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  1. If Bear-Knuckles attacks anyone other than Shooting Star she's gonna interpose.
  2. Shooting Star Alice frowned as the man seemed to be shrugging off their efforts, approaching her and the catgirl while ignoring the wolf. She stepped forwards to meet his advance, placing herself in front of Neko as much as she could, before slugging Bear-Knuckles in the jaw. "You know, that would be intimidating, if you were... You know... Intimidating." She grinned up at the man, although it came out as more of a sneer. She was getting less sure that she could take him, but she could at least keep him from everyone else.
  3. Oh boy, you know what time it is? Shooting Star is gonna All-Out-Attack a guy again! 1d20+8 = 11 I've only rolled one number in double digits in this whole thread, what did I do to annoy the dice gods? I'll burn my last hero point to reroll it, I don't want this guy running around too much. 1d20+8+10 = 22 hopefully that hits, DC29 toughness.
  4. Okay, I'm afraid you miss SF, she's quite good at dodging. Next up: Me, several times. But Anarchilles is first, and I'll just roll for him, since SF needs the chance to post, and he might be affecting Nightscale. (He just attacks) 23 what the hell?? Uh, I'm gonna be honest I wasn't expecting to hit here... DC30 toughness please 'Zul
  5. The Maero panic slightly as the Deep One leapt after them, proclaiming her intentions to the world. The giants throw themselves to the side as Aquaria emphatically struck her trident against her chest. Pulling themselves away they watched as Klara descended, looking confused at the foreigner's words. In their own language they grunt to each other briefly, before one, who seems slightly more decorated than the others turns, speaking once more in Te Reo. "He reo hou ke te korero a nga tangata o te moana. He aha to hiahia?"
  6. Shooting Star Alice's eyes locked into the fleeing crowd. She knew how deadly stampedes could be, and quickly dived to save one of the fallen, leaving the red haired villain unattended. Her hypertough body easily bore their attacks as she heard the villain start giving orders, annoyance bubbling slightly at her inability to prevent him from doing so. "Don't move, I've got you. You're safe." She could feel people's feet hitting her back as she used her flight to remain stationary over the old man. Once she was clear she lifted herself and him up with ease, settling the man on the ground. "Get safety, we'll stop them, just focus on keeping yourself safe." Seeing him off, she turned around towards her quarry who'd gone back into the office. In a brief moment to quiet she heard his comment about animal cruelty. The door splintered into a million pieces as she ploughed through at high speed, her fist colliding with the back of his head before she stopped directly in front of him, picking some splinters from her shirt. "Unfortunately for you, I'm not okay with animal cruelty."
  7. Pretty sure that's the right number of HP for Alice, edited my last post when I reread it and see it mention the cape that she wasn't wearing doing stuff. Anyway, after interposing with the fleeing hostage she is gonna go try lay the leader out again since he seems to be rallying the other villains. So same All-Out Attacking for +8, 1d20+8 = 9 A Nat One! Take that criminal scum, she can air punch at you! Spending a hero point! I want this guy going down ASAP 1d20+8+10 = 27, a 9 is the best hero point roll for that bonus. Given that she got him with that last time he can suck on another DC29 Toughness save this time while bruised!
  8. Okay, Notice! 1d20+5 = 11 is, Bad. I'm actually gonna burn a HP. 1d20+5+10 = 22, pretty sure I'm remembering when the +10 gets added right, it's of the dice is too low rather than the final result? Anyway, provided in not wrong she beats DC20 and is going to Interpose between one of the civilians and being trampled, again provided in remembering how this works She has Impervious 9 so I'm pretty sure she's safe from the trampling.
  9. Okay, sorry for the delay! That'll hit and he'll try to resist being tripped, don't checking the rules says that wow, it really stacks this against you, huh? At least I don't think it includes Super-Strength. 44 says he stays standing. Immovable really quickly takes you into the region of impossibility, huh? Well 'Zul it was worth a try, sorry. @Spacefurry Leon's up!
  10. Shooting Star Alice developed a grin as the leader presented himself, flying through the broken glass and shooting straight for the red-haired man who was barking orders. She stopped instantly, which would have caused her cape to billow out in front of her, disguising her arm as her fist flew out in what was a textbook punch. Her smile grew as her fist sailed out and met his face despite the lack of her cape. "It might be best to surrender buddy. You're rather outmatched." It would probably be not effective if she was in her costume rather than a stop sign and old band shirt, but she'd make do with what she had.
  11. Okay! Alice is going to take the opportunity of the man walking out and barking orders to fly through and go him. All-out Attacking her Defence to 0, for a +8 bonus to hit. 1d20+8 = 27!!!! Hoo boy! I imagine that doesn't miss, and if I'm right then DC29 Toughness save for our dear friend
  12. Skill Mastery Notice, 10+14 = 24. Murine literally couldn't fail on a roll vs that lol
  13. Shooting Star Alice had to admit that invisibility was a novel experience, and normally she would be marveling at the possibilities and considering what she could do, but it got trumped by the revelation that she had been heroing with an honest-to-god dragon. She had her hand on his side since apparently she needed to maintain contact, but she didn't exactly want to be weighing him down. She'd gotten heavier and stronger recently. She was... Very unsettled watching the flaming skeleton eat a man as he screamed. She definitely wanted to find out which one had that power and maybe talk to them about what had happened. She cut off her musing to focus on the situation and worry about Heroditus. Fingers crossed he was bulletproof.
  14. Okay, provided I'm awake enough to remember to do it, I'll add the HP later. But for now, initiative order. Nightscale 23 Paper 20 Anarchilles 17 Shooting Star 12 The Card Carrying Villain 11 The Human Nightlight 8 So @Nerdzul up first.
  15. Shadowborne Muirne ran through the Schattenwelt again, resurfacing next to Luke. Seeing that he was still standing, and lacking any way to help him if he wasn't, she instead went on the attack, releasing a torrent if grasping shadows at the villain. Instead, he dodged and half a dozen civilians were caught. Muirne winced as they panicked as the darkness grasped them. Thankfully they wouldn't be harmed since she could stop the attack. "Shit. You'll all be free from the... Shadows in a moment sorry. Please remain calm."
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