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Red Team: Jeopardy In The Jungle

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Early March, 2024


A Plateau in South America.


There are worlds beyond ours; not just in space, but in alternate dimensions. Some are the same as ours, or almost. Some are radically different.


Some are well known, others are not. But even the most similar world can become a world of danger and uncertainty with the shifting of tides, with the changing of seasons, with the intervention of others.


The plateau was HOT.


It was winter in New Jersey, but in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed; which meant it was the middle of summer on the high, raised plateau where the Claremont students assigned as the 'Red Team' were meeting up.


They had been flown in to a private, hidden airstrip managed by the school, and were now standing on a high plateau covered in jungle near a large mountain. The only other people on the plataeu were guards working on a pop up metal building; a bit like park rangers or arctic researchers, who spent 8+ months doing light scientific work and keeping people from accidentally wandering into a place they shouldn't be, then went home for 8 months while a different team took over. It was a very minimum style of security, the kind you can do when you're in one of the most remote areas known to man.


Miriam Francesca Luisa Juarez, Iris and Daniel Evans, and Lawrence Harrow had been assigned to Neko Musume's Claremont squad; It had been given the name 'Red Squad', and under Neko's watchful guidance, the group of Sophmores was expected to perform exceptionally well. This assignment was supposed to be a team-building camping exercise with a twist; instead of camping out in Wharton State Park, they were- supposedly- going to an entirely different dimension! There they could be free to also work on their powers and practice against unique targets, while also having challenges a bit tougher than what you might find in Wharton.


All their camping gear had been prepared for them, with the guards checking packs and weighing them; they were free to bring their own items as well, but tents and canteens and water purification bottles were provided.


"Your escort should be here soon...provided she hasn't forgotten." One of the guards said as they finished handing out the camping packs. That left the students enough time to finish their own check, maybe talk a little, and prepare for...wherever they were going. They went back to their nice air-conditioned building with it's power, and left the group in the humid jungle, waiting for whatever escort was supposed to come and take them to...wherever this transition occurred.

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Cerebral and Cerebellum 

The twins would exit the airship and look over the Plateau. This was their first outing with the team and they were excited! Daniel, of course, was more obvious about it compared to Iris. Still they were both ready with extra clothes, water, their phones and a book for Iris to read. Daniel would smile and nod to the guard before turning around and going back to help the others out if they needed it. 


Iris, meanwhile, looked over where they were. She wanted to make sure she knew the lay of the land...at least where they started...so that she could remember anything noteworthy in case they got lost. Needless to say, this whole different dimension thing was not what she expected a 'school outing' to be...then again they were superheoes in training...

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Lawrence took back his pack after allowing the warden to check it, offering a small smile of thanks. While they had been told gear would be provided if they needed it, the blond teen had decided to get some of his own. Given some of the stories he had heard about some of the extracurricular activities Claremont students were sent on, he wanted to be sure he had durable equipment. So, he had reached out to his foster sister, who was classmates with Veronica Danger at Claremont, and thus had opportunities to travel around the world on various adventures (including a trip to the British Virgin Island and taking part in the Dakar Rally across the Sahara Desert) and now worked for Danger International. So, Lulu (with some input from Veronica) had made recommendations for high quality gear that would be tough enough to handle pretty much anything.


The sixteen-year-old was wearing a pair of hiking boots (again ones recommended by Veronica Danger, who also had provided tips for breaking them in prior to the trip), along with olive cargo pants and a tan button up linen shirt, with the sleeves currently rolled up. All he needed was a pith helmet to complete the look of a late nineteenth/early twentieth century British explorer, a look his accent only helped perpetuate. The sunglasses he had on did detract a bit from that classic look.


With his pack in hand, Lawrence made his way back over to where Daniel and Iris were waiting, setting his pack down as he waited for their guide to arrive.

