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  1. Things had gone from bad to worse since Astrid took up Porrklubba and started pursing Corinne's would-be kidnapper. Smoke had suddenly filled most of the gallery and Astrid could an explosion coming from somewhere through all the craziness around her. She wanted to turn around a deal with the smoke, whoever was making that noise, and help civilians get out of here in one piece. She wanted to deal with everything going wrong right now but she was only one person after and she had to believe that her friends would do what came naturally to help. Also, she was mad. Really, really mad, which made it difficult to focus on anything else but the kidnapping asshole that was going after. The asshole in question had managed to get a headstart on her but with Porrklubba letting her fly above the crowd of people, Astrid was able to finally catch and drop right in front of her as she was still trying to escape. "You have exactly one chance to hand her over nicely you jævel. If not I swear I'm going to-" Astrid was cut off before she could finish. The kidnapper tried to simply push past her but Astrid wasn't about to be accommodating. She stood her ground and swung with her right. Her opponent tried to catch the blow with her free hand but Astrid had the strength of an Asgardian and was to overpower. Caught off guard, the kidnapper opponent lost her grip on Corinne. Instinct and training told Astrid she should just keep going to town on her enemy, but a better part of her wasn't going to let Corinne hit the ground. She slammed the kidnapper out of the way and dove for Corinne and managed to catch her before she hit her head on the hard gallery floor.
  2. GM Claremont Academy October 31 2018 10:13 PM Halloween was almost always hectic night for the heroes of Freedom City, with all kinds of occult madness happening all over the city. Most of Claremont's faculty was off campus dealing with it right this moment. The same used to be true for a lot of Claremont's students but since Headmistress Summer's crackdown on late night teen superheroing most students were spending All Hallow's Eve having parties off campus. Sam Thorn knew all this. In fact, it was one of the reasons why he and the rest of the other students that made up the Hidden Convenant decided to have the ritual tonight. It made sense at the time. The school would be mostly deserted, the wards would weakened without the teachers being around to bolster them, and Halloween was just altogether a great day for late-night summoning. As Sam ran down down an another empty hallway, his hands filled with an ancient tome that felt so heavy in them, and looked for someone, anyone, that could help him he tried to remember that things weren't supposed to be this way. He wasn't supposed to covered in sot and other things we didn't want to even think about. He wasn't supposed to be alone and scared out of his mind. And he was supposed to feel like some presence was getting closer and closer to him no matter how much he ran. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way..." He kept repeating those words over and over again as he ran. Maybe if said them enough times everything would go back to normal. When he finally spotted a rec room with a light on it Sam immediately barged right in there huffing and coughing as he entered. He didn't know the people in the room but that didn't matter. He needed their help if he was going to save his friends and his soul. "Please! Oh God, please help me!"
  3. OOC for this. The assumption is the PCs are all returning from a Halloween party and are now relaxing together in a rec room when Sam shows up, but if you have another reason why'd you'd be hanging out there go for it and explain it in IC.
  4. Mike thought he was doing pretty well. Sure, Nicole and Pan chewed him out but they at least were willing to give him a second chance and even the grimoire itself. The third member of the group wasn't as forgiving it seemed, having used her powers to take the tome right from his fingers. The teen sorcerer was piqued by the act, though he did his best to hid it. He had to play cool after all if he wanted to set things right. "You got me there," Mike admitted sheepishly. "We messed up major and for the most pathetic reasons possible. I get why you wouldn't trust me, like, at all after that. But I really want to help, guys. Honest." Mike scratched the back of his head trying to think of a way to make things right. "Look, you want to keep Sam's book safe and sound? Fine. That makes sense given the circumstances. In fact, since I'm kind of a weakling who got possessed and you guys are freaking demonslayers apparently, I think its best that it does stay with you. All I wanted to show you guys was the map Sam made. It's still in the grimoire, right? Well, if you plan on fighting Baal than you going to need to rely on me instead of that map." He turned and pointed at the dark tunnel he just came from. "Baal's presence on this plane has done something to the tunnels down here. They've become warped and twisted. I think he's trying to slowly transform the whole school to resemble his demesne in Hell, which is one giant labyrinth. Point is, the map is useless now but I remember the paths I took to make it this far. I can still guide you to Baal! Just trust me."
  5. Everyone give me another Sense Motive check. If you can beat Mike's 23 Bluff than you know he's lying about the map. Since Gauss already called him out as untrustworthy, and his Bluff is kind of out there, everyone gets a +5 to their roll.
