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  1. GM As she stepped into the office, she noticed a tripwire, managing to step over it without triggering it. "Huh?" The woman turned around casually, flashing a smile from beneath her helmet. "Really? That's what you're gonna lead with?" She turned around fully, moving away from the computer screen, her feet gliding into position on the floor. "That's a good look. Where'd you get tech like that?" She stood in front of the screen, moving to make it difficult for Chimera to see it, but it seemed to be showing some sort of progress bar.
  2. GM Macedon stayed behind while Luke brought the group up, high above the city. The triple towers of the Pyramid Plaza stood as the tallest buildings in the city. The buildings still stood unfinished, the work on the towers halted by the battle that raged across the city. From above, they could see two flying figures fighting above the city, the force of their blows sending shockwaves their way that the group could almost feel. In the streets below, heroes could be seen leading civilians away from danger, or protecting them from villains. Not far
  3. Nevermore II Charlie looked to Muirne and frowned. "Hey, don't worry, the professor sounds like this has happened before. We'll make it back somehow." He offered a hand to help her up on top of Luke, helping anyone else that might need help, then moved up his form to the dragon's head, being as close as he could get, at least. "Codenames, Nightscale. Get used to it. My boss would've had me running laps by now if I kept calling our his name like this." If everyone wanted to do this, then sure, they had to keep to the rules, right? "I think Madame
  4. Combined TOU of the group: 25 Your attacks manage to incapacitate some, but you're not making any noticeable progress.
  5. Nevermore II Leaping from the window, Charlie spread out his cape to soften his fall, landing next to the Raven. "Sure, got him, boss," he muttered while accepting the Bowman from Alek, gently putting him down on the floor before reaching into his belt and pulling out a first aid kit. It wasn't much, but he could at least keep him stable. "You got the cleanup, Arrow?" He didn't bother to look up while he asked, focusing on Arrow's mentor instead. With the Unkindness ready, he helped Bowman up again, towards it and into the seat. With the barely
  6. "Up, up and away," Pan muttered to no one in particular. Just him and Danica, then. Everyone else safe within her shell. Yes, this should do well. Pan paused briefly, looking around. Where to start? What would be the best place to go? "Back to where we started!" he finally exclaimed, flying off leaving just a trail of dust behind, before returning for Danica. "Shall we?" He would have to wait for Danica, of course. Oh well, they would get there soon enough.
  7. Hm... let's go with treating it like a Targeted Area attack at the stunted powers rank for damage? Give me a roll with your ranged attack bonus to hit them all, then I'll roll vs that, treating the group as one target with individual ones being incapicated (depending on how you want to stop them)
  8. Back it to the door. Give me a Knowledge [Popular Culture] check to see if you know her if you got that.
  9. @Heritage is up! 23 - Shift - 2HP - Bruise (x1) 23 - Arrow IV - 0HP - Unharmed 23 - Nightscale - 2HP - Unharmed 14 - Stinger - Unharmed 12 - Toxin - Unharmed 10 - Chump - Unharmed, Raging 10 - Nevermore II - 1HP - Unharmed 10 - Bluebird - Unharmed - 100 feet above ground 7 - Howl - 3HP - Unharmed 7 - Casanova - Unconscious, Bruise (x1), Entangled (Rank 8 Snare: -2 ATK/DEF, -4 DEX, Anchored branch on tree above him, upside down) Visual Obscure, Darkness: 8/10 rounds, on Initiative 10. Auditory Obscure centered on 100 feet radius
  10. GM Bluebird continued to fly about 100 feet above the group. So far, she had not been lucky, but could they even get to hear? Nightscale had pulled Stinger away from Arrow, grappling her in a crushing hold, while Toxin continued to attack Shift. Casanova was hanging from the branch of one of the trees, twitching lightly from the shock. The hit had sent him spinning widely, slamming face first into the trees, some blood dripping from his now broken nose. On the opposite side of the tree from Nightscale, Sting, Arrow, Toxin and Shift, Chump still h
  11. Nevermore II "Sounds like a group of wannabes. Three people, arguing about the alarm. Talking about taking them in and out, so they might have a teleporter in the group, that could be trouble." He paused briefly. "One of them wants to go, but the big angry guy wants to go in there again. The usual make it big, yadda yadda yadda speech." Looking up at Callie, he grinned. "Strike hard from the shadows and fade away sound good to you? Sounds like the small guy is the one that'll get them in and out."
