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Found 20 results

  1. January 20th, 2018. Sometime around Noon. Jack relaxed against the tree, enjoying the weather outside. The snow fell softly against his skin, and he sat in the snow, covered only in basketball shorts and a sleeveless hoodie. It had been a few days since he started going to school here, but already he was enjoying his time. His friend Alexa had been correct when she told him that he would love it. The food alone was worth it. He cupped his hands around a snowball, packing it gently, a smile spreading on his face. Alexa usually passed this way between classes..and he had a concocted a pile of snowballs with her name on them...and a second pile for Lexa. Tis the season for a good snowball fight.
  2. Heyo everyone (: welcome to OOC
  3. Monday, November 27th 2017: 9:00am, Claremont Academy Zhu got out of the small old Honda Civic and had to just stop and look. While she already had looked over the school with an illegally appropriated satellite, checked every photo that was in a cloud anywhere, and had as much comprehensive knowledge about her new school as she could possibly get, there was something about the majesty of the campus that still overwhelmed her. It was a stark reminder that while information was good, there was nothing that could quite replace actual experiences. Perhaps she would have to do some research into why reality was so real. Around her, the suprisingly warm November day had a glorious feel to it and the students were taking advantage of the Indian Summer, perhaps anticipating the winter to come. "<Go ahead, we're proud of you. You can do this>," her mother gently chided to her in Mandarin from the passenger seat. Zhu, no Alexa, she had to keep reminding herself that, turned to her mother and smiled, "<Thank you for your sacrifice. I will honor your choice.>" Her mother waved once and, as neither of them were fond of long emotional goodbyes, drove off leaving Alexa standing staring at her new school. Brushing back her hair, she took a deep breath and muttered to herself in slightly accented English, "this is where I should be." She knew the path to the registrar's office and began heading across the well manicured lawns not bothering to hide her wide eyed wonder at the diverse student body. Without taking the phone out of her pocket she pulled up the agenda that had been sent too her. It was rather vague, something that annoyed her, but contained at least a starting point to her new journey. Of course, in the name of efficiency, her parents had dropped her off nearly a full hour before she had to be anywhere, but if her schools in Shanghai taught her anything, it was that punctuality was to be observed to the exclusion of nearly all else. She was certain that the Dean would feel the same way.
  4. Content Notice: Character Death, Cursing Date: November 6, 2017 All across the prime dimension, it was a day much like any other. There were dangers, both large and small. The third planet from the sun continued to spin, with all its many denizens busy with their lives. Some might have been recovering from a long weekend, while others might be looking forward to a holiday season. Many of the planet's costumed defenders were busy with the usual threats to the populaces they defended. Time progressed... Until it didn't. Between the tick of a second hand, for just a moment, the prime dimension... hiccuped. It was as if all of creation was a ball spinning wildly in the air, uncertain if it would actually be caught. Those with the sort of mystical senses might feel it in a myriad of ways, pressure in their ears or perhaps a flicker in the corner or their eyes. For those with their eyes truly opened to the vast eternity of the cosmic coil, for one heart stopping microsecond, all the barriers that kept prime safe flickered, with all the myriad possibilities superimposed. It was a moment of utter madness before sanity and order were restored.
  5. Oddfellows Building, Lantern Hill 7:02 PM, August 15th. The room was rented out for a little meeting of practitioners, the invites had gone out, including to one Professor Peculiar. It was intended as a social gathering of sorts, and people had already shown up as well, mostly with people who were familiar, or at least seen as people who were factors in and around West Freedom. It was put forth by a Stavros, owner of the most amazing tea shop (if he was asked) in the West End, an older man who possessed of the most impressive mustache in the Tri-State area. He was humming as he was making some tea here. In additional there was the short, punky looking Shaul, a local artist, and other things, she had a battered and patched denim vest, with a a hoodie pulled over her face a cup of steaming cup of Stavros' special mint tea. Chatting with Shaul was an older woman, Amanda, who owned an herbal, and wildcraft supplies store. Unlike the younger woman, Amanda was dressed conservatively, a bit like the liberal soccer mom type. There was also a young couple, who may, or may not, had a bit of talent, James and Kendra, but they were both Anthropology students at FCU so were interested in this. This collection was capped off by a 'cowboy singer' off to one side, who was looking passed out with a hat pulled down over his face, and slumped in a chair. One Johnny Perdition. The tattooed and hard living member of this loose affiliation.
