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  1. Justice looked over to Visionary, looking rather apologetic. "I, ah, don't think we're really there yet? We got a team, but I don't think we're quite at a name yet." Alright, most everyone seemed interested in teaming up to some degree at least. That was good, right? Already solving problems, coming up with ways to try and get their hands on an Ultio Suit, much more than she probably would have and... all looking to her to actually make the decision of what they were gonna do about the whole thing. That was actually a fair thought. She was the one that had brought them all here. Still, it felt weird being the one that had to make decisions. "Alright, alright, no corporations or anything, at least not yet. We need to find some way to make things run around, and I'm not really made of money, but we'll see what we can do, right? So, we got three things we gotta decide, right?" She held out her right hand, and started counting fingers as she listed the items on the agenda. "How we try to get our hands on an Ultio Suit, a place to meet and," she looked over at Visionary with a grin, "what we're gonna call ourselves. I'm open to suggestions there!" "I'm not really comfortable stealing stuff like that. Gotta be better than the bad guys, right? And if I know Mars, he'll probably have some kinda alarm in those suits, so I'm guessing our best bet is to... get some rich kid to give it to us?" She felt kinda dirty at the thought. She really didn't want to do things like that, but it was betetr than outright stealing, right? "I, um, got a place we can use to meet, but its kiiinda difficult to get to." She rubbed her right arm with her left hand. "I mean, I can get there, I can bring everyone there, but I'll need some time to set up something if everyone's gonna be able to get there on their own. Its... well... its kinda far away?" Yeah, how was she gonna explain that? The AnneX was kind of her place... and now she really thought it needed a much better name. "Sorry, its kind of a personal place, I'm still getting used to the idea of other people using it." She realized something. "Oh, right, Meta-Naut's been there! My workshop and all that, remember? What do you think, does that like something that could be used if I figure out a way to get people there without needing me to ferry everyone?"
  2. "Ah, I see..." Pan shook his head at the thought. Getting up early for practice? No, that was not exactly something that he would have the patience to do, was it now? "Thank you!" With that, he was gone, a trail of golden dust behind him as he flew out towards the reef. He stopped above, looking down at Veronica with a wide grin as he hang upside down. "I thought someone might have fallen overboard. And not on purpose!"
  3. "I could be subtle," Pan tried, but he let it go, instead turning fully to Eira as she moved close. His face lit up as Eira leaned in close, telling him that she was much stronger, that she might break something. "Ah, but Eira, my dear friend, if you were to break something,"[/color] he paused briefly, as he tended to do for dramatic effect, while his grin split even wider before, "then you will have to catch me first!" Pan pulled back, following Tayla's instructions. "I will of course lead!"
  4. "I can honestly say that I have no idea what Galstandard is." Pan's response came with an amused tone, but he shook his head lightly at what Eira said. To everyone else around them, the response was in a strange language. It was melodic, charming even. In a way, it sounded like spoken poetry, but the words made little sense, entirely alien to any human language. To Eira, Pan simply spoke Swedish. <"If you are suggesting what I think you are suggesting, something about a plan for a certain great prank, then maybe keep it secret? I am not saying we do nothing, of course, but maybe something else, yes?"> Much like his English, Pan's Swedish sounded just a tiny bit off. Nothing was shortened, there was a melody to his words, it didn't sound quite like a natural speaker, yet so close.
  5. GM Another blast slammed into the monster, and it roared again. Scrambling around, it swung at the unseen assaillant behind it, almost like it wasn't quite sure what was going on, thinking that someone was in there with it. It snarled, it roared, then slammed into the inside of the container, rocking the entire pile of containers again. It was doing damage, sure, but with another container added, would it even be possible for it to escape?
  6. Justice "Alright, I think I got him." The guy was just hitting everything in there. Robin could see him moving around with her x-ray, but it was still just so weird... he kept trying. Kept smashing against the thing. Anyone sensible would give up by now, no way out, an enemy that kept hitting you anyway... just who was this guy? Was he even really aware of what was going on? She pulled up her gun. Another charged shot, aaand... into a portal, hitting him again. Not quite down, but he was hurting. Just a matter of time, right? Right?
