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  1. Zenith didn't fly, rather she was kind of just moved in the air like it was a solid thing that she leaped from, spinning and responding to whatever she was listening. Alternating between swaying, and violent thrashing acrobatics. The song ended, as it was want to do, leaving her clutching at the head phones as she stopped, violently so, before she sank down to her knees. Her eyes opened, light pouring out as she slide the headphones off of her ears, and down around the back of her neck. Her head tilting like a dog puzzling something out, as she looked around at her surrounding, at the people. All of it. She had caught a little of what they said at the end, but she didn't seem terribly invested in responding to it. Where Corinne occasionally used her powers, Zenith was her powers, flush with them. "Mm?" She half grunted, half asked in her inhuman voice.
  2. Corinne was on her feet immediately after her pass to Kam. "I did, no consecutive touches." She didn't elaborate, though, as it was the middle of the match, and she only had so much time and air. She saw Astrid's move, and was up in the air, and relying on her size, stretching her arms up to stuff attempt to score, and boop it back at Micah. She was not as athletic as either of the two. Graceful, and agile, but she was not the beasts Kam and Astrid were, when it came to physical prowess. However, she was familiar with the game, though not playing as hard as the Asgardian seemed to be. Bet she likes some Black Metal bands, she thought to herself, as her lower jaw thrust out, setting into an expression of determination as her expressive eyebrows knitted together after a successful landing back in the sand.
  3. There was a burst of power, like erupting making complex lattices twisting, until Zenith stepped out out of it her feet never quite touching the ground, as she was wearing her shifting dress, black and gold moving as if living across the 'material' of the thing. Her long limbs covered in geometric gold mirrors, that trailed up, across her shoulders, and over her neck as her hair moved like she was underwater around her head. Rocking from foot to foot, her hands gripping at the headphones she had on as she danced. If Corinne was precise, poised, then Zenith was tumultuous like a wildfire. She seemed dimly aware of them, instead moving around the periphery entranced by what she was listening to. Driven as she was, it was easy for Zenith to just fall in with an activity and lose focus on anything outside of it.
  4. Corinne did not wait for anything between her and food, as she had spent most the day on school work to play catch up, and had gone for a long jog, and swim, so she was ravenous. The skipping of meals on accident didn't help... "Be right there!" She moved to the concession stand and ordered everything. Almost. Well, close enough. She all but pranced back to them with a laden tray, nachos, chili dogs, and a couple huge soda there, setting the tray down next to her seat. It was there she plopped to swap out her sneakers for bowling shoes. Then a loud, angry, and insistent growl escaped her stomach. So, leaving shoe laces she tore into her nachos, "Unnnf!" And then the sound of savage food consumption, with a pause to look at them wide eyed, "Yoof guys can haf some." Gesturing at the food, while still shoveling a prodigious amount of food in her mouth, a gloriously, artful lack of self awareness regarding it. Noisy slurp of soda to clear the food, before she wiped her fingers resuming the tying of the bowling shoelaces.
  5. So, my primary question here, given she makes use of 'evil' as a descriptor does that actually impact her directly beyond the vulnerability to Holy? Or do you see it doing more than that?
  6. Okay. Mechanically I'm fine then, a nd have addressed my concerns. APPROVED
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    She jerked her head back, tucking her chin a little as she regarded him, then she laughed, as she reached up and stroked fingertips under his chin, ignoring his personal space in the process. Of course it also drew a chuckle that was louder than she wanted, even if she caught herself a moment too late. "Oh, you are delightfully naive. Corinne isn't here right now," her voice was softer, though her brilliant eyes watched him, as her mouth was twisted into a crooked smile. "We don't duel here, they get pissy if we try something like that. Even if the little hussy wants to throw above her weight, I don't generally punch down, but people really want me to make an exception." Shaking her head a little bit, as she moved her hand from him, her touch having the slight tingle of a battery. "But, I am sure you'll figure it out, follow someone else's lead, preferably not me, and whoever your Hufflepuff lead will be. Or, color coded. Apparently." She snorted a bit, and shaking her head as she looked at the chart, and then idly started looking around at the other students. Eyes going back to Micah, Adam, Janus, Veronica, as persons of interest, before back to the dread Summer.
  8. "Look..." She sighed, and then slowly rose up, and frowned, expressively and expansively, before she took a seat, and stared at the table. "I am sorry. I don't want my powers, okay? I don't hide this. I am not a hero, I am just a person, who has a fluke... but these questions are bad." She kept the frown as she drummed fingers against the wooden top and looked between, "This stuff wont just happen. Like, stuff doesn't just change on a dime. I've read about that bill, that wont just happen Some villain wont just try to blackmail me, unless they piece that I can just be used to make infinite gold and diamonds or something... I want to dance, to put on performances in famous ballet companies. I leave this school, I walk away from all this crazy. So I don't know what I'd do. But maybe, I'd panic, and turn them to gold, or something. I don't know. I don't know whats happened between me and this jerk." She was rambling, and she sighed, and looked off to the sigh and pulled her long legs up, wrapping her arms around them and she rested her chin on her knees. "No... that's a lie. I'd be scared, I'd be angry, and I'd just grab my powers, and just... give in..."
  9. Standard criticism of Descriptors. So the Source is Magic. What is the Effect's descriptor? Obviously this is more for Teleportation or Flight as those are a bit more nebulous
  10. Also adjusted some editing for clarity of reading sake
  11. So, to clarify her powers are derives from Fae Heritage (teehee) and magic?
  12. It does, it is just a general concern I voice with the presented character show demonstrably 'loner' characteristics. As this poses an issue with developing contacts/threads and such. The last question I have is why are the enhanced feats separate? Is there something meaningful for the power there?