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  1. @Cubismo She cannot, but can make a search check to try and locate her Thursday also has a hold of Corinne. She certainly can use her her super breath with out issue, though this would effectively be a Nullify. So it would be a power check.
  2. "Nice to meet you Tyler." She smiled, brightly, that billion watt expression that came easy, her head tilting to the side, as her hands rested on her hips, doing the superhero pose unconsciously. She rocked on her feet, bouncing up onto the balls of her feet as she looked at them. Her brows furrowed a bit as she took the exchange between Judy and Tyler, and then she noticed the horns. She mouthed an 'oh', and ducked her head, before stepping aside to let that happen. Sure she'd chime in on things all the time, however it was rather she had much to add to something like this, being not religious, and not directly involved. Sure she could tease Ash, but really what? Invite her somewhere private to toke up? Veronica didn't seem inclined to do it. Anyway, she'd tag along to be friendly.
  3. The expected outburst didn't come from her. Which, might have been a first, as her fingers dug through the dirt, but then this was effort. It was hard to keep up on your anger over this when you were trying to focus on something else. Like repairing structures. Or pulling the birch away from the building, ripping it apart as she did so, dissolving, dissipating it as it's mass fell away in geometric chucks. "If we can get people who are hurt together in the light that'd be helpful..." They're just patterns to fix. Right? Right... just patterns. All just patterns to adjust. She knew Pan was hurt, having been slapped around by the birch, but she didn't notice all the damage accrued The big stuff, that was easy, the little stuff was more taxing. Devil being in the details. Or in this case more taxing for her, and her vision narrowed in scope, making a tunnel to the task.
  4. @Tarrakhash If you wanna do something with Ahkona. OTHERWISE: @Cubismo Thursday has the puck.
  5. Reflex: 1d20+10 17 He has Evasion, but failed the roll.
  6. "I am right here!" Corinne cried out, in exasperation, as she brushed back her short blonde hair, as she pushed her hood back, looming over the others easily, rolling her eyes at Nicole's tone more than the words. She heard it enough, what with all the new kids that filtered into here when they, like her, got exposed, or demonstrated powers, or whatever brought them out. So it seemed every time there was a social interaction Nicole sniped at her. She knew she was responding when the driver shifted. But... Corinne opened her mouth like she was going to say something, then she just rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms across her chest, as she moved towards the others, idly kicking at the ground and toeing at the ground with her right leg. "Right. Hello. Hello..." She let her voice trail off in a question as she looked at Tyler.
  7. She didn't stop eating, she managed to wolf and swallow down the food to get words out. "This is the sustenance of my people, tacquerias!" she clapped and laughed joyously. Zenith was like a filter, where the color was cranked to just oversaturation, as was her gusto. She wasn't calm. She was like that tempestuous effect of her powers that danced around her. She was a storm given roughly human form. "Tamarind." It was sweet, a little tangy, a little fruity, and a color similar to cola. She waited until he grabbed up his bottle and she clinked the necks of the glass together. "Prost!" Then she threw her head back, and started to guzzle at her drink. Needing not just to drink it, but to just ravenously devour it for the whole experience.
  8. "Psh." Came Zenith's response, her dead level stare back into Summers saying 'I protect her better than you do anyway.' The faculty knew that Corinne might be strong, but she was a helluva lot stronger as Zenith. Though the former's recalcitrance to adhere to their structures became downright surly obstinance under a wreathe of fire-like hair. Still, she latched her gaze to Micah, however it ended with a roll, "Shut up Flyover Country. I am sure that the Headmistress will need your bootlicking to clean her shoes now. But, excuse me soldier boy, I gotta do a special effects extravaganza." Then came the skips, one-and, into the air, two-and, a little higher, three-and, came the leap, and the violent spinning, as light built up across her axis. When she landed the light exploded outward, her forcefield pushing out, twisting like a tumultuous tempest. Sure, she was erratic compared to Nicole. Probably unstable. But her power... It started to reshape, reinforce, restructure, and restore the damage. Seamless, like she was resetting the clock to the point where the things weren't harmed. It crackled, lashed about and moved around them like wildfire whirlwind, though alive. Zenith loved it. Loved every moment, as it twisted down and ripped apart the debris, and bits that were dangerous after she fixed things. She rose to her feat and conducted it like a symphony. It was sublime.
