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Found 24 results

  1. Edge In Brief: All-powerful reality warper trying to keep the world together Alternate Identity: Mark Mason Lucas Identity: Public Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Humanitarian worker, superhero Affiliations: Liberty League, Nina al-Darsah, Lucas family legacy Family: Rick Lucas [father, dead], Martha Lucas [mother], Nina al-Darsah [fiancee] Age: 24 Gender: Male Ethnicity: White Height: 6'0" Weight: 165 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Description: Tall, blond, and impeccably groomed without having to work at it, Mark Lucas looks like he just stepped
  2. September 2016 Lincoln Dancia had spent a week away from the office, covering a story about the new generation of West African nuns who were taking over an isolated Franciscan nunnery down on the Maurice River in southwestern New Jersey. it had been a fascinating story and a chance to meet people she might never have met, but the nunnery's remote location had left her isolated from world events. No sooner had she arrived back at the Ledger that she had a stack of urgent messages - including one from a familiar UNISON agent asking her to arrange a meeting with Triakosia at a
  3. Gizmo


    Incursion Incursion: Prologue Praetorians: Awakening Incursion: Three If By Space Incursion: Holding the Fort Incursion: Phase One Incursion: Blood in the Water A Lor refugee cruiser has become separated from the evacuated fleet! Can our heroes defend it from Communion fighters long enough to make it to safety? Featuring: Paradigm, Kharag, Deep Freeze and Seika Incursion: Meaning in Destruction The world-killer has set course for another world. The clock is ticking as our heroes try to discover why and escape with their lives! Featuring: Dragonid, Moon-Moth, The Traveller and Solar S
  4. Midnight II Placeholder Text History Placeholder Text Costume and Appearance Placeholder Text Powers Placeholder Text Allies Placeholder Text Sidekick, HQ, Etc Placeholder Text Timeline 2010 Spring The Clock Strikes Twelve: Trevor Hunter transfers to Claremont Academy to finish the school year and is greeted by Mark Lucas and his friends. The taciturn teen is happy to let his new classmates do most of the talking and finds that his inherited codename comes with some cachet even if his powers pale next to those of his peers. Midnight Meeting: In the dormitory common room late at nig
  5. December 25, 2014 Freedom City Midnight Manor Late in the evening on Christmas Day, a Deep One sang an eerie song in the Midnight Manor, her body silhouetted by the darkness outside. "BUT I GET UP AGAIN! YOU'RE NEVER GONNA KEEP ME DOWN! WOO!" As her song finished and the strains of Tubthumping vanished into the quiet of what was sometimes one of many front parlors in the Hunter mansion, Aquaria leaped in the air and cheered, her smooth, wet skin glistening from the exertion of the vigorous karoake number. "I am awesome!" For their part, Mark and Nina both cheered and applauded -
  6. Electra

    Day of Wrath

    Day of Wrath The Day of Wrath Incident was an event that took place from late November 2012 to mid-January 2013. Unbeknownst to anyone, the alien intelligence known as The Curator abducted a number of superheroes from Freedom City and replaced them with robot duplicates. The heroes were deposited on The Curator's ringworld and left to fend for themselves, while the robotic replacements insinuated themselves into the lives of the people they were imitating. At a prearranged time, the robot doppelgangers erupted into lethal violence designed to spread fear and distrust amongst the hero community
  7. Wander Keeley Erin White (formerly Erin Keeley White), is the civilian alter-ego of the superheroine called Wander. Born November 11, 1992, in an alternate timeline (Freedom League Designation Earth Z-Omega-1(extinct)), Erin White arrived on Earth Prime October 17, 2008. Her legal name was changed shortly thereafter, to avoid confusion with her native double. She graduated from the Claremont Academy in Freedom City in the spring of 2011. She currently works as Chief of Security at HAX, a supertech company owned by Mara Halloman. In Erin's superhero identity as Wander, she is currently a me
