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Day of Wrath

The Day of Wrath Incident was an event that took place from late November 2012 to mid-January 2013. Unbeknownst to anyone, the alien intelligence known as The Curator abducted a number of superheroes from Freedom City and replaced them with robot duplicates. The heroes were deposited on The Curator's ringworld and left to fend for themselves, while the robotic replacements insinuated themselves into the lives of the people they were imitating. At a prearranged time, the robot doppelgangers erupted into lethal violence designed to spread fear and distrust amongst the hero community and the general population.



[Gorgon] Latchkey Kids Young Freedom defends Freedom Hall from the Crime League! (Robot Dr. Stratos)

  • Test Site I Several heroes wake up... elsewhere. (Originally Hidden)

Roughin' It A camping trip with friends leads to a discussion of old wounds. (Robot Blue Jay)

Merry HAXmas The HAX company Christmas party! (Robot Harrier, Jill and Wander)

Where The Love Light Leads Wander needs some space during the holidays. (Robot Wander)

Chaos, Steel and Wolves Armored heroes team up to take on the Foundry (Robot Beekeeper III)

War of the Worlds Young Freedom tries to wrap up their Erde adventure, only to fall into more trouble. (Robot Duncan Summers)

Disco Inferno With the campus under siege, Claremont's students must decide who to trust!

Counterfeit Medications Wander does some corporate headhunting. (Robot Wander)

Time and Chance Beekeeper III goes beezerk. (Robot Beekeeper III)

Arms and the Man Jill O'Cure goes for the killer cure. (Robot Jill O'Cure)

These Chains on Me Harrier gets scarier. (Robot Harrier)

Pale Moonlight Blue Jay gets in some target practice. (Robot Blue Jay)

Scratch Team The Freedom League Auxiliary deals with Star Knight and Freedom Hall. Crosses with Arms and the Man. (Robot Maria Montoya)

  • Test Site II The heroes continue to look for a way off of the strange alien planet! (Originally Hidden)

Even Angels Fall Dragonfly meets Gina, they fix Midnight's flying saucer. (Robot Beekeeper III)

  • Test Site III Stealing a shuttle, the heroes fly to their captor's doorstep!

The End of the World Young Freedom wage a desperate defense against the Curator for the fate of Tronik and Earth!

The Talk Ironclad meet Beekeeper III for the first time, again.


Day of Wrath Vignette

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