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Found 108 results

  1. Some day soon, Forever Boy will learn that he's not the only one from Neverworld that's come to Earth! And there will be Sky-Pirates following in his wake! So, I'm looking for Claremont characters that could be interested here, preferably, but not limited to, someone that has some sort of relationship with Forever Boy. PL shouldn't matter too much, but preferably PL10-12. My original plan was for 3-4 characters including Forever Boy, but if the number of positive reactions in discord was an indication of the interest, I might figure out a way to run it for more, or do dual threads or something like that.
  2. So I started a transdimension teams, in the mold of the Legends of Tomorrow or the Exile, but unfortunately things kinda drifted for various reasons. But I'm in the mind set to try again, so is anyone interested in going on such an adventure? It'll be a one off for now with the potential for more later, with a fairly light tone I'm leaning towards. Let me know if your interested and we'll hopefully be ready to go to adventure in 2019!
  3. You are from Anti-Earth. A place where everyone is evil. You are a villain. Everything is 'great' until reality blows up. That kinda sucks. You may be evil, but you like having reality to be evil in. The Norn, an all powerful being who cannot interfere herself, pulls you out of reality to save reality from destruction. Again, you're evil, but not omnicidally so. It's nice to have things to push around and take things and do things evilly. I'm looking for interested parties on being the bad guys. Don't worry about who it is. If we're short staffed, or over/underpowered, I can adjust on the fly. This will be in the noncanon forum. If you are interested, put forth a character you wish to play and how they fit in this world. Freedom is called Empire City. There's sections dedicated to it in Worlds of Freedom and Iron Age. Bedlam is called Paradise, and is possibly the nicest place in America. Doesn't mean the villains don't have their hands there. Emerald City is called Wonderland. People aren't so much villains there as much as they're 'people with powers'. Your Neutral city with Evil tendencies. If you wish to add something to the Bedlam/Paradise or Emerald City/Wonderland narrative, I'm all ears as those are my interpretations of them right now since they dont have canon sections.
  4. Remember those old team up books where two heroes ended me up to face an enemy? Well, I'd like to do some short adventures that do just that, two heroes that start off investigating separate problems that end with them meeting up to face a single baddie. It also gives me a chance to dust off some of my favourite characters and get them to meet lots of other heroes. The four series I have in mind are: Emerald City Teamup: Featuring Emerald Spider a Spider-man/Silk type character, and hero of Emerald City. Bedlam Mysteries: Featuring Doctor Thorne a Bedlam occult investigator with a special gift of her own. Freedom City's Finest: Triakosia who is Centurians cousin, and very Powergirl like, who protects the world from threats. Space Adventures: The Traveller, Praetorian and part-time wanderer and all-time troublemaker out in space. And don't feel that you have to come from the city that the heroes come for to get involved, we can always have one or more of them travel around a little. If you interested let me know which hero you want to use, and which hero you'd like to fight alongside, along with anything you'd like to explore and we'll see about starting your exciting adventures!
  5. Chatting with SuperCape in the chat inspired me to do an ocean focused thread, preferably starring some sea based heroes (and any others that might be interested). I'm still putting together the exact ideas, but wanted to test the waters. So, anyone interested? EDIT: Gonna be going with a max of 3 characters here. I'll pick the ones that'll fit best.
  6. I've decided after a long sabbatical to take another crack at this GM business. The jest of the game was more or less described in the title and will involve Claremont students fighting demons on Halloween because I think that would be awesome. Does anyone else? Looking for three to four players PL 10 who are Claremonters (because they need something that isn't a social thread) unless you give a good reason why'd you'd be on campus. At least one of the PC's should have a decent Arcane Lore and Theology and Philosophy score. Also, having a ridiculous high Civics might prove super helpful. Maybe. Possibly.
  7. I'm looking to run a horror thread set in Bedlam for 1 to 3 characters. It will probably be primarily investigation based, but there is potential for some relatively simple combat encounters, depending on what happens. No PL requirements. Characters doesn't have to be supernatural to fit in or deal with the issue, but it might help to have some investigative abilities. And if you'd like, it would be nice to have a mention of where in Bedlam your characters could be around the middle of December.
