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Claremont Academy: Taking Attendance 2020-2021


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2020 - 2021 Claremont Academy School Year begins September 7th!


     Dear Parent, Guardian or Mentor Figure,

     Congratulations to your child or ward on being admitted to the upcoming school year at Claremont Academy! We couldn't be more excited to welcome them into our proud legacy of academic excellence, practical experience and community service.


     The semester will begin on Monday, September 9th. Dormitory move-in dates begin one week prior on Monday, August 31st. Below you will find a list of supplies each student will be expected to bring with them, along with a list of those provided by the Academy including toiletries, dormitory furniture and active wear to be used during our award winning physical fitness programs. Financial aid is of course available to students attending on scholarship and we offer meal plans to suit all needs. Our administrative offices will have been in touch by now regarding any dietary restrictions, allergies, atmospheric requirements, etc. See the enclosed contact information for any further inquiries.


     Claremont Academy has long been home to students of both exceptional ability and exceptional circumstances. While students should be prepared to work hard developing their talents and learning invaluable real world skills they can also look forward to a welcoming community of peers with their own unique perspectives and experiences. Orientation will cover movie nights, extracurricular clubs, our expanded intramural league and other activities. These are the friendships which will last a lifetime.


     Welcome to Claremont Academy!


Beneath of the Headmistress' signature in glitter gel pen someone has jotted down a list:


- order new fall jacket

mini fridge? hotplate?

- make improved antigravity belt cuter

- Dad's nanaimo bars to make friends!

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Make a note in the day planner you picked up from the registrar's office, it's time for a new school year! In preparation, each player with a new or returning student who will be attending Claremont this year should post below with appropriate survey for their character:





Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior



Current Intramural Team:


Current Roommate: If both roommates from last year are still active characters they'll most likely be paired together again! If you have an in-character or out-of-character reason to want to switch things up you can send a Ref a private message on the Discord server.


Reflection: What goals does the character have after last year? What did they think they did well and what were they disappointed with?


Community Cause: How would the character like to get more involved in worthy causes this year? Organizing inclusive community events? Planting trees? Raising money for bail funds? Mentoring younger children?






Year: Sophomore, Junior or Senior



Prospective Roommate: If two players want their characters to be rooming together in the dormitories let us know here! You can also say if you'd prefer an NPC roommate or if your character won't be staying in the dormitories during the school year. Otherwise we'll match up unassigned PCs!


Goal: Where does your character see themselves upon graduating from Claremont? Do they have a role model they want to live up to or a situation they'd like to change for the better?


First Impression: They say you only get one chance! How does your character plan to introduce themselves to their new classmates? Choosing the perfect outfit? Handwritten formal letters of introduction? Finding the toughest looking student and punching them in the face?

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Name: Felix Century (aka XVIII)

Codename: Legatus

Year: Junior

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Current Intramural Team: Blue Squad


Current Roommate: Specimen


Reflection: Felix feels isolated and somewhat ashamed of his own lack of understanding of what it is to be both a person and a hero. He is somewhat hopeful that this next year will see him interacting more and making new friends.


Community Cause: Legatus hopes to engage with the school more, especially by peer counseling. He's had some training in listening to others over the summer.

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Name: Chronia

Codename: Kendra Farron

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Prospective Roommate: Kendra has a home in Freedom City. It has, however, been recommended by staff that she stays in the dorms during the school week. Easier to keep track of where and when she is. Along with it being more likely she'll attend class.


Goal: Kendra wants to go on the greatest adventure ever: Conquering all of time! With friendship! And supporting her friends' dreams! Death defying adventures! Beating up jerks who are mean to her friends! All of time awaits! Forward, to ADVENTURE! (Note: She doesn't talk like this at all. Thinks, yes. Talks, no.)


First Impression: Kendra's gonna play it by ear, the way she always does. She's a tall skinny blonde who's carrying a strange looking scythe and a stuffed rabbit. Her clothes are out of another century. She tends to make an impression just by showing up.

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Name:  Utsuwa Ranaga

Codename: Kensei

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: He/Him


Prospective RoommateRyder Fujioka


Goal: Utsuwa's IC focus is on improving himself and being able to join the ranks of heroes that fight against men like his grandfather.  This is boring and generic so my OOC goal is for him to develop the skills and allies to free himself from the grasp of his evil grandfathers ghost, Probably forging a blade to bind him into and shifting into being a more traditional cowl/martial artist for his adult hero life.


First Impression: IC Utsuwa wants to keep his head down and not be noticed.  OOC he's probably going to make himself look like a psycho as his training/schooling thus far has been with a Katanarchists cult that he's only mostly been deprogramed from.  Rumors will buzz quickly that he's a Crimson Katana legacy, so that'll probably help.

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Name: Heroditus Fabricus Stylianos

Codename: Artificer

Year: Junior

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Current Intramural Team: Green Squad


Current Roommate: Benjamin "Rebound" d'Amato.


Reflection: Glad I was able to restore my sister's mind after she was transformed into a Deep One, but sad I could not change her body back.  Learned much about Surfacer tech, but must learn more, and about Surfacer magic.


