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  1. Subject A The wild looking woman rocks back under Chimera’s blow taking a bruise and is dazed. Subject B The flames bite into the burning man again but he barely notices the effects taking another bruise. He makes ranged attack at Outrider: 13 That’s a miss, but it splashes on impact at half strength, potentially hitting Nightshade and Creepshow. Reflex for Creepshow: 20 He makes it @Nerdzul Need a Reflex vs 18 for Nightscale. A fail needs a Toughness 14 Damage is fire if it hits. (So it shouldn’t be a problem for the dragon anyways. ) Subject C Lunges for the closest target it can find and attempts to grapple Chimera. Melee attack: 10 That’s a straight up miss. Brute Failed his save by 10 so the big guy is staggered and takes his turn to shake of the dazed Creepshow Is also currently staggered and shaking off the dazed @Lone_Star Outrider is up Creepshow Bruised, Staggered Outrider Unhurt 2HP Shooting Star Unhurt 2HP Nightscale Unhurt 3HP Chimera Unhurt 2HP Subject A Bruised Subject B Bruised x2 Subject C Bruised Brute Staggered
  2. GM Subject A Chimera’s blow caught the wild looking women in her gut, knocking her back a step. The woman doubled over and retched, blood splattering the floor. Small unidentifiable pieces of flesh and bone fragments mixed in the gore. Several new bloody rivulets dripping down her chin. Subject B Flames continued to ripple over the man. His pale flesh beginning to darken and crack as it did so. Still he made no move to extinguish himself. Instead, he wiped his hand along his arms, gathering flames into his palms. Cupping them like one would to make a snowball a ball of fire took shape. With a moan, the burning man hurled the fiery projectile at Outrider’s back. His aim was wide though and a ball of gelatinous ooze splattered across the operating table, sending globules of burning goop in the direction of Creepshow and Nightscale. Subject C The faceless women lunges for Chimera, her hands grabbing for the hero, but missing. She stumbles past the the two combatants, reaching out for anyone blindly. Brute Shooting Star’s gravitational grip crushed down on the big man as she tried to drive them both further into the ground. The compacted concrete and earth didn’t give much, but it continued to hold the two of them securely. The blow rattled Brute and he tries to shake it off as he struggles against the hero’s power, grunting with the effort. Creepshow Outrider’s hammer slammed into the masked man’s chest and drove him back to the edge of the platform. He collapses to his knees catching his breath. The sound of Nightscale’s incoming attack draws is attention long enough for him to throw himself aside. The movement also luckily saving him from the burning goo that landed on the floor where he had been a moment ago. When Creepshow turns the blank mask back to Outrider a large crack has spidered up across its cheek. The madman wearing it glaring from behind the eye holes. ”You are making a serious mistake. I will see you on my table.” He gave a wheezing growl. ”One way or another. All of you.”
  3. Initiative: 27 And there goes the best roll I’m gonna get this thread.
  4. Paper “See, that’s what I’m talking about.” A short ways from the bank, Leon grinned and praised the foot long, bean covered hot dog as he accepted it from the street vender. ”Told you to trust me. These are the best chili-dogs in town.” Raising the delicious, smothered meat tube in bread, Leon was about to take a bite. Suddenly, something down the street caused a ripple of commotion to ripple down the sidewalk. Leon glanced down the street in its direction. “Hm?”
  5. Should I roll to see if she can use the computer on the desk?
  6. Blackstaff- Basement with Ouroboros and Cait-Sith Rummaging through the drawers and cabinets of the break room counter Blackstaff collect a stained, but clean, coffee mug. Filling it partially with water he set it on the table and went to the vending machine. His eyes scanned the contents until he found what he was looking for. The wizard patted at his pockets and frowned before looking over at Simone. “You shouldn’t do this, but this is kind of an emergency.” That said he pulled an old style key, it’s surface etched with a few small runes. Tapping it to the vending machine’s lock a small click sounds. Opening the front of it Blackstaff reaches in and pulls out a granola bar and a bag of trail mix. Returning to the table he spreads out the sheet and pulls out a black marker. He quickly draws out a small circle and marks its perimeter with a handful of runes. Inside the circle he draws a star before pausing, looking at it with thoughtful intensity. With a nod to himself he slowly starts adding runes around the interior. Stepping back after a minute he looks over his work. “Well, it’s quick and dirty, and I’ve never tried it before. But I think it might work.” Setting the mug in the center of the star Blackstaff rummages through his coat and carefully drops a sewing needle into it. From the bleach bottle he carefully pours a capful of it into it as well. Breaking the granola bar into six pieces. Placing a piece at each point of the star and popping the last piece into his mouth. Using the trail mix he piles it around the base of the mug. Rummaging in his coat again he pulls out a lighter and a small pack of store bought birthday candles. Setting the candles into the granola bits he lights them as he begins a chant under his breath. Pulling out a pocket knife he pricks his finger letting a small drop of blood well up. Touching the blood to the circle it flashes for a moment then fades to a dim glow. He looks at the other two. “If I could ask you two for some help, this should hopefully show us the shortest path back to the lobby.” He pauses and adds as an explanation in case they’re hesitant. “It’s a variation on a finding spell I use a lot as a investigator. I just had to change it a little since we’re the ones lost, it should lead us back to where we were ‘lost from’. The needle it the mug should act as a compass and point the way.” With the help of the others he finishes the ritual and the needle spins in the mug, Blackstaff watching it hopefully as it slows and points to small door set by the counter that he had dismissed as a broom closet. “Clever girl.” Blackstaff grinned.
