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  1. Combat Initiative is fixed, Grapple/Knockback are added (or will be momentarily after I post this). Saves Fixed, found some points to at least bump up Fort and Will to +6. Feats Gotcha, thanks for the info about Defensive Roll. Took your advice about Protection under Powers. Also, increased Evasion by 1 and put a subheading about Enhanced Feats Powers I think the formatting is better? Not sure how to format the Sword-Fighting Array, though. I also took the rest of the Device points under his Strike powers. We will see what t
  2. El is going to try to Intimidate the thugs. She will take 10, so plus her Intimidate bonus, that's a 20 total.
  3. "I've got this, Leon." She stepped out of the car, and slammed the door behind her. She held her massive gravity hammer in one hand, and smacked the handle against her palm. While she walked towards them, she activated her armor, which unfolded over her quickly. Her helmet unsheathed, covering her in rusty, apocalyptic armor. El looked at one of the thugs, and then looked at the other. "Hang up, now, or I will take it away." She pressed a button on her grav-hammer, and pulled lightly against the man's cell phone. "We spoke to you politely, at first. And now you thre
  4. El was grinning from ear to ear as her friends hopped in the car. Friends! Who knew they would be so awesome? As Leon complimented her car, she felt herself growing defensive. "Well, of course she looks good. Wouldn't be a very good Outrider if I didn't know how to fix a car." El, relax. He didn't mean it like that. "I mean, thanks, Leon. I...appreciate your compliment. And let's!" she said, eager to change the subject, and cranked the music. El barely noticed the cars honking at her. This was just too much fun. She sang along with the lyrics, belting them ou
  5. 𝕮𝖔𝖗𝖘𝖆𝖎𝖗 Abilities: 0+ 16 + 6 + 2 + 4 + 16 = 44PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 26 (+8) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 26 (+8) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32PP Initiative: +12 (+8 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) Attack: +8 Base, +10 Melee, +14 Plasma Rapier Defense: +14 (+8 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +10 (+8 Base Attack + 2 Melee Attack + 0 Strength Bonus) Knockback: +3 Saves: 3 + 4 + 4 = 11PP Toughness: +6 (+3 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +1 Protection) Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, +3) Reflex: +12
  6. Outrider lifted the garage doors of Claremont's auto shop, and pulled Painkiller, her baby, out onto the street. She couldn't help but beam as she pulled her apocalyptic hot rod up next to her friends - after her crash-landing in Freedom City, she hadn't had time to fix it. But not having classes to go to, and ample resources to repair her ride meant she was able to restore it from what little was left. As she parked near the curb, she rifled through her growing CD collection, and pulled out a new favorite. Well, new to her, at least!) She cranked the sound system, but quickly turned it down t
  7. Math...Matthew? Is he trying to tell us his name? "Why don't you tell us a little more about your master? He can't be very nice if he's taking women like this. Don't you see that this girl is scared, Matthew?" She maintained eye contact with the creature, trying to keep it in her sights. If he bolted, she would have to track him down, but Luke's plan seemed to be working. Sometimes the peaceful solution was the better one...her friend had much to teach her. "If you tell us who's doing this, we might be able to help. We're heroes," she said, retracting her helmet so it could see he
  8. Outrider 3 + 2 = 5 = 1PP Back Alley Brawl: 3 posts Hearts and Heroes: 2 posts
  9. Outrider lowered her hammer, to her side, and eventually put it down entirely. Unbeknownst to the creature, she could bring it back to her hand at any time, but the creature didn't need to know that. She raised her hands in the universal gesture that she meant it no harm, and made slow, calm movements. "Yes, there is no need to continue this. Let us talk to you and we will figure out what's going on, uh, big guy. What do we call you?"
  10. El, with surprising stealth for someone of her bulk (and wearing heavy armor, as well), sneaked around the museum with grace. I very much hope that Shields is behind this, and that all our suspicious are true. Things are much easier when they are less complicated. She gripped her grav-hammer tightly, as she looked around for the gem. An idiom came to mind: when you're holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. I suppose that is my role on the team, then. A hammer. She smiled, somewhat comforted by that. Problems appeared before her, and she smacked them. Simple! "Charlie, d
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