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  1. Benny was not a fan of that whole teleporting thing. A moment of no space, and then space, and it threw him off, like that other... Not the time! Though once he focused, he waited for something. Those previous words still ringing in his ear, or at least his mind as the other more outgoing people. After a moment he followed after Danica and Pan. "Yo. Fellas," he started, spreading his hands slowly, palmed upturned, showing a universal sign of non-threatening, indicating he had no weapons, and wasn't in a position to really do anything (That was patently a lie, as everyone on the squad knew t
  2. [url=https://orokos.com/roll/852156]Notice[/url]: [u]1d20+6[/u] [b]9[/b] So not helpful, even if he is 'aware' of the space.
  3. Angrydurf Kanunu 1PP (2 Posts) Kensei 1PP (9 posts) Ouroboros 1PP (Ref point) Azuth65 Gauss 1PP (1 Post) Cubismo Ms. Thursday 1PP (1 Post) Arrow IV 2PP (4 Posts + Rep) Ultra Girl 1PP (2 Posts) Dr Archeville Artificer 1PP (3 Posts) Horrorshow 1PP (5 Posts) Protectron 2PP (1 Post + Refpoint) Exaccus Venomax 1PP (1 Post) Fox Eclipse 1PP (1 GM post) Gremlin 1PP (1 GM post) Grim 1PP (1 GM post) Masque 2PP (3 posts + 7 GM) Nocturne 4PP (24 Posts + 1 GM posts + R
  4. Benny was used to the overprotectiveness of the older sibling. Though, he did the math a bit, and if Judy was a... Eh, probably means the boss just allowed it cause of reasons. This ain't a normal school after all, he thought glancing over to Pan and Danica. "Yeah, rain's not too bad." His internalized eternal optimism showing sunny on his broad, blunt features. Let it never be said that Benny was a sourpuss after all. Then, alien abduction happened, and he immediately sprinted to be closer to the team, and to pick people up and jump away if need be. The last big was a half spin
  5. Benny had on a broad brimmed hat to shield out the sun, and he had stripped down out of his normal attire, wearing a t-shirt version of the outfit, without his normal Letterman's jacket, but with work gloves. And he wasn't as outgoing as the rest, or as immediately affable, he was a genial guy and didn't mind doin' his Boy Scout duty at washing the thing. He was fairly fearless in standing on the elephant, and with Pan he could get to most any spot on the the thing lickety split, and he could hold himself with those big gorilla gorilla arms. He was also danged earnest, and would cheerfully
  6. "Like, ya get me, or ya get Zenith." The last syllable of what Corinne said twisted and went to something unearthly, and she shrugged, as she sipped at the silky, mossy green smoothie through her straw. Actually she was slurping, noisily. "I'm honest, even if people don't like what I got to say." She shrugged and grinned, before placing her free hand in the, and with a grunt she jumped and hauled herself up into the air like it was a bunk bed, as she leaned against something shimmering in the varigated colors of sunset. "Like, everyone's got problems here. Even if everything is normal, they
  7. He rolled his shoulders slowly as he lifted his brows at the response to Luke's casual call out. "Well, I mean, yeah?." He frowned and rubbed at his cheek, "This ain't really... We's students so can't really do a proper showin'." He rested his hands slowly on his waist as he looked at them. Benny did not see to be the kind to really shake some rules, at least. But then they literally didn't have access to everything, so it was more a matter of prudence on his part. "But Felix is showing youse guys around." Not that he knew much more than the other teen, after all.
  8. "Alumni, thorn in the sides of Ashley, and the headmistress." The towering blonde curtsied with the sort of easy grace that inspired jealousy, she was not one to really share her powers on the intro, maybe on the outro. Or something else. Like a random attack. But she hadn't seen Judy in forever, though the skillful Social Media type that Corinne was, she was able to keep up with people with the sort of adroitness that was characteristic of Her Brand™. Something she had earned the ire of fellow students over. it was just so damned easy for her. And she hated her powers. Well what they meant
  9. Benny lifted his brows and he looked down at Davyd's hand hitting his bicep with a dull thunk, and he snorted a little bit, and moved his arms, resting his closed hands on his hips. "Ya ma is right Micah, youse wastin' away. Okay, who needs to help?" He was not slender, or cut, he was more beefsteak given human shape. And then he was given a shake, his expression bemused, "Thanks Mister. Ah, Shawn." He moved and set the drink inside his door on a table near it, because, he was serious regarding helping. Once relieved on his small article he was immediately setting to fretting over assisting
  10. Corinne arrived, she had the invite and asked ahead of time for clearance. Even if the Head Mistress did not appreciably like (really, honestly could you tell?). She gated into the meditative stone garden, scaring the one kid there, she waved a bit, "Sorry, party!" And then the super-duper tall teen was off in a run out of there, and heading towards the dorm. Now she might have tried to dash up the air to Judy's room, but honestly in doing so she'd piss off the boss, and she didn't want to really cause any more issues. So still wearing her practice attire from tonight's session, with
  11. Benny was already settled, as a ward of the state-ish, specifically a priest in the local parish he really didn't have a home life to speak of. Well that wasn't in a timeline scoured from existence entirely that was something like sixty years ago. But, details. He saw he was was with Herod again, which worked for him, as he really got along, or at least there wasn't friction between them, and he stepped out from his room, still in the brightly colored spats and rash guard from his earlier practice, with some basketball shorts over them in a more sensible black, themed on some video game
  12. He blinked a bit, "I ain't really ta give youse the real tour, that get's shown wit orientation. Sides they ain't givin' us the keys to everythin' ta me." He laughed a little bit and he shrugged those broad shoulders. He looked like a bully, but his immediate self effacing attitude showed something else. Though there wasn't much in the way of duplicity in the kid, a nose that showed it was broken before, but that was it. "Anyways, nice to meet youse guys. Can't really speak with confidence 'bout facing off Nazis," he said it as 'nazzys', "But might be fightin' like a cybernetic gorilla Muss
  13. I'd add that in the power descriptor, and maybe add like a 'Physical' descriptor to Datalink since it is a physical thing that connects to another obkjects. The best way to look at descriptors are Source/Origin and Effect. Also your idea for how to label prior to the edit is good, also, you can do "All Powers carry X/X descriptors unless otherwise noted."
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