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Foes from the Fens

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Evening, Friday the 1st of March


The sun was mostly hidden by the horizon, painting the skyline of Freedom with the fading colours of the last dregs of sunlight, when both Luke and Leon's evenings were interrupted by a message.



Come to the abandoned warehouse on #### near Kissinger. Wear costumes.


Probably not the most ominous or strange message the pair had received, but certainly one which raised questions. Perhaps one of their teammates had found something and was calling them for backup. Or perhaps something more sinister was occurring...


The only question is how the two heroes would respond.

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Not the strangest text he’d ever gotten. Leon had debated the text for a moment. It was vague but not stupidly cryptic, so he ruled out Charlie. No one else on the team would be using a blocked number…


Leon shook his head. The text had been sent to him and Luke. It wouldn’t be from his brother or sister.

In the end he grabbed some extra paper and headed out. A blank mask of paper with eye slits over his face and a jacket over his usual shirt. It was a new look he was trying out.

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  • 1 month later...

Luke had just returned from work when he received the strange invitation, he checked his phone with a puzzled look, wondering who might have sent them this invitation to an abandoned warehouse.


"Smells like a trap." He mused, then again he only had one way to find out, plus, to be honest, he didn't knew many supervillains who knew his private number so... 


"What to do you think man?" He lazily turned toward Leon. 


"Definitely gonna want to scout the place before dashing in..." He continued as he got ready to head out. Unlike his friend Luke didn't really need a mask to conceal his identity, instead, he removed his shirt (he had destroyed too many already) kicked away his sneakers and willed his true nature to resurface, shifting into an hybrid shape of his human and dragon form, clad in black scales and with his claws claws unsheathed. It was a trick he had just recently picked out admittedly, but a handy one at that, no need to carry his Claremont-issued costume anymore...


"Whatever... Let's go..." He smirked as he dashed into the night. 


OOC - Sorry this took me a while, hopefully I'll be able to catch up with posting a bit in the upcoming weeks.

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The pair made quick time to the location given, the warehouse sagged against itself and one of the doors hung on only one hinge, but other than that and a few broken windows it was reasonably intact.


The pair couldn't see anything noteworthy from the street, but Luke could smell ozone and the scent of an in use soldering iron, something he'd grown familiar with after years of sharing a dormitory floor with tech-geniuses.


OOC- No worries, just glad to see you back.

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  • 4 weeks later...

"Yep... smells like a trap..." Luke muttered. "Literally... there is like some tech stuff around here..." He added, perhaps a frontal assault wasn't the smartest idea and yet he had no trick at his disposal to check what was inside without going and taking things head on. 

"Do you see a side entrance or something man?" He mused giving his flat-mate a nod  as he scanned the area for any sign of a way that would allow them to get inside without being seen. Not like he wouldn't get in if he couldn't find one of course, he didn't follow the strange message just to go back home after all.


ooc - Luke will just skill mastery his 20 at perception to check if there is a side entrance and in general if he can spot anything unusual, otherwise he will go inside.

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Leon nodded in agreement with Luke.

“If this was anymore of a set-up, there’d be a neon sign with a comical oversized arrow.”

He chuckled. He trusted his best friend's nose. If he said it smelt ‘techie’ he believed him.

“Might be another entrance.”

He nodded.

“I can watch here if you wanna circle around and check.”


He reached out with his sense, searching for paper. If anyone was inside he might be able to sense it. Cash (when people still carried it) and collected membership cards, receipts, and BOGO cards. The paper detritus that sometimes finds its way into people’s pockets.

Sometimes he could recognize the way it was gathered and moved around. It wasn’t perfect, but he still tried.


OOC: can roll a Search or Perception if you need

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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)



While Luke started to circle around the warehouse to search for other entrances, Leon reached out with his powers to sense the presence of paper within, both of which turned out to be fruitful endeavors.


Luke found both a back door, although it was chained shut, and a hole seemed to have been punched through the roof on the left side of the building, likely the result of some cape fight, but now offering an open entrance to those maneuverable enough to reach it. 


For Leon's part the search initially turned up nothing which was already suspicious- why would an abandoned warehouse be clean? But quickly he found something more. In the center of the warehouse he could feel small traces of paper that gathered as lint in pockets, spaced around a person. A tall man, seated. Next to him was something even more interesting, a box about the size of a lunchbox filled with a type of paper Leon knew quite well: Rolls of cash.

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Luke glanced at the locked door, perhaps, he reasoned, he could break through it, although it won't be exactly a quiet endeavor to break through and well, it was likely that whoever had set this up was expecting it anyway... He circled back to his friend. 


"Any luck? I got two possible entry points..." He pointed at the the two spots.


"They are expecting us though... but what about... a distraction maybe?" He ruffled the crest on the back of his neck, like he used to with his hair, although it was less satisfying. "Dunno wanna bring out Sue back for a walk?" He chuckled, thinking about the paper tyrannosaur trick. One of his illusion could work as well, but a techie would probably see through them, the  were just constructs of the mind after all. "A dragon would have been more stylish I guess..." He teased playfully. 

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Leon was focused on the building as Luke returned from his sweep of the building’s perimeter.


“I get the sense of two people. One packin some serious cash I think.”

He looked up at Luke and grinned. Sue had become a fast favorite of his.


He glanced at the entry points Luke pointed out and thought for a moment.

“Hmm. We could try a two-prong approach.”

He suggested.

“I’ll take the door and you take the hole? If they are expecting us, they’ll have to split their attention. Then it’s just a couple of 1v1s.”

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The pair each made their way into the warehouse, one bursting through the door upon the back of a tide of paper in the shape of a tyrannosaurus, while the other dropped in through the hole in the roof, his fall softened by spectral wings. The inside of the warehouse had been transformed, tall steel racking having been removed and reshaped into large arrays of reinforcement for the walls, with numerous wires and projector dishes mixed into the new framework, all facing inwards. In the center of it all at a desk sat a familiar face; Alice's brother, Aaron in a black trenchcoat and jeans, with a white undershirt. Completing the familiar look was Steel Shade's welding mask sat propped up against a metal lunchbox. His Railpistol sat upon the desk next to them, pointing away from both himself and the door. 


He looks slightly shocked at the paper dinosaur bursting through the door, but quickly recovers goes composure, looking about briefly before speaking. 

"Leon. I suppose Luke is around somewhere, or did his work run late? Regardless, just so you don't get any bright ideas, the Dimensional arrays will activate if I shift from this seat, anything that's not either on the desk or wearing the correct IFF inside the warehouse will get a one way trip to a world where a nuclear war destroyed human civilization. We need to have a little talk."

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