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  1. The Danger! mobile slid into traffic not long after Frost had called his old friend about the newcomer the league had recently completed debriefing. Weaving effortlessly through traffic the famed car roared to a stop in a spot reserved for league members, Ace not for the first time shook his head at the absurd sign, when was the last time anyone but Frost actually drove and he borrowed a League car from the motor pool. He hopped out of the open top of the convertible and strode up to the stammering security guard with a wink as he took the mans hand palming a generous tip as he did so, "Now
  2. alderwitch

    Star Fall

    Location: Liberty Park Date: July 22, 2019; 10:07 AM Star Child It was a lovely morning in Liberty Park, not yet hot enough to drive people to air conditioned environments and full of summer sunlight. Children were playing, there were teens skateboarding along the path. The athletic fields were full of people playing mid-morning matches of one sport or another. It was a perfect, peaceful Freedom City morning in July though if anyone was was used to how things could change in an instant, it was the citizens of Freedom City. There were a few scattered
  3. Saturday September Eighth 2018 10:00 AM Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship But for the low hum of an electric motor and the tinted windows the Danger International fleet car that pulled to the curb a few car lengths from the Espadas Dojo was nondescript and would hardly elicit note from passer by. This was perhaps slightly less true about it's occupants. Before exiting the car Ace turned to his niece. "Alright so, as I said, he's the best, but also a little touchy about keeping a low profile." which was to say had a standing threat to stab Ace shou
  4. GM ???? ????, Freedom City, New Jersey Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 ???? PM Ace Danger When Ace awoke he found himself in a room of mirrors. His lips were notably dry. Having no memory of how he came to be in what appeared to be a funhouse mirror room, Ace could take comfort in the fact that he seemed to still possess much of his equipment. But, it was hard to say if the internationally renowned man of mystery was traveling a little light when the past few hours were a haze. Arcturus When Arcturus awoke his mouth felt unusually dry. He
  5. With the team gone an eerie silence settled over the suddenly too large, open, and vulnerable dojo. The children were fitful in their beds the tension in the household penetrating their slumber though not yet waking them. Gina wheeled herself silently around the kitchen completing the tasks left unfinished by the evening's interruptions with a quiet efficiency that belied the worry etching her face. Jill was left to monitor the security systems with VINCE looking for signs of anything out of the ordinary Talyas final advice ringing in her ears, "When they know we've come for them there's no
  6. The OOC for Look What You Made Me Do The assumption here is Talya contacted her friends to be on alert that the interceptors were addressing a threat and the kids et al might be in danger. Vince and Jill will take note of the police and fire activity and reveal that there is an evacuation in progress for a gas leak. Vince however can detect no fluctuations in gas pressure that would indicate any truth to that. The fire trucks passing klara are clearly heading for hte west end. As people spill into the streets they will grow congested making swift evacuatio
  7. It was a small list - the friends that Talya still had from her time among the Allies of Freedom was a small list that grew smaller yet every year. Most of them - all of them, really - had public personas just as flashy as Natalya Browning's public facade. They were also well aware that Talya's actual private life was something she had always kept decidedly so, so the understanding that discretion was expected was well understood alongside her invitation to visit the recently renovated apartments above the Espadas' School. Well, to most of them, it was likely well understood. For A
  8. It wasn't entirely uncommon for Raina's training sessions to be unconventional, really. After all, Talya had made her practice running in heels and picking locks. The immortal spy's idea of well rounded skills was, to say the least, unconventional. Still, there was something out of the ordinary for even her training sessions when she arrived to the dojo and was hustled in quickly by a robed Talya. "Excellent, you're here. Just enough time to get changed," she told Raina, shooing her towards the restroom and a gown hanging on the back of a stall and a pair of shoes. "High end socie
  9. The IC! Notice or sense motive say DC 15 for the robbers gettin ready to rob. Ace'll get an HP for his distraction.
  10. Thursday, June 1st 2017 10:00AM Riverside Community Savings and Loan Sunny and Humid The blustery spring thaw had long since gave way to the balmy heat of the season and with it the accompanying "good cheer". Of course none of this was helped by a pace that could only be called glacial, in some final and cruel irony, with which the line moved. The line to the business window was little better given the number of business owners and managers grabbing extra change for the weekend ahead of the rush and the highly cash dependant nature of the artisanal shops that dotte
  11. 09/11/2016 12:35 PM The Boardwalk Freedom City It really does say something about Freedom City that the men and women on the Boardwalk weren't overly concerned by the sudden sound of speeding cars. The echo of revving engines up and down the long wooden walks. The squealing of rubber tires. Oh, I grant you, the majority of the citizens present still dove for safety when a trio of multicolored sports cars came screaming past, but they didn't let it end their perfectly nice shopping day on Freedom City's famous Boardwalk. The call had come in a few hours be
  12. Wednesday April 27, 2016 Washington, DC AEGIS Headquarters The AEGIS headquarters in Washington, DC is not where most of the field agents are posted - the single largest AEGIS facility is located in Freedom City. This building, one of dozens of other square glass boxtowers built along the Anacostia River, is a place of bureaucrats; payroll clerks and human resources types, archivists and pension planners, the thousands of other workers whose unglamorous jobs keep the glamorous agents of AEGIS fed, happy, and well-paid. The MAX Armor agents kept on staff here are t
  13. GM post Sunday, February 28th 2016 10:30 AM Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship, Private Apartments "It is still early for a Sunday Ma'am." the personal assistant suggested quietly, the protest fell however on deaf ears. "Marjorie, If this was not time sensitive I wouldn't be bothering the poor woman." came the reply clipped but not cold, "Besides they have children and I have raised enough of those to know late mornings are likely the least of their concerns." She added a bit more warmly, "Make the call please." Thus
  14. August 6th, Saturday Evening Freedom City, the Boardwalk Opening Night! Sir August Card has great pleasure in announcing The High Steaks Reopening Night August 6th Entrance $500 All inclusive food and drink Complementary $50 Chips for Gambling All night Event Places Limited This is a Card Productions Ltd Event Please refer to rules and regulations etc with regards to High Steaks gambling and conduct Strictly Black Tie Only No Riff-Raff So said the "open" invitation flyer. Of course, not
  15. This is the OOC. Feel free to ask me quite literally anything about the thread, especially if it doesn't make sense. I've likely missed something. As for vital details about the situation, I do believe I've covered it quite well. Though I will admit the sky is only properly darkened around the Canterbury Estate. Doesn't mean that North Bay isn't having a very bad afternoon, though.