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Miriam Francesca Luisa Juarez, Miri to her friends, Miriam to everyone else, and Star-Squire when it was necessary, emerged from the plane with a bag over her shoulder and a somewhat annoyed expression on her face. Though, on closer inspection, she wasn't annoyed so much as she was squinting in the bright light before the armour emerged from her back and wrapped around her body, the climate controlled suit giving her a delightfully perfect environment. She floated up, looking around, the armour moving seamlessly like another skin as she tried to get a sight of the place they were jumping dimensions through. She shook her head as she didn't see anything, instead floating back down, her red and gold armour glowing faintly as she landed on the ground

"Well, we're just waiting I guess, huh!"

She said before finding a rock and sliding down against it, looking out at the horizon and pulling out a gatorade from her stuff, her helmet retracting to let her drink it.

"You know, this camping stuff isn't all that bad when you think about it. Or when you got climate control in your armour. Six of one."

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Neko had excused herself to get changed once they landed, and now padded last out of the plane. She was wearing her costume, a rarity for the usually urban catgirl. She wore a sleek, form-fitting bodysuit made of stretchy, breathable fabric in a dark navy blue color. The suit had long sleeves and pants, with a high collar and a full-zip front. Over the bodysuit, she wore a bright red and gold kimono-style robe with flowing sleeves and a wide obi sash tied around her waist. The robe was adorned with intricate gold and silver embroidery and bold, stylized Japanese characters. The kimono and suit were both cut to give her tail freedom where it twitched slightly behind her. To complete the costume, Neko wors a pair of tall, laced-up boots in a matching navy blue color, with thick soles and a slight heel to provide stability and support for her acrobatic movements. 


When she took her pack, she carefully strapped it around her shoulders. She was from a place and time very distant from the underclassmen, but didn't actually have that much experience on her own in the jungle. The mountains of home would have been better, but even there she had usually stuck to her village. After all, there was no reason to go live in the heart of the wood when you had a perfectly fine village to live in. 



Of course, child, said the Crimson Katana as he stood behind her, polishing his blade with a cloth stained with an Englishman's blood. The dead prisoners lay at his feet, their heads already removed for the Black Dragon's next ritual. All your time in the jungle was with me. And I always took care of you, didn't I? 


Shuddering, she turned and faced her team. She opened her mouth to speak and found herself declaring: 


"Listen!" Her voice was a low hiss that seemed to come from everywhere, even inside Miri's armor. She paced back and forth in front of them, ears and tail twitching. "The jungle is a place of terrors beyond your wildest imaginations. Practice now means we will be ready in the realm of the Jungle Lord." She raised one finger, her nail slightly conical, like a cross between a human's and a cat's. "Timeout," she said, pointing at Lawrence. "I need you to check the - perimeter." Her accent thickened on the last word. "Cerebral and Cerebellum, what do your mind-eyes see - are we alone here?" she asked, pointing to the woods. "Star-Squire, can you see anything from the air?" she added. 

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Lawrence had been about to answer the newest member of the group who had recently joined the school, Miriam he believed her name was when Neko came up to them and began issuing orders. The blond teen regarded her briefly, while he recognized she was the senior student present, if she continued like this the entire trip, it would get tiresome very quickly.


He was then surrounded by a temporal distortion as he slipped out of time, the distortion quickly caused his entire body became a blurry distortion, which then seemed to speed into the jungle before it began looping around the group several times, each subsequent loop increasing the diameter of the circle.


While the temporal distortion seemed to be moving at rapid speed, Lawrence was actually walking around the area, he just was moving outside the normal flow of time. After completing a couple laps that extended out one hundred meters, he made his way back to the group, appearing again out of the temporal distortion with a causal walk as he came to a stop again. "Nothing in the immediate area, save for the airstrip and the warden's hut." He stated in his crips British upper-class accent.


He then turned to look toward Neko as his bright blue eyes went completely blue and glowed with cosmic energy as he reached out with his cosmic senses. After a moment, he added, "the only temporal or cosmic anomalies I sense in the area are you, me, our Star Squire classmate’s armor, and, someone that just exited what I suspect is the portal we will be using when our guide arrives, part way up that mountain. I would expect is our guide." He stated as his eyes returned to normal and he pointed toward the mountain top they were at the base of.

