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  1. Forever Boy Updating Forever Boy's complications and spending his current PP. Please replace what Forever Boy's current complications with these: Never is an awfully long time: While usually fearless, Pan has just one fear: That he will never be able to return to Neverworld. If Pan is affected by a Fear effect targeting his fear of never returning to Neverworld, his Fearless feat will not apply. Alternatively, if faced with a situation where he might be able to return home, it might cause him to hesitate or otherwise make the current situation worse.  Oh, the cleverness of me: Pan is a trickster, and he has trouble not taunting and otherwise aggravating his enemies. This can lead to escalation of conflict if Pan manages to aggravate the enemy enough, or Pan being attacked where he was previously ignored, making the situation worse for him. To live will be an awfully big adventure: To Pan, a life without adventure would be worse than death. He searches for adventure in any form, always having trouble sitting still, be it during classes, stakeouts or strategy meetings. This can apply in many ways, such as picking up a strange idol, pressing the tempting button with "Do not press" or flying after something the glowing light in the sky, having trouble staying focused during planning on learning, which can cause problems later on, if Pan forgets crucial information or just didn't pay attention in the first place. I'll hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms: Pan is quick to find friends, and quick to trust them. He is willing to do just about anything for his friends, even if he shouldn't. Hurt his friends, and his revenge will be swift, even if it shouldn't be. If Pan's friends are hurt or in situations where they will be seriously hurt or worse if Pan or someone else doesn't help them, Pan will be spurred into action, even if the situation places Pan himself in great danger. All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust: Pan has to actually believe in himself and his abilities for his powers to work effectively. If his faith in himself is shaken, for instance by being met with an overwhelming foe or otherwise being worn down, any of his powers with the Pixie Dust descriptor might fail when he try to use them. All children, except one, grow up: Pan has a soft spot for children, and they tend to like him in turn. While he might not outright believe everything a child will say or do, knowing all too well how mischievous a child can be, he will always believe in children, prioritizing their protection and well being. It may have been quixotic, but it was magnificent: Pan's uncanny luck tends to have strange consequences. If probability is pushed far enough in one direction, it might just decide to push back, causing improbable things to happen, like the password to a computer suddenly changing, or a piano suddenly falling from the sky. --- Pan has 13PP to spend, and I'll be using those to boost his Illusion array a bit, and changing its name, so to summarize changes: - Rename the power Illusion Array to Trickster Array - Increase Alternate Power 1 to Alternate Power 3 [2PP], adding Enhanced Charisma as the new BP and another Illusion power - Increase rank from 3.5 to 9 [11PP] New array below: Trickster Array 9 (18 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [21PP] (Pixie Dust, Training) BP: Enhanced Charisma 18 ("Allure of Forever") {18/18} AP: Illusion 8 ("Endless Forms"; Affects: Visual; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) (Area: 25 ft.) {18/18} AP: Illusion 4 ("Endless Forms Most Beautiful"; Affects: All Senses; Extras: Duration 1 [Sustained]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) (Duration: Sustained, Area: 25 ft.) {18/18} AP: Obscure 5 ("Hide & Seek"; Affects: Auditory, Visual Senses; Extras: Independent [+0]; Feats: Progression [Area] 2, Selective) (Duration: Independent [18 rounds], Radius: 500 ft.) {18/18} Updated Ability score and Skills blocks to go with the above: Abilities: 4 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 10 = 36PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 20 (+5) / 38 (+14) w. Allure of Forever Skills: 40R = 10PP Acrobatics 2 (+7) Bluff 17Skill Mastery (+22) / (+31 w. Allure of Forever) Notice 13Skill Mastery (+14) Sense Motive 3Skill Mastery (+4) Sleight of Hand 2 (+7) Stealth 3Skill Mastery (+8)
  2. Yep, both are about 200 feet above ground, Ship A being 50 feet away and Ship B being 500 feet away.
  3. Search: 1d20+8 = 9 Ha, let's see where this gets me.
  4. Pan had fallen silent, practically glued to the window as Veronica explained the huge ship, and how it carried thousands of passengers! It was simply amazing! This world held so many wonders that were never even dreamed possible back on Neverworld! The opposite might be true as well, but this? This was not home! This was the adventure for Pan! Getting off with the rest, Pan happily shook Coburn's hand, before his attention started to wander again, looking all around them at all the wonders of this new place. In some ways, it was like home, or at least like places back home. In others, so so different. This was exciting, and he could barely decide where to look first, before Veronica's question brought him back down to Earth, litterally and figuratively, his feet having started to lift off the ground already. "Yes! Yes, let us eat! Anything new, anything exciting! What kind of food do they eat here? What kind of drinks?" He paused a bit, after realizing Lulu's question, leaning in a bit closer to her with a sly smile. "I could probably get us something, if everyone agrees, of course." Some illusions, some charm, what more could it take?