  8. Hey there! After a very long period of not playing M&M, I just can't fight that itch any longer. I need to run some games, and boy, do I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head. So, I propose two games to start with, complete with combat, mystery, and intrigue. One will feature my own character, fresh from the presses (once she is approved), and the other will be just me GMing. Now for the pitch: Dark Red Tide (PL10-11) A trip to the Freedom City Aquarium should always be a fun occasion. After all, even heroes need some R&R from time to time. But this particular field trip quickly goes horribly awry... Monsters in the Night (PL7-10) A young girl has gone missing from the Westend. In your efforts to find her, you cross paths with the Blind Huntsman, who seems to be following the same lead for different reasons... I ask that you only sign up for one or the other, even if you have multiple characters. I am hoping to get at least two for each, upwards of four. First come, first serve. I'd like to see what kind of interest this gets before moving on to making the actual threads. In addition, I would like to open a purely social thread, so I can have Huntsman meet some of your characters, and build some affiliations! For anyone interested, please mention it below and you can join me in the Wharton State Forest for One Quiet Evening. And if anyone has an interest in pitching me THEIR ideas for a team-up with the Blind Huntsman, social or otherwise, let me know! I'd love to hear it
  9. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/5630-change-is-necessary-for-growth-ic/?tab=comments#comment-150175 Seven years after the walls fell, it's time to return to Dunwich Prep. Looking for characters with a plausible connection to chaos or the divine - but characters without either of those things are also good!
  10. I'll be trying my hand at GM'ing a bit, so I figured I would start with something relatively simple to help me get into GM'ing fight scenes: A villain really wants to get the gold reserves stored in the Eastern Seaboard Bank, and it would be great if some heroes would try to stop him! I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to join, preferably with a post from each at least every other day.
  11. So I'm looking to just generally get into more threads not just revive the old threads I have been reviving as of late. So come one come all. In the spirit of Gizmo's Freedom Finest (Seriously go check that out those with newish characters Giz will make you care for NPCs like never before) and Electra's And I Was Just Standing There (Also seriously check that one out. E's characters are awesome why wouldn't you want your characters to know them?) a here's my thread. A shameless piggy back of their excellent ideas. Essentially, anybody whose interested in grouping our characters for a thread (Social/Combat/or somewhere in between) drop me an idea here, through pm, or in Chat and we'll work something out together. I will accept pitches for up to 3 PCs per thread (including my own PCs), but no more than that. The joking goal may be to overwhelm me, but it's not to leave everyone hanging in doing so! Yes, I know I have some thread ideas in my old thread that I've yet to form into threads. But those are ideas I pitched. Now I want to hear what ideas others have had sitting in the back of their mind. Any of my characters are available. So here's a run down of my characters, if you want to have a team up thread with one of them. Argonaut (PL: 10 [7 if Argonaut is to stay unarmored all thread as armoring up formally requires permission]) : Late 40s. Freed Omegadrone turned Agent of AEGIS. Has been on Earth Prime for two decades, but has been an active part of the hero community for far less time. Not always great with normal social cues or leaving out grim details, Yves Zermeno is not the world's most social butterfly, but her survivor's guilt and PTSD drive her to place the lives of others above her own without fail. Dalir the Dashing (PL10): Emerald City Stage Magician. Connected to a hidden society in the mountains, the illegitimate son of ASAD Dalir has a penchant for the flashy but his powers are tied to his nine viridian rings. Dalir has no particulars about the sort of crime, but he will always follow a lead to locate his missing mother. Foreshadow II (PL12): Early 20s. Prescient heir to the Foreshadow name. Adopted by the original Foreshadow, Erick Sloane is a shameless flirt (happily taken though), millionaire turned billionaire through investments, with a recently earned MBA. Attached to the UK superhero team Vanguard(Whose access to portals allows him to travel back and forth between the UK and the rest of the world), Foreshadow favors street crime above all else. Glamazon (PL 14 [9 if the thread involves somehow depowering the demigoddess of her divine powers]: Atlantean Princess, Olympian Demigoddes, ambassador to the Surface, and Freedom League Aux PR disaster. Glamazon is essentially a Homeric heroine with more modern sensibilities. Glamazon acts before thinking and her first thought is usually to punch things very, very hard Hellhound (PL7) Bedlam city bouncer by night, Werewolf by also night. Hellhound is your typical down on his luck blue collar werewolf as you are want to find in Bedlam City. Waging a one-man war against his father's MC. The Bedlam hero favors street crime but is more than equipped for the magical woes of the city as well. Roulette (PL11): Zultasian Bounty Hunter and part of a crew of bounty hunters known as the Voidrunners. Roulette is just the worst taking pleasure by grating on anyone and everyone's nerves, but the man has a semblance of a conscious. Despite the fact that he shoots concussive laser beams from his eyes, he has an aversion to violence and will generally attempt to avoid it. Shock and Awe (PL9) He's human thunderstorm, she's a lightning rod. Together they fight crime. These two Southern teens find themselves attending the Prestigious Claremont academy as part of the intramural Orange squad. One's sour, one's sweet but both are full of all sorts of uncommon Southernisms.
