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    "Touch sparrin'. it ain't a sprint, after all. If ya wanna learn more throws an' such we can... what' the padre call it? Rollin'? Yanno Jiujitsu sparring. That an' wrasslin' will work more in the water. We just need pads. I don't want youse knocking me out A... À? Aya?" He was stumbling over name, and he made face showing clearly his accent was the big block in his way. "Ah, I'll work on that, if that's okay?" He winced a little bit, surveying the rest. "Now, how we gonna pair this up?" He rested his fists on his hips, unconsciously doing the classic superhero pose, as he pursed his lips. He hadn't really dealt with Leroy or Aja this way, so he was kinda keen to give 'em a go, he did help with Herod a lot, though he did his best to pace himself down to his roomie's stamina and skill. Especially since Benny had a tireless workhouse ethic that was at odds with everyone else's 'get good now!' mentality. Though given he had done hours in the sim, he was already a little tired.
  2. When Eira returned with her dramatic pronouncement Benny pointed to the pair dancing and fighting, "Yo, I think we's got it figured out." His arms pulled back and he folded his arms across his big chest, as he idly mimed their foot placement. "And this isn't the kinda teachin' they'd have at Catholic school," he mused out loud in his rough Jersey baritone. Rocking back on his heels, he leaned back, stretching his back out as that happen, and he looked to Kam, "Maybe they want us to look pretty doin' it, if that's the case, some else shoulda been invited from me, I'm ugly an' I fight ugly." He laughed, and an arm flicked out whiplash fast to give a backhand to Kam's stomach, that was felt like a brush (no one had still played three card Monty with him, except one night showing and practicing with Heroditus). "Eh?" his jovially prodded Kam, which knowing Benny, if he knew the secret he'd've probably done the same thing.
  3. Benny was reserved, because that's how he was, normally. Especially when not in his comfort zone. He was here because they asked, and generally he was never one to shirt such a thing. The big, blocky, bouncing boy had sat in the van with shades and a pair of earbuds, the latter of which was a technological advancement he was a fan of. He was in his normal attire, a hooded sweater, over a t-shirt, boxing shorts, and a pair of canvas style sneakers. No reason to pay Eira any mind, she wasn't talking to him after all, and there was the anticipation of what was going to happen to contend with. As it came to a stop, he straightened up, and waited for everyone to slide out before he did, "Looks like a lotta boxin' gyms," was his assessment. He stepped a bit away from people to swing his arms back and forth. Though he did sort of look at others at the mention of the Interceptors, those were the ones the other Ben went on about, right? Then came the introduction, and a curt nod at the names being bandied about, "Name's Benny D'amato," he said, moving toward and extending his right hand out towards the teachers as an 'aw shucks' sort of smile spread across his features and he looked from Erik to Talya, and back again, expectantly. At the sort of dismissive intructions, he nodded, and then went through a pretty straight forward, it somewhat dated seeming calisthenic warm up and stretches.
  4. Slammed into the Ubermensch, and made an annoyance to the Ubermench, right up in his face, trying to buy time. "Guys! If youse can beat feet, I am tryin' ta talk nice like to this here Nazi jerk! For the record, Nazi, ain't the first time I heard that from youse guys, but every time ya keep showin' up, I getta keep introducin' ya ta my fists!" It was a flurry of blows before he spun about and cracked the vile paragon right in the chops with a spinning wheel kick, driving his heel against him. "I may have lied a little, sorry 'bout that!" With that, and a laugh, he pushed off the larger man, and leaped out of the building, ricocheting about as he did so, and landing into a tumble to keep moment and ended up running at full tilt. He used his abilities to keep looking back over his shoulders, as he hustled at the rear. "Swear ta God, youse guys are all gettin' out, ya here me! RUN!"
  5. TheAbsurdist


    "Nah, youse guys ain't gettin' it. I'm gamer'n'game." And his scuffed, bruised, and slightly bloodied face split into a grin. "I ain't a strong swimmer, but I gotta get better. An' like I's says, start with the baby steps or youse are eating sucker punches for breakfact lunch and dinner." That grin still there. "An' later we can do some three card monty for some cash. But I guess we can just go with grapplin', and such... but, yanno what, whatever Aja, or Hero wants." He lifted his arms and draped his forearms across his knees, he tilted her his head as he looked at the rest of them.
  6. Jumping strike to buy everyone more time. With taunting and such involved, but a stick and run. Power attack Power Attack.: 1d20+15 21
  7. TheAbsurdist


    As usual his classmates found him several hours into these things, and it made him chuckle. "Uh... I think there is breathin' masks stuff." Then he shrugged those expansive shoulders. He didn't seem upset, but there was a response to Aja's words, he lifted a brow, and looked at her. Benny was workman like, there wasn't really a sense of ego, even when he showed up other students with hand to hand stuff. Though, he admitted he didn't know entirely what everyone brought to the table at this school, despite everyone wanting to hand out their powers on their business cards. "If we sparin' we ain't tryin'a beat each other." He said it simply, but he shrugged again, "We can if youse guys want, but I don't think the teaches'd be too happy." He sank down into a crouch, low like a coiled spring, and he pressed his fingers onto the ground.
  8. Benny was not gonna be able to go toe to toe with the Super Nazi over there. But he wasn't going to stick it out right in front of him. So he just wasn't there when the shockwave ripped through where he had been, managing to flatten against the ground, in a blink before coming back up up and springing toward Ashley and Judy, to assist them in leaving before he got out. He was worried, legitimately, about the others, as he was making sure the rest of the teens, and other people were out of the reach of the blonde Teutonic bad news. "We need to beat feet!" His eyes swept over the rest of them, and only when they were getting out did he, aware that he might have to dart back in to snatch someone up.
  9. Reflex: 1d20+10 17 Well he has Evasion 2. So going to roll Tou Tou: 1d20+6 10 Reroll Tou: 1d20+6 18 So, ah, Ult Ref. per RL
  10. TheAbsurdist


