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  1. Neko hadn't asked if Leon could visit the home of her foster parents, not when there were children and witches around. So instead she, Leon, and Erik had set up a meeting at one of the many West End cafes whose owner owed their life and sanity to their local hero team. That meant a private party room and discreet service. Once they got there, anyway. In the back of Erik's car (which gave them privacy for the trip to the cafe), she took a few pictures with her phone, smiling at herself in a way that showed just a little bit of her pointed front teeth. She hadn't loosened up as such in the space of the last few years - not really - but she'd let down the mask that she'd spent her first year at Claremont hiding behind. Owain had been the same, right down to admitting to Erik the summer before that he thought he might be gay. But Neko certainly wasn't that, despite what was apparently an active and voluble queer fanbase. She'd talked about her Claremont boyfriend a few times and Erik had seen pictures, but she'd never actually brought him home. But they'd been together for the last two years, and now that he had graduated - well, now was a good time. She wasn't bothering with illusions in the privacy of the car. Her tail was curled up behind her and expressive ears up and perky atop her head, eyes glowing a little in the light as she looked up at the rearview mirror. She was wearing a bright floral yukata and would have looked a creature from another world if she hadn't been living in Erik's house for two years - or typing on her phone with one hand. She hadn't always been able to do that!
  2. November 2021 Houseboat life wasn't always the most comfortable thing on the East Coast in November, especially when your lizard-brain was forged in the fires of New Orleans summers. Ashley woke up early on the hallway side of the bed, spooned against Fa'Rua's back, and decided it was too cold to get up. But of course she had to anyway so she reluctantly slipped out of bed, wrapping a button-down shirt around her torso. She'd gone to sleep in pajama bottoms, a habit she'd picked up at Claremont and never actually gotten away from. You never knew what you were going to wake up to. She took a moment to study Fa'Rua, hair dappled in the light of the Freedom City dawn, and smiled goofily before she turned to get herself cleaned up. This was going to be a big day, and not just because she was actually going to be going around town with her girlfriend when neither of them were working. Figuring Fa'Rua could get herself out, she fished leftover Chinese out of the fridge and parked herself by the side of the boat, away from the city where you could see the sunrise over the water. Damn. It really had been a good day. Nobody had wanted anything from the Patriot, or Special Agent Ashley Tran, or for that matter the lovely guest she'd been escorting around the city. And that, at least, was perfect.
  3. The Espadas School of Self Defence and Swordsmanship! 202 Fall (early November), a Saturday morning (probably after So Cruel and Beautiful) Davyd Palahniuk had graduated from the Claremont Academy a few months ago, but still wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. He'd had a few ideas, and one of them -- after overhearing Uncle Sasha gripe about "government spooks" -- had been worming its way through his mind for about a year. He'd tried doing his own research on it, but, due to the idea's nature, he could only get so far. But then he remembered someone who had (it was rumored) fist-hand knowledge with the idea, someone he'd met (briefly) last April. The idea gained traction. And so he had returned to The Espadas School of Self Defence and Swordsmanship!, dressed plainly and simply -- brown khaki pants and a long-sleeved gray tee -- and knocked on the front door. Should I have called ahead? I probably should have called ahead. Or maybe not calling ahead was the right move? The initiative, the element of surprise...
  4. Fall 2021 The Espadas School of Self Defence and Swordsmanship! Things were changing in the Espadas household this year between Min's twins, Raina's recent 21st birthday, and now the arrival of the two timelost teens from Burma. Owain and Neko had, in their first weekend, been consciously perfect guests - both ready to volunteer for any task around the house that was asked of them, neither of them in much mood to get into detail about their lives before they came here. (Neko had her own obstacles there, for that matter.) When they returned, they had a little more to say; or at least Owain did. "And so between the two of us, James, and Simon, it seems fele of the class is from some age other than this one!" He was gesturing with his knife as he spoke, thrusting vigorously and speaking loudly. "Who knew this would be the year of people wrested from another age to come to this one? Withal, to answer your question, sir, it goes well. Haven't seen any carrying any particularly fine weapons, but when I do, I'll see what fires their heart." For her part, Neko simply nodded, catching the buckwheat soba noodles around her chopsticks and popping them in her mouth. These were a fair approximation of the food she'd eaten back home, but not quite the same. Her ears and tail were seemingly out of view at the table, though the hair on her head was still a mixed patch of white and brown and was obviously cat hair rather than human. It was nearing the end of dinner; it was almost time for the younger children to head for bed. "It is okay," she agreed after Owain was finished speaking. "My roommate is very nice."
  5. April 2020 Two weeks to prom ...Det, sa Peter till Wendy, var vägen till Neverland; men även fåglar som bär kartor och konsulterade dem i blåsiga hörn kunde inte ha sett det med dessa instruktioner. Peter, du förstår, sa precis allt som kom in i hans huvud... ...Jag avvisade dessa svar; istället valde jag något annat. Jag valde det omöjliga. Jag valde ... Rurland. En stad där konstnären inte skulle vara rädd för censuren. Där forskaren inte skulle vara bunden av små moral. Där det stora inte skulle begränsas av de små!.. "Yes, I, hmm, know people at Archetech. And HAX." said Eira archly to Kam, turning from where she sat besides Pan to speak clearly to the Dakanan teen. "Archetech gives you the strength and power of a great corporation, with a mastermind as its leader, while HAX has a more...intimate atmosphere. Fewer limits at one, more good friends at the other, yes?" She smirked at that, leaning back with her hands on her lap as if she'd said something very clever. ...of course - I am not a fool. But still - just imagine what it would be like. We are here - I will see you soon VINCE... When the Claremont van stopped in front of the dojo, Eira stepped out, duffel bag slung over her shoulder, in her grey sweats and white sneakers looking ready for an informal workout. This was technically a gym elective, something that got them all out of playing "Quidditch - but with POWERS!" - and it promised to be an interesting evening.
  6. Archetech August 2019 The impossible had happened and a shining knight had found love with a perfect goddess of science and patriotism - or so it was known in much of the Freedom City community. The reality of the unholy cyborg killing machine from beyond the stars and the mysterious controller behind Miss Americana was rather more complicated than that, and far less known, even inside the relatively small confines of the hero community. But it had happened and those two lovebirds really were married now, a texted picture of rings on fingers having been sent to Erik and Talya's cellphones about twenty minutes earlier, about the time the Interceptors had arrived. They, their children old enough to stand a party, and a selected few friends of the family had been invited to the reception for the wedding at Steve's invitation. They were about ten stories up in a glass-walled, flower-bedecked atrium in a room staffed entirely by robots too far off the humanoid to be creepy - some were serving drinks, one appeared to have built-in speakers and was parked near a small dance floor, and others had been dusting and cleaning when the Interceptors and party arrived. It was a nice room on a sunny summer day, the sky overhead a lovely shade of blue dappled with white clouds. Steve and his bride were supposed to be there at any moment...
  7. Friday, June 21st, 2019, 6:23 pm Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship The West End, bustling and chaotic, was winding down for the evening. While still short of sundown, the cooling day drew people to porches and cafes and away from the daily grind. The weekend was at hand, and the weather was lovely. It was at this moment, a warm breeze whistling between the buildings, that something odd happened. In the alley behind the Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship a series of rents opened in space. Or more specifically, five thin, two-dimensional lines, spaced like vertical claw marks, split open space. The lines widened, drawing back reality to reveal two figures. The tall one stepped through the portal followed by smaller. "Good girl, Penny. You're improving every day," said the larger figure: Mona. The smaller figure, a Siamese mix the size of a giant bobcat, meowed her reply. Mona was expected. Word travels quickly in the West End. Especially when Gina "Nana" Espadas was Mona's first visit. There was catching up, pictures of grand kids, and the general goings on in the neighborhood. Then Gina put the word out that Mona was back in town. Not that she was really ever gone. You see, Fulcrum had gone globe. But she was always in contact. Video chatting from an art exhibition in Berlin. Seashells from the Seychelles. Pictures of sushi from Tokyo. Boxing footage with a mutated Tasmanian devil (no one was hurt). Postcards from Dakana. Lots of pictures of rampaging, giant robots. A surprising number. And from time-to-time, she'd fly home to provide her famous Mona Bear Hugs and all sorts of eclectic presents. Recently though...she'd been going silent for longer periods. Months at a time even. Today that ended. Before the portal swirled closed, Mona plucked out a large steamer trunk and hoisted it over one shoulder. She smiled as she knocked on the back door. Home sweet home.
