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  1. Space Ranger III "... I could just freeze him..." J'onn offered to no one in particular while Corsair ranted and raved about his whole little thing, before the Star Knight explained. "Would a pincer attack work? Some of us go for their ships, some of us go for the bad guys and meet in the middle when they come running? I got a ship if anyone manages to get out."
  2. "Ah, yes, food! And exploration!" Pan called out, pumping an arm into the sky. Where his girlfriend barelled through, he let his feet simply let go of the ground, denying gravity's hold on him for the moment, a glittering trail falling behind his feet as he slid across the floor at blinding speed, holding his arms out to the side to balance. "Cheating? Whatsoever do you mean?" he quipped as he moved besides her, turning around and putting his hands in his pockets, keeping pace with her while grinning mischievously.
  3. GM The woman was barely moving. She seemed absolutely out of it, her eyes closed, sweating heavily. As Bernadette moved closer, it became clear the woman wasn't alone. Others were lying in the bushes in similar states, all barely conscious. Before the 911 responder picked up the phone, Bernadette heard a whistling sound, followed by a baseball hitting her hand, knocking the phone out of her hand. "Sorry, darling. That whole split team is a neat trick, but no calling for help just yet." A man in his 60'es had moved from around a corner. He was wearing a white sports jersey with blue stripes, and white shorts, ontop of a blue full body costume, with runner's shoes on his feet. He was wearing a blue mask that left his mouth and nose free, with holes for his ears and eyes, with a blue base ball cap with a stylized yellow S on the center. He had a big sportsbag slung over his shoulder, while he was throwing a baseball up and down with his right hand. He sounded almost friendly. "Run along now, no need to get caught up in all this." The other Bernadette had an incredibly hard time actually finding any security. It was like they had all just disappeared. She did, however, see someone else she recognized: A group of students from Claremont.
  4. Leon didn't notice the man planting anything on Luke or stealing anything from him.
  5. GM As well as Veronica could make out, it seemed like the next gem was in another country entirely. Europe, to be exact. Everything pointed towards a site in Northern Germany, near the Elbe river to the West of Hamburg. Cross referencing the area didn't reveal anything that stood out in particular.
  6. Space Ranger III J'onn stared at the amulet for a few brief moments, like he had trouble taking his eyes off it, before turning to look at the tablet again, while Veronica explained. "Treasure hunt, then?" There was a certain gleam in his eyes. "So, what's the odds of you meeting those guys again?"
  7. "Right, let's stick to recon first. We don't want them ready, if we can help it," Charlie replied to Luke's offer for Callie. "We got some kind of monitoring device on one of the third floor windows, but everything else seems clear. I can see a group moving around behind another window on the third floor, but I'm not gonna send the RVD in through the window, it'll just tip them off." Moving the drone inside, he instead moved it towards Simon. Charlie honestly wasn't sure if he could hear them while a cat, but he couldn't talk, at least. Moving the drone back to Simon, he did his best to share his plan. So... he tried to make the drone make some movements towards the building, and if Simon found a way in, it would guide him through the floors, to try to get him to head in the direction of the room with the people and weapons. Cat moving inside probably wouldn't cause too much attention, and he could, hopefully, move the drone up near the ceiling and slip inside while they had eyes on Simon. "We should get ready to strike that room. Anybody got eyes on the roof? Anything up there?"
  8. GM The young boy looked up at Bernadetta and shook his head, barely being able to slow the crying. "M-my mum... she's... she's over there..." He pointed to some planted bushes over to the side, where Bernadetta could see a woman lying, her legs sticking out from between the bushes. She couldn't quite see the woman from her position by the boy. "Please! I think she's sick!" The boy started wailing again, while moving in to hug and press his face against Bernadetta. As the guy made his way away from Luke, it was clear that he kept stealing glances back at him, at least whenever he thought that any members of the little group weren't looking. Noticing that some of the members of the group were actively looking at him, he grinned back at them, then moved into the crowds, pushing his way through with little care for who got in the way. He moved down the hallway and turned to the right around a corner, right next to a sporting goods store.
  9. Nevermore II "Sure, sure. Bookstore, then arcade. Just fine by -" Charlie was cut off by the guy that bumped into Luke. He instinctively followed him with his eyes, but didn't say anything. "Something's off about that guy." Raven's training kicked in. Looking at the guy, the way he moved, the way he had probably deliberately bumped into Luke... Yeah. Something was off.
  10. "It does seem so," Pan agreed, while he floated up to stand, while still holding Eira's hand. "I suppose I must be doing something wrong." He made an exaggerated sigh and shook his head, as if to signal that he was giving up. His feet touching the ground, he led Eira out of their shared cabin and into the hallway. "Oooh, magic tricks!" Pan was already by the couch, poking at it gently, before looking up and around in the somewhat cramped cabin. "What else do we need? Do we need hammocks? I think we could use some hammocks." While he was speaking, hammocks in a multitude of colors began to appear around them, gradually fading into being with golden dust falling from their edges. "Yes, yes, some hammocks would be good. A bit more floor space." "So, where will our first stop be? Somewhere exciting?"
