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Found 25 results

  1. Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, 8:39 PM Mona missed the West End. This was her old stomping ground. She knew the place like the back of her hand. Friends, family, neighbors. Memories. The riot of life made her smile: the smells from the restaurants, kind words in dozens of languages, the old cobblestone side streets, the "newly" planted trees now soaring above the row houses and shops. Despite all that Freedom City had experienced, the core character of the neighborhood remained. But the West End wasn't perfect. Not by a long shot. Heroes were still needed. Which meant this particular evening, Fulcrum decided to do something she hadn't done in years: patrol. Or more specifically, patrol here. So as the lights blinked out in the businesses, and tired West Enders hurried home, Fulcrum jogged through the streets. Oh, sure, she could fly, but jogging was more fun, and pun intended, kept her grounded. She was in costume though. She was "on the clock" as it were. Thus a giant in a white bodysuit with gold wristbands, belt, and anklets passed under the street lights of a quieting West End. Except of course for a rhythmic thud, thud, thud of her 600+ pounds hitting the pavement.
  2. The OOC thread for here.
  3. Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, 2:02 PM Fulcrum sometimes wondered what radar operators thought of Freedom City. The newer systems could easily track something of her size or smaller. At least that is what the science magazines were writing. But planes and helicopters were one thing. Flying heroes? That she'd like to chat with someone in the know. Such were her musings as she descended toward home. Her flight path arced lazily westward across the blue waters of the Atlantic. Out there she could cut loose, but closer to land she slowed down to a more reasonable 200 mph or so. No need to shatter windows or capsize boats after all. Soon the familiar face of Centurion's memorial gleamed on the horizon below her. She smiled. Home. To those with keen eyes, a white and gold streak approached from the east and aimed for Sentry Statue.
  4. The OOC thread for here. You're up, Rossignol.
  5. "Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up." - Anne Lamott "I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman!" - Homer Simpson [floatr][/floatr] Player Name: Dariusprime Character Name: Fulcrum Power Level: 15 (223/246PP) Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness Unspent PP: 23 Progress To Platinum Status: 96/120 Bronze Reward: Equipment 1 for Fulcrum, 14PP unallocated In Brief: Terminus-powered heroine defending the citizens of Freedom City with super strength, speed and determination! Alternate Identities: Mona Teymourian Identity: Public Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Fine/Graphic Artist Affiliations: Interceptors Family: Afareen Teymourian (mother), Omid Ansari (father, deceased), Mahmoud Zandipour (stepfather), Fatima Teymourian (sister), Ava Teymourian (grandmother) Age: 30 (DoB: 21 July, 1980) Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Persian (Iranian) Height: 8’2†Weight: 735 lbs Eyes: Dark brown (right), blue (left) Hair: Black Description: Ah, the girl next door, Fulcrum. If the girl next door happened to be an eight-foot, Persian amazon. She's the statuesque, athletic, 100% woman with enviable muscle tone. She’s beautiful, if not in a traditional sense, then by a dignified bearing and self confidence. Admirers say her disarming smile and wavy, dark hair really make her stand out. She really rocks her costume though. Looks like a full body racing suit, including stylin' gloves and sturdy boots. The base color is a deep blue, a gold wedge runs from the shoulders down and a long, white cape with two blue stripes at the bottom completes the look. A blue bar balanced on a triangle is centered on the chest. A white cape, much like Centurion’s, completes the look. History: Summary: As Centurion drew his last breath, 12 year old Mona did likewise. She died only to return to life transformed. 