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Found 12 results

  1. GM Night February 25th, 2021 Across the rooftops of the Fens Callie had spent a lot of time patrolling Freedom City since being brought to the this time. She had gotten used to this future Freedom, gotten used to this new world she found herself in, where she existed twice at once: The headmistress of Claremont and the time displaced teenager. Things had changed in the poorer parts of the city lately. The Fens, Southside, Kingston... The shadows seemed darker. Ever since Raven and Nevermore had learned that the House of Usher had returned, the Raven Family had found mounting evidence of the Ushers' increasing presence in the city, especially in these areas. Now, she had been patrolling the Fens. It had been largely uneventful when she caught sight of a mugging in progress on the street below, near a street corner. Three men against one hardly seemed fair.
  2. Fall 2020 Lucy the Elephant Margate City, NJ In retrospect, Ashley's mistake was in letting herself think that today was going to be a good day. The trip out to Margate City was the sort of thing that many Claremont students might have balked at as being just kids stuff, but it had been just the right thing for her charge and the teens she worked with. Lucy the Elephant had stood proud and tall in Margate City since 1882, at least until a recent act of super-vandalism had left it tagged with various sorts of obscene graffiti, the Tag Gang having made their escape before the local police could arrive. The chance to send out some super-teens in costume to show the nice people of Margate City that teenagers weren't so bad, and could actually help clean up what their peers had wrought, was just about perfect - especially once a little check from the Secret Service revealed that the Tag Gang really had moved on to much more interesting pictures than a seaside New Jersey town. Blue Squad had spent the day doing various things; cleaning the inside and outside of the elephant, cleaning up the broken glass from the tavern window nearby, straightening up the museum inside the elephant that told the long and rich story of a 138 year old wood and tin elephant. Watchdog and Daystar had spent the day mostly working inside the elephant, letting the more photogenic members of the team talk to the local press that had stopped by to take advantage of the rarity of super-teens stopping by. You could see the skyscrapers of Freedom City if you looked out Lucy's eye across the water; but this place still seemed miles away. The local Jaycees had brought snacks and somebody had put on some music that had been old when Ashley was younger - and honestly - things had been pretty good. "I've been washed," sang Judy softly, almost under her breath, as she helped Ashley mount the new bulletproof windows in Lucy's butt, "I've been washed in the blood of the Lamb..." Daystar had been powered up most of the day, a pleasant rainbow glow, and Watchdog's armor was actually just about right for the Jersey Shore in September.
  3. April 2020 Two weeks to prom ...Det, sa Peter till Wendy, var vägen till Neverland; men även fåglar som bär kartor och konsulterade dem i blåsiga hörn kunde inte ha sett det med dessa instruktioner. Peter, du förstår, sa precis allt som kom in i hans huvud... ...Jag avvisade dessa svar; istället valde jag något annat. Jag valde det omöjliga. Jag valde ... Rurland. En stad där konstnären inte skulle vara rädd för censuren. Där forskaren inte skulle vara bunden av små moral. Där det stora inte skulle begränsas av de små!.. "Yes, I, hmm, know people at Archetech. And HAX." said Eira archly to Kam, turning from where she sat besides Pan to speak clearly to the Dakanan teen. "Archetech gives you the strength and power of a great corporation, with a mastermind as its leader, while HAX has a more...intimate atmosphere. Fewer limits at one, more good friends at the other, yes?" She smirked at that, leaning back with her hands on her lap as if she'd said something very clever. ...of course - I am not a fool. But still - just imagine what it would be like. We are here - I will see you soon VINCE... When the Claremont van stopped in front of the dojo, Eira stepped out, duffel bag slung over her shoulder, in her grey sweats and white sneakers looking ready for an informal workout. This was technically a gym elective, something that got them all out of playing "Quidditch - but with POWERS!" - and it promised to be an interesting evening.