  6. Got a 6 but I'm going to burn a Hero Point to get a 21 on my second try. Since she knows where the baddie (Ren?) is now she's going to try and get Corinne back as well. Move Action: Closing the distance between herself and Ren. Standard Action: All-Out Attack (+5 Attack -5 Defense) Melee Attack. 23. I believe that's a Hit. Is there still a grapple check or does Thursday just have Corinne now?
  7. Opposed Bluff Check: 14. Gauss thinks something's off about Mike's story. There's just something too causal about how he's talking right now. She might want to bring up her suspicions to her Forever Boy and Salvo, and even take the book back.
  8. Opposed Bluff vs Sense Motive: 23. Sorry, RocketLord. Looks like Forever Boy sees nothing wrong with Mike either. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong to see in the first place... possibly.
  9. Opposed Bluff vs Sense Motive: 30. With that whooping thirty, Salvo totally believes that Mike is telling the truth. Or at the very least she detects no tell-tell signs of deceit. Does @RocketLord or @Azuth65 wanna take a swing at seeing whether Mike seems shady?
  10. Right, so a lot has happened. Thursday was pursing one of kidnappers trying to abscond with Corinne before the break and I'm not sure if she can see still her through with the gas attack. Do I have to make a roll to break through the concealment?
  11. "Well, if you insist, Leroy," Astrid answered playfully. If one wanted to get the demigoddess interested in something, calling her a Battlemaid was a good way of doing it. Flattery was the opium of warriors after all. Taking a seat beside Leroy, Astrid took a look at the splendid art the gravity manipulator was taking about. Even though music was more her thing than art Astrid still recognized the piece as one of Caravaggio's famous oil paintings. "I guess having a Baroque era art puzzle is one way for Summers to remind us that we have a history exam soon. I wonder if that counts as low-key psychological torture?" She asked Leroy sarcastically, though, if she was being honest, she wouldn't put it past Claremont's headmistress to do such a thing. Astrid started to put a couple of the last reminding pieces to their rightful place. While she did, she idly listened to the conversations and music around her, relaxing into the positive atmosphere. It was nice, and exactly the thing she needed right now. She spoke up again when she heard Ashley, Abagail and Reina's conversation about the strange sites in Freedom. Astrid was still a stranger to the city, and although she had taken time to explore and visit some of the city's main attractions and sites, she still felt as if she didn't quite know it yet. "A skyscraper with a castle on top? Fancy. Any other weird or spooky locales in this city I should know about?"
  12. With all three of the shadows demons defeated, the Claremont students exchanged information and quips before continuing on their way to the ritual site. As they did they noticed how the Underbelly tunnels weren't as poorly lit as they were before, and how the temperature wasn't as oppressively hot as it was when the shadow demons made their surprise attack. Was that a good sign that Baal's powers really were weakening after the defeat of several of his demons, or was the demon lord trying to lure the three young heroes into a false sense of security? The only way any of them would know for sure was by facing the prince of Hell in person and determining that by themselves. It wasn't a great solution, but demonic incursions weren't exactly known for being well-springs for easy answers. Than again, sometimes the universe just throws you a bone that makes things a whole lot easier. As they moved down the tunnels the trio of heroes heard the sound of someone running towards them. Immediately they prepared themselves to confront some fresh new Hell only to hesitant when they saw that the new arrival wasn't another demon, but a very pale-faced and lanky Claremont student. Like Sam, he was covered head to toe in sot and the expression of his face was one of both terror and hope. "I can't believe it! Sam actually managed to get help!" The boy looked like he was on the verge of tears but managed to compose himself. "I knew... I just freaking knew Sam had to have gotten help from someone. I thought it would be one of the teacher but who the Hell am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, huh." The student moved up to the trio and was about to give Pan a handshake (or hug) when he realized he was still covered in sot. "Sorry, I'm kind of an emotional wreck right now. I guess being possessed does that." He laughed but there was no mirth to it. "The name's Mike Carpenter. I'm guessing Sam already filled you in on, well, what we did. I know it sounds gross, and yeah it totally was, but that's in the past and we still got a demon to exorcise." Mike made a wide gesture with his arms indicating the entire trio. "Sam told you about us getting possessed, right? Well, you guys must have been kicking some serious ass because Baal's been getting weaker since Sam ran for it. That's how I was able to break my possession and escape. Thanks by the way." Mike paused for a moment when he saw the book in Salvo's hands. "You got Sam's book, too! Damn you guys are good. Ok, hand it over. There's something I have to show all of you."
