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  1. Okay, so the East Asian woman in red with black trim is "Rowdy" Reiko Hinomoto. Formerly of pro wrestling and MMA, her skill grew so great that neither was a challenge any longer. So she switched to working in the criminal underworld, where weapons and superpowers made things more interesting. She has never been seen working any kind of job without her partner, former pro wrestler and current gunslinging gadgeteer Dixie Clements. They are known as Tequila Sunrise. So it's a bit strange that Dixie isn't right beside her.
  2. GM Reiko Hinomoto had surprised the Bad Boys with her entrance. Their leader, a man named Malcolm, spoke as she entered the main area of the warehouse. “Didn’t expect one person pick up. And you’re empty handed. Where’s our money?” “Those weapons are stolen property. I’m with the owner. We’d like them back.” Reiko was blunt and to the point, as always. Malcolm only laughed. “Jamal, get this crazy woman out of here.” Jamal, who dwarfed the smallish Reiko by at least two to one, went to grab her. She sidestepped him effortlessly, and a picture perfect head kick left him out cold on the warehouse floor. “Is that how you want it, then?” The Bad Boys pulled blaster rifles. “Fine.” Blaster fire erupted in the warehouse.
  3. PC Terrifica normally left things like this to the police, or heroes from the Crimebusting server. But you know…it was nice to get out into the field every so often. The fact that she suspected this would be a little more complicated than thug punching had nothing to do with it. So she was actually inside the warehouse, Chameleonic Field Projector enabled and Stealth’ed up in the rafters. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was bothering her just yet. A pattern in the data…ah, the buyers were here. Wait, that wasn’t right. East Asian, wearing red (with black trim) short shorts, sports bra, fingerless gloves, and almost knee high boots. Terrifica knew this woman. “Rowdy” Reiko Hinomoto had no need for weapons of any kind, and more importantly, she did not work alone. Where was her other half? Where was Dixie Clements?
  4. Caroline peered up at the man’s face blearily. Less than she actually felt, true, but that was very good whisky Dick had with him. “Oh, man. Oh, man. I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Okay, so he was dumb muscle. Trained, yes. Tough, oh indeed. But anything approaching smart? Hah, no. “Tch, he probably didn’t come out tonight. Frickin’ loser.” She took a swallow of her beer, and let time go by. She watched Delilah work, and didn’t even try to hide her interest. “So, who’s the babe? She gets the motor running, I tell you what. If I was ten years younger…”
  5. Terrifica had just wrapped up her conversation with Freedom’s Finest, and decided to hang around for just a little bit. Make sure everything about the arrests went smoothly. So she thought to check her AMA thread. Goodness, two responses this time. And then there was the second one. Salvo. Even right now, she purposefully wasn’t thinking about it. Instead she was playing chess against three of the masters simultaneously. Sometimes she calculated Pi for another million digits. She had a long, long list of other things to think about and remember. It did not always work.
  6. OOC for this. Uh, ask me things if you need to, I guess? Also, this is where the rolls go.
  7. February 10, 2019. 2 AM. The Waterfront. A Warehouse. Everyone knew weapons were smuggled into and out of Freedom via The Waterfront and it’s many warehouses. One would get raided by cops, AEGIS, or even superheroes now and then, but the flow in and out never entirely ceased. These were going to be shipped out. The crew involved were newcomers to Freedom City. Normally they worked further south, out of Miami, but this was too good of a deal to pass up. Yes, even to risk the wrath of Freedom’s vast multitude of superheroes and AEGIS’s unofficial headquarters. So here they were. They called themselves the Bad Boys, after the two movies. At any rate, the buyer would be here shortly to both pay and take possession of the shipment. After which, the Bad Boys would hop on the motorcycles and get the hell out of this crazy town. This was the plan. But the plans of low level criminals in Freedom City seldom went right.
  8. Caroline nodded. “Oh yeah? Thanks, Dick.” She slapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re a bad guy. Think I’ll have a word with him.” She picked up her (freshly remembered) beer and made her way across the club. “Hey you! Where you been?” She did not block the man’s view of Delilah, inside sidling up next to him. “I’ve been looking for you all night.” A little charm, first. A quick hug and a peck on the cheek. Even in this town, men (especially the real tough guys) tended to…underestimate a woman. Especially one who was a little drunk and didn’t seem too bright to begin with. “Can you believe this band? They’re amaaaaaazing.”
