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  1. The lumbering Jonah, easily finished his next round of snacks purchased from Owain, and then swung his big bags up and over his shoulders like they weighed nothing like a mighty scarecrow that was still filling out on his frame. The fact that his tshirt pulled up his midsection helped illustrated the fact he hadn't a chance to adapt to his new height. He ambled over to the other group on his way. "Excuse me," he interjected on Noel, Luke, Carmen, Leon, and Neko, "just so I know which way is the dorms?"
  2. Yes. Should have it up today. Please note the social thread will have dice thread, for emergent rp, in case people like fall off the ropes.
  3. Jonah smiled at Owain, at his general expression and exuberance. "Thank you Owain, I do like the artificial flavor stuff." As if to prove the point he took a drink from the cup and he glanced at the others if just because Gwen's raucous declarations made him look to them. Maddie also had a boisterous energy, and while he didn't think of himself as shy, Jonah could probably best be considered 'retiring'. Or, as he preferred it 'goes with the flow.' He looked back to Owain, "I'd offer to keep things cold, but I am not great with all the powers and I might freeze... ah, you." He laughed sheepishly, at that and rubbed at the back of his neck with his free hand.
  4. Room for 1 more for action, and maybe 2 for social
  5. Asad did not, as a point of fact, go to Europe and western Asia. It made things smoothly with with his family, given he had divergent plans than them, and he had been a star ascendent instead of their desire to hold steady, or cling to ways that were failing. He was late, because... Well he was always late, as he was always doing and going somewhere (damn those 70 hour days he kept). Today, or was it tonight, he had adopted something out of Crockett's wardrobe from Miami Vice, a cream sports coat, the sleeves pushed up near his elbows, with a bright magenta v-neck t-shirt, his slacks and shoes matching the coat. With the sleeves up they showed off forearms that were looking like they had twitching steel cords under his skin, as he normally was dressed in a way to not show off that, but... Well honestly a diety was involved, so he felt a gun show was probably good. This wasnt normal circumstances. The walk, though, was lovely. He toom his time on it, delaying further, before he moved up to into the Gala proper, curious about the hors d'oeuvres.
  6. Please PM me if you have a personal baddie/nemesis.
  7. So I am looking at two threads, a social one centered around a character's interest, like activity, sport, hobby. Whatever. And another action-y one at the Mall. Please sign up, space is limited.
  8. Jonah took the rabidly developing scene in stride, in that mostly he was feeling on his back foot about all of it. Oh, there is some sort of backstory I am missing, this is why I dont watch television. Gwen flitted away with Luke to the other guy, leaving processing, but he was also being addressed by Maddie and he looked to her, and by extension Owain. "Oh, uh Denver? Its okay for big city. I liked Boulder better. But I like the mountains. Climbing, and, ha obviously, snow." He was about to look to Owain before he realized, "Oh! I don't know either of your names, but I'd like some lemonade." He shifted his bags off his shoulder and to the ground, as he rummaged for a wallet in his fanny pack.
  9. Jonah watched the whole exchange, his eyes widening, and he then made an understated, "Huh." Then cane the swarm of activity, and he pulled his hand back, before Gwen smacked his shoulder, with a dense thunk as the impact of their hand was enough to sting their palm a little, he was skinny in that way of someone who grew recently and was starting to fill out. The big rangy, blue guy nodded at Gwen. "Uh, Denver, Colorado?" He didn't seem shy, so much as processing Gwen's exuberance. And before he could Leon added the whole Big Blue, and that is when his brows furrowed into an impressive display, heavy as they were and deep set as his eyes were. Annoyance crossing like a thunderstorm, but it didn't quite get to his voice, "Huh. Yappy." And to his credit was only a small bit of cold on the warm day. Fixing his face as Leon went off to only add fuel to the fire, he looked back to everyone else, Gwen included, "Yah, Colorado, mo-," he caught himself on the first Dutch syllable, "...mom was a professor there. Though she's at FCU now that I am here." Though he almost made a sympathetic face to Bert, but well that guy was paying more attention to Carmen. Which, fair. "Anyone here local and know of any good climbing gyms?"
  10. Once Jonah was further into the courtyard, taking in the sights while orientating himself, before he settled on a group of students, and he over to the. With an easy long legged gait, those four big bags held readily. "Hallo," he spoke in an unsteady baritone, that along with the size of him and how there were only hints of him starting to fill out indicated the recent growth spurt, and the breadth of his shoulders said more would be coming. "I'm Jonah," he smiled at them, conscious of his new height and he easily shifted the bags around to one hand, freeing his right that he stretched out towards them. In doing that, he relaxed, and let the magic, or whatever that was holding his 'normal' appearance go, and his features became harsher, as the color fled his from his face and hair. Slowly his skin settled on that glacial blue, with his hair shock white.
  11. "Yes, moeder, I have everything," Jonah said to his mother as he hoisted the bags of what he would be bringing as he arrived at Claremont, looking at her as he stood there with a docile expression. He wore a sleeveless hoodie with a mountain logo in neon pink against a dark grey, a loose pair of board shorts, and running shoes. He kept up the old more more human appearance. There were four bags of his various clothes and other things, though most was still packed up at his mother's new place (she'd moved with him to here, which he understood). His mother, a frizzy haired blonde somewhere in her forties peered owlishly over her towering boy, as he was, as per normal lacking any sense of urgency. She rolled her eyes behind her glasses and shook her head, "Jonah, well good, call me later, yes? When you are free tonight and let me know. I have meetings the rest of the day about my new job. I love you sweetie, and please be careful," his mother, Tess spoke with a slightly exasperated tone in a light Dutch accent. Jonah nodded at her, "Yeah, of course, text me later when you're done. I love you, moeder, and talk to you soon!" And as blithely as he was, he turned and strode carrying the bags over his broad shoulders, even if he did have the build of a scarecrow, crossing past the entrance and into the main yard as he looked around. Soon he stopped, and shifted his load around to hold up the map and figure out things. He knitted his brows together as he glanced from it, and sweeping his gaze around as he worked out where he was in relation to things.
  12. Made adjustments per convo with EP. Though the carry weight is a little undercut, but over thirty it is a bit odd if not dividable by 5.
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