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  1. https://orokos.com/roll/913389 Init is 28. Skill Mastery for Sense Motive is at 25.
  2. Invisigirl “Eep!” Said the inivisible girl, startling back into visibility. “S-sorry. I forget, sometimes.” Was this a delayed reaction to the cat or a response to Callie? Yes. She was quiet again, and very still. Aside from munching on pretzels. Mmm, pretzels. It wasn’t the salt. It was the shape of them. All twisty. And the little ones (like the one in the bag she had) crunched so satisfyingly. Twisty crunch. Twisty crunch. Something in her brain was well pleased, but she couldn’t and didn’t care to identify it. Oh, right. She crouched down. “Minou? Kätzchen?” The cat’s colors and shapes enraptured the art-holic’s mind, and it wandered away again, leaving her blank eyed and staring at the poor kitty. Effigy Meanwhile, Wilona’s album had at last come to a very satisfying conclusion. Sprawled out on her new bed, she took her earbuds out, and set both them and her Ipod aside. Where had Naomi gone? Looking outside her new door, Wilona found her quite easily. She strolled into the other dorm room like she owned the wholebuilding, and crouched down next to her partner in life. “So…what are we looking at? La gatita? She’s cute, but ohhhh.” Wilona looked at Naomi. “You’re doing your art thing in your head.” She straightened, and at last addressed the person who’s room she was in. “I’m Wilona, she’s Naomi, we’re over there for now.” She jerked a thumb in the direction of their room.
  3. Queenie And here was the backup, in a giant metal thingamawhatever; Queenie didn’t care. Okay, fine. Playtime? Over. She’d been working on this one for a little while now. Three months of picking off goon squads one by one got to be a real pain in the backside. And so now, behold. Her forcefield visibly surged in energy output for a moment. The pot abruptly disappeared, freeing the five goons. And a barrage of translucent silvery apples slapped them all to the ground while bouncing off the whatever. Hmm. Maybe not apples, next time. She pointed at the whatever from her position in midair. “You, in the thingamajig. Really not helping. Turn it off, get out, and surrender. Or we break it. I bet it costs more money than you do to your boss.”
  4. Terrifica Terrifica was many things, but slow and stupid were not among them. Paige Cline was a psychic. Terrifica purposefully did not know her exact power set, but when someone with superhuman senses panicked and said to run, you ran. The old army proverb. A sergeant running away outranked an officer. A demoman running away outranked the sergeant. A signalman outranked the demoman. And in, Terrifica’s view, a psychic outranked the signalman. So the first reason she wasn’t the first one out the door was because she was seated with crossed legs. The second being that she wanted to be the last. To make sure no civilians were left behind, and to take a mental snapshot of the room. Perfect memory. If there was anything in this room that could be relevant later, she would know. And then she was outside with everyone else.
  5. Wilona had heavy metal, roaring wind, and her own singing to overcome to hear Callie speaking. She did not succeed at the Listen or the Spot check to even notice the unpowered young woman was there. Naomi, lost in her own little art world, failed the Spot check, but not the Listen. However, it took several minutes before her current thought process was completed, “clearing the boards” so to speak. During this time, Wilona plugged in her Ipod and continued to rock hard. Though minus the roaring wind of Libertas. Naomi poked her invisible head out from her new doorway (Did she realize her powers were on? Haha, no.), and finally spotted Callie. She timidly went over and grabbed a bag of pretzels to munch on. She liked pretzels. This, of course, was a profoundly odd visual. A mysteriously floating bag, from which the contents were removed, lifted, and disappeared. And of course, the clear and obvious sounds of chewing.
  6. Ho-kay, let's do some math. Power Stunt ahoy! Blast 7. 14/24 Array PP. Two Extras (Targeted Burst Area & Selective Attack). One is nulled cost wise by a Flaw (Action [Full]). So we're at 21 PP. Need Accurate 2 to meet caps, so 23 PP. Throw that last PP at Progression (Improved Area) just so it's big enough. Yeah. Nice. Blast 7 (Power Feats: Accurate 2, Progression [Improved Area 35-70 ft]; Extras: Targeted Burst Area, Selective Attack; Flaw: Action [Full]) Why, you ask? To put down the good squad and take a swipe at the exoskeleton at the same time. Queenie isn't playing around today. Especially because she's using Power Attack +4 to get back to her usual balanced Attack/Damage of +11 each. Taking 10 on the minions lets me hit them easily with that attack bonus. DC of 26 Toughness. But if that's not allowed because exoskeleton, I'll roll. Burning an HP to ignore the fatigue, too. And, for the record, she is flying and thus out of melee range from anyone on the ground. I think of that as her combat default and thus didn't mention it before when I should have.
  7. Queenie Maybelle McQueen did not care. She did not want to be in space right now. She did not want to be dealing with space criminals. She did not want to be on this planet so very far away from the baking she had planned for this week. She wanted to be at home, in her own kitchen, baking sweet treats. But she’d made a commitment, and so she hadn’t been home most of the year. 2021 had been a busy year for space crime, and her help had been requested on numerous occasions. She hadn’t physically set foot on planet Earth in three months. Fortunately, Praetorian communicators came with universal translation because she was in no mood to passively listen. A translucent silver pot encased the 5 goons at the front of the warehouse. “Two options, fellas. Put the weapons down and surrender, or we stop playing nice.” She trusted Traveller to keep an eye on the side streets.
