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  1. “Yet here I’m… Am I right?” He forced a cocky smirk, but his eyes told a different story. Damn the coach did know to hit where it hurts didn’t him? Luke’s knuckles whitened as he kept clenching his fists. Calm down Luke... What if he was right, though? What if he was just playing pretend… With all the ‘hero’ thing. No way! And yet… The young man lowered his eyes, looking away from Mr. Armstrong. He relaxed, if only a little, when the man ‘allowed’ them to try and sort it out. Like if he wasn’t going to go anyway, permission or not. He saw himself out the door without a
  2. "Hell yeah" Luke shouted triumphantly as he saw the last of the zombie eat the ground. Easy Peasy “Come on man? Don’t you know that the war is over?” he addressed the zombie head on the ground. “You lost like… “ He scratched his head. When exactly? Whatever it was like at least a hundred years anyway... “Ages ago. America kicked our asses already.” “Do you think we should burn them or something?” He asked the more veteran heroes. Made sense to him, that said, those guys were like evil… Yet their undead state was kinda sad, maybe there was another way to deal with them
  3. Luke had to collect all of his willpower to stop himself from using Casanova, still tied as a hog, as his personal punching bag. Then again, he wasn’t sure if there was much else he could do with him and Chaz seemed to have the situation out of control. He took a deep breath, trying to assess the chaotic flow of the fight and gazed at the sky, Shift seemed to have somewhat recovered from Toxin’s offensive, but Bluebird was still a definitely a problem. She could bombard them with impunity and was flying too high for him to reach without his wings. Maybe Arrow could short work of h
  4. I don't think that Luke can get to Bluebird without transforming, but he can try to keep Stinger busy so that someone better at range maybe can? I'm gonna post IC tomorrow as my shoulder is starting to hurt after today's session, but here are his actions anyway: Move Action: Get to stinger Standard action: Try to grab stinger (using the free all out attack maneuver to get -2 defense and +2 to hit for the turn) To hit: 16 miss... Hero Point 8... at least it's an HP so so 28 in total. Grapple: 25 Move by Attack: If stinger is grabbed he will t
  5. “Don’t worry ok? I can’t believe they would want to hurt you anyway, I mean…” He gave Jaycee a sympathetic smile. Yeah he could vouch for his friend at least, but the rest? Who knew right? “Plus it’s safe here anyway.” “Yeah I…” Luke ruffled the hair on the back of his neck after the Coach’s remark. What the hell are you doing Matt? He felt guilty a bit perhaps, since getting to Claremont he hadn’t been around his old friends as much as he should have, immersed as he was in this new life of heroes and wonders... “Hey…” Luke frowned, and instinctively clenched his fists
  6. As the zombie pointed his gun at the hologram, the fake president stood showing no fear proud and unwavering in his conviction. “Then on this shores you will only find some good and proud American ass-kicking sir.” The President replied, before fading away, as Luke concentration faltered due to the adrenaline surge from the upcoming battle. The young man dashed on the beach, spectral claws surrounding his fists rending the undead flesh with ease. He grinned, when the first one fell. “And stay down!” He shouted triumphantly as he kicked the head away from the rest of the
  7. It's a bit of a cliché, I know hehe. That said feel free to use rule of funny to decide if Luke actually soaked someone
  8. Was he in trouble? Again? Being dragged by the Coach before he could finish his training session so suddenly seemed to suggest it, but the fact that he was together with the freaking daughter of the ex-president pointed in a different direction… He was gonna know soon anyway, so yeah, with no need to worry, Luke strolled through the halls with a confident pace and a cocky grin on his lips. “The punk has a name by the way.” Luke smirked. Now of course he knew who Judy was (she was on TV after all), but he hadn’t had many chances to hang out with the senior himself during his short s
  9. 16 For real? Oh well... Miss it is... That said I kinda forgot that you can take 10 on minions is it fine if I go for that instead? With charge he should be at 20. In that case, his Damage DC is 23. And he will use Takedown attack if another zombie is adjacent to him and do the same.
