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  1. GM 7:30 PM, Wednesday April 3rd, 2024 Kingston, Freedom City Near the Doomforge Years ago, the House of Usher had returned to Freedom City. Living in the shadow of the Kingston Doomforge, they had been gifted with strange and terrible powers, which they had used with their connections and wealth to become one of, if not the, major player in Freedom City's underworld. Drugs and power, it all ran through them. Anyone that opposed them wound up dead. They went unnoticed by the heroes of the city until the Raven learned about their presence and, together with his allies, he managed to chase them out of the city, and finally take them down after a lengthy international chase. Now, a major criminal enterprise suddenly disappearing is not without its issue. So far, the Usher's lieutenants and henchmen had played nice. Still getting paid and receiving orders, even if it was rarely, really helped there. But now? No money, no orders... well, someone has to try to step into that power vacuum. "C'mon, ya bum! Is that all ya got!?" Four men on motorcycles, the infamous Devil's Advocates, are fighting a young man and woman in the shadow of the Kingston Doomforge. Cueball, the first of the bikers is a large man with a classic German helmet and a large axe. He has a full beard and is only wearing an open denim vest on his upper body, torn jeans on his lower. He is the one that is yelling, as he swings around his axe. Another has a long face and semi long red hair, pulled back in a bandana. He is smiling widely, wearing the same type of vest as Cueball, but with much less impressive physique. He is known as the Born Loser. The third is deadly pale, with patches of black hair, wearing a red bandana and the same style of clothes as the other two. Buddy is missing several teeth and, going by looks alone, might already be dead. The fourth is their leader, Angel, dressed in black costume with bone prints and a skull mask, along with a brown leather vest with several chains wrapped around his upper body, leather boots and leather wraps around his wrists. He is wearing a leather hood pulled over his head. He is their leader They are fighting against Purple Haze and Scarlet Mist. A brother and sister combo that Paper and Nightscale has fought before. Scarlet Mist is wearing all red. Dark red body suit and long gloves, and a lighter red cloak with a hood. Even her hair is red, as she takes on a semi-gaseous form. Purple Haze is wearing dark brown jeans with metal knee guards and heavy combat boosts. Like the bikers, his chest is bare, while he is wearing a purple sleeveless coat. His messy long hair is brown, while rainbow colored smoke and mist flows from him into the surrounding area. "The Doomforge's ours, Angel! Beat it before we get pissed!" They are already causing property damage. The few people that were near the Doomforge are already caught in the fight.
  2. Bayview Freedom City, New Jersey February 14, 2024 4:00 PM A few blocks away from Bayview Mall was an old, converted warehouse that now housed a laser tag arena known as Crossfire. It offered its customers an opportunity to experience laser tag in a more realistic, tactical environment than the run-of-the-mill laser tag experience. The majority of the old warehouse space had been converted into a large area, filled with all sorts of realistic obstacles, from old vehicles to sandbag walls, stacked tires and more. It was here that Charlie had told the rest of the Guardians to meet up this afternoon for a chance to have a bit of fun and practice teamwork at the same time. After finishing classes for the day at Claremont, Bernadette had quickly headed back to her dorm room to drop of her books and change before catching a shuttle from the campus down to Bayview Mall. The redheaded teen was wearing a pair of black jeans and dark grey long-sleeve T-shirt. Over that she had put on the laser tag tactical vest (which included the sensors to record hits) as she and the others finished getting ready for their time slot in the arena. Looking at some of the rather realistic looking laser tag guns, Bernadette finally settled on one, a small gun that was modeled to look like a compact sub-machine gun. Lifting it up in one hand, she glanced over at some of her teammates. "I think this is tha one fer me." She said with a grin.
  3. GM Evening, Friday the 1st of March The sun was mostly hidden by the horizon, painting the skyline of Freedom with the fading colours of the last dregs of sunlight, when both Luke and Leon's evenings were interrupted by a message. <NUMBER_BLOCKED> Come to the abandoned warehouse on #### near Kissinger. Wear costumes. Probably not the most ominous or strange message the pair had received, but certainly one which raised questions. Perhaps one of their teammates had found something and was calling them for backup. Or perhaps something more sinister was occurring... The only question is how the two heroes would respond.
