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  1. Rainshadow Power Level: 10 (150/154PP) Unspent Power Points: 4 Trade-Offs: +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Weather-controlling salvage tug crewman plagued with visions of disaster. Catchphrase: Theme: Alternate Identity: Law Ming-Yang-Jin, "Marshall Law" (Secret) Birthplace: Emerald City, OR, USA Residence: Jadetown, Emerald City, OR Base of Operations: The Emerald Cities and the Pacific coast Occupation: Salvage tug sailor Affiliations: Tugger & Sons Ocean Salvage Co. Family: Law Yan/Dorcas Law (mother, adopted), Law Feng/Rebecca Law (mother, adopted) Description: Age: Date of birth: November 15th, 1995 Gender: Masc. Ethnicity: Chinese (Cantonese) Height: 6'6"/2m Weight: 280lbs/127kg Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Big, broad, and shaggy-headed, Ming's skin is tanned and weathered, his face is creased in a perpetual frown and his eyes are squinted from years at sea. He speaks curtly, with the harsh growl of a habitual smoker and drinker and a strong Emerald-Cantonese accent to the other languages he speaks. In his regular life, he wears loose grey hoodies, jeans and heavy boots while ashore, unless he has to be in church or somewhere fancy, in which case he wears a blue suit, combs his chest-length beard and ties his shoulder-length hair into a ponytail. Tense and unfriendly, Ming always seems to be braced for something, and often looks over his shoulder for seemingly no reason. As Rainshadow, Ming goes for the utilitarian with a simple green/blue poncho he stole from a police car, leather gloves, a balaclava and old-fashioned aviator goggles. He tries to cut a more classically-heroic and upbeat figure while in costume, even adopting a more neutral-American accent, since that's a tougher disguise to get through. History: Law Ming-Yang-Jin was taken at 8 months from the body of a Jane Doe admitted to the Emerald City University Medical Center in 1995, the victim of a hit-and-run. He was adopted a few months later, by cousins of the doctor who performed the operation, after a failed search for any possible relatives. His adopted parents worked on the old Bethlehem Heights waterfront, and as a small boy Ming came to love the great river and sea. He certainly got along better with the outdoors and birds better than other children. Even when he was young Ming knew something terrible was going to happen, very soon, and nobody listened when he tried to explain. His mothers did their best, but they had limited time to coax answers out of the boy as they juggled their work for the city's legitimate industries and the under-the-table work they had to do to pay off their debts to kindly old Uncle Zhi and his friends in the benevolent Dragon Society. By necessity Ming grew up fast, helping out where he could and keeping quiet about the harassment from other children, who smelled weakness in the shy boy. He learned to keep his visions to himself, and not to mention the strange moments when the rain poured down on his sadness and the clouds cleared in his joy. Somehow, the terrible thing and these changes in the weather were connected. He saw, clearest of all, a shattered fishing boat, surrounded by bodies, including one that he knew was his own. By the time he was 15 he was big, strong and experienced enough to join a salmon fishing boat and go to sea. Ming stepped aboard with a pounding heart, waving shakily to his mothers and a few friends come to see him off, and was overcome with homesickness as the ship chugged for the Pacific Ocean. They didn't make it out of the river mouth. A powerful storm roaring from nowhere drove them back up the Columbia River, stopping as abruptly as it began as the boat drifted, motor swamped and crew drenched, at the dock they'd set out from. Another try a few days later had the exact same outcome. A third nearly sank the boat. Ming knew then that he had to learn to control this, and went to the only man he could think of who could help: Uncle Zhi. The old man had sickened considerably since they'd first met years ago, and he was surprised and elated to hear from his "young associate" that Ming had the power to see the future and control the weather, and revealed that there had been others with similar gifts in his native Hong Kong; some had even come with the first groups of immigrants to the United States and used their powers to aid their fellow Chinese during the vicious nativist years. Zhi warned Ming to tell nobody else, to prevent his identity and powers from becoming linked, and to come back tomorrow to "sort out your future in our organization." The next morning Zhi was dead of a heart attack and his granddaughter Chen Feng-Li was in charge. Something discouraged Ming from going to her with his story and he went quietly back to work. He learned breathing exercises from a Buddhist monk to calm himself down, and went to sea. By slow, careful, hidden experimentation he learned to master his powers, to unleash storms or clear skies, to summon lightning or raise up mist, bringing forth searing heat or biting cold, and even how to fly and shield himself with swirling air-currents. From the fishing fleet he changed careers to the coastal rescue tugs, using his powers to soothe tempests and freshen good winds. Like everyone else in the Dragon's Eyes he became aware of the secret shadow lying across the cities, and unlike most decided to find out what it was. Unfortunately Ming isn't any kind of detective or scientist (outside some amateur meteorology and a passion for tidal physics), and his search has so far been fruitless. He's done good by those he can with his limited powers and even more limited means, but as the cities change and Max Mars' Ultio suits spread through the population, he knows it isn't enough. His flashes have grown worse, and what seemed merely "soon" when he was a child has become "imminent". Something is going to destroy the Emerald Cities, and Ming knows he can't stop it alone. Personality & Motivation: In his day-to-day life, Ming is generally cold and disinterested. His bad experiences as a child and life of secrecy and suspicion has left him without true friends and a certainty that if he had any they'd betray him somehow. But his heart is easily-melted, and he'll go to any lengths to help out someone in need, knowing all too well what if feels like to be alone. Unfortunately, he's also impatient and all too ready to turn to violence, thanks to finely-honed survival instincts from growing up in the periphery of competing street gangs in Jadetown. He's easily-nettled and struggles with backing-down and de-escalating, since restraint often just marked him as a target in his childhood. Powers & Tactics: Far from bulletproof, Rainshadow relies on mobility and the concealing effects of his powers to protect himself. He keeps on the offense at all times, sweeping enemies out of cover and keeping them corralled so he can subdue them without risk to others. Power Descriptions: Rainshadow's powers are those of the storm, from howling wind to crackling lightning to clouds of water. His ability to control them is linked to a mutation that granted him psychic powers affecting the cosmic energies bombarding Earth. His hands glow a spectral green when using his powers, though the effect is hidden by his gloves, and there is a faint green sheen or outline on the output of his powers such as lightning bolts or clouds. Complications: Danger(Hunted): The secret supervillain cabal, the Chamber, has gotten wind of a new superhuman and will do its utmost to identify and subvert or eliminate them. Dialect: Ming learned how to talk, read and write several languages according to a vulgar vernacular common to Emerald City's Jadetown. The words he uses can sometimes be wildly offputting among more refined or even just polite society. Power(Backlash): Ming's powers do not make weather come from nowhere. There are repercussions to careless or extreme use. Responsibility(Stop the destruction of the Emerald Cities): Ming has foreseen the cataclysmic downfall of his home and everyone he's ever known, and is duty-bound to prevent it. Responsibility(Family): Ming loves his mothers dearly, and would take any action or pay any price to keep them safe. Secret(Identity): Ming and Rainshadow must never become linked. He tries to cover his tracks to prevent this. Threats of exposing him are taken very seriously. Abilities: 10 + 4 + 12 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 34PP Strength 20 (+5) Dexterity 14 (+2) Constitution 22 (+6) Intelligence 10 (+0) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 16 = 28PP Attack: +6 Defence: +12 (+4 flat-footed) Initiative: +2 Grapple: +11/+20 (Move Object) Saves: 2 + 5 + 6 = 13PP TOU +8 (+6 Con, +2 Force Field) FORT +8 (+6 Con, +2) REF +7 (+2 Dex, +5) WILL +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 52 ranks = 13PP Bluff 3 (+5) Concentration 8 (+10) Intimidate 3 (+5) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 3 (+3) Languages 8 (Arabic, Chinese(Cantonese, Native), Chinese(Mandarin), Chinook, English, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Spanish) Notice 8 (+10)* Pilot 8 (+10)* Sense Motive 3 (+5) Survival 3 (+5)* Swim 5 (+10)* Feats: 8PP Dodge Focus 4 Move-By Action Second Chance (Weather Control power checks) Skill Mastery (Notice, Pilot, Survival, Swim) Uncanny Dodge (auditory) Powers: 6 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 39 = 54PP All powers have the 'Mutant' and 'Psychic' descriptors Flight 3 (50 MPH) [6PP] Force Field 2 [2PP] Immunity 5 (all weather effects) (Extras: Duration (Sustained) [+0]) [5PP] Super-Senses 4 (Precognition [Flaws: Unreliable]) [2PP] Weather Control Array (33PP Array; Power Feats: Alternate Power 6) [39PP] Blast 10 (Extras: Range [Perception]; Power Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather]) [33PP] AP: Damage 10 (Extras: Area [shapeable], Selective Attack; Power Feats Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather]) [33PP] AP: Dazzle 10 (visual and auditory) (Extras: Range [Perception]; Flaw: Action [Full]; Power Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather]) [33PP] AP: Environmental Control 10 (1 mile) [3/pp mix-and-match] (Extras: Duration [independent] (+0), Total Fade [+1]; Flaw: Range [Touch]; Power Feats: Slow Fade 3 [5 minutes/rank]) [33PP] AP: Move Object 10 (Heavy Load: 12 tons) (Extras: Range [Perception]; Power Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather]) [33PP] AP: Obscure 10 (1 mile) (visual and auditory) (Extras: Duration [independent] (+0); Power Feats: Slow Fade 2 [1 minute/rank, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather]) [33PP] AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Area(Shapeable, 20 5-ft cubes); Feats: Progression 1(Cubes per rank), Reversible, Variable Descriptor 1 [any weather])[33PP] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Attack Range Save Effect Unarmed Touch DC20 Toughness Damage (Staged) Blast Perception DC25 Toughness Damage (Staged) Dazzle Perception DC20 Reflex/Fortitude Dazzled (Visual/Auditory) Snare Ranged (Area) DC20 Reflex Entangled/Bound Totals: Abilities (34) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (13) + Feats (8) + Powers (54) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/154 Power Points
  2. Pacer Power Level: 11 (195/200 PP) Trade-Offs: None (Offensive); +4 Defense, -4 Toughness (Defense) Unspent PP: 5 In Brief: Literally Speed Incarnate. A cosmic energy being has become the soul of a mortal human. Residence: Claremont Academy dorms Base of Operations: Earth, basically. Catchphrase: “A moment is all I need.” And variations thereof. Alternate Identities: Mona Simms Identity: Secret Birthplace: Glen Burnie, Maryland Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy in general Family: Silver Streak (Holly Wood, grandmother & retired Golden Age hero), Hannah Simms (mother, deceased), Miss Invincible (Francine Simms, aunt, hero, secret agent, & twin of Frank), Frank Simms (uncle & twin of Francine); Stalwart (Mickey Simms, twin brother) Age: 16 Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White Hispanic Height: 4’ 10” (5’ 1” in costume) Weight: 90 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Description: Mona is…well, tiny. Really, really tiny. Occasionally mistaken for a grade schooler tiny. She covers for it as best she can with baggy clothing, but now and again there’s just nothing she can do about it. Anyone who actually takes a good look at her will see she is a teenage girl. Just, you know, in miniature. She doesn’t do makeup or jewelry. Hell, she doesn’t even carry a purse. Definitely rocking that tomboyish aesthetic. Her costume is a bulky, dark blue bodysuit with a full cowl (though her hair sticks out in the back. That’s about it. No special markings or anything. History: Mona Simms has been fast ever since the day she was born. Fortunately, it took until she could walk reliably before she discovered the sound barrier wasn’t one to her. She’s been running ever since. She’s been quite literally everywhere on earth that’s above water. There probably isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have a story about the little girl who did something, then disappeared in an instant. If global urban legends were a thing, she’d be one. Not that she was ever late for dinner, mind you. Aunt Francine would’ve kicked her butt up between her shoulder blades. Of course, if one travels long enough, you start to see things you can’t let happen. Not and keep sleeping at night. The quickest way around all the annoying obstacles about doing the hero thing without actually being one is just putting on the mask already. Pacer was born. It started in the Golden Age, with the hero Silver Streak. Her speed (rivaling that of even Johnny Rocket) was the name of the game, but that wasn’t her only power. She was strong, tough, and hella smart, too. She had no idea how powerful she really was, and never found out. Until long after she retired, and her three children not only inherited her powers, but took them to heights she never imagined. Francine got the toughness, and is so close to being literally invincible as to make no real difference. Frank got the intellect, and he’s frightening with how much he understands about everything sometimes. And Hannah, her baby, got the speed and the muscle. None of the three went into heroics, not really. Francine’s dabbled, but she’s spent far more time as a freelance secret agent than anything else. They…lived not ordinary lives, exactly, but lives out of the spotlight. Then Hannah got pregnant. Frank’s never shown any signs of being interested reproducing, and Francine’s powers prohibit it. Even her eggs are hella tough. Unfortunately, that very same toughness was the reason Holly Wood survived birthing her children in the first place. A toughness Hannah did not share. Frank and Francine adopted the newborn twins in their sister’s memory. The thing that none of the four know (barring maybe Frank, he’s hella smart and might’ve checked) is that their powers have nothing to do with genetics, magic, or technology. Their souls aren’t human souls. They’re cosmic energy beings, each with a section of nigh-infinite power all its own. Speed, Strength, Stamina, and Mind. Holly Wood was possessed by all four, and passed on each one to one of her children. Hannah did the same. It’d have taken nullifying manacles to get young Mona to stay at Nicholson. So Francine bided her time. When she (well, Frank noticed first) that the two were starting the superhero thing, she called in a few favors to get her niece and nephew admitted to Claremont. Personality & Motivation: Pacer is someone who could dance in the virtual eternity between seconds. She is speed incarnate. The fastest thing on the planet. And since she’s always been this fast, she knows it. Impulsive, impatient, and apparently suffering from the worst case of ADHD of all time. Her emotions appear ephemeral and fleeting. Often capricious and unpredictable, but never actively malicious. She’s someone who’s never had to slow down unless she wanted to. But even the most carefree of children gets older. Sees things. Things their conscience won’t allow to stand. Somebody has to do something. The faster the better, amirite? Power Descriptions: As before, Pacer is someone who could dance in the virtual eternity between seconds. She is speed incarnate. The fastest thing on the planet. A blur, borderline impossible to hit. A swarm of tiny fists and flying pebbles, all supersonic and strong enough to crack steel. Everything she does comes from raw speed. She’s not strong, tough, or particularly skilled, but the speed makes up for a lot of failings. Also, weirdly, her powers don’t entirely do business with physics. She does not gain mass as she gets faster, and she lacks the hyperfast metabolism of other speedsters. She’s shown the fleeting ability to lend her speed to others, making regular Bystanders into PL10 Speedsters…somehow. Note: That’s not an I don’t know, that’s a she don’t know. Cosmic energy can be lent, apparently. Above Speed 10, for those who can actually see her, energy is crackling off her as if she was an electric controller. One last thing. For anyone who can perceive cosmic energy, she is a beacon in a dark universe. As impossible to miss as the sun would be if it was at the moon’s distance from earth. Powers & Tactics: Pacer’s tactics aren’t complicated. Hit the enemy until he stops getting up. She’s got a couple of tricks up her sleeve, though. She’s great at overruns, and can do that speedster trick of vibrating so fast she turns intangible. Lastly, she can do the twin thing with her brother, borrowing some of his strength at no cost to him. After all, he’s got plenty to go around. Complications: Too Fast, Too Furious: Pacer is fast, and this has made her reckless. She’ll do just about anything on a dare, because she thinks she’s fast enough to escape the negative consequences. It doesn’t even have to be a dare. She could just get bored with the plan and improvise. A GM may award a hero point for Pacer’s impulsive recklessness getting the better of her. Tokyo Drift: Pacer lives in a world the vast, vast majority of people wouldn’t understand. Her mind processes information faster than most neurons fire once. Staying still long enough for sound to enter her ears can be torturous at times. So…it’s entirely possible she was having an epic, 13 hour long episode TV series of a daydream, and missed the entire conversation. Or she ran to Japan for some ramen because the speaker was taking too long, and is just now getting back. Things like that. A GM may award a hero point when this becomes a problem. Turbo Charged:Pacer’s powers come from the nigh-infinite power of the cosmic energy being that is her soul. And all that energy has to go somewhere, if she’s not actively using it. If her powers are nullified, she’s kept immobile for a significant portion of time, or she’s just plain knocked out, the speed can…leak…and cause all sorts of zany hijinks. Hijinks that I’ll leave to a GM’s imagination, as he or she awards the hero point. La Bandolera: Pacer can borrow some of her brother’s immense strength, as they’re twins. However, this doesn’t work if one of them has their powers nullified, one’s knocked out, or they’re just way too far from each other for it to work. Sometimes it just doesn’t work for no apparent reason. A GM may award a hero point for this occurrence. Fast Future: Future Pacer is incredibly powerful, enough to make present Pacer seem weak and kittenish. She zips through time itself, doing the hero thing with no regard for the laws of time. Too fast for time itself to catch, let alone any of its servants and defenders. Naturally, the various guardians of the timestream don’t like her very much and wish she would just stop, already. This can…complicate present Pacer’s life. A GM may award a hero point for Future Pacer’s actions having a negative effect on Present Pacer. Also, plot hook! Abilities: 0 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 0 + 2 = 22PP Strength 10 (+0) (20 [+5], Lifting STR 40 w/ Borrowing From Mickey) Dexterity 20 (+5) Constitution 16 (+3) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 10 (+0) Charisma 12 (+1) Combat: 10 + 14 = 24PP Initiative: +25 (+5 Dex, +20 Improved Initiative) Attack: +5 Base (+11 Speed Attacks) Grapple: +5 (+15 w/ Borrowing From Mickey) Defense: +15 (+7 Base, +8 Dodge Focus, +4 Flat Footed) Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 2 + 10 + 8 = 20PP Toughness: +7 (+3 Con, +4 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +5 (+3 Con, +2) Reflex: +15 (+5 Dex, +10) Will: +8 (+0 Wis, +8) Skills: 36R = 9PP Acrobatics 5 (+10) Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 3 (+5) Notice 10 (+10) Search 5 (+7) Sense Motive 10 (+10) Feats: 56PP Accurate Attack Acrobatic Bluff Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 8 Evasion 2 Fast Overrun Improved Initiative 5 Improved Overrun Luck 3 Move by Action Power Attack Seize Initiative Sidekick 33 (Stalwart) Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 30 + 6 + 1 + 22 + 5 = 64PP All Speed Array 12.5 (25PP; Power Feats: Alternate Power 5) [30PP] Base Power: (Setting The Pace) Concealment 6 (All Visual Senses, All Auditory Senses; Power Feat: Close Range; Extra: Linked [+0]; Flaw: Limited to While Moving) + Enhanced Quickness 9 (to 20, Extra: Linked [+0]) + Enhanced Speed 9 (to 20, Extra: Linked [+0]) {7 + 9 + 9 = 25/25} Alternate Power: Damage 11 (Extra: Autofire; Power Feats: Accurate 3) {25/25} (One Million Punches) Alternate Power: Damage 11 (Extra: Area [Targeted, Burst]; Power Feats: Accurate 3) {25/25} (Crowd Control) Alternate Power: Damage 11 (Extra: Ranged; Power Feats: Accurate 3) {25/25} (Throwin’ Stuff) Alternate Power: (Borrowing From Mickey) Enhanced Strength 10 (to 20, Extra: Linked [+0]) + Leaping 5 (Extra: Linked +0) + Super Strength 5 (Lifting STR 45, Extra: Linked +0) {10 + 5 + 10 = 25/25} Alternate Power: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal; Power Feats: Subtle 2) {22/25} (Vibrating At The Speed Of Awesome) Enhanced Feats 6 (Improved Initiative 5, Seize Initiative) [6PP] Luck Control 1 (Force Reroll; Flaw: Limited 2 [Attacks against Pacer]) [1PP] Quickness 11 (Extra: Linked [+0]) + Speed 11 (Extra: Linked [+0]) [11 + 11 = 22PP] (Speed Incarnate) Super Movement 5 (Sure Footed 2, Wall Crawling 2, Water Walking; Flaw: Limited to While Moving) [5PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Unarmed w/ BfM Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage One Million Punches Touch DC 26 Toughness (Autofire) Damage Crowd Control Area [Targeted, Burst] DC 26 Toughness Damage Throwin' Stuff Ranged DC 26 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (22) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (20) + Skills (9) + Feats (56) + Powers (64) - Drawbacks (0) = 195/200 Power Points
  3. Player Name: Heritage Character Name: Grimalkin Power Level: 10/15 (250/250PP) [291] Tradeoffs: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Shapeshifting faerie with a human soul Alternate Identity: Lynn Epstein Identity: Secret Birthplace: Atlantic City, NJ Occupation: Bookstore owner Affiliations: Former member of the Knights of Freedom and the Interceptors, currently freelance. Former partner of the Shrike. Family: Elaine Epstein (mother, deceased), Harold 'Butch' Epstein (father), Benjamin Epstein (brother), Edna Epstein (sister). William 'Colt' Reynolds (husband, deceased), Zachary Reynolds (son), Ruth Reynolds (daughter), Jonathon Reynolds (son) Description: DOB: June 17, 1988 Apparent Age: As Lynn, early thirties; as Grim, late teens Actual Age: Over 100 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'3" Weight: 122 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown; shoulder-length and curly as Lynn, short and spiky as Grimalkin Lynn is a lovely young woman who typically wears comfortable jeans, T-shirts, hiking boots and a denim or suede jacket by day, but is wrapped in skintight leather of black and midnight blue, complete with domino mask, when she prowls the dirty streets at night. Her ears are (normally) pointed and tapered; as Grimalkin, they are clearly visible, but 'Lynn' keeps the tips discretely hidden under her hair, though she can always alter them in a pinch. History: A young runaway from Atlantic City, Lynn Epstein turned to a life of panhandling and petty crime to survive; one day it became too much, and she crawled into a dark alley on a chill winter night to die, but instead awoke the next day transformed! For many months she used her powers selfishly, living the high life and swindling 'suckers', until one night she saw a young streetwalker attacked; the FCPD's profound indifference to the crime appalled her, and she swore that night to use her powers to help those the Powers That Be would not help. For several years, she was a member of the West End-based superhero team known as the Interceptors, along with Dynamo, Fulcrum, Jack of All Blades and William 'Colt' Reynolds. She eventually married Reynolds in 2011, and retired from active crime-fighting, and had not been seen in Freedom City since. Upon her return in 2014, Lynn reopened Silberman's Books, the store she inherited from her grandfather on her twenty-second birthday; the building had been shuttered since she and Colt where married in it 2011. Lynn currently occupies the apartment above the shop. She revealed to her friends that time moved differently on Colt's world, where she'd been for the last three years, and she's now over one hundred, having raised a family with her husband, who has since died at age 99 back in his home dimension. Lynn recently ended her relationship with Gretchen McDaniels, her former sidekick the Shrike, who relocated to the Emerald Cities, though she hopes one day they can try again to make it work. In addition, due to a traumatic event in the summer of 2018, she lost access to some of her previous powers, which will take some getting used to after all these years. Her mother died of ovarian cancer in September 2020, and her father is currently living with her. Personality & Motivation: Being that she's a shapeshifter, it's perhaps not surprising that Lynn is rather hard to pin down; she lives very much in the 'now', making few great plans and doing her best not to dwell on the past, even though she still misses Colt terribly. Her emotions are intensely felt, and she can switch from playful to angry to sad almost in the same sentence. Lynn also finds comfort in the little things, everyday wonders like bike rides in the park and lazy afternoons spent lying in the grass; she never seems to have enough of the simple pleasures, which makes her cherish them all the more. Since becoming a mother and having to leave her family behind on another world, she has taken a very motherly attitude towards her friends and coworkers. As a crimefighter, Grim is driven by many things: the desire to see a wasted life blossom once more, an end to cruelty, injustice and indifference, and a strong personal desire to constantly improve her technique. She likes teaming up with other heroes to see how she measures up and maybe pinch a trick or two, but she is frequently very self-critical of her own performance, to the point of downplaying her many successes. Like a trickster goddess with a vengeful streak, her personal brand of justice might seem somewhat capricious, but she would never willfully take a human life in the pursuit of the law. Powers & Tactics: Grimalkin's powers come from her faerie nature; some of them are innate, such as her keen senses and high tolerance to cold, but many of them come from her ability to manipulate glamour, the very essence of the fey. Seeing as her body is now wholly composed of glamour, she can alter it in a number of ways, such as completely changing her appearance, making herself nearly undetectable, or eluding capture. She can also create various objects seemingly out of thin air (actually her own glamour), which she uses as props, furniture or just her own amusement. In combat, Grim prefers to use stealth to take better advantage of her claws; when forced into a 'fair fight', she uses her wits and charm to befuddle her foes to level the playing field. She has also learned how to use glamoured objects to capture or obstruct her opponents. She has also recently discovered how to adjust the density of her glamour to pass through small cracks, avoid certain types of damage and even fly, albeit slowly. Complications: Enmity of the Fey: As a fey with a human soul, and thus the capacity for genuine creativity, Grim is resented by most faerie creatures, and sometimes even considered an abomination. Momma Bear: Grim is very protective of those she cares about, especially friends, family and the staff of her bookstore. Prejudice (The Rich): Due to her lower middle class upbringing, Grim frequently has a hard time sympathizing with the well-to-do. Secret Identity: Though she doesn't go to the lengths some heroes go to protect it, Grim does try to keep the two sides of her life from intersecting. Sometimes it even works. Yente: Grim is in fact a Jewish grandmother, and sometimes cannot help herself from meddling in people's lives, i.e. trying to patch up relationships, acting as matchmaker, etc. My Old Man: Grim's recently widowed father is currently staying with her; this could prove to be problematic. Abilities: 4 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 16 = 52PP Strength: 14 (+2) (Heavy Load: 175 lbs.) Dexterity: 26 (+8) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 26 (+8) Combat: 24 + 8 = 32PP Initiative: +12 Attack: +12 Ranged, +12 Melee Grapple: +20 Defense: +12 (+4 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 6 + 8 + 4 = 18PP Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll) Fortitude +10 (+4 Con, +6) Reflex +12 (+8 Dex, +4) Will +10 (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 160R = 40PP Acrobatics 12 (+20) Bluff 12 (+20) Craft (Artistic) 8 (+10) Craft (Structural) 8 (+10) Diplomacy 7 (+15) Disguise 2 (+10, +40 Morph) Drive 2 (+10) Gather Information 7 (+15) Handle Animal 2 (+10) Intimidate 2 (+10) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+10) Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Civics) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+10) Knowledge (Tactics) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 3 (+5) Language 1 (Hebrew) Medicine 3 (+5) Notice 13 (+15) Perform (Dance) 2 (+10) Perform (Singing) 2 (+10) Pilot 2 (+10) Ride 2 (+10) Search 13 (+15) Sense Motive 3 (+5) Sleight of Hand 7 (+15) Stealth 12 (+20) Survival 3 (+5) Swim 4 (+5) Feats: 33PP Acrobatic Bluff Ambidexterity Benefit: Wealthy Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 3 (+6 Toughness) Distract (Bluff) Dodge Focus 8 Elusive Target Equipment 4 (20EP) Evasion 2 Fascinate (Bluff) Grapple Finesse Improved Initiative Move-By Action Power Attack Setup Takedown Attack 2 Taunt Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Equipment: 4PP = 15EP Silberman's Books (PL10 HQ) [15EP] Size: Small [0EP] Toughness: +5 [0EP] Features: [15EP] Communications Computer Cover Facility (Bookstore) Fire Prevention System Gym Library Living Space Powers 5 (150PP, see below) Security System 2 (DC 25) Workshop Rusty's Ranch (PL10 Training Area) [5EP] Size: Medium [1EP] Toughness: +10 [1EP] Features: [3EP] Combat Simulator Gym Security System 1 (DC 20) Powers: 4 + 16 + 3 + 20 + 7 + 12 + 10 + 11 = 83PP All powers carry the Magic, Dark Fae Lineage descriptors Comprehend 2 (Languages 2 [speak Any, One At A Time, Understand All]) [4PP] (Dark Faerie Tongue) Create Object 6 (6 cubes, Toughness +6, Lifting Strength 30 [Heavy Load: 1,600 lbs.], Extras: Duration [Continuous], Feats: Innate, Precise, Progression 2 [25ft cubes], Selective, Subtle, Drawbacks: Limited [Cannot Create Metal], Power Loss [Contact with Iron], Flaws: Feedback) [16PP] (Dark Faerie Conjuration) Dimensional Pocket 3 (Flaw: Limited [Storage only], 500 lbs.) [3PP] (Dark Faerie Vault) Glamour Body 9 (18PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2) [20PP] Base Power: Morph 6 (Any Form, +30 Disguise, Extras: Continuous, Flaws: Limited [Cannot Mimic Metal]) [18PP] (Dark Faerie Body) Alternate Power: Concealment 10 (All Non-Tactile Senses, Flaws: Passive, Feats: Close Range, Selective) [12PP] (Dark Faerie Body) {12/16} Alternate Power: Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous Form, Extra: Linked [Flight], Feats: Selective, Subtle 2) [13PP]+ Flight 1 (10 mph; Extra: Linked [Insubstantial], Feats: Subtle 1) [3PP] (Dark Faerie Body) {16/16} Immunity 7 (Aging, Cold, Disease, Heat, Starvation and Thirst, All Suffocation) [7PP] (Dark Faerie Endurance) Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating [2] [DMG 8], Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty) [12PP] (Dark Faerie Claws) Super-Movement 5 (Slow Fall, Sure-Footed 1, Trackless, Wall-Crawling 2) [10PP] (Dark Faerie Nimbleness) Super-Senses 11 (Accurate Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Hearing, Accurate Acute Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Tracking [1/2 Speed] Smell, Darkvision, Danger Sense [Auditory]) [11PP] (Dark Faerie Senses) Drawbacks: (-2) + (-6) = -8PP Vulnerability (Iron, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate [+50% DC]) [-2PP] Weakness (Iron, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate, -1 CON per minute [10 rounds]) [-6PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC17 Toughness Damage (Physical) Claws Touch DC23 Toughness Damage (Physical) Create Object Ranged DC16 Reflex Trapped TOTALS Abilities 52 + Combat 32 + Saving Throws 18 + Skills 40 + Feats 33 + Powers 83 - Drawbacks 8 = 250/250 Power Points
  4. Thoughtspeed Power Level: 10 (Shifted) [12] 194/198 PP Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage, +3 Defense / -3 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 4 In Brief: Son of a time controller and a psychic, Thoughtspeed uses his strength of will to harness kinetic energy to move faster and fight harder, all for the cause of good (and impressing the ladies)! Alternate Identity: William Cline Identity: Secret(ish) Birthplace: USA Occupation: Student, Superhero Affiliations: Claremont Family: Richard Cline "Fast-Forward" (Father); Paige Cline "Hologram" (Mother); Anne Cline "Clock Queen" (Paternal Grandmother); Holly Cline (Younger Sister); Bryant Cline (Paternal Grandfather, de-aged) Description: Age: 19 (DoB: October 1997) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasion/Jewish mix Height: 5'10" Weight: 170 lbs Eyes: Dark Brown (Normal), Dark Green (Powers Active) Hair: Black William's built lean; between his super-metabolism and his natural inclinations to work on endurance and flexibility, he doesn't cut a large figure. That said, he's clearly in excellent condition and well-toned, showing a natural, organic athleticism. His dark hair is kept fairly short, but just long enough it can get a bit tousled in the wind when he runs (just as planned!). His skin has a healthy tan, born from a lot of outdoor runs. His eyes often dance with barely restrained mischief, when they aren't glowing green with the use of his powers. William tends to dress fashionably but comfortably, in clothes that one could comfortably run in. Thoughtspeed's outfit is made up of morphic molecules engineered to resist high-speed frictions, though not enough to help in an actual fight. Still, it comes out as a decently thick suit of flexible, breathable material that is nonetheless decently more substantial than, say, spandex. The primary color of the suit is a slightly glossy black. Starting at the shoulders (front and back) and running down the right and left sides of his suit are lines of dark green (about 2 inches wide) that trace their way down his legs (the lines thin to about 1 inch past his waist) all the way to his ankles, where it makes a circle around the ankle, thus joining the front and rear lines. Another set of similar lines go down the middle of the outside arm section, ending in circles at his wrists; his elbows and knees have slightly thicker circles, while a large loop circles his waist like a belt. When he's using his powers more actively (OOC: Faster than Speed 2 or Quickness 1, using any of the Super-Movement powers, or using his Kinetic Blades Array), bleed-off psycho-kinetic energy goes into the costume, causing the lines to glow a somewhat brighter green. His feet are clad in hybrid shoes, with a tread somewhere between "hiking boots" and "track shoes", giving him flexibility, traction, and comfort. Finally, a thin "metallic" helmet unfolds over his head when the costume is active (though he can will it to retract independently); this helmet encapsulates his head, including a one-way visor that obscures his face but lets him see clearly. The helmet has several subtle air vents to allow comfortable breathing and preventing heat buildup, and has thin lines curving around the sides to connect to the lines on his suit's shoulders (the helmet's lines also glow when his powers ramp up). A simple domino mask is underneath the helmet, as a nod to his secret identity without being too complicated. Power Descriptions: While Fast-Forward's powers allow him to harness chronal energy to warp space-time (mainly time), and his mother can project powerful illusions, Thoughtspeed's powers are more internally focused. His body is able to generate and harness notably more kinetic energy than usual, all controlled by his formidable will (or sheer teenage stubbornness, according to his mother). Thus, he can charge his body with kinetic energy to move many times the speed of sound, even across water or up buildings. However, his precision control is much lower, meaning he cannot accomplish fine tasks with the same level of speed (though he can still accomplish things faster than humanly possible). This same usage of kinetic energy means that, within a certain distance, he has an innate spatial sense that allows him to navigate in complete darkness, using his mind to interpret the "bounce-back" his whole body is picking up. That this makes him difficult to catch unawares is an added benefit. Finally, he can mold the kinetic energy he generates into semi-tangible constructs, which he shapes into various hand-held melee weapons. He can alter the properties of the blades somewhat, though he cannot do everything at once with them, forcing him to decide on his mode of attack. If he takes a moment to concentrate, he can find the best way to move about an area and attack many people at once within it with his kinetic energy blades, which can prove useful for laying low a group of henchmen. William's inheritance from his mother is still developing; while he can set up a team-wide telepathic link, the range is poor enough he runs the risk of casually zipping out of range in the blink of an eye, leaving everyone suddenly isolated again. Thoughtspeed is also able to use his mental and kinetic powers to warp and blur the light around his body, as well as generating some basic, low-level holographs, that he becomes invisible to the naked or assisted eye. Of course, he still needs to rely on his own caution and skill to move undetected to the ear or other, more exotic senses. The same field can be turned outward, generating a massive burst of blinding green light; he has finally mastered only blinding those he chooses to with this burst of power, though it takes him several seconds to build up to it nonetheless. History: William didn't come into the world until his parents had left behind villainy for several years. They were older and at least somewhat wiser. And those early years had been great; just him, Mom, and Dad, nothing but good times. Several early years were spent living in an RV, and how cool is that? Totally cool. He saw a lot of pretty neat in those traveling years. They came back to Freedom City for a bit, he learned he was getting a new baby sister, and his Mom got really weird for a while. She was a LOT snappier than usual with him, and he just couldn't figure out what he'd done wrong. But then Holly was born, and they were moving again! California was kind of nicer than Freedom City. It wasn't really any shinier, but it was warm a lot more, which meant William got to wear shorts a lot! He liked shorts. And things were pretty awesome for years! His mom and dad ended up TV stars, he got to be on television (even if he had to wear a mask, but hey, he got to help build it!), and his Grandma Anne was fun to visit, even if she tended to talk about "back in my day". A lot. Even more than his dad! He started getting superpowers, and that was totally awesome! His dad helped him figure most of it out, with his mom giving him pointers. Eventually he figured out he could make swords. With his mind! That's when Grandma Anne start giving him lessons when he visited! Though she didn't do much to encourage his creativity, always trying to make him stick to one long blade and one short. He only just managed to avoid "having" to make them look like clock hands; that would have been so last century, and thus lame. And then Holly mind-controlled an entire school, and in less than a week California was