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  1. @TheAbsurdist Sorry for my own delay. I've added the descriptors.
  2. Cubismo


    One second Astrid's child mind was thinking about what treat Mother Danica would give her and Sister Mia, and in the next the Asgardian's mind was snapped back into reality. Well, perhaps not "reality," but she was definitely aware of where she was, and more importantly, who she truly was. "Hva i helvete?" Astrid whispered to herself in Danica's shell. Her was mind still buzzing in confusion, but it did not take her long to remember most of what had happened to her. When she did she was decidedly not pleased. Suddenly, a litany of Norwegian curses were quietly being muttered in Danica's shell. To anyone not familiar with the language, the noise would sound like the incomprehensible and rapid-fire babbling of an agitated child. For those who did though, they'd probably be taken aback (or perhaps impressed) by the almost lyrical way in which Astrid made her curses. After her tirade of curses and cries of vengeance were done, Astrid rushed out of Danica's shell, which was rather difficult given her her child form's lack of agility, but anger and outrage powered her through the task and soon a very angry Astrid was back on the kindergarten floor. She shoot Miss Johansen a furious glare but didn't make a move. The Black House, the Witch or whatever malicious force behind everything they had been afflicted with didn't seem to responded well with Astrid's temper, and even the hotblooded Asgardian could tell that directly attacking its minions wasn't effective. Astrid turned her back to Miss Johanson and made her way to Lulu. "Lulu," she whispered. "Do you think you can read the House or something? There has to be something doing all of this and it has to have a mind. And if it has a mind than you can read it, right?" Astrid was totally speculating at this point. She didn't know whether her theory was even close to right or logical, and if she was being honest, she didn't really understand the limits or mechanics of Lulu's powers. But if hitting things wasn't an option than Astrid figured that someone with a different skillset was the answer, which made Lulu her best bet.
  3. Thanks for reminding me. Might as well give it a shot. Will Save: 1d20+7 15 Got a 15, but if I recall correctly a hero point re-roll between 1 and 10 gets a boost of ten. My dice throw was an 8. So if the boost thing is actually true than the roll would be 25.
  4. Will Save: 1d20+7 10 Oh well.
  5. Ms. Thursday Amygdala (12) It's Moving Day (4) Total: 16 posts = 2PP All power points to Ms. Thursday's new sheet here.
  6. Because Ms. Thursday is Flat-Footed both Stun attacks are a Hit. As for Fortitude saves... Fortitude Saves: 2#1d20+10 16 19 She makes both of them.
  7. @Fox Should be good now. I didn't realize that Independent was a +0 modifier. Fixed the wasted points situation by getting Selective Attack and lowering Hamper Movement to one. Should come out to 20.
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    Astrid didn't understand what her mother was talking about. Concentrate? She didn't even understand what that word meant. And she definitely couldn't make sense of her mother wanting them to leaving now. It wasn't pickup time for her and her sister Mia. Of course, that begged the question for why Mommy Dianca was here at Nicholson so much earlier than usual. Not that Astrid was in the right state of mind to think about such inconsistencies. She was still in pain and wanted nothing more than a hug from her turtle mom. Fortunately for her, Astrid did in fact get her hug, which made it all the more easier for her to be nicely slotted into Danica's shell without much fuss. The pain in her fingers was slowly but surely fading away and she was safe in her mother's oh so familiar turtle shell. Everything was fine and normal, no matter what the strange angry voice in her head was screaming to the contrary.
  9. Making Leroy cry was definitely not how Astrid wanted her pep talk/rant to go, but seeing that it was one those 'someone finally gets it' cries, Astrid considered it a pep talk well made. She might have done without the asshole comment, though. "No problem, man," Astrid says. She tries to play it off as something causal. Like she's said something like this a hundred times and is just giving some advice to a friend. But her voice kind of breaks as she says the words and she has to suppress a snuffle. Astrid hopes that Leroy doesn't notice it. She still has her tough girl crud to maintain, as stupid and toxically macho as that is. "And I would be happy to teach ya, Leroy. Just give me some time to arrange a hunt or fight and we'll do this thing," she tells him, giving the prince a confirmative fist bump. When Leroy asks about her luggage, Astrid gives him a wide smile. "A stud and a gentlemen! Wow. Judy sure is lucky she got to you first," she confesses half jokingly and earnestly before picking up the luggage herself. "Thanks, Leroy, but I'm good."