  9. Rojero opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off. “A word of caution, Mister Rojero.” The exec’s gaze was level at Rojero, then he returned it to the Rat. “Apologies. There are items which I cannot permit Mister Rojero to speak of with…shall we say, outside elements. So then. Mister Rojero. You may answer the woman’s question, but without any specifics.” Rojero was now absolutely sweating bullets. He did not have a shining future in espionage, noooooo. “Yes…I…my current employer…has left me dissatisfied.” He shot a glance at the exec, who studied his nails. “I wished to…return…to my previous employer. My…benefits package…is not to my liking.” Another look at the bored exec, and Rojero went on. “This man was kind enough to arrange a…severance package for me. And-“ The exec cut in. “That will be quite enough.” Rojero shut up, trembling slightly. “Arrange is an exaggeration. Mister Rojero did not mention that he was underperforming compared with expectations. While many of my executive colleagues prefer full termination, I view that as a waste of potential resources. I may have been…indiscreet…with those two pieces of information. I do believe that is all you need to know.” ************************************* Whatever had put acid and stairs together was no longer there. There were no splash patterns or droplets, either. It was as if the acid sprang into being right where it has been. And up close it was even more obvious that putting any significant weight on the would cause a collapse. But that was not all. The doorway leading into the basement was not visible, but the sound coming out of it was wrong. Or rather, the lack of sound. It was an R&D lab. There should be some kind of sound. People talking. Machinery’s low hum. There was nothing. ************************************** Three people joined the two men in the coffee bar. Apparently from the basement. An average sized guy, a woman whose arms were somehow giving off light radio signals, and a short, broad woman sized like the man already inside. The other man (the tall, thin one) started making more coffee, and the short woman headed into the ladies’ room. The conversation, after initial greetings, shifted to American basketball. They were not all fans of the same team, and thus another spirited debate broke out.
  10. Dewstar only smiled mysteriously at the Raven. “Dunno, really. You should ask Illona. She’s good with languages. Me, I only know what I’m told.” She hopped down from the car and pulled herself back under it. “You got it, Warboy. Tell Illona and she’ll fix it. Now if you’ll excuse me, you’re the ones on the thirty-ish hour deadline.” She was silent for a moment. “The Raven has always had a car.” Only legs to be seen, and somehow it was glaringly obvious that an amused smirk was now on her face. Right as the heroes left, there was a barely audible comment from her. “No remorse, huh? If only.” ************************************ Sofia was still frowning while pulling loose the bent panels. “Only your friend doing heaven knows what to my car.” Dom was smiling from his seat in the corner. “Relax, sis. Emergencies only, remember?” Sofia shook her head. “Yeah, yeah.” Then to Facs. “Like I said, those just snap on.” Next to Rev. “Lend him or I a hand and we’ll be done in a hurry.” Dom straightened. “Hey, the other two are coming back. Can’t see the Raven’s face, but he looks a little tense. Also, they’re not carrying a shackled assassin. I’m…concerned.”
  11. Terrifica was finally not so busy. Though the unconscious thugs behind her would not be so pleased by this. As they were weapons smugglers, she did not care about their opinion. The police would be here shortly to arrest them. Ah, there were the lights and sirens now. Good. She checked on her AMA (via her suit’s gear) and saw a question had been posted. Hmm. Must be tactful. The officers were exiting their vehicles now, having pulled up as Terrifica typed out her reply. They definitely wanted a word. She sighed lightly. A hero’s work was never done. She signed off the website and moved to greet Freedom’s Finest.
  12. Mona was sitting on the edge of a mountain. Specifically, a ledge in rock throwing distance from Machu Picchu. Air was a bit thin, but she’d be out of here in literally seconds, so it didn’t matter. In fact…she popped up to her feet and started running. The question confused her, and like just about everything, her solution was to go running. Mona, almost uncharacteristically, hesitated to simply send that and that alone. She had stopped on a small tropical island in the middle of the Pacific to think a bit. Yeah, needed more. So, follow up post it was.
  13. Turned out, the cooking tech aboard could make what Queenie wanted in a tenth of the time. She thought it was miraculous. So it was that the unmistakable (for anyone who’d been to Earth for long enough to know) scent of fresh baked blueberry muffins drifted in from the back of the bridge. She had them in a silvery basket, a ring construct. A sunny, cheerful smile was on her face, and of course the Ring was on it's translator setting so she was speaking Galstandard and not English. Not that she was consciously aware of the difference. “My, my. I come up to see if anyone wanted a muffin and we’re already here. No need to be so grim, y’all. There’s a bunch of smart, capable folks here. We’ll figure out what to do and get it done. In the mean time, I made muffins.”
  14. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/11032-my-name-is-terrifica-ask-me-anything-open/ https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/11035-hi-guys-im-queenie-ask-me-anything-open/ https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/11034-pacer-here-ask-me-anything-open/