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  1. Terrifica “That would be good. Fleur can come back.” Terrifica was beside Velocity, crouching over Fleur. Her motorcycle was a dozen feet back on the grass. She had a visor on. It was quite fancy. “These injuries are something else. Gravity on that scale…well, I don’t know how…” She trailed off as she surveyed the entire area as she activated her communicator. “Now this doesn’t make sense. There was only one enemy, correct? Because I’m reading at least three other energy sources. This was gravitic, but I’m also reading entropic, high level thermal, and magical. Along with enough ph
  2. Terrifica Let it never be said that Terrifica couldn’t take instruction. Especially when matters were urgent. Fortunately, she was already in Freedom after dinner and a movie with her family. She had designs on a drug smuggling ring, but this absolutely took precedence. Fleur being down was borderline impossible on a normal day. This could be very ugly. Without hesitation, she swung across multiple lanes of traffic (having been on the Terrifi-cycle already) and headed for the park. Her communicator was under the cowl, and not quite as fancy, but it works for things like this. “This
  3. Terrifica “It’s relevant to how you got into your current condition.” Terrifica added, deciding to discreetly pick Patriot’s brain (so to speak) about the subject. “You’ve been in the intelligence field for a very long time, Agent Irons. I would imagine you have played out a wide variety of theoretical scenarios. Would you play along with me with another one? ” She held up a hand and began to tick off fingers. “One. An agent, one of four on a mission, is gravely injured by weapons normally carried by fellow agents and not their enemies. The other agents are unharmed. Two. Said agen
  4. Terrifica Terrifica, for once, didn’t understand. Jack Simmons was an android. A mechanical being. That mean he had a design that could be copied. Hardware, anyway. Software was a much defter trick, and a copy of an uploaded mind would be a borderline impossible feat of coding. Patriot’s reaction seemed perfectly natural to finding a room of his clones. “AEGIS security isn’t impenetrable. History has borne that out.” But. Something was bothering her. A lot. Her mind spun up to top speed as she went over ever single statement made by the agents. Former Foundry facility.
  5. Chronia Kendra was just suddenly there, among the puppies and party guests. She knelt down and looked one carefully in the eyes. “Elena is my new friend. Want to be the second one tonight?” The puppy licked her in the face. She grinned widely, laughed, and rubbed his head. “That’s the spirit, little guy. Now, we run." She kicked off her shoes, sprang up, and started running around the room without any magic. The puppy ran beside her, overjoyed. Kendra's grin was fierce and wide, too.
  6. Terrifica Terrifica blinked. “Ah. About that. I’m not privy to all of Miss Americana’s mental communications, but it seems that the agents and the Director managed to…overstay their welcome, shall we say. He’d have to be retrieved and that would most likely be rather awkward at this stage.” She made a snap decision. “You know how secretive the agency can be, even when it’s counter productive to the point of alienating allies. I don’t doubt the necessity of it, but you can understand how frustrating it is to be on the other side of it. Especially when the agency is the one that came
  7. You forgot me, but I can't do better than Skill Master'd 30 anyway.
  8. After discussion and some positive changes, APPROVED
  9. "Eh?" Kendra's mouth was once again full of cookie. "S'a boook." She scrunched up her face in thought, and swallowed. "Nope, don't remember where it is now." She grinned and laughed. "Found it, fell into..." She was visibly thinking again. Then her face twisted in annoyance and she stuck her tongue out. "Who cares about what happened so long ago anyway?" Because obviously, she'd forgotten the details of her own origin story. In fairness it was longer ago than one might expect for a someone of her apparent age and maturity level. She grinned and laughed again. "Big hammers look out of place on
  10. Chronia Helped up by Elena, the very first thing Kendra did was take the plate of cookies from Benny and immediately shove a whole one into her mouth. "Tanks, Beny." She was barely understandable through a suddenly very full mouth. She swallowed...and it got stuck. She thumped her own chest trying to get it to move. This did not work. Two flashes of blue light later, she had a cup of punch she swiftly chugged down. "Whew. I thought I was gonna die." It was then she realized Elena had actually asked a question. "Eh? Chronomancy." At the usual blank stare she added "Magic." She manif
  11. Terrifica “You were shot in the head by a high caliber weapon. Similar to those commonly carried by AEGIS agents. That isn’t an insinuation. The Foundry or Keres could have easily acquired such a weapon, as you know.” Terrifica spoke with absolute calm. “I am Terrifica. Your team was the Director and Agents Sadler and Gonzalez, yes? They are unharmed. Can you tell us what you do remember?” Out of Patriot’s sight, she gestured questioningly at Keres, meaning his memory recordings. Should they play them for him?
  12. Chronia The punch did not splatter on Kendra at all. “Ah. Sorry.” She meant it, but it was probably the most casual apology of all time. The blue clockwork of her magic spun around her wrists and rapidly she wiped up anything that Elena missed with napkins that appeared as if by magic. (This was true, kind of. Super speed via time magic.) “I have other shoes if you need them.” But Elena had walked away. Just a minute then. She was still visibly chewing but her plate had emptied over the last several seconds. Mysterious. She handed it to Benny. “More cookies, please!” She laughed. “
  13. Chronia Kendra tilted her head, but before Luke could have possibly made introduction the flighty chronomancer was toddling away on unsteady shoes. She’d never needed anyone to introduce her to anyone in her life. But first there was a cute robot to look over. She joined Danica and Ryder for a bit, and the stars in her eyes were almost literal. But it was tech, and she was magic, so she got bored and wandered off before either could speak to her. Benefits of chronomancy. Faster than normal escapes. She wandered by the snack table again and refilled her plate. Then in a flash of blu
  14. Doktor'd! I'm gonna take it from the top of Terrifica's sheet to make things easier on you, Dok. Or whoever. 11 PP to spend, with me documenting how much is left at each stage. Abilities First, a notation change. Wisdom is now Enhanced Statistic like INT, instead Base for Skills. Second, +2 to Charisma. 16 (+3) now. PP available: 9 Combat No changes Saves With Wisdom having an effect here now, I'm subtracting 7 from Will save. It will remain a +10 bonus, but yeah. PP available: 16 Skills +5 SP to Acr
  15. Kendra had actually made a low key entry for once. This was due to her dress and her shoes. Breathing and walking were proving more challenging than she remembered. For the first time since she’d been at school, she was actually wearing a different outfit. The uniform was one thing, they’d convinced her to wear it after a few weeks. This, however, was something entirely different. A bright red Regency gown that looked like it was ripped right out of that era. Which in fact it was, as Kendra had been there this morning. Her shoes (bright red heels) matched perfectly, but actually dated from the
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