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  2. Archer II It took him a second to recognize the waitress. Connor looked at the Merge, back to the waitress and the way she was holding up her hand in front of his face, trying to paint him with a mask on. Yeah, alright. This was Merge. Two of her, at least. Yeah, she was up to something. He couldn't say that he knew her all that well, but she had helped out Corona, and what was the point if she had already figured it out? "Maybe." He grinned at her. "Something with some annoying kids and being over the moon?"
  3. Nevermore II "Sure, you're the boss. I'll take notes, no funny business." Charlie quickly adjusted his tie. He liked wearing ties, he liked dress shirts and all that, but the jacket that Alek had made him wear? That was a bit much, to be honest. It was a bit tight over his shoulders, he didn't feel like he could move properly in it. He only just got a quick look inside and heard the man greeting Alek, while he shifted his suitcase with his laptop back from his wrist and to his hand, when the woman that had almost hit him came storming back and stabbed at him with a fin
  4. Nevermore II Guy didn't go down, but at least he was distracted for a moment. While Charlie reached for his staff he noticed a flurry of movement behind him, and the Raven had already taken out the other guy. Alek was just that good, but Charlie? He still had ways to go, didn't he? An arrow flew past his head, hitting the guy and sending another shock through him. How was he even standing at this point? Two shocks like that, and he just took them? Didn't matter, then. Unfolding his staff, he rushed forward, cape trailing behind him. He had to hit just right,
  5. GM The arrow hit true, sending another shock through the man. He shook, trying and failing to get through the shock from the arrow, like he tried to get some kind of word out, to say anything. Shout a warning or something, probably, but it didn't really help while the electric shock kept him rooted to the spot.
  6. That is a hit, no need to burn the HP. Fort save: 6, fail by 9 He's stunned for a round, but still standing. The criminal uses his round to clear the Daze, and Nevermore is up. He moves in close and grabs his staff, going for a Stunning Attack: 6+2 since his attack bonus is off in the table This hits, since he is currently stunned. Thug rolls vs. DC18 Stun: 9, fail by 9, so stunned again, meaning KO. Raven is up. 20 - Raven - 3HP - Unharmed 19 - Arrow IV - 3HP - Unharmed 16 - Criminals - 3x
  7. "Or maybe they are just paper tigers, after all." Pan's eyes had grown hard for the briefest of seconds at Leon's joke, but it passed quickly. Instead of retorting, he instead moved along to the ride. "Time to fly, I think. Keep up if you can, little sidekicks."
  8. Archer II Connor King sat by the bar, a heavy backpack by his side, a beer in his hand. No uniform right now, a simple pair of jeans, a blue shirt open at the neck. Not his usual style, but he could make do. He needed to be incognito, here. Sitting here in the red and white wouldn't work, not when he wanted to get some information. Para LX had been making some waves, at least enough to get Connor's attention. He wasn't anything special, from the sound of it, but he was causing trouble. Connor emptied his glass. Time to get to work, then, and... He paused be
  9. Nevermore II Honestly? Charlie wasn't sure why he was even there. Sure, he'd read up on Summers Advance Designs. He knew what it was all about, it Ms. Summers' late mom's old company, and her dad had kind of let it do its own thing, but suddenly someone was trying to buy it? Alright, he could get why the Summers clan wasn't happy about that, but... he still wasn't sure why he had to tag along with Alek for this. It honestly wasn't his thing. "Hey, watch out!" He quickly stepped out of the way before a woman smashed right into him. She was pissed about something, but she
  10. Nevermore II Nevermore laughed, shaking his head again. "Its a trip, yeah. Takes a bit to wrap your head around, but hey, I figure you're you, right? You do what you do, you being here already changed things, so, why not just go do what you wanna do, right?" Standing up straight, he let the cape fall down over his shoulders, wrapping it around himself. "You really don't know Alek the way I do. Sure, he loves milk and cookies, but you don't even wanna know about the vest. That damn thing's all him. But maybe one day, I'll come up with my own." "So
  11. Justice "Got some big names," Robin began, barely able to contain her excitement. "Emerald Spider was there, Protectron's moved to EC and he's in, and Metanaut showed up. Kanunu, Salvo and Waverider, I'm pretty sure they're all from Freedom City, so maybe you've met them? I dunno if you've heard of Venomax? He's kinda creepy, but effective. A couple of new people, too. One's spooky, calls herself Santa Muerte. The others a kind of robot I guess? He calls himself Visionary." She looked around before she wanted to continue. "Can... anyone listen in here? Are y
  12. Archer's up for Original Gangster, if you want him.
  13. GM Time had passed. Billy waited. He really didn't seem like he wanted to be there at all, like he just wanted to leave the first chance he got. And honestly, who could blame him? And then Shooting Star dropped out of the sky, landing in front of him. His mouth hang open for a second, then closed. "I... I guess you're Alice's cape friend, huh?" He put up a brave front, at least.