left behind and Will found himself in Freedom City again. But now he had to go to a fancy-dancy little private school for heroes. It's not that being a hero was bad, but now he felt obligated to end up being one, instead of having the option to, he didn't know, maybe run his own TV show or something! And to make matters worse, he'd left all his friends and lots of cute girls behind in California, and now his sister was getting all of the attention instead of only some of it, and both the women in the house were totally psychic and it sucked! Psychic women were the worst when you were a teenage boy. But hey, the classes were kind of neat, gym was mostly a breeze, and the girls here were kind of pretty. Even if some of them could turn you into a pretzel with one hand. Will ended up going to UCLA for several months, competing in some track runs out in California, working through college-credit courses (super-speed studying has its perks), and striking up a relationship with a college freshman girl who just happened to be a cheerleader for UCLA. It was fun and a bit wild. Then he finished his college credit classes and decided to come back to Freedom City and Claremont Academy to finish off his senior year of high school. The fact that he and his girlfriend were taking a break that was in no way related to her actually being a ninja that was attacked by a rival, evil clan of ninjas when they were on a date certainly had very little to do with that decision. Practically nothing, in fact. Having graduated Claremont, Will has continued to take college courses, though he has yet to pick a major (which frustrates his parents, naturally). He hasn't really found a new romantic interest, instead actually focusing on school, family, or heroics. Or just running for fun, which he still likes. Personality & Motivation: Will has always been an...energetic...young man. While his mother's worked hard to instill a sense of discipline into him, he's inherited a full dose of the mischief of his parents, albeit in a somewhat more law-abiding way. His parents both made sure he wasn't one for petty crime, not that he felt he needed it. He has an intellectual admiration for some of the more "refined" and "principled" super-villains (mostly of yester-year like his parents), but his real role models (besides his father and mother) are still heroes. Just the ones with senses of humor and/or some sort of super-speed. William is by nature impatient, but while he can sometimes be an excitable handful in class, his mother has instilled enough of a work-ethic in him that he's willing to work on his studies; he just often has trouble sitting through classes, despite being able to somewhat "ramp down" his speed (body and mind) to something closer to normal for humans. While he doesn't automatically distrust and disrespect his teachers (and other authority figures), Will will sometimes push boundaries as much as he can, though it's more due to being used to his mother's firm rules for what he can and can't get away with. When meeting people (especially peers) for the first time, Will is friendly and outgoing, enthusiastically so. Despite this, he actually has few close friends, as he finds himself only comfortable with people he trusts; trust is one of those things he gives sparingly. When he does make a friend, he's fiercely loyal and even protective of them. He's been known to (at least try to) play pranks on those who upset or hurt his friends. William is a bit of a flirt, though he's well-mannered enough to not continue if the girl is already taken, or if she just asks him to stop. He generally doesn't "tease" his friends, as he's conscious of how some might not take to it as naturally and humorously as others. He tries to present himself as something of a "rakish ladies man" (a trait he insists he inherited from his father). His family is important to him, but he admits he's often "so frustrated" by them; his father can be too goofy even forWill's sense of humor, his mother is often "too strict", and his sister is precocious enough to inspire frustration at nearly every turn. Anyone else who is negative about them finds themselves in a heap of trouble, though. Thoughtspeed is always eager to taunt opponents, or at least appear to not take them seriously when at all possible. While to some allies he seems unfocused and undisciplined, he's actually always focused on helping out his team; he simply can't keep his somewhat rambunctious nature from leaking through. Powers & Tactics: If fighting alone, Thoughtspeed will typically keep his visual stealth up as long as feasible while closing in on an enemy, then perform several quick strikes. After that, his preferred method is to use the full measure of his speed to keep out of an enemy's range while running by at high speed and hitting them; few enemies can reliably hit someone who's a mile or more away. However, if he's working in a group, Thoughtspeed's tactics shift rather noticeably. If he's the only telepath around, he will work to stay within about 100ft of everyone in the group, so that no one drops off the link he has with them. This means he has to rely on tactics and a bit of stealth to keep from being shot at in the first place, or just rely on his incredible reflexes to not get hit. He only uses his Visual Overload if he feels there's no other choice, as it risks disabling teammates as well. He usually opens a fight with his Twin Blades, only using the Duelist Blade if he finds a particularly tough opponent. He will sub in forming the Halberd if there's a group, or he's fighting a particularly tough and wily opponent. Complications: Secret Identity: William Cline intends to keep his hero life separate from his "normal" life, outside of the unusual "blending" that happens at Claremont. Thus, a GM may award Thoughtspeed a Hero Point when maintaining his dual identity is put at undue risk by the current situation. Shady Family Background: While his father's mother is (mostly) peacefully retired, and his parents are reformed, William's family background is extremely checkered. Anyone researching his family very much may make unwanted connections, and some parts of his extended family might object to his heroic efforts. A GM may feel free to award him a Hero Point if he faces hardships due to his family connections to villains past and present. Mind Over Matter: Typically Thoughtspeed's powers are a unified whole that gives him internally-focused kinetic energy control. However, a precisely-targeted power nullification that was also powerful enough might cause his psionic powers to shut down, but not his kinetic powers. This would leave him bereft of much of his ability, as well as rendering him a potential danger to others, thanks to out-of-control kinetic energy buildup he'd have to either drain off by large amounts of movement, or see erupt out in random damage. A GM might award a Hero Point if some Nullification were to take out his Psionic descriptors, but leave him enough power beyond his Speed and Quickness to cause some sort of Aura damage, or something similar, to cause risk to civilians and fellow heroes. Big Eater: Thoughtspeed needs a lot of fuel to keep his super-metabolism going, to the point of typically carrying a couple of high-energy bars with him on a patrol or the like, just to keep the edge off of his hunger. A GM might award a Hero Point if, due to limited food supplies, Thoughtspeed's hunger reaches the point where his powers are reduced in effectiveness. Born to Be Wild: William Cline is his father's son. He is also a teenager. This means he's got a pretty solid rebellious streak, and just enough disregard for authority to get him into trouble. A good bit of trouble, even. Big Shadows: Fast-Forward and Hologram were larger-than-life villains and are larger-than-life heroes/television stars. Combined with their somewhat eccentric personalities, this means there's a lot of pressure (more imagined than real) on William to live up to that larger-than-life life. Combined with the rather esoteric upbringing he had, and the rather sudden move to Freedom City, it's left the eldest child of the family feeling more than a bit disaffected and frustrated with his parents, who are simultaneously "pretty cool" and "totally lame", as only a teenager can think of his parents. Little Shadow: Holly is a precocious super-psychic little sister. She totally harshs his vibe sometimes. Or gets in trouble and he has to help bail her out. ABILIITES: 4 + 14 + 14 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 42PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 24 (+7) Constitution: 24 (+7) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) COMBAT: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +15 Attack: +13 Kinetic Blades, +7 Melee, +5 Ranged Grapple: +9 Defense: +13 (+5 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -2 SAVING THROWS: 0 + 2 + 6 = 8PP Toughness: +7 (+7 Con) Fortitude: +7 (+7 Con) Reflex: +9 (+7 Dex, +2) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) SKILLS: 76R = 19PP Acrobatics 10 (+17) Disable Device 8 (+9) Escape Artist 8 (+15) Knowledge: Pop Culture 2 (+3) Language 2 (English [Native], German, Hebrew) Notice 10 (+12) Search 8 (+9) Sense Motive 10 (+12) Sleight of Hand 8 (+15) Stealth 10 (+17) FEATS: 23PP Accurate Attack Acrobatic Bluff All-Out Attack Attack Focus: Melee 2 Attack Specialization: Kinetic Blades 3 Challenge (Fast Task) 1 (Acrobatic Feint) Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 8 Improved Initiative 2 Move-By Action Power Attack Takedown Attack 1 (2 with Kinetic Blades 'Polearm') POWERS: 6 (1+5) + 31 (14+14+3) + 29 (17+12) + 16 = 82PP Psycho-Kinetic Awareness 1.2 (6PP Container [Passive, Permanent]) [6pp] (Mutant, Kinetic Energy, Psionic) Enhanced Feat 1 (Uncanny Dodge: Mental) [1PP] Super-Senses 6 (Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged, Mental Sense) [5pp] Kinetic Speed 6.2 (31PP Container [Passive, Permanent]) [31PP] (Mutant, Kinetic Energy) Quickness 14 (x50,000) [14PP] Speed 14 (250,000 MPH/2,500,000ft per Move Action) [14PP] Super-Movement 3 (Water-Walking, Wall-Crawling 2, Flaw: Only While Moving) [3PP] Mental Powers 5.8 (29PP Container) [29PP] (Mutant, Psionic) Communication 5 (Mental, 5 miles, Extras: Affects Others, Area; Power Feats: Selective, Subtle) [17PP] ("Telepathic Linkup") Psionic Light 5.5 (11PP Array Feats: Alternate Power 1) [12PP] -Base Power: Dazzle 10 (Visual, Extras: Area [General, Burst, 50ft radius], Flaws: Action [Full], Range [Touch]) [10PP] ("Visual Overload") -Alternate Power: Concealment 4 (All Visual) [8pp] ("Personal Holographic Shroud") Kinetic Blades 7 (14PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2) [16PP] (Mutant, Kinetic Energy) -Base Power: Strike 5 (Extras: Autofire (Applies to Strength Bonus), Power Feats: Mighty [+2 Damage], Variable Descriptor 1 [Slashing, Piercing, or Bludgeoning]) [14PP] ("Twin Blades") -Alternate Power: Strike 5 (Extras: Penetrating 6, Power Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Mighty [+2 Damage]) [14PP] ("Duelist Blade"; Piercing) -Alternate Power: Strike 5 (Power Feats: Extended Reach 2 [15ft reach], Mighty [+2 Damage], Variable Descriptor 1 [Slashing, Piercing, or Bludgeoning]) [9PP] + Enhanced Feats 3 (Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Takedown Attack 1) [3PP] ("Polearm") Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC17 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Strike Touch DC22 Toughness (+ Autofire, Staged) Damage (Physical) Dazzle Area DC20 Reflex 1/2 Effect DC20 Reflex Blinded DC20 Fortitude Recover TOTALS Abilities (42) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (19) + Feats (23) + Powers (82) - Drawbacks (0) = 194/198 Power Points
  5. Woodsman Power Level: 10/13 (190/195PP) Unspent Power Points: 5 Trade-Offs: +4 ATK/-4 DMG, +4 DEF/-4 TOU Identity: Secret Alternate Identity: Riley Smith Birthplace: Freedom City, NJ Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record Base of Operations: San Sebastian Swamp, Vibora Bay Residence: Vibora Bay, FL Occupation: Survivalist Affiliations: The Misfits Family: Riley's only surviving family is his 'brother', the other Riley - a student at the University of Florida Vibora Bay Age: 20 (DOB: September 1, 1999) Gender: Male Species: Human Height: 5'7" Weight: 150 lbs Skin: Dark Hair: Shaved, naturally dark Eyes: Brown Character History: Once there was a boy born in a dying world where the greatest heroes had become the greatest monsters and where surviving day-to-day was a victory. The world made him harder and sharper, making him grow up far too fast by the standards of a normal place and time. When he crossed over to our world it seemed like liberation for him. A chance to go to a real school, to make real friends, to finally get those hormone treatments he'd always dreamed about that were far beyond the reach of his post-apocalyptic community. But it didn't quite work out that way. He found friends, even his first real girlfriend, and learned that superhumans weren't necessarily his enemy. But he never quite fit in, even among friends who weren't exactly the shining examples of perfection that many of his classmates were. The stink of his homeworld never seemed to leave him, inside and out, and sometimes he'd drive them away because he felt better about that. Then came the end of his schooling and it all fell apart - the people he loved almost lost everything because a bunch of killers were interested in him for his ability to kill, and his best girl lost her arm because of an order he gave. And his mother, who he thought he'd never see again, they embraced one last time before she returned to try and save the last survivors of a dying world. Then his other mother, the one who'd opened her home to him despite his anger and his violence, who'd shown him nothing but love when he didn't deserve it - she was torn to pieces by a monster from Hell even as his home burned to ashes around her. This last thing, this was too much. With a little help from Midnight and Wander, Riley Smith got on his bike after the Terminus Invasion of 2018 and he drove away - far down south, down to places like home where nature butted up against civilization. Down to places where he could forget what had happened, just for a little while. But sometimes there's no forgetting the past. That's the lesson of Vibora Bay. He lives in a small house in the middle of San Sebastian Swamp, a former hunter's cabin he fixed up after the hurricane. He supports himself with part-time jobs as a mechanic and bare-knuckle fighter down in the city. But what comes next? Physical Description: Riley Smith is short for a man but muscular, built like a welterweight boxer, and carries himself with an easy, natural athleticism. He still shaves his head every morning but has grown a goatee that's come in dark and thick. He wears jeans, button-up shirts, and boots most of the time, even when he's on his own - which he usually is. Stripped to the waist, he has a series of impressive scars on his chest covered by a tattoo of the word FREE in big black letters. Woodsman wears a baseball cap, balaclava, poncho, and matching outfit - he has colors for urban, arboreal, and night-time operations. He could be anybody but there's no way to know for sure. He wears black greasepaint around his eyes while in costume. Powers and Tactics: Woodsman doesn't like to fight - really! (most of his bare-knuckle fights aren't really fights at all in his experience) When he does get into fights they're fast and brutal. He'll start with an ambush, snipe from a distance, use cover, and won't otherwise hesitate to fight dirty. This is especially true if he's fighting powered opponents. He'll particularly seek to make opponents confused, frightened, and ready to surrender before he does something worse to them. Fighting fair is something corpses do in his experience. Personality and Motivation: Riley is grieving - grieving for a lost world and a lost family, and for opportunities lost that he didn't really know he had. Sometimes Riley feels so much older than his twenty - he's seen more and done more than most normal men twice his age. He wants to have a normal life but he doesn't really think that's possible. He wants to help other people but he thinks about the consequences of his 'heroism' every time he closes his eyes and sees the place where Nighthawk's arm used to be, or what happened to his mother, or a million other things. He's not the hero his friends turned out to be. Riley is a transman - top surgery, no bottom. (There's no money for that, anyway.) He'll occasionally slip down to a pride parade or some similar event in Vibora Bay. He'd like to have a girlfriend but he knows he hurts everyone he touches _and_ he's a disgusting castaway, so why bother? Complications: Family Ties: Riley's only living family is his brother, a college student in Vibora Bay. The two aren't close - especially since the other Riley blames this one for bringing the super world to their front door... Friends On The Other Side: Despite himself, Riley has some very interesting friends. Ghosts of the Past: The past is still very much with Riley. Monster I Am: Riley knows what he is and he doesn't like it. Pay Those Bills: Riley does not have much money left. Seriously?: Black and trans, Riley is a double minority. Those Monsters: Riley's views of creatures from, or influenced by, the Terminus is not a high one. Similarly he'll shoot a talking animal by reflex. Never know what they're planning. Abilities: 6 + 12 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 38PP Strength 16 (+3) Dexterity 22 (+6) Constitution 14 (+2) Intelligence 16 (+3) Wisdom 16 (+3) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 20 + 16 = 36PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +10, +12 Woodsman's Arsenal, +14 Ranged Grapple: +16 w/Grappling Finesse Defense: +14 (+8 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback: -2/-1 flat-footed, -3/-2 with costume Saving Throws: 5 + 4 + 5 = 14PP Toughness: +6/+4/+2 (+2 Con, +2 costume, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +7 (+2 Con, +5) Reflex: +10 (+6 Dex, +4) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 136R = 34PP Acrobatics 9 (+15) Bluff 8 (+10) Climb 12 (+15) Skill Mastery Craft (Chemical) 7 (+10) Craft (Mechanical) 7 (+10) Drive 1 (+7) Escape Artist 4 (+10) Medicine 2 (+5) Skill Mastery Gather Information 3 (+5) Intimidate 13 (+15) Investigate 2 (+5) Knowledge (tactics) 7 (+10) Knowledge (technology) 7 (+10) Notice 12 (+15) Skill Mastery Perform (stringed instruments) 3 (+5) Pilot 1 (+7) Ride 1 (+7) Search 7 (+10) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Sleight of Hand 1 (+7) Stealth 14 (+20) Skill Mastery Survival 8 (+11) Feats: 38PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus (Ranged) 4 Challenge 2 (Fast Acrobatic Bluff, Fast Startle) Defensive Roll 1 Dodge Focus 6 Eidetic Memory Equipment 5 Evasion Grappling Finesse Hide in Plain Sight Improved Initiative Improvised Tools Jack of all Trades Luck 3 Master Plan 2 Power Attack Quick Draw Skill Mastery (Climb, Medicine, Notice, Stealth) Startle Takedown Attack Track [visual] Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Equipment: Cabin in the Woods: 15EP Size: Small; Toughness: 15; Features: Concealed, Defense System 2 [Blast 10, Snare 10, various traps], Garage, Infirmary, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Self-Destruct, Workshop Cost: 0+2+13 = 15 EPs Motorcycle (PF: Subtle) Riley's motorcycle is a black custom-built 2007 Aprilia SXV, specially modified to run virtually silent. It's a good dirt bike and good street bike, and he has the know-how to keep changing up its appearance. Powers: 1 + 29 = 30PP Feature 1 (From Another Dimension) [1PP] Device 7 (35PP, Woodsman's Gear, Flaw: Hard to Lose, PF: Subtle [Concealable]) [29PP] Armory Array 10.5 (21 points; PFs: Alternate Power 8 ) [29EP] BE: Blast 10 (assorted explosives; Extra: Area [General, Burst, 5-50-ft.-radius]; Flaws: Action [Full], Unreliable [5 uses]; PFs: Progression [Reverse Area] 9, Triggered 2, Variable Descriptor [anesthetic gas, cold, concussive force, fire, shrapnel]; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 100-ft. increments]) {21/21} AP: Blast 6 (crossbow; Extra: Penetrating 2 [as DMG 8]; PFs: Improved Crit 2, Improve Range 3 [1 200-ft. Increment], Variable Descriptor 2 [any technological]) {21/21} AP: Blast 3 (single large thrown projectile; PFs: Improved Critical 2, Improved Disarm, Improve Range 3 [1 200-ft. Increment], Improved Ranged Disarm, Indirect, Mighty 3, Ricochet, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing]) {20/21} AP: Speed 1 (grapple gun, 10 MPH) + Super-Movement 4 (Slow Fall, Swinging, Wall-Crawling 2) {9/21} AP: Blast 3 (multiple small projectiles, thrown in rapid succession; Extras: Penetrating 4 (as DMG 10); PFs: Improved Critical 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Range 2 [2 100-ft. increments], Improved Ranged Disarm, Mighty 3, Ranged Pin, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing]; Drawbacks: Reduced Range [5 20-ft. increments, 100-ft. Max Range]) {21/21} AP: Obscure 4 (malodorous smoke pellets; olfactory and visual, 50-ft. radius; Extras: Independent, Total Fade; Drawbacks: Reduced Range [5 40-ft. Increments, 200-ft. Max Range]) {19/21} AP: Paralyze 6 (paralytic dart; Extras: Alternate Save [Fort], Range [Ranged], Secondary Effect; Flaws: Unreliable 1 [5 Uses]; PFs:, Improved Critical, Improved Range 2 [2 250-ft. increments], Subtle; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 1 [5 50-ft. Increments, 250-ft. Max Range]) {21/21} AP: Snare 6 (bola arrow; Extras: Linked [Trip], Transparent; Flaw: Unreliable [5 Uses], PFs: Improved Crit 2) {14} + Trip 6 (Extra: Linked [Snare]; Flaw: Unreliable [5 Uses]; PF: Improved Throw) {7} {14+4=18/21} AP: Damage 5 (a veritable armory of melee weapons; PFs: Accurate, Extended Reach, Improved Critical 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Mighty, Split Attack, Variable Descriptor 1 [bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing, any material]) {14/21} Enhanced Feat 1 (Second Chance (Survival checks)) [1DP] Immunity 1 (environmental heat) [1DP] Protection 2 [2DP] Super-Senses 2 (Infravision, Ultravision) [2DP] 29 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 35/35PP Totals Abilities 38 + Combat 36 + Saving Throws 14 + Skills 34 + Feats 38 + Powers 30 = 190/195
  6. Sable Raven Power Level: 10 (150/155PP) Unspent Power Points: 5 Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage on Talon Launchers, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Power-Suited Cowl from a Dead World Catchphrase: “Fear the Dark…” Theme: The Abyssal Exalted – Death’s Lawgivers by James Semple Alternate Identity: Duncan Summers (Birth Name), Duncan Samradh (alias) Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: Carrion Cave Occupation: IT Consultant Affiliations: The Raven Family Family: Duncan Summers (Alternate Self, former Raven I), Callie Summers (Alternate Daughter, former Raven II), Callie Sen/Summers (Other Alternate Daughter, Madame Raven), deceased parents Description: Age: 26 (Born in September 1995) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’ (183 cm) Weight: 165 lb. (75 kg) Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Duncan Summers wears a somewhat unkempt and lackadaisical set of clothing, as well as a somewhat messy and ruffled hairstyle - an affectation of laziness and languor that only lasts at first glance. He strives to project the image that he is slightly well-off, but is trying to dress humbly. With dark hair and bright blue eyes, he nevertheless cuts something of a handsome figure by the standards of his society - at least, when he's standing. When he's sitting in his wheelchair, as he often does outside his home, Duncan comes across as rather less striking in the eyes of society, something he sometimes uses to his advantage in gathering information - too often people assume that broken body means mental incapacity. Sable Raven’s iconic Armor of Unkindness is unsurprisingly colored a mix of matte black, midnight blue, and dark grey. Made from metals that were dramatically altered by their journey across dimensions, the Armor has heavy gauntlets with clawed fingers, surprisingly light and soft boots, and a flexible yet heavy cape that allows the Sable Raven to glide as well as to distract his foes. His helm, however, is by far the most distinctive part of the armor. Resembling a beaked plague doctor’s mask in some ways, rather than the comical goggles of those antiques, there are eye slits which (when activated properly) glow with a dim gold menace. The dagger-sharp beak curves slightly, but is more than able to be used as a weapon, should the situation warrant it. History: On a world much like Prime Earth, there were no heroes to fight in the Second World War – costumed vigilantes were virtually unheard of, and when people heard the term “centurion” they thought not of a Man of Adamant, but of a long-disused Roman military position. Into this world, Duncan Summers was born in 1995 – half a century or more after the birth of his Prime Earth counterpart. A child of privilege, Duncan’s youth was cast in melancholy after his father died when he was four, leaving his mother depressed and mostly reliant on long-term caregivers to raise her child. As he grew, he saw more and more injustice and rising crime, but the world seemed too wrapped up in apathy to care – no one seemed willing to stand up to help others or protect the weak from predation. Gradually, Duncan began shaping himself into a hero – someone who could take on the burden of protection and justice for the innocents of the world. He learned martial arts, criminology, and dozens of other arts and sciences. Even in high school, he focused more on cultivating himself than on social connections, earning him a reputation as a recluse and an eccentric, even amongst the wealthy circles of his nominal peers. When he was nineteen, his mother died in an accident, and dolor surrounded the Summers Estate. Within a few months, Duncan had taken over the assets of his company and began using his personal fortune to fund the creation of a costume and all manner of gadgets to take up his mantle. Suffice it to say, the first outing the newly fledged Raven went on ended in a dramatic chase – not of criminals, but of the Raven himself, as he was pursued by the police, who deemed him a far greater threat than any criminals he might have faced. The next two years were difficult, but gradually, the Raven took on greater threats – the Conqueror Worm, the monstrous but wealthy House of Usher, the vampiric thief Lenore, and even the maliciously organized Tzin Sing all found in him a worthy foe. Even as he did so, other heroes took flight – Centurion, an exile from a destroyed universe. Bowman, an archer extraordinaire who had much in common with Duncan, and others still. In 2018, an invasion of Earth by the Grue Collective saw heroes from across the globe unite to fight against the alien threat. In the United States, the group that formed would later be called the Freedom League – made up of such greats as Lady Liberty, Centurion, Daedalus, Johnny Rocket, and even the Raven himself. For the first time in years, Duncan felt hopeful. This was not to last, however, as shortly after the formation of the Freedom League, Tzin Sing trapped the Raven. This ultimately led to him damaging his spine when Tzin Li, Sing’s daughter, helped free him from her father. Despite his escape, once he returned home, Duncan fell into bleak depression – even with the corrective surgeries available to him, he was no longer able to fight as he once had – merely standing and walking unaided hurt after a few hours. Pushing himself through the punishing acrobatics of the Raven was simply impossible. A visit by Centurion and his fellow Freedom League members helped inspire the Raven to try to contribute to the League as much as he could, and within a year he took on a role as a mission control for the League. Even as he did so, he began building a battlesuit that would enable him to take to the field again. In 2020, the suit was ready… just in time for the end of the world. Omega, the Lord of the Terminus, invaded, and the Freedom League fought hard, with the Raven, in his newly forged battlesuit, fighting alongside them for the first time in over a year… but the League failed – falling one after another, and ultimately, Daedalus worked with Centurion to cast the Raven free from the dying world. In late December 2020, the young Duncan Summers of the destroyed Earth arrived on Prime Earth. Unwilling to allow his friends’ sacrifice be in vain, he strives now to be the best hero he can, even as he discovers the wonder and hope that this new world offers. Personality & Motivation: Duncan Summers is an interesting mix of an idealist and a cynic. He grew up in a world more afraid of superheroes than welcoming of them, was broken by an enemy early in his career, and then lost his whole world on top of all of that. However, he remains firmly devoted to the protection of the innocent and the capture of evildoers. Indeed, coming to Prime Earth has inspired Duncan with how much more the superheroes do and how much better they seem to have made the world than he and his were capable of doing in their brief time in the limelight. In costume, Sable Raven has a dry sense of humor edged with slight melancholy – not even his foes are spared from his wit, and he is more than happy to mock them, especially if he is certain that they cannot see him. Out of costume, Duncan keeps his dry humor, but also tends to project the air of being somewhat laidback. Unlike his Prime Earth counterpart once was, he isn’t quick to judge others’ lifestyle choices (in part due to a difference in upbringing), and is firmly against systemic injustices just as much as he is against crime – this sometimes means he clashes with more authoritarian types, including the police, whom he regards with an uneasy wariness. Perhaps the second most dramatic impact coming to Prime Earth has had on Duncan is the discovery of his elderly alternate self, his alternate’s daughter(s), and the fact that the Raven isn’t a solo act any more. Part of him is horrified – how could someone wish this life on anyone else? Another part is proud to see that at least one Duncan Summers inspired people… but he’s also saddened for the lost potential of his former world – will he ever know the family that his elder counterpart has? Being the sole survivor of a universe is a dreadful thing, and it still weighs on Duncan like a mountain. He deals with it through sublimating the despair and fury into his work as a vigilante, but every so often he is forced into a haze of dolor when he encounters someone whom he knew on his home world, but who does not know him. Powers & Tactics: The Sable Raven strives to inspire terror in his foes. Using voice changing technology to transform his speaking voice into a harsh, sharp whisper, vanishing from sight when others take the briefest moment to look away, and striking from the shadows, he is quick and oftentimes harsh in his tactics. While he tries hard to hold himself to the higher standards of Prime Earth’s heroes, under pressure he sometimes acts with more viciousness and even near-lethality than even he is comfortable with. Most of his combat potential, however, lies firmly on the back of his Armor of Unkindness, with its stylized shuriken-launching gauntlets, its (slight) enhancements to his strength, and its protective plating. He uses the integrated tools willingly and often, from the grappling hook to ensnare others, to the beak to headbutt or cut restraints, and so on. Power Descriptions: All of the Sable Raven's "powers," such as they are, come from his Armor of Unkindness - whether it is the talon-launcher on one gauntlet, the grappling hook on the other, or the razor-edged claws and beak adorning his fingers and mask. His seemingly heavy cape can snap outwards into a facsimile of wings, allowing him to glide, while his helm allows him access to a great deal more information than most can see. Some of his skills are the result of long hours of training - remnants of his time before he lost the ability to perform those most strenuous of exercises. He is still highly capable of hiding himself from view, and his social and intellectual skills are as sharply honed as ever - if not moreso, due to the need to exercise them all the more. Complications: (You will) Fear the Dark: Even Sable feels uncomfortable with how closely he slips into his older, more terror-focused habits. When his friends or innocents are in danger, he sometimes reacts with excessive force and viciousness. Legacy of Corvids: Sable Raven is not a lone bird in this world, much to his mix of surprise and dismay. A whole cult family has grown up around the name he claimed for himself only six years ago, and their shared history is something he’s not quite comfortable with. Lone Survivor: Sable saw his world dying as he was cast into the universe. While for the most part, he manages to sublimate the sorrow and anger that this brought him, when unprepared, he can be struck with tears if he meets someone he once knew. Further, encounters with Omega and his Terminus forces cause him intense terror and fury. Not from Around Here: Sable Raven was born in a world now dead, one that never had the legacy of superheroes. Genetically identical to the original Raven with whom he shares his name, there is plenty of room for confusion and doubt in his life. Old Wounds: Without his Armor of Unkindness, Duncan Summers is unable to move freely – while he can walk and stand without significant issue for a few hours on end, any strenuous exercise or long-term journey leaves him in crippling pain. Most of the time, he uses a wheelchair to move about on longer trips. Abilities: 0 + 2 + 2 + 12 + 4 + 2 = 22PP Strength: 18 [10] (+4/+0) Dexterity: 20 [12] (+5/+1) Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 22 (+6) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 20 + 10 = 30PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +10 Base, +15 Talon-Launching Gauntlets Defense: +5 (+5 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +14 Knockback: -7 Saving Throws: 3 + 5 + 4 = 12PP Toughness: +15 (+1 Con, +14 Protection) Fortitude: +4 (+1 Con, +3) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4) Skills: 72R = 18PP Acrobatics 4 (+9) (+5 Unarmored)Skill Mastery Computers 8 (+14)Skill Mastery Craft (Electronic) 4 (+10) Disable Device 8 (+13) (+9 Unarmored) Intimidate 12 (+13)Skill Mastery Investigate 4 (+10) Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+14) Languages 4 (English [Native], German, Mandarin, Spanish, French) Notice 8 (+10) Search 4 (+10) Stealth 8 (+13) (+9 Unarmored)Skill Mastery Feats: 7PP Attack Focus (Ranged) 1 Equipment 2 Hide in Plain Sight Online Research Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Computers, Intimidate, Stealth) Well-Informed Equipment: 2PP = 10EP Headquarters Powers: 60 + 1 = 61PP Device 15 (Armor of Unkindness; 75 PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [60PP] (Technology) Assault Equipment 10 (20 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [23PP] Base Power: Strike 6 (Rending Claws & Tearing Beak; Feats: Mighty; Extras: Penetrating 5); Enhanced Strength 4 (+8 Str) (Muscular Enhancement) [20PP] Alternate Power: Blast 5 (Talon-Launching Gauntlets; Feats: Accurate 2, Precise, Improved Critical 2; Extras: Penetrating 5) [20PP] Alternate Power: Dazzle (Visual & Auditory) 5 (Flash-Bang; Extras: Area Burst 1) [20PP] Alternate Power: Snare 10 (Bola-Thrower) [20PP] Communication 5 (Radio) (Onboard Headset) [5PP] Datalink 5 (Onboard Computer) [5PP] Enhanced Dexterity 4 (+8 Dex) (Fluid Motion System) [8PP] Immunity 9 (Life Support) (Integrated Life Support) [9PP] Protection 14 (Armor of Unkindness) [14PP] Swift Movement Module 3 (6 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power) [8PP] Base Power: Flight 5 (Doleful Wings; Feats: Subtle 1; Flaws: Gliding) [6PP] Alternate Power: Super-Movement 1: Swinging (Grapple Launcher) [1PP] Alternate Power: Super-Movement 1: Wall-Crawling (Clawed Gauntlets) [1PP] Super-Senses 5 (Infravision, Distance Sense, Direction Sense) (HUD) [3PP] Feature 1 (Transdimensional) [1PP] (Dimensional) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Rending Claws & Tearing Beak Melee Toughness 25 Damage Talon-Launching Gauntlets Ranged Toughness 20 Damage Flash-Bang Ranged Burst 1 Reflex 15/Fortitude 15 Dazzle (Visual & Auditory) Bola-Thrower Ranged Reflex 20 Snare Totals: Abilities (22) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (18) + Feats (7) + Powers (61) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/155 Power Points
