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  1. Muirne followed El out of the garage, nervousness, determination and Aoife's glee at the possibility of both action and at riding in Outrider's car. How fast do you think it can go? Aoife asked giddily. That elicited a small smile from her as she got into the car, nodding her head gently to the music. Maybe we'll find out. Her armour and spear felt a bit odd in the car, but she had to admit it was refreshing to not be looking up at El quite so much. "I'm ready. We need to stop this as quickly as we can."
  2. Aoife snarled as she felt herself slowing down after Red Death's gas attack. She watched as he confidently strode away, her growl bubbling into a howling shriek as her power ran through her, causing her to grow larger as her shadows writhed further. She was going to break him, body and mind. Her curses and maledictions swam through the air seeking eyes through which to attack. As such it was with frustration that she saw him shield his eyes successfully. Calm down, you need to be thinking clearly to fight him. Aoife growled and spat a literal curse in response to Muirne
  3. Muirne ducked instinctively as the pair crashed to the ground, turning to look at the pair. She wanted to help, but wasn't willing to jump in without actually knowing who the bad guy is. She exhaled gently as she let the shadows and pain wash over her from her wellspring of power, quickly vanishing from sight. Quickly she made her way closer to the fight while pulling her gear out of her gate to the Shattenwelt and starting to put it on. She was glad that she had figured that out or else she would have to fight without equipment or let Aoife do it, and the situation was too potentially volatil
  4. Shooting Star and Shadowborne would both be off the PL for that if you want em.
  5. Okay, Muirne is gonna have her Schattenwelt Drawing Array on Alternate Power: [8 + 5 + 4 + 1 = 18PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Portal, Gateway, Aura, Covering) Concealment 4 (Shadow Covering; All Visual Senses; Extras: Affects Others; Flaws: Passive) [8PP] Dimensional Pocket 1 (Well Storing; Extras: Duration 3 [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Requires Grapple; Feats: Progression 1 [250lbs]) [5PP] Super-movement 1 (Dimensional Movement [Schattenwelt]; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Linked [Speed (+0)]; Feats: Progression 1 [250lbs]) [4PP] Speed 1 (Extras: Linked [Speed (+
  6. Okay, so Red Death moved and Aoife is slowed so she can only take a move or standard action- That is nasty. She's gonna switch the Shadow Power Array to this: Alternate Power: [16 + 4 = 20PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Fear, Terror, Curse) Drain Wisdom 8 (Fear; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Area [Visual Perception], Linked [Emotion Control]) [16PP] Emotion Control 8 (Fear; Extras: Area [Visual Perception], Linked [Drain]; Flaws: Limited [Fear], Range 2 [Touch]) [4PP] And assuming that they can see each other since you just said "And he moves to try to get away
  7. Doktor'd! On Shadowborne's sheet can this: Shadow Channelling Array 4 (8PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [10PP] Base Power: [7PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (None) Phased Strike 7 Adds (Extras: Penetrating 7) to Shadowed Weapons [7PP] Alternate Power: [7PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Draining, Consumption) Thirsting Strike 7 Adds (Extras: Vampiric 7) to Shadowed Weapons [7PP] Alternate Power: [7PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (None) Shrouded Strike 7 Adds (Extras: Poison 7) to Shadowed Weapons [7PP] Please be m
  8. Muirne jogged to catch up with the others, her armour, shield and spear at the ready. She was partially transformed, her silhouette broken up by writhing shadows while her eyes glowed acid green. Her spearhead was pitch dark, sucking the light into it. “Sorry Casanova, I thought I saw something but it must've been my imagination." She was so glad that Sebastian was bringing her along, she didn't know what this gemstone did but with her experiences she would rather have to be near it than for someone to take it for their own nefarious ends. Þú scolde forscamian oþ fiell swá eaþe. Mu
  9. No more free passes for Notice, Muirne is gonna roll away. Her Shattenwelt Drawing Array is on this: Base Power: [8 + 7 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 23PP] Additional Descriptor(s): (Partial Transformation) Elongation 4 (Extras: Projection) [8PP] Super-senses 7 (Life Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Mental, Default: None; Extras: Accurate, Ranged; Feats: Uncanny Dodge [Life Awareness]) [7PP] Super-movement 1 (Swinging; Extras: Linked [Speed (+0)]) [2PP] Speed 2 (Extras: Linked [Super-movement (+0)]) [2PP] Super-movement 2 (Permeate, Wall-Crawling)
  10. Muirne's smile turned a little fragile as Betsy talked about meeting with 'supernatural figures'. "Eaw God...1" She whispered. Still, she'd agreed to help and Luke was going along, and given how their patrol with the Freedom League had gone she wasn't exactly willing to leave them alone. We need to protect them. They are ours. Muirne scowled slightly at Aoife's comment as they walked to the car. It reminded her of some of Dee's fancy cars, but she wasn't familiar enough with them to really comment. Still, she didn't want to seem rude. "That's a really nice car, Síþwíf Brooks." Luke got a suspi
