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  1. Talon attack: 25 Grunt's Toughness: 26 Holy crap, he just avoided being knocked out! Grunt's return punch: 24, DC 16 Toughness to resist. Talon's Toughness: 29 - Easy. Other Grunt's Shot: 11. Not quite! Corona also heard the gunshots from the other end of the ship.
  2. GM Corona's explosive punch met the grenadier's skull with a ferocious vigor, and the explosion sent the grunt flying. His (now blessedly unconscious) body arced almost gracefully across the deck before crashing into the railings and stopping dead. His friend paused, eyes widening, and he threw down his gun, putting his hands up. "I give!" He said, his English heavily accented. "No hit, please!" Before she had a chance to react, however, things had begun heating up on the far side of the deck. The criminal whom Talon had struck struck back, landing a lucky strike that Talon easily rolled with, allowing his costume to take most of the impact. Nevertheless, it did give the pair a chance to flee further, with one turning the corner as the other fired a parting shot at the vigilante. However, even as the man's finger tightened on the trigger, Talon was already in motion, throwing himself against one of the shipping containers and bouncing off of it. "Oh, come on, that's just not neighborly! You might hurt someone with that thing!" Talon grimaced inwardly, his expression fixed in a mocking smile. Too close.
  3. Talon Meanwhile, the cowled vigilante glided swiftly through the air, bringing his battle staff down on one of the two fleeing grunts with an expert strike. Unfortunately, even as it struck home, the crack of the grenade caused the criminal to half turn, just enough to put the armored vest he was wearing in the path of the battle staff. With a shout, the would-be thief turned, eyes widening. Dammit, that is not good. Talon didn't let the realization faze him, though, and instead offered the man a cheeky grin. "You know, most pirates do their work on the high seas. Less likelihood for heroic interventions there."
  4. GM The false surrenderer was caught in the stomach with a ball of plasma and toppled over immediately, collapsing in a heap. The other criminals cursed loudly - at least, Corona assumed that was what they were doing, and leveled their guns at the heroine once more. The one goon that had shot at her first scored a hit on her shoulder this time, only to notice that she didn't even flinch from the impact. Shouting something, he, too, began to back away from her. The remaining two (conscious and hostile) criminals hesitated a moment before one broke off to flee, and the other tossed a small, round object at her. It landed near the sole unarmed goon, who had kept his surrender... before it exploded with a horrific crack! They'd just tossed a grenade at her! Miraculously, the surrendered criminal was able to throw himself out of the way of the explosion, and escaped with only superficial cuts. After a moment's silence, he began shouting at the others (Corona assumed) in their language.
  5. Talon Glancing up as a blast of plasma flashed, Talon pulled out his grapple gun, swinging up to the top of the shipping containers once more. Landing lightly on the balls of his feet, he swiftly took in the situation near Corona. She doesn't need my help with those dolts. He turned his gaze to the fleeing criminals, locating them easily. But those two might get reinforcements, or accomplish their task before she has a chance to deal with the others. Better go after them. With that, he leapt from the cargo container, spreading his cape to glide towards them.
