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  1. "I don't need to prove to you Nicole. I never have. That's how I win. I don't wake up and look in the mirror and see your face, so I just have to meet my eyes." And she started to wrench her right hand free, then stopped, and she smiled, "No... with my left hand I destroy." And she slipped her left hand out, before her form shimmered, as her power exploded out, scattering bright white light around her, and it was almost enough for Nicole to feel it. "Since you asked so bitchily." Came the beautifully cacophonous voice of Zenith as she then dove her hand into Nicole, though not in the way it should be, as Corinne just reached into her, past her physical form and into something. "With my left hand I destroy... your excuses." For her there was patterns, and... the world wasn't viewed precisely the same way. Despite the protest of the Headmistress during the aftermath of the Krampus, Zenith never made a mistake in her restoration of the world around. What she made could be as flawlessly real, as right, as what she wanted it to be. This was something she hadn't done, but she could feel the flaw in Nicole, the damage and the wasting that stemmed from it, and then that power filled the other student, and she could feel directly how depthless, how chaotic it was, and the light was pouring out of Nicole's eyes, and mouth. It was over as suddenly as it had started, with Zenith perched on the edge of the counselor's desk, one long leg crossed over the other, and idly bouncing as she tilted her head, and watched Nicole with the curiosity of cat watching a mouse.
  2. "I'll be in New York, which isn't precisely far away. And there are video calls, and all of that. Maybe an actual date here and there, we can go to Pride, whatever works for you." She let her hand rest on one of Monica's as she rocked back in her seat as she looked at her. Corinne's expression was bemused at this, because, well... it simply wasn't something she had expected. She had avoided relationships until right up the end of high school. Of course the one she chose was... well, complicated. She had resigned herself to not being able to get out of this world. But she could try to move into her own corner of it all.
  3. "You're right, I do win Nicole. All the damned time, and it's exhausting, because I put in the work. That's why the stupid dancer was in AP classes. And the funniest part? The f***ing funniest part Nicole? All that labeling of how I am a bitch, well darling, honeypie, I never really have been. I can demonstrate, if you'd like?" She leaned in closer, making it more intimate, and in some level even more devastating. She was a Queen B, after all. She came from that performance arts background, if she was a good dancer, she was just flat out godlike in her ability to rip people apart, "You know what the worst thing I do to you is? Right now? It's not calling you names, or tearing you down. No, it would be to fix you, right here, right now. Fix you so you don't need this chair, so you wouldn't have this to hide behind, and you'd still be miserable. You'd find something else to hide behind, to blame for your failings on." She pulled back and looked back into Nicole's eyes, "Maybe you should leave to actually move forward, before all that bitterness and that toxic pit in you just eats you up, and me, or some other hero throws you into Blackstone, when you snap."
  4. Corinne was not normally intimidating, she never really tried. She could be bitchy, but she generally wasn't direct in her aggressive behavior, now though? Well now Nicole had invited her, and she moved after her, not letting her get away. "No, you don't get to run away. You don't get to start the fight, again, and claim higher ground, or anything else. You don't get to finally tell me off because you were right all along, when you never were. Got it?" Still standing there, uncomfortably close, just not nose to nose. "Maybe we could have a heart to heart, and admit we were both wrong if you weren't trying to not just claw me down from whatever pedastal you think I place myself on, but to drag me to the dirt so you can run me over. See, I've gotten better Nicole, if I didn't I'd've slipped to Zenith now, my powers that you want so desperately would have just pushed whatever anger I have out and done something with it. What have you done? Except wallow in your bitterness and pushed everyone away because you hate yourself." She leaned forward again, and she grasped at the arms of that chair again, "I am not even really mad at you. Just sad and disappointed that you haven't grown an inch in the years you've been here." It was a lot, but she simply wasn't going to let Nicole pull away from the thing she started, she could finish it. Or Corinne would let her leave. There was no running today.
  5. Corinne just let it happen, let her try to score on her, to try and push past, to win. Because that was what Nicole tried to do, win everything, and then, well... she went too far. It fit that she'd try scorched earth tactics "You don't get to do that," her tone had dipped back to level then as she looked dead on into Nicole's eyes, and it was very, very clear that she just breached a line. There was no theatrics. There was no flailing. There was stillness. "You don't get to use memory people who died in a tragedy to shame me Nicole, to boost yourself over others." Leaned right down and grasped the arms of Nicole's chair going nose to nose with the girl. "And if you can't see why that's a problem then no one can help you."