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Cerebral and Cerebellum 

The twins blinked as Neko began to issue orders. Daniel regarded her super suit as well as Miriam’s armour and suddenly felt extremely underdressed in his casual wear. Still they had a job to do.


Iris and Daniel stood together and closed their eyes, their minds extended out towards the forests around them, extended their telepathy as far as it could go, all they got back after probing were smaller stuff for now.


”Only small animals and birds, that’s all we can hear right now. Unless something has shut its thoughts off from us, we should be alright.” Iris reported.

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(GM Post)


Lawrence's sight pinged a person near the portal right before he shut it off, and about half an hour later, it was explained who when they could see someone leaping through the trees nearby to perch on a branch before jumping down. A woman with long blonde wearing animal leathers and carrying a spear tipped with what looked like the tooth of a massive carnivore made her presence known first, then she jumped down to greet them.


"Hello, fellow Claremont students!" she said in an indecipherable accent with only the slightest hint of Jersey in it; like she'd grown up somewhere else but spent a few years there for specific words. "My name is Kazra, and I am here to take you camping!" she had a cheerful way about her as she moved closer to them. "I am also a graduate of your school, so do not worry, you are in no danger." If someone, for some reason, had a habit of going through old Claremont Yearbooks, Kazra would have been in them, a graduate from about 3 years back. She looked between them curiously, specifically the armor of the Star Squire, but she didn't say anything specifically.


"If you are all ready to move out, we can take our short hike to where the survival exercise actually begins!" Which still didn't really explain what the 'catch' was here, other than the whole different dimension thing.

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Lawrence looked over in the direction of the approaching young adult after she called out to them as she hopped through the tress going from branch to branch. When she dropped down and introduced herself, the bond teen studied her a moment as if placing a memory. He then gave her a charming smile. "Lawrence Harrow." He said introducing himself.

"I believe you were in my foster sister's graduating class, Lulu Beaumont." He added as he picked up his pack and began getting it secure to start the hike up to the portal he had sensed earlier.

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Though Neko was still a little rattled, she bowed to Kazra, introducing herself and her team before she set off behind her. She sniffed the air as they went, her pert nose wrinkled, and her ears twitched and rotated independently as they went. None of the young heroes in her party knew Neko particularly well, but up close they could see she really was a cat in a lot of ways - all the way from her twitching tail right down to have no human ears at all on  the sides of her head. A bug swooped by and she reached out with one hand, casually swatting the huge fly out of the air and holding it in her hand. "Is this your father's land too?" she asked. 

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"No danger, huh? I dunno about that, we're going to be doing 'survival'. But hey, what do I know, I willingly moved to Jersey."


The young hero groused, folding her arms as she realised that Karza was looking at her funny, and given the essential nature of Miriam Francesca Luisa Juarez, she didn't immediately clock it as anything but an attempt to figure out if Miri was strong. She floated a bit off the ground, looking down at the others.


The twins were alright, she'd met them already, and Lawrence seemed like he wanted to be more charming than he was, which, whatever. Neko was the one she couldn't get much of a read on, was she just the iron-clad b that she was fronting as or was there something else going on? She didn't especially care, because she wasn't gonna take orders if she could help it, but she was gonna figure it out when she had time.


"Who hikes? I can fly, so just tell me where I gotta go and I'll be there."

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Cerebral and Cerebellum 

The twins turned on their heels to face Kazra as soon as she showed up, looking her up and down then at each other. Ok the fact that this lady was leading, heading(?) them made sense, she seemed like she did well in jungle areas. They could learn a lot from her, and the fact that she was a graduate made it all the better for them. 

"I think you're going to have to learn how to survive without your armor too Miriam, just in case something happens to it." Iris points out as she looked up at their floating classmates. Of course the twins could fly too, but that was more making themselves float then actual flight. 


