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  1. Luke nodded. A simple Q&A sure, he can do that. Besides, yeah. Besides, how could he say no to a small crowd of admiring eyes? No way. “Luke here, your friendly neighborhood Dragon.” He bowed his head slightly. “What’s up future heroes?” He shouted as he enthusiastically saluted the small class. Awkward silence. Great. “Come on I don’t bit-” He teased, a grin on his lips, but the children had already begun to swarm him and Pol, with a ton “You are f-” Language Luke. “ehem - awesome too.” He chuckled He did his best to an
  2. “Yeah, my bet is, we are gonna have tons of chances pretty soon.” Luke chuckled, yeah, now he had no experience about superpowered bullies (well…), but he definitely believed he knew how mundane one behaved, eventually, Sebastian was gonna do something stupid. “Neat…” He bowed his head slightly at Charlie, playfully toying with his room keys between his finger, making them disappear. Not the only one who know magic tricks mate. He smirked. “Now you are talking some sense.” There was a grin on his lips as he gave Charlie a pat on the back. He nodded approvin
  3. if needed I rolled 25 at survival for Luke to read the map, woah a 20 well spent hehe
  4. “Sunscreen? Never needed it.” There was a cocky grin on his lips. Well… He did spend a lot of time outside, but not exactly in the desert, whatever. “Show off.” He chuckled as he gave Charlie a playful nudge. “Not that there's anything wrong with that.” Yeah, what was the point otherwise right? He smirked. “Yeah, right?” He laughed at Zach’s teasing. At least it looked like he was not the only one who had picked what were pretty much just street clothes for their adventure in the desert (more for a lack of choice to be honest, but whatever). “
  5. “Then you have picked up the best teacher.” Luke gave Pol a cocky smirk and a playful nudge on a shoulder. “But I do accept the responsibility.” He chuckled. “I’d say it’s a pretty neat power.” The young man laughed. “Unless… That’s just a secret identity.” He continued playfully. Could be right? Himself, he didn’t use one at school, but he was (sort of) careful in preventing people from discovering his real name. Just in case. “I… yeah… I guess it’s cool.” The young man ruffled the hair on the back of his neck, there was perhaps a hint of guilt in the tone of his voic
  6. Nerdzul

    Midnight Tour

    Luke nodded. “Yeah works for me… besides If it doesn’t show up I can kinda run faster than a bus anyway.” He gave her a cocky grin, it was true though, he could, but then again, it was not exactly low profile anyway, so yeah, perhaps it would be smarter to just wait. “Hey… thanks for the tour, ok.” He threw her a glance and a friendly smile as he jumped down from the car. “Good night. See you at school.”
  7. “Yeah run away man.” Luke teased as he saw Sebastian vanish through the door of his room. Whatever. “By the way guys? You’re really saying that the school would do something about stuff like that?” There was more than a hint of surprise in his voice. “Mine, well… no one had freaking superpowers of course, but they let a lot of stuff slide and I mean A Lot.” He would have to admit that he had benefitted from that himself, but well, he wasn’t exactly proud of it today. He ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. “That’s cool.” “You have trademarked accessories?” The youn
  8. The young man gave a sigh of relief when he realized that Lulu was indeed getting better. Sure, between the two of them, she was by far the most experienced hero and yet, he still felt the need to keep her safe, somehow. Anyway, whatever it was over now. They just had to track that thing before something irreparable happened. Hopefully they hadn't lost too much time yet. “Don’t worry she had the same effect on me.” Luke chuckled at Miurne’s confusion, sure the situation was tense, but then again… Mind readers right? “Dunno, it’s like, something wrong is gonn-“ Luke kne
  9. “I thought that in the desert we want to avoid as much sunlight as we can, actually.” There was a smirk on Luke’s lips as he jumped down from the van. Finally by the way, they had to ride like for how many hours? To get to a freaking desert? For survival class? Come on! He stretched his arms, very deliberately before adjusting his backpack on a shoulder. His clothes, a white tank top, gym shorts, worn sneakers and a faded baseball cap, were already beginning to get soaked in sweat. Great “Of course boss.” The smirk was still there, obviously together perhaps with a hi
  10. By the way I'm definitely open to other shenanigans if anyone is interested. Maybe Luke can fool around with someone at the school?
  11. mmm looks like the scene had moved past Luke punching Sebastian (or having being controlled) mattering much in the grand scheme of things, so I went for something else. He tried to counter Sebastian's mind control with his emotion control power, not sure if it would have even worked, but the dices dispelled any doubt with an 1+8 = 9 anyway.
  12. ‘Show the kids that you can end up anywhere and be just fine’ Whatever. Luke was sure that it was gonna be fun, besides, it was a day off from the books and that was definitely always a plus. And it was fun discovering new things about the whole superhero world anyway right? The whole child heroes school thing was pretty neat wasn’t it? Would be awesome of Gabbo could fit there too. Yeah right? It was a shame that his little ‘bro didn’t have powers though. A shame if you asked him, he would have loved it here. The young man was wearing Claremont’s uniform that day (with
  13. Nerdzul

    Midnight Tour

    Luke furrowed his brows as he listened to Lulu. “Yeah. I guess it would have been a fun parallel world.” There was no need to deny it, mind reader or otherwise, he smiled, but it didn’t fully reach his eyes. “But it’s ok. As I said… Your guy is a lucky one.” “Sure… and no problem I can give my wings another stretch.” Well, he couldn't exactly fly home in front of everyone, but whatever there was no need to make things more awkward between them. “Besides, you did manage to convince me not to sneak in at school. I'd call it a win already. Christ that was a stupid idea, w
  14. Nerdzul

    Midnight Tour

    “A saddle?” Luke chuckled. “That’s really kinky you know.” He teased a playful smile on his lips, well, the best one he could muster given his reptilian features. Speaking of which, it was perhaps time to be back to normal right? Yeah, a lot less awkward that way. He roared again as the same golden light begun burning in his chest, dancing beneath his scales, following his crown of crest as once again his shape twisted back into the one of a sixteen years old boy “That said, yeah it’d probably be safer that way, I mean not everyone one is a freakin’ Targaryen around here.” He cont
  15. Luke's will save 27 That said I'm still debating if he should fail instead or just punch Sebastian to break the 'spell' on Zach I like the idea of giving him an enemy. Which one would you prefer ppl?
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