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  1. Terrifica is my brainy science person, but Queenie is the one who has the weirdest adventures. So it's a toss up. And I can do better than a couple of posts a month, easy. It's every day that's a stretch.
  2. By the time Dancia Devons arrived, Terrifica was already inside. The door had been, of course, locked, and there was no one readily apparent in the reception area. It didn’t matter. In fact, it made things a bit easier. She had, of course, locked the door behind herself as she began to snoop around, looking for clues. Since it was dark, she decided to go with the low light flashlight from her utility belt. The lenses on her cowl would compensate for any lack of light on that end. Having a perfect memory, she knew the precise dimensions of the missing object. How hard could it possibly be to find in here?
  3. Oh, this was great.Tombstones that were stabbed into the earth rather than placed in it. And what did you know, the graves they marked had been dug up. This was a thrill a minute. JETTE was, of course, being sarcastic. There was a kind of primal terror in the dead coming back. Or worse, being brought back against their will. She really, really didn’t want to know. But she needed to. So she walked to the closest grave, and looked inside to check and see if the deceased was still…deceased. Please, God.
  4. Looks pretty good, but I should have mentioned this before. You can't simply increase Toughness. There's two ways to do it. 1. Increase your Constitution score until the bonus is what you need. Keep in mind that will increase your Fortitude save at the same time. And 2. Buy the Protection power, which increases Toughness and nothing else.
  5. Ah, right. Spanish. Sorry, I'll try to be clearer. It means more or less that you don't have enough. For Attack+Damage you can do one of two things. You can increase his strength by 7, which will give you Strength 20 (+5). With Base Attack +5 and Attack Specialization (unarmed) 5, your Attack Bonus while unarmed would be +15. 15+5=20, which is the goal. You can instead buy Strike 4 with the Mighty Power Feat and call that an unarmed strike. It would have the same result. For Toughness+Defense, you can add + to either. Or divide it up, adding anywhere from +1 to Toughness and +6 to Defense, or +6 to Toughness and +1 to Defense. The goal is for those two number, added to each other, to equal 20. The choice is yours, as long as you do something.
  6. Yes. Your Attack/Defense is short by 4 if we're going by unarmed (and by house rules you're at the limit for Attack bonus there), and I don't see either a Tomahawk or a bow on his sheet. Those must be bought with PP like everything else. He's not assumed to have them otherwise. Your Toughness/Defense is short by 7. The weapons can be either the Device power or just Equipment, but you do have to buy them.
  7. Heck, no. We've only just begun. The most important part of building is to meet your combat caps. At PL 10, this means that your Attack Bonus with at least one attack and the Damage bonus of said attack added together must equal 20. The same is true of your Defense Bonus and Toughness save. And there's no reason to have odd ability scores, honestly.
  8. Stalwart shrugged. “Sure.” He then did it fast. His sister’s powers again. He may or may not have been able to lift the whole thing while he was borrowing from her, but the pieces? Yeah, he could handle that. A blur of superhuman speed and might put back every piece where it came from. “Quarry, huh? Lead the way.” He shrugged again. “I was leaving work. I don’t carry around extra clothes.” He did not point out that he wasn’t quite as fast as his sister, and thus couldn’t change clothes on a whim at literally at second.
  9. Stalwart now felt kind of awkward in his costume. So he ditched it, with the aid of his sister’s powers. He wore a basic navy blue polo shirt and dark slacks. The mask, however, stayed on. “Hiya, Fred. I’m gonna juggle you.” That’s exactly what he did. Rather casually, if slow and easy. “The only problem with this thing is keeping it together. It’s harder than it looks. And don’t ask me to juggle like, three. I’m…not a good juggler.” He caught Fred with both hands and put the sculpture (?) down gently. “Thanks for the cooperation, Fred. What’s next, Scion?” He wasn’t a show off by nature, it was true, but that had as much to do with the potentially destructive nature of his powers as his personality.
  10. I'll add that you're also double dipping. You can either have a thing be a Complication and get a Hero Point whenever it comes up, or have it be a Drawback and get points back at chargen. We tend to recommend the former, as Hero Points are much more powerful (and useful!) than a few extra PP. That is also a hefty, hefty Immunity. I'd think about that very carefully. As it stands, he's almost completely invincible. Which is lovely from a powergaming standpoint, but plays merry hell with creating narrative drama. If you'll drop by our Discord server (link is up top) we have a character creation channel where we can discuss this in real time. If you'd like that.
