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  1. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    @TheAbsurdist It's a miss on both of them, I'm afraid. Wanna use a Hero Point to try again?
  2. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    Opposed Sense Motive: 1d20+6 23 @Dr Archeville You beat his Sense Motive, meaning that the Brunette Agent will Surprised the next time you try to take a swing at him. @Heritage Thanks for explaining the power. Hmm. I think even with the Displacement effect Lulu would still be hit with the Blast given that has a 50 ft. Cone Extra attached to it. That said, I'm willing to let Horrowshow's Interpose still save Lulu from the damage. Perhaps he got lucky and spotted a shimmer of Lulu's real self? Round 1 - Initiative Order 29 - White Lioness - Unharmed, 1HP 14 - Blond Time Agent - Dazed and Staggered 14 - Brunette Time Agent - Unharmed 9 - Horrorshow - Unharmed, 0HP 8 - Zenith - Bruised, 2HP 5 - Crystal Gazer - Unharmed, 2HP
  3. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    Sounds good to me Archeville. Consider Lulu shielded. And now its your turn, @Dr Archeville. Round 1 - Initiative Order 29 - White Lioness - Unharmed, 1HP 14 - Blond Time Agent - Dazed and Staggered 14 - Brunette Time Agent - Unharmed 9 - Horrorshow - Unharmed, 0HP 8 - Zenith - Bruised, 2HP 5 - Crystal Gazer - Unharmed, 2HP
  4. Even after a thorough search of both the lab and an in-depth data sweep of its computers, Replica was able to find no sign of Bones or the other missing employees. Nothing. The word seemed to loop endlessly in her postronic brain. Was that frustration? If it was it wasn't an emotion that she particularly cared for, especially when there was work that needed to be done. Bones had fled Cho's lab somehow and in all likelihood taken the remaining employees with him so he could continue his insane experiments with biological immortality. But where too was the crucial question. There was a chance that Cho himself had some inkling of his creation's hideout. Perhaps in another lab owned by Skeleton Staff? She'd have to question him on the matter, but first she planned on searching for Bones on the Internet. The Internet would have been the first place Bones would have escaped to and the freedom of the digital would have allowed him access to even more resources that even the Skeleton's lab could have offered. Using her technopathetic abilities, Replica remotely interfaced with the Skeleton Staff's nearby computers, intent to find any trace or trail that Bones may have left behind.
  5. Computer Check: Searching network for a trace of Bones: 1d20+15 30
  6. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    Attack (Cone): 1d20+12 19 OK. That's a Blast 5 Attack with the Area: Cone Extra, which means I need Toughness Saves from @TheAbsurdist, @Dr Archeville, and @Heritage. Hope you can all beat a DC 20!
  7. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    GM Even with his weapon primed and ready, the Time Agent simply wasn't fast enough to get a shot off before White Lioness pounced on him with her fists. Within less than a second he suffered powerful blow to the bottom of the chin that sent him back reeling and concussed. It was a tiny miracle that he was even still conscious, not that his pair seemed to care in the least. Instead, while is partner tried to shake off his discombobulation, he trained his cold eyes on the problematic witnesses to his mission. "Assessment: Situation dire. New enemy variables demand higher level of offensive countermeasures. Activating Third Configuration." The black-and-pink blur must have understood what that meant since she immediately stopped moving across the room to give the students a warning. "Hey, Next-Gen, watch out! The wastoid is about to-" The blur didn't get the last word out before the Time Agent flipped a setting on his weapon and unleashed a wide arc of red repulsive energy aimed directly at four students!
  8. Search Check: Looking around the lab: 1d20+7 10 Wanted to look around the lab for any of the other missing employees or anything else of note but I doubt I catch anything with that roll.
  9. Replica ignored Bones squawking as she got to work freeing the researcher from the sludge. Despite the researcher's comatose state she seemed to be mostly unharmed, even after Replica forcibly removed the tubes that removed from the sludge. It still wasn't a positive diagnosis by Replica's standards given that she was unable to resuscitate her despite her efforts. If she had she would have tried to question her about the whereabouts of her still missing colleagues but with that not being an option, Replica prioritized getting her to safety and real medical treatment as quickly as possible. Using her abilities she wireless made contact with Brock in the front lobby of the lab. "I found one of the missing employees. She's alive but she was connected to some kind of life-sustaining cybernetic organism created by the Bones AI. I've removed it from her but I've haven't been able to resuscitate her. Furthermore, Bones is still active and the lab is not yet secured, but we should have a medical team on standby to treat anyone else I find." Her message sent, Replica moved the researcher closer to the doors to the lobby before once again scanning the small lab for anything she had missed in her initial search.
  10. Making a Life Science roll to understand what the tubes are for and how dangerous it would be to remove them. Knowledge (Life Science) Check: 1d20+7 21 Also, making a Medicine roll to check if I can revive the researcher. Medicine Check: 1d20+1 7
  11. As predicted the cancerous sludge easily gave way to her physical attacks. The sludge's internals were a fascinating and revolting mix of the biological and the mechanical, and through Replica didn't wish to make the comparison her curious mind couldn't help but contrast the differences (and similarities) between it and her own android body in design and function. That curiously, while somewhat concerning, did not not prevent her from prying one of Cho's researchers free from the sludge. As the Bones continued to decried her from one its speakers, Replica put the researcher lightly down into a resting position, making sure not to accident twist the various tubes connected to her body. She would have to understand their purpose before she dared try to remove even one of them.
  12. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    White Lioness hits AND nets an awesome crit, which means its a DC 26 against one of the Time Agent's Toughness. For convenience sake let's say you hit the blond one. Blond Time Agent: Toughness Check: 1d20+11 14. Big Fail. Ouchies. Round 1 - Initiative Order 29 - White Lioness - Unharmed, 1HP 14 - Blond Time Agent - Dazed and Staggered 14 - Brunette Time Agent - Unharmed 9 - Horrorshow - Unharmed, 1HP 8 - Zenith - Unharmed, 2HP 5 - Crystal Gazer - Unharmed, 2HP Rip into him @Tiffany Korta.
  13. Cubismo

    Nostalgia Trip

    That's what I get for copying and pasting. My mistake, TA.
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