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  1. Alice's face was like stone as Billy looked crushed. She turned towards the door, carefully opening it with her elbow. Stopping, she looked over her shoulder, "I'm sorry it came to that, Billy." She said quietly, before sneaking away from the school, avoiding everyone she could. She didn't want anyone to see her with the burning hands, and needed time to cool off, literally and figuratively. She regretted the way that had gone, but within an hour she should be fine. Sneaking somewhere secluded, Alice launched herself into the air, aiming for orbit, hoping that some time in space would help her
  2. Re-re-Doktor'd! Sometimes I wonder if I'm an idiot or not, because you interpreted that the most logical way you could. The Darkvision and the Dimensional Movement were outside of the Shadowbeast Form sorry.
  3. Muirne smiled at the boy sheepishly, unsure as to the context of the joke but willing to go along to cut some of the tension when the boy tensed up, spitting out a few abortive sentences and taking off. She looked to Lulu when the girl spoke, blood draining from her face as she realised what that meant. She started running after the pair, feeling the shadows respond to her panic but pushing them back. She couldn't turn into a shadowbeast here. She hated to think of what she might find if what she'd heard of the latest murders was even half true, but if that was who they were hunting, she wasn'
  4. Muirne continued to watch the conversation after her input, feeling a small degree of warmth penetrate the shadowy haze as Mette supported her, and Eira agreeing to let them come take a look. She prepared to follow when Klara offered her hand. She looked up at the woman, still hunched in her shadow, sheltering from the direct sunlight. "Will survive. Need to help... Best to make use of powers." In truth she was dreading heading to the place where the magic apparently came from, but she couldn't abandon them. Klara had helped her when she'd needed it. Despite only knowing each other for a short
  5. The Dreamer smiled at Alaynah's comment about asking for more after the created money had been stored. She might even think about producing some more for them after this, since she had given them so much trouble and the Carnifex had threatened to eat her fingers. "I live comfortably enough, but someone asked for my help to right a wrong and I am afraid I have never been one to stand by, even as a child. I am sorry about dragging you into this, but if nothing else I hope that the provided resources salve any harm done." *** She looks over to Zach as he speaks, nodding to
  6. Muirne was glad that she hadn't worn her armour, as she was already suffering from the heat and wearing maille would probably have killed her. Instead she was wearing a loose white silk shirt that covered her arms and an airy long skirt, all to keep the sun off her skin. She was slathered in sunscreen and was still worried that she would be burned to a crisp. She knew how to survive in the wild, but she had learned to live in the wild in England. She'd read into how to survive in a desert so she was also not sure why he was talking about wasting daylight, since by all accounts it was better to
  7. Second Opinion'd! She had Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision) [2PP] and Super-Movement 1 (Dimensional Movement 1 [Shattenwelt]) [2PP] before the edit, and I wanted to keep those. I should have been more clear sorry.
  8. The Dreamer's smile remained in the face of Alaynah's suspicion. "To be honest I could have bargained, but you are correct that I have caused you and your compatriots some rather significant problems through my actions and it would be unbecoming of me to deny your reasonable requests." She followed alongside Alaynah into the alleyway, her lips returning to a neutral expression as they marched through the dark. At Alaynah's question as to the nature of her powers she decided to continue with the lie she had come upon. "I can draw items out of a near endless vault of treasures. I can
  9. Alice's eyes widened at the surprising flavour, having not expected something so pleasant. She quietly revelled in the nice feeling, enjoying the flavour and the warmth when she started to get worried about the heat of her hands. She gasped at the sight of the flames covering her hands but it was only moments before starting to play with the fire, waving her hands in front of her, watching with fascination. Her mind flashed back to her thoughts about a pyrokinetic burning down the school and she giggled at the absurdity that there was a distinct possibility that the hypothetical pyrokinetic co
  10. Shadowborne Bubblegum Heart 4 Posts Purchase and Price 2 Posts Four Stories - Què & A 1 Post Total 7 Posts Shooting Star Rising Stars 5 Posts Total 5 Posts The Dreamer Hunt for the Serpent 4 Posts Ultra Dreams 2 Posts Total 6 Posts
  11. Muirne spotted Dee as she entered the room and started talking to Maggie and realised that she hadn't responded to the other girl's greeting, too caught up in the sudden activity. She excused herself after her introduction to Judy and headed over to the pair, missing Chronia's obvious display of magic as she arrived. "Hello Maggie, my name is Muirne Sceadusangere. It's nice to meet you." She smiled warmly at Dee, I'm in the room where the movers are, the other girl moving in doesn't sound the nicest. She turned back to Maggie, offering her hand to shake. "Are you going to Claremont too?" She c
  12. Muirne chewed her lip as the pair stopped talking, there was another murder and no leads? She couldn't imagine such a thing, even when her family had visited Canterbury for Holy days there had not been so many people as to elude all possible notice had there? It seemed ridiculous that modern police with so much technology and training could not find anything. Unless superpowers were involved... Muirne re-framed her thoughts along that angle. She had done it after all, she hunted Dougal's men, picked them off one by one and they had no idea of what was stalking them in the shadows. People like
  13. The Dreamer smiled easily as Alaynah asked about compensation, this would be the easy part since she could generate more gold than every country in the world possessed in a single go. "It is safe to say that I am both willing and able to give you enough to disappear for as long as you want." She should probably check what form they wanted the compensation in, since while she could dream up anything, it would take her a while to dream up individual notes compared to an emerald the size of her own head. "On the topic of compensation however, what form would you like it to take? I can provide you
  14. The Dreamer is switching her Summon array from Carnifex ex Imaginatio to Assault of the Dream Beast
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