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  1. Zenith pirouetted with all the grace of a world class dancer, which... she was, as she turned her power to bear pulling the honey up into the air, and stuffing in into a globe of that strange white 'fire' she made, until it was enclosed in a floating, crystalline orb that just remained suspended, locked in place mid air. Then she looked to the rest trying to sort what to do, and made her way to the rest of the teens, her crown of hair moving of it's own volition somewhere being fire and a mass like that underwater, "I can move it, I, what?" She stopped and looked to the living ligh
  2. "Hmmm it was cut clean," she said absently in her inhuman voice. Zenith reached down with her power to pull a bit of the honey clinging to inside the tank and drew it up to she could taste it, her left arm raising and holding about in front of her, as that arm disappeared into that distorting shimmer that twitched and glitched as a similarly appearing glow filled the tank, it looked like digitized white fire, starting from the bottom and rising up, reforming the area that was damaged. As it did the shape of the tank started to fill in, that was the easiest part, the tricky part...
  3. That said, I suppose I should have clarified that Zenith is examining the damaged tanks.
  4. Use Move Object to push away honey so she can step on the ground to look.
  5. Corinne sits very still on the back of a giant bee like this is her normal thing, cross legged, and her arms folded across her chest. She watched, and she listened before they landed, her frown deepening, as she realized what would come next, or more accurately what was coming. Slowly she pushed herself to her feet, knowing she had to reach deeper, and would have to do the thing that she had been hoping not to, but well, she had no choice. "Well, crap." A sigh as the gleeful, ecstatic sensation burbled and started to rise, and she jumped off Super Bee, and before she hit the ground the cha
  6. Oh, pop culture check for that earlier thing too: 15 Search check 17 once ah, it comes up. But matter manipulation means Corinne/Zenith has solutions
  7. [url=https://orokos.com/roll/896163]Notice[/url]: [u]1d20+6[/u] [b]14[/b]
  8. End of year for the Juilliard, and Corinne was needing some time to recuperate, and just space. And he dad asked her to 'look in on an investment,' his words, though when given the briefing it was an offworld charity, that gave the late-stage teenager pause. Though her father's note that while his help was taken, he had pissed off caretaker because he was speaking 'capitalism to an altruist.' She was a graduate of Claremont, so she sort of had an in, and her powers gave her a larger leverage to be of 'assistance', if she could keep the otherside from emerging and being an ass, or really her
  9. angrydurf Empyrean 2 posts = 1pp Kensei 3 posts + Ref Point = 2pp Cubismo Arrow IV 3 posts = 1pp Ultra Girl 3 posts = 1pp Dr Acheville Artificer 1 post = 1pp Horrorshow 1 post = 1pp Protectron 0 posts , +1 from Dead Head = 1 post = 1pp, + Ref point = 2pp Exaccus Facsimile 3 Posts = 1pp Fox Eclipse 1 rollover post = 1 pp Gremlin 1 rollover post = 1pp Grim 1 post = 1pp Masque 1 Post = 1 pp Nocturne 7 + 11 rollover posts = 2 pp Gizmo Jack of all Blades (Maxed) Vign
  10. Listen, he is just Larry Birding them. He is going to explain what he is going to do to them, and then do it.
  11. It was then that the Bouncer's stance changed, his arms dropping, hands leaving line of sight, but he already had an open boxing stance as it was, squared off in a way that people didn't immediately assume a fight. "I mean, that is one way to do this yeah, but hey, you saw me right?" Half turning his head, and lifting an arm to pantomime his movement from the roof to the pole, and then pointing at his feet, before he looked at the talker in a way that almost beggared disbelief. "Let 'im go, man. Or, I'mma tell ya how this goes, if ya like?" He spread his hands wide and shrugged his shoulder
  12. Benny patrolled too, he know he wasn't s'posed to, but was patrolling with Hepcat before this, so it wasn't a huge a thing to him, and this felt more something he could accomplish than just normal. He landed on a roof, his fancy dress shoes skidding along the rooftop, as he shifted his weight and slid down the slop, spying the altercation forming, before he leaped forward, into a neat roll to set himself into a coiled crouch and he exploded up into the air, aiming for the nearest lamp catching himself with gloved hand and swinging about as he slid down to the ground, into his squared off fight
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