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  1. Time seemed to stop for Terrifica. Her brain kicked into high gear. She didn’t go full speed very often in the field. Her body wasn’t nearly as fast as her mind, after all. It hampered physical movement, and that could be dangerous. One outward physical sign of the change was her movements becoming exceedingly precise, so much that she wasn’t reacting properly to physical stimuli. The other was all expression draining from her face and body language. (Truthfully, they were simply shifting too fast to be fully expressed before they were overridden by the next input.) Her hands, however, worked quickly. She had three documents and two sets of tools out from her utility belt. She was what she did. This was what she was very, very good at. One could even say…terrific. In seconds she had a workable schematic in her mind. In less than five minutes she had a equally workable prototype on a worktable. She exhaled and her mental speed slowed to something more suitable to conversation. “Apologies, I had an idea. It was sparked by what this young lady said.” Terrifica smiled approvingly at Salvo. “Outside interference would be, of course, impossible. I’d expect no less from the Terminus. So we go inside. What we would need is a way to fool their sensors and get inside. I considered an explosive, but that seemed…crude. One doesn’t defeat the Terminus with strength. They would just be convinced to come again in greater force. Given how this invasion is going, I’d rather they didn’t learn that particular lesson. So.” She clapped her hands and gestured to her worktable. “I’d rather turn their own arrogance in using such a hostile dimension against them. This device is only a prototype and unfinished. However, once completed, one pulse should render the technorganic sheath protecting Omegadrones, transported equipment, and-hopefully-whatever it is they are using to keep the portal nexus functioning inoperable. With any luck, the resulting catastrophic loss of personnel and equipment should be blamed on technological failure as opposed to enemy action.” She smirked. “Meaning us. The resulting infighting should be, well, spectacular and keep the Terminus occupied for a while.” Terrifica sighed. “With all of that said, we’re not there yet. As I said, we need a method to get past their sensors and into the interior. And my device is missing…something. It does work, but the destabilization-while effective at disrupting drone level sheaths-could falter if faced with a more durable variant.” She looked meaningfully at Salvo. “Have you discovered anything that could help?”
  2. JETTE sighed wearily. She was too old for this shiitake. Not getting too old, too @#$%ing old. The adrenaline was wearing off, and she was feeling every one of her near 60 years. All she wanted was to quietly wind down her life in this crap city. First, Anna. This was fine. It was just PI work, after all. That, and the Hammer deserved everything he’d get and then some. Afterward, the old supervillain would do what she did best, and run away. But now, an Omegadrone. Hell. Focus, Caroline. Work the job, then go home and murder your liver. Same as usual. Aside from the Terminus. She directed her own voice up the fire escape. “Keep my name out of it, please.” She sighed again, relaxing so the stored energy would dissipate temporarily, and redirected to her attention to the old woman who wasn’t some kind of superhero. “Yeah, you’re gonna have to be more specific. There’s more than one death cult in this town. They’re mostly harmless, because the mob likes living people who can pay. I need these super useful things called names. Give me a place to start and I’ll throw a literal deity with a big, scary club at the problem. And the chick who wrestled that monster down, eariler.” Caroline wasn't entirely familiar with Arrowhawk, but she was bow proficient and strong enough to wrestle down an Omegadrone. Good enough.
  3. Welp. Shuffling the utility belt stuff around again. The +4s are to Craft Elec and Mech and KN Phys Sci, Tech, and...yeah, let's stick with Cosmology. Adding Skill Mastery means all of those except Cosmology get that sweet auto 30. But alas, Cosmology and Art must be rolled for. http://orokos.com/roll/634304 28 for Cosmology. http://orokos.com/roll/634305 29 for Art.
  4. http://orokos.com/roll/634099 Intimidate 24. Plus any circ bonus for good roleplay. Scary inhuman eyes are scarier, apparently.
  5. Oh, well that was super. An Omegadrone, loose in Bedlam. Caroline sighed. She considered going after it, then remember how slow she was these days and trashed that idea. Instead, time for some information gathering. Starting with Miss “It’s A Death Angel”, down there. She landed just in time to hear Arrowhawk get all threaten-y. “Please, do share.” She was still flush with energy, and she could feel it pulsing through her eyes. Her pupils vanished when that happened, and the odd harmless spark crackled out of her eye sockets. “Inquiring minds want to know.”
  6. Hmm. Terrifica wouldn't build a bomb. It's just not her style. Anybody can think of a bomb solution, see. Can she instead find a way to 1. disable the sheath on a large scale and/or 2. make said dimension's radiation backflow a smide into the Terminus itself (destroying the machinery keeping it open and the operators of said machinery)?
  7. If it manages to get back to me once more, than I'll take that natural 20 and unload with full +5 Power Attack. Assuming it's still grappled. If not, peel off 1 from that Power Attack to reach 22 again.
  8. Oh, right. There it was. Hell, no Caroline Cruz was just going to leave an Omegadrone walking around alive. Screw that. A quick glance showed there was nobody left-thanks so much, Molasses Knight-so there was nothing left to do but tee off on this unholy abomination. Still in midair, JETTE aimed carefully at the grappling duo. She only wanted to hit the one, so…please, God, let the first shot do it. Heroes didn’t kill people, sure, but she wasn’t so sure she was a hero anymore. And Omegadrones didn’t count as people. With a cry of fury (and more than a little terror) she unleashed more quantum energy than she had in years from her right hand.
  9. JETTE’s eyes widened as the mother @#$%ing Omegadrone came into focus. It wasn’t literally an angel of death, but Dios Mio it was more than close enough. But she had to focus. There were people who needed to get out of the shattered brownstone, and Horus couldn’t get to them all in time. Anna wasn’t as fast as she used to be. “Human chain! I’ll pull you all out!” It had nothing to do with the fact that Caroline was terrified. Nope, nothing at all. The Gauntlets protested such vigorous use, she could feel it quite literally in her bones, but they’d hold. The glowing quantum energy surrounded the stragglers and with a deft touch she didn’t know she still had, she pulled them up and placed them on the street. “Run!” She turned her eyes to the Omegadrone. God, she didn’t want to die today. But she didn’t know if that archer and Horus (plus Wadjet, who was here somewhere) could handle it alone. So she’d help. In a second. Just as soon as she remembered where she’d left her extra courage.
  10. Well, I'm not the GM but the rules I know say both of those things are allowed. Terrifica has a chemistry set in that utility belt of hers, too.
  11. 2 [1d20=2] 19 [1d20=19] 18 [1d20=18] 20 [1d20=20] 11 [1d20=11] 9 [1d20=9] 1 [1d20=1] 13 [1d20=13] 16 [1d20=16] 17 [1d20=17] http://orokos.com/roll/631438 So...with the first one Init will be 3. Yay. Plan A is to use Move Object to pull people out of the ruined building. Plan B is fighting the Horrible Death Monster. Plan B only goes into effect if Arrowhawk is doing poorly in the fight, or the Horrible Death Monster starts targeting someone other than Arrowhawk, or it starts attacking JETTE herself. I will keep an eye on things just in case, though.
  12. Results in IC post. @Ari, you're up. Three standard Omegadrones, minion rules if you please.
  13. Unfortunately, the two heroes’ break was destined to be relatively short. A squad of no less than 12 Omegadrones came, engines screaming, at the convoy from the northwest. Before either hero had the chance to react, silvery gray energy cut fully half from the sky. Only Prism was able to notice the source of the attack, the ring slinging chef Queenie, who began to fly away after her big blast. Half the remainder split off to pursue their attacker, leaving three to assault the convoy of vehicles.