  9. @Zeitgeist Blue Salvos up, so Zeit YEET
  10. A couple things: If you don't have Drawbacks, you don't need them as a line. We prefer a summary line at the end of sheet covering each sections costs. Ex: Abilities + Combat + Skills + Feats + Powers - Drawbacks (if you have them) = PP Total. The powers will need Descriptors. So a Source/Origin Descriptor and an Effect Descriptor, where possible. These are how things interact with them for stuff like Immunity, Nullify, Drain, Boost, etc,.
  11. Asad had never been third wheel in a situation like this. Sure, elsewhere, or he had made someone else the third wheel. This, this was novel. It, of course, made it more irritating, though it did let him continue the play. The angle he never quite tired of. Of course he may have played a card he didn't intend, and the aliens might view him as a threat. He followed after, glowing, because of the energy he had taken in, given he moved fairly fast, even underwater, he moved to take point and eat any attack that might be aimed at them. Or just him. He really didn't like dealing with non-humanoids, he had a hard time figuring them out.
  12. Corinne didn't care. As this wasn't a goal for her, and as she got closer to graduation the more jaded she became, especially after the Krampus incident. She wasn't going to sullen, considering she was seeing things she hadn't before... but... Her mind was made up, and barring something catastrophic nothing was going to change her mind. Still a semi-secret nonpublic facility in the middle of desert gave her all sorts of vibes, so despite her 'not caring,' and no matter how often she repeated the mantra, this was an event. She was just going to doggedly not admit it. She had her arm cross over her midsection, plodding along. Wearing her nominal bucket hat, a printed t-shirt from some old pop culture reference (a la Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China), under her studded leather jacket, with a flannel tied around her waist, a pair of black leggings, and some hiking boots. At the threat of the storm she moved one arm and summoned her power around her, that scattering light shimmered for a moment, as she summoned her forcefield, just in case stuff started to get real before she made it into the building.
  13. There was a scattering effect as intervening space changed, and Zenith burst out of thin air with a string of curses, and a streak of her brilliant multi-colored corona of hair behind her. She caught herself with one hand on the ground and help guide herself into a roll, ending up, on her feet, before wheeling and looking back into space she had erupted from. The glowing teen wore her 'normal' outfit, of a hooded long sleeve romper version of the Claremont uniform, with a lighted, swirling pattern, and a matching pair of kickpads and light shoes that let me move easily. Well... one of her normal outfits. "Huh. Guess I am out of bounds. Welp, f*** it, I lost. Tag out!" And with that, her knees buckled, and she dropped down to them, before her torso fell back, and she folded out onto the ground in another burst of that scattering digital-like white fire, reverting her to her more normal seeming form. "Do you have to do that!?" Corinne cried out to her alter-ego, before she shifted her weight, to bring her legs up, and then snap back to her feet with a kip-up. "... Murder on the knees..." the tall blonde groused, as she swatted and brushed her fingers at herself to clear the dirt from the abrupt transition.
  14. She was, at that point, already through her horchata, and a good quarter of the impressive mound of nachos. She popped off the metal cap of the first bottle of soda, a lime, with it's bright green color. See, some of the science types said it was because of her powers, that they burned energy, had to come from somewhere. Which, sure, made sense. But she was also a good half-foot taller than other dancers in her class, and commensurately heavier. So she ate even more. Wiping away a glob of guacamole from her chin with her fingers, she gracelessly cleaned it off her fingers, before looking back to Pan. Her eyes somewhat visible behind the light that poured out, and she shrugged, before she pulled her hand away and picked up some napkins to clean off her face and her hands. "I eat a lot." She didn't say it lamely, she was never ashamed of the fact, "Dancing and all the training makes me really hungry." Then she reached out and tapped on the bottles of soda, the caps disintegrating like they were nothing. "Try the lime." Then she resumed consuming mass quantities.