  5. GM If the stalker noticed the Emerald Spider's reaction, he did not react to it. Looking over her shoulder, Peri could see a man in a trenchcoat and fedora approaching them rapidly, slowly raising his right hand to reach out for them. Under the coat, his form seemed irregular, like bits and pieces were protruding out of his body in strange places. In a few places they even seemed to have pierced through the coat, what appeared to be sharp bones or spikes. His fingers ended in bone claws, and several spikes seeming seemed to stick out from his wrist. The parts of his legs that were visible were bare, the toes ending in bone claws, much like his fingers. Irregular growths of pone poked out of his begs in random places, most of them being some form of spikes. His face, visible under the fedora, was as much of a mess. He seemed to have overly large tusks jutting out from his jaw, a crest of bone on his forehead that the hat failed to hide, and random, smaller bones sticking out in different locations. He did not seem to have a nose, simply having two holes where it should have been. His eyes seemed filled with madness. He would reach them in moments, if the heroes did not act.
  6. Justice If she was being completely honest, Robin had almost forgotten everything about the reason she was actually here. She was happily chatting along, just the fact that she was hanging out with the Emerald Spider was just so exciting! That excitement wavered a tiny bit when Emerald Spider told her of whoever was coming from behind. Robin froze for just a a second, before continuing walking, giving a small node. She slowly moved a hand to her medallion, while moving the other to the Justice Driver, ready to activate the armor at a moment's notice. Alright, this might be it. Time to show the Emerald Spider what she could do.
  7. Justice: 1d20+2 = 19 (no armor on to boost it, yet) Enemy: 14 So! 26 - Emerald Spider - 1HP - Unharmed 19 - Justice - 1HP - Unharmed 14 - Enemy - Unharmed I'll do a pre fight post with Justice and the enemy, then you're up
  8. GM Guy glared at Nicole, but backed off, turning and throwing his hands in the air. "Fine! Scare the kid! Maybe she'll change your damn mind and we can start making some actual progress here!" He stomped off, returning to whatever he had been doing and sitting down heavily in his chair. Rita shook her head, turning her back to Guy. "He is right about us not making much progress, at least. We do need to move up the food chain, but it gotta be safe first, right?" She thought about it for a moment, before coming to a decision. "Alright. I'll show you, but remember, I'd rather not. Come along." Turning, she started moving out of the room and down the hallway, leaving Guy and the other scientists behind. "We're keeping the remains in a secure location. I wouldn't even keep them around if not for needing to find out what went wrong in the first place." She paused when they got to an elevator. "You handled Guy well, by the way. He's a tool, but one of the best in his field, and he's been instrumental in our research, so gotta keep him around."
  9. GM Ms. Bright didn't have to wait long before the man turned up. Only about twenty minutes or so, in fact. Muscles and size was, of course, not everything, but even then, the man's sheer size would give most pause, as she spotted him approaching from down the street. As she had been told, he easily stood more than 6'4'', broad shouldered and rather muscular. His white t-shirt was form fitting, probably a few sizes too small. He wore sunglasses this morning, a pair of aviator shades that protected his eyes from the sun as he approached from West. With homeless people still leaving the shelter, he stopped near the door, turning to lean against the wall while he crossed his arms, just watching the homeless as they went about their business.
  10. GM Nicole's tinkering was a success, it seemed. Through her mix of both science and the arcane, she had connected her laptop to the Horologium. It had not been easy, and who knew how long it would work? No matter, it seemed like it would work for now, and that would have to be good enough. All she needed now was to put it into use. The cannonball from the nearest ship had smashed into Zenith's barrier, weakening it once more, but without breaking through, but the second ship, still approaching, shot once more, yet another glowing cannonball flying through the sky. Below, the young heroes could only barely make out the pirates of the second ship singing shanties about rum and treasure.
