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  1. "Of course, Terrifica." That was unexpected. She didn't flinch, which was one of the perks of being an android, but she did wonder whether Terrifica had been here the whole time watching? Replica's mind immediately wanted to analyze the cloaking technology she possessed. Was it made out of some kind of exotic meta-material? How did it nullify the EM spectrum? Perhaps it used concentrated plasma to distort broad-waves? She had to put those thoughts aside. She tended to get to easily distracted when new unknown technology was around and didn't want to get caught in inquiry loop endlessly pondering a single subject. She rose from the center table and addressed her fellow heroines. "For those unaware. I'm Replica. You might know me as Lifelike on the chatroom. Perhaps we should initiate the meeting by sharing any more information we found about these bikers? I admit that I found very little relevant information on them besides that they aren't terribly notorious in Freedom City's underworld."
  2. Replica greeted the alien in kind. "Likewise, Miss Grue. My handle was Lifelike in the chatroom, but I usually go by Replica in case you were wondering." While she still considered herself "awkward" when it came to social interactions she thought that one more than efficient.
  3. Replica Crimebusting Monthly: Pillage and Plunder (1)
  4. Since EP already got some pretty sweet rolls on Gather Info and Tactics, Replica spent the night trying to figure if these bikers really fit the description of werewolves and whether that means they got exploitable weaknesses. Also, rolling for Streetwise to see if these guys have a reputation in the underworld. Replica's Eidetic Memory lets me roll for these untrained. Knowledge (Arcane Lore): 1d20+6 9 Knowledge (Streetwise): 1d20+6 7 Ouch.
  5. Replica was standing on the roof of Sid's Cafe, ready too make her landing on the second floor. Simply walking into the cafe in costume was to much of a risk to the security of the meeting, by her assessment. Sure, she knew it was statistically improbable that any of the coffee-goers would be aggressively nosy about what she was doing here. This was Freedom City after all, and its citizens knew the protocol when it came to respecting superhero privacy. Still, chances were that someone would have been bold enough to try to sneak a picture of her on their phone, and Replica preferred not to have to use her powers to rummage through someone's device just so she could delete a couple pics. Other people's privacy was just as important as her own after all. Clearing the scenario from her head, Replica made a short jump off the roof to the veranda below. She made her way past the doors and decided to make herself at home at the center table once she scanned the room and realized that no else had made it to the meeting yet.
  6. Is the meeting at the cafe supposed to be in plainclothes or our in superhero attire?
  7. I'm more than fine with being part of Case 3, NotAHoneyBadger.
  8. I'm in agreement with Tiff and Heritage. Just having two seems more sensible and doable.
  9. @Ari The scientist's motivations for committing the murder were mostly out of jealously and feeling that Replica's creator was the one responsible for getting him kicked out of Astro Labs. Also, the guy is a selective technophobe that's afraid that AI will be the doom of the human race. Perhaps a loved one (friend, family, lover, etc) getting killed by robots from the Foundry could be part of his backstory and another motivation. Behind that, do what you think would be neat.
  10. Replica Solo: Since her creator was murdered by a disgruntled former protege who caught wind that his old boss was secretly creating an AI, I thought it would make sense that she eventually tracked him down and confronted him. Tone should probably be fairly serious and dramatic. Combat kept to a minimum since the murderer was just a mediocre scientist with a gun. Paired: Anything to do with robots, superscience, street crime or mad scientists would work fine just for her. Having a run in with Talos or the Foundry would be great as well!
  11. Replica is totally on board with fighting robot dinosaurs. Thanks for giving an opportunity to the newbies, Thunder King.
  12. I think Replica would fit better for Case 2 so I guess she'll sign up for that one. Wish I could help with GM problem but I'm not confident of my knowledge of M&M to run anything yet.
  13. UPDATE DOWNLOAD by HGM Replica - Spending 6PP Abilities +2 Intelligence [2PP] New Skill Scores Craft (Electronic) 8 (+15) Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+15) Disable Device 4 (+11)Investigate 4 (+11) Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+15) Search 4 (+11) Feats [4PP] Benefit (Astro Labs Clearance) Evasion 1 Improved Initiative Takedown Attack 1
  14. Replica Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! (2)
  15. Replica scanned all the posts made so far. Good. Things seem to be progressing rather well. Plans are being made and good stratagems are being discussed. #HeroStuff