  13. Knowledge (Arcane Lore) I'm going to another scene transition in the next IC post, if that's alright with everyone. Before that though if anyone else wants to make a Knowledge roll they most certainly can.
  14. Oopsies. Thought the Dark Elves were attacking Ms. Thursday from the ground using ranged attacks instead of being up and close with her on the Krampus. Disregard her using a Free Action and Move Action to fly towards them. Everything else though (basically just the Standard Action) still stands.
  15. A lot had happened in the last span of a couple of minutes. That's what happens in battle. A whole lot happening all it once. Astrid knew that from experience but even so experiencing it still took her aback, though she would loath to admit that anyone. Dio was down but at least Nicole was able to blast the Hel out of their enemy. Astrid would have given her roommate the colossal props she so rightfully deserved for that attack if she wasn't already preoccupied with a trio of Dark Elves clawing at her and Porrklubba. She had spotted the monsters when she saw that they were gunning for Àjàṣorò, but now they were up and close and Astrid saw them for the ugly creatures they were. "<Vile little beasts aren't you,>" she grunted out in her native Norwegian as they attacked. The monsters swiped at her, and although she made to block or parry most of their blows, one managed to slip past her defenses and slash her right shoulder with its claws, drawing blood. The injury wasn't debilitating but Astrid cursed it all the same. Not out of pain, but because she allowed the Dark Elves to get the better of her, if only somewhat. Astrid decided to return the favor by finally going on the offensive. Not wanting to use her right arm immediately after her injury, Astrid made a fist with her left hand and drove at the Dark Elves prepared to clubber them one by one.
  16. Toughness Save: 19. Bah humbug. It's not a terrible fail on my part so I'll refrain from using a HP and just take the Bruise. I, and therefore Thursday, has suddenly remembered that Takedown Attack is a thing, so... Free Action: Shifting the Porrklubba Array from Blast to Flight. Move Action: Flying towards the three Dark Elves on the ground that were firing at Thursday. Standard Action: Using Takedown Attack to try and knock out them all out with a series of Unarmed Attacks. I'm also Taking 10, so that's a DC21 (-2 from Entangled and +5 from All-Out Attack) on the Attack and Toughness DC23 for Damage.
  17. That most certainly is a meet, Azuth. Gauss is in the clear. As for her attack... Gauss' Blast Attack: Hits! I can also confirm that is a Critical Hit! Mr. Cat's Toughness Save vs DC 27. 8. Failed. By a wide margin I might add. Mr. Cat fail his Toughness save by 19 meaning he's also Unconscious. Super Noice. Round 1 - Initiative Order 23 - Salvo - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 20 - Shadow Demons (x3) - Frog Demon - Unconscious/Banished - Cat Demon - Unconscious/Banished - Human Demon - Unconscious/Banished 14 - Forever Boy - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 14 - Gauss - Fine and Dandy, 4HP Go ahead a make your IC post @Azuth65. Combat is once again over for you three maniac demonslayers. Now Stage 3 can begin...
  18. You end up seeing a lot of things when you fight literally monsters by night and go to a superhero school by day. Still, even with all that being the case, Astrid still had to rate a bunch of superpowered teenagers getting hyped to solve a puzzle to be pretty high of her list of weird things she'd seen in her life. It wasn't exactly her idea of fun times, but Claremont was a straight-laced school for straight-laced superheroes, and so Astrid causally walked to the growing crowd of puzzle-solvers with her hands in pockets and an amused look on her face. When in Rome do what the Romans do and all that jazz. "Ok, what do we have here?" She asked as saw all the puzzles on the table that everyone was sharing.