  6. Legatus Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: “Cloned” Replacement of the Man of Adamant Theme: Return of the Solar Exalted by James Semple Alternate Identity: No. XVIII (Original Designation), Felix Century (Secret) Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Claremont Academy Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Student, Hero Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Centurion (Genetic Donor, deceased), Nos. I to XX (Genetic Siblings, deceased), Dr. Rex Syagrius (Creator, deceased), Unknown Parents (Parents, missing) Description: Age: 16 (DoB: 2003) Apparent Age: Mid-Teens Gender: Male Ethnicity: Roman Height: 5’11” Weight: 175 lb. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond and Black The youth known as Felix Century is a tall, handsome specimen. Wearing his streaked black-and-blond hair short in emulation of Centurion, his startling blue eyes sparkle when he smiles, which is often. He is still growing, and displays a certain awkwardness of form – his shoulders are not quite broad as they ought to be, for instance, and his proportions are yet to become the perfection that was his progenitor. Felix, not quite grasping the need for secret identities, tends to wear blue, yellow, and white more frequently than other colors – though ever since he received a stern talking-to by his teachers, he rarely wears them together. In his first few (unsanctioned) forays into Freedom as Legatus, Felix wore a gold-and-blue costume emulating that of the Man of Adamant. Unfortunately, as these were unsanctioned, he did not have access to the advanced technology that allows superheroes’ costumes to withstand more damage than most cloth, and within the first three excursions, it was totally destroyed. Since then, he has gained permission for his extracurricular excursions, and now wears a more stylized costume, lacking the armor of his predecessor. With a simple gold shirt, blue pants, a belt of pure white, and no cape whatsoever, Legatus does not seem like Centurion reborn as a teen quite so much as he once did. History: When Centurion died in 1993, one scientist, a longtime devotee of his, by the name of Rex Syagrius, knew that the world would not long last without a replacement for the Man of Adamant. Determined to resolve this, he gathered genetic material from a frozen battlefield, where the Liberty League had once fought, and went to work attempting to clone his champion. However, he swiftly discovered that he lacked enough material to do so. Instead, borrowing money from dubious sources, he gathered seven babies orphaned by the Terminus Invasion, named each for a Roman numeral, and began experimenting upon them, attempting to imprint the Man of Adamant’s genetic code on theirs. Within three years, they demonstrated results – most of them had superhuman powers akin to Centurion’s… but they swiftly proved to be unstable, with more than half of them dying before they reached the age of four. The seeming return of Centurion set Syagrius back on his heels – perhaps he would not need a new group of subjects to recreate the Man of Adamant. For a time, he held onto hope (during which all save one of his initial crop of children died) that he would not need to do anything further… until it was revealed that this Centurion had been a plant by Omega – the very being that killed the true Centurion all along! Something inside Syagrius broke, then, and he became increasingly determined – there would be no true successor to Centurion until he himself managed to create a fully functional clone! Thus, in 1997, Syagrius gathered seven more infants, and used the knowledge from the first generation to ensure these ones were more stable. Nos. VIII to XIV proved swiftly to be both more genetically stable and more powerful than their predecessors. There was a problem, however – none of them had more than one of Centurion’s abilities. Determining they might be useful as a super-team, if not a champion, Syagrius had them begin training to do just that in 2003. It was in 2003 that Syagrius gathered his last group of children – this time, only gathering six. This “third generation” included Nos. XV to XX, but of them all, the child designated No. XVIII swiftly became the most levelheaded and gentle of them all. Even as a toddler XVIII was able to calm his “siblings’” wailing, allowing the second generation to train in peace, and the doctor to continue his research. Of all his siblings, XVIII was closest to little XX, who was herself the smallest and quietest of the group. By the time the third generation was six, all of them save XVIII had begun developing powers akin to those of Centurion. Though only XV and XIX truly bullied XVIII over this, he nevertheless felt inadequate, forced to play at training intended for humans rather than champions. Nevertheless, he proved swiftly adept at the lessons Syagrius assigned to the third generation, even striking up friendships with the second generation who often taught them. Things were good, for a time. XVIII and XX were still close friends, and they still enjoyed one another’s company, even though XX had to train with the others more and more frequently. This state of affairs lasted until 2016, when the third generation turned thirteen. It was at this time that the second generation returned from one of their training exercises with only six members, instead of seven. Though XVIII tried to comfort them, Syagrius did not, and within a week of the training accident, they broke out of the labs, leaving the third generation behind. The escape had destroyed a great deal of equipment and data, and to