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  1. "We could always fly above," Pan mused to Eira's statement, his voice turning Swedish before he even opened his mouth. "But where would the fun be in that?" His face cast in shadow by a light, he remained standing for a moment while Eira posed and asked him about the sights. "Well, I tend to be distracted by one specific sight." He stepped forward, and slowly embracing her, his hands on her hips. "Anything in particular you wanted to find in the hedge?"
  2. "Thinking and planning is overrated, my friend. Some time you just have to take a chance, no? And I have no idea what other head I would think with," Pan just managed to respond to Micah with a wide grin before Eira walked up to him and pulled him into a kiss. When the kiss broke, he let out a breath. "And hello to you, Eira. I am happy to see you too." His smile was genuine, returning Eira's own. "Lead on, then. I look forward to all the sights!" He took Eira's hand in his own, and waved back at Micah with the other, looking back at his friend with a raised eyebrow while he let Eira lead him away.
  3. Pan did not seem to give Micah's question much thought before he opened his mouth to reply, only to be cut off completely by Mia's sudden appearance, explanation and disappearance. He blinked twice, then laughed lightly. "Micah, you are a good friend. I know you are just trying to look out for me in this strange world of yours, but Mia is right." He placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "There is much more to Eira than what she shows. I have only seen glimpses, but she is more than just the hard exterior she shows the world. She is much softer and more vulnerable than you would think." He stepped back and grinned, the genuine emotion and care in his voice replaced with his usual devil-may-care tone. "Besides, we are having fun. Is that not important, too?"
  4. I'm still in, posting is a bit delayed till the end of the week though.
  5. "Yeah, alright." The adults were talking, then. Older Callie thought it was some time travel attack and wanted to keep Young Callie around, at least for now. Cool, cool. Made sense. "Wait, you're just casually suggesting mind wiping or de-aging your past self? Really?" Charlie shook his head, then put the tablet down. This was a bit extreme, but it wasn't exactly a normal situation, was it? Moving closer to Young Callie, he crossed his arms. The grown ups were talking, anyway. "You're handling it all pretty well, how much do you already know about what happens to you between when you left and now?"
  6. Pan had happily chatted away with everyone and anyone willing to speak and listen, but with most of the chores already handled by others, he had instead disappeared to who knew where. "That could have gone worse," he finally said from just behind Micah just as his friend had settled in. He moved up next to Micah and flashed him a wide grin. "Have you seen Eira? She wanted to show me something in the garden."
  7. What, Muirne? Somebody grab Muirne, she's panicking and I'm kinds stu- Mette didn't get to finish the rest of the mental message before the missiles exploded near her, with enough force rock her. Catching herself, she looked up at the Main Event. Doc Otaku? She had heard the name, at least. Anybody wanna fill me in on this guy? I know he builds robots, what else? And here she had almost started asking what he had done since everyone here sermed to hate him, but then he had to go to the name calling? "How about we wash your mouth, Doc?" Mette thrust her right hand out towards Otaku, palm facing him. Drawing in the ambient water in the air around them, Mette focused and multiplied it continuously, resulting in a high på pressure water burst aimed straight at Otaku. Another push, more water. She didn't have time to waste, Muirne needed her help.
  8. Gonna Surge and hit Doc Otaku with another water blast, same as above.
  9. Mette is gonna send out a telepathic message, since she can't really get out of there to chase down Muirne. @Avenger Assembled what would Mette have heard of Doc Otaku? And a High Pressure Water Burst for Doc Otaku, that's a General line area attack Blast 12 (Extras: Area [Line], Pentrating 6; Feats: Knockback 6) {48/48} (Descriptors: "High Pressure Water Burst", Water, Impact Damage Type) IC coming later, will try and get General edited in there when I'm home and can do a proper edit.