  16. March 21. Freedom City. Port Royal. Shore of Lake MacKenzie. Helena Canterbury was a sheltered young woman. Born into wealth and privilege, she wanted for nothing. Except her freedom. She had the best of tutors. Private and very exclusive. The best schools and the finest university. All so that she’d be the all too worthy heir that the Canterbury family deserved. She was never given a choice or asked her opinion. Upholding the family name was the most important thing in the world. And yet…university provided a small window, a way to spread her wings a little. She joined a poetry c
  17. Ace Danger Power Level: 15 (233/250PP) (PL 10 combat caps) Unspent Power Points: 17PP Trade-Offs: +1 Attack / -1 Damage, ± Defense / ± Toughness In Brief: Daring Boy Adventurer who grows into a Superspy and Immortal Playboy. Catchphrase: Theme: Alternate Identity: None Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Danger Manor, North Bay, Freedom City Base of Operations: Danger Manor, North Bay, Freedom City Occupation: International Man of Mystery Affiliations: Allies of Freedom*, Danger Industries, Liberty League*, AEGIS*, Freedom League*, The J
  18. Ace Danger Power Level: 10 (211/211PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +1 Attack / -1 Damage, ±0 Defense / ±0 Toughness In Brief: Daring Boy Adventurer who grows into a Superspy and Immortal Playboy. Catchphrase: Theme: Alternate Identity: None Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Danger Manor, North Bay, Freedom City Base of Operations: Danger Manor, North Bay, Freedom City Occupation: International Man of Mystery Affiliations: Allies of Freedom*, Danger Industries, Liberty League*, AEGIS*, Freedom League*, The Jungle Patrol* (
  19. Ace Danger Interdimensional man of mystery and immortal adventurer across the ages. Ace Danger began his career with his two fisted adventuring Father Johnny Danger of the Jungle Patrol, Served with the Allies of Freedom in the second world war, Battled Shadow and Communism alike as a gentleman spy through the cold war and has earned a reputation as rake and libertine across more than one dimension in his wide travels. His unique life has left him with a wide net of allies, associates, enemies, treasures and a wealth of experience in the most outlandish of adventures. Histor
  20. Ace Danger Power Level: 13/15 (200/223PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 23 Alternate Identity: None Height: 6' Weight: 185 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Description: Ace has a sturdy six foot frame not overly muscled but certainly well defined in an almost careless way that suggests given effort he could develop quite the physique. His head is topped by thick blonde locks that are maintained in a perfect semblance of disarray. He retains much of his fathers classic lines but softened slightly, a strong jaw and chin, but not quite chiseled, hi
  21. History The Jungle Patrol formally traces back to 1927 when the Patrol that would grow to international fame first came together and formally used the Jungle Patrol Moniker as immortalized in Season 1 Episode 1 of 'The Adventures of the Jungle Patrol!' serial. The basis for hte organization of course was not so watershed an event. Central to the Jungle Patrol was of course Johnny Danger, explorer, adventurer, and renaissance man extraordinaire. Johnny was born on the cusp of the twentieth century in 1899 on a ranch in montana. The family ranch was lost in conflict with a loca
  22. September 12, 2011 Not long after their meeting in Paris, Edge made his own way to the Chateau Relais, following the plans laid down by Midnight and the more experienced heroes on the team. I guess I can't really call it Young Freedom; that belongs to the Claremont kids and anyway some of them aren't really that young! He'd hidden in plain sight as a UNISON employee on break, renting a car at the Bern airport and chatting volubly with the clerk there about how great it was to be in Switzerland and how much nicer it was than his usual African posting. From there, a car ride up to the mountains
  23. North Bay September 22, 2011 While interstellar monsters weren't the specialty of anyone on the Liberty League these days, the new superteam was on high alert as the Gorgon's approach brought a dawning chaos the world. They'd only been back from Switzerland a few days, but those had been busy days for many of them between the Gorgon's coming, Edge's visit home, and of course various changes in Wander's general lifestyle. The wealthiest neighborhoods in town had so far avoided the panic beginning to gnaw at the poorer areas of the city, or at least that panic had been confined to the interiors
  24. September 22, 2011 Wander, Midnight, Edge, Ace Danger, Bombshell, and Cannonade get a visit from that old-time Norse religion.
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