Spinethrower Demon - Unharmed 6 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 3 - Gangster - Unharmed
  5. Muirne smiled as she quietly pulled her armour over her bodysuit. She got to go on a patrol with members of the Freedom League, got to see another hero team in action! She'd worked with Vanguard, but now she could have a second actual hero team to compare to. A pair of examples to apply next time Luke or Charlie dragged her out to hunt demons or something. Smiling she attached her father's knife and spearhead to her belt. The stave of her staff was held in hand, but she wasn't going to get told off for having a spear in school this time. She knew she was running early, but regardle
  6. GM The demon mimicked a laugh as it dodged Muirne's spear, although the sound came out like a grunting screech from it's fanged maw. It reached to it's back and seized one of it's many spines. There was an awful sucking sound as it pulled free, and a small line of red mucus lead from it's back to it's spine. Baring it's teeth in another horrifying grin it cast the spine at Muirne again, barely skimming the projectile off her shield as it shrieked through the air.
  7. Muirne smiled as she shared several kisses with Luke, ducking her head as Luke talked. "I'm glad you were here tonight. "Ic brýdlufe þú Luke.1" She also turned to look as Pan wrapped up his song and the heart vanished. She caught the microphone with a minimum of fumbling, grinning as she pulled back slightly from Luke to sing. The song was slower than Pan's but she liked it and it was fitting for the party. "I'll swim and sail on savage seas With ne'er a fear of drowning And gladly ride the waves of life If you would marry me~ No scorching sun
  8. Okay, in that case the demon is going to pull another spine from it's back and chuck it at Muirne. 1d20+2 = 17 which is a step closer but doesn't quite hit. Now I'll just do the saves vs. Luke. Reflex save, he has Evasion 2, so it'll be halved if he fails, none if he succeeds. 1d20+3 = 22
  9. The Dreamer saw the men coming, pushing through the crowd. She glared at them, spotting Blackstaff just before they shoved him. Her eyes locked onto the one who approached her to start attempting to scatter her dreams. The possibly real boy ran, along with many of the smaller dreams, while others responded in kind, the small dragons hissing at the man in unison and many others brandishing claws or weapons. The Dreamer herself wheeled her way out from the side of the street, gathering her dreams around her. She stopped directly in front of the group, giving them a look that could pe
  10. Shadowborne Muirne quickly grabbed her fallen spear and threw it again, wincing as the demon swung to the side, easily evading the spear. Annoyed, she turned to Luke. "Have you got any ideas to get him off the wall, Nightscale?"
  11. Okay, Muirne is gonna grab her spear and throw it at the demon again. 1d20+4 = 13 (Thank you RocketLord for correcting me) and Muirne misses 19 - Nevermore II - 3HP - Unharmed 16 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed 6 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 6 - Spinethrower Demon - Unharmed 3 - Gangster - Unharmed
  12. Alrighty, good month for me! Shadowborne: 10PP Character Posts 3 + 1 + 3 + 6 + 5 = 18 Posts Fury Road 3 Posts Survival Class: Silver Linings 1 Post Mirror Mirror 3 Posts How a Young Heart Really Feels 6 Posts Brimstone and Bullet Casings 5 Posts GM Posts 4 is equivalent 8 Character Posts Brimstone and Bullet Casings 4 Posts Total 26 = 3PP Bonuses Origins Vignette (1000+ Words) - 2PP 20/20 Hindsight (1000+ Words) - 2PP The Interview (Twenty Questions) - Thank you to RocketLord for letting me inc
  13. GM The demon sneered at its attempted attackers while the gangster ran back from Nevermore and into a nearby alley, pulling out his phone. The heroes could hear him shouting, "There are heroes here man! Three of 'em!" He followed it up with a litany of cursing as it sounded like he ran into something before telling whoever was on the other end the street they were on. The demon by contrast showed a little more spine, casting it's quill at Shadowborne. The projectile shrieked through the air, embedding itself into the ground as the heroine dodged. The teens the man had b
  14. Shadowborne: Origin Story She heard her mother and father shout her name when the branch cracked beneath her. Her hair whipped into her face, and fear pulsed through her as she seemed to fall for eternity. The moment passed and she continued to plummet. Suddenly it was like a dam broke and something cold and dark ran through her from her core. It didn't hurt when she hit the ground, but everything else did. The sun and warmth of the day burned and she didn't know why. Something was wrong, she could feel it. She felt it as she stood, the movement easy and flowing. She lo
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