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Found 129 results

  1. Vibora Bay PCs go the front of the line, but PCs from other areas can participate if there's room. The only requirement is that you come up with some excuse for your PC to be at (or very near to) some part of the Vibora Bay waterfront when disaster strikes. Disclosures: A lot of the action is going to take place in or near water, so "aquatic" characters will thrive, but being "aquatic" isn't required, and in fact, I'd prefer that most of the team aren't specifically adapted to that environment. I'll hand out Hero Points liberally for the setbacks. And if nothing else, there are always power stunts and heroic feats. According to my cursory research, the continental shelf containing the bay is roughly 150ft deep, so unless someone more knowledgeable recommends otherwise, that's the depth I'll use. The villain's character sheet will be withheld until the end. I'll update the OOC to include their stats as they're demonstrated or uncovered. You're flying blind. There's no need for you to memorize these rules, but I want you to know in advance that I'm using them: The following core M&M rules will be in effect. In combat, each round you're in the water, you need to make a Swim check (or a raw Strength check if unskilled), at DC15 since this will be "rough water." Success: You can (but don't have to) move at 1/4 speed with a move action (7ft if you have the base 30ft speed and no movement powers or Growth ranks) or at 1/2 speed with a full action (15ft without powers). Failure: You can't move from your current position, but you don't sink either. Fail by 5+: You sink underwater, and suffocation becomes an issue. If your actions for the round include trying to rescue another character, your Swim check rises to DC20. Out of combat, if you're mostly in the water, then you need to make a DC20 Swim check once per hour. Failure: You suffer a level of Fatigue. I'll be making the following judgement calls. If you're underwater, you count as having "Partial Concealment" (20% miss chance) and "Improved Cover" (+8 Defense, +4 Reflex saves) from attacks originating above the water. You can hold your breath for X rounds (X = Constitution) only if you had the chance to, because going underwater was a conscious, active choice on your part, not if you fall/get knocked/get dropped/etc. If you take damage or get stunned while you're underwater and holding your breath, then you're not holding your breath anymore. If you're underwater and not holding your breath, then you have to make a Fortitude save against suffocation each round (DC10, +1DC per round, failure = Unconscious, then Dying, then -1 Con per round). If you burn a Hero Point for a temporary rank of the Equipment feat to get ahold of a rebreather or some SCUBA gear, then I'll let it last for the entire scene instead of the usual 1 round for a Heroic Feat. The M&M books forgot to import any specific rules for what happens when you're fighting underwater and you don't have Environmental Adaptation, so I'll be importing these from D20. -2 penalty to Attack rolls -4 penalty to Notice and Search checks Thrown weapons don't work If you fail your Swim check, then you lose your dodge bonus for a round. Anyone using powers with a "Fire" descriptor underwater may suffer a setback. Example: They have to fight through a Nullify effect (resisted with a power check or Will save, as usual). Instead of the power just not working, I may decide that the power rank is reduced by however much you failed the check/save (just for the round, not for the whole scene). Anyone using powers with an "Electricity/Lightning" descriptor underwater may suffer a setback. Example: Their single-target attack acquires an Uncontrolled version of the Area extra.
  2. Archer has been investigating disappearances around Freedom City, which is leading him onto the path of the Pinball Wizard! Who is brave enough to help him against this pinhead master of backbox? Looking for 1 or 2 characters around PL10 to team up with Archer to stop the Pinball Wizard and save the kidnappees, thread will be launching some time after I get back from my vacation. Anyone interested? Planning on it being a new member/character friendly thread, so gonna prioritize characters like that, depending on who's interested, otherwise priority to those that don't have a lot of threads going at the moment.
