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  1. Mona simply shrugged. “You got wings and a tail. And you know, the legs. S’weird, but I can deal.” She had a secret identity, however technically. “Probably called the cops or somethin’. One sec.” Mona put down her fork and suddenly wasn’t there anymore. The irony of displaying obvious superpowers yet not saying a word about being a superhero was completely lost on her. Outside, a pair of cops were getting out of their car. “Cool response time.” Mona had changed into her Pacer outfit between her table and the front door. “Don’t worry guys. Everything’s under control in there. She just wants some ‘cue. She’s got money, too. I’m Pacer. A superhero. Kay bye.” Then, just as instantly, she was back in seat (costume gone). “Sorry, bathroom break. Anyway, can’t blame them for being scared.”
  2. Terrifica nodded. “I’m relying on you.” Then she really set to work. The thing about this old tech is that it was temperamental. Tech from this era could be said to have a mind of its own. It tended to lack the built in safeties and redundant systems of later on. These inventors were truly braving new frontiers of science. Terrifica applauded their courage, but deplored their safety standards. She had to do this just right, or the person in there would die never knowing a thing. It was a hefty responsibility, and Terrifica hoped she was up to the task. She examined the cryo tank carefully. Ah, good. A sensible configuration. She twisted knobs, pressed buttons, and the temperature inside the tank began to rise slowly as she intended. She turned her head to what Triakosia was up to. “I’ve started the procedure. I’ll need to monitor it, as the temperature cannot rise too quickly. If it does there’ll be severe, fatal tissue damage. I won’t be able to tell if that happen initially for some time. Honestly, cryogenics is one of the least effective methods of life extension. It’s more likely to kill than save. But I suppose it’s by far the easiest and least expensive.”
  3. Mona was the only person in the place who didn’t have some level of anxiety that a literal demon (or as close as any civilian had ever seen) had just walked in. And ordered. And got a table. She’d gone toe to toe with Omegadrones some months earlier, and after that whole…invasion…she was just less impressed by people who looked vaguely evil. The gawking, however, was a little annoying. “What’s a matter? Never seen a person eat before?” She wasn’t…aggressive, but not…not aggressive? Assertive, yeah that was the word. Mona was going for assertive. Gotta be assertive with the demonic, especially when you’re pocket sized. Or so was her line of thought…such as it was.
  4. Queenie held up her hands placatingly. “Of course we’re gonna arrest him. Or whatever the law lests us do around here.” Technically, Queenie had been deputized (after a fashion) as part of federal law enforcement. It was a super team thing. She met the president and everything. But they hadn’t called since and she wasn’t sure if it was still going or not. It would not be diplomatic to point out that Greenfingers had broken probably just as many laws, so she kept that thought in her head. “What I’m saying is that you’re giving Smokey exactly what he wants. He wants you mad, irrational, and violent. You’re clearly a smart woman, so stop and think for a minute. Do you really want to give this guy what he wants?”
  5. I don't have any EC-based PCs, but I've said many, many, many, many times...Pacer can show up anywhere at any time.
  6. Inside the lobby, Neisha (again, not that she’d mentioned her name) was nowhere to be found. The rent-a-cop was still at the front desk. He was awake, but clearly bored out of his mind. The place was kind of well, dead. Which made sense for a corporate office after 2 AM. The elevators did not ding. The lights were relatively dim except at the front desk. The only sounds came from the front desk radio playing classic rock and the occasional vehicle passing by. All in all, it seemed like nothing was happening tonight at Nova Technology’s Freedom City location. This, of course, was not true. As four superheroes (in one way or another) would soon discover.
