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  1. Muirne looked around, pushing back on a building sense of wrongness in her head. She hadn't heard of Dr. Otaku, but it was definitely odd to her that the crowd was so against the one who was being called 'The Main Event'. Wasn't that a sign of prestige, why would they be so against him. The fight is being filmed by some drones like Vanguard uses. Also everyone hates this Otaku fellow, does anyone kno- Her train of thought came to a crashing halt as her link roared back to life and the wrongness vanished. She closed her eyes and focused on pushing the power down, before focusing back on the projection. Something was wrong here, it was almost like... Magic. She felt the blood drain from her face, there was actual magic here. Her breath left her, and a cold sweat appeared on her face. She had to get away. She clutched at her mouth to hold in her stuttering breath. She couldn't run, she had to warn Vanguard. She had to warn them but... I have to get away! As that thought blared out, Muirne collapsed to her knees and her outline gave way to writhing shadows. Her form expanded frayed into a mass of heaving shadows, with two cold green eyes glaring from a head only a plagued fancy could have dreamed of. The creature leapt from the spot Muirne had stood, flowing along the walls to the darkest corner of the room. It glared out at the warmth and light in the room, hating it. Muirne forced herself to stop, despite the pain of the light and warmth around her. She had to warn Vanguard of the magic in the building. She had to send the message. Then they would know, and could get to safety. She had to get the message out, Síþwíf Dee and the others had to know to get to safety. She reached out to the warmth with her mind, pushing through the oily shadows that were billowing through her link. The projection is magical! She relaxed, sliding further into the shadows. They would know now, and could be safe. But Eira doesn't know. Some small corner of her mind reminded her. She can't hear Dee's messages. The shadows writhed in agitation as she crawled towards the door.
  2. Okay, Muirne is gonna panic at the magic, and Shadow Form to try and run.
  3. The Carnifex shrugged off the jet burst easily, leaning forward into it with a grin on it's face before the Ultio Red's fist smashed into it. It snarled as the metal clanged against the side of it's head, the stone cracking slightly and blood like magma oozed forth, glowing with heat. The monster staggered drunkenly, chuckling quietly. The Dreamer ignored her nightmare's condition, continuing to focus on her dreamscape. She bent reality to her will, and once again a large box appeared in the air, plummeting towards the building's roof. She sighed tiredly, her frustration mounting. Maybe she should dismiss the Carnifex and have her dreams try and grapple the targets, but at the same time they might become even more aggressive if she did, which would endanger not only herself, but Ultra Girl. She couldn't risk that.
  4. Okay, Carnifex is dazed, so she cannot take any actions. The Dreamer is gonna try and put the same two guys in a box. DC 17 Reflex again
  5. The Dreamer breathed deeply behind her mask, taking in Brixton's explanation. She had the information which she had been given regarding their smuggling operation tonight, and needed to wrap this up, hoping to follow the criminals. "I understand, Alaynah must be a busy woman. Two weeks sounds perfectly fine." She kept her voice friendly, no use burning a bridge if she didn't have to. The snake began to wind its way around her arm, towards the rest of the chair, but she ignored it. She shook her head at the offer to refer her to someone else. "No thank you, I am perfectly willing to wait. Thank you for your time." She began wheeling her way towards the door after she finished, but paused at the question, thinking it over and realising that she had not in fact provided him a name, alias or otherwise. "How foolish of me, it slipped my mind. Please, call me Trickster. I look forward to that meeting." With that she wheeled her way out of the shop, looking around for any sign of where Alaynah and the others had gone.
  6. So Muirne thinks that magic is going on? I just want to clarify, due to her complication.
  7. Okay, so they didn't appreciate the Flyting then? Will save: 1d20+8 = 13 Will save with a Hero Point: 1d20+8 = 23 Sense Motive: 1d20+9 = 11 Sense Motive with a Hero Point: 1d20+9 = 29 Notice: 1d20+10 = 27 Muirne has no ranks in any of those last skills, and so automatically fails her attempt. She is now down to one Hero Point.
  8. Muirne continued looking around the room, huddling deeper into her cloak in discomfort. Should she say she was in? She could still kinda fight without her powers, although she wasn't the best. She'd heard a lot about this 'Great Work' and it was doubtless important to what was going on in Rurland. But only if she could win. Muirne turned to Mette as the telepathic message blasted out, raising her eyebrow quizzically at the superheroine. She was about to ask what the northerner what she meant when she announced that she wanted to participate. What was she thinking!? "Mette! What are you doing?" She whispered harshly, gently grabbing the heroine's arm. She looked up as the hologram spoke, before glaring as she taunted Mette. Flyting1? Sum earm genéðan2. Muirne's mouth twisted, she didn't expect a flyting here, or she would have practised in English, so she fell back on the language she knew, speaking up from next to Mette. "Hwa drýhþ héo wenan híe sylfum to gecanc sum rihtcynn baldor, hwonne þes eabd bóþ ne sum had dreng weorþlic of sé heáhnama3." 1A contest consisting of the exchange of insults 2A poor attempt 3Who does she believe her self to mock a true hero, when this land boasts not an individual warrior worthy of the exalted name?