14 years later the swift and superhuman giant donned Centurion's lost cape, becoming Fulcrum, The Eternal Balance! Heroes' Knoll, 14 September 2009, 11 pm A caped figure descended slowly into the Knoll. The hero hovered at eye level with Centurion's statue and then landed. After a minute of hesitation, she spoke. "Hello, Mr Cen...Centurion. My name is Mona Teymourian. I was the little girl you visited at the Children's Ward. That was the same day as the Terminus Invasion. Good to see you again." "I remember meeting you like it was yesterday. My mom said the Freedom Children's Foundation had responded to my wish, but I thought she meant you autographed a picture or something. I didn't expect a visit. You are...were...such a busy hero, saving the world and all. You looked so confident and powerful when you came around the curtain! I could have died right then and there." She smiled and looked at the plaque, "You were my hero. When I was little, I wanted so much to be your sidekick. I'd put on my homemade cape and 'fly' around the backyard, pretending I was Centuri-Girl or Latin Lass, flying alongside you into danger and adventure. Saturdays mornings always started with Freedom Friends. Comic books, newspaper clippings, posters, Centurion pajamas. Mom always hated those pajamas. She thought Lady Liberty was a better role model. And you wouldn't believe the crush I had on you as a teenager. Movie stars had nothing on you." "I just wanted to fly. To feel the ground drop out beneath me, escape gravity and soar into the clouds. I remember asking you how flying felt. You said, 'Flying feels like being free, like a bird.' And you know, you're absolutely right. But the doctor said I was too frail. Sitting on your arm while you hovered was definitely the next best thing. I still have those pictures, both of us smiling. Looking at them now, you seemed sad. Wistful even. Why were you sad? I suppose I'll never know." "I remember the battle too. The Omegadrones were everywhere. So where heroes. More than I had ever seen together. Then buildings started to fall like dominoes. You were battling Omega. He looked like the End of the World. I was so scared. Where you scared, Centurion? I watched you land that one perfect punch. I watched you split his armor open," Tears welled in the blue and gold clad hero's eyes, "I watched you fall to the street. I couldn't believe it. You were Centurion. You were invincible." "Listen to me ramble," she mumbled. Unfastening the white cape, she pulled it into her arms reverently, "The reason I came here. When you broke Omega, I saw this...shock wave of energy from the point of impact. The energy swirled with crackling white and roiling black, like lightning and perfect stillness tumbling together. Knocked me to the ground, washed over me, through me. No one else saw it apparently. No one believed me," she stopped, collecting her thoughts. "I died during the Invasion too, when you died. I got one good look at you and collapsed. The doctors said the chemo and stress were too much for me. But I came back. I heard your voice in the dark, and came back. But something else happened. I came back different. Grew up big and strong and fast and hopelessly infatuated with The Champion of Freedom. I became like you," she sniffed. Floating up, she draped the cape over the statue's hands atop the sword. "On the 13th anniversary, a sheet drifted into my apartment window. Well, I thought it was a sheet, until I saw the twin, blue stripes along the bottom. I just knew. I planned on sending it to the Super Museum, but I couldn't help but try it on once. I hope you can forgive the indulgence. Then this urge overtook me. I stepped outside and...lifted off. I don't know how long I flew, but I soared through the clouds and felt like I touched the face of forever." "For a while, I was arrogant enough to think it chose me. As if the cape itself was looking for a successor. I never worked so hard in my life. At one point I started lifting industrial equipment for strength training. It was if I had a new lease on life, after the Invasion, and putting on your cape unlocked the rest of my potential. Whether psychologically or physically, I can't say. Every day I seemed more powerful. I continued growing too. Yeah, I'm now an eight foot amazon. I decided, for a lot of reasons, to follow in your footsteps. I took the name Fulcrum, after your words and as a means of balance in the world." She sighed and looked down. "I don't have what it takes to be a hero. Not like you. No one can live up to you. White Knight is a pig, but I honestly didn't think being a hero would be this difficult. That guy nearly killed me. In some ways, I understand your courage to stand up against Omega. I don't have that kind of willpower, that dedication. Guess I failed my biggest test." "I don't know why I'm telling you all of this. Maybe its my confession, for good or bad. Thank you. For being a hero. Thank you for letting me use you cape, Centurion. I tried." Fulcrum landed and walked away