  12. Forever Boy is the character of new player RocketLord, and since he was just approved, no reason not to have a debut before Claremont gets into the swing of things. I'm looking for 1-2 other PCs who'd be interested in foiling the machinations of two loving, cautious and powerful space-villains come to Earth for reasons of stealing a prototype dimensional conduit from A.S.T.R.O. Labs' Freedom City headquarters. PL is 10-12, any origin or theme. Date is 7th September, 2018, late afternoon, verging on evening. Tone is very light. Very heavy on action.
  13. Rumors have spread throughout the poor folk of the Fens of Freedom City - tales of opportunity to take a chance and grow one's own power to affect their life. One rumor claims that it's a pyramid scheme - a con run by an overzealous fan of superheroes. Another claims that the speaker's friend's cousin actually gained powers by visiting a specific club on the river's edge. A third tale tells of how some people have been gaining fame and fortune for their folks by visiting the club. All stories share some commonalities - that there's a club in the Fens where the proprietor claims to be able to brew drinks that give someone superpowers. What they do with the powers, the rumors say, is up to them. Hello all, and welcome to my literally first attempt to open threads here on the forums, as well as my first attempt to GM M&M 2e in general. The scene has been set - a mysterious and likely dubious club has begun manufacturing superhumans! Possibly. At any rate, the first signs of these superpowered individuals are about to show up - fortunately as many as three superheroes shall be there to prevent the crime that occurs. This is going to be a pretty investigation-heavy plot, so detectives be aware. There might also be horror elements to it, and a couple combats. So, who's interested? Note that the PL is undecided, but is likely to be from 8-10 range, because this is a fairly low-level concern as far as things go at the moment.
  14. What: First-response and life-saving in the aftermath of a container ship's nagivation equipment malfunctioning, sending the several-hundred thousand tonnes of ship and cargo into the half-built MarsTech wave-power generator just off the coast. Hundreds of people need rescue, both in the ship and around the power generator. Who: Anyone, really. Max of four people, Maximum PL of 12. Where: Emerald City, Oregon coastline. When: August 2nd, Late night. @Jander-Prime Here you go, Jander. How's this?
  15. A new, relatively unknown hero called Hypno-Hippie has recently arrived in Freedom City, and is looking to make her public debut by hosting a public Super Freaks sermon as a charity event. Fliers have been passed around, ads placed on what seems to be every single bus stop and lamppost in the city. Some heroes have been invited by the city as security detail in the event that something goes horribly, horrendously wrong, and a message like hers is bound to rub some people off the wrong way. I'm kinda hoping @Avenger Assembled could attend, because, since because it's his creation, I want to make sure I'm getting the real "spirit" and functionality of the group correctly. Also, I was planning on having the Third Eye, a Super Freaks-affiliated hero, attend. Other than that, I am hoping to have approximately two to three other players involved, at most. This will have been my very first time GMing using concrete rules, so some constructive criticism on the way would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, due to some things going on in real life, I sadly will not be able to create OOC and IC threads for this thing until, like, early to mid May. Until then, who all wants in?
