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  1. Benny exploded up, going from his seated position to his feet planted on the back of the chair in a deep squat before he leaped off of it, and barrel through the air and to the door. Those big mitts grabbing at the doorframe, and he swung out of the room, propelling himself into the far wall, his back hitting it, and he ricocheted onto it, his sneaker clad feet with a little squeak from the rubber sole. Managing to do that without a hint of his bulk brushing against anyone. He might have been itching for something, anything. But then, he was more app to put a firecrack in a trashcan then do a dance. It could be worse, it cold be those PSA videos he had to watch growing up on the projector. Though he was beaming in preparation. "I dunno what I am chief, but ain't a senior, so I am ready to jeat.
  2. Hey all, due to reshuffling, I have another slot available here
  3. Benny was bouncing, having all kinds of twitchy, nervous energy that might be expected from someone thinner, but he was light on his toes and he smiled,, genially. Though the wattaged faded a bit, and it his expression became more serious as he received scrutiny from Erik, and his small jumps from foot to foot stopped and he planted himself. "Got me in one chief. Mean, I can tussle it up wit' most peoples, an' can go to the ground, but it ain't like I can go pro or nuffin'" He shrugged as he didn't seem to hold as much as ego as his teen meathead antics might indicate. But Benny was from a different time, and the guy who he cut his teeth on was hard nose in a way that didn't translate to the modern era.
  4. Benny rolled his eyes at the question posed and he was settling in his seat, fidgeting, because he was a fidgeter. When the natural inclination was to bounce off walls, really was anything else expected? Now he responded to the story, because the 60s era shenigans that kid edged on his simmering exuberence. "Oh, oh, is it like that time I fought those Nazi T-rexes!" He beamed bright, as somewhere in her tale he had spun his chair around to lean against the back, gripping tightly at it, almost vibrating in his seat. "I dunno 'bout that, I'm quick, but 'am more like Hepcat."
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    Benny wasn't gentle in his pace, as he cut angles and switched levels as a breakneck speed. However the whole time he was encouraging as this happened, wanting to make sure that Herod was getting praise with all of this. He didn't make contact enough to hurt him, but there was a point, because despite everything, there was a near palpable tremor in Benny like he still wasn't at his highest gear. Which was true. He wasn't going to embarrass Herod, but he wasn't showing the same fundamental approach he had been trying to drill before, he was going for the logical extension of these things, and then ended it on that, cutting, chasing, and darting in and out of the pocket. When Herod was done, he wiped at his forehead, and he grinned at him, clapping his roommate on his shoulder. "You're doing better, but unless youse really got the jets... Er, athletic, then ya wanna made sure that base is solid, push off the rear foot, and bring your hips behind your hand." And he hopped away standing in profile to show what he was talking about in slow motion.
  6. Okay, there is your second approval!
  7. Flaws/Drawbacks that do not exist should be excised. All powers that adjust carry weight should have the carry weight listed. The delineation is fine, however: Psionic are powers of the mind. Mind influencing, or involved with cognition, are generally labelled as Psychic. Telekinesis is the name of a power and a Descriptor as well (construction is Perception range Move Object), as such is somewhat confusing on those grounds, as such I do want you to change the name of the Array to eliminate that as an issue. If you feel they are more Telekinetic in nature, then you will want to include that in the descriptors, or Psionic, note that as a Mental Sense, Touchsight would universally categorize this. If you are stating "No, these are force projections." Then I would steer really towards the powers, as described, don't make sense to have perception range on Move Object. Please note that what you are doing with Touchsight, Immunity, etc. are components that should be put in the Power Descriptions, this allows for more than a short hand understanding as we are not privy to the internal logic used by a player, and serves as information for all GMs you're in threads with. Strictly speaking from the description above I have some suggestions re: Touchsight, in that I'd recommend dropping Rapid and instead go with Uncanny Dodge. Also I recommend Tactile, as given it is a Mental Sense then Effects that inhibit/render a person immune to it blinds that sense to them, and from how you are view.
  8. Benny showed up, dressed light, a button up short sleeve white shirt tucked into khakis, and a red bow tie. His concession was battered sneakers, that given how active he was had seen better days. His blocky form moving in smoothly to the room. He was bored, honestly. and while he didn't feel right going to the dance this seemed fine. Might meet people. There was food. He caught a bit from the teacher, and he nodded, the temporally displaced student was expected to have issues given when he was from, bit of he ever did, he never made mention. Of course, if he ever had cross words about anyone he seemed to never really say it either.