  8. The one and only Wilona Tabana literally flew onto the fourth floor, with only a tattered hiking backpack for luggage. Literally because she was using her flight spell, Libertas. It worked via a pretty sloppy application of wind. So! Were posters knocked down from the wind? Yes. Was it pretty damn loud in the enclosed space? Yes. Did she actually care about either of those things? Haha, no. She had wired earbuds in, blasting heavy metal from her ancient Ipod. She had a roof that didn’t leak. A bed that wasn’t scavenged. An honest to god hot shower she didn’t have to heat the water for herself. And she generally didn’t care what other people thought anyway. She turned the knob to her room and the winds slammed it open. It was a very good day. She sang along to the music in her ears without a care in the world. Naomi Ellison, by contrast, was literally invisible as she climbed the stairs behind her closest friend. Invisible force carried multiple heavy bags full of art supplies. Okay, and a few changes of clothes. The bags were expensive luggage from a few years ago. Primo stuff, but now battered halfway beyond recognition. Her mind was full of visual ideas. Things to paint. Things to draw. Things to sculpt. Things to sew. Etecetera. Her mind was very much elsewhere, but the winds provided a clue as to where to go, and the door slamming open confirmed it. So after Wilona’s loud flashy entrance, several bags quietly floated into the same room.
  9. Put them all in the pot. Create Object 11. Reflex save DC 21.
  10. “Of course, Mrs. Cline. Someone trying to warn you off with violence is the easiest way to learn you’re on the right track. ” If there was one place Terrifica didn’t like to be, it was on television. Costumed detective work was so much easier when the criminals didn’t know exactly what you looked and sounded like with studio quality light and sound. Made them sloppier. But alas. Well. She was using a scrambler to distort her voice print. Still sounded about the same, but subtly off to anyone who’d hear her speak more than a few times. She was seated, legs crossed and paying perfect attention to the Clines. “I should be able to trace the emails. Please don’t ask how.” The explanation would be quite technical, as it was technically hacking and there were laws to circumvent. “And if the fire department has managed to put the warehouse out, there may be something left of the Centuritron.” Probably not enough to fill a breadbox, but she’d worked miracles with less. “Additionally, it wasn’t Talos. For him, robots are more people than biologicals. He’d never send a suicide bomber.” Hmm. She should be able to get the League to check the Sanctum as well, see if any Centuritrons had gone missing and when. “I don’t believe the attack was meant to kill us, either. Centuritrons did a more than passable job of imitating the real man. The power required to do that, well…I could rig one up to take out most of Freedom City. Granted, I’m better than most, but the point remains. I doubt they were unskilled and made a mistake. They were more likely to blow themselves up instead.” Hmm. Look into that, just in case. Random unexplained explosions or building fires. Probably remote or disused locations to start with. “So if they wanted us dead, we would be. Along with virtually the entire island.” Hmm. Four places to start. Speak, Sam. This isn’t going to be broadcast until this is over. “Four places to start. Tracing the emails. Examining what’s left of the Centuritrons. My League contacts checking on the Sanctum. That’s tracing the Centuritron’s origin, for the record. And just to cover all the bases, looking into any currently unexplained explosions or fires in remote or disused locations in the general area. Just in case we are dealing with a amateur who’s been lucky enough not to kill themselves.” She leaned back in the chair, quite finished speaking. But perhaps someone else had something to say.
  11. https://orokos.com/roll/910955 22, because of course I nat 20 the init roll of all things.
  12. Wrapped in ice, the man was well positioned to be questioned. Except the A. the man was a robot and B. it decided to explode. Dodging the explosion was not a problem. Terrifica had just dodged a falling semi-truck. This was nothing. And then a piece of her own ice ricocheted off a wall and hit her right between the eyes. As she blinked away tears behind her cowl (because gods, that hurt), she heard Archer asking if the explosion got her. No pain or stress in his voice, so he was fine and able to escape on his own. “No. It could be argued that I got me. We shouldn’t linger here unless we want to suffocate or burn to death.” Her staff collapsed and back on her belt, she made her way quickly outside. Archer would follow. She had no doubt. “That…was a remarkable waste of a evening.” Between her eyebrows throbbed. She logged on to the League’s systems via a gadget from her belt and reported the explosion. The fire department could deal with what was left here. “Still, I did learn something. That was a Centuritron. The robot.” She rubbed the injured spot, knowing full well it wouldn’t help at all. “And either whoever modified it has no idea what they’re doing, or that wasn’t meant to kill us. There’s enough power in those things to blow this little town off the map. Or most of it, at least. I don’t want to do math right now.” She sighed. “I need to tell the Clines. Are you coming along? And no, it’s got nothing to do with Talos. He doesn’t sacrifices his robots anymore than we would sacrifice people.”
  13. NEW STUDENTS Name: Wilona Tabana Codename: Effigy Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her Prospective Roommate: Naomi Ellison, Invisigirl Goal: Uh. Considering the plan didn't include schooling of any kind before a few months ago? Honestly, WIlona isn't the kind of person who thinks about the future, plan ahead, or make any substantial goals. She'd like to maintain her independence, and for Naomi to further flourish as a artist. Otherwise she's living day to day, firmly in the present. Favorite Music: I don't follow music, really. But she's a fan of metal and hard rock. No bands in particular because until recently she hasn't been able to listen to anything other than local radio. But if there's heavy guitar and/or harsh vocals, she probably likes it. If said vocalist is a woman, she probably loves it. Name: Naomi Ellison Codename: Invisigirl Year: Sophomore Pronouns: She/Her Prospective Roommate: Wilona Tabana, Effigy Goal: Unlike Wilona, Naomi actually has something going on here. She's an artist right down to her soul. She'd like to share her art with the entire world. Do gallery shows. Maybe get a degree in Art, maybe not. Basically she wants to translate her Twitter artist clout to real world artist clout. Favorite Music: Again, I don't follow music. She's a fan of soft music. Romantic love songs. Easy listening. Classical. She appreciates skill and artistry over marketability. So yes, she follows some indie musicians and she probably wouldn't know anyone from the Billboard Top 100 if she met them on the street.