Daniel would smile at Kazra. "It's nice to meet you ma'am, just point the way and we shall follow you! Oh ummm....my name is Daniel Evans, my sister next to me is Iris.

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(GM Post)


"Oh, right! Lulu! Yes, I hope she's doing okay!" Kazra said. "And hello to all of you, as well, yes!" she said as they set off back the way she had come, walking back down the trail towards the ravine.


"As for the who 'owns' the land...well, no, we don't own the land on this side of the portal, and I wouldn't really say we 'own' the land on the other side. We have our city, and the Romans and the Incans have their cities, as do the Serpent People, but our land is not one you can claim with fire and steel; if it had, the Romans would have done so long ago." she seemed rather dismissive of the Romans in general. "You will see what I mean when we get there." she explained to Neko. "We did have a city somewhat close to the portal at one point, but it got destroyed by the Serpent People during one of their plots, which made us wary of making cities so large again. Now we're much more careful. Unfortunately for you, we won't be going to any of those cities on this trip, at least not during our survival exercises. Afterwards you can certainly go and visit some of them, but only after a successful camping trip." Then she turned to the flying suit and spoke smoothly, like she was doing her best to not cause any friction- something she'd learned over the intervening years including her time at Claremont, versus her younger years where she'd tried to attack Serpent People the second she saw them-.


"Well...it's not impossible to use your armor, but you likely can't get to the portal by flying; it's further up the mountain, up in the mists, and if you take a wrong turn you might end up, uh...somewhere else. And while I can't say you're not allowed to use it on the other side, I've never actually seen armor like yours that I remember; I can't promise that it will work in my world; even though I've been to Claremont I was never much of a technology person. I think it's better to walk with us for now, and then once we reach the other side, you can determine if your armor is working appropriately." then she turned her attention to the teens.


"And aren't you two very polite. Excellent to meet you as well, Daniel and Iris. Don't worry, I don't intend to abandon you or anything. For good or bad, you're under my protection. My father and sometimes older sister used to do this with other students, but my father's a bit too old to be running around like this now a days and my sister's a bit...preoccupied."


And so the substitute teacher and their 5 wards headed further into the ravine. It was an easy walk at first, as they headed towards the mountain, but it became harder and harder, especially when they hit a narrow ravine; now they weren't just climbing a hill, they were having to climb over fallen boulders and piles of rocks. It was easier for the ones that could fly, but Kazra cautioned them as they did so.


"Stay close to the ground, as close as you can as you fly over, this is a very precarious place and if you go off the path you could get really really lost." There were several times the group ended up in a section of the ravine that had multiple branching paths, and most of them were signed with something; often skulls and bones, with painted markings of triangles, circles, squares, and diamonds in red, black, and yellow, but at least one had a much more modern guide; a long-term nuclear waste warning informed the passer-by students that going down that path was an extremely bad idea. "Definitely don't go down that path, and don't go down any that has a black mark...but honestly don't go down any of the ones that aren't the exact ones I'm taking you down." she clarified. "This place has gotten a lot trickier to navigate in the last few years, I'm not sure why, the researchers might know."


Finally, she led them to what looked like a cave that would only fit one person, hidden behind a large, flat leaf.

"Okay, so it didn't used to look like this either, it used to be a lot wider, but there was a rock slide. So be careful. But come in." she said as she ducked into it and...disappeared. The small opening didn't seem large enough to hide her, but she wasn't there. "Don't worry, it's safe! Just walk in confidently!" her voice called from inside the small opening.



And as the students walked into it, there was a churning in their stomachs as they stepped through it, and instead of entering a cave, they emerged onto a hillside in crisp, spring air; still hot, but filled with the sweet smells of flowers and fresh rain. Below them a massive jungle stretched, split only by a giant river splitting the forest. Even from this distance they could see the trees were truly massive, larger than any tree on their Earth. The only thing that blocked anything in this wonderful view that stretched to the horizon was that to the East, a cloud of what looked like pink mist hung over the depths of part of the jungle, blocking the vision of whatever was inside it. And that wasn't even mentioning the dinosaurs.


