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  1. "Yep... Turns out that our systems aren't working and that I volunteered to help the wrong day..." Luke smiled. "I wonder if I can recruit some assistance..." The young man suggested playfully. Although, to be honest Puma did seem a little lost herself. "Need help with something by the way? Your friendly neighborhood's dragon is at your service." He offered. "Looks like Neko and Owain are using this opportunity way better than me by the way..." He shook his head and grinned, a few moments later when he noticed their small stand. Indeed, time displaced or not it felt like the two teens had far more business sense than the young dragon, whose summer job hadn't exactly left him swimming in gold... "God I think I can use some lemonade..." He added. "Hey... I didn't know you two were so famous." He playfully teased the couple of 'entrepreneurs'. Admittedly he did have a social media presence himself, but it was in his civilian persona and since he had started to tune down the 'thirst-trap' videos (that Muirne would have probably not appreciated) he hadn't seen that much of a success.
  2. Summertime was over. Leaving home to go back to school always made Luke felt a bit nostalgic, although to be honest, it was not like his family lived that far away. That morning, though, he didn't have time to reminiscence about the summertime gone. It was his senior year and the boy had volunteered to help out with sorting the new (and old) students while the system was down. Although, once he had done so, he hadn't thought it would be so testing for his patience. "No... I don't care if that wasn't your damn room last year. That where it says you have to go now. Ok?" He half-instructed, half threatened another kid, growling, as he grew tempted to just shove the fellow super-hero in training to his room. It was then, that he spotted a familiar face. He opened a path for himself through the crowd and waved at Puma, with a big grin on his lips. "Hey..."
  3. Nightscale: 1 Girls (and boys) just want to have fun at the pool 1
  4. Fort save for Nightscale is 24
  5. "Their loss." Luke smirked and shrugged exaggeratedly not before finding himself under Effigy's assault. "Hey..." He objected, the smile not having left his face though and his tone more enthusiastic than irritated. "School us? Challenge Accepted." He bowed his head a little in a playfully mock gesture of courtesy, raising a small weave of poolwater of his own toward the fiery pyromancer (that might or might not have been enhanced by an echo of his wings). He threw a glance at Leon and Neko, a grin on his lips and did his best to avoid showering the two with his next 'attack'. "Hey man... We boys are supposed to work together, you know?" Luke smiled at him though.
  6. Nighstcale girls and boys just want to have fun 1 Yeah I know... a bit low, I'll try to post more in august (hopefully)
  7. Finally Luke had found a decent place where he could change back and enter the fray. He scanned the scene for a few moment and a sigh of relief escaped his lips when he noticed that most of the hostages had left and the rushed toward what felt like the most dangerous of the bad guys. Unfortunately, that fellow as tough and even his dragon claws couldn't do more than a few scractches...
  8. "Come on, ladies, no one is up for a bit of a challenge." Luke grinned as he called for the others to get in the water and play. "I mean, you have four strappin' boys all eager to be your trusted steeds." He teased, raising his arms out of the pool and pointing at Owain, Leon and Felix (and spraying a generous wave of water on his friends as well). Now he wasn't exactly sure about the outcome of a game of chicken where everyone had superpowers, or how conductive it would be to the integrity of the place, but then again, he was certain that it was gonna be entertaining. “At least the scenery is nice.” "Tell me about it." Luke smiled again, giving Leon a playful nudge on a shoulder, now himself, he did already have a date, but that didn't mean that he was blind to the company they had...
  9. Nightscale is gonna try and gang up against Bear-Knuckle with Owain using his rending claws to try and soften the guy a bit. Alternate Power [9PP]: (Additional Descriptors: Rending Claws) Drain Toughness 9 (Extra: Linked (Strength Attack)) {9PP/9PP} To hit: 15... Unlikely, but the guy is still flat-footed right? In case it's enough the DC 24 Tou for Damages and Drain Toughness with DC 19
  10. Nightscale girls and boys want to have fun at the pool 5 hoard of the beast 2
  11. Mostly oblivious to the worries of some of his friends and admittedly distracted by the his bikini-clad classmates (probably in ways that his girlfriend would not completely approve, then again he was a teenage boy), Luke was grinning ear to ear when he joined the rest of the team by the poolside. He unceremoniously ditched his stuff, towel, flip flops and hat, at a safe distance from the pool, being already clad only in his swim trunks and headed toward the water. "Watch out below!" He shouted enthusiastically, jumping into the air and diving in with a massive splash, one that reached even those who were not yet in the the water, but still close to the pool. He remained under the surface for a few moment, before emerging with a triumphant "Whohooo..." "Come on jump in people!" Luke waved at the others that were still waiting. "Time to get wet." He joked. Now, deep down, he could somewhat understand their worries, the situation was definitely a bit strange, yet he has no reason not to trust Wilona and Naomi and well... a bit strange wasn't exactly uncommon in the life of a teenage superhero anyway. "Anyone up for a chicken fight?" He suggested a few moment later. "My shoulders are ready for action..." He added, playfully flexing his muscles.