  9. Muirne smiled sheepishly as Mette admonished her telepathically, an apology dying on her tongue as she turned to look into the room. It was totally outside her experience, limited as it was. Flashing lights assaulted her eyes, and the drone of the music pounded at her ears. She nearly covered her ears with her hands, turning to Mette and grimacing. Sorry, I didn't think about it, I wanted to know what was going on in here. Her eyes flicked around the room, taking in the various people. She started to make her way deeper into the room when the music cut out, and a hologram appeared. Muirne listened intently as the hologram spoke, unsure as to how to respond, especially when the hologram seemed to focus on her and Mette. She had a sinking feeling about what she'd just wandered into. Is this a... I don't know if there are words... a feohtlac pytt1? Do they want us to fight? She looked back at Mette, concern on her face. "What do you think we should do?"
  10. The Dreamer smiled behind her mask as the shopkeeper examined the letter opener. She did have to admit it was a good piece, and unless she missed her mark should be worth no small amount of money, although it was of no matter to her, given she could dream of dozens like it. She was glad that her estimation of a good payment method for the man would be something he could turn around and sell in his shop, and she was perfectly happy to give it to him in exchange for what she needed. Her smile quickly turned to a scowl behind her mask as Alaynah left, taking the hooded man with her, but she would simply have to change up her plan. Schedule a time and place... She didn't know what times or places would be best, which was annoying. The half-blind crow crooned as she thought over the issue. She turned her mask back to the shopkeeper, Brixton. "Of course. What would be the soonest possible time? Place is of no import, provided it can be reached." The crow walked behind her head, vanishing from reality. "If there is any way you can expedite the meeting I would be perfectly happy to pay you for the trouble." She cocked her head as she asked, the shift of her head revealing a large snake coiled around the back of her chair.
  11. The Dreamer Reflex Save: 1d20+4 = 17 Toughness Save: 1d20+11 = 25 Carnifex ex Imaginatio Reflex save: 1d20+5 = 24, so she passes and then impervious toughness eats the damage. DC23 does beat her impervious, so: 1d20+10 = 17 So that'll hurt.
  12. With a roar like a volcano erupting, the Carnifex leapt at Ultio Red, pulling it's arm back to slam the flyer into next week. The swing hit the armour solidly, but the power suit held, protecting the human inside while the angry nightmare raged as it fell back down to the roof. The roof trembled as the giant landed, snarling up at the suits "Pray your luck doesn't run out, that suit won't protect you if it does." The Dreamer meanwhile focused on the other flyers, she needed to take them out of the fight, since while it was obvious the Carnifex was immune she wasn't, and she didn't want to get shot. Still she was hardly willing to kill them and wanted to keep the damage to the surroundings to a minimum. Quickly arriving at the idea she'd use instead she dreamed a box over them, a hole in the bottom so that it would cover them rather than crush them. Quickly a large box appeared, six inches of stone, with delicate patterns of marble swirling over the surface. She scowled as the two easily ducked out from below the box before it could land over them.
  13. When the bestial creature roared, Alice's heart hammered in her chest, and she dropped the gangster in her hands as she watched the crowd panic. She took a moment, breathing deep to calm herself, cape fluttering as she turned to look at the new enemy. She snarled, getting ready to join Gauss as they attacked the monster when she stopped herself, remembering the police barricade. The crowd was charging headlong towards them. Swearing viciously, Alice shot off towards them, stopping ahead of the barricade with a rush of air. "There is a crowd incoming, please hold your fire! Two gangs started a shootout and a villain turned up, it's not a riot they are just afraid!" She was glad she sounded confident, hours of practice paying off. "If someone could point me towards the officer in charge I can give them a briefing of the situation and we can coordinate assistance." Alice prayed silently that they would listen as she floated down gently in front of the barricade.
