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  1. Thanks god the flight went smoothly. Luke kept double checking the unconscious form of his friend the whole way, clutching him carefully in his claws, mindful not to hurt him more. We are going to fix you buddy, don't worry. There must be something that the people at the school could do right? After all the faculty was all made of freakin' superheroes. "Yeah." He nodded as he hurried to follow the headmistress toward the infirmary. "This his Matt, he is my friend..." He sort of introduced them. "He was... Well... Gangsters shot him and he got hurt bad..." Yeah and it was his fault. "but not like, turn into a cyborg kinda of bad, he was recovering." Or at least that's what he hoped. "Someone did this to him." He added, pointing at the robotic parts. "It's like, like they can control him through the implants, made him try to attack Judy at the demonstration before.... Ashley knocked him down... I hope he isn't-" The young man lowered his eyes. "Can you help him?"
  2. "Nice." Luke replied dryly at the mention of the things they were going to wait for them. "They are like nostalgia demons." He chuckled. It was somewhat funny that he himself was a creature of the 'old world' after all, wasn't him? Well as far as he knew his species was common whenever he had been snatched from. "Whatever that is we are gonna kick their vengeful asses to where they come from." He added confidently. turning toward his girlfriend and smiling at her. Finally there they were, a part of town that, honestly speaking, the young man wasn't very familiar with, a bit too fancy to be honest, although he could appreciate the 'spooky' vibe a bit, given the whole, overlooking the graveyard thingie. Whatever. It was time to slip back into superhero mode which meant keeping his eyes open...
  3. Nerdzul

    Team Talk

    "Yeah... plus it's nhot jhust that..." Luke added as he chewed through the last bite of his burger. "I mean, I definitely want to stick it to Cas..." Although admittedly it was annoying to think that Cas got that idea before they did. "But it's also cool to kick ass when you are with friends." He grinned. Not long after his eyes shifted toward his girl. *Or with something more than that.* He smiled softly. "And the way I see it, we are stronger together anyway... " Yeah compensating each other's weaknesses. "I'd have probably burned down the whole museum if it wasn't for you people..." He shrugged, yeah, luckily his friends and a now free from Cas's influence Muirne had managed to make him reason. "It'd be like bein' in a gang." Yeah not exactly. "I mean to do good though."
  4. Nerdzul

    First and Ten

    "Hey nice to meet you man." Luke chuckled and smiled sincerely as he saw Simon transforming into a cat and back in front of his eyes. Now he was a shapeshifter himself in a way so perhaps he should have been accustomed to these kinds of things, yet he couldn't avoid to be somewhat amazed anyway. "And woah, three hundred years old? I mean aren't you a bit too old for school." He teased. "You must have a lot of stories." He grinned. Admittedly he did know someone else that came from ages past, even before the time when Simon was apparently born, in fact, he was actually dating her, yet as far as he had understood it, Muirne hadn't actually lived through all these centuries. "And like the other said... don't worry you'll see plenty of strange around here... Although no-one I know have been a cat for so much..." He frowned and gave Owain a puzzled look when it was his turn to talk. "Not seem what to be what ?" He shrugged. Whatever. The young man grinned again at his roomie's words. "Yeah I really am too big for this place." He chuckled, his eyes did flare of golden light though. He did offer James an "Nice to see you too mate." Even as he saw the young man shy away a little. Whatev- "One from the future two from the past. We got all bases covered." He grinned, at least himself and Leon were from the present (well, he wasn't exactly sure admittedly given that his egg could have been snatched from the past as far as he knew, but then again, good enough.) "'So are you guys enjoying the 21st century?" Then he turned to face Leon. "I guess we are gonna show them around a little..." The grin on his lips suggested that perhaps he did have some mischief in mind on the matter.
  5. Nerdzul

    First and Ten

    Luke was late, which of course wasn't exactly unusual. As for the reason why... Well saying goodbye to his family (that lived just a few miles away), after the summer spent back home, proved to be harder than he though. Now, obviously he wasn't going to share that information with anyone of his fellow students though, especially Leon that would probably tease him forever if that was the case. So instead, he strolled in with confidence as usual, in sweatpants, an athletic shirt, a red faded ballcap, carrying the large backpack with pretty much all of his possessions on a shoulder. "Hey, what's up noobs?" He gave the newcomers a playful smile once he noticed the small crowd of kids in the hall. "James, my man. How is it hangin'?" He grinned and gave a strong (but not too strong) pat on the back to the kid he had met during the orientation. "Luke here, for those that don't know me already." He introduced himself. "Your friendly neighborhood dragon. " "Hey roommie... Showing off already I see." He chuckled, giving Leon an high five as his eyes briefly followed the small origami swan that was now flying around the room.
  6. That was... a weird question wasn't it? Now Luke wasn't particularly religious to be honest, but then again faith is not exactly an easy matter when you are a supernatural creature (and a teenager at that). "Nop, nothing wrong with that..." He tossed a quick reply. "How come? I mean, where are we going exactly?" Fighting zombie in a church maybe? That would have been pretty metal. Luke chuckled at the idea, picturing al album cover with a black dragon fighting hordes of rotting undead with a stained glass window as a background. Yeah definitely. "How far is this place by the way?" He added shortly thereafter. God I must sound like my little bro.
  7. I was wondering, is there a way for the students to actually contact the school in case of troubles? Or at least alert someone that you are coming in a hurry and carrying someone who is hurt?
  8. Luke nodded, giving his friend's unconscious form another worried look. "Sure thing. I'll get him there." Ms. Summers will know what to do for sure. She must. The only thing now was managing to bring his friend there safely (and hopefully before the angry cyborg could wake up again). "I owe you one too." He tossed hastily at the end, already darting out toward the school, gently holding his friend's unconscious form.
  9. Nightscale: 11 - 2 PP Freedom Fallout 2 Heart and Heroes 1 Back Alley Brawl 2 New Year New Students 2 Old School Spirit 1 Littel Spider in the Big City 1 Team Talk 1 Party Rocking 1
  10. "Wait... We..." Too late, apparently Holly was also a villain, or at least pissed that they had taken down her brother which all in all was somewhat understandable, himself he would have been pretty pissed if someone had knocked down his own brother. That said, yeah, the guy had just managed to send a partying crowd into an insane frenzy so better stop empathizing and get to punching. When she exploded for the first time Luke wasn't fast enough to avoid breathing in the gas (which by the way was Holly? Ewwww?), but at least his enhanced stamina was enough to shrug off the poison. He wasn't so lucky when she did so again, momentarily blinded by the blood covering his eyes the young man could just stunble around the room confused and in pain.
  11. Reflexes: 21 / 24 Fortitude to avoid the stun. Reflexes 2: 9 , 19 Tou... Nightscale is dazed so I guess he is gonna skip.
  12. Nerdzul