  7. Since its all she can do to keep him distracted, Justice goes for another shot with Full Power attack (forgot to apply the subtraction on the roll): 26-5 = 21 Hits, DC26 TOU for monster: 25... and another bruise... Monster saves vs. Suffocate 11: 32 Monster goes for container, can't do much else: TOU vs. DC27: 23, another injury Once you get the next container up on the monster, I think we'll end the combat, with the monster trapped and unable to get out, instead of just dragging this on even further. 16 - Emerald Spider - 2HP - Unharmed 13 - Justice - 1HP - Unharmed 9 - Monster - Bruise (x4), Trapped in Container Container: TOU+13 (3 Snares applied) - 3 Injury - Suffocate 11 on Monster
  8. "We just call that a truck. Plenty of them around." His comment was as short and deadpan as the rest of his responses had been. Rebellion was about to reply, but paused when B'Ka dropped down on to all fours and started smelling at the ash. Yeah. Alright. One way to get clues. He launched into a longer explanation, which just confirmed the thing as a truck, but the point about the weapons were interesting, at least. Unusual energy, here in Emerald? Of course. Not like the place didn't have weird things going all around. "Can't trust the law. They're either paid off, stupid or being walled by the others. This is Emerald City. This is my city. If aliens are operating here, then the people in power knows. Go to the law, you'll end up in a trap." He stared at the bull. This was weird, even for Rebellion. Aliens, ash, a bull man, another alien, but, it was a mystery. It was a clue. He could not pass up this opportunity. "Can't fly, but will keep up. Keep close, and I'll guide you." He looked them over again. "Looks like you'll need it." Who profited from aliens operating in Emerald City? The conspiracy, of course. It was just a question of how. And how he could piss them off by ruining their profits.
  9. Parker looked to the alien next to him. She was heroic, no doubt about it, but the man seemed scared anyway, and not just of the hole and had just happened. Parker knew people, and this man was hiding something. "Did you expect something, then?" He stepped closer to the man. His hands were open by his sides, he didn't do anything to seem threatening. That wasn't the way he did things. "Is there anything you could tell us about this thing? What happened here, what are you doing in this place?" He could feel the area below them. This... it didn't seem normal. The underground felt hollow. Parker paused, looking down at the man. "What's underneath us?"
  10. Justice Lifting off from the ground, Robin did her best to control the thrust and the movement. It was weird, flying like this... all she normally did was quick boosts, not sustained flight in this way and and... Alright. Game time. No more doubt, this was all so weird and strange, but really, she had to focus! Whatever Mars had done, however he had gotten to her tech and copied it, that would have to wait, because right now, people were in danger. Unless it was all part of Mars' show... No, no. Focus. Blasting forward, Robin propelled herself towards the flying terror from Z-Space, twisting herself around in mid-air to at least try and deliver a kick to the beast.
  11. Alright, since she can fly and not much else, Justice is gonna kick the thing! Flying up to it, and rolling with 1d20+10 for Attack (+4 Base Attack, +6 Enhanced Base Attack for suit): 16 In case that hits, that's a DC23 TOU (Str +2, +6 from Ultio Suit)
  12. GM "Hello, nice to meet you," Alice responded to Leroy, but her eyes quickly returned to Felix. She slowly reached out, gently taking hold around Felix's biceps. "Yes, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea. It might be a good idea to get your head out of the books for a moment, right? Get some air and clear your head with me a moment?" Her voice was sweet, like music to Felix's ears. There was still some kind of recognition there. She reminded him of someone, but the question was who. Alice tucked gently on Felix's arm. "C'mon, I'm sure a big strong guy like you can show a girl around? Already been to that garden in the house, so maybe somewhere else?"
  13. Cheval Please remove this power: Immovable 2 (Extras: Unstoppable; Flaws: Limited [Only while moving]) [2PP] And instead add two ranks of the Unstoppable extra to his density power, making it look like this: Density 8 (Extras: Duration [Continuous], Unstoppable 2; Flaws: Permanent; Feats: Buoyant) (Strength +16, Toughness +4, Impervious Toughness +4, Immovable 2, Super-Strength 2, Mass x8) [27PP] Thank you
  14. 26 hits, rest miss. TOU vs. DC25: 25 Just makes it. Give me an IC.