  3. Alright, looking to get something going with the Orange Squad for Claremont. Don't need every member, but it would be nice to have them together. The idea is that the group goes to a Haunted House that is MaAaAaGiC! There'd be a series of about 5 rooms, each a pocket dimension and all with some freaky element to mess with the PCs heads. Goal would be to get through the gauntlet of weirdness and make it to whoever is running this mad house. What do you guys think? @Cubismo @Ari @Heritage @Nick @Electra @Dr Archeville
  4. Torque would like to build on the relationships started by the heroes working together during the hurricane. She'd like to arrange an informal meeting between interested parties to discuss possible future collaborations. Betsy would probably be the point of contact to set things up, but Taye has no idea where such a meeting might take place.
  5. It was a quiet afternoon through the Emerald Cities. But, everything changed when the Storm came through. Neither North Emerald nor South Emerald were prepared for the massive infrastructure damage that has taken hold. And only the superheroes on the scene are available to act as first responders. But, what of the sightings of gangs of supervillains appearing on the scene? That's right recruiting players for a version of the Emerald City Knights adventure! Those who own the PDF don't be surprised if the story beats and twists are different. But, the mass empowering event occurs. Note, PC's are not required or expected to form the in setting Emerald City Knights or Emerald :League or any superteam thereof. As such a desire to do so is not a requirement to join. But, Emerald City based characters will get a priority. Seeking 6-8 PCs for two threads that will be ran concurrently in South Emerald and North Emerald (and eventually meet up). Time Travel, combat, and even the moon itself await!
  6. What: Action thread where Claremont students get mixed up in daka-infused tech smuggling ring. The smugglers are carrying mostly harmless medical equipment, the problem is the Dakanan power-armored royal Red Lion and his New Freedom mercenaries aiming to kill the smugglers for their crime against Dakana. Who: 3 additional Claremont students. Base team of White Lioness, Red Lynx and Sun Dragon/Dio. Preferably PL10. Where: Riverside docks. When: October 10th, 6PM, 2019
  7. Stressed out by the hustle and bustle of Freedom City? Looking for a way to better control your powers? Secretly carrying a torch for a redheaded Southern Belle? Then join Claremont's Meditation Club, led by Lulu Beaumont! Not quite sure if this will lead to threads specifically, but Lulu's noticed several students she thinks might benefit from transcendental mediation, and she's eager to teach them! This would involve yoga mats and comfortable clothes for those who are interested. (Dok, don't feel the need to join; just couldn't resist be the 'rule of three' joke )
  8. I'm looking for 2-3 Emerald City based PCs to try and get some more interaction going, maybe get some plots moving for Emerald City. The basic idea is that some out of town super villains are showing up to stake the claim, since the city obviously doesn't have any super villains at all. Of course, Emerald got some heroes, and some people that might not see kindly to out of towners showing up. It might evolve a bit from that, depending on who's involved. I'm planning on involving Justice or Rebellion, depending on interest.
  9. Remember those old team up books where two heroes ended me up to face an enemy? Well, I'd like to do some short adventures that do just that, two heroes that start off investigating separate problems that end with them meeting up to face a single baddie. It also gives me a chance to dust off some of my favourite characters and get them to meet lots of other heroes. The four series I have in mind are: Emerald City Teamup: Featuring Emerald Spider a Spider-man/Silk type character, and hero of Emerald City. Bedlam Mysteries: Featuring Doctor Thorne a Bedlam occult investigator with a special gift of her own. Freedom City's Finest: Triakosia who is Centurians cousin, and very Powergirl like, who protects the world from threats. Space Adventures: The Traveller, Praetorian and part-time wanderer and all-time troublemaker out in space. And don't feel that you have to come from the city that the heroes come for to get involved, we can always have one or more of them travel around a little. If you interested let me know which hero you want to use, and which hero you'd like to fight alongside, along with anything you'd like to explore and we'll see about starting your exciting adventures!