  4. St. George's Cathedral 6PM, roughly, Easter The largest and most magnificent church in Freedom is St. George’s Cathedral in Midtown across from Liberty Park. The cathedral is built in the Gothic style like the great cathedrals of Europe. It features tall, thin steeples, a high bell tower, a cruciform shape, and space enough for hundreds of parishioners. The church is named for the famed dragon-slaying saint, and a huge stained glass depiction of St. George’s greatest deed is a centerpiece of the cathedral. The numerous other stained glass windows depict other saints and religious figures. The second Easter Sermon was done and people had filed out to go eat. The topic had been redemption and rebirth, yanno, the expected sort of topic on these sorts of things. It was eloquent, and gentle, with the Archbishop Charles Fairwell doing the duties for today. It ended and there was a food spread out in the courtyard, as it was a lovely spring day. Benjamin Franklin d'Amato sat in a pew still, after people had filed out, and he had his arms were against the the back of the pew in front of him, and he was leaning forward. He wasn't really praying, just lost in thought. This placed hadn't changed much since... well anyway, it was weird. Trying to sort things out, and he wasn't really equipped to deal. One too many shots to the head. He smiled wryly.
  5. TheAbsurdist


    The Rooftops of Dubai, sunset. It was still hot, the metal of the scaffolding was warm, the bright orange reflective paint of the unfinished portion of the But what was more worrying was the swarm of Katanarchists. The why of them being here was currently not the thought that Benjamin d'Amato (a.k.a the bouncing pugilist hero Rebound!) was worried about. It was more that they were here and fighting him, that was the pressing concern. And punching, kicking, stabbing, ninja starring (Is that even a word? -ed) were also pretty important. This wasn't what he was used to. A street scuffle, or a place where he could make like a pinball and ping about, but this was limited space with guys and dolls who were a cut above (I see what you did there. -ed) in a precarious position that hemmed him firmly outside of his comfort zone. Heck, this high up and he wasn't sure he couldn't be cleaned up except by paper towels. They were working towards the crane at the top of this thing, and he was trying to stop them. Already worn down from however long this had been going, he worked himself after them. "Don't s'pose youse guys wanna call it quits and just give in?" He ducked his head sharply behind one of the metal poles as a shuriken struck against it, "Okay, okay, good talk. Well whateva youse doin' I gotta stop ya so..." And with that he changed his grip and swung around bringing his feet against a pole, and bracing against it before he leaped up towards the crane, and the Katanarchists. It was in the middle of the trajectory that he noticed one of the Katanarchists as doing something, and at the moment he would have made contact there was violence and brightness, and he found himself sailing backwards, flung by the force. As the world broke apart. Claremont Academy, Combat Simulator Room, February 9th. 1PM, ish. Rebound tried to course correct, his mind already working out the angle of his movement, and he completed the flip as he hit the wall, and grunted with the force of it, but he bounced right off. His control was such that he fell forward, and the twenty feet down from the wall, to land in a smooth crouch. He panted, his uniformed dusted up, his domino mask a little torn, and his lip was busted up. As per usual he was on a multi hour training scenario, though this was him trying to pick up the tactics, the world he was thrust in now. Kids were the same, ish. Maybe. But the combat scenarios had a lot things for him to look into and sort through. His natural instinct was simply to go another time, in a different scenario that the computer was randomly generated..
