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  1. That does, I'd recommend clarifying this points in the Power Descriptor section. Also the Descriptor isn't TEMS, it is more Terminus. As you can say she is basically siphoning the power from somewhere.
  2. There seems to be a general confusion that crops up now and then, so I will pull this from 2nd Ed pg 66., SAMPLE DESCRIPTORS • Allegiances: Anarchy, Chaos, Evil, Good, Justice, Law, Liberty, Tyranny • Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather • Energy: Acid, Chemical, Cold, Cosmic, Darkness, Electricity, Gravity, Heat, Kinetic, Light, Magnetic, Radiation, Sonic, Vibration • Phenomena: Colors, Dimensions, Dreams, Entropy, Ideas, Luck, Memes, Mind, Quantum Forces, Space, Thought, Time • Sources: Alien, Biological, Chi, Divine, Magic, Mystic, Mutant, Preternatural, Psionic, Psychic, Skill, Technology, Training Not counting the House Rules covering frequency. Why do I bring this up ? Because there is no real need to invent "new" descriptors, we do not play a game of oneupsmanship between GM and Players. And because stuff not seen in use has to be ***justified***. As I've stated before in chat, we simply do not see into your mind, we don't know what you intend, what mechanics you create and rationales you establish. This doesn't mean you can't, but this is why there is an approval process. Where you justify what's on the sheet, where you explain it.
  3. So she is a T-Baby, who's abilities are empowered by people's view of her? How is that reconciled, given the nature of Terminus mutation to be more deleterious? Also can you define Astral Energy? And why that would fit more than Psychic/Psionic?
  4. She smirked a bit and then leaned back in her chair, her head turning as she looked out the window. "'Cept I am wrong and weak for not 'getting it', and... Nevermind, just nevermind." She slurped up at her coffee through the straw as her eyes searched out the window looking for something. "I'll take body image issues for one thousand, Alex." She laughed a little, but mostly she drew in a sharp breath as she worked to move past the whole thing. This wasn't about it, afterall. "So, y'see, I am far from perfect. I just don't... stress on the mirror and what it shows, too much."
  5. Her expression went wry when Davyd pushed a bit, and then LeRoy. "Leroy, you're being an a$$." She said it simply, as she looked steadily at him, she stopped trying to give him non-verbal chides. "Not everyone is cut out to be, or wants to be a hero. Whether or not you have powers, or skills, means you are ready for it, like mentally or emotionally. PTSD is a thing. Some people just aren't built to rush into the danger. And that is fine. The world doesn't run on heroism. It runs on artists, designers, builders, literally every other role. You, and everyone else here who is a jerk about it might as well decouple from a society built, and maintained by everyone else." She drew in a sharp breath, her nostrils flaring as she looked levelly at him. "But, of course, your Highness, from 'pon such a pedestal as thou inhabits such truths revealed to thine eyes are greater than that which we see, lacking, of course, the divine imperative and mandate that hath revealed greater verities than such is allotted to our own, lesser, and clouded with vicissitudes perceptions." Her response was arch, as she pressed a hand to her chest, as she bowed with practiced grace, dipping lower than most due to her skill at dancing, one led sliding back into an elaborate curtsy. Corinne snapped to standing tall, with immaculate posture and a regal bearing that was like second nature to her. She was easily hateable, easy to see as Miss Perfect B####, and given how she flicked between her normal sort of bohemian to Ice Queen villainess of every high school movie, it might make one wonder.
  6. Corinne threw up her arms in an 'x' before her as she was blasted by the.. Agent? A##hole, more like it. They were just gonna kill them? Jesus! She staggered back a few steps as her jacket was scorched by the attack, as she also had thrown up her forcefield at the last moment, the power scattering back against the blast and mitigating the attack. Her eyes stared to glow brilliantly as pain fueled anger, which fueled something else.. No, no! I am keeping control, I am able to hold it together! Hissing she gathered one hand, and threw it it towards the agents, a sphere of brilliant light hitting behind them, and making the wall erupt and reach out towards them. Though she had missed them in the effort, making her snarl a little bit in growing frustration, the light bleeding out of her eyes.
  7. Corinne will retain control, and use Snare. Snare: 1d20+8 17 Aiming to hit both Agents. Snare 8 (Extras: Area (Burst), Regenerating, Selective; PFs: Accurate 2, Reversible, Variable Descriptor 2) {45/48}
  8. And it was now that Corinne fixed Leroy with a stare, it might be considered withering, or at least annoyed. She shook her head a bit, and frowned. After a moment she looked to Davyd. "Probably as soon as they fit you into classes, and such. Though how effective the training is... well we're all different, so it's hard for someone to teach you how to use your powers. Or impossible. It's not as if they all work the same. Or everyone has the same powers, or none at all." "That said, while i am on my last term here, I know some people in theatre and dance stuff around town, if you want to do that. I am good at stage makeup."