    Team Talk

    Of course Luke was furious with Cas and with the fact that despite everything that had transpired he was still around at school. I mean freakin' mind controlling Muirne. The thought was enough to make his blood boil. Then again, that was definitely no reason to waste a good meal. In fact, the young was going through his burger and fries at breakneck speed, as usual, after all the appetite of a teenage dragon were pretty hard to sate (not that it was much better before he discovered his true nature though). During the past few days, he had done his best to stay close to his girl, after all, as infuriating as it might have been for him, she definitely got the worst end of the deal being subjected to that creep influence. He was sitting close to Muirne and had planned to go on a date after their were done with what Charlie had to say. Speaking of which. Chaz had asked him to call Leon too. Sure why not. His roomie was a friend and he was sure that he could help with the Young Freedom situation (besides, it was not like Leon had any love for Cas and his gang himself). He wasn't sure about the reason of the meeting, but truth was, he wasn't totally oblivious to the possibility of it being to form a new team. "Yeah, let's to this." He had replied enthusiastically at Nevermore's suggestion. "Hey you are ok?" Luke turned to Muirne after her colorful response, although worried, he would have to admit that emphasis had made him chuckle a little.
  13. Woah things escalated fast didn't they? Luke was about to turn toward the big guy, but was startled when both him and Shooting Star crashed through the floor. One down. For now at least. He wondered if even the other subjects were just victims of the mad scientist. But truth was, they didn't have the time for an heartfelt conversation. Not now at least, with their lives at stake. Besides the room was a perfect setup for his dragonfire wasn't it? The young man took a deep breath, as golden light begun to shine in his chest, raising quickly upward toward his neck. Finally, he exhaled a cone of golden flames, bathing the abominations in fire. Luke smirked, when he realized that only one of them managed to fully evade it.
  14. Most of the times Nightscale didn't patrol at Downtown, after all, the least he could to for his community is to focus on Southside safe while he wasn't busy with school, but then again, knowing the whole of Freedom City was gonna serve him well in years to come and besides, the idea of jumping from roof to roof among the city tallest buildings sounded fun, all things considered. So far tough, his exploration had been kinda uneventful, not that he was craving to meet some criminal of course, but still, he could have used a distraction. So when he noticed a streak of energy in the air he quickly rushed to investigate. It didn't look like they were criminals though, in fact Luke had already met Shooting Star. "Hey!" He saluted the two, smirking playfully under the mask of his makeshift costume. "I did not expect the skies to be as busy this late at night, you know?" He chuckled. "Nightscale at your service." He introduced himself.
  15. "I got a knack for finding my friends." Luke grinned, yeah it was a less creepy way to say it that something like 'I can track what's mine'. Wasn't it? "So yeah, you are screwed." He joked. "There is no way out of the tour with me around." The young man chuckled. "Freedom Eagle and Onyx. Cool. Cool." "I know the feeling." He grinned, when Angela mentioned growing wings and claws. "You did great in choosing to come here, by the way... Myself I didn't exactly use my powers in the smartest ways at first." He lowered his head a little and ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. "Yeah, it's kinda like that. Safer that way. Plus hero names are cool." Luke grinned. He was about to add something when the other joined with them. He smirked at Leon once he saw his roommate approaching. "Show-offs." He teased as he waved at the newomers. "Sup girls?" "Yeah, one and only. And you must be Naomi and Wilona... Nice to meet you two." "Now we are supposed to show you around. Dorms, cafeteria, library, all the boring stuff." He shook his head. "Although the latter kinda had demons summoned there once if you are in that kind of things." He casually tossed chuckling. "But you can look at them from above.... So that we can get faster to the fun stuff..." He added shortly thereafter as golden light begun to pour from his eyes, his body shifting and growing in size, as molten obsidian scales begun to cover his flesh as Luke transformed into his draconic form. "Now. Anyone needs a ride?" He stretched his wings and lowered his head to let anyone who wanted get on his back. Obviously there was no need to change to give them an aerial tour, but what was the point if he could not show-off a little himself. "Then I think we can show you the battle simulator?" He tossed, turning toward Leaon. "I mean so that you can all get a change to show off your powers, It's pretty cool, I'm sure you're gonna like it."
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