  14. Wilona’s initial reaction was easily expected. She hadn’t moved, despite Leon’s gesturing. “First, paperboy, nobody sends me anywhere. I’ll go if I feel like it.” She looked over her shoulder at Naomi, expression relatively neutral. The invisible girl hadn’t moved, either. The second, however, perhaps not quite what Leon expected. She didn’t particularly like him, as was obvious, but she deferred to her companion. “Second, you want to do that? Go with him?” Even her tone was carefully neutral. “We can meet up later.” Naomi shook her head vehemently. Her voice didn’t match, however. It was her usual quietness. “No. I want to stay with you.” Wilona’s grin at Leon was savage and triumphant. She crossed her arms and stared him down. “Not a bad deal. I can go along with it. But I don’t play nice, pageboy.” Flames licked up and down her right arm again, neither touching nor burning anything else. “I play rough. Can you keep up? Libertas!” Her folded arms whipped out to her sides, translucent blue wind roared around her body and her feet left the ground. She flew towards the other group, with Naomi behind her with apparently nothing supporting her. The invisible girl knew what Wilona was doing as soon as she heard the spell’s first syllable. The others weren’t far, so it was a very short flight before the two touched down. Naomi silently, Wilona in a roar of wind as she let her spell lapse (the flames were long gone, of course). “Hiya! Looks like we’re talking the tour together after all.” Cheeky? Yes. Leon was like that meme. How do you do, fellow kids? Please. "You must be Luke. Lead away when you're ready."
  15. https://orokos.com/roll/907474 18 on the Reflex. https://orokos.com/roll/907477 22 on the Toughness. Didn't feel the need for a reroll, as a bruise is whatever. Gather Info reroutes to Computers via a feat. Skill mastery on Computers, for a 26. Terrifica knows stuff. It's her thing.
  16. Naomi jumped about a foot in the air. "Eep!" And disappeared. Wilona just turned around, annoyance lighting her features. "Depends." Her voice was a brash, bold, charismatic dynamo. It demanded your attention. She raised her right hand, and fire danced around her gloved fingers. "Are they gonna be there when I show up? Or do I gotta find them?" An intimidating grin spread across her face and some of the fire coalesced into her upraised palm. More danced up to her wrist. "But personally? I prefer making them come to me." Between the fire, the grin, and the look in her eyes...she was presenting herself like some kind of psychopath...and then there was a tug at her left sleeve. She sighed, and the fire and apparent psychosis vanished. Naomi reappeared as the sleeve-tugger. It was, however, Wilona who continued speaking. "Look, you were late, I hate waiting, and I told Summers I don't need a minder anyway. So shoo. I got this." This was when Naomi spoke at last. "But we don't know how to get back, Wil." Her voice was quiet and timid. A small thing, but strong nonetheless. Wilona turned to look at her. "No, YOU don't know how to get back. I was paying attention to where we were going. Besides, we can fly it's fine." She waved her hand dismissively. Naomi caved immediately. "Okay." But she looked vaguely sad when she said it. Wilona did not miss this. "Tch. All right." She turned back to Leon. "Lead away, paperboy."
  17. One problem was that Luke and Leon didn't want to do this. Another, more pressing issue was that Wilona and Naomi had not stayed in the rendezvous location. Wilona wasn't very good at uh, waiting. And taking someone else's version of the grand tour did not appeal. So she'd wandered away to, well, do it herself. As always, Naomi trailed behind, virtually invisible and artistic thoughts dancing in her head. The school was rather empty at this time of year, but there was plenty to look at. Wilona found it all quite interesting. So this was what a school looked like. She'd read about them in libraries, of course, but this was the real deal. Had some things in common with prisons, to be honest. Honestly, she didn't know what she was thinking when she agreed to this. Then she saw Naomi, looking over an art project display, and remembered. Her clothes were clean and new, she'd lost that worrying thinness, and to Wilona's eyes she glowed softly in the afternoon light. Well. Wilona could put up with it for a while longer.
  18. Terrifica Terrifica had plenty of time to carefully observe the semitruck before she threw herself out of the way of its passage. How she did not see the man (?) who threw it was a question for another time. A side benefit of how fast her brain was gave her all the time in the world to plan how to act in a crisis. So when, mid dodge, she snapped off two shots with her Freonic Ray it was entirely intentional that the first shot missed. It was meant to force the person to dodge right into the second shot, which locked them in ice. The absorbed heat from both shots blew out the rear opening of her staff as she put both feet on the ground again. "Now, let's discuss why you threw some so large at us, and I'll consider not blasting you into the Atlantic."
  19. Skill Mastery 25 for a Improved Feint, and attempt to Snare him. https://orokos.com/roll/904142 16. Certainly a miss without a successful Feint. With, who knows? DC 18 Reflex, with Secondary Effect if it hits.
  20. Worked out the bugs over on Discord. I'm happy as a clam. APPROVED
  21. Changes have been made! Instead of the various unnecessary Subtles, there's an extra 4 PP scattered in Skills. She looks more like a Ph. D in Arts candidate now than a high school sophomore, but eh. Points gotta go somewhere.
