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Late Thread Counting

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At FCPbP the RefTeam asks you to get your threads posted in the current month's active threads topic as soon as possibly (ideally this would be as you post). When people delay posting their threads it delays counting everyone's threads, which is a disservice to the people that are doing the counting as well as your fellow players.

Active Thread for Month X posts are now being set to auto-close seven (7) days after the end of the previous month (12AM on the 8th), but we recognize that sometimes life gets in the way and you might have been absent from the forums and unable to, for whatever reason, post links to the threads in which you've been active. That's what this thread is for. If you have failed to post your threads and the thread is closed, please list your threads here (in the same format you'd use for the main threads) with a small explanation.

Posting your threads here provides NO GUARANTEE that you will earn PP for your post as each instance will be reviewed by the RefTeam to determine if you already had ample time to post; remember this is for people with legitimate reasons, we're not rewarding the lazy.

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Sorry these were late, there's exactly one post in each thread, tallying to exactly one post per character for June.


Crimson Tiger

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Back in the Day;
'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>



By All His Engines
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A Little Friendly Competition;
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I don't really have a better excuse than I let time get away from me in a hectic month here this July.  By the time I got home on the 7th it was already outside of 12AM (At least outside of CST).  Apologies though, I should have gotten the threads in earlier.
>Edge of the World

>Heavy Decisions 
>No More Good Days 
Foreshadow II
>Jury Duty 
Non-Canon:  Rebels Against the Dark Lord 
>Winter Wonderland



>Blood is Thicker than Water 
>Disastrous Delinquency 
>Interpersonal Counter Revolutions 
>Next-Gen:  Lor & Order 
>What the Kraken Released 
>A Little Friendly Competition

>Heavy Decisions 
>Jury Duty 
>Lucien Lockwood, Murderer!

>Sweet Dreams (Aren't Made of This) 
>Tales from the FCPD:  Dirty Money

Edited by HG Morrison
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Found out at the start of the month that the leasing office wants to raise my rent by...quite a lot. Got so distracted by a rush of house-hunting (still in progress! I'm not going to be out on the street, but a cheaper place would be nice....) that thread counts completely skipped my mind. :(

Gaian Knight & Tiamat

>Back in the Day (2)

>Getting Your Shots In (4)

2+4= 6 posts


>By All His Engines (1)

>Mystery at Bedside Manor (8)

1+8= 9 posts


>Night Rings (2)

2 posts

Ref point to Gaian Knight.

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So, due to my Internet hiccuping, I finally got the counts done after the thread locked.

Nick Cimitiere

>By All His Engines (1 post)

>Infection Site (2 posts)

>Welcome To Springsvale, AZ (3 posts)


?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Death, Crime, Rage of a Beast, Etc. (2 posts)

>Your Day in Court (1 post)

>A Cold Reception (2 posts)

+ >Vignette (1 PP)

+ RefPoint (1 PP)


>Werewolves Are So Hot Right Now (2 posts)

>I Sea Dead People (5 posts)

>What the Kraken Release (3 posts)

>The Spirit of Revolution (4 posts)

+ 1 GM post

+ >Vignette (1 PP)


>The Edge of the World (2 posts)

>When the Nothing Shines Upon (3 posts)

>Aces, Chases, Space Bases (3 posts)


?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Death, Crime, Rage of a Beast, Etc. (2 posts = 4 posts)

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So my posts are in the Thread count.  But  didn't realize until after the fact that not all threads were ever edited into said posts.  So to amend that boo boo.


Argonaut (5)

>Edge of the World

>Heavy Decisions


Glamazon (8)

>Beware the Night, O Child of Light

>I Sea Dead People


Foreshadow (20)

>A Trail of Breadcrumbs  

>Egyptian Escapade

>Everybody's Fool

>Your Day in Court


Roulette (1)

>Low Orbit


GM (12x2=24)

>A Little Friendly Competition

>Apex Predators

>First Contact

>Heavy Decisions

>Lucien Lockwood, Murderer! 

>Man vs. Nature:  Here Comes the Boom

>Sweet Dreams (Aren't Made of this) 

>Tales from the FCPD:  Dirty Money 


GM posts divided as follows.

5 Posts to Foreshadow

17 Posts to Glamazon

The rest can go off to hmm.  Argonaut.

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So sorry. My laptop charger decided that my battery didn't need power anymore so my internet access (besides by phone) was very limited to when people would let me use their computer. Finally got a new charger, boot up the laptop, go to freedom city and realized that the seventh came and left without me having access to the computer to put up my posts.




