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  1. Replica processed the new information. It seemed that this glass woman found Treestock by accident and he somehow helped her stay solid through his mysterious abilities and a hardy helping of glass. There were still questions that needed to be asked though. Like where the Hell she came from and where the mimetic glass was. Replica hoped that it wasn't eaten. That would make retrieving it impossible or morally unethical and messy. Suddenly the android's radar sense picked up movement! Replica quickly turned away from the computers and saw that the glass woman was waking up. It seemed that her choice had been made up for her. Communication it is than. Replica slowly moved towards the waking woman trying her best not to look dangerous. There was still a probability that she had been dumped by Treestock and needed help and Replica didn't want to create a necessary violent encounter. "Hello," the android said calmly. "My name is Replica. I'm a superhero and I'm here to help you if I can. Can you tell me who you are?"
  2. Once again Replica is using Skill Mastery to get that sweet 25 on Computers. I've been burned to many times to take the risk with a dice roll. 😔
  3. Replica had managed to successful infiltrate the disco without getting caught thus far but she was still in 'stealth mode' regardless. There was no point in taking the risk after all, especially when she was in the room with a woman made out of glass. ' Replica took everything in. The glass woman seemed to be sleep, but Replica wasn't quite ready to get close to her let alone awake her yet. The situation was a murky one. Given the woman was seemingly imprisoned in this basement, Replica surmised it was more than fair to assume that she was here against her will. That said, she knew there was always the possibility that the mysterious individual was working with Treestock and that awaking her could be a very bad idea. As always, Replica believed the best remedy to uncertainty was more data, and so the android moved to the computers in the room and went to work hoping to find some information that would help her decide what her best move was.
  4. Stealth Check: Trying to get to the basement unseen or heard: 1d20+12 23
  5. A sensation made through Replica that she did know was capable of. Vindication. She was right. Treestock was hiding something and certainly know had something to do with the glass. All pieces of the puzzle were yet to be found but at least she knew she was on the right track. And it was a very strange track at that. A woman made of glass! It should be impossible, Replica knew, and she did a double take when she saw glass woman through the camera feed but her sensors weren't lying this was real. Was she some kind of metahuman? A T-baby all grown up? Perhaps she was a science experiment gone wrong? How did she factor in when it came to the messing glass? The questions all flared up in the android's mind all at once like always. She shook her head. She had to stay focused. The only way she was going to get answers was by seeing the glass woman for herself. With that, Replica looked for an entry point on the disco roof. After finding one she stealthily tried to make her way through the building to the basement without alerting any of the security guards to her presence.
  6. Alright, Replica's going to use her Datalink power and the Machine Control feat to take control of the security cameras and see what they see, if that's possible. She once again has 25 with Skill Mastery using Computers. If security cameras fall under Disable Device than she has a 21.
  7. And with that outburst from Treestock, Replica was done. She wordlessly got up from the bar without even looking to Treestock and took her drink along with her. She got out of the disco club as quickly as possible. When was far enough outside that she couldn't hear the tunes of some song from the 70s see poured the drink a down a sewer drain. The weird anomaly in her consciousness flared again and she unintentionally she broke the bottle, scattering glass across the drain. Yes, Replica was more than done. Her attempt at subterfuge was a pointless failure that had simply cost her time. Plan B had to be initiated. Going to her secret laboratory under the North End, the android got her costume ready and waited late into evening for Treestock's disco to finally closed. She made her way back to the disco, this time arriving by jumping from the rooftops until she landed on the disco's. Replica was going to find that glass even if that might doing a little breaking and entering. But first she used her technpathic connection to see through the disco's security cameras. She wanted to know if those security guards were still around and just how many of them.
  8. I'm really starting to dislike this Mr. Gold guy. Anyways, rolling Bluff for the lie and Search to scan the disco for any weird. "Lying to Gold": 1d20+7 8 "Scanning the disco room": 1d20+11 12 Damn you Random Number God...
  9. Replica olfactory sensors immediately caught the whiff of something off about her bottle of rum. A more in-depth scan of the drink showed that it had been laced with some kind of incapacitating agent, most likely rohypnol or ketamine. Date rape drugs... For a fraction of a second Replica's face grimaced and a series of strange subroutines rushed through her digital consciousness making it difficult for her to process the stream of new information entering her mind. She was angry she suddenly realized and noticed she was holding the rum bottle with more force than necessary. The android quickly tried to compose herself again and what her next move was. Mr. Gold was criminal. It was more than obvious now and while she couldn't pin the theft of the glass on him, she was now certain he had something to do with it. Trying to probe him for more information was becoming a more undesirable strategy by the minute and the android had begun to formulate a more direct method of solving the case. But first she had to suffer Treestock, if only for a bit longer. "Well, I did come here officially for work, but I also heard some nice things about your disco club. I'm not much a dancer myself but the fact you've managed to keep your disco alive is beyond impressive and I'd love to learn more about it," she said, playing the amazed fan girl.
  10. Sure thing. : 1d20+5 20 Finally a decent roll.
  11. All is fair in love and GMing. But seriously thanks for putting in effort to know and exploit Replica's character weakness! It makes this a whole lot more interesting.
  12. Replica wasn't getting anywhere. Her attempt to analyze Treestock's body language and inflection had come up short. Either the man had nerves of steel or Replica needed to upgrade her sociability matrix again. The android mused that it was probably both. Regardless, new tactics had to be made. Straight forwardly asking questions wasn't working but perhaps playing along with whatever game Treestock was playing would. He did seem...interested in her after all. Replica rose from her seat and joined Treestock at the bar. She ordered herself the same drink Treestock was having and turned to him with a smile on her face. "My name is Cynthia Wright if you've forgotten and I wouldn't consider myself a shut-in. Just someone who prefers to look at and understand interesting things. Usually that's science for me but I have to admit you've peaked my interest Mr. Gold," she said coyly. Replica wasn't exactly built for flirting and wasn't a master of human interaction at the best of times, but it seemed that this route was one of few left available if she wanted information on Treestock. Besides, it was an opportunity to test whether her sociability matrix was really on the fritz if nothing else.
  13. Kind of a hell mary pass but I suppose I might as well roll Sense Motive to see how he acts to this last post. Seeing whether Mr. Gold has something to hide: 1d20+1 3 Ugh...
  14. While glad that Treestock had appeared to have settled down, Replica was still troubled by what the outburst likely meant. Treestock's vague answer didn't help either. It just seemed increasingly more likely that he was hiding something, but as to what she couldn't be sure. Yet. "Someone, or someones, recently stole an experiment being worked on in our facilities," she said matter-of-factly, not wanting to seem as if she was accusing him of anything. "It was the mimetic glass that you helped us with." Replica just let the statement hang in the air for a second or two. She wanted to study how Treestock reacted to it, whether he'd get angry again, nervous or even scared.
  15. After that last post should I making a Bluff or Diplomacy roll? Both? Replica is trying to talk her way of pissing off Gold any further.