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  1. Talon arched his brow at the Japanese man as he slipped his battle staff back into its place on his utility belt. "I wouldn't dream of throwing you off the building. Now, why don't we talk about why these men were trying to do just that, and who they were looking for." The cowled hero grabbed ahold of the Japanese man and drew his grapple gun. "But let's continue this conversation over there." He pointed the grapple gun at a building across the street, and leapt off of the edge of the roof, taking the (ex?)yakuza with him. He allowed himself (and his companion) to fall for several seconds before firing his grapple gun and allowing it to pull them both to the other roof.
  2. Talon relaxed slightly, his eyes narrowing as the police officer noted something in the man's mouth. That could be important. I'd better take a look. As the officers spread out to search the area, Talon slipped over towards the victim, and bent down to investigate the mouth, hanging delicately from atop the train. With swift, delicate movements, he gently pulled whatever-it-was from the victim's mouth. Hopefully I don't disrupt the evidence too much for the forensics team, but I have to know what happened here.
  3. Stealth check is actually better than taking 10 would have been: 28.
  4. Talon listened carefully to the words of the police officers and the security guard, his lips twisting in a frown. Well, at least telling the truth didn't hurt... too much. If I'd not said that, they'd probably be more suspicious...? He shook his head slightly, before climbing up atop the train car, where he lurked in the shadows, peering down on the crime scene from above. The chains might have traces of the killer's use of them, but here and now was hardly the time to examine them more closely... at least for the moment.
  5. Talon swiftly struck down the remaining goons, shaking his head as he mocked them mercilessly. Finally, he turned his attention to the man he rescued. "Now, I think we ought to have a little chat, hm?"
  6. Talon's lips quirked in a faint smile as he slipped from shadow to shadow, moving up behind the fleeing mobster and snapping his battle staff to its fully extended length. With a swift, fluid blow, he struck at the man's temple, intending to lay him out so he could go back to the blinded and confused thugs.
  7. Talon thwacks the panicked thug. 18 Man, my luck isn't doing well. I don't think I've rolled above a ten for the entire month's worth of threads.
  8. As the guard looked at the letters painted on the car, Talon dodged into the shadows of the train yard, silently flowing from one to the next until he slipped between two train cars. With a gesture, he called his battle staff back to his hand using its magnetic qualities. Smoothly collapsing it, he slipped it back into its place on his utility belt. With a soft sigh, Talon glanced back at the security guard, before casting his eyes about the yard for signs of the police. I could talk to the law enforcement officers. But they might not believe me, and they might be less than willing to hear me out. Better to listen and wait here for the time being. They might yet miss something.
  9. Talon The Kinslayer Divine Wind
  10. Talon's going to use Skill Mastery (Stealth) combined with Hide in Plain Sight to vanish if the security guard looks at the letters when he gestures to them. Otherwise, he'll think of something else. The result would be 25.
  11. Talon sighed inwardly. Well, it would look rather incriminating if I told him the codename I've chosen, but... He shook his head. "No, I'm not the Raven. Never met the gent, though from what I've heard we've got some similarities." Talon kept his hands where the security guard can see them, idly moving closer to the other man. "As for whether I'm a hero, I suppose so. I try to do my best to be one, at any rate." He shrugged. "But I am rather involved in this case already, I think, because someone's trying to use my name to harm others." His voice grew hard as he gestured slightly at the letters on the train's side. "This will not be tolerated."
  12. Using a flash-bang which is a ranged Dazzle Burst effect at DC 16 Reflex for the initial save, or Fortitude for the subsequent saves. Then taking 10 to get a 25 to Talon's Stealth check and hiding whilst their still dazzled. With both Hide in Plain Sight and Stealth Skill Mastery, it should work even if they beat the saves, I think.
  13. Talon sighed as the man vomited all over him, flicking the fluids off of his cape with an annoyed gesture. Looking up at the mobsters, he rolled his eyes. "Y'know, gents, I get the sense we started off on the wrong foot. Why don't we get introductions out of the way first, and then start beating on each other because we think we're right?" He paused, one hand lying gently on his X shaped utility belt. "No?" He frowns mockingly, before glancing at them with a sad smile. "Well, I hope you don't mind if we begin the festivities off with a bang, hm?" With that, he flicked a flash-bang at the group, using the distraction to vanish into the shadows as he had learned to long, long ago.
  14. Talon sighed inwardly, his eyes narrowing behind his cowl. So, assuming I can trust the man dangling from the rooftop, and the words of his interrogators, someone's putting a new group of yakuza in play. Just what this city needs, more gangs fighting over the living space in the underworld. It seemed even this city had its own warring gangs, though far fewer than Empire City did on Talon's home Earth. Abruptly, he brought his attention back to the scene at hand, just in time to see the man fall. With a soaring leap, he flew from the place he had hid himself away, swooping down on his cape's wings to snatch the man with a single, graceful motion. His flight path began dropping swiftly, as his cape wasn't designed to carry much more weight than it usually did. While noting this oversight, Talon pulled out his grapple gun and fired it at a building across the street from the mobsters, landing easily on his feet as he (gently) dumped the man on the rooftop. "Well, I can't say I agree with your choices in company. They seem downright unpleasant."
  15. By the Eyes. Talon cursed mentally, rolling his eyes. Some perceptive hero I am. Letting his battle staff fall to the ground beneath the train, he idly lifted his hands in a conciliatory gesture. "Take it easy. We're on the same side." He said dryly. Getting into a clash with the local guard isn't going to do my reputation any good. While he could easily call his battle staff to his hands with the magnets in his gloves, and could likely knock the guard out without doing him any permanent harm, it seemed ill-advised to do so at the present moment. Of course, he could distract the man and vanish into the shadows, it might not be a good idea to leave them to suspect him of murder. "I know it's a crime scene, that's why I'm here. I am investigating." Freedom City's supposedly very fond of their heroes, so maybe this will work?
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