  11. Since Cubismo's away for a short bit, skipping to the Pirates at Ship B: @Cubismo, still need a DC27 TOU roll with your next post Pirate Ship B approaches, and is now about 500 feet away. They take another shot at the dome: 23 @TheAbsurdist, can I get a DC27 TOU save for the dome? 32 - White Lioness - 1HP - Unharmed - Waiting for a lift for the rest of the turn 26 - Thunderbird - 2HP - Unharmed 25 - Veronica Danger - 3HP - Unharmed 24 - Forever Boy - 4HP - Unharmed 23 - Ship A Crew - Undamaged - 8 Pirates on Ship - 8x Unharmed - 3 Pirates near Danger building - 1x Unharmed, 2x KO - 4 Pirates inside the small dome - 4x Unharmed *21 - Ms. Thursday - 2HP - Unharmed (Currently DEF 5) 19 - Salvo - 2HP - Unharmed 15 - Ship B Crew - Undamaged *11 - Zenith - 2HP - Unharmed 5 - Building Defenses Other Zenith's Big Dome - Toughness 10, Def -7? (5-12) (Awesome Size) - Damaged x4 Zenith's Small Dome - Toughness 10, Def ? (coming later) - Undamaged Fog/Rainclouds around the building, courtesy of Thunderbird. No longer providing cover, but slowly fading. The cannonball that didn't break the dome was destroyed, the other is now inside the dome, not too far from the people near the entrance, with pirates appearing from it. The second, smaller dome is over it. There's a visual obscure fog effect on Ship A, with the heroes not being affected. The defense system has been activated: 4 Ranged Stun 9 cannons with +7 to hit. Salvo has the following Jury-Rigged device: Comprehend 3 (Horologium; Extras: Linked [Damage]; Flaw: Limited [To Nicole's Laptop], Unreliable) 1PP + Damage 15 (Extras: Linked [Damage], No Saving Throw [+2]; Flaws: Action [1 minute]), Distracting, Limited [Object Connected to Nicole's Laptop], Range [Touch], Uncontrolled); Drawbacks: Full Power, Lethal Only, Noticeable) 0PP*  Current situation, to summarize: The institute is currently surrounded by a Toughness 10 dome, which the teens can pass or shoot through without harm. The flying Sky-Pirate ships are approaching from above. Ship A is about 50 feet away at this point, and Ship B about 500 feet away at this point, but approaching rapidly. Both are about 200 feet above ground. Forever Boy has reached Ship A, flying near it. White Lioness is has landed on Ship A, Veronica is above on her sky bike. Ship A is covered by a fog. Salvo has created a weapon from the Horologium and summoned Belios, ready for action. A group of 5 pirates have appeared from a glowing light from the cannonball that managed to break through the dome. Ms. Thursday is in melee with 4 pirates of the Pirates inside a smaller dome, with 3 other pirates outside it, and Zenith on top of it. Thunderbird is in melee with the 3 pirates outside the smaller dome, having KO'ed two. @Cubismo, @TheAbsurdist, you're up. Building defenses will go off after one or both has acted.
  12. Remember it got 3 injuries/damage already, so that's a 17, failure by 6, so another injured condition, but cannonball did not get through. IC coming when I get the time.
  13. "... And that is when the island turned out to be a giant turtle, and it really did not like that we had set off the bomb to drive the Whale Hunter away!" Pan was in the middle of a riveting tale of adventure at Neverworld. Davyd had so far been a captive audience, and Pan was only more than happy to play the role of storyteller. The tale had involved him and a few others being chased by a Sky-Pirate ship, ending up on a huge unknown island and generally fighting a small war against the pirates among the mountains and jungles, until, finally, Pan had managed to set off a bomb that the pirates had been pulling around, awakening the giant turtle that was the island. Still, Pan gave pause and whistled at the view of Road Town and the harbor. He had been more than happy to accept Veronica's proposal for a new adventure, one that would take him to, to him, unknown lands! And a shipwreck! Maybe it was even haunted, not that Veronica had mentioned that, but Pan had seen enough shipwrecks to know that many were haunted. He had been excited, and he still was, leaning over to get as good a view of the many ships as he could. He had never seen ships as large as the cruise ships before. "What are those huge ships for? How can they even make them that big and still float?" For his part, Pan was dressed in a all green. dark green shorts that ended just above his knees and a slightly lighter green Hawaii style shirt with a pattern of stylized white feathers split somewhat randomly on it. He wore a pair of loose sandals.
  14. Pan had grinned at Collier from behind the stack of bags he was carrying for Judy. "But hopefully not too surprised about all of us." Despite not being the instigator for once, as Judy quickly, and proudly, it seemed, shouldered that burden, there were no reason let her take it all on her own. His attention quickly turned to Aja, and her excitement. Wail? What a funny name for a hero, but maybe these 70'es were a different time. Aja's excitement was infectious, and Pan quickly leaned over to her. "You should go tell him! Come now!" He was grinning widely, from ear to ear. Of course, he wanted to see Aja meet someone she was getting this excited about, but it would also be interesting to see what Summers or any of the others here would do, if Aja acted on his suggestion.