  10. Ow. Tou: 22 Can only get better, so I'll spend a HP and reroll: 28
  11. "Yeah, alright. Guess that makes sense." A creepy amount of sense. No, Mette didn't like this one bit, people betting on her fighting like this. Still, they wanted a show? She'd deliver. She cracked her knuckles while the Main Event came up. A young guy, goggles over his eyes, some kind of blue suit. A hologram? She was gonna fight a hologram? That was too weird, but alright. Stancing herself, legs slightly spread, hands held up in front of her, she grinned at the Main Event as he insulted her and... pulled in metal to form an armor around him. he was pretty big, too. Great. Just what she had hoped for. "Not the armor that's gonna break you, buddy." Some energy field coming up around them, floating cameras and people here were actually cheering for her? That was weird. She was the outsider here, this guy was even called the Main Event. So why did everyone hate him? Dropping into a boxing stance, Mette waited for a moment. She'd figure it out later. The guy had insulted her costume, after all. Rushing forward, she moved in close the first chance she got, aiming a full powered punch from her right hand at his left side. He was a hologram in an armor, right? He could take it.
  12. Alright, let's start off with a punch, see what the Main Event can handle: 21 DC31 TOU if that hits.
  13. Archer II None Cheval Cross Road Blues Justice Backtrack (Posts marked Justice) Emerald Consequences (Posts marked Justice) If You Meet Yourself On the Road [Special Edition] League of Their Own (Posts marked Justice) Little Mermaid II Bubblegum Heart Nevermore II Meanwhile at the Stately Summers Manor Rebellion How To Get A Nice Suit (Posts marked Rebellion) The Basement Shudders Spaceman Two Suns in the Sunset Titanium Characters Forever Boy Belly of the Beast Boat and Sail Everything Is Temporary Hero Prom GM Backtrack (Posts marked GM) Belly of the Beast (Posts marked GM) Cosmic Love Emerald Consequences (Posts marked GM) How To Get A Nice Suit (Posts marked GM) League of Their Own (Posts marked GM) Missing Pets Ultra Dreams
  14. GM The evil Justice backed up. Gun still held high, she stammered. "Alright, alright!" She leaned down, placing the gun on the ground, then the USB, then slowly turned and backed away, while her body shifted. While the smoke still made it difficult to see anything, unless you had goggles or something else that took care of that, it seemed like she was still a girl. She was in a light grey tight costume, with purple boots with yellow trim, flared purple gloves with yellow trim, with yellow markings stretching from under the gloves on the outside of her arms, reaching her back where they connected. She wore a light grey cowl that obscured all but her mouth, with yellow lenses over her eyes. She had a heraldic blue lion on her chest. It was different to make out anything of her actual appearance, aside from the fact that she appeared to be in great shape. She leaned down, kneeling on her knees like Salvo ordered, hands behind her head. "Alright, I'm down, just... just let us go, alright?"
  15. Justice "Hey, hey! Chill out a bit!" Alright, Salvo was a hardass, and these people had attacked them, but still, this was not how Robin wanted to do things. "Drop the gun and USB and we'll talk, alright?" It wasn't like her evil double could even see them, anyway. She could probably hear them. "Just, stop looking like me and do as Salvo said, alright?" Were they really gonna end up doing a good cop/bad cop routine here? Really? Robin reached into a portal and pulled out a small grenade, palming it and getting ready. The moment she tried anything, Robin would be ready. Maybe not so much on the whole beat unconscious front, but she had other options.
  16. REBELLION "Right. Just concerned citizens." His tone was rather deadpan as he stared directly at Raya's eyes, then held out the belt towards her. "Take it. I really don't need it anyway, I'm really not into the whole hero thing. Just be sure that it can't be traced back to me, alright? I don't wanna end up with Mars suing my family or something for the suit being hacked or whatever you're going to do." They made a lot of sense, yeah. And from the sounds of it all, he would need to look into Mars. And Wells. Might be something important there. "Really, just keep me out of it, if anyone asks I'll just say someone grabbed my bag and the belt or something like that. Probably better if I don't get that ride, too."
