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  1. Ultra Girl Ultra Dreams (1 post) 1 post = 1PP to Ultra Girl) Ms. Thursday Ancient Enemies (2 posts) = 2 IC posts (1PP to Ms. Thursday)
  2. Ultra Girl Reflex Save: 1d20+6 13 vs Shockwave Area Attack Toughness Save: 1d20+12 19 vs Shockwave Area Attack Ultra Girl has an Impervious Toughness rank of 5, so she should be able to simply tank those non-Area Blasts unless they have Penetrating.
  3. Astrid gave a Micah apologetic shake of the head. "Not gonna be much help on the tracking front. The extended fam in Asgard trained me to be a warrior not a hunter, and they definitely didn't bother teaching me any tracking spells that could help out here. Honestly if they gave me a chance to at least have a couple sessions with Skadi or one of the hunting focused Valkyrie I may have been able to..." Astrid suddenly stopped, realizing just how useless, unimportant and sort of selfish it was to be complaining about Asgard's bad cross-training methods when they were trapped in another dimension. "Never mind. Forget I said anything. Just know that Porrklubba over here is made for smashing giants and cool weather tricks. Speaking of which," the Asgardian hefted her signature weapon and allowed its energies to ambiently pass through her. "Yeah, I can definitely help Micah with the weather issue. Just trying to negate everything is probably gonna be a real Hel of a time, but if we divide the work, like, me talking care of the rain while Micah has the wind than maybe we can create a big enough buffer zone that we don't have to worry about the tracks getting lost or Micah causing a super storm by overdoing it."
  4. Astrid gave Veronica an affirmative nod as she reeved up Porrklubba and promptly she soared into the sky. The Asgardian tried to get a decent vantage point in the skies to try and find a missing Ben but ended up spotting nothing of note beyond more dense jungle stretching on to the horizon. "Hate to say it but I got nothing too," she reported back to the others on the jungle floor. "Maybe Ben decided to go scout ahead in stealth mode and got himself stuck on the other side of the portal?" It was just a guess and rather lame one by Astrid's estimation, but with nothing else to go on she figured it was the theory that was probably the most hopeful. If Ben someone got separated from the rest of them during their transit through the portal it was possible that he could end up virtually anywhere in existence! While not exactly the most optimistic thought, it did get Astrid to start thing about where exactly they were and why it seemed oddly familiar. Searching her brain for the answer, she eventually remembered a chat she had with another student at Claremont that claimed to be a planewalker. "Hey!" exclaimed trying to get everyone's attention as she prepared to go into a rather long explanation. "Might sound a bit weird, but did anyone else remember the recent reading material we got for Cosmology 101? Ok, well, if not it doesn't really matter. Point is, it went on and on about this this place called the Lost World. It described as this massive jungle dimension with all kinds of extinct dinosaurs and lost civilizations. I know its kind of a stretch but maybe that's where we've ended up."
  5. Notice: 1d20+5 14 Trying to spot a missing Ben. Knowledge (Arcane Lore): 1d20+5 25 Checking to see if Astrid knows anything about the portal and wherever they just warped to.
  6. Courtney made sure to give Dreamer a fragile smile and a quick "Thank you" as the latter made it clear that wasn't planning on leaving her in the wind. With the said, and her clumsy attempts at deescalation well and truly over, Ultra Girl kicked her weapons systems to high gear as the Ultio Suits made their attack. It took Courtney's computer brain only fractions of seconds to calculate the apparent variables of the unfolding battle. Whatever laser weapons the MarsTech goons were using against Dreamer's Carnifex was evidently useless against the dream-creature's hide, which immediately drew a sigh of relief from Courtney. Not wanting that respite to go to waste, and wanting to stick close to Dreamer just case one of the suits go to close, Courtney set her eyes on the sole remaining Ultio Suit that wasn't preoccupied by one of Dreamer's constructs. "It didn't have to be this way," she says to the Ultio Suit, surprised by just how angry she is feeling right now. As if to reflect her mood, Courtney's sky blue eyes turn into a overwhelming and flashing red that quickly gives way to a blast of ruby light aimed towards the Ultio Suit.
  7. Since Dreamer already has two of the Ultio Suits in Box Jail and Carnifex is nomming on Ultio Red, Ultra Girl is going to pick a fight with the one unboxed Ultio Suit. She's going to go about this by setting her Weapons System Array to its Alternative Power Laser-Vision and just blasting them. For the record, her Ultra Systems Dynamic Array is set currently to its Base Power. Ultra Girl Free Action: Switching from Base Power to Laser-Vision on Weapons System Array. Standard Action: Using Laser-Vision on unboxed Ultio Suit. That's a initial Attacking Ultio Suit: 1d20+8 13 but I'm going to use a Hero Point to roll again. Attacking Ultio Suit: 1d20+8 9. That's also terrible but hopefully the boost to 19 should be enough to hit. Damage is 23 Toughness.
  8. Ultra Girl Ultra Dreams = 6 posts 6 IC posts = 1PP to Ultra Girl)
  9. Courtney knew she was in for an uphill battle when she tried to intimidate the Ultio-Suits but even so she at least hoped that it would make some of them hesitant for a second or two. As the whole lot of them started to fall in line with the Ultio in red who was apparently leading them, Courtney realized just how naivete that idea had been. She and Dreamer were seriously out numbered, a problem that would only escalate once more Ultio-Suits. Trying to just flee the scene seemed to be least violent option, but Courtney doubted that either she or Dreamer would get very far with the suits on their tail. That left only one other option left. The caped hero looked over her shoulder and tried to give Dreamer a confident, self-assured look. "Looks like a very stupid fight is about to happen. I can try and hold them off while you and you constructs escape but I'm not sure how long I'll last." It was the honest truth. Courtney was pretty confident she could take down a Ultio-Suit one on one pretty easily, but multiple attacks at once was an altogether different ballgame. Unless... "Do you think... Well, would be willing to help me fight these jerks off?"
