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  1. "I'm, uh. This party is really good! I met a lot of really nice people who were, uh, well very nice." She laughed nervously. "And I actually made plans with some of them, so that will be fun." Her palms were sweaty, and as she sighed deeply, she felt the extent of her discomfort: her dress felt too tight, the lights overhead were too bright, and her knees started to knock together. She quickly straightened herself up. You've fought Omegadrones! Pull it together. Tears started to form in her eyes, and she ground them away with her fist, hoping Danica wouldn't notice. Stupid! Stop t
  2. El is always up for a fight! Roll of 10 + 5 = 15
  3. "Thor-club-ba. Got it. Yes, I believe I understand 'glammed-out'!" she said with a laugh. Now this is someone who speaks my language! El nodded as Astrid expressed interest in her chariot. Yes, now that would be a lot of fun. Don't think they have as many mean machines on this world as mine! "That does seem to make sense. From what I've learned about the heroes of the old world, experience in battle would be most valuable. I don't see it as 'messed up', but more a necessity for the world you live in. There are those who would harm the city with their abilities, and your responsibi
  4. She cocked an eyebrow quizzically. Hawaiian pizza gets people up in arms? Well, I suppose wars have been started for less. It just looks really good to me. "No, I really enjoy it! It feels very relaxing to me. Almost gets to the point where the vehicle speaks to me, and tells me what it needs, how it can be better. In all things, I strive to help others. So it would be a pleasure helping tune up your bike." She smiled and sat down with him. The aroma of the pizza was heavenly, the sauce, cheese, and toppings a delicious and savory smell unlike anything she had ever ex
  5. "Oh, uh." Money! That's right, almost forgot about that. He cannot be expected to pay for all this food. But it all looks so good... "Of course, Charlie. Maybe a slice of supreme, and, let's see - Hawaiian. That's the one with pineapples and ham, right? Yes, that will be sufficient. May I get a soda as well?" Her face fell for a moment.You shouldn't ask too much of people. The nature of money is that people expect you to pay them back. Perhaps I can help him with something for compensation? "Perhaps sometime I can perform maintenance on your bike It's quite a machine, but if you e
  6. Elena was absolutely floored by this display. "WOW! That's amazing!" she said, louder than was appropriate to people standing next to her. "I mean, wow, that's amazing. How did you - oh. Haven't seen anything quite like that! "This is probably normal to Claremont students. Take a deep breath. She flushed visibly, suddenly embarrassed at the volume of her voice. El took a moment to compose herself. "That was...most interesting. A Chronoscythe, you said?" Seems everyone has a special weapon here! "Astrid and I were discussing our weapons of choice. Mine is a hammer. Hopefully the m
  7. El immediately got in line for Freedom Pizza. "I think it would be best to try everything, all at once. Just to ensure that there is a sampling of all possible ingredients, you know." It was unclear whether she was being serious or facetious. She ordered two giant supreme slices with everything, and she shook parmesan cheese over the top. "This smells amazing. Do the people of your world eat like this all the time?" Though she worried about asking too many questions, she felt comfortable with Charlie. He was obviously someone who lived by his skills, not to mention a very good dri
  8. El smiled at Kendra. "Why, hello down there!" She helped Kendra to her feet. "I should imagine I'll be 'up here' for quite some time. Sorry I was surprised earlier. This world continues to surprise me every day I spend in it. Tell me, how do you...do that? I am very curious." Elena visibly shrugged her shoulders in a sigh of relief. Glad that she did not take offense to what I said. There is still so much to learn about what is and is not appropriate to say on this world... She nodded, understanding part of what she said. So a 'thrift store' - somewhere where
  9. Sure enough, El was spellbound. She had a vague idea of what these places were for, and had seen them decades beyond their last customer, but to see it in its prime - was truly awesome. This was the culmination of the world of plenty she now lived in! She walked alongside Charlie, occasionally stopping to look in a window. She practically had her face shoved up against the glass. "Sorry, I - this is a lot to take in. There's so much to see!" Her eye was practicularly drawn to clothing stores, and she looked at the wonderfully dressed mannequins with awe. Can people actually wear these clothes?
  10. Only in the trouble he put himself in. That's...vague, but okay. I suppose I've been pretty vague, too. "Well, you are in Claremont after all. When you're young, it helps to have a mentor, or someone to look up to. If you're lucky, they're the same person." Not in my case, but that was okay, too. El dismounted the bike, and took off her helmet, her blonde hair sweeping off her shoulders. She mussed her hair up, trying to get it into a loose ponytail, but quickly gave up. She let it fall where it may. I don't think Charlie minds if my hair is messy. Now, what's this about Millenium
  11. Outrider Her arms around Charlie felt...nice. Comforting in a strange way. Though she had ridden on the back of many a motorcycle, it was for protection, not amusement. She realized she had never taken a drive just for fun. Hmm. "What kind of trouble were you in that you had to learn such skills to escape? You obviously have much talent, and many tools to augment them. I can understand the need for a well-made tool. My hammer has been at my side since, well. Forever, I guess. Since I found it in the aftermath of a great battle at a young age." She nodded at
  12. El finished cleaning up her shoes. There. These would never have gone to waste in my time. It was at this moment she realized she left Astrid "hanging", so to speak. Oh no! That cannot be done. Slipping her flats back on, she walked back over to where Astrid was standing at the snack table. "Umm. I am sorry, just...tend to get distracted. Lots of people, big party. You were talking about your powers? Also, I really like your clothes. They remind me much of my home. We wore what we could find in the wasteland." Her eyes popped open as she realized what she said. "That is, not to sa
  13. "I can understand that, better than you know," she said as she nodded at what Benny was saying. I hope Astrid doesn't feel I left her out, but...I just couldn't leave someone on the sidelines. Wouldn't want someone to do that to me. She smiled back at Astrid, and gave her a thumbs-up, which she had just learned is a sign that everything is 'a-okay'. "I'm Elena. You can call me El. I'm new here, so just trying to meet everyone as quickly as possible. If, that's not too weird?" She spoke in a very stilted manner, as she tried out what she assumed was a normal tone of voice. Okay, think I've got
  14. "Hah, well. Thank you." It's nice to meet a girl of my...stature. "I'm Elena, but you can call me El. I've met a lot of new faces today. Is that unusual for parties?" Elena felt at ease with the new students she had met today. "I hope to start classes here in the fall. If it's not too strange, what abilities do you possess?" As the two talked, she turned to see Benny hanging out against the wall near where they were standing. She looked at him for a moment, and saw he wasn't talking to anyone in particular. "Sorry, Astrid. Just a moment," she asked Astrid. Wait, there's something e
  15. Elena was absolutely delighted by the tiny robot, and could barely suppress her joy. Cute!! She leaned in closer, and extended her hand towards it. Her hugely muscled arms looked as though they would crush Magenta like, well, a bug, but she brought her index and forefinger and carefully shook its hand with surprising delicacy. "Well, nice to meet you too!" Okay, finally calmed down a bit. Wonder what that was about - perhaps some symptom of dimensional travel? I'll have to speak to the physician about this. I'll still have to figure out what "Valentine's" is, exactly,
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