  11. GM "Remember, no big powers!" Alexandra tried to shout above the howling wind, holding her hands up to the sides of her mouth to try to make herself heard. "Nice job fighting the wind, Wilona! Good idea with the masks, Leon! Somebody help out Hero, keep everyone together Chelone! Good spot, Naomi!" she shouted words of encouragement to all of them, making sure not to leave anyone out. She could see how Hero in particular was struggling, but at least the others were backing them up. She had accepted Leon's mask, holding it up over her face to protect herself from the storm. Professor Macedon waited by the cave's mouth, waiting for all of them to enter. The mesa itself stretched far above them, into the sky above them, a shelter in the storm. Once everyone was inside, the professor followed, directing the students to move further inside. "Alright, nice work everyone! That storm sure came out of nowhere, huh? We want to move a bit further in so we stay away from the entrance and don't get caught up in any sand that blows in if the wind changes, alright? It's gonna get darker in here, so if anybody got any flashlights or anything, now's the time!" Illuminating the cave would reveal a barren place. There was plenty of space to move around, with about double the height of the tallest member of their little group to the ceiling. Nothing in particular stood out about the cave, though it seemed to stretch onwards, further into the mesa. Anyone able to see or sense magic could see it only grew more intense the further into the cave they looked.
  12. GHOST Fast, attacking everyone. Dragon kid had the right idea, at least. They needed to do something that could stop the girl's powers from working, something that would stop her from attacking everyone. Casper looked down at his hand. Maybe he could disrupt her, somehow? Force her to turn solid and stop being made of mist? At least it would mean the others could hurt her, too... "Watch my back a sec." He flew up, straight for Scarlet Mist and... she moved out of the way at the last second. Because of course she did.
  13. Scarlet Mist's DC25 TOU on Init 7: 15 I'm gonna auto pass veto that with my GM powers, and give Ghost a HP instead, so Holly's still staggered, but standing. Gonna stunt Nullify Insubstantial 10 (Extras: Effortless, Duration 2 [Sustained]; Flaws: Range [Touch]) {30/31} from Ghost with the Most Array and attack with that. Spending HP to get rid of fatigue immediately. Attack: 15 That's a miss, spending HP to reroll: 23, which is unfortunately still a miss. @Spacefurry is up 25 - Purple Haze - KO 20 - Paper - 1HP - Unharmed 15 - Scarlet Mist - Staggered 10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed 7 - Ghost - 3HP - Unharmed
  14. GHOST Ghost winced at the hit, then slowly took a step back, turning towards the man. He let his hands fall to the side for a moment, before he started to move through the room, looking at nothing in particular, it seemed. "Guy's got a point, y'know. Gonna need some evidence if you wanna call the cops. Sure, Freestyle's in here, but we did just kinda break in here. They'll be walking in a second if you just leave them with a note, y'know." He reached up to adjust his goggles slightly, though making no motion to tell Chimera what he was seeing. "So, what ya got? Lay the cards on the table. What kinda evidence, what kinda hunches?"
  15. GM "No, wait! Do-!" Freestyle begged and tried to hold up her hands to defend herself before crumpling over, falling against the wall, her feet still stuck in the ground. The man looked between them with wild eyes. "This-this is assault! Breaking into a legitimate business, assaulting me and my guests! I got everything on camera! Do-do you understand this? Do you!?" He didn't sound quite as confident as he tried to.
  16. GHOST "Bippity?" Casper replied with just a little bit of hesitation before he realized what Grimalkin was up to, his lips twisting into a slight grin as he bandages appeared all around him. "Yeah. Alright, this does look good." He decided to let the Grimalkin and the Claremont kid reconnect, while sipping his glass. Davyd? He couldn't place him at all. He really should look into any Freedom League files on the recent Claremont kids at some point, but then again, that might be frowned on? Or not? Be prepared and all that. Casper opened his mouth to offer his sympathies to Grimalkin for family health crisis. The pain of losing his mother a few years ago still lingered, he hoped it wasn't anything that bad, but... Then everything changed. Everything was black and white, angry mobs, everything. It was... "Somebody put us into one of the movies, didn't they?" Black and white didn't really do a lot of difference to his usual costume, but everything else... Casper quickly pulled his mask down to cover his mouth with one hand, then pulled his goggles up and turned them on. If this was just some illusion, then maybe... "Uh, right, so, those guys? Looks like they're really there, bones and all, not some kind of illusion." Angry mob, then, coming for them, and the kids that Davyd mentioned. He leaned down, touched the ground, making it intangible under as much of the mob as he could reach and letting them sink in into their knees. Should give them a moment, at least. "First we keep the kids safe, then we figure out what's going on, yeah?" He motioned to Davyd. "Sorry, kid, but I got no idea who you are. What do you want me to call you? Figure you'd rather we use our made up names when we go around saving people."
