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  1. Chronia Kendra abruptly realized she was holding both the Chronoscythe and Mr. Pibbles. She whispered a word and the former shrank down to a tenth of its size. She put it on her belt. The stuffed rabbit, on the other hand, had a ribbon that she was holding. Easy enough to tie to her belt. “I don’t know, Clarkie.” No, bad mouthfeel. Abort, abort. “Adults are weird. I’m not gonna break time with my magic, sheesh.” Her hands free, she let the magic flow freely. Blue clockwork gears surrounded her hands. She tilted her head back, as if issuing a profound proclaimation. “I’m gonna win over all of time!” She laughed again. “We’re gonna be friends and go on adventures and it’s gonna be awesome.” She was grinning like a huge idiot. There weren’t literal stars in her eyes, but hell yes she was excited about the prospect. Her proclaimation (metaphorically) echoed in the air for a little while, and she calmed down. In fact, she stamped her foot in annoyance, a totally different emotion. “I am not sixteen! I froze my time and went on a thousand awesome adventures in the past and made ten times that many friends but does anyone believe me? Noooooo.” Probably because her protests made her sound like she was 8 years old instead. She blew out air. “I have so many stories and nobody cares.” Then she shrugged, done with that. “But whatever. The present’s a part of all of time, too.” She grinned again, chuckling lightly. She was a cheerful soul, that much seemed true.
  2. Chronia Hey…there was that guide person…flying? She wouldn’t call it interesting, but boring? Nah. Her brain slipped into first gear…and she immediately freaked out and moved to the side several steps. Because when the hell did somebody start standing next to her? “Gah! When did you get there?!” Right. She was Kendra. Human chronomancer. This was Claremont Academy. It was 2020. Late Summer. She was a teenager (kind of) with superpowers so she needed to go to super school, apparently. Well, whatever. Also flying guy had introduces himself, maybe? Wait…wait…that guy had been there the entire time, probably. Had he been talking to her too? Probably, but whatever. It’d sort itself out or not. She burst out laughing at herself. “Wow, I really wasn’t paying attention, huh?” She laughed some more. She was suddenly in front of Felix and shaking his hand firmly. “My name’s Kendra. Nice to meetcha!” What their names were would either come up again or it wouldn’t. Ooh, nicknames. Flying man could be Clarkie. Maybe call the other one Scales? Eh, she’d do better in a minute.
  3. Waverider Naomi did in fact remember. She’d actually talked to both Justice and Salvo about it, and made a few inquiries of her own. There was only so much a college student could do, however, and she wasn’t an investigator of any kind really. [First, are you okay? My roommate’s Pre-Med.] He was awfully beat up. She worried. [But aside from that, how can I help?] There may not be a lot that Naomi Suleiman could do, but Waverider was a different thing entirely. She twitched a finger, and the noise from outside the table deadened. Nobody would overhear them now. [Don’t worry about spies, they can’t hear us now.]
  4. Freedom City. Claremont Academy. 8 AM. August 10, 2020 Chronia A certain young (ish) woman was…kind of bored, actually. Who was she? What was she? When was she? Where was she? Why was she there? How did she get here? All very good questions. To answer them, she’d have to get her brain in gear and that sounded like effort. And as the world wasn’t currently interesting…nah. People were talking. Mom. Aunt Serah. Someone with a weird seasonal name. No more talking, going somewhere. Oh, outside. Some good byes. Perfunctory thing, with no need for actual thought. And then she was alone. But not for long. She had caught a word or two about a guide or something.
  5. Waverider Naomi made her way over, not bumping into anyone at all. A fringe benefit of her vibration sense: Never bump into anyone you don’t mean to ever again. She was dressed normally today. Just a short sleeve blouse and a skirt that fell just above the knees and her backpack (containing both laptop and costume). As for the Starbucks…it was a Starbucks. They probably mass produced them as some factory somewhere, and assembled them on location. She had acquired a fruit smoothie prior to looking for Elliot, and now that she had spotted him, she walked over. With a wave, she sat down at his table and pulled out her phone. She did not type anything just yet.Did she ignore the guy trying to take a seat? Well, yeah. Elliot seemed to have that well in hand. And, you know, there was more than one extra seat anyway.