  14. The Dreamer looked around the shop, noting the chime with a detached glance. She gives the entire shop a lazy once over, noting the many items, wondering if the dreamcatchers actually stopped nightmares, after all, magic was apparently real. She watched the people go around the store, pondering how to broach the reason she was here. Should she tell them she was working for the Forest Clan? Maybe profess to being independent. Should she offer pay up front, or let them make the offer? Maybe she should try to obligate them through a sense of justice, or try to intimidate them? After all, she was capable of some rather impressive displays of power, capable of creating very large objects. If she offered pay, should she generate some possible payment methods right now, or use it as a display of power? Would they believe that her dream items were permanent? As she pondered this people left the room, but The Dreamer wasn't too bothered, as long as one of them was here she could talk to them. She was broken out of her thoughts as the shopkeeper talked to her. She hummed quietly at the question, deciding to go straight for the throat of the issue. Besides, if she had to, she could just create a diamond the size of a truck or something. "I am here to speak to Alaynah and her crew." She looks at the hooded figure, pausing as she concentrated on creating some new dreams and fitting them together with the help of small dream creatures. "I am here to ask some questions, and can pay..." She smiles behind the mask as she let that last part hang in the air, cocking her head while she continued with the dreaming and watching the hooded figure. After a few more seconds The Dreamer produced a silver letter opener and sheath with the handle ending in an ivory dragon clutching a polished green emerald the size of a large marble from some folds in her dress. She lets the silence hang for a bit longer, before continuing. "I can pay handsomely in fact." A dreamed crow which was blind in one eye on the back of her wheelchair cawed raucously like a sinister laugh as she continued staring at the hooded figure.
  15. Definitely gonna use that extra effort and pray. 1d20+4= 9 I'm gonna use a hero point to reroll that. 1d20+4= 18 Gonna let the 88 go cause Shooting Star has bigger problems. As her action she's going to fly at max speed to the barricade to try stop this from turning out awfully, by trying to talk them down as her action. I'm going to roll the diplomacy check now, but it's going to be a little bit before I get to the IC. 1d20+10= 24 (Note; As per her attractive feat, if the officers find her attractive the total becomes 28)
  16. Well, The Carnifex's action is fairly simple. She jumps up and takes a swing at Ultio Red. And I was right in my worry that my dice would betray me! 1d20+4= 5! Hero Point, cause no thanks! 1d20+4= 23 I really hope that hits, cause if not I'm in trouble! If it does Toughness DC is 25 The Dreamer is gonna use Dreamscape to generate a box around a two of Ultio Suits. DC17 (Max at PL) Reflex saves for them. Anyway, the maximum toughness she can achieve based on ranks is 15, but since that exceeds PL caps it is probably toughness 7. The box has a hole in the bottom so if it was lifted the suits could escape and weighs a lot.
  17. Okay, well that's gonna be a cavalcade of whiffle bats. The Carnifex has immunity to critical hits, so ping there, back down to DC19. Then, assuming it's not penetrating none of them beat it's Impervious Toughness 7. Not gonna lie I thought that was gonna turn ugly for a bit there.
  18. Muirne listened intently as Mette explained that she drew powers from the fairy tale. "I guess kinda like my link to the Shattenwelt? As in we both draw power from something outside ourselves to manifest our powers? I suppose that's not the best comparison, since a story and a dimension are kinda different..." She looked thoughtful as she mumbled out the last sentence, trailing off as Mette replied mentally, expression the same as she replied. What we can do really depends on how much they know about us, but they can't pull us up for looking around since that's exactly why we're here. She smiles softly at the invitation, nodding. "Sounds like a plan." She followed along, continuing to mentally talk to the older hero. I can't say I'm familiar with the Little Mermaid story, all I know is the cover of the movie, which has a mermaid on it, but that's not really much to go on, so if you don't mind the question what are your powers? Muirne nodded in agreement as Dee decided on the direction of travel, not like she had a better idea, sending affirmation to the message. Muirne looked around nervously as they passed down the street. This place was too quiet and peaceful, surely anyone here would quickly grow weary of how... artificial it was? This was distinctly wrong, like an unholy fusion of her village and Freedom City, surrounded by nature yet like a city from a television show, clean and pristine. It was not helped by the noticeable lack of her link to the realm of Shadows, something she'd never realised she'd grown so used to. If it wasn't for where they were and what they were doing she might enjoy not having to worry about transforming involuntarily, but with Kay confirming that Talos was expecting them to poke around where they weren't supposed to she could barely even work as a diversion. She was a liability to the mission unless she could find a way to access her powers, or think up something she could do to aid the mission with her lacking skillset. She jumped slightly at the sudden blast of music, and watched the people with consternation. What was going on in that building, why was that lady bleeding? While they seemed happy, that only raised her alert higher. The woman was beaten and bloodied and was in a good mood. Something had to be afoot. Overcome by her curiosity, suspicion of Rurland and teenage impetuosity she quickly slipped into the building, intent on learning it's secrets.