from the statue. A gust came up, rustling the still night air. The cape drifted off the statue and down onto her. Pulling it off her head, she turned and stared at the statue's face. The policewoman, standing among the other statues, flipped on her flashlight. "You do. Don't try to be Centurion. Be yourself." The shocked look slowly morphed into a grin. Re-clasping the cape, Fulcrum turned to the officer, "I will. Thank you." Smiling to the statue one last time, Fulcrum launched into the night, flying as high and fast as she could. Personality & Motivation: Laconic, mellow, introspective, confident, ironic, thoughtful, introverted. Fulcrum is an old soul, just does her own thing, live and let live, trying for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Learning is important, as is doing. She likes a good scrap, a good meal and a good lover. Slow to anger and a force of nature when enraged. Loves making a difference for people and stands up for that which she believes. She's fallible as everyone else, and in the end, respects herself the more for it. Earn her loyalty and you'll have a friend for life. Oh yeah, she can be stubborn as a mule too. She truly wants to follow in Centurion's footsteps. Being a direct legacy is irrelevant. Its what he stood for that matters. Doing the right thing matters. Plus she feels the calling in her bones. As if protecting this world, this universe, is her destiny and her duty. "Freedom is worth the fight." Powers & Tactics: Fulcrum is a powerful being and her tactics are recklessly straightforward. She faces off with the biggest foe, pummeling or strafing it at supersonic speeds. She utilizes her super strength and immunities to gain advantages, particularly by grappling, throwing or exposing foes to harsh environments. Against numerous foes, staying airborne and sweeping across the lines with heavy objects is common as well as utilizing her powerful freeze and sonic attacks. Unless something important is threatened, she has the common sense to retreat or keep an opponent at bay. Complications: Enemy: White Knight. Fulcrum has twice brawled with White Knight. She won both outings. Naturally, he still hates her guts. Fame: An eight foot giant is hard to miss, so Mona lives openly as Fulcrum. Additionally, she is unofficially working as a Centurion legacy, which puts her every move under scrutiny. Honor: Seek peace. Keep your word. Support just laws. Support the common good. Live with compassion, courage, virtue and wisdom. Power Dampers: Fulcrum wears sturdy power dampers that absorb her energy emissions. They are disguised as bracelets and anklets and are quite durable. Nonetheless, damaging, disabling or destroying these devices will cause her Terminus Radiation complication to come into effect. Prejudice:Iranian, female, bohemian, artist, feminist: take your pick of issues minor or major. The Big One: Centurion legacy. Mona is trying to follow in Centurion's footsteps, a little too much for some peoples' liking. Responsibility: Family. Her extended family lives in the West End of Freedom City. Heaven help anyone, particularly a maniacal supervillian, that threatens them. Freedom City. Centurion protected the entire world, but for many years Freedom City was his 'home' turf. For this reason and her own love, she is protective of the city and its people. Interceptors. They’re her second family. Do the math. Viktor Archeville. Like her family, Mona is very attached to her boyfriend and will fight fiercely to protect him. Terminus Radiation: Fulcrum is a liminal being: a Terminus hybrid organism acclimated to conditions within the multiverse. Her physiology is fundamentally alien, and mimicked traits (pigmentation, heart rhythm, etc.) left over from her slow transformation allow her a “normal†physical appearance. Microscopic and molecular studies suggest a homogenous, non-cellular biochemical structure unrelated to Terran life. Her metabolism consumes localized matter and energy (particularly cosmic energy) to power and maintain her body. The waste product is a low-energy cosmic energy, compatible with Terminus radiation, which emanates from her at all times. This radiation is typically invisible to the unaided eye; however, individuals with the proper detection equipment can visualize the energy as a shimmering, black aura with some characteristics similar to normal cosmic energy. This Terminus radiation has been described as ‘malignant’ given its propensity to induce severe alterations in the surrounding environment. Emission rates spike during strenuous physical