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  1. As to the question of yours that went unanswered...we don't have a set schedule, really. We live in different places with differing work schedules and personal lives. So...it should only take about a week (unless you're Tiff [💓 you, Auntie.]) for everyone to get in. Still, if it's been a few days and you're feeling impatient, go bother the person about it. Discord, PMs, whatever. Don't do it all the time, or you'll probably irritate them, but I'll have faith in your social skills on that one.
  2. Everyone was here, which was good. There was little chance Miracle Girl had missed her, even if everyone else was unable to see her. This was also good. She deactivated the Chameleonic Projector, and sipped her tea, crossing one leg over the other. “LittleMissTerrific here, though most of you would know me better as Terrifica.” She slipped the small gadget back into her utility belt. She remembered when Miss Americana had gone berserk as a result of possession by the ghost of Lady Liberty’s past self, and there'd been an adventure or two she had shared with Miss Grue as well. “Meeting up is lovely, but let’s not forget we have a job to do.”
  3. I suppose I can throw my hat into this. Terrifica: Rarely is she shown "on camera" doing what her comic series would largely be about. Competence porn. She has a ton of skills and an arsenal of little helper gadgets to smooth things when skill alone isn't enough. I don't know if it's just not as entertaining, but it hasn't happened yet. Specifically, I'd ask for something in the "person with unique skill set helps out the cops" style procedural. Like The Mentalist, Castle, or any one of the dozens of others. JETTE: Let's go straight up noir. A sudden crime reveals a bigger plot. With a dangerous crime boss, a alluring femme fatale, and a cynical PI riding the line between nobility and darkness. Queenie: Mmm. Dunno, really. Maybe something to play up her Superman-esque morality. But really, she's fine for now. Pacer/Stalwart: I still haven't done anything substantial with Future Pacer impacting present Pacer's life, barring that one Vignette. I would like to. Whether it's positive or negative I'll leave up to you.
  4. http://orokos.com/roll/617535 25 for gathering info (via Computers skill, yay) on how many there are, name of the group, eyewitness descriptions of behavior, etc. http://orokos.com/roll/617536 27 for KN Tactics for yeah, as you said. Strategies they use (or don't) when robbing, dealing with law enforcement, civillians, etc.
  5. Normally, Terrifica would be missing work for this. She was a university professor, after all. Fortunately, the Hanover Institute of Technology (not to be confused with the Massachusetts one, where she was gainfully employed) was forever asking for her to guest lecture for this class, or consult on that experiment. It was a simple matter to have a colleague cover her classes and go into Freedom for a day. She’d have to go by HIT later in the day, but that should also be a simple matter. She had arrived from outside, on the veranda. She’d climbed up with her grapple gun. It had felt…wrong…to just stroll into a café in full costume. She had been sitting quietly in a corner chair (furthest from the door to the ground floor) for well over an hour now. She wasn’t bored. She had plenty of things to think about. She had no intention of controlling the meeting. She was, of course, wearing her longcoat. Feeling a bit parched, she produced a thermos of herbal tea from one of its big pockets. She poured some into the lid, sipped quietly, and waited. The Chameleonic Projector (removed from her utility belt after replacing the grapple gun) hid her from normal light, after all. The only one who’d notice her there was Miracle Girl. And Terrifica did love a good entrance. Something about costumed detective work demanded a flair for the theatric.
  6. All right, how many rolls is that, and with which skills? Is there a limit? Things like this are Terrifica's bread and butter. She can sub Computers for Gather Information, due to a feat. Side note: The Chameleonic Projector is from her Gadgets. Concealment (Normal Vision)
  7. Also Terrifica's gonna physically be there, so yes she did totally call him. I don't know what I'd roll for, but it's probably a +15/+16.
  8. Peachy. You're bright folks, and I like you. S'pose I'll put Terrifica on Case 3. For the record, there isn't anything more in my files that what I put in the IC thread. Made it up as I went along. Point being, we can certainly drop one and go. I won't feel bad at all.