  10. So much for trying to be reasonable. Courtney tried her best to suppress a grimace that was threatening to takeover the micro-servos in her face. She was a pretty optimistic person by design but even to her eyes it was starting to seem like the growing horde of Ultio-Suits were hellbent on turning an unfortunate misunderstanding into a pitched battle for no reason other than for darn hero points. This was hardly the first time that Courtney resented the fact that a whole legion of apparent narcissists and fame-seekers had been given superpowers, but this was the first time she ever felt that the consequences of that reality were going to turn hopelessly violent unless she did something extreme. Courtney floated to block the approaching Ultio-Suits way, making it so so that most of them would literally have to go past her to reach Dreamer and her constructs. "I can't let you do this," she said firmly, eyeing red-and-white Ultio-Suit but speaking aloud to all of them. "Even you have to see this is wrong and pointless... but if you can't, I won't just float here and let you attack people that were only trying to help. So please. Back off."
  11. I don't like my chances but let's see if Ultra Girl can Intimidate the whole lot of Ultio-Suits. Intimidating Group Check: 1d20+2 13 Oof.
  12. Going to try and reason with lead Blue Armor Ultio-Suit to chill out and move on. Diplomacy: 1d20+10 21
  13. Courtney processed the new information provided and examined the numerous dream-illusions created eye that floated around her with a critical eye. "Oh wow. So it was an automatic reflex? Some sort of like a self-defense mechanism formed by repeated trauma. That's so fascinating," she noted out loud, her data-filled mind only realizing a few seconds later what she had just said. "And awful! I can't believe that I just... That is total my mothe-" Courtney stopped herself before she could continue to embarrass herself further or potentially give away something critical about her identity. The paragon weighed whether it would be worth it to try and summon back some air of authority by doing another hero pose, but ultimately figured that was a lost cause. It also plainly wasn't her. Not yet anyway. With her hands out she apologized to Dreamer. "I'm so sorry that happened to you and your world. This one has dealt with its own Terminus invasions and knows how nightmarish they can be. And I'm sorry that I just fangirled for a few seconds there. Sometimes I can get distracted by-" Suddenly her sensors went off. Ultio-Suits were fast approaching. "Oh wow. I thought I'd have more time before they showed up." Courtney grimaced slightly. She really didn't want to deal with Ultio-Suits on top of everything else right now. It was apparently a sentiment shared by the dream-crafter since she wasn't particularly happy about their arrival either. Courtney lowered her voice so that hopefully Dreamer and her pet could hear. "I would like to avoid one too, but I'm not sure if these guys are going to make it that easy. You're right that Ultio-Suits care way more about points then they do about justice, which is why this might end up going bad." The android sighed then and thought about whether it could be best to either flee with dream-warper or just attack the fast approaching MarsTech flunkies right then and there. Neither option seemed particularly attractive, especially the later. For one, it felt wrong to be the first one to attack and escalate things further. And two... her mother's ethic protocols just wouldn't let her strike first. At least not without Courtney giving them a good override. With that in mind, the robotic paragon opted to go for diplomacy. Courtney whispered to Dreamer again. "Ok let me try something first. Hopefully it will work but if not... Well, try to escape if you can." With that said, Courtney zoned in on the apparent lead Ultio-Suit and started talking in a firm but confrontational way with her abandoned hero pose back on display for added effect. "I know you're all here for hero points, but the situation has been resolved. The little monster your TroubAlert app told you about has been neutralized. See," she said, pointing to the very much dangerous looking Carnifex. "I know it looks scary, but its not attacking you, me, that girl, or anyone else for that matter. Like I said, the situation with the purse-snatcher was handled. You guys can find points elsewhere without getting into unnecessary fight."
  14. Courtney blinked. She didn't actually have to being that she was a robot, but the response just came naturally to her in that moment. She couldn't help it really. Not when she was apparently chatting with some kind of dream summoner. The mild hypocrisy that she found hyper advanced androids like herself and malicious corporate conspiracies to be totally believable while dream wizardy was not entirely lost on Courtney, but she ultimately decided not to dwell on it and instead focus on what was right in front of her. "So let me get this right. So you summoned or created this..." Courtney pointed a hand at the creature in question and searched her postronic brain for a word that seemed both reasonably accurate and respectful, "Assistant to help you investigate a crime that turned out to be a purse-snatching? Is that your power? Forming physical things and creatures out of dreams? Is that why you asked whether I was real?" Courtney ran the possibilities in her head, immediately assuming that the girl was some kind of magic user, but did not entirely rule out a slightly more scientific explanation like some form of transdimensional importation or powerful psionic illusionary powers. Of course, even with being very curious about the other teen's powers, it didn't stop Courtney from recognizing that whether she intended it or not, summoning this creature had essentially pulled a red alarm that was bringing several Ultio-Suits to Lakeside. As such, Courtney gave the girl's dream monster her best impression of a serious look. "Regular little humans or not. You gave them a reason to come here by going after that purse-snatcher and they are going to come in droves to deal with you." Courtney then looked at the other teen, her expression turning softer. "Maybe... maybe it would best if you unsummoned him? For now anyway. At least until the Ultio-Suits lose their patience and move on once they realize there isn't some giant monster here for them to fight for points."
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