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  1. Reflex save for Brute: 17 Just barely made it, stumbled but didn't fall.
  2. Chimera stood on the dimly lit rooftop as the rain ran in rivulets along the rough edges of the techno-organics that twined around her. She stared across at the Bastion building lost in thought. ”Geez, I wish I had an umbrella.” The rain was soaking her through the open spaces of the symbiote. She hugged herself to try to work some warmth back into her arms as she contemplated the best way to enter the building. ”Let’s call it what it is, breaking and entering.” She sighed and mentally psyched herself up when she noticed something. A shadow was falling on her. “Shitshi
  3. Alrighty, Brute is going to attempt to grab Shooting Star and toss her at Outrider. Grab attack: 7 Nevermind, he whiffs. Chimera is up, and while he seems to be distracted she will attempt an opposed grapple to break her friend free. Grab attempt: 11 HP to try again: 9+10=19 Chimera Grapple: 30 Brute Grapple: 38 An impressive attempt, but ultimately futile. The girl remains in his grip. Next up Nightscale and Outrider @Nerdzul @Lone_Star
  4. Chimera The big guy didn’t seem to be very smart. But he was obviously distracted though and Chimera thought she could seize the moment. Reaching out she grabs for his arm. At her fingers slip on the ragged fabric of his dirty coat, but she quickly reacts and manages to get a firm grip around his forearm. “Hang on.” Chimera pulls, straining against the thick muscles of Brute and for a moment it looks like it might budge, but when he turns his attention back to Shooting Star he shrugs her off. Chimera stumbles and reaches out for Jamie. ”No!” The girl is lef
  5. GM If Brute heard Shooting Star, he appeared to pay her no mind as he seem to understand he was surrounded. He would have to fix that if he was to continue on. Turning his attention back to the armored Outrider the big man reached back blindly for Shooting Star. He didn’t seem to account for the half step back she had taken and a hand that looked as if it could palm her head snatched at the air right in front of her nose. As he groped around, the caped hero easily stepped further back out of reach. He looked back towards Shooting Star in visible confusion and annoyance.
  6. That is a hit. But his Impervious tanks Nightscale's strike as easily as it did Chimera's. And that brings us back to the top of the order with Shooting Star who is dazed for this round. @Kaede Kimura You're up. Shooting Star bruised/dazed 2HP Brute unhurt Chimera unhurt 3HP Nightscale unhurt 3HP Outrider unhurt 2HP
  7. GM Outrider's hammer sailed through the air and connected squarely with the Brute. He seems to flinch as the impact vibrates through him, but the weapon rebounds harmlessly. On the heels of the hammer blow Luke's spectral claws strike true, but seem to glance off the solid flesh of the man. It seems only now that he notices the other three heroes in the alley with him, as he looks back in the direction the hammer came to see the armored figure of Outrider. Turning slightly his gaze passes over Nightscale and Chimera.
  8. Sorry, didn't mean to jump the gun. Grapple... nat 1: 19 As punishment I with take it and save my HP for later.
  9. Online didn’t tell her much as Jennifer rode the bus over the river and into the Hanover neighborhood. Stepping off the bus she headed off on foot following the map on her phone. As she got closer Jennifer ducked into an alley, Chimera re-emerging as she crested the rooftop of the attached building. From her vantage point she got her first glimpse of the Bastion Technologies building, nestled among the smaller companies and startups.
  10. Blackstaff watched as one of the guards dropped from Carnifex's assault. He could only hope them victim was still alive. "Forzare!" His blasting rod snapped out at the remaining guard. Powerful winds whipped out in an attempt to wrap around the man and grip me tightly.