  6. GM Saturday, April 29th, 2017 10:04 AM Claremont Academy Parking Lot, Freedom City It was a day of some importance. A few weeks back the school’s staff had announced that there’d be school-funded driving lessons happening soon. And today was the first day of them. The instructor was no unknown, Jeremy Joseph, a stunt man and licensed driving instructor. Why exactly he had been chosen was the subject of many a rumour around the academy, but most had some suspicion. The lessons were scheduled to start at 10:30, but Joseph arrived at the parking lot a fair amount of time earlier. He was driving a fairly average looking car, most likely second hand. Two seats, not very spacious. But its brakes certainly seemed to work well, as he stopped on the empty lot, and got out of the car, to meet the few teens that had already arrived. “Good Morning. I hope you’ve all read the theory I provided. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started as soon as possible. “
  7. Kwame picked up his phone and stared at the screen for a short while, trying to recall all that he was taught. Okay, let's see if I can do this. first, log into the site. Kwame's fingers touched a number of buttons, bringing up the browser followed by the login page of HeroHouse.com. What was my id and password again? Oh that's right! I remember. He entered the require information and was rewarded with the main bulletin board of topics and forums. Okay. That's the easy step. Now for the hard one. Choose new topic. Set the topic to public. Now all I have to do is type in the message. She said I needed to keep things 140 characters, right? Kwame stared at the screen for a while, wondering why he couldn't type any more. Oh, I'm over the limit. Got to change it. First, delete. Then try again. Kwame smiled once he saw that the words fit. Good start. Now let's see if I can get the information to them. Kwame looked at the last message and smiled. This should do it. I hope a lot of people come out at least to mingle.
  8. This is the ooc thread for the main thread. Here, we'll have the rules of the football game. The below are just my ideas. If anyone has a better way to simulate a game of flag football, then by all means let us know. I want to keep things as simple as possible, though. For the most part, I figure we use attack rolls vs receiver's Defense for passes and tackle attempts. We use acrobatics or defense as the DC to avoid tackles. To catch a throw, characters use maybe melee attack rolls against DC 20 with a +/- 5 bonus based on the throw results. If the throw was +/-4 of the receiver's Defense, then the catch gets no adjustment. If the throw roll was +5 or more over the receiver's Defense, then the catch gains a +5 bonus. If the throw was off by 5 or more, then the catch attempt gets a -5 penalty. Throws that fail by 10 or more are uncatchable. Interceptions can occur if the character has any interrupt type abilities, i.e. interpose. They can then make an opposed catch attempt with a reverse +/-5 bonus. Winner catches the ball. For example: The QB throws to the receiver. Rolls a total of 18 to hit the receiver's 14 Defense. the receiver must then roll 1d20+0 vs DC 20 The Qb rolls a total of 24 to hit the same receiver, then the receiver must roll 1d20+5 vs DC 20 The QB rolls a total of 7, then the receiver must roll 1d20-5 vs DC 20
  9. 8:30 PM City Center Freedom City U.S.A If there was one holiday the denizens of Freedom City loved more than Halloween (hero/heroine costumes!), it was Christmas! The downtown area had for weeks been slowly massing it's festive atmosphere, bunting and holly hanging from every storefront and lamppost, giant Santas and reindeer and elves hanging hither and yon, mistletoe in convenient places, blinking red/blue/green lights here there and everywhere. The snowstorm had slowed the roll more than a little, but after it's disappearance... It was like...cake icing. Fresh powder, white as can be, draped over everything; the colors of some lights shining through, the icicles hanging from the power lines reflecting and gleaming and turning the whole of downtown into a sight to behold. Was it any surprise that some store owners decided to make a day of it? It had just happened organically, if you pressed a bystander. One moment a stall had been opened on the sidewalk. Then two more. Then three more. Then a dozen. Then they were up and down the streets. Cars slowed, then stopped, then parked (illegally). Someone had brought out music players, or blocked doors open and let the department store carols burst out. Office workers found themselves taking their dinner breaks early, then not going back. There were skee ball stands, bottle toss booths, a whole carnival midway had cropped up with 'borrowed' materials from other stores. An inspector from City Hall had even shown up, and gotten handed a mug of eggnog. Apparently there was provisions for 'acts of holiday cheer' in the FC lawbooks. The fact that a trio of police were seen scurrying along towards a makeshift sled hill in a parking garage, all carrying toboggans, clearly had nothing to do with that. So that was the scene, when a hero or three arrived. Four blocks of the City Center, turned into one of the biggest Christmas block parties the City of Heroes had ever seen! Frank Sinatra was crooning carols on the breeze, there was eggnog everywhere you looked, and holly wreaths with Christmas lights lining more than a few romantic holiday walks. It was as if the world was making merry, and all were welcome to join in.