  8. The OOC thread for here.
  9. With the team gone an eerie silence settled over the suddenly too large, open, and vulnerable dojo. The children were fitful in their beds the tension in the household penetrating their slumber though not yet waking them. Gina wheeled herself silently around the kitchen completing the tasks left unfinished by the evening's interruptions with a quiet efficiency that belied the worry etching her face. Jill was left to monitor the security systems with VINCE looking for signs of anything out of the ordinary Talyas final advice ringing in her ears, "When they know we've come for them there's no telling what he might do, don't let him draw you out, and be ready for anything." Dimitri sat in the control room at freedom hall monitoring the police and military bands for anything unusual fortunate that he'd been left behind from the rest of the league's mission to free a small town in Vermont from Glaciers grasp when Talyas call for aid reached him. The usual dispatch and report of the police bands suddenly shifted as an evacuation was called for a West End neighborhood, a 'Gas Leak' but no chatter on the utilities and the order sent from some office of public safety the league had no ties to or information about. All too convenient. Across town Klara sat in a parkside cafe sipping her tea when Talyas request to be on alert reached her, perhaps it was for the best after all her wife had been called into the embassy tonight, it seemed date night was destined for interruption this week. She had just finished her cuppa when a caravan of firetrucks blazed past heading east sirens screaming into the night. Ace hunched forward over his desk phone pressed to his ear, "Those were supposed to have burned up over the pacific after the invasion." he sighed very nearly sounding his age as he hung up the phone and stood pulling on his coat and hat with a disgusted glance at the phone before he stormed out of the office shouting orders to the staff.
  10. The OOC for Look What You Made Me Do The assumption here is Talya contacted her friends to be on alert that the interceptors were addressing a threat and the kids et al might be in danger. Vince and Jill will take note of the police and fire activity and reveal that there is an evacuation in progress for a gas leak. Vince however can detect no fluctuations in gas pressure that would indicate any truth to that. The fire trucks passing klara are clearly heading for hte west end. As people spill into the streets they will grow congested making swift evacuation difficult if not impossible. feel free to message me with any other questions or clarifications
  11. OK recruiting for a set of three threads. They're slightly time displaced but for efficiency's sake I'm going to run them concurrently. The Overarching theme is Bombshells old enemies getting out of Blackstone and coming for her and hers. Thread the first: Sidekick Sideshow! Initial thought is Raina and some subset of her crew win tickets to an exclusive concert. But not all is as it appears, sinister schemes are afoot and our heroes must unravel the plot before it's too late! This could be changed up to be a different set of lower power Interceptor associates and doesn't have to be the full group. Thread the Second: The Main Event! With the reveal of Talyas old Foes being back in action and coming for her the Interceptors gather to get them before they strike. Holed up in an old AEGIS Facility a Direct assault would be foolhardy but is there time to wait?!? Doesn't have to be the FULL interceptors crew, though it can be scaled to whoever of the group is up for it. Thread the Third: But Meanwhile (IT'S A TRAP) While the Interceptors are facing off the Big Bads the Dojo is under threat! It's up to Ace Danger (and whatever other subset of Talyas old Guard friends or Not!Interceptors want in) to get the kids and non-combatants to safety. The World May never be the same! Ace, Maybe Dimitri, Klara, DragonFly, Ms. Americana? Dunno who all would be better for the evac and protect role than the assault in the main event. Semi Open recruitment for the first and third so long as there is a core connection to the Interceptors or a good connection to someone else in the thread that is. Main Event is Whoever Talya/Erik et al. bring. Gonna try to keep these moving as much as possible so probably will skip people's posts and move forward after 24 hours of no posting outside exceptional circumstances (and try to keep myself to that as well) Post below if you're interested with character and thread and how you think you'd tie in if not obvious.
  12. Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship! December 16, 9:07 PM "Alright, we're locked up," Erik Espadas confirmed as he rounded the gap in the wall between the dojo's entryway and the training space. With the blinds drawn over the big front windows and a few more sophisticated measures in place the small group gathered were ready for their planned after-hours class. Unlike usual the mats were littered with piled weights, cardboard boxes and anything else that had been handy and looked like it might make for an inconvenient obstacle. "Remember, we're working on mobility tonight," he reminded the deceptively lanky man and the woman with short black hair in front of him, folding his bare arms across his plain white workout shirt. They could have easily been a pair of the college students who frequented his intermediary self-defence classes. "That means something a little different for you two than the rest of us so I figured it was past time you compared notes." The fencer let a lopsided grin split his businesslike demeanour as he stepped back toward far corner where Talya and Steve were watching. "That said, loser has to mop the footprints off my ceiling." In the apartments up above Ellie Espadas held her breath as she tip-toed out of the nursery, hoping against hope that her newest niece and nephew would stay asleep at least long enough to get back to the kitchen. Either one of them crying inevitably woke the other and even with three pairs of hands helping she wasn't sure how their parents were coping. Making it down the hallway and all the way to the kitchen table the med student silently raised a pair of crossed fingers as she sat down between Min and Mara. "And I thought pulling a double at Trinity took it out of you," she drawled just barely louder than a whisper. "Please tell me there's coffee or tea or something."
  13. Okay! Start off with some initiative rolls for me. We won't be worrying about Toughness saves for this part since they're not actively trying to hurt each other, just make touch attacks.
  14. Content Notices: Violence, Birth Scene Location: Espadas School of Self Defense and Swordsmanship! Date: July 19, 2016 Talya was very good at suppressing the potential consequences for her actions. Leaping off buildings, after all, was much easier if one didn't think about what missing a handhold might mean. Unfortunately, ignoring the eventual ramifications of the biology of how a baby (or two. Two!) would enter the world did not actually prevent the event. The cramps and back ache had only gotten worse despite her refusal to acknowledge that it might not just be late term pregnancy aches and pains. Although, she'd not admitted (and likely never would), it was fairly clear to those closest to Talya that the ex-spy was at least unsettled by the impending birth. Perhaps even frightened. At the moment, though, she was mostly just holding up the relocation to Sanctuary as if not stepping through the portal might some how prevent the next several hours. "I've changed my mind," Talya announced mulishly, her arms crossed over her chest. "Perhaps I could just be unconscious for the entire thing, after all. They still do that, don't they? If we went to the hospital instead, could they just knock me out?" Unlikely to say the least with her magical ability to shake off most things mundane and Talya's mystical biology did not often play well with other magics. Intellectually, she knew that but at the moment, logic was not high on the spy's list. "I'd bounce right back from a c-section. Probably. Almost certainly."
  15. Grimalkin Being that she's a shapeshifter, it's perhaps not surprising that Lynn is rather hard to pin down; she lives very much in the 'now', making few great plans and doing her best not to dwell on the past, even though she still misses Colt terribly. Her emotions are intensely felt, and she can switch from playful to angry to sad almost in the same sentence. Lynn also finds comfort in the little things, everyday wonders like bike rides in the park and lazy afternoons spent lying in the grass; she never seems to have enough of the simple pleasures, which makes her cherish them all the more. Since becoming a mother and having to leave her family behind on another world, she has taken a very motherly attitude towards her friends and coworkers. As a crimefighter, Grim is driven by many things: the desire to see a wasted life blossom once more, an end to cruelty, injustice and indifference, and a strong personal desire to constantly improve her technique. She likes teaming up with other heroes to see how she measures up and maybe pinch a trick or two, but she is frequently very self-critical of her own performance, to the point of downplaying her many successes. Like a trickster goddess with a vengeful streak, her personal brand of justice might seem somewhat capricious, but she would never willfully take a human life in the pursuit of the law. History A young runaway from Atlantic City, Lynn Epstein turned to a life of panhandling and petty crime to survive; one day it became too much, and she crawled into a dark alley on a chill winter night to die, but instead awoke the next day transformed! For many months she used her powers selfishly, living the high life and swindling 'suckers', until one night she saw a young streetwalker attacked; the FCPD's profound indifference to the crime appalled her, and she swore that night to use her powers to help those the Powers That Be would not help. For several years, she was a member of the West End-based superhero team known as the Interceptors, along with Dynamo, Fulcrum, Jack of All Blades and William 'Colt' Reynolds. Three years ago she married Reynolds and retired from active crime-fighting, and she had not been seen in Freedom City since. Upon her return, Lynn reopened Silberman's Books, the store she inherited from her grandfather on her twenty-second birthday; the building had been shuttered since she and Colt where married in it 2011. Lynn currently occupies the apartment above the shop. She recently revealed to her former teammates that time moved differently on Colt's world, where she'd been for the last three years, and she's now closer to one hundred and eight. She has recently taken on Gretchen McDaniels as her 'personal crimefighting assistant' (Gretchen's preferred term), though the world will soon come to know her as 'the Shrike'! Costume and Appearance Lynn is a lovely young woman who typically wears comfortable jeans, T-shirts, hiking boots and a denim or suede jacket by day, but is wrapped in skintight leather of black and midnight blue, complete with domino mask, when she prowls the dirty streets at night. Unless she is going undercover, she always wears a leather lanyard around her neck, from which dangles a dark black ring with a row of diamonds set along the top; she frequently fiddles with the ring while deep in thought. Her ears are pointed and tapered; as Grimalkin, they are clearly visible, but 'Lynn' keeps the tips discretely hidden under her hair. Powers Grimalkin's powers come from her faerie nature; some of them are innate, such as her keen senses and high tolerance to cold, but many of them come from her ability to manipulate glamour, the very essence of the fey. Seeing as her body is now wholly composed of glamour, she can alter it in a number of ways, such as completely changing her appearance, making herself nearly undetectable, or eluding capture; a favorite form is that of a pixie, just under one foot tall with a two pairs of gossamer wings for flight. She can also create various objects seemingly out of thin air (actually her own glamour), which she uses as props, furniture or just her own amusement; she has now found a way to maintain a connection with these objects, and can use this link for surveillance purposes. In combat, Grim prefers the stealthy strike to take better advantage of her claws; when forced into a 'fair fight', she uses her wits and charm to befuddle her foes to level the playing field. She has also learned how to use glamoured objects to capture or obstruct her opponents. Allies (Friends and teammates of your character, special relationships, family members) (Sidekick, HQ, Etc) (Create additional paragraphs for special features your character has. If they have a headquarters, describe it, how it is equipped, where it is located, how the hero came to have it. If they have a sidekick, the sidekick may warrant their own page, or simply a paragraph about them on the hero's page. You can also make sections for favored devices, your character's profession, or anything else you want to talk about.) Timeline (The timeline is a useful reference to all the threads your character has been in. The easiest way to make a timeline is to start with the year your character began, in the season they were introduced, and list all their threads in that season using the unordered-list button (buttons instead of numbers.) For every full year your character has been in play, start a new year in the timeline, with seasons listed Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Fall running till the Winter Solstice or all the way till the New Year. Make a link to the thread for easy later reference, and add a blurb describing what happened in that thread. The blurb can be as short or as long as is necessary to convey the important things that happened, or at least to give an idea.)
