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  1. Legatus Felix shrugged slightly, having been stewing silently for the past minute or so. That moron. He needs to be brought to heel before he graduates. He's a villain in the making, and no one seems concerned about that. His fists clenched at his sides before he took a deep breath to calm himself. Murder is wrong. He reminded himself, repressing images of crushing the other boy's skull between his hands. He looked to Charlie, taking another deep breath. "No, it's somewhat unusual. Sebastian's just a bigger jerk than most of the rest of the school combined." After a moment, he
  2. GM As they spoke, Lulu felt a more intense surge of rage from the mental presence in the distance, as well as a sharp spike of pain from someone else before it was cut short. Meanwhile, Luke smelled something dreadfully familiar - the iron-tinged scent of blood, also from the direction the scent had disappeared in. The scent of blood was growing even stronger just as he stood there. Something was very wrong over there. There were several shops in that direction - a jewelers', a clothing store, and a frozen yogurt shop... but on the opposite side of the hall from them,
  3. Legatus Felix blinked as Alice vanished, his expression growing sorrowful. "I could have loved you, Alice." He said softly, almost inaudibly, before Micah's words bring him back to the present. "Uh. Yeah. It's a good idea, I think." He paused, looking at the being that Alice had become. "This could hurt."
  4. Legatus Felix casually reached out to grab Zach, squeezing his shoulder gently. "You're fine, Zach. Don't rush off, we haven't made our introductions yet, have we?" He looked coolly at Sebastian before releasing his grip on Zach's shoulder and stepping towards the mind controller. "You realize," he said coldly, "you have just escalated this issue." With that, he launched a single punch directly at Sebastian's face, his fury driving his strength.
  5. Sorry about my long delay here. I've been neglecting this place something awful lately. Will Save: 22 Oh, thank goodness. Now Sebastian has made Felix angry. Like, really angry. Attack Roll: 8 Uh. Hero Pointing that. Attack Roll w/out HP bonus: 6 (Oh, for crying out loud) - 17 with the +10 from the HP That's a DC 30 toughness save.
  6. GM As the three spoke to one another, Luke noticed the scent was moving away, faster and faster. Something was definitely amiss. Meanwhile, Lulu could feel the wrath fading in the same direction - her proximity to it made it easier to bear. Well, at least bearable enough that she was able to move again, her body no longer rejecting the pure fury that no mere human could hope to contain within him-, her-, or themselves.
  7. She's still a bit overwhelmed, but she can function more or less without penalties now.
  8. GM The detective flipped through his notes. "The 911 call went out at 6:37 tonight. First responders arrived on the scene at around 6:40." He paused, his voice growing grave. "Mrs. Greenburg's poor grandkid found them when he came by to pick her up." At her request, he nodded. "Alright, follow me." He lead her through well-appointed hallways, bypassing several doors before ascending a set of stairs. In the distance, Terrifica heard a few muted voices - presumably the grandson and the officers taking his statement, or just the family members. After a few more corridors,
  9. If you want more information, you can ask - Terrifica can probably notice a whole lot more, but that's what she gets on her first glance over (which is rather more than most of the investigators have gotten so far).
  10. GM The room was relatively normal temperatures for what Terrifica would've expected from an indoor room in this weather. Any signs of body heat had fled the mess long before she'd arrived, but the visor's HUD did indicate that much of the blood had a higher concentration of alcohol than average - not enough to be charged with DUI, but enough to be slightly buzzed, if she was any judge. Based on this and the rest of the information, she had to guess that he'd died at least two hours ago, but no more than three. Likely around 6 PM, though there was a margin for error of m
  11. Legatus Felix sighed, relaxing somewhat as Micah did the same. Rubbing his face, he gently placed the weather-controller back on the ground before turning to look at Alice, his expression grave. "I think he's already hurt enough. I'm sorry for your pain, though." He extended a hand to her, palm up in a gesture of welcome. "Do you want to talk about what's happened?"
  12. The Rope As the car arrived, the Rope blinked. He'd not expected anyone in such an advanced vehicle to arrive here... but then, after a moment, it struck him. The Raven herself! He'd studied her as a child, but he'd honestly forgotten that Freedom City was where she spent most of her time. The glowing eyes took him aback for a moment, but only for a moment as the voice startled him even more. A man? I thought the Raven was a woman - oh. Wait. Of course this isn't the Raven of my childhood, she's got to be too old for this sort of thing nowadays. His lips curved in a gri
  13. Legatus Felix eyed Sebastian with a sigh. Voted (by me alone, admittedly) to be the one most likely to turn into a supervillain since I first met him, here's Casanova! Before he had the chance to reply, Adam arrived, and he broke into a grin. "Hey Adam. I was wondering where you were. Good to see you again." He walked over to his larger roommate, shaking his hand firmly and totally disregarding both Sebastian and Adam's warning. If he looked at Casanova for too long, he got an irresistible urge to punch him in the face, and that would be rude right now. "Luke, Leon, and
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