  15. Forever Boy Please add the power feat Selective to Pan's Comprehend power, spending 1PP and making it look like this: Comprehend Rank 3 (Understand, speak and read all languages; Feats: Alternate Power 1, Selective) [8PP] (Descriptors: "Universal Understanding", Alien, Genetic, Psionic) AP: Mind Reading 10 (Flaws: Feedback, Limited to Surface Thoughts; Feats: Subtle 2) {6/7PP} (Descriptors: "Tell Me What You Think", Alien, Genetic, Psionic, Training)
  16. Rebellion 7PP to spend, spending it all! 2PP to increase the Uncanny Mind container to rank 3.8, and adding a Super-Senses power. The container should now look like this: Uncanny Mind 3.8 (19PP Container) [19PP] (Physical Mutation) Enhanced Ability 16 (Intelligence+8, Charisma+8) [16PP] Immunity 1 ("No Fear") (Fear Effects) [1PP] (Mask) Super-Senses 2 ("See the Pattern"; Cosmic Awareness) [2PP] (Mask, Hyper-Awareness) And 5PP on skills: Gather Information +5 to rank 15 (+20) Search +5 to rank 8 (+15) Investigate +3 to rank 7 (+14) Notice +2 to rank 12 (+15) Sense Motive +5 to rank 12 (+15) Please update the power descriptions to read like this: --- Power Descriptions: Elliot's powers are a strange mixture of mutation caused by being possessed by the Terror fear spirit, and latent inherited powers being triggered by said possession. Due to psychological issues related to said possession, Elliot is only able to access certain powers without wearing a mask, essentially only those that enhance his physical and mental abilities. He has become stronger, faster and tougher than he ever were before. He is smarter, and when he wants to, posses a strange, almost unnatural charisma. When he wears a mask, Elliot's has access to further powers. He is now able to cling to walls and perform amazing leaps, while being able to slow his falls. While they appear to be physical enhancements, these abilities are psionic in nature, being a very limited degree of personal tactile telekinesis. Unknown to any but himself, Elliot has inherited his father's ability to change his features, creating instant disguises or blending in with his surroundings, making him almost invisible. His most common use of this power is to create his Rebellion disguise, or for infiltration. Perhaps the most horrifying part of Elliot's powers is his ability to create fear in those around him. This psionic ability appears to be a variation of the Terror's "Aura of Terror" ability, though if Elliot's wishes to create paralyzing fear, he requires great focus. In the time since his transformation, Elliot's senses have started to expand. With both he and the Terror being tied to Emerald City, he has begun to notice patterns and clues in the city itself. Seemingly unconnected sights and events can lead him to strange, new discoveries during his investigations, as he follows the grid of the city to the find the monsters that lurk beneath. Finally, Elliot uses a pair of batons for physical combat. Through training, he has learned to throw them with enough precision that they return to himself when thrown, and to perform powerful blows, strong enough to stun an enemy. --- And please add this complication --- CITY/GRID: Rebellion's expanded awareness of grids and patterns seems to be tied to Emerald City, and to a lesser degree to other metropolitan areas. If Rebellion attempts to use his See the Patterns power outside a metropolitan area, the GM might deny the request, as Rebellion's expanded awareness is simply unable to connect the dots, giving Rebellion a Hero Point instead. If the use of the power has been denied once in an area, repeated uses in the same or a similar area cannot be used to gain additional Hero Points. --- Thank you!
  17. GM The men on the ground fired in vain at the Emerald Spider, the kinetic energy in the quantum balls being more than enough to send them tumbling all over the pavement. These Mafiya wanted their debt repaid, sure, but they obviously hadn't counted on super heroes showing up. After all, why should they? This was Emerald City. On the roof, the gunmen fired on Justice, bullets bouncing off her armor. She was up close and ready now. The obvious leader of the group sneered at the sound of his soldiers falling and pulled up his phone, opening it and calling a number. "This is Olek. We need help. Send big guy for the trucks."
  18. Swept. That means there's 5 men left on the roof, including the one that's barking orders. The 4 attack Justice: 23 8 13 15, two hits. TOU from Justice vs DC20. First hit: 20 Second hit: 30 Still unharmed. The leader calls for help, which will come in at Initiative 16 on the next round. 23 - Kanunu - 4HP - Unharmed 22 - Justice - 4HP - Unharmed - DEF+5/TOU+15 20 - Emerald Spider - 1HP - Unharmed 16 - ? - Unharmed 9 - Mafiya Soldiers x20 - 3 Snared, 12x KO 3x Transports: Protected by Water Dome, TOU 18
  19. GM With Spectre's fist phasing through him, something seemed to glitch in the thug. The entire body seized, before just exploding into a small cubes that faded away. "Nice hit, O'Brian. Real nice." The sarcasm in Armstrong's voice was palpable. "But you can't go ghost while you do that little trick, can you? And now you've left yourself wide open." All three thugs raised their rifles, aimed, fired, and... all missed. Hard light bullets flew all around Spectre, not a single one hitting. Armstrong fumed in his chair, leaned back and looked over the buttons. "Right."
  20. All 3 fire at Spectre, since she's all up and close and dangerous: 20 10 97 Well, they all suck. @Wyverntamer, you're up.