  16. Bombshell (Original Sheet for Bombshell) Power Level: 10 (14) (201/245PP) Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 44 In Brief: Immortal Femme Fatale, (Heel? Face? Who knows?) Residence: Base of Operations: Freedom City Catchphrase: Alternate Identity: Natalya Browning, aka. Rebecca Danvers Identity: Public (Talya) / Secret (Rebecca) Birthplace: London Occupation: Idle Rich / ex-thief Affiliations: Allies of Freedom (1939-1945), MI6 (1945-1954), Thief (1960-1970), Prison (19702-2009) Family: None currently living Description: Age: 98 (DoB: September 7, 1917) Apparent Age: Mid twenties Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'6" Weight: 135 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde A curvy bombshell, for lack of better term. Talya didn't look out of place as a sultry songbird in the 1940s. In fact, low end lounge singer was her cover for much of the war years. These days, she's only average in height but in her hey-day she was considered statuesque. Talya always makes the effort to blend in with the current decade. In the '40s she did femme fatale. In the '60s it was go-go boots and micro-minis. These days, while swinging from lines across Freedom City, she favors a leather cat-suit and domino mask. In order to keep up with the times, she's updated the look to include more straps and a pair of goggles that she never actually wears. In any era, however, she is a stunning woman with a smokey voice and a rare wry wit. Power Descriptions: Talya's powers look like nothing at all. Although she's been imbued with immortality and few more tricks up her sleeve post her efforts in Europe during the second World War, its to her benefit that they look like nothing at all. Most of what she has going for her is skill and carefully honed ability, and then a little bit over the years to even the playing field. History: Bombshell started out hero. Born in England to an upper-class family, when the war arrived, Talya was quick to head overseas with her group of friends to serve as a spy. Mental training helped her shield her thoughts and presence from the Nazis. They were even lucky enough to break into a cache of one of the mystical artifacts that was one of the secret weapons. In the ensuing explosion, all four Brits were gifted with eternal life and minor protections. For Talya, that enhanced her natural aptitudes for stealth and shielding into mystically enhanced physiology. Gifts that she was quick to turn into weapons for the Allies during the war. Once the war was at an end, Talya remained with MI6 and her talents were turned towards the potential threat that Russia posed for the Western world. This, however, was a much murkier world and Talya lost her taste for the spy game as it became much less clear what good and evil war. Abandoning war-torn Europe, Talya gave into her thrill-seeking ways, becoming a pre-eminant thief. As England was still rebuilding, she left European shores for the prosperous US. Still slightly bitter at how her country had been decimated while America thrived, she had no moral qualms with helping herself to that bounty. She only stole artifacts that were not native to the Americas. Never anything as gauche as money. She favored ancient jewelry but any British artifact would do. She clashed with Freedom League greatly during the '60s, enjoying a special game of cat and mouse with the Scarab as her abilities helped her remain elusive to his senses. When her old "friends" from her first caper showed back up, Talya was quick to catch up for old times sake. Unfortunately, they had grown far darker than Bombshell was willing to go. She was a thief but never a killer. In fact, Talya worked with the Freedom League to turn on her old friends in exchange for a minimum sentence. Twenty-five years instead of the life terms the others got. She didn't intend to stay in prison but when Scarab died a few months after her sentence began, she changed her mind. No one knew she was unaging. She'd kept that secret carefully. Instead, she's spent her time and used her disguise skills to look more fragile with the years. After breaking out on the scene, Talya found that the villains of the era weren't any sort that she wanted to throw her lot in with. No style. No panache. Too much murder. After another heel-face turn, Bombshell was back on the side of good. Ish. When the chips are down, Talya's always on the side of 'lets not blow up the world'. Burning buildings. Rescuing cats from trees. Sure. She still has a bit of a weakness for taking things from rich people who fail to appreciate them. Personality & Motivation: Bombshell has always been chaotic, never evil. Although she stole and broke many laws but she's always had her own own moral code. She worked with heroes occasionally even during her more criminal days. She will, not, however play by a hero's rules. She won't kill or cause harm to innocents. Afflicted by moral ennui, she's about to embark on a heel-face turn. Once the threads for those finish, Bombshell will be much more in line with her golden age morals. A spy for the good guys, and struggling to not get assumed to have slipped back to her felonious habits. Powers & Tactics:Bombshell will do her best to cut and run from most conflicts. She's not interested in exchanging blows with meat-heads and considers it a win if she gets away. She prefers, when she has to fight, to strike from stealth and distract or taunt her opponent. She fights with her head but the years have left her a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, the lingering magic buffs she has don't hurt. Complications: Adopted Family: Talya long ago outlived her biological siblings but her former Allies of Freedom teammate, Dimitri, is a brother in all but blood. I Got A Record: In her long life, Talya's done lots of things and not all of them on the side of angels. I'm Just Drawn That Way: Femme fatale means having to say you're sorry. A lot. Old Friends, Old Enemies: Talya has lived a long life and has no shortage of old friends needing help, old enemies that want to fight and old lovers that could fall into either category. Pretty Baubles: She has a bit of a thing for the glitz and glamour. She might be a hero but occasionally personal property laws don't really count in her estimation. Relationship: Talya is currently involved with the married Espadas: Jack and Min and while the two are formidable in their own right, there's little that Talya wouldn't do to ensure their safety. Responsibilities (Team): For the first time since the golden age, Bombshell is on a team roster with the Interceptors. Considering that her last team was predominently murdered by Kantor, despite her bluffing to the otherwise - she takes their safety and her responsibility there seriously. Ward(s): In addition to her parental role to Eden and Mia (and the twins on the way), Talya's taken on mentorship of Raina as well. Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Sometimes the cops assume that she's there to commit a crime, not solve one. For some reason, Talya tends to end up on the scene at the absolute worst time Abilities: 6 + 14 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 14 = 50PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 24 (+7) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 24 (+7) Combat: 18 + 16 = 34PP Initiative: +7 Attack: +11 Melee, +9 Ranged / +15 Baton Grapple: +14 Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback: -2/-4 Saving Throws: 1 + 0 + 0 = 1PP Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +5 (+4 Con, +1) Reflex: +7 (+7 Dex, +0) Will: +2 (+2 Wis, +0) Skills: 140R = 35PP Acrobatics 13 (+20) Skill Mastery Bluff 13 (+20) Skill Mastery Disable Device 13 (+15) Skill Mastery Disguise 13 (+20) Skill Mastery Escape Artist 13 (+20) Skill Mastery Gather Information 3 (+10) Skill Mastery Investigate 5 (+7) Language 5 (English [Native], French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish) Notice 8 (+10) Perform (singing) 5 (+12) Search 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Sense Motive 8 (+10) Slight of Hand 8 (+15) Stealth 13 (+20) Skill Mastery Feats: 31 PP Attack Focus: Melee x 2 Benefit: Wealth 3, Status: Fame, Status: Veteran (British Forces; DBE), Alternate Identity x 2 Blind Fight Defensive Roll x 2 Distract (Bluff) Dodge Focus x 4 Evasion x 2 Hide in Plain Sight Improvised Tools Luck 2 Quick Change 2 Jack of All Trades Power Attack Skill Mastery 3 (Acrobatics, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Bluff, Search, Stealth, Perform (Dancing, Singing), Sleight of Hand, Notice) Sneak Attack Uncanny Dodge (auditory) Powers: 6 + 3 + 1 + 10 + 22 + 6 + 7 = 55 PP Concealment 3 (Mental Senses, ESP, Extras: Duration: Continuous, Flaws: Permanent) (Magic; Imbued) [6 PP] Concealment 3 (Visual, Auditory, Extras: Duration: Continuous, Flaws: Passive, Blending) (Magic; Imbued) [3 PP] Immunity 1 (Aging) (Magic; Imbued) [1 PP] Immunity 10 (Psychic Effects) (Magic; Imbued) [10 PP] Regeneration (Feats: Regrowth) (Bruised/No Action, Injured/1 Round, Staggered/No Action, Disabled/5 Minutes, Resurrection/5 Minutes) (Magic; Imbued) [22 PP] Super Movement 3 (Slow Fall, Wall Crawling 2) (Training) [6 PP] Device 2 (Bombshell's Batons; 10DP, Flaws: Easy-to-Lose [-2], Feats:Subtle [Collapsible]) (Technology; Device) [7PP] Damage 4 (Feats: Accurate 2, Mighty) [7DP] Super-Movement 1 (Swinging) [2DP] Speed 1 [1DP] Drawbacks: (-5) = -5PP Vulnerable (Magic [Very Common], Major [x2]) [5PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 18 Toughness Damage (Physical) Sneak Attack Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage (Physical) Baton Touch DC 22 Toughness Damage (Physical) Baton-Sneak Attack Touch DC 24 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (50) + Combat (34) + Saving Throws (1) + Skills (35) + Feats (31) + Powers (55) - Drawbacks (5) = 201/245 Power Points