  10. Cubismo


    Nope. She wasn't going to cry. The treasure chest crashing down on her fingers may have been excruciatingly painful, but Astrid wasn't going to allow her self to cry while in the admist of a hostile environment and hidden foes. Nope. Definitely not going to happen. She was way to strong of a warrioress to allow something that humiliating to happen to her. "Wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!" Astrid's screams went on and on and on as the pain in her fingers seemed to travel up her arms and across her tiny body. She tried to mentally block out the pain but she found it possible to do that or even concentrate on anything that wasn't her agonizing red fingers. It was so bad that she didn't even mind when someone rushed to calm her. Anything was better than enduring the pain a moment longer.
  11. Stealth Check: 1d20+2 7 Fail. Will Check: 1d20+7 13 Also Fail. Actually that will save should be 11. Forgot about the -4 to Wisdom. My bad.
  12. Cubismo


    "But!" Astrid began before clapping her mouth down into a frustrated grimace. Mia was right. Probably. None of them were in the right mode to be fighting even if Astrid desperately wanted to be. She hated this. Waiting and having to play coy when the baddie was just right there waiting for a righteous clobbering. Astrid tried to settle her battle fever by taking in another calming breath. It worked. Kind of. She was still angry as all Hel but she at least was confident that she wasn't going to lose it and try to start slamming Ms. I'm-Totally-That-Creepy-Witch-In-Disguise-Johansen with Porrklubba. Not that her warclub would be of much help. It had been turned into a worthless plastic toy cudgel that was embarrassing to even look at. Feeling like she finally calm enough talk again, Astrid turned to speak to Mia only to realize that she had teleported to Lulu's side. Astrid's brow rose in realization. So they at least still had their powers in this "room." Astrid turned her gaze to a heavy looking toy chest in the corner of the playroom as her face began to form a mischievous grin. She mentally apologized to Mia as he started to crawl towards it. Maybe they could take to fight to Ms. I'm-Totally-That-Creepy-Witch-In-Disguise-Johansen after all...
  13. Ms. Thursday Power Level: 10/11 (165/166) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack/+2 Damage (Strike), +2 Attack/-2 Damage (Blast) Unspent Power Points: 1 In Brief: She's the bastard daughter of Thor and a rebellious punk-maiden of Asgard. Catchphrase: "Djevelen tar deg!" Theme: Enslaved - Loke Alternate Identity: Astrid "Thursday" Torsten Identity: Secret Residence: Claremont Academy Birthplace: Risør, Norway Occupation: Claremont Student, Musician Affiliations: Claremont Academy, The Aesir Family: Thor Odinson (Father), Cathrine Torsten (Mother), Numerous other Aesir gods and goddess. Description: Age: 17 (DoB: January 19th, 2002) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Norwegian/Asgardian Height: 6 Ft. (180 cm.) Weight: 150 lbs. (113 kg.) Eyes: Grey Hair: Red Physical Appearance Astrid takes after her father, possessing the same fiery red hair and fierce grey eyes as the God of Thunder's. From her mother she inherited a row of freckles that are scattered across her cheeks and nose. Having had a rough and tumble childhood, Astrid has always been in decent shape, but her training in the practice yards of Asgard have made her athletic and honed. Similarly, while Astrid always been tall, discovering her heritage has strangely caused her to go through an abrupt growth spurt. Although she’s just itching to be a heroine, Astrid doesn't possess a really possess a superhero costume and prefers her causal wardrobe to classic spandex. She nevertheless does make an effort to at least have the image of a thunderbolt somewhere on whatever clothing she wears when she goes into a fight. Her favorite "battledress" and the closest thing she does have to a superhero costume is a rune-inscribed black-leather jacket with a large stylized thunderbolt symbol on the back. While Astrid has a notable Norwegian accent, its tinged by her travels across Europe, and recently the United States. It's not uncommon for her to pepper her sentences with not only her home country's slang but that of other countries she's visited. She has a brash and straightforward way of talking that can be intimidating when she's in a rage. When she's acting as an agent of Asgard she plays up the warrior princess shtick, ironically mimicking a hero from a medieval play and throwing out "nays" and "thines" for the hell of it. History Astrid