  10. “Yeah. ” The young man nodded at Eira. “Plus we should be back to our time before they get here anyway am I right?” Yeah fat chance of that. The carny didn’t really look like he was gonna let them back anytime soon didn’t him? “Given us our due man? Proper Roles?” Luke furrowed his brows, trying to sound sarcastic, even threatening perhaps, although he would have to admit that after being on the receiving ends of Knieval ass kicking his chances of actually appearing intimidating weren’t exactly great. “What the hell do you mean?” He added, walking between the ‘operator
  11. Nightscale is gonna try and make an illusion of the president Rolling a power check as discussed with AA on Discord: 13... Spending an HP to make a better one: 27
  12. "It ain't that different if you are a young human sometimes." Luke chuckled. Perhaps it was not the smartest thought to share in front of their accompanying teacher, but whatever right? He was about to add something else when a freaking crew of German zombies approached (at least they didn't look like Nazzi zombies, those are the worst). They didn't appear to be aggressive at least, for now, but then again, zombies so... yeah.. "President who?" Yep history wasn't exactly his forte, but then again why would German soldiers be after an old timey president? An idea started to form int
  13. I was debating if I should have Luke bump on the scene too, it is getting a bit busy though...
  14. Nightscale 13 IC Posts = 2 PP Think Fast 4 Lesson to Learn 2 Survival Class - Silver Lining 1 Auspicious Season 4 Capers and Casanovas 2
  15. He nodded at Leon’s plan. It was clever wasn’t it? A way to communicate with people in the present at least. “Yeah exactly.” He agreed with Pan’s objection about leaving the supervillain by himself. “I mean what is gonna happen when you two leave?” Now he had seen what Leon’s paper could do when he was around, otherwise though, wasn’t it just paper? When the carny joined them Luke’s attention shifted to him though. This guy must have known something? Right? “The ride was cool…” He smirked, although he was still massaging his lower back after the fall. “Don’t think I’d
  16. Luke grinned when he saw Shift reaching his space safe and sound. He offered his friend a high five (well one of sort given his massive paws). So far it looked like both of his companions were faring well. That said, they still had no clue if there was an actual way out of the game. Sure the competitive side of him wanted to win, but there was no chance in the world that he would have been ready to leave anyone else behind even if that (unlikely given the love of the dice so far) happened. "Hey... what do you think we should do?" He whispered at his friend. "I mean we c
  17. Adrenaline from the fight slowly draining away, Luke felt his head a more than a bit light from the unexpected flight. Yeah that’s gonna hurt like hell tomorrow. Whatever, besides it was his first supervillain. That was definitely cool. “Woah guy hit like a freakin’ truck by the way…” He stretched his neck, trying to shake off the dizziness again. “Are you all ok? Tnks by the way.” “Dunno we can like? Tie him up something?” Although they would have to find a binding that the dudebro couldn’t just break through. “I mean, we can’t bring him with us, but… Don’t think tha
  18. It’s a humbling experience isn’t it? Being tossed tossed like a rag doll. Especially by a musclehead discount supervillain. Plus the landing itself hadn’t exactly been a soft one. He really needed to throw me on the metal gal didn’t him? That was gonna hurt tomorrow. Luke was seething with anger when with way more effort than he would have expected, he managed to get back on his feet. Yeah. In the few moment that he was out commission though, the table had turned. The young man found himself grinning. “Eat this ‘bro.” He wished he could think about something better, but we
  19. Thanks, got a busy day at work, but I'll try to make a post this evening
  20. Nightscale would definitely love to, but I think he is dazed... is there any way he can shake the condition off? hero point maybe? (the last he has I think).
  21. “Couldn’t let you have all the fun. Couldn't I?” The young man smiled, a playful gaze crossing her own. “Myself… Haven’t been in one of those battles yet nop…” He shook his head, looking in the distance. “I mean, not since I got a fighting chance. I have been one of those guys on the ground trying to get out alive though a few of times, comes with choosing to live in Freedom City.” He could definitely sympathize with people that were for sure trying to run for their lives, or hide, or try to shield their little ‘bros from the rubbles as best as they could… “It sucks… We
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