  17. Interceptors History Formation And there came a day, unlike any other, when Doktor Archeville gathered seven young heroes together for a clandestine meeting at a brownstone apartment building in Freedom City's West End: the arrogant paragon All-Star, the teleporting thief Blink, the dimensionally displaced cowboy Colt, the puckish shapeshifter Grimalkin, the swashbuckling swordsman Jack of all Blades, the rage-filled vigilante Razorwing and all-American sweetheart Velocity. His proposition was simple. Each was offered room and board at the brownstone as well as access to the technologically impressive facilities hidden beneath the building, along with a stipend to use as they saw fit. In return, aided by the gregarious AI VINCE, they would serve as the Interceptors, a dedicated and proactive team focused solely on Freedom City, rather than the entire world. For a variety of reasons each agreed, through there were some suspicions that the often morally ambiguous Archeville possessed ulterior motives for gathering them together. Personality Conflicts The founding team possessed a wide range of powersets, but also a number of extreme and often conflicting personalities. Blink and Razorwing, as former criminals, were reluctant to trust their new allies, while Jack of all Blades vocally objected to his teammates' use of firearms, particularly within the West End, which he considered his personal territory. Jack also clashed with All-Star, almost coming to blows over their dissenting views on personal responsibility and conduct. Archeville's reasons for including Grimalkin in his line-up became clear, as she worked to systematically strengthen the bonds between the Interceptors, becoming romantically involved the Colt as well. Blink and Jack came to an understanding over an impromptu sparing match, and Razorwing, by far the youngest on the team despite his aggressive attitude, began to warm up to the group, revealing an aptitude for mechanics. Jack, intensely protective of his secret identity, was even convinced to introduce his sister (under the pseudonym of Jill) to his teammates as a combination Hallowe'en/house warming party. Demonic Invasion This growing camaraderie was all but shattered in the wake of the demonic invasion of Freedom. Although the team struggled valiantly to save as many citizens as they could, Jack of all Blades was slain early in the onslaught and it was ultimately a futile effort. Even when time was reversed so that the bloody day had never occurred, the psychological scars remained. First Velocity decided to refocus her efforts on her schooling, then one by one the Interceptors vanished to parts unknown, leaving only Colt, Grim and Jack. Efforts at recruitment to fill the empty ranks with new members, like the chipper android Elektron, were unsuccessful. While the gunslinger and changeling reaffirmed their feelings for each other, beginning a relationship in earnest, Jack was concealing a terrible secret. His resurrection had somehow left him tainted with demonic hellfire, a condition which was increasingly affecting his behaviour, making him more temperamental and violent. Eventually he was no longer able to hide this from his teammates, who staged an intervention. While Colt helped his friend in the traditional manner - barfighting - Grim called in a favour with FCPD Detective Morena Colby, who was able to use her occult knowledge to cure Jack's condition. New Direction The trio reevaluated their goals, deciding that a new mission statement was required. The Interceptors would become an informal network for heroes too old for Claremont Academy but still too unestablished for the Freedom League, or who were otherwise disinclined to join a team full time. Coordinated by VINCE, heroes who needed help on a case by case basis would have it, while being pointed toward the missions best suited to their skills. The three core members began quietly handing out cards to the appropriate heroes, such as Fulcrum and Atlas, with information which would allow them to contact the Interceptors in an emergency. The core team continued to battle crime in Freedom on a street level, dealing with problems ranging from drug dealers to zombies, while also operating as individuals. Meanwhile, Archeville secretly monitored their actions and a familiar face was about to hake his return... "Threeboot" Razorwing's return proved short-lived. Instead, Fulcrum began a serious relation ship with Doktor Archeville and became a permanent member of the team, albeit one who's other responsibilities demanded much of her time. A new super-speedster was also added to the line-up, the jocular Dynamo. Meanwhile, Jack's world was rocked once again by the culmination of the Tournament of Suits which left one of his long-time foes dead and his sister adopting a new heroic identity as Jill O'Cure. With refreshed membership, the team began to gel once again, participating in the defense of Freedom City against numerous threats, including another Grue Invasion and the living dead. In the spring of 2011, Colt and Grimalkin were married and gradually retired from the superhero scene, leaving Jack as the final remaining founding member of the team. Shortly thereafter, a mistake by the increasingly unstable Doktor Archeville sent heroes throughout the city hurtling backward and forward through time seemingly at random. While Fulcrum led ancient Amazons in battle and Jack fought alongside a futuristic street gang in a dystopian West End, Dynamo spent a full three years in the distant future, building a life for himself and sacrificing a sizable portion of his phenomenal speed in the process of returning home. Though only moments had passed form them, his teammates found him a much changed man, more interested in scientific discovery than fisticuffs and beset by a tragic melancholy. Not long after Acheville and Jack introduced the team to Thrude, the daughter of Thor and a goddess of storm in her own right and Willow, an unbelievably ancient Guardian shaped by the Preservers respectively. Archeville also added former Young Freedom alumni Geckoman and the metal controlling Ferros to the team in short order, seemingly working toward some larger plan without consulting or even informing the rest of the team. These new recruits were added just in time to face the approach of the Gorgon, a planet sized artificial intelligence created by the Preservers that threatened the end of all life on Earth, frozen in proverbial amber. The Gorgon empowered her 'sister' Willow as one of her heralds and only her romantic attachment to Jack of all Blades swayed the Guardian back to the team. More than a fleeting amusement in her immortal lifetime, she revealed to the stunned swordsman that she was pregnant with his child. Under New Management In the summer of 2011, Doktor Archeville's continuing instability finally came to a head when his evil side became fully dominant. Activating nanobots surreptitiously implanted in Jack, Fulcrum, Dynamo, Jill and the visiting Colt and Grimalkin, he seized control of their minds and detonated the Brownstone with Geckoman, Thrude and Willow still inside. In the resulting fallout, Dynamo hung up his costume for the final time, Ferros understandably reconsidered his decision to join the team and Fulcrum was lost in another dimension and presumed dead. A furious Jack told the devastated Archeville to stay away from his team, assuming full leadership of the Interceptors. Operating temporarily out of the Espadas Family's small home in the West End, they eventually moved into the hidden basement of the self-defense school Jack began preparing in the West End, including the reinstated - and reinstalled - VINCE, who had survived the destruction of the Brownstone. With much diminished resources the Interceptors nevertheless rededicated themselves to their mission. The occasional assistance of Dragonfly and Spellbound added much needed technical expertise and the unexpected return of Fulcrum finally brought the team back into fighting form, though her renewed relationship with Archeville remained a sore point. While Jack proved himself a capable field commander, his family history came back to haunt the team when members of the House of Swords attacked his family's home while Willow was in labour, significantly handicapping the present heroes with magic. Winning the day, they were introduced to the newborn Eden Espadas. Shortly thereafter, the Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship opened its doors and began classes. Base of Operations Formerly The Brownstone, currently the basement of The Espadas School of Self Defense and Swordsmaship! Membership Active Members Bombshell Dragonfly (Unofficial) Echo Geckoman Harrier Jack of all Blades Jill O'Cure Willow Support Staff VINCE Reserve/Retired Members Colt (Deceased) Dynamo Ferros Fulcrum Grimalkin Expelled Members Doktor Archeville Razorwing Founding Members All-Star Blink Colt Grimalkin Jack of all Blades Razorwing Velocity
  18. March 20, 2015 It wasn't that Erik Espadas was expecting trouble, not really, but he subscribed to the idea that it paid to be the one carrying the biggest stick. Or to be friends with the people carrying the biggest sticks, anyway. When they'd worked out the rough schedule for Min's pregnancy nobody had been particularly surprised to find her due date landed on the vernal equinox. After the unexpected 'visit' by his extended family in the House of Swords for the birth of his first daughter, though, a whole different sort of planning had seemed in order this time around, just to be safe. Stesha had offered to host them on Sanctuary, of course, but even with one or two super-powered healers on hand the idea of being in a whole different reality from the closest modern hospital made Erik a little nervous. If he were being completely honest with himself there was also the fact that he wanted his second child to be born in Freedom City's West End just as he had. If was their home and he wasn't about to let anyone chase them out. That said, even if they weren't going to an earth goddess, the earth goddess could still come to them. A good section of the first floor of the Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship (!) was covered in toys where Stesha was keeping watch over Eden and Amaryllis laughing and playing, chatting amiably with Gina. Nearby Mara and Liz were engaged in an animated discussion of tweaks and improvements to the building's security over a folding table covered in computer equipment including a laptop displaying Vince's neon-green suit wearing avatar. They'd sent Chris out to get food mostly because it seemed like the only way to keep him from standing watch on the top of the building in full costume while Steve had insisted on standing guard, gargoyle like, outside of the second floor apartment where Ellie was making her sister-in-law comfortable. Yolanda had taken up a position across from Steve, solemnly following the taciturn bald man's example. It was, all told, a small army of love and support. Not that that stopped Erik himself from pacing back and forth with nervous energy, his gaze jumping back and forth between the stairs, the clock and Eden, hands clasped behind his back.