  12. If you want, Leon can make a Perception check (DC 20) to notice that the cave strange rhythm somehow synchronizes with Luke's breath. The cave has also manifested something that Leon might want among the pile of treasures, you can go with whatever you would find the most interesting sticking among the gold
  13. "Yeah I..." Luke ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. He felt a sense of growing uneasiness, his instincts at war with his mind. It was weird. he was about to add something when one of the huge pile of gold coins and treasures in the distance collapsed, crashing into the glittering sea and startling the boy. "Woah..." Luke almost jumped and even Chewie gave the two teens a worried clack. "I guess it's... We... We better get moving ok..." Quietly, Luke offered his friend to lean against him to help during the long trek ahead, one that for sure was not gonna be pleasant with a wounded leg. At least, they were no longer stumbling blindly in the dark, but the navigation of the hoard was indeed not an easy one, with the 'ground' unsteady and brittle, frequently enough to make their legs sink up to their ankles and force themselves to push hard to progress. Riches beyond their wildest imagination lied at their feet, an ocean of wealth, untapped, glittering under the furtive rays of the sun coming from somewhere high above their heads, the coins themselves, antiques individually worthy of a small fortune, jewels and other treasures scattered among them dotted the surface and much likely many more were hidden in the depths away from prying eyes. Not unlike in the caves before, the crashes and the winds, still continued and the boys could swear that the more they progressed, the more they felt like heartbeats and breath. Although, to be completely honest, that was a comparison easier to be made by Leon that Luke, as the weirdly enough, the rhythm of the hoard seemed to somewhat synchronize with the one of the dragon boy's own heart. They have been walking for a while, when, in a small 'clearing' in between piles of riches, something caught Leon's attention...
  14. "Don't encourage her." "I'm just saying man..." Luke chuckled as he listened to the bickering between the two. "Well... I wouldn't mind a ride over then," "Sure thing let-me..." Luke was about to change and give Carmen a lift to the pool when he learned of the change of plan. Uh ok... Not that he did mind, although if they went in public it would mean that they would have to be more restrained when using powers. "Woah..." Luke grinned as he saw the ride that was gonna bring them to the pool. "That's cool." Although, to be honest, being the subject of the generosity of his schoolmate like this made the young man feel somewhat unease, definitely unaccustomed to luxury as he was and already feeling a bit guilty that his superhero status had granted him privilege above what his 'normal' friends enjoyed. Still, the teenage dragon did his best to maintain a cheerful disposition as he choose a spot close to the two cat girls on the bus. Before they departed, he typed a message to Muirne if she wanted to come, but unfortunately that was not gonna happen. Ok... He did noticed Owen hesitation and gave the young knight a playful nudge on a shoulder. "Don't worry man, it's gonna be fun." The idea of sneaking into some dead people property was a bit weird to be honest, although it was not like Luke's first time breaking in one of the mansions up the hill, that was in another life. He waited to see if any of his friends needed help surpassing the fence and then jumped over it with a fluid movement, relying on the force from his intangible wings to carry him over the wall.
  15. “With a mood killer like her around it wouldn’t matter who’s there.” "I dunno man... I mean, the way she is teasing you..." He tossed, giving his friend a playful nudge on the chest as they were getting dressed, with the closed door hopefully shielding their conversation from the group assembled outside. "Hello Luke, do you swim?" "Do I? Of course, I do, certified lifeguard here." The teenage boy grinned, it was after all a good way to earn a few bucks during the summer (plus, girls dig this kind of stuff, not that he was ever gonna bring that subject up within earshot of Muirne of course). "Do you? I mean cats and water..." He chuckled, was he being 'racist' or something by asking though? The boy wondered. He still nodded when she confirmed that indeed she wasn't going to swim. "Yes, they caught me in the lobby. I just got back from my stay at the church and well, felt like I couldn't refuse." "Made you an offer you can't refuse." Luke echoed Carmen's word in an exaggerated 'gangster' accent and pointing a finger gun at her. "Well, I'm happy that you decided to join..." The boy waved at Legatus as he joined the crowd, it was perhaps a bit weird for a graduate student to join in with kids that were still in school, but then again, he wasn't there to judge, besides, superhero work tended to make personal lives way more complex than they should and he couldn't blame the guy to still be attached to friends from school. "Heya man, sure, the more the merrier." He grinned giving the young man an high-five. "Ok people! Let's go!"
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