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  1. Legatus Felix stopped short, his eyes widening as he looked at the car nearby. That car just... talked? But wait, the voice in which it had spoken was familiar... "Dio?" He said, just in time to hear the car... dragon... confirm it. Breaking into a smile, he extended his own hand to shake the green-scaled claw, though his hand was rather smaller than the draconic appendage. It took him a moment, but he decided to shake one of the claws, which he could get his fingers around, rather than awkwardly high-five the larger green claw. "Good to see you again, Dio. Uh... is there any reason you're being a car, rather than..." XVIII trailed off, thinking hard. "Well, I mean, anything else? Or do you just enjoy being a car?" He released his grip on the dragon's appendage, before shaking his head slightly. "No, no plans. I just came to look at the students..." And their parents. Parents were an intellectual abstract for XVIII, something that happened to other people. Dr. Syagrius hadn't really been a "father" in the sense he'd seen in the informative films and lessons that he'd been supplied with as a child. Seeing adults and their children together was something that was relatively new to him. They looked happy together, for the most part, and a smile blossomed on his lips at the thought. Abruptly, Felix noticed a muscular young man approaching him - as well as Dio, and he looked up, his smile fading into a look of pleased curiosity. "Ah, hello there."
  2. Felix might be interested, but if things get too crowded, he can be mostly just a face in the crowd.
  3. Legatus XVIII - no, Felix - watched the arriving students with slightly wide eyes. The sheer speed at which they seemed to change their minds and emotions was startling, but he supposed that was a natural result of not actually knowing any of them. With his siblings - well, he could still remember XVI's smirk, XVII's laughter and quick wit, and XX's gentle smile. Shaking his head before the black cloud of despair could descend upon him, the teen began walking towards the center of things, his eyes narrowing. When the flying boy approached the two who seemed to have become engaged, XVIII tilted his head. I thought that you could only get engaged with parents' permission at this age. That had been in one of the less relevant law books that Dr. Rex had had the third generation read, but it was surprising how easily the memory came back to him when prompted by this sort of thing. As Ashley dragged her sister off, Felix put a hand on his chin, contemplatively. They're talking so much, but saying so little. "What the heck is going on here?" He wondered aloud, his voice louder than he would have intended, had he intended to speak at all.
  4. Legatus Raised voices, especially unfamiliar ones, were something that No. XVIII, as he still could not help but think of himself, wasn't sure he'd quite gotten used to. Sure, there had been more than a few shouting matches back home, but most of the time nowadays when he heard shouting, it was because someone was in trouble. He lifted a few inches off of the ground, preparing to launch himself off in the direction of the shouts, before he paused, reminded of all the lessons he had had in the months since his arrival at Claremont. Foremost among those lessons had been people usually can take care of themselves here. XVIII took a deep breath, wishing he could more easily tell when he was actually needed, and let himself fall lightly on the balls of his feet. Walking places invariably took longer than flying to them, and flying was far more enjoyable. Nevertheless, his repeated visits to the Vice-Principal's office had taught him something else - he was supposed to be learning to be "normal" at Claremont. It was therefore several minutes before the tall, black-and-blonde haired teen arrived at the parking lot. Almost at once he was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people. He hadn't really grasped how many students would be coming to Claremont, despite intellectually understanding that there would be many, many more than his old home-school. "Wow." The word came out of his mouth before he realized it. Suddenly, the vast, crushing emptiness of the campus seemed like it was going to be overrun with dozens of unpredictable and unusual individuals. This will be... harder than I thought.
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    Star Fall

