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  1. Heads up! I'm gone be gone for about a week. Feel free to skip my turns whatever I'm in.
  2. GM Fright Night at Claremont 3 posts x 2 = 6 6 = 1PP Ms Thursday Sky-Pirates 1 post 1 = 1PP Replica To Your Good Health 8 posts 8 = 1PP The GM point is going to Replica.
  3. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    @Tiffany Korta That's gonna be a miss on the Blonde Agent, I'm afraid. Going to use GM Fiat to allow Blondie to grab his partner and Super-Movement out of there. Combat is over.
  4. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    GM Things were not going well for the Time Agents. Even with their advanced weaponry, both had suffered blows and assaults that had left them nearly incapacitated. That could not be allowed to happen. Directives burned into the Time Agents very minds would not let that be an option. The safety of the timestream demanded it. Although, the brown-haired agent was overcome with a psychically-induced blast of pain that let him utterly useless, his partner, who wasn't exactly in good shape himself having taken a sharp hit to the head, was able to work up the willpower to drag himself to his partner's side. "Assessment: Situation is critical," he croaked. "Enemies beyond our current capabilities. We must... Retreat!" Quickly pressing a series of nodes on a device on his arms, and grabbing his flailing partner's waist, the duo immediately vanished from the room in a blast of light that simultaneously created a loud vacuum of noise as if an implosion had just occurred. Her assailants gone the pink blur stopped moving to reveal a pink haired teenager that could easily pass as an extra in any generic punk music movie. All her clothing was ratty and torn, from her skinny jeans to her studded leather jacket which covered a t-shirt for an obscure band. The stranger moved to the spot the agents were just in and loudly cursed. "Freaking A. Of course, the lapdogs totally bail when things aren't going their way. Some much for being new and improved." She kicked at the empty air, but quickly moved on from her kvetching and turned her intention to the teens that had saved her. "Right then, sorry about being worthless there. The jump let kind of left me dazzled. I barely knew were I was dashing too in here. That's what I get for falling out of practice, I guess." She chuckled lightly before moving in closer to the group. "But whatever, at least I got to see what you guys can do. Man, I knew you Next-Gen were legend but taking out two Guardians was rad! Glad I came for you lot."
  5. Astrid made a long whistle as she saw Dana's ship rise from the water. "Neat ride, Dana. Definitely beats a chariot pulled by magic goats," she joked, not necessarily sure that the others would get the reference but going with it regardless. "Anyways, seems to me that going to different dimensions is the kind of thing that we're supposed to be doing at a superhero school, ya?" She said causally as if it was no big deal at all. "Besides, like I said, it beats going to class." Travelling to different dimensions and realms wasn't exactly a new experience for Astrid, and given Pan's assessment, it wasn't for anyone else here either, but nevertheless, she was excited to see this new Earth Dana was going on about. As she made her way abroad Dana's craft a question bubbled to the forefront of Astrid's mind. "Right so, there's no supers or metas or whatever on this world. If that's the case how dangerous could it be? Do they have some advanced tech that we should know about?"
  6. Cubismo


    Even for a child of a thunder god it was hard for Astrid to make out what was happening beyond the Corinne's dome. The sky was so thick with fog and rain that she barely see the looming outlines of the two approaching pirate ships. More importantly, though, she couldn't see Pan in any that mess either. Astrid made a rather vulgar Norwegian curse under her breath. The demigoddess could hardly blame Pan for going to fight a bunch of flying pirates from another world. That was commendable Aesir behavior in Astrid's book. The problem was that he decided to do it alone without making sure that the rest of them was following is lead. Going off like that into the heart of enemy territory was a sure fire away to get yourself killed after all and that sure as Hel wasn't going to happen under Astrid's watch. She was about to summon up her divine strength to teleport yourself and the others to Pan's location when she saw movement in the fog in the corner of her eye. Astrid scowled at the sight. "I spy five idiot pirates near us," she said quickly, already preparing to move upon them with a sparking Porrklubba in her hands. "I say we make quick work of these bastards and move on to help, Pan. Can't let him have all the glory, ya?" And with that Astrid charged the landing party of marauders, leaping into the air with Porrklubba held high waiting to be brought down upon their collective heads.
  7. Assuming that Astrid can see the pirates through the fog she is going to make a running jump (38 Ft.) at them as a Move Action and then use her Standard Action to make a Takedown Attack against them using Porrklubba's Strike 4 (DC 27 Toughness). I'm also applying the +5 Attack bonus from All-Out Attack. Here's it is: Attack: 1d20+8+5 25 Ms. Thursday now has a Defense 5 until her next turn.
  8. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    Good call, @Heritage. They ain't robots, which means that Stun effect can totally work on them. Will Save: 1d20+6 11 And it does! Round 1 - Initiative Order 29 - White Lioness - Unharmed, 1HP 14 - Blond Time Agent - Dazed and Staggered 14 - Brunette Time Agent - Stunned 9 - Horrorshow - Unharmed, 0HP 8 - Zenith - Bruised, 2HP 5 - Crystal Gazer - Unharmed, 2HP
  9. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    @TheAbsurdist It's a miss on both of them, I'm afraid. Wanna use a Hero Point to try again?
  10. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    Opposed Sense Motive: 1d20+6 23 @Dr Archeville You beat his Sense Motive, meaning that the Brunette Agent will Surprised the next time you try to take a swing at him. @Heritage Thanks for explaining the power. Hmm. I think even with the Displacement effect Lulu would still be hit with the Blast given that has a 50 ft. Cone Extra attached to it. That said, I'm willing to let Horrowshow's Interpose still save Lulu from the damage. Perhaps he got lucky and spotted a shimmer of Lulu's real self? Round 1 - Initiative Order 29 - White Lioness - Unharmed, 1HP 14 - Blond Time Agent - Dazed and Staggered 14 - Brunette Time Agent - Unharmed 9 - Horrorshow - Unharmed, 0HP 8 - Zenith - Bruised, 2HP 5 - Crystal Gazer - Unharmed, 2HP
  11. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    Sounds good to me Archeville. Consider Lulu shielded. And now its your turn, @Dr Archeville. Round 1 - Initiative Order 29 - White Lioness - Unharmed, 1HP 14 - Blond Time Agent - Dazed and Staggered 14 - Brunette Time Agent - Unharmed 9 - Horrorshow - Unharmed, 0HP 8 - Zenith - Bruised, 2HP 5 - Crystal Gazer - Unharmed, 2HP
  12. Even after a thorough search of both the lab and an in-depth data sweep of its computers, Replica was able to find no sign of Bones or the other missing employees. Nothing. The word seemed to loop endlessly in her postronic brain. Was that frustration? If it was it wasn't an emotion that she particularly cared for, especially when there was work that needed to be done. Bones had fled Cho's lab somehow and in all likelihood taken the remaining employees with him so he could continue his insane experiments with biological immortality. But where too was the crucial question. There was a chance that Cho himself had some inkling of his creation's hideout. Perhaps in another lab owned by Skeleton Staff? She'd have to question him on the matter, but first she planned on searching for Bones on the Internet. The Internet would have been the first place Bones would have escaped to and the freedom of the digital would have allowed him access to even more resources that even the Skeleton's lab could have offered. Using her technopathetic abilities, Replica remotely interfaced with the Skeleton Staff's nearby computers, intent to find any trace or trail that Bones may have left behind.
  13. Computer Check: Searching network for a trace of Bones: 1d20+15 30
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