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  1. GM For a time, there was no response from within the police station. Before long, however, the teens outside heard yelling, screaming, and a whole lot of rushing feet. Police, thugs, and officers in SWAT gear alike emerged from within, many of them throwing their weapons aside. The thugs (and a few police officers) dashed away as fast as they possibly could, tripping and stumbling in the cold and dark that Shadowborne emanated. The remaining officers, however, seemed ready to accept their defeat with dignity, fumbling their way onto the street in front of the station and kneeling down, hands up and held level with their heads. For her part, Shadowborne saw no would-be ambushers among them - Outrider well and truly frightened them. She did hear faint shouts from inside the station, but... she couldn't really make out the words. Inside, Paper continued his scouting mission. He, too, heard the screaming and shouting as the party continued outside, but then he found that more than a dozen thugs with weapons drawn were charging down the halls towards him, their eyes wide. "Wait! Who's that?" A woman shouted, leveling a pistol at him. "Who cares? Let's get out of here before they take the whole place down!" Another, this one a burly man, replied. "Maybe he's with them! We take him, we've got a hostage!" "Ya think we can? You're on your own. See ya, kid." With that, seven of the thugs rush past him, leaving only six with the woman who wanted to take him hostage.
  2. Police Officers Sense Motive vs. Intimidate: 20 Tie goes to... the one with the higher bonus, which is, in this case, Outrider. Well done! Thugs Intimidate vs. Intimidate: 14. Yeah, I figured that much. SWAT Officers Intimidate vs. Intimidate: 10. Ha! Thugs in the Back Initiative: 19 @Spacefurry, Initiative please. I'll use the 16s for the other two.
  3. Not quite, no. It'll interfere somewhat with his scouting as he goes closer to the front - like, he's maybe seven hundred-odd feet away at the moment. It's not a big building, especially, but neither is it quite that small. (I'm making up these numbers on the spot. This may be an excessively small police station, but then, it's right next door to Freedom City, which is the hero capital of the world...)
  4. GM The Obsidian Prison: The Petty Tyrant (2) Send my GM posts to Legatus, please.
  5. GM The sudden dark and chill wrapped around the teen heroes' foes, as death's frozen embrace. "Powers! They're damned superheroes!" One of the officers shouted, panic in her voice. Another voice - one of the thugs, most likely, snorted "If this is all they can manage, the boss won't need to do anything." Unfortunately for all of them, it was at this very moment that Outrider's massive hammer hit the ground, shattering pavement and sending a spiderweb of cracks towards them. More pressingly, the quake sent all of them off of their feet. Their bodies crashed into the steps behind them, and none so much as shifted their weight to get up again. The steps themselves suffered greatly as well, however, and two of the leonine statues that flanked them cracked unpleasantly.
  6. Police 1 Fortitude vs. Extreme Cold: 17 Police 2 Fortitude vs. Extreme Cold: 5 Welp, that's -1 Con to her. Thug 1 Fortitude vs. Extreme Cold: 17 Thug 2 Fortitude vs. Extreme Cold: 24 I'm sure they'll regret rolling that 20 when they try shooting at you both. Thug 3 Fortitude vs. Extreme Cold: 8 Oh, hey, he gets a -1 Con, too. Good for him. Police 1 Reflex vs. Graviton Quake: 7 Police 1 Toughness: 23 Wow, he nearly passed. Unfortunately, nearly is not nearly enough. Police 2 Reflex vs. Graviton Quake: 15 Not quite. Police 2 Toughness: 15 Thug 1 Reflex: 10 Thug 2 Reflex: 20 Thug 3 Reflex: 2 Thug 2 Toughness: 12 The other two couldn't actually succeed their rolls. Well, this'll be fun to write. EDIT: @Lone_Star, I assume you meant Graviton Smash, because Quake is just a trip, which isn't quite what you described.
