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  1. Astrid scratched the back of her head. Most of everything she heard made sense to her. They're were weird creatures not from anywhere closer to here that wanted to do something really messed up and nonsensical to people for their own selfish ends. And of course, they had crazy followers that were totally willing to throw anyone under the bus so they could get power, including teenagers. Astrid gritted her teeth. She wanted to hit something really badly right now but kept her cool and stowed away that anger for later. "Right, so there's drittsekk cultists that worship monsters that they want to summon to Earth. Got it. Thanks for the info, guys." She knew nothing but who this Sea-Devil person was but she figured that learning all the details about her right now wasn't all that important given the situation. Those danger spots Gatekeeper was talking about might not have expanded but dilly-dallying while crazy people tried to release Odin-knows-what on the planet seemed like a very bad idea. "Ok, so I'm up to speed. So unless we got anything else to talk about let's grab this Sea-Devil person and head over there and punch those drittsekk in the face, ja!"
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    With North and the pilots in relative safety, and the plane thoroughly wrecked, Replica knew that it was time to finally move on. She followed Synapse's example and got out of her jumpsuit and changed into some causal winter clothing she had brought along. She didn't need to worry about the Finnish cold but a woman walking around completely bothered by the icy weather would be eye-catching, the exact opposite of what she wanted right now. Once that was taken care of Replica looked over what salvaged equipment she should bring along for their journey. The WEST scanners would come in handy as would the cameras and binoculars but the thing that Replica most considered vital right now was getting a map of their general area. Nothing else mattered if she and Synapse couldn't find there way of the forest to a town or village where they could get a vehicle. "Dr. North if you have a map of our location than we can try to find a mode of transport in a nearby town." She turned to Synapse. "Unless you think that would be to much of a risk."
  3. Astrid gave Nick a wolfish grin. She was born to punch creepy monstrous things and write awesome ballads about them afterwards. "That sounds right up my alley, boss!" She roared, making a fist pump. "If Summers gets into a fit about it just tell her I that I forced you to take me along." Astrid figured that the Headmistress knew all about her reputation for delinquency from her Norwegian school records and would probably buy that she strong-armed her mentor into taking her on an adventure fighting thousand eyed Outsiders. Speaking of Outsiders, Astrid had no clue what the Hel they were. The word Dunwich sounded familiar and she could faintly remember a couple magic-users at Claremont mentioning some creepy school with that name but beyond that she had no clue what Nick and Gatekeeper were talking about it. And this is why you got kicked out of Asgard and got sent to superhero school, Astrid, she thought. Astrid's fist pump turned into a raised hand. "Yeah, Outsiders aren't my thing either," she admitted, kind of embarrassed. "Trolls, giants, draugr, sure. But I don't really know squat about Outsiders or Dunwich. Mind filling me in?"
  4. Thanksgiving really wasn't a thing in Norway. Sure there was Høsttakkefest but it wasn't exactly the same as the American holiday, and in fact wasn't even a recognized national holiday in Norway to begin with. Not that Astrid would be inclined to celebrate it beyond as just an excuse you get out of school anyway. It's kind of hard to have a celebration about family, thanks and togetherness when your mom is always drunk and your dad is a no-show after all. But that was all in the past and Astrid was more interested in the now. Parkhurst was something else. A huge mansion filled to the brim with ghosts and Claremont students with a talent for magic. It kind of reminded her of Asgard, at least in terms of magic and power feeling omnipresent and in-bedded in the very foundations of the place. It only needed a bunch of beautiful serving girls giving out tankards of beer and surly Aesir warriors boasting about the foes they've slayed and it would have felt just like home. Instead of that though Astrid contented herself with chowing down on some delicious turkey and chatting with Nick Cimitiere about the gods. Their conversation was an interesting one to say the least. Usually Astrid liked to compartmentalize and downplay the whole 'child of the gods' thing as no big deal but Nick seemed pretty eager to learn about the weird meta-magical physics of divinity and Astrid felt she kind of owned the guy her honest attempt at explaining all that stuff as limited as her own understanding was. When Gatekeeper literally teleported on to the scene Astrid couldn't deny that was a little relieved that their gods talk went on hold. She was a badass punk rock warrior of Asgard not a bookish volva who could talk-shop about ancient Nordic magic. "Situation, huh. Does it involve up beating bad guys?" Astrid shrugged. "Actually forget that. Whatever the sitch is you got me my help."
