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  1. El looked at Muirne, and grinned, patting her on the back. "I hope you're ready. This may get a little intense. But I know we've got each other's backs. So let's do this." She charged her grav-hammer with energy, and smashed it against the ground, hard. It cracked the pavement. Then she smashed it again, and again, trying to make as much noise as possible. She nodded with satisfaction, then shouted: "Hey, Ex-Prisoner! Think you're tough enough to fight two teenage girls? Come on out and face us, if you think you're tough enough! Don't keep us waiting! There, that sound do it, she thought. Whose reputation would be able to survive being scared of teenagers? He will surely face us head on.
  2. El grunted in rage and frustration as her swing missed, his mean comment distracting her! That hurt. She tried not to let it show, but his jab at her cut her to the quick. "How dare you? HOW DARE YOU?!" she shouted, and charged towards him again... "You son of a - OOF" ...so that she had no idea the brutish Chump was next to her until his blow connected with her jaw. She fell to the ground, her armor clanking as she scraped against the tile floor. She tried to stand up, but her head was spinning too much, so she just sort of fell back down in a heap. Determined not to blow her friends cover (which she was just now realizing the stupidity of a headlong rush), she said to Chump, "Is that all you got? You hit like a child!"
  3. "Think we can get the bad guys out here?" El asked Muirne. "I'm ready to start this distraction whenever you are. Paper, if you sneak in the back while everyone's out here fighting us, you should be able to rescue any hostages hidden away. I would check the cells first. If you need us, or if you find the Ex-Prisoner in there, do not engage by yourself. Call Shadowborne, and find somewhere to hide." She grinned widely, taking a few practice swings with her hammer. She was more than ready for some combat!
  4. Looks like it's El's turn. She is going to +4/-4 All-Out Attack Casanova, so she will get +4 to this attack: Whoops... 1d20 (7) + 9 = 16 to hit!
  5. "That's what we are doing, Muirne! Preventing it from being stolen by these goons!" she shouted, pointing at Casanova. "I don't want to fight you either. You've been a solid friend and ally during my time here, but if you don't step aside and let me through to Casanova, we will have some problems." Gears turned in her mind, and she looked up at Casanova. "You may or may not be controlling her, Casanova. It doesn't matter to me. But pitting someone against her friends is not what true heroes do. So, Casanova, I hope this teaches you a lesson." She hurled her hammer with all her might across the room, charging it with gravitic energy, and aimed right for Casanova! "Feel my fury, jerkwad!"
  6. El shook her head. She needed to see how far this went, and there was no way to figure out what exactly was in the basement. If they separated, they wouldn't be able to count on each other's help. She didn't have a cell phone, so there was no real way to communicate her thoughts, but she continued following the Brute. If they wanted to separate, that was fine with her. She understood why, she just had to see where this all led to. This night was getting stranger by the minute,and she determined to get to the bottom of it. El followed the brute, and nodded as he spoke. So his name is Charles? She followed deeper into the old service tunnel, feeling very uncomfortable in the enclosed space. Well, if someone was trying to hide a secret laboratory, this would sure be the place to do it. She sneezed twice, a strangely petite sound coming from her. She was focusing hard on the task at hand, making mental notes of the turns they made, in case they needed to leave in a hurry. She looked behind her at her teammates, and pointed to the smaller tunnel. She tried her best to indicate she would continue following the Brute, who would likely not notice their disappearance for some time. She pointed at herself, then at Brute, then made walking gestures with her fingers. Then she pointed at whoever was closest, indicating they should check out the smaller tunnel. She then continued behind the Brute, walking through the metal doors. Better get ready, El...
  7. "Unfortunately, I do not have a phone at the moment," El said, somewhat embarassed. Everyone at Claremont had their own phone, everyone, it seemed, except for her. Hopefully Danica could help facilitate that transaction. Luckily, Muirne had one, and gave it to Leon. As she watched him use the phone as an improptu drone, she whistled. "That is quite a neat trick. How exactly did you use that to work your job?" "I think that sounds like a good idea, Muirne. If they have nowhere to run, they'll have to go through us. I have a few abilities myself that can handle large groups of people, and can back you up on that. Leon - I mean - Paper, can you sneak inside while we cause a distraction?" She felt more confident now that there was some semblance of a plan. Her natural instinct to tackle a problem head-on was temporarily abated, though she still itched for a fight. Maybe this would be the best of both worlds, and it seemed to work well with their abilities.