  12. GM "No, I think it does!" Jonathan clearly didn't agree with Agnes' plans for ending the situation. He moved in close, through the blinding light, quickly moving his arms in around the Preacher, only to see the older man slipping out of his grasp. Almost cackling to himself, the Preacher continued back through the hallway that they had entered the room. His entire body continued to shine as he moved, far faster than one would suspect of a man his age.
  13. Jonathan tries to grapple the Preacher: 12, that's a miss. The Preacer retreats, running towards the tunnel you came from. His body is still glowing with the blinding obscure effect. 23 - Ms. Bright - 1HP - Unharmed 20 - Jonathan - Bruise (x1) 14 - Preacher - Unharmed
  14. Archer II Connor pulled a handful of arrows his quiver. No more being flashy and smart, then. These guys wanted to play rough, he'd play rough. Nothing fancy, just arrows. Moving to the side as he circled around them, he started firing arrow after arrow at the man that had just talked, each hitting its goal and digging into him, going through any armor he might have. Arms, legs, bodyshots... It wasn't long before he fell down, leaving just one more target on the roof. Reaching for another arrow, he raised it and took aim.
  15. GM The two men continued to fire at Archer, letting loose all around the rapidly dodging hero, but with little succes. "Man down." One of them quickly barked at the other in between bursts of fire. "Didn't plan for backup. Abort?" The other took a brief pause, looked at Archer, then fired again without responding.
  16. The 4th attacker is still moving through the building. Attacker 2 and 3 shoots at Archer: 18 10 Both miss. Archer targets Attacker 2 with Standard Arrows with Rapid Fire Arrows: 32 That's a crit, and +3 from Autofire, so a DC29 TOU save for Attacker 2: 12 He's down. You're up! 31 - Archer II - 3HP - Unharmed 17 - Shooting Star - 0HP 7 - Attackers - x4? -- Attacker 1: KO -- Attacker 2: KO -- Attacker 3: Unharmed -- Attacker 4: Unharmed
  17. GM The man never knew what hit him. In a moment, he was unconscious, falling and caught. Quiet and stealthy, Steel Spider had but moments to react when one of the other guards started to turn towards the man he had just knocked out.
  18. Give me a Stealth check vs. Notice 15 for your next action. They're moving about, but let's see if they notice you!
  19. That is a hit! He can't make a DC28 save, and since he's already stagged, he's out. Let me know when you've edited your post, then I'll follow up.
  20. Uniform concept, based primarily off the Atom Family's Silver Age look. The idea is that the members of the academy doesn't have to wear it, but its appreciated if they do. If they do wear it, they can make adjustments, additions and changes as they like. Add a jacket! Shoulder pads! A cape! Bare arms if you're into that! Change the colors! Your call!
  21. Gonna spend a HP for Inspiration for Pan to figure out the best place to go.
  22. GM Armstrong was silent for a moment as Ashley turned, then finally spoke up again, just before she left. "Last I heard, you don't really have any say in what's happening here, so how about you just run along and make sure those kids don't get in over their head? Wouldn't want anything to happen to Cahill's daughter." If it was meant as an apology, Armstrong sure hid it well. "Some people are just trouble and can't be trusted. Its as simple as that." --- Once they were all far away, and Armstrong could see that they had reached the parking lot, he pulled out
  23. I'll give you an extra HP to reroll that, just because of how unlucky you've been so far.
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