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  1. Maravilla wanted to make an entrance. Fine. Connor could put that time to good use, starting to snoop around the area. His arrow was ready, planted firmly in the middle of the circle created by the parked cars, he just had to hope that no one would find it. As much as he just wanted to blow this up and get to work, Merge had a point. They needed to know if there was anyone lying in wait that could suddenly show up. Doing his best to stay out of sight, Connor moved about, keeping eyes and ears out for anything.
  2. Alright, if it's Archer's show, then he's gonna look around to see if there's anyone held in reserve. I guess a Search check will do? Search: 33 Let me know if I find anything!
  3. "Terrifica?" Connor didn't really have time to react, before he heard the whistling sound, and then a freaking semitruck came crashing down from above. Cursing to himself, Archer leapt back, out of the way, already staring up into the hole that the truck had created above as it crashed through the ceiling and now into the basement. An arrow already on his string, he flipped back, away from the hole and took aim, letting several arrows fly towards the caped individual while he was mid-jump.
  4. Archer will shoot arrows at the caped figure above. First: Fast Acrobatic Feint to try and catch them flat-footed: 38 Standard arrows with piercing damage type and rapid fire arrows to give them Autofire: 19 Well, good on the feint, not so much on the shot, but oh well. DC21 TOU, up to +3DC from Autofire, if it hits.
  5. Casper paused. That... was unexpected. He looked around. Always the same year, things never changing. So, then what? What was he going to do? "I've failed plenty of people," he started, trailing off. Yeah. He'd failed. He couldn't save everyone, try as he might. "I know you've been around forever, but I've been doing this for 18 years." Casper's tone was perhaps a bit sharper than normal, his words carrying more weight. "I've failed before. People have died because I was too slow to show up, or because the bad guy got the better of me, or whatever. But what's the alternative? I stop trying?" Ghost stood up, slamming a hand into the table. "I've been down, yeah. I've made mistakes. But I've made my decision: I'm gonna be better. I want my kid to be proud of me. I want to be the kind of hero that people trust, the kind of person that will do everything I can to save everyone I can. And yeah. I might fail, but if I don't try, then I won't be making any difference at all."
  6. This was still weird. Part of the Freedom League. Sure, Casper hadn't really done much official stuff or anything like that, but here he was, doing official stuff as part of the league. Going to meet the new Patriot and everything, together with everyone else. He hadn't really met most of the other people here yet. Quick briefing, this is Ghost, the papers are usually wrong about him, and so on. The usual stuff. Maybe he'd get a chance to talk a bit after this. Ghost was sitting in one of the chairs in the meeting room in full costume, mask pulled up over his mouth and nose so he could drink some of the coffee he had brought. Another all nighter had left him tired, and he should probably pay attention here.
  7. Sense Motive: 11 Very much feinted. Unfortunately, Matt, as part robot, is immune to Fortitude effects. Since Ashley probably notices that before you surge for the second action, I'll let you not do that (or do a different action for the surge) if you want.
  8. @Avenger Assembled: Per Ultimate Power, Moving Feint is a Full Round Action (Move action to move + standard action to feint). Do you want to surge for the extra action used for the attack?
  9. As we discussed on discord, I'll let you spend that HP on your next turn to get back up from being KO'ed without any damage, but it will cost you your actions next turn.
  10. That is... a hit! Grapple: 15, she's grappled and pinned. Freestyle attempts to break free using her Escape Artist skill. Give me a grapple roll vs. DC31 to see if she makes it @Spacefurry! I'll post IC and take Ghost's action depending on whether she breaks free or not. 25 - Freestyle - Unharmed, Pinned by Chimera 25 - Ghost - 4HP - Unharmed 13 - Chimera - 2HP - Unharmed
  11. Rocket: 21 Seriously? Well, alright. Dinobot: 5 24 - Bee - 3HP - Unharmed 21 - Rocket - 4HP - Unharmed 5 - Dinobot - Unharmed @Tiffany Korta you're up!
  12. GHOST Oh, great. Glowy-eye guy stopped looking all menacing, and then another guy showed up, and a red haired woman ran to Purple Haze. Ghost put his hands up. "Relax, buddy. I'm the good guy here. This guy," he motioned to Purple Haze with his head, "was doing some kinda weird mist or haze thing, seemed to knock everybody for a loop."