    Legatus The Teen of Adamant dropped to the ground as Triakosia offered ice cream. Such food had been very rare in the lab, and Legatus had found he'd developed something of a sweet tooth since his eruption onto the surface. Eating quietly, he looked at Dio with a small, concerned frown. "Are you alright?" He asked, his voice low, before turning his attention back to the newly fallen... woman? After a moment's consideration, he spoke once more. "You make it sound as though life as a whole was... cultivated, I guess." Taking another bite of his ice cream, he considered the ramifications of this for several moments. Maybe I'm less weird than I thought. If all life was cultivated somehow, then surely that makes my... life, I guess, less weird?
  6. Talon Talon quickly tied down the criminals who had tried to flee to a lifeboat, before returning to Corona's side, dropping silently down from atop the cargo containers. Casting his gaze over the remaining (unarmed) criminals, he shook his head slightly. "Where are these people from?" The sailor blinked, but shrugged. "They could be from any number of places. We were in Turkey, Greece, Albania, Italy, Spain, Morocco..." Talon sighed, before grinning at Corona. "I have no objections to the idea of calling emergency services... but one last question for the good sailor before we do." His cowled face turned back to the former hostage. "Who owns this ship?" "Lee Exotic Shipping, why?" Talon's smile tightened. Gotcha. He turned back to Corona. "I suspect that you'll find most of these folks have criminal records. But for now, we should go see what we can do to help the injured."
  7. GM The hostage - wearing clothing that marked him as a sailor, shuddered slightly once more. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head. "Yeah, no, I speak English fine." His voice was slightly high-pitched and the adrenaline seemed practically audible. Looking at the criminals, he frowned. "But the Zephyr's seen better days. She's dead in the water now. I dunno how they did it, but..." He kicked angrily at one of the ski-masked criminals. "These bastards shut her down."
  8. Talon ErosUnlimited Offices 24 August 2019, 12:57 PM Several weeks had passed since the website ErosUnlimited had first come to Talon's attention. In between his work at his job as Sam Amber and his nocturnal activities as Talon, he hadn't had the chance to do more than a few meagre attempts to penetrate its defenses, but what he had seen had given him some confidence that, even if the owners of the site were somehow malicious, any revelation of identities would happen purely on voluntary basis. Thus, he could only gather so much information on the site and its administrators via his technological skills. Now, dressed in simple clothing that could have been bought anywhere, or even found secondhand, Samuel Amber entered into the offices of Eros Unlimited, donning a cheerful smile and approaching the first person who looked like they belonged here. "Hello there! I believe I'm expected. My boss," he lowered his voice, "Yamanu," before continuing in a regular tone, "said I should come up here to talk with, er, one 'Pamela Unterbotten-Schneider?'" The last two names were pronounced with an effortless German accent.
  9. Legatus Star Fall (3 Posts) Talon Import/Export (2 Posts) The Heart of the Matter (1 Post) GM Import/Export (2 Posts)
  10. Name: XVIII Felix Century Codename: Legatus Year: Sophomore Pronouns: He/Him/His? Prospective Roommate: Goal: Felix isn't entirely sure what he wants from his future. He thinks he might go into genetics, using the knowledge he gained in his youth in helping people, but he's not sure. He'll probably go on to Freedom University. Favourite YA Fiction Novel: Really, Felix should get out to read more fiction. At the moment, he isn't really sure what's "in." Dr. Syagrius was big into historical fiction, so that's what he's most familiar with. Lux Invicta, by Shaytana, was a favorite when he was still in the lab.
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    Star Fall

    Legatus The Teen of Adamant cast a glance at Andromeda, before half-turning to speak to the crowds behind him. "All is well, people. We'll handle it from here." His voice was confident and calming, a deliberate echo of the recordings Professor Rex had shown all of the children. Floating upwards, he cast his gaze around the park, making sure there were no issues that needed further attention. Triakosia is handling things down there, I should try to make sure nothing major is happening elsewhere. Legatus paused, honest enough with himself to admit that he was also trying to avoid catching her attention too soon. Andromeda needed to be examined far more than he did, and she was the center of attention at the moment. Still, at least I can make myself feel useful in some way.
  12. GM The hostage shuddered, nodding briefly, but as he tried to get up, he stumbled helplessly back down to the deck. He was either too hurt or too afraid to rise to his feet at the moment. The gunner who had shot Corona took her fist to his chest and flew backwards into the mass of people still within the shipping container. One of the three remaining ski-masked gunmen blinked his eyes blearily at Corona before going pale and throwing down his gun. Meanwhile, the unarmed criminals knelt and put their hands behind their heads - they knew when they were defeated.
  13. Talon Trusting that Corona had matters under control with the dazzled criminals, Talon leapt off of his perch atop the cargo crates, snapping open his cape to glide down and strike swiftly at the leader of the fleeing criminals. Unfortunately for his target, one of the criminals following the leader let out a cry of warning just in time for him to turn his face directly into the battle staff's strike. With a horrendous crack, the man's nose broke, and he collapsed in a heap as the cowled hero turned to look at the unarmed crowd. "Stand down." He said, voice clear and careful in its pronunciation.
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    Star Fall

    Legatus Legatus nearly swallowed his tongue when Triakosia looked at him, and he felt his cheeks burn. A distant part of him noted that even if he put his head in a furnace, they would probably feel just as hot. "Ita, lingua loquor." He stumbled over his words somewhat, flushing harder, but managed to get them out nonetheless. He looked away, embarrassed and more than a little starstruck. Though Professor Syagrius had scorned Triakosia as a replacement for his champion, he had told the third generation about her, and since his arrival in Freedom City, Legatus had heard more about her exploits. She had done more to fulfill the Man of Adamant's legacy than he ever had. But now was his chance to demonstrate his ability to do the same. "I concur. We ought to go to a place that is less likely to cause a scene. I'm Legatus, by the way, as Dio here mentioned." He nodded to the great green dragon.
  15. Legatus Felix offered Kam a smile, albeit one that was moderately surprised. "I'm, well, Felix. Felix Century. I'm just relatively new to this whole 'secret identity' thing, among others. Nice to meet you, Kam." He shook the young man's hand, his grip firm but not tight. Blue eyes twinkled as he met the other youth's gaze. Releasing Kam's hand, he stepped back. But I guess I am keeping some secrets. Not because anyone told me to, but because it's really no one's business but mine to remember my siblings. A flash of sadness brushed across XVIII's face, his expression falling briefly. XX, I miss you so much. You always knew the right way to do things. Shaking his head, he returned to the moment at hand. "Anyways. I try my best to help people out, but I've still got lots to learn."
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