  7. Oops, yes. Both of those, please. Sorry, I've been a tad distracted with various life events.
  8. Sable Raven Sable Raven took the small piece of paper, memorized its contents, then slipped it into a small pocket in the armor. "Well, I suppose you have the right to be suspicious of me." He waved a gauntleted hand. "You have very little evidence I'm not some clone or threat, after all... I'm not, in case you wanted to hear it from me. Do you wish me to come in civilian garb, or shall I appear as I am?" He gestured at his dark armor. I wonder what I mean by that. Am I my armor, or who lies within? Probably a bit of both, honestly. "In the meantime, do you want to... get a head start on this partnership, so to speak, by dealing with a few would-be racketeers?" The beaked helm turned back to the streets below. "A few thugs hired by the Lee Syndicate, as they're calling themselves, are trying to shake down some of the local shops. I think that one's next."
  9. GM Five people rush out of the front of the police station - two in the uniform of the local police force, and two wearing less formal, if thick clothing. All five hold pistols. "Who the hell are you all? Throw down your weapons before we're forced to shoot!" One of the officers shouts. One of the grunts, a woman with short-shorn blond hair, lifts her pistol, prepared to fire at the teens.
  10. Sable Raven "Yes, he started in the sixties. I have a different perspective than him, as well." Sable Raven said, his voice quiet. "My own Freedom League was younger and more modern - we had far more diversity than his." Shaking his head, he looked back to the Raven. "Regardless, I would appreciate being linked into the network, so to speak. I do wish to meet my counterpart properly, as well as his daughter." He snorted, his helm cutting the noise off from the outside world. "A daughter, and with Tzin Li, no less. I never would've..." He choked off the words. No use weeping over my lost opportunities. Weep for the lost opportunities of the world. "I don't think you could use the exact designs. These metals changed when I was cast into the multiverse and arrived here. I'm still not certain of all of their properties, but I intend to find out more." Sable Raven shrugged slightly. "But I'm happy to lend my expertise if you are looking to develop powered armor. It's not as easy as you'd hope, but neither is it as hard as you'd dread." Behind the helm, Duncan smiled at the thought. It's not the sort of dread I usually inspire, but...
  11. Sable Raven Unkindness in the Shadow of Doom (3) GM The Obsidian Prison: The Petty Tyrant (1) Please send any PP earned from the GM posts to Sable Raven.
  12. Sable Raven "Yes, it was rather disturbing to see that there were others who had taken on the name when I first arrived here." Sable Raven mused. "I... well, I hadn't imagined letting someone else take the reins when I was back home." He sighed into his helm again. "To be honest, it's rather depressing to consider, if understandable." The armored helm turned back to the Raven, and a hissing laugh emerged from within. "Erm. Sorry. Voice alteration technology messes with my laugh. In any case, I do have my own little base of operations in this lovely city... though my home could probably do with some more adjustments..." Sable Raven shook his helm, setting the thought aside. "And a family, hm? I had my own companions and aides, though none took to the field in vigilantism. Regardless... they say that you learn more as a teacher than as a student. Perhaps we can teach one another some things? I know I want to pull back a little, but..." He spread his clawed gauntlets. "Perhaps I can teach you a thing or two on how to build something like this? If you don't already know, that is."
  13. Can I get Initiative from @Kaede Kimura and @Lone_Star?
  14. Sable Raven "Mm." Duncan submitted quietly to the examination. This Raven probably has more experience than me in fighting crime, to say nothing of the myriad dimensional invasions that this world has had. Doctor Sin... isn't that what Tzin Sing calls himself here? After a moment, he flexed his gauntleted hands, tapping his claws against his bladed helmet. "From what I can tell, I come from a different universe from this one, yes." Sable Raven lifted his helm and placed it on his head once more. With a hiss, it sealed itself to the rest of his armor. "My suit is of my own design. Brought here from my home." At the Raven's mention of his use of rather excessive force, he stopped, turning towards the Doomforge. "I am, in fact, using my name. If anything, you're using my name, too." A sigh escaped from his lips, silenced to the outside world by his helm. "But... yes. I know you're right. In my world, things were rather more brutal than here. I'm still unlearning my habits." Sable Raven turned back to his counterpart. While that was true, the war that had brought an end to his world had been yet more brutal still, and that, he suspected, was the problem. In the shadow of the Doomforge, I lose myself. "I... well, I've been out of control here. It's hard to see this part of the city fallen so far."
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