make matters worse for Syagrius, the third generation’s development had plateaued. They were still stronger than most mortals, but they were not champions. They were not Centurion. Desperate, he sought out something new – something that would bombard the children with the same energies that had made Centurion into who he was. Within a few months, he discovered traces of similar energies in Freedom City, much more recent than Centurion’s arrival should have implied. Using this, Syagrius designed a machine to emit such energies, but he was hesitant to risk the most stable and successful of his champions-to-be in an untested machine. Instead, he put XVIII into the machine – though to be fair, XVIII hadvolunteered. XVIII emerged from the energies more powerful than his siblings, many of whom swiftly clamored to be permitted a chance to do the same. XIX and XVI, the second and third to go through the machine respectively, were fine, but XV (the fourth) swiftly went berserk, destroying most of the machine and nearly killing Syagrius before XVI and XIX tore her messily in two – without any emotions or hesitation. XVIII was deeply concerned, especially when Syagrius encouraged them. For the next two years, XVIII and XX began studying Centurion more closely, as well as testing XVIII’s new powers. What they found on both fronts disturbed them – Syagrius, XVI, and XIX all were behaving more like Centurion’s foes than like Centurion. Further, XVIII’s powers, though still greater even than XIX and XVI’s, hurt him badly when he pushed himself to the limits. They agreed to keep close eyes on their siblings and their creator, but kept it secret from the lighthearted XVII, whom they thought would tell on them. Unfortunately, things were about to get worse – for in 2018, Syagrius had finished the repairs of the machine. XVII was first to go this time, and he was torn and battered by the energies – emerging with only one arm, but empowered. When XX’s turn came, XVIII objected, pointing out that XVII had been hurt in the machine. Syagrius would have none of it, and both XVI and XIX swiftly threw XVIII through a wall and imprisoned him in the training room. Unwilling to hurt his siblings, even though he thought they were wrong, XVIII waited. Finally, he heard a crash and XVI’s shriek of pain cut short. Bursting out of the training room, XVIII discovered a bloody and wounded XVII standing over their brother’s corpse. The one-armed brother explained in emotionless tones that the machine had killed XX, and that XVII had determined that none of the group was worthy of being Centurion’s legacy. With that, he brutally killed himself . Something inside XVIII snapped, and he burst out of the complex, flying up through the ceiling, through tons of stone and silt and water, into the air above Freedom. Screaming at the top of his lungs, XVIII swiftly found himself apprehended by the Freedom League, where he remained reticent and deeply wounded for months on end before revealing almost all of what he knew of the lab and the purpose behind it. However, the League was unwilling to let him go free until he revealed the location of the lab that he had grown up in – to independently verify not only his claims of being Centurion’s clone, but also to ensure that all of his “siblings” were, in fact, deceased. For many months, XVIII refused to do that – he did not want a group of strangers, even if they werethe Freedom League, to intrude upon what was rightfully his siblings’ home. Eventually, however, he was willing to admit where it was – with one condition. XVIII wanted his siblings’ remains treated with the honors of heroes – especially those of XVII and XX. The League was willing to accept this, and launched their investigation into the (now partially flooded) lab complex. The Freedom League’s investigators found that XVIII had not lied, though much of the information he shared could not be fully confirmed, given the damage done by both the waters and by XVIII’s escape. Determining that someone ought to keep a closer eye on him, the League sent XVIII to Claremont Academy, where they hoped he would develop into a worthy hero in his own right, not just a clone of Centurion. After several months of study and growth in Claremont, the newly named “Felix Century” decided to take the superheroic name Legatus and attempt to honor his genetic donor’s legacy. Personality & Motivation: As Felix, the young man who still thinks of himself as No. XVIII is a socially awkward, but very gentle soul. Kind almost to a fault, he sometimes accidentally steps on people’s toes, socially speaking, because he has virtually no socialization save with his “siblings.” Nevertheless, he is determined to try to become more “normal” than before, and is endearingly sincere in his attempts to do so. As Legatus, XVIII strives to be everything that Centurion was to the people of Freedom City and indeed, the world. Idealistic, levelheaded, and friendly, he presents the image of a nigh-perfect ideal. Of course, beneath this façade there is much more to him, and he is well aware of his own faults – something that allows him to be incredibly humble, often refusing to accept much praise from others. XVIII still has nightmares about the death of his sister XV, who died when he was thirteen, to say nothing of the rest of his siblings, who died much more recently. With virtually no knowledge of how to grieve, he keeps his sorrows locked very firmly away, finding it easier to pretend to be the ideal hero. With no true friends to talk to, neither Felix nor Legatus talk much about themselves, save to indicate that no, he is not Centurion, but