  7. “Hey, Red! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Leon groaned inwardly. That was bad and he should feel bad. It was too late to take it back now. He tried to draw Holly’s attention with a feint but slipped when his foot found someone’s spilled drink. Luckily he caught himself before he fell.
  8. Taunting as a move: 9… ouch Feint as standard: 11… . . . Well, that was a thing.
  9. Leon didn’t like the look on the guy’s face and Luke’s little outburst was justified as far as he was concerned. He was unsurprised when saw his roommate check his pockets. He knew Luke knew the way things worked. Leon was about to follow after Luke when another red-head ran up to them. “Wha…? Son-of-a…? Why do red-heads always bring trouble?” He growled as he pulled out his phone and dialed 911. He looked over at Muirne as he put it to his ear. “No offense.” When the operator answers, Leon quickly cuts them off. “We need EMTs and the police at Millennium Mall. There are multiple victims of an unknown assailant.” He looks over to Bernadette. “What entrance are they near?” Whatever her answer, Leon relays the details and hangs up.
  10. Basement - Blackstaff, Ouroboros, & Cait-Sith Blackstaff nodded as Ouroboros spoke about the hotel. Once introductions were quickly made he smiled and inclined his head. He followed the others through the door, into what appeared to be a laundry room. He glanced around but only a single exit sat across the way. Approaching it he stopped, his hand inches from the door’s handle. “If that’s the case…” He mused and looked back at the closed door the trio had just passed through. He turned back to the new door and opened it. Beyond it a new room sat ready for them, benches and lockers occupied one side of the room with a table and chairs occupied the other side. A pair of vending machines offer drinks and snacks for a price. Next to the door a counter held a microwave and coffee pot. A break room. Another single door beaconed across the room. Blackstaff frowned and stepped back from the door. Turning, he crossed back to the door that should have lead back in to the storage room, the door swinging closed on its own. Hesitating a moment, he grabbed the handle firmly and opened the door. The storage room was gone. In its place a break room sat just as it did beyond the other door. “It certainly seems intent on keeping on a set path.” He looks over at Ouroboros. “This is quite an abstract puzzle.” Blackstaff joked. “I suppose we need an abstract answer. Normally I’d use a finding spell but this time we’re the ones lost…” He trailed off, a thoughtful look on his face. Looking around the laundry room his gaze landed on what he was looking for. Grabbing a bottle of bleach and a sheet he headed into the break room. Setting the two items on the table he started rummaging through the counter draws.
  11. Since I would say he was distracted at the moment, I’m gonna use Skill Mastery to take 10 on a Notice check for a total of 20. This was to see if he noticed the guy make any sleight of hand type motions on Luke.
  12. Chimera Chimera balked a little at Ghost’s question. She hadn’t even thought about proof of crimes. She did her best to hide it by trying to look thoughtful. She doubted Freestyle had already handed over the data. But now, she was afraid she may have hidden the drive somewhere else. If it wasn’t on her all this would have been for naught. Oh god, was she going to be sick? Had she really messed up this badly on her first real supervillain outing? No, no, she had to stay calm and not let herself freak out. At least not until she got home later, but definitely not in front of another hero. Swallowing back her worries, she stepped up to Freestyle again and started checking her pockets/pouches in search of the thumb-drive. “Please let it be here.” She prayed under her breath, but Ghost was probably close enough to hear.
  13. Leon was smirking even as he recovered from a moment ago, that was until some jerk shoulde checked his roommate. He glared after the man. ”Someone should teach that guy that ain’t cool.” He said with a familiar mischief in his eyes. He quickly caught himself, resisting the urge to submit to old ways of dealing with jerks. He didn’t think some of the others would approve. Then again… ”Want me grab his wallet?” He offered, only half joking.
  14. Leon squinted against the sand as the group made it's way to the cave. He was glad Danica's scooter seemed to be working fine in the sand. He would have called it cheating but, damn it, the older girl was just to nice for him to be mad at her. So he trudged his way to the cave one step at a time. Inside the cave he nodded to Naomi and moved aside to ruffled his hair, trying to get some of the sand out. Leon had looked up to see her, fully expecting her to turn the paper to ashes to spite him. But Wilona was full of surprises, and he gave her part of a smile and a friendly nod in acknowledgement. Leon's own pack wasn’t quite as stuffed as Naomi's, but he remember the important things. Snacks, water, a few books... oh and a few other think some people might think were important. Reaching into one of the side pockets he pulled out a small flashlight and a couple glow sticks. Sweeping the flashlight around he gave a low whistle. "Wow. There is jack and squat in here." Unable to sense magic or such Leon was unimpressed by the apparent normal cave. But at the their instructor's insistence he moved deeper into the cave with the others.
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