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  1. While it was clear that something out of the ordinary was definitely going on, Luke was still too enraptured by the spectacle unfolding in front of his eyes to really focus on what exactly it was that felt so wrong. Plus even in all of that confusion it still seemed like Leon was actually getting some success with Holly. Yeah way to go ‘bro. A woman scream however did manage to bring him away from the party mood. “Monster? Where?” He moved in between her and the man she had been clawing at, unable however to see the actual source of the threat.
  2. 16 definitely not hehe
  3. Nightscale 8 - 1 pp Freedom Fallout 2 Hearts and Heroes 1 Party Rocking 1 Back Alley Brawl 2 Survival Class - Silver Lining 1 Old School Spirit 1
  4. “Yeah, sure, lead the way will you?” Nightscale nodded calmly, trying to keep the pace with the big guy so that he could more easily keep him enthralled. That was risky as hell wasn’t it? Especially for the poor girl that was still in the brute's grasp. “We can help you watch her if you like? I mean, you are very strong, don’t you think she might be hurt on the way? I bet the master would not be happy about it.” Plus his power was not going to last forever anyway and there were big chances that whoever was pulling Matthews strings could break his spell at the worst pos
  5. Luke ignored Archer’s remark, he was not a kid anymore and besides, it was not like not being one had ever deterred him from participating a conversation. He shook his head as he listened to the smug government agent explaining the situation. He could see where his line of thinking was coming from, he had “No. Matt Wagner is a civilian and actually the guy who needs our help.” He replied forcefully. “The actual criminal that has hurt those children is the guy who has been forcing him to do this.” God, that was messed up. A lot. Freakin' Children...He wondered if Matt
  6. “Betsy, got it.” Luke nodded. Perhaps going around town with the headmistress friend wasn’t going to be that bad in the end. At least they had a sweet ride, right? “Someone bigger than the master mage?” Now, he didn’t know who was the master mage actually, but the title sounded important didn’t it? “No wrecking the car… Noted.” He nodded again, grinning playfully this time. His gaze though crossed Muirne shortly thereafter, he could sense the uneasiness under the surface and while sure he had no idea of the conversation going down with her shadowy companion, one he
  7. "You arhe nexhst." Luke tried to grin, as he glared menacingly toward Beekeeper, the clanging and screeching of Trawler metallic armor still echoing between his jaws. Could have sounded more threatening perhaps... Yeah perhaps talking with his mouth full didn't exactly give him the menacing tone that he wanted. In the end Beekeeper didn't seem impressed to the least. Whatever. He could feel that there was no longer any resistance from the armored supervillain at least. Now perhaps an actual dragon would have finished the job and actually devoured the guy, but ther
  8. hehe indeed... today I have work + two different medical stuff, but I'll write something in the evening.
  9. It's a 10 for Nightscale
  10. Woah hehe. I was counting the -5 to intimidate as a move action as his standard is going to keep chewing Trawler.
  11. Ideally, Nightscale would want Beekeeper to surrender, if he can't (I think that you can only demoralize as a move action) he will just demoralize. Knowing myself, I'll SM it at 19 or 21 if Nightscale gets the +2 because he is doing something intimidating, like chewing through his armored friend.
  12. "Don't worry man, as I said we are all friends here..." Nightscale tried to calm the creature as he noticed that he was twitching at the mere touch of Shooting Star when before he had shrugged off their attacks like it was nothing. "Hey, you know what? Maybe we can talk with the master?" Luke smiled affably at the creature, wondering if it was just his spell forcing it into this this condition or if the brute actually had a gentle soul and this 'master' was instead messing with him. We are gonna have to do something if that's the case. Yeah, most definitely.
  13. Well Nightscale is gonna keep munching Trawler. Still DC 26 Damages + DC 16 Drain. Can he try to use the move action to intimidate Beekeeper?
  14. Luke waved at Leon and Holly as he disappeared in the crowd, a stupidly wide grin still on his lips, half walking, half dancing as he basked in the supercharged atmosphere of the party. One that however was soon going to change. I must be freakin’ high. Not that he knew the feeling of course. Definitely. Yeah. Unfortunately the realization wasn’t enough for him to do more than just stare at his personal pink elephant parade. A pink dragon parade actually! He chuckled. That it made way more sense. Can dragons parade? We don’t need to parade… We are our own
  15. Luke chuckled as quietly as possible at his friend's remark about using codenames. He didn’t like the idea of having the security running, though, after all, they had broken into the museum before Cas and his friends so yeah… Not exactly great if anyone found out. Whatever though, so far it looked like they have eluded the cameras. Plus, sure Nevermore might have been the most experienced hero among them, but Luke did have some experience about breaking and entering and well, there was always some risk of getting caught.. “Well, not exactly ambush ok? Let’s find out what they are u
  16. Luke smirked when he saw that Judy was back in the game and that her presence was enough to distract Mr. Archer guy and let Ashley go for the artillery. “Dunno, I kinda got the impression that we are gonna be the ones asking questions and you lowering the weapon and doing the talkin’.” He grinned, yeah, three on one, he liked this odds. His eyes flashed gold, revealing for a split second the monster beneath. “Now this ‘cyborg’ is named Matt and he is not gonna hurt anyone.” He remarked. “At least not by his own will… I…” He lowered his eyes. “I think that someone is mes
  17. Nightscale: 18 = 2 PP Party Rocking 4 Back Alley Brawl 4 Old School Spirits 1 Freedom Fallout 1 Hearts and Heroes 3 Brimstone and Bullet Casings 1 Survival Class: Silver Lining 1 Cost of Experience 2
  18. 16 for Nightscale
  19. "No you are adorable." Luke chuckled. "Heroes? Not tonight. Tonight we are just having fun! Unless actually need some heroes of course." He teased, a grin on his lips. "Nice to meet you then Holly." Luke smiled playfully, as he took her hand into his own his gaze seeking to meet her own. He could feel his heart skip a bit or two when she teased him and Leon, after all sure, he had a date and definitely didn't want to cheat on Muirne, but that didn't mean that he wasn't a teenage boy after all. "Whoohooo." Luke raised his right fist to the a
  20. "Yeah... we are friends." Luke replied trying to sound confident and calm, gesturing for his friends to relent in their attacks, now the spell won't last forever, but at least they can try to understand what was going on. "We don't mean any harm, why are you running away with this girl?" He tossed. "Can you let her go?"
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