Community Cause:  Helping Claremont and Freedom City infrastructure (roads, sewers, water & power, etc.).  Maybe help organize inter-cultural events (Atlantean/Surfacer, and Surfacer/Extraterrestrial).  [He would be far more comfortable with the first, as the second would be outside his comfort zone, but he could be good at it.]

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Name: Davyd “Dayv” Ocheret Palahniuk (pau-lah-nik)

Codename: Horrorshow

Year: Senior

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Current Intramural Team: Orange Squad


Current Roommate: Benicio "Ben" "Octoman" Wang


Reflection: Got to see a few aliens last year, hope to see more this year.  Would like to get to know Angelic & Arcana better.


Community Cause:  LGBTQ club.  Welcoming new students.  Helping international students (especially Eastern European ones) adjust to Freedom City/America.


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Name: Muirne Sceadusangere

Codename: Shadowborne

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Prospective Roommate: Muirne will be staying in Claremont dormitories, no preference on roommates.


Goal: Muirne wants to have greater control of her powers by the time she leaves Claremont, and hopes to join Vanguard afterwards. She looks up to the heroes who taught her to live in the modern world and hopes to live up to their example.


First Impression: Muirne hopes to make a good first impression on her classmates, planning on dressing well and politely meeting people, but will probably flounder in meeting more eccentric individuals.

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Name: Calliope “Callie” San née <writing unreadable>

Codename: Madame Raven

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Prospective Roommate: I’m surprised one hasn’t already been picked out, I guess surprise me.


Goal: Callie’s family is one of secrets on secrets and she’s trying to unravel all the secrets that they won’t, or can’t, reveal. Also just enjoy everything that the 21st century has to offer, and everything that she’ll miss back in the 80's. Even if she has to return to that decade…


First Impression: Callie will spend most of the week before planning out her outfit, checking trends and fashions blogs to pick out the coolest clothes to wear. Obviously they’ll need to be black, she has a brand to uphold, but she will look as cool as she can be. And then she’ll ruin it by squeeing over all the other people that she’ll get to meet.

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Name: Pan Barrie

Codename: Forever Boy

Year:  Senior

Pronouns: He/Him/his


Current Intramural Team: Blue Squad


Current Roommate: Micah Roebuck aka Thunderbird


Reflection: While Pan is disappointed that he haven't been able to return to Neverworld yet, he is still searching for a way home. Still, life has been good to him, he has bonded well with his friends, found a girlfriend, and he has plenty of opportunity for more friends and adventure in the coming year.


Community Cause: Pan wants to make friends and be friendly with just about everyone. He is ready to welcome new students to Claremont, and to try to help newcomers from other worlds adjust to life in a place that might be so different from their own world.

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Name: Charles 'Charlie' Gordon Pym

Codename: Nevermore II

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Prospective Roommate: Surprise me!


Goal: Charlie is at Claremont to learn how to become a better hero. He's a driven individual, hard working and out to prove himself. The Raven has sent him to Claremont for training, and he wants to surpass his mentor's expectations, even if he doesn't necessarily want to follow all his rules. On a personal level, Charlie sees Claremont as a chance to find friends and allies, maybe start building a bit of a network. 


First Impression: Charlie wants to be noticed. He's planning on wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt, ready with a quick joke or some snark. He's more than willing to show off with just what he can do, but he's not about to create situations like that unless necessary. He already knows that he won't be following the Raven's orders on staying under the radar.

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Name: Luke Landers

Codename: Nightscale

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Prospective Roommate: Luke is staying on campus. A PC roomate would be great!


Goal: He is there to learn how to become a superhero, use his powers to be protect rather than intimidate. He is also a teenage boy stepping in into a new world and an amazing school, he is in for the adventure, new friends, new girls, a new life... And of course he wants everyone to know his name around there.


First Impression: Luke will be a bit wide-eyed on his first few days as an inner-city boy at a posh boarding school. He won't wear anything special, his best T-shirt isn't better than his other ones. I can definitely see him getting in troubles, a fight or something more light-hearted like I dunno a prank war could be fun, during his first week. He is quite prideful and won’t let someone that snubs or looks down on him go easy. Besides, he might seek conflict as a way to make a name for himself.

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Name: Leon Moore

Codename: Paper

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: he/him


Prospective Roommate: Surprise me. ?


Goal: Survive until graduation and then freedom. He'll play along and learn all the hero stuff, just to prove he can. Once he free, he can reunite with his brother and sister, then... well, it a big world, who knows what can happen.


First Impression: With a mischievous smile, sharp wit, and sharper tongue Leon acts aloof; but he enjoys slipping into things uninvited, whether its conversations, action, or locked places. Leon can always be found with a book or two.

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Name: Benjamin Franklin D'amato

Codename: Rebound!

Year: Junior



Current Intramural Team: Blue


Current Roommate Artificer/Hieronymous


Reflection: He's still lost and coming to terms with everything, and trying to find his role now. Which he felt he didn't do. As such this ties into the below, where he is heaping


Community Cause:  Everything possible, leaning towards helping poor people, especially kids. Also an eye towards social justice matters, as that really impacted him in the return.