  6. TheAbsurdist


    OOC for this one over here. Benny is gonna use Defensive Attack and Accurate attack to make contact with Herod Full shift So Def 30 this round His hit Touch Spar Attack: 1d20+15 28
  7. GM The Painted Desert, Arizona October 3rd, 2019 14:00 PM Survival class, that was what the guest teacher had called it. If you were going to be a hero, then you could end up out in the middle of nowhere, and you needed to know what you could do to survive. The fliers on Blue Squad might have argued that they could just fly away, but the Doctor Alexander Macedon had not accepted any objections, and a day later, Blue Squad had found themselves in the Painted Desert in Arizona. They had all been given proper gear stuffed into heavy backpacks, and now they had been dropped off near the Rainbow Visitor Center by the van that had picked them up at the airport. Doctor Alexander Macedon looked like a man in the early 70'es. His skin was tanned by the sun, and seemed slightly leathery, from years of being out in the harsh sun. His thinning hair were grey, almost bordering on white, as was his scraggy, unkempt beard. He wore a black eyepatch over his left eye, with a pair of horn rimmed glasses over both eyes. A cowboy hat on his head, he wore a beige dress shirt, with the few buttons closests to his neck open, revealing his grey chest hair. He had rolled the sleeves up, with an brown bomber jacket stuffed into his backpack. He wore dark grey fatigue pants and a pair of heavy dark boots. Something about him made him seem even older, and one the way here, he had made it more than clear that he didn't want to do this or have anything to do with a bunch of super powered kids, but he owed someone a favor. Standing by the side of the road in front of the teens, Macedon held up a map, making sure they could all see it. "Listen up, kids. This map is our only clue to where we're goin'. We're gonna be crossing through the Painted Desert here, and we're gonna survive off the rations you've brought and what we can find, but make sure you don't do anything to harm the nature around here. No smashing rocks with any of your fancy gadgets or powers or anything like that. We're gonna go off road, and gonna end up at the Painted Desert Visitor Center, with some stops on the way. It's gonna take a while, so save on those rations." He made a short pause and lowered the map. "Now, who's up first for learning how to read and follow a map? Yer all gonna get yer turn."
  8. OOC for this. @Avenger Assembled, @Thunder King, @TheAbsurdist, @secondling
  9. Saturday, November 8th, 8 AM. Claremont Gym. Bam. BAM BAM! Bam bam bam bam! Fists hit bag, footwork ensued, complicated, as the bulky Benny D'amato changed center line, stuffing his leading left hand at the face level in a drill that would make sense with someone else, as his right hand did two neat, sharp uppercut like hooks right at the floating rib area Then came a quick four punch flurry. Though him getting someone besides staff tended to prove tricky, and the fast kid showed why. He wasn't just quick. He was damn near sudden, and he hit hard. Precise. And he did this routine upwards to six times a week. The run. Then the drills. More running. More drills. This one changed though, as he wheeled to the human shaped dummy that was used for grappling, as he threw a feinting punch at it's face, and then shot down for a double leg take down, that he immediately floated over the dummy on impact into a mounted position, and he hammered at the 'head' of the the practice thing, before he rolled away, and pushed up and off of his rear leg for a superhero punch at another training bag. This drill down, he stood there, breathing hard as the alert went off from his bag at a bench, and he moved over towards it. Wearing a tank top, a pair of shorts, sneakers, and wrapped up hands, which fit his workman aesthetic. He picked up the watch, and pushed the button to turn off the alarm, before he moved to lift his water bottle.
  10. October 12, 2019 Earth-B-Vacant-19 As they stepped through the portal into the other dimension, the first thing Daystar noticed was that it was quiet - with only the familiar background hum of her radio bracelets sounding in her ears, and the distant whisper of the radio transmitter in the nearby basecamp. The second thing was how everything looked. A lifetime in Oklahoma, then DC, had not prepared her for the fall splendor of Earth-Vacant-B ("not quite Sanctuary but with a lot more nature!"), a world frequently visited by Claremont students looking for their first taste of extra-dimensional adventure. This was a world where humans had never been evolved, one where whales filled the oceans, animals the vast forests of North America, and birds the skies. Fall here was chillier than back home, she supposed, though it wasn't really an issue for her - she slipped her hands in the pockets of her light windbreaker as she looked up at the vast forest of gold and red. "Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this," she quoted under her breath, smiling in awe as she looked all around. For her part, Watchdog wasn't nearly so blown away by all the scenery - maybe because she'd been here ten years ago and had gotten crapped on by a whole lot of birds. "Let's keep moving," she murmured from inside her mask as they headed out into the center of the small encampment, where Mr. Jorgensen was waiting for them. Jorgensen was the school's new biology teacher, a smiling, easy-going guy who students sometimes took too much advantage of. He wore a plaid flannel shirt and jeans to greet the students as they stepped through the gateway, his thick beard adding to the impression of "hipster outdoorsman." "Hello everyone!" he called with a wave. "Keep moving and drop your stuff in the designated areas." This wasn't quite the rugged outdoor life of survival training; Claremont's small basecamp had places for tents, firepits dug, and even a generator and radio transmitter installed by previous generations of students. They'd been careful, though - outside of the small encampment here by the edge of the South River, there was little sign any humans had ever been here. And indeed, hardly any had...