  5. Power Level: 10 (150/150) Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: In Brief: Alternate Identity: Birthplace: Residence: Base of Operations: Occupation: Affiliations: Family: Description: Age: Gender: Ethnicity: Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: Physical Appearance: History: Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Complications: Abilities: 16 + 16 + 16 + 0 + 4 + 0 = 52PPStrength: 26 (+6)Dexterity: 26 (+6)Constitution: 26 (+6)Intelligence: 10 (+9)Wisdom: 14 (+2)Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 32PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +8 Melee (+8 Base), +8 Ranged (+8 Base) Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +16 Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 6 = 6PP Toughness: +8 (+8 Con)Fortitude: +8 (+8 Con)Reflex: +8 (+8 Dex)Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 36R = 9PP Acrobatics 4 (+12) Climb 2 (+10) Intimidate 8 (+8) Notice 8 (+10) Stealth 6 (+14) Survival 8 (+10) Feats: 13PP Acrobatic Bluff Dodge Focus 4 Elusive Target Evasion Improved Grab Improved Initiative Power Attack Startle Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 2 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 11 + 5 + 4 + 7 = 36PP Comprehend 2 (Animals: Speak, Understand; Flaw: Broad Group [Reptiles]) [2PP] Concealment 6 (All Visual Senses; Flaw: Blending) [4PP] Leaping 1 (Jumping Distance: x2) [1PP] Regeneration 9 (Bruised 3 [No Action], Injured 6 [No Action]; Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [9PP] Speed 2 (25 MPH) [2PP] Strike 4 "Claws" (DC 27, Feat: Mighty) [5PP] Super-Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Full Speed]) [4PP] Super-Senses 7 (Acute Extended [100 Ft.] Tracking [Full Speed] Olfactory, Danger Sense [Sense Type: Auditory], Darkvision) [7PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE DC EFFECT Strike 2 (+8) Touch DC 27 Toughness Damage (Physical) Unarmed (+8) Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (52) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (6) + Skills (9) + Feats (13) + Powers (36) = 148/150 Power Points
  6. "What? No? I'm not angry that you're here." She gave a look to Àjàṣorò and Monica. "That any of you are. It's just... Ugh." So much turning a new leaf and not pissing people off. Astrid sighed and started to make her apology. "Look. I'm sorry if you think I was being snooty. This isn't exactly my scene and I'm a little self-conscious about looking out of place, which I kind of destroyed any chance of me doing by bringing my pack but whatever that's on me." The demigoddess did a quick facepalm at that and shook her head. She had been in this museum for only a while now and she was already starting to regret bringing Porrklubba. "So yeah, I admit I overreacted about the pic and I'm sorry that I blew up at you." Astrid was being as sincere as can be and she should have left it there but she couldn't help but half-seriously mention one more thing. "Wouldn't it make more sense for you to be less juvenile since you're older than me? Just saying."
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    Replica nodded her head in understanding as Synapse told her the plan. Given the circumstances and their lack of resources it was a good one by Replica's assessment that used what they did have to their advantage. Ripping apart the plan would take more time than she would have hoped for but there's to be done about that other than hoping that the Sleeper and his agents didn't abandon their Moscow headquarters by the time Synpase and her made the long journey from the wreck to their facility. "Your plan seems sound, Synapse. Let's put it in motion." Replica immediately got to work on the plane's wings. She put her artificial muscles to work and used her full strength without restraint, a rare opportunity for her outside of her training simulations in her lab, since fists allow could kill a human that wasn't sufficiently armored or protected with one punch. She proceed to rip the wings off the plane first, removing the sections from the fuselage like a branch from a tree. Once she did that the android used the torn portions as primitive bludgeoning tools for the nearby trees that were left and right of the wreckage, knocking them down or or simply damaging them severely one by one. To say the torn wingspans made for poor and unwieldy tools would be an understatement but Replica was nothing if not determined and eventually she was able to get the task. In the end she made a rather impressive mess of the area, which in the end was the whole point of the task. She scattered what remained of the wings randomly across the snows of the forest and proceed to return back to Synapse and what remained of the downed plane. From what Replica could infer she was almost done with her part of the plan, with much of the area directly behind the plane being flattened by her psychic powers.
  8. Ms. Thursday dad is the God of Thunder so she's definitely got a connection to the divine.
  9. Astrid had been gazing at a beautifully master-crafted ceremonial Dakanan crystal spear and wondering whether how Porrklubba would measure up against it when her phone suddenly went off. She was half-attempted to just ignore and keep looking at the art in front of her but figured that she should probably see whether her little brother was the one calling her. It turned out that her roomie had finally made it to the museum and had sent her the exact image Astrid wanted to avoid. Astrid signed and rolled her eyes. Figures. A second later she heard Nicole give her a hail. Astrid wanted to return the favor with a two finger salute but saw that Nicole was with Àjàṣorò and Monica and thought better of it. She didn't want to lump those two in the antics of her roomie since they seemed pretty cool from what little she knew about them. Astrid walked up to the fellow Claremont students and greeted Àjàṣorò and Monica with a "Sup," before going to Nicole. "Hey yourself. You know for a super-genius you can be pretty juvenile and I'm not sure if that makes you adorable or just an ass."
