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  1. Yeah, sorry about the delay. Have one half written that I should be able to get done tomorrow. Just started work over the summer, so I was getting used to having a job again.
  2. Oh boy. This is gonna be fun I think this might be the first reflex save I've made so far haha Reflex Save: 1d20+8 = 13 Oh dear... Fortitude Save: 1d20+8 = 20 Oh yeah! She's still untouchable! Now to see if her eyes work this time... Notice Check: 1d20+5 = 8! It's just going down one at a time! For heaven's sake!
  3. Muirne's focus was devoted on following the voice, missing the whispers of the people behind her. She wasn't going to leave a child who needed help. She continued quietly calling out to the voice attempting to reassure them. She briefly paused when she realised she couldn't see, even despite her darkvision. She continued on into the shadows after the moment of confusion, seeing for the first time what people meant about something being too dark to see. She tried using the flashlight she carried with her before quickly finding that the light didn't penetrate the darkness either. And
  4. Muirne can't do that roll, so I'll just get to a post of her wondering what is happening
  5. The Dreamer's brow furrowed as she listened to Blackstaff's tale. It wasn't unbelievable, but she felt like he had to be something else had to be involved. If he was innocent then why couldn't he go to the forest clan and tell them? She looked at him closely but was quickly distracted as she saw Alaynah come arrive on deck and point her pistol at her again. She didn't want to drop the ship over the city. She turned back to Blackstaff as Advay talked, nodding as he mentioned talking. "I am willing to talk this out, it would be a refreshing change from how my day has been going. How would y
  6. Alice clenched her teeth, shrugging off the electric shocks again. She couldn't spot the idiots, especially with the way these things were dazzling her vision. When she got her hands on these idiots, she was going to crunch their guns into a small ball and throw it into the Sun! She started walking in the direction that the shots had come from, fuming silently. She really just wanted to bring on of the buildings down on their heads, but even ignoring that she didn't know which building they were in she didn't actually want to bring the school down around her ears, the whole reason she was here
  7. Okay, finally got some time to do this: Fort Save: 1d20+8 = 19 Fort Save: 1d20+8 = 16 Notice Check: 1d20+5 = 9 At this point I'm wondering if she's been struck blind. In fact she is spotting them even less than before.
  8. The Dreamer glared over at Blackstaff as he spoke up at the end of her proclamation, her breathing still heavy. "What should I not do, Blackstaff?" She kept her eyes on the man as he stepped out from the stairs, keeping an eye on him as he held his hands open and answered. She had to admit that the man must have very high standards of something being reasonable if he was telling her not to do anything rash while standing on the ship she'd made fly. She kept her eyes on him as he walked to the edge and peered over. She briefly wondered if he was planning on trying to wrest the ship from her whe
  9. 'Ave everything I want, still not wanting to go too crazy, 'cause Aaron isn't meant to too strong.
  10. 1d20+5 = 6, truly she is a grand and frightening figure
  11. Yeah, I'm happy with it slowing down, it'll become quite slow but that's fine cause it gives you plenty of in universe time to get people responding and it also gives Blackstaff lots of time to do whatever he wants to do.
  12. The Dreamer looked dubiously at Zach. How stupid did these people think she was? Her expression hardened as she went over what was said, they were probably intending to do the same thing to her, and there was no way she was letting Advay go. She tries inhaling deeply to calm herself but it does nothing to dampen the fury building, and her dream creatures start to show their agitation. The Dreamer closed her eyes, trying to calm them when Zach stepped away citing some sound. She could see the boat approaching and heard the man's shocked reaction, processing that they were being pursued when the
  13. Sweet, that's a lot bigger than the PT boats I was looking at (These two), but I can roll with it easy enough. The Ultimate Power PDF says that objects less than a heavy load move like they were thrown, so that's lifting telekinetically. Don't worry, I'm not yeeting the boat my character is on haha. To keep it moving fast, I'm using Extra Effort to raise Strength of Dreams up 2 ranks for this round, taking effective strength to 90, which keeps her moving at 250ft per round.