  10. Hello there! I am looking to form a team with my character Corona, and would love to see some players join. Not especially picky with members, because Corona herself wouldn't be. Any PL is acceptable, though very high PLs might have less to do with the first storyline. Which brings me to my next point - the team is being formed to deal with something I'm calling the Kingmaker Saga. A ghost from Corona's past has come up, and she needs help to deal with it. It's going to be a multi-thread affair, so there will be a lot to do, and depending on how much interest I get, I might be able to run multiple threads for people at once. It deals with a rogue super-power bestowing geneticist, evil half-clones, and a rogue psychic who is quickly becoming more than what her master can handle. Technically, you don't have to join the team permanently to take part in the storyline, though the offer will be extended in character. In character, Corona has put this ad up in the Daily Herald:
  11. So, many heroes are focused in the three big cities - Freedom City, Emerald City, and Bedlam. That leaves vast swathes of the USA (and the world!) largely uncovered by heroes. As it happens, a PC hero's hometown (or other locale that they care a great deal about) turns out to have recently gotten new superheroic protectors. Not all is as it seems, however, as at the same time, crime rates are exploding upwards. A mysterious source, suspicious of these new heroes, tips the PC hero off, urging them to investigate further. This is intended to be a mostly investigative thread, with the possibility for a couple of combats. Let me know if you're interested!
  12. So I've noticed that Merge is low enough to get into Bedlam, so it seems a good enough opportunity to try something out. I'm thinking two threads, with a couple of people each, that looks at the general (mortal) corruption. One will be street level around a series of strange fires in one of the poor districts of the city, the other will involve the upper echelons of the people running Bedlam. The first part is more traditional, whilst the second will involve a little undercover work. Both will be around the same time, so I'm afraid you won't be able to do both. Anyone interested?
  13. A group of lowlifes come together to for reason of strength in numbers at least. Then they get the big idea to do a heist. Because, you know, gotta get that notoriety out there. Unfortunately, that heist happens to be on someone's territory. Someone powerful. Probably not a Crime Syndicate member, but the consequences will be great. If they don't die they will will be captured and, well, let's just say it's a one shot for a reason. You are those lowlifes. I'd like the characters to be in the PL8 area, but if you have someone above that level, we can lower it 1:1. PL 10 would be -2 on attack, effects, defense, and toughness, while PL12 would be -4 on those. PL7s would not get a boost. It would also help if the character is pretty much unknown. There is a reason you're grouping together for help. I'd like 4 characters but I can do it with one more or less. Anyone interested?
  14. There is something strange going on at FCU. Previously bright students have showed up suddenly barely able to tie their own shoes, and nobody knows why. The only clues are reports of strange nocturnal attacks. Panic is starting to spread among the students, and some grad students are simply refusing to show up for class! Clearly, some heroes are needed to find the cause of this dastardly brain drain and put a stop to it! I am looking for 2-3 heroes of any type willing to do some investigation and knock some heads together. I will be contributing my own PC Corona (link in my signature) to help.
  15. Claremont Academy has organized a summer school program based around projects on and vists to non-human societies. This thread is about a visit to Coalition space, the newly-joining worlds of Xix(around the nearby, undiscovered star of Lia) hosting an open celebration around their union with the interstellar alliance. The hope is that observing a peaceful transition between isolation to community will provide a safe, helpful means of understanding the galactic neighbors they might encounter later in life. At the same time, a group of spacefaring heroes have also come to the party. Some are already aligned with the Coalition, there to observe and guard the dignitaries at work finalizing the union of Lia and the galaxy. Others, however, are there following rumors that something horrible is planned, some devastating strike at the heart of the young civilization by an unknown threat. WHO: 3-6 PCs, from either Space or Claremont Academy, no PL limits. WHAT: Mingling, then reaction to a crisis, depending on reaction combat or escape closes thread(with possible follow-up). WHEN: Summer vacation, dated July 5th, 2019.