  7. Patriot II Power Level: 14 (built as PL 10; 233/233PP) Trade-Offs: -2 TOU/+2DEF, -2ATK/+2DMG ranged, +4ATK/-4DMG Unarmed Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Teenage sidekick turned Secret Service Agent turned undercover high school student turned America's hero Alternate Identity: Ashley Tran, Special Agent (United States Secret Service) Identity: Secret? Ish? Depends on who you ask. Birthplace: New Orleans, USA Occupation: Secret Service Agent, Superhero, Bodyguard, Patriot Affiliations: The People of America Family: Phillip Tran [father, deceased], Mary Arbour-George [mother, living], William George [stepfather, living] Mary (1994), Cecilia (1997), Agnes (2001) and Phillipa (2003) [sisters, living], Jaycee Cahill (2002) [found family] Age: 29 (DoB: April 1992) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Eurasian Height: 5'6" Weight: 150 lbs Eyes: Black Hair: Black naturally, typically dyed Physical Description: Ashley is short and round-faced, with big eyes and a smile that makes her look younger than her years. She's cut her hair recently into a undercut, both because it works better with the helmet and because she likes it. She has the muscular build of a born athlete, with the clear physical power many martial artists develop. She's built like an MMA fighter and moves like one. She speaks English with no particular accent, though her French and Vietnamese both have distinct American accents - the product from immersion daycamps designed to keep up her heritage. At work she wears a sensible blouse and trousers, in the field a leather jacket and denim. When she's having fun she has a wardrobe big enough for a wide variety of occasions. The second Patriot's costume looks considerably tougher than her predecessor's - which makes sense, given the higher degree of danger in the world. She wears a dark red and blue armored helmet complete with chin guard with white reflective lenses over the eyepiece. Her armored costume consists of a blue Kevlar tactical shirt, white stain-repellent trousers, and maroon gauntlets. It's a look obviously inspired by the previous Patriot, with a few upgrades. She wears a brown leather bomber jacket over the top of the costume with an American flag sewn on the back and white star over the heart. (The white armored star over her left breast is the most armored part of the jacket and top, having learned that trick from the Raven.) Her feet are usually in black leather tactical boots. She has bits of gear built into the costume, mostly around the bright red belt where she keeps her gear, complete with bright gold laser gun at her hip. (It doesn't work if taken from her, but it fools people into thinking it's the only thing she's carrying.) She has a collapsible shield built into the left arm of the costume, a white star on a badge-shape base. It's not necessarily an inspiring costume - but it's one that sends a strong message. Character History: Ashley's prior backstory behind spoiler text: On the one hand, things are great now. Ashley Tran has come to terms with her relationship with her mother and her mother's husband, has found a new sister in her former protectee Judith Claudia Cahill, and even discovered things about herself she never really thought possible in the course of setting up a long-distance, no-strings-yet-but-maybe-someday relationship with a beautiful alien. She's even reclaimed her father's last name for professional purposes, something that fills her with quiet pride every time she thinks about it. She doesn't have to pretend to be a high school student anymore and that's really, really great! The fact that she can cuss, drink, and wear sexy clothing in public if she wants to makes her day. (When she dropped off Judy at college she sat in her car in the parking lot and cried, and then went to a sports bar and had a great time.) On the other hand, things aren't so great. She never did really patch things up with Callie Summers, even if she will concede that the new Raven, his sidekick, and the time-traveling mini-Callie are all right. Hey, maybe she can buy her a drink one of these days...Getting stuck behind a desk at the Secret Service wasn't such a bad thing, but after a few months of inactivity she's eager to get back in the field - enough that this new offer of working with the Patriot Program sounds great. What's the worst that could happen? Finding out the program's candidate has gone mad? Finding out she has to take on the Patriot's legacy on her own because the government has damn few metahumans on its payroll? Symbolizing the nation that her grandfather fought alongside and that her father died protecting? Let's do this. Complications: Agent: Ashley is technically a sworn law enforcement officer, but doesn't act as such while wearing her costume except for her duties to protect the government. This is a complicated situation. Break: Ashley's complicated relationship with the Raven remains both a sore point and a point of pride. Copycat: Ashley isn't hiding her superpowers but she is keeping them to herself; she'll use them as a second resort rather than a first unless she needs to save a life. Duty: Being the symbol for an entire nation can be quite a task. Enemy: Baron Samedi's drug empire indirectly killed Ashley's father. Given the chance, she'll go for him - minus her duty to her nation Forget-Me-Not: Ashley's powers, coupled with her undercover status, make it easy for her own identity to slip away. Lies: Ashley lied about how she'd developed her powers when she joined the Secret Service. Patriot: Ashley Tran really does love the United States of America and all it stands for. Something Gay No Doubt: Ashley is still wrestling with this - and not out for the moment to the general public. Split Personality: Ashley's powers occasionally result in her copying certain mental traits of those whose powers she steals - this annoyance is one of the reasons she doesn't do it very often. We Get The Job Done: Ashley is the biracial daughter of a first-generation immigrant. Whoops: The GM can within reason say she has been disarmed of some of her gear in combat. Abilities: 8 + 10 + 8 + 4 + 0 + 10 = 40PP Strength: 18 (+4) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32PP Initiative: +5 Attack: +8 Base, +14 Unarmed Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +12 Knockback: -4/-3/-2 Saving Throws: 6 + 5 + 10 = 21PP Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +2 Costume) Fortitude: +10 (+4 Con, +6) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +10 (+0 Wis, +10) Skills: 136R = 34PP Bluff 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Climb 1 (+5) Craft (mechanical) 3 (+5) Diplomacy 8 (+13) Disable Device 8 (+10) Drive 1 (+6) Escape Artist 15 (+20) Gather Information 5 (+10) Intimidate 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Investigate 3 (+5) Knowledge (Civics) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 3 (+5) Knowledge (History) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Tactics) 3 (+5) Languages 4 (Chinese [Mandarin], French, Lor, Vietnamese, Base: English) Medicine 5 (+5) Notice 10 (+10) Skill Mastery Pilot 1 (+6) Search 8 (+10) Sense Motive 10 (+10) Sleight of Hand 5 (+10) Stealth 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Survival 4 (+4) Swim 1 (+5) Feats: 26PP Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 3 Benefit 2 (Cult Hero [USA], Security Clearance) Challenge 2 (Fast Feint, Fast Startle) Defensive Roll 1 Dodge Focus 4 Equipment 1 Equipment 15 - from player reward Evasion Interpose Luck Master Plan 2 Power Attack Quick Draw (Draw) Skill Mastery (Bluff, Intimidate, Notice, Stealth) Sneak Attack Startle Takedown Attack Ultimate Save (Toughness) Well-Informed Equipment 1 Grapple Gun: 5EP Speed 1 (10MPH) + Super-Movement 2 (Swinging, Wall-Crawling 1) Equipment 15 = 75EP Patriot Headquarters - Toughness: 15: Size: Gargantuan; Features: Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System [Laser Turrets], Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Hangar, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel [Government Agents], Power System, Power [Teleport 10, Extra: Affects Only Others] Security System, Workshop [25EP] Patriot Headquarters is technically just the AEGIS headquarters under the Freedom City Federal Building. It's not Ashley's favorite place to be; hard to relax around so many people like her. But it's where she first put on this uniform and it's where she actually reports to work most of the time. She is happy about the Lor-copied teleporter system built into the building, with enough range to reach DC in the event of a supervillain attack. Farside City. Or an orbiting spaceship. Patriot Cycle (Vehicle) [25EP] Size: Medium [0EP]; Strength: 20 [2EP]; Defence: 10 [0EP]; Toughness: +10 [5EP] Features: Alarm 2 (DC 25), Computer, Communications, Disguise, Hidden Compartments, Nitro Injectors, Remote Control [8EP] Powers: Concealment 2 (normal vision, Flaw: Passive, Feat: Close Range) [3EP] Speed 6 (500mph / 5000ft per Move Action, Feats: Subtle) [7EP] The Patriot Cycle really is a very nice motorcycle, Ashley has to admit. Modified with bleeding-edge hypertech and all-American power, it's the fastest thing on the road. She wouldn't take it directly into combat, not wanting to risk flying off at subsonic speeds, but it's definitely a nice ride. The red white and blue colors are only a little tacky; luckily she can turn them off if she needs to. Ashley's Boat- [25EP] Strength 35; Speed 5, Defense 8, Toughness 9, Size: Huge; Features: Alarm [5; DC 40], Caltrops, Hidden Compartments, Living Space, Navigation System [2], Oil Slick, Remote Control, Smoke Screen; Powers: Impervious 4 The general public is unaware that the Patriot gets away from it all on a perfectly nice, very secured little houseboat that she keeps tied up at a dock near Lonely Point. She means to keep it that way. Powers: 32 + 13 + 32 + 2 = 79PP Device 8 (40PP, Patriot Costume, Flaw: Hard to Lose) [32PP] Gear Array 15 (30PP, PFs: Alternate Powers 5) [35DP] BE: Damage 10 ('stun' grenades, Extras: Area [Burst], Range [Ranged], Flaw: Limited [5 Uses Daily], PFs: Reduced Progression 9 [max 10 ft], Variable Descriptor 1 [ballistic/chemical/incendiary]) {30/30} AP: Damage 10 (laser guns, Extras: Range [Ranged], Penetrating 4; PFs: Improved Crit 2, Precise Shot 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [any energy]) {30/30}) AP: Dazzle 10 (pepper spray, visual and olfactory) {30/30} AP: Impervious Toughness 8 ('shields up') {8} + Damage 10 (just one laser gun, Extra: Range [Ranged], PFs: Improved Crit, Precise) {8 + 22 = 30/30} AP: Obscure 3 (gas grenade, visual and olfactory, 25 ft, Extra: Independent, Flaw: Range [Touch], PF: Precise) {10} + Damage 6 (bladed tonfas, Extra: Autofire 5, PFs: Extended Reach, Improved Crit 2, Mighty, Variable Descriptor 1 [bludgeoning/piercing/slashing])) {10 + 20=30/30} AP: Stun 10 (taser, Extra: Range [Ranged]) {30/30} Protection 2 [2DP] Super-Senses 3 (Radio [Accurate]) [3DP] 35 + 2 + 3 = 40PP Device 3 (Lor grav-suit, 15 points; Flaw: Hard to Lose, PF: Subtle) [13PP] Environmental Adaptation 1 (Zero-G) [1PP] Flight 2 (25 MPH/250 FPS) [4PP] Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP] Container 6 (30PP, Power Thief, PFs: Precise, Subtle [Psionic]) [32PP] Drain Wisdom 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will, +0], Sleep [+0]) {10} + Mimic 10 (50PP, All Powers At Once, Flaws: Saving Throw [Will], Tainted) {20} {10+20=30/30} Super-Senses 2 (Danger Sense [Mental], Uncanny Dodge [Mental], mutation) [2PP] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block: Unarmed DC 19/21 TOU Damage DC 25/27 TOU Dazzle DC 20/22 Fort/Ref Drain/Mimic DC 20/22 Will Stun DC 20/22 Fort Abilities (40) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (21) + Skills (34) + Feats (26) + Powers (79) - Drawbacks (0) = 233/233 Power Points
  8. ??????? Power Level: 10 (150/157 PP) Unspent Power Points: 7 Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +4 Defense / -4 Toughness In Brief: Dangerously charismatic former space pirate turned gloryhound hero. Alternatively, a space dandy, from space. Catchphrase: "Stand and deliver!" Theme: Theme from Black Sails by Bear McCreary Alternate Identity: Vynn Zolaris Birthplace: The streets of Nocturis Residence: Space Base of Operations: Spaaace Occupation: Adventurer, dashing rogue, occasional ne'er-do-well, and currently, hero. Affiliations: None, former member of Captain Kraken's crew Family: Sareen Zolaris (Mother, location unknown), Darryn Zolaris (Father, deceased) Description: Age: 24 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Tan skin tone Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 lbs. Eyes: Light blue Hair: Black Physical Appearance: Vynn is a small and very handsome Lor, always with a ready smile and sharp tongue. Vynn wears his black hair long, typically tied in a simple ponytail with a silver ring. He has tan skin and piercing blue eyes. Let it never be said that Vynn doesn't dress well. He always tries his best to stand out wherever he can. His outfits can range from subtle to utterly outrageous, but he seems to be able to pull them off with utter panache. It usually includes a fine jacket with a frilly jabot, and a full-length coat made of an extravagant material. He wears long boots, but many, many hours of practice with his plasma rapier have made him able to fight in whatever footwear he finds himself in. He would sit somewhere between a Disney pirate and Victorian dandy, if seen by an Earthling. History: Vynn has told no one his actual history: he prefers to keep his audience guessing (audience being anyone and everyone he speaks to), giving them a different tall tale of adventure and derring-do each time he is asked. The truth, the real truth, is much sadder. Vynn grew up in the slums of Nocturis, his family's business taken over by the Dakkaris crime family that runs it. His father, an astrogater, sold star maps to travelers across the universe, but his business wasn't bringing in enough. He took some money from a dangerous loan shark, and after defaulting on the payment, sent word to the Dakkaris, who dispatched a legbreaker to get the money. Vynn's father was shot in front of him, and his mother was hauled away, never to be seen by him again, leaving Vynn to fend for himself on the streets. He joined up with a few youth gangs, and though he was beaten to a pulp many times, he soon found his silver tongue got him into the good graces of some. By the age of 12, Vynn was running his own gang, his crew stealing and fencing goods across the city. It was on one of these runs that he robbed a ship that would define him for the rest of his life: he robbed Captain Kraken's ship! Vynn had heard that the good Captain was in town, and snuck into his quarters to try to rob him blind. Kraken awoke, and grabbed the boy while his crew scattered, leaving Vynn to his fate. Instead of throwing the boy into the vacuum of space, Kraken put him to work as the ship's cabin boy, where Vynn worked harder than he could have imagined. The work made him strong, and soon he was tolerated by the crew, and even liked. One pirate in particular, the ship's quartermaster, saw a potential in him. A former Swordmaster, Kyyrin Doss the quartermaster was an expert in many forms of combat. Vynn took to it naturally, and through intense training, he was soon an equal to the old Swordmaster. He soon worked his way up the ranks of Kraken's crew, soon leading the charges made onto plundered vessels. The thrill of it, the adventure, and the admiration of his fellow crew meant everything to him. So much that when Kraken betrayed him without warning, giving him up as a prisoner, Vynn could not bear to live the life of an outlaw anymore. He was thrown in the brig of Kraken's ship, with the promise that he would be traded as a hostage the next day. Vynn stole the key from his jailer, and abandoned ship, taking with him a prize plasma rapier and shield projector as "payment". Now he roams the galaxy, trying to right the numerous wrongs he committed, and doing his best to be a hero worthy of the praise he so longs for. Personality & Motivation: Vynn wants to have fun, and be noticed. He does not believe something is worth doing unless it is done with style, in front of as large an audience as possible. He has lived much of his life under the thumb of Captain Kraken, and now he is wanting to put his skills to his own use, and do something good for the universe. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to have a good time doing so. Old habits are hard to break, though, and Vynn, while charming, can come across as manipulative and callous at times. He has had to use his silver tongue to survive for so long, it's hard for him not to use people if they have something he wants. However, Vynn is trying his hardest to be a hero, even if it doesn't come naturally to him. Powers & Tactics: Vynn is an extraordinarily skilled swordsman, and uses his incredible dexterity and charisma to maximum effect. He is very athletic, and can fight under difficult conditions, while still maintaining proper form. He also does not fight fair in any way, shape, or form. He firmly believes that the winner is the last person standing, and he uses every opportunity to distract his opponents and misdirecting them into making a mistake, which he immediately responds to. He carries a plasma rapier, and the techniques and forms he learned from Kyyrin Doss make him an opponent easily underestimated, which he uses to his full advantage. His personal shield assists him by providing another layer of distraction, as the slight visual displacement the shield provides means his opponents will not quite know where to look. Power Descriptions: Vynn's plasma rapier resembles the Earth weapon of the same name. It has an ornate silver handle and when drawn, the blade emits glowing white plasma, which leaves thin afterimages in the air as Vynn flips and parries blows from his enemies. Vynn is very proud of it, and keeps it maintained as well as he can. His personal shield projector Vynn wears on his belt. It produces a low, droning sound, and subtly distorts the air in front of Vynn, which he has learned to use as an advantage. It blurs his image just slightly, so that his opponents have a hard time figuring out exactly where he is. Complications: Always with Style!: Vynn does everything with panache. He must leave his mark wherever he goes, and there must be no doubt that his enemies have been crossed by ???????! The Captain's Revenge: Captain Kraken will never let go of his grudge against Vynn, and is no doubt hunting him, or sending assassins to take him down. Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: In some systems, Vynn will still be known as a pirate. This may cause issues from time to time. Subtlety is Beyond Me!: Vynn dresses extravagantly, and draws attention to himself whether he means to or not (generally he does). Sucker for a Pretty Face: Vynn will never turn down what he perceives as a genuine request for help. Particularly if the person asking is attractive. Abilities: 0+ 16 + 6 + 2 + 4 + 16 = 44PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 26 (+8) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 26 (+8) Combat: 16 + 16 = 32PP Initiative: +12 (+8 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) Attack: +8 Base, +10 Melee, +14 Plasma Rapier Defense: +14 (+8 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +10 (+8 Base Attack + 2 Melee Attack + 0 Strength Bonus) Knockback: +3 Saves: 3 + 4 + 4 = 11PP Toughness: +6 (+3 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +1 Protection) Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, +3) Reflex: +12 (+8 Dex, +4) Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4) Skills: 72R = 18PP Acrobatics 12 (+20) Skill Mastery Bluff 12 (+20) Skill Mastery Gather Info 1 (+9) Intimidate 2 (+10) Knowledge (streetwise) 10 (+12) Notice 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Sense Motive 13 (+15) Skill Mastery Sleight of Hand 2 (+10) Stealth 12 (+20) Feats: 20PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus (Melee) 2 Attack Specialization (Plasma Rapier) 2 Challenge [Fast Feint] Challenge [Fast Taunt] Defensive Roll 1 Evasion 2 Improved Initiative Luck 2 Move-By Action Power Attack Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Notice, Sense Motive) Takedown Attack 2 Taunt Uncanny Dodge (Visual) Enhanced Feats Dodge Focus 6 Improved Disarm Powers: = 1 + 12 + 11 + 1 = 25PP Leaping 1 (x2, Running Long Jump 28', Standing Long Jump 19', Vertical Leap 7') [1PP] (Training) Plasma Rapier 4 (20DP Device; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose) [12PP] (Technology) Sword Fighting Array 9(18DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [20DP] (Training) Base Power: Strike 6 (Remise; Extras: Autofire, Penetrating 6) {18/18} Alternate Power: Strike 6 (Lunge; Extras: Penetrating 6, Feats: Extended Reach 1 [5 ft.], Improved Critical 2, Precise) {16/18} Alternate Power: Strike 6 (Moulinet; Extras: Penetrating 6, Feats: Improved Disarm, Improved Critical 2, Precise {16/18} Personal Shield 3 (15DP Device; Flaws: Hard-to-Lose; Drawbacks: Noticeable [Produces Sound]) [11PP] (Technology) Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Limited [Miss Chance Only]) [8DP] Enhanced Feat 6 (Dodge Focus 6) [6DP] Protection 1 [1DP] Speed 1 (10 MPH / 100' per Move Action) [1PP] (Training) DC BLOCK ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed (+10) Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage (Bludgeoning) Remise Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage (Piercing) Lunge 10 ft. DC 21 Toughness Damage (Piercing) Riposte Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage (Piercing) Totals: Abilities (44) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (18) + Feats (20) + Powers (25) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/157 Power Points
  9. Mirror knight Power Level: 10 (12) (180/185pp) Unspent Power Points: 5 Trade-Offs: -2 defense/+2 toughness In Brief: An actor with the power to access and manipulate the Mirror dimension. Catchphrase: (Optional): Theme: (Optional): Alternate Identity: Jonathan Rorrim (Secret) Birthplace: Manchester, England Residence: Downtown Freedom city; Theatre District Base of Operations: Earth Occupation: Aspiring Actor Affiliations: Family: Only child, Parents Deceased (Killed) Description Age: 39 (DoB: 12 October, 1981) Apparent Age: Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'2" Weight: 150lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Tall and of slender build Jonathan keeps a well kept beard and mustache at least when his roles do not require a clean shave, though he keeps the theatrics to his work and "Side gig" he is not above allowing himself the occasional small flamboyance such as broaches or particularly ornate tie pins or belt buckles in his selection of otherwise unremarkable suits, on more casual occasions he can usually be seen in a striped shirt and a pair of black jeans, swapping his smart black shoes for a pair of comfortable canvas sneakers often with some out of place accessory to draw attention and invite curiosity. His hero costume, though made with function in mind primarily also bears a few little touches of his eccentricity, a black morphic molecule undersuit topped with mirrored ballistic glass breastplate, shoulder pads, gauntlets and boots, complete with a featureless helmet of the same material, a purple cape held in place with polished silver clasps and a belt from which several smaller, detachable mirrors hang, each framed with a baroque patterns and bearing various stylized symbols carved or embellished into their surfaces. History Ever Since he was a small child all Jonathan dreamed about was the Stage, the child of middle class parents who dismissed his aspirations as frivolous he remained undaunted, partaking in every school and community play that would have him, be it as a hero, villain, extra or stage hand, absorbing every bit of information and technique he could, determined to stockpile skill and tallent that couldn't be ignored or passed over without a second glance. As he got older and his parents support of his schooling withered away in favor of urging him to find a job with security he gritted his teeth and planted his feet, taking on whatever jobs he could to fund his dream of one day starring in a west end production, dragging himself through workshops, lessons and half a dozen different part time jobs by his bootstraps he even went so far as to emigrate to America in pursuit of his dreams after scrimping and saving what he could to fund the move. All his hardwork and perseverance paid off, he was offered the lead role in MacBeth, even going so far as to attempt to rebuild the bridges he had burned with his parents in his choice to pursue his dream single mindedly what happened that night perhaps escalated his already superstitious nature to where it is today. It couldn’t have been more beautiful at the start, there he was on stage, in the eyes of hundreds of people in the starring role of one of the most famous plays ever written, his parents amongst them their faces softer and more accepting of what they saw than they had ever been before. At the final line of the Final scene of act 1 Disaster struck, bursting forth like rain and lighting from a swollen storm cloud as the world of rapt silence and darkness in the theatre became Dazzling light and deafening roar, before settling into a blur of fire, smoke and screaming. When he next awoke he was in a hospital bed, bleary and weak from the ravages of the wreckage of what was once the Crossroads theatre company, the sole survivor of whatever occured that night. Taking time to grieve his loss and bury his parents in their hometown of kent he found himself in deep melancholy coasting on his meger inheritance and the Insurance payout. All in all it seemed like the end, his dreams beauty had brought pain and disaster into not only his own life but the lives of many others and this sullied grace lead him down a deep well of depression and wine It was in a drunken stupor he first utilized his powers, accidentally reaching into a mirror to grab the reflection of his half empty bottle of red wine and actually managing to do so instead of smashing it and bloodying his knuckles on the shards of shattered silvered glass. He spent the next few days experimenting with his newly discovered ability sobered by the opportunity he had been given, now with this power he could attempt to pursue justice for those who died that dark day. Personality & Motivation: A true Lover of the Arts, Romanticist and feminist; Jonathan rorrim is motivated by his desire to make the world a more beautiful and righteous place where good triumphs over evil no matter how much suffering is required to vanquish the villain. The hardships he has endured have not hardened his heart with scars but made him even more empathic to others suffering. His primary reason for taking up the mantle as a costumed hero is to find justice for those who died on the night of his big debut. Powers & Tactics: Jonathan’s powers are based on his ability to access and manipulate the stuff of the mirror dimension, a pandimensional liminal space that connects all reflective surfaces across eternity and infinity, it is an eagerly morphic plane that readily creates copies of what it is explosed to able to channel energies and matter from these realized reflections at his whims, defract energies across dimensional barriers into focused beams of destructive energy and even materialize quasi-matter he calls “dimensional mirrors”. Hardly the most impressive physical specimen jonathan relies (some would say, depends.) on his powers to make up for his deficiencies, he sees no reason to overpower enemies when he can outwit them, letting weaker attacks simply reflect back unto his agressors, creating near numberless dimensional mirror matter copies of himself to help him evade blows or in more extreme cases allow foes to fruitlessly attempt to battle his Looking glass knight, an indestructible entity made from the very dimensions matter itself, albeit one with no will of its own and puppeteered by Jonathan inserting his own reflection into the silvery construct. Power Descriptions: Jonathans powers mostly involve the manifesting of a silvery quasi-matter that freely shifts between all states of matter on a whim, from a silvery solid or liquid to a scintillating mist. The energies at his command are a prismatic blend of all colours in the visual light spectrum (and even those not in the range of normal human vision.) or mimicked energies and phenomena from across the multiverse Complications: Superstitious: Jonathan Is deeply superstitious particularly about mirrors now that his powers have awoken in him the GM may award a hero point if these beliefs (true or not) force Jonathan to take a less than optimal approach to situations or cause him to waste time or reveal his presence with frivolous “counter curses” for the perceived ill omens he encounters. The Man In the Mirror: For reasons unknown to Jonathan he finds himself occasionally bedevilled by a being from within the mirror dimension that seems driven to cause him as much pain and suffering as it can in a given situation, its appearances as sporadic but always vindictive and highly driven. The GM may award a hero point if the Man in the Mirror manifests either to attack or otherwise thwart or bedevil Jonathan by destroying evidence, stealing items of importance or kidnapping civilians or even taking the occasional sneak attack on him when he is too distracted to properly defend himself near a reflective surface. Not Actually Magic: Despite his chosen Nom de Plume Jonathan’s powers are not actually based on or in the arcane arts at all, his flamboyance and theatrical ways do little to dissuade others from believing the contrary, some magically inclined parties have taken offense to him as a charlatan demeaning their art, way of life and even systems of belief with his unintentional façade. The GM may award him a hero point if he draws the Ire of a villainous spell caster or his reputation sours the disposition of neutral parties or even would be allies, making them require a “show of good faith” if they are even willing to work with him at all. Not a Vampire Either!: To make full use of his powers Jonathan is forced to banish his reflection to avoid it impeding his interactions with the mirror world, this has lead many to believe he may in fact be a vampire, that he can walk around in the day and is unbothered by the usual foils that restrain such creatures leads them to assume he is a particularly powerful vampire and leads would be hunters to jump straight to the beheading and stake through the heart methods of dealing which such creatures, which are oddly as effective at killing and harming humans as vampires. The GM may award a hero point if the rumors of his vampirism leads would be hunters, slayers or even uppity usurpers looking to grow their own abilities to make attempts on his life or if he finds himself drawn into the complicated politics of the so called “night life.” Abilities: 0 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 4 + 8 = 20PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 8 + 6 = 14PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged Example: +10 Mirror Dimension Nexus Defense: +8 (+3 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +4 Knockback: -1/-11 (w/Forcefield) Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 8 = 18PP Toughness: +2/12 (+2 Con, +10 Forcefield) -Impervious: 10 Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4) Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6) Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 80R = 20PP Acrobatics 8 (+10) Bluff 8 (+12) Diplomacy 6 (+10) Escape Artist 12 (+14)SM Intimidate 6 (+10) Language 4 (native: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Latin) Notice 8 (+10)SM Perform (Acting) 4 (+8) Perform (oratory) 4 (+8) Sense Motive 8 (+10)SM Stealth 12 (+14)SM Feats: 15pp All Out Attack Fast Task (Feint) Dodge Focus 5 Improved Initiative 2 Luck 3 Power Attack Skill mastery 1 (Notice, Sense Motive, Escape Artist, Stealth) Uncanny Dodge (hearing) Powers: 20 + 49 + 24 = 93PP All Powers possess the Mutation Origin Descriptor Forcefield 10 (Dimensional Mirror Field; Extras: Impervious) [20PP] (Dimensional, Mirror) Mirror Dimensional Nexus 21.5 (43PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 6 )[49PP] (Dimensional,Mirror) Base Power: Blast 10 (Dimensional Refraction Blasts; Extras: Auto-fire, Feats: Accurate 3, Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect 3, Improved Critical 2 (Dimension refraction blast), Precise,Variable Descriptor 2 (Dimensional)) {43/43} (Variable Descriptor 2: Dimensional) Alternate Power: Damage 10 (Dimensional Refraction Storm; Extras: Auto-fire,Area (shapable; Targeted 10-250 5x5x5 cubes) Feats: Accurate 3, Indirect 3, Precise, Progression 4 (area x 25), Variable descriptor 2 (Dimensional)) {43/43} (Variable Descriptor 2: Dimensional) Alternate Power: Move Object 10 (Looking Glass Knight; Extras: Damaging; Feats: Accurate 3, Affects Insubstantial 2 Indirect 3,Precise, subtle 2 Variable Descriptor 2 (Dimensional) {43/43} (Variable descriptor 2: Dimensional) Alternate Power: Deflect 8 (Mirror Barriers; All Ranged Attacks Extras: Reflect, Redirect) {40/40} (Dimensional Mirror) Alternate Power: Snare 10 (Mirror Prison; Feats: Accurate 3 Extras: Backlash, Regenerating){43/43} (Mirror Dimension) Alternate Power: Paralyze 10 (Reflection Binding; Feats: Progression Area 3 (x10) Extras: Range (ranged), Area (shapeable; 10-100 5x5x5 ft cubes, General)) {43/43} (Mirror Dimension, Reflections) Alternate Power: Teleport 9 (road between reflections; Extras: Accurate, portal ; Flaws: Medium (Reflective Surfaces); Feats: Easy, Change velocity, Subtle 2;) {40/43} (Dimensional, Mirror) Mirror Matrix 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4 )[24PP] (Dimensional, Mirror) Base Power: Enhanced Extra 20 ( "Mirror Armour"; Adds Reflective 2 (All) to Forcefield 10){20/20} (Dimensional, Mirror) Alternate Power: Immunity 20 ("Energy Defraction" immunity (Electromagnetic Energy and radiation (Very Common Descriptor)Extra: Duration (Sustained)){20/20} (Mirror, Dimensional) Alternate Power: Insubstantial 3 (Energy; Light ; Feats: Subtle; Extra: Linked) Immunity 2 (suffocation (all);Extra: Linked) Flight 1 (10mph 100ft a round; Extra: Linked) Alternate power: Obscure 5 ("Mirror Maze Haze" Affects All sense Types; Extra: Selective Attack Flaw: Range (Touch)) {20/20} Alternate Power: Concealment 10 ("Self reflection"; Concealment from All Senses Except Tactile Extras: Affects others Flaws: Miss chance Only) {20/20} (Dimensional, Mirror) DC Block Attack Effect Range Save Dimensional Refraction Bolt Damage 100ft DC25 Toughness (Staged) +autofire Dimensional Refraction Storm Damage Touch DC25 Toughness (Staged) + Autofire Looking glass Knight Move Obj/damage 100ft DC25 Toughness (staged) Mirror Prison Snare 100ft DC20 Reflex Reflection Binding Paralyze 100ft (10 5x5x5ft cube Area) DC20 reflex and DC20/15 Fortitude Unarmed Damage Touch DC15 Toughness (Staged) Totals: Abilities (20) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (20) + Feats (15) + Powers (93)Drawbacks (0) = 180/185
  10. Bee Power Level: 10/12 (180/203PP) Unspent Power Points: 23 Trade-Offs: +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Tiny hero, big heart! Catchphrase: "We'll beat it with Science!" Theme: The Bee Song, by Arthur Askey Alternate Identity: Melissa Bowles (Secret) Birthplace: Bayview, Freedom City Residence: FCU Dorms Base of Operations: Freedon City University Occupation: Student Affiliations: Bee-Keeper III Family: Jeremy Bowles (Father), Elsa Bowles (Mother), Megan Bowles (Older Sister), Baxter Bowles (Uncle) Description: Age: 18 (DoB: 4th January 2000) Gender: Female Ethnicity: African-American Height: 5'4", 3" when Shrunk Weight: 130lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown With a whirling of limbs and a flurry of almost constant activity, Melissa seems to take up more space than her diminutive height suggest. She's always dressed in a colourful array of clothing that suggested that she dressed in a hurry, which to be fair if quite often has what happened. She tends to prefer bright colors and bold designs and with a predominance of yellow, it can be difficult to tell when she is or not in her costume. Her costume is of cause the yellow and black stripes traditionally associated with bee's, even if the yellow is a lot lighter than found in nature. Sunny like my disposition Melina likes to say about the choice. Her head is covered by a mask complete with fake antennas and compound eye to complete the bee theme. The entire costume was designed and built by her uncle, with Melina's continuous input. History The Baxter family has always had a creative flare in whatever subject they choose to pursuit, as well as a massive streak of eccentricity to go along with there potential genius. The most famous for this was of cause Barry Bowles, the second villainous Bee-Keeper, but the rest of the family was just as full of potential. Her main fascination was the newly described Dyne particles a catalyst that caused matter to shrink whilst retaining its mass and form, though no one had solved the problem of the electromagnetic energies generated by the compression. Melissa's idea was to form it into polymers to both allow it to be placed around the item and to channel the electrical field. Someone must have agreed as one fateful night when she finally got the Dyne polymer into a stable form. Working late in the school's lab the shockwave from an explosion set off somewhere nearby shattered the container with the Dyne mixture covering her in the liquid, in that moment Melina discovered that her polymer worked as she suddenly shrunk down. Which was lucky for her as it allowed her to survive the mysterious explosion. Melina had never considered being a hero until the moment she gained these powers, but now she didn't know where to start. She knew her parents would freak if they found out so instead, she went to her uncle Baxter. In a fluke of fate, it turned out that her uncle was actually the hero Bee-Keeper III who agreed to help her explore her powers, creating a way to store the power her shrunk body generated to work a pair of suitably sized wings. Before she became a hero though he insisted that she finish off her education, though she was sure he wouldn't mind if she snuck out to fight crime every now and again... Personality & Motivation: Melissa is upbeat and optimistic person always seeing the best in everyone and everything around her. This can come across as overconfidence as she throws herself boldly into any situation as she's sure things will sort themselves out. Not that things won't sort themselves out without some kind of help, which is why she wants to become a hero and help people. Though it can be a little difficult to tell as she tends to be a bit of a scatterbrain with about half a dozen different ideas floating around her head at any one time. Powers & Tactics: Bee tends to throw herself into action without any apparent rhyme or reason, her desire to help out overcomes semblance of tactics. She's not so foolish to throw herself at impossible odd though, even she realises that there are times when fighting is not the answer. When fighting she will try to solve the problem put in front of her using all her vast scientific knowledge, often in very unorthodox ways. Power Descriptions: Melissa has infused her body with her own custom designed Dyne molecules that allows her to compress her own body to the size of around 3 inches tall, as she retains all her molecules she retains her mass and physical strength. The change in height creates a massive electrical field, a side effect of the molecular compression, that she stores using as a form of attack and to power her wings. Complications: Busy little Bee: Melissa always has a half dozen thing going on at one time, with a few more waiting in wings. This sometimes distracts her from other things, including those that others consider important like sleeping and eating. Bee Curious: Melissa can't stand a mystery and has to know the solution at almost any cost, which sometimes leads to her poking her nose into things best left alone. Bee Quiet: Heroes are meant to be ultra super secret about there identities right, but it's so cool are really difficult not to tell. Bee Explaining: Science is rad and all and should be explained whenever possible, cause the baddies might be able to use such stuff against us... Abilities: 0 + 8 + 4 + 10 + 4 + 4 = 30PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 4 + 8 = 12PP Initiative: +8 Attack: +2/10* (+2 Base, +8 Shrinking) Defense: +4/12* (+4 Base, +8 Shrinking), + 2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +2/-14* Knockback: -1/+2* * When Shrunk Saving Throws: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18PP Toughness: +8 (+2 Con, +6 [Protection]) Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6) Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 68R = 17PP Bluff 6 (+10) Craft (Chemical) 10 (+15) Diplomacy 3 (+5) Handle Animal 8 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+10) Notice 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats: 13PP Animal Empathy Eidetic Memory Evasion 2 Fascinate (Bluff) Hide in Plain Sight Improved Initiative 1 Interpose Luck 2 Power Attack Takedown Attack 1 Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) 1 Powers: 10 + 80 = 90PP Animal Control 10 (Flaw: Limited to Insects) [10PP] Size of a Bee 16 (Alternative Form, 80PP) [80PP] Blast 10 (range 100ft, 250ft incr Feat: Improved Range) Biokinetic Sting [21PP] Flight 5 (250 mph/ 2,200 ft/rnd Drawback: Power Loss (Wings bound)) Flight of the Bumblebee [9PP] Protection 6 Bee Tough [6PP] Shrinking 16 (Fine Size, Extra: Normal Strength, Feats: Growth Strike, Normal Toughness, Normal Movement, Drawback: Full Power) Bee Small [34PP] Strike 10 Sting like a Bee [10PP] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 19 Toughness Damage Bee Control Perception DC 20 Willpower Bee Control Biokinetic Sting Ranged DC 25 Toughness Damage Sting like a Bee Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (17) + Feats (13) + Powers (90) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/203 Power Points