  19. Gizmo


    Incursion Incursion: Prologue Praetorians: AwakeningIncursion: Three If By SpaceIncursion: Holding the FortIncursion: Phase One Incursion: Blood in the Water A Lor refugee cruiser has become separated from the evacuated fleet! Can our heroes defend it from Communion fighters long enough to make it to safety? Featuring: Paradigm, Kharag, Deep Freeze and Seika Incursion: Meaning in Destruction The world-killer has set course for another world. The clock is ticking as our heroes try to discover why and escape with their lives! Featuring: Dragonid, Moon-Moth, The Traveller and Solar Sentinel Incursion: The Conquered Flesh The Stellar Khanate has been silent since the Communion first arrived in known space. Cavalier recruits blockade runners to find out the terrifying reason! Featuring: Cavalier, Eclipse and Rock Incursion: Opportunists and Opposition The remaining Star Knights are spread thin and pirate attacks have surged! But are interstellar brigands the worst our heroes have to fear? Featuring: Corona, Mechanized, Memorial and Galvanic Incursion: Backwater They came for a bounty but our heroes much deal with a corrupt sheriff, overcrowded refugees and rising tensions if they plan to make it back to civilized space! Featuring: Bliss, Roulette and Ruby VoxxIncursion: Phase Two The silent night of December 25th is broken by the arrival of a threat from the stars! The worst has come to pass and the Communion has come for Earth! With attacks on every corner of the globe the heroes of Freedom City must leave the familiar rooftops of their home city behind to defend their planet from utter destruction! Incursion: Stop-Thrust The members of the Freedom League organizing the defense of Earth from aboard the Lighthouse find that something is trying to turn their own weapons against them! Featuring: Comrade Frost, Fleur de Joie, Gabriel, Gaian Knight and Velocity Incursion: Drop the Needle The Communion's arrival has awakened something buried deep beneath Seattle's Space Needle and it might take three Erin Whites to save the day! Featuring: Cannonade, Cobalt Templar, Edge, Midnight II and Wander Incursion: That's Amore Dragonfly and Miss Americana have a plan for a defensive weapon using the Farsider's moonstone as a focus. The Communion has a plan to blow the moon into itty bitty pieces! Featuring: Dragonfly, Geckoman, Harrier, Jack of all Blades, Miss Americana and Willow Incursion: Uploaded to the Cloud As news of the invasion spreads and threats reveal themselves, a charismatic cult leader in Rio de Janeiro is on the rise! Dark magic or cosmic charlatans?! Featuring: Equinox, Ghost Girl, Nick Cimitiere, Nightingale, Phantasmo and Wraith Incursion: Spirit of the Blitz Communion needleship drones focus on the UNISON HQ in Geneva, which houses may of Earth's space flight capable combat craft! The Vanguard and their allies stand in the way! Featuring: Coiled Lightning, Foreshadow II, Myrmidon, Synapse, Ulysses and Young Britannia Incursion: God Squad Typhon plans to usher in the apocalypse by turning nanotech drones near the Naqada necropolis into cyborg versions of mythical monsters! Who ya gonna call? Featuring: Arrowhawk, Meatheral, Miras, Set and Sun Walker Incursion: Mind Over Matter The Communion's broadcast is laying siege to the psychically receptive minds of Earth! Our heroes use the Arecibo Observatory to meet the threat head-on on the astral plane! Featuring: Blue Fox, Hologram, Miss Grue and Nano Angel Incursion: Matter Over Mind While the psychic heroes fight the broadcast, their bodies are vulnerable! A second team must defend them against waves of Communion drones! Featuring: Fast-Forward, Grimalkin, Net Fly, Queenie, Silver Magus and Triakosia Incursion: Science Team Go! A computronium bomb hits the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, converting everything it touches! Our heroes race to stop a grey goo scenario! Featuring: Asad, Citizen, Hronos, Maxima and Terrifica Praetorians: Ghost in the MachineIncursion: Phase Three While Earth has lay under siege the rest of the galaxy has burned with war. The Communion continues to sweep over world after world, converting most into horrific server tombs to fuels it insatiable hunger to expand its intellect and destroying others outright to create wormholes for some more diabolical purpose. It does not do so unopposed, however, as the Galactic Coalition fights back at every turn! Lor mentats soldier on shoulder to shoulder with Grue Arcane while Khanate pirates take up arms alongside newly awakened Praetorians in a battle for their very survival! They are outnumbered and overpowered but they have a plan. Legends are about to be born and one way or another the galaxy will never be the same. Incursion: Black Sheep For months Star Knight Kyle Steward has been a one man armored thorn in the Communion's paw. An ally arrives to help and catch him up on what he's missed in the meantime. Incursion: Red Five The Communion's machinations on Earth have been thwarted but the world-killer still looms near Pluto's orbit! Can our heroes destroy the superweapon before their home joins Lor-Van? Featuring: Argonaut, Cavalier, Geckoman, Hronos and Sun Walker Incursion: Merciless At the Coalition's secret base a final, desperate stratagem is being planned. It becomes much more desperate when the communed Star-Khan arrives to quash the resistance once and for all! Featuring: Galvanic, Paradigm and Rock Incursion: Troopers Behind enemy lines on a cyberformed server world our heroes must lead grudging allies from the Lor, Grue and more in an assault on a key communication relay before time runs out! Featuring: Corona, Eclipse, Roulette and Wander Incursion: Blockade Runners To get vital intelligence regarding the location of the Communion mothership back to the Coalition our heroes will have to fight their way off world and through an enemy blockade! Featuring: Bliss, Dragonid, Ghost Girl, Kharag and Wraith Incursion: Interstellar 66 With another world targeted for destruction to form another wormhole a risky deal must be struck. Are our heroes sure they're aligning themselves with the lesser of two evils? Featuring: Dragonfly, Deep Freeze, Ruby Voxx and The Traveller Incursion: Only Hope There's just one chance to infiltrate the Communion mothership and disable it from the inside, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance! Featuring: Citizen, Mater Vyrdna, Moon Moth, Seika and TemperanceIncursion: Aftershocks
  20. Jill O'Cure Placeholder Text History Placeholder Text Costume and Appearance Placeholder Text Powers Placeholder Text Allies Placeholder Text Sidekick, HQ, Etc Placeholder Text Timeline 2009 Fall Carnival in the Park: The carnival is in town and Ellie attends with her brother and a less than successful date with a classmate she characterizes as 'nice'. The woes of her social life take a backseat to metahuman shenanigans, however, running into Dead Had, All-Star and more!Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties: Ellie convinces her brother to let her tag along to the Hallowe'en party being held at the Interceptors' brownstone. He agrees only on the condition that she adopt the alias 'Jill' to help maintain his secret identity among his teammates.2010 Spring 8 Simple Rules... For Working With Jack: Lynn invites 'Jill' to the brownstone to discuss how best to deal with her brother, a sometimes difficult prospect, Ellie has to admit. After a few misunderstanding they manage to have a good talk... though Ellie's not entirely sure how to feel about a sweaty Lynn parading about in a sports bra.Summer Me Like Hockey!: Ellie attends a Freedom City Blades game with her brother but when the Crime League arrives and Erik is pummeled and shot in the process of taking them down alongside the Scarab and Valkyrie her medical skills are put to the test!The Legacy of Al Kazar: Happy Grimday!: 'Jill' attends Lynn's birthday party and finds herself feeling a little out of place among a who's who of powerful heroes. Stesha Madison, the florakinetic Fleur de Joie, helps her feel better and get back to enjoying the festivities!Fall The Church of Swordology: The Espadas siblings attend Sunday mass with their mother only to wind up helping Freedom Angel fight of a supernatural menace!