  11. Coming from someone who's done 450+ theoretical builds, you can certainly make a low to no powered PC. You just have to decide what else they're good at. In comics, heroes with just one weak power tend to have another skill set. Most commonly they're a skilled private detective, a college professor, an experimental scientist, or even a lawyer. This is one of the things I will rail on until the end of days, right alongside "anime powersets are fine in superhero comics, it's the anime tropes that are the problem" and "you can put anything in a battlesuit". A PC is more than their powers. Skills and feats count for a lot, too. Sure, a Powerhouse can level buildings and bench press jumbo jets while shrugging off cruise missiles to the face, but his people skills are probably garbage and he couldn't sneak past a rent-a-cop if his life depended on it. Basically what I'm saying is, according to my building logic, the less you spend on powers the more you have to spend on skills and feats. Or literally everything else. Like saves. Or ability scores. It's a flexible system. It can do just about anything you ask it to.
  12. JETTE sighed. “Normally, this is the part where someone says ‘Let’s split up, gang!’ and I just want you both to know that I am so ambivalent about doing that that it’s almost physically painful.” She looked irritated for a moment and then shrugged. “Screw it. We know where two out of four are. I can look into the other two, see which one we left dying in an alley and which one I need to hold a nice long conversation with.” She pulled out her phone and used a notepad app. “Hargrove and Sanford.” She jerked a thumb at Lady Horus. “Her Divine Majesty knows how to get in touch with me.” She started walking out, but a word from the others could easily stop her. As she said, ambivalent.
  13. Stalwart stood there mildly bemused, and then chased after her. Interesting woman. Playful, fun, and yes, very hot. He wondered what she thought of him. He hadn’t left teenage insecurities entirely behind, after all. Women with that much physical beauty made him nervous. He knew on an intellectual level they were just people. No one was perfect. Everyone had flaws and insecurities. The problem was, his hormones and intellect didn’t exactly work in lockstep with each other. He stopped just short of Scion’s location in the junkyard and sighed. Maybe he should excuse himself and go home. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself or worse, hurt Scion’s feelings. As the poor lad was lost in thought like this, a pair of tiny hands shoved him playfully. “I knew you’d over think things, bro. It’s your trademark.” It was his sister, though in civilian dress as Mona Simms. “I don’t know how you get along without me to push you into the fun stuff.” Stalwart snorted. “I don’t know how you get along without me to stop you from being too reckless. Aunt Frankie is the one who’s invincible, not you.” Mona looked away, slightly peeved. “I’ve been workin’ on that, all right?” She hesitated, which was incredibly unlike her. “Look, I had a shot at a boy who liked me. God knows why he did. And then I took him to see Grandma. Stupid, I know. Like usual, I didn’t think, just did it. So I’m tryin’ to think before I act now.” She hesitated again, which was so unlike her Stalwart briefly wondered if she’d been replaced by a Grue. “We’re grown up now, Mick. Our lives are gonna start separating. And they should. You don’t need to be my minder when you can be having your own life.” The words cost her, but she had a bit more to say. “So…I’ll be more like you, and you should be more like me.” Stalwart looked at his sister with new eyes. “Okay. If you’re trying, I can’t do anything less. But still…I didn’t expect you to…” He was suddenly unsure. Grow? Change? Be someone other than the reckless, impulsive image in his head? Mona grinned, a bit weakly. “What can I say? I got depths, bro. Now get in there. A pretty girl wants to hang out with you. Though only God knows why. Ya stiff.” She grinned harder and vanished. That girl…well, whatever. Stalwart was gonna try this out. A second later, he was standing by Scion. “Sorry to keep you waiting. Looks like I needed a pep talk. So…you want me to lift things? It is what I’m best at.”
  14. Pacer would’ve been annoyed, said something she thought was snarky. Stalwart simply shrugged. “You can have the win if you want it. Makes no difference to me.” Time to look at the trees. Because otherwise he’d stare, and that’s impolite. “You wanted to test something?” Pacer burped. Okay, that oughta do. She locked his door from the inside and phased back out. The crime scene now lacked one Stalwart and one Scion. Where could they have gone? And without texting her? She could search the city really, really fast. But, effort. She pulled out her phone and rapped out a quick message. Where u go, bro? Stalwart pulled out his own phone as it vibrated. The Park. Scion wants to test something. We’ll hit the burrito place later. Pacer grinned. Deal. Have fuuuun. Stalwart simply rolled his eyes. “Sorry. Sister. You were saying?”
  15. Stalwart blinked. It was perfectly innocent. And it wasn’t, he could leave. If he wanted to. Which…wasn’t guaranteed. Should probably speak at some point. Right. “I’m just strong. But I can borrow a bit from Pacer. No, I don’t know how it works. Yes, it works the other way too.” He just…did it. Right now. He checked his phone.“I was thinking about getting food before this, but it can wait. Meet you there.” After all, it wasn’t every day a gorgeous woman wanted to hang out with him. He didn’t just vanish the way his sister did. He was gone in a blurry second. Meanwhile, Pacer had discovered leftover pizza and a pint of ice cream in this poor guy’s fridge and freezer. Excellent. Most excellent.