was born in a sleepy small town in Norway that most people have never heard of and she’d like to forget. While her childhood wasn't perfect it was mostly a tolerable one. Her mother loved her and while her father was a distant man who would disappear for months at a time he did always come back eventually. That was until he didn't. When that happened, everything changed. Her mother fell into a long depression and once she started using alcohol to self medicate things only got worse from there. When her mother wasn't blaming Astrid for her father leaving, she was berating her being just like him. Eventually Astrid started running away from home whenever things got too bad with her. At first, she tried to find her father whenever she did, but as Astrid got older the futility of chasing a man she barely remembered and her own growing resentment against him caused her to simply travel around aimlessly. Consequently, her biggest role models growing up were her friends in similar domestic situations and the burned-out would-be rockers that she would see performing in bars whenever she runaway to a large town. This cycle of running away and crashing with friends, only to come back for one reason or another, came to an abrupt and tragic end when her mother suddenly died in a car accident during a thunderstorm while she was looking for her. Filled with grief and guilt over not resolving her differences with her mother, and terrified of what the future would hold without her, Astrid purposely got into a random brawl that quickly went too far and became deadly. Fortunately for her, a valkyrie came to Astrid’s rescue and whisked away to Asgard. The valkyrie was sent by none other than Thor, the God of Thunder, who turned to her long lost father. He explained that the father she knew was just one of his many mortal avatars, created to circumvent a Pact that prevented the gods from directly interfering with humanity at their fullest power. By doing so he could return to his favorite hobby of quietly slaying monsters that threatened the world. He also explained how he unexpectedly fell in love with Astrid's mother and started a family with her even knowing that such a union could not last. When Astrid's mother dead, the Odinson thought it necessary to finally intervene in his daughter’s life again and instruct her in the ways of the Aesir. While his explanations didn't do much to calm or convince her, Astrid did accept her father’s offer to let her live in Asgard to hone her suddenly developing powers. After going though some Asgardian battle training, Astrid returned to Earth so that she could finish her education. Given that she was a bonafide demigoddess the only the place that could possibly finish her training was a certain school in the US of A. Personality & Motivation Rebellious, bold, impulsive, stubborn, crass and far too willing to get into a brawl if someone sets off one of her neuroses, Astrid is someone whose fun to be around but can quickly become unbearable if set off. A lot of these issues are a consequence of her father's abrupt disappearance and her mother's subsequent slide into depression and alcoholism. Her mother's death and the revelations about her father's true nature have prompted a positive change in her though. While still prone to brashness, she has learned to rein in a lot of her worse impulses and think things through. Her new responsibilities have also given her a sense of direction and purpose that was non-existent beforehand. Interests-wise, Astrid has a semi-ironic thing for 80s American pop culture, particularly its era of heavy metal music, horror films, and fashion. She used to play baseball when she was younger and has found having a good back-swing immensely useful when fighting monsters. She hates to admit it, but behind her cool rocker girl mystique she has a wide-eyed love of obscure folk music. While she's most knowledgeable about Nordic history she enjoys learning about the folk songs, customs, and traditions of other cultures as well. Powers & Tactics Hit the bad guys with Þórrklubba until they give up or go unconscious or splat. That's Astrid primary tactic, and it usually works, but when separated from her weapon she typically relies on her fists to pummel or grapple whatever gets in her way in the meantime. Though she went through martial training in Asgard and knows some of the basic techniques of the ancient Norse martial art Glima, Astrid’s fighting style mostly takes after her experience with schoolyard brawls in that she is by no means above headbutts, groin attacks, eye-poking and anything else associated with