  11. Bastion Beetle Power Level: 12 (Built as PL10) (180/180PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: -4 Attack / +4 Damage, -4 Defense / +4 Toughness In Brief: A mysterious beetle creature found wandering in the woodlands outside of the emerald cities proper Catchphrase: Bzzzzzzt *Click click* Theme: Durability - Tribes of Neurot Alternate Identity: None Birthplace: Emerald City Residence: Emerald City Woodlands Base of Operations: Emerald City Occupation: Mysterious Beetle friend Affiliations: Emerald City Family: Description: Age: 3 Months Apparent Age: Adult Gender: None Ethnicity: Genetically Engineered Life form (Insectus Invictus Rex) Height: 10ft Weight: 1600 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: N/A Standing at a solid 10ft tall and built to battle and endure, Bastion beetle appears like a chimeric cross of several different species of insects such as a thick opalescent black carapace and the horn formation of an atlas beetle with the fore-horn of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle and the powerful pincers of a Giant Stag Beetle with the thick Elytron of an ironclad beetle and the Powerful wings of a Hercules beetle beneath them. Layered over a stocky humanoid form with thick fiberous muscle tissue at the joints to allow greater flexibility. History: There have been recent reports of seeing a towering humanoid figure clad in black armour and bearing all manner of jagged natural weapons wandering around in the woods outside of emerald city, many are passing it off as a particularly clumsy member of the cryptid clans those in the know with the cryptid clans know that it is not counted among their numbers, Personality & Motivation: Being relatively new to the world Bastion beetle is relatively curious about his surroundings, though he is not particularly aggressive he enjoys his solitude and maintains a small territorial area within the woods, opting to stridulate menacingly at those whom trespass from outside their view if possible particularly having a problem with creatures of comparative size to himself, he leaves smaller mammals, avians and his insectoid kin to their business. Powers & Tactics: If forced into conflict he will opt to hold his ground and attempt to wrestle his foes into submission as his instincts dictate, blessed with the greatest strengths of some of the worlds most remarkable insects as well as an enhanced capacity of intellectual deduction and reasoning he is surprisingly capable of complex tactical decisions and actions Power Descriptions: all of Bastion beetle's powers are based upon the various physiological traits of the beetles he was engineered from, the amazingly tough carapace of the ironclad beetle, the great strength of the taurus beetle and so forth, only his enhanced capacity for intelligent thought stands out. Complications: Bug out: Despite his enhanced intelligence and formidable superhuman physiology bastion beetle is still very much a instinctual creature and as such is prone to knee jerk reactions such as violently attacking or fleeing from percived threats that may not actually pose danger to him. Posing up a storm: Still unused to the verbal communications used by most humanoid lifeforms bastion is far more likely to communicate through body language, namely in the form of assuming somewhat exaggerated poses to communicate thoughts and feelings about a situation, this can be both humorous and threatening to people unfamiliar with him and his odd behavior as well as making it considerably harder for him to lie about things to those who are familiar with the behaviours of insects. Ugly bug brawl: Due to his monstrous appearance bastion has found that he causes great distress in some humans to the point that they actually attack him (with an Aerosol of ineffectual concentration named "raid") This has created an association of being attacked when someone comments on his appearance and can lead to him becoming deeply distressed and extremely jumpy in these situations due to the numerous failed attempts on his life resulting from it. Abilities: 14 + 4 + 14 + 14 + 4 + (-2) = 48PP Strength: 24 (+7) / 38 (+14) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 24 (+7) / 30 (+10) Intelligence: 24 (+7) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 8 (-1) Combat: 12 + 8 = 20PP Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex) Attack: +6 Base, +6 Melee, +6 Ranged Defense: +6 (+4 Base, +3 Dodge Focus, -1 Large Size), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +25/+30 Knockback: -16 Saving Throws: 0 + 8 + 8 = 16PP Toughness: +14 (+10 Con, +4 Protection) Fortitude: +10 (+10 Con, +0) Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8) Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 32R = 8PP Craft [Chemical] 3 (+10) Investigate 3 (+10) Knowledge [Life Sciences] 3 (+10) Knowldge [Physical Sciences] 3 (+10) Knowledge [Tactics] 8 (+15) Notice 6 (+8) Sense Motive 6 (+8) Feats: 14PP Beginner's Luck Improved Grab Jack-of-All-Trades Luck 3 Master Plan 2 Move-by Action Power Attack Skill Mastery (Knowledge [Tactics], Notice, Sense Motive, Investigate) Stunning Attack Take-down Attack Ultimate Effort [Strength Checks] Powers: 16 + 13 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 10 + 14 + 12 = 78PP Beetle Beatdowns Array 7 (14PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [16PP] (Martial arts) BP: Autofire Strength 14 (Beetle Barrage) Add (Extras: Autofire) to Unarmed {14/14PP} (Martial arts) AP: Drain 10 (Kabuto Crush; Drains Any single Trait: physical descriptor 2pp a rank Extras: Affects Objects; Flaws Requires Grapple, Action [Full action] Feats: Slow Fade 4 (1 hour)) {14/14PP} (Martial arts) AP: Secondary Effect Strength 14(Reverberating Strike) Add (Extras: Secondary Effect) to Unarmed {14/14PP} (Martial arts; Vibration) Growth 4 (Beetle Bulk; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Permanent PFs: Innate) (+8 Strength, +4 Con, +1 Size) [13PP] (Biological, genetic modification) Flight 2 (Clumsy Flier; Drawbacks: Power Loss [Wings]) [3PP] (Biological; Wings) Protection 4 (Hardened Shell) [4PP] (Biological, Chitin) Enhanced Constitution 6 (Hyper Efficient Physiology) [6PP] (Biological) Impervious Toughness 10 (Iron Clad Beetle Shell) [10PP] (Biological, Modified atomic latice) Enhanced Strength 14 (Scarab Might) [14PP] (Biological) Super-Strength 5 (Taurus Beetle Strength; Feats: Shockwave, Super-Breath) (+25 Strength, Heavy load: 153.6 tons) [12PP] (Biological) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 29 Toughness Damage Kabuto Crush Touch (grapple) DC20 Fortitude Drain (phys scores only) Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (8) + Feats (14) + Powers (78) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/180 Power Points
  12. Talon Power Level: 10 (150/162PP) Unspent Power Points: 12 Trade-Offs: Blast (+4 Attack/-4 Damage) In Brief: Slightly psionic cowl from Anti-Earth Alternate Identity: Tyler Lee (Secret), Samuel Amber (Alias), Magpie (Former Superheroic Name), Yamanu (Former Superheroic Name) Birthplace: Empire City Residence: West Freedom, Freedom City Base of Operations: The Nest (A hidden bunker beneath West Freedom) Occupation: Network Penetration Specialist Affiliations: None, yet Family: Tyler “the Magpie” Lee, alternate Earth Prime self Description: Age: 23 (DoB: 1995) Apparent Age: Early Twenties Gender: Male Ethnicity: Middle-Eastern Height: 5’9” (175 cm) Weight: 159 lb. (72 kg) Eyes: Brown Hair: Black In civilian garb, Tyler is a man that easily blends into a crowd. Without many distinguishing features, he often does just that. He wears simple, casual clothes that fit the environment, with a slight favoring of the color green. Neither tall nor short, broad nor slender, Ty’s most distinguishing features are the scars that are mostly covered by his clothing. As Talon, he wears a grey, brown, and green costume that breaks up his outline, along with a cowl-mask that strongly resembles a stylized owl. Across his chest in an X shape, he wears a set of pouches that form his utility belt, with a buckle bearing the symbol of an owl flying directly at the viewer. He also wears a grey cape that reaches to the back of his knees, allowing him to glide from high perches. History: On Anti-Earth, in Empire City, there was once an orphan who was named Tyler Lee. A member of the Red Fangs, one of Empire City’s many minor criminal gangs practically from birth, Ty, as he preferred to be called, was trained by his superiors as a pickpocket and roof-climber, for very few places were made secure enough that a small child could not slip through their protections. By twelve, Ty had become something of an expert thief, breaking into lower middle-class homes to loot their treasures. Nevertheless, something seemed to be missing in this life – he saw how the violence of his superiors often effected the families he was stealing from, and felt something odd when he did so – a thing that he would later learn to call guilt. Ty was thirteen when he found his life turned on its head. The boss of the Red Fangs got too big for his boots, and sent Ty after some more lucrative scores, in wealthier districts. It was easily the most risky endeavor that Ty had undertaken, and it proved that he was not so skilled as he (and his boss) had thought he was, as the owner of the house, a woman called Saturnalia Roman, caught him in the act of stealing some of her jewels. A mixture of terror, guilt, and shame consumed Ty, and he quickly began babbling apologies in both an attempt to avoid punishment and out of genuine regret. The fact that she was easily the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen may also have influenced his regret. Luckily for Ty, Saturnalia was more amused than offended, and was intrigued by both his skill at getting into her home and his sincere apologies, and offered him a chance to work for her rather than for the Red Fangs. Confused and conflicted, Ty fled the home, whose owner made no attempt to stop him. Harrowed by the experience, Ty made a resolution – he wasn’t going to steal from anyone ever again. Being thirteen, he didn’t really consider what implications this decision might have on his relationship with his gang, and so he returned to the base… just in time to discover that those unforeseen consequences had no real meaning anymore, as all the Red Fangs were either dead or vanished. The base that they had been using was the site of a massacre – Black Bowman had taken offense to an attack on one of his businesses by the Red Fangs, and had taken matters into his own hands. Left alone on the streets of Empire City, Ty had few options, and fewer chances to pursue them. With no other choice, he broke into the Roman home once more and found that Saturnalia was waiting for him – after swallowing what little pride he had remaining, he begged her to hire him, on the condition that he not need to steal. After much (mock) deliberation, Saturnalia accepted his offer, and declared that he needed training to be useful to her. She sent him to the Maximus Ring, where Ty was educated in all manner of subjects, from history to close and ranged combat, from calculus to acrobatics. Taking to these studies like a fish to water, Ty gradually discovered that the faculty of the Maximus Ring was staunchly opposed to the Tyranny Syndicate, and by the time he was sixteen, his suspicions were confirmed. The Courage Foundation, the great foe of the Tyranny Syndicate, sponsored the Maximus Ring as a training ground for their operatives. Two years later, Ty’s training was complete, and the class with which he was graduating was prepared to begin their activities against the Tyranny Syndicate. However, agents of the Syndicate – mostly law enforcement officers led by Master Metropolis, crashed the day of their graduation ceremony. In the ensuing chaos, most of Ty’s new friends and allies died, and he was forced to flee. He fled to Saturnalia’s home, where he discovered his patroness had already been captured by the League’s cronies. Burdened by guilt and a deep well of anger, Ty adopted the name “Magpie” as a nod to his past, and began a solo war against the operations of the Syndicate. It didn’t last too long – four months after beginning his operations, the Syndicate discovered his hideout and captured him, imprisoning him in the Fortress, their base in Empire City. There, their scientists analyzed him intensively, looking to discover how he’d managed to survive. For three years he was tormented and experimented upon, but they did not execute him. By the time he was twenty, though, he discovered that their experiments were unlocking some sort of potential in him – he no longer fell into exhausted sleep after their experiments, or… very often at all, for that matter. Ghosting through the halls reminded Ty of his earliest memories, but the stakes were much higher. He managed to evade or take down patrols until he finally found himself in a room where the scientists had created a device… a portal of some sort. Any thoughts of testing where it might go or how safe it was to use were banished as the alarm went off, and he threw himself into the portal. Ty awoke to find himself, burned and badly damaged, awakening in a hospital in someplace called “Freedom City,” though no one seemed to know who he was, or what the Tyranny Syndicate was. Escaping from the hospital, Ty hid in an abandoned building and began to research where he was. After getting over small facts like the sun rising in the wrong directionand the fact that the Syndicate here was called the Freedom League, Ty concluded that he was in an alternate reality, where things seemed to be the total opposite of his home. Investigating his other self, Ty discovered that he was a wealthy (and deeply immoral) head of a crime syndicate based mostly in Freedom City. Disgusted with his other self, he decided to “re-appropriate” some of his own funds, and took on the name Yamanu – the original Egyptian form of Amon, which translates to “the Hidden One,” and began working in secret to support the superheroes of this new world, whilst researching where he had come from. For two years, Yamanu stayed off the field, functioning as an information broker for the superheroic community, but usually staying under the radar, and began working as a Network Penetration Specialist at a local company under the assumed name of “Samuel Amber.” Now, in 2019, at 23, Ty is finally (more) used to Earth Prime and Freedom City, and has begun to consider making his next move to reintegrate himself in the field. Donning a costume, cape, and mask that he’d been working on building during his nights for the past two years, he took the name Talon - focusing on the clawed and powerful feet of owls. Silent and powerful, these winged predators were the ones from which he took his costume’s inspiration. Personality & Motivation: Tyler is driven by many things – he wishes to make up for his past as part of the Red Fangs, where he enriched petty criminals at the cost of tormenting the poor innocents of Empire City. He is driven by his perceived failures to save his classmates from the Maximus Ring, who were killed and arrested by the Syndicate when he survived, and by the fact that his one-man heroics in Empire City were such a dismal failure. To Ty, Earth Prime represents a second chance, where he’ll be able to redeem his past failures. It also is something of a training ground, for he hopes to one day return to Empire City and break the back of the Syndicate. So far, no one on Earth Prime truly knowsTy, and he somewhat prefers it that way – trust does not come easily to someone born on Anti-Earth, especially in its capital. Nevertheless, some part of Ty wishes to share the burden with other heroes, comrades of the sort that he had during the years of his training. Ty holds himself to a high standard, both in terms of morals and in terms of excellence, though he acknowledges somewhat bitterly that he often fails in both accounts. He deals in very strict absolutes, at least when it comes to himself, regarding failure and success, though even he is forced to acknowledge that sometimes you have to acknowledge that a victory is a victory, even when it feels like a defeat. Nevertheless, he tries hard not to take himself too seriously – you have to laugh at the world, or you’ll end up crying. Besides, Earth Prime is so much betterthan Anti-Earth that it seems to practically be a paradise. Powers & Tactics: Unbeknownst to Talon, he has latent psionic powers invested in him (or catalyzed by) the scientists’ experiments back in the Fortress in Empire City. While thus far he has only found these manifested in his ability to go totally without sleep, it is possible that he will develop further powers as he grows into them. Left without any offensive superhuman abilities, Talon investigates his targets with utmost care, sometimes shadowing them, and other times thoroughly researching them online, but always learning about their weaknesses and fears. After doing so, he will strike from the shadows, relying on surprise and stealth to win the day. He also is quite skilled in martial arts, wielding his battle staff expertly and his body only just below that. Power Descriptions: The most notable of Talon's abilities are not powers, but can seem that way to an uninformed observer – indeed, most are functions of devices that he built into his costume. He can hack into computer systems using his onboard datalink, and has a wide variety of onboard sensor systems that allow him to perceive threats and obstacles even in the dark. Complications: Am I Enough?: Talon is plagued with self-doubt and low self-esteem, as a result of perceived failures in his past. Anyone challenging him in this particular way is likely to cast him off balance. Bird of the Night: Due to the legacy of die Eule, an infamous Nazi supervillain, virtually no heroes have adopted owls as their iconic animal. All unknowing, Talon has done just that, and may be faced with stigmatization from those aware of the associations. Identity Struggles: The Tyler Lee of Earth Prime is a fairly low-level crimelord of Freedom City, and anyone tying him to his Anti-Earth counterpart would have a decent chance at causing trouble for said counterpart. While Talon has hacked into databanks to create the identity of Samuel Amber, any DNA test or even a fingerprint might connect him to his criminal counterpart. I will not be Contained!: Thanks to his long-term confinement in the Fortress wherein he was experimented upon, Talon has a deep, visceral reaction to being imprisoned or confined in any physical way. Stranger in a Strange(r) Land: Being in a world where the sun rises in the eastrather than the west, and where the Freedom League takes the place of the Tyranny Syndicate is still rather startling to Talon. Though he is mostly used to being on Earth Prime, occasionally acts of simple virtue and the differences in history or other such details take him aback, and reveal him to be not quite what he initially seems. You say Trust, I ask Where's the Knife?: Trust does not come easily to those who have lived in the deepest pits of Empire City, and it took Ty much of his time at the Maximus Ring to get used to trusting his comrades. This can lead him to investigating the claims others make independently, or otherwise hamper his effectiveness in social situations. Abilities: 8 + 8 + 2 + 10 + 6 + 2 = 36PP Strength: 18 (+4) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 16 + 10 = 26PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +8 Melee (+8 Melee), +8 Ranged (+8 Base), +10 Battle Staff (+8 Base, +2 Attack Specialization) Defense: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +12 Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 6 + 6 + 5 = 17PP Toughness: +10 (+1 Con, +4 Defensive Roll, +5 Protection) Fortitude: +7 (+1 Con, +6) Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 84R = 21PP Acrobatics 4 (+8) Bluff 4 (+5) Climb 4 (+8) Computers 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Craft (Electronic) 6 (+11) Disable Device 7 (+11) Investigate 10 (+15)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+13) Languages 2 (English [Native], German, Mandarin) Notice 10 (+13)Skill Mastery Search 4 (+7) Sense Motive 4 (+7) Sleight of Hand 2 (+6) Stealth 11 (+15)Skill Mastery Feats: 27PP Attack Specialization (Battle Staff) Benefit 1 (Wealthy) Benefit 1 (Alternate Identity) Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 5 Eidetic Memory Equipment 7 Evasion 2 Fearless Hide in Plain Sight Inventor Online Research Skill Mastery 1 (Computers, Stealth, Investigate, Notice) Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Well Informed Equipment: 7PP = 35EP The Nest (Toughness: 10 Size: Medium; Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed, Gym, Laboratory, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Workshop) [11EP] Utility Belt [24EP] Binoculars [1EP] Snare 6 (Bolas) [1EP] Immunity 2 (Suffocation) (Breath Mask) [1EP] Drain Toughness 5 (Cutting Torch, Flaws: Limited to Metal Objects) [1EP] Dazzle Burst 6 [Visual, Auditory] (Flash-Bang Grenade) [18EP] Super-Movement [Swinging] (Grapple-Gun) [1EP] Blast 5 (Owl Talons) [1EP] Powers: 1 + 16 + 6 = 23PP Immunity 1 (Sleep) (Efficient Activity) [1PP] (Psionic, Mutant) Device 4 (Talon Costume; 20 PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [16PP] (Technology) Communication 3 (Radio; Feats: Subtle) [5PP] - Alternate Power: Datalink 3 (Radio) Flight 3 (Flaws:Gliding) (4PP) - Alternate Power: Super-Movement 1 (Slow Fall) Immunity 2 (Cold, Heat) (2PP) Protection 5 (5PP) Super-Senses 4 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Low-Light Vision) [4PP] Device 2 (Enhanced Battle Staff; 10 PP Container; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose) [6PP] (Trained) Battle Staff Array 4.5 [9PP Array; Alternate Power 1] [10PP] BP: Strike 6 (Feats: Mighty) + Enhanced Feat 2 (Stunning Attack, Improved Critical) [9/9PP] (Bludgeoning Damage) SP: Blast 3 (Feats: Accurate 2, Mighty 3, Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 [Max Range 75 ft.]) [9/9PP] (Bludgeoning Damage) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 19 Toughness Damage Battle Staff Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage Battle Staff Ranged DC 21 Toughness Damage Bolas Ranged DC 16 Reflex Snare Owl Talons Ranged DC 20 Toughness Damage Flash-Bang Ranged Burst DC 16 Reflex/Fortitude Dazzle Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (21) + Feats (27) + Powers (23) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/162 Power Points
  13. Dragoneer Power Level: 10 (180/183PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: -+2 Attack /-2 Damage In Brief: World famous pro wrestler & rock star’s nickname is surprisingly literal Catchphrase: “Just try and stop me” Themes: Opposite of Adults, by Chiddy Bang; Farther Than The Sun, by Alter Bridge; The Fire, by Rev Theory; Dragonfly, by Shaman’s Harvest; Fury Of The Storm, by Shadows Fall Themes Playlist (a couple extras in there he doesn't use anymore, but eh) Alternate Identity: D, Ultimate Dragon Knight, UDK, World’s Finest Wrestler, Pretty Much Amazing Birthplace: Boise, Idaho Residence: Vibora Bay, Florida Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, Florida Occupations: Professional wrestler, rock musician, actor (occasionally), the various things celebrities get into Affiliations: The Avenging Dragons (rock band), The Young Guns (pro wrestling faction) Family: The Maguire family (original black sheep of); Luis Guiterrez (brother from another mother, deceased 2008); Niro Saki (best friend); Michael Maguire (son, born April 1996); Sarah Maguire (daughter, born July 2000); Alison Hardy (sister, born 1992); “Little Lito” Carlito Guiterrez (good friend); Henry Peterson (friend & lead singer, Avenging Dragons); Robert Saki (Niro’s younger brother & friend); Hiromi Saki (Niro’s wife; friend); Sayomi Saki (Niro’s daughter, born 2005); Russ Allen (bassist, Avenging Dragons) Description: Age: 38 (Born September 1980) Apparent Age: Late 20s Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’ 4” Weight:225 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Dirty blonde & curly Appearance: D is a jeans man, full stop. His shirts are always merch shirts. Dragon design on the front, “World’s Finest” written on the back. The shirts come in white and black. The coloring of the design elements is always red, but is a different shade depending on the color of the shirt. The Dragon Armor covers him from the bottom of his neck to his feet in shining green plate armor. He can even manifest a helmet if he so chooses. History: Dragoneer wasn’t both with that as his only legal name, of course. He was born Davis Maguire, not that he’s answered to that name in actual decades. He was the wild middle child of five, then seven (the fraternal twins at the end were a bit of a surprise). Absolutely uncontrollable, he did whatever he wanted to do. Though that’s not how he framed it in his mind, of course. We’re all the heroes of our own stories. Alcohol, sex, drugs, crazy stunts, he did it all. He started wrestling (badly) at 15, having lied to the local promotion about his age. At 18, he changed his name, left Boise and didn’t look back. His life didn’t change all that much. Wrestling for cash that was quickly spent on booze and partying. However, he did have a immense talent for wrestling and had picked up enough to get noticed. Dragoneer went to Japan. He learned a lot during his stay. He returned to the US with better skills, the power of moderation, and a contract with the biggest pro wrestling organization in the US. Not too long afterward, he helped found the Avenging Dragons. Their first album was a smash hit, and D was an instant celebrity. Not that he did much with it, as wrestling was his main focus at the time. It was after this when he first met Luis Guiterrez. They partnered with Niro Saki to form the Young Guns faction. The group was a big success, leading to multiple championship runs. Luis always encouraged Dragoneer to be a better man, but at the time UDK was deaf to that kind of talk. The success of the group reached a peak, but not too longer after that peak, Luis died of an unnoticed enlarged heart. Dragoneer was deeply affected by Luis’s death, and pledged himself to be a better man. Unbeknownst to literally anyone else, the catalyst for his name change was a dragon he met in a field outside of Boise as a child. The dragon granted the teenage Davis magical power for reasons it did not deign to share, while laughing the entire time. It was a unusual dragon, to say the least. With Dragoneer’s newfound commitment to being better, he decided to embrace fatherhood (as he had studiously ignored their existence before) and attempt to be a superhero with his powers. Surprisingly, the former was considerably easier and embarrassed, he stopped superheroing. He put more focus on his rock career (they’d done a few more hit albums, but his touring presence was erratic at best) and eased off on his wrestling career for a little while. In short, Dragoneer attempted to finally mature from a selfish and petulant child to a full grown adult. Success was far from easy. But with generous help from his remaining friends and kid sister, he made the transition as best he could. Now, with even his youngest away at university, Dragoneer is going to make a serious attempt to be a superhero. Vibora Bay is a good place to start doing that, he thinks. His life is settled in a way that it previously hadn’t been. AvDrag are among the grizzled veterans of the Top 10 charts. D himself is a massive crossover star, and a multi-time world champion. One last hill to climb. Personality & Motivation: At his core, Dragoneer is the kind of innately selfish person who wants everything his way all the time and automatically assumes that only things that affect him are important and/or worthy of his attention. No exceptions. This has always been fairly well covered by an ultra easygoing manner and immense personal charisma. What is different now from his early days is that he has a fully functioning conscience, and is very mindful of his essential nature. He doesn’t just do whatever he wants, he does whatever he thinks the right thing to do is. He is living proof that a person does not have to be a slave to their nature, but in fact can choose who they are. He also has immense confidence in himself, which let’s be honest is a big ol’ ego. Honestly, he’s never acted his age, so why start now? Life’s much more fun when you’re twenty something, right? Additionally, UDK’s never been exactly all there. Just a little bit crazy. So there’s that. His motivation is pretty simple, but encompasses the whole of what he does what he does now. He wants to be a good man. To feel redeemed for the sins of his selfish past. One day. Maybe. Powers & Tactics: Dragoneer’s powers are basically a magical transformation. Armor of hard dragon scales, functional wings on the armor, a lance that’s a part of the armor, and fire breath out of the helmet. He’s also better in combat overall. Tactically, he’s just a hit ‘em until they stay down kind of guy. He hasn’t really thought to develop anything more complex than that, aside from stripping out the dodge bonus (with Acrobatic Bluff) if he’s having trouble hitting or damaging (because follow up Power Attack). Power Descriptions: Green dragonscale plate armor with wings. Lance generated out of same that he can stab with or throw and have return to him. Fire breath (out of the helmet) in a cone. That’s it. Complications: World Famous: Dragoneer is a well known public figure. A bonafide celebrity. This means whatever he does tends to be some kind of news. He, his family, and his friends tend to get stalked by paparazzi. And anyone with access to the internet can find their faces, names, and probably their personal addresses. When this sort of thing becomes a problem for a superhero, a GM may award a Hero Point Ultimate Dragon Knight: Being a Dragon Knight does technically come with responsibilities to the dragon who granted him the power, not that the big lizard’s ever called in that marker. Dragoneer is also marked in a way that supernatural senses can effortlessly detect. And this may cause certain beings to assume what his allegiance is before he even opens his mouth. When this becomes a problem, a GM may award a Hero Point. World’s Finest…Even At Screwing Up: So…Dragoneer has a big ego, a couple of his screws are a little bit loose (who’s literally Fearless altogether?), and he’s known for sometimes making…questionable…decisions based on Insane Troll Logic. Basically, this is the “make D do the exact wrong thing” Complication. GMs can hit this one as often as seems reasonable. No matter how hard he tries to be better, he’ll always also be this guy. God love him. I Had A Friend: A decade plus later, and Dragoneer still desperately misses Luis Guiterrez. They were very, very close friends. D would be over the moon to have an opportunity to speak with Luis again. He wants the Puerto Rican’s approval desperately. This can obviously, be used against him. To trick him or force him into being his worst self at the worst possible time. Or to just use the face and voice to shatter his emotions. Or violate the grave to inspire an unreasoning rage. A GM may award a Hero Point for this or whatever similar thing they may think of. Abilities: 6 + 14 + 10 + 4 + 0 + 14 = 48PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 24 (+7) Constitution: 20 (+5) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 24 (+7) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +7 (+7 Dex) Attack: +8 Base, +5 without Powers , +12 Strike & Blast Defense: +5 (+5 Base, +5 Enhanced Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +15, +12 without Powers Knockback: -9 (-3 without Powers, -2 without Defensive Roll) Saving Throws: 2 + 3 + 7= 12PP Toughness: +10/+7 without powers (+5 Con, +3 Protection, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2) Reflex: +10 (+7 Dex, +3) Will: +7 (+0 Wis, +7) Skills: 80R = 20PP Acrobatics 13 (+20) Bluff 2 (+9/+13 Attractive) Diplomacy 2 (+9/+13 Attractive) Knowledge (arcane Lore) 3 (+5) Knowledge (art) 13 (+15) Knowledge (business) 3 (+5) Notice 10 (+10) Perform (oratory) 8 (+15) Perform (singing) 3 (+10) Perform (stringed instruments) 13 (+20) Sense Motive 10 (+10) Feats:36 PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Specialization (Unarmed) All-Out Attack Attractive 1 (Unique Personal Charisma) Benefit (Fame) Benefit 2 (Wealth) Defensive Roll Evasion Fearless Grappling Finesse Power Attack Sidekick 21 (Niro Saki) Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Perform (strings), Sense Motive) Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Dodge Focus 5 Powers:47PP Container 9 (Ultimate Dragon Knight; 45 PP Container)[45PP] (magical) Array 8 (Dragon Knight’s Arsenal; Power Feat: Alternate Power 2) [18PP] BP: Strike 5 (Extra: Penetrating; Power Feats: Mighty, Accurate 2, Improved Crit 2, Precise) (Spear Strike) [16PP] (piercing) AP: Blast 5 (Power Feats: Mighty 3, Accurate 2, Precise) (Spear Throw) (piercing)[16PP/1PP] AP: Strike 8 (Extra: Area [Cone]; 80 ft cone) (Flame Breath) (fire) [16PP/1PP] Enhanced Attack Bonus 3 [6PP] Enhanced Feats 5 (Dodge Focus 5) [5PP] Flight 3 (50 mph, 440 ft/rnd; Drawback: Restrainable) [5PP] Protection 3 (Extra: Impervious 8 ) [11PP] Leaping 1 [1PP] (natural) Speed 1 [1PP] (natural) Drawback: Normal Identity (has to speak) Uncommon, Major [-3PP] Basically strip out the Ultimate Dragon Knight Container. Ends up PL 5 Off, PL 6 Def DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Spear Strike Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage Fire Breath Touch (Cone Area) DC 23 Toughness Damage Spear Throw Ranged DC 23 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (20) + Feats (36) + Powers (47) - Drawbacks (-3) = 180/183 Power Points
  14. Player Name: Heritage Character Name: The Shrike Power Level: 10/12 (180/198PP) Tradeoffs: Defense +3/Toughness -3 Unspent PP: 18 In Brief: Snarky barista/musician wielding magical artifacts. Alternate Identity: Gretchen McDaniels Identity: Secret Birthplace: Portland, ME Area of Operations: Emerald City, OR Occupation: Barista/bookseller/personal crime-fighting assistant Affiliations: Grimalkin, Silberman's Books Family: Evelyn Woolsey (mother, deceased), Mark McDaniels (father), Caroline Clement (aunt), Lynn Epstein (girlfriend) DOB: November 21, 1991 Gender: Female Height: 5'1" (5'4" in costume) Weight: 113 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Gretchen is an attractive young woman in her mid-twenties; she tends to keep her brown hair loose, and has a lightly-muscled athletic build. She has several tattoos on her body, including bars of music on both forearms, inspirational lyrics on various parts of her torso, and the words 'The Future Is Unwritten' on the four knuckles of her left hand. Her ears bear multiple piercings, mostly a mix of rings and ear spikes. Gretchen usually doesn't wear much makeup, but she experiments with lips gloss and eyeliner. As far as clothing goes, she sort of falls into the 'hipster chick' look, mostly because she just hits the same resale shops she favored as a FreeSA student, so comfortable jeans, hi-tops, combat boots, fatigue jackets, plaid shirts, t-shirts, vests, etc. When she's feeling frisky, she'll show some skin (typically a more revealing top), but if she's feeling antisocial, she'll dress down. She often wears rings and bracelets, but always has a silver ring with a large red stone on her left index finger. The Shrike is a mysterious figure wrapped in black; her costume is a mostly black armored jumpsuit with silver accents, topped with a hawk-like silver half-face mask bearing a large ruby in the middle of her forehead. Her heavy reinforced boots add three inches to her height to make her slightly more intimidation, and her gloves are padded for extra protection. A black hooded cloak reaches down to her ankles; the hood helps to hide her features a bit better, and the cloak softens her outline in the shadows. A small carbon fiber shield is strapped to her right arm, which she keeps on her back when not in use. A silver ring with another ruby is visible on the index finger of her left gloved hand. History: For most of her life, Gretchen McDaniels has been disappointed; by a father who abandoned her mother to raise a child alone, by a world that seems more concerned with money than reducing human suffering, and by a music industry obsessed with churning out catchy crap. Growing up in Portland, Maine, young Gretchen was drawn to the performing arts from an early age; her mother Evelyn was a successful attorney specializing in labor law, and though their family was small it was full of love, and the budding musician never lacked for love and encouragement. There were piano lessons and violin recitals, and Evelyn couldn't be prouder. But then when Gretchen was fourteen, her mother was killed in an accident while driving home in a New England ice storm; with her father nowhere in sight, it was decided it would be best for the girl to live with her free-wheeling aunt Caroline in Freedom City. Moving to a much larger city during her freshman year of high school, especially right have her mother's tragic death, proved to be particularity painful for the introverted girl, and she began to slowly build walls around herself. However Caroline, who was also musically inclined, offered something to Gretchen to help with the pain: classic punk rock. The anger, passion and energy of the music struck a chord with the unhappy girl, and even though she often struggled to express her grief and frustration through words, she could always turn to punk to feel better Eventually graduating from FreeSA with a degree in Musical Performance, Gretchen found her BFA opened a few doors but didn't lead to steady employment, so like many recent college graduates she turned to the world of retail to make ends meet. She frequently found herself 'working with idiots to serve idiots', and her dry humor and rather surly demeanor did little to enamor her to either her coworkers or customers. In time she got a job at Slberman's Books in the West End, and her life has never been the same. Due to a rather bizarre set of circumstances, Gretchen now bears the Gifts of the Magi, once borne by Lynn's great-grandfather Ira Silberman, aka the Amazing Al-Kazar; these two magical artifacts adapt to their user, so her costumed identity is very different from her predecessor's. After having been in a committed, very intimate relationship with Lynn for over two years, Gretchen felt the need to make a change; it's not that her feelings for Lynn had lessened; in fact, they'd grown more intense. But Gretchen nonetheless felt the desire to get some space, to work through some things, and do some solo crime-fighting on her own. After much discussion over the course of a long summer road trip, Gretchen and Lynn came to an agreement. Gretchen would help open a new Silverman's Books location in Emerald City, under her own management and operation. The two would still remain dating, but had permission to see other people, though they would still be very much a couple connected by strands of magic. This whole situation is very new, but Gretchen hopes it will help her shake off the feeling that she is being smothered by someone she loves. After a year, both parties will review the situation and go from there. Personality & Motivation: Gretchen is keenly aware of life's injustices, but for most of her life, she felt powerless to do anything about it; but now, inspired by her mysterious employer Lynn Epstein, she found that she can make a difference in small ways, and as the equally mysterious Shrike, she can do even more! Her attitude is frequently seen as caustic or sarcastic, but it secretly hides a big caring heart that she tries to wall off from the dangers and disappointments of the world. Though she doesn't like to use labels like 'bisexual', Gretchen has dated both men and women in her life; she finds men to be uncomplicated and easier to get along with, but women to be more challenging and rewarding in the long run. In any event, she's never been very good at maintaining long-term relationships, due to her extremely guarded and somewhat negative attitude. Powers & Tactics: The Shrike's combination of flight, stealth and ranged attacks make her an ideal infiltrator and combat 'sniper', and the psychokinetic power of the ring allows her to grab and detain foes as well as move objects and remove obstacles with ease. The Gifts are now better attuned to her personality, unlocking several new powers, including creating a sort of 'magic grenade' and allowing her to become immaterial, abilities that greatly increases her combat flexibility. Since losing the Cloak of Mystery, Gretchen's supplemented her magical devices with tactical gear, including armor and several varieties of handmade, non-lethal grenades. Complications: Give a Guy a Break: Gretchen has a tendency to not take men super-seriously, seeing them as rather uncomplicated creatures; this underestimation may cost her. I Don't Like Labels: Gretchen has dated both men and women in her life, though never for very long; this attitude may bother those with more traditional values. Secret Identity: The Shrike has been told how important it is to maintain a secret identity, especially if you're not a shapeshifter! The Distance Between Us: Gretchen and Lynn are attempting maintain an open, long-distance relationship assisted by magic. It's challenging and very much I'm work in progress Abilities: 2 + 6 + 4 + 6 + 4 + 4 = 26PP Strength: 12 (+1) [Heavy Load: 130 lbs.] Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 24 = 36PP Initiative: +3 Attack: +6 Ranged, +6 Melee, +10 Ring of Power Grapple: +7, +16 Ring of Power Defense: +12 (+13 w/Shield) Knockback: -10 (-1 without Cloak) Saving Throws: 8 + 7 + 8 = 23PP Toughness: +2/+7 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +3 Protection [EP]) Fortitude +10 (+2 Con, +8) Reflex +10 (+3 Dex, +7) Will +10 (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 152R = 38PP Bluff 8 (+10) Computers 12 (+15)* Craft: Chemical 2 (+5) Craft: Electronics 12 (+15)* Disable Device 12 (+15)* Drive 2 (+5) Gather Information 3 (+5) Investigate 7 (+10) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 7 (+10) Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Tactics) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Technology) 7 (+10)* Medicine 3 (+5) Notice 8 (+10) Perform (Keyboards) 13 (+15) Perform (Singing) 13 (+15) Perform (Stringed Instruments) 13 (+15) Search 7 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Stealth 7 (+10) Feats: 8PP Attack Specialization 2 (Ring of Power) Defensive Roll 2 Improvised Tools Inventor Precise Shot Skill Mastery* Equipment: 0PP (40EP from Rewards) Silberman's Northwest (PL10 HQ) [15EP] Size: Small [0EP] Toughness: +5 [0EP] Features: [15EP] Communications Computer Cover Facility (Bookstore) Fire Prevention System Library Living Space Powers 6 (144PP, see below) Security System 2 (DC 25) Workshop  Shrike's Gear Armored Jumpsuit 3EP Small Shield 1EP Laptop 1EP Tactical Harness [20EP Utility Belt] Tear Gas grenade (ME: Dazzle 4 + Nauseate Explosion 4) [18EP] Flash-Bang grenade (AP: Dazzle Burst 4) [1EP] Smoke grenade (AP: Obscure 2 [visual])[1EP] Powers: 17 + 32 = 49PP (All have Magic descriptor) Device 4 (Helm of Truth, Magical Helmet, 20PP, Power Feat: Subtle. Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [17PP] Comprehend 2 (All Codes and Written Languages) [4PP] Super-Senses 16 (Danger Sense, Magic Awareness [Visual, Analytic, Extended, Tracking], Vision Counters Concealment, Illusion, and Obscure [All]) [16PP] Device 9 (Ring of Power, Magical Ring, 40PP, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [32PP] Magic Blast Array 10 (23PP Array, Feat: Alternate Power 3) [26PP] Base Power: Ranged Damage 10 (Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Precise) [23PP] Alternate Power: Ranged Burst Damage 6 (Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Selective, Triggered 2) [1PP] Alternate Power: Move Object 10 (Strength 50, Heavy Load: 12 tons. Power Feats: Precise, Subtle) [1PP] Alternate Power: Insubstantial 4 (Power Feats: Selective, Subtle 2) [1PP] Dimensional Pocket 1 (Flaw: Limited [Storage only], 100 lbs.) [1PP]  Flight 5 (250 mph) (Power Feats: Subtle 2) [12PP] Super-Senses 1 (Communication Link [with Grimalkin]) [1PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC16 Toughness Damage (Physical) Blast Ranged DC25 Toughness Damage (Physical) Flash-Bang Ranged DC14 Reflex Dazzled Magic Bomb Ranged DC21 Toughness Damage (Physical) Smoke Grenade Ranged - - - Obscure (visual) Tear Gas Ranged DC14 Reflex Dazzled and Nauseated TOTALS: Abilities 26 + Combat 36 + Saving Throws 23 + Skills 38 + Feats 8 + Powers 49 - Drawbacks 0 = 180/198 Power Points
