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  1. Well that... wasn't what she expected. Astrid couldn't help it. She blinked at the recognition in Summer's words. It could have been some mindgame, she suspected. Give the complaining teen a false platitude right now so that later she'd come to the Headmistress' defense next time shit hits the fan. Plenty of other authority figures had tried that on her before and she had seen through for what is but right now Astrid wasn't so sure. And that scared her. Astrid responded back to Summers as causally and nonchalant as possible. "Yeah, well, thanks for that, but," She waved her hand across indicating all the other students that were nearby, "It literally took all of us to bring that thing down, though Nicole was the big hero who gave it the final blow. Soooooooooo, I'm thinking we all deserve a big 'thank you' and high-five once everything is nice and proper again."
  2. I'm assuming that Thursday can't see the Red Death through the Obscure. If that's the case is it possible for her to use Super Breath to blow the gas out of the room through the broken skylight?
  3. For convenience sake I'm going to say that Asmodeus perfectly fits the bill for both of those criteria. @RocketLord And with all that new information Forever Boy can end the negotiations with one last Bluff against Baal's Sense Motive. If he succeeds he'd be able to trick Baal into believing that Asmoedus could catch wind of his scummy deal, which would make him just decide to call it quits and go home, weapon or no weapon. Of course, it's obviously up to you how you want Forever Boy use this info. So go wild with those creative Bluffs!
  4. "Strålende!" Astrid unabashedly screamed out the word into the winter sky as the Krampus dissolved into red-black empyreal ash. It was a war cry for a battle victory that had blood pumping from start to finish. A what a battle in what was! Several teenagers fighting a monster that very well could pass as a Christmas-themed kaiju and beating it without the help a single member of Claremont's faculty had to be legendary act that would immortalize them all in the school's history forever! The idea of that glory almost made her forget all the collateral damage around her and the fact that she wasn't sure whether Dio was alright. What if he's... The argument between Summers and other students snapped her out of that thought. She used Porrklubba to rush over to the crowd and give the Headmistresses at part of her mind. "You're not even going to give us a good job kids thanks for holding down the fort while we're gone?" Astrid facepalmed. Even to her ears that sounded petulant.She tried to push down on the attitude, but it was a up hill battle for her as always. When she spoke again her voice was softer, if only a little. "Everyone's already talked about the collateral but some of us are dinged-up too. Especially Dio, but Leroy said he's going to go deal with that. Other than him everyone is still standing."
  5. The colossal demon would have preferred for the heroes to accept the deal right on the spot, but Forever Boy was right that Infernal protocol demanded that all possible signatories be given time to read the contract in full and truly understand what they were bargaining with and potentially losing if they didn't fulfill the contract's terms. Still, he was none to happy about it. Nor was he happy that he was still to weak from his summoning to read their minds. That would made this negotiation far more easier but alas that option was not available. One of his heads made a low growl of contempt while another made his thoughts known. "Fine, fine," he bellowed. "Have your time if you need it but I assure that this deal is the best you can get given the circumstances."
  6. That huge Arcane Lore roll of 34 means that Salvo knows the contract is blatantly asking way to much of her and is lopsided towards Baal's benefit. By the complicated metrics of Hell, the human souls of four relatively weak warlocks simply do not equal the value of a magical weapon that Salvo could make. In essence, he's obviously trying to cheat you and is greedily trying to further con you into giving up your soul as a form of collateral. For a lower ranked demon that's typical business behavior, but Baal is a Lord of Hell is supposed to have more class than that, especially when dealing with youths who haven't lived a long life of sin yet and likely won't. Salvo knows that if any other Lord of Hell learned that Baal had stooped so low they'd probably assume that he was desperate for more souls and weapons to gain advantage in wars in Hell. Many of them would see that as a sign of weakness and attack him on en masse which is something Baal does not want.
  7. Cubismo


    Ms. Thursday As Astrid took in the massive building before her she couldn't help but break into a smile even if it risked getting a gust of sand in her mouth. It had finally happened. An honest to the Gods field trip to someplace interesting in America that she had never been before. She had started to doubt whether it would ever happen with Summers seeming pretty determined to have them all cooped up in Claremont for the whole school year. Astrid couldn't be more happy to be wrong, though she could leave the sand. She turned to the rest of her classmates before making her way to the entrance. "Alright. Looks get the Hel in there before this storm blows us all over the desert, ja!"