  22. Player Name: Eternal Phoenix Character Name: Invisigirl Power Level: 8 (150/150 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Sue Storm if she was a brown teenage heiress. And timid, mousey artist. Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Freedom City Catchphrases: “Eep! turns invisible” Theme: Invisible, by Zara Larsson Alternate Identities: Naomi Ellison Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Student Affliations: Claremont Academy Family: Mr. James (faithful butler, steward of her fortune), Mr. Lucien (CEO and Chairman of the Board, Ellison Group) (neither are blood, but what she has left); Wilona Tabana (found family) Age: 16 (Born in 2005) Apparent Age: Early to mid teens Gender: Female Ethnicity: Ambiguously brown Height: 5’ 1” Weight: 95 Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark Brown Description: Naomi’s hair is short in the front, with the back half swept back into a ponytail. The only exceptions to this are sleep and showers. The only skin below the neck she shows is her hands, which are typically paint and/or ink stained. In hotter times this will change to forearms and some upper arm, because short sleeve shirts. Civilian attire is basically a t shirt and paint and ink stained denim overalls. She’ll always have a paintbrush, a pen, a pencil, or something similar behind one ear. The pockets of her overalls always contain lots of little things. A snack. Some paper. Pre-Claremont, she didn’t have a costume. Now, she has this ultra generic grey jumpsuit and domino mask. She lets her hair down, too. History: Naomi Ellison was born filthy stinkin’ rich. The Ellison Group was a relatively new player on the global scene, but her parents had come up with a few gizmos modern society couldn’t function without, so they were rolling in it by the time she was born. They were not good parents. It was never stated, but Naomi was clearly an accident. One that they didn’t intend to stop them from living their lives as they did before. It did not help that Naomi was…strange. She was passed from a succession of housekeepers, drivers, and other house staff. She was always Miss Ellison, never Naomi. Treated more like an object or a pet than a person. And with her personality, even at school she was effectively invisible. It was…kind of lonely, but she had art. Visual art, to be precise. And while her subject matter could be confusing or disconcerting, her talent was undeniable. Now she was a pet with a neat trick. Something for her parents to show off at fancy dinner parties. Look at our prodigy. Isn’t she neat? Her world was monotone and grey, aside from her art. Then she met Wilona Tabana. She fed her sometimes. They talked. Naomi had a little while after school, before her driver showed up in the limo to take her to art lessons. Sometimes she had longer, because he hit traffic or was just late. They didn’t become friends or anything, but it was someone who called Naomi by her name and was excited to see her every day. Wilona was lonely too, though she hid it well. And she didn’t know stuff girls should know by her age. Not okay. Then the Terminus invaded, and everything went to hell. Naomi doesn’t remember a lot about it. Desperation to get to the airport. Limo crash. The scent of blood and burning meat. Horrible monsters outside. Pleading with the universe to not let them see her. And above it all, Wilona’s voice. Cajoling her to move. Telling her it was gonna be all right. Roaring defiance at the monsters. Like some hero out of Freedom League stories. It was the least Naomi could do to help the monsters not see her either, once they were settled. Wilona promised to keep her in art supplies, and her parents were dead. So she had no real reason not to stay with her friend. Naomi explored her newfound powers helping Wilona scavenge food and generally survive the streets. But the reports of WIlona’s existence (thanks to her actions during the Invasion and afterward) got back to Headmistress Callie Summers of the Claremont Academy. There was no convincing Naomi to come on her own. She only cared about having enough art supplies and staying close to Wilona. And forcing someone with invisibility and potent telekinesis was more trouble than it was worth, especially since Naomi was the sensitive type and may well be traumatized by the attempt regardless of success or failure. So the task was convincing WIlona to come along, and it was a mammoth endeavor. It ended with both WIlona and Naomi as emancipated minors. Once it was done, Naomi followed along with Wilona like she had for the last three-ish years of her life. Personality & Motivation: The best way to describe Naomi Ellison is living in her own little world. It takes something significant to noticeably draw her attention. And she’s a shy and timid girl, too. Very quiet. The type to disappear into the walls when one isn’t looking. She does the vast majority of her living inside her own head. She tries to share that inner world with her art, but it doesn’t really work. Her inner mindscape is somewhat alien to the average person. She can normally be found quietly working on her latest art project. Yes, even in the middle of class. However. Don’t think for one moment that she is perpetually zoned out. This is not the case. Her “awake and alert” just looks like “completely zoned out”. She cares about people and wants to help them just as much as any superhero. More than most, arguably. She’s very kind, and does lots of quiet little things that make her friends’ lives easier. Her character arc, ironically enough, is about learning how to be less invisible. To find the courage to stand out and do the big flashy dramatic things that superheroes do. As well as the ones that aren’t so big and flashy, but are more important than anything. Power Descriptions: Uh. All of Naomi’s powers are invisible and silent. There isn’t a lot to describe, here. Naomi perceives them as extremely translucent silvery force. Sometimes she gestures with her hands to make it happen, but that’s not strictly necessary. And