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  1. A crisis has been reported in Rodney, a suburb a few hundred miles outside Freedom City. The local government has been taken hostage by a mysterious man with skin of black stone. Those police that resisted him have reputedly been sealed inside shards of similar rock, and he has brought together a group of criminals of various stripes to keep the citizens in line. Though the report only came in two days ago, it has supposedly been a week of mayhem and chaos for the people of Rodney, and it only promises to get worse. Rodney needs heroes to liberate the town from the grip of its tyrannical new o
  2. Once Freedom Eagle's approved, he's gonna need a thread for arriving in the present before joining Claremont after the summer! So, who'd like to come fight a future Aliengator alongside a future Freedom Eagle as they fall from the sky in Freedom City? Preferably around PL8 and Claremonters, but others can be considered!
  3. Not looking for more than 2-3 players for any of these. But, hey aside from picking up some threads I left stagnant, gonna add stuff to my plate. Shark Week: Baby Shark A newborn has been stolen from the Freedom Medical Center. There is video footage of the kidnapping. At the time everyone on the ward fell asleep simultaneously for five minutes. Just long enough for the a group of teen robed persons to come in and steal the child and walk into a nearby bathroom. Only to not return. Aquaria, Ghost, Singularity Shark Week: Raiders of the Lost Shark The Wormhole j
  4. I have a few ideas for threads I’d like to do so I thought I’d see if anyone ould like to join me in fun, it probably a little slow, adventures. Right now I have two idea I’d like to recruit people for: The Halloweeners When a local ruffian turned up dead The Immutable Betsy Brooks didn’t expect to get her money back. What she really didn’t expect was for him to get up and start moving around. Following him to another city (possibly) she’s trying to stop what she suspects is something very dubious is going on. Supernatural related adventure
  5. Casting Call: "Once More to the Boards" Arc Synopsis: SuperCrime! , Discovery Channel’s flagship superhero show, is ending its run after fifteen seasons. Its longtime hosts, Fast Forward and Hologram (Richard and Paige Cline) are finishing up big, with one last double-legnth episode covering one of the most infamous supercrimes of recent history, the Curator’s kidnapping and replacement of heroes and villains throughout Freedom City. By doing research and interviewing witnesses, they want to show the world exactly what happened in those strange days, and along the way they might ju
  6. Oh no, Doctor Midas stole a bunch of gold from the bank, and now he's making his escape! Good thing that you're there to stop him! But wait, who's that catching up to him? Is that Ghost!? I'm looking for 1-2 people to team up with Ghost to stop that gold loving diabolical Doctor Midas before he gets away! PL8-10 prefered, but I'm open to others. Teen heroes will probably lead to some interesting interactions, but anyone's free to enter!
  7. While most of the world's heroes concentrate on the werewolf epidemic, a few plucky types are called to deal with solving the great and terrible crisis that has caused the Night of the Wolves. These threads are first-come, first-serve for non-Refs/Mods/Admins. If you are one of those, restrict yourself to just one of these threads for the moment. These will start when there are at least three people in each. 1. (Freedom City) - Great, Captain Thunder's a werewolf - and he's supposed to be retired! Help catch the poor guy before he does something
  8. So, with that little recruitment spiel out of the way, hello! Welcome! This is going to be my first attempt to run a story arc that includes multiple threads. I have a vague sense of where I want it to go, and a stronger sense of what exactly is going on, specifically. I'm thinking of opening at least a couple threads simultaneously, as different heroes attempt to track it down from different angles. Anyways, if anyone's interested, feel free to contact me on Discord or post down here.
  9. Hi, y'all! So right now, Lulu is only in one thread that is even remotely active, and I really want to use her more. Is anyone looking for a sassy Southern telepath, either in a Claremont-related thread or pretty much anything else? She's willing to travel
  10. I'm looking for 3-4 characters, preferably around PL10-12, who'll want to join Justice in fighting a very big and public threat in Emerald City. If there's more than the 3-4 takers, I'll try and prioritize on who doesn't already have threads going in EC or have fewer threads, or who I think will have the most interesting interactions with the threat. Maybe some priority to the members of the so far unnamed EC team, depends on who's interested. Lower PL can apply, but will probably have a harder time.
  11. I've been working on a number of plotlines for Emerald City for a while, which I think its time to pull together and try to drum up some activity for Emerald City. So, why should you care? What makes Emerald City different from Freedom City? Emerald City is fertile ground. Unlike the decades of super heroic traditions of Freedom City, super heroes is a relatively new phenomenon in Emerald City, starting with the debut of the Emerald Spider in 2016. In the ordered and controlled Emerald City, you can make a difference. You're not just one out of an endless line of heroes
  12. So let's do this thing again. I'm back and actually posting. Unlike the last time I said this (or the time before that. Or the time before that). I'm very self-aware of how it's gone! My schedule has been ridiculously relaxed, ever since I started a new job in the middle of December and especially so now that my hours changed to what it is now, and I want to get back to having fun with y'all. New and old. Essentially, anybody whose interested in more threads. Let's Duet! our characters for a thread (Social/Combat/or somewhere in between) drop me an idea here, through pm, or especially
  13. A being from the stars, a cosmic lover, has come to Claremont, setting its sights on the student body as it attempts to find the perfect love! Its first target? Thunderbird! Of course, the cosmic lover is fickle, and what might be complete devotion and true love one moment, might be discarded if something better shows up. Anyone interested in helping Micah fight off the cosmic lover's advances, or potentially ending up the target of their love? I figure this will run with a bit of a revolving cast, with me bringing in and ushering out characters as they will pop u
  14. Vibora Bay PCs go the front of the line, but PCs from other areas can participate if there's room. The only requirement is that you come up with some excuse for your PC to be at (or very near to) some part of the Vibora Bay waterfront when disaster strikes. Disclosures: A lot of the action is going to take place in or near water, so "aquatic" characters will thrive, but being "aquatic" isn't required, and in fact, I'd prefer that most of the team aren't specifically adapted to that environment. I'll hand out Hero Points liberally for the setbacks. And if nothing el
  15. So I'm going through my if I want to play my character I better just run something phases, so I'd like to do something with Betsy. So I thought I'd do something properly Southern GOthic and have Betsy, and one or two other, face off with some vampires, maybe the big cheese himself.... Anyone interesting in join in with her little excursion?