  16. Hey y’all I’m back! And that means so is Hyperactive! Without further ado! A plot hook: Did you know that Cameron Park in Waco is the second largest municipal park in the United States Of America? At least it was. Now it’s definitely the largest. The park is expanding. People are going missing. The animals in the Cameron Park Zoo are loose and seemingly altered. Well, Hyperactive is going to be on the case, but he needs help. Probably looking for one one or two other heroes!
  17. I've been mulling over (for over a literal year now) having Terrifica put together a team of sorts. Now I know, a proper team has to have players that'll commit to working with each other long term. So my solution is...let's not do that. Terrifica's an obsessive investigator. She's got more leads on crime than she can personally handle. Even looping in @Heritage's Miracle Girl (her protege and friend) isn't quite enough. So I say let her form a network of heroic contacts. A rotating cast of folks that handle street level crime. If we do it right, Terrifica herself doesn't have to be a presence in every thread. The only caveat is that your hero should be 18 years of age or older. Terrifica is not having that "private chat" with Headmistress Summers again. What do you say?
  18. Face forward, true believers! In the spirit of Marvel Team-Up and The Brave and The Bold comes Freedom's Finest! Each month I'll be running a team-up adventure for a newer player character and one of my own characters at request! The idea is to give new players and established players with new characters a chance to dive into the world of Freedom City and beyond, letting them show their stuff and jumpstarting connections with existing heroes, just like those classic team-up comics! Naturally not every team-up idea will make it into a monthly installment of Freedom's Finest, with preference being given to players who have been active for less than a year and to pitches that spark my interest! What should a pitch look like? Something along these lines: "My super-serious dark avenger and the wise-cracking Jack of all Blades arrive to foil the same jewel heist and have to overcome their personality differences to work together and stop the thieves!" "My impetuous telepath is out patrolling after curfew and runs into Midnight. Realizing she can't read his mind, she mistakes the shadowy figure for a villain and leaps into action!" "My pyrokinetic character is a student at Joseph Clark High School. Maybe he could go to Wail for advice on whether to maintain a secret identity or go public, now that he's got powers?" In other words, post in this thread telling me a little about your character, which of my PCs you think they should team-up with and why! The idea can be combat-based or purely social, so long as it's interesting! Details can be worked out in private messages and ideas that aren't picked for the following month will still be up for consideration going forward! It bears mentioning that this is hardly the only way for a new player or new character to get involved in threads, it's merely one more opportunity - and a good way for my own characters to meet some fresh faces, too! So who's available for team-ups? Glad you asked! Jack of all Blades - This community-minded, acrobatic hero creates energy swords and leads the low-power, high-impact team The Interceptors! The only thing faster than his blade is his tongue; his confrontational style is amusing to some and aggravating to others! Jill O'Cure - Younger sister to Jack of all Blades, Jill is a part-time medical student, part-time EMT, full-time source of deadpan snark. She uses her force fields and healing powers in defence of the West End and her biokinetic attacks to bring villains to their knees! Midnight II - Grandson and heir to Freedom City's original mystery man, Midnight is a shadowy figure of few words. Unmatched on a motorcycle and with a gadget for every situation, he brings his tactical acumen to the Liberty League's fight against fascism across the multiverse. Wail - The last surviving member of the 70s super team 1-800-JUSTICE, today Keith LaMarr works as a civics teacher at Joseph Clark High School. That doesn't stop Lincoln's sonic shouting, super tough, brick house of a hero from teaching fools a lesson! Ghost Girl - A cold, lonely death in the forests outside Thunder Bay was the end of one story and the start of another! This teenage poltergeist is a ray of sunshine and the chill of the grave all wrapped up in one incorporeal, effervescent package, freezing evil in its tracks! Set - In the Silver Age, Set the Destroyer was one of the Freedom League's most dangerous foes but that was then and this is now! This social media savvy rogue is looking to rehabilitate his - and just as often her - tarnished image and to look good doing it! Sekhmet - Not everyone is so ready to believe that the reincarnated Set has reformed and this warrior goddess has been saddled with keeping and eye on the trickster's antics. While she's in the mortal realm She Before Whom Evil Trembles stands ever stalwart! Rock - The stoney strongman of Captain Eclipse's crew on the Horizon is a walking quarry for hire with a heart of gold and fists of granite! Bodyguard, treasure hunter, smuggler, freedom fighter and more, you don't want to get stuck between Rock and a hard place! Nae-Dae - Rock's four-armed, foul-tempered companion, this Irreran wrench monkey can fix anything with nuts and bolts and is liable to try stealing anything that isn't nailed down! Sticking up for an underdog, though, is when she brings out the big guns! Reagent - A concoction gone wrong encased this teenage alchemist in stone, taking her from Victorian England to modern day Freedom City! If the culture shock wasn't enough, when in danger she transforms into an unstoppable behemoth: the Alkahest! You'll find links to all of their sheets in my signature. So be brave! Be bold! Be counted among Freedom's Finest!