  6. There was a flicker in her eyes, not of the glow of her power, but something else, and she rocked back a bit in her chair. But she wasn't taken aback, whatever Nicole thought she had in terms of armor piercing commentary, and slowly she stood up, and hey, Corinne was tall. "he powers don't give someone the ability to handle the situations we've been asked - no that we have been demanded to be involved it. A fifteen year old kid doesn't immediately accept what's happened. Especially when the first time my powers showed I almost kill my mother. When you learn some rich jackass is their father, and that led to be being almost kidnapped, twice! And the three years since doesn't mean I magically have it figured out. I am, at least, honest with myself, or less deluded and brainwashed than the rest of you!" Even prior with that fight, she hadn't shown this much anger. She hadn't been this pissed ever as Zenith. "So, let me invite you to go F### yourself Nicole. I am sorry you're envious of my circumstance, and don't try to pass it off like something else, I've been the tallest, the most gifted, and hell, prettier than most, I am used to it. I am sorry I do not meet your expectations for my life." She started to turn, then another thing hit her, and she inhaled deeply, "For the record, it was our first meeting, you were too busy showing off. Too busy trying to one up Huang, and impress the teacher, or show off how smart, cool, and how big your guns are, and then deciding since I wasn't in awe over you that I was some queen b****. I've met your kind before, watching everyone else's progress that they trip and stumble in their lane. Ever noticed why I, the supposed, selfish martyr is the one throwing the shields over the crowds!?"
  7. I mentioned this in Character-Creation, but you if there is a mechanical benefit for Archer you will to notate that. Also standard warning when Equipment is part of your toughness save.
  8. She could keep this up all day, reforming the barrier after every impact. But she was quite simply done. Zenith reached up with her hand and slowly made a fist, her arm shaking slightly with the effort as a loud, hollow THOOM burst away from her with a visible shockwave. Her crackling, distorting light wreathed around the the leading ship like a white digital fire, making the flaring from her eyes that extended outwards from her face. And then it turned it's course, making the trajectory of her hand as she moved it in front of her, and it steered back, moving it towards other ship and placing it between to stop them both from firing. She moved it easily, and she was just as easily going to ram those two ships together like she was playing with children's toys.
  9. So I assume that's One Injured? Tou: 1d20+9 13 Not that it matters too much.
  10. She made eye contact, coolly, imperiously, her brow arched slightly as she watched Nicole's tantrum, and before the other girl turned away Corinne brushed back her own hair, and pulled out her ear buds. "I assumed your were just going to rant rhetorically to me until you were too hoarse to continue, or we were let out of this..." She lifted her own hand and gestured at their surroundings, "Whatever this is supposed to be." Her tone level, matter of fact, before she sniffed diffidently, "Certainly not a punishment." "Besides," she continued, picking up a water bottle, "what precisely do you want besides a rise out of me? For me to lose control, so you can lord it over me? That I should feel contrite for having a plan in place for my life for as long as I can remember, and that I have managed to attain through hard work, despite the fact that my development of powers almost derailed it?" Her eyes staring at the back of Nicole's head, her expression as flat as her voice was still level.
  11. Corinne was in a state of biting her tongue, and not letting it show on her face. Not that she wasn't genial, but really when a Danger said hi to you, it was a good lead in. She wasn't nominally star struck, but she figured it was being from LA, and there was like one or two heroes there? She didn't know them offhand. Now that she was freed up a little she started to stretch to remove the tension that had built up, swinging arms back and forth, and bouncing a bit on the balls of her feet. Now, while the others might not know, Veronica and Kam were certainly of the type to recognize Corinne wearing a savateur outfit, with the indicators that she was a silver glove. It was not something she ever really discussed prior with anyone. As Davyd recovered from dragon and star struck, she slide down into a splits, and leaned forward to grasp at the arch of her foot to pull her face down towards her knee with a sort of boneless grace.
  12. So last round she did use Create Object to dome the Pirates who got inside, as well as repair the larger dome. Now she is doing Move Object on Ship A and shoving it into B, or blocking it's firing arcs.
  13. Of course this all played out in a manner that she didn't care about. This was a stop on her road, at this point her control was measurably increased, something she didn't attribute to the staff here. The treatment of her being potentially mentally unstable, or that her powers held a sort of addictive quality was the larger concern for them. After all, despite worries over her repairs in the wake of the Krampus, they had been flawless, showing her control over her powers directly. It what her tempestuous emotional state at times, and it's influence on her powers were in question. Despite that, she was an exemplary student in all other things. Funny that someone like her would be a perfectionist, A's across the board, and enough extracurricular activities she might be considered up for the whole valedictorian, barring her resistance to the heroing aspects. Which, despite her protests, she did engage, but she dragged her heels. Of course, her powers weren't a joyous thing to her, they were a leaden yoke that dragged her down, and had alienated her from her family in their emergence. Corinne murmured something indistinct as she bounced the leg she had crossed over the other, sitting in her chair otherwise, with a flawless posture, though her arms were cross over her midsection. She never looked at the screen, as it held no interest. This wasn't going to modify her behavior, after all, she was graduating, the ceremony was irrelevant. This school was irrelevant. Point of fact she had asked her family not to come, as she assumed there would be an alien attack, or a demonic king showing up, or something. They were safer in California, with only earthquakes and wildfires to contend with. You know, little things. Sane thing, in the grand scheme.