  4. GM Evening, March 22nd, 2024 A local, somewhat small, but still with plenty of room, show stage Tokyo The music is loud, and so are the fans, as Multiplicity has taken the stage. Normally, they would be playing back home in Freedom City, but ever since Neko had started helping build their social media presence, the band had started to gain a massive following in Japan. More than enough to get an invitation to go there to play, taking the stage together with Neko. Both Neko and Bernadette and Neko has both brought their boyfriends along, and despite their somewhat strained relationship, both Charlie and Leon had come along. Despite Charlie's offer of taking the Young Guardians' jet, they had traveled commercial, which had been quite an experience, but now they were here. The lightshow that illuminated the hall turns off, and the crowd goes quiet, waiting for Multiplicity and Neko to start the show.
  5. ooc for this. @Thevshi @Spacefurry @Avenger Assembled let's get some Notice rolls while we get another round of posts in.
  6. A Saturday in the middle of January, 2024 A nice and cold day with a clear sky, in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Bayview Charlie had promised to be in touch after the Young Guardians had dealt with the Conqueror Worm. That had not gone entirely as planned, but then again, he hadn't really planned on revealing he was back until he found out what was happening to Muirne. And hey, they had found Ghule like that, so... win/win, right? So, Charlie had kept in touch. Texting, letting the others know something was coming up, and then, a few days ago, he asked everyone else to come meet up here. Shift of course already knew. She had been helping him set all this up, after all... and it was finally ready. He is standing in front of the door of the stately mansion, wearing a thick winter jacket, though he keeps it open. He honestly can't wait to see what the others have to say about all this. Sure, they might not all have forgiven him for just disappearing like he did, but this will hopefully help. "Soooo... I know the others aren't here yet, but what do you think of the place?" he asks Bernie, turning to look at her with a grin. He hadn't told her exactly what it was for yet. He wants to surprise her too.
  7. GM Freedom City December 1st 2023, Evening The first day of December is a cold and dark Friday evening in Freedom City. Snow is slowly falling, giving the city an almost ethereal sense of beauty, calm and peace. A good and peaceful start to the time of christmas. But this is Freedom City, and that obviously won't last. As Bernadette O'Connell returns to her dorm, she finds a folded piece of paper in the shape of an rectangle on her bed. Once it is unfolded, the paper shows machine written text that reads "Want to do some good? Come find me." and a set of coordinates. When Leon Moore comes home, he finds a piece of paper likewise folded as a rectangle on his table. The machine written text on his paper reads "Wonder what Casanova and his goons are up to? Come find out." and a set of coordinates. Luke Landers likewise finds a folded piece of paper, with a message for him. "Do you know where you girlfriend is? Come save her." and a set of coordinates. The coordinates on each piece of paper point to the same abandoned warehouse in Bayview.
  8. Late Afternoon, Saturday the 16th of December The Fens Waterfront It was a bright clear day, the air crisp as a party had started out of a small flea market, mulled wine and a few good turns of luck proving enough to bring out some Christmas cheer early, especially as everyone's 'Uncle' Michael decided now was the best time to bring out his latest batch of homebrew rum. Shooting Star Alice made her way through the crowd, the bottle of rum she'd acquired tucked under her arm. She wore a sky blue sundress and a white scarf as an acknowledgement that it was supposedly cold. For the dozenth time that minute she checked her phone, having messaged Luke and Leon asking if they'd wanted to come to the little party. She'd been meaning to meet up with them since the attempt at a party get together that had ended with them briefly being crows together, but never found the time, simultaneously juggling school, superheroics and family responsibilities. The latter of which she was avoiding right now, Aaron was getting more involved this Christmas, and it was getting too much. She huffed out a sigh, surveying the crowd for her... friends?