  11. Claremont Academy 10:30 am, August 28th, 2019 Weather: Sunny, 77 F, Wind E 15-20 mph The visitor's parking lot was packed. A sea of people bustled amidst vehicles and toward open, shining gates. Belongings, often with grunts of effort, were loaded onto carts. Laughter echoed from caravans trickling through the main entrance and the Quad. Hand-drawn signs pointed the way, each adorned with student messages. In time, the shadows of the twin dormitories provided respite to travelers. Staff and peer counselors dotted the trail, assisting overwhelmed students on their journey. Vice-Principal Dugan was the first new face to arrivals. Her table near the gates kicked off the journey. Mr. Marquez wheeled the circuit and kept visitors on course. Mr Kuzkin and Ms. Harcourt paced about the Kord and Carter dorms, respectively. Their task, to organize the move-in, appeared to have some success. At the very least, weary travelers could partake of cold refreshments and treats outside the main doors. While outside was organized chaos, the dorm halls were like herding cats. A din permeated the air. Dozens of students, parents, and guardians wandered in search of rooms. Boxes and bags transformed the hallways into obstacle courses. The excitement of new memories and old friends contrasted with worried hugs and goodbyes. If nothing else, the dorms were places of beginnings and endings. What are you doing this beautiful day? Moving into the dorm? Helping new students?
  12. TheAbsurdist


    Rebound Power Level: 10 (on PL 12 Points, 180/194pp) Unspent Power Points: 14 Trade-Offs: +5 Attack/-5 Damage; +4 Defense/-4 Tough In Brief: Bouncing former sidekick out of time. Catchphrase: “Ya just keep hittin’ me, and I keep comin’ back.” Theme: “End Transmission,” by Fire From the Gods. Alternate Identity: Benjamin Franklin d’Amato; Benny, or B.F. (secret) Birthplace: Freedom City, NJ, USA Residence: Claremont School. Base of Operations: Claremont Occupation: Student, Adventurer Affiliations: Claremont, formerly Hepcat's sidekick on his world.. Family: None Description: DoB: 1948/2003 Apparent Age: Teens Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’11 Weight: 271 Eyes: Murky Green Hair: Dirty Blonde/brown First thing’s first, Benny is a tank. Let’s get that straight. Barrel chested and thick limbed, and looking like the fat bully from most movies. His hair is generally in a crew cut, and he is starting to get the patchy sort of beard on his round face that a teenager would have. The smile comes easily to the jug eared guy, and he seems like pretty much an open book. His costume consists of a Letterman style jacket, over whatever costume he has on, sneakers, and a domino mask. Currently in the Claremont color scheme, much to his chagrin. History: Benny was born to a lower class family in the Fens, but that wasn’t important. It fell apart, and his mother lost track of the kid sometime after his dad died in the Korean War, and he was getting into trouble, or running from trouble. He was big, rough, and ready to scrap at a moment’s notice, even if he was losing a lot more often than his pride liked. Getting knocked down wasn’t something that bothered him, as he could just pick himself, and it was what caught the attention of a local ex-boxer, Mickey Barnes. Benny couldn’t tell you which time it was, but at some point the grizzled veteran pugilist took the kid under his wing; Mickey could tell you, though, it was when the kid ran a three card monty, and demonstrated a staggering hand speed that took the old man by surprise. Eventually he adopted the kid, and teaching him discipline, and fisticuffs in his furious and technical peek-a-boo style, aimed at leveraging his assets to take down bigger opponents that suited pugnacious Benny just fine. Mickey was also a hardass, but gave Benny structure and resources needed at