  16. So for my first outing on the website as a GM I was thinking about doing something a bit lower on the power level scale. Something in the range of maybe PL:7-8. Maybe with a bit of a mixed PL Range. A PL 9-10 with a two or three PL:7-8 might actually work. I would intend this to be the first relatively short part of a three or four mission narrative. So if your in the first one your likely to at least end up in another one. The general requirement for the start on this would just be. #1: Be in Freedom city. #2: Be some one who can either explain why you would catch wind of a black market deal. #3: Be some one who has enough of a eye on the underworld that you might just run across something that looked like a deal going down. #4: Again be in the general lower PL Range. And or MAYBE be a PL:9-10 that can or does work with some other people. I can alter the overall feel of the whole thing to match up with a group I like. So if I end up with two or three Power Level 10's. That's fine, I can just beef up the ideal a little bit. This is also just a in for me to do a little world building on my end so there will be some looking around, talking and investigating most likely after the punching people... so you know, not just punching people.
  17. Face forward, true believers! In the spirit of Marvel Team-Up and The Brave and The Bold comes Freedom's Finest! Each month I'll be running a team-up adventure for a newer player character and one of my own characters at request! The idea is to give new players and established players with new characters a chance to dive into the world of Freedom City and beyond, letting them show their stuff and jumpstarting connections with existing heroes, just like those classic team-up comics! Naturally not every team-up idea will make it into a monthly installment of Freedom's Finest, with preference being given to players who have been active for less than a year and to pitches that spark my interest! What should a pitch look like? Something along these lines: "My super-serious dark avenger and the wise-cracking Jack of all Blades arrive to foil the same jewel heist and have to overcome their personality differences to work together and stop the thieves!" "My impetuous telepath is out patrolling after curfew and runs into Midnight. Realizing she can't read his mind, she mistakes the shadowy figure for a villain and leaps into action!" "My pyrokinetic character is a student at Joseph Clark High School. Maybe he could go to Wail for advice on whether to maintain a secret identity or go public, now that he's got powers?" In other words, post in this thread telling me a little about your character, which of my PCs you think they should team-up with and why! The idea can be combat-based or purely social, so long as it's interesting! Details can be worked out in private messages and ideas that aren't picked for the following month will still be up for consideration going forward! It bears mentioning that this is hardly the only way for a new player or new character to get involved in threads, it's merely one more opportunity - and a good way for my own characters to meet some fresh faces, too! So who's available for team-ups? Glad you asked! Jack of all Blades - This community-minded, acrobatic hero creates energy swords and leads the low-power, high-impact team The Interceptors! The only thing faster than his blade is his tongue; his confrontational style is amusing to some and aggravating to others! Jill O'Cure - Younger sister to Jack of all Blades, Jill is a part-time medical student, part-time EMT, full-time source of deadpan snark. She uses her force fields and healing powers in defence of the West End and her biokinetic attacks to bring villains to their knees! Midnight II - Grandson and heir to Freedom City's original mystery man, Midnight is a shadowy figure of few words. Unmatched on a motorcycle and with a gadget for every situation, he brings his tactical acumen to the Liberty League's fight against fascism across the multiverse. Wail - The last surviving member of the 70s super team 1-800-JUSTICE, today Keith LaMarr works as a civics teacher at Joseph Clark High School. That doesn't stop Lincoln's sonic shouting, super tough, brick house of a hero from teaching fools a lesson! Ghost Girl - A cold, lonely death in the forests outside Thunder Bay was the end of one story and the start of another! This teenage poltergeist is a ray of sunshine and the chill of the grave all wrapped up in one incorporeal, effervescent package, freezing evil in its tracks! Set - In the Silver Age, Set the Destroyer was one of the Freedom League's most dangerous foes but that was then and this is now! This social media savvy rogue is looking to rehabilitate his - and just as often her - tarnished image and to look good doing it! Sekhmet - Not everyone is so ready to believe that the reincarnated Set has reformed and this warrior goddess has been saddled with keeping and eye on the trickster's antics. While she's in the mortal realm She Before Whom Evil Trembles stands ever stalwart! Rock - The stoney strongman of Captain Eclipse's crew on the Horizon is a walking quarry for hire with a heart of gold and fists of granite! Bodyguard, treasure hunter, smuggler, freedom fighter and more, you don't want to get stuck between Rock and a hard place! Nae-Dae - Rock's four-armed, foul-tempered companion, this Irreran wrench monkey can fix anything with nuts and bolts and is liable to try stealing anything that isn't nailed down! Sticking up for an underdog, though, is when she brings out the big guns! Reagent - A concoction gone wrong encased this teenage alchemist in stone, taking her from Victorian England to modern day Freedom City! If the culture shock wasn't enough, when in danger she transforms into an unstoppable behemoth: the Alkahest! You'll find links to all of their sheets in my signature. So be brave! Be bold! Be counted among Freedom's Finest!