>Incursion: Blood in the Water

>Pest Control


>Hunting Grounds

>Werewolves Are So Hot Right Now

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Argonaut (6)
>Incursion:  Red Five (4)
>Shanghai Surprise (2)
Foreshadow (9)
>Dining Out (3)
>Grim Demeanor  (1)
>Incursion:  Spirit of the Blitz  (4)
>Thanks for the Cheers (1)
Glamazon (21)
>And Two More Shall Take Its Place (5)
>Child Psi-Cology (3)
>Double Booked (2)
>Hidden From Sight (1)
>That's the Way You Need It (10)
Roulette (6)
>Incursion:  Troopers (6)
GM ( 9 x 2 = 18 )
>A World Lost (1)
>Grim Demeanor (1)
>Next-Gen:  Creature Feature (1)
>Shanghai Surprise (2)
>Tales from the FCPD:  Dirty Money (1)
>The Building Blocks of Life (3)
Refpoint to Foreshadow, 4GM posts to Glamazon, and 6 to Foreshadow 

I went out on the last night posts were meant to go up and didn't get back until after time had rolled over that's on me for waiting so long.


Edit: Moved to the thread proper!

Edited by HG Morrison
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The beginning of school really hit me hard, so I couldn't find the time to post these properly. Now that I'm more in the swing of things, this should be a less of an issue going forward. This might take a day or two to complete; I will put COMPLETE in bold at the end when this is done.


Grimalkin/Shrike (28)
Flying Into The Storm (11)
Head of State (1)
Monopoly Misappropriations (6)
Silberman's Books: Reprise (9)
Two Duplicators and Grim, Too! (1)

Miracle Girl (2)
Brain Drain (1)
Patriotic Gore (1)


Edited by Heritage
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  • 2 months later...

I've no such excuse, I'm just a chucklehead and forgot.


Jack of all Blades / Jill O'Cure (18)

Count Your Blessings (5)

A Winter's Tale (4)

Unpredictable Magic (7)

Teenage Superstars (2)


Midnight II (2)

That's Rough, Buddy (1)

Kiss Me and Smile For Me (1)


Ghost Girl (9)

The Traveler in the Dark (4)

Honestly a Barbarian (4)

And He Built a Crooked House (1)


Rock / Nae-Dae (2)

Nothing Lasts Forever (1)

Our Space is Vast (1)


Reagent /  Alkahest (4)

Monster Mash (1)

Bulls on Parade (3)


GM (4 * 2 = 8)

Time Out (4)


Rollover and Ref Point can all go to Reagent.

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February hit me like a ton of bricks, and March sure as heck came in like a LIon!


Grimalkin/Shrike (24) [Maxed]

A Performance to Die For (1)

Late Night Out (2)

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon (5)

Nothing Up My Sleeve (1)

One Night at Rusty's (9)

The Box of Delights (1)

Twinkling of an Eye (5)

Changes in Personnel (FCS)(1)


Some Adjustments (Vignette)


Miracle Girl (13)

A Bad Case of the Runs (2)

Brightly Polished 24 Carat Wits (4)

Falling Star (1)

Patriotic Gore (1)

To Help People At All Times (5)


The Bonds of Affection (Vignette)


All points to MG, as usual.

Edited by Heritage
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For Alderwitch July 2016


Phantom 1 = 1PP

ToV: Being Green (1)





Nighthawk 10 = 1PP

Final Exam (7)

Never Lose Yourself (2)

Feathers in Their Caps (1)



Bombshell 14 + 4(Guest Star) = 18 = 2PP

Exes and Ohs (5)

Interceptors: Terrance and Emily (6)

U-Haul (3)



Volcanic 31 = 3PP

Trouble Never Comes Alone  (5)

Lateral Ascension (3)

A Day at Starbase (7)

Down the Unfamiliar Road (5)

Lost In the SuperMarket (2)

Old Flames (3)

Children of the Land (6)



Renegade 4 to Bombshell

TOV: Angel of Death (4 Guest Starring)





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No good excuse for late posting, just slow off the mark.


Jack of all Blades / Jill O'Cure (5)

Exes and Ohs (3)

Interceptors: Terrance and Emily (2)


Midnight II (1)

The Skin Side Inside (1)

August Vignette - Puppet Day Vignette


Ghost Girl (5)

Down the Unfamiliar Road (2)

A Dark and Spiteful God (3)


Set / Sekhmet (2)

[ToV] Darkness Three Days Long (2)


Reagent / Alkahest (5)

Looking for Treble (2)

Final Exam (3)


Rollover and Ref Point to Reagent, please!

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Right, this kind of got past me...

Posts for September 2016



Planned Obsolescence: 1 IC Post

The Last Escape: 1 IC Post


Gabriel (All posts/points to Nevermore, unless they'd round up Cobalt Templar or Thoughtspeed better)

Behind the Wall of Sleep: 5 IC Posts



Feathers in their Caps: 4 IC Posts. 

Kick Off: Dark Horse: 4 IC Posts

Cinco por Cinco: Hijo de la Luna: 1 IC Post


Cobalt Templar

The Skin Side Inside: 1 IC Post

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