street fights. She cares very little for "honorable" combat. Power Descriptions As the demigoddess daughter of almighty Thor, Astrid possess many of the superhuman physical traits that are common to Asgardians. She's incredibly strong, being capable of various astonishing feats of strength, like lifting a giant over her head without strain and pulverizing villains with only her bare hands. She’s likewise extremely durable, resisting attacks that would outright kill a normal human and doing little worse for wear. Naturally, Astrid shares the Aesir's natural immunities to cold, disease and poison. Along with her inborn gifts, Astrid wields Þórrklubba, a warclub forged by the legendary dwarven weaponsmiths, Eitri and Brokkr. Þórrklubba is a magical weapon and as such can call upon the primordial forces of the firmament: striking foes with bolts of lightning, summoning icy rainstorms, and allowing Astrid to fly at high speeds. Þórrklubba also gives Astrid the ability to teleport short distances in flashes of multi-colored lightning. While a devastating weapon, Þórrklubba looks from a distance like a normal metal baseball bat. This is by design as Astrid wanted a weapon that wouldn't be to conspicuous in public. Up close, Þórrklubba is a martial masterpiece, a silvery club beautifully inscribed by silver Nordic runes that lightly cackle with static energies. When not in use Þórrklubba can be glamoured and take the form of a small hammer amulet. Complications: Reluctant Agent of Asgard (Responsibilities): As the child of mighty Thor, Astrid has a sacred duty to Asgard and is obligated to serve the Aesir (and their interests) whenever they need something done on Midgard regardless of her own thoughts on the matter. GM Suggestion: You can give Astrid a Hero Point whenever her obligation to the Aesir forces her to pick between her duty to the gods and her own personal desires, beliefs or morals. Proud Nazi Puncher (Temper): Beyond the obvious reason of them being genocidal morons, Astrid despises Nazis due to their constant attempts to exploit the power of the Aesir. She's also peeved that their Neo-Nazis descendants infiltrated the Nordic heavy metal scene. She’ll go into a rage whenever she confronts villains that share their genocidal and supremacist ethos. GM Suggestion: Grant Astrid a Hero Point if this single-minded rage impairs her ability to focus on protecting civilians caught in the cross-fire. Black Sheep of the Aesir (Prejudice): Astrid has an fraught relationship with her father and much of the rest of the Norse pantheon. Her father’s excuses for why he left has never satisfied Astrid, and she partially blames him for her mother's death. Conversely, the Asgardians consider Astrid to be a bastard and an example of Thor’s foolish dalliances. To them, she’s a useful agent on Earth and not much else. GM Suggestion: Have beings associated with the Norse gods treat at Astrid with disdain or distrust. Give her a Hero Point if this prejudice inconveniences her in some meaningful way. Violence Is The Best Answer (Temper): She's getting better at it, but Astrid still believes that violence is usually the best answer when it comes to solving problems, especially when it comes to fighting villainy, and tends to resort to it as a first response unless someone can talk her out of it. GM Suggestion: Grant Astrid a Hero Point if her punch first, ask questions never mindset disadvantages her or turns a situation that could have been handled diplomatically into a needlessly violent one. Just a Punk Kid (Status): Astrid is still technically a minor and is therefore bound to certain legal restrictions that can be obstructive to her superhero duties. GM Suggestion: Feel free to give Astrid a Hero Point if her legal status somehow interferes or impairs her ability to act as an independent superhero. Abilities: 16 + 4 + 20 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 48PP Strength: 26 (+8) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 30 (+10) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 24PP Initiative: +6 Attack: +8 Melee (+8 Base), +8 Ranged (+8 Base) Grapple: +16/+21 (+8 Melee Atk, +8 Strength, +5 Super-Strength) Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -7 Saving Throws: 6 + 7 = 13PP Toughness: +10 (+10 Con; Impervious 5) Fortitude: +10 (+10 Con) Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6) Will: +8/+12 [Lionheart] (+1 Wis, +7) Skills: 56R = 14PP Bluff 4 (+6, +10 Attractive) Diplomacy 0 (+2, +6 Attractive) Intimidate 12 (+14) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Art) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 