  8. April 1, 2015 3 AM Outside of Wittmund, Germany  Alone, Dimitri Peshkov stood in the shadow of history. The Allies of Freedom monument, erected in 1953, loomed behind him, commemorating the heroic sacrifice of Lady Celtic, Renard Rouge, and Spitfire Jones on one terrible night seventy years previously. It did not depict the last surviving member of that tragically crushed superhero team. In 1953, no one in West Germany had wanted to praise "The Ice Commissar" as he had once been known.    Comrade Frost lit a cigarette, its glow bright in the darkness against his pale skin
  9. Two Miles From Lake Vostok Antarctica Friday, May 9, 2014 7:52 PM White. White as far as the eye could see. And cold that cut right through to the bone. Ever since he'd come into his powers, Cannonade hadn't exactly felt the weather in quite some time. But it said a lot that, even with his enhanced resilience, this was able to get right at his core. After only a few seconds on the ice, he firmly decided that Antarctica could go screw. He didn't know why he'd expected anything else. He should have known this would happen at some point - join a superteam, see everywhere from Hell to Honol
  10. September 1, 2013 Typhoon City (formerly Qalansiyah), Free Kingdom of Socotra From the perspective of Freedom City, anyway, it started small. A freak storm in the northwestern Indian Ocean, lashing coasts as far as the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. A sudden media blackout on the island-nation of Socotra; with even its ample (and often illegal) Internet going dark. Socotra was on the radar of only a few people in the city with its lord and master gone largely into retirement, and a brief blackout was an occasion for concern, but not alarm. Of course, some people had closer t
  11. Saturday, April 6th 11:32 AM Cannonade usually wouldn't have been in costume and about town this early on a Saturday. But he, like the rest of the Liberty League, had been on high alert the last few days. There'd been a number of suspicious thefts in the Freedom area over the last few days, and if the pattern held up, odds were the thieves weren't going to take a day off. Midnight had been the first to notice the pattern. On Thursday night, at around 3 AM, several items went missing from the Harcourt family vault at Eastern Seaboard Bank. They could tell the time because the disappea
  12. The night of January 15, 2013 2 AM The call went out to le Renard Rouge's, Cobalt Templar's, and the Liberty League's line, one after the other, at a time that just happened to catch them all when they were otherwise indisposed. The woman's voice on the other end is rough and raspy, with the tension clear as she speaks. "
  13. Friday, June 29th, 2012 8:47 PM It had been a perfectly ordinary evening for the Liberty League. Then someone had to tempt fate. There had been the usual security briefing at the Midnight Manor, with a discussion of movements amongst noted villains, possible security risks, and other matters of importance. Someone had brought up the fact that the Super Museum was doing another wartime theater retrospective, including some of the safer treatises of Lady Celtic. And not fifteen minutes later, the silent alarm had gone off, instructing Midnight and everyone gathered around the table that fou
  14. July 4th, 2012 5:32 PM Joe Macayle stepped off the bus, feeling a bit out of his element amongst the swirling labyrinth of classical mansions. He'd been here quite a few times before, but usually at night and usually with an eye towards the back entrance. But standing before the gates of the Hunter Estate, in broad daylight, he really wondered if this was his place. Usually he didn't give a crap about things like this, but somehow, the invite had stirred up some lingering traces of self-consciousness. He'd come fairly dressed down - a fairly simple tee, jeans, and Docs, even leaving the bra
  15. Player Name: Electra Character Name: Wander Power Level: 12 (232/250pp) [374] Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 18 Older Version In Brief: A survivor of plague and apocalypse in her home universe, Wander began as a shell-shocked dimensional refugee, but has worked hard to recover and make a place for herself among the heroes of Freedom City and the people of Earth Prime. Alternate Identity: Keeley Erin White, Erin Keeley White (her original name, legally changed to distinguish her from her Prime-native counterpart) Identity: Secret, though she does little to protect it. Birthplace: Sea
  16. The Pine Barrens Thursday, January 4th, 2012 2:32 PM In all honesty, Cannonade could think of better places to be on a Thursday afternoon off from work. Walking down the Boardwalk, or getting a coffee and snack at the Black Petal. But here he was, flying in a helicopter over the Pine Barrens, looking for strange trees. Then again, he had to thank AEGIS for getting him out of work in the first place. They'd called him up with the assignment, and one call to the steel mill later - apparently cellulitis was the hot thing this year for sick day excuses - he had the next few days off, fully c