    (*Editor's note: What, did Benny forget?) Benny blinked. That was today? What day is it... Then came the frown, before he started to remove the letterman's jacket he wore, wearing a white t-shirt under that, the sleeves rolled up in the greaser style, and then he tossed the jacket to the side. Rubbing his hands over his ruddy featured face from his previous exertions, he wondered idly if his classmates had a 'Benny is kinda tired' sense that tripped. "It's a co-ed school, right? Ain't no reason ta say no ta someone." He looked at the rest flatly, resting his hands on his hips, adopting unconsciously a stereotypical pose. "Jus' kinda loss track'a'time, was... learnin' things." He was an eloquent one, and even he winced at that, then just let it lay there, because it wasn't something he was joshin' about. "I mean sure, sure we can do undawata, thas fine, I ain't even really fought in that, so's... yanno."
  11. Ref: 1d20+10 11 HP to reroll Reflex reroll: 1d20+10 13 but plus ten for it being under 11 on an HP reroll, so 23.
  12. Benny seemed biologically incapable of overreaction, well barring people not picking up what he was throwing down when it came to boxing, but that was less upset. Probably. He did suppress the urge to bat the can out of the air like it was a contest, because it wasn't, and he hooked his thumbs in the straps of his backpack as he moved out of the way, a frown tugging at his lips. "Uh, waitaminute..." Something seemed off. Why was there a dog? Was this dog here before? Where had be been...? Benny wasn't jaded, but he was a city kid from the bad parts of town. Youse kept yer head down to avoid getting involved in things ya didn't wanna be involved in. The gianormous fluff ball wasn't charming, it was more a big disaster bumbling down a hallway like that boulder in that ruin in that film he saw recently. Felt like somethin' to run from, and to edge away from. Which he did, as he was moving incidentally towards his class, making sure to take his breakfast sandwich out of his pocket, and the tried to eat it quickly enough he wasn't tackled and drooled on by that ball of fur and jowls.
  13. To say that a certain Mr. Benjamin Franklin D'Amato was an early riser would be an understatement. He slept in today, so he was up at four, did his morning work out showered, and was heading to class at an easy pace. His hair wet from the shower, with his own school hoodie and sweatpants, because he didn't care about his image. In an 80's teen flick he was the stereotype looking kid who'd be the bully. Benny, as he insisted being called was anything but, he was a genial pleasant fellow, who was fairly easy to get along with. Until he got pushed a little big much. Then that Rebound thing kicked in. But today was classes, and he hummed to himself a song that probably sailed over his fellow student's heads, between drinks from his water bottle.
  14. There was an old adage in fighting, there is nothing as demoralizin' as eating your opponent's best shot, and grinning. And Rebound grinned, as the electricity crackled and flowed over him. "I'd feel bad 'bout this toots, but youse earned every bit of this." Hands gripped the portion of her outfit over her torso, and he pulled her up and he leaped up and into the church, in a big, graceful back flip through one of the broken windows and despite the lack of leverage, he just drove his fist into her face, and pushed away to land in a roll and up onto his feet, and ready himself to deal with the massive Donar.
  15. TheAbsurdist


    The Rooftops of Dubai, sunset. It was still hot, the metal of the scaffolding was warm, the bright orange reflective paint of the unfinished portion of the But what was more worrying was the swarm of Katanarchists. The why of them being here was currently not the thought that Benjamin d'Amato (a.k.a the bouncing pugilist hero Rebound!) was worried about. It was more that they were here and fighting him, that was the pressing concern. And punching, kicking, stabbing, ninja starring (Is that even a word? -ed) were also pretty important. This wasn't what he was used to. A street scuffle, or a place where he could make like a pinball and ping about, but this was limited space with guys and dolls who were a cut above (I see what you did there. -ed) in a precarious position that hemmed him firmly outside of his comfort zone. Heck, this high up and he wasn't sure he couldn't be cleaned up except by paper towels. They were working towards the crane at the top of this thing, and he was trying to stop them. Already worn down from however long this had been going, he worked himself after them. "Don't s'pose youse guys wanna call it quits and just give in?" He ducked his head sharply behind one of the metal poles as a shuriken struck against it, "Okay, okay, good talk. Well whateva youse doin' I gotta stop ya so..." And with that he changed his grip and swung around bringing his feet against a pole, and bracing against it before he leaped up towards the crane, and the Katanarchists. It was in the middle of the trajectory that he noticed one of the Katanarchists as doing something, and at the moment he would have made contact there was violence and brightness, and he found himself sailing backwards, flung by the force. As the world broke apart. Claremont Academy, Combat Simulator Room, February 9th. 1PM, ish. Rebound tried to course correct, his mind already working out the angle of his movement, and he completed the flip as he hit the wall, and grunted with the force of it, but he bounced right off. His control was such that he fell forward, and the twenty feet down from the wall, to land in a smooth crouch. He panted, his uniformed dusted up, his domino mask a little torn, and his lip was busted up. As per usual he was on a multi hour training scenario, though this was him trying to pick up the tactics, the world he was thrust in now. Kids were the same, ish. Maybe. But the combat scenarios had a lot things for him to look into and sort through. His natural instinct was simply to go another time, in a different scenario that the computer was randomly generated..
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