  6. Queenie Queenie looked thoughtful. “Magnetism, huh? How unexpected.” She was telling the truth to be sure. Who expected magnetism on an animal loving bad guy? Not Maybelle McQueen, that’s who. “We know where he went at least. Well, sunshine? Ready to chase him down and wrap this thing up before it gets any worse?”
  7. https://orokos.com/roll/835882 22. She had a shot. But nope. Grabbed by the shoes.
  8. Name: Chronia Codename: Kendra Farron Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Prospective Roommate: Kendra has a home in Freedom City. It has, however, been recommended by staff that she stays in the dorms during the school week. Easier to keep track of where and when she is. Along with it being more likely she'll attend class. Goal: Kendra wants to go on the greatest adventure ever: Conquering all of time! With friendship! And supporting her friends' dreams! Death defying adventures! Beating up jerks who are mean to her friends! All of time awaits! Forward, to ADVENTURE! (Note: She doesn't talk like this at all. Thinks, yes. Talks, no.) First Impression: Kendra's gonna play it by ear, the way she always does. She's a tall skinny blonde who's carrying a strange looking scythe and a stuffed rabbit. Her clothes are out of another century. She tends to make an impression just by showing up.
  9. Queenie Maybelle kept her pleasant smile right in place, and her thumbs hooked casually in the back pocket of her jeans. She was exaggering her normally slight Southern accent, as well. “While normally I’d be delighted to visit with some of Earth’s neighbors for a spell, but…I don’t mean to offend you, honest I don’t. But it seems like your hospitality would be a little…lacking.” Again, Maybelle was many things, but an idiot was not one of them. “Tell you what. Why don’t you and I have a set down right here in my place? You can ask me whatever you want.” The implication being that her guests would remain hostages, but she couldn’t have everything. “I’ll even treat you and all your friends to a free meal. I’m sure you’re awful tired of ration bars and nutrient pudding. Be nice to have a change, don’t you think?”
  10. Queenie Rose ran into the kitchen. Maybelle was annoyed at the intrusion at first, but then she understood the situation. With a sigh, she instructed her sous-chef, David, to keep an eye on her Mac (as she put it in a oven) and of course the pulled pork. Rose did not leave the kitchen, but Maybelle certainly did. Sauntering casually and smiling as she went, she reassured everyone with her mere posture that everything was going to be just fine, even if her silvery forcefield was up. She knew alien technology when she saw it, too, and this was far from her first band of armed goons. “Well then, sunshine. You’ve come an awful long way to just to see little ol’ me. How can I help you today? I imagine you’re not here for a reasonably priced and delicious supper.” An idiot, she was not. She’d been in the hero game long enough to know whatever they wanted wasn’t a good thing. You didn’t threaten a building full of people for what you could get by saying “please”.
  11. Waverider Naomi agreed. They had to keep the civilians safe. Somehow. Well, the effect that mind controlled them in the first place was auditory, right? So if she deafened them all for a while, maybe that would take it down? Or at the very least make them unable to hear any commands from any of the villains here? God, would she be embarrassed and upset if this didn’t do anything. From her perch up riding some sound waves, she snapped her fingers once. The sound was intense and dischordant. Like nails on a chalkboard, only a thousand times worst. Her fellow heroes didn’t hear it directly so they were spared the detrimental effects, but they heard it all the same. She did it full force, as well. Every civilian and supervillain in a 250 foot radius from her got to hear the terrible sound.
  12. Yeah but I'll give it to you anyway. The lock is martially magnetized. Because it's metal. In fact, fiddling with it, you can't get it to lock again because of this.
  13. All righty then. Sonic Screech. Auditory Dazzle. Full Burst Area, so that's 250 ft. DC is 20 Reflex to halve, then 20 Reflex again to avoid if failed. DC switched to Fort if actually affected. But you know how Dazzles work. It's got Selective Attack, so her fellow heroes are not affected.
  14. It's a good solid lock. A civilian off the street couldn't have picked it. The lock is undamaged. It was not forced. What happened to cause it to open was much weirder. To do a proper analysis of your findings, however, I'll need a Knowledge (physical sciences) roll.
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