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  1. As you might have noticed the Easter Weekend came and went and I'm still not back... So yeah... I think this is gonna last a bit more than I planned, hopefully it'll get better with work and other personal stuff soon...
  2. I might need some time off from the site, between work and general post covid lack of energies it feels like I can't concentrate on anything. I'll try to get back to posting ASAP, hopefully by the Easter Weekend. Meanwhile, if you are waiting for me in any group thread please go ahead and skip me. I'll still be on discord though.
  3. Sorry if this took me forever. I think we can start rolling initiatives. By the way, how is Carmen approaching the scene, is she being stealthy or just walking in normally?
  4. GM "Murderer is such a limited definition." A voice mused from the stage, but its source was somewhat concealed. "In fact..." The familiar voice echoed in the theater, seemingly coming from a different point on the stage. "...you see, I am only balancing a cosmic equation." The man continued. "The symmetry of reality restored. You will see it my way, in time..." All the distorted figures in the crowd, stood up from their seats, their blank faces turned to Jonathan. "But let's not get ahead of ourselves..." ... It was then that Nightscale and La Puma Negra got to the theater. "Supervillain monologue up ahead..." The dragon boy quipped.
  5. Nightscale Luke bowed his head slightly and grinned as he welcomed La Puma Negra in the room. "Yeah, it's like, we are in some kind of bad movie." Yeah, like one of those old detective stories that his dad liked to watch sometime. He ruffled the hair on the back of his neck, trying to remember if the place looked like that during his first exploration as a kid. Truth was though, back at the time, he was too busy gathering all of his courage to truly appreciate the décor. As Carmen inspected the newspaper she could find mostly local news, but it seemed like whoever was reading it not long before, had focused their attention on a tiny piece, just a few lines long about the anniversary of a shootout that happened many decades before. "Maybe is our ghost friend..." The boy mused, as he dashed downstairs with Carmen. It wasn't hard to follow the source of the noise, in fact, the two teens could hear Jonathan's voice easily as they ran through the halls of the abandoned casino. Even with the cameras somehow turned off, they could not shake off the feeling that someone was watching them.
  6. Nightscale kept surveying the scene, it was a mess, chaos, terrified hostages running around and there was little he could do from outside. Now, of course, if there were only villains within the building he could have unleashed a weave of fire on them or something of the like, but unfortunately this was not the case. He needed to get in. So, instead, he gently dropped Neko from his shoulder and on a safe ledge where she could easily run in if she wanted to and then shifted back into his human form, jumping inside and raising his fists, ready for the fight ahead.
  7. Well Nigthscale is gonna gently deposit Neko somewhere safe and then change back so that he can join the fray. Now shapeshifting is not a free action for him so he can't do much more than that. He will interpose if any of the villains attack a target that he can protect though.
  8. So that's what was that guy was talkin' about. Stinger! Now, it was not like he had any way of knowing it was her underneath the mask though, wasn't it? Or that she was that supervillain's sister... "Ms. Scorpion eh?" Luke chuckled as he closed the distance between himself and the superviallains. "I like it... nice callback..." He teased his schoolmate. Something was definitely off wasn't it? Now, he had seen Stinger siding with Cas and all, but she didn't look like Supervillain material to him, not yet t least. Still... There she was... Now he would have definitely spent his time investigating a bit more about her reason, but they were still in a fight and there were people in danger, so he still swiped his claws toward Sportsman II, not that it did him any good.
  9. 6... Hehe well... Luke was obviously gonna watch the scene and let the new heroes have fun first
  10. GM Outside of the complex the drones continued their onslaught, however, the energy blast from the robotic bee stinger proved to have little effect on Mirror Knight's shield, for now at least. The third remaining drone could do nothing, but recalibrate its sensor and renewing its effort to keep the buzzing and assist its companions in keeping the humans under their control enthralled, although, clearly, a few among the policemen were now struggling against the swarm's influence and some even aimed their guns at robots, the bullets however, bounce against the reinforced carapaces harmlessly. In the confusion Melissa easily manage to sneak past the Bee drone defenses, while outwardly, the shell of the robot had the familiar appearance of a Bee, underneath, its construction felt almost alien in nature, an assortment of circuitry that had been designed by an intelligence whose logic did not align with the one a human engineer would have used, while still being efficient and effective in its implementation. While it would take some effort on her part, Melissa could probably reach the drone power source, a battery of some kind stored deep underneath its armor, she could not however, identify the central processing unit that was guiding the robot's actions. As she moved inside, she also found a strange substance, a golden nanomachine gel of some sort that flowed among the cracks in the machinery created by heroes offensive, intent in repairing the damages and although, she could not be sure, it almost felt like the substance was becoming aware of her intrusion.
