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  1. Courtney made a sigh of relief as she saw Justice take out Ultio Red. She didn’t have to on account of being an android, but all the same she felt relieved to see that vengeful jerk taken out of the fight. Though severely damaged her optic sensors were still functioning and showed that even with Red defeated their were still two other Ultio’s left to deal with. Even with only the two to deal with Ultra Girl didn’t feel especially confident in surviving clashing with them even with a new friend to back her up. So she wanted to try diplomacy. Again. Hopefully the third time truly was
  2. Neato! IC will come once I get back from work.
  3. A Diplomacy check to see if the last two Ultio-Suits are going to lay down their arms and chill: 14. Not great! I'm give it a re-roll with a hero point: 14. Ha! Got another four but it fortunately becomes a 24 with the hero point.
  4. Cubismo


    Arrow reacted to Charlie’s concern with less than stellar results. "I'm fine!" She hissed, rebuking him a voice bit louder than she intended. She regretted it almost instantly, and internally admonished herself for losing control. Such things were beneath her, she told herself. Olivia took another breath. She needed to compose herself lest the dynamic duo think she was completely incomplete. “I’m fine Nevermore. Let’s just wrap this up ok?”
  5. Arrow IV Playdate (1 posts) Capers and Casanovas (5 posts) = 6 IC posts = 1PP to Arrow IV Ms. Thursday How a Young Heart Really Feels (7 posts) = 7 IC posts = 1PP to Ms. Thursday Ultra Girl Mars Connection (5 posts) = 5 IC posts = 1PP to Ultra Girl
  6. As Astrid she had to suppress her desire to smirk at Elena’s weed comment. So totally was from another world and a nasty one at that if her calling her home the ‘wastelands’ was any clue. The demigoddess she was sympathetic. Moving from Norway to America was a major transition for her, one that she still hadn’t completely figured out if she was being entirely honest. The same was true about Asgard, which was a whole another ballpark when it came to culture shock and adjustment. Even so, Astrid guessed that moving from a place called the wastelands to this world would be even more trying.
  7. "See? Was that so hard, Chump?" Arrow asked in a tone that was deliberately between condescending and empathetic. "Maybe if you used your head a to bit more often you wouldn't be so easily duped by idiot posers like Sebastian over there." She rolled her eyes at Stinger though. "Oh please get over yourself, Melanie. Your a five at your best and being half-beaten to all Hell is certainly not that. Do us all and yourself a favor and shut up." She looked over towards Luke then and gave the teen somewhat of a prep talk. "Don't let that little creep get one over you, Nightscale," she sa
  8. Arrow will try her hand at diplomacy and see if Chump will surrender: Got a 21. Is a 17 if Chump isn't affected by her Attractive feat.
  9. Arrow smirked. She had hoped that her arrow would take her out of the fight outright but seeing her surrender to Nightscale was a decent consolation prize. With Stinger out of the fight and her urge to get even mostly sated, she now just wanted this fiasco over and done with. Looking over to an obviously exasperated and panicking Chump it was fairly obvious that he wanted it over too. Feeling generous, and knowing her arrows would still have trouble dealing with his bulk, Olivia decided to give the idiot an out. "Oh just give up, Eddie. Your dear leader Sebastian is stuck in a tree
  10. Astrid’s eyes went wide with recognition as Ryder went on about the concert. “Oh shit! I heard about that mess. You were there? Wow.” She looked Ryder over in a new light. The dude definitely seemed “I actually planned on going to that show with some mates but I got caught up in some stupid family drama and had to head back to Norway. Some ice giants were losing it again.” She rolled her eyes as if that explained everything before just continuing on ahead in the conversation. “So, a giraffe-rhino-centaur rage demon, eh? I’m not really an expert when it comes to Greek stuff but it might have b
  11. Cubismo


    A small part of Arrow felt like was she being condescended to despite the fact that the older hero openly admitted his role in this whole debacle, though, it was probably just the anger more than anything else. Seeing her mentor, one of the few people in the world that she actually respected, be put into the Unkindness as if he was a child in need of care was an image that Arrow had no desire to see repeated in her mind like the world’s worst sideshow. She had to focus on something, anything else right now. If only to redirect to her anger into something constructive. "The House of
  12. Toughness vs. Ultio Red Blast: 15. Not a fan of that. It's not possible to make the save but let's see if we can dull the hurt a little with another Luck expenditure. Got a 11! Which is awful but with Luck it becomes a 21. Also awful but slightly less so. Unless I'm mistaken Ultra Girl is now Staggered and Dazed, so that's no actions from me.
  13. Courtney was beginning to regret not taking the high road when it came to her choice to antagonizing the Ultio-in-Red. Her last blast felt like a warm breeze compared to the last few and her chassis had not taken it well at all. The repair systems she had activated and gone into overdrive trying to fix what was broken but they were having a tad bit of trouble on account of the Ultio's not exactly giving them time to really mend much. All in all, this fight was not going her way. Fortunately, she wasn't alone in this. Even though the servos in her neck weren't anymore go
  14. Move Action: Gonna try to Taunt Stinger. Got 30 on the Bluff roll. It's a 26 if Stinger isn't affected by Attractive. Standard Action: Attacking Stinger with Standard Arrows. Got a 31. That's a nat 20 and a crit. Stinger has to make a 25 Toughness Save. Some pretty solid rolls! (Praises RNG!)
  15. Arrow broke into a smile that nearly bordered on villainous as Charlie gave out his order. "Oh I can certainly do that. Don't you worry." Normally she wouldn't be too keen on the idea of taking orders from anyone who wasn't Bowman but Charlie's call looked to be the most tactical in the moment. Or maybe her close call with Stinger had just made her a little bit more willing to actually trust this whole team idea. Regardless, she relished the idea of finally getting some sweet payback on the cowgirl and unashamedly said as much to a constrained Stinger. "Well its been
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