also may not matter due to her being invisible at the time. If someone happens to have Vision Counters Concealment, then they’ll see what she does. Extremely translucent silvery force constructs. Create Object lets her get very creative with her art, but alas most people can’t see them. The Force Field just makes misses or Tou saves she makes look like the attack simply don’t touch her. Powers & Tactics: Naomi was mutated by exposure to a variety of exotic energies, among them the entropic energies of the Terminus. She wields fields of force that bend light away from them, rendering them completely invisible. She can simulate telekinesis and create constructs with this. The constructs are connected to her mind, however, and strong enough attacks can harm her while breaking them. A weak application renders her or anyone else in (a wide) range invisible. A stronger one protects her from harm and shunts attacks aside. The TK can bludgeon people, or a specialized construct can bind them. Tactically, Naomi isn’t really a fighter yet. The plan is to go invisible and protect the vulnerable with a construct while Wilona slings fire and kicks the opps’ asses. But…most people can’t perceive her powers, which means she can catch them flatfooted more often than most heroes do. And Wilona has never once complained about KO stealing, so…yeah, she’ll help if the vulnerable have gotten away. She has the cap shifting feats, but that’s really a function of her powers and not her actual skill level. OOC they are used intentionally, but IC she has no idea she’s doing it. As far as power stunting goes, she’s not even aware she can do that. She could do something like putting Burst Area or Alt Save Fort on Blast 8 (Subtle 2). Or swapping Moveable for Impervious on Create Object. But those are a ways away. After some training. Complications: Conveniently and Inconveniently Inconspicuous: Naomi is one of those rare people who can accidentally use Stealth. So whenever the GM sees fit (most likely when someone’s trying to find her), they can call for a Stealth check vs. said someone’s Notice. Or just say they can’t find her, despite the lack of invisibility. A GM may award a Hero Point to the other player for this occurring. Or not, I don’t know if that’s even allowed. Wealthy Heiress: Now that she’s found to be alive after all these years, she’s got quite a bit of money. Those who know that are of course going to be chasing after it. Whether through robbing, killing, or even wooing her. This is basically a plot hook generator in Complication form. A GM may award a Hero Point for a plot hook being generated. Or not, as she’s a Sidekick so le shrug. Soul Of An Artist: The inside of Naomi’s head is a strange and confusing place to be, even for allies. Communicating with her can be…challenging, even via telepathic methods. Regardless of communication method, she may completely misunderstand what was said or say something incomprehensible to other people. A GM may award a Hero Point for this becoming a hindrance. Or not, as she’s a Sidekick so le shrug. Wil, what’s “Artist Clout”?: Not long after joining up with Wilona after the Terminus Invasion, Naomi joined social media as a art poster (Twitter/Artstation/Deviantart/whatever). She has a small legion of followers these days. They don’t know her real name and they’ve never seen her full face. They just know she’s a perpetually broke analog artist, and that her handle is an exact match to this new superhero in Freedom City. The former is ironic, since she just became the polar opposite of broke. Still, it’s the internet. There could be a creepily obsessed stalker. An uberfan who just had to meet their hero. Or even a mutual who reaches out for the kind of help only a superhero could provide. This Complication is part plot hook, part excuse to put civilians in danger they need rescuing from. A GM may award a Hero Point for a plot hook being generated or just triggering it the normal way. Abilities: 0+6+0+4+6+0=16 Strength 10 (+0) Dexterity 16 (+3) Constitution 10 (+0) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 16 (+3) Charisma 10 (+0) Combat: 8+8=16 Initiative: +3 (+3 Dex) Attack: +4 Base (+8 Ranged) Grapple: +4 (Melee), +16 (Ranged Move Object) Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Shield, +2 Flat Footed) Knockback: -8 w/ Force Field, 0 without Saving Throws: 5+1+5=11 Toughness: +8 (+0 Con; +8 Force Field); Impervious 8 Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5) Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +1, +4 Enhanced Reflex) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 80 SP= 20PP Concentration 12 (+15) Craft (artistic) 13 (+15) Craft (chemical) 3 (+5) Diplomacy 8 (+8) Knowledge (art) 8 (+10) Knowledge (business) 3 (+5) Knowledge (physical sciences) 3 (+5) Languages 2 (English Native, French, German) Notice 12 (+15) Sense Motive 2 (+5) Stealth 12 (+15) Survival 2 (+5) Feats: 13PP Accurate Attack Attack Focus (ranged) 4 Benefit 3 (Wealth) Defensive Attack Power Attack Precise Shot Second Chance (concentration checks to maintain powers) Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Enhanced Feats Evasion Powers: 74PP (all powers have “Mutation” as a source descriptor) Array 13 [26 PP, Feats: Alternate Power 3] (Invisible Force) [29 PP] Base Power: Move Object 8 (Feats: Subtle 2; Extras: Damaging) (Invisible Telekinetic Force) [26/26PP] (Force/Bludgeoning descriptors) Alternate Power: Create Object 8 (8x5’ cubes; Feats: Subtle 2 Extras: Impervious, Moveable; Flaws: Feedback) (Invisible Force Objects) [26/26PP] Alternate Power: Snare 8 (Feats: Subtle 2; Extra: Regenerating) (Invisible Force Bindings) [26/26PP] Alternate Power: Concealment 4 (Visual Senses; Feats: Close Range, Precise, Progression [Decrease Area] 3, Progression [Increase Area] 8, Selective; Extras: Affects Others Only, Area Shapeable [1-2000 5x5x5 ft cubes; 125 cubic ft each]) [26/26PP] (Invisible Crowd) Enhanced Reflex 4 (Feats: Evasion; Extra: Linked +0) + Force Field 8 (Feats: Subtle 2; Extras: Impervious, Linked +0) + Shield 4 (Extra: Linked +0) [27PP] (Invisible Force Field) Concealment 4 (Visual Senses; Feats: Close Range, Precise) [10PP] (Invisibility) Flight 3 (50 mph, 440 ft/rnd; Feats: Subtle 2; Flaw: Platform) [5PP] (Invisible Flying Platform) Super Senses 3 (Invisible Force Awareness (visual), Vision Counters Concealment) [3PP] DC Block: Name Attack Bonus Range Save & DC Effect Unarmed +4 Melee 15 Toughness Damage Invisible Telekinetic Force +8 Ranged 23 Toughness Damage Invisible Force Bindings +8 Ranged 18 Reflex Snare Abilities 16 + Combat 16 + Saving Throws 11 + Skills 20 + Feats 13 + Powers 74– Drawbacks 0= 150/150