A pair of Pterodactyls flew over head, screeching, while at the banks of the river, a herd of triceratops lounged in the sun, one of the adults on watchful guard as the babies ran around and played. Actual, live dinosaurs.


"Students of Earth, welcome to my World, The Lost World!" Kazra said, spreading her hands in-front of her and clearly imitating her father's boisterous claims that he would make when he brought students here.

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"Lulu's good, she works for Danger International now, so she is often traveling the world with Veronica Danger." Lawrence replied to Kazra as he finished getting ready to follow her on the hike back to the portal he had detected earlier.

The blond teen listened as Kazra gave some description of her world to the group. Having grown up in the superhuman community, Lawrence had heard bits and pieces of stories about trips to the Lost World (including a second hand account from Lulu about an inadvertent trip there that Veronica Danger's Claremont squad ended up on). But he listened carefully, not interrupting her as she talked.

Soon the group was hiking up the mountain and into the ravines that led to the portal. After a journey that got more challenging as they went, they were eventually through the portal and into the Lost World. It was noticeably warmer and more humid than where they had been in the South American jungle, and plants and trees were clearly nothing like the jungle they had just been in.


And then there were the dinosaurs….


These were hardly the first dinosaurs the teen had seen. The Null Time where he had been born had cybernetically enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming about essentially as guard dogs. And then there had been the Thesaurus Rex he had encountered a little over a month ago when he, Baz and Parker had snuck out one night to patrol parts of Southside. But still, he had never seen so many dinosaurs, of so many different species, at the same time. And this world was filled with them.

It certainly was going to make camping in this jungle all the more challenging.

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Neko dropped on her haunches and stared up at the pterodactyls, a chittering noise coming from somewhere in the back of her throat as her gold eyes opened wide. "<Look at >" she started to say in Japanese before she caught herself and said, her accent thick. "Look at that." She missed Owain, who she knew might call this a dragon of the deep past, but instead was moved. She raised a hand and pointed, not towards the bird-lizards that had now flown off but to the distant triceratops family group, and recited a poem.


Ancient giants roam,
Silent echoes of the past,
Lost worlds whispering! 


With the haiku recited, she rose to her feet and licked the back of her hand, staring around them with fascination. "This place is beautiful," she told Kazra sincerely. "Your father is lord of a mighty realm."

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Cerebral and Cerebellum 

The twins blinked as they heard Kazra go on about Romans and Serpant People. What on earth was she on about? Iris was slightly quicker to understand what was going on here then her brother. That woman came from an alternate timeline or world, at least that was the theory she had. Regardless the siblings were quiet and listened respectfully. They would do as they were told like good little students

The duo could keep keep up easily, they had done quite a bit of physical training at the Academy so this would be easier for them...but when they came across the stange cave like portal. Iris paused. "Umm...is that safe?" She asked before looking at the others, only to see that her friends were already going in...Daniel too!


He was just so excited to see what was on the other side, he would rush on ahead of his sister and carefully crawl through the cave and out onto the other side...his eyes widened in surprise! "Oh wow...this place is awesome!" He admitted as he stared at the dinosaurs and other flying reptiles. This was the first time he had seen anything like this.

"Daniel! don't just run off like that!" Iris called out as she came up behind him and was about to scowl her brother before she finally noticed where she was. "Oh wow!" Even the stoic Iris was surprised!

