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  1. “I am the soul of discretion, Miss Wells.” Into the trunk of his car Niro went. Dragoneer spread himself over the hood. Niro pulled out a large beach towel, a old flannel shirt, and a battered pair of sweatpants. “I suspect whatever I give you will be ruined by the time we’re through. I do have better clothes if you’d like.” Dragoneer peeled himself off the hood to help with holding said towel after Raya wiped herself down. Car on one side, towel on the other. “Unfortunately, I don’t carry ladies underwear. So you’re out of luck in that department.” “I don’t think Ali will mind.” UDK was looking everywhere but at Raya. Such a gentleman. Niro merely kept his eyes on her head, averting his gaze only when she was undressed. Niro was caught off guard. “I thought those needed to be laundered.” “What? Ew, no. What kind of slob do you take my sister for? These are those new ones, she forgot them last month?” “Ah, do I even still have those in there? Miss Wells, do have a look. There may be a pack of women’s cotton underpants at the bottom. Alison is a size or two larger than you, but perhaps they will be better than nothing.”
  2. Dragoneer was caught off guard. People didn’t usually ask about Sarah without some kind of…insinuation. Like he didn’t know, or something. “Physical education, anatomy and stuff. Not like to be a doctor, but like a personal trainer. Only, you know, with a Bachelor’s degree.” Then he did feel kind of bad, as he hadn’t directly asked her how she felt about the school. Though she’d seemed excited to get in? “I think she likes it there? I mean, we’re both pretty busy so we don’t talk as much as either of us would like.” Did…did Marcus not know? UDK thought everybody who knew him knew these days. But eh…he’d really rather not get the looks again, so moving right along. “It does suit her better than USC.” Dragoneer looked at his friend, a little surprised. “Sayomi keeps in touch. And talks to her mother. Who talks to me.” A moment. “You are the one with two and a half careers to manage. It only makes sense that those of us with just the one can manage to keep in touch.” To the others he said, “Sayomi is my daughter. She is still in high school in San Francisco, under the supervision of my wife Hiromi. I get back when I can.” UDK nodded. “Okay, then.” And then he visibly winced when when Torque called him “Mr. Knight”. “Good god, none of that. Ultimate Dragon Knight’s just a nickname. My name is Dragoneer. D for short. Or UDK if you’re feeling fancy. None of that ‘mister’ stuff.” He held up his hands placatingly. “Please.” He put them down again. “To answer the question, yes. I have not doing house shows in my contract, so basically I’m only appearing one night a week with one more for Pay Per Views. Those I have that in my contract so I can do music stuff, AvDrag’s on a bit of a break. So I’ve got the free time to superhero.” AvDrag being the shortened form of his band’s name, Avenging Dragons. “You didn’t hear this from me, but new album’s in the can. Should be out in time for Christmas. We’ll probably do a couple festivals in spring, throw out another world tour over the summer, and bounce around the States in the fall.” He waved his hands as if to dismiss it. “Henry’s got his acting commitments, so that won’t be full time work, either.” He referred to Henry Peterson, co-frontman (with UDK, naturally) of the band and one of the most famous actors on the planet. “Honestly, I work less than most people with full time jobs do. It’s all the extra stuff that eats time. Interview with this magazine then that celebrity news show. Public appearances, award shows, guesting on TV or web shows, my charity work, Make A Wish, my god does it ever end?” He exhaled, shedding his building frustration like water off a duck. “Nah, I don’t mean that. Most of it’s pretty cool, actually. If you ever get a chance to go to the Teen Choice Awards, take it.” He blew out more air. “But yeah, if I let it build up it can be A Lot. World’s full of people who don’t really care you’re running on four hours sleep in two days with only light snacks for fuel, just give us some of the ol’ Dragoneer charm please.” He grinned that (in?)famous grin of his again. “So now and again I tell ‘em all to stick that extra stuff where the sun don’t shine. Let my sister handle the charity work, and keep doing Make A Wish.” He blinked. “And you didn’t ask me all of that, but look at how I kept on rolling.” He rubbed the back of his head. “Sorry. Pro wrestling doesn’t exactly teach me how to shut up about myself. To actually answer the question, I try to keep a balance.” And then there was Persephone’s question. “A what now?” He genuinely did not know what that was. “A municipal defender.” Niro interjected, as he knew things UDK neglected to pay attention to. “Basically you’d be employed by the city as a superhero. There’s more to it, but it doesn’t strike me as something you would be a part of.” UDK nodded. “Yeah, I’ve got two jobs already. Who needs a third? But enough about me. How did you guys get your powers? Why are you superheroes instead of, I dunno, accountants? Got any fun facts you’d like to share? Niro, add something buddy.” Niro gave an amused smile. “They’ve barely spoken to me, Dragoneer. You are, as ever, the center of attention.” Neither his face nor his tone suggested he minded at all. “Still, we were on the subject of education and careers. Torque has shared hers. Persephone, Marcus, would you care to do so?”