  21. Justice visibly deflated at the comment about Mars having stolen her tech and her being compromised... Yeah, yeah, Salvo was right, sure, but... but there was more to it, right? "Mars got some of my old tech." She crossed her arms. She wasn't angry. "Judging from what I've seen of the Ultio Suits, it was the stuff I worked on at the u... err, at the old place. I got a new place that's much more secure. But yeah, its a fair point. Good thing the old tech didn't have any communications tech in it, then." She should bring Salvo there, if she had all that tech she boasted about. Yeah, that would probably be a good idea, but so far, only Meta-Naut had seen the AnneX. "Only two ways to get hold of a suit as far as I know: Buy one, or grab one of a random guy. I don't really have the money for the first, and I dunno if anyone here is comfortable with grabbing a random guy that might just be trying to do good off the street. Still, solid plan." Her confidence was starting to build here, ever so slightly. "Woah, nice. Good to see you, welcome!" People were just flocking in. Really... so many more than she had expected. She paused, just staring at the woman in the skull mask. She... she really didn't know what to say to that. Space and time, right. Magic, psychopomps hanging around if they were near death and... "I'm really sorry, but that sounds incredibly creepy. I'll leave a message, sure, but that whole psychopomp thing sounds really scary. I... I really don't think I wanna know more about that, sorry! And... err... I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch what you call yourself?" Quick pause. She was right, though. Using the Paks' place as a meeting spot wouldn't be a good idea, even if they didn't mind. "I'm with you on not using this place for regular meet ups. I know you don't mind," She looked over at Mrs. Pak with an apologetic smile, "but what if someone finds out and well... I don't want you guys to get hurt." "Well... yeah. That actually sounds pretty good. I dunno if we could get city hall to make us anything official or anything like that, but we could at least work together, right?" She looked around at the rest. There was a lot of people in here. Some she knew a bit about, some she knew nothing, then there was the ones she actually knew and... well, there was a lot of people here. She looked over at Meta-Naut with a weak smile while she stayed in the corner. Meta-Naut, Emerald Spider, Kanunu, Waverider, Salvo, Protectotron, Skullface Woman, Red Guy and herself, that was... 9 people? A lot of people to get working together, they'd need to get some time to make it all work... if everyone was interested, at least. Which was actually a good point. "Uh, so... are all of you interested in forming a, well, a super team, I guess? Everyone working together? Don't wanna pressure anyone into doing something you don't want to. Just sharing info should be fine even if you don't join, right?" ES clearly had ideas here, which was good.
  22. Pan rolled back to put in the space, his feet sliding across the floor leaving just the tiniest amount of golden dust behind where his feet had been but moments before. He held the scarf in his hand, playfully moving it around a bit, distracted by it for but a moment, before he tied it around his wrist. "Just one: We have to stay on the floor, yet? No flying?" He sounded almost disappointed, like he had already guessed the answer to the question, but of course, it was quite obvious. Making sure the scarf was tight against his right wrist, he then shifted his position slightly, holding out his open right hand towards Eira, a devilish smile on his lips, a challenge in his eyes. "Shall we, then? Try to keep up, yes?"
  23. "In-te-res-ting." Pan lightly poked at one of the dogs, trailing a long finger across its shadowy form. He seemed deep in thought for a moment, simply observing the shadowy dogs, his eyes following them and their movements. "I suppose even a nightmare can be playful," he mused, moving his hand up to stroke the puppy behind the ears. He looked up at the half-smiling Eira, matching her with a wide smile of his own. "When have I ever said no to trying something new?"
  24. GM 11PM, April 1st, 2020 Bridgepoint, Emerald City A man had walked into Mictlan this morning. He had looked disheveled, scared. His hoodie was torn in a few places, he had some bruises. He was rubbing his right arm, looking around with a frantic look in his eyes. He'd heard rumours that some kind of witch was hanging around, someone that dealt with bad stuff. He had just met some bad stuff, the night before, at the port in Bridgepoint. Some kinda demon, he said. A shadow man. It seemed to be just shadows and glowing white eyes under clothes. It had attacked him, it had beaten him, then left him alone. He wasn't the only one. A lot of the night shift had visited by the same thing the last few weeks. He hoped that the people in the shop would pass word on to the witch, before he hurried out of there. The public port in Bridgepoint was not as silent as one would expect at night. A few men were walking around, sure. Guards, probably. The man that had rushed into Mictlan and asked about the witch was one of them, patrolling at the docks, making sure no one entered any of the ships in the port. Some people would pay good money to keep their ships safe, after all. There was a party at a larger yacht, with music playing and laughter filling the air. They could be heard from far away, attracting plenty of attention. Someone on the city council throwing a party. Maybe the shadow man would show, maybe he wouldn't. Perhaps Santa Muerte would find out.
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