  11. Again sorry for the delay, hopefully I will manage more regular updates soon. although COIVD has drained me a bit and work is work... so yeah... Drone 3 tries to hit Mirror Knight with a blast of energy, but it dissipate on his defenses harmlessly, however those with a technical expertise could notice that after the failure the drones are somewhat recalibrating their weapons. Drone 2, systems realign and it is no longer dazed. And it's Crystal Gazer @Heritage's turn. @Tiffany Korta you can post as well. I'll make an IC explaining what she finds out inside a drone (you can also roll Technology DC 20 to get some extra insight of the drones). (Environmental Effect: Distracting DC 13) Mirror Knight (bruised) - 26 Hp 3 Rocket (no damage) 21 - Hp 4 Queenie (no damage) 15 - Hp 2 Bee Drone 3 (no damage) 16 Bee Drone 2 (dazed and bruised) 15 Enthralled Policemen (Paralyzed) 15 Crystal-Gazer (no damage) 11 - Hp 2 Bee's (no damage) 11 - HP 3 Drone Swarm (no damage) 10 Bee Drone 4 (no damage) 9 Other Enthralled Civilians (Paralyzed) 3
  12. "Three vs two would be unfair wasn't it?" Commented the Mistress of Mayhem, as the ring of fire waned briefly to allow the young shapeshifter into the ring and doing her best to conceal the hint of surprise in her voice. "But worry not, a new contender is ready to test his valor in the Arena!" The crowd, stood quiet for a moment, confused by the turn of events, but soon their attention was drawn anew to the action that unfolded. First Chimera managed to strike true, despite the evasiveness of her foe, hitting the Gentleman in his chest and forcing all the air out of his lungs. Then as the fighter struggled to recover when Fiery Fury's massive blade, misled by Neko's illusion began to hoover over him. "No wait! Stop! It's a-" The man objections were of little use as the flaming sword landed on him as well, giving him little respite and only barely contained by the natural field of telekinetic energy that surrounded him. Confused, Fiery Fury turns toward the heroes. "You will pay for this..." Meanwhile the crowd, its favor ever shifting, had began to cheer for the heroes, who seemed to have snatched the advantage. Still, outside of the arena, an attentive eye could see a significant number of gorillas and some of the Masked, forming a wide circle around the ring of fire, positioning themselves discretely, yet somewhat menacingly, to surveil the fight.
  13. Again I'm sorry for the huge delay in replies. Also I had already rolled for Fiery Fury attacking the Gentleman and she had to daze him, also he has already been dazed by chimera, as well, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to load my past rolls on Orokos, so you are going to have to trust me on that Actions: The Gentleman clears the daze, but Fiery Fury hits him with her blade, bruising and dazing him again. The crowd seems a bit unimpressed by the two fighters hehe... And it's the heroes turn again. @Avenger Assembled, @Spacefurry and @Dr Archeville 19 - The Gentleman (bruisedx3 and Dazed.) 18 - Fiery Fury (no damage) 14 - Neko (no damage) - 3 HP 13 - Owain (bruised) 11 - Horrorshow's (Bruised) - 1 HP 4 - Chimera (no damage) - 3 HP
  14. The boys tumbled down the pile of coins, almost like if they were descending some kind of uncomfortably uneven metallic slide. Luke did his best to slower his descent, but there wasn't much he could do, the surface was too unstable and the slope too steep for him to stop himself. so the best he could manage was to try and not to land face first. He could sense his friend less than gracious descent a few feet from him, Chewy was nearby as well, but Luke could swear that the young creature strange clacking calls sounded more excited or amused than worried. They were halfway through the descent when suddenly, Light! They must have somehow moved away from the narrow passages and instead entered a much larger cave system, with the sun somehow shining in from above, reflected on a pool off... Gold? A lake, no a small sea of coins as far as the eye could see, polished and shiny, like million of tiny mirrors they reflected the celestial rays, bathing the scene in an otherworldly glow. "Woah..." Luke shielded his eyes from the sudden flash as he finally landed on a somewhat more stable surface, although, his feet had sank among the coins and he was somewhat submerged up to his ankles. "This must be where the crash-" Leon! His friend was a few feet behind him and despite usually being more agile than the young dragon, had been caught off guard and had a far from graceful descent . Luke tried to step away, "Fuuuu....." It was too late and his roommate came crashing into him, sending them both tumbling down until they finally properly 'landed' piling down on the floor. When they had both regained their composure, Luke stood up, on shaky legs, extending one arm to help his friend do the same while using the other to massage his lower back. Perhaps his unnatural stamina had managed to shield him from the worst damages, but that was definitely gonna hurt in the morning. "Woah..." He took a deep breath. "That's not at all how Scrooge does it..." He chuckled, yep, perhaps they should have asked the comic book billionaire duck for some pointers... As the boys had a bit more time to survey the scene they noticed that they were in a truly massive cave, filled to the brim with the coins, ahead of them however, there was a large a stone column of sort and shielding their eyes from the reflection of the light, the boys could almost see the contour of a stair climbing it up. On their left, many feet away, there was what looked like a plateau of sort, unfortunately they were too down below to see what was on top of it.
  15. GM The cameras of course were no match to Mirror Knight dimensional energies and soon he was confident that whoever was watching through them would be blind of what happened in the room. The door itself didn't offer much resistance either, not even a sinister creaking, in fact, it felt right it was almost like the hinges had been recently oiled. The room within, the Smoke and Mirror Casino theater, shrouded in darkness until moments before, suddenly felt like it came to life, under the light of a massive crystal and glass chandelier that dominated the whole room from the ceiling above, one that felt like it was the product of a broken mind as instead of providing an even illumination it bathed the room in distorted fractal shades. The seats, themselves, were not empty as they should have been, inhabited instead by what felt like featureless 'things', barely material reflections, of people that weren't fully there. They seemed not to pay attention to the newcomer however, focusing instead on the stage ahead of them. The velvet curtains were open and the scene set, wooden replicas of everyday objects that again Jonathan felt disturbingly familiar, it was empty however. Like if it was waiting for him...
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