  21. Jack of all Blades Playlist Placeholder Text History Placeholder Text Costume and Appearance Placeholder Text Powers Placeholder Text Allies Placeholder Text Sidekick, HQ, Etc Placeholder Text Timeline 2009 Fall The Days of High Adventure: Jack is unexpectedly transported to a medieval version of Freedom City full of swords and sorcery! Not surprisingly it takes to his new surroundings fairly well and impresses the similarly displaced Dr. Archeville.This is a Stick Up: Patrolling the Fens, Jack happens upon a convenience store robbery being perpetrated by the showboating Captain Knievel! Our swashbuckling hero intervenes and gets a bruised rib and a pounding headache for his troubles.West End Warriors: Jack teams up with a couple of other heroes to take out some of Captain Knieval's growing army of thugs and criminals.Training in the Wharton State Forest: Jack is invited to a gathering of martial minded heroes in a secluded glade for some training and sparing. He meets the shovel-wielding zombie Dead Head and the secretive teleporter Blink among others.The Big Guns: A malfunctioning flying motorcycle from an alternate dimension deposits the high-tech but old fashioned cowboy Colt in the streets of Freedom City and Jack is there to greet him. The disagree on choice of sidearms but share an appreciation for fine coats.The Interceptors: Issue #0: Jack receives an invitation from Dr. Archeville via the gregarious AI VINCE to join a new team of heroes: the Interceptors! Colt and Blink are familiar faces but most of the team are new to Jack: the enthusiastic Grimalkin, high-profile Velocity, sullen Razorwing and arrogant All-Star, the latter of whom inspires an immediate dislike in the swordsman. Still, Jack is cautiously interested and agrees to sign up.Carnival in the Park: Erik and his sister Ellie head to the carnival for a rare night off but run into Dead Head and a number of other heroes when things inevitably get a little more interesting than a fun house and ferris wheel!Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties: Lynn insists on hosting a Hallowe'en party at the Interceptors' brownstone and Ellie insists on tagging along with her brother. He agrees on the condition that she adopt the uninspired alias 'Jill' around his teammates, still reluctant to reveal his secret identity to them.Interceptors: A Chance Meeting: Jack and Blink try to hash out some of their differences but with both of them being evasive they find they can related better though sparring. Unsurprisingly this turns to borderline cheating and various states of undress almost immediately.Interceptors: Setting Up Shop: The Interceptors begin to settle into the brownstone in earnest, with Colt setting up a workshop for his equipment. The friction between Jack and All-Star continues to cause the team grief.Invasion! - West End: Freedom City is overrun with demons! The Interceptors rush into battle to save as many civilians as they can but are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and power of the monstrous horde. Jack gives his life holding the line only for a spell to undo the day's events and restore him to life. He can't quite loose the nagging feeling that he didn't come back quite right, however...2010 Winter Interceptors: New Recruits: In the wake of the demonic invasion the Interceptors attempt to replenish their numbers but none of the prospective new members really stick.Fisticuffs Fundraiser!: The remaining Interceptors are invited along with several other heroes to participate in a charity boxing match. After meeting Ace Danger, a personal hero, Jack manages to beat Grimalkin in their bout with some showboating and sneaky tactics but get his comeuppance when his super-senses react badly to Fulcrum's radioactive powers.Geiger Gal: After the Fisticuffs spectacle Jack tracks down Fulcrum and realizes that they have a shared history. Mona is concerned by the changes in Erik's personality but he's more worried about the terminus radiation she's leaking and decides to ask Dr. Archeville about a solution.Surely You Jest: Jack teams with Jester, Breakdown and others to stop a warehouse robbery. A telepathic attack nearly causes him to loose control as he falls back on the hellfire powers he's developed since the demonic invasion.Interceptors: Intervention: Colt and Grim have had enough of the angry, aggressive shift in Jack's personality and confront him. Although he's initially hostile they eventually convince him to reveal his hellfire corruption and they begin working on a plan to remedy the situation as a team.Interceptors: Liquid Therapy: Jack and Colt head out to grab a beer and end up in a bar fight with an entire college football team. It turns out to be a great way to blow off some steam!The Witch Doctor is IN: Lynn calls in a favour with a friend on the police force who also happens to have penchant for studying the occult. With her help Erik travels deep into his own soul to defeat the demonic corruption that has taken root there once and for all!Life's Bazaar: Jack and several other heroes find themselves in an unfamiliar fantasy city. Colt needs to find some pants. Jack wonders if this is becoming a habit.One of These is Not Like the Other: Dark Star is one of Freedom City's most powerful heroes so when a malicious alternate version appears with ill intent his friends recruit Jack to the cause as one of the few heroes capable of injuring the energy being! Jack doesn't make the best first impression but does prove effective in the resulting fight.S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Freedom: With a little luck Edge is able to lead Ace Danger and Jack to a hidden SHADOW base in the heart of Freedom City itself! The trio dismantle the evil operation with extreme prejudice.Spring He Fights Meta Than You: With the Atom Family unavailable Jack takes on the mighty Meta-Grue with the assistance of wisecracking teen hero and ace pilot Geckoman in a spectacular, widely televised smackdown!Furry Fracas - Mythological Creatures: A number of heroes from Ani-Earth arrive on Earth-Prime to help defeat their version of the Factor Four! Jack meets his own counterpart, the antler-wearing rabbit Jackalope of all Blades!Green With Envy: Mind controlling plants turning suburbanites into zombies?! That just won't do!Public Service: A new gang is proliferating a wickedly addictive drug on the streets of the West End and Jack and Avenger are in agreement that it ends that night. Taking down a warehouse of product first, they track it back to its source.The Dragon Wakes: Dracula lives again! Avenger, Phantom and their friends fight to protect their infant son while other allies, the Interceptors included, are kept occupied with hordes of rats and other minions!Monsters in the Streets! - Greenbank: With massive monsters wreaking havoc across the city the Interceptors engage the closest of the gargantuan foes alongside Fulcrum.Fisticuffs 2: The Opening Credits: An informal underground tournament for heroes is organized for fun and to hopefully teach everyone some new tricks. Irked by Wander's treatment and harsh words for Dead Head, Jack sticks with an old trick: alienating and upsetting young people.Fisticuffs 2: Dynamo vs. Jack of all Blades: Jack squares off in the ring with the fast-talking speedster Dynamo and finds himself in the strange position of telling someone else to dial back the banter and smack talk.IN SPAAAAACE!: When an alien starship on a rescue mission is shot down over Freedom City, Jack and a group of heroes volunteer to take the place of the crew and rescue a Lor princess from nefarious pirates!Summer Bananaphone: Jack and Taylor Faretti call a meeting with Erik in their civilian guises to discuss the Interceptors and their infant son. Erik has a hard time imagining anyone trying to hurt a baby, half-vampire or not, and doesn't take their concerns as seriously as they would have liked.Of Martyrs and Men: Erik encounters out-and-proud metahuman Alex Albright having trouble with a group of West Enders and lends a hand. Alex has plans to invest her company's considerable resources in the community; Erik does his best to convince her that she can't make decisions for other people just because she thinks she knows better.No Mercy: The alien Grue have launched a new invasion on Freedom City and the Interceptors team up with Young Freedom to protect Freedom City Medical Center from their assault! With massive monsters among the enemy ranks, Jack creates a larger energy sword than he's ever previously attempted!Interrupting Cow: At Dr. Archeville's request Avenger infiltrates the Interceptors' brownstone to test their security systems, finding them lacking. The Interceptors themselves don't appreciate the home invasion, however.A Case of Mistaken Identity: Jack runs into someone he initially mistakes for Avenger atop a West End rooftop. Seeing through the imposter's attempted bluffs he tires to learn who the dark figure really is!Me Like Hockey!: Erik and Ellie attend a Blades game but when the Crime League appears and holds the spectators in the Liberty Dome hostage Jack teams up with the Scarab and Valkyrie to save the day, though not before taking a nearly fatal bullet wound from Orion the Hunter's sniper rifle!Troubleshooter: Natalya Browning, the immortal sometimes-thief, sometimes-heroine known as Bombshell meets with Jack to discuss public relations and self-branding, though in practice they get considerably more flirting done than anything else.Interceptors: The Sweet Science of Stabpunching: Jack leads him teammates in a training exercise with power dampeners forcing them to rely on their skills rather than their special abilities. For a chance at punching the swordsman right in his smug face, how can they say no?The Legacy of Al Kazar: Happy Grimday!: Lynn's birthday party is attended by a veritable who's who Freedom City's heroic community. Jack hits on and is hit upon by a cavalcade of gorgeous, immortal women but ends up being kissed by the last one he expected."Concert Auditions. Second Floor, 2B.": Estelle de Havilland puts out the call for performs among the hero community with eye toward holding a charity event. Jack follows a winged figure in through the window and ends up belting out a tune with the aid of a creative use of his powers.Giant Dragon Bees: It falls to Jack and Wander to deal with a trio of semi truck-sized, talking, fire-breathing bees left over from the Bee-Keeper's latest scheme. Ultimately they find a solution that works for everyone and more or less bury the hatchet themselves, inventing a new move: the Dartboard Special!Crisis of Infinite Jacks: When a villain rips a whole in the barriers between dimensions Jack ends up meeting a number of different versions of himself, some familiar and some disturbingly different.Fall The Church of Swordology: The Espadas siblings attend Sunday mass with their mother only to wind up helping Freedom Angel fight of a supernatural menace!
