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  1. "Poisoned!" Astrid said way to loudly. "What kind of cowardly piece of garbage poisons a teenager at an art museum! I just, I can't even..." Astrid started cursing in her native language. When she couldn't think of anymore curse words in Norwegian she moved on to German, Swedish and then Old Norse. All the while she wanted to bring out Porrkubba even through she knew that would be pointless and possibly make the whole situation even worse than it already was. Still, the urge was there and Astrid had to fight to suppress it. Fortunately the person working on Connie mentioned contact poison and that got Astrid to focus. "That means she was probably poisoned recently, right? Which means the poisoner is probably still here..."
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    Replica looked Sari over. He seemed to be a normal man and given his decision to stop for them he was obviously a generous one. Until further evidence showed otherwise Replica was willing to trust him, especially since the probability of him also being controlled by the Sleeper seemed highly unlikely by her calculations. As Sari drove them to this nearby border town Replica thought of all the possible ways they could bypass the Finnish-Russian border. Doing so without detection was absolutely necessary in Replica's mind. Not only because trying to sincerely explain their plight to the Russians would almost certainly get them imprisoned and questioned but also because the Sleeper would just as certainly find out about their survival as well, putting North and the crew in danger. Replica had a couple ideas but knew that expressing them to Synapse while Sari was nearby was inadvisable. Once they made it to the town they could figure out what they could do next.
  3. Superhero Name Power Level: 10 (150/150) or 7 (105/105PP) Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: In Brief: Alternate Identity: Birthplace: Residence: Base of Operations: Occupation: Affiliations: Family: Description: Age: Gender: Ethnicity: Height: m (ft) Weight: kg (lbs) Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Physical Appearance: History: Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Complications: Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PPStrength: 10 (+0)Dexterity: 10 (+0)Constitution: 10 (+0)Intelligence: 10 (+0)Wisdom: 10 (+0)Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: Initiative: +0 Attack: +0 Melee (+0 Base, +0 Attack Focus), +0 Ranged (+0 Base, +0 Attack Focus), Defense: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0)Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0)Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0)Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0) Skills: Feats: Powers: DC Block Totals: Abilities () + Combat () + Saving Throws () + Skills () + Feats () + Powers () = 150/150 or 105/105 Power Points
  4. Astrid saw the crazy cultists before they saw her. She smiled like a maniac. She would have preferred to fight them face-to-face and duel whatever tentacle monster freak of nature they were trying to summon to Midgard but Astrid figured that the night was still young and that there was still plenty of time for her to have a good throw do with some beasties. The demigoddess held Porrklubba up high above her head and felt the rush of electricity course through her. When blue sparks of lightning started to leap off her and Porrklubba she knew it was time to start blasting. Astrid knew she had to act fast if Piglet was going to survive this but made sure that she controlled the burst just enough that it would frighten off the cultists and not fry them in their Halloween store looking robes. She told Aquaria and Nick to back up a little as she pointed Porrklubba above the heads of the cultists and screamed out a word in Ancient Norse. "LEIPTR!!!" In a instant the entire room was awash with a blinding blue light as a bolt of lightning was emitted from Porrklubba and traveled across the room until it flew out a window.
  5. GM Claremont Academy October 31 2018 10:13 PM Halloween was almost always hectic night for the heroes of Freedom City, with all kinds of occult madness happening all over the city. Most of Claremont's faculty was off campus dealing with it right this moment. The same used to be true for a lot of Claremont's students but since Headmistress Summer's crackdown on late night teen superheroing most students were spending All Hallow's Eve having parties off campus. Sam Thorn knew all this. In fact, it was one of the reasons why he and the rest of the other students that made up the Hidden Convenant decided to have the ritual tonight. It made sense at the time. The school would be mostly deserted, the wards would weakened without the teachers being around to bolster them, and Halloween was just altogether a great day for late-night summoning. As Sam ran down down an another empty hallway, his hands filled with an ancient tome that felt so heavy in them, and looked for someone, anyone, that could help him he tried to remember that things weren't supposed to be this way. He wasn't supposed to covered in sot and other things we didn't want to even think about. He wasn't supposed to be alone and scared out of his mind. And he was supposed to feel like some presence was getting closer and closer to him no matter how much he ran. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way..." He kept repeating those words over and over again as he ran. Maybe if said them enough times everything would go back to normal. When he finally spotted a rec room with a light on it Sam immediately barged right in there huffing and coughing as he entered. He didn't know the people in the room but that didn't matter. He needed their help if he was going to save his friends and his soul. "Please! Oh God, please help me!"