time when it was likely he could go either way. And he flourished, showing a natural athleticism that belied his fire hydrant like stature, able to parlay it immediately to most other sports he tried his hands at. Though he loved boxing. But, that isn’t the ending the story gets, as one day leaving school Mickey had to shove the kid out of the way of a truck whose breaks had fail, with the driver trying to maintain control. In the ensuing accident Mickey was struck by vehicle, and the materials it carried, Fantasto-Plastics experimental polymer compound was dumped onto Benny. This left the older man hospitalized in a coma, and without any seeming effects on him. It also had the younger Benny spiraling towards depression, until… He couldn’t help himself, watching someone get mugged was just not something that Benny could handle. So he got involved, jumping into a fray with guys with weapons, and he didn’t think he stood a chance. It wasn’t until he was hit by a baseball bat that things changed. It sent him against a wall, only for him to bounce right back with him following through with slugging that jerk right in the kisser. This show coincided with Hepcat arriving on the scene, and for him to watch the boy rough up the rest of the muggers, shrugging off their efforts to beat him. In the aftermath he found himself under the tutelage of the other hero, and there was a brief bit of normalcy, even as his prior mentor was still in a coma. But it was a purpose, and he had to admit to he liked punching the baddies, and sticking up for the little guy. Even if he knew the reality wasn’t so simple, but there were enough super powered guys robbing banks, or trying to make T-Rex Nazis. It was a struggle balancing a sense of responsibility to Mickey, the free spirit Hepcat, and trying to do the school thing as this happened. Eventually that didn’t matter. The Terminus came to destroy everything. And there was no conflict in himself about punching them. Not that he understood them beyond just ‘These guys want to end everything,’ and he along with others rallied with the assorted black masks and white hats to push back. Because this was the Fens, and then Fens didn’t back down from nobody. Mickey was still in the hospital, after all. He couldn’t let him down. He couldn’t let Hepcat down. He couldn’t even let his mom down. He could save them. He was a Hero. That’s what drove him to shove Hepcat out of the way of some armored jerk’s energy blast that left a puff of ash and dust where him and an Omegadrone had been. Cut to present day, and the teen and the Omegadrone exploded out in the middle of the Fens in the aftermath of the newest Invasion. It was a dirty scuffle that was lost amid the other dirty scuffles of those days. Though it was not unnoticed, with AEGIS swooping in on it, and snapping up both into custody. That was when it all came crashing onto the kid. He wasn’t remembered, there was no record of him being Hepcat’s sidekick, no record of him. He never existed, or close enough to it. But here he was. Stuck, currently, as a ward of the local Catholic parrish, under Father Nogueira, himself a former AEGIS agent. Now… well, he had a new world, a fresh start. Sure he got dropped to the canvas, but he’d just get back up. Personality & Motivation: He is a good natured brawler. He loves to fight. Even he knows he can fix the problems with that, but he can stop people from punching down, even for a moment. Benny is the embodiment of Silver Age optimism, he is good natured and forthright. And he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t back down. It’s not what Mickey or Hepcat would have wanted. It led him to being cast adrift to this time, and he’d do it again, because he was never in this for the fame, or the glory. Powers & Tactics: Hands up, protect his chin, get in and mix it up. He uses his boxing