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  1. Sorry, I was waiting to give Kaede a chance to post.
  2. Doesn't have Disable, didn't think Computers would work on it. That was why she was wondering if she was gonna have to force it. Computers check: 25
  3. Leon lounged in the backseat, his foot tapping and his head bobbing with along with the music. He sung along with a catchy chorus here and there when he could. Smirking whenever he caught someone honking at them. Chitchatting with the girls he was somehow still able to spilt his attention with a book. As they took the exit for Rodney actually set his book down and sat up straighter. When Elena stopped the car at the barriers Leon leaned forward between the seat again. ”Don’t waste you time on these two El, nobody leaves the smart ones to guard the door.” Leon spoke from his own
  4. “Huh? Oh.” Chimera looked a little embarrassed, but took Ghost’s offered hand, letting him get her to the roof. She could have used the fire escape she had spotted, but if he was going to offer his help it would be rude to refuse. ”Thanks.” She said once up top. The door was there across from them, set into a small building on the roof. Mounted beside it was a security panel. Chimera didn’t move for a moment as she looked around. ”I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one camera watching the door. As soon as we show up on a security monitor, the clock will start ticking.”
  5. Leon stood on the curb, backpack slung over one shoulder, looking down at his phone as Painkiller pulled up. ‘Still the most metal name he’d heard someone give a car.’ He grinned as he looked up from the blog video he was rewatching. The three of them had happen to be in the common room when they had stumbled upon the post together while ‘educating’ Elena on current pop-culture. “Ready to rock!” He replied stepping up to the car. He slipped the pack off and tossed it in back as he opened the door and settled into back. Letting Muirne have shotgun so he c
  6. You asked in the wrong OOC. Initiative for Paper: 20
  7. I can give you the choice between Paper (paper manipulator PL 10 built as PL8) or Chimera (physical fighter with techno-organic symbiote PL7)
  8. “Brother?” Leon thought as Holly pulled him further in to the crowded dance floor. He was glad he hadn’t commented on the DJ’s handle. He couldn’t help but grin a little as she brushed up against him. “I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m defs having a good time already.” ”What’s it like?” Leon smirked and chuckled. “Boring mostly, with flashes of entertainment.” On the edges of his vision colors began to blur, starting to melt into each other. The pulsing lights of the club seemed to me melding with the movements of the crowd. The music felt like it was a
  9. Leon was enjoying the music with the others. The DJ may had had a silly name but at least he was keeping the party going. When Luke suddenly announced he was going to get drinks Leon smirked. ”Good kid, bout as subtle as a jackhammer sometimes.” Leon joked as his friend slipped off into the crowd. He turn his attention back to Holly and smiled. ”You here with friends tonight? Did they ditch you?”
  10. GM The Brute didn’t seem to be sure what to do. In his arm Jamie seemed to go sill, trying to crane her neck enough to back up at him. Her chest heaved as she swallowed nervously. The big man shook his head. ”Ma-masTer sAid briNG back GirL.” Brute looked at Outrider, his eyes unfocused like he was trying to think. ”M-maTH...” He grunts and puts his empty head to his head as if in pain. ”No, nO naMe... oNLy Brute.” He shook his head as if to shake off some pain when Shooting Star placed a head on his shoulder. The big
  11. Chimera Chimera had looked at the boy like he had grown a second head when he started trying to Tagalog to the man. But she was thankful for the mask covering at least part of her face when the Brute actually seemed to be responding. She didn’t know how he was doing it but she knew better then to look a gift horse in the mouth. The other two girls seemed to have pick up his cue as well and were trying to talk to him. The caped one even going so far as to offer herself in exchange. “Yes, it would be very kind of you to let her go.” She added, stepping a little closer to B
  12. Chimera grimaced as Ghost pointed out the flaws in her train of thought. ”I’m not expecting a big glowing arrow pointing to it like in some kind of game.” She conceded. “But it’s at least an objective. Or if I can trace the emails back to a sender, it’d be a starting point.” She took a deep breath and stepped up to the edge of the roof top and readied to climb down. Chimera hesitated for a moment. She hadn’t been sure what he was going to stay or leave her to her own chances. She smiled in relief that she wasn’t going to be alone this time. The techno
  13. Blackstaff’s hand came up as the men piled out the front doors. The tiny metal sheiks woven into his bracket jingling slightly as his will flowed through it. The gunfire slamming harmlessly into it and he noticed one or two of those would have hurt tremendously given their trajectories when his magic stopped them. He dislike guns, though he knew their value when magic wouldn’t work. Still, these particular ones were currently being deployed in his direction, and that wouldn’t do. Blackstaff make a quick sideways chopping motion and barked an harsh sounding word. ”Hexious!” Raw m
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