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  1. Arrow will burn a Hero Point to add a new Alternate Power to her Device/Trick Arrow Array. Stun 4 "Injector Arrows" (Extras: Range [Ranged], Sleep [+0]; Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Subtle 1) [15] (Piercing, Poison) Move Action: Go forward from wherever she was in the office and fully open the door she she can have a clear shoot of the dude directly north of said door. Standard Action: Attacking aforementioned dude north of the door with the above subtle Stun 4 power. I got a 30 on attack and a crit to boot! With the crit, that's a DC 19 vs. Fort for the no
  2. Cubismo


    Arrow IV Seeing that Raven was rightfully giving her the go ahead to act, Arrow moved forward and past the older hero to get to the office door that separated all three of them from the wider building. Lightly pushing the mostly open door fully with the utmost caution, the teen hero slowly but surely opened it entirely until it was enough for her to actually take a shot. Said shot would be targeted towards the goon was directly ahead her on the catwalk. Begrudgingly knowing that stealth was still their best option at this point, she decided to retrieve one her rarer att
  3. Astrid turned her ailing head to whoever thought it would be a great idea to start screaming. Despite the fact that the yelling wasn't exactly helping her pounding headache, the teen did notice something oddly familiar about the newcomer. Of course, it was only when she actually started to listen to what she was saying that she realized that her tired eyes was almost definitely staring at family. "Hellig dritt," she swore aloud, not caring a bit that the increasing number of arrivals could probably understood what she just said unlike most of her American friends and schoomates.
  4. Ms. Thursday Odin's Call had been sent and all the champions of Asgard and the Aesir had heard the message. Unfortunately, Astrid Torsten could not be bothered to responded to it as she was presently face down on an old leather sofa that one of her new American friends in Freedom City had allowed her to crash on the previous night. She was passed out cold. A pretty impressive feat given her Asgardian physiology, but even the blood of the gods had its limits. Almost an entire month's worth of constant parties with friends and follow rockers celebrating the b
  5. Ms. Thursday Ancient Enemies (1 post) = 1 IC posts (1PP to Ms. Thursday) Arrow IV Playdate (2 posts) Four Stories - Què & A (2 posts) = 4 IC posts = 1PP Arrow IV Reputations (1PP) Total = 2PP to Arrow IV Ultra Girl Ultra Dreams (2 posts) = 2 IC posts (1PP to Ultra Girl)
  6. Olivia's eyes narrowed as stuffy rabbit girl seemed to barely pay her any mind. In the end, instead of making a big thing about it, the archer just assumed that the girl was a weird space case with a lackluster attention span and an eight-year old’s appreciation for stuffed animals. Or at least she would have if it wasn't for the fact that said space case walked right up to her and started spewing some nonsense about knowing who designed one of her coffee tables. Now that got her attention. Mostly because the man who made the antique was a French woodworker who had been dead more
  7. Astrid bobbed her head as she listened to Veronica and Micah's suggestions. Altogether it was a decent plan and while she still wasn't entirely confident on her ability to rearrange the weather to suit their needs, it still seemed like the best idea they had available given the circumstances. "Yep. Sounds good. Bouncing is kind of a head trip, but it makes sense for what we need to be doing. I'll take for a minute to get Porrklubba good and proper ready but it shouldn't be to-" The Asgardian was cut off by the sound of mass feet stomping the ground. Immediately turning her head to
  8. Cubismo


    Arrow IV Arrow's cocky grin turned into a frown as she heard her mentor deconstruct her plan. It was hardly the first time that Bowman had a disagreement with her totally logical and well-thought out ideas, but it was first time he had done with an audience of onlookers around. It was frustrating, but Arrow kept her cool and stopped herself from making half-a-dozen counterarguments that would have had the four of them debating tactics and strategics all night while the goon squad below offloaded their cargo. Plus, it wasn't exactly impossible that she might have been o
  9. Arrow Olivia looked on coldly as a small army of movers her mother had hired went about placing several thousand dollars worth of furniture and clothing into her packed dorm. The excess of bringing a whole crew with her was one of the many perks of being a Lord. After all, if she was going to be living her here for the next three years she was going to do so in the lifestyle she was accustomed too. Directing the moving crew was hardly one of the great challenges of her life but she found the experience to be trying in just how dull and mundane it was. Even throwing out the occasion
  10. Cubismo


    Arrow IV Arrow returned Nevermore's grin with a roll of her eyes. Without saying a word, the young heroine retrieved a pair of seemingly normal looking sunglasses from her utility belt and swiftly slipped them on, her domino mask linking up with the new eyewear without a fuss. With a single tap of her finger, the glasses came alive and developed a green-tint and pop-up display that made it all easier to see what was going around the nearby warehouse. After a few seconds of doing her own observations and analysis, Olivia finally saw fit to look Nevermore's way again. "A
  11. Seeing Dreamer conjure another object out of thin, Courtney nearly went into yet another spree of questions on the nature of her powers. Fortunately, she stopped herself before doing so and instead simply took the offered paper and immediately filed its numbers to her digitized memory. The questions could always afterwards. After all, being able to ask follow-up questions was one of the many perks of making a new friend and ally. "The feelings mutual," Courtney responded, her face beaming with a smile despite the seriousness of the conversation. "MarsTech has a small army of super
  12. Olivia Lord Gather Information DC 5: Her full name is Olivia Elizabeth Lord. Her friends call her Liv. DC 10: She’s a Freedom City native currently going to Claremont Academy. People say she comes from old money. DC 15: She used to go to an exclusive prep school in North Bay but was a rather notorious bully while there. Her family, the Lords, are real estate developers that have been a part of Freedom City high society for centuries. They own a manor in North Bay. DC 20: She has won a ton of junior tournaments in archery, cheerleading, gymnastics, and a couple other c
  13. Name: Olivia "Liv" Elizabeth Lord Codename: Arrow IV Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Prospective Roommate: Surprise me, but clashing personality preferred. Goal: Short-term goal is becoming the best of the best and taking down the House of Usher and avenging the trauma they inflicted on her family. Long-term goals are discovering if her new superhero life is something that will bring her enough meaning that she’ll actually stick to it for the long haul. Oh, and there's just becoming a less terrible person in general. First Impression:
  14. Arrow IV Power Level: 8/10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage, +4 Defense / -4 Toughness In Brief: Type A go-getter and semi-reformed mean girl becomes the newest Arrow. Catchphrase: "Easy target." Theme: Go Getter | Royal Deluxe Alternate Identity: Olivia "Liv" Elizabeth Lord (Secret) Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey Residence: Claremont Academy (School Year), Lord Manor in North Bay (Holidays/Summer) Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy, Lord Enterprises, Fletc
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