  13. Most of them still seem to be affected. You can try to do something like that, something with the Nullify power, probably! Ghost just talks, so @Spacefurry is up! 25 - Purple Haze - KO 20 - Paper - 3HP - Unharmed 15 - Holly - Unharmed 10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 7 - Ghost - 4HP - Unharmed
  14. GM Matt looked somewhat puzzled at Watchdog as she took the hit, his head tilting slightly. His movements, while somewhat stilted, where fast. Mechanical perfection. He stepped back, out of the way of Nightscale's tackle, then raised his hand above his head. The hand seemed to split apart, panels with plastic flesh moving aside to reveal the mechanical components underneath. It made a crackling noise, then shot chain lightning out across the room, lightning striking all around him.
  15. He's gonna pass that Feint no matter what, and that's a miss. Matt unleashes an electric area effect. DC22 Reflex Save followed by DC22/DC16 Fortitude Save vs Stun. Then @Avenger Assembled is up! 27 - U.S.Archer - KO 16 - Watchdog - 3HP - Bruise (x1) 10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 9 - Matt - Unharmed
  16. Nevermore II Ah, dammit, El. They needed to play smart here, not just go in hammers swinging, but... yeah. That wasn't gonna work, was it? Not anymore. Alright, that was fine, then. Charlie could adapt. The others were busy, so he reached into his belt and pulled out a small silver ball, quickly throwing it away, into the next room. It made heavy noise, voices calling out, probably what some villains would sound like. Clear the room a bit. Stinger looked over at Casanova and shrugged, then moved towards the noise in the other room. Looking over at Nightscale, Charlie moved his hand forward. Time to bring a dragon in.
  17. GM Casanova took a step to the side, evading the hammer without too much trouble. He chuckled. "C'mon, is that all you can do? As slow as you're big and ugly, aren't you?" With a shout, Chump came in from the side and threw a punch directly at Outrider's face, putting himself in between her and Casanova.
  18. That's a miss! Chump moves in and tries to hit Outrider: 21 That's a hit. @Lone_Star: Give me a DC24 TOU save. Casanova is just gonna gloat and talk a bit, since, as far as he knows atm, only Outrider is there. Nevermore throws a Noisemaker out in the hall behind them and activates it to make some noise to attract their attention. Stinger runs to see the source of the noise. 27 - Shadowborne - 3HP - Unharmed 23 - Outrider - 3HP - Unharmed 23 - Chump - Unharmed 22 - Casanova - Unharmed 21 - Nevermore II - 5HP - Unharmed 16 - Stinger - Unharmed 15 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 5 - Toxin - Unharmed
  19. Reflex Save: 15 Yeah, I think I'm gonna spend the HP you just gave us to reroll, too. Reflex Save reroll: 12, butat least that's +10, so 22 on the dot as well. Archer got Evasion 2, so that's an autopass on the TOU save.
  20. Charlie dutifully stepped up with the briefcase, then stepped back and folded his hands behind his back. He had suppressed the urge to raise an eyebrow at Alek, no need to give anything away after all, but one he was back with Callie, he couldn't help but glance over at her and mime "Seems like he got his own plans", before snapping to attention again. This was still so weird. Undercover as himself. Well, more undercover than he was at Claremont, at least. And then Revere and the VP started their little thing and... yeah. Probably a good thing that Ashley called them away. "Yes, sir." His response was short, perhaps a bit too quick, but he kind of wanted out of there, right now.
  21. You sure? That's a KO, taking you out of combat. Pan can spot you some HP if you need some.
  22. Nevermore II Alright, stick to the shadows. Do as Alek had taught him. No suit meant no defenses, which meant Charlie should try to stay away from them, if at all possible. Use any and all advantages he could get... and make sure Kamala doesn't figure out there's more to him than it seemed. He'd managed to catch a bit of the guy's voice before Kamala took him out. Charlie picked another gadget, another small ball, then threw it out into the room with them. "I got them! Get in here!" It sounded like an approximation of the downed guy's voice. A bit hoarse, maybe, like he had breathed in some of the smoke. Hopefully it might trick the rest of the bad guys.
  23. Gonna use Charlie's Illusion power to mimic the voice of the downed guy to hopefully trick them into thinking that their friend is up again. DC18 Will or whatever other you think is appropriate for the Illusion (unless they just believe it) Also, do those 3 count as minions?
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