  23. Player Name: Eternal Phoenix Character Name: Effigy Power Level: 8 (180/180 PP) Trade-Offs: +4 Damage, -4 Attack(Pyrus), None (Pyroboltia); +4 Toughness, -4 Defense Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Fiery teen sorceress blazing her own trail Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Freedom City Catchphrases: Various fire related threats, profanity, combinations of the two. Themes: Burn It Down, by Five Finger Death Punch; Burn, by Divide Music Alternate Identities: Wilona Tabana Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Student (grudgingly) Affliations: Claremont Academy Family: No known blood relations; Naomi Ellison (found family) Age: 16 (Born in 2005) Apparent Age: Mid to late teens Gender: Female Ethnicity: Latina (apparently, she dunnos) Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 140 Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Reddish Brown Description: Wilona doesn’t display an iota of skin below the neck. This includes gloves. Plenty of scattered burn scars (especially the vein like pattern on her right arm), and it makes a girl look vulnerable, displaying skin like that. Civilian attire is battered old hand me downs from charity places. Jeans, when she can get them. She likes reds in her shirts and dark colors in her pants. The Effigy Robes are a dull orange. Brighter at the shoulders and darkening close to red as it goes down her legs. They’re basically a really long tunic with pants underneath secured by a rope belt. There’s a domino mask, too, but sometimes she forgets it. It’s new since Claremont, after all. History: Wilona Tabana doesn’t remember her family. Or if she ever had one. She was a street kid. Homeless. Anonymous. That’s what she remembers. That’s what her life was. That, and the fire inside. And just as often, outside. She was a pyromancer born. Fire obeys her. Maybe not something a grade school kid should have, but eh. Nobody got that hurt. Kids are small. Easier to hide. Scavenging food, dodging cops, discouraging pervs, welcome to life on the street. Winter wasn’t a problem, though summer sucked. She was…kind of lonely. Homeless people can be good company (and sometimes not), but there weren’t exactly an overwhelming number of kids her age. But honestly, she had stuff to do. Got to stay out of sight during school hours, so might as well learn something. She thought maybe, since she can make fire happen, she can do other stuff. Just had to replicate the feeling, right? Right. Well, it wasn’t exactly the same, but hey she could do other stuff. Lot of trial and error between those two sentences, but again she had the time. @$%ing hard, but she could do it. And after she figured that out, she met Naomi. Richie rich girl, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. That’s what the folks she knew said, but they never bothered to talk to her. She was lonely, too. It wasn’t a friendship, exactly. But Naomi knew stuff. Important stuff growing girls should know. And she had food, sometimes. So they hung out, sometimes, between school and her art lessons. It was something. Then the Terminus invaded, and everything went to hell. The nightmare of the invasion cannot possibly be understated. People Wilona had known for years were…gone. Or worse. And for the first time, she had to find out how powerful her fire actually was. It was uh, rather powerful. Blow holes through those metal freaks with the weird poles powerful. 13 years old, and the most potent pyromancer on the street. So she pitched in. At first heroically, but then just to clear enough space to find a good hole and crawl in. Way too many of those freaks, and they were talking an interest in her. Then she came across the smashed limousine. She knew it. The Ellisons used it all the time. The only person in it still breathing was the terrified out of her mind Naomi, so Wilona pulled her out and took her into said hole with her. Freedom’s heroes kicked the Terminus back the hell out of our dimension. Wilona taught Naomi the ways of the street. The latter was mutated by her exposure to Terminus energies, among everything else happening that day. Turning invisible and slinging invisible force was incredibly useful for scavenging food, ducking cops, and discouraging pervs. It also explained by they weren’t bothered in the hole they crawled in. It took time to put Freedom back to something resembling normal. It took more time to sort out all the reports and sightings. But eventually an interesting report about a potent fire slinging young girl crossed the desk of Headmistress Callie Summers. That girl had saved lives that day, and newer reports indicated she was still alive and in the city. Finding her would prove to be quite challenging. No fixed address. Avoids cops and superheroes like the plague. A hell of a lot smarter than she pretends to be. Getting through to her would prove to be an even greater challenge. Wilona was naturally suspicious and hostile to anything resembling an authority figure that wasn’t like, a kindly nun or something. Granted, all of them (from a certain point of view) wanted to curtail the huge amount of personal freedom she currently enjoyed to live her life the way she saw fit. That’s a hell to the no on that one. Miss her with all that talk about the law, responsibility, or whatever. Wilona did what she thought was the right thing to do, and to blazes with anyone who tried to make her do otherwise. The