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  1. Ms. Thursday "<Oh you got to be f*cking kidding me!>" Ms. Thursday loudly cursed in her native tongue as the situation got a whole lot more complicated, which was really saying something since she wasn't entirely sure what the Hel was happening in the first place. Not that it really mattered at this point. With the ringing in her ears gone, the Asgardian hefted her warclub to ready position and looked for a suitable target for smashing. With the smugglers of the Viper Star apparently charmed by Red Lynx's verbal thrashing, Thursday sight her sights on the three new arrivals that had just made their dramatic entry on to the scene. Maybe Red Lynx or White Lioness could talk them down too. They seemed to be attacking the smugglers because of some weird domestic issue going on in Dakana, after all. For better or worse, Thursday didn't not think to longingly about this possibility and instead opted for her preferred method of intense negotiation: Smashing. With but a scream of "Flaugun!" on her lips, Thursday Porrklubba activated in a flash of magical lightning sparks that quickly gave way to a small tempest focused around the Asgardian. A second later she and her weapon were off the ground and in the air, racing to meet the lion-faced drittsekk who seemed to be in-charge of the assault. With Porrklubba held firmly in her grasp, Thursday put a good measure of her strength into the blow as she slammed the weapon into the prince's armored side.
  2. Another head's up. Turns out I got Ms. Thursday new sheet approved! Which means I'll be using it for the rest of the game if that's quite alright. Here it is. Move Action: Using Flight on Þórrklubba Device to move into Touch range with Red Lion. Standard Action: Attacking Red Lion with Porrklubba. Using Strike + Dazzle on The Powers of Þórrklubba Array and exploiting All-Out and Power Attack. That's a 24 on the Base Attack. The DC for the Strike is 32 Toughness and the Dazzle is DC 25 Reflex. Edit 1: Also, Ms. Thursday will be suffering a -5 to Defense for the rest of the round. Meaning she's currently at negative -3 Defensive due to still being Flat-Footed, I believe. Which is totally fine. Edit 2: Weirdly forgot how Power Attack and All-Out Attack work in tandem. The Attack is 24 to hit only.
  3. Ms. Thursday Amygdala (2) Total: 2 posts = 1PP Power point to Ms. Thursday.
  4. Cubismo


    Astrid noticed Danica's looks and returned them with a face of disbelief. Why the Hel would she go back into that shell after all she did to get out of it in the first place? The demigoddess figured that Danica was still under the control of the Black House's mind control, but reconsidered when she saw that everyone was getting in there as well. Maybe Danica had some plan that required them all bunkering up there as weird as that sounded? Danica flat out just telling her to get in the darn thing was the clincher, and even the though the idea still seemed mad to her, Astrid found herself using her toddiefied version of Porrklubba to flying up into the turtle shell.
  5. @TheAbsurdist Sorry for my own delay. I've added the descriptors.
  6. Cubismo