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Name: Abigail Storm (Eldritch)

Codename: Arcana

Year: ???



Current Intramural Team: Orange


Current Roommate Elizabeth Grey/Masque


Reflection: She's missed time at Claremont for ~reasons~ and has been left behind.


Community Cause:  Community events, mentoring other students and helping them maintain a school-life-hero balance.

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Name: Adam

Code Name: Specimen

Year: Senior

Current Team: Blue

Current Roommate: Legatus


Reflection: He has adapted better to the outside world than he ever hoped he would. He hopes to continue to grow.


Community Cause: Mentoring younger students, tutoring other kids, using his strength on building projects outside school. 

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Name: Natalia Koschei

Codename: Nocturne

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: she/her


Prospective Roommate: Kid Celtic


Goal: Power! Connections. Experience. Friends.


First Impression: Impeccable fashion and unshakable pride.

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Name: Elizabeth Grey

Codename: Masque

Year: Senior

Pronouns: she/her


Current Intramural Team: Red Team


Current Roommate: Arcana


Reflection: She's been having a lot of fun! Making friends, fighting crimes. But apparently not committing to anything long-term puts a ceiling on participation and relationships, who knew.


Community Cause: Yes.

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Name: Judy Smith/Ashley Smith 

Codename: Daystar/Watchdog

Year: Seniors



Current Intramural Team: Blue Squad 


Current Roommate: Each other. Nothing weird about that, right? 


Reflection: Judy can feel everything slipping away - her friends, her family, her humanity. She's proud of the new strength she's found and of the ties she _has_ been able to keep over the summer - but she's afraid that everything she's done, all the sacrifices she's made, were for nothing. Ashley wants to help Judy have the self-confidence to be her true, authentic self and strike back against the world that terrifies her. And then she wants to move far, far away. 


Community Cause: Judy is tired of politics, frankly, and even the soup kitchens she volunteers at make her think of her fractured relationship with her family now. She has her youth ministry here on campus and a desire to redeem the world, but how can she do that from a cloak of anonymity? Ashley can't do much from behind her secret ID either, but she'd like to volunteer at a gym to teach kids physical fitness. And then maybe go somewhere far, far away. 

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Name: Eira Katastroff 

Codename: Angelic

Year: Senior



Current Intramural Team: Orange Squad 


Current Roommate: Lulu Beaumont


Reflection: Ugh Eira would never, ever admit this but she wants to make friends and be liked. She's doing okay with this so far? 


Community Cause: Visiting sick kids in hospitals, building things for them.

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Name: Danica Holmes


Codename: Chelone


Year: Junior! (it's only taken four years, she's very excited to finally be an upperclassman!)


Current Intramural Team: New transfer to Blue Squad


Current Roommate: Not sure


Reflection: Danica has made a lot of friends and learned a lot at Claremont, but she's also become more aware of her limitations than ever before. She is hoping to figure out in the coming years how to use her gifts to benefit the world, even if those ways may not involve a lot of action-adventure.


Community Cause: Danica helped save the zoo that one time, she'd like to volunteer there more when there are no disasters happening! And hey, now that she's a lofty junior of 34, maybe she's ready to start showing some younger students the ropes. 

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Name: Veronica Danger

Codename: None!

Year: Senior

Pronouns: She/Her


Current Intermural Team: Green Squad


Current Roommate: Janus Danger


Reflection: Since I began at Claremont two years ago I have gotten to fly a Pegasus Spaceplane to Mars; battled SHADOW and Thule Society agents; explored a mummy’s tome; battle pirates from another dimension and ghost pirates; traveled to the Lost World and so much more. Looking forward to what my last year brings!


Community Cause: I have long been involved in environmental and nature conservation projects around the world through my family’s foundation, would be happy to continue that work around Freedom City. Also interested in other philanthropic projects, such as habitat for humanity and others.

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Name: Micah Roebuck

Codename: Thunderbird

Year: Senior

Pronouns: He/Him

Current Intramural Team: Green Team (so far as I can recall)

Current Roommate: Pan Barrie (Forever Boy)

Reflection: Find the courage to consistently speak his mind and heart to his friends, his family, and his peers. Not in a negative or insulting way, but in a way that makes him heard. 

Community Cause: No firm ideas. Something that lets him use his mechanical or musical skills, perhaps connect to his religion/beliefs, and/or connect to his heritage (Cherokee tribe). Maybe using his powers as critical weather change? 


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Name: Astrid Torsten

Codename: Ms. Thursday

Year: Senior

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Current Intramural Team: Green Squad


Current Roommate: Maxine O'Brian (Spectre)


Reflection: I've chilled out. A little. I've learned more. Kind of. And I've made friends that I haven't pissed off and turned away. Mostly. Goals were sort-of-kind-mostly met but with some room for improved. It ain't a finish but isn't the start either. 


Community Cause: Actually educating people in Scandinavian culture beyond the stereotypes would be sweet. And being an instructor for a rock music class for kids would be awesome. But lending my voice and tunes to a LBGT advocacy group in Freedom City would be radical!

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