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  1. Scientific would not be a valid descriptor. Mutation, and Enhanced Physiology and/or Enhanced Biology. I am a little askance about the Weakness complication. Can you Elaborate?
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  3. Benny fished out some Popular Mechanics from his backpack, and started to flip through them. He was out of his league, and he knew it. He had a good functional grasp on science and stuff, but that was theoretical, and this was all stuff waaaaaay outside of his league. Then it got interesting, or terrifying, and they were being super blithe about it, but then... when's the last time they dealt with a inter dimensional drug slinging missing link biker gang that was a controlled by sea urchin like aliens? "Huh... Ya, uh, sure it's safe?" He looked at the shapeable matter, not at all positive that it was going to turn out well. There was a twitch as he started to spool up, like a spring, legs tightening, his arms shifted and bracing as he gripped at the chair. He didn't seem scared, more... ready, anticipatory. Ash would get the read of someone who'd seen trouble before in their life, and was seeing in again.
  4. Benny didn't think much of the next thing. He played things mostly close to the vest, it worked with three card Monty, and it worked here too. They all talked about their powers, and skills, and all that. He downplayed it for himself. Hanging the binoculars from his neck, he looked around for a tree that would fit what he wanted... Perfect. And he dashed towards the tree at a clip of speed that made him look like a freight train and less a guy. He leaped towards it, arching over towards the trunk, as his hand reached out to grasp at the thing, as he landed with the ball of his foot against the tree, and he started to squirrel upwards with agility that belied his bulk as he moved up and up, until he was at a vantage point then. He hooked a leg around that trunk as he survey their surroundings.
  5. "Huh." He poked his tongue against the inside of his cheek, as he furrowed his brows, showing a pretty good scowl as he did so. Though it seemed more like he was trying to work out what was happening. "Hm. Right, sure, yeah, that sounds good." Benny's expression lit up as he smiled at Judy, as he moved with his bookbag towards her and her sister, and whoever else she was talking it. And he listened, he paid attention, or tried to. Even as people were clamoring for attention, or a scrap, or something. It was a lot to process, a lot to catch up on. The old movies didn't much mention how the future would be, except robots, and flying cars. One was true. He moved towards a table, and he spun a chair around, and plopped down, his arms folded across the top of the back of the thing.
  6. "Yeah, s'what everyone calls me." He nodded at Kam's question, though he then shrugged a bit, as he moved his bags into the room, and glanced about, making sure there was a window, as he set his stuff into a neutral sort of corner, and he frowned a little bit, as he was a bit more neutral. They were talkin' 'bout people he didn't know, and if you didn't have somethin' nice to say, wait until they were out of the dang room. He nodded at the words, "Oh one of them fi-" He cut himself offer, and he frowned a little bit, rubbing at the back of his head, and that short brown hair. He took off his jacket, it was too warm to really warrant it, and he set it on the bed, looking at the tube that dominated the other side, and he nodded a little bit. "Yeah, yeah, makes sense." With the jacket off, it was easier to see his body, and he was effectively a tree limbed tank of a kid, thick necked, and looking a bit like the standard bully, a fact likely missed by his roommate. The books he had requested were in the bookshelf by his bed, and he reviewed their spines, and nodded. He was playing catch a lotta catch up. He didn't like being on his back foot like this, but he'd push forward on this. Nearly a year to worry over it, and adapt a bit to modern life, enough to not be spooked, but he had blind spots, that's for sure. Fortunately the info about him hadn't been shared, that would make things far more difficult.
  7. The music was energetic, loud, and had the occasional harmonies that the crowd could sing along with. It was fun. Sure there wasn't beer for Ash, but the kids here were mostly milquetoast and that helped. Corinne danced to it, though it wasn't the display of her fearsome skill and athleticism, it didn't need to be. She liked to lose herself to the music when she could, and she could also play off Judy's behavior as well, engage her, and making occasional overtures. Then it happened, and Ash'd catch the aftermath, as Corinne's eyes flashed, and her back stiffened rising up to her full height, before she wheeled sharply towards the long haired teenage boy behind her, her arm moving quickly and snatching up his wrist, and bringing it up with a practiced movement, as she twisted and did a tie up of that arm, while loading her own left hand for a punch, though she kept it low and out of sight of the kid. "You gonna apologize pumpkin?" She growled at the kid, fortunately the light faded before she was almost nose to nose with him, but she had several inches on him.
  8. Benny had a good, firm handshake, two pumps and then he released it. Had that straight back, and eyes forward mannerism that seemed a little off, or at least read as different. Releasing Kam's hand, "Nice to meetcha Kameronm" he read the pivot, and he nodded curtly and turned towards Heroditus. "Don'tcha worry about makin' pleasant if ya aren't a fan s'far," having caught the diplomatic pause, as he reached out to him, and shook his hand as well, just and firmly and succinctly with that big mitt of his. Then he released it, moving back to pick up his things, and push open the door, "Sure have. I figure ya can have first dibs, I am used to this sorta thing and can make most situations comfortable. Only thing is I ain't the quietest guy and I get up early, so I wanna make what accommodations I can for ya."