  17. "Well, I am glad you did," Pan agreed with Judy's statement. "It is much more fun to be a part of everything instead of locked away, is it not?" He looked over at Ashley. "Still, that explains a lot of things." He seemed to think it over for a moment. "Are you sure that you are actually aging then, Ashley? You seem to have everyone here fooled." And another thought struck him. "Danica already knows. Is there anybody else?"
  18. If Pan was intimidated or otherwise affected by her parents, he did not show it. He was all smiles, happily praising the food and chatting with his friends and any of the staff at the manor when they approached. "Not for a lack of trying," he added to the end of Eira's statement with a jovial tone, before bringing another spoonful of the gazpacho to his smiling lips. He listened to the others, and their plans. So many plans, so many thoughts. "I am not much for plans, not that far ahead at least. I like to keep my options open. Who knows, an adventure might lead to a new passion or choice, no?" He looked directly at Eira's father while he lowered the spoon to the gazpacho, a large smile on his lips. "But no, science is not for me. Too many strict rules and things you can and cannot do. Maybe I will study litterature. It would be a perfect fit, no?" He looked around at his friends, looking for their approval or disapproval.
  19. CHEVAL "Alright. I'll help." Marcus would have helped anyway, of course, but he was good with Brooks knowing that time wasn't his thing. He stood up, stretching his arms. "Let's go, then, and I'll play your muscle." Time travel, it sounded insane, but Brooks sounded like she had done it before. Was this what it was like to be a super hero, then? Had Marcus even scratched the surface of what might happen to him?
  20. Don't forget about Mette's HP for triggering Small Fish in Big Pond Initiative: 25 Sense Motive: 29 Gather Information: 12 Well, two out of three rolls being good ain't bad, at least?
  21. GM The villain swings his arms wildly, trying to swat away the stings from Emerald Spider's Spdr bolts. They didn't do much more than annoy him, before he turned to face Justice, murder in his eyes. "You hurt me!" His voice was like gravel, but he seemed more focused now. Like the blow that shook him had knocked some sense into the man. "Crush you!" With surprising speed, he moved forward, wrapping his arms around Justice, lifting her off the ground and starting to squeeze.
  22. That's a hit. TOU vs. DC25: 28 The Villain turns to Justice and attempts a Grapple: 20 That's a hit, rolling grapple: 56 No way Justice can hit that, so she's grappled. The Ultio Suit users hold back for now. @angrydurf is up
  23. Mette crossed her arms, just grinning at the hologram. Oh, this was such a bad idea, but it was too late to back down now, and this hologram was starting to piss her off. But, alright, she was gonna do it anyway. She looked at Muirne's outburst, wide-eyed. "Hvad helvede betyder det?" It was probably something to support her, right? Still, it sounded so weird! Weird, but cool! But, back to the hologram. Mette pointed up at the numbers. "So, that's it? Nobody? I'm just the Little Mermaid, not like I'm gonna be much trouble, right?" She spoke with a bit of mock innocence, then pointed up at the numbers. "And what do those numbers mean?"
  24. Pan opened his mouth, then closed it again. He blinked at the bright light, all the colors of the rainbow before him. He crossed his arms, and nodded, his lips splitting into their usual grin. "Hello Judith, it is nice to finally meet you." He laughed a little bit, shaking his head. "I do know that. Give me some credit, I have been here for almost two years now, after all." He shook his head again, laughing at it. "You know, I was completely convinced that Ashley was the one with the deep dark secret, at least after seeing that Raven-thing in the dream." Floating around, until he was upside down, he rubbed his chin and stared at Ashley with suspicion in his eyes. "So, if Judy is really Judith, and she is really the daugter of the president, then what does that make you? A foreign princess?"
  25. You can sense something faint, like there's a tunnel leading from the door that the Dormouse closed, but its not there anymore. Or maybe it is. To tell the truth, the entire sensation of that tunnel is weird, it just feels off. That weird sensation is still close to Bill the Lizard, but its exact position is ever shifting and difficult to focus. There's not really any doubt that the Dormouse is still somewhere connected to this area.
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