headmistress had to handle this carefully, or Wilona would absolutely refuse to cooperate. Her actions since the Invasion indicated a desire to be a superhero, but she was clearly aware that as a minor, the law was not on her side as far as operating independently of…well, anything and anyone who wasn’t Naomi. Hence avoiding cops and superheroes like the plague. So instead of the direct approach, the headmistress played to her curiosity and obvious intelligence. Rather than command, Ms. Summers and her agents questioned. Better clothes. Better food. A safer environment. More people who care about her. Doesn’t she want these things? Doesn’t she want these things for Naomi? Wilona, predictably, got pissed off. But it was obvious these were things she wanted. She wasn’t stupid. These were things she’d considered for a while now. The stumbling block was, as ever, surrendering even the tiniest bit of her autonomy. So she was kind of stuck, and thus, nothing changed. So, Ms. Summers offered a solution. She would become Wilona’s official guardian, just long enough so that she could become emancipated. She, with the Ellison estate’s cooperation, also did this for Naomi. So both would be effectively independent, because Naomi inherited her parents’ uncountable riches, they didn’t have parents of any kind, and honestly they’d been living independently for three-ish years anyway. Much longer in Wilona’s case. This meant that neither had any legal obligation to remain at the Claremont Academy if they no longer desired to be there, and Ms. Summers was perfectly willing to waive the financial obligation. This made it so much easier, so Wilona agreed to attend and live there. Only on a trial basis, she insisted. Sure, whatever. Personality & Motivation: Wilona Tabana comes in three layers. Cockiness and braggadocio for days when she’s playing around. Anger and intimidating pyromania when the gloves come off. And finally the core of her, a stubborn willfulness that makes even the more recalcitrant mule look pliant. She’s extremely self-reliant and independent, to a literally self destructive degree. She has the burn scars to prove it. Nobody makes her choices for her. She’ll destroy herself first. Well, maybe whatever’s restraining her first. But still. She’s got to have everything her own way, and the only way she’ll ever do anything is on her own terms. She doesn’t trust anyone besides herself. Okay. Naomi, some. But not completely. She plays up her temper and pretends to be a pyromaniac to push people away. Keep them at a distance. She does have a truly volcanic temper, but it’s not nearly as hair trigger as she pretends. She doesn’t have any special love for fire, though, aside from how it’s helped her out over the years. She will do whatever it takes to avoid feeling vulnerable or helpless. These things aside, she’s not a bad person, really. She’s got the heroic spirit, and does care about others. Though, she’s only a pain in the ass if you disrespect her free will and autonomy. Don’t do that, and she’s an excellent friend who will respect your free will and autonomy in turn. Because you see, her autonomy thing just applies to her. She's not about to champion the cause of free will throughout the world. That would be interfering with the free will and autonomy of others. Like hell she's gonna do that. So how does she justify fighting crime? Well, she's not stopping the bad guys from making their own choices. But she can and does choose to blast them in the face for it. Choices have consequences, after all. Her character arc, surprisingly, is not about learning humility or how to control her temper. It’s about learning how to be comfortable with being vulnerable and/or powerless. Power Descriptions: Wilona’s pyromancy is, well, fire. Even when she’s holding a spell in her hand, it looks like her hand is on fire. Light, heat, etc. So when she casts a fire spell, it’s hot. Contained so it does what she wants, sure, but anybody adjacent is going to feel the flash of intense heat and accompanying wind as the fire is emitted. Her other powers are not pyromancy. They are obviously self taught basic magic. Crude, amateur work. Her teacher ought to be ashamed…except she’s never had one, so it wraps back around to kind of amazing. They’re all basically all some shade of blue. Fortius is extremely translucent, as is Castillius as they’re force effects, but the others tend to be a solid color. Powers & Tactics: Wilona is an inborn pyromancer and self taught magician. She has a burning soul, and as such her pyromancy’s energies come directly from it. Her fire magic comes as naturally to her as breathing, and requires no special incantations or anything else to use. Regardless of how she prefers to use it. Pyromancy isn’t the most flexible of ‘mancies, and Wilona not knowing subtle if it bit her on the ass doesn’t help. Basically she throws a lot of fire around. Pyrus is one big blast, Infernus usually a thrown fireball (though she can do a sudden explosion instead when she’s feeling fancy), and Pyroboltia is a series of weaker blasts. Fire Control she genuinely doesn’t see as a spell, and it arguably isn’t one. Fire just obeys her will. They are all done with her right hand. Always. Her other spells are different. She needs to do them the way she figured out how to do them or they won’t work. They’re all cast with a specific gesture with her left hand and calling out the name of the spell. And they use ambient mana, not the energy generated by her soul. Fortius is a shield of force that augments her Effigy Robes. The gesture is pressing her hand to her sternum. Libertas is commanding the wind to carry her aloft. The gesture is her hand outstretched to her side. Aerus Servinius makes wind-based telekinesis happen with a literal wave of her hand. Castillius sees her slap her hand to the ground to make fields of protective force rise up from it. Sensus Displacius has her slap the heel of her hand against her forehead to literally displace her senses. All the names can’t be winners. She doesn’t have a magical