  19. Mr. Man's Sense Motive Check vs Bluff. 17. Failed. Hugely so. Forever Boy's Attack counts as a Surprise Attack meaning Mr. Man loses his Dodge Bonus. Which means, that natural 20 is totally confirmed as a critical hit by a wide margin. I got a feeling that things aren't going to go well for Mr. Man... Mr. Man's Toughness Save vs DC 34. 18. Failed. Mr. Man failed his Toughness save by 16 meaning he's Unconscious aka Banished back to Hell. Noice. @Azuth65 is up next. Let's see if you guys can pull off a hat trick. Round 1 - Initiative Order 23 - Salvo - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 20 - Shadow Demons (x3) - Frog Demon - Unconscious/Banished - Cat Demon - Fine and Dandy - Human Demon - Unconscious/Banished 14 - Forever Boy - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 14 - Gauss - Fine and Dandy, 4HP
  20. Replica Red Net (2) = 2 Posts = 1PP Ms Thursday Canon Texts (2) With Black Curtains (1) Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus (3) = 6 Posts = 1PP GM Fright Night at Claremont (3) x 2 = 6 = 1PP (That will spent towards Ms Thursday)
  21. Ms. Thursday Astrid had only woken up about an hour ago and she felt it. Even Asgardian fortitude had its limits after all and she brought to its breaking point last night. "Helsike," she mumbled to her as she made her way across Kord. She had spent most of the late hours of last night cramping for a test she was going take today. It was a history exam on American expansion into the West and although Astrid usually found learning about historical factoids to be oddly interesting, studying for it felt downright miserable. Part of the reason had to do with her having a sneaking suspicion that the exam was glossing over some unsavory parts of the time period, but having to constantly drop everything to deal with an Agent of Midgard problem out in the world didn't make things easier either. By the time she finally let her body rest, Astrid was battered both physically and mentally, and couldn't help but won. And so, after walking up and realizing that she still felt Hel, Astrid decided that a happy distraction from said test and her lot in life was in order. She eventually found it when she saw that a bunch of Claremont students were using one of the common rooms. Astrid saw her teammates Abigail and Cornnie and gave them a hail as she made her way towards them. "Hey, guys. What's happening?" She managed to yawn out.
  22. Mr Toad's Toughness Save vs Salvo's Flamethrowers (Lethal) DC 25: 10. Failed. Since he failed by 15 he is now Unconscious, which in this case means he's been banished back to Hell. Guess even demons can get roasted. His compatriots are going to attempt to avenge their lost comrade by taking down one of yours. Mr. Cat will use his Standard Action and attempt to Dazzle Gauss. Mr. Man will also use a Standard Action and try and blind Forever Boy with a Snare. They both make a Melee Attack of 22, meaning Forever Boy once again manages to avoid getting Hit while @Azuth65 has to make a Reflex Save that can beat DC 20. Round 1 - Initiative Order 23 - Salvo - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 20 - Shadow Demons (x3) - Frog Demon - Unconscious/Banished - Cat Demon - Fine and Dandy - Human Demon - Fine and Dandy 14 - Forever Boy - Fine and Dandy, 2HP 14 - Gauss - Fine and Dandy, 4HP
  23. Demons were hardly sentimental by nature. They're creatures of pure, undiluted evil, and as such were inclined to mock and pervert humans emotions like empathy and camaraderie. This is especially true for the demonic servants of Baal, perhaps the most dispassionate legionaries of Hell. But when Mr. Cat and Mr. Man saw their brother in darkness Mr. Toad burned to oblivion only a few moments after leading the attack on their enemies, the two monsters felt something akin to grief for his loss. Of course, they couldn't express those feelings. They had reputation to uphold after all and an employer that wouldn't take to kindly to weakness. "Oh, what a shame," Mr. Cat purred as he tried and failed to disembowel Gauss with his claws. "He was a failure, of course, but he wasn't entirely worthless." Mr. Man gave Mr. Cat a solemn nod of acknowledgement in between trying to rip a chunk of Forever Boy's face off with his bare teeth. Having failed, he pulled back his huge, misshapen head and turned it. "Agreed, Mr. Cat. He must be horribly tortured for his failure but perhaps he deserves another chance in a couple thousand years?" Mr. Cat wouldn't help but bob its massive head in agreement. "I do concur, Mr. Man. Anyhow, let us finish what he started, eh." Giving his compatriot one last gentlemanly nod, Mr. Man raised his hands and pointed them at Forever Boy. Less than a second later black tendrils exploded from those hands and rushed towards Forever Boy like a viper alerted to nearby prey. Mr. Cat followed his the other demon's example. If purely physical means weren't proving effective than perhaps there was another way to hamper their foes. The demon began to speak a vile incarnation in a language long dead. When the creature reached the finale verse it gave Gauss a Cheshire cat smile. "If I cannot pluck your eyes out than maybe I can bind them in endless darkness. Wouldn't that be delightful?" His taunt was followed by volley of black needles bursting from his body towards Gauss' eyes.