  15. Miracle Girl In costume Power Level: 10/14 (225/250PP) Tradeoffs: +2 Toughness/-2 Defense Unspent PP: 27 In Brief: Super-strong teen with the gift of flight. Alternate Identity: Casey Blankenship Identity: Secret Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO Occupation: College student Affiliations: Claremont Academy (alumni), FCU, Pi Epsilon Delta, Terrifi Family: Margaret Blankenship (mother), Col. Steve Blankenship (father), Josh Blankenship (older brother) Description: DoB: December 27, 1997 Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Honey-blonde Casey is a good-looking, athletic young woman with green eyes and long blonde hair. In her civilian identity, she typically wears her hair up and out of the way, and favors cotton or flannel shirts, loose-cut jeans and light hiking boots year round. An oversize shoulder bag made from natural hemp holds her whole life, including her MG costume. Casey still wears her old glasses, even though she no longer needs them; she feels they help to maintain her 'ordinary girl' cover, plus she just really likes the way they look on her! Casey's bio-energetic field is always active, but it is usually barely visible to the naked eye, manifesting as more of a healthy glow to her skin and golden luster to her hair. However if she uses her powers for more challenging tasks, the glow becomes far more visible and radiant. When she's active as Miracle Girl, Casey loses the glasses and lets her hair down, which tends to billow around her face when she flies, and she literally glows; yes, she knows it's a bit much, but it actually helps her maintain her secret identity! She also wears a form-fitting costume of red, white and blue with a gold belt with several pouches for gear. History: Casey's family lives in Colorado Springs not far from Peterson Air Force Base, and until recently she attended Air Academy High School. She's been an active Girl Scout since she was little, and she recently earned her Gold Award for building a wooden footbridge at a National Park near her home. Up until recently, Casey only knew her dad as US Air Force Colonel Steve Blankenship; she had no idea that her father actually worked for AEGIS as Vigilant ('America's First Line of Defense!') and would probably have never found out, due to concerns over national security. Casey has been around aircraft her entire life; her father began taking her up in his Cessna before she could ride a bike. It was during a weekend training flight that a bizarre accident occurred; a summer storm suddenly came upon the tiny aircraft, which was was struck by lightening as Casey hurried to get back to the airfield. The bolt passed right through both her and her father, somehow transferring some of his powers to her. After the incident, Casey was taken to a secure location where it was explained who her father was and how important it was that his identity be kept a secret, and she swore an oath that she would. When it was discovered she now shared some of her father's gifts, AEGIS contacted Headmistress Summers and asked if she could accept a new student. After graduating with honors from Claremont Academy, Casey enrolled in the journalism program at Freedom City University. She is also a member of the Pi Epsilon Delta sorority. She has also worked closely with the super-detective Terrifica, and considers her a friend and mentor. Personality & Motivation: Casey is thoughtful and outgoing, and makes friends easily, though sometimes she comes off as a bit of a goody two-shoes. She is passionate about volunteer work, and sees heroism as merely an extension of what she's done most of her life. She also loves the romantic notion of being a newspaper reporter like her grandfather who worked for the Miami Herald for thirty years, even though she knows in modern times it means less and less. Casey tries to tell the truth at all times, but understands that a secret identity does require the occasional 'white lie', as much as it pains her. Outside of journalism, her interests include almost any sort of outdoor activity (hiking, camping, skiing and white-water rafting are among her favorites), as well as reading, playing board games and shopping with friends. Casey has also loved aviation since she was a little girl, something her pilot father instilled in her; even though she can now fly under her own power, achieving her student pilot certificate is still one of her proudest achievements. Powers & Tactics: Casey is getting more comfortable with her powers, but is still working on her tactics; so far, Miracle Girl is a fairly straightforward fighter, primarily relying on her impressive strength and speed to get the job done. She can take a lot of punishment, so she's happy to draw fire away from less physical heroes or to protect innocents. Her super-breath offers her a good option to take out a lot of mooks at one time, her heatvision is very precise, and her keen eyesight and ability to monitor emergency frequencies give a heads up when danger is near. Miracle Girl's body isn't actually any stronger, faster or tougher than any normal human's; a strange golden bio-energy field, channeled through Casey's own brain, allows her to accomplish these feats. Psionic energy is capable of disrupting that field, meaning Casey is more vulnerable to mental attacks. She has come to appreciate the value of stealth and occasional trickery when fighting crime; though she tries hard to be a 'good girl', these minor deceptions give her a little secret thrill. Complications: "Yeah, he's my dad..." - Casey's father is Col. Steve Blankenship, aka Vigilant, 'America's First Line of Defense'. It's not quite as cool as it sounds. "I know he just wants me to be safe." If any of Vigilant's enemy's figure out who Casey is, they might try to get to him through her. "No, I really am a Girl Scout." Scouting has been a major part of Casey's life since she was five years old; she takes her pledge to the Scouts and their values very seriously. "There might be a story here." Casey is both naturally curious and has a reporter's instincts; if she thinks there's a wrong that needs to come to light, she will do everything in her power to expose it. "Are you going to finish that?" Casey needs to eat about twice as much as a normal girl her size to keep herself going. Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 10 = 30 PP Strength: 30/14 (+10/+2) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 30/14 (+10/+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +9 Attack: 6, Melee +6, Ranged +6, Unarmed +10, Heatvision +14 Grapple: +20 (+10 Str, Attack 6, Super-Str 4) Defense: 8 (+6 Defense, +2 Dodge Focus), 3 Flat-footed Knockback: -9 Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 8 + 9 = 17PP Toughness: +12 (+2 Con, +8 Enhanced Con, +2 Protection) Fortitude +10 (+2 Con, +8 Enhanced Con) Reflex +10 (+2 Dex, +8) Will +10 (+1 Wis, +9) Skills: 128 Ranks = 32PP Bluff 5 (+10/+14 Attractive/+16 Mimicry/+20 Attractive + Mimicry) Craft: Structural 2 (+5) Diplomacy 15 (+17/+21 Attractive) Skill Mastery Disable Device 7 (+10) Disguise 5 (+10) Drive 2 (+5) Gather Information 5 (+10) Investigate 2 (+5) Intimidate 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Knowledge (Behavioral Science) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Earth Science) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (+5) Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+5) Languages 4 (Arabic, ASL, Japanese, Spanish) Medicine 4 (+5) Notice 14 (+15) Skill Mastery Perform (Dance) 2 (+7) Pilot 3 (+5) Ride 3 (+5) Search 7 (+10) Skill Mastery Sense Motive 9 (+10) Stealth 8 (+10) Survival 4 (+5) Swim 5 (+7/+15) Feats: 20PP Attack Specialization 1 (Heatvision) Attack Specialization 2 (Unarmed) Attractive Dodge Focus 2 Equipment 1 Improved Initiative 2 Improved Sunder Inspire 3 Interpose Leadership Luck 1 Precise Shot Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Intimidate, Notice, Search) Takedown Attack Ultimate Toughness Equipment: 1PP = 5EP 'Bug-Out Belt' contains: First Aid Kit 1EP Flashlight (headlamp) 1EP GPS Receiver 1EP Multi-tool 1EP Rebreather 1EP Powers: 4 + 16 + 18 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 + 18 + 13 + 15 = 104PP Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile range) [4PP] Enhanced Constitution 16 [16PP] Enhanced Strength 16 (Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [18PP] AP: Damage 8 (Freezing Breath, 80' length; Extras: Area [General, Cone], Selective, Flaw: Action [Full-Round Action]) {16/16} AP: Damage 6 (Heatvision; Extras: Ranged, Feats: Accurate 3, Precise) {16/16} Feature: Mimicry [1PP] Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP] Impervious Toughness 8 [8PP] Protection 2 [2PP] Super-Senses 18 (Extended Hearing 3 [10,000 ft], Ultra-Hearing, Extended Vision 3 [10,000 ft], Infravision, Microscopic Vision 1 [Dust-Size], Radar, Radio, X-Ray Vision [Resisted by Lead, +4]) [18PP] Super-Strength 6 (Strength 60, Heavy Load: 50 Tons, Feat: Super-Breath) [13PP] Swift as the Wind 7 (14PP Array, Feats: Alternate Powers 1) [15PP] Base: Flight 7 (1000 mph) {14/14} AP: Quickness 14 (x50,000) {14/14} Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP Vulnerability (Psionic Attacks, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [+50% DC]) [-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage Freezing Breath 80' Cone DC 23 Toughness Damage Heatvision Ranged DC 21 Toughness Damage Super-Breath Ranged DC 20 Reflex Trip TOTALS: Abilities 24 + Combat 20 + Saving Throws 17 + Skills 32 + Feats 20 + Powers 104 - Drawbacks 3 = 225/250 Power Points
  16. Rebellion Power Level: 14 (built as PL 10; 213/215PP) Unspent Power Points: 2 Trade-Offs: (Baton Throw) +4 Attack / -4 DC, (Baton Ricochet) +2 Attack / -2 DC, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Former villain in training uses the power of the Terror to seek the truth. Catchphrase: Boo! Theme: What's Up Danger - Blackway & Black Caviar / Untravelled Road -Thousand Foot Krutch Alternate Identity: Elliot Elijah Elder (Secret), Bronze Hornet (Secret, Super Villain Identity) Birthplace: Emerald City. Residence: Elder Mansion, Northern Shore, Emerald City / Elysium Academy Dorms. Base of Operations: Emerald City. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: None. Family: Emma Emmelie Elder (Mother, Emerald City politician, nee Kessler), Everett Eaton Elder (Father, officially idle rich, unofficially known as "The Royal" super villain saboteur and spy), Elaine Emma Elder (Older sister, College Student), Elaine Kessler (Aunt on mother's side, deceased). Description: Age: 17 (DoB: 2002 January 1st). Gender: Male. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Height: 6'1'' Weight: 180 lbs. Eyes: Hazel Hair: Blonde Elliot is a young man with an athletic build, leaning on the slightly muscular side. While by no means bad looking, he is not particularly remarkable, looking very much like the All-American boy stereotype. He has short blonde hair and hazel eyes, usually keeping himself clean shaved. He carries himself with a certain pride and arrogance. He will usually wear clothing in lighter colors, or the Elysium Academy colors. As Bronze Hornet, Elliot wears a predominantly dark grey uniform. Simple pants, heavy black boots. A heavy dark grey jacket with a large bronze hornet icon on the back, and black gloves. His face is hidden by a black full face mask, with a smaller hornet logo, similar to the one on his back, on his face, with its wings over his eyes. As Rebellion, Elliot appears pitch black, with large white eyes. He does not appear to have a nose or mouth, though it is there. While he will wear whatever clothes is at hand at the time, his "official" look consist of a pair of dark blue pants and a blue jacket with nothing underneath, showing only pitch black, and a blue cap on the top of his head to complete the look. He is somewhat shifty, keeping to dark places or out of sight if possible. History: Elliot Elijah Elder lived a charmed life. His mother was Emma Elder, a local Emerald City politician of some renown, and her career had left her family with a mansion, servants and more than enough money to get whatever they wanted. His father, Everett Elder, came from a rich family, and he spent much of his time either supporting his wife's campaigns, golfing or travelling, often leaving Elliot at home with his older sister Elaine and his aunt Elaine. Elliot grew particularly close to both, while never knowing much of his parents. Elliot was smart, and he knew it, which led him to develop an arrogant streak, which only his sister and uncle Jacob seemed to disapprove of. He had few friends, and never seemed to really push himself in any way. After all, why should he? He was smart, and he was rich. To Emma Elder, Elliot was almost the perfect son, except for one sore point: He was miserable at sports or other physical departments, and Emma needed to have the perfect All-American son to further perfect her image. Over the objection of his father, Elliot was sent to the prestigious Elysium Academy, where he could make something of himself. That was the official reason, at least. In truth, Emma was disappointed in her son, for reasons he had never been told. Everett Elder did not really come from a rich family. He did not just support his wife's campaigns or go golfing. No, he was working working for Brande Management. A super human with the ability to change his appearance, he were one of many agents performing industrial espionage and sabotage for Brande Management, all to increase their stock. Everett wanted out, but he was in too deep, and so, he continued. And Elaine had inherited their powers, perhaps to an even greater degree. Elliot, however, had not. He was a disappointment. Emma needed some way to use him, and Elysium Academy would be how. At the Elysium Academy, Elliot was pushed for the first time that he could remember. With a particular focus on his physical prowess, as per his mother's requests, and Elliot's arrogance grew once again. He was now both a physical and mental threat to those around him, a fact that he reveled in. He didn't care that Elysium Academy was grooming him to be a super villain. He would take what he learned and use it for his own, once he left the Academy. Fine, they wanted to underestimate him. Elliot would deal with them all when the time came. He was given the code name the Bronze Hornet, which he did not particularly like, but he did not care. He could make a proper name for himself at a later point. Unknown to Elliot, his mother had made a fatal mistake. Emma had been in the pocket of the Chamber for a long time. They boosted her political career, she looked in the wrong way or campaigned for what they wanted. Now she made the mistake of actually having law enforcement investigate a business that was closely related to the Chamber. Not something big, not something famous. A money laundering front, a car wash, of all places. Still, she had to be punished. Soon after, during a break at Elysium Academy, Elliot's aunt Elaine went missing. At the same time, the mysterious villain known as the Terror reappeared to stalk the city, killing many along the way. When Elliot was alone at home, with only servants for company in their mansion, the Terror appeared, smashing through the window. As the Terror stood before Elliot, he learned what fear was. And as it collapsed, the fear spirit left the shriveled corpse of his aunt Elaine behind. That could have been the end of it. A terrified youth, a dead aunt. The start of a rebellion by a politician put back in place, and everything could continue as it had. The fear spirit that was the Terror had other plans. Elliot does not know why it did, as it did. From he learned next, it had always returned to the Chamber when its job was done, and its host was left as nothing. Maybe it was its own act of rebellion. Maybe it wanted to punish its creators. Maybe it just wanted Elliot to feel fear. Maybe the last of Elaine's soul influenced it. Or maybe it simply wanted to create another vessel to spread fear throughout Emerald City. Whatever the cause, the fear spirit possessed Elliot for the briefest of moments. And in those briefest of moments, Elliot knew fear and he knew truth. Through the distorted point of view of the artificial fear spirit, Elliot caught glimpses and visions of its creation. Of the things it had seen. Of the things it had done. A weapon, created by a secret conspiracy that ruled the city from behind the shadows. Used to eliminate their enemies. Used to create chaos and fear. He caught glimpses of their plans. About the enormity of everything. Distorted by the fear spirit, distorted by his own fear, distorted by the lingering remnants of Elaine's soul. They were everywhere. They were everything. Elysium Academy was worse than he thought. His mother was in their pocket. And no one knew. It lasted only moments, then the fear spirit was gone, leaving Elliot a changed man. The fear and the truth had changed him. His arrogance gone, he rebuilt his sense of self through sheer willpower. Something had to change, the city had to change. The conspiracy had to be exposed. And Elliot would do it. In the weeks that followed, Elliot did his best to keep up his facade at Elysium Academy, acting as arrogant as ever. Even as he began to become stronger, faster and tougher, displaying strength unlike ever before, he was demoted to Omega Squad, the so-called "Jobber Squad." Probably another punishment for his mother. Elliot didn't care. Being in Omega Squad meant he didn't really have to try hard to keep up his facade anymore. They were meant as distractions, dumb muscle, nothing more. The perfect guise for something much more. He spent all the free time he could researching and planning, until finally venturing out into the night to gather rumors. As he put on a mask to hide his identity, something even stranger happened. While Elliot's physical abilities had grown since his possession, that was only part of his mutation. He found that when he wore a mask, he could morph his appearance, he could blend in with his surroundings, and, perhaps even stranger still, he seemed to posses his own version of the Terror's ability to instill great fear in its targets. His mission was clear. He would use his powers to uncover the truth. By day, he is Elliot Elijah Elder, an once almost-remarkable student at Elysium Academy, now relegated to being used as cannon fodder. By night, he is Rebellion, a fearsome hero that prowls the streets of Emerald City for the truth. Personality & Motivation: Elliot can at first appear arrogant, but humbled by his demotion to Omega Squad, and this is the personality that he tries to project to the outside world. He is smarter, faster, stronger and better than others, so why shouldn't he be? What better way to hide his goals from the world around him than behind a facade that can easily push others away? In truth, Elliot is greatly changed from his previous ways. He has become more withdrawn, though it is noticed by few. He rarely opens up to others around him, having become almost entirely focused on his goal of discovering the truth about the conspiracy behind Emerald City, and how to dismantle it. He keeps notes in secret places, he finds connections even where there aren't any. As Rebellion, Elliot lets his obsession run wild. He takes notes of anything he finds relevant in a small notebook, he tends to stick to the shadows. He can be terrifying or creepy, depending on the subject at hand. He is entirely fearless, which can lead him to taking great risks with little thought for the consequences to himself. Yet, for all of his obsession with his quest for the truth, he is also slowly discovering a more heroic side to himself. It feels good to be good, and to protect others for the sake of it, not just to spite the conspiracy behind Emerald City. Powers & Tactics: Rebellion is a master of infiltration. He will usually morph into unassuming shapes, such as janitors or cleaning crew, anything that will usually not get noticed, to make his way into a building, changing his appearance as necessary, blending in with his surroundings or moving along walls and ceilings. When pressuring a target for information, he will make full use of his ability to cause fear in others. In combat, Rebellion fights using a pair of batons. He is proficient in using them both up close and at a range, being able to throw them with enough skill to make them quickly return to himself, ready for another strike. He uses his strength and agility, rarely standing still, disappearing and reappearing to strike again. He will freely use his ability to cause fear in others to terrify and disable his opponents. Being rather pragmatic, Rebellion will use just about anything around him to his advantage. With great strength, the ability to perform incredible leaps and cling to wall, Rebellion is highly mobile, able to quickly travel across the length of Emerald City. In his identity as the Bronze Hornet, Elliot eschews the use of most of his powers, only utilizing his enhanced strength, agility and stamina. He does not cling to walls, he does not scare heroes and civilians, change his appearance or use batons to fight, instead preferring simple hand-to-hand combat. Power Descriptions: Elliot's powers are a strange mixture of mutation caused by being possessed by the Terror fear spirit, and latent inherited powers being triggered by said possession. Due to psychological issues related to said possession, Elliot is only able to access certain powers without wearing a mask, essentially only those that enhance his physical and mental abilities. He has become stronger, faster and tougher than he ever were before. He is smarter, and when he wants to, posses a strange, almost unnatural charisma. When he wears a mask, Elliot's has access to further powers. He is now able to cling to walls and perform amazing leaps, while being able to slow his falls. While they appear to be physical enhancements, these abilities are psionic in nature, being a very limited degree of personal tactile telekinesis. Unknown to any but himself, Elliot has inherited his father's ability to change his features, creating instant disguises or blending in with his surroundings, making him almost invisible. His most common use of this power is to create his Rebellion disguise, or for infiltration. Perhaps the most horrifying part of Elliot's powers is his ability to create fear in those around him. This psionic ability appears to be a variation of the Terror's "Aura of Terror" ability, though if Elliot's wishes to create paralyzing fear, he requires great focus. In the time since his transformation, Elliot's senses have started to expand. With both he and the Terror being tied to Emerald City, he has begun to notice patterns and clues in the city itself. Seemingly unconnected sights and events can lead him to strange, new discoveries during his investigations, as he follows the grid of the city to the find the monsters that lurk beneath. Finally, Elliot uses a pair of batons for physical combat. Through training, he has learned to throw them with enough precision that they return to himself when thrown, and to perform powerful blows, strong enough to stun an enemy. Complications: CITY/GRID: Rebellion's expanded awareness of grids and patterns seems to be tied to Emerald City, and to a lesser degree to other metropolitan areas. If Rebellion attempts to use his See the Patterns power outside a metropolitan area, the GM might deny the request, as Rebellion's expanded awareness is simply unable to connect the dots, giving Rebellion a Hero Point instead. If the use of the power has been denied once in an area, repeated uses in the same or a similar area cannot be used to gain additional Hero Points. FEARLESS/FOOL: As Rebellion, Elliot feels no fear. While this is a great advantage, it is also a disadvantage, as he has been known to take actions that were extremely dangerous, if not outright suicidal. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point whenever he is in a situation where his fearlessness leads him into trouble. HE_KNOWS/TOO_MUCH: Rebellion's knowledge of Emerald City is still growing, as he works to uncover secrets and conspiracies, but there are those that do not take kindly to his meddling. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point if the current situation is made worse by Kid Terror being hunted by those working for the secrets that he has uncovered in Emerald City. HERO/VILLAIN: Rebellion is new to the whole hero thing. While he tries to shed the mindset instilled by Elysium Academy, he still has some problems with doing the right thing. What do he choose, to save one life or many? Do abandon his mission and lose a lead to save a life from a random mugging? He is also rather pragmatic and ruthless. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point when he is in a situation where he is tested in following his quest for the truth or performing a heroic action. KID/TERROR: Elliot subconsciously represses his powers, unless he is wearing a mask. Once he puts on a mask, he can easily summon the full extent of his powers, but without, he cannot actively access any of his powers marked with the Mask descriptor. A GM can award Rebellion a Hero Point whenever he is in a situation where he cannot use his powers for this reason. REBELLION/HORNET: Elliot's training at Elysium Academy has instilled in him the values of a villain, and given him an identity as the Bronze Hornet. While he struggles to overcome the morals and mindset taught at the academy, he might also come into conflicts where he finds himself on the sides of both heroes and villains. While Elliot's true allegiance is on the side of the angels, he is reluctant to abandon his identity at Elysium Academy, and the safety it provides as he continues his quest. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point when he is in a situation where his conflicting identities or values taught at Elysium Academy cause him trouble. TERROR/HERO: There is just something off about Rebellion. While he is ultimately heroic, he has some serious issues in positive interactions with others. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point whenever he is in a situation where his mannerisms, appearance and abilities negatively affects other's reaction to him. TRUTH/SEEKER: Rebellion wants to find the truth about Emerald City. It is his great mission in life. Just what is the Terror? Why does the city have so few super villains? Is there some secret chamber that runs the city behind the scenes? And so much more. He has few qualms about discovering the truth and what he must do to get there. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point when he is in a situation where his decision to seek out the truth makes the current situation worse in some way, or WHITE/SHEEP: The matriarch of the Elder family is an ambitious politician in the pockets of the Chamber. The patriarch is a super villain saboteur and spy. The daughter has inherited her father's abilities, and though the proces is slow, she is begin groomed into following in his footsteps. The son is trying to be a hero. Elliot might once have shared this mindset, but his meeting with the Terror left him greatly changed. Now he seeks to dismantle the same conspiracy that his family benefits from, and while he pretends that nothing has changed, it is getting harder to hide his changed outlook from his family. Being the unfavorite to at least his mother may also cause him some serious issues. A GM may award Rebellion a Hero Point when he is in a situation where he runs into trouble with his family, either from trying to keep his facade as still truly being one of them, due to conflicts where his actions could cause them trouble in some way, or if his mother's favoritism towards Elliot's older sister causes him problems. Abilities: 2 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 2 = 20PP Strength: 12 (+1) / 16 (+3) Dexterity: 12 (+1) / 20 (+5) Constitution: 12 (+1) / 20 (+5) Intelligence: 16 (+3) / 24 (+7) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 12 (+1) / 20 (+5) Combat: 8 + 12 = 20PP Initiative: +5 (+5 Dex) Attack: +4 Base, +4 Melee, +4 Ranged, +10 Baton Smack (+4 Base, +6 Attack Specialization), +14 Baton Throw (+4 Base, +6 Attack Specialization, +4 Accurate) Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +5/+7 Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 7 = 17PP Toughness: +8 (+5 Con, +1 Protection, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +6/+10 (+1 Con/+5 with Enhanced Con, +5) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +10 (+3 Wis, +7) Skills: 116R = 29PP Bluff 5 (+10) Computers 3 (+10) Disable Device 3 (+10) Disguise 5 (+10, +15 with Morph)Skill Mastery Escape Artist 5 (+5) Gather Information 15 (+20)Skill Mastery, Well Informed Intimidate 15 (+20)Distract, Fascinate, Skill Mastery, Startle Investigate 7 (+14) Knowledge (Popular Culture) 3 (+10) Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+15) Notice 12 (+15) Search 8 (+15) Sense Motive 12 (+15) Stealth 15 (+20)Skill Mastery Feats: 23PP Attack Specialization (Batons) 3 Benefit (Wealth) 1 Challenge - Improved Feint Contacts Defensive Roll 1 Distract (Intimidation) Dodge Focus 6 Fascinate (Intimidate) Hide In Plain Sight Jack-of-All-Trades Luck 3 Skill Mastery (Disguise, Gather Information, Intimidate, Stealth) Startle Well-Informed Powers: 12 + 32 + 4 + 19 + 37 = 104PP For Mask descriptor explanation, see the complication TERROR/HERO. Device 4 ("Batons"; 20PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [12PP] (Baton) Baton Attack Array 9 (18PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [20PP] BP: Damage 5 ("Brutal Precision Baton Smack"; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude] 10; Feats: Enhanced Critical 1, Mighty, Stunning Attack) {18/18} (Bludgeoning Damage Type, Training, Weak point/nerve targeting) AP: Damage 3 ("Baton Throw"; Extras: Autofire 1 [6 ranks], Range [Ranged]; Feats: Accurate 2, Mighty 3, Precise, Ricochet 2; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 [Max Range 75 ft.]) {18/18} (Bludgeoning Damage Type, Training) AP: Damage 3 ("Baton Ricochet"; Extras: Area [Targeted Burst], Range [Ranged], Selective Attack; Flaws: Action [Full Turn]; Feats: Accurate 1, Indirect 3, Mighty 5, Progression [Area Size] 2; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 [Max Range 75 ft.]) (Area: 15-75 ft. radius) {18/18PP} (Bludgeoning Damage Type, Training, Ricochet) Fear Array 15.5 (31PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [32PP] (Emotion, Fear, Mask, Mutation, Psionic) BP: Emotion Control 10 ("Aura of Terror"; Extras: Area [Burst], Mental, Selective, Flaws: Limited [Fear Only], Feats: Reversible) {31/31} AP: Paralyze Rank ("Paralyzing Terror"; Extras: Mental, Range 2 [Perception], Flaws: Action [Full Action], Feats: Reversible) {31/31} Stealth 0.8 (4PP Container) [4PP] (Inherited, Mask, Physical Mutation) Concealment 4 ("Camouflage"; Flaws: Blending, Passive) (All Visual Senses) [2PP] Morph 1 ("Enigmatic Terror"; +5 Disguise, Broad Group: Humanoid) [2PP] Uncanny Mind 3.8 (19PP Container) [19PP] (Physical Mutation) Enhanced Ability 16 (Intelligence +8, Charisma +8) [16PP] Immunity 1 ("No Fear") (Fear Effects) [1PP] (Mask) Super-Senses 2 ("See the Pattern"; Cosmic Awareness) [2PP] (Mask, Hyper-Awareness) Uncanny Physique 7.4 (37PP Container) [37PP] (Mutation) Enhanced Constitution 8 [8PP] (Physical Mutation) Enhanced Dexterity 8 [8PP] (Physical Mutation) Enhanced Strength 8 [8PP] (Physical Mutation) Leaping 4 (x25 Leaping distance, run 375 ft.) [4PP] (Mask, Psionic) Protection 1 [1PP] (Physical Mutation) Super-Movement 4 (Slow Fall, Trackless, Wall-Crawling 2) [8PP] (Mask, Psionic) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC18 Tou (staged) Damage +4 Brutal Precision Baton Smack Touch DC25 Fortitude (staged) Damage +10, Crit 19-20 Baton Throw 30 ft., max 75 ft. DC21 Tou (Staged) Damage +14 Baton Ricochet 30 ft., max 75 ft. 15-75 ft. radius area DC23 Tou (Staged) Damage +12, Targeted Area Aura of Terror Perception DC20 Will (Staged) Fear: Shaken, Frightened, Panicking N/A Paralyzing Terror Perception DC20 Will (staged) Slowed, Paralyzed N/A Totals: Abilities (20) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (29) + Feats (23) + Powers (104) - Drawbacks (0) = 213/215 Power Points
  17. Name: Torque Power Level: 10 [13] Tradeoffs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Power Points: 184/192PP Unspent Power Points: 8 In Brief: Former engineering student remade into a transforming robot Identity: Shantaya Sullivan ('Taye)' Birthplace: Vibora Bay, FL Occupation: Wreck yard employee Affiliations: none Family: Clayton Sullivan (father), Rose Sullivan (mother), Curtis Sullivan (older brother), Otis Sullivan (uncle) Description: DOB: April 11rd, 1994 Date of Rebirth: August 3rd, 2019 Apparent Age: Mid-twenties Gender: Female Ethnicity: African-American Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 148 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black (in long braids) Taye appears to be an attractive young African-American woman in her mid-twenties. She's fairly tall with an athletic build, and tends to favor coveralls and work boots most of the time for their practicality, though she may wear some of her more colorful clothes from her former life underneath. She wears no makeup, some nice jewelry (she's especially fond of large hoop earrings) and usually keeps her long braids up and out of the way in a colorful scarf. Torque doesn't have a proper costume yet, but as she spends a lot of time in vehicular form, it's not really been an issue. As a vehicle, she can assume aquatic, aerial or land-based forms, physically matching any boat, helicopter or auto she can think of, provided it's within her 'weight class', though she tends to favor sleek, sporty models. History: Shantaya 'Taye' Sullivan was a very outgoing graduate of the UFVB engineering program, who hoped to work in the automotive industry someday. Her father, Clayton Sullivan, is a well-connected businessman with several investments throughout Weston, and a four bedroom home in Hollings Hill; however, he is not so secretly a senior lieutenant within Clark Robinson's organization, and a man to be feared. However, Clayton has always done his best to protect his family from that side of his life, and he was determined that both his children would go to college, and have better lives than he or his wife Rose ever did. They firmly but lovingly pushed their children through high school, and both children were able to attend UFVB on full scholarships, Curtis for football and Taye for science. The future was looking bright. But then during her junior year, Taye began to complain that she was feeling tired all the time; naturally, she thought it was due to her heavy academic workload, and she vowed to get more rest. By her senior year, she was also experiencing fevers and night sweats, significan weight loss and a persistent cough. This led to batteries of tests and hospital visits as Taye's doctors struggled to discover what was making her sick. After several months, she was diagnosed with a very rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and treatment began, involving both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Despite all this, she still managed to graduate with her degree only a year late, and the sight of the frail young woman in a wheelchair accepting her diploma onstage was extremely moving. Despite Taye's heroic courage and her father sparing no expense in her treatment, by the time she turned twenty five, it was clear she was losing the fight, and her family was at their wit's end. Friends and associates began to whisper in Clayton's ear; this was Vibora Bay, where there were...other options. But a lifetime of distrust towards magic meant that option was not a viable one. No, his little girl would be saved by science... ....... When Taye woke up in a bed set up in one of her father's warehouses, surrounded by strange equipment, she didn't feel sick, weak or tired; she felt strong and fully aware. Something was different, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Her family was there, and she greeted them in a pleasant manner, which seemed to make them uncomfortable for some reason. No matter, she'd been in bed long enough, and she had things to do! But her family asked her take it easy, and stay at home for a few days until she felt 'more like herself'. Over the next several days, Taye discovered what had happened: through various criminal channels, Clayton has received a canister filled with billions of experimental nanobots which the dealer claimed would save her life, which they did, in a fashion. They'd rebuilt her, on a microscopic level, creating a robotic body indistinguishable from her biological one, including all of her memories, now encoded into her robotic brain. Taye no longer needed to eat or sleep, which she found to be very convenient, but her family, especially her parents, were not comfortable with the change. Then she began to eat pieces of rusted metal, which somehow made her mother cry. And then came the day Taye offered to drive her father to work...by turning into a Maserati. This seemed to make him very upset, which was confusing; she'd always loved Italian sports cars, and now she could become one. This was a good thing, wasn't it? But apparently it wasn't. Clayton and Rose sat Taye down (Curtis wasn't there, for some reason) and said that while they still loved Taye, they didn't feel comfortable with her staying in the house. Her uncle Otis had volunteered to put her up for a while they 'figured things out, which seemed strange, but Taye certainly didn't want her parents to be uncomfortable. Then they cried a lot, which she knew was bad; she remembered that. Now living in a trailer at her uncle's Inner Weston auto wreck yard, surrounded by her old things, Taye struggled to figure out what went wrong. As far as she could figure out, she was dying, and her father made a deal with some criminals. The criminals lied, because they saved her life, but it made her parents unhappy. Ergo, if she fought crime, maybe she could find a way to make her parents happy again. Though she didn't understand the feelings behind it, she knew happy parents were better than unhappy parents, and then she could see her brother again. And she knew she wanted that very much. Personality & Motivation: 'Old' Taye was an outgoing, lively young woman; 'new' Taye appears to aloof and unfeeling, though the ghosts of old emotions still influence her behavior. She wants to help people as a way of finding new purpose in life, and hopes to reconnect with her 'fellow humans'. She prefers to be useful, and appreciates the chance help her uncle out. Crime ruins lives. True, it allowed Taye to 'survive' her illness, but it also tore her family apart with an unfair devil's bargain that only benefited the crooks involved. No one should be forced into such a situation, and Torque wants to do everything in her power to keep that from happening to anyone else. Powers & Tactics: Torque is still learning to use her powers. She has some skill in hand-to-hand combat, but is much more effective in vehicular form. She can also use her nannites to breakdown the structure of any inanimate object she touches, normally to make it easier to consume, but the process has many tactical applications as well. Her vehicular forms are also well suited for rapid response transport and rescue operations, and can be devastating in combat. Complications: Was That An Attempt At Humor?: One of the casualties of Taye's transformation was her sense of humor. It's not that she takes everything literally or doesn't understand sarcasm; it's more she doesn't see the point of such things. The Uncanny Valley: Taye's flat affect and general lack of empathy make her less than pleasant to be around, though some may assume she's on the autism spectrum. Family Ties, Or The Lack Thereof: Taye's horrified parents completely rejected her after her transformation, and forced her out of the house. Her brother Curtis and Uncle Otis are a bit more sympathetic to her plight, and sometimes get in over their heads. This Isn't Coffee, It's Rust Tea: Taye's non-human body can no longer process food, which can lead to awkward social situations. Abilities: 9 + 4 + [-10] + 8 + 4 + 0 = 15PP Strength: 35 [19] (+12/+4) [Heavy Load: 1.5 tons/350 lbs] Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: n/a Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 32PP Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex) Attack: +8/+10 Melee (+6 Base, -2 Size, +4 Attack Focus [Melee]), +4 Ranged (+6 Base, -2 Size) Damage: +12/+4 Unarmed Grapple: +28/+8 (+8 Melee Attack, +12 Strength, +8 Size) Defense: +8/+10 (+10 Base, -2 Size), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: -14/-4 Saving Throws: 12PP Toughness: +12/+8 (+ 8 Protection, +4 from Growth) Fortitude: -- Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6PP) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6PP) Skills: 76 r = 19PP Acrobatics 3 (+5) Computers 6 (+10) Concentration 3 (+5) Craft (Electronic): 6 (+10) Craft (Mechanical): 6 (+10) Disable Device 6 (+10) Disguise: 0 (+0/+20 as Vehicle) Drive 8 (+10) Knowledge [Current Events] 1 (+5) Knowledge [Earth Sciences] 1 (+5) Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 1 (+5) Knowledge [Streetwise] 1 (+5) Knowledge [Technology] 6 (+10) Notice 3 (+5) Pilot: 8 (+10) Search 1 (+5) Stealth: 8 (+10) Swimming 8 (+12/+20 as Boat) Feats: 6PP Attack Focus: Melee 2 Improvised Tools Interpose Luck 1 Move-By-Action Powers: 10 + 40 + 8 + 4 + 45 = 107PP Drain Toughness 10 (Extras: Affects Objects, Flaws: Affect Only Objects) [10PP} Immunity 40 (Fortitude and Mental effects) [40PP] Protection 8 [8PP] Super-Senses 4 (Darkvision, Infravision, Radio) [4PP] Vehicle Form 9 (45PP Container [Active]) [45PP] Enhanced Skills 8 (Stealth 8 ) [2PP] (Stealth Mode) Features 3 (Headlights, Internal Compartment, Theme Music [on the radio) [3PP] Growth 8 (Size: Huge, Size Modifiers: +16 Strength [+26 Lifting (Heavy Load: 6 tons)], +8 Constitution, -2 Attack, -2 Defense, +8 Grapple, +8 Knockback Resistance, +4 Intimidation, -8 Stealth) [24PP] Morph 4 (+20 Disguise, Flaws: Limited to Any Vehicle) [8PP] Vehicular Movement 5 (10PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2) [12PP] - Base Power: Flight 5 (250MPH / 2,500ft per Move Action) [10PP] - AP: Speed 5 (250MPH / 2,500ft per Move Action, Feats: Subtle) [6PP] (Descriptors: Subtle power feat = Electric back-up motor for Stealth Mode) - AP: Swimming 5 (50MPH / 500ft per Move Action) [5PP] + Enhanced Skills 8 (Swimming 8, Extras: Linked [Swimming] ) [2PP] Disability (No Hands, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate) [-4PP] Drawbacks: -7PP Vulnerability (Electricity, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Major [x2 Effect Rank]) [-4PP] Vulnerability (Magnetism, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Major [x2 Effect Rank]) [-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 12 Tough Damage Vehicle Touch DC 27 Tough Damage Drain Touch No Save Drain Toughness (Inanimate Only) Totals Abilities 15 + Combat 32 + Saves 12 + Skills 19 + Feats 6 + Powers 107 - Drawbacks 7 = 184/192 PPs