  17. Gonna use Ghost's Snare with his Selective Area extra to try and snare as much of the mob as I can into the ground, let's say sinking to their knees or something like that.
  18. Doktor'd! A quick edit for Ghost. Please update his Affilations to: Affiliations: Freedom League Auxillary And spend a PP to add the following feat: Benefit 1 [Freedom League Auxillary Member] And please change the Selective Area Power 10 AP in the Friendly Neighborhood Ghost array to AP: Selective Area Power 10 Adds (Extras: Area [General Shapeable], Selective; Feats: Progression [Area] 4) (10-250 5 ft. cubes) to Ghost With The Most Array {24/24} (Descriptors: Phantom Force) which in turn updates the DC block to this: DC BLOCK Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC15 TOU (staged) Damage +10 Chilling Touch Touch DC20 FORT (staged) Fail: Dazed >5: Stunned >10: Unconscious +10 Shock Touch Touch DC25 TOU (staged) Damage +10 Phantom Touch Touch DC20 REF (staged) Fail: Entangled >5/2nd Fail: Bound & Helpless +10 Chilling Touch - Phantom Force Area, 10-250 5 ft. cubes DC20 REF Area effect: Pass to reduce Stun Effect to DC15 Area DC20/15 FORT (staged) Fail: Dazed >5: Stunned >10: Unconscious Shock Touch - Phantom Force Area, 10-250 5 ft. cubes DC20 REF Area effect: Pass to reduce Damage Effect to DC20 Area DC25/20 TOU (staged) Damage Phantom Touch - Phantom Force Area, 10-250 5 ft. cubes DC29 REF Area effect: Pass to reduce Snare Effect to DC15 Area DC20/15 REF (staged) Fail: Entangled >5/2nd Fail: Bound & Helpless Thank you!
  19. TOU save vs. DC27: 18 Fail by 9, Bruise and Dazed. Fort Save vs. DC22: 9 Fail, so she's KO. Feel free to edit your post, let me know when.
  20. Born Loser: Reflex: 15, just made it Fort: 28, nope Rolling twice for the goons, once for two main groups. Reflex: 24, 13 Fort: 12 24 Half of the goons are dazzled, give me an IC. 14 - The Born Loser - Unharmed 14 - Nevermore II - 5HP - Unharmed - Distance Covered: 1/5 9 - Usher Goons - x20? Standing, half auditory dazzled (Fort 13 to recover) 6 - Raven III - 2HP - Unharmed, Fatigued on next turn - Distance Covered: 1/5 X - Whisteblower - Unharmed, with Nevermore - Distance Covered: 1/5 Obscure effect Darkness
  21. GM A large young man walked past the group, aggressively pushing his shoulder into Luke's as he forced his way by them. "Watch where you're going, brats." He wore a large duffel bag over his shoulder, but otherwise seemed rather non-descript, quickly disappearing back into the remaining crowds. Not far from there, Bernadette could hear crying. It wouldn't be difficult to find a young boy, about 5 years old, standing by himself, absolutely bawling his eyes out. Maybe he was the missing child mentioned on the PA system?
  22. @Spacefurry: Just so you're clear: Bound and Helpless does not mean defeated. Chimera can still try to break free, and since her arms weren't constrained, that means she could still attack. Are you sure you don't want to attack her? You can perform a coup de grace, if you want.
  23. Yes. Well. Yeah. That's some arcana roll. The tablet clearly refers to your amulet and it's missing gems. While it is not a map to the missing gems, it seems like it might be a map to the maps. The markings on the tablet and the language used seems to be younger than your actual amulet, which means it was most likely written long after the creation of the amulet. It does not seem to be any language you would normally connect with the amulet. Of course, let me know if I overstep anything about the amulet, with those rolls, feel free to come up with any small facts that might fit with what you have in mind for it.
  24. Final math checks out, but there's a few issues with the powers For the Area Effects, I'd suggest picking the Burst Area effect instead of Explosion. It's just better in general and we won't have to worry about decreasing effects. There's no point in choosing Improved Critical to an area effect either, since it only takes effect when you roll dice to attack. You can, at most, take 2 ranks of Improved Critical. You should add that there's an array inside the goggles device, like for the others, so it looks like this. I fixed the formatting a bit, too. Device 1 (Many-Lensed Googles; 5PP container; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose) [3 PP] Array 1.5 (Gadgets; 3PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [5PP] BP: Super Senses 3 (Extended Vision 3) {3/3} AP: Super Senses 2 (Darkvision) {2/3} AP: Super Senses 3 (Microscopic Vision 3) {3/3} Rest looks good, though I'd suggest making picking up some Skill Mastery skills instead of all those second chances. It'll be rare for you to need it for Craft and Knowledge, for instance.
  25. Just a clarification that I forgot to put in: They're all expected to use powers at a minimum for the survival trip, so no putting up barriers and whatnot to create makeshift shelter unless absolutely necessary.
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