  9. Corinne frowned, she was expressive, though she was apt to possess a 'resting b#### face. "Kid soldiers. I mean, yeah, greater good, but... that's it. I mean, we're told to set ourselves apart because..." She lifted a hand and gestured vaguely in the air at the world around them, her eyes widen as she just sort of implied their world. "That, that isn't a tenable pace. Especially when they can't teach us how to do things, how to control... it. No one can. Not my parents, or my biological father. It's just become numb to this new world that got opened up to you, accept it, and keep practicing because somehow you can figure it out for yourself..." She stared down at her coffee, her lips pressed shut then, a tight line of worry and frustration and all of it. And she was a scared child in that moment she couldn't hide it, and she hated all the talk of bravery, and what was tantamount to bull####. Even if they didn't see it. Corinne blinked, and lifted a hand to absent dab at her eyes with her ring and middle finger. "I can be confident with my body because I dance, and have danced for, like, a dozen years. I've had to do it in front of strangers, in skin tight clothes, and not covering. If I were to focus on what others thought... well, I'd probably faceplant more." Her lips tugged into a wry smile.
  10. So before I get to the 'crunch' mathematics. I have to sort of court some elephants I see in the room: How are they heroic? How do they fit in within a group environment? Given the vast scope of the power, and the relationship to Mr. Infamy, why were they given this power? I admit to scrubbing over the fluff/story a bit more as this character is bordering on Promethea territory given several sort of metanarrative implications. And this is the context with which I ask regarding their power. So I am less considering the 'in-universe'/backstory explanation, and more the design conceits/narrative arcs you're aiming for.
  11. So I would recommend having a Mental Transform (Memories) on hand, and perhaps a complication that is explicit in how his Empathy can impede/hinder his whole identity shell game he is running. But those can wait, and I got an approval, unless you want to add those?
  12. Thinking of doing a thread with Elias/Errant and his 'alma mater' This can be something like a camping trip. Or maybe a meet and greet with some students who have psychic abilities, or interesting [read: traumatic] backstories.
  13. I am going to recommend elaborating those points in the fluff, as it is a little thread bare for that concept addresses.
  14. Technically, her name is Zenith.
  15. Corinne smiled crookedly, and she shrugged. "I am, like, six foot three. I've been taller than most boys since like 4th grade. I am taller than most guys in dance. I got mostly male dances until recently, and have gotten very good at drawing mustaches. Not... the same, I know, but, I am not without body image issues." She eased into the table, and slouches a bit in her seat, slurping at her drink, and drumming her free hand's fingers against the table in a noticeable pattern. "I don't want them. I don't want what comes with them. Whether I can control them or not, I am at fault. And no one can teach me how to control. It's just 'Practice, practice, practice!' 'Cept... I know how to practice, but I need to know what to practice." She frowned deeply, "And people treat me like I'm a bitch, or I'm crazy. But I am in over my head, and being here hasn't changed that. Last year I had to help save the world... Seventeen! Do these people know what post traumatic stress is, or do you all run on that?" Her confusion, her fear written large on her features as she looked back at Monica.
  16. It started a subtle twist, as Asad was drawing in more energy, like a faint tug towards him. Then he aimed his first in front of the aliens and he let it go. In a place like here there is no sound, not the same above the water. However, that was not the same with the sheer force that Asad could release. KA-THOOM! It was brilliant blue white light, and the impact of it against the floor in front of them was felt in the water, rippling outward. The other two had hit the aliens hard, Asad demonstrated that he hit harder, as he sped through the water to block their escape. To say the hero was fed up was an understatement, and it was clear as he raised that arm up and aimed the glowing fist towards the remaining conscious aliens. He was done talking.
  17. "I... get it." She looked ahead, her eyes searching for a moment, before she opened her door, and slid out, as she nodded towards the shop. Closing it, Corinne sighed a little bit to herself, and then screwed on her performer face as she made her way towards the front door, and she held it for Monica, waiting for her to approach. "I have a goal." She said it simply, plainly as she looked at Monica in her eyes. "And I've been a performer most of my life, poise, and confidence came because I had to have it. Outside of dance or gymnastics..." she pause, nostrils flaring as she did a long deep breath, "I am out of my depth. But I learned to smile and look like I knew what I was doing awhile ago." Following after the almost as tall Monica, she moved with her, and ordered herself a drink, an iced coffee.
  18. I see no explicit explanation of the name? Or the whole thing behind the split?
  19. I communicate via the language of big ass energy blast, i.e. shoot it into the ground in front of them intentionally not striking any.
  20. Listing near the back, she munched on her snacks, and Corinne just watched most of the exchange, idly following along, but stopping at Nicole. "Composition, generally, is considered the strong suit. Reference his quote about the ticking bomb, that illustrates his methodology for investing the audience in the actions. There is a reason everyone, just everyone one references his stuff. Take it for what it's worth, or not." She shrugged and slurped at a smoothie she seemed to pull from nowhere, before she followed along the rest if the teens. "There wont be a debate, you'll start here, now. Especially if you are hiding your powers from your parents. You wont have the control to stop yourself..." She trailed off and frowned a little bit, before her jaw set into a serious expression for a moment.
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