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  1. Legatus Felix looked up as he heard the footsteps arriving. Valentine's Day had been news to him, more or less - Dr. Syagrius had not been especially interested in filling in his... subjects' educations with such superfluous information as minor holidays. As he did so, his breath caught in his throat and a name slipped from his lips. "XX?" But no, this girl was different, while being eerily similar. Shaking himself from the dark imaginings of what his sister's ultimate fate was, he stepped back. "Uh..." A niggling sense of responsibility compelled him to feebly point something out. "I was working with a couple people... for an assignment..." He paused, flushing. "Sorry. I'm XVIII- I mean, Felix. Nice to meet you." He stumbled over his words, before shaking his head, trying to clear it.
  2. Legatus Teleportation was new to him, but Felix shook the disorientation from his mind with a brief head shake before blinking, his eyes wide at the scene of the devastation. Flying into the air, the Teen of Adamant surveyed the damage grimly from the air before slowly drifting back to Earth. We should help the people... and their cows, I guess. He paused, expression tightening. But at the same time, the longer we take here the more destruction the... Centuritron will wreak upon the rest of the place. Turning to Veronica, Legatus sighed softly. "We should come back once we're done with the Centuritron, but right now, I don't think there's much more we can do for these people." He paused, then looked at the cattle car. "I could right that, but it might only make things worse for the cattle inside. I don't know how to calm them, and shifting directions like that would almost certainly alarm them."
  3. Legatus is rolling Notice to determine if anyone is in immediate danger - he got a 24.
  4. Legatus "Hm... Brazil... do you speak Portuguese?" Felix asked, realizing that the language barrier might be a problem. He took in the rest of the information quietly, thoughtful. Tough enough to take hits from Centurion. I'm not as strong or as tough as him, so I'll probably have to play a similar role to him. "Something worth keeping in mind - radio can be jammed... not that I have any idea how, of course." He chuckled ruefully. After a moment, he looked at the motorcycle. "Uh... I'm going to assume that you have a way of getting to Brazil that doesn't involve trying to drive all the way across the US, Mexico, Central America, and so on with a motorcycle... so yes, yes I am."
  5. Legatus "You could say that." Felix said dryly, shaking his head. "On the upside, I haven't heard from Superior since then, so... that's positive." The Teen of Adamant grinned slightly, before letting the smile lapse as he followed with Veronica. "Oh, that bad, huh? Let's go." He did consider just lifting her up and flying over to the parking lot, but decided that would be considered rude under the circumstances. XVIII listened in silence, considering the issue at hand as the Danger described it to him. He knew that the Dangers were famed adventurers, and that the Centurion had worked with members of the family more than once, though this particular case wasn't familiar to him. Something Professor Syagrius didn't know about, or something he didn't care about? Well, whatever. At her last words, he frowned. "I was going to ask that myself, actually." After a moment, he shrugged. "But if it's a familial secret, I'm sure you have your reasons. Do you know who built it the first time? They might be involved."
  6. Legatus Felix rubbed the back of his head absently, considering her words. Well, it's no flooded underwater lab, but I suppose the principle is similar enough. He grinned slightly, though there was an edge to it. "Yeah, I suppose that makes sense." Though honestly, I guess it'd be nice to have a home to come back to some time. Shaking his head inwardly, he brought his attention back to the moment at hand. At Veronica's mention of a mission, XXIII's expression brightened. "Missions might be good. I don't think I've worked together with anyone on a serious thing for..." His cheeks flushed faintly at the thought of his last clash with Superior. "Since I was last in France, which was both in last October and some sixty years ago. So, I guess I'm overdue. What did you have in mind?"
  7. Legatus XVIII had just returned to the campus from visiting his old (now submerged) home. The waters of Freedom City had already dried from his hair and body on his flight back to Claremont, and he should have been preparing for the rest of the day - homework wasn't going to finish itself, and he still had an essay due in at least one of his classes. But he stood instead in the gardens, his expression pensive. Visiting the place of his family's demise probably wasn't healthy, but it was pretty much all he could look forwards to for the duration of Spring break. It wasn't like he had much of a life beyond school, and the mild associations he had made with the teens who were his nominal peers. A voice pulled him out of his dolor, and he looked up, though his brow furrowed in momentary confusion as he recalled that Felix was him. The young woman before him (though she was technically older than him) was Veronica Danger. "Oh. Hey there Veronica. I'm... alright, I guess." His tone was slightly distracted as he pulled himself back to the moment. "Sorry, it's just a bit of... a spring malaise, I suppose. I just got back from visiting my old home, and I'm sure you know how that sort of thing goes." Probably not in the specifics, of course, but maybe that'll be enough to assuage her curiosity. "How are you?" The Teen of Adamant was dressed in his costume - nothing else he owned was easily brought underwater, after all, and he'd not yet had a chance to go back to his dorms to change It's still a little weird sleeping in a room with only one other person present... Shaking the thought away, he smiled slightly at Veronica.
  8. Uh-oh. 15 That's a nat 1, right there, also possibly falling out of the sky.
  9. Legatus Felix staggered briefly from the impact of the shockwave, but shook it off with a scowl. He looked at Centurion's old nemesis, his eyes hard. "None. I am his Legacy." With that, he leapt into the air and flew away with his friends, but kept his speed just below theirs, ready to take Übermensch if the Nazi villain followed them. I cannot win against him, but that doesn't mean I can't slow him down long enough for the Squad to escape.
  10. Well, I didn't exactly build Felix to avoid things: 12 Toughness: 25 or, rather, 24, because I forgot to subtract 1 for the Bruise. EDIT: Burning that HP for a reroll... literally a 24. Making it 34, because it's a reroll. That's much better than I'd anticipated.
  11. Legatus The Teen of Adamant staggered back from the blow, shaking himself vigorously. That had... hurt. Not a lot, but he'd been lucky enough that it hadn't broken anything. The sheer amount of force the blow had given him shook him inwardly, but not as much as the name. He knew this foe. The Centurion had often struggled to stop him. Well, crap. Breathing heavily, Legatus prepared himself for what was about to come.
  12. Legatus Felix looked at Watchdog, bowing his head apologetically. "Sorry, I, uh, didn't think that through as well as I might've." He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed, before Judy's words pulled him out of it. He took a moment to look around, before answering, his voice grave. "I think... I think it would have been much worse if we weren't here. Sometimes..." XVIII blinked unshed tears from his eyes. "Sometimes that's all we can do." He looked up at Macedon. "How are we going to leave, if we cannot stay here?" Or now, I suppose.
  13. Legatus Finishing disabling Roter Adler, Legatus leapt once more into the air, soaring towards the church. Bursting inside, he was given pause when he saw Watchdog handcuffed to a madman with a hammer. "Oh, come on, man. Haven't you ever heard of safe, sane, and consensual?" Felix hadn't, until fairly recently. That had been an embarrassing incident, but now was not the time to get distracted. Flying forwards, his fist flickered out at Donar's solar plexus.
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