  7. October 20, 2018. Belleville, Illinois. BEAST Craft BBQ Co. 1 PM. Mona Simms loved a good meal. She did a lot of running, and she was technically still a teenager; so her caloric intake was truly heroic. In days past, her twin brother Mickey would be here as well, but recently they’d begun branching out from each other. Thus she was consuming a truly massive amount of barbecue (pork, beans, slaw, etc) on her own. This did not bother the tiny young woman, not one bit. And she thought she’d pay this time. After all, she had done some work for…who was it again? Some tech firm? Eh, whatever, she had some cash. Might as well spend it, right? Plus dining and dashing was much less cool when you were doing a full meal rather than a small snack. She was growing as a person. Maybe.
  8. You are correct, Streetwise won't give you anything you don't already know (they're shady and hire folks who are sometimes outright criminals). Current Events, on the other hand... These two will give you basically the same information, so I'll smush them into one spot.
  9. Okay, after some discussion, that's actually a 16 and I'll allow the +4 to remember things, so 20. Just for fun, I'll put it in a
  10. Let's go with no on that one, I suppose. As I don't know that rule at all. Maybe next time. Anyway, KD, what Raven recalls about Dewstar the results of a KN Streetwise check.
  11. The sniper was legitimately terrified now. “I don’t know, man! I mean, Dewstar’s gotta be a made up name, right?” This tickled something in the Raven’s brain. He knew that name from somewhere. But the guy was still talking. “She was tiny, all in black, with a hood and a mask. She scared me, man! Just by standin’ there! How do you do that?” Dom was comfortably in the lead. He had several lengths over the second place driver, but even so he drove like said driver was tailgating him. It was simply more fun that way. Speaking of fun, he’d been considering doing more than one lap since the first turn. Darius would be pissed, but you know what? He’d get over it. Dom grinned. “We’re doing one more lap, Letty.” The smiley face reappeared on the dash, and her engine roared approval. Dewstar, the tiny woman in black, knew that this shot would require precision timing. Breath control. Relaxed body and mind. Supreme focus. Heh, it was almost like she’d done this before. Under the mask, her mouth curved in a smile at her own private joke. Here they came. Draw like this, aim just so, and let that arrow fly. If Dom hadn’t decided on a second lap, the arrow would have hit him. If Letty hadn’t reacted with she did, the arrow still would have hit him anyway. Hell, if he hadn’t reacted to her reaction, he’d still have been pierced. The shot was perfect. Letty felt more than saw something coming from the side, and (thinking it was a bird or something) braked slightly to let it go by. Dom, trusting his partner, twitched the wheel to the side, effectively changing lanes. The net effect was that instead of penetrating both of Dom’s temples, the arrow hit the front left wheel. With disastrous results. Dom got Letty around the corner into the home stretch of the lap, but then spun out hard. Tires squealing, he was about to meet the wall when Letty ejected him out the driver’s side door. He rolled along the ground as car met wall at high speed and flipped end over end. Aching, Dom lay on the asphalt…and then remembered he was on a racetrack and at least three cars were coming this way in the next 30 seconds. He pulled himself to his feet just in time to see the first one come out of the turn. Oh, crap.
  12. Y'all just let me know when you're ready to proceed. Don't forget, you have my permission to make any kind of check at any time.
  13. I worked two extra shifts last week and two extra this week. I simply haven't had the time or energy.
  14. Neisha…blinked. “Yes, that’s probably a bad idea outside of R&D. There is access around back, near the loading dock.” She had recovered quickly, but it was obvious she didn’t know specifically who any of the four heroes were. “I’ll put it another way. Once you’re in the building, I won’t be there. Therefore, I won’t be able to stop you from doing what you think is best.” She held out the remaining keycard. “Officially, I’m warning some superheroes of a crime about to happen. It would be foolish of me to get caught in a hero-villain crossfire, after all.” She checked her smartphone. “And if I’m right, said crime should happen before the night is over. 3 AM is the well known hour of least wakefulness, and if this crew is doing their homework they’ll know I’m on to them. They’ll have to move tonight.”
  15. The Notice DC to see said archer is 30. As y'all are coming back now. In case anyone wants to roll for it.