he will strive to uphold Centurion’s ideals as best he can. Powers & Tactics: Legatus has many of the powers of the Centurion, though not to the same degree that he did. He is capable of surviving in space unaided, can deflect bullets with his bare skin, is superhumanly strong, and can fly rather quickly. In battle, Legatus tends to be simple to the point of bluntness. With his nigh-invincibility to most attacks, he is very direct, focusing on taking down the most threatening opponents first – that is to say, those that are most threatening to others, especially innocents. Only saving lives comes before taking down those who would take them. Power Descriptions: Like his genetic progenitor, Legatus is very obviously superhuman when he uses his powers – normal people don’t lift cars one-handed, or block bullets with their bodies and expect to live out of it. Most people don’t fly under their own power, either. Complications: Backlash: When he pushes his powers to the limit, Legatus is much more likely to cause himself injury. After an appropriately dramatic use of his full powers, the GM may grant a Hero Point to Legatus and declare that he caused serious injury to himself. Haunted: XVIII still deeply misses his siblings, especially XX, whose body he did not even get a chance to see. He has nightmares about those deaths he saw, and even worse ones about those he didn't. Reminders of those events tend to provoke extreme emotional reactions, or outright shutdowns. Identity Crisis: To be perfectly honest, Felix isn’t entirely certain whom or, indeed, what he is. He struggles under the burden of his assumed responsibility, and wants to know whether he is really a person, or just another experiment. If faced with claims he does not have a soul because he is a clone, or isn't as good as his progenitor, the GM may force Legatus to make a save for Emotional Control (Despair) and give him a Hero Point. Legacies of Conflict: As a clone of Centurion, many of the Man of Adamant's rogues would love nothing more than to take their frustrations out on Legatus. Further, as a clone of Centurion, many heroes are deeply suspicious of Legatus, recalling as they do the Alpha-Centurion and his destructive actions in service to Omega. Lucrative Investment: Those who once invested in Dr. Syagrius' project have taken note of his death and the destruction of his lab complex, and have also noticed the arrival of Legatus on the scene. They may wish to recoup their investment by vivisecting the young "clone." Abilities: 10 + 2 + 10 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 32PP Strength: 40 [20] (+15/+5) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 40 [20] (+15/+5) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 8 + 10 = 18PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +5 Melee, +4 Ranged, +4 Base Defense: +5, +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +20 to +28 (Super-Strength) Knockback: -12/-2 Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 6 = 10PP Toughness: +15/+5 (+5 Con, +10 Enhanced Con) [10 Impervious] Fortitude: +15/+5 (+5 Con, +10 Enhanced Con) Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6) Skills: 24R = 6PP Diplomacy 7 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 8 (+10) Language 1 (English [Native], Latin) Notice 8 (+9) Feats: 4PP Attack Focus (Melee) 1 Fearless Interpose Quick Change Powers: 20 + 20 + 10 + 11 + 19 = 80PP Descriptors for All Powers: Genetic, Mutation Enhanced Constitution 20 (Superhumanly Hearty, to Con 40 [+15]) [20 PP] Enhanced Strength 20 (Superhumanly Strong, to Strength 40 [+15]) [20 PP] Impervious Toughness 10 (Teen of Adamant) [10 PP] Immunity 11 (Life Support, Starvation, Thirst, Aging) (Teen of Adamant) [11 PP] Inheritor of Centurion 8 (16PP Array, Feats: Dynamic Alternate Power, Dynamic Base Power) [19PP] Base Power (Dynamic): Flight 8 (2,500MPH / 25,000ft [5 miles] per Move Action) [16/16PP] Alternate Power (Dynamic): Super-Strength 8 (Lifting Strength 80, Heavy Load: 800 tons) [16/16PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage (Physical) Unarmed Touch DC 30 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (32) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (6) + Feats (4) + Powers (80) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points
  7. Goon 1 attacks: 8 Haha. Surrendered Goon 1 attacks: 14 Talon drop-attacks: 30! Wow. Um, confirm: Yup. That is one seriously downed minion.
  8. GM Within moments of the criminals' surrender, a trio of ski-masked goons arrived at the small T-junction where Corona stood. One shouted something at her (or the surrendering gunmen, she couldn't tell), and pointed a submachine gun at her. A moment of hesitation costs the goon his shot, which pings rapidly off of the shipping containers surrounding them. As one of the two who had surrendered threw himself prone, hands covering his head, the other took the chance to snatch her gun, lifting it and firing directly into Corona's midsection... only to blink numbly as the bullet bounced off of the hero, doing her no harm at all. The two remaining grunts shouted something in their own language, before turning heel and fleeing back the way that they had come as the thug that had shot first screamed something to them. Meanwhile, the sole crook approaching from behind had almost reached the T-junction... Talon grimaced behind his cowl, and extended his staff with a snap as he leapt down elegantly onto the man's back. With a vicious crack of metal meeting meat, the man went down in a heap. A slight, satisfied smile brushed past Talon's lips as he glanced once more at the other combatants.
