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  1. Correction comment made in #Character-Creation regarding Superscience and Mutation as descriptors. Player acted with edit. Attractive counts against Skill Caps, as well it should be included in the relevant skills, should look like: Bluff 10 (+12/+16 Attractive) So Corona, at PL 10, can have 1 more rank of Bluff. Please note that Attractive is interpreted here are not just "I'm Pretty," it's "I'm pretty, I know it, and I can use it."
  2. Descriptors, see Page 66 in the 2nd Ed main book What is the source of this power? Ex. Cyclops = Mutation, Martian Manhunter = Alien Biology, etc. My recommendation is powers should have both Origin/Source Descriptor and Effects Descriptor(s). These can be elaborated in the Power Descriptions portion of the template that you did not include, to allow more space to explain HOW/WHY the powers function beyond the short form Descriptors. You can invent stuff, but we want to fit within a rough template, as Descriptors are how powers interact. Things like Immunity, Drain, etc.
  3. "It's okay. Generally it's just hanging out till your stockholm syndrome on them, or their scent," her tone was lighter than one might imagine with such a comment, like it was a cheeky aside. Then a sip of coffee, more a slurp, before she continued, "I didn't think that was the case, or that's what you were driving at. This..." She gestured towards the coffeeshop around them, "Is a little better than the prying eyes of the school, I get it. Statistically... yanno, less mind readers." She grinned a little bit, then her features, and her tone softened in a way that was hard to describe, "Monica, it's okay. It's okay. Breathe. The world isn't pulling back, and you aren't seeing the summation and end of all threads you cast out there yet."
  4. "Of for f-..." Corinne started, throwing her hands up and just shaking her head, as she didn't want to talk to him, she muttered softly, "Yes, let's just pile on to the new kid, because that is useful. Swear to god they need to stop having kids give this tour." Pinching at the bridge of her nose, as her other hand rested against the small of her back, as she slowly shook her head, looking very much like the tired of the bulls*** den mother. She waved towards Kam and Veronica distractedly, before moving to Davyd, and gently guiding him towards the more normal people and away from Leroy and Dio, and just... that. Her lips pursed together, then she took off her leather jacket, and hung it up in the air. "Generally every student is probably world competition level athlete to some degree."
  5. Corinne kept her hands against her face as she felt this rocket off into a situation she wasn't ready for. Then pressing her lips together, she screwed together something. Deep breath, and perform. "So, it goes like this. I flirt, a lot of times just incidentally. I touch, a lot, because that's my normal social behavior. Given mine, and just all of our, circumstances, I am not seeking something serious. I did not set out to end up... with anything other than figure out if I had done something wrong that I didn't realize I had done. And I don't mind hanging out in a more than hanging out way to see if we click, but there were no ulterior motives." Corinne became frank and earnest, placing her cards on the table, as the thought of being in a relationship with Monica didn't bother her, other than knowing it likely wouldn't work out, but if anything she had demonstrated that any bitching or dragging of heels ended when stuff had to move decisively. "I mean, if I didn't stick my foot in my mouth, or piss you off."
  6. Corinne sighed, sagging a bit, as they ran away, a hand reaching up to touch at her cheek, where there was a slight burn from the blast she had taken to the face. "S***," she groused, eloquently. Drawing in a deep breath she looked at the punkily attired girl, "Answers, now please." Goal orientated as she was, and annoyed at being hurt, Corinne had entered into a pitbull like behavior. She moved towards the brightly pink haired one, her own hair a more muted tone of the same color. Roughly. She was trying to not be bitchy teen queen, but it was being really hard, and the world was doing it's level best to damage her calm.
  7. She was trying to keep herself level due to... all of this. Include Leroy being a flippant, oddball, jackass. There was a click, almost audible, if Lulu was still around she might have heard it, as Corinne just sort of went into her Performance Mode™. Her posturing becoming perfect, and even her movements became precise, exacting, as she moved from listing around the outside to stepping to the fore. In this way she ignored Leroy blatantly. "Everything. As you can see normal workout equipment, stuff for acrobatics, all of that. There is a jogging trail and track outside, as well. Pads and equipment for combat skills. The more... specialized things are elsewhere in more secure manner." She watched Davyd change and she arched a brow, drawing in a deep breath. "I can't answer a question regarding your need. And I am going to bet Leroy can't either. I can say that doing things to enforce discipline with yourself is useful, especially with powers. It is hard for them to cover everyone's abilities. But, they may be able to teach tools to help." Then she addressed the dragon in the room, "Leroy stop being overly dramatic, and open your mouth."
  8. That's fair. It doesn't come up much, until it does, and then is annoying. APPROVED
  9. I'd recommend that one does not use their app to make such suggestions and that you edit it out, and send that as a PM in the site to the Refteam. I'll level that for something like Supersenses they and Variable Power structures require the most specific writing because of how they exist within the framework of the game system, however, please do not cite other sheets. For the power: Super-Senses 3 (Tremorsense [Accurate Ranged Touch; Drawback: Not Usable in Water]) [2PP] Is better written for Also, you will need Descriptors for powers, this should show up in each power, in the powers section, and should be described in the Powers Description from the template (Link here) that you didn't carry over in the application. This need is applicable as it does apply to other powers, things like Immunity, Drain, Nullify, etc., etc.
  10. So, we prefer super senses to be constructed in the manner similar to what is listed in our House Rules, and in the Ultimate Power style notation.
  11. Zenith glowered, which with as incandescent as she was, it was an impressive expression lost in the midst of what was happening. She gestured upwards at her dome, and the material knitted together, restoring the holes, as she swept her other hand towards Astrid at the pirate there. "I. Am. Not. Done!" Her hand making a fist then, as she formed a prison around the men, of the same material that she had made the dome out of. A crystalline structure and substance that was unread in the geometries, despite it being a done like the one above. Then she turned in a direction that didn't exist, and she was atop of the smaller dome above Astrid and her foes. The pull of her powers growing as she used them, and today's exertion was greater than what she had done in quite sometime. Her laughter, joyous, riotous, uproarious laughter only grew.
  12. Well... tonal shift. Corinne sighed, and let her eyes close for a moment, before shaking her head, "Jesus Leroy." She shook her head, unlike others, she just refused to accept certain things as being cool because... well that's just where they were from. Leroy was often an accidental ass. Didn't lessen his behavior. She did her little demo of powers and felt no impetus to continue along with things or push forward when Lulu showed off, not having the same dislike, though, most kids here had a hard time hiding their dislike of her. Which, whatever. Genetics where what they were, and more importantly, it was not something she could change. "Sort of, let's step out of the garden then." She moved towards the exit.
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