  19. Well! That was a great roll! 1d20+4= 6 so Shooting Star whiffs that save.
  20. Shadowborne Future Shock 1 Post New to Freedom 2 Posts Bubblegum Heart 4 Posts Total 7 Posts Shooting Star Keep Their Heads Ringing 1 Post Arriving Someplace, Not Here. 1 Post Special Edition If you meet yourself on the road 5 Posts Total 4.5 Posts The Dreamer Ultra Dreams 5 Posts Hunt for the Serpent 5 Posts Total 10 Posts
  21. Alice watched, wonder plain on her face as a female Centurion passed overhead. That was the superhero, the original, doing the seminal heroic act. She might not have even donned her cape were it not for him... well, her in this case. Then she was stopped by 'science police', what the hell? She grimaced as they immediately jumped to lethal force, and watched Justice and Oz respond with curiosity. She drew back to watch when Daedalus' outburst caught her attention. "Oh shit." She cringed as she drew a trident out of somewhere, but didn't think about it too long. She needed to think, what should she do? The Mastermind definitely had some power here, and apparently The Centurion was at least the public enemy, but she knew from her own outlaw status on her Earth that being labelled the enemy by those in charge didn't necessarily mean you really were. She needed to choose, act now, or stand by. She made her way within earshot of Justice. "I don't think answers will present themselves in time to stop whatever is happening without one of us poking for them directly, and I don't think Daedalus is going to do it. I'm gonna head up and try to draw out some answers, you lot listen, and work out what's going on from what you can catch." She grins bitterly, floating forwards, past the Deep One. "Daedalus, I need you to stand down. I'm heading up there, Justice and Oz will be listening in to get context. Work with them to work out what we need to do." Meteor began floating up, using the vambrace to return to her costume, cape fluttering out into the air, speeding up to fly between the groups. "Hey, hey. I think that was a bit fast, no? No need to jump straight to lethal force, don't you have alternatives?" She smiled nervously at the five powersuits, hoping that they responded.
  22. The Dreamer surveys the warren of the undercity, observing the hustle and bustle of the underground community below Emerald City, she had dreamed up her approximation of a kitsune mask like she'd seen at festivals in her home dimension and on the television since she'd taken up residence in Emerald City. Someone familiar with actual kitsune masks would recognise that there were inaccuracies to the real deal. She hadn't been aware of the Sunken Bazaar before this, but now wasn't the time to indulge in her curiosity, she had a serpent to hunt, and would have time afterwards to look through the Bazaar on her own. She wheeled across the street and into the store.
  23. The Dreamer clenched her teeth as Ultio Red belittled her, claiming her life story was fabricated, and the dreams became increasingly agitated, the cries of "OFF WITH HER HEAD!!" redoubling. Behind her the Carnifex grinned, gleeful as the situation spiralled, it definitely was going to be allowed to stay out. The Dreamer sneered when the Ultio users cheered, furious at the close minded arrogance the Ultio Suits displayed. She focused on Ultra Girl as the heroine addressed her, listening intently as she talked. "It would be remiss to not assist you, especially since you would not be in this situation were it not for me. I am glad that I will have a true hero at my side during this fight, thank you." The Dreamer glares up at the collected Ultio Suits, readying herself for the battle to come.
  24. Yeah I've been working up some more stuff to explain things like the mask's limited suffocation immunity and actually add descriptors. Also thanks for pointing out my mess up with perception which'll save some PP. Homing does sound good as a substitute, thanks. With Drain, Ultimate Power says that slow fade and incurable are both feats that apply, as slow drain makes the recovery from the drain take longer (Normally 1PP per round), and incurable means using boost or healing or something else without the Persistent feat does not restore a drained target. Ultimate Power also says that Drain does not effect objects without the extra. The Toughness on the save for Drain was a mixture of me being an ass and finding a way to justify it. Draining toughness requiring a toughness save makes it harder to save against subsequent drains, and all his other effects which kinda made sense for his biggest nastiest weapon that he only gets to use 5 times and taking his whole action, so I figured the cheese there would be nicely offset. It also meant that someone might actually manage to fail the save against the Incorporeal attack. As for the justification, accelerating entropy is essentially saying that things getting disorganised or going wrong goes faster (For example increasing entropy on some iron would make it oxidise and fall apart faster, on a nuclear material would make it decay faster, if something bad but random happens over time it'll just happen faster.) I figured that would make a bit more sense as a Toughness thing since I felt it sounded more like something you'd use toughness to resist than fortitude, also it would allow the entropy accelerator to work against objects which it can't with other saves. I wasn't aware that progression might work with Save DCs, so I'll use that on Incorporeal, thanks. Also, with Dimensional, the UP pdf reckons it advances the same way as dimensional travel, although I mostly chose it as a way to use points and I might drop it lower to see if I can drag his PP total lower since I don't like it being this high. I'll fix up the stuff with the gadgets, thanks.
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