  10. Archetech West Building, Emerald City, Wa December 2016 If you wanted to be seen in Emerald City this time of year the place to be seen was the yearly MarsTech Christmas party a massive extravaganza that attracted politicians and superstars from throughout the city and beyond. This year the buzz was about Emerald Cities new superheroes, which unlike Freedom City wasn’t over run with heroes and villains, and whether they would be invited to attend this year's party. So the PR department of Archetech had come up with a bold plan. Being famous for it’s association with supers run by one of their leading lights and with a hero of their own associated with Emerald City, and some unfortunately business that had luckily been mostly forgotten, had sent out an open invitation to cities heroes to attend a Christmas party. But the real bold part was that it was on the same night as the MarsTech bash.
  11. Freedom Hall December 2016 Downtown Freedom was awash with bright lights and color as it was every year festooned with seasonal decorations from every conceivable location. Every building seemed to being trying to outdo each other to be the most seasonal above all the others, though if it was it all seemed to be in good natured fun. Around the world famous Freedom Hall there was a flash of lights of a different kind as the press were gathered around to witness the seasonal event of the League's Christmas party. Only those who were lucky enough could preceed beyond the press corden, or through the side entrance for those less keen on publicity, and the only guests invited were those that helped defend the city as one of it’s many superheroes. Only they got to go into the building itself into the hall which had been transformed into a suitable festive space in which the heroes could let loose for just the one night.
  12. I've just started a flag football thread for anyone interested in joining. A Friendly Game is opened to all and any characters interested. Even if you're not interested in playing football, the thread is open for people to mingle with other characters. Please take a look. I hope to see people join up! Oh, rules for the football part of the game can be found and discussed in the OOC thread.
  13. The Bar December 2016 Bedlam wasn’t always the most friendly place for superheroes so it was always nice to have a place where you could relax in relative safety. Such as place was the Bar, it didn’t have any official name, that despite attempts of the authorities to close down had managed to thrive for quite sometime. The place itself wasn’t that impressive just a series of mismatched tables and chairs, and bar stocked with relatively good liquor, a battered pool table and a jukebox all stuffed into whatever rather bland building the bar had currently been relocated. Even a place like this wasn’t immune to the holidays and an effort had been made to make it more festive with a few decoration across the bar and a rather sad looking tree. But more importantly to celebrate the drink reduced in price.
  14. This thread is open for anyone to post any incidents that might make the news. For this thread, all news will be covered by Channel 3 (GBN affiliate). Simply respond to the thread with a link to the main thread where the event occurred, Area of the city, characters mentioned, date, and time. Thread: Link to related thread Area: Location of main thread Character: Name of characters mentioned Date: Date of the news Time: time of the news
  15. GM Monday, October 31st, 2016 A building, Southside, Southside 7:46 PM Almost everyone had received an invitation. Almost everyone knew it was a bad idea. Many didn’t care about that. A Halloween Party. Organized at a small, easy-to-rent location only a short walk away from the Academy. Online research showed that renting it wasn’t a big ordeal, it required only basic information, but also quite an amount of money. And came with all the equipment a party would need. People had gotten the invitations through a wide variety of means. Some were asked in person. Some found notes in their bags, some in their rooms. Others heard the news from their friends, while a few more got texts. Some invitations arrived through even stranger means. But one thing they all had in common was the message. A starting time, shortly before 8. A call for costumes and a description of the location. However, one thing nobody seemed to know was the organizer. When pushed on it, nobody really knew what to answer, and it was unclear whether or not it was because they were just hiding it, or really didn’t know. Either way, the identity of the person, or people, behind it was unknown to most students, only a select few knowing more. Even the combination of all these ominous factors didn’t stop people, however. So, when people arrived at the described location, they were met with an open door. An open door, leading into a small entrance room, filled with coat-hangers, a few of them looking like bones. Rather realistic ones at that, but probably of animal origin. A second door then led into the main room itself, where a simple beat was playing. The lights were off, and a bit of smoke, clearly made by a smoke-machine crept outwards.