  9. From my initial read you will want to specify that all powers are Mutant, and Force. Also you will want to update the name for the Array power Telekinesis, as that is a specific power within the framework, unless the hand gimmick is merely her understanding of her Telekinesis. As such we tend to classify Telekinesis as a Psionic power. I would like to know how the touchsight and her immunity falling works. Please note they will needs descriptors as well.
  10. Benny's expression was... unreadable? Or hard to pick up a clear thread. He wasn't amazingly deceptive, and he had the whole 'lug thing' down pat, but he peeked the corners, and glanced around him, at them. One of the blessings of his powers were preternatural reflexes, and heightened kinesthetic sense. And he was content to watch, to listen. He certainly wasn't going to presume he was better than the teachers. And they had engaged business mode, and that workman like mentality, and boxer mentality of 'if I am standing at the end then I won' was keeping his attention. Even if he didn't talk about his past, but since they were picked for this, then all of his day to day practice times would likely have been given. Unless they didn't do that? He didn't pretend to get a lot, it frustrated him. It made him sigh, and he broke his rapt attention away, rubbing a hand against the back of his thick neck, before pushing it away to return to his attention back to the lesson.
  11. @Ari @HGM and @Pope_Wreckoning If someone drops out we can replace.
  12. St. George's Cathedral 6PM, roughly, Easter The largest and most magnificent church in Freedom is St. George’s Cathedral in Midtown across from Liberty Park. The cathedral is built in the Gothic style like the great cathedrals of Europe. It features tall, thin steeples, a high bell tower, a cruciform shape, and space enough for hundreds of parishioners. The church is named for the famed dragon-slaying saint, and a huge stained glass depiction of St. George’s greatest deed is a centerpiece of the cathedral. The numerous other stained glass windows depict other saints and religious figures. The second Easter Sermon was done and people had filed out to go eat. The topic had been redemption and rebirth, yanno, the expected sort of topic on these sorts of things. It was eloquent, and gentle, with the Archbishop Charles Fairwell doing the duties for today. It ended and there was a food spread out in the courtyard, as it was a lovely spring day. Benjamin Franklin d'Amato sat in a pew still, after people had filed out, and he had his arms were against the the back of the pew in front of him, and he was leaning forward. He wasn't really praying, just lost in thought. This placed hadn't changed much since... well anyway, it was weird. Trying to sort things out, and he wasn't really equipped to deal. One too many shots to the head. He smiled wryly.
  13. The tap made Benny's spine stiffen, and he stopped doing what he was doing, a big hand rubbing against his bicep, "I-" He closed his eyes then, and drew in a slow breath. "Yeah, I am. S'what ya do with new stuff. I mean... Yeah, okay." Whatever he was going to say he dropped and he rested his hands on his hips, hooking thumbs in belt loops, as he stepped back and let Davyd and Talya do their thing. His jaw setting as he watched. He had enough discipline to grouse internally, rather than do it out loud. He didn't see himself doin' fancy soirees, or nuffin, he saws himself bouncing and punching, and that was it. But someone thought he'd be a good fit for this? Okay, give it a try. Worst thing he had hurt was his pride. Though he wondered if there were any Soda shops still in town, or if there was a place to get a decent malt.
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    Benny rolled his shoulders to limber up, then he sighed as he looked at them, muttering to himself for a moment before he barked a laugh and rocked on his feet. Bouncing a bit with little jumps that wouldn't be abnormal outside of someone of his build he looked at them, "I am limbered up. Let's go then." He moved in towards Heroditus, in his semi-squared up stance, immediately going into a Dempsey roll, steps precise, his shoulders and head changing level sharply as he advanced. Making him a very, very hard target to get a bead on, as he seemed to instinctively know the range, and he moved just outside of it. Though he didn't clench his fists, as he intended, at least, to do the touch sparring, then he duck low and to his left to smack his hand at the taller guy's abdomen without any impact, stepping past him, and pivoting on it, and bringing his other hand around to smack at Herod's back. Benny put no heft behind his blows. He was going to keep up what he said he wanted to do.
  15. I made booboo. Edited it, it's Benny v. Herod and Leroy v. Aja.
  16. TheAbsurdist


    OOC for this one over here. Benny is gonna use Defensive Attack and Accurate attack to make contact with Herod Full shift So Def 30 this round His hit Touch Spar Attack: 1d20+15 28
  17. Benny looked at Davyd with a funny expression, before he started to speak, only for it come out a stammer, "I mean, yeah, I guess? I went to Catholic school, so's, gotta leave space for Jesus..." The big lug blushed a bit and shrugged, "But, yanno, I box and grapple, so I am comfortable doin' this." There was a shrug, as he held out his hands in in a way that would look like he was gonna dance, and then he did just that, not doing a full partner dance like a waltz, but he started to do the Twist, humming a long to the song, though off key, he could keep a rhythm. No, no he didn't like this, it was a show off, and a whole 'pick up the advanced concept now, or fail, sorta scenario,' it when against Benny's fundamentalist approach to this. He wasn't Gene Kelly or nothin'.