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    Day of Wrath

    Day of WrathThe Day of Wrath Incident was an event that took place from late November 2012 to mid-January 2013. Unbeknownst to anyone, the alien intelligence known as The Curator abducted a number of superheroes from Freedom City and replaced them with robot duplicates. The heroes were deposited on The Curator's ringworld and left to fend for themselves, while the robotic replacements insinuated themselves into the lives of the people they were imitating. At a prearranged time, the robot doppelgangers erupted into lethal violence designed to spread fear and distrust amongst the hero community and the general population. Links[Gorgon] Latchkey Kids Young Freedom defends Freedom Hall from the Crime League! (Robot Dr. Stratos) Test Site I Several heroes wake up... elsewhere. (Originally Hidden)Roughin' It A camping trip with friends leads to a discussion of old wounds. (Robot Blue Jay) Merry HAXmas The HAX company Christmas party! (Robot Harrier, Jill and Wander) Where The Love Light Leads Wander needs some space during the holidays. (Robot Wander) Chaos, Steel and Wolves Armored heroes team up to take on the Foundry (Robot Beekeeper III) War of the Worlds Young Freedom tries to wrap up their Erde adventure, only to fall into more trouble. (Robot Duncan Summers) Disco Inferno With the campus under siege, Claremont's students must decide who to trust! Counterfeit Medications Wander does some corporate headhunting. (Robot Wander) Time and Chance Beekeeper III goes beezerk. (Robot Beekeeper III) Arms and the Man Jill O'Cure goes for the killer cure. (Robot Jill O'Cure) These Chains on Me Harrier gets scarier. (Robot Harrier) Pale Moonlight Blue Jay gets in some target practice. (Robot Blue Jay) Scratch Team The Freedom League Auxiliary deals with Star Knight and Freedom Hall. Crosses with Arms and the Man. (Robot Maria Montoya) Test Site II The heroes continue to look for a way off of the strange alien planet! (Originally Hidden)Even Angels Fall Dragonfly meets Gina, they fix Midnight's flying saucer. (Robot Beekeeper III) Test Site III Stealing a shuttle, the heroes fly to their captor's doorstep!The End of the World Young Freedom wage a desperate defense against the Curator for the fate of Tronik and Earth! This Was a Triumph (Inside) The kidnapped heroes subvert the Curator from within its own control room.This Was a Triumph (Outside) Epic space battle, epic reunions for everybody!The Talk Ironclad meet Beekeeper III for the first time, again. Day of Wrath Vignette
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    ArchEvilThe ArchEvil Incident was a planetary supervillain plot that took place mainly in the third week of July 2011. Prominent scientist, noted philanthropist and respected superhero Dr. Victor Archeville had an apparently unforeseeable psychotic break that led to him terrorizing Earth and cutting a wide swath of destruction before being defeated by his own superteam, the Interceptors. In the wake of the disaster, it was revealed that Archeville had been mentally unstable for a long time, and that his villainous alter ego had been responsible for the murder of a number of heroes and villains in Freedom City over the past year. Disgraced and distrusted, Dr. Archeville handed off control of his various enterprises and began a regime of intensive psychiatric treatment to let him bring himself back under control. CharactersBecause this was a citywide event, a large number of PCs participated in various facets of the plot. PCs should be linked in the summaries of the threads where they appear. For the purposes of this page, the evil alter-ego of Dr. Archeville will be referred to as “Chevalier,” the identity he created for his solo activities. TimelineSeptember 19, 2010: Heroes Serum, Intel, Metallic Warrior, Lullaby, and Dryad are burned alive by Chevalier.October 1, 2010: First public appearance of Chevalier, perceived to be a new hero to Freedom City.October 10, 2010: Demonic antiheroine Dark Vixen is murdered by Chevalier.October 22, 2010: Chevalier betrays and murders heroine Valkyrie.October 29, 2010: Heroine Cougress is murdered by Chevalier.November 10, 2010: Heroine Kunoichi is kidnapped and tortured by ChevalierNovember 17, 2010: Chevalier teams up with, betrays, and attempts to murder teen hero Kid CthulhuDecember 13, 2010: Heroes Lion and Finder are murdered by Chevalier.December 25, 2010: Dr. Archeville infects the Interceptors with mind-controlling nanites by way of Christmas presents.January 4, 2011: Villainess Kakoku is kidnapped and tortured by Chevalier.January 6, 2011: Heroine Ferlyn is burned alive by Chevalier.January 9, 2011: Chevalier travels outside the city, where he murders dozens of minor villains as well as 13-year-old villainess Naxean and the villain called Berzerker.January 10, 2011: Chevalier murders heroine Sheyra and her unpowered associates.January 11, 2011: Chevalier kidnaps villainess Black Priestess by faking her death by electrocution.January 13, 2011: Chevalier tortures and murders hero Hellbound.January 13, 2011: The Scarab learns of the death of her old teammate Hellbound and begins investigating the string of strange murders and disappearances in the city.January 14, 2011: Fulcrum moves in with Doktor Archeville, curtailing the activities of Chevalier for a time.February 13, 2011: Chevalier breaks into Providence Asylum and murders heroine Honey Queen, then frames Beekeeper II for the crime.March 22, 2011: Chevalier assaults hero Dynamo and kidnaps heroine Je'La.March 26, 2011: Chevalier kidnaps and tortures hero The Big Man.April 20, 2011: Chevalier murders costumed metahuman American Patriot.June 17, 2011 (early morning): Arrowhawk returns to the United States and consults with Scarab about her investigations into a crime wave against metahumans.June 17, 2011 (early evening): Wander shows Dr. Archeville Omega's chestplate, inadvertently triggering his full physical transformation into Chevalier, ready to take over the world. Prologue Evil Archeville/Reaping of the X-VaultThread The gradual ascent of Dr. Archeville's evil side, as manifested by the treacherous “hero” Chevalier leads to a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances in Freedom City and its environs over a period of seven months or so. Heroes and villains who catch Archeville's attention also tend to interest his dark alter ego, who then kills them, or if they are resistant to death, kidnaps and tortures them. He begins by luring a group of heroes into an abandoned building before setting it on fire, then quickly escalates to more personal, face-to-face methods. By varying venue and method, he manages to escape detection, and indeed many of the crimes are not solved. Between October of 2010 and April of 2011, Chevalier murders fourteen heroes and two villains, plus several dozen civilians, and kidnaps another five metahumans for torturous experiments. Die Me, DichotomyThread After a punishing battle with SHADOW forces, Arrowhawk calls his old and trusted friend Dr. Archeville to treat him and his girlfriend and fellow hero Valkyrie. The trio discusses the SHADOW threat, including the reemergence of the villain Ragnarok. Eight days later, Valkyrie is summoned by her masters in the Norse pantheon to deal with a threat on the shore bordering Providence Asylum, and there finds Chevalier cleaning out a nest of hostile vampires. Believing the vampires to be the threat, she assists him in clearing out the nest, dropping her guard long enough to let him shoot her from behind with a blast of radiation. She attempts to fight back, but her injuries and Dr. Archeville's knowledge of her powers and weaknesses allow him to overpower her. He carries her high into the sky and drops her to her death, but is himself injured by a bolt of lightning she calls down. Afterwards, he convinces Arrowhawk that Ragnarock was responsible for her death, sending the hero on a wild goose chase to Europe. Who You Gonna Call?Thread During the months of Chevalier's crime spree, Doktor Archeville begins working with teen hero Kid Cthulhu to determine the nature of his unusual metahuman appearance and abilities. This brings him to the attention of Archeville's evil alter-ego, who becomes determined to destroy the teen hero. At this point, Chevalier is a known hero, so when he attempts to team up with Kid Cthulhu for an evening, the latter readily accepts. He lures Kid Cthulhu into the Super Museum, then disguises himself and lays in wait to attack. Employing one of his favorite tactics, Chevalier sets Kid Cthulhu and the Hall of Mysteries on fire, then puts a fist through the young man's chest to ensure his death. Blake Salazar survives the attack, but loses his metahuman abilities and appearance for a time. A Very Interceptors ChristmasThread Dr. Archeville attends a Christmas celebration with his proteges on the Interceptors at their Brownstone headquarters. Touched by their unquestioning acceptance of him as one of the family, he presents each of them with a personalized cuckoo clock of his own design. These cuckoo clocks are implanted with mind-controlling nanites that will make the Interceptors unquestioning slaves to Chevalier's will. Bread CrumbsThread In mid-January, Elena Guerrero is listening to the news when she has a psychic vision related to a John Doe found mutilated and murdered in Freedom City. Upon investigating the site, she realizes that the murdered man is an old teammate