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  1. “Yeah right.” Luke ruffled the hair on the back of his neck, his eyes shifting away from Charlie for a moment. He really hadn’t thought of about it. Besides, he could have easily jumped on the other side already. Whatever… He landed softly on the ground below, his fall broken by the quiet shadow of his wings. He dashed in the dark, trying his best to stay out of sight. For now, at least, it didn’t look like Sebastian or any of his cronies were going after him. The young man clenched his fists as he listened to Shield’s words, any shred of sympathy he might have had for
  2. It felt… Weird… Scary a bit, his eyes could no longer penetrate the darkness. Just like before... When he was still human. Vulnerable. Exposed. Luke could feel the adrenaline starting to pump in his veins. He wished to have brought a light source with him a match would have sufficed, he searched his pockets, but he knew he got nothing there. Whatever he was not gonna leave Muirne alone. The only way was ahead. Assuming that he could find the where ahead exactly was of course. A voice, whispers in the dark. Help us. “Yeah, not creepy at all dudes…” He remarke
  3. “Cool…” So they were going to face cosmic being who could warp reality as it pleases. Just an itty-bitty step up from the gangsters and mundane criminals that he had confronted during his short heroic career. Well it was bound to happen wasn’t it? Whatever. “Ok, let’s do this.” “Yeah alright guys, we are gonna get through this! And remember you are all awesome.” He shouted toward the group of trapped kids, wondering if they could actually hear him from behind the invisible wall. The young man ruffled the hair on the back of his neck when Spaceman introduced himself. Yep
  4. Ok, better luck next time I guess, have fun with the thread
  5. mmm a 2 again for a grand total of 6... Luke ain't exactly lucky these days...
  6. Luke got a 2... (link) so 12 in total, mmm... At least he has SM on Notice and he can hear what they said.
  7. hehe I can always use more adventures for Nightscale
  8. Awww come on! Luke massaged his nose after his dash face first into the invisible wall. Not before breaking into a tirade of colorful expletives (many of those definitely not appropriate in front of a crowd of children). He threw a kick against the barrier shortly thereafter, no use, but then again he didn’t expect that anything was going happen this time. I'm so gonna eat him when this wall comes down... “Ok I guess we are gonna have to play.” He slumped his shoulders. “Do you know this guy?” He turned to Spaceman and Shift.
  9. Luke didn’t have a flashy costume, yet, at school, he used Claremont’s uniform, but then again, it wasn’t exactly appropriate for sneaking out and going undercover. So for that night he had simply picked up a black sweatpants and sneakers combo, a hoodie, with no sleeve the hood pulled up, and a bandana to cover his face leaving just his eyes. I definitely need to get something better… He wondered as he joined the group that had gathered close to the South wall, not that he had any idea how though. Perhaps I can ask Charlie or something… It was not like he really needed gadgets o
  10. Luke held Quirk’s gaze, but there was definitely a puzzled look in his eyes. What the hell? “Uh… Ok.” He ruffled the hair on the back of his neck, when his attention suddenly shifted to the newcomer. The guy looked like a real superhero didn’t him? Dices? Colored tiles? That looked complicated and well, a bit boardgamey? Whatever. He could get to the end of the path in no time and be done with it. The ending didn’t look that far. The young man dashed past the border of his tile, or at least, he tried…
  11. “Hey maybe we can interrogate the people that work on the ride." Yeah it made sense right? Even If they didn’t have anything to do with it, for sure they must have noticed that something was going on. The young man nodded as he listened to Pan. Yep, he must not be the only one who thought about changing history right? That was gonna be a mess. They needed to contain like a lot of people and that was assuming that everyone got back to the same time they did instead of being scattered through all of history. “Hey Eira, do you like? I mean register what you see or something?” Or maybe
  12. That was, a bit too enthusiastic maybe? Maybe even vaguely threatening… Yet, this guy hasn’t done anything that looked too dangerous so far. So sure, ok, let’s play along and see what happens right. “I can agree to that.” He grinned, but found himself lowering his eyes, when he noticed a disapproving glare coming from the actual teacher. Turns out he should have perhaps tried to give a good example, but well… “Woah… How did you? You have freakin’ cool powers you know?” Yeah, teleporting was pretty neat, yet, there was no way that this guy was a normal student wasn’t i
  13. Luke was about to find a way to crash through one of the barriers when the Headmistress appeared, forcing him to stop on his track and give her one of his best ‘I wasn’t going to do anything stupid’ smiles and ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. “What crimes?” Luke grinned at the Headmistress. “But yeah, anything that can help.” Plus his family was waiting for him, he absolutely could not get struck in school the whole night. Although, to be completely honest the idea of some Halloween adventure wasn’t exactly that unwelcome in the teenage boy mind. “Let’s get to it.”
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