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  1. Fort save: 9, Tou-6 I'm not quite sure if different applications of the same Drain stacks, but let's assume they do, so Tou-9 TOU: 18, fail by 8, Bruise and Daze Trawler recovers 1 missing TOU rank. Give me an IC and I'll follow up. 22 - Shadowborne - 2HP - Unharmed 22 - Howl - 3HP - Unharmed 19 - Nightscale - 2HP - Bruise (x1), Def -2 until Init 19, Grappling (No Dodge Bonus) 16 - Beekeeper - Bruise (x2) 14 - Red Death - Unharmed 13 - Madame Raven - 3HP - Unharmed 12 - Trawler - Unharmed, Bruise (x1), Dazed, TOU-8 (1
  2. GHOST Ghost looked down at the trident. Then back up to Kermit. She wanted him to grab the trident. And not bleed on it. "Yeah, sure. Blood stains the suit anyway..." Just who were these people? Ghost reached out for the trident, gently taking hold around it and... "Woah." He could hear everything. Like, it was the entire universe, snging to him, beating in his chest. Whispering voices reached to him, calling to him, wanting to tell him things and... Sea Devil brought him out of it. Casper shook it off.
  3. He would probably have heard of the original Archer, at least. But sure, that can have happened too.
  4. As far as Jennifer knows, Bastion Technologies is a smaller scale technology business. Nothing as crazy as ASTRO Labs, ArcheTech or MarsTech. They're not omnipresent, but you have heard about them, at least. Nothing good, nothing bad, just another company. You can probably find their office adresses if you google them.
  5. Little Mermaid II Mette was going to tell Gilles that she spoke French, but stopped herself. That was probably a good idea to hide, at least for now, right? "So... you want us to go and do what exactly?" Kids were getting hurt, that was... bad. But aside from the fighting, this all seemed more like an issue for social workers. "Find the guy that's running this movement and kick his ass? What do you think that'll do for the kids?"
  6. Justice Robin stared and... wow. Ultra Girl was going on and on just... just like her. Oh this was great. She stopped herself from laughing at the absurdity of it, and then they were in the garage that housed most of her gear. "Magic, actually." Robin grinned from ear to ear. "But there's a bit more to it than that. C'mon, I'll get you patched up and explain." Leading the way and supporting Ultra Girl as she needed, Justice led her through a small common area with a table and a kitchen, further into her headquarters and towards a small infirmary, including a
  7. Nevermore II "Magpie?" Charlie asked, a small laugh in his voice. Really, Magpie? That was... kinda weird. He couldn't help but wonder if she had any relation to the old guy, or just liked the name. He looked after Callie for a second... then reached into his belt and pulled out a pen and paper, quickly scribbling WE'RE BAD AT THIS WHOLE ROBBERY THING, PLEASE PUT US IN JAIL, placing it on the guy's upside down chest and then firing a grappling line up into the rafters to follow Callie. Landing up near her, he merged into the shadows alongside her
  8. GM Luke saw her first. Then Leon. She was, to put it simply, beautiful. Green eyes, freckles, long red hair. A little bit short, but not too much. She was dressed in a dark crimson dress that hugged her body tight. It ended just above her knees, with a slit on each side. Her shoulders were bare, but she wore long crimson sleeves that stretched up her arms to just under her shoulders and left her hands free. She was chatting with a man with shoulder length brown hair, dressed in an open purple jacket with the sleeves torn off, wearing nothing underneath it.
  9. GHOST This was not Casper's kind of party. Really, he wasn't sure what kind of party was his party. This was just... not it. So why was he here? A man in thirties, standing awkwardly to the side with an open black jacket standing off to the side, just watching what was going on? Well, he had heard that something was going to happen here. And besides, this was Kingston. Who knew what could happen to all these kids when they were this close to the Doomforge. He kind of felt like he should keep an eye on them, just to be on the safe side.