  9. "So Vegas! F-ck Yeah!" Luke grinned enthusiastically, as he threw a glance at the map. It was a long way from Freedom City. Was it for a daring rescue, though? Chasing a dangerous mastermind? An ingenious heist? Nope for the nineteen years old, it was something way more important. Road Trip! Graduation was approaching and what better way to celebrate than an adventure. Now, they were both pretty much broke, had no ride, a continent to cross and... well... Luke dreaded to imagine what his best friend might have planned at an actual Casino. But those were just details, that the two still needed to iron out. Nothing that could not be decided in an afternoon, an amazingly short amount of time before the expected beginning of their journey in a messy dorm room with piles of half packed crowding out the place. @Spacefurry
  10. OOC for this. @Thevshi @Nerdzul @Spacefurry @Kaede Kimura @Lone_Star Gonna start with Multi-Girl, Paper and Nightscale and bring the rest in when we get to them.
  11. Absolute Zero Waterfront, Freedom City, New Jersey October 2023, 9:45 PM Absolute Zero was a popular nightspot located along the Waterfront in downtown Freedom City, a few blocks north of the Pier Two Shopping Center. The club actually consisted of two distinctly different venues located on different floors. The First floor was The Lounge, a more relaxed, casual venue that was mainly candlelit with comfortable chairs and couches. Downstairs, was the Hollow, which was a much more lively venue, with high-tech lighting and sound systems, with musical offering varying each night. Luke Landers and Leon Moore found themselves in the Hollow on a Wednesday night after getting an invitation from their semi-teammate, Bernadette O'Connell to see her perform that evening. From what Luke and Leon understood, that after entering a competition in Boston over the Summer, Bernadette and another Claremont alumni Summer Sands (who had been a year ahead of Luke and Leon) had put together a band and begun performing at various venues in Freedom City or other nearby cities. The Hollow was pretty full for a Wednesday night, filled with what seemed to be something of a mix of patrons. There several groups who appeared to be young, white-collar employees from any number of such business in the city. Then there were a number of people of varying ages who seemed like they worked at some of the nearby restaurants or shops, that wanted to take in some live music and some drinks after their shifts. And then there were a large number of young adults that appeared to be students from one of the many colleges or universities in or near Freedom City. Another local band was just finishing up their time on stage. The performance had been good, but not one that had particularly excited the crowd overall. Bernadette was currently backstage, standing with Summer and the drummer and base player they had found over the last few months. The Irish teen was currently dressed as if she were heading off to classes at Claremont, with a grey and black plaid skirt, white socks and black shoes, a white dress shirt (which she had left unbuttoned several buttons lower than would be the norm) over which she had on a navy blue blazer. Not that it was particularly common for the students to have to wear such a uniform at Claremont. She looked over to Summer, who was dressed as she often was, baggy pants, a T-shirt and hoodie. The older girl was making a few last adjustments to her guitar's tunning before looking back out to watch as the current band was finishing up its last song. Bernadette looked back out on stage as well, waiting for their turn to head out.
  12. The Young Guardians will save you! Concept A team of young heroes in the style of the Wolfman/Perez era New Teen Titans, out to make their mark on the world. History The genesis for the Young Guardians team started with the formation of the New Young Freedom team, which was formed by Sebastian Shields (Casanova) at Claremont Academy in 2020, which included Bluebird, Stinger, Chump and Toxin. Raven III's sidekick Nevermore II, had joined the Academy during that year, and, upon realizing that something was off about New Young Freedom, he started organizing a number of students to oppose them, initially gathering Shift, Nightscale, Arrow IV and Howl around him. They quickly learned that New Young Freedom engineered the crimes that they solved through Casanova's mind control abilities and were, at least initially, able to stop them, defeating them in a fight. An attempt by Casanova to force Nightscale's girlfriend Shadowborne to join New Young Freedom let him to join her boyfriend's team instead, and, as the years continued and the two groups continued to clash, the team's lineup continued to change, eventually settling on Nevermore II, Nightscale, Shadowborne, Paper and Multi-Girl, who settled on the team name the Young Guardians. When Sportsmaster I, Princess Poison and Sportsmaster II attacked Nightscale in retaliation for having hurt Stinger, it was revealed that Stinger was really Ms. Scorpion, who had infiltrated Claremont on behalf of the Shadow Academy. The Young Guardians managed to defeat the super villain family, and Ms. Scorpion ran away from Claremont Academy. While most members of New Young Freedom would graduate soon after, the