  6. OOC for this. The assumption is the PCs are all returning from a Halloween party and are now relaxing together in a rec room when Sam shows up, but if you have another reason why'd you'd be hanging out there go for it and explain it in IC.
  7. Possessed Sam Will Save: 27. Succeeded! Looks I like Demon-Sam's luck is turning around! Sorry Heritage. Before I start rolling for Demon-Sam I'm gonna wait for @Azuth65 and @Heritage to make their IC posts. Then the nightmare can really begin...
  8. You'd be right. It's another miss. Sorry, Rocket! If you're fine with that I see no problem with it. Just make a IC post about what Salvo's doing while she's gone. Yeah, this guy has a good Defense score. It's a miss, I'm afraid.
  9. GM The demon wearing Sam's body was a proud thing. It would have preferred a more powerful vessel, especially in a school filled with them, but its master gave him little choice of mounts and forced him to takeover a weak boy who lacked physical prowess as much as he did common sense. The demon was forced to empower the boy's meager frame with its own infernal might. Sure, he managed to avoid Forever Boy's bonds with an agile leap to the ceiling but he did so only narrowly, which stung its pride and left him snarling at the youths before him. Gauss' tact refusal of his offer of joyous eternal damnation stung it even more so. The demon had planned on attacking her first but Crystal-Gazer's psychic attack caught it off-guard and sent him reeling back to the rec room's floor just as it was about to pounce. The demon was able to quickly get back on its feet but the attack still left him disoriented and unable to act. All it could do was grab at Sam's head and let out a scream as it tried to regain its senses. "ARGH! Curse you, witch. Curse all you mortals! You will not debase me! I am the debaser. Not any of you!"
  10. Back guys! Sorry I was gone for a bit. Anyhow... Round 2 - Initiative Order 17 - Forever Boy - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 16 - Salvo - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 12 - Gauss - Fine and Dandy, 3HP 11 - Crystal Gazer - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 11 - Deadite Possessed Sam - Dazed @RocketLord is back up with Forever Boy.
  11. Notice Check: 1d20+5 8 😞
  12. Possessed Sam Will Save: 16. Failed! Since he failed by 4 he is now Dazed. Good job! Alright, make your IC post.
  13. Yep. That does it. She knows that mental effects and powers are just as effective against most demons as they are humans, though she might not want to read the mind of a demon. It's pretty scary in there. Anyways, what else is Lulu doing on her turn?
  14. Give me a Arcane Lore roll and we'll find out. Pass or fail I'm going to say its a reaction and she can still do other things on her turn.
  15. As it just so happens, there are in fact silver caps on the tome. That means, @Heritage is up.
  16. Understood, ZB. That means you're up @Azuth65.
  17. With Sea-Devil having done her and Nick the honor going through the breach first, Astrid rushed in herself with Porrklubba at the ready, the weapon already crackling with magical energies of its own. The inside of Dunwich was hardly better than its rundown grounds. In facr, to Astrid's eyes it was even worse of a creepy mess that made her skin crawl. Fortunately, Nick was able to distract from the weirdness of the place by dropping some much needed info about where they needed to be. The wards keeping whatever was in this place sealed were breaking down just like everything else and the very center of the school was where all this eldritch nonsense was leaking from. "Cool. We know where going now. Let's get to it and see whether there's some creepo cultists there, ja!"
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    The trek through the snow getting to the main road had been trying. Not because of the cold or wind but because the snow made it difficult to traverse the forest and reach road as quickly as she would have preferred. Still, they made it to the road despite the snow with the help of the map and radar and as luck would have it a vehicle was approaching. Synapse told her that their was only one driver in the vehicle (a transport truck apparently) and that he or she wasn't an exceptional mind. Good, Replica thought. If that was the case than maybe the driver won't be overly compelled to ask to many question. Replica made the universal gesture for hitchhiking and yelled in out Russian and Finnish for the driver to stop.
