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  1. "Well, sure, why not. Live once." Zenith snorted and raked her fingers through her wild, living mass of hair as she skipped, dashed, and leapt while moving towards the door. As one would expect a ballerina to do so. Going to the door, her arms held up and above herself, crossed so that her power manifested with a pearlescent mass of... something above her and around her to at least provide a tunnel through. She might be heading towards the danger, she clearly did not trust it. Haughty and fickle creature that Corinne was, there really wasn't anything she could do to avoid this. Still she pushed the door open, her other hand held up and ready for... something.
  2. There aren't mistakes, so much as design conceits a bit at odds with how we recommend stuff. We generally recommend you hit the caps for your Tou/Def and Attack/Dam. Also you don't have to list the Ability in the skill, just the bonus. Like in the templates/samples.
  3. Also it should be noted, that in general roughly 8 Skill Ranks equals professional/competent in a specific Arena. So for Counselor/Therapist with a Masters you'll be sitting probably at: Knowledge: Behavior 8 Notice 4 or higher Sense Motive 8
  4. Skills need to be formatted to have the ranks, and the Ability bonus as well. And annotation for Skill Mastery, examples: Gather Information 15 (+18)Skill Mastery Intimidate 2 (+5) Knowledge (Business) 8 (+9) Knowledge (Civics) 8 (+9) Knowledge (Current Events) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 2 (+3) Languages 4 (Arabic, Farsi [Persian], French, Portuguese) (Base: English) Also you will want to check the house rules section, as a minimum of 1/3 (rounded up) of a character's total Attack and Defense bonuses must come from Base Attack and Base Defense, rather than feats like Attack Focus or Dodge Focus. So 14 ranks of Dodge Focus isn't doable.
  5. Soooooooo... There is a slight problem in formatting and construction. It is also strongly encouraged to start a character in the Character Building section, so as to vet, and get input prior to just moving it over for approvals. You should follow the Sample Characters, and the Template. That is not done, and makes reading this a bit difficult, especially powers and skills Also, you have more story in the Powers and Tactics section, rather than describing how they engage their powers.
  6. There was no resistance to the swelling of the earth, as sand and substrate surged upward, interceding between the remaining members of the armed forces and the hordes of Nihilist forces. That, when paired with the shockwave that Triakosia that sent the swarm of Omegadroves scattering gave them breathing room. After all them? The soldiers? They were incidental. What was important to their enemies was each other, and they were having out a lot of long, long, simmering anger out on each other and their allies. The explosions going on around them like this was Omaha Beach, with several stray crackling bolts of energy striking the wall that Gaian Knight had wrenched up, putting divets into the surface of it.
  7. This was all me. No resistance to the actions. Notice 20 checks (lot of Chaos going on). It's 15 for the Dragon.
  8. Throwing of the Created Objects to get through the shield.
  9. Corinne was quiet. No, she was silent the entire trip over. She didn't understand them. Were they psychotic? The world was falling down around them, and they were... gleeful? How the hell could they be so broken? She didn't understand them. Understand this. It was beyond her ability to cope. Her expression severe, her head down, tucked into the hood of her sweater. She wasn't sure she could deal with this, that she could handle this. But, if anything the probable end of the world was always a time defined by a lack of choices. Wasn't it? Zenith appearance wasn't discrete, but it was likely expected, as the tall teen's power surged out in the chaotic roil it presented, and she lifted a hand, making iridescent shards of something in the air around it, orbiting slowly, before she threw her hand behind her like she was tossing trash, and with the shards scattered behind them, striking pavement, cars, buildings, whatever, and embedding themselves there. "Or it rips you into itty-bitty bits. There is that. But..." She held up a hand, and the glowing apertures of light she called eyes regarded the shard floating above her palm. "We can check on something not alive first, to minimize premature heroic and noble sacrifice." And with that she made a motion of throwing her hand out towards the field, and sent the bit of matter she tabula rasa'd into existence right at it.
  10. She was late in arriving because... well, reasons. Still in her outfit from practice (leggings, what amounted to body stocking, a cut up t-shirt over it, leg warmers) barring the concession of wearing a pair of black courdoroy Chuck Taylors, along with a hoodie, and a studded leather jacket. Corinne managed to scramble to the roof, even if she had to cheat by running up the empty air itself, while trying to be as nonchalant, and discreet as possible. Which seemed not. She grabbed the edge of the roof and hauled herself up and onto it. "I am really hating these things. They just... gah!" She groused to herself. She stopped, and looked at them, a bit wide eyed, "So... we all joining the insane parade, eh?"
  11. Alternate form. Using Create Object as a pre-amble for later uses of Teleport.
  12. Streaming: There are hundreds. And to be expected the enemies will fight to attrition, and will generally assist to try and swam overwhelm a target, there is only a couple score of armed forces They are tangentially dealing with the remaining Army/Military from the Base, who have hunkered back and trying to survive. However most of them are just grinding at the other Nihilist forces, as Taarvon is trying to push to Shivan, and whatever other goal they have. You guys can toss in a reaction. And move towards deciding what you want to hit first.