  14. Technically in 3 days, if we're sticking to that area's schedule. Also hello.
  15. Correction comment made in #Character-Creation regarding Superscience and Mutation as descriptors. Player acted with edit. Attractive counts against Skill Caps, as well it should be included in the relevant skills, should look like: Bluff 10 (+12/+16 Attractive) So Corona, at PL 10, can have 1 more rank of Bluff. Please note that Attractive is interpreted here are not just "I'm Pretty," it's "I'm pretty, I know it, and I can use it."
  16. Descriptors, see Page 66 in the 2nd Ed main book What is the source of this power? Ex. Cyclops = Mutation, Martian Manhunter = Alien Biology, etc. My recommendation is powers should have both Origin/Source Descriptor and Effects Descriptor(s). These can be elaborated in the Power Descriptions portion of the template that you did not include, to allow more space to explain HOW/WHY the powers function beyond the short form Descriptors. You can invent stuff, but we want to fit within a rough template, as Descriptors are how powers interact. Things like Immunity, Drain, etc.
  17. "It's okay. Generally it's just hanging out till your stockholm syndrome on them, or their scent," her tone was lighter than one might imagine with such a comment, like it was a cheeky aside. Then a sip of coffee, more a slurp, before she continued, "I didn't think that was the case, or that's what you were driving at. This..." She gestured towards the coffeeshop around them, "Is a little better than the prying eyes of the school, I get it. Statistically... yanno, less mind readers." She grinned a little bit, then her features, and her tone softened in a way that was hard to describe, "Monica, it's okay. It's okay. Breathe. The world isn't pulling back, and you aren't seeing the summation and end of all threads you cast out there yet."
  18. "Of for f-..." Corinne started, throwing her hands up and just shaking her head, as she didn't want to talk to him, she muttered softly, "Yes, let's just pile on to the new kid, because that is useful. Swear to god they need to stop having kids give this tour." Pinching at the bridge of her nose, as her other hand rested against the small of her back, as she slowly shook her head, looking very much like the tired of the bulls*** den mother. She waved towards Kam and Veronica distractedly, before moving to Davyd, and gently guiding him towards the more normal people and away from Leroy and Dio, and just... that. Her lips pursed together, then she took off her leather jacket, and hung it up in the air. "Generally every student is probably world competition level athlete to some degree."
  19. Corinne kept her hands against her face as she felt this rocket off into a situation she wasn't ready for. Then pressing her lips together, she screwed together something. Deep breath, and perform. "So, it goes like this. I flirt, a lot of times just incidentally. I touch, a lot, because that's my normal social behavior. Given mine, and just all of our, circumstances, I am not seeking something serious. I did not set out to end up... with anything other than figure out if I had done something wrong that I didn't realize I had done. And I don't mind hanging out in a more than hanging out way to see if we click, but there were no ulterior motives." Corinne became frank and earnest, placing her cards on the table, as the thought of being in a relationship with Monica didn't bother her, other than knowing it likely wouldn't work out, but if anything she had demonstrated that any bitching or dragging of heels ended when stuff had to move decisively. "I mean, if I didn't stick my foot in my mouth, or piss you off."
  20. Corinne sighed, sagging a bit, as they ran away, a hand reaching up to touch at her cheek, where there was a slight burn from the blast she had taken to the face. "S***," she groused, eloquently. Drawing in a deep breath she looked at the punkily attired girl, "Answers, now please." Goal orientated as she was, and annoyed at being hurt, Corinne had entered into a pitbull like behavior. She moved towards the brightly pink haired one, her own hair a more muted tone of the same color. Roughly. She was trying to not be bitchy teen queen, but it was being really hard, and the world was doing it's level best to damage her calm.
  21. She was trying to keep herself level due to... all of this. Include Leroy being a flippant, oddball, jackass. There was a click, almost audible, if Lulu was still around she might have heard it, as Corinne just sort of went into her Performance Mode™. Her posturing becoming perfect, and even her movements became precise, exacting, as she moved from listing around the outside to stepping to the fore. In this way she ignored Leroy blatantly. "Everything. As you can see normal workout equipment, stuff for acrobatics, all of that. There is a jogging trail and track outside, as well. Pads and equipment for combat skills. The more... specialized things are elsewhere in more secure manner." She watched Davyd change and she arched a brow, drawing in a deep breath. "I can't answer a question regarding your need. And I am going to bet Leroy can't either. I can say that doing things to enforce discipline with yourself is useful, especially with powers. It is hard for them to cover everyone's abilities. But, they may be able to teach tools to help." Then she addressed the dragon in the room, "Leroy stop being overly dramatic, and open your mouth."
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