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  1. Waverider Naomi’s eyes narrowed. Even before her powers emerged, she had no tolerance for bullies. She worked out her knee a little (it had been fine to begin with, but have to make it look good) and then stood on her own. Her phone went back in her purse. And she stepped in front of Elliot, between him and the other three. <Leave him alone.> Even if they didn’t know sign language, her disapproving expression was clear and obvious. In her head, she dared them. She double dog dared them. Say something about her disabilities. Try some more force. She’d snap her fingers and give them the loudest screech they’d ever heard in their lives. And no one else would hear it. Well…maybe that was too…obvious. Maybe she’d just deaden the sound around them so they couldn’t hear or be heard. Yeah, they were just teenagers. She shouldn’t attack them.
  2. Waverider Naomi was very, very, very confused. Her classmates and professor, after that guy popped on the computer projector, all went crazy at once. Then the classroom warped into something out of Lewis Carroll’s most nonsensical dreams. Except her vibration sense told her that no, nothing had changed at all. Her brain, completely baffled by the sensory dissonance, went kerflooey for a little while. She regained awareness in midair. On a sound wave. In costume. She wasn’t out of sensory range, exactly. Her vibration sense stretched a bit further than her eyes. But yeah, the sensory confusion was gone. Clearly, she’d gotten into costume and fled into the air to escape the sensory confusion. And anything else that happened when she was all kerflooey could be dealt with by Future Naomi, because there was superheroing to do! Yeah. Say, was that the largest group congregating around Yellow Brick Row. Let’s go have a look at that…from a nice, discreet, nonconfusion height. Yeah.
  3. Waverider Naomi could, in fact, read lips. And messages on a screen. She accepted the hand up, but pretended her knee gave out (which wasn’t so hard, she’d given it a good hard bang; enough to have a nice bruise later) and half fell onto Elliot. Fortunately he was strong enough that they didn’t go to the ground a second time. Leaning on, she pulled out her own phone. How to play this? Nah, just be herself. [No, I’m sorry! I wasn’t looking and I kind of have to.] She tapped her ears with a rueful grin and tapped out another sentence. [Nothing’s broken, I just need a minute. That smarted! ]. She stopped for one more second, and took a good look at him. Appraising him, one could say. [If you want to make up for it, though, you could treat me to a cup of coffee.] She smiled at him. Was she really interested? Well…no. The uniform marked him as a high school kid. She of all people knew there were laws, and she was no cradle robber to begin with. But it would be an opportunity to sit down and talk to him a little. Maybe see what make him tick.
  4. Waverider Naomi had been quietly “listening” for a little while now, and she winced internally has Raya went full corporate spy on the guy. If that didn’t make him outright leave, nothing would. So she closed up her laptop and put it in her backpack, pacing herself to make sure she didn’t overtake him. Sure enough, he was annoyed enough to leave. She slung up her backpack, and turned to leave herself…stepping right into his way. She was looking the wrong way, and well…being deaf she couldn’t hear him call out, now could she? The little plan worked to perfection. Elliot walked right into Naomi and they both went sprawling to the ground. Ouch. Why was this a good idea again? She sat up; rubbing the knee she banged hard on the ground. Then she started signing apologetically. <I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!>
  5. https://orokos.com/roll/809228 Dixie with the 27. https://orokos.com/roll/809229 Reiko with the 25. https://orokos.com/roll/809231 Jonesy with the 21. https://orokos.com/roll/809233 Goons 1-3 with a poor 3. Az, Gauss can do her thing. If White Lioness has anything we can do that probably. Then we'll go into rounds.
  6. https://orokos.com/roll/809225 19 is a hit to a flatfooted Facs. Normally that'd be a DC 18 Fort check...but since Facs is made of salt water at the moment I'm going to hand him an HP and make it a DC 22 instead. Call it a spontaneous Weakness complication. Also, y'all can roll initiative I guess. I'm gonna do that in the next post here.