members of the Young Guardians stayed at the school, except for Nevermore II, who disappeared just before the end of the school year in 2022. While the remaining Young Guardians continued to get into trouble, the team lost it's momentum with the disappearance of its leader. In late November 2023, Nevermore II, now calling himself Stormcrow, returned and gathered the team together for one final fight against New Young Freedom. As it turned out, Casanova had been manipulated by both Ms. Scorpion and more sinister forces. Though the Young Guardians, joined by the zombie hero Ghule and a returning Shift, fought against New Young Freedom, Casanova and Ms. Scorpion managed to summon the Conqueror Worm... [this section will be expanded following the end of the thread The Young Guardians Returns!] Following the defeat of the Conqueror Worm, Stormcrow invited the team to their new headquarters in early January 2024, which he had spent sometime constructing with Shift after he returned to Freedom City, following an extended international adventure with Raven III. Their mission would be simple: To be there for each other and everyone that would need them. To be heroes. And, if everything happens as he wants, then one day, they would be the heroes that would cast the shadows that others would stand in. Base of Operations The Young Guardians are based out of the informally named Guardians HQ, a fancy modern mansion that was rapidly built over the course of about six months. The mansion overlooks Freedom City, giving a scenic view of the city, and while it is some distance away from most neighbors, it is still very much part of the city. Each of the members of the Young Guardians has their own room, with plenty to spare for future members. The mansion has it own power system, library, training facilities, infirmary, a garage and much more, including a hangar that houses the Guardian Jet, which launches through the secret water fall overlooking the outdoor pool. All of the mansion's features as well as the Guardian Jet can be found on Stormcrow's character sheet. Membership Ghule - Viktorya “Vik” Steinman Multi-Girl - Bernadette O’Connell Nightscale - Luke Landers Paper - Leon Moore Shadowborne - Muirne Sceadusangere Shift - Pol Rothstein-Frasier Stormcrow - Charles 'Charlie' Arthur Pratten Various Trivia The team was originally conceived as a new iteration of Young Freedom. When it was decided that it would be best for PCs to not be members of a new iteration of Young Freedom, a new iteration of Young Freedom was instead made their initial adversaries. Before the team formally formed in late 2023/early 2024, it's early iterations while the majority of the students attended Claremont went through a number of potential members at times, including, but not limited to, Arrow IV, Howl and Outrider. Three team members have red hair, two of those with origins outside of the United States. Various iterations of the team has, if you squint, had many similarities to various Teen Titans members, whether in origins or power sets, including a Robin expy, a robot, exiled warrior, a shapeshifter and dark, shadow related powers. The team is funded by the Summers Estate and various investments that Charlie has made, both of his own and their suggestions. The line about who owns what is kind of blurred, but Charlie has been promised autonomy. Both Stormcrow (then as Nevermore II) and Shadowborne have spent a short time in a future where the Young Guardians had become a massive succesful super hero team. These short visits to the future was the first appearance of the Stormcrow identity Stormcrow would like to remind all his teammates to remember to use codenames in the field.
  13. Neko hadn't asked if Leon could visit the home of her foster parents, not when there were children and witches around. So instead she, Leon, and Erik had set up a meeting at one of the many West End cafes whose owner owed their life and sanity to their local hero team. That meant a private party room and discreet service. Once they got there, anyway. In the back of Erik's car (which gave them privacy for the trip to the cafe), she took a few pictures with her phone, smiling at herself in a way that showed just a little bit of her pointed front teeth. She hadn't loosened up as such in the space of the last few years - not really - but she'd let down the mask that she'd spent her first year at Claremont hiding behind. Owain had been the same, right down to admitting to Erik the summer before that he thought he might be gay. But Neko certainly wasn't that, despite what was apparently an active and voluble queer fanbase. She'd talked about her Claremont boyfriend a few times and Erik had seen pictures, but she'd never actually brought him home. But they'd been together for the last two years, and now that he had graduated - well, now was a good time. She wasn't bothering with illusions in the privacy of the car. Her tail was curled up behind her and expressive ears up and perky atop her head, eyes glowing a little in the light as she looked up at the rearview mirror. She was wearing a bright floral yukata and would have looked a creature from another world if she hadn't been living in Erik's house for two years - or typing on her phone with one hand. She hadn't always been able to do that!
