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  1. Jennifer sighed a little as she tried to casually moved back towards the stairs. She was at a loss, despite her efforts she hadn’t accomplished anything. She couldn’t imagine any of the students would be the names on the door plate, but maybe they helped in the lab. Slipping behind the group as it moved up the stairs she followed them. Maybe she could learn something useful.
  2. Christopher had only followed the group a few steps when he saw Adriana wheel out into the path of the group and confront them. He took a deep breath and exhaled. “That girl’s sense of what’s right and wrong is stronger then her sense of what’s safe and not. But her heart’s in the right place.” He thought, smiling to himself despite the potential fight about to erupt.
  3. Christopher spotted a familiar face across the crowd and had to smile. The young lady sat in her wheelchair with a bounty of critters large and small around her. Before he could catch the girl’s attention a well dressed man shoved him aside. He gave the man who pushed him an unfriendly look. Now that he was actually looking at them, the small group nearly screamed yakuza. He had come to the festival on business and he didn’t have any desire to start trouble, but if they had assaulted his friend he may have had to. Luckily, they they seemed content to just bully their way through the crowd
  4. I really need to add ranks in Diplomacy. Check: 17... HP to reroll: 25 better
  5. Chimera frowned when she could even find traces of Freestyle’s skates. ”Must have something to do with how she was able to move up and down the buildings.” She thought to herself with some curiosity. With a sigh she thought to look outside the door and spotted the nameplate. Moving to the desk she found 2 sheets of blank paper. Jotting down the names she pocketed the first piece. Taking pen to the second piece, she quickly marked it and moved to find some tape. A final glance around revealed no other secrets and she shook her head. Carefully stepping out of the room she used the
  6. Paper/Leon Blackstaff/Christopher Fate of the Serpent - Big Trouble in Little Jadetown - Chimera/Jennifer Freestyle! -
  7. Paper/Leon - 7 Talking Tomorrow - 3 Fury Road - 4 Blackstaff/Christopher - 3 Fate of the Serpent - 2 Big Trouble in Little Jadetown - 1 Chimera/Jennifer - 10 Freestyle! - 10
  8. Christopher moved casually through the crowds, a street vendor kabob in one hand and a bottle of local brewery in the other. The air of festivities was tinted with the air of supernatural energy, but that was common and to be expected given the locale and activities. As long as outsiders kept out of the darker back alleys they were safe and welcome. So he was going to enjoy himself this evening without worry. He had arrived with his part-time secretary, Lark, but they had parted ways so she could join some of her college friends that were in attendance. He was glad she was more con
  9. Search check I assume. 13 Geez, guess it was my turn for the dice gods to laugh at. Hopefully that will at least get me the name of the office owner.
  10. Chimera glanced nervously back through the office door. She couldn’t have much time left. Looking back at the screen she bit her lip behind her mask as her brow furrowed. She just didn’t know enough about the project to determine if something had been changed. As she dug further she noticed she had misjudged the security, it wasn’t as bad as she thought it had just been seriously weakened. She credited Freestyle with that. If she wanted to know more she’d have to talk to whoever’s office this was. A quick look around the office should give her the name of it’s occupant. Who knows, ma
  11. Chimera slipped back into the science building. She knew she wouldn’t have much time before campus security would respond to the explosions and supers running around. Most likely by securing the building and calling for a response team from the local precinct, other heroes might even show up. Maybe it was the thought of having to face other heroes, forced to clean up her mess that drove her determination. She couldn’t be sure as she re-entered the office, careful to avoid the tripwire again. ”Have to remember to warn them about that before they trigger it.” She thought as she plugged the
  12. I'll hold off and give Kaede a chance to come up with something.
  13. Would roll tell her if something was copied from the computer or if something was copied to the computer? Also, should I go ahead and make any other rolls now, or wait till you say so?
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