activity. Long-term exposure examples: Disease, mutation, healing/injury, super powers, power modifications, dimensional rifts, warping reality, powering devices/beings, other unusual properties, etc. Using Extra Effort or similar exertion releases a large quantity of energy, potentially causing immediate effects similar to long-term exposure. Abilities: 32 + 2 + 36 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 82PP Strength: 50 (+20) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 50 (+20) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 14 + 12 = 26PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +6 Ranged, +10 Melee, +10 Heat Vision Grapple: +35, up to +44 with Dynamic Super-Strength Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +5 Dodge Focus, -1 Size), +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -19, up to -30 with Dynamic Immovable Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 10 = 14PP Toughness: +20 (+20 Con [impervious 10]) Fortitude: +20 (+20 Con, +0) Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +12 (+2 Wis, +10) Skills: 56R = 14PP Craft (Artistic) 8 (+10) Diplomacy 8 (+10) Intimidate 6 (+8, +10 Growth) Knowledge (Art) 6 (+8) Knowledge (Business) 4 (+6) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 6 (+8) Languages 2 (English [Native], German, Persian) Notice 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Stealth 0 (+0, -4 Size) Feats: 20PP Accurate Attack All-Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Attack Specialization 2 (Heat Vision) Dodge Focus 5 Eidetic Memory Equipment 0 (+1 [5EP] Veteran Reward) Fearless Interpose Move-By Action Power Attack Takedown Attack Ultimate Save (Toughness) Powers: 1+2+13+12+10+1+5+30=74PP Feature 1 (Teleport Beacon) [1 pp] Flight 1 (10 mph/100 feet) [2PP] Growth 4 (Large; Extras: Continuous +1; Flaws: Permanent -1; Power Feats: Innate) [13PP] Growth Modifiers (+8 Strength, +4 Constitution, +5 ft Speed, -1 Attack, -1 Defense, +4 Grapple, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidate, Space 10 ft, Reach 10 ft, +5 Str Carrying Capacity, -4 Knockback)Immunity 12 (Aging, Life Support, Sleep, Starvation/Thirst) [12PP] Impervious Toughness 10 [10PP] Regeneration 1 (True Resurrection 1/week) [1PP] Super Senses 5 (Cosmic Energy Sense [Mental; Accurate, Radius, Ranged]) [5PP] Terminus Array 11 (22 points; Power Feats: Alternate Power 1, Alternate Power [Dynamic] 3, Dynamic) (Power of the Void, Descriptor: Terminus) [30PP] DBP: Flight 11 (Flight 12 [50,000 mph/500,000 feet] total maximum) [22PP] AP: Healing 5(Extras: Total +1, Restoration +1, Action (Standard) +1; Flaws: Personal -1; Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [22PP] DAP: Immovability 11 (Extra: Unstoppable +1) [22PP] DAP: Quickness 11 (x5,000) (Extra: Linked: Speed 11 [25,000 mph / 250,000 feet]) [22pp] DAP: Super Strength 9 (total effective Str 100; Heavy Load 12,500 tons) (Power Feats: Countering Punch, Freeze Breath [snare = Str bonus], Heat Vision [blast = Str bonus], Shockwave [Cone Strike = Str bonus]) [22pp] Drawbacks: -7PP Weakness (Energy absorbed by daka crystals, Frequency: Uncommon -1, Intensity: Moderate -1, Potentially Lethal -1; -1 Constitution per round -4) [-7PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC35 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Freeze Breath 200-ft. cone DC30 Reflex (Staged) Snare Heat Vision Ranged DC35 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) Shockwave 200-ft. cone DC30 Reflex (Staged) Damage (Energy) Abilities (82) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (14) + Feats (20) + Powers (74) - Drawbacks (7) = 223/246 Power Points
  6. January 15, 2013 Morning West End There's a man in a giant robot suit marching down the street, calling down vengeance on all who have oppose him. Just another day in Freedom City. "Fools!" boomed the voice of the giant automaton, the pilot just visible inside. "Everyone always said old Jerry Craven wasn't ever going to amount to anything, but look at me! I've got a giant warsuit! Now I'm big, and YOU PEOPLE ARE SORRY! AHAHAHA!" He laughed manically and stomped forwards, people fleeing in terror as he made his way from the warehouse that he'd simply walked his way out of, heading in a leisurely fashion towards the sea. His suit was big, towering as tall as the small tenements on either side, and wide enough that he nearly brushed them on both sides as he went. This was a big problem for the neighborhood; one false move in that big suit and the whole thing would come crashing down on the neighborhood!