  17. February 2012 Shoreline Battered and bruised, the members of the Liberty League watched as the Yamato Kaiju collapsed to the beach in a shower of burning debris, the robotic titan originally constructed by the finest engineers of the Imperial Japanese Army, circa 1943, finally defeated by the combined efforts of Freedom City's legacy super-team. Once forty feet high, capable of breathing radioactive fire and shrugging off heavy weapons fire, now it was nothing more than one more shattered legacy of World War II that had crashed against the rocks of the next generation of Freedom's heroes. It
  18. November 3, 2011 Somewhere in the Wharton State Forest Mark Lucas hated Nazis, which made it all the more awkward to be here in the middle of a growing crowd of them. His long-sleeved "Don't Tread On Me" T-shirt hid his lack of white supremacist tattoos, but his blonde hair cut very short let him look very much like an Aryan poster boy. This was not really reassuring to Mark, but this was the sort of thing you did when you took up the legacy of the greatest Nazi fighters in the world. He tried to remember his conversation with Cannonade that had brought them all there: Greta Ratner, aka the A
  19. September 12, 2011 Not long after their meeting in Paris, Edge made his own way to the Chateau Relais, following the plans laid down by Midnight and the more experienced heroes on the team. I guess I can't really call it Young Freedom; that belongs to the Claremont kids and anyway some of them aren't really that young! He'd hidden in plain sight as a UNISON employee on break, renting a car at the Bern airport and chatting volubly with the clerk there about how great it was to be in Switzerland and how much nicer it was than his usual African posting. From there, a car ride up to the mountains
  20. North Bay September 22, 2011 While interstellar monsters weren't the specialty of anyone on the Liberty League these days, the new superteam was on high alert as the Gorgon's approach brought a dawning chaos the world. They'd only been back from Switzerland a few days, but those had been busy days for many of them between the Gorgon's coming, Edge's visit home, and of course various changes in Wander's general lifestyle. The wealthiest neighborhoods in town had so far avoided the panic beginning to gnaw at the poorer areas of the city, or at least that panic had been confined to the interiors
  21. Midnight II Power Level: 15 (247/250PP) [323] Trade-Offs: +2 Attack, -2 Damage Unspent PP: 3 Theme: Creatures of the Night by The Creepshow In Brief: A soft-spoken young man upholding the legacy of Freedom City’s original mystery man. Alternate Identity: Trevor Hunter Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City, North Bay Occupation: University Student (Engineering Major) Affiliations: Young Freedom/Claremont Academy (alumni), Liberty League (legacy hero) Family: Travis Hunter (Midnight I, grandfather), Ted Hunter (father), Janet Pryce-Hunter (mother) Description: Age: 21 (DoB: Februa
  22. September 1, 2011 Jordan International Airport Freedom City International Terminal This is not why I joined UNISON thought Mark Lucas, keeping his annoyance off his face and a smile on it as he listened to his charge's complaints. "You have a UNISON escort because you're the daughter of a head of state of a UN-recognized nation," said Mark, feeling a little silly in his blue UNISON uniform. At least they hadn't made him wear the helmet on the plane. "and because Dr. Typhoon made the request personally." Princess Nina al-Darsah, the youngest daughter of Typhoon, the arch-nemesis of the Freedom
  23. Cobalt Templar Power Level: 14/15 (243/250PP) [250] Trade-Offs: 0 Unspent PP: 7 In Brief: An aspiring archeologist stumbles across an ancient artifact: a ring that grants him incredible power! Corbin became Cobalt Templar, and Alternate Identity: Corbin Alphonse Hughes Identity: Secret Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA Occupation: FCU Student Affiliations: Claremont (former student), Young Freedom (former member/leader), Liberty League (ally) Family: Albert Hughes (Father), Sarah Hughes (Mother); Quo-Dis (Fiancee/Lover) Age: 23 [Earth-Prime's Chronology] (DoB: October 27, 1993);
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