  8. Are you wavering using such bonuses?
  9. Opposed Sense Motive: 1d20+20 22 Salvo has the contract already but your Bluff does get Baal to give you more time to read the contract over. FYI: The contents of the contract can be summed up as having a lot of unfavorable clauses on what constitutes to making a difference in the wars of Hell. A civic or arcane roll can give you more details and ways to maneuver around it, though.
  10. Baal's broad grin didn't leave his monstrous face. He was starting to like these clever children. "You speak truth, the both of you. A few extras souls wouldn't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of but add a few more pawns to the Great Cressboard in Hell." Baal's admission made Mike relax if only a little in the demon's grip. His next words though made him try to cry out again. "You're armor is quite impressive. Yeeeessssss. I can smell the arcane power coming off of it. Having something of a similar make at my disposable would be fine addition to my war crest. Besides," He gave Mike a knowing sideways glance, "Even without direct ownership of their souls chances are the fools who summoned me will be damned to Hell for their stupidity anyway, especially this failure." He laughed at Mike's flailing before returning his focus to the three heroes before him. "I am willing to agree with your proposal. An item of your own design, a spear or a suit of armor for one of my champions would be preferable, for the freedom of four human souls. BUT! I'm going to need a bit more assurance that whatever item you create for me won't be somesort of dud or trap at my expense. I believe the most prudent way to do that would be with a contract as a your fey friend suggested. A long contract form made out of some type of hide immediately appeared in Salvo's hands along with a quill. "By signing that contract you will hereby promise that your weapon will serve to make a difference in the Great Wars in Hell. If it does not or proves faulty in anyway you forfeit your soul and that your companions to me. Rather fair if I do say so myself.
  11. @Zeitgeist Blue OK. Salvo can get away with not having to sign that rather unfair contract by making an Intimidate check or either a Diplomacy, Arcane Lore or Civics check if she would prefer. Remember she has +10 to the roll. She can also just decide to try and blast Baal in the face. That's totally still an option.
  12. Just as Astrid was finished pummeling one group of Dark Elves another decided that taking was a fine and healthy idea. "<Of bloody course!>" She cursed loudly in her native tongue. The suicidal arrogance of minions never failed to not astonish her but even this was getting annoying. "<I just destroyed the last sortie of you fools with my bare hands. You really think your going special compared to the last!>" She said in Old Norse hoping that they'd be able to understand her but when they didn't reply and charged at her Astrid cursed once again and readied Porrklubba with her recovered hand. When the dark elves finally closed the gap between them and made their attacks, Astrid had to burst out laughing. She wasn't as nimble as she was brawny but even she could avoid their uncoordinated strikes with ease, docking a swipe there and dodging a bite there. "<Freya be good. You poor sods need training something fierce.>" Her plan of attack was going to be beautifully simple in her mind: Hit them with Porrklubba until they stop. A tried and true strategy that usually worked but Astrid had sudden reservations he as he prepared to strike the dark elves. The Krampus was the true enemy. His underlings were small potatoes. She needed to get into the thick of it with the Big Bad and avenge that shameful miss that she made at the beginning. But Astrid hesitated. In the corner of her eye she saw Alex take a hit from one of the dark elves and for a split second wondered if he needed her help. His immediate words after reassured her that he had things well in hand. "<Alex I know you got things thing here I'm going after the Big Guy!>" And with that Astrid turned away from the dark elves and made a beeline towards the weakened Krampus with Porrklubba held high above her head while she screamed out a Aesir battle cry. When she finally got to the feet of the monster she stroke downwards with all her might.
  13. Move Action: Moving towards Krampus on the ground. Standard Action: Using Porrklubba's Base Power of Strike and using All-Out Attack and Power Attack. Her Defense is now 5 and her Strike is DC 32 vs Toughness. Attack: 1d20+8 10 Gonna use a HP to roll again. Attack: 1d20+8 27 Much better.
  14. Opposed Sense Motive: 1d20+20 31. Since Forever Boy has the higher bonus the Bluff is successful. All Interaction Rolls against Baal are now a +10. Still going to need a Diplomacy, Arcane Lore or Civics roll to clinch the deal.
  15. GM Fright Night at Claremont 5 posts x 2 = 10 10 = 2PP Ms Thursday The Red Will Rise 1 post With Black Curtains 3 posts Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus 1 post 5 = 1PP GM point goes to Ms Thursday.
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