  18. Alright, so I'm in a thread-running mood again. Now, for one of the ideas I've got whirring around in my brain I really don't have any go-to PCs, so I'm doing this as an open recruitment. As you can probably tell from the title, it'll be a somewhat occult-themed thread, although that doesn't affect the character so much as you as a player, if you'd rather not go for that. The thread will be set in Freedom, so characters from other cities would have a bit of a harder time making the cut (although I'm not gonna say it can't happen) I'm looking for 2 PCs (possibly a third if I'm convinced that one of yours would work), namely: -one character in their early-to-mid 20s, who would be, at least in the beginning of the thread, in their civilian identity. -a magic/occult/that kind of supernatural themed character, an investigator, or preferrably somebody who combines both aspects. As I said above, I may consider 2 characters for either of those roles should I see a few that fit well. If you're interested, just post a reply to this thread, and specify which character (I like to think I know them all well enough , considering how many of them I've approved )
  19. Thinking of doing a thread with Elias/Errant and his 'alma mater' This can be something like a camping trip. Or maybe a meet and greet with some students who have psychic abilities, or interesting [read: traumatic] backstories.
  20. Here's an idea. Four Claremont students meet a mysterious punk and decide to help rescue her misfit friends from the clutches of some very, very bad people. Oh, and they also go back in time to the 1980s. Expect copious amounts of "subtle" references and 80s nostalgia porn. If any of that sounds at all interesting and not a nightmare to you than feel free to submit one of your Claremont PCs for play! Power level requirements are loose. I'd prefer PL 10, but PL 7 and everything between the two is more than acceptable. There are no especially vital skills in this, but Computer, Disable Device, Knowledge (Cosmology), Knowledge (History) and Stealth can be relevant and useful at certain points, if not fundamentally necessary for the overall adventure. Feel free to ask me any questions either here or on the Discord. Recruitment will stay open until I have four players and will work on a first come first served basis.
  21. I'm looking for one Bedlam City based PC, for a single-encounter thread with Mister Strix and some NPCs. I'm not looking for any out-of-towners on this one. Please come up with some reason why your PC would happen to be in the Ash Street neighborhood at night. Strix is going to be investigating a series of murders targeting homeless people. You can be, too, or you can have some other agenda or issue. It doesn't matter if your PC has already met Strix or not. It's going to be a sort of prologue for another, slightly longer thread, which Strix will also be in. The same PC can in that one too, but they don't have to be. PM me if you want in, or if you have questions. Don't post here. I want at least one IC post every 3 days. If you go 3 days without posting, I'll skip you and move on.
  22. After a good start, one or two hiccups in threads using WEST, the cheat way to get plot hooks! Its still active, but I fancy doing (and have space for) another thread as GM. Super science heroes may need to investigate some jurassic chronal flux, or cancerous dimensional lensing. Maybe with some hyperzero radiation thrown in! Etc Etc. Interest?
  23. Some day soon, Forever Boy will learn that he's not the only one from Neverworld that's come to Earth! And there will be Sky-Pirates following in his wake! So, I'm looking for Claremont characters that could be interested here, preferably, but not limited to, someone that has some sort of relationship with Forever Boy. PL shouldn't matter too much, but preferably PL10-12. My original plan was for 3-4 characters including Forever Boy, but if the number of positive reactions in discord was an indication of the interest, I might figure out a way to run it for more, or do dual threads or something like that.