  16. Looking for 2-3 PL 10-12 characters to respond to explosions and/or some kind of attack near the Doomforge overlooking Kingston. Intro thread for the Unbreakable Kronk, so depending on reactions might be a bit of "Let's you and me fight!" but overall probably more character interaction/exposition than combat. Preference for Characters with ties to the terminus/warpwold but generally open recruitment.
  17. Archer has been investigating disappearances around Freedom City, which is leading him onto the path of the Pinball Wizard! Who is brave enough to help him against this pinhead master of backbox? Looking for 1 or 2 characters around PL10 to team up with Archer to stop the Pinball Wizard and save the kidnappees, thread will be launching some time after I get back from my vacation. Anyone interested? Planning on it being a new member/character friendly thread, so gonna prioritize characters like that, depending on who's interested, otherwise priority to those
  18. Alright, looking to get something going with the Orange Squad for Claremont. Don't need every member, but it would be nice to have them together. The idea is that the group goes to a Haunted House that is MaAaAaGiC! There'd be a series of about 5 rooms, each a pocket dimension and all with some freaky element to mess with the PCs heads. Goal would be to get through the gauntlet of weirdness and make it to whoever is running this mad house. What do you guys think? @Cubismo @Ari @Heritage @Nick @Electra @Dr Archeville
  19. Torque would like to build on the relationships started by the heroes working together during the hurricane. She'd like to arrange an informal meeting between interested parties to discuss possible future collaborations. Betsy would probably be the point of contact to set things up, but Taye has no idea where such a meeting might take place.
  20. It was a quiet afternoon through the Emerald Cities. But, everything changed when the Storm came through. Neither North Emerald nor South Emerald were prepared for the massive infrastructure damage that has taken hold. And only the superheroes on the scene are available to act as first responders. But, what of the sightings of gangs of supervillains appearing on the scene? That's right recruiting players for a version of the Emerald City Knights adventure! Those who own the PDF don't be surprised if the story beats and twists are different. But, the mass empowering event occu
  21. What: Action thread where Claremont students get mixed up in daka-infused tech smuggling ring. The smugglers are carrying mostly harmless medical equipment, the problem is the Dakanan power-armored royal Red Lion and his New Freedom mercenaries aiming to kill the smugglers for their crime against Dakana. Who: 3 additional Claremont students. Base team of White Lioness, Red Lynx and Sun Dragon/Dio. Preferably PL10. Where: Riverside docks. When: October 10th, 6PM, 2019
  22. Stressed out by the hustle and bustle of Freedom City? Looking for a way to better control your powers? Secretly carrying a torch for a redheaded Southern Belle? Then join Claremont's Meditation Club, led by Lulu Beaumont! Not quite sure if this will lead to threads specifically, but Lulu's noticed several students she thinks might benefit from transcendental mediation, and she's eager to teach them! This would involve yoga mats and comfortable clothes for those who are interested. (Dok, don't feel the need to join; just couldn't resist be the 'rule of three' joke )
  23. I'm looking for 2-3 Emerald City based PCs to try and get some more interaction going, maybe get some plots moving for Emerald City. The basic idea is that some out of town super villains are showing up to stake the claim, since the city obviously doesn't have any super villains at all. Of course, Emerald got some heroes, and some people that might not see kindly to out of towners showing up. It might evolve a bit from that, depending on who's involved. I'm planning on involving Justice or Rebellion, depending on interest.
  24. Remember those old team up books where two heroes ended me up to face an enemy? Well, I'd like to do some short adventures that do just that, two heroes that start off investigating separate problems that end with them meeting up to face a single baddie. It also gives me a chance to dust off some of my favourite characters and get them to meet lots of other heroes. The four series I have in mind are: Emerald City Teamup: Featuring Emerald Spider a Spider-man/Silk type character, and hero of Emerald City. Bedlam Mysteries: Featuring Doctor Thorne a Bedlam occult i
  25. Hello there! I am looking to form a team with my character Corona, and would love to see some players join. Not especially picky with members, because Corona herself wouldn't be. Any PL is acceptable, though very high PLs might have less to do with the first storyline. Which brings me to my next point - the team is being formed to deal with something I'm calling the Kingmaker Saga. A ghost from Corona's past has come up, and she needs help to deal with it. It's going to be a multi-thread affair, so there will be a lot to do, and depending on how much interest I get, I might be able to run mult
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