  19. Forever Boy's Attack: Hits! 😀 Possessed Sam Reflex Save: 22. Succeeded. 😡 Sorry RocketLord, you hit him but Possessed Sam made the Reflex against your Snare. If you want to go back and mention the failure in your IC post go right ahead! @Zeitgeist Blue you're next!
  20. Round 1 - Initiative Order 17 - Forever Boy - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 16 - Salvo - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 12 - Gauss - Fine and Dandy, 3HP 11 - Crystal Gazer - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 11 - Deadite Possessed Sam - Fine and Dandy Alrighty, @RocketLord you're going first. I'm also giving you a Hero Point because a demon is about to attack you're friends triggering one of your complications. Show us what you got!
  21. Just when things had been patched up with Nicole another problem reared its ugly head, though this was decidedly more of a pressing matter. The moment Astrid saw the stranger looking over Connie call out she sprung to attention. "We did," she shouted, quickly pointing to Nicole, Monica and Sara. She dashed to where the stranger was but made sure that she wasn't to close that the person in question wouldn't be able to do whatever she needed to do for Connie. Astrid wasn't sure how much information she could or should give. Connie's identity as Zentih was a secret, like many of the other students at Claremont, but if this weird fainting spell she was having had something to do with her powers, or worse, Connie had Zenith episode right here in front of everyone at the exhibit things would get very complicated very quickly.
  22. GM Sam almost collapsed onto the rec room's floor when he saw not one but four other students there. Sam didn't know any of them personally, only recognizing them from the halls and word of mouth. He was a freshmen after all and was part of the lesser known, and respected, teams. Still, he at least knew Salvo by her reputation in Claremont's magical community, and knew that she'd be at least able to someone understand his predicament. He almost couldn't believe his luck. In fact, a part of him didn't and wondered whether this was an illusion created by the thing he and his friends had brought forth, but he decided to cling on to hope. The freshmen steadied himself and tried to speak more calmly. "I'm...I'm Sam Thorn. You guys might know me as Kid Warlock. I'm part of the Indigo Team." Sam stopped and shook his head. In what way did his superhero name and team affiliation matter right now? He was wasting precious time and every second lost gave that fiend more time to find him. "Look, me and my friends messed major tonight. We performed a ritual and tried to summon, well, we tried to..." Sam looked around the rec room and suddenly became very aware of the fact that besides Forever Boy and himself everyone else in the room was a girl. His face immediately went red with embarrassment and shame. "We tried to summon a succubus because were pathetic losers and we used this book to do it, ok!" There, he said it, not that it made feel any less gross. Sam hanged his head in shame. What the Hell were they thinking. He and the entire Hidden Covenant deserved to be punished for what they did. Yes, you do. You all do. The young wizard jumped at the voice. What the Hell was that? He knew what it was but still felt compelled to ask himself question, as if his own ignorance could protect him. It was close to finding him. He had to speak fast. He looked towards Salvo and hoped that she wasn't too disgusted by him and would understand what had happened to him and his friends. "Me and the other guys on Indigo Team, we call ourselves the Hidden Covenant by the way, are all magic-users. We knew that if we wanted to summon the succubus we would need to do it tonight when most of the school's sorcerers would be off-campus, so the wards would be weaker. We thought we did everything right, but something happened and we summoned a uncontrollable demon that..." And now you, nor these children, can undo me, boy. Sam felt the heat again. He started to rush his words in a panic. "We did it in one of the sub-basements in the underbelly," he managed to grunt out as the heat became more intense in his throat and chest. "There's...there's a map of how to get there in the book." Yes. Bring them to me so that I can add them to my growing collection, boy. The heat, no fire, was overwhelming now and Sam swore that his very soul was aflame. He had to tell them soon before it was to late. "I think...ARGH... You can reverse the summoning and banish the demon back to Hell if you...ARGH... the book has the answers to..." Sam said no more after that. He did scream though. And it was a nightmarish scream at that. When the screaming ended the thing that now wore Sam's body through away the book in its hands contemptuously. Its nails had become claws, its teeth were a jagged mess of fangs, and its eyes were a bloodshot and red-orange. When it spoke it its voice echoed within the rec room like a howling wind that made the ceiling lights flicker. "You all belong to my master now, mortals. Join your friend in eternal service to Baal, the great and powerful! JOIN US! JOIN US!