  15. GM "Ah, Pacer of Earth, then!" Kasi thundered, pounding his chest with one giant fist. He looked like he could lift Pacer with one hand without even breaking a sweat. If he could catch her, of course. "What a strange world you are from, Pacer. On the Endless Plains, we are all fast. We stampede across the world, faster and faster." He let out a chuckle. "Of course, none are as fast as Kasi!" Again, he pounded his chest with one giant fist. It sounded almost like thunder. The pride in his voice was hard to miss. "I look forward to this challenge, my young friend." Bolt Hole hovered a bit in the air in the spot where Pacer had moved from. Then it moved, at a speed that matched Pacer's. It was almost, but not quite, up in her face, before it backed away. Again the whispering voice reached her ears. "Much to learn. Much to see. Much to be." Kasi breathed out heavily, placing a hand in between Bolt Hole and Pacer, waving the black hole off. "Do not mind it. It speaks of strange things. We should prepare, the race will begin."
  16. Forever Boy's already in the Carribean, but U.F.O. would be up for being a space rep. So, summer plans in the Carribbean will not hinder anything for Forever Boy, so he's up for the Claremont side, with U.F.O. still being available for the space side as well.
  17. Justice "Err, yeah, I guess I kind of use it for storage, too. Anyway, there should be plenty of room! Got some bedrooms, a lab and a workshop, so pick wherever!" Also a growing library, which was so far mainly stocked with books from Silberman's, but that would probably be a little weird to mention, right? Stepping out of the portal, they found themselves in a room surrounded by a dark red and silver motorcycle, three stands with different armors and a stand with a somewhat oversized gun. The closest armor was dark red, with silver armor plating, a pink visor, a red scarf and dark purple armor around the arms and legs. The armor that Robin had been using as Justice for a while now. Not the original one, but the upgrade, but still, she had used it long enough that it might be recognized. The other two were new. Similar to the first in design, but with different attachments and colors. The first was less armored, and much duller in colors. Different shades of grey and black. The second was blue instead of red, and a darker metallic than the silver. The pinks were still there, though. Its boots were much heavier, and it seemed to have a power line or something like that sticking out from its back, connecting to the handle of a gun, though without any real gun parts. The room didn't have much decoration or contents aside from that, but there was a door leading into the next room, which seemed to have a couch and bed, a table and a fridge visible from the door. Robin threw her hands out and gave an awkward "Ta-daa!", before quickly lowering them again. "This is the AnneX. I kinda stumbled on the place, and been working on getting it set up. I'm not quite done yet, but I'm happy with what I got so far." She kind of wondered if Gretchen would recognize the Justice armor, she wasn't that well known yet, after all. "There's more rooms back there, you can go change wherever you want." She pointed to the living room, which would have doors leading to the workshop, library and laboratory.
  18. Yes, it would. In fact, it'll alert you to danger coming from just behind them!
  19. TOU Save: 30-1 = 29 And fort save: 27-1 = 26 Still conscious.
  20. GM Guy had been moving around, circling Rita and Nicole as she spoke. He stopped completely when Nicole spoke up, glaring at her. "You? You're here as a charity. Let the intern see things, get the funding we need to push through for some real breakthroughs instead of just working on vermin." He almost spat out some of the words. "What kind of knowledge could you possibly have that would make you qualified?" Rita, for her part, stood back and crossed her arms. Her brows furrowed, and if looks could kill, Guy would most likely had dropped to the ground long ago, but she seemed to wait with her response.
  21. GM On the ground, the single pirate that Thunderbird had not taken down did not flinch, yelling a rather incoherent curse about Thunderbird's mother as he swung the cutlass in right hand towards the teenage weather controller, though he passed far by his intended target, drawing another curse from him. Inside the smaller dome that Zenith stood on top, Astrid was dealing with her own bunch of pirates. While two more appeared from the glowing light of the cannonball, Ms. Thursday quickly became the target of the ones already inside the dome. Cutlasses already in their hands, they yelled and laughed as they swung at her. The first might have missed, but the second managed to connect with her side. Far above, as the ship moved ever closer, eight pirates stood scattered around the deck. "The Forever Boy!" one of them shouted, pointing towards the flier, giving the White Lioness a moment of distraction. As the fog spread across the deck of the ship, the pirates started panicking. While some fired wildly with what appeared to be flintlock pistols towards the sky, all missing the Forever Boy, the others were equally unlucky in their attempts to hit the White Lioness, be it the pair that shot blindly into the fog, or the two that started swinging their swords where they thought she last stood. Still, it seemed not all of the ship's crew were on the deck. With the sound of thunder, another cannonball was fired towards the giant dome.
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