  9. New is not something I am, no, but I could contribute someone.
  10. All right, we're down to @Tiff and @Kai Wren. I know the latter's been a bit ill lately, but hopefully he'll be back soon. The OP is fully updated.
  11. @Heritage @NotAHoneyBadger @Cubismo @Exaccus @Tiff @Kai Wren @trollthumper So here's what we've got so far. Case 1 is HoneyBadger's Igneous and Ex's Facsimile, plus whoever else. Case 2 is Heri's Miracle Girl & Cubismo's Replica, plus whoever else. Case 3 is troll's Temperance, plus whoever else. Terrifica is still available. The idea was for everyone to sign up IC, but thread's slowed some. So if folks would prefer we can sort it out OOC. Also, I don't plan to run any of these. HoneyBadger's volunteered to help out, but I'd rather not pawn all three off on him(yes, I'll provide any necessary help, but still). So I'd like to not end up doing one or two myself and getting annoyed with bookkeeping again. So...help me out?
  12. Caroline laughed, and there wasn’t a drop of bitterness in it. “Oh, Anna. I have bad news. That’s what half the heroes say. Somebody’s got to do something about insert your favorite synonym for evil or injustice.” She sighed theatrically. “You’re almost as broke as I am, then? Damn. I was hoping to squeeze you on expenses. Now I gotta be ethical. Tch.” She took a bite of her burger, chewed, and washed it down with a swallow of beer. “I don’t think you’re slow. Slower, maybe, but not slow. Well…” The former sidekick smirked wickedly. “Slow in the head, maybe. How many times did the Centurion or whoever outwit you, again?” She let out another laugh. “I’m just messing with you. You were always fun to tease.” She sighed for real. Thinking about the old days led to thinking about how they ended. She munched on fries while eyeing her filled shot glass. “Seriously, try the burger. Manny is heaven sent.”
  13. Caroline turned back, cynical amusement on her face. “You don’t know when I got out, do you?” Her laugh was bitterness defined in a single wordless sound. “It was ’93. I lent a hand when a bunch of Omegadrones decided to pay a visit to Blackstone. I was there, so…why not? Centurion stopped by on his way in town to fight their boss. Nice guy. Statue doesn’t do him justice, but you’d know that.” Her voice wobbled. A quarter century later, and it was still terrifying. “Paperwork came through later. All that good behavior, and a sudden lack of room to house me.” Another bitter laugh. “So, anyone who was left to ‘get’ after fifteen years? Gone. And you know how hard it is for an ex-con to get a job, especially when you have to get permission from Uncle Sam to do anything you’re actually good at.” She took a big swallow of beer. The shot remained untouched. “But enough about me. Why are you here looking after some kid? No offense, Hope, but you’re not even half my age.” The burgers and fries arrived. One plate for each of the three. “From what I remember, you should be retired on your own private island laughing about how you’ve outlived all your archenemies or something. What happened to slow you of all people down? I didn’t think even prison could do that.” She took a bite of the burger and her mood instantly brightened. “Jesus. I thank you again for Manny the short order cook.”
  14. Caroline did not throw back the shot in a show of defiance. That would have been something someone who didn’t care did. And she did care, a little, so she didn’t touch it at all. “You’re not my mother, Anna.” She sighed, a little resigned. “I know I have a problem. I keep it to outside business hours.” She smiled a tiny sad little smile. “Besides, I can either drink or go full mad scientist out to show them all. You’ve met the type.” She popped the top off of the beer and took a sip. “And while the latter sounds like a lot of fun, it never ends well for anyone involved; least of all the mad scientist.” She looked away, so Anna couldn’t see her eyes. Her free hand, clenched into a fist, put the lie to the calm in her inebriated voice. There was a part of her that was still intensely angry. It was ready to burn the world to the ground and to hell with the consequences to anyone else. She wasn’t lying, not entirely. The liquor helped it sleep. But more importantly, it soothed the pain behind it and dulled the sharp intellect that hated Bedlam’s (and to a lesser extent the entire world’s) insistence on doing things the stupid, greedy, wasteful way. But like hell she’d tell Anna Cline that.