  7. Interceptors A teenager given superpowers in a freak accident is taken under the wing of the organisation of a mysterious man with the calling card of a Tarot card: The Jack of Blades. His team, the Interceptors, operate from a brownstone in New Jersey, working in secret to fight crime, iniquity and rogue superhuman foes! Cast: Initial team Erik Espadas/Jack of all Blades: James Roday - An initially mysterious yet charismatic man in a long coat and bandanna mask, he has the ability to form energy swords. A very secretive man, over the course of the series his family, and the past tragedy of the Interceptors, is revealed to be a big factor in this secrecy. A keen tactician and skilled swordsman, he is proud, confident, brash, and likes to flirt with the ladies. Later in the series, he falls in love with Willow. Chris Kenzie/The Gecko: Joe Dempsie - The audience surrogate, and a washed-up high school drop out with strong regenerative powers, the ability to crawl on walls and a keen sense of smell. He is rescued from near death by Jack of all Blades, and recruited as an Interceptor initially grudgingly (but later shown to be part of Erik's need to protect others). He soon shows a keen detective mind and learns to fight. While he's in his Gecko costume in the first episode, he later tends to wear a green leather jacket and his signature orange goggles. Chris has a sharp wit, and a fondness for goofing off which tends to put him at loggerheads with Jack. Mara Hallomen: Sarah Jones - An emotionally stunted genius with an array of gadgetry and a computer room in the Brownstone. Her computer room. While able to use technology in the form of a visor and gauntlets to fight in the field, she excels in the field of providing information and gadgets for the team's current mission. She is a little wary of Jack and Chris's loud natures, but gets on much better with Mona. Mona Teymourian/Fulcrum: Bahar Soomekh - The Team Mom, a tall and striking woman of Persian heritage. She has unexplained superhuman strength, endurance and running speed, and is able to make powerful leaps (though not true flight). She vaguely resents Jack for his actions driving her old boyfriend out of town, but understands why he did it, and as his old babysitter, maintains a fondness for him nonetheless. Towards Mara and Chris, she acts much more supportively. A genuinely moral and good person, she is the least likely to engage in any form of questionable action. Later additions Ellie Espadas: Silvia Tovar - Erik's little sister, and a powerful biokinetic. While the younger sister who Erik is overprotective towards, she is clearly the more mature and is unafraid to remind Erik of this. Her fledgling relationship with Mara is a recurring plot thread. By the end of the series, she has progressed from recurring character, to regular, to member of the team. Willow: Lesley-Ann Brandt - An ancient being awoken early in the series. With great power to control plant life, and formidable regenerative capabilities, she is an aloof woman not entirely acquainted with modern life and struggling both with it, and her attraction to Erik. Her presence overtakes Chris's in the role of someone to exposit on advanced technology to. She is the Herald of the Gorgon, and plays a pivotal role in the finale. Episodes (Italics denote important parts of myth arc) Season One: Gorgon Season Two: Vigilantes Future Season plot arcs: - The Houses of Suits arrive to take the city for their own. - The demonic invasion, and Jack's infection by hellfire. - Spellbound and Chris keeping their involvement secret. - The rise of the superheroic era.