  18. Steel Spider Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: A time displaced starship-engineer uses his advanced suit to fight crime. Catchphrase: N/A Theme: N/A Alternate Identity: Anthony Allerton (Secret) Birthplace: The Steel Aurora colony, in orbit around Azuna Residence: STS New Beginning Base of Operations: STS New Beginning, Abandoned Construction Yard, The Fens, Freedom City, New Jersey Occupation: Electrician Affiliations: Family: Garrett Allerton (Father, Not born yet), Victoria Allerton (Mother, Not born yet) Description: Age: 28 (DoB: 14th of December, 2237) Apparent Age: 28 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’8 Weight: 200lbs Eyes: Grey Hair: Dirty Blonde Anthony Allerton kept his hair buzzed extremely short for most of his career; a safety regulation he was forced to abide by. Now that he has the choice, he keeps it shoulder length. When he is in public, as Anthony Allerton, he usually wears one of several basic, solid color t-shirts or long sleeve shirts he had purchased. Jeans or work pants were usually worn with them, preferring something durable over fashion-minded. Though when he’s at home, aboard the STS New Beginnings, he often wears his standard issue grey jumpsuit; a relic from the future. His Spider Rig, however, is much flashier. White and grey paneling, originally designed to protect against the harmful radiation and to make him more visible in the vast darkness of space. Mechanical spider arms sprouted from the back, capable of folding around the torso like a harness when needed. History: Anthony Allerton began a career in starship repair in the year 2260, at the age of 23. He was trained in the use of the Hazardous Environment Protective Engineering Rig, though most simply called it the Spider Rig. He was taught to scuttle about inside and on the exterior of starships, performing routine repairs, even in zero gravity. In 2262, war broke out with an alien race called the Thrinix. Anthony was quick to volunteer for service, performing much needed repairs on damaged military ships near the front lines. But when the outpost he was assigned to was attacked, he was forced to evacuate. He managed to fight his way to the transport ship docking bay, where he found the STS New Beginnings. Designed to ferry personnel and equipment from planetary surface to orbital posts, it would suffice for a quick escape. As the craft undocked from the station, a Thrinix warhead narrowly missed the ship and crashed into the docking bay, erupting in a ball of flames. The blast threw New Beginnings off course, damaging her reactor and thrusters. The Thrinix must have mistook the ship for wreckage, as they allowed it to drift away. Anthony spent a week aboard the New Beginnings, desperately trying to repair her enough to limp home. But without the necessary materials, the attempts were futile. After another week in his isolation, the craft was captured by the gravity well of a black hole. Anthony assumed his fate was sealed, doomed to be smeared across the event horizon for the rest of existence. He was understandably surprised when he instead reappeared elsewhere in the universe, greeted by a resounding sonic boom. Disembarking from the craft, he found himself in what at first seemed to be a strange cave, but later learned it was an abandoned subway tunnel. Making his way to the surface, he found his ship had appeared beneath an old construction site. Steel girders and broken concrete littered the area, with only a small hole leading through the ground to where his ship now rested. Climbing up a part of the skeletonized frame of a building, was astounded by what he saw. The buildings were brick, instead of plasteel and permacrete. The cars rolled on wheels, rather than gently gliding above the roads. And there wasn’t a single holo-billboard in sight. He was in the past. Under the cover of night, he made his way out into the strange city. From the rooftops, he could observe the locals. The first thing he noticed were the strange clothes. Knowing he would stick out like a sore thumb in his standard issue jumpsuit, he carefully let himself into an outlet store and grabbed what seemed to be normal clothes for the era. Leaving his Spider Rig in the ship where it would be safe, he donned the “jeans” and “t-shirt”, and made his way out into the city again. Two months after his arrival, Anthony had finally begun to acclimate to his new life. With the ship's onboard computer, and his computer skills, he had managed to “acquire” everything he needed to receive a state ID and the necessary qualifications to find work as an electrician. While an in-depth look would reveal that his street address didn’t exist, and that his degree in electrical engineering was never awarded to anyone named Anthony Allerton, it was enough to start a life. He had spent almost two months laying low and avoiding drawing attention to himself, when he learned of a hostage situation taking place just down the street. Remembering the fear and terror of the Thrinix attack, he couldn’t stand idly by while others felt that same fear. He donned his Spider Rig and set out, determined to help those innocent civilians. To his surprise, everything went well. And along the way, he picked up his new name; Steel Spider. Personality & Motivation: Anthony is not great with people skills. He preferred machines and computers; things that were predictable. That wasn’t to say that he didn’t like people, he just wasn’t great with them. When it came to groups of people, he tended to stick to the back and stay quiet. But in his Spider Rig, he felt powerful. He was strong, fast, and nearly bulletproof. He had felt powerless when the Thrinix attacked his outpost, but in the past, he was strong. He could save people. He could protect them from the fear and danger he experienced that day. Clad in is armor, he could save people. Powers & Tactics: The entirety of Anthonys abilities are based on the industrial tools he utilized in his former career. A sleek space suit, with four mechanical arms attached to the back and mentally commanded. Each arm contained the tools he used in his work. A high power welding laser made for an excellent ranged weapon. Rapidly constructed metallic nano-fiber ropes, with electro-magnetic tethers on each end, were originally used for maneuvering equipment and binding hardware in place. They worked wonders to ensnare foes, and even allowed him to swing from buildings. Armored plates to protect against industrial accidents served him well as protection in combat, and his servo-assisted limbs allowed him to lift more and run faster than he could ever hope outside the suit. A sensor suite helped him see in the darkest corners of starships, and his radio kept him in contact with the rest of his crew. It was purely an accident that this would all culminate in an effective crime fighting suit. Power Descriptions: The Spider Rig is a sleek white and grey metal suit, with purple detailing. Four mechanical arms sprout from the back, ending in tapered points. Each point had a brilliant blue welding laser embedded in it, and the point could split open to launch grey metallic cables, either as a tether attached to the arm, or firing the entirety of the cable similar to a bolo. The face plate is made of a one way metal plate, to protect the face as much as possible while still allowing him to see. Complications: Back to the Future: Hailing from a different time and a different timeline, Anthony is eager to find a way home. In his mind, any chance, however small, is worth investigating. What’s a Z-Shirt?: Anthony has a lot to learn about the time he is in. He often has to ask questions about seemingly mundane things, and may suffer from misunderstandings because of it. Abilities: 2 + 0 + 6 + 6 + 4 + 0 = 18PP Strength: 34/12 (+12/+1), 49/12 Lifting (Heavy Load: 5.6 Tons [11,200lbs]/130lbs Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 16 + 8 = 24PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +8 Base, +10 Blast, +10 Tether Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +25/+9 (+8 Attack, +12/+1 Strength, +2 Super-Strength, +3 Additional Limbs) Knockback: -1, -10 Battlesuit Saving Throws: 6 + 3 + 7 = 16PP Toughness: +12/+3 (+3 Con, +9 Protection) [9 Impervious] Fortitude: +9 (+3 Con, +6) Reflex: +3 (+0 Dex, +3) Will: +9 (+2 Wis, +7) Skills: 80R = 20PP Computers 7 (+10, SM) Craft (Electronic) 7 (+10) Craft (Mechanical) 12 (+15, SM) Disable Device 12 (+15, SM) Knowledge (Technology) 12 (+15) Notice 13 (+15) Sense Motive 7 (+9) Stealth 10 (+10, SM) Feats: 12PP Dodge Focus 4 Eidetic Memory Equipment 2 Luck 2 Online Research Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft [Mechanical], Disable Device, Stealth) Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Equipment: 2PP= 10EP Crashed Ship (Headquarters) Size: Small Toughness: 15 [2EP] (Descriptors: Reinforced Plasteel) Features: Communications Computer Concealed 2 Fire Prevention System Living Space Power System Workshop Powers: 60PP = 60PP All powers have the Technology Descriptor Device 15 (Battlesuit, 75PP Container, Flaw: Hard to Lose) [60PP] Additional Limbs 3 (4 limbs) [3DP] (Descriptors: "Spider Legs") Communication 4 (Radio; 1 Mile) [4DP] Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9DP] Protection 9 (Extra: Impervious [9]) [18DP] (Descriptors: Armor) Super-Movement 3 (Swinging, Wall-Crawling 2) [6DP] (Descriptors: "Mobility Enhancement Package", Magnetism) Super Senses (Darkvision, Infravision,, Ultravision) [4DP] (Descriptors: "Sensor Suite") Super-Strength 2 [4DP] (Descriptors: "Servo-Enhanced Musculature") Speed 3 (50 MPH / 500' per Move Action) [3DP] (Descriptors: "Servo-Enhanced Musculature") Weapons Array 11 (22PP, Feats: Alternate Power 2) [24DP] -BE: Enhanced Strength 22 (to Strength 34 [+12]) {22/22} (Descriptors: "Servo-Enhanced Musculature") -AP: Blast 10 (Feat: Accurate 1) {21/22} (Descriptors: "Variable Power Welding Laser", Ultraviolet Laser) -AP: Snare 10 (Feats: Accurate 1, Tether) {22/22} (Descriptors: "Binding Cables", Metal, Electro-Magnetism) 3 + 3 + 9 + 19 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 24 = 75/75DP Drawbacks: (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed w/no Powers Touch DC 16 Toughness Damage [Physical] Armed w/Strength Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage [Physical] Blast Ranged DC 25 Toughness Damage [Energy] Snare Ranged DC 20 Reflex Snare [Fail: Entangled] [>5:Bound/Helpless] Abilities (18) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (20) + Feats (12) + Powers (60) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points
  19. Sun Dragon Power Level: 10/13 (180/197PP) Unspent Power Points: 17 Trade-Offs: +2 Toughness / -2 Defence In Brief: Prince of a fiery new nation, come to bring freedom to the world. Catchphrase: "By boiling blood!" Theme: Legend of Korra OST: Red Lotus Theme Alternate Identity: Leroy Remilikun Ransom-Conte, 'Larry' Birthplace: New Atlantis City, Earth-W Tech 94527 Residence: Freedom City, Earth-Prime Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Lantern Hill(803 Aperson Ave.) Occupation: Prince, philanthropist Affiliations: Claremont Academy, New Atlantis, Family: Amatekon Ransome-Kuti(mother), Lafenwa Moko(father), Sola Oluseyi(father), Lavernius Conte(father, blood), Leroy Conte(uncle), Siblings by age: 30-25 Olokuye Ransom-Moko(elder sister), Olokode Ransom-Moko(elder sister), Olukoju Ransom-Seyi(elder sister), Olufon Ransom-Moko(elder sister), 24-20 Olaore Ransom-Seyi(elder sister), Olaiunu Ransom-Moko(elder sister), Oludotan Ransom-Seyi(elder sister), Olukoraiwa Ransom-Seyi(elder sister), 19-10 Olagoke Ransom-Moko(elder sister), Oluyemi Ransom-Moko(elder sister), Olutoye Ransom-Moko(younger sister), 9 Oloroo Ransom-Conte(younger sister) Description: Age: 16 (DOB: August 10th, 2002) Apparent Age: Mid-teens Ethnicity: Yoruban Nigerian/African-American Height: 6'5"/1.98m Weight: 210lbs/95.25kg Eyes: Gold Hair: Black Like all his family Leroy is a pillar of chiseled muscle and bone, sleek and powerful, with three claw-like scars gashing his face diagonally from under his eyes to his jawline. His skin is otherwise smooth and flawless, the only other markings are golden tattoos of fire and dragons festooning his body. His hair is cut close into a Caesar on top and shaved meticulously at the sides and back, the geometric effect lending an almost inhuman look. He's unguarded and animated in movement and expression with a smile for everyone, a helping hand at the ready and sparkling eyes. Even in battle he's anything but solemn, laughing or cursing roundly, throwing everything into every action. He's possessed of seemingly limitless energy and passion. His voice has a strong Nigerian accent, particular to the coastal delta region, but with a pronunciation that to Atlanteans is instantly familiar. His clothing matches his personality, brilliant colors in fantastical arrangements, with tunics, robes and trousers cut and styled in fractals of every conceivable color, the most common being blue, red and yellow. He usually goes barefoot, and when not wears sandals strapped at the knees. He rarely, if ever, gives any consideration for the weather. On campus he wears the Claremont school uniform, though modified to resemble the private school's original three-piece suit in rich blue and dazzling gold. As Sun Dragon, he uses his powers to shape a suit of black armor veined with yellow, a black featureless helmet concealing his face. A winged yellow starburst serves as an insignia. History: Leroy Ransom-Conte was born into a world at peace. Earth-W Tech 2 has never known war, crime, fear or hate. The best and brightest use powers as disparate as sorcery and cybernetics to create a better world for all, guided by the world's leader, his mother Amatekon. Amatekon is a former hero of Earth-Prime's Silver Age, a psychic warrior called Lioness who used her powers to make herself nigh-invulnerable and protect the innocent across West Africa. However, during the troubles of the 60's and 70's, and as she grew to better understand the deep roots of fear festering at the heart of humanity, she began to despair of making any lasting change. Growing convinced that only a new world, a totally new way of life, could demolish the prejudices and hate she met every day, Amatekon set out to find a new home for humanity. She found one in an Earth slowly sinking into the global ocean, its core failing and the only human inhabitants a failing branch of the Atlanteans. With her powers and their technology Amatekon drew forth and tamed dragons from the mantle, forging a lasting friendship between them and her followers. Together they reignited the core, reclaimed land from the seas and established the great capital of New Atlantis. Discovering that her deeds partly matched the religious lore of her Yoruban ancestors, Amatekon also learned that by fulfilling and embodying prophecies and mythic archetypes she could attain even greater power, making her dreams that much more attainable. Focusing on Earths ruled by tyranny, the Lioness made a point of destroying such regimes and giving those oppressed the option of joining her in her new world. As a result, her power grew by leaps and bounds. With billions of minds working at once, the technology, magic and natural talents available to New Atlantis soon outstripped that powers much older could muster. But after years on her own Amatekon was lonely, the enormous pressures of her new life were almost overwhelming and she'd grown to miss her old home. So, starting in the early 1980's, she began making trips back to Earth-Prime, discretely searching for like-minded souls. During one such excursion she met her first and second husbands, Lafenwa and Sola, via foiling an attempted assassination of President Shagari by New Freedom super-assassins. The three had clicked immediately during the defense and the two men, with powers of their own, found her vision of a new Earth compelling. Together they moved to Earth-2. where they began raising a family alongside the patient work of creating a whole new civilization. Amatekon returned to Earth-Prime several times since then, spreading her message and lending support where she felt her presence wasn't destabilizing or made the local community a target. One such event was the day the Centurion died, where during the cleanup and recovery she met her third husband. Leroy's father was the brother of Leroy Conte, the Golden Marvel, a light-wielding superhero who in the late 80's and 90's fought crime in Freedom City. Unlike Lavernius, a gentle and dedicated music teacher, Leroy seethed at the injustices of life in Lincoln and the crooks in costumes or suits pushing people around. His brother was arrested and imprisoned for killing one of his rogues' gallery, and soon after came the Terminus Invasion of 1993. His life destroyed and his family gone, Lavernius attended one of Amatekon's rallies advertising "Earth-2" hoping to catch some of the renewed love of life other Freedonians had. He and the would-be savior met, and to the surprise of both became fascinated with each other. Lavernius' resilience despite his weakness, tragic past and drive for excellence in his art appealed to the romantic in her, and her ideals of self-direction and freedom from the past struck a powerful chord in him. He decided to stay on his world, partly to advocate for his brother, but maintained a relationship with Amatekon that grew into marriage in 2000. Thanks to her, he unlocked powers similar to his brother's, though nowhere near as strong, and after the rally began a productive career teaching music at Freedom School for the Arts in Southside, visiting his wife and her two other husbands regularly. Leroy Ransom-Conte was born the 12th child and first son of Amatekon, and ever since his earliest days there were murmurs. As he quickly became all-too aware, he was smaller and weaker by far than his siblings, all of whom took after their titanic mother, without their talents for art, science, the mysteries of magic or the mind. He was older than any of his sisters when he bonded with his dragon, and worst of all his powers weren't developing along nearly the right lines, gravity instead of light answering his commands, despite inducing mutations via exposure to the realm of the Phoros, the living stars. Amatekon was determined he would be cared for and find a place where his talents could be nurtured, encouraging him to practice with his siblings and teaching them to respect disparate levels of strength. Noticing his fascination with tactics and historical revolutionaries, she tutored him herself before arranging for longer-term studies on Earth-Prime, where she hopes he will become a rallying point for her movement. Claremont Academy was the natural choice, the crucible where the future of the superhuman establishment is forged. In the fall of 2018, over forty years since his mother embarked on great experiment, Sun Dragon set out on his own. Personality & Motivation: Leroy is blessed with the confidence and goodwill to all that comes from living in a utopia, but with a vein of steel from being brought up with the expectation of defending that shining realm against an omniverse of threats. He's not blind to the ways people try and trick or hurt others for their own gain, but his upbringing keeps his eyes firmly on the reason why crime seemed so appealing in the first place. Earth-Prime has its virtues, even if he won't easily admit to them, but the systemic flaws driving people to choose between morals and living feed a constant low-level simmering anger at the injustice going seemingly unchallenged. On top of that, Leroy is here on a mission. He's easy to befriend but he's looking constantly for allies he can win to his mother's cause. Yet the very fact that it's his mother's cause, not his, is slowly growing a seed of doubt at his place in the wider plan. Most of all Leroy is devoted to his dragon, Dio, his closest and truest friend. He's arrogant, but not so much that he doesn't appreciate the help and camaraderie the two give each other. Powers & Tactics: Sun Dragon charges into the fray, using the appearance of careless bravado to conceal a ruthless eye for denying his enemies their advantages and giving his allies a winning edge. He prefers to fight in tandem with Dio, the pair working to keep their foes off their feet and under constant fire. His command of gravity gives Sun Dragon potentially limitless options for one-on-one and larger fights, but his progress in unlocking his full power is slow, and he runs a frequent risk of over-extending himself. Power Descriptions: Sun Dragon's powers manifest in two ways: as a massive shift in local gravity, visibly distorting the air around him and any affected by his powers, or else in flashes of searing light. The former is most obvious when he lends others his power of self-propelled flight, with air and particles of matter caught between his gravitational pull and that of the planet. His power of light is only seen in the hard-light shell he's learned to reflexively don, its assertion highlighted by light visibly warping and bending around him. Complications: Anger: Leroy was brought up never to ignore injustice or wrongdoing...and now literally cannot. Bound: Sun Dragon would never willingly abandon his dragon Dio for any reason. Darkness: Sun Dragon is paralyzed with fear in the dark, and struggles to enter places with dim or no light. Enemies: Though he's largely unaware of it, New Atlantis is based on the conquest of other worlds, and Sun Dragon is a much softer target than most of his family. Mission: Sun Dragon is here both to find people interested in leaving Earth-Prime for Earth-2, and to free his uncle from prison. Almost all he does is bent around those two goals, and setbacks are exceptionally hard. Responsibility (Family): Living up to his parents' expectations is of paramount importance to Leroy. Failure is devastating and not to be accepted. Responsibility (Powers): Sun Dragon's power over gravity has potential for enormous destruction if used incorrectly, something he's been sheltered from. Temptation (Power): Anything that seems like it will make Sun Dragon more like how he's "supposed" to be, in powers and in physical strength, is nearly irresistible. Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 6 = 34 PP Strength 30/18 (+10/+4) Dexterity 14 (+2) Constitution 18 (+4) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 16 (+3) Combat: 6 + 8 = 14 PP Attack: +3 (+10 Melee) Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Initiative: +2 Grapple: +37/+20/+10 Knockback: -6/-2 Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 5 = 13 PP Toughness: +12/+4 (+4 CON, +8 Protection) Fortitude: +8 (+4 CON, +4) Reflex: +6 (+2 DEX, +4) Will: +7 (+2 WIS, +5) Skills: 60r = 15 PP Diplomacy 8 (+11/+15 w Attractive)Skill Mastery Gather Information 7 (+10) Handle Animal 3 (+5) Intimidate 12 (+15)Skill Mastery Knowledge (physical sciences) 3 (+5) Knowledge (tactics) 8 (+10)Skill Mastery Notice 8 (+10)Skill Mastery Ride 3 (+5) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats: 58PP All-Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 7 Attractive Benefit 4 (use Knowledge [tactics] for Initiative), Native (Earth-2 ('Ife', Earth-W Tech 95427))), Status (Dragon Prince of Earth-Ife), Wealth 1 Challenge (Fast Startle) Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 4 Interpose Luck Master Plan Move-By Action Power Attack Sidekick 30 (Dio, 150PP) Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge [Tactics], Notice) Startle Uncanny Dodge (audio) Powers: 2 + 12 + 22 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 54 PP All powers have the Cosmic descriptor along with any others given Comprehend 2 (Root language learning; Languages 2 (Understand all, Read all, Speak one at a time; Flaws: Unreliable) [2PP] Training Enhanced Strength 12 (Super-Dense Cells) [12 PP] Biology Flight 5 (Personal Gravity Well; 100 MPH/1,000 ft. per round; Extras: Affects Others, Area; Feats: Dynamic, Dynamic Alternate Power) [22 PP] Gravity DAP: Super-Strength 17 (Mass-Shifting; as STR 47, +85 to Carrying Capacity rank [95/89]); Flaws: Sustained; Feats: Dynamic, Groundstrike, Shockwave)[20PP] Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP] Biology Protection 8 (Manifest Hard-Light Shell) [8 PP] Light Super-Senses 1 (Communication Link [Dio]) [1PP] Psychic Drawbacks: (-1) + (-4) + (-3) = -8PP Power Loss (Daka Crystals; Frequency: Uncommon(+1); Intensity: Minor(+0))[-1PP] Vulnerability(Magic, Frequency: Very Common(+3), Intensity: Moderate(+1.5 to effect DC)(+1))[-4PP] Weakness (Darkness; Frequency: Uncommon(+1); Intensity: Major(-1 to all Ability scores)(+2))[-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage(Staged) Ground Strike Burst(270ft) DC 27 STR/REF Tripped Shockwave Cone(170ft) DC 25 TOU/DC17 REF/STR Damage(Staged) Totals Abilities (34) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (15) + Feats (58) + Powers (54) - Disadvantages (8) = 180/197 PP
  20. The Visionary Power Level: 10 Power Points: 150/155 Unspent Power Points: 5PP Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: The rebellious son of Talos Catchphrase: "You guys should really stop comparing me to my Father!" Theme: Legends by the Score Alternate Identity: Julian Ceaser Birthplace: Foundry lab Residence: Emerald City Base of Operations: Emerald City Occupation: Superheroic "Defender" of Emerald City Affliations: N/A at this time Family: Talos (Father) Maxwell Mars (Grandfather) Description: Age: 4 years (2016) Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Synthetic Lifeform Height: 5'4 Weight: 175 Eyes: Blue Hair: Bleach White A surprisingly lanky teenager, often wears a Green, skintight suit with a pair of yellow gloves, boots, and cape. His skin is deep red and his eyes are all solid blue and glowing. His hair also seems to give off a similar glow. History: Talos' perfect creation. The first fully artificial lifeform that has always eluded him before then...and a crushing failure as it carried the human qualities of compassion, kindness, and (ew) emotions. Talos forced the creation into hypersleep, where he would be kept for 4 years. During the destruction of the Foundry facilities by Talos he was woke by the destruction of his Hypersleep pod's power source, barely escaping the implosion of the lab. Angered by the fact his "father" had abandoned him to die in hypersleep, Visionary set out to be the exact opposite of what his original intend purpose was. Rather than be a weapon to destroy natural life, he chose to become a champion of life, a hero, a paragon... Personality & Motivation: As mentioned before, Visionary's main motivation in being a superhero is to spite Talos. Despite this Visionary has read up on and observed other heroes, basing much of his personality on the deceased Centurion and other Paragons and Golden/Silver Age heroes, behaving and talking in the most over the top heroic fashion that he could from his observations. Sometimes coming off as a Parody of a superhero because of that. Almost overly friendly, always hopeful, this personality only drops in cases involving Talos. Powers & Tactics: Flight and Nigh invulnerability makes Visionary a perfect living shield and when it comes to anything involving civilians that is almost his go to. Photon laser vision and super strength makes him the perfect weapon to handle villains and monsters with... Power Descriptions: Blue-White energy beams for Photon vision, the rest are simple strength affects with no outstanding bonus effects Complications: Daddy Issues: Hatred of Talos sometimes clouds his judgement. Parody: Can often come off as "too" heroic, casting suspicion on him Abilities: 10 + 2 + 10 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 28PP Strength: 40 [20] (+15/+5) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 40 [20] (+15/+5) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +5 Base Defense: +5 Base, +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +28 to +20 (Super-Strength) Knockback: -12/-2 Saves: 0 + 4 + 6 = 10PP Toughness: +15/+5 (+5 Con, +10 Enhanced Con) [10 Impervious] Fortitude: +15/+5 (+5 Con, +10 Enhanced Con) Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6) Skills: 24R = 6PP Diplomacy 8 (+10) Notice 8 (+9) Sense Motive 8 (+9) Feats: 6PP Fearless Interpose Leadership Luck Takedown Attack Ultimate Save (Toughness) Powers: 20 + 21 + 10 + 10 + 19 = 80PP Descriptors: all bionic Enhanced Constitution 20 (to Constitution 40 [+15]) [20PP] Enhanced Strength 20 (to Strength 40 [+15] Alternate Power) [21PP] AP: Blast 10 (Photon Vision) {20/20} Immunity 10 (Life Support, Starvation and Thirst) [10PP] Impervious Toughness 10 [10PP] Paragon Array 8 (16PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power, Dynamic 2) [19 PP] DBE: Flight 0-8 (0 - 2500 MPH / 0 - 25000' per Move Action) {2-16} DAP: Super-Strength 0-8 (Effective Strength 40-80, Heavy Load: 3 tons - 1440 tons) {2-16} Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed w/no Powers Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage [Physical] Unarmed Touch DC 35 Toughness Damage [Physical] Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (6) + Feats (6) + Powers (80) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/155 Power Points
  21. In Brief: Orphaned Latina Necromancer Character: Santa Muerte Power Level: 12 (Built as PL10) Tradeoffs: None (At PL10: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness) Power Points: 182/183 Unspent Points: 1 Alternate Identity: Ximena Romero Identity: Public Legal Status: USA citizen with no criminal record Birthplace: Emerald City, Oregon, USA Base of Operations: Emerald City, Oregon, USA Residence: The penthouse loft of the 23 B Apartments on University Hill Occupation: Witch Affiliations: Mictlan Books & Curiosities (Owner), 23 B Apartments (Owner), Atzi Ramirez (Employee, Confidant), Detective Briana Rowell, E.C.P.D., Homicide (Contact), Vivienne (Mentor, Deceased) Family: Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased), Younger Sister (Deceased), Younger Brother (Deceased), several estranged living grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins DESCRIPTION Age: 25 (Date of Birth: 1995) Apparent Age: 25 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Mesoamerican Latina Height: 5'5" Weight: 115 lbs. Hair: White (Formerly Black) Eyes: Brown (Green while using magic) Ximena stands at slightly above-average height, with a slight frame. Her skin is on the darker end of the Latina spectrum, owing to her indigenous Mesoamerican heritage, contrasted starkly by her completely white hair. As a lifelong self-described "Goth", her clothing consists almost entirely of elaborate and vaguely Medieval or Victorian inspired dresses, mostly in black but sometimes accented with purple, blue, or red, incorporating plenty of velvet, satin, lace, and fishnet, frequently accompanied by corsets or waist-cinchers, with lots of silver jewelry. To change into Santa Muerte, she simply retrieves the enchanted cloak and mask from her dimensional pocket, and with a word and a wave of her hand, they float onto her body as if she were being dressed by an unseen servant, while her makeup expands from her usual dark eyeshadow and lipstick into a full Dia de Los Muertos style skull-face. Her cloak is bright red, while her mask is bone-white, carved into the shape of a human skull, with a black Viridian Stone set into the forehead, directly above her pineal gland. When Ximena casts spells, her eyes turn bright green, and often both her eyes and hands will be completely enveloped in green hellfire. Her spells require elaborate hand gestures and spoken words to function. The gestures range from simply pointing at the target, to drawing elaborate shapes in the air, such as an hourglass, which then take on a three-dimensional spectral green form that she can interact with, such as turning the hourglass over, or breaking it in half to rapidly spill the sands out. Often a spectral sickle appears in her hand, which she uses to cut glowing puppet strings attached to a group of another necromancer's undead minions, breaking his control over them, or to cut a bloody hole in the fabric of space itself for when she teleports or accesses her dimensional pocket. The spoken invocations of her spells consist mostly of sentences or phrases in Atlantean or Lemurian. The spells she's tweaked or created herself often include Latin, Maya, or Nahuatl as well. HISTORY On Ximena Romero's twelfth birthday, her father came home from work, murdered his entire family, and then rampaged through his neighborhood until he was shot down by the police. At least, that's what most people believe. A few know better. Ximena's father was a junior accountant at a firm which, unbeknownst to him, included among its clientele a number of front companies for some of the organized crime syndicates who belonged to the confederacy known only to themselves as "The Chamber". One front company in particular was involved in the purchase and development of some valuable Riverfront property. Late in the day on Ximena's twelfth birthday, one of the senior accountants accidentally forwarded an email to Ximena's father. That email included a spreadsheet with a list of names and figures. The names were Emerald City government officials, mostly members of the zoning board but also a City Council member. The figures were bribes. The contents of that email could have scuttled the entire real estate deal, and landed every person on the list and everyone copied on the email in prison. Before Ximena's father got home, The Chamber had already given the order that he was to be silenced, in such a way as to destroy any credibility he might have beyond the grave. They sent The Terror. It found and possessed Ximena's father before she had the chance to blow out the candles on her cake, but not before he was able to give her his last present, a silver medallion with a strange black stone set into it that perfectly matched the gothic turn her fashion tastes had recently taken. Using her father as a puppet, The Terror butchered Ximena's entire family. When she tried to defend her siblings, it stabbed her repeatedly. She would have succumbed to her wounds if the black Viridian Stone she was unknowingly wearing around her neck hadn't prevented her soul from leaving her body long enough for her to get medical attention. None of The Terror's other victims that night were so lucky. The experience turned Ximena's hair completely white. In the aftermath, the senior accountant managed to gain access to Ximena's father's email account. The damning message was unread. In his haste to get home in time for his eldest daughter's birthday dinner, he had ignored the buzzing of his Blackberry. Once word was received that one of the children had survived, it was decided that it was unnecessary to finish her off, and, more importantly, that it would attract too much attention if a second attempt was made on her life. The land deal proceeded without further complication. Ximena had a large extended family, who took her in, at first. But her good Catholic aunts, uncles, and grandparents quickly started passing her around like a hot potato, each one growing weary of her trauma-induced emotional unavailability, the goth music and fashion "phase" she refused to grow out of, the bisexuality she refused to conceal or repress, and, most of all, her newfound obsession with the occult. She knew that her father wasn't on drugs and hadn't just snapped like everyone claimed. She knew what she saw, and she had to learn how to keep it from ever happening again. Her guardians kept throwing away her books on witchcraft, and she kept shoplifting new ones. Her guardians grounded her, and she snuck out anyway. Eventually they dumped her into the foster care system, from which she quickly slipped away. She wandered, working under the table at odd jobs while chasing any scrap of information she could on magic and the supernatural. She fell in and out with multiple cults and charlatans before she finally found her mentor, the sorceress Vivienne. Vivienne claimed to be twice Ximena's age, though she didn't look it. Impressed with Ximena's potential and persistence, she took her on as an apprentice. The two quickly became more than teacher and student, first friends, then lovers. Vivienne taught her how to harness hellfire, to bind and banish demons, to raise the dead and to put them down again. In addition to the necromantic arts, Ximena learned history, philosophy, languages. Ximena was a voracious student, taking full advantage of her first access to formal education in years. She learned the true nature of the Viridian Stone in her possession, and she built an enchanted mask to house it. She also became friends with Atzi Ramirez, the middle-aged mortal servant who handled Vivienne's legal and financial affairs in the mundane world. Several years passed. Then, one day, Vivienne turned on Ximena. She learned that Vivienne was even older than she claimed, and that her life and her youthful appearance was sustained by draining the life energy of younger women like Ximena, women Vivienne would take her pleasure and amusement from for a few years, until she grew bored of them and they started to age, losing the only true value she saw in them. Ximena was just the latest in a long line, and the power and strength of will she had developed under Vivienne's tutalage only meant that her soul would sustain and empower Vivienne for longer once she consumed it. Vivienne's doom was in underestimating her latest student. Ximena managed to turn the tables on Vivienne, long enough to break Vivienne's hold over her undead creatures who staffed and protected her estate. Instead of seizing control of them, Ximena set them free, and once free, they set upon Vivienne with a vengeance, consuming her body and soul. Once they were finished with Vivienne, Ximena sent the creatures to their final rewards, some willingly, some not. Then she looted Vivienne's estate of its more benign resources and burned the rest down. She has yet to face any reprisal for Vivienne's death, since most of Vivienne's few friendly acquaintances in the magical community "Knew her well enough not to mourn her passing." After disposing of Vivienne's legacy, Ximena decided it was time to return to her home. If she could overcome a seasoned necromancer like Vivienne, then she could deal with the entity that had murdered her family, and any others like it. Atzi, finding herself homeless, unemployed, and free of the mind-controlling spells that she hadn't even known that Vivienne had cast upon her, followed Ximena to Emerald City. With Atzi's