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(GM Post)


"Yes!" Kazra said with clear excitement at having made a good and interesting first impression to a new pack of students. She bowed respectfully at Neko's poem. "Thank you for sharing your art with me, it is a wonderful gift." She said respectfully, but was equally cheerful at the twins being so engaged. "Yes! This place is awesome! This is my home, and it is the most beautiful home. I do not speak ill of your own Earth, but there is a reason I came back here after finishing my time at Claremont." She said with a smile. "And yes, this land is great, vast, and mighty. And he is the Jungle Lord, but we do not 'rule', at least not fully; we exist together with the great beasts, and they with us. It is why we do not reside in the great cities of the Romans, or the Incan's Valley, or do as the Serpent People do; each of the four tribes preach their own style of existence; Conquest, Isolation and Domination, but we practice Communication and Coexistence." She finished, clearly proud at a speech she had practiced; if nothing else, it was very clear that she had been preparing to do this for some time, with her in-depth explanations and prepared speeches. "So I will be teaching you the ways of Coexistence with our beasts." She continued as she started to head down the hill and waved for them to follow.


"Let's start with the basics; we all know that humans need food, water, and shelter for survival. Let's assume you've suddenly found yourself in a place like this, without the ability to communicate with others; your jet has crashed, or a Supervillain has put a nullifying collar on you and thrown you onto a deserted island to slowly perish. Where should you start looking to set up camp, knowing your needs; the area is hot and humid, the animals are a mix of both carnivores and herbivores, some larger and some smaller than you, along with insects drawn to your body heat. You've got food and a little water, but you'll need an extended supply. So where do you set up?" She asked as they walked on.

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Cerebral and Cerebellum 

The twins seemed to be in awe. Daniel even clapped a little at Kazra's speech, sure it was something she practiced but hey it worked! Daniel seemed pumped up, Iris seemed less so but that was in character for her. At the question though, Daniel would spend spend some time thinking about this, but Iris...who was well read...would answer striaght away with a raised arm of course.


"You would set up some place where there is fresh water, like a stream or a lake."

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"Fire will help you boil the water," Neko added, closing her huge yellow eyes as she spoke, though her big ears never stopped twitching. "Otherwise you will have - dysentery. You can lure the plant-eaters to you," she said, "and frighten away the meat-eaters. Look for familiar plants to eat, or plants you see the plant-eaters eat." Neko did not particularly enjoy eating grass herself, but she could if necessary.


She opened her eyes and looked doubtfully up at the sky. "If you lack an experienced navigator, hold your position - if you must move, follow the river - but not in the valleys. And so will everything else." She smiled thinly, showing teeth. "I can sleep in a tree, especially one this big. In a group like this, you find the person with the strongest senses, or best training to be your guide." 


She sniffed the air, and added, "If you kill, use the meat to lure insects away from you - and predators too." Unconsciously licking the back of her other hand, she now ran it through her hair. "Or so I have heard." 

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Lawrence had turned away from the sight of all the dinosaurs to focus on Kazra as she talking about the goals for the trip. The blond teen wondered why the headmistress had sent him on this trip, while he could understand the importance of survival skills, there were other things that were of more pressing concern on his mind. But he tried to stay focused as the twins and Neko spoke up.


"Well, I was going to say setting up near water could be a problem as that is often where all the larger animals in an area typically go as well." He commented. "Although, fire could certainly help with that." He added, giving a nod to Neko.

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(GM Post)


"These are all excellent statements! They correctly identify both the requirements and the difficulties in gathering them; along with possibilities for solutions. There's some limited herbology you can do as well; Marigold, Citronella, and Lavender plants in your world can expel oils that will ward off certain bugs. This is a dangerous thing to attempt in an unfamiliar environment though; especially in an alternate dimension like this one, because you never know if something that looks like a plant you're familiar with may be radically different." she says as they continue to walk under the shade of the large trees.


"The best thing is to always be wary, of course. Even in situations like this, danger can always rear it's head." she said. They were nearing the water now, but stayed within the canopy of trees. The triceratops form before continued to express their dominance of the local territory, drinking the water and keeping watch. "Thunderhorns are usually peaceful if you stay away from their cubs, but they're not really caring of you, so it's best to co-exist from afar." she smiled.


"So let's put our plans into practice! Everyone take one task, and go out to do it. We're not on a time limit, so take it slow. Someone will need to get some meat or forage, while others will gather water and build a shelter and fire. Let's stay close but split up; if you run into trouble, whistle like this." She put her fingers in her mouth and blew a high pitched trill. "And the others will know to come to your location. I'll stay here and help set up a camp in the trees." she finished.