  18. Benny laughed as he was paired off with Horrowshow, and he looked at Davyd, "So, youse gonna be nice widdis? Or am I gonna hafta slap away pseudopods?" His brows lifted, as he looked at the scarf, before he moved and worked the scarf around his bicep, as he tied that scarf around that. "I ain't really one for dancin before, but if I wanna go ta prom sometime, might as well'," a nod before he laughed a little bit, at the situation. "Youse wanna lead or shall I, Davyd?" Resting his fists onto his hips as he looked at his de facto partner. Which, thus far he got along okay with Davyd, so he didn't see a problem. But then the lug that was Benny might have behaved in meatheaded ways that could be taken wrong. The culture shock was real, his response had to be a little outgoing, cause all he had prior was boxing, and that hadn't changed.
  19. Benny moved in closer to them, with a big grin on his face. Looking like a linebacker, or rugby player, or just big fella. Even if he wasn't the tallest, but he certainly had imposing shoulders. Which moved when he shrugged. His reaction to such was more understated than Muirne's, a wavering of that grin, his eyes lingering on Kam for a moment before he looked at the girl who gave up a foot of height on him. "I don't tall 'bout that much," came the simple response in that thick, thick accent. "Ain't much 'bout airin' my dirty laundry out for the neighborhood." Stopping the ball, he drove it between his hands with a thud, and held it. To his partial credit Benny didn't pursue the lead that Muirne, as a horrible poker player, dropped right in his proverbial lap. "I'm from Freedom City, s'good enough."
  20. Rebound will be in it. Set at St. George's Cathedral, in Midtown. Any bracket is fine. Should be some action, unless a PC rolls amazing early on. Conceit is Benny is out, and goes to the church and then things happen. He is not especially inviting anyone along. Gonna limit this to 4, including Benny, there can be some discussion for fits after the initial post to set tone.
  21. Benny lingered behind everyone else, breathing a little hard. He was insistent that everyone else was more towards the escape side than the Nazi side. It wasn't a matter of confidence in his abilities or a worry that something was going to fail, it was... It was, something else entirely. Coulda... A frown on his face, as he dropped to his one knee, draping his arm across the other, he half turned his head, "Everyone good?" yelling that back to the rest of the teens and others who could understand him, which seemed not so likely. But then, what did he know. His brain was rattled by shots to the old hat holder anyways. He didn't get the Mesa, he didn't get time stuff, or any of that magic jazz. He did get that a veritable monster had given them chase and closed up that other side of the cavern.
  22. Benny immediately questioned Erik, it was underscored by a knife being flung in his direction. It wasn't like he hadn't rough and tumble teachers before, just... Was this guy gonna team them all Bill Sikes-like? It was a knife. "Huh." He was looking back to Erik when the knife landed in his hand, his own amiable cuff dropped to hang at his side, and when he was chewed he was suitably sheepish, and chagrined. He started to say something, to defend himself, "Was- Fuggetaboutit." His lips shut, and pressed tightly. There was a rise and fall of his broad shoulders in a shrug, those big mitts twitching at his side. Taking in what they were saying. What, they thought he was gonna be some kinda agent secret guy? Was AEGIS tryin' a make him somethin' else? That'd explain the padre who could throw out a choke hold... He felt very much out of place, and very alone in the moment.
  23. Benny wasn't a show off, really. Honest. Pinky swear. Just he had to practice, and he needed more space than the interior training would allow. Like today. Given the Quad was generally closed off from public viewing he got to do it here, and he was going to cut loose on that. It was a simple drill, throw the football as hard as he could, and then chase it down. On foot, and by leaping pounds. Some of the other kids referred to him as 'The Fridge,' as the big blocky kid kinda resembled that. And then he moved, and he was a whole different beast in motion. The tour was in time for him to fire the ball into the air, and then give chase, going from a stand still to a full sprint with acceleration that would shame a Studebaker, before doing a small hop, tuck and hit the ground and living up to his heroic name quickly as he rebounded off the ground, aiming himself to sail forward and catch it just after the apex of it's arc. Then he sailed back back down, landing into a deep crouch, and he turned to survey his next effort, flipping the the ball up, and catching it on a finger in a spin. When he turned, he caught sight of the tour group. "Oh, how youse guys doin'?" That thick accent rumbling out as his face split into a bit grin.
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