  11. That’s a hit. Fort save vs DC 19 for Brute: 30 No dog, it was pulled inside by its owners.
  12. I have been corrected, Shooting Star is only bruised/dazed.
  13. Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark. Missed by more then 5, so you get a bruise and are stunned. At least you were able to eat the Knockback this time. Chimera attacks 23 A hit, but the Brute tanks the blow with Impervious @Nerdzul@Lone_Star You guys are tied so you can post in any order. Shooting Star bruised/stunned 2HP Brute unhurt Chimera unhurt 3HP Nightscale unhurt 3HP Outrider unhurt 3HP
  14. Chimera glanced from Shooting Star to the teenagers. "Ah, Chimera." She said quickly from behind the techno-organic mask covering her face from the nose down. "You can call me Chimera." With that, she turned her attention to the man holding her friend and ran back down the alley she had just a moment ago been thrown down. Covering the distance in a flash, she wound back her fist. Tendrils of silver-grey snaked down her arm and surrounded it from hand to elbow like a gauntlet. Chimera drove her fist into the small of the Brute's back... And nothing, the man didn't even seem to acknowl
  15. GM The man stopped when Shooting Star passed him and he tilted his as if confused for a moment. Up close, in the spotty alley lighting one could make out the tattered shirt and coat he wore. Even hanging open, they seemed to strain against the man’s bulk. The sweat pants don’t seem to fair much better, but their stretchiness help. And if the cold, damp and dirty ground bothered him, it didn’t show. His feature were only slightly distorted, but not in a twisted sense, just a bit off. Maybe his eyes were too far apart or his nose too wide. When he bared his teeth one would swear
  16. @Kaede Kimura Yup that’s a miss, sorry. And he’s going to come back with a backhand swing. 24 Oof, Toughness save for DC 30.
  17. Jennifer frowned in thought. She couldn’t imagine a foundation as large as ASTRO Labs resorting to robbing a college laboratory, nor ArcheTech or MarsTech. She tried to remember what she had heard about Bastion, but couldn’t remember hearing anything bad about them. Honestly, she couldn’t recall much of anything really. She supposed they sounded pretty adamant to hear from Dr. Thomas. Jennifer debated with herself. She felt like she had screwed up, so maybe she should look into this a little more. Staying long enough to make sure the security had her statement before excusing herself
  18. Okay so we have Shooting Star pulling ahead by a nose. Shooting Star 21 Brute 20 Chimera 16 Nightscale 11 Outrider 11 @Kaede Kimura you're up first Shooting Star unhurt 3HP Chimera unhurt 3HP Nightscale unhurt 3HP Outrider unhurt 3HP Brute unhurt
  19. GM The six foot plus some figure carried the struggling young woman under its arm without care. A string of curses with a few choice colorful words about her assailant's parentage echoed down the alley, but the man didn't seem to care. It passed trash bins and stacks of boxes when a small alley dog barked at it from an empty door frame. He paused for moment seeming to regard it until someone pluck the canine up hurriedly and disappeared back into the darkness within. The figure began to move again.
  20. Chimera looked up at the caped girl that had flown up to check on her. "Thanks, ya. I'm tougher than I look." She said as she stood. She glance at and nodded to the two normal looking teenagers as they ran up looking concerned. "I'm okay, but you two should get to safety." She warns them, not realizing that the two were Claremont students and heroes in their own rights. She looks back at the caped girl and points down the alley at the retreating figure with its struggling hostage. "We need to help my fri-, the girl."
  21. "That sounds like a challenge, good sir." Leon chuckled as his friend continued to nudge him along. "Constraints? Me? Did you forget who you're talking to?" He smirked then looked to see what he was looking at. As his gaze swung around he noticed an older mad standing off alone, it seemed a little suspici- Leon's train of thought was obliterated when he laid eyes on the girl. As he took in the long red hair, freckles and the bright green eyes his attention was captured completely. It took a moment before he was able to tear himself free of their lure. He quickly managed to ga
  22. May as well get the initiative rolls outta the way. Chimera: 16 Brute: 20
  23. Intelligence check to see she remembers of Bastion tech or their reputation: 11
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