  14. REBELLION Elliot buried his head in is arms and sighed again. He took a short moment before looking up. "I dunno. Honestly, he's kind of a rumor? Like, the boogeyman that runs around the school at night. I don't think any of the students have ever really seen him. Maybe I'm just reaching here, he might not even be real." He was ramblng a bit, but he couldn't help it. "I, I think I gotta go. Don't wanna get anyone suspicious. Sorry." He grabbed his back and, with a final quick look at Naomi, he hurried out of the shop.
  15. Alright, at the moment Bill is down, the Dormouse is gone and the Tea Party Guests are, for the moment, restrained. A few suggestions on how to proceed, but feel free to come up with your own! - Track the signal! Protectron's already working on that. - Interrogate Bill the Lizard. You can probably shake him awake. - Look for other hotspots of activity in the city for new leads.
  16. Alright, the Tea Party Guests skips their turn, so @EternalPhoenix, you're up
  17. Also, as discussed with KD, some potential titles for the five knights: Owain the Lion Knight Gawain the Green Knight Bedivere the Wizard Knight Lancelot the Best Knight Mordred the Dragon Knight
  18. Alright, I got something now Knight: Owain, the Lion KnightSecret ID: Human Man, mid 20'es. Caucasian/European. Has a beard, slightly long hair. Black hair.Character Themes: Pride, leadership, force of personality. Owain is a proud knight, a leader of men. While this gives him great strength, it also makes it difficult to admit his mistakes or to forgive and forget. He has a lot to live up to for the Owains in the past.Extra Powers: None yet.Armor Colors: Blue and Gold, lion imagery.Concept/Backstory: The man that becomes Owain knows little of Arthurian myths, though he is slowly a
  19. Diplomacy cus Pan's making friends! 26
  20. "That seemed a bit excessive, did it not? And why not? I am sure that Eira has been to space once or twice." Pan winced at the remains of the robot, before turning his attention to the newcomers. Danica was already approaching, so he took the chance to lean closer to Ashley to whisper. "They were talking scanning a prize and having some meat." Then he was off, flying by Danica, his feet gliding lightly over the ground. "Hello, hello! What rings you fine gentlebeings to the Earth? Is there any chance I could interest you in some food? I am sure we can find a good restaurant somewher
  21. Spaceman "That's an excellent point, Nightscale!" Parker pointed at him. "See, you can be who you choose to be, kids. You might not like your powers, you might think they're dangerous, but you decide what you do with your powers, you decide who you want to be." He circled around the kids to the digital blackboard, turning it on and quickly drawing a big dragon and a killer robot. When Valeria looked at him for support, he just smiled and shrugged. She needed to come out of her shell a bit, after all. "You see this, kids? Big, scary, right?" Then he draw some
  22. GM The girl looked up at Shift, her eyes very wide. She looked over to Mr. Powers, like she was trying to decide if it was alright or not to ask what she was about to ask. He shrugged and smiled, letting her make the choice. "Um, can you turn into... Forever Boy? He's my favorite."
  23. GM The man barely had time to let out a yelp before the dark night detective's blow. The Raven's strike was perfect. His aim true. On its own, the strike could have been enough to stop him. The shocking gauntlets only sealed the deal. As soon as he was hit, he fell, dropping to the ground, unmoving.
  24. He can't spot that stealth, and that's a hit. Can't make that save either, so he's KO'ed. That leaves just the dazed thug that's standing over the fallen thug to the North-West. @Cubismo is up. 20 - Raven - 3HP - Unharmed 19 - Arrow IV - 3HP - Unharmed 16 - Criminals - 3x visible on walkways, 2x KO, 1x Dazed - 6-7 visible under skylight 6 - Nevermore II - 3HP - Unharmed
  25. Pan placed a hand on Micah's shoulder. "I will be with you, my friend. I will keep watch. Get ready, and we will go." Once both we ready, Pan would do his thing. It was easy to leave when nothing could find you, a simple illusion of nothing around them. Once on the roof, he would spread it further to encompass Eira as well. They could see and hear each other. No one could see or hear them. Pan was, of course, in his uniform. "What direction do we need to go? I will cover us as long as we need."
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