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Neko cursed inwardly and considered, bold as brass, taking out her notebook and telling the sophomores that she'd be watching them closely. But of course she couldn't just abandon her friends to that fate, especially when it would no doubt be a black mark on her record. "Beasts like that can smell you even if they do not see you," she added with a nod towards the thunderhorns? was that the right word? well maybe if she didn't say it aloud nobody would know she didn't know. "So be careful even if you are using superpowers." 


"I am going to check the water for something we can eat - and to make sure nothing there will eat us." She considered her options as she padded down towards the water, giving the water and the area around it a close inspection. She did not normally care for water as such but this offered some opportunities, especially if there was something alive in it that wasn't so toothsome that it wanted to eat her. 

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Cerebral and Cerebellum 


The twins looked at each other for a moment. They were going to camp out here...next to dinosaurs...now that's just extremely cool! However they did need to set up a camp. Iris would begin to list things off in her head, what they need. Where they could build a shelter...they also need a steady source of food and water. After this she would turn to her brother and begin to speak. "Alright Danny, go get us some firewood to start with. Make sure to stay close to us at all times and yell if anything happens...with telepathy of course."

It seemed as though she was acting less like his sister but his mother now, but from Daniel's reactions, it seems as such a thing was commonplace. "Got it Iris, you be careful too." With that he rushes off to get some firewood.


Iris would begin to pace a little bit before realizing that they would need some water, sure Neko went there but she seemed like she was hunting for food, probably some kind of fish, so Iris would take water duty. She would follow the senior and begin to collect some water, at first using a drink bottle she brought, but soon she would begin to look for some large leaves she could make into a sling to hold the water. That seemed like a better plan.


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While the idea of trying to go over and pet one of the triceratops was intriguing, Lawrence knew they had a lot to get done before it started to get dark, and the last thing they needed was for him to inadvertently aggravate some of the large creatures. So, the blond teen got an idea of what Kazra needed for what she was going to be helping with for the tree top campsite.


Once he had an idea of some of the materials needed, Lawrence started off in the nearby area to look for them. He became a blur as he slipped out of time once again, allowing him to more quickly move around the area as he searched for large branches, vines and giant, broad leaves, among other material….

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(GM Post)


And so the group began their attempts to survive in this environment, watched over by each other and the eyes of their somewhat excitable teacher. 


As Neko and Iris examined and gathered water, it seemed quite clear; that didn't mean it was clean, of course, but there was a cleanliness to it that would be difficult to find in their world, where pollutants and man made cerations had affected almost all rivers and streams. Within the swirling water they could see the shapes of large fish and crustaceans; freshwater fish similar to the ones that you could find on Earth danced beneath the surface, in a variety of shapes and colors. Some had duller, brown and blue scales, while others had rainbow like scales down their body that glimmered in the sunlight. They were swollen and well fed, likely preparing for a breeding season, with what appeared to be plenty of meat under their scales. Along the shoreline were ferns with heavy leaves, great for making a makeshift sling. 


Meanwhile, Daniel and Lawrence worked in the general area gathering leaves, branches, and fallen objects for fire and shelter. The plants here were large, towering trees, but there was plenty of foliage on the grund from the passage of great beasts; a lot of them bared similarity to the warm, tropical trees seen in Florida or on the recent vacation to Fiji instead of the hardy, firm evergreens and the like that were more common in New Jersey. Several bore the marks where a fight had occured, or where a creature had used it to rub an itch they couldn't scratch or to shed skin they had grown too large for. There was plenty to gather, and as they did so, several smaller dinosaurs moved away from them; bug and egg eating types that formed the lowest parts of food chains, with mottled brown scales and long, thin beaks with swishing tails that avoided straying too close to the human boys as they danced around, squwaking in surprise whenever Lawrence suddenly appeared with his speed.

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