from the Knights of Freedom, Hellbound. She begins investigating the crime, creating an intricate web linking dozens of seemingly unrelated deaths and disappearances over the course of many months. Back in BlackThread After spending months in Europe, attempting to track down the villain he believes killed Valkyrie, Arrowhawk returns to Freedom City at the summons of his friend Scarab. She lays out the details of her investigation, and the two of them puzzle over possible suspects. They bring up and rule out the supervillain Malice, noting that these crimes have a cruelty and sadism that the self-described savior of humanity has never shown. Clearly they are looking for someone else. The ArchEvil Invasion RevelationsThread Wander, recently hired as a security guard for ArcheTech, has concerns about the safety of the chestplate of Omega that Young Freedom brought home as a trophy after a recent mission, so she brings it to Dr. Archeville's home for him to examine in private. The shock of seeing the armor, and its implications with regards to the current power void in the Terminus is enough to shock Dr. Archeville unconscious and bring Chevalier to the fore. Without his power armor on, Chevalier is revealed as a Deep One, scaly, green and monstrous. Knowing that a fight with Wander would be inadvisable, he deceives her instead, professing horror and shame at his solely physical transformation. He's successful in convincing her, to the point that when Arrowhawk and Scarab show up at the door hoping to consult with Dr. Archeville about possible suspects in the crime wave, Wander heads them off at the door. Chevalier uses those few minutes of delay to take his equipment and make good his escape. Arrowhawk departs to track him down, while Scarab takes Wander to her base under Pyramid Plaza where Scarab makes preparations for the worst. Terrible BossesThread Dr. Archeville goes to the Interceptors Brownstone headquarters, interrupting a friendly sparring session intended to welcome and acclimatize the new members Thrude and Geckoman. With the use of subliminal commands hidden in images and briefings over the past months and nanomachines introduced to them with cuckoo clocks on the team's last Christmas celebration, the 'core' Interceptors Jack of all Blades, Jill O'Cure, Fulcrum, Dynamo, Colt and Grimalkin are transformed into darker versions of themselves fanatically loyal to the unveiled Other side of the Doktor. After a brief clash with their new team mates and Willow, the newly-christened Auffägangers and their master are teleported to the home of Taylor and Jack Faretti (Phantom and Avenger), aiming to capture the powerful dimensional guardian and the city's king of vampires along with their young son. Before he departs he has the likewise-altered A.I. VINCE destroy the Brownstone, right when new potential member Ferros knocks on the front door. News BroadcastThread A new villain – some sort of super-Deep One – hijacks communications systems worldwide and makes a bizarre, terrible pronouncement. Creatures pour out from ArcheTech facilities around the globe, while a great mechanical squid beaches itself at Freedom and vomits forth Deep Ones. Load-Bearing BossesLoad-Bearing Bosses The Interceptors caught in the destruction of the Brownstone escape from the rubble with the assistance of new arrival Ferros, Geckoman losing an arm in the process of extricating himself. Swearing vengeance on the Doktor for his betrayal, Thrude uses her power over the winds to discover where he and his altered Interceptors have gone, with the group making their various ways towards their dire enemy and brainwashed allies. Omnia Mutantur, Nihil InteritThread Archeville arrives with the Auffägangers before the Faretti's home, sending in his soldiers to search the place, finding it empty of inhabitants. Outraged, Archeville begins to prepare for departure to the Scarab's headquarters when his Archeville side breaks free and releases the Interceptors from his control. After a struggle where Archeville uses his carefully-laid counters against his one-time friends, Fulcrum knocks out the villainous side of the Doktor. The other Interceptors arrive and after a furious argument about what to do with the man are confronted by the monster-spewing form of the impossible creature that lay behind the Archeville family madness, an Elder being of tremendous power whose rise using the bodies of Archevilles living and dead causes madness in citizens even distantly related to the cursed family, causing riots throughout the world. Meanwhile, the various plots Archeville's Other side had laid over the years are begun, from the Deep Ones using his immense submarine to launch and invasion from the sea to mutated grue granted the powers of the Interceptors running riot to the vast space station hidden in the Asteroid Belt preparing to attack. After a desperate struggle, the Interceptors weaken the beast, and Fulcrum uses her power dampers to inject a flood of Terminus energy into the horrific monster, destroying it but hurling herself out of that dimension. Aftermath Gestalt TheoryThread As the Interceptors finish off the monster, the Scarab, Phantom and Ferros enter Archeville's mind, cleansing him of the Other's corrupting influence and healing his damaged psyche. AftermathThread With the battle over, the Interceptors are faced with a diminished and grieving Doktor, their own injuries, and a world that has been ripped apart. Jack of All Blades severs the Interceptors' connection with Doktor Archeville and leave, while Geckoman tries to find the rest of his teammates and sort order out of chaos. The Doctor is In(Sane)Thread A week after the battle, Dr. Archeville has been confined to Providence Asylum for evaluation and safekeeping. He receives several visitors. The first, Miss Americana, comes to deal with the business of ArcheTech, which she is trying to save. The doctor resigns his position and signs over control of the company to her, with the request that she make restitution a priority. The second is Harrier in his civilian identity, who Archeville does not recognize thanks to the Scarab and Psyche pulling all secret identity information from his mind. Harrier speaks of guilt and grief, and promises to take care of Mona's cat for as long as she is lost. The third is Ace Danger, who denounces atonement as selfishness and reminds Archeville that as long as he remains consumed with the enormity of what he has done, no one is building the scanner that could free Mona from the Terminus.
  24. December 25, 2014 South Pole Basin Lunar Farside It is not true that Farsiders never leave their city, merely that such events are rare and usually for a purpose. The construction of the South Pole station by Farsiders had been one such purposeful occasion, one launched over a Terran century ago by a Farsider monarch concerned about a recent Terran visit to the Moon. (Some Terran visitors to Farside City have pointed out that the Apollo missions took place over six decades later, but the Farsiders have the records of earlier 'interlopers' to show skeptical visitors of today.) With its neutrino detectors and concealed telescopes, the South Pole station is well-placed to directly monitor doings on Earth. Or for that matter, as Lady Lunar proved in the early 1980s, to strike at it. A collection of intellects vast and furious on Earth had realized the station's potential not long after the Communion crisis began - concealed as the station was, it was the perfect place to strike at an enemy in Earth orbit by surprise. What had been a location for observation could become a location for misdirection; a notion that appealed to the ruling government of Farside City, which liked the idea of saving the world they orbit without their true role ever being known. (Farsiders do love their secrets!) And so, for much of the last two months, the greatest minds of Earth have come to its only natural satellite with a singular purpose. To build a machine to protect the planet from the Communion! Steve Murdock had offered what advice he could during its construction, but his experience with dimensional technology was all practical. It had come down to Dragonfly's specific genius and Miss Americana's vast storehouse of general knowledge to put the great work into practice. Caradoc, and the other non-scientists in the party of heroes guarding the weapon (as Steve was not allowed to call it around his employer) had rapidly found another role in the small lunar colony. Lunar soil ashy beneath his feet, Caradoc raised his gleaming blade to the sky, the shining tip above the heads even of the tallest Farsiders in their environmental suits. A new group of Farsider militiamen had been deployed that week - and their usual trainers were busy with an Earth-Prime holiday, an important one, but one that he could miss while Gina Evans was safely ensconced in the tiny pre-fab quarters that she had occupied for the last month. There would be time enough for celebration when the work was done. He spoke over the radio. "Your enemy will target your environmental suits first! They are not pirates, or conquerors, or enslavers. Your dead flesh will feed their ever-growing armies." He lowered his blade as the group shifted uneasily, and for a moment there was dead silence on the lunar plain besides the domed Farsider military base even on the radio frequencies they used to speak with each other outside the dome.
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