  7. Jonesy and his gaggle of goons declined to the sights and sounds of regular guns being drawn. Jonesy with the assault rifle and the rest with submachine guns. Reiko, not batting an eyelash, started up her bike (it was on the center stand, so it wouldn’t roll away).Dixie was shocked. This was her shocked face. Just so shocked. God, she hated coming to Freedom City. Also, this guy’s literally made of water. What are regular guns going to do? Box of rocks, bag of hammers, either way they were full of stupid. “I mean, I could. But then I wouldn’t be able to teach you an important science lesson. Salt water is an excellent electrical conductor.” Her right hand blurred, coming up with a revolver. She then simply shot Facs. It wasn’t a bullet. This was her Stun Shock Revolver, and despite looking like something out of a Western, what come out of it was nothing less than an electrical arc. Then she took several steps back, about to split this scene.
  8. That's a Medium load for whichever gets the 5 and a Heavy Load for the 4. Motorcycles weight an average of 400 pounds. They're not in active use so I don't think a power check is required.
  9. OOC for this. Y'all can probably figure out how to get in there. Dixie's rumored to use daka crystals in her weapons, for one. Worth taking a look.
  10. The Docks. The Waterfront. Freedom City. May 20, 2020. 2 AM. Another night in Freedom City. Another arms deal on the docks. And another gaggle of goons who thought some fancy weapons could help them take on capes and the Mob. Dixie Clements knew they were a big bag of idiots, with the full cognitive power of a box of rocks. Or was it a sack of hammers? Whatever the idiom, they had money. She had fancy guns. This wasn't complicated. She was a blue eyed blonde in cowboy boots, blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a lovely brown cowboy hat. Her trademark revolvers were strung all over her body. As the leader of the goons (Dixie thought his name was...Jonesy? Maybe? Tch, like it mattered.) said something extremely stereotypical (and his goons leered at her excellent figure), her thought dwelled on her partner Reiko Hinomoto. Reiko's features and black hair betrayed her Japanese origins. Today, she was dressed in the latest in red and black motorcycle chic. She was totally unarmed, leaning in relaxed fashion against her motorcycle. Oh, right. Jonesy was finished speaking. What did he say? Guns, right. Dixie jerked her thumb at the box her motorcycle (in front of Reiko's) had on its (now disconnected) trailer. "Guns. Money please." Jonesy waved a hand, and a goon brought the usual briefcase full of cash. She popped it open, flipped through briefly, and nodded. "Pleasure doing business with you, sunshine." Another deal done, time to get the heck out of here. Freedom City had this problem with superheroes always busting this stuff up, you see.
  11. Waverider is available for all your heavy hitting needs.
  12. Waverider Equal sharing was fairer, so if Meta Naut was going as Raya Wells, then it was Naomi Suleiman who was seated on a bench nearby. As a student, she could easily spend this time studying. Not too intensely, of course. She could monitor the progress of the conversation with her powers. So she had her backpack and her laptop. Hooray for PDF versions of textbooks. Thank you, 21st century! Raya hadn’t explained very well what Plan B was, but at least Naomi was here and available. Had to count for something, right? Plan A was, of course, Raya simply buying it from the guy. Would that even work? Did Raya have that kind of money? Naomi didn’t run in tech or rich people circles, so she didn’t really know. Eh, she had a paper to work on anyway.
  13. Escape Artist is a Dex skill. +4 Dex and +5 Skill points does not a +10 bonus make. And pretty much every check you'd make with it the DCs start at 20 and only get higher. And even if you wanted to use it against a grappler, any grappler worth the title (even at your PL) is going to outstrip a +10 by nearly as much at minimum. Now, you can take both 10 and 20, but even then you're eating time. Getting out of a grapple takes your standard, a snare takes a full round, and restraints take a full minute whether you succeed or not. Basically Escape Artist is a trap skill. You have to really invest in it for it to pay off, and even then it's only niche applications. Taunt keys off of Bluff, which you have no ranks in and thus only your +4 Charisma bonus. I don't think that's what you intended. A regular Cellphone (Smartphone, these days) and Video Camera fall into the category of Equipment we're not going to make you pay for. With Wealth 1, you don't even have to list them here. Buuuuut, if you want to pay for them you can just make the Masterwork versions instead. Though I don't know what that would do with those... Also you're both overpaying on the listed HQ features and not listing what size it is. Which is probably where that extra point is. As a more general note, usually Inventor types have the Improvised Tools feat to avoid the -4 penalty on checks when they don't have their tools. Which...you didn't list any, so I'm assuming you forgot to. Though a regular Toolkit falls into that category of Equipment as well, I believe.
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