  10. Jungle Girl Power Level: 10 (150/150) Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: In Brief: Alternate Identity: Birthplace: Residence: Base of Operations: Occupation: Affiliations: Family: Description: Age: Gender: Ethnicity: Height: Weight: Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde Physical Appearance: History: Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Complications: Abilities: 12 + 12 + 12 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 48PPStrength: 22 (+6)Dexterity: 22 (+6)Constitution: 22 (+6)Intelligence: 14 (+2)Wisdom: 14 (+2)Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 32PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +12 Melee (+8 Base, +4 Attack Focus), +8 Ranged (+8 Base) Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +18 Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8PP Toughness: +6/+8 (+6 Con, +2 Defensive Roll)Fortitude: +7 (+6 Con, +1)Reflex: +8 (+6 Dex, +2)Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5) Skills: 98R = 25PP Acrobatics 8 (+14) Climb 4 (+10) Diplomacy 4 (+6, +10 Attractive) Handle Animal 8 (+10) Intimidate 8 (+10) Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 8 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 8 (+10) Language 4 (English [Native], Dakanan, Latin, Lemurian, Quechua) Notice 8 (+10) Search 4 (+6) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Stealth 8 (+14) Survival 12 (+14) Swim 4 (+10) Feats: 22PP Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Attractive Benefit 4 (Security Clearance: Danger International, Fame, Wealth 2 [Rich]) Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 4 Elusive Target Environmental Adaptation (Jungle) Evasion Improved Initiative Power Attack Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 5 = 14PP Device 1 ("Collapsible Spear") (3PP Device; Easy to Lose) [3PP] (Weapon) ·Strike 2 (DC 23, Feats: Mighty, Thrown [Range: 50 Ft., Increments 10 Ft.], Subtle) [5/5] Leaping 1 (Jumping Distance: x2) [1PP] Speed 1 (10 MPH) [1PP] Super-Movement 2 (Sure-Footed 1 [25% Penalty Reduction], Swinging) [4PP] Super-Senses 5 (Acute Extended [100 Ft.] Tracking [Full Speed] Olfactory, Danger Sense [Sense Type: Auditory]) [5PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE DC EFFECT Strike 2 (+12) Touch DC 23 Toughness (19-20) Damage (Physical) Unarmed (+12) Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (25) + Feats (22) + Powers (14) = 148/150 Power Points Device 3 ("Collapsible Bow") (9PP Device; Easy to Lose) [9PP] (Weapon) ·Strike 2 (Range: 100 Ft., DC 23, Feats: Mighty 6, Improved Range [Increments 50 Ft.], Precise Shot, Progression Increase Range 2 [Max Range: x5, 1000 Ft.], Subtle) [15/15]
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    "And quite beyond mine as well," Replica piped in. At best she could have able to use her strength to damage a critical system of the plane but that likely would have taken and more importantly would have been extraordinary dangerous. No. The android would have to leave that task to someone else better suited to the situation. Fortunately, Replica had a good idea of who would be up for such a task. "Synapse, once we've retrieved everything from it, do you think you could use your telekinesis to trigger the plane to explode? Given our lack of dynamite or any other kinds of explosives I believe it would be the most effective way of destroying the plane."
  12. Ms. Thursday Astrid buzzed around the exhibit staring at one piece of Dakanan art only to get distracted by another one that caught her eye. She was trying not to appear overly interested by everything there and in her assessment was failing horribly. She didn't even know why she was putting on the pretense. She did take one of Connie's tickets after all, which more or less outed her as a nerd for this kind of stuff. The fact was Astrid always had thing for art-pieces, especially the ones that mixed the modern with the traditional, but rarely admitted to people she didn't trust. That said, she still felt outplace here. While many of the other visitors were wearing high-class chic Astrid had come in a red lettermen jacket, causal blue jeans, and a pair of blue Chuck Taylors. She had also wearing her backpack, which didn't exactly help her not look like some teenager on a field trip, but it allowed her to keep Porrklubba close in case something happened. Astrid didn't really think there was much chance of that happening though. Any kind of villain that would try to steal from an museum probably wasn't the kind that Astrid would have to worry that much about.
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    Their situation had decidedly gone down a path that Replica neither foresaw or particularly cared for. North's assessment was on point. They were several miles away from their destination and with a compromised WEST they couldn't simply get another transport and continue on their way without more likely than not tipping off the Sleeper and his brainwashed agents. Which that in mind Replica came to the conclusion that they had a limited assortment of options. "I believe your solution has merit Dr. North. If we do destroy the planet than the Sleeper will likely think us dead which will allow us to catch him unaware. As for how we can leave from here in an expedient manner to Moscow, I would suggest we contact the Finnish authorities and see whether we get them to help us get to Moscow. It's a risk to be sure but if I use my technopathic abilities to contact them then perhaps Mother Board won't be able to catch wind of our survival."
  14. Mrs. Thursday would also be up for this.
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    Replica described the situation to North as expediently as she could. "One of the pilots had been secretly under the Sleeper's control," she said, pointing to the now unconscious pilot on the floor. "He knocked out his co-pilot and attempted to force a crash by leaking our fuel. Synpase was able to stop him and the crash with her powers." Replica took a look scan of the jet's exterior through the cockpit window. Synpase had managed to do the seemingly impossible and keep the plane mostly intact. Chances with some repair and of course new fuel it could even manage to fly again. That didn't really matter though given their current situation. They needed to salvage what they could here and move out. "Given this attack I think we can safety assume our security has been compromised and Sleeper knows were coming. We may be able to retain the element of surprise though if we act quickly though. He and his followers may believe were dead. If that is the case than I believe we should move as quickly as possible on their base in Moscow before they can learn otherwise."