  8. Outrider will juuuuuust be PL 8, but if you'd have her she'd love to follow up!
  9. Corsair "Gentlemen, gentlemen. As you can see, you're clearly outmatched. My personal bodyguard, the last of the Space Rangers, has come to my aid. (Please help me new guy) So you'd better drop your weapons or he'll be forced to bring a whole lot of pain to your respective craniums. He's the fastest draw in all of time and space (I'm stalling for time please shoot them) and sure as Darkstar looks good in black, you'll be sorry you ever crossed the duo of..." Corsair sidled up right next to Space Ranger, so the two of them were posed back-to-back. He waved his plasma sword in a flourish in front of him, flipped it through the air, and caught it on the palm of his hand, then pointed it towards them with a rakish grin. "Corsair and his trusty sidekick: Space Ranger!!"
  10. GM Arryn and his men moved all at once, started by the young humanoid's appearance. Some of them maintained their guns on Corsair, while others pointed at Space Ranger. Some moved their guns between the two of them, or aimed at both of them with a laser pistol in each hand. Arryn raised his hands, then spread them out in a gesture of mock supplication. He grinned at Space Ranger, showing pointed yellow teeth, and started to slowly advance on him. "This don't concern you, Space Boy. This here's between me an' the turncoat over here. So why don't you fly on home to your mommy and we won't have to shove that antique blaster all the way up your - "
  11. El breathed a sigh of relief as Jamie was able to escape. She gave her a 'thumbs-up', which she learned recently was a hand gesture that meant everything was alright. Okay, so that's one problem solved. Now we'll just need to meet 'Master' and give him a piece of my mind. Or, punch him in the face a lot. "Wasted potential? What did he mean by that? I'm sure you were fine before..." Someone turned him into a monster, someone who didn't like him for who he was before, and is now using him as a tool. And we'll get to the bottom of it, one way or another. El looked at the other heroes quickly, making sustained eye contact, and nodded slowly at each of them. This felt weird, like they were being led into a trap. There were many who had tried to capture her back in her home dimension, and she sure as hell wasn't going to fall for that now, but knowing a trap is there is the first step in avoiding it. She was going to keep her eyes peeled, and hoped the other heroes would too as she descended the stairs behind the Brute. "So is Charles the name of your Master? What's his full name?" she said, making mental notes for later.
  12. El wanted to knock some heads in, badly. This was her element - overwhelming odds, outnumbered, and with little chance of success. But there were other factors that had to be considered, like who those people were in the building. This is what makes a hero - what you do when the odds are against you. Just take a deep breath, El. Going in head-first isn't going to be the way to solve this. "So, what's our plan here? Is there a way we can enter the building other than the front door - perhaps through a roof access? Hopefully the Ex-Prisoner doesn't have guards up there, too." She grinned. Maybe going in head-first doesn't have to be such a bad idea. "Perhaps I can distract the guards?"
  13. Intimidate roll vs. Muirne: 1d20 (3) +10 = 13! Hero Point! HP Intimidate reroll vs. Muirne: 1d20 (8) + 10 + 10 reroll = 28! Much like the Tom Petty song, El won't back down!
  14. El cracked her neck, then her knuckles. She was determined to take the Ex-Prisoner down - anyone who could exhibit such casual cruelty needed to be put away for a long, long time. "I agree. And believe me, I'm more than willing to 'knock some heads' of those who work with this monster. Let's forge onward, and if they catch up with us, then so be it." She had never faced such evil before, but she was ready for a fight. She pulled her grav-hammer from the sling on her back, and held it close to her. Just in case someone tried to ambush them. She then continued on with her friends, ready for the battle ahead.
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