  24. Read everything before you do anything. I'm going to run another supernatural-themed horror-ish thread set in Bedlam City, co-starring my own PC, Mister Strix. There are currently 2 slots open for other PCs. Since the thread will take place in Bedlam City, I cannot take any PCs with an effective combat Power Level higher than 10. Investigative skills are good. Aptitudes for either magic or technology are good, each in their own way. The ability to power-stunt to adapt to the unexpected is good. I'll leave recruitment open for at least a week, maybe two, so that everyone gets a chance to see it and make their bid if they want in (even the recent newbies, if they get their asses in gear). I'll post in this thread again to announce when recruitment is closed. When deciding on PCs, I will give preferential treatment to 1) People I'm friends with in Real Life, 2) People who are already busting their asses running threads and/or doing administrative work for the site, and 3) New players. If you want to play, don't post in this thread. Send me a private message instead (here on the site, not on Discord). If you post in this thread, then I'll know that you didn't read this entire post, and I'll assume you would've just skimmed the posts in the actual thread, too. I'd prefer not to have to repeat myself more than is necessary. I'm not having people post replies here because I like my privacy and I care about yours, so I'd rather not advertise to the world who got picked to play and who got left on the bench. Your message should include the following: A link to your character's sheet. A link to your character's Guidebook entry, if they have one. Any part of your character (background, Complications, etc.) that you'd like to see get some spotlight or development, or any traits you'd like an opportunity to use. (No guarantees, but I'll try.) If your character is not based in Bedlam City, then one or more possible reasons they could have for going there. One or more "trap doors," in-character excuses for why your PC would have to suddenly drop everything and exit the story. The classic example is how Batman will drop everything if The Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, and give top priority to his recapture. Everyone who applies but who doesn't get picked will go on a private waiting list. Here's some disclaimers, so that everyone knows what they're getting into: If you apply to this thread, then you commit to a posting rate of once every 48 hours. As soon as I announce that a player is up, they have 48 hours to make an in-character post. If that player doesn't post inside their 48-hour deadline, then I will skip them and move on to the next player. If I skip a player 3 times, then I will activate one of their trap doors and cut them from the thread. Then I will call up a player from the waitlist to take their spot. Manage your expectations. I'll do the best I can to provide a decent quality thread, but if you sign up, do it knowing that I'm a middling GM (or player) at best. I'm not particularly creative (as you can see from my own PCs) or witty. If you sign up for one of my threads, you're not doing it because you expect your mind to be blown, but because so few people volunteer to GM anything that you'll take what you can get. In case you don't know already, my tastes and my instincts lean grim, dark, and gross. I don't mess with sexual assault, and I wouldn't even if the site rules allowed it. Otherwise, I don't offer "content warnings," except to say that, if "content warnings" are an issue for you, then you probably shouldn't sign up for one of my Bedlam City threads. I'm going to be using a villain loosely based on a template from one of the many, many published M&M books, with some tweaks of my own. The villain's stats will not be published on the forum in advance. You will be going in blind. That's not usually how it's done around here. That having been said, as a personal rule, I try to avoid blind rolls, and I don't force people to use Extra Effort or spend Hero Points blindly. If it won't help, I'll let you know before you waste it. If you'd make a roll with Skill Mastery, then I'll tell you so you don't have to bother rolling. It's common in RPGs for some players to get so attached to and emotionally invested in their PCs that they take any bad thing that happens to that PC or any failure on that PC's part as a personal insult or attack. If you're one of those people, then you shouldn't sign up for one of my threads. There. Now you can't say I didn't warn you. (Yes, I'm recycling a thread title from over a decade ago. I like the movie.)
  25. So I started a transdimension teams, in the mold of the Legends of Tomorrow or the Exile, but unfortunately things kinda drifted for various reasons. But I'm in the mind set to try again, so is anyone interested in going on such an adventure? It'll be a one off for now with the potential for more later, with a fairly light tone I'm leaning towards. Let me know if your interested and we'll hopefully be ready to go to adventure in 2019!
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