  9. Talon Talon bit back a curse as he (somewhat less-than-gracefully, he had to admit) stumbled away from the sudden explosion of heat and light. Blinking once to clear his vision from spots, he half-turned, glaring down at Corona as memories assaulted him about his previous clash with the Corona of his world. Anger cut deep, but the rational part of him pointed out that she still didn't know he was present. It was as much his fault for not revealing himself to her as it was hers for wanton destruction. Still, he swiftly realized that the sizzling destruction of his perch had not gone unnoticed by the illegal boarders. With a single glance, he noticed three figures approaching from Corona's left, another one from her back, and a couple were entering the maze of shipping containers from her right. She should be fine... A part of him said. Even a small bomb didn't hurt her counterpart much. Plus, he wasn't nearly so durable. While he could probably survive being winged a couple times, a direct hit still might take him down, possibly permanently. But the part of him that had chosen to stand up and fight back against the Tyranny Syndicate refused that. He had dedicated himself to tearing down the unjust and tyrannical rulers of his Earth because he wanted to redeem his failures, and because he wanted to ensure no one else got hurt on his watch. The Magpie had failed. Yamanu had been too indirect. Talon would not do either. With that in mind, he turned on the ball of his foot, and ghosted towards the lone gunner, taking up position to drop and knock them unconscious before they could fire on Corona. She'd better appreciate this.
  10. GM With a horrific crash, the top corner of the shipping container collapsed in on itself, glowing white-hot where it wasn't completely gone. The masked criminals took one look at the angry-looking woman, glanced at the melted area (which still dribbled liquid metal), and cast their weapons down on the deck of the ship, putting their hands behind their heads and dropping to their knees. In the distance, however, Corona heard a shouted inquiry - again, in a language she did not recognize. The other criminals most likely had heard her less than subtle announcement of her presence.
  11. Well, the good news is that that worked! The bad news is that the other groups close by heard that! Also, now would be a good time to roll initiative, most likely. Talon: 11 Criminals: 14 Dammit, Talon.
  12. Talon The cowled vigilante blinked briefly as he identified who had arrived on the ship. Corona. Hm. The traitor. She had a chance to bring justice to our world, but threw it away. Something to do with her daughter, I think. With a gentle shake of his head, he reminded himself that this was not the Corona he knew from his old home, even as a sharp memory of the brilliant bursts of light intruded into his thoughts. No, this Corona was someone else - the opposite of the one he had so briefly encountered. She'd been Revolt, but this Revolt had been rather more like the Red Fangs than a just rebel. While he was reasonably sure he could discover the hero's name, that was a question for a later date - he'd have to go infiltrate one of the police stations and hack into their systems for that. Focus on the now. Let's see what is going to happen. As Corona moved about the ship, Talon shadowed her from above, watching over her for the time being. Not that she needed the protection, but it was better not to be seen yet. He might yet need to ambush some of the criminals. Reminded of their presence, he quickly scanned for their outlines, finding them swiftly and easily with his cowl's infravision.
  13. Talon cannot fail to notice/keep track of Corona, but takes 10 on both the Notice and the Stealth thanks to his Skill Mastery, giving him a 23 and 25 respectively. He's also preparing to attack the one she doesn't hit if Corona starts something up.
  14. GM Within a few moments since she began her search, Corona approached the corner of one of the many stacks of shipping containers. Before she could turn the corner, however, she heard voices, soft but harsh... but the words, though audible, were in a language that she didn't understand. Indeed, she couldn't even put a name to the language they spoke. Unfortunately for her, the voices were approaching - within heartbeats, a pair of blue-grey figures walked past the corner of the shipping container. Each one held a submachine gun, and wore what looked like ski masks over their faces. In the humidity of the mid-July evening. Even without such a display of dubious intellect, they were clearly not terribly competent, as neither even cast a glance at the hidden superhero.
  15. Well, the criminals seem not to be terribly observant. They rolled a 7 on Notice. On the other hand, they did get a 16 on Stealth. Not good enough to not be noticed, but still, they tried!
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