  3. Dragoneer let Niro and Raya go ahead, putting his body between the ticket seller’s line of sight and Raya. He might be able to see her legs as they walked, but only if he looked. “Hey, we’ll be right back. Forgot something in the car. If we need fresh tickets I’ll pay, no prob.” Niro was also larger than Raya, and did his best to shield her from the ticket seller’s view. “Are you certain you’re all right, Miss? Heaven knows what that slime is made of. And you have not mentioned your name yet.”
  4. My supervisor's last day was last Thursday, so three people were doing the shifts of four. And now someone else is leaving at the end of the week, so three people are going to be doing the shifts of four and a half. That's not a shot, she was only part time. Obviously I will not have time to post. I will barely have time to eat and sleep. The latter is only for a week, but jesus what a bad time for her to leave. For those keeping score at home, that's 64 hours that three people already doing 40 a week will be covering next week.
  5. Since Cheval was first, Dragoneer shook his hand. Niro placed a bookmark and then shut his book. “Nice to meet you, Marcus.” Standing for a moment, Niro shook Cheval’s hand before returning to his seat. “Niro Saki. A pleasure. I do agree, Miss Persephone. Not all of us have Dragoneer’s boundless confidence. A variety of skills, powers, and personalities can only be beneficial.” Dragoneer rolled his eyes. “He says that like I think I can take Omega by myself.” He winked conspiratorially and leaned in to whisper. “Well…we’d just have to see, wouldn’t we?” And then Persephone asked her question. UDK shrugged. “One place is as good as another, you know? I mean, Freedom and Emerald are a little…crowded for me, but otherwise yeah.” Niro let out a soft chuckle. “He threw six darts at a map of the United States, and then rolled a die. This did not fool me. His daughter is attending the University of Miami this semester.” UDK let out an aggrieved sigh. “Sure, give away all my secrets why don’t you?” But he said it with a smile. “Do you do aluminum, Torque? We recycle, so you can have all the soda cans you want. Or pour out some of the unopened ones. I don’t care.” There was a hint of apology in his eyes and tone, but he said nothing of it.
  6. Kevin? Niro blinked in surprise as he finished wiping the slime off his clothes as best he could. The towel was now in need of being burned. There was no saving it. My, that is his real name isn’t it? I’m so used to calling him Brom. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Niro Saki, here looking for Brom Steele. Also known as Kevin McKay. He is an old friend. Dragoneer cut in, as that was his cue. Just a bit older than me, friendo. You probably already know this, but I am the invincible, unstoppable, and irrepressible Ultimate Dragon Knight. Name’s Dragoneer. I don’t know Brom, but he’s Niro’s buddy so here I am. He had that grin plastered all over his face for a moment, before glancing at his best pal. Niro, think we can make a run to the car? The lady could use a towel to wipe of the slime and something to wear that isn’t a swimsuit. I don’t see why not. Even if they want to charge us for tickets again, you have the money. Right you are. UDK turned to Raya. Shall we? Or did you want to stay slimed and swimsuited? Because you can. No judgement from me.