  14. Purely because I'm a detail obsessed idiot, is it 250ft or 500ft?
  15. No powers huh? Cripes that changes things 1d20-1 = 14 that could've been worse. Her bluff and sense motive are the same but she gets extra on bluff if people think she's attractive so... 1d20+4 = 24!!! (28 if they find her attractive) and nat 20!! She's going to switch both the Summon and Wonderland Arrays to Move object (Strength of Fantasy [Move Object 6] and Dream Movement [Move Object 9], combined are Strength of Dreams [Move Object 15]) and she's going to lift the Red Summer away from the Coast Guard, using a full action and concentration to raise her effectiv
  16. The Dreamer smiled graciously as the man turned down her offer of drinks. It was probably for the best, since alcohol would make reasoned conversation more difficult. She didn't expect his reply, but it was better than she'd feared it could be but wasn't exactly helpful. "What do you mean by that? Believe him about what?" He said it with a conviction that she recognised, so what could Advay have claimed to make the man help him? Especially since he didn't deny anything she'd said, what could make him ignore or excuse the man murdering his friend? The Dreamer smiled at Zach as
  17. If you mean about the switching out of weapons then that's because it takes him time to switch out guns, but if you mean the firing of the guns themselves then yeah, I was trying to keep him cheap on the PP for no apparent reason? Probably partly because of me thinking about how terribly my build for Dougal went and how bloated it got to the point of me using all 250PP available. I'll probably remove the action flaw honestly.
  18. Shadowborne Four Stories - Què & A Survival Class: Silver Lining Guidebook: Dougal Shooting Star Rising Stars Shooting Star Reputation The Dreamer Fate of the Serpent
  19. Dryhten Dougal *Lord/King Dougal Power Level: PL12 Note: At one point I attempted a character sheet, but I screwed up the powers to the most insane degree. After much contemplation I decided to leave his powers up to any GM who wanted to use him, with the exceptions of his Fomorian Eye and Stature and his gear. If you need inspiration for magic he can use his dumpster fire of a sheet is here, but my advice is to not try giving him every power. In Brief: Ancient sorcerer from the Dark Ages who seeks to power in any form. Alternate Identity: Conrí Doyle (Secret)
  20. Alice shrugged off the electric shock, wincing between her mask as she feels the jolts run down her legs. She couldn't see where they were, but they didn't have to know that. "Okay, I think we've both made our points. You can't hurt me, and before you try gassing me I'll let you know that even if I was worried I don't need to breathe. So how about we talk about things like adults before I start getting mad. Just come out and we can all go our separate ways no worse for wear, the school won't need to replace any buildings, and I don't need to see if anyone online can come up with something wors
  21. Ah my rolling returns to normal after reaching the double digits for once. 1d20+5 = 10 She doesn't notice them. She's going to try talking to them, let me know if you want a diplomacy or intimidate check or something.
  22. Steel Shade Power Level: 10 (169/169PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: -2 Defense/+2 Toughness +2 Attack/-2 Damage (Unarmed, Railpistol) None (Energy Blaster) In Brief: Powerhouse using technology to enhance his abilities as a villain. Alternate Identity: Aaron Armstrong (Secret) Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: The Theatre District, Freedom City Occupation: Part-time Mechanic, Villain for Hire Affiliations: Family: Calvin Armstrong (Father), Linda Armstrong (Mother), Alice Armstrong (Sister) Description: Age: 21
  23. Alice Armstrong Gather Information DC 10: Alice is a teenager from the Fens, she goes to a public high school. DC 15: Her father is the personnel manager for the Factory Worker's union, her mother is a cleaner and her brother works as a part-time mechanic. Alice had a lifelong condition that caused her muscles to atrophy but suddenly recovered on her twelfth birthday. DC 25: Alice's brother is fairly well off considering he only works part time, but no one knows where any extra money he has might come from. Shooting Star Gather Information
  24. Alice ignored Billy's protests and the three bullet impacts, although she had a feeling like she had two new holes in her breastplate. Searching around she found an apartment building with some good cover from the street that didn't have taller buildings too near. She deposited the wannabe drug dealer there. "Listen kid, stay put. I don't know about you, but I don't know who sent those guys and I don't want you running into a mob hitman out for your blood. Hide here until I come back, I'm going to go deal with those four so I won't be here to catch bullets for you. Understand?" She didn't wait
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