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  1. Blackstaff nodded in greeting to Zach and the gargoyles in turn. All of them radiated magic except the captain. When Alaynah says the armored rider can introduce herself, his original thought that she wasn’t a member of the crew was further confirmed for him. Perhaps another passenger he thought. He looks up at the Dreamer and gives her a polite nod. “Heir. Christopher Daye, Blackstaff Investigation.” He introduces himself as he took a moment to sort through the magical auras surrounding the rider. He wasn’t surprised the horse registered as magical, the armor as well. Through those t
  2. Leon gave Luke a gentle shove and smirked as they approached the two older students. "Didn't you realize? We've been ungraded from delinquents to sidekicks." He chuckled.
  3. The Ryde driver gave the pair a skeptical look as they responded to the app’s notification, but seemed the relax a bit when Leon told them they were heading to Ocean Heights. A pair of kids from a private school heading to the amusement park on the weekend seemed normal enough. Leon made small talk as he and Luke rode. The subject of what kind of prank to play on Sebastian coming up at least once, with Leon suggesting things like replacing all of his clothes with thrift store hand-me-downs to moving his bed into the courtyard with him still in it. Though he’d admit he didn’t know how the
  4. "The amusement park?" Leon repeats thoughtfully, then smiles mischievously. "Ya, that sounds fun." He nods. "Afraid of it?" Leon chuckles and grins. "It's what I live for." "For now tho, I think I'm gonna take a shower before I hit up dinner." He smirks at Eira as he thumbs back at the dorms. "Some of us actually work up a sweat in the gym." Leon turns to head back to the dorms to take a shower before heading to the cafeteria.
  5. Leon grinned. "I'm sure we can think of something." Then smirked at Pan's mock indignation, but was surprised when to two disappeared. He looked around quickly then back at the space they had occupied a moment ago. He started to wonder if they had teleported or just turned invisible. His eyes narrowed, but before he test any theory the two of them reappeared. Leon did his best not to show his surprise. He smirked at Pan. "Well now, isn't that cheating." He teased. "Some of us work had to be sneaky."
  6. "Any limitation?" Leon asked. The young man stood, hands in the pocket of a blue pull-over hoodie with white stripes running down the sleeves. Under it he wore a white sleeveless shirt and blue sweatpants. Black sneakers completed the outfit as he stood with the rest of violet squad. "I mean, are we talking 'no-holds-barred'?"
  7. Leon met Charlie's eyes until he too was distracted by Pol's display. "Now that would be hilarious." He chuckled. Leon eyed Charlie, this was someone he was going to have to keep an eye on. "I'm still down for a game."
  8. Leon had to chuckle at Pan's claims, but he didn't think he should out right dismiss them. "Don't get my hopes up to high." He smirked. "Though it would be nice to have something to brag to my brother and sister about. Especially after missing out on the book that put me here." Leon sighed a little at the thought, but quickly changed the subject. "So, you two ever sneak of campus?" He asks, a little too innocently.
  9. *facepalm* Forgot to roll. 12 Missed it anyway.
  10. Okay, I had already started one and was just waiting to see if I needed add anything.
  11. "Looks like it could be." Blackstaff acknowledged and agreed. "That's understandable." It had been a long walk and the professor had at least been someone he could talk with on an academic level. It made the trip a little more bearable. They had been luck and avoided any major encounters, no one had recognized Advay or thought twice of their activities. For all appearances, it was simply two men engaged in conversation as the moved some boxes. As they approached, Blackstaff clicked his flashlight off and greeted the woman that approached them. "That would be us." Bla
  12. Leon rolled his eyes ever so briefly at the display. He wasn't sure he'd be able to stomach it if they got any more lovey-dovey. "Redemption is for suckers, books, and video games. And I can't remember any of them ending well. After all, no good deed goes unpunished." He says as he angles towards the dorms. "Now, adventure, that's sounds a little more fun. If you need a note faked, beer bought, or something someone else has... 'found', just gimme a call."
  13. Leon attempted to pull the ravenrang from the wall unnoticed, but it seemed to be stuck firm. "Hmm, must have hit a stud." He was careful of its sharp edges as he tried again. Leon glanced back at Charlie and gave him a friendly smile. "Just trying to be safe. Not too safe leaving sharp things sticking outta the wall." He switches hands, reaching up with his left hand. He wraps his hand around the weapon and gives a quick tug, pulling the ravenrang out easily this time. He glances at the retreating Sebastien and Eddie as he crosses the common room. He opens his hand to Ch
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