  7. “I have a few ideas, yes.” Terrifica was clearly amused at the person who didn’t know her at all. She had stepped out of the room with all the victims and into the hallway. “The method is clear enough. We’re dealing with a psionic with a talent for illusions and a flair for theatricality. They could be using technology or magic to replicate psionic ability. I haven’t ruled that out yet.” She gave a moment for Corona to absorb that. “Motive is more…murky. However, these are college students who, I expect, are doing college student things. Alcohol, drugs, sex, or simple slacking off. A vampiric perpetrator would have no need for the theatricality, though they could if they desired. But honestly? I think it’s someone who’s annoyed at young adults enjoying their newly gained freedom. The victims whose personalities I know about fit that pattern. Highly intelligent, but with less than stellar work ethics and self discipline.” One beat. “That isn’t a criticism. Maturity takes time. Even I wasn’t…me in college. And many of history's finest minds could be rather erratic at times.”
  8. Dragoneer laughed. Oooh-ah, Niro’s got a girlfriend. Oooh-ah. I’m gonna tell. Niro gave him an amused glare. Are you twelve? He gently but firmly pried Raya off of him, and caught the towel UDK had thrown without even looking. They’d been friends a looooong time. While I appreciate the public display of affection, young miss, believe me when I tell you my friend appreciates such things much more than I do. Also, you were covered in slime. So thanks for that. Dragoneer was now next to them, having walked up while Niro was speaking. Lady, if they want a fight I’ll give it to them. I’m a pretty cool guy and I don’t afraid of anything. He flashed his famous goofy/confident/boyish grin. I’mma find out what’s up about this place with my bud here, and they can just try and stop me. The merest hint of dragon fire glinted in his eyes.
  9. You guys trying to impress me, or something? Dragoneer, leaning casually in his doorway, flashed his famous goofy/confident/boyish grin. He, of course, had heard the giant tree walking. The doorbell did not work. Old houses, man. He was dressed casually. Jeans and a merch T. I mean, I invited you guys to a meetup and hang out, not a wedding. His tone was gently teasing. UDK was not a man who cared what clothes people had on. With, of course, the expected exception for heterosexual males: attractive women in not very much at all. But what the hell, you’re here. Come on in, grab a sandwich and drink. Let’s get to know each other a bit. Meet my best bud. He stepped back out of his doorway with a welcoming wave of the hand.
  10. D rolled his eyes, but before he could transform again, Niro put his hand on his shoulder. Allow me. D shrugged and watched. Niro sauntered (a word that one wouldn’t expect to be associated with him, but that suited nonetheless) right up to the drunk tank. More accurately, a few strides away. He examined it and nodded, satisfied. He took those last few strides at a run and put his entire body weight behind a side kick directly to the glass of the tank.
  11. Dragoneer’s shirt? Ruined. Jeans. Finished. Shoes? Write ‘em off. The man had literally exploded. A lesser man would have been completely flabbergasted. The Ultimate Dragon Knight was merely nonplussed. Utterly so, with a side of bemusement. He said nothing. He said it a lot, and with great enthusiasm for the fine art of saying nothing. Because honestly, what could one say? Niro, for his (clean, for he had stepped back at the right moment) part, said just as much nothing. UDK at last sighed, and spoke. …two tickets, please. Just gimme a sec. It’s dragon time. Green scale armor covered him from head to toe, and fire came out of the helmet. He sprayed gentle flames over himself, incinerating the slime. This did not improve the smell. Not at all. But at last he wasn’t slimed anymore. The armor vanished, and he was clean. Ish. The highly amused Niro handed him a towel for his head. As he wiped with one hand, he pulled his money clip from his pocket with the other. Laugh it up, buddy. Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. Dragoneer handed over the money.
  12. Niro didn’t bat an eye, but he was clearly taken aback. Insert one (1) Dragoneer. Who’d gone from bored to a little annoyed and impatient. Yeah, but Painmonger’s somehow better? Gimme a break, man. Also, could you be any more weird about it? I mean hello, red flag. You coulda just said no, man. Instead you go and call my best pal crazy and delusional. So over the top, you gotta know something. So, way I see it, you got a choice. You can tell us what you know. You can tell us who would know. Or you can say some other over the top nonsense. Spoiler alert: That last one doesn’t get you my ten bucks for our tickets.
  13. Terrifica Brain Drain (1 post) Queenie ... JETTE ... Dragoneer/Niro Saki Dragon's Harvest (4 posts) Greatest Show Unearthed (8 posts) Guide Point Terrifica, please.
  14. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/12568-dragons-harvest/ Still open to any other Vibora folks at this time.
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