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  1. Ok, Luke will make an illusion to cover up Jamie escaping and make a copy of her to keep in outrider's hands so hopefully the Brute won't know that she is gone, he will have to keep his concentration up however or else the copy won't move.
  2. "Whoa Whoah Woah..." Luke gasped. That was at the same time awesome and scary. Truth is, the display also made him feel quite happy that Watchdog was on his side and not the other way around. "I'm sorry for this man, but you have been pretty rude so far..." He grinned before socking Archer in the face. "That's gonna teach him manners." He smiled, but the euphoria didn't last for much. Matt was still in troubles. He turned toward his friend. "Don't worry man we are gonna fix this... " "We can bring him at Claremont... They can help him. I'm sure."
  3. Hehe it might be a bit rude, but I think that Nightscale is gonna punch Archer to try and knock him down with a 24 to hit, taking -2 to defense until his next turn. Edit: btw is there a way to contact the school for the students? (I mean apart from 'by phone' I imagine).
  4. Nightscale relaxed a little as he saw that the girl was now safe in Outrider hands. Now they would have to figure out what to do next. They couldn't bring an innocent woman to a fight with whatever monster was behind the abduction. Yet he imagined that the big fellow won't be happy if they just let her go... Awesome. Master fixed him. Yeah somehow I doubt that. "Yeah he must be a great guy." He replied dryly. "Is he far from here?"
  5. I'm not sure, will Luke emotion control fade away if he switches array to make an illusion of Jamie? Emotion control is sustained (lasting) so I imagine it will? I'm still not that certain about these kinds of interactions with arrays. Otherwise he can make a copy of Jamie and let her escape I imagine. He can also try to stunt an alternate power to keep both up, but that will make for a pretty lousy illusion (rank 2 or 3 at most).
  6. Luke was lost, a dreamlike haze enveloping his whole world, phantoms dancing among the maddened crowd, someone had to do something and yet every time he faced one otherworldly presence it just vanished back into the nightmare. What the hell was going on? Wait. The young man shook his head and took a deep breath, rubbing his eyes to try and clear his head. When he could open them again though, somehow the party has gone back to normal, well, as normal as it could be with so many of the clubbers still enthralled by the gas at least... "What the f-" He barely dodged a brawling couple
  7. Fort Save: 23 Yey! Luke isn't sure if he should punch the DJ yet. My reasoning though is that at least he will try to intimidate him (With skill mastery 20) as a standard action.
  8. While it was clear that something out of the ordinary was definitely going on, Luke was still too enraptured by the spectacle unfolding in front of his eyes to really focus on what exactly it was that felt so wrong. Plus even in all of that confusion it still seemed like Leon was actually getting some success with Holly. Yeah way to go ‘bro. A woman scream however did manage to bring him away from the party mood. “Monster? Where?” He moved in between her and the man she had been clawing at, unable however to see the actual source of the threat.
  9. 16 definitely not hehe
  10. Nightscale 8 - 1 pp Freedom Fallout 2 Hearts and Heroes 1 Party Rocking 1 Back Alley Brawl 2 Survival Class - Silver Lining 1 Old School Spirit 1
  11. “Yeah, sure, lead the way will you?” Nightscale nodded calmly, trying to keep the pace with the big guy so that he could more easily keep him enthralled. That was risky as hell wasn’t it? Especially for the poor girl that was still in the brute's grasp. “We can help you watch her if you like? I mean, you are very strong, don’t you think she might be hurt on the way? I bet the master would not be happy about it.” Plus his power was not going to last forever anyway and there were big chances that whoever was pulling Matthews strings could break his spell at the worst pos
  12. Luke ignored Archer’s remark, he was not a kid anymore and besides, it was not like not being one had ever deterred him from participating a conversation. He shook his head as he listened to the smug government agent explaining the situation. He could see where his line of thinking was coming from, he had “No. Matt Wagner is a civilian and actually the guy who needs our help.” He replied forcefully. “The actual criminal that has hurt those children is the guy who has been forcing him to do this.” God, that was messed up. A lot. Freakin' Children...He wondered if Matt
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