    One second Astrid's child mind was thinking about what treat Mother Danica would give her and Sister Mia, and in the next the Asgardian's mind was snapped back into reality. Well, perhaps not "reality," but she was definitely aware of where she was, and more importantly, who she truly was. "Hva i helvete?" Astrid whispered to herself in Danica's shell. Her was mind still buzzing in confusion, but it did not take her long to remember most of what had happened to her. When she did she was decidedly not pleased. Suddenly, a litany of Norwegian curses were quietly being muttered in Danica's shell. To anyone not familiar with the language, the noise would sound like the incomprehensible and rapid-fire babbling of an agitated child. For those who did though, they'd probably be taken aback (or perhaps impressed) by the almost lyrical way in which Astrid made her curses. After her tirade of curses and cries of vengeance were done, Astrid rushed out of Danica's shell, which was rather difficult given her her child form's lack of agility, but anger and outrage powered her through the task and soon a very angry Astrid was back on the kindergarten floor. She shoot Miss Johansen a furious glare but didn't make a move. The Black House, the Witch or whatever malicious force behind everything they had been afflicted with didn't seem to responded well with Astrid's temper, and even the hotblooded Asgardian could tell that directly attacking its minions wasn't effective. Astrid turned her back to Miss Johanson and made her way to Lulu. "Lulu," she whispered. "Do you think you can read the House or something? There has to be something doing all of this and it has to have a mind. And if it has a mind than you can read it, right?" Astrid was totally speculating at this point. She didn't know whether her theory was even close to right or logical, and if she was being honest, she didn't really understand the limits or mechanics of Lulu's powers. But if hitting things wasn't an option than Astrid figured that someone with a different skillset was the answer, which made Lulu her best bet.
  7. Thanks for reminding me. Might as well give it a shot. Will Save: 1d20+7 15 Got a 15, but if I recall correctly a hero point re-roll between 1 and 10 gets a boost of ten. My dice throw was an 8. So if the boost thing is actually true than the roll would be 25.
  8. Will Save: 1d20+7 10 Oh well.
  9. Ms. Thursday Amygdala (12) It's Moving Day (4) Total: 16 posts = 2PP All power points to Ms. Thursday's new sheet here.
  10. Because Ms. Thursday is Flat-Footed both Stun attacks are a Hit. As for Fortitude saves... Fortitude Saves: 2#1d20+10 16 19 She makes both of them.
  11. @Fox Should be good now. I didn't realize that Independent was a +0 modifier. Fixed the wasted points situation by getting Selective Attack and lowering Hamper Movement to one. Should come out to 20.
  12. Cubismo


    Astrid didn't understand what her mother was talking about. Concentrate? She didn't even understand what that word meant. And she definitely couldn't make sense of her mother wanting them to leaving now. It wasn't pickup time for her and her sister Mia. Of course, that begged the question for why Mommy Dianca was here at Nicholson so much earlier than usual. Not that Astrid was in the right state of mind to think about such inconsistencies. She was still in pain and wanted nothing more than a hug from her turtle mom. Fortunately for her, Astrid did in fact get her hug, which made it all the more easier for her to be nicely slotted into Danica's shell without much fuss. The pain in her fingers was slowly but surely fading away and she was safe in her mother's oh so familiar turtle shell. Everything was fine and normal, no matter what the strange angry voice in her head was screaming to the contrary.
  13. Making Leroy cry was definitely not how Astrid wanted her pep talk/rant to go, but seeing that it was one those 'someone finally gets it' cries, Astrid considered it a pep talk well made. She might have done without the asshole comment, though. "No problem, man," Astrid says. She tries to play it off as something causal. Like she's said something like this a hundred times and is just giving some advice to a friend. But her voice kind of breaks as she says the words and she has to suppress a snuffle. Astrid hopes that Leroy doesn't notice it. She still has her tough girl crud to maintain, as stupid and toxically macho as that is. "And I would be happy to teach ya, Leroy. Just give me some time to arrange a hunt or fight and we'll do this thing," she tells him, giving the prince a confirmative fist bump. When Leroy asks about her luggage, Astrid gives him a wide smile. "A stud and a gentlemen! Wow. Judy sure is lucky she got to you first," she confesses half jokingly and earnestly before picking up the luggage herself. "Thanks, Leroy, but I'm good."
  14. Cubismo


    Nope. She wasn't going to cry. The treasure chest crashing down on her fingers may have been excruciatingly painful, but Astrid wasn't going to allow her self to cry while in the admist of a hostile environment and hidden foes. Nope. Definitely not going to happen. She was way to strong of a warrioress to allow something that humiliating to happen to her. "Wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!" Astrid's screams went on and on and on as the pain in her fingers seemed to travel up her arms and across her tiny body. She tried to mentally block out the pain but she found it possible to do that or even concentrate on anything that wasn't her agonizing red fingers. It was so bad that she didn't even mind when someone rushed to calm her. Anything was better than enduring the pain a moment longer.
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