  8. May 21, 2012 Erik Espadas was a man who had faced everything from alien armadas to demons from the foulest pits, a living weapon honed to peerless sharpness by talent and training, a hero who risked his life routinely with no regard for risk or fear of failure. None of which helped in the least to prevent him pacing back and forth across the living room of his family home, hands clasped behind his back and shoulders set with stress as obvious as the fretting expression plastered across his face. More than half a year of mental and emotional preparation had evaporated the first time Willow had experienced a 'fake' contraction earlier in the week. Now, as the rest of the house filled with family and friends preparing, the knowledge that he was about to become a father had become somehow more real. Running a hand across his heavily stubbled jawline, the fencer redoubled the speed of his pacing. "Try not to wear a rut into the floor too deep for my chair to get over," a wry, matronly voice requested as Gina Espadas wheeled out of the adjacent bedroom and over to her son. Still inside, his thankfully medically trained sister saw to the heavily pregnant dryad in what, surprisingly enough, was not her first experience with midwifery. Although Ellie had made the case for handling the whole affair in a regular hospital, Willow's fairly obviously more-than-human nature presented a problematic risk to their collective secret identities. Compromising, she'd asked her girlfriend to clear a section of the Lab's extensively equipped medical floor, intending to use Mara's teleportation technology to whisk the soon-to-be mother there once they were sure she was about to go into labour. In the meantime, the West End home had accumulated the eclectic assortment of characters collectively known as the Interceptors, including the artificial intelligence colloquially known as Vince running on a borrowed laptop and the quietly precocious six-year-old girl Ellie and Mara had brought back along with more than three hundred refugees of a recently destroyed alternate reality. Orphaned by the creatures who had devastated her version of Earth, Yolanda had been staying with Gina and Ellie since a few strings had been pulled to have the former expediently declared her legal guardian. While Vince had elected to have his monitor left in the kitchen area with a joke about staying out of the way, Yolanda had taken up a cross-legged vigil in one corner of the bedroom, silently watching the proceedings with wide eyes. Erik gathered that this wasn't even the first time the little girl had been present for a birth and considerably better circumstances. He found himself envying her composure.
  9. Oh snap, a baby! For reference, the first floor of the Espadas house: Backyard _|-|___________________ | | | | | | ___| | | | | | |____________|-|__| | | ..... | | | | | | | | | |_| |_| | | | | | |__________|-|__________| Porch Erik and Gina are near the forward wall, near the front door. The kitchen/dining room is a long, narrow room along the left side of the house; that's where Vince's laptop is set up right now. The stairs up to the second floor are in the middle while the first-floor bedroom and bathroom are along the back wall, which is where Willow, Ellie and Yolanda are. Feel free to have your characters already there or just arriving as you like.
  10. The building wasn't much to look at, if one was being brutally honest. Like a lot of structures in the West End, it was two storeys tall, designed to be a place for business on the ground level with small living apartments on the second floor. The space for a sign was empty and evidently had been for a while if the weathering was any indication, not to mention the birds' nest tucked in between the top of the large placard and the window sill above it. The large windows were filthy enough to make them nearly opaque and the hinges on the door were probably going to need to be replaced altogether. Despite all that, the young, dusty brown haired man in the wool-lined coat standing on the sidewalk in front of it, keys spinning around his finger jauntily, grinned broadly enough to show pearly teeth as he regarded the building. "Perfect."
  11. The senses-shattering conclusion to the Evil!Dok saga! For now, just the six Interceptors -- Colt, Dynamo, Fulcrum, Grim, Jack and Jill -- should post. (They'll find the inside of the house empty, as by now Scarab's already warnedAvenger & Phantom of what's going on.) Others can come in by invite, and other threads may be spun off from this one as needed.
  12. Date: June 17th, 2011 (Friday), later afternoon/early evening Continued from ArchEvil: Terrible Bosses and News. In one of the darker corners of the historic waterfront of North Bay lay a spooky old house, complete with a graveyard off to the side: the home of Jack and Taylor Faretti. In the middle of the seldom-used street which ran by it, a pinpoint of blue-grey light appeared, which exploded into a great sphere. Out of this strode a grim figure in black and blood red armor, followed closely by six figures of equally dark, though very familiar, mien (one notably taller than the others). "Come along, Auffängers!," ArchEvil commanded. "This Doktor has a housecall to make!" ArchEvil stopped mid-step. "Auffängers," he said between gritted teeth, "secure the perimeter... and find the witch, the vampire, and their abomination of a child!"