to put the baddies on their back for the 10 count. Using his other powers to reposition himself, or spin blows into something advantageous, he strives to be a pure pressure fighter. Power Descriptions: Whether it was the weirdness of the time he was out of time, but on his return he isn’t just a ‘regular boxer’ with powers, after all who knows how long he was punching that Omega Drone, no, he is one of the best boxers on the planet now, regardless of what he is punching. Though his major power is that he might as well be made of some sort of super plastic, able to shrug off any impact. There is no real sign that anything happened, though he seems able to use any hit to bounce around like a mad pinball. Complications: Secret ID: The public doesn’t know who he really is. Not that they currently care, but he does try to hide it. Gains an HP when he has preserve that secret. Everyone Deserves A Second Chance: The character believes in everyone's better nature, even if it would be more prudent to be wary. Earns an HP when he gives someone the benefit of the doubt when he probably shouldn’t. I Can Do This All Day: He wont stop, even when he probably should. Gains an HP in those when his resolve is probably a bit too much, and he should retreat. Let’s Go, Pal: Willing to dust up with the bad guys, anytime, anywhere. And if he sees bullies, or their ilk, he will throw down, even when he shouldn’t. HP when he gets into a fight that is probably avoidable. Abilities: 10 + 14 + 10 + 2 + 4 + 6 = 46 PP Strength 20 (+5) Dexterity 24 (+7) / 30 (+10) w/ Enhanced Dexterity Constitution 20 (+5) Intelligence 12 (+1) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 16 (+3) Combat: 20 + 20 = 40 PP Attack: +15 Melee/ +10 Base Defense: +10/+14 w/ Dodge Focus, +5 Flat-Footed Initiative: +7/+10 Grapple: +20, + Knockback: -2, -6 vs. Physical Saving Throws: 3 + 0 + 5 = 8 PP Toughness: +5 (+5 CON, +1 Protection) Fortitude: +8 (+5 CON, +3) Reflex: +7/10 (+7 DEX, +10 w/Enhanced Dexterity) Will: +7 (+2 WIS, +5) Skills: 60r =15PP Acrobatics 10 (+17/20 w/Enhanced Dexterity) Diplomacy 4 (+7) Escape Artist 8 (+15/18 w/Enhanced Dexterity) Knowledge: History 4 (+5) Knowledge: Physical Sciences 4 (+5) Knowledge: Religion and Theology 2 (+3) Knowledge: Streetwise 4 (+5) Notice 4 (+6) Sense Motive 4 (+6) Search 4 (+5) Sleight of Hand 10 (+17/20 w/Enhanced Dexterity) Swim 2 (+7) Feats: 33 PP Accurate Attack Acrobatic Bluff All-Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 5 Challenge (Fast Acrobatic Bluff Feint and Trick) 2 Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 4 Elusive Target Evasion 2 Grappling Finesse Improved Critical (Unarmed) 2 Improved Grab Interpose Leadership Luck 3 Move-by Attack Redirect Stunning Attack Takedown Attack 2 Up The Wall Powers: 20 + 7 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 37 PP Boundless Physiology 4 [20 PP Container] Biological, Mutate, Plastic/Polymer Bouncing 3 (375', 187', 87' Move Action; Flaws: Limited [No Protection component], Feats: Ricochet ) [4PP] Immunity 12 (Impact Damage [Falling, Knockback, Slam]; Critical Hits) [12PP] Impervious Toughness 6 (Flaws: Limited to Physical) [3PP] Protection 1 [1PP] Enhanced Dexterity 6 (to 30/+10; Feats: Ultimate Reflex) [7PP] Physical, Prowess 'hyperkinesthesia' Features 2 (Temporal Inertia, Singularity) [2 PP] Temporal, Dimensional Immunity 1 (Fear and Despair; Flaws: Limited Half Strength) [1PP] Memetic, Hope 'I got chutzpah, whaddya got?' Speed 1 (100' Move Action) [1PP] Training, Prowess Leaping 1 (30', 15', 7' Move Action; Feat: Precise) [1PP] Training, Prowess Spatial Awareness 5 (Mental Super-Sense; Accurate, Radius, Ranged, Distance Sense) [5PP] Mental, Prowess 'hyperkinesthesia' TOTALS abilities 46 + combat 40 + saves 8 + skills 15 + feats 34 + powers 37 = 180/194 pts
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