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  1. "Well, myself, I'm sure we hadn't met already, no way I'd have forgotten about it, if it was the case..." He smirked playfully. "And I seriously hope that you haven't seen us on the news, I mean, would have meant that they caught up to us." He laughed with her, taking a few steps closer himself, so that they could dance together a bit if they wanted to. The fight with the robots, yeah he was there and with no costume, so there was a chance that she had actually seen him on the news, it would have definitely been a good occasion to show off, but... well, he would have b
  2. 17 Stealth... Meh, but knowing Luke could be worse hehe 19 Search, could be better, however Luke has this: Super-Senses 5 (Valuable Object Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Olfactory, Default: Radius, Ranged; Extras: Acute, Tracking) [5PP] Maybe it can help with finding the gem? I really need to find PP for 1 more skill mastery feat with stealth in it when I start spending Nightscale's XP
  3. "Yeah that, or he is just feeding her some lies." Although Murine was too perceptive to just fall for that, the young man was convinced that there definitely must have been something more sinister. "Yeah no way." Luke replied, trying to show as much confidence as he could muster. Of course that was never going to happen. Impossible. Still, there was nothing wrong in being a bit careful right? Again, that guy was named Casanova, there were huge chances that he was not exactly a follower of the proper 'bro code... "And yeah I haven't heard about anyth
  4. Luke nodded, although he wasn't exactly sure that any of his friends could see him, given that Muirne shadow veil enveloped them. Hopefully the demons would suffer from the same trouble. Now, as satisfying as it would have been to just burst out of their hiding place and land in the middle of gang, scattering them with his wings, Nevermore was right, there was a small army there and plenty of hellspawn to follow them, they needed to thin those number a bit. Dragonfire would have maybe done wonders with it, but admittedly, Luke wasn't ready to barbecue a bunch normal of guys with no
  5. The fight was going, well... ok, as far as Luke could tell, admittedly though, there were a lot of villains to handle and none of them seemed out of tricks for now. Well, there was one, the guy wearing an high-tech tin can and struck in the jaws of a creature of myth. "You're not going anywhere." He teased as he felt the supervillain futile effort to break free. "I like Supervillains when they are crunchy, you know?" He continued, as his fangs began to tear through the armor with a series of sinister crushing noises. Now it was not like he was gonna eat this guy for
  6. "L-Nightscale" The young man introduced himself with a quick wave, but his gaze was already focused on the running main the alley and the fight at hand. "No problem we got this." He gave a cocky smirk as Shooting Star tried to warn them about the danger of the fight. Yeah like if this is my first rodeo, he chuckled. Truth to be told though, that guy looked freaking tough and he seemed like he hit like a train, given how easily he managed to swat Outrider away. That said, no way he was going to back down from a fight, especially from a would be kidnapper. He ran through
  7. woah that guy looks tough, unfortunately Luke doesn't exactly have much choice of different saves to attack, so he his just gonna do some punching with 19 If he manages to hit the Save DC is 23.
  8. Nightscale is gonna chew Trawler a bit (he auto hits right?) It's DC 26 Damages + DC 16 Drain.
  9. For now Luke is also going to stay quiet, he will create illusions of the heroes, just barely in sight of group 4 and 5 (like shadows hiding behind a corner), in order to lead them to the closest traps, if possible in places that have enough cover that the demons will have to land close to the traps in order to investigate.
  10. "You're gonna find that job quite hard to do, let me tell ya." Luke chuckled, yeah, no way he was gonna do anything more than flirt a little, perhaps not even that (watching is not cheating right?). Hadn't that redheaded bombshell just smiled at them, though? She had right? Luke replied with a playful smile of his own. Now if he wasn't a good boyfriend he would have much likely tried to hit on her, but alas... "By the way, you don't have the same constrains as I do, am I right?" He grinned again, giving his friend another playful nudge and tossing a glance toward the gi
  11. So she could come back? Luke sighed with relief. Thanks God! He would have never forgiven himself if someone actually died under his watch. Hero or not. “She will be fine then?” He asked. “And Tiamat too?” His gaze shifted toward the fellow dragon’s unconscious form. “Can we do anything to help?” When the urgency of the situation started to dwindle a bit, it was time for Luke to make a realization. That was the whole freakin’ Freedom League! And most of them staring at him, with various levels of inquisitiveness. Now Luke was not easily intimidated, but given the situat
  12. Any chance that Luke knows Archer? By reputation maybe? Hehe btw I was thinking that it could be fun as vigilante who actually operates in soutshide and isn't much older than Luke it could be fun if maybe he and Archer had clashed a bit during the short time when Luke used his powers to play gangster.
  13. “Noob!" Luke teased. I think I might actually be in for another round.” He chuckled. The young man, whose human appetite perhaps didn’t much his draconic side, but was definitely close to it, was always in favor of a good pizza, especially of the all you can eat variety, for the dismay of restaurant owners aruond town more often than not. And truth to be told, he didn’t mind a ride of the Painkiller, that ride was freakin’ Awesome (yes with a capital A). “You had pizza in your home time?” He tossed casually. “Sure thing.” The young man grinned, leaning in to find the station, when
  14. “For now the present is kicking your ass isn’t it?” Luke gave the monster a cocky grin, one filled with a row of fangs. Although admittedly he wasn’t that confident on the fact that they were actually winning, but whatever. He nodded at Muirne. Still somewhat short on breath. “Yeah… Are you?” His gaze sought to meet her own, he knew that something happened when Muirne changed, different from when he did the same, he wondered if it was her staring back at him or something else. He smiled, as if to silently say that he was there if she needed him (although admittedly he wasn’t exactly su
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