tradition, at least not in the traditional (heh) sense. She appears pseudo-Hermetic, but that’s only because of the Western pop cultural version of Hermeticism being so pervasive. She technically didn’t have to use dog-Latin and a fancy gesture, but that’s what wizards do, right? And libraries are free. So her power stunts with her “Wizardry” array are going to be very basic and unsubtle. No Concealment, Incorporeal, or attack powers. Tactically, Wilona prefers the direct approach. Move action Startle, +4 All Out Attack with Pyrus. One opp, smacked down. Mmmmaybe throw in +4 Accurate Attack if they have like, only human durability or something. Infernus works well for groups, and Pyroboltia also synergizes well with a successful Startle. Her other spells are for utility and support, which is not really something her partnership with Naomi has seen her doing a lot of. Still, provided she hasn’t been ordered/commanded/whatever to do it, she has no problem sliding to a support role. Flight is very useful for staying out of melee range. So many ugly beasties want to rip your face off. As for power stunts, she has a couple Dazzles (in single target and perception area varieties) and a single target Snare (made of solidified fire, somehow) possible for Pyromancy. For “Wizardry” it’s a bit more complicated. Basically, the spells in it are successful ideas she’s tried out and practiced until they consistently worked. They’re quite literally the only ones she knows. So under normal circumstances, she’s incapable of power stunting with her “Wizardry” array. What would change this is exposure to another magician. She’d have to witness them doing something she can’t. Then and only then would she be able to power stunt her own version of such an effect. Given, of course, that it wasn’t something too subtle or an attack power. Complications: The Building’s On Fire, And It’s Probably My Fault: Wilona is a pyromancer, a fire sorcerer. And she’s not a particularly subtle one. It’s not impossible that she’ll set something on fire she didn’t intend to when she misses with a Pyromancy array attack. Like the building she’s in. Or the forest. Or the-you get the point. A GM may aware a Hero Point for triggering this. Yay, New Burn Scars: Her pyromancy cuts both ways. She is not immune to fire at all. Repeated use of it without breaks can cause her to start to overheat and burn. Extra Effort or several rounds consecutive use can add extra Bruises and/or Injuries, Daze/Stun her for a round, or anything else a GM might think up. Naturally, a Hero Point is awarded if this occurs. 404, Mana Not Found: Her other magic relies on ambient mana found in the world. If she’s been using them heavily, she’s in a barren wasteland or something (since mana comes from living things), or some other reason that makes sense, there can just not be enough mana around for them to be used. A GM may aware a Hero Point for triggering this. Temper, Temper: While Wilona’s temper isn’t as easy to trip as she pretends, it is truly volcanic in nature. Like most people, she can normally keep a lid on it. However, harming Naomi, trying to outright control Wilona herself, or just doing something incredibly evil in her presence are all excellent triggers. In such a state, she is completely irrational and likely trying to do her level best to completely incinerate the target of her rage whether or not this is possible, anyone is trying to stop her, or is even a good idea. A GM may award a Hero Point for this complicating everyone’s lives further. Abilities: 0+2+4+10+0+10=26 Strength 10 (+0) Dexterity 12 (+1) Constitution 14 (+2) Intelligence 20 (+5) Wisdom 10 (+0) Charisma 20 (+5) Combat: 6+6=12 Initiative: +1 (+1 Dex) Attack: +3 Base (+4 Ranged, +8 Pyroboltia) Grapple: +3 (+12 Aerus Servinius) Defense: +4 (+3 Base, +1 Dodge Focus, +2 Flat Footed) Knockback: -10 w/Force Field & Robes, -5 no Field, -1 with neither Saving Throws: 2+3+12=17 Toughness: +12 (+2 Con, +4 Protection, +6 Force Field); Impervious 8 Fortitude: +4 (+2 Con, +2) Reflex: +4(+1 Dex, +3) Will: +12 (+0 Wis, +12) Skills: 48 SP= 12PP Concentration 12 (+12) Intimidate 10 (+15) Knowledge (arcane Lore) 5 (+10) Language 2 (Latin, Spanish, English Native) Notice 5 (+5) Sense Motive 5 (+5) Stealth 4 (+5) Survival 5 (+5) Feats: 40PP Accurate Attack All Out Attack Attack Focus (ranged) Dodge Focus Luck 2 Power Attack Precise Shot Second Chance (concentration checks to maintain powers) Sidekick 30 (Invisigirl) Startle Powers: 73PP (All powers have “Magic” as a source descriptor. Effect descriptors are noted where necessary) Array 13 [26 PP, Feats: Alternate Power 3] (Pyromancy, all fire effects) [29 PP] Base Power: Blast 12 (Feats: Improved Crit 2) (Pyrus) [26/26PP] Alternate Power: Blast 8 (Feats: Progression, Increase Area 2; Extra: Burst Area [40-200 ft radius]) (Infernus) [26/26PP] Alternate Power: Blast 8 (Feats: Accurate 2; Extra: Autofire) (Pyroboltia) [26/26PP] Alternate Power: Move Object 12 (Extra: Range [perception]; Flaw: Limited [to Fire]) (Fire Control) [26/26PP] Array 9 [18 PP, Feats: Alternate Power 2] (“Wizardry”) [20 PP] Base Power: Move Object 6 (Extra: Range [Perception]) (Aerus Servinius) [18/18PP] (air/wind effect descriptor) Alternate Power: Create Object 6 (6x5’ cubes; Extra: Impervious) (Castillius) [18/18PP] (force effect descriptor) Alternate Power: ESP 6 (Visual & Auditory, 20 mile range) (Sensus Displacius) [18/18PP] Device 2 (10PP Container, Flaw: Hard to Lose) (Effigy Robes) [8PP] 25DP Total Protection 4 (Feats: Quick Change, Subtle; Extra: Impervious) [10DP] Flight 3 [6PP] (Libertas) (air/wind descriptor) Force Field 6 (Extra: Impervious 4) [10 PP] (Fortius) DC Block: Name Attack Bonus Range Save & DC Effect Unarmed +3 Melee 15 Toughness Damage Pyrus +4 Ranged 27 Toughness Damage Infernus N/A, Area Ranged 18 Reflex half, 23/19 Toughness Damage Pyroboltia +8 Ranged 23 Toughness (Autofire) Damage Abilities 26 + Combat 12 + Saving Throws 17 + Skills 12 + Feats 40 + Powers 73– Drawbacks 0= 180/180
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