  10. Nevermore II Guess they knew whow was the guy in charge, then. "See-through isn't good..." Charlie muttered, looking at the group. There was a lot of bad guys here. Traps or not, these were gonna be a pain to deal with. "Watch out for those things. They might be, y'know, untouchable. They're all yours, Shadowborne." Reaching into his utility belt, he pulled out a small capsule and threw it towards the gangster they had gagged, hanging upside down. It started making a noise calling for help. At the same time, he activated some of the noisemakers he had hidde
  11. Keeping track of stuff in the spoiler. I'll throw a Noisemaker near the bound gangster, having it call out for help. That's a DC18 Will Save to avoid being tricked by the sound. Just loud enough that group 1 can hear it. As they get near the gangster, that should activate the proximity trigger of the Tripwires. I'll activate one a noisemaker out in the street at ground level near group 2, having the gangster calling for help as the sound. Same thing with group 3. If they get close enough, I'll trigger the first 2 of the freeze snare
  12. GM The underground hallway was brightly illuminated. It didn't take long before both Archer and Fascsimile noticed a few security cameras and point them out to Shooting Star, seemingly avoiding detection. The hallways seemed old. Featureless concrete, they had probably been here since the warehouse had been built, but there were traces of much more recent use, aside from the active cameras. Moving closer, the group came to a junction. One path continuing ahead, the other turning to the right, both ending in closed doors. They could hear muffled
  13. Archer II Shooting Star went first. Fine. She was bulletproof. Could take a few shots if necessary. With the others moving in first, Connor took care of keeping an eye on their backs. Just because they hadn't seen anything up there didn't mean they were alone, after all. It wasn't dark in there. There were few places to hide, but still, he moved as silently as he could, keeping close to the walls.
  14. Archer's notice: 25 Archer's stealth: 27 Results in IC.
  15. Nevermore II Charlie had given El a quick response about the best kind of trouble, and that she'd get to meet the rest of the team, then. He was pretty sure she had met at least a few of them already, but hey, they could always do introductions later. Giving Luke a quick wave, he waited for everyone to show up and... well, it seemed like the whole gang aside from Shift was here. Pretty good so far, then. His ideas for this little group might work out after all. Not that he was planning on sharing any of those ideas just yet. "Wait, Muirne's hanging out with
  16. GM "Ugh, lots of people. I just told you, we'd had half a dozen offers." Thomas glared at Jennifer. "Like, ASTRO Labs talked to us just last week, we got an angry email from somebody at Bastion Technologies that wanted a response a few days ago... Can't stand those Bastion guys, they're not offering even half of what we want." Thomas shook his head. "Plenty of things that'd show its ours, but that'd be if they used it here, or, y'know, made it available to the public."
  17. GHOST "Yeah, I've, uh, heard of him." Heard the shark-man-thing bit, at least. And the killing for fun. Everything else was new to Casper. He frowned under his mask. Mad science on babies? That was just wrong. He kneeled down and looked at the symbols, making sure not to actually touch anything or do something that could disturb Kermit. "So he's the standard mad scientist turned monster type deal, then? Doesn't really sound like a magic type." Ghost looked over at Kermit. She looked so weird. "I might be able to help out." Focus his power into stuff around
  18. Ghost will aid, then! Let's take 20 just to be on the safe side, then!
  19. Intimidate to resist: 21 He's feinted. And that's a hit. Fort save: 26 UNHARMED Red Death is, however, revealed! Since he was just hiding and is now fighting, he'll have to get away from Shadowborne to hide again! @RedSpine is next! 22 - Shadowborne - 2HP - Unharmed 22 - Howl - 3HP - Unharmed 19 - Nightscale - 2HP - Bruise (x1), Def -2 until Init 19, Grappling (No Dodge Bonus) 16 - Beekeeper - Bruise (x2) 14 - Red Death - Unharmed 13 - Madame Raven - 3HP - Unharmed 12 - Trawler - Unharmed, TOU-3 (1 restored a
  20. ROCKET Jay stood there for a second as Melissa returned to normal. There was that electricity crackling around her again, but grounded towards the ground. That was... pretty smart. He kind of wondered if she'd shocked herself or something like that, before slowing down to normal speed. "Sorry, sorry. I was in a hurry. Kind of a family thing, I guess." Uncle Johnny had tried to help him with getting better at stopping, but... yeah. Hadn't really worked out entirely so far. "Sounds like that might be it, if you're here for the academy too?" His w
  21. Taking a full action to Aim at Dama Maravilla.
  22. Archer II "Yeah." Dama Maravilla. Connor would be lying if he said he had any idea what that meant. Probably something important. All of these super types wanted some fancy name that meant something. Couldn't just be something simple. "How fast do you want this shut down? Want the plan first?" Connor picked out a couple of arrow, placing them on his bow and took aim at Maravilla. "Give the word and I'll blow the arrow in the middle of the crowd. I got Maravilla in my sights." Merge had worked this. She could call the shot
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