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  1. Grabbing the paper from the printer Leon stepped back out into the hall in time to followed the others down the stairs. "Things could be worse." He says as he hands the paper to Professor al-Salaf. "It says machines have gone nutso, but no one's hurt. Also says to bring energy other then electricity." Leon looks around for a door, then taps on the opaque glass. "Is it in here?" He asks, not having actually been in the Doom Room yet himself.
  2. “Of course.” Blackstaff said with a nod as the rock men returned to the wall. He was grateful as he finished the climb down, noting he had misjudged the height. ****** With his flashlight and the compass, Blackstaff wound his way through the tunnels and passages. He kept aware of his surroundings but kept his attention ahead of him. Inhabitants down here hid themselves well, especially from strangers. They liked, he had learned, their privacy even more than those above ground. He could appreciate the work that went into the compass as it guided him through the maze. Mentally he contemplated the possible construction as he walked to occupy his mind during the some two hour trek. As the temperature began to rise, he started to regret the long coat he was wearing. “Hmph.” He grunted as he stood at the opening to the large cavern. He eyed the rivers of molten rock as he took in the massive cavern. Blackstaff regarded the pair resting amongst the crags and rocks, then regarded the compass again. Following the path of the needle pointed his gaze fell on the group of morlocks. Looking down at the compass then back up again he sighed. “Because, of course. Couldn’t be that easy.” Pocketing the compass and the flashlight, he drew the blasting rod from its inner holster. Keeping it in hand he shoved his hands into the coat and started up the cliff path closing on the group from behind. As he followed the path up along the cliff face, he glances down at the rocky floor easily a good hundred feet below. “Gentlemen.” Blackstaff calls out to the group as he gets within a couple dozen yards. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to let me pass.” He asks in a hopefully friendly tone, but in his pocket he tightens his grip on the blasting rod.
  3. Christopher smiled as the two friends reacquainted themselves. "I hope so, that's what all my cards say." He tried to project calm and reassuring manner. Christopher's posture shifted ever so slightly as he mentally shifted to a business mindset. "Missing?" He repeated. "As in they escaped, or 'missing', as in they were taken? And are any of them considered dangerous?" He asked wanting to get to what he thought might be two of the most important questions out in the beginning.
  4. Leon glanced around the lobby with impatient indifference as Heroditus and Prof. al-Salaaf examined the elevator. Danica was on the phone with one of the teachers Leon was fairly sure he hadn't run into yet when something caught his attention. He heard the faint hum of a printer warming up, a second later he heard and sensed the paper moving through the machine. He felt the change in the paper as went from fresh blank sheets to something new, a message. Through the window in the door he read the words as the printer feed the paper out. "Hmm..." Looking down at the lock on the door he reached up without looking and pulled down one of the streamers. With a flick of his wrist the paper twisted and stiffed into a thin rod. Sliding the paper rod into the lock Leon fiddles with the lock for a few moments, reshaping the paper little by little until the lock clicked and the door opened. Looking back over his shoulder he give a short whistle to get the professor's attention. Then with a nod of his head at the door he pushes it open. "Hey teach, think you might wanna see this." He says casually and walks into the office and over to the printer.
  5. When Barry spoke Christopher raised his eyebrows but managed not gape or say anything rude. When the the miffed 'butler' turned and re-entered the interior he glanced one last time at Oz then followed after the penguin. "Well, tonight is just going to be full of surprises, isn't it." He chuckled lightly. Inside, he glanced around the large room and took a second to appreciate the colorful majesty of the numerous feathered inhabitants. Finally letting his gaze settle on the gentleman that Christopher could only assume was Charlemange. His choice of style and attire could almost have been comical, if the man didn't seem just so comfortable in it. Christopher returned the smile, but motioned to Oz to be the first to greet his friend.
  6. Leon/Paper: 4 Fledgelings in the Fold 1 Just Like Fire 3 Christopher/Blackstaff: 6 Blackstaff Justice 0 Missing Pets 3 Plea of the Serpent 3 Jennifer/Chimera: 0
  7. Blackstaff cursed mentally. Of course he had to run into the guard that actually did its job. He slowly reaches into his coat and pulls out a card. "Sorry, wallet's a little hard to get to while hanging off a ladder." The card reads: Blackstaff Investigations - Christopher Daye, P.I. with a phone number and address printed under that. "As for rest, I'm not at liberty to reveal my client's identity or details of their case. Professional courtesy and all that." He gave the rock cop..., rop?... Christopher suppressed a chuckle and managed a friendly smile. "I'm sure someone in your position can understand. The people paying don't like being talked about."
  8. Christopher looked over at Oz then back at the penguin, waiting to see how the creature responded. He had learned to take things in stride and not to judge by first impressions. "So, I take it this is normal for Mister Charlemangne?" He asks with a raised eyebrow and a friendly smile. "Can't say I've seen many avian doormen. It's an honor Mr. Barry" He gives the penguin a polite nod.
  9. Blackstaff pauses in his decent when the rumbling starts. At the gravelly warning he sighed inwardly, but kept a neutral expression outwardly. He decided a half truth was the best approach. "I'm here on business. I've been hired to find a missing individual. I don't plan on being down here any longer then I need to be." He glances down the ladder trying to judge just how much further down to the floor.
  10. Leon was on the verge of a Cheshire cat grin as he followed the professor. "I was right, this does sound like it's gonna be fun, more fun then listening to some has-been. Definitely gonna need more paper." He remembered from the printout map of the school grounds he received in his new student packet that the Doom Room was under the Admin building. Should be plenty of paper he can call on there. Meanwhile, as they crossed the school grounds Leon continued to resist the urge to run ahead.
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