  14. Katastroff Consulting A subsidiary of Archetech The Claremont students had all followed up on the advertisement posted in one of the Claremont common rooms. "NEED SUMMER CASH? CONSIDER INTERNING WITH KATASTROFF CONSULTING! SCIENCE - FOR EVERYONE!" The smiling face underneath was a mostly-familiar blonde in a white labcoat, Eira having been a contemporary of Luke and Leon in her last year and her first year at Claremont. She looked to have aged since then, perhaps puzzling for an android, clearly looking to be in her mid-twenties as she ushered them inside what turned out to be a rather small, hastily-assembled office. The walls were bare and painted in a bland shade of off-white, lacking any decor or artwork to liven up the room. The space was lit by overhead fluorescent lights that cast a harsh, sterile glow over everything. The only furniture appeared to be a desk with a chair behind it and a couch and chair in front of the desk. There was a faint buzz from the lights overhead and the sound of recirculated air from somewhere, but the room itself was a little stuffy. "Hello!" she said, putting on a big smile for the three Claremont students. "Luke, Leon, and Carmen, yes?" Her Swedish accent was faint but noticeable as she spoke to them, gesturing for them all to have a seat. She gave them all a big smile and spread her hands wide once they were all inside the room. "I am so glad you all are here!" She smiled again, her teeth perfectly white, and folded her hands in front of her, unconsciously beginning to crack her knuckles as she spoke. Everything will be fine. We will get this done and they will have a fine adventure. "This will take no more than twelve hours," she told them all reassuringly, "are you all prepared to be away that long?"
  15. GM Friday, December 17th 7PM Riverside The Benedict Sans Office Tower 25th Floor The Benedict Sans Officer Tower was a newer addition to the Riverside skyline. It towered over its neighbors as an collection of office floors. Importers liked its proximity to the river and as did start up tech firms like to distinguish themselves from their Hanover counterparts. Representatives from numerous technological and import companies, both local and from outside the city, gathered for a pre-holiday party at the offices of Dumass and Prude Imports. The offices occupy most of the 25th floor. Networking and deal-making was done under the veil of festive cheer. Everyone knew the party was a thinly disguised ploy at gaining favor with key companies. Everything was going fine. Champagne flowed, hors d’oeuvres were nibbled, and schmoozing abound through out the large room where the party was being held. Offices lined two walls of the party room, while floor to ceiling widows encompassed the exterior wall, overlooking the courtyard and offering a magnificent view of the river in the distance. Suddenly, gunfire pierces the evening cheer as armed goons dressed in black stand aside from the open doors of the party room. Five men, one a large man with a thick red mustache and bear paws for hands, another scrawny man with large fly-like wings, bug eyes and arms. A bald, heavyset man in wrestling pants and a long grey/black hair man with glowing eyes flanked them. Finally, another man, obviously younger then the others stood to one side, with a drawn out nose and mouth that gave him a shark like resemblance to match the sharp white teeth his grin shows off. The red-haired man steps forward and spoke up. “Listen here ya prissy, walking checkbooks. This here’s a robbery, you’re gonna cough up whatcha got while we rummage through your offices for pretties, or I’ll know why.” “Now see here!” An older man in a expensive suit steps forward from the terrified guests. Mr. Russell Dumass. The co-owner of Dumass and Pride Imports and the man hosting the party. “You would do well to leave before you face trouble.” Mr. Dumass glanced over at large, suited man with an earpiece and nodded. As if on cue the man and several others around the room draw pistols on the intruders. The party crashers laugh as the armed guards aim there weapons at them in return. The black clad goons aimed small assault rifles and the tension in the room thickened until the red-haired man raised a bear paw of a hand and the goons relaxed some. What happened next was swift and vicious. Four of the men moved with purpose while the one with glowing eyes simply watched. The guards quickly fell under the assault of the villains. Some knock unconscious while others were less fortunate. With the shark faced man being the least restrained. The man he took a bite out of bled profusely and this seemed to only drive him into a frenzy. The other villains only watched as the shark man bite the man over and over until in a rage he picked the bloodied guard up like a rag doll and tossed him through one of the floor to ceiling widows to have him land in a blood mess in the building’s courtyard 25 floors below. The speed and ferocity of the attack cowed any further resistance in the crowd as they began to comply with the men and their goons. Satchel carrying goons began to move through the crowd as the villains regrouped. They spoke in hushed tones before splitting up. The bald villain in wrestling pants and boots took several goons and left the party room as the bear-handed man turned his attention to Mr. Dumass. “You.” He commanded. “Your office, now.” The frighten businessman followed the command and lead the villain into his office. The villain closing the door behind him for privacy. The remaining three villains watched the goons moving through the party guests like vultures waiting on their next meal.