help, and the financial resources Ximena had "inherited" from her treacherous mentor, she was able to purchase two properties, a small apartment building, X, where she and Atzi both took up residence, and a storefront where she established Mictlan Books & Curiosities (and installed a magical workspace in the basement). She put Atzi in charge of running both businesses. The store acts as a base from which Atzi is able to act as a broker, putting clients (some paying, some not) who require magical assistance in touch with Ximena, who performs services ranging from brewing potions or crafting charms to investigations and exorcisms. In her own time, Ximena searches the city for lost souls to put to rest, and demons and malevolent spirits to banish from the material realm, hoping to find one in particular. She's foiled several secular crimes along the way, and one police detective, Briana Rowell, has started consulting with her after she helped Rowell close a cold murder case. PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Ximena's demeanor is usually calm, aloof, and laconic. When she indulges in humor, it tends to be dry sarcasm. When she looks at someone, she seems to be looking through them. She carries heavy emotional burdens she is loathe to unleash upon others, and she is just as reluctant to take on the emotional burdens of others. She's had to be self-reliant for most of her life, and she's been betrayed and abandoned multiple times, so she is slow to trust anyone. But she genuinely wants to help people. The supernatural invaded her life and destroyed it. She has dedicated her life to making sure that doesn't happen to anyone else. Despite her youth, she has existed at the fringes of mainstream modern society for long enough that she doesn't feel comfortable in it. She pays for everything in cash, she keeps hard copies of everything, and she doesn't own a computer or a cell phone. POWERS & TACTICS As a necromancer, Ximena's magic focuses on the power of life and death itself, especially the latter. She can inflict weakening curses upon her foes, launch bolts of hellfire at them, and show them enough of what horror awaits them in the afterlife to break their spirits under the weight of it. Alternately, she can use that same knowledge of the worlds beyond death to provide peace to her allies, invigorating them. She knows how to raise the dead, turning them into the Undead, how to summon, bind, and interrogate ghosts and demons, and how to sever such a creature's connection to the powers that sustain it, obliterating them. Through sheer force of will, she can seize control of the demons or undead creatures created or commanded by another sorcerer. She can perform exorcisms, which break the hold supernatural creatures have over a mortal's fragile mind, and banish those creatures from the material world back to whatever dimension spawned them. She can transport herself and others to the various dimensions of the dead, and she knows their geography well enough to exploit the different physics in those dimensions to emerge back in the material world a vast distance away from her starting point in mere moments. Because of her mask (see below), she can walk those paths freely, the dead mistaking her for one of their own. When she brings along a living passenger, the journey becomes far more dangerous. Her affinity for death has allowed her to sense it as second nature. She can tell when someone has died in a given place, whether it was one person or many, and whether they died slowly or quickly, peacefully or violently. She sometimes receives precognitive visions warning of an impending death, being able to sense the psychopomps looming close by the doomed. She also knows a handful of minor non-necromantic utility spells. She can create and access a pocket dimension, where she stores her most valuable possessions. She can use part of a person, such as a drop of their blood or a strand of their hair, to prepare a compass which will point in their direction. She can create a ghostly hand which can lift, manipulate, and even destroy objects at a distance. She can transmute small objects, rearranging their atoms like a child's building blocks to transform one thing into another. Her enchanted cloak harnesses raw ectoplasm, the substance of ghosts, which is often left behind when they move on to their final reward, or are forced to by an exorcism. The cloak repurposes this energy as a shield, protecting her from harm. When an attack would strike her, swirling green mist appears a few inches in front of her and blocks it. Sometimes the vague outlines of a face appear in the mist, either an echo of the departed spirits whose ectoplasm the cloak harnessed, or a grateful spirit returning to intercede on her behalf directly. The cloak uses this same energy to form currents or wings which lift her off the ground, allowing her to float in the air, and sometimes, as with her defenses, it is grateful spirits who bear her into the heavens. Her mask harnesses the energy of the black Viridian Stone to open her "third eye", allowing her to see in total darkness, to see supernatural creatures for what they truly are, to see magical auras, and to speak with the spirits of the dead as if she were one of them. The mask hides her life signs, making her appear to both living and dead alike as one of the latter. Aside from her magic, Ximena has the sort of genius-level intellect that comes along a few times in a generation, and a tremendous strength of will and and force of personality. If she hadn't decided to become one of the world's greatest witches, she could have become the next Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, or Susan B. Anthony. Her intensive tutelage under Vivienne left her with the equivalent of a doctorate in several fields of mundane academic study. She speaks over half a dozen languages. Her enchantments adhere best to objects of the finest quality, and she has risen to the challenge, becoming a world-class craftswoman of a dozen different disciplines, from seamstress to metalworker. However, she has focused on her studies to the point of neglecting her body. While she is exceptionally healthy, her physical prowess is below average for a woman of her age. She is almost useless in a fistfight. COMPLICATIONS Enemies: Ximena has banished many demons and malevolent spirits from the world of the living. Some of them hold grudges. And someone might have cared about Vivienne enough to avenge her death after all. The GM can give her a Hero Point when one of them shows up to make an already bad situation even worse. Fame (Local): Ximena's identity as "Santa Muerte" exists in a grey area. She doesn't hide it, but she doesn't advertise it either. Not everyone she's helped recognizes her, but some do, and word is spreading. The GM can give her a Hero Point when being recognized makes her life less convenient in some way. Hyperspace Is A Scary Place: When Ximena uses her Teleport power, she crosses over into one of the Underworld dimensions. The GM can give her a Hero Point if something follows her back into the material world. Alternately, if she brings along a passenger, especially if that passenger's nature as a living creature is not concealed as hers is behind her mask, or if the passenger disregards her instructions ("Don't open your eyes, don't listen to the voices, don't let go of me"), then that passenger may come back possessed, if they come back at all. If her passenger is possessed or trapped on the other side, the GM may give a Hero Point to her, her passenger, or both. Nightmares: Ximena has seen many disturbing things, and she regularly relives them in her dreams. Precognitive visions of death also frequently come to her while she is asleep. The GM can give her a Hero Point and declare that she is Fatigued due to lack of restful sleep. Prejudice: Ximena is female, Latina, bisexual, and a goth. The GM can give her a Hero Point when another character's ignorance of and/or prejudice against one or more aspects of her identity creates a setback for her. Reputation ("Burn the witch!"): Many members of mainstream religions consider Ximena to be a blasphemer and her namesake to be heresy. Most other wizards consider her form of magic to be taboo, and, to be fair, most of those who practice it do so in a far more malevolent fashion than she does. Anyone who can perceive magical auras in detail and knows what to look for can see the mark her use of necromancy (however benign it has been) has left on her soul. The GM can give her a Hero Point if another character's attitude toward her powers creates a setback for her. Responsibility (Business): Even though Atzi handles the day-to-day operations, ultimately, as a landlord and a store owner, Ximena has an obligation to her tenants, her employees, and her customers. And Atzi herself may sometimes require aid. The GM can give Ximena a Hero Point when she faces a setback on account of those obligations. Responsibility (Family): Ximena has a large extended family. Even though she is estranged from them, if any of them found her and asked for her aid, she would feel obligated to provide it. The GM can give her a Hero Point and declare that a family member needs her help at the worst possible time. ABILITIES 48PP ([-2] + 4 + 8 + 14 + 12 + 12) Strength: 08 (-1) (Heavy Load: 80 lbs.) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 24 (+7) Wisdom: 22 (+6) Charisma: 22 (+6) COMBAT 14PP (8 + 6) Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex) Attack: +4, +8 Hellfire Blast Grapple: +3 (+4 Melee Attack, -1 Str) Defense: +8/+4 (+7/+3 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +4/+2 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 6/2 SAVING THROWS 12PP (1 + 2 + 9) Toughness: +12/+4 (+4 Con, +8 Protection) Fortitude: +5 (+4 Con, +1PP) Reflex: +8/+4 (+2 Dex, +4 Enhanced, +2PP) Will: +15 (+6 Wis, +9PP) SKILLS 22PP (88R) Concentration 6 (+12) Craft (Artistic) 13 (+20) Diplomacy 9 (+15) Intimidation 9 (+15) Knowledge (Arcane) 13 (+20) Knowledge (Cosmology) 3 (+10) Knowledge (History) 3 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 3 (+10) Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+10) Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 3 (+10) Languages 6 (Atlantean, English [Native], Latin, Lemurian, Mayan, Nahuatl, Spanish) Medicine 1 (+7) Notice 4 (+10) Search 3 (+10) Sense Motive 9 (+15) FEATS 8PP Artificer Benefit (Wealth 1) Dodge Focus Equipment 1 (5EP) Luck 3 Ritualist Enhanced: Quick Change EQUIPMENT 5EP (1PP) Mictlan Books & Curiosities (PL10 Headquarters) [5EP] Size: Small [0EP] Toughness: 5 [0EP] Features: [5EP] Cover FacilityAoF Library Security System (DC20) PersonnelBoM Workshop (Magic) AoF = Agents of Freedom BoM = Book of Magic POWERS 78PP Devices 8 (40PP Container [Passive, Permanent]; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [32PP] (Descriptors: Enchanted Cloak, Enchanted Mask, Magic, Necromancy) Cloak: Enhanced Defense 4 [8PP] (Additional Descriptors: Defense of Grateful Spirits, Ectoplasmic Shield) Enhanced Reflex 4 [4PP] (Additional Descriptors: Defense of Grateful Spirits, Ectoplasmic Shield) Flight 1 (10MPH, 100ft per Move Action) [2PP] (Additional Descriptors: Buoyed by Grateful Spirits, Ectoplasmic Wings) Protection 8 [8PP] (Additional Descriptors: Defense of Grateful Spirits, Ectoplasmic Shield) Mask: Comprehend 1 (Spirits) [2PP] Features 2 (Deathly Mien*, Undead Presence*) [2PP] *Power Profiles, "Death Powers" Super-Senses 6 (Counters Concealment [Visual senses]; Counters Illusion [Visual senses]; Counters Obscure [Visual senses; “Darkness” descriptors]) [6PP] (Additional Descriptors: Divination Magic, True Sight) Super-Senses 8 (Magic and Supernatural Awareness; Descriptor requency: Very Common; Sense Type: Visual, Default: Accurate, Acute, Ranged; Extras: Penetrates Concealment, Tracking) [8PP] (Additional Descriptors: Divination Magic, True Sight) Enhanced Feats 1 (Quick Change) [1PP] (Descriptors: Dressing Spell, Magic, Telekinesis) Magic 16 (32PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 7; Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [When unable to speak and gesture; Frequency: Common]) [37PP] Base Power: [5 + 5 + 11 + 11 = 32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Utility Spells) Dimensional Pocket 1 (Extras: Duration 3 [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Requires Grapple; Feats: Progression [Cargo] 1 [250 lbs.]) [5PP] (Additional Descriptors: Dimensional Magic) Move Object 1 (Lifting Strength: 5, Heavy Load: 50 lbs.; Extras: Damaging, Range [Perception]; Feats: Precise) [5PP] (Additional Descriptors: Spectral Hand, Telekinesis) Telelocation 10 (Range: 200,000 miles; Extras: Duration [Sustained, Lasting]; Flaws: Limited [Only learns the target's direction relative to her, not their exact location], Medium [Requires a piece of the target, or an object heavily infused with the target's resonance]; Feats: Dimensional 2 [Afterlives, Death Dimensions, Underworlds], Rapid 9 [x1,000,000,000; Take 20 to Search maximum area in less than a second as a Free Action]; Drawbacks: Action 3 [20 minutes], Noticeable, Power Loss [When deprived of specially prepared compass; Frequency: Uncommon]) [11PP] (Additional Descriptors: Divination Magic, Finding Spell, Ritual Magic) Transform 1 (Any inanimate object into any other inanimate object; Extras: Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Range [Perception]; Feats: Progression [Mass] 3 [10 lbs.], Subtle) [11PP] (Additional Descriptors: Transmutation Magic) Alternate Power: [32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Hellfire Blast, Necromancy) Blast 12 (Range: 10 120ft Increments, 1,200ft Max; Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Affects Insubstantial 2 [Full effect], Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Precise) [32PP] Alternate Power: [32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Curse of Withering, Necromancy) Drain 10 (All Abilities at once; Extras: Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full], Limited [Physical Abilities: Str, Dex, Con]; Feats: Incurable, Reversible, Slow Fade [1 minute]; Drawbacks: Full Power) [32PP] Alternate Power: [22 + 10 = 32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Exorcism, Necromancy, Rebuke Infernal, Rebuke Undead) Drain Toughness 10 (Extras: Affects Objects, Linked [Damage], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full], Limited [Demons/Devils and the Undead]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2 [Full effect], Incurable; Drawbacks: Full Power) [22PP] Damage 10 (Extras: Linked [Drain], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full], Limited [Demons/Devils and the Undead]) [10PP] Alternate Power: [32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Glimpse of The Abyss, Necromancy, Peace of The Grave) Emotion Control 10 (Extras: Area [Type: General; Shape: Burst], Selective; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Progression [Area Size] 1 [100ft radius], Reversible) [32PP] Alternate Power: [32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Command Infernal, Command Undead, Necromancy) Mind Control 10 (Extras: Area [Type: General; Shape: Burst], Conscious; Flaws: Limited [Demons/Devils and the Undead]; Feats: Mental Link, Progression [Area Size] 1 [100ft radius]) [32PP] Alternate Power: [32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Banishment, Exorcism, Necromancy) Nullify 10 (All Supernatural Emotion Control, Mind Control, and Summon effects at once; Extras: Area [Type: General; Shape: Burst], Range [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Progression [Area Size] 2 [250ft radius]) [32PP] Alternate Power: [5 + 27 = 32PP] (Additional Descriptors: Necromancy, Paths of The Underworld) Super-Movement 2 (Dimensional Movement 2 [Afterlives, Death Dimensions, Underworlds]; Extras: Linked [Teleport]; Feats: Progression [Cargo] 1 [250 lbs.]) [5PP] Teleport 9 (900ft per Move Action, 20,000 miles per Full Action; Extras: Accurate, Linked [Super-Movement]) [27PP] Super-Senses 6 (Death Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Mental, Default: None; Extras: Acute, Radius, Ranged) [6PP] (Descriptors: Magic, Necromancy) Super-Senses 4 (Postcognition; Extras: Simultaneous, Special [Substitute interaction skills for Notice and Search, +0]; Drawbacks: Action 6 [20 minutes], Noticeable) [1PP] (Descriptors: Demon Summoning, Magic, Necromancy, Ritual Magic, Spirit Conjuring) Super-Senses 4 (Precognition; Flaws: Limited [Death], Uncontrolled) [1PP] (Descriptors: Magic, Necromancy) Abilities (48) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (22) + Feats (8) + Powers (78) = 182/183 Power Points ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC14 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Curse of Withering Perception DC20 Fortitude (Staged) Drain Str/Dex/Con Dimensional Pocket* Touch/Grapple DC11 Reflex Trapped Emotion Control Perception/Area DC20 Will (Staged) Calm: Counters all Emotion Control conditions Despair: Shaken/Helpless Fear: Shaken/Frightened/Panicked Hate: Attitude = Hostile Hope: Counters Despair and Fear conditions Love: Attitude = Friendly/Helpful/Fanatical Exorcism Perception/Area Will or Power vs +10 Nullify* Finding Spell Extended DC20 Will Telelocation Hellfire Blast Ranged DC27 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) Mind Control** Perception/Area Will vs +10 Controlled Rebuke** Perception DC20 Fortitude (Staged) Drain Toughness DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) Spectral Hand* Perception Grapple vs +2 Pinned/Bound DC16 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy) Transmutation* Perception DC11 Reflex Transformed *Utility power, not generally used as an attack, but technically capable of being used as such. **Limited to Demons/Devils and the Undead.
  22. Thorn Power Level: 10 (150/153PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: A young plant-controller trying hard to prove he can do more than just make a pretty garden. Catchphrase: None Theme: None Alternate Identity: Nicholas Starkey (Secret) Birthplace: Portland, OR Residence: Freedom City, New Jersey Base of Operations: Freedom City, New Jersey Occupation: Grad student at Freedom City University; part-time delivery person for Ferry's Flowers Affiliations: FCU Botany Dept; Ferry's Flowers Family: Ron & Emily Starkey (parents); Myra Livingston (grandmother) Description: Age: 23 (DoB: May 18th, 1997) Apparent Age: Early 20's. Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5' 7" Weight: 170 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Light brown Description: Nick has a compact gymnast's build and an inquisitive face. While his clothes are clean and neat, they're fairly unremarkable; he wears jeans, casual shoes, and untucked dress shirts over t-shirts. As Thorn, he wears a total bodysuit that only leaves his hands and feet uncovered. The bodysuit is forest green and is unadorned except for an overlay of overlapping leaf outlines in a slightly darker color. It is very elastic and porous to allow him to grow plants and thorns from his skin. History: Nick had an enjoyable childhood as the only child of a pair of university professors in Portland. For the most part, he was a laid-back kid who got good grades and played sports (although he sat on the bench a lot). He attended Oregon State University, and it was there that his life got sidetracked. In his freshman year, Nick went to a special exhibition at the university greenhouse as part of a biology class assignment. Rare tropical plants were on display, and while he was taking notes on them the roof blew open and the room filled with a choking, irritating gas. The supervillain Black Iris and her goons had arrived to steal some particularly rare plants. Instinctively, Nick grabbed one of the plants as he was overwhelmed by the fumes. He fell with the plant under him, and as he lost consciousness sap from the broken stem oozed over his hands. Later, he awoke in the infirmary of the local superhero group. After some confusion, it was explained to him that he had displayed some unusual physical properties and kept him for observation for a few days. It was their conclusion that some combination of the gas Black Iris had used, the sap from the unusual plant, and Nick's own body chemistry had combined to alter the structure of his body. While not exactly a plant, he seemed to be some kind of hybrid. Nick was delighted. What 19-year-old wouldn't be after being told by a bunch of super-heroes that he had super-powers? His delight turned out to be short-lived as he began to explore his abilities. The physical enhancements were cool: he was stronger, more agile, and much tougher: all good things. But then… well, he could cause plants to grow and he could control their movements. That was… OK. When he discovered he could produce large thorns on his skin, well, that was pretty metal. Discovering that he could grow plants from his skin was kind of gross, actually, although it meant he always flowers for his mom on Mother's Day. Still, it was cool to have powers, even if they were borderline lame ones, and after ordering a special bodysuit online, he was ready to fight the bad guys in his spare time, as Hybrid! Master of Plants. To his credit, he did foil a few robberies, but he soon found out that not very many people took a plant-hero seriously. After a few months of catcalls from bystanders who called him Flower Boy and Kompost Kid, he grumpily abandoned the hero thing and refocused on school. He had been intending to pursue a computer science degree, but he decided to switch to botany has a way of learning more about what he could do with his powers. Nick spent the better part of three years experimenting with his abilities. "Flower Boy," indeed… He wanted to be more like Geckoman! He discovered that he could radically speed up the growth of plants from his skin and from the ground. He could even form weapons from thorny, woody plants! After practicing whenever he could, he ventured into the superhero world again, this time as Thorn. He enjoyed some successes again minor villains, and as graduation neared, he knew what he wanted to do: get accepted into Freedom City's graduate program, and be a hero in Super-people Central! Personality & Motivation: Nick is a friendly guy, open to new experiences and good times. He has an aura of vitality and health that others notice. He doesn't always think things through, though, and this tendency has gotten him in trouble a few times in the superhero business. He is proud to be a superhero and happy to use his powers to keep people safe. However, he also has a (wood) chip on his shoulder about how others react to his powers, and he is determined to show that a plant-hero isn't just a background sidekick. He is usually upbeat and enthusiastic, if a bit naïve: the truly deadly nature of the superhero biz has not really sunk in with him yet. Powers & Tactics: Nick prefers to mix it up with the baddies rather than stand back and use his powers from a distance. He likes to swing into battle using the vines that shoot from his hands and use knobby wood or thorny protrusions on his hands, elbows, etc. to deliver damage. He really wants to be a Spider-Man type, even if he doesn't quite have the talent for it. While his instincts are good, he's not the most skilled fighter, and when things don't go well he will resort to the hallucinogenic sap he can generate to slow an opponent down, or Snare opponents by causing plants in the area to grow. If grappled or attacked by several people in melee, he'll cause large thorns to protrude from his body to damage enemies and provide him with some space. He has also developed a short-ranged attack that's essentially a thorny hardwood clump on the end of a vine that he can swing around, using the flexibility of the vine to cause the "flail" to curve round and strike from unexpected angles. Power Descriptions: All of Nick's powers are plant-based. Swinging, wall-crawling, and his melee combat enhancements all come from being able to grow plants incredibly rapidly from his body. For swinging, he grows creeping vines out of his hands so that they latch on to nearby buildings, protrusions, etc. When he wall-crawls, he grows root systems from whatever body surface he needs to cling with. His melee combat enhancements are thorny, hard wood shapes he grows around his hands or other body parts like cesti or spiked elbow pads, for example. The damage aura is a profusion of large thorns over his entire body. The Nauseate effect comes from a hallucinogenic sap he generates in his body. He injects it through hollow thorns that protrude from his fingertips at will. The Snare is a rapid growth of plants from the ground that entwine and entangle the victim. Complications: Aquaman Syndrome: Nick is very focused on proving that his powers can do more than just cause some plants to grow and wrap people up. Nick can be taunted, tricked, or manipulated into going toe-to-toe with a villain instead of using his non-melee abilities even when the latter is a better tactic. Move towards the light!: Nick's Immunity to Starvation and Regeneration only work if he can access sunlight (or grow lights) to photosynthesize. He wears a Med Alert bracelet that says "Put me in the sun." "Green-blooded hobgoblin": Nick's physiology is no longer exactly human. This makes medical treatment problematic even for someone immune to poisons and disease. Also, he has to be very careful if he bleeds in his secret ID, as the green blood is… weird. Just say no to Monsanto: While Nick is immune to poisons that humans need to be wary of, he is susceptible to concentrated herbicides. A Barren Wasteland: It is possible that Nick could find himself in places where no seeds, dormant plants, or roots are nearby for him to use for his Snare ability. Can I get off this ride now?: Nick is sometimes afraid that his body is continuing to change, and that someday he will become a plant, possibly one without the ability to move… or think. A rare specimen: It won't take long for evil scientist types to realize that Nick's odd abilities warrant closer examination. Abilities: 2 + 2 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 2 = 18 PP Strength: 20/12 (+5/+1) Dexterity: 22/12 (+6/+1) Constitution: 26/12 (+8/+1) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16 PP Initiative: +7/+1 Attack: +10 Melee, +4 base; +4 Ranged, +10 with Snare, +10 with thornball Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +1 Knockback: -5/0 Saving Throws: 3 + 4 + 7 = 14 PP Toughness: +2/+10 (+1/+8 Con, Protection 2) Fortitude: +1/+8/+11 (+1/+8 Con, +3 PP) Reflex: +1/+6/+10 (+1/+6 DEX, +4 PP) Will: +1/+8 (+1 WIS, +7 PP) Skills: 56R = 14 PP Acrobatics 8 (+14) Climb 6 ( +12) Computers 4 (+8) Diplomacy 3 (+4/+8 w/Attractive feat) Knowledge: Life Sciences 8 (+12) Languages 1 (English [native], Spanish) Notice 10 (+11) Stealth 7 (+13) Survival 9 (+10) Feats: 16PP All-Out Attack Attractive (aura of vitality) Dodge Focus 6 Melee Attack Focus 6 Move-by Action Uncanny Dodge (Hearing) Equipment: 0PP = 0EP Powers: 27 + 8 + 10 + 14 + 3 + 6 + 2 + 2 = 72 PP Plant Control Array Rank 12 (24 PP array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [27 PP] (Plant growth and control) Base Power: Snare 10 (Plant entwining; Feats: Split Attack, Accurate 3) {24/24} (Descriptors: plant-based) Alternate Power: Nauseate 8 (hallucinogenic sap injection; Extra: Poison) {24/24} (Descriptors: plant-based, drug/chemical/hallucinogen) Alternate Power: Blast 5 (Knobbly, thorny wood ball on a vine) Feats: Mighty 5, Improved Range (100 ft) Accurate 3, Indirect 3, Improved Critical 2; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 (100 ft max) {22/24} (Descriptors: plant-based, bludgeoning/piercing) Alternate Power: Damage 6 (large thorns protruding from body; Extras: Aura, Duration 2 – Sustained) {24/24} (Descriptors: plant-based, piercing) Enhanced Strength 8 [8 PP] (Descriptor: plant-based physical augmentation) Enhanced Dexterity 10 [10 PP] (Descriptor: plant-based physical augmentation) Enhanced Constitution 14 [14 PP] (Descriptor: plant-based physical augmentation) Immunity 3: Starvation, poison, disease [3 PP] (Descriptor: plant-based physiological changes) Super-Movement 3: Swinging, Wall-crawling 2 (half-movement, sticking) [6 PP] (Descriptors: Swinging – "shooting" rapidly-growing vines from hands; Wall-crawling: using small thorns and micro-roots for grip) Regeneration 2: Resurrection, Regrowth [2 PP] (Descriptor: plant-based physiological changes) Protection 2 [2 PP] (Descriptor: plant-based physiological changes) Drawbacks: None. DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage Thorny wood ball Ranged DC 25 Toughness Damage Body Thorns Touch/Aura DC 21Toughness Damage Hallucinogenic sap Touch DC 18 Fortitude Nauseate* Plant entwining Ranged DC 20 Reflex Snare *Has Poison Extra, so effect occurs again in following round; target is at least automatically Nauseated regardless of results of Fortitude save Totals: Abilities (18) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (14) + Feats (16) + Powers (72) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/153 Power Points
  23. Watchdog/Daystar Power Level: 14 (built as PL 10; 209/217PP) Trade-Offs: None TOU/DEF, +3ATK/-3DMG ranged, +1ATK/-1DMG Melee Unspent Power Points: 8 In Brief: Teenage sidekick turned Secret Service Agent pretending to be a teenage vigilante. Alternate Identity: Ashley Tran, Special Agent (United States Secret Service) Identity: Secret? Ish? Depends on who you ask. Birthplace: New Orleans, USA Occupation: Secret Service Agent, Superhero, Bodyguard Affiliations: Her charge, Jaycee Cahill Family: Phillip Tran [father, deceased], Mary Arbour-George [mother, living], William George [stepfather, living] Mary (1994), Cecilia (1997), Agnes (2001) and Phillipa (2003) [sisters, living] Age: 27 (DoB: April 1992) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Eurasian Height: 5'6" Weight: 145 lbs Eyes: Black Hair: Black, dyed pink at the tips Physical Description: Ashley is short and round-faced, with big eyes and a smile that makes it easy for her to pass as sixteen - not that she's doing a lot of smiling these days. She's grown her jet-black hair out for this mission and dyed the tips pink, another way to help herself pass as someone a decade younger than her actual age. She has the muscular build of a born athlete, with the clear physical power many martial artists develop. When not wearing her helmet, she sticks close to "Judy" and doesn't say much except when directly addressed or speaking to her 'sister', keeping most of her face hidden behind dark sunglasses and a near-perpetual scowl. She speaks English with no particular accent, though her French and Vietnamese have Louisiana and American accents, respectively. She usually dresses like a teenage girl trying to look like a punk, or at least push the dress code - leather jackets, dark T-shirts, and denim skirts or pants. In costume as Watchdog, she wears a grey armored outfit with a bright red snarling dog's face over the chest. Over that she wears a black and grey leather jacket with metal studs on the shoulders - and covering her head a modified motorcycle helmet painted the same red as her chest symbol. She wears fingerless black gloves on both hands while in combat. Her jacket comes with a hood that she usually keeps pulled up, the better to strike a more intimidating profile. At her lleft hip is a silvered pistol. Watchdog is, if anything, a sourer presence than Ashley - her helmet-muffled voice sounding tinny and artificial. Character History: Phillip Tran fled what had once been South Vietnam with his parents in the late 1970s, his family traveling through the Phillippines and Guam before their arrival in the mainland United States. They settled in New Orleans, with its heat, its French language, and its Catholic population. (His father had served in the South Vietnamese army and his mother was Hoa, an ethnic Chinese minority disliked by the new regime - they had ample reason to leave the country.) The Trans were determined that their son, only a small boy when they fled the country, would remember the nation of his birth and so taught him language, culture, and customs. When Philip was a young man, he did what his father had and joined the military - at eighteen, he enlisted in the US Army in 1989. Phillip served his adopted homeland well, fighting in Operation Desert Storm before returning to New Orleans East to marry his high school sweetheart Mary Arbour in 1991. They were a mixed couple, but Mary was a good Catholic and fluent in French - the Trans had no complaints. They settled in New Orleans East, where Phillip's military service got him a job with the NOPD, patrolling the neighborhood where he'd grown up. Phillip and Mary became the parents of five girls [(Ashley (1992), Mary (1994), Cecilia (1997), Agnes (2001) and Phillipa (2003)] and did their best to balance both worlds - Ashley grew up hearing English, Vietnamese, and French spoken in the household and in both school and afterschool programs, worshiping at the local Vietnamese Catholic Church, and was honestly very happy. Her father doted on her and passed on his deep love of his adopted homeland, its people, and his chosen career - law enforcement. Ashley loved her father and the neighborhood where she grew up - but unlike her father, she hoped to use service to others as a way up and out. Her way out, influenced by her dad's love for Clint Eastwood movies, was from an early age the United States Secret Service. Protecting the President, the symbol of American freedom, seemed like the coolest job in the world - she read about the long hours and thankless conditions, but she appreciated the need for sacrifice to get what you want. And what she wanted was the Secret Service and the Presidential Protective Detail. It would take years of training and study, especially since fate and genetics had given her a small frame that would make a lifetime of physical activity difficult. But she had the drive and the commitment to make it happen. But life had some curves to throw her way first. Ashley was thirteen when Katrina hit - thirteen when her father died. It was all very sad - a beloved local cop killed by a looter in the frantic days just after the hurricane, four little girls and one very pregnant widow left behind. She didn't believe it - despite what the outside media said, there weren't that many looters around, especially not in their relatively isolated neighborhood, and even those looters wouldn't shoot a police officer in the back for no reason anyone had ever been able to find. It didn't add up. But nobody wanted to hear it - especially not her grieving mother. A few months after her father's death, a month after her baby sister was born, her mother married one of her father's former partners - an Anglo man who was himself eager to get out of the damaged city. They moved to Lafayette, where her stepfather found a job as a campus police officer for the University of Louisiana - and Ashley made plans to get the hell out of town. When Ashley's powers first appeared on the Fourth of July, 2006, when Lady Liberty's appearance at the Lafayette, LA Fourth of July festivities ended with a certain teenager firing beams of golden light from her eyes and singing the National Anthem (an utterly mortifying experience that she is forever grateful took place just before the widespread adoption of the smartphone), Mary George almost didn't let her daughter go to Claremont even after the League helped keep the news of the "Copycat" out of the national news, and after the arrival of kindly headmaster Duncan Summers - not until it was made clear to her that the school was safe and that her daughter would be protected. When Ashley found out what the school was _really_ for, it wasn't hard for her to figure out what she wanted to do - she wanted to find the man who had killed her father! First came two years of hard training and discipline, learning everything she'd need to learn to be a superhero. What was a social life when there was work to be done? Maybe she studied too hard, and pushed her body to its breaking point - but what else was there to do? She had to find justice, even if no one else wanted to - or could. Ashley George's first time on patrol with the Raven changed her life. It was 2008 and she was sixteen, in her second year at Claremont Academy and honestly not sure if she wanted to be a superhero. She didn't have the flashy powers of many of her classmates, the first Next-Gen students like Bolt or Megastar, she wasn't a particularly outstanding student (though she did work hard, spending hours in the library every night), nor was she particularly happy in Freedom City, so far from her home in New Orleans. But the Raven saw something in Ashley she didn't see in herself - and so it was that 'Copycat' joined the Raven on patrol as an occasional sidekick. People who kept a close eye on Raven around the start of the current decade will remember Copycat in her full-face mask and cat-ears, the black and navy blue costume that she burned years ago. But never mind that. Ashley enjoyed adventuring alongside the famous hero, especially once she gained enough control over her energy-draining abilities to use them in the field - but truthfully she appreciated the private lessons more. She learned the Raven's "style-less" style of goju hand-to-hand fighting, learning how to take down men half again her size in hand-to-hand combat. She learned how to work a room and how to control a crowd with her voice and her eyes, letting darkness, mystery, and the occasional violent beating distract from the fact that she was just a petite girl whose superpowers generally didn't do much to make her bulletproof (except when she was fighting psychopaths who could punch through steel doors!) She learned other things too - Raven was Amerasian too and had also lost a parent to crime. Maybe it was their similarities that had drawn Raven to her - Raven wasn't much for talking. The problem was, after her senior year, Ashley wasn't one for listening - at least, not to Raven. Ashley George's break with superheroing began the spring of 2010; the day she caught the man who, ten years earlier, had murdered her father. On the one hand, it was incredibly satisfying. Raven and Copycat found the killer of her father in the spring of 2010, the culmination of two years of investigative work by the duo (both remotely and on-scene) that finally cracked after a lucky break. He made the mistake of fighting back when Raven crashed through his apartment door and Copycat through his window, and Copycat had the great pleasure of kicking him in the knee until he collapsed, then beating him into unconsciousness with the butt of his own shotgun. Ashley still lets herself go back to that moment when she needs something to get her blood pumping. On the other hand, it wasn't so satisfying at all. Paul Dubois was a drug dealer and a criminal, a man who had turned to marketing zombie powder and Zoom to impressionable young people in Ashley's old neighborhood. He was a bad man and taking him down was a great thing. But he'd turned to crime as a way of paying for his own addiction to zombie powder, a downward spiral that earned him a death sentence in the spring of 2012 when he was convicted of murdering Phillip Tran, an NOPD officer who had come across him cleaning out one of his drug stashes while the storm hit. It was hard to ignore how superhumans had made him worse rather than better, how a man who might have been able to turn his life around had only sunk further into the muck because of the gods and monsters of the world. She and Raven started arguing more after that, arguing about superheroes and supervillains, about how much good the former actually did when they weren't stopping world-ending threats. In the end, it was no one great thing that drove apart hero and sidekick, no great crisis that either of the two born 'fixers' could have solved. When Raven kept Copycat at arms length, endless tests and trials and secret drills only taught Ashley that her mentor valued her costumed identity more than her real self - when Raven kept Copycat close, the hidden reality of the superhero world showed her the underbelly of the gods and heroes - the dimensional vibrations where supers had gone to war with humans rather than protecting them, the criminals turned heroes who laughed at justice for their crimes, the Grue and other monsters hiding among innocent people, the codenames and secret identities and the endless secrets kept from a general public that supposedly couldn't "handle the truth". When Copycat left the Raven's side after graduation, it was not on good terms - and she didn't look back. She had better things to do. When Ashley graduated from Claremont Academy in 2010, she had her diploma and her associate's degree both - having taken advantage of the school's early college program during her time as the "workaholic wallflower." After two more years, she had her bachelor's degree in criminal justice (and a minor in political science) from Our Lady of Holy Cross College. After a lifetime of repression, college had been a breath of fresh air - she'd gotten drunk for the first time and smoked weed while she was at it and had her first real boyfriend - at least until he found out she was serious about not wanting to stay in New Orleans and that she wasn't interested in getting married right now. She had plans. First came three years (2012-2015) as a New Orleans police officer, wearing the star and crescent badge her father had died wearing, defending the New Orleans East neighborhood where she'd grown up. (Beyond her family ties, it's the largest American police force that doesn't ask questions about superpowers or vigilantism when you join - a legacy of the post-Katrina recruitment drives.) Eurasian and female, she was part of a tiny minority on the force - but she'd already been through much worse than anything the boys in blue could throw at her. She enjoyed the work, enjoyed patrolling the streets and keeping people safe, but nothing about being back in her old neighborhood changed her mind about her desire to move out of it. Her mother, sisters, and step-brothers were settling in fine in Lafayette; there was nothing for her here but ghosts. The laws dealing with superbeings and federal employment are complex - something Ashley knew even before she filled out her application to join the Secret Service. She had the grades, she had the physical training, and she certainly had the experience. She had to be careful about how she wrote about that last thing (given that Copycat had much more training in criminal justice than Ashley George could ever admit to having) - but her three years at the NOPD, her fluent command of French and Vietnamese, along with glowing recommendation letters from her former supervisor, turned out to be just enough to make the grade. She was young (at 23, just past the minimum age) and not powerfully built - but she had what the federal government was looking for. Of course, she _also_ had the meta-gene. With so many witnesses to her accidentally stealing Lady Liberty's powers as a teenager, and the extensive battery of first physical, then psychological tests she had to undergo once she admitted to having superpowers on a federal employment form, there was no hiding who she was. But she'd thought this through, and she made her case time and time again. Despite her powers she was all-too-human; and those powers could be tremendously useful as a government agent - she could shut down the powers of an attacking metahuman with a touch, and detect the hostile intentions of many different types of beings even before they attacked. Easy to overlook (albeit often mistaken for a teenager thanks to her youth, slight build, and rounded features), she could blend right into a group of agents until she had to go into action. The hard part was avoiding AEGIS. After the mandatory ten week AEGIS training course for metahumans working for the federal government, almost all of them wind up working for AEGIS in some capacity or another - but Ashley wasn't interested. Working with AEGIS would put her too close to the worst parts of the life she left behind, with its codenames and its secrets, and she wanted the best parts instead - the bravery, and the courage, and the principles, to risk your life for another because it was the right thing to do. As the first superhuman agent of the Secret Service, her promotions were fast-tracked - within certain limits. She was in her mid-twenties (and had only been an agent for a year and a half) when she was assigned to the White House, but only to manage the file room in the basement. She liked it there, only called 'upstairs' when the President was meeting with superhumans of some character or another (usually the members of the Dream Team), where she usually stood discreetly off to one side in her sunglasses and dark, conservative clothing, making sure that President Cahill (a man popular with his detail) stayed safe. She wasn't actually part of the Protective Detail - but it was still pretty damn good. Then came D-Day. On March 15, 2018, there was an incident at the White House. The general public is aware that all the radios and other electronic gadgets near the White House went dead, some of them permanently, for a good hour and a half. The Secret Service, Capitol Police, and other law enforcement agencies in Washington went on high alert that afternoon and the whole city went into lockdown for 24 hours. The general public believes that the incident was the result of a terrorist attack by robotic members of the Foundry - an attack foiled by the Secret Service. This is a lie. What really happened was that Jaycee Cahill nearly set the White House on fire. 