  13. Willow and Thrude need pants badly! Also, some supervillains show up, because that's how these things typically go.
  14. Standing on a Riverside street corner with her hands placed dramatically on her hips, Ellie Espadas turned to the eclectic group of women behind her and announced, "Alright, ladies, welcome to Meadow Street. A sensational hive of thrift and fashionability." Indeed, the line of shops behind her featured a generous quantity of second hand, vintage, handmade and fair trade clothing boutiques, several of which fell under two or more of those headings. "So, we've got two goals here," she reminded them. "First, to get Will and Trudy some actual people clothes." The dryad and goddess's limited wardrobes had become inconvenient enough that they'd quickly reached the limit of practical sharing and borrowing from the other Interceptors. "Second, we're practicing the 'secret identity' thing. Obviously Mo' is a little conspicuous, so if you get busted, we'll just say you're hanging with your girl Fulcrum on the downlow, but we're going for subtle, okay?" The young medic could perhaps be forgiven for directing the last part of her comment more to Thrude than anyone else.
  15. Date: June 17th, 2011 (Friday), later afternoon/early evening Continued from ArchEvil: Revelations The Brownstone! Home to the Interceptors! Dynamo, Fulcrum, Jack of all Blades, and Jill O'Cure, plus newer members Geckoman, Thrude, and Willow, were in the basement training hall, joined by former members Colt and Grimalkin, who had stopped by to pick up some forgotten items and were roped into the exercise by Jack. Some blocks away, a new potential recruit, Ferros, approached, having been told by Archeville himself -- secretly the founder of the fabled team! -- to come by for a tryout with them. ArchEvil appeared in the basement of the Interceptors' Brownstone, next to Vince's computer core. "Hey, boss-man, the gregarious AI's upbeat voice greeted, appearing in mechanic's overalls on the monitors along the walls. "Whatcha do- yeow! What happened to-" "Attend: Stratus. Nietzsche. Wave. Neper. Tornado. Shark. Venus Flytrap. Viktor. Vince. Viktor." Vince's image froze, the eyes went fuzzy, then his entire form flickered as the long-buried overrides were activated and hidden subroutines booted up. Now the AI was dressed in a very crisp, black uniform, with hobnailed jackboots and a leather trenchcoat. "I obey, Herr Doktor," he said, all trace of his jovial nature gone with the click of the back of his heels. "As shall you all, Vince. As shall you all." ArchEvil walked out of computer core chamber and towards the training room, as a hunchback!Vince began pulling on virtual cords, locking down the Brownstone. He entered the training room, using his Belt's intangibility function to simply bypass the door, so as not to interrupt their session.   Eventually, of course, the Interceptors did notice the strange bare-chested fish-man in a labcoat and khakis standing in their danger room.
  16. June 1st, noon The figure cut casually up the street, clad in plain blue jeans and a battered brown leather jacket. He whistled merrily as he sauntered along, hands in his pockets. His face was covered with a big baseball cap, a faded green colour. When he got to his destination, the figure casually sauntered up the staircase, and pulled out a letter from his pocket, detailing the specifications of his employment. And, with a wide grin, knowing he was about to annoy some certain people, he pulled a pair of orange goggles up from where they hung at his neck and up around his eyes. And then hammered 'shave and a haircut' on the door.
  17. 10 am, September 21, 2010 Interceptors' Brownstone, West End "Everyone is looking forward to meeting you," said Mona as she and Erin landed, "Even Jack. Well, here she is: the Brownstone." Sweeping one arm wide, she indicated...a large three story house on a tree-lined street. "Really beauty isn't she?" she added while heading up to the front door. She hoped everyone was available. Yes, officially this visit was for a tour, but frankly a base was only as awesome as the team that dwelt therein. She wanted to provide the full tour! Not to mention she didn't know the nuances of the place as well as the long-time residents. Grim, Colt or Jack, on the other hand, were the go-to people for the full package tour. Not to mention the decor was their handiwork. Opening the right side doors, she motioned Erin inside and peeked around, "Anyone home?" The entrance opened into a perpendicular hallway running the length of the house. Just ahead, the archway to a large living room loomed, and on right, another hallway, stairs and a large, open room.