  16. Winter 2023 The elderly Asian man in the jean jacket and denim slacks might have attracted attention if he'd come into the liquor store any earlier, but it was late at night and the middle-aged clerk was obviously ready for his shift to end. He smiled at the clerk and placed the liquor and cigarettes on the counter. "Nice weather, we are having today." The man grunted, looked at his ID 'sorry sir, gotsta check everybody these days', then glanced at his security camera feed suspiciously for a moment before shrugging and accepting the older man's money. Still smiling, he walked outside with his bags under one arm, then walked out of view of the liquor store and into the darkness of the poorly lit streets of Greenbank. In between one step and the next, he blended away and vanished, replaced by a petite Japanese teenager whose ears and tail weren't visible at the moment, her clothes now a warm wool jacket and too-large slacks. She found her friends waiting for her at the edge of a nearby alley. "It was easy," she said, cooly handing her bags to Leon. They'd wound up bringing a curious bunch along for this evening out, Leon and Luke, the best of friends, Multi-Girl who she hadn't really gotten to know well despite the year they'd spent in each other's company, and of course - Carmen. "Nobody around here," she added confidently.
  17. Nightscale Way too late Leon and Luke's dorm room or perhaps somewhere else. It was not unusual recently, for Luke to spend his nights shifting in his bed, to the charging of his roommate that had found himself having to contend with the restlessness of the young dragon boy. What little sleep he could get was plagued by nightmares, of the kind you wake up from covered in cold sweat and with only vague dreadful memories the morning after. That night, though, it felt different. It wasn't the aftermath of a bad dream to wake him up. It was... Well it was freaking cold. An icy breeze was dancing on his bare flesh, clad as he was only in the pair of black gym shorts that the seventeen years old used to sleep in. Still under the haze of dreams, the young man turned, his hands stumbling around in search for his blankets. They weren't there. Gone. Weird. Truth was, that, well, it were not only his blankets that were missing. In fact, as he began to properly wake up, Luke soon realized that he was no longer even in his bed. Instead, he was laying with his back on a mix of cold, rough stone and dirt. It felt like the floor of a cave. What the hell! The seventeen years old jumped on his feet. Adrenaline pumped in his veins and dispelled what was left of his drowsiness. It was dark. He rubbed his eyes and a shiver ran down his spine when he realized that they could not pierce the shadows as he was used to, since the day his dragon soul awakened. The world was eerily quiet, all he could hear, at first, was just the sound of his breath, his quickly accelerating heartbeat and dripping water in the distance. It was when his senses had began to adapt to the situation that he noticed that perhaps, there was actually another noise. Rhythmic, slowly paced, it was another set of breaths. Someone was asleep nearby. He stumbled in the dark, toward the source of the noise, until he found the sleeping form of his friend. "Leon." He whispered. "Wake up man!" They were not in Kansas anymore.