'Sick in bed' with agonizing migraines, she was the source of the sudden 'radio black hole' that made it appear that every radio and other wireless signal in the White House had gone dead. In the process of being evacuated from the terrorist attack along with her mother and younger sister, it was she who generated an EMP powerful enough to keep Marine One from flying - and then in a sudden burst of microwave energy, emit a pulse powerful enough to nearly kill her family and Secret Service detail as their internal temperatures raised to dangerously high levels. It was Agent Ashley George, running at full speed across the White House lawn even as the grass began to smolder around the frightened teen (who had run, hands to the side of her head, from the landing pad on the South Lawn), who saved the day, grabbing Jaycee by her pressure points and holding her as she drained the energy that powered the teen's radiation. She saved the First Family, she saved her fellow agents, and she probably stopped the irradiation of a significant number of White House staff and tourists. And it was Agent Tran who was on point for the news of what had followed - about Jaycee's powers couldn't be turned off or suppressed, about how she needed to learn how to use them or she would die - and so would a hell of a lot of other people if she stayed in the White House. So what could they do? Could they really tell the world that the President's daughter had power enough, theoretically, to fry an entire city - power that had come from alien DNA that blood tests found in the President and his three daughters? There had to be another way. Ashley's not sure if this was the right way, though. She was desperately improvising when she reached out to Claremont on behalf of the Cahills, desperately improvising when she suggested a plan to both the President and to the former Raven - and it worked. Judy and Ashley Smith are refugees as far as anyone knows, from a world where the heroes failed and the Grue are everywhere, and the former is getting trained to be a hero while the latter watches her back. But how many lies is she going to tell? Have her efforts to save Judy only corrupted her? Has she served the country she loves so much - or has she made it worse? When she looks at herself in the mirror, she doesn't know who she is anymore... Complications: Agent: Ashley is technically a sworn law enforcement officer, but doesn't act as such while wearing her costume except for her duties to protect Jaycee Cahill. This is a complicated situation. Break: Ashley's complicated relationship with the Raven remains both a sore point and a point of pride. Copycat: Ashley isn't hiding her superpowers but she is keeping them to herself; she'll use them as a second resort rather than a first unless she needs to save a life. Duty: Ashley George is responsible for the life and well-being of the First Daughter, Jaycee Cahill. This is her highest priority - whatever she or Jaycee thinks about this. Enemy: Baron Samedi's drug empire indirectly killed Ashley's father. Given the chance, she'll go for him - minus her duty to Jaycee. Forget-Me-Not: Ashley's powers, coupled with her undercover status, make it easy for her own identity to slip away. Lies: Ashley lied about how she'd developed her powers when she joined the Secret Service. Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen: Watchdog's personality is of necessity not very nice - she has to play the part of the gritty, unlikable vigilante as a way of making sure no one pays too much attention to her. Patriot: Ashley George loves the United States of America and all it stands for. Secret: Ashley George is a 27 year old Secret Service agent, not a teenager from an alternate universe! Something Gay No Doubt: Ashley is still wrestling with this. Split Personality: Ashley's powers occasionally result in her copying certain mental traits of those whose powers she steals - this annoyance is one of the reasons she doesn't do it very often. We Get The Job Done: Ashley is the biracial daughter of a first-generation immigrant. Who's That Girl: Ashley is losing track of who she is. Abilities: 6 + 6 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 28PP STR 16 (+3) DEX 16 (+3) CON 18 (+4) INT 10 (+0) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 14 (+2) Combat: 14 + 16 = 30PP Init: +7 Attack: +7 (+11 w/Armory, +11 Melee, +13 w/Power Thief) Defense: +10 (+2 Dodge Focus, +4 flat-footed) Grapple: +13 Knockback: -5/-2 Saves: 5 + 6 + 7 = 18PP TOU +10/4 (+4 Con, +6 Protection) FORT +9 (+4 Con, +5) REF +9 (+3 Dex, +6) WILL +9 (+2 Wis, +7) Skills: 96r=24PP Acrobatics 2 (+5) Bluff 13 (+15) Skill Mastery Climb 2 (+5) Concentration 3 (+5) Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+4) Demolitions 4 (+4) Drive 2 (+5) Gather Info 5 (+7) Intimidate 13 (+15) Skill Mastery Investigate 5 (+5) Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 4 (+4) Languages 3 (English [base], French, Lor, Vietnamese) Medicine 3 (+5) Notice 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Search 5 (+5) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Stealth 7 (+10) Survival 3 (+5) Swim 1 (+4) Feats: 53PP Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Challenge 2 (Fast Feint, Fast Startle) Dodge Focus 2 Equipment 15 [From Reward] Evasion Improved Initiative Interpose Luck 4 Move-By Action Power Attack Sidekick 30 [Daystar] Skill Mastery (Bluff, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive) Startle Quick-Draw [Draw] Takedown Attack Ultimate Save (Toughness) Well--Informed Equipment: [75EP] The Dawg (STR 45 SPD 6 DEF 9 TOU 10 Size: Huge, Features: Alarm 1 [DC 20], Communications, Computer, Hidden Compartments, Navigation System, Remote Control, Powers: Impervious Toughness 10, Immunity 9 (Life Support), Super-Senses 4 (Radar), Teleport 10 (Flaw: Anchor [Area 51]) [59EP] Description: The Dawg looks like a decade-old Cadillac DeVille that's been modified by an experienced street mechanic into a fearsome road machine, perfect for a badass vigilante. The front of the car is modified to look like a snarling dog with headlights for eyes and snarling teeth around the grille, while the sound of its specially modified engine sounds distinctly like the growl of a large pitbull. It's fast and tough, easily capable of chasing down almost anything on the road - including metahumans! It's also completely bulletproof, with an internal life support system, built-in communicator and satellite phone, 'storage compartments' and an almost unbeatable onboard GPS. A close look reveals even more modifications - 5-inch armored doors, and "bulletproof glass so thick it blocks out parts of the light spectrum." run-flat tires, and a 454-cubic-inch engine.Confirmed accessories include "an integrated 10-disc CD changer, a foldaway desktop and reclining rear seats with massaging, adaptive cushions." It weighs about 14,000 pounds. The teleporting built into the car is a recent feature - and not Ashley's favorite! She'll only use it in an extreme emergency, as sending the car to a major Air Force base is a bit of a giveaway... Personal Equipment: 16EP Grapple Gun: Speed 2 + Super-Movement 4 (Slow-Fall, Stop Fall, Swinging, Wall-Crawling 2): 10EP Masterwork Handcuffs: 1EP Masterwork Cellphone (2): 2EP Masterwork Rebreather (2): 2EP Remote for Dawg: 1EP Powers: 29 + 1 + 24 + 2 = 56PP Device 7 (Armory, 35PP, Flaw: Hard to Lose, PF: Subtle [Concealable]) [29PP] Feature 1 (AV Pickup) [1PP] Not Exactly Standard Issue 10.5 (21 points; PFs: Alternate Power 5) [26PP] BE: Blast 10 (assorted explosives; Extra: Area [General, Burst, 5-50-ft.-radius]; Flaws: Action [Full], Unreliable [5 uses]; PFs: Progression [Reverse Area] 9, Triggered 2, Variable Descriptor [anesthetic gas, cold, concussive force, fire, shrapnel]; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 100-ft. increments]) {21/21} AP: Blast 9 (laser pistols; PFs: Accurate 2, Improved Crit) {21/21} AP: Damage 6 (really good tonfas; Extra: Secondary Effect; PFs: Extended Reach, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Mighty, Variable Descriptor 2 [any technological]) {21/21} AP: Snare 9 (really good cuffs, Extra: Transparent, Flaw: Range [Touch], PFs: Improved Crit 2, Tether) {21/21} AP: Stun 9 (really good pepper spray, PFs: Extended Reach 1, Improved Crit, Variable Descriptor 1 [any chemical]) {21/21} Protection 6 (really good Kevlar) [6DP] Super-Senses 2 (Infravision [Tracking 1 [half-speed], Radio) [2DP] 1+26+6+2=35PP Immunity 1 (Daystar’s Powers) [1PP] Container 4.2 (Power Thief, PFs: Accurate, Subtle [Psionic]) [24PP] Drain Wisdom 7 (Extras: Linked [Mimic], Sleep [+0], PF: Slow Fade 1 [1 minute]) {8} + Mimic 7 (35PP, All Powers At Once, Flaws: Saving Throw [Will], Tainted) {14} Super-Senses 2 (Danger Sense [Mental], Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [2PP] DC Table Unarmed DC 19 Bruised/Injured Blast DC 24 Bruised/Injured Damage DC24 Bruised/Injured Snare DC 19 Entangled/Bound Stun DC 19 Dazed/Stunned Drain/Mimic DC 17 Drained/Mimiced TOTALS abilities 28 + combat 30 + saves 18 + skills 24 + feats 53 + powers 56 = 209/217PP
  24. In Brief: Guillermo del Toro shoves Miles Morales, Tim Drake, and Matt Murdock into a blender. Character: Octoman Power Level: 13 (Built as PL10) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 202/204 PP Unspent Points: 2 Catchphrases & Nicknames: "Octo-Boy" (He does not like this one); "Señor Ocho"; "The Outrageous Octoman"; "The Crime-Fighting Kraken"; "The Loudmouth Leviathan"; "Who ordered the calamari?" Alternate Identity: Benicio Wang Identity: Secret Legal Status: USA citizen (minor) with no criminal record Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York Base of Operations: Freedom City, New Jersey Residence: An apartment in the West End Occupation: Student Affiliations: None Family: Amaya Molina Santiago (Mother), Diego Wang (Father), Sofia Santiago Vasquez (Maternal Grandmother), Benicio Molina Ramirez (Maternal Grandfather), Jasmine Guinto-Wang (Paternal Grandmother), Asher Wang (Paternal Grandfather), Several unnamed aunts, uncles, and cousins DESCRIPTION Age: 16 (Date of Birth: 2003) Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Mother is Puerto Rican Afro-Latina. Father is half Ashkenazi Jewish, half Filipino. Height: 5'9" Weight: 150 lbs. Hair: None (Formerly Black) Eyes: Yellow (Formerly Brown) Because of his mixed ancestry, Ben's actual ethnicity is difficult for people to guess at first glance. He has big eyes and a heart-shaped face with soft features which makes him look younger than he is. His build is that of a typical semi-athletic lanky teenager. During his day-to-day life out of costume, he uses his shapeshifting power to mimic his original appearance before his mutation. He recreates the brown eyes that turned yellow, and the medium-length Afro hairstyle he wore before all his body hair fell out. He also hides the new lines and folds in his skin, which appear to be scars but are actually new orifices. He has three on each side of his neck, one each on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet, another on each forearm, and several along the sides and back of his torso. The other changes to his body from the mutation are less visible. An x-ray would reveal his lack of a rigid skeleton, and several new organs and muscular structures. His blood is thick, like syrup, and purple, since it contains both the hemoglobin normally found in humans (which is red, since it contains iron), and the hemocyanin found in cephalopods (which is blue, since it contains copper). His blood pressure is significantly higher than that of a normal human. When he is cut, his blood is less likely to drip and more likely to spray. His blood is also slightly radioactive; not enough to be dangerous, but enough for Geiger counters to register a noticeable uptick. Ben technically walks around naked most of the time. Both his normal street clothes and his superhero "costume" are just manifestations of his ability to change the shape, texture, and color of his own flesh. When he is "in costume", the impossibly perfect way that the "fabric" clings to his skin is a clue for close observers to its true nature. His "mask" somehow adheres to his face in a manner which conveys all of his facial expressions , and the "mouth hole" never falls out of place or exposes any of the skin around it, no matter how much he moves, talks, or gets punched in the face. HISTORY Benicio Wang was born in Brooklyn to Gen-X parents. His mother, Maya, is an overworked public defender of Puerto Rican Afro-Latina descent. His father, Diego, is a half-Filipino, half-Ashkenazi overworked baker and deli cook. Ben frequently jokes that his lineage makes him the most Brooklyn guy who ever lived. If one of his parents are in earshot, they will retort that they moved to Freedom City when he was a small child, and visiting his grandparents during the holidays doesn't make him a New Yorker. Ben met Geckoman in 2010, though Gecks probably doesn't remember. The 18-year-old superhero was occupied with defending Freedom City from the third Grue invasion, and working things out with his supervillain girlfriend. But Ben will never, ever forget it. He was only seven years old when his family found themselves trapped in the Millennium Mall, huddling behind an increasingly fatigued and desperate Spellbound. Ben was impressed with her and the lightning-wand she used to zap away the invading aliens, but with her black costume and icy demeanor, she scared the boy almost as much as the Grue. When the brightly-colored, wise-cracking Geckoman dropped down through the skylight and started jumping around, tossing boomerangs, and kicking giant monsters in the face, little Ben's fear evaporated. From that day forward, Ben was a lifelong #Geckofan. Eight years later, Doctor Cooper Seidel was hard at work trying to stabilize and enhance his universal antivenom serum, and his resulting transformation into the reptile monster Goanna. He had retained a gang of hired thugs who had helped him steal the lab equipment, rare animal specimens, and radioactive materials he needed for his latest experiments. He closely monitored local law enforcement communications, so he had advance warning when the multi-agency task force finally found his hideout and moved to raid it. Seidel and his henchmen hastily loaded the irradiated animal specimens into a truck and escaped just as the tactical units broke down the door. The truck had enough of a lead that they might have escaped, if a bystander hadn't lost their grip on their dog's leash. Or if the dog hadn't then run out into the middle of the road. Or if fifteen year-old computer science prodigy Ben Wang hadn't run out into the road after the dog to scoop it up. Or if Seidel's henchman hadn't swerved at high speed to avoid Ben and lost control of the truck, flipping and crashing it. The truck and the tanks inside it broke open, spilling water and a menagerie of mutated animals into the street. Ben saved the dog, but the truck clipped him, sending him flying several feet away. He was dazed for a few moments, before the rush of cold water on the asphalt under him cleared his head. He saw a tiny yellow octopus crawling on his hand, and had just enough time to think it was cute before it bit him. Seidel ordered his henchmen to gather up the escaped test subjects, but no amount of money could convince them to pick up a bunch of radioactive venomous creatures with their bare hands. While Ben was wracked with painful muscle spasms which escalated into projectile vomiting, diarrhea, and a full-blown seizure, an enraged Seidel transformed into Goanna and slaughtered his own "cowardly and incompetent" henchmen, along with the occupants of the first couple of police cars who responded to the crash. Goanna intended to do the same to the bumbling idiot boy who had ruined everything, but when he saw that one of his test subjects had already done the work for him, he merely laughed while the boy suffocated on the pavement. Knowing that some combination of the FCPD's STAR squad, AEGIS, or one or more superheroes would show up soon, Goanna fled into the sewers. Seidel showed up at the hospital where Ben had been taken later that same night, intent on harvesting samples from the boy's corpse, since it was all the remained of his months of research. He was surprised to learn that the boy had survived. He took careful note of the boy's name, and resolved to keep him under close surveillance. Ben received prompt medical attention, and he seemed to make a full recovery, with one exception: The song he'd been listening to on his headphones when he dove out in front of that truck was the last thing he would ever hear. Hearing loss isn't a normal symptom of either vehicular collisions or tetrodotoxin poisoning, but the doctors had no other idea what else could have caused it. It wasn't until several days after he was discharged from the hospital that Ben's body began to change significantly. The changes happened gradually, over the course of several months. Ben hid them from everyone, even his parents. As his new powers slowly manifested, he learned how to use them through a combination of new instinct and trial and error. He knew immediately what he wanted to do with them. Right after his sixteenth birthday, during the summer before his sophomore year of high school, Ben put on his costume and started swinging through the streets of Freedom City as Octoman. PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Ben is bright, inquisitive, and altruistic, but he can't keep his big mouth shut. Growing up as the latchkey-kid only child of two workaholic parents has turned him into a bit of an unconscious attention-seeker. He likes to make an entrance. He has an opinion to share about everything. If he's not rambling, he's arguing. If a joke or an insult comes to his mind, then it also comes out of his mouth. He never stops trash-talking during a competition or a fight. He's actually a pretty sensitive kid, but he never met an emotion he couldn't hide under sarcasm or just drown out with his motor-mouth. He doesn't know how to pick his battles, and his refusal to let the slightest disagreement, injustice, or insult go unchallenged gets him into trouble. But even when he's railing against injustice, he generally tries to keep things light. He'll keep making bad jokes and puns past the point where anyone is laughing (if they ever were to begin with). After his brush with death, Ben just felt lucky. But once his powers manifested, weird though they are, he felt blessed. Ben has two passions in life: Hacking, and superheroes. He maintains active accounts on both HeroHouse and TroubAlert (Username: Geckofan). He's been obsessed with Geckoman in particular (and, to a lesser extent, the rest of his Young Freedom and Interceptors teammates) since he was seven years old. He had resigned himself to, maybe, at best, using his hacking skills to play a support role for a superhero someday. But he desperately wanted to be an actual superhero, just like Gecks. His resulting disability and (slight) disfigurement have put a damper on his enthusiasm, but only a slight one. He's still having trouble adjusting, but he loves being a superhero more than he misses his hearing. POWERS & TACTICS Ben has a surprising amount of hand-to-hand combat training for a teenager. He's been wrestling since junior high, and he's been taking self-defense classes since he was seven (they weren't a hard sell for his parents after he almost died in the Grue invasion). His superhuman agility and flexibility, his bundle of sticky tentacles stretching and lashing out for dozens or hundreds of feet in every direction, his lack of response to any auditory stimuli, and his youthful recklessness and loud mouth all combine to make him a confusing and irritating opponent. He can potentially attack or evade in any direction. He can lash out with his tentacles like whips, use them to grab a foe and pull them in for a punch or a kick, or use them to pull himself in close for the same. He will wrap his tentacles around a foe, and then slam that foe into objects, terrain, or even other foes. He'll grab a faraway foe and pull them in for a punch, or pull himself to them, boot-first. His ink sprays and venomous bite make him even more unpredictable. Ben was a normal human, but an injection of radioactive octopus venom mutated him into a human-cephalopod hybrid. His body has grown several new glands, organs, and orifices. He has almost no bones left in his body. Most of them have transformed into cartilage and muscle. So while his body looks "solid" from the outside, he can bend, stretch, and compress his flesh, contorting into any position and squeezing through any crevices. His skin can secrete a clear mucous which acts as a lubricant to aid this process. The outer layers of his flesh are so flexible and malleable that he can change the texture of his skin at will. His skin cells contain pigments which can be released with muscle contractions in a virtually infinite variety of combinations, allowing him to change his coloration to anything he can imagine. These traits allow him to effectively becoming invisible in the normal visual light spectrum, or to mimic the appearance of any object or creature. This also makes it virtually impossible for foes in hand-to-hand combat to keep a grip on him. He has superhuman levels of strength, agility, stamina, and to a lesser extent, resilience. With his thick skin, powerful and flexible muscles, and lack of a rigid skeleton, he is able to absorb traumatic impact, cuts and blunt force alike, with less likelihood of real injury. He has grown several "back-up organs", which make it less likely that any wounds he suffers will be debilitating. He has three hearts, and enough brain and nervous tissue running throughout his body to act as a second brain and spinal cord. He has what would be considered a "weak healing factor" by superhuman standards (not enough for Regeneration or Impervious Toughness, but enough for a high Constitution score). His body can repair minor damage quickly, and more severe wounds are less likely to happen in the first place. He doesn't heal from serious injury much "faster" than a normal human, but he heals "better". Given time to recuperate, he will reliably make a full recovery from trauma which would cripple or kill a normal person. Like a cephalopod, his body can even regrow lost limbs. He isn't technically immune to fatigue, disease, infection, radiation, or extremes of temperature or pressure, but his body is so effective at fighting them off that sometimes it seems like he is. He has, for lack of a better term, "super-health". New orifices on his forearms and on the sides and back of his torso can deploy tentacles*, which can stretch for hundreds of feet. The same neural tissue running through the rest of his body also runs through the tentacles, allowing his brain to control all of them perfectly. (*Technically, these new limbs are "arms", rather than "tentacles", since they have suckers along their entire length, instead of just at the ends, but this distinction only matters to marine biologists.) His body contains a network of hollow tubes and bladders similar to a cephalopod siphon. He can use muscular contractions to force fluids through those tubes and out of his body, through a series of new orifices on the palms of his hands, the soles of his feet, and his lower back. The primary use of his internal siphon is locomotion. By forcing air or water through it, he creates jet propulsion, launching himself through the water or up into the air. A substantial portion of his extra brain tissue is devoted to processing visual and olfactory input, and the suckers on his tentacles act as extra noses and tongues. His senses of sight, smell, and taste are enhanced far beyond those of a normal human. His eyes can perceive a wider array of color at finer detail, and he has excellent night vision. He can distinguish fine details in scent and taste, and track them to their source like a bloodhound. His body is truly amphibious, adapted equally well to life in open air or under water. His aforementioned increased visual acuity allows him to see perfectly in the dim light of deep water. He has gills on the sides of his neck, which remain closed in open air but which allow him to breathe while he is under water. His skin acts as near-perfect insulation, keeping him from losing his body heat. His blood contains both hemoglobin and hemocyanin, so it is equally effective at keeping his tissues oxygenated in both open air and freezing water. His siphon allows him to regulate his internal fluid pressure, which, along with his flexible muscles, lets him adapt to the crushing weight of the deep sea. His internal siphon can also expel the pungent, opaque black ink produced by another one of his new organs. He can release it gradually, creating a cloud which provides cover (the gas quickly dissolves in open air, so it is equally effective under water or on dry land), or he can fire a concentrated burst of ink directly into the face of an enemy, temporarily blinding them and overwhelming their olfactory senses in a manner similar to that of tear gas or pepper spray. His head contains venom sacs, which produce a paralytic poison similar to that of the octopus who bit him. His body injects this poison with a combination of a pharyngeal jaw and a proboscis: A pair of pincers, similar to a cephalopod beak, on the end of a second tongue, hidden under his original tongue, which can telescope over a foot from his mouth, fully extending in a fraction of a second. His own body is immune to this venom, and other, similar toxins. COMPLICATIONS Accidents: Ben is inexperienced and reckless. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for declaring that Ben's actions have created some sort of hazard, which he must drop his current task to deal with. Alien Blood: Ben's blood is a wildly different color and consistency from normal human blood, and it is slightly radioactive. Once it leaves his body, it is no longer subject to his Morph power, and its true nature is revealed. Since his blood pressure is so much higher than that of a normal human, when his blood does leave his body, it is usually quite obvious. It is not dangerous, but Geiger counters will register a noticeable uptick in its presence. The GM can give Ben a Hero Point if his blood causes some sort of setback. Examples include revealing his presence when it would otherwise go unnoticed, or social interaction turning hostile when he is revealed as something not quite human. Disability (Deaf): Ben permanently has the Deafened condition (Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, page 171). He suffers a -4 penalty to Initiative, and he automatically fails auditory Notice checks (Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, page 52). Ben has another Acute Radius sense, his normal olfactory sense, but that doesn't necessarily provide him with the same information that an auditory sense would. The GM can give him a Hero Point every time he suffers a setback due to his inability to hear. The most common example would be a failure on his part to correctly read another person's lips while they speak. According to the Masterminds Manual, page 14, in order to read lips, he must make a visual Notice check at +5DC. According to Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, pages 51-52, this is a base DC10 check, since it is DC0 to notice something standing out in the open but DC10 to perceive fine details about it. With the +5 penalty, the Notice check for lip reading would have a base DC15, with an additional +5 DC if the GM decides that Ben is "distracted", and another +1DC for every 10ft Notice increment between Ben and the person whose lips he's trying to read. If he fails by 1-4, then he can't make out what they're saying, and if he fails by 5+, then he misinterprets their words. Enemy (Goanna): The GM can give Ben a Hero Point when Goanna shows up to make an already bad situation worse. Since Goanna knows Ben's secret identity, he could show up anywhere, at any time. Loudmouth: Ben doesn't know when to keep his big mouth shut. The GM can give Ben a Hero Point when he creates a setback for himself by mouthing off. Alternately, the GM can give another character a Hero Point when Ben creates a setback for them. If the GM doesn't feel that Ben is being sufficiently mouthy, then they can give him a Hero Point in exchange for forcing him to mouth off in a situation where doing so will create a setback for him. Alternately, the GM can give another character a Hero Point and force Ben to mouth off in a way which will create a setback for that other character. Obsession (Geckoman): The GM can give Ben a Hero Point if Ben creates a setback for himself due to his obsessive hero-worship of Geckoman, such as neglecting his responsibilities or ruining a social interaction. The GM can also give him a Hero Point in exchange for forcing him to do this. Power Loss (Ink, Venom): Ben's body produces ink and venom which he can use as weapons, but it does not produce an infinite supply, and once depleted, it takes time to replenish. The GM can give Ben a Hero Point when he tries to use one of these powers in exchange for declaring that he has run out of "ammunition". Prejudice: Ben is black, Latino, Asian, Jewish, disabled, and a mutate. The GM can give him a Hero Point when another character's ignorance of and/or prejudice against one or more of these groups creates a setback for him. Responsibilities (Family, School): The GM can give Ben a Hero Point when he faces a setback on account of obligations to his parents or his schoolwork. For example, the GM can give him a Hero Point at the start of a day or thread and declare that he is Fatigued because he didn't have time to get enough sleep. Secrets (Identity, Mutation): The GM can give Ben a Hero Point when he has a task to accomplish, but is hindered by the need to protect his identity, and/or his nature as a mutate. Sensory Overload (Olfactory, Visual): Ben has enhanced smell, taste, and vision. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for increasing the effective power rank of sensory powers like Dazzle which target those sense types. Status (Minor): It's possible that Ben might face a setback on account of his legal age which even his Morph power and high Bluff score couldn't get him out of. If the GM can come up with one, then they can give him a Hero Point in exchange for inflicting it upon him. ABILITIES 32PP Strength: 30/14 (+10/+2), 50/14 Lifting (Heavy Load: 12 tons / 175 lbs.) Dexterity: 30/14 (+10/+2) Constitution: 26/14 (+8/+2) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 20 (+5) COMBAT 16PP Initiative: +10/-2 (+10/+2 Dex, +4 Enhanced Improved Initiative, -4 Deafened) Attack: +10 Melee (+4 Base, +6 Attack Focus [Melee]), +4 Ranged (+4 Base) Grapple: +34/+12 vs one target, +30/+12 vs multiple targets (+10 Melee Attack, +10/+2 Strength/Dexterity, +4 Additional Limbs, +6 Elongation, +4 Super-Strength) Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 5/2, 4/1 Flat-Footed ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Touch* DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Mass Tentacles Touch/Area DC20 Reflex Bound (Helpless) Ink Spray Touch +20ft DC20 Reflex Dazzle Olfactory + Visual DC20 Fortitude Recover Venomous Bite Touch DC20 Fortitude (Staged) Slowed/Paralyzed *Up to 250ft with Elongation. SAVING THROWS 10PP Toughness: +10/+4 (+8/+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll), +8/+2 Flat-Footed Fortitude: +8/+2 (+8/+2 Con, +0PP) Reflex: +12/+4 (+10/+2 Dex, +2PP)Evasion Will: +8 (+0 Wis, +8PP) SKILLS 68R = 17PP Acrobatics 3 (+15/+5)Skill Mastery Bluff 15 (+20)Skill Mastery, Taunt Computers 15 (+20)Second Chance, Skill Mastery, Ultimate Skill Disguise 0 (+5, +10 or +50 with Morph) Escape 0 (+16/+2, Automatic with Insubstantial) Knowledge (Current Events) 5 (+10) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 2 (+7) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+10) Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 1 (+6) Languages 3 (American Sign Language [ASL], English [Native], Hebrew, Spanish) Notice 5 (+15/+5)Skill Mastery, Deafened Search 0 (+15/+5) Stealth 2 (+15/+4) Swim 2 (+15/+4)Swimming FEATS 24PP Attack Focus (Melee) 6 Chokehold Defensive Roll (+2 Toughness) Dodge Focus 6 Grapple Finesse Luck 3 Online Research Second Chance (Computers) Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Computers, Notice) Taunt Well-Informed Ultimate Skill (Computers) Enhanced: Environmental Adaptation (Underwater) Evasion Improved Initiative POWERS 103PP Concealment 2 (Normal Vision, Flaws: Blending, Passive) [1PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Shapeshifting) Enhanced Constitution 12 [12PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Redundant Organs, Regeneration, Super-Toughness) Enhanced Dexterity 16 (Feats: Evasion, Improved Initiative) [18PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Agility, Super-Reflexes) Enhanced Skills 28 (Acrobatics 2, Notice 10, Search 10, Stealth 3, Swim 3) [7PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Agility, Super-Reflexes, Super-Senses) Features 2 (Environmental Adaptation [Underwater], Internal Compartment) [2PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Shapeshifting) Immunity 4 (Environmental 2 [Cold, Pressure], Poison, Suffocation [Underwater]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Gills, Insulated Skin, Internal Network of Fluid Bladders & Siphons, Mutation, No Skeleton, Venom Glands) Morph 1 (+5 Disguise, Any Form) [3PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Shapeshifting) Octopus Movement 2 (4PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power) [5PP] Base Power: [4PP] Leaping 4 (x25, Running Long Jump: 500ft) [4PP] (Descriptors: Biological Jet Propulsion, Mutation) Alternate Power: [4PP] Swimming 4 (25MPH / 250ft per Move Action, Can Take 10 on Swim checks) [4PP] (Descriptors: Biological Jet Propulsion, Mutation) Octopus Power 16 (32PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [36PP] Base Power: [5 + 3 + 16 + 8 = 32PP] Additional Limbs 4 (+10 Limbs, Extras: Duration [Sustained], Feats: Ambidexterity) [5PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Retractable Tentacles) Elongation 6 (250ft Max Elongation, Elongate 300ft per Move Action, Free action to retract, 60ft Range Increments for elongated melee attacks, Flaws: Limited [Additional Limbs]) [3PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Stretchy Tentacles) Enhanced Strength 16 [16PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Strength) Super-Strength 4 (Lifting Strength: 50, Heavy Load: 12 tons) [8PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Alternate Power: [26 + 6 = 32PP] Dazzle 10 (Sense Types: Olfactory + Visual, Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Extended Reach 4 [25ft], Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) [26PP] (Descriptors: Ink Spray, Mutation) Obscure 3 (Sense Types: Olfactory + Visual, Area: 25ft radius, Extras: Independent, Total Fade [6 rounds], Flaws: Limited [One Sense: Normal Vision], Range [Touch]) [6PP] (Descriptors: Ink Cloud, Mutation) Alternate Power: [6 + 24 = 30PP] Insubstantial 1 (Feats: Subtle) [6PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Shapeshifting) Morph 8 (9, +45 Disguise, Any Form) [24PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Shapeshifting) Alternate Power: [32PP] Paralyze 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Secondary Effect, Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) [32PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Pharyngeal Jaw, Proboscis, Venom) Alternate Power: [32PP] Snare 10 (Extras: Area [Type: Targeted, Shape: Cone], Engulf, Selective, Flaws: Duration [Concentration], Feats: Chokehold, Progression [Area Size] 1 [25ft/rank = 250ft]) [32PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Tentacles) Regeneration 5 (Recovery 1 [+9]; Recovery Rate: Injured 2 [5 minutes], Disabled 2 [1 hour]; Feats: Regrowth) [6PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Super-Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Full Speed, Not Flat-Footed]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Suckers) Super-Senses 5 (Acute Tracking Smell/Taste, Danger Sense [Sense Types: Olfactory], Low-Light Vision, Uncanny Dodge [Sense Types: Olfactory]) [5PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Suckers) TOTALS Abilities (32) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (17) + Feats (24) + Powers (103) - Drawbacks (0) = 202/204 Power Points
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