4 (+5) Language 4 (Danish, English, Old Norse, Norwegian (Native), Swedish) Notice 4 (+5) Perform (Singing) 8 (+10) Perform (Stringed Instruments) 8 (+10) Sense Motive 4 (+5) Feats: 16PP All-Out Attack Attractive Benefit (Asgardian) Dodge Focus 6 Improved Initiative Interpose Lion Heart Luck 2 Power Attack Takedown Attack Powers: 28 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 12 = 50PP Device 6 ("Þórrklubba") (30PP Container; Hard-to-Lose; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 2 [Only Ms. Thursday], Subtle 1 [Can Transform into a Hammer Amulet]) [28PP] (Divine) Flight 3 "Flaugun!" (Speed: 50 MPH / 500 Ft. Per Move Action) [6PP] (Divine) The Powers of Þórrklubba (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4) [24PP] (Divine) Base Power: [15 + 5 = 20PP] Strike 4 (Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2 [Full Power], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty, Variable Descriptor 1 [Bludgeoning, Cold, Lightning]); Extras: Penetrating 4) (Divine) Dazzle 10 (Affects: Auditory; Flaw: Range [Touch]) (Divine, Sound) Alternative Power: [20PP] “Leiptr!" Blast 8 (Feats: Accurate 2, Indirect 2 [Any Point, Directed Away]; Extras: Area (Targeted, Burst: 40 Ft. Radius); Flaws: Action [Full]) (Divine, Electricity) Alternative Power: [20PP] “Veðr!" Environmental Control 4 (Cold 2 [Extreme], Distraction 2 [DC 10], Hamper Move 1 [50%], Range: 40 Ft., Radius 50 Ft.; Extras: Independent (+0), Selective Attack; Flaws: Action [Full Action]) (Divine, Weather) Alternative Power: [20PP] "Skykkr!" Stun 8 (Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2 [Full Power]) (Divine, Electricity) Alternative Power: [20PP] “Fara!" Teleport 5 (500 Ft. [Move Action], 5 Miles. [Full Action], Feats: Change Velocity, Easy, Mass Progression 2 [500 lbs.], Turnabout; Extra: Accurate) (Divine) Immunity 3 "Asgardian Resistance" (Environmental Cold, Disease, Poison) [3PP] (Asgardian Physiology, Divine) Impervious Toughness 5 "Asgardian Durability" [5PP] (Asgardian Physiology, Divine) Super-Movement 1 “Summon the Bifröst!” (Dimensional: Asgard) [2PP] (Asgardian Magic, Divine) Super-Strength 5 "Asgardian Might" (+25 STR Carry Capacity, Heavy Load: 14.7 tons; Feats: Super-Breath, Thunderclap) [12PP] (Asgardian Physiology, Divine) Drawbacks: 0 = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed (+8) Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage (Physical) Blast 8 (+12) Burst Area: 40 Ft. DC 23 Toughness Damage (Divine, Electricity) Strike 4 (+8) + Dazzle (+8) Touch DC 27 Toughness + DC 20 Reflex/Fortitude Damage (Divine, Physical) + Deafened (Divine, Sound) Stun 8 (+12) Touch DC 18 Fortitude Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious (Divine, Electricity) Super-Breath Cone Area: 80 Ft. DC 18 Reflex Trip (Wind) Thunderclap Burst Area: 40 Ft. DC 18 Reflex Deafened (Sound) Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (14) + Feats (16) + Powers (50) - Drawbacks (0) = 165/166 Power Points
  14. Cubismo


    Astrid tried her best not to answer Mia's question with sarcasm. She had been turned into a toddler. How the heck was supposed to be okay in a situation like that?! She didn't say any of that, though. Not when one of her teammates was low-key freaking out as well. Astrid took in a steady breath and tried to form something that could pass as a reassuring expression on her toddler face. "Yeah, I'm good. Mentally anyways," she says before almost immediately amending her answer. "Kind of. It's hard to focus. Everything is so freaking big and colorful. It's..." Astrid tried to find the right word but she was finding it hard to focus. Her eyes began to wander around the room. Scanning the various toys, which were increasingly becoming tempting sirens to her toddler brain. Astrid just barely managed to shake the temptation off and focus her eyes back on Mia. "I don't know what's going on with the others but it looks like Danica is still normal. Maybe we can-" Astrid was abruptly cut off mid-sentence by someone calling them all over. It was circle time apparently. Not that Astrid cared. Astrid looked closely at the blond women in question and squashed up her face in distrust. "She's the witch lady," she declared to Mia, way more confident that she actually felt. "Has to be. She went from witch to nurse and now she's pretending to be a kindergarten teacher." The fact that the blond women was creeping towards Dio and Leroy only confirmed Astrid's paranoia. "Stay away from them!" she screamed, trying to sound threatening but only reaching petulant.
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