  18. An hour before closing, the door to The Southern Queen chimed. The young man that entered was becoming a familiar face. He first started coming around shortly after the owner catered an event at the local private school, Claremont Academy. Asking for the older woman by name there had been obvious teasing from the staff at first, but with subsequent visits they had gotten used to him. It wasn’t the first time Leon had arrived late at night, obviously flaunting the school’s curfew. But, it was the first time he came around looking quite so depressed. One of the staff pointed him towards an empty booth and brought him something to drink while he waited for Queenie to be free. A moment later, a piece of pie joined the glass and Leon glanced up at the woman, giving her a thankful smile. “Thanks, Amy.” “Everything okay?” Amelia asked. “Ya, just school drama.” He half lied. But the best lies were grounded in truth. “Don’t let me keep you from cleaning.” The server nodded understandingly and moved on to finish her own work, leaving Leon to nudge what he knew without a doubt was very delicious pie around with his spoon as he waited patiently.
  19. June 8, 2022. Claremont Academy Dorms. First Floor. After school. Effigy and Invisigirl BOOM BOOM BOOM. “Paperboy, get your trunks on! Pool time now!” Wilona was already bikini-ified, though it was hidden underneath loose yoga pants and a thin hoodie. All of which, obviously, were yellow/orange/red with flame designs. Because subtlety. Naomi was in a one piece with the same loose yoga pants plus thin hoodie combo over top of it. Only she was in bland grey. So what was goin’ on? It was a hotass day. Wilona was bored. And she wanted to go swimming. Swimming alone sucked ass. So she’d corralled Carmen, who was hanging out in the lobby, and started pounding on her teammate’s door. Did Wilona know a place to go swimming? You bet your ass. Did she know Luke was also in the room? Hell, no. Would she have cared if she did? Hell, no. The more the merrier.
  20. OCC for this if needed. @Spacefurry The place works pretty much on dream logic and it messes with their powers. Since I'm gm-ing I won't award Luke any free hero points for that, but Leon is definitely not subjected to that rule. They could also only bring with them what they wear while they sleep. The idea is, that the boys would have to rely a lot on their wits and on each other to get out of trouble. If you like the idea, as we have discussed on Discord, perhaps Leon can have his arm back in there, at least it makes sense to me that he will still consider it to be part of him. (Plus I imagine it will freak him out a bit). The way I imagine the place, is that it is built mostly on Luke's subconscious mind, but since Leon is also there, it might shift to accommodate details taking from his own as well. If you have anything you think would be fun for them to encounter there, let me know
  21. GM Rath & Stromberg Plaza in Wading Way, Freedom City October 24th, 2021 3:32 AM The doors to Rath and Stromberg caved in, a group of four standing in the entrance. A tall man in a trenchcoat and welder's mask stood silhouetted, an enormous rifle smoking in his large, gauntleted hands. The red lenses of his mask were glowing red. Behind him stood a titan of a man, ten feet tall and plated in armour from head to toe. On his shoulders sat a small, brunette woman with a vulpine grin and a fluffy mane of hair, a domino mask covering her eyes. Finally, there was another woman, surrounded by soft green light, who didn't seem to be very interested in the events unfolding. Those who'd been paying attention to their phones would have seen the clips caught on phones of this group doing a series of smash and grabs across Freedom, sometimes teleporting in, others simply running or driving across the city. After a short dramatic pause they started marching inside, the lead man talking as he walked. "Everyone on the ground, and hands where we can see them. Don't try to be a hero, I'm sure the professionals are on the way. Just stay down, we'll take what we're after and be out of your hair. Stay quiet and none of you will be in any danger." The words were calm and measured. Clinical. The grinning woman laughed slightly before speaking up. "Come on Shadey-" "Don't call me that." " -we're robbin' a bank! You can live a little! Have some fun! Come on, back me up Anarchilles." The large, armoured man, Anarchilles, laughed. It was a sound like a volcano erupting. "I wouldn't mind having some fun." The glowing woman just mumbled something unintelligible. Ignoring them Steel Shade just marched forwards, knocking out a pair of security guards who tried to intercept him and striding past the reception desk. Just as he was about to head through a Staff Only door, he turned to the trio. "Keep the heroes busy for the next two minutes. Non-lethal only. Don't hurt the civillians." To the tones of some more mumbling and a cheery "You gots it boss!" He disappeared through the doors.
  22. OOC Thread for this @RocketLord, @Spacefurry, @Nerdzul, @Lone_Star
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