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  1. Terrifica did not know Ms. Bright. Also, this was Freedom City. So she when she looked up at the brightly glowing flying woman, her reaction kind of didn’t exist. She parked the Terri-Cycle and pulled her grapnel out of her utility belt. At the very least, she could ask the woman what she’d seen tonight. To her mild surprise, there are two people up there on the overpass. She approached with stealth, of course. And the help of a lovely little gadget that redirected photons so they didn’t strike and render her visible anywhere from ultraviolent to infrared. Hmm. Obvious cyborg was obvious. Glowing light woman, less so. Still, she’d have a word. They knew something, even if they were unaware of knowing it. Without turning her nifty gadget off, she spoke to the two. “Lovely evening for hanging out on overpasses, wouldn’t you agree? Unfortunately, there are apparently some gentlemen who didn’t think so. A young woman has been kidnapped, and oddly enough I wasn’t the only one watching. Despite it being my feed that only I should have had access to. Would either of you happen to know anything about either one of those things?”
  2. Queenie thought. Honestly, this was more than a little out of her area of expertise. She was neither a scientist nor a detective. She was a chef. That said, she was a smart woman, and she’d watched many police procedurals. “Okay, I think the first thing we need to do is establish an order of events. And get a list of all the kind of fish and what tank they were in. Do you depend solely on the little robots or does someone come in the check on the fist sometimes? I mean, someone has to feed them, right? I’m looking for the last time a human saw them alive. Because as Forever Boy said, machines can be hacked.”
  3. Unfortunately, Mona had been doing that not paying attention thing she did away from home. The very same thing that caused to respond to Gretchen most oddly. So yes, she had zipped away again to a different shelf. Only there, she paused. A heartbeat later (as she realized someone had once again spoken to her) she kind of just appeared facing Robin. She had acquired a lollypop from somewhere. Grape flavored, apparently. “Yep, I’m fast.” She knew who Asad was, of course. The man was incredibly famous. She just didn’t have any use for him at the moment, thus his existence was ignored. She worked on her candy some more. “Did you want something, or…?”
  4. @KnightDisciple @Supercape @Exaccus @Tarrakhash Are y'all still up for this after my involuntary sabbatical?
  5. @Supercape @Tarrakhash @Exaccus Are y'all still up for this after my involuntary sabbatical?
  6. As in the other one, I don't believe any of the others have met Terrifica. Though Heri's other PCs Grimalkin and Miracle Girl have had significant dealings with her. Hell, MG's more or less her partner in crime fighting.
  7. Terrifica was annoyed. This in and of itself was not strange. Many things annoyed her, being a super genius in a world made by and for those of average intelligence. It was true, not a lot merited her personal attention. She had a loose network of Crimebusters to pass tips to now. The police were quite effective at what they did. And of course Miracle Girl was available for more serious cases. With that stated, this hacker had both talent and chutzpah. Almost nobody ever noticed her monitoring systems, let alone bothered to hack them. Alas, this hacker had the curse the vast majority of the overly talented seemed to possess. Ego. They just couldn’t help themselves. They needed to sign their work. And now, the supergenius superheroine Terrifica would stop by for a long intimate discussion of how wrong they were. She smiled. This merited her personal attention, oh yes indeed. To the Terrifi-cycle!
  8. I can't speak for the other three, but Maybelle's never met any of them. At least as far as threads go.
  9. Alas, Mona’s mind was a million miles away. Metaphorically speaking, of course.She might as well have been deaf, for all Gretchen’s words affected her. For a few long seconds Mona didn’t react at all. With her build and her hair in sloppy pigtails, she seemed closer to 10 years old rather than 18. Then she noticed someone was there. And they had spoken. With words, even. She blinked rapidly, eyelids blurring ever so slightly. “Uh.” Her hand fed her more ice cream, as if it had a mind of its own. “Mmm.” Her eyes focused on Gretchen after a small eternity in her own mind and significantly less outside of it. “Oh. Okay.” She suddenly didn’t have the ice cream anymore, having thrown it out at hyper speed. After finishing it off, of course. Naturally, there were consequences for finishing off even a small quantity of ice cream that quickly. “Gah. Brain freeze.” The rules complied with so she wouldn’t be bothered by people, Mona perused the shelves in search of another book to hyper speed read. As soon as her brain thawed out.
  10. Tch. Who did this guy think he was, interrupting her mid-morning run? As opposed to her early morning run, her late morning run, and all the other runs throughout the day. Mona was tempted to just dust him. But the unfamiliar accent had piqued her interest, no matter how little she wanted to admit it. She opened the throttle just enough to completely catch up, and then matched him stride for stride. “Gotta be faster than that, big guy. But it’s your lucky day. I’ll show you what speed really is.” Then she opened the throttle all the way and simply moved. It was effortless, it seemed. So far past the speed of sound the speed of light itself wasn’t so far away.
  11. Why was Mona in a bookstore in Emerald City? Because, as often happened to the blisteringly fast brained, she was incredibly bored. What was she doing there? Reading the books. At hyper speed. While eating ice cream at normal speed. So it was “approach bookshelf with ice cream, blur of movement, stroll to next bookshelf while putting plastic spoon back in mouth”. Mona wasn’t exactly what anyone would call a normal person. And as no one knew her in Emerald, she didn’t even feel the need to pretend. So she was dressed about as carelessly as humanly possible. Shirt? Sleeveless and oversized. Pants? Who could tell with such a big shirt? Shoes? Top tier running shoes. The best of the best, clearly expensive. Because running was about the only thing Mona took seriously. That, and being a superhero.
  12. Realistically I just need a scene cut line from someone, as I ended on a question.
  13. Maybelle McQueen did her best to be a humble woman. Sure, she had a gift in the kitchen. And yeah, she flaunted that to the fullest extent of the law. So to speak. But everything was a distant second. She protested all the special treatment until it was obvious that everyone developed spontaneous deafness when she did so. So she reluctantly went along with it. She just wanted to see some pretty fish, after all. But there were no pretty fish to be had. Well, the one. But the rest? Murder. Murder most foul. Well maybe. She approached the nearest aquarium employee, one of the ones who were shooing people out. “Excuse me. I’m Queenie. Is there some way I can help?”