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    Behind her mask Arrow's eyes narrowed as she saw her shot go wide and go right past what should have been an easy target. That glare turned into an outright grimace when one goon with a bat tried to get swing off of her while she was momentary distracted. Though she deftly dodged the blow and allowed the blind idiot's own momentum to send him running right past her in the dark, it hardly improved her mood. She had planned on making a few shots on the apparent leader that Raven was currently tangling with after dropping the tall enforcer but fate apparently had different ideas in mi
  2. Sorry for the delay! Move Action: Going to back away from the eastern-most container and move to a space near the two containers that are near the big X so Arrow can get into line-of-sight with the folks Raven's grappling. Hope that makes sense. Got a visual aid below if it does not. Standard Action: Going to take advantage of Nevermore's set-up and attack the Big Guy again with a Standard Arrow. Going to boost its DC by 5 with Power Attack. Got a 12 on the Attack, but I'll be re-rolling that with a Hero Point. I got a 26, which is a crit! Add another +5 to the DC. That's a DC
  3. Olivia rolled eyes at Shift and Luke's excuses for the security team. Why some people made such excuses for incompetents never failed to amaze, but she allowed the disagreement to pass . She did grace Charlie with an actual verbal response though. "I guess we'll just have to see now won't we." With that said, she followed his suite and joined the junior dark crusader in launching herself off her perch and swinging to the other side of Claremont's security fence. Landing safety, Olivia stealthily followed their quarry as they made their way. While fairly certain that she hadn't caug
  4. Using Grapple Gun from Gadgets Power to make it over the fence without tripping any sensors. Arrow will use Skill Mastery instead of rolling for Stealth, which means she has a 20. Got a 16 on the Notice check. Oh well. IC post will be forthcoming.
  5. Ultra Girl Courtney was flying high above Emerald City in her Ultra Girl costume when a strange feeling came over her. She had just finished up guiding a family of hopelessly lost tourists make their way to Jadetown, and before that she had helped a young girl in Bethlehem Heights find her missing dog. Besides a brief mix-up with a very repentant after-the-fact mugger, her patrol had been pretty quiet. Even so, the still heroine felt apprehensive, which was an altogether unusual emotion for her. And wouldn't it be? No matter how hard Courtney tried to ignore it, she
  6. Turning on Electro Vision with Ultra Girl's Variable Power so she can make out any distinct electro-magnetic radio signals along with her normal Extended Visual and Auditory senses to see if anything weird is going on. She's Taking 20, so that's a 28 Notice check.
  7. Move Action: Going to move from the southern-most container to the eastern-most container. Got a 13 Stealth Check if that's necessary. Standard Action: Attacking the Big Guy by the elevator with a Standard Arrow. That's another 16 on the Attack and another DC 20 vs. Toughness. Not exactly digging those rolls, but I'll stick with them.
  8. Cubismo


    Just as Olivia was enjoying the rush of satisfaction that came from a successfully hit, a wave of utter panic suddenly took its place. Feelings of failure and parental disappointment and disgust invaded her mind like an arrow to the brain and for a second it was too much. Until it wasn't. She was Olivia Elizabeth Lord. Some loser goon leading a circus of low-lives could not and would not scare her. With her head cleared, Olivia reached for another arrow from her quiver and eagerly plotted out who was going to get to the face. She would have greatly preferred for said target to be t
  9. In her black and pink Arrow bodysuit, Olivia had been monitoring Shields and his brood of idiot groupies with the help of her super-shades, a rather useful piece of eye-wear that greatly enhanced her already sublime vision while at the same time being a rather chic accessory. With them she saw said group of fools walk right past one of Claremont's guards as if they were going on a field trip to the Claremont Zoo. Chances were that Shields used his powers to get through the door, but the fact that a Claremont guard was weak-willed enough to let that happen gave the teen archer some
  10. Arrow IV Playdate (2 posts) Capers and Casanovas (2 posts) = 4 IC posts = 1PP to Arrow IV
  11. No Action: Activating Fashionable Night Shades on the Gadgets power. Arrow can now see in the dark! Move Action: Going to move from current location to behind one of the southern-most container to lose her spotters. Got a 20 Stealth Check. Free Action: Swapping from Bow Strike back to Standard Arrows on the Trick Arrows Array. Standard Action: Peeking from the container and attacking the southwest dude by the elevator with a Standard Arrow. Got a 16 on the Attack. That's a DC 20 vs. Toughness.
  12. Cubismo


    Arrow's grip on her bow tightened slightly as realized she made been made by the thugs. That was the extent of her frustration on the surface though. Instead of dwelling on it, she fell back on her training and started to move out to shake off her spotters. Using Nevermore's smokescreen as cover, she ran towards one of the nearby containers and ducked behind it. Not planning on staying out of the fight for more than she needed to, she peeked out from the container and looked for a worthy target. Through the darkness she spied the crook that tried to get a shot off of her. Retrievin
  13. Olivia took note of the others as they joined their little gathering, doing so with barely concealed disappointment. It was just as she feared. Instead of bringing in people of decent reputation or a legacy like Veronica Danger or the Katastroff, Charlie brought some freshmen randos with nothing to their names. It was typical really, but the It Girl didn't complain. It was unbecoming of a Lord for one and two there was always the off-chance the three might surprise her with their competence, though she doubted it. When Charlie actually got the meeting started, Olivia rolled her ey
  14. This Sebastian Shields guy seems like a dude that one of helluva of a reputation. Maybe Arrow knows a bit more about him through the social grapevine? I'm going to roll Gather Information to see if she knows anything about him. She has Well-Informed so its an immediate reaction. Gather Information Check: 14.
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