  11. Alice shook her head slowly, clearing it as the other two started to talk down the brute. She wasn't an idiot, she probably wasn't beating this guy on her own. She gave Nightscale a thumbs up behind the creature. Thinking about it she wasn't sure if he would be willing to leave without a hostage. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder, "Hey big guy, if you need to take someone back with you then I could go instead of her..." She looked at the others, silently praying that they could tell what she was doing. She was also hoping that they would offer to help, she could probably e
  12. Shadowborne 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 = 1PP Cost of Experience 2 Posts Assassination Classroom 1 Post Old School Spirit 1 Post Shooting Star 3 + (2 * 4) = 11 = 2PP Back Alley Brawl 3 Posts Te Whakaekenga mai i te Tonga (GM) 4 Posts The Dreamer 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 = 1PP Big Trouble in Little Jadetown 3 Posts No Dreams 2 Posts Ruminations: Mission to Mars 1 Post
  13. Hunu scowled slightly after the question while the Liaison winces slightly. "There is one possibility as to why they are now invading, although there are people doubting the likelihood. Recently a prison for supervillains was built atop an area where legends say a Taniwha who guarded the area lived. The Hapū and greater Iwi protested the construction, but the protests were ignored and the prison was constructed anyway." He sighs heavily, "We don't know where the Taniwha is now, so we can't rely on the possibility of finding it an negotiating with it before the Maero arrive." The Li
  14. Adrianna continued to panic for some time. She was dreamless, no dreams meant that she would be vulnerable if something were to happen. It meant no creatures to carry her if she didn't have her wheelchair which was nowhere of course. She couldn't make a new one either and couldn't even bribe The Carnifex into helping her because SHE WAS DREAMLESS. The voices broke her out of her panic. She gritted her teeth in anger, someone had kidnapped her. She wasn't going to stand by and let herself be taken. She may not be Dreaming. But even if she never dreamed again, she was still Adrianna
  15. The Dreamer Closing her eyes, The Dreamer focused. She wanted to move things, not make them. She didn't know how, but Rebellion in some way reminded her of The Carnifex. She wasn't going to assume the worst yet, but he also did sic The Carnifex on some guards. It was not the sort of action that inspired confidence in one's intentions. The Carnifex ex Imaginatio The Carnifex shifted closer to the door, putting herself slightly between it and Blackstaff in case anyone came out with guns blazing. Not enough to block his view, but still more than nothing. "Oh I'
  16. Okay! The Dreamer is gonna switch the Wonderland Array to Dream Movement (Move Object 9 (Dream Movement; Extras: Range [Perception]; Feats: Indirect 2, Subtle) {30/30PP}) which will take her whole action, so nuffin' else happening for her. The Carnifex is gonna keep showboating for Blackstaff, but position herself closer to the door to draw attention.
  17. All chaos breaks loose, eh? Will roll for the noisemaker foolin' first. Everyone sees well enough to see what's happening, the spoilers are just to make the post less mammoth. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Now onto Luke's Illusions! I will say that it doesn't look like there are many traps left on the ground outside of the alley, which given the more 'divide and conquer' strategy so far I will assume is not what you're after. Feel free to correct me! Anyway, instead I'll assume you're trying to move them further off
  18. Right, first will save on site, Aoife isn't great at them 1d20+4 = 5. That's typical. I am absolutely spending a HP on that because no thank you! 1d20+4+10 =16. It's better but wow Orokos, love you too.
  19. Sorry for the delay on this, it slipped my mind. 1d20+3 = 18 Starting off strong!
  20. The Dreamer rubbed her head as she took in the room. She looked around, dizzy and perplexed. Absently, she removed the IV from her arm. It wasn't a dream, she could tell when she was dreaming such things. Something so ephemeral and unknowable as another person was indistinguishable, but a place? This wasn't a dream or a nightmare. "I've been kidnapped." She said the words out loud, but no answer came from the room. No mocking from the Carnifex, no dream creatures attempting to comfort her or attempting to threaten the locale into submission. She supposed that meant she wasn't dreaming. Sh
  21. The Dreamer The Dreamer watched as the winds Blackstaff conjured wrapped around the gangster to no effect. The Carnifex had started this fight, but she didn't want to see a fight drag out. She concentrated and shaped her dreams into a cage around the man, the bars beginning to form around the man when he leapt clear. His reflexes were impressive if nothing else. The Carnifex ex Imaginatio The Carnifex chuckled as the humans around her failed to capture the guard, easily stepping to the side and smashing her fist into the man and watching with satisfaction as
  22. The liaison nodded along to the questions, while Hunu remained stoic. "Currently there isn't much plan given the short notice and lack of information. If we can force them to the negotiation table then that would be ideal. Any prisoners we take will be treated with dignity, regardless of any difficulties we may have when incarcerating them. As to crossing the river, most of the Maero are not particularly massive, around three to three and a half meters tall, although some are significantly bigger. Additionally, the storms they've been conjuring have resulted in much larger volumes of water com
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