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  1. I'm okay with holding for aid. Next in initiative is Kevial and FB with matching rolls. So I assume that means waiting for Pan to aid somehow? Should I hold off posting till after Pan's post?
  2. I want to try to snare the weapon. I was thinking an attempt to seal the 'barrel' of the launcher with some kind of tether and pull it out of his hands? I'm hoping that even if I can't take it away from him, he still won't be able to fire it. So that be a ranged disarm attempt right?
  3. Jennifer's morning had already been going poorly. She'd already had to spend her Sunday morning downtown running errands. The microwave in her dorm room had 'mysteriously' stopped working. And when she told her roommate 'mysteriously', she had meant the alien symbiote she was bonded with had 'eaten' part of it when she wasn't paying attention. So she felt responsible for replacing it. Not that big of a deal normally but when her parents had transfer the money she asked to borrow to her account there had been a 'hick-up' as the nice, matter-of-fact lady on the phone had put it. So here she was
  4. No, I haven't. I was considering trying to bring her in finally. So I will formally volunteer Chimera for consideration.
  5. Fixed those two things. And thank you.
  6. Literature based shenanigans? Paper is only PL8, but if you can’t find someone higher he’d be happy to help.
  7. And there goes all my luck. 28
  8. Blackstaff turned to see Alaynah come up on deck. When she draws her gun and levels it at Dreamer he raises a hand towards her, his fingers in strange positions like he about to cast something. But Zach interceded first and he let his hand lower a little and turned his attention to Advay. He holds up a finger to signal him to wait and turns back to Dreamer, across from him. "Look, I understand you think you're doing what you think is right, but this is getting more complicated. I'm sure we can talk about this, but we can't do that if you drop us ashore." He says calmly.
  9. As he looked around with the others, it wasn’t too hard to spot most of the people that had rode the Delirium with them. Some were obviously angry and confused as to why their smartphones weren’t working properly. Most, if not all, of their social media accounts not even existing yet. Leon had to resist the urge to smirk at their reactions. He looked at Pan and was about to ask just what the other thought he could do. “What do you want me to do? Create flyers the say ‘If you think it’s still 2020 please return to the ride for a selfie. #dontfreakout’.” Before he could continue some
  10. Paper/Leon - 4 Think Fast! - 0 Hero Class: Did You Say Run? - 2 Fire and bring on - 2 Blackstaff/Christopher - 8 Missing Pets - 3 Fate of the Serpent -5 Chimera/Jennifer - 0
  11. "I haven't been at the school very long, and I've already been Back to the Future'd. You guys are horrible chaperones." Leon smirked as he looked around looking for anyone, or anything, else out of place "Well, I got no one to call for help. So unless you guys wanna call up the school and explain it to them, I say we grab our food and meander back over to the ride to have a chit-chat with the operator?" He glanced back at others. " Unless someone has a better idea?" He asked, maybe just a little hopefully.
  12. Blackstaff nodded, acknowledging Dreamer's admittance of weakness. "Yes and yes." He admitted. "Both of those concern me at the moment. The 'something else' can wait 'til another time." He sighs and takes a moment to sit himself down on the deck. He hoped it would put the girl a little more at ease if he tried to be more at her eye level. "Look, I don't know who recruited you and I don't need to to know. But, I can guess that they told you Advay killed his co-worker and you want to bring him to justice. And you can assume that the professor hired me to help him escape the city." He reache
  13. "Reaction, gauged." He thought and turned towards the spot in the office occupied by printer/copier. Extending a hand in it's direction, Leon made a single grabbing motion. The sound of rustling answered with a sudden flurry of paper erupting from the stored reams. Carried on an intangible wind the paper swarmed around him, some of it quickly forming a hoodie and a chain wrapped around his forearm. The rest of the paper forms into a baseball bat that Leon shoulders with a grin. Turning back to the Headmistress he offers a mock salute, still grinning. "Let's. Get. Dangerous."
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