  15. The ice started to crack around her, as her, as the dawn colored aurora around her turned into white hot. She threw her hands arms down, and her power washed out like a flash flood around them, ripping at the ice that bound them, and likely those who couldn't get away, she peeled and ripped it off the other students and freeing as the coruscating flame kept the ice suspended for a moment. Her inhuman voice came a long, loud string of swears, as she shook it off, before she stepped in the snow towards Headmistress Summers. Not really happy with the fact that the madwoman will make demands of her when she was already agitated. "We're not soldiers, or machines. Stop treating us like that. I was sent here because it would be safe, tell me how this is all SAFE!?" Zenith gestured around them, at the damage around them, and the hurt students. Finally at the Dark Elf that the headmistress was dealing with.
  16. Once it's up, Zenith is gonna stunt something to destroy the Entangled effect, if it does persist after Krampus' defeat.
  17. Corinne's expression said she didn't buy it, but her agitation released. "I am not of a mind to test, but..." She looked at Judy with frank appraisal, "...yeah." She let it drop, and when Judy reached out, Corinne moved the hedgie into position for the girl to scritch and pet without disturbing. "He can be grumpy, watch out, I need to feed him before I get to bed." She looked down at Percy and murmured softly to him. She was getting fine control, more and more, "Who I've kissed, or slept with, isn't important to me," she said it confidently, and brushed aside the the implications of what Judy said, as she knew the girl didn't mean it, and she didn't want to start a fight. Ash was effectively her sister's bouncer, and she didn't want to get heated herself, or show off her powers in a sort of pissing contest with Judy. That wouldn't end well, at all.
  18. Corinne didn't linger it awkward, the touch had meant to be re-assuring, and when Judy jerked Corinne pulled back. "I didn't initiate it, it happened at the wrap party of my last performance in LA. Performers are weird, and when you are around people the biochemistry tends to make things, more? My boyfriend, or whatever he was, was the male lead, and we danced together a lot, so tension being what it was." She shrugged a little bit, and moved her hands to pick up Percival between them, and raising him up over her head, as he yawned dramatically. "But, I don't know what I am, I'm almost eighteen, I have super powers, and not enough time to try and have another, and the dance school... well I am taller than the boys." She giggled, tucking her head down a bit, and lifting her shoulders, "I mean, my mom is a stunt woman in Hollywood, so I had to self-defense, and we had to have the sex talk younger than most, because she was worried since I was going into the performance side of things that someone might trying to force me to do something to get a part, or something like that." Then her jaw set, and she looked right at Ashley, "Give me some f***ing credit Ash. I get you're the protective bodyguard big sister, but Je-" Corinne stopped herself as she looked at Judy, then sighed, "... but I have self-respect so I am not gonna gonna try the 'nice girl' bull to get into someone pants. On top of that..." she looked back to Judy, "I respect you too much to make a pass, and I think I'd make things worse for most anyone I was with." She let out a slow breath, and hugged Percy in close, as she rake fingers through her short blonde hair. "Kissing is fine. As long as your are comfortable to it, and I am pretty such anyone who tried more would end up with more than a broken jaw," trying to get back to cool, calm, collected Corinne.
  19. Pushed to her feet, all sunshine and being tall, because that's pretty much an accurate description of her in general. Even when she was being heel to someone, she tilted her head and then had a silent laugh. "I am six foot, three inches. Most boys don't want to date someone taller than them. And, the whole dance thing... I've done it since I was six. I do anywhere from like six to twenty hours of practice for that week. And then there are the performances. And the learn my powers stuff. Any boyfriend I might want would get like..." she paused, and looked upwards, mouthing out a complicated calculus of time allotment, "five minutes of attention from me, Tuesday after next? And that's not fair to them." She moved over to Judy, and slipped an arm around her shoulders, "But, I did have a couple of things like boyfriend back in California, when I was moderately less busy. And I've been on birth control since before I started here at Claremont. I have sort of had a boyfriend, I guess, but... then my powers and coming here. And before you ask, yes, I've had sex. And I've kissed a girl." She glanced over Judy's head to stick out her tongue at Ashley. "But, realistically, you're a teenager, any kiss, or relationship, doesn't mean you are committing to someone til the end." A squeeze to her shoulders then, as she rested her chin on the crown of Judy's head. "So... tell them you like them both, but things are hectic, and you are sorting through it. The bad thing would be not telling them, and not being honest."
  20. Will move at full speed available, and shooting out the glass you can do it one round. If you are being careful 2
  21. While I hadn't planned such, yes, yes there is a Skylight.
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