  9. Benny had just been on that actual survival excursion, and this one was promised to be... easier? Gentler? He really didn't know, he had on the normal uniform, but it was under his clothes, though the jacket wasn't on, because it was warm enough to not warrant that. He didn't feel the stuff would be warm at night, and even if it was a warm autumn day, they tended to have frigid nights. He carried his waterproof bags down towards the area, looking about around them, frowning a little, expecting a bear, or something. Like Squid Mussolini. Or something. Fantastic and strange tales being what they were, he read a serial about this in a magazine. He wasn't seeing the forest, point being. Just the trees. And there were a lot, as he moved his stuff into a position that might be orientated away from the group, like he intended to keep watch.
  10. He frowned a little bit, as Leroy jumped in, and said that bit about the other good Ben. "Ah, yeah, it's Benny." He shifted his feet, having squared up in a bladed stance between them on pure instinct, which might not have been noticed by the other people. Absently brushing those big hands on his denim clad hips, to wide off some talc powder as he swept his eyes over everyone for a moment. He didn't immediately break off from his blockade between the Smith sisters and Ben. Making certain that he gave a nod or something along those lines to the students, at least to try and establish something. When he looked to Val, the nod was followed with a, "Yes'm." He said it in a respectfully curt matter, and he swept his eyes over everyone else, "So... any ideas on who should group up...?" He heavy brows knitted together.
  11. Blocky Benny D'amatto nodded at Lulu's words, "Ah, yeah, I guess. Ain't find of getting hit, but I can take a punch and bounce back. Still don't recommend, so yanno, try ta b in another part of the city when it lands. But my... Yeah, uh, kinda got into boxing because help me not be a delinquent." He downplayed himself pretty strongly, because thats was what ya were s'posed to do, right? Right. His tone cheery, in a sort of plucky underdog sort of way, which was a little incongruous with someone who was at least two and a half Lulus. Then the other two guys where there, and he gave that jerking headlift to them, as he grinned. Laden with bags he had to set them down before he reached out a big mitt to Kameron, taking it and shaking it. "Benjamin Franklin D'amatto, but everyone just calls me Benny."
  12. Benny was a lifelong city boy, that was why he was here, covering deficiencies. Or something like that. The big kid wore a big pack, durable trail pants, hiking shows, and a long sleeve button up, with a canteen at his belt and a sweater around his waist, and a baseball cap on his head. He didn't mind the Doc. That was like Mickey, or the Padre. So he was immediately in sync with the guy, and he was prepped, as best he could be. He moved a bit away from them, rising to the nearest, if small crest so he could get a look. "I'll talk my turn Dr. Macedon. I'm a city kid, so I'll probably mess up," Benny said it without a hint of angst, he was eager too, without a hint of self-awareness. This sure is prettier than the Fens, he thought to himself.
  13. Benny waffled on the fence about this, but ultimately came down on the whole 'what else was he doing?' That, and the examples of super science he'd seen so far were like Daedalus kicked up several notches than what he had seen. Still he arrived, after a fashion, running a little late, though not puffing despite having run as he made his way up to the class room, sliding on worn sneakers into the door way, his broad shoulder hitting the frame. "Whoa, not too late?" He asked in that flat, stereotypical accent. He was wearing a heavy long sleeve shirt to fend off the chill in the air, and a pair of jeans, with his bookbag slung over one shoulder. The only hint of his dash here was a slight flush to his cheeks. He caught Ashley's snort, and he blinked a bit, "Hey guys, what's up?" A guileless expression on his face, as he moved on in, to step right between her and Ben like a cinder block wall, a pleasant sort of smile on his face. His hands at his sides, sitting slightly off of his waist.
  14. Benny carried his bags like they were nothing alongside her, nodding at her words, "Heh. Benjamin is kinda a common name." The 'youse guys' accent pretty strong, placing him as from the Northeast, probably. He blinked a bit, at the question, and he scrunched his nose, his upper lip curling back, not so much in a sneer, more as a curious expression from his owlish look at her. "Uh... I get back up, that's the best way to put it. I dunno. Heh," he had a short chuckle, a little amused by the turn of things, as he looked back around them, at the other students, who were demonstrating their own powers around him. This wasn't entirely what he was used to... were there more people like him now? Was he remember things right? It was hard to parse. "I kinda, yanno, kinda got raised by the Padre who drop me off... er, the Father, I guess, he doesn't like me callin' him Padre." He said by way of explanation, "Taught me how to box and other things. Helped with some discipline. Got some chemicals dumped on me in an accident, so's I just, yanno, get back up." He looked pensive, but he nodded at his words.
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