  16. Library Claremont Academy Freedom City United States of America What was this unfamiliar sensation? Oh. Yes. Regret. That was it. Jake lay across two chairs in a back corner of the academy library - a stick of black licorice sticking up out of his mouth like a flagpole; lightly shaking as it was chewed. He was dressed in his usual fashion - tooled leather boots, blue jeans, sleeveless shirt, wide-brimmed hat, metal limiter harness. Around him lay the detritus of study, more specifically, a ten-page essay on the significance of early adoption of capes in heroic fashion. Well, more like one page, at the moment. If you were being generous. And counted two words at the top as a 'page'. And counted your name as two words. The fact that it was due tomorrow, in turn, may have been contributing to the unfamiliar sensation. Jake chewed on the licorice (still tasted like drek, damnit), staring at the ceiling tiles.
  17. .....It is a warm August evening in Freedom City.... ....After a warm day of trying to anticipate police-band calls, Redline notices that there have been about 9 purse-snatching calls to Liberty Park, about one per hour. So, he drives his bike to a lock-up near the City Reservoir, and wanders around ob foot with his helmet on, face-plate open. A few people look at him as if he is a bit strange. He notices a high police presence for about twenty minutes. He keeps on strolling, seemingly not paying attention to anyone or anything, About 12 minutes after the Officers have left the park, Redline sees a young human in a dark blue hoodie sprinting up the jogging path, carrying a bright pink purse. .....'Sh^*, sh^*, sh^*!!' Redline thinks, running after the guy, trying to figure out a good place to shrink and get into his Battlesuit. Just as Redline start up a small foothill on the path, there's loud roar!, and the guy in the dark blue hoodie comes running back to, and past!, Redline. .....'F l i c k it!' Redline dives to the left off of the path, dropping the suit out of his pocket, Shrinking, and landing near the suit. He kneels down to touch it, and it flows onto him, but then he clutches at his head and he staggers around.
  18. Basic idea = several heroes happen to be in Liberty Park on an early evening when a glowing Indomitus Rex appears and starts munching on the crowd. The heroes spontaneously step up to distract the creature from the normals as the normals evacuate, and discover that each other are there. I will be following this post with a write-up of the creature. Our limit will probably be eight characters....Prefer already approved characters please.
  19. Claremont Academy, Front Entrance to the Quad. November 16, 2014, 4pm Sakurako rolled out her orange colored plastic case out on to the sidewalk outside the claremont academy. Adjusting the blazer of her favorite yachting outfit, she looked over the front of the building. "Ah... nice archetecture... looks better in person. Far more... well sophisticated." She nodded to the driver of the minivan she was in, after grabbing a red colored vest from the back seat and what looked like a reddish orange waterproof bag. She sat on her case as the van drove off as she made a quick call on her cell phone she pulled from the vest. "Hey, Mom.... yep made it to the Academy okay." "Yeah I'm gonna miss things. But... I might enjoy this place. Looks like a legit castle." "No.... I've not harassed any of the boys yet." "Okay, I should go I gotta lug my case inside here... the light dusting of snow isn't making things easier." "Bye bye!" She smiled, turning off her smartphone and sliding it into the pocket of the vest, before laying it on the case. She pulled up a handle on one side and started to move the case. It was obvious the scrawny, yet determined pink haired girl wasn't into giving up very easily. Getting the case inside the main foyer, she sits on it again to catch her breath. "Okay... mental note... hit the gym." She looked around at the old wood hall, taking in the sights of her new home for now...
  20. horngeek

    Feeling Lonely

    Rita Kord Dorms- 4PM, Friday the 17th of January Haukea sat in the common room, taking some quiet time after classes to read a book. The last week of classes had been… fairly relaxed settling in, but wasn't the real problem. Well, maybe not a problem so much as… The whole room shuffle had left Haukea with a room to herself, at least until some more students came in. She didn't remember the last time she'd had a room to herself. Okay, apart from the whole broken arm incident. But she was still feeling a bit lonely.