  18. The Freedom City Medical Center was seen as a safe haven to many before the announcement earlier today. Its staff was measured in the thousands and had state of the art medical equipment; there was no where in the world where you could get better attention. As violence swept the streets, the hospital was soon filled to the point of breaking. Now if Atlas's threat comes to pass, the hospital could very well turn into a feeding ground with a death toll measured in the thousands.
  19. Date: June 2010 Deep under the streets of Freedom City's West End, the swashbuckling hero known as Jack of all Blades finished stretching in the Underground's training room and began bouncing lightly up and down on the balls of his feet, eager to get his first lesson started. Rather than his traditional greatcoat and bandanna mask, the tanned young man wore loose-fitting workout clothes: black shorts and a white tank top that revealed layer of lithe muscle marred by the occasional faint scar. He'd told the rest of the team to show up similarly attired, but hadn't revealed anything else about his lesson plan. Looking up, the fencer nodded to Colt where the cowboy sat in the room's control center, visible through a large translucent panel in the far wall, then turned to look at a digital readout of the time as he wrapped his hands with a roll of tape.
  20. Date: June 2010 The monthly Interceptors meeting had gone well enough, for all that no one on the team cared overmuch about the business side of things. What really mattered was that their financing was going well, their publicity was at an all-time high, and in the wake of the Grue invasion, things were going very well indeed for the defenders of West Freedom. Avenger had been bored through most of it, though he'd missed a couple of minutes to slip away and take calls from Phantom from that other dimension. Getting her and Jack Jr. out of the house but for their daily visits had been the right safety precaution after Dracula's attack, but it had given him free time: perhaps too much free time. You know what they say about idle hands... When he'd approached Dr. Archeville about testing the brownstone's security for him, he'd originally only planned to stay a couple of hours, but truthfully the sheer excitement of the moment had kept him around longer than he'd intended. It beat looking at a barely-used nursery. Wonder if that means he'll pay me more...or _less_? Truthfully, maybe lurking around the Casa del Interceptor for a whole day and a night had been a little unethical. For Avenger, at least, it was really hard to sort out what was and what wasn't the right thing to do when it came to matters of privacy and watching people at night while they slept. He decided to split the difference and just let them know. Don't need to tell them who I'm working for, I guess. Appearing in one of the empty seats at the table just as the meeting was wrapping up, Avenger waved. "Evening. Just popped in to let you know you need to fix your security systems. I'd recommend something that can monitor air movements."
  21. Date: May 23rd, 2010 The city was in sad shape, but the day had been saved, but barely. The heroes realized that they needed to better themselves should such a dire situation ever arise again. An old abandoned arena, probably from the hey day of Circus Maximus would prove to be a way to better themselves. This was a venue where the heroes could spar away from prying eyes, on neutral ground and best of all, not worry about hurting anyone. Word was spread through the grapevine in the hero community. Take the evening off to come test your mettle against the other heroes. No one knew definitively who was coming, though heroes had their suspicions. But among all of these unknowns, there was one truth to the whole matter, tonight was going to be an interesting night.
  22. Every now and then people wake up with that feeling in their stomach that the day is going to suck. They’ve got no reason for that belief. As far as they know, this is just another ordinary day, and most of the time it really is just a normal day. Other times however... you wish you had stayed in bed. Today will fall into the latter category. The early morning passes just like any other day. People get up, say good bye to their families and head off to work or to school or run some errands. But then, right before 11 o’clock things turned real sour, real fast. Monsters were lose in the streets, seemingly appearing out of no where. Heedless of the danger, the heroes sprang into action as the first explosion broke the early morning silence. The scene before you was one of wanton destruction. It was a rampage, nothing but the after effects of brutal savagery. And judging from the roars and shockwaves, there was still something out there hell bent on destroying everything it came across. Smoke was already billowing high into the sky, and you could taste the ash in the air.
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