  19. We don't like hate groups. But they're people too. So when something goes wrong - say a mad scientist sics some radioactive super tigers on the public gathering - we, as heroes, have to save them. A small upstart group named Human Against Terminus ERuptionS, is holding a rally in the park to spread their vile ideology. They believe that the recent boom of heroes is due to another incoming invasion like in 1993. They preach that these Terminus born, are the key to it. And thus are trying to get them all rounded up and thrown back into their 'home'. Not everyone, sane people at least, believes them. But some people with powers are looking to thin the herd of the hate group and stop it before it grows any bigger. Thus our scenario. Who wants to do this?
  20. For centuries the Order of the Star Knights have strived to preserve peace, order and justice in the galaxy. When members have fallen in the line of duty, Mentor has always been able to find new recruits to refill the ranks. During the Incursion, the Order suffered the most significant amount of losses in its history, with nearly five hundred Star Knights perishing at the Battle of Lor-Van alone, sacrificing themselves to delay the Communion’s world killer in order for more Lor to be evacuated from the doomed world. As a result, following the end of the Incursion, the Order found itself greatly undermanned and efforts to recruit new Star Knights were stepped up. Even now the Order is not yet back to full strength and is always looking for worthy recruits. So, this is not a normal recruitment thread. Awhile ago Gizmo and I tried to see if there might be more interest in space based characters. The Star Knights represent an option closely tied to the setting. As it happens, I have a storyline in mind that is ideal for a group of Star Knight PCs. This would be in addition to opportunities for space adventures alongside other space characters (the Eclipse Crew; the Void Runners and the Praetorians). So, was wanting to see if there were any players (new or old) that had a character slot free and might be interested in making a Star Knight. (Ari has already expressed interest in the idea). One problem that I know might be of concern to some is that the Star Knight template in the sourcebook is rather expensive. TrollThumper (the only player with a PC Star Knight currently) worked up an alternative version of the template that is much more affordable. I have made an updated version of that that is down below (TT’s has not accounted for some house rules that came after he created Cavalier). At only 68 PP for the armor, there is still quite a bit of points left for other things. One thought I had was the new PC Star Knights could start out as trainees (Star Squires as Ari called them) and be PL 9/150 PP. If enough people were interested we could consider that route. Anyway, hoping there might be some interest in this, let me know! Star Knight Armor Device 17 (85 DP; Hard to Lose) [68 PP] Offensive Capabilities 20 PP Array (Power Feats: Accurate 2; Alternate Power 3) {25 DP} BP: Blast 10 {20/20 PP} AP: Enhanced Strength 12 + Super-Strength 3 + Strike 1 (Feats: Mighty) (energy sword) {20/20 PP} AP: Snare 10 {20/20 PP} AP: Nullify Technology 10 (Flaw: Full Action) {20/20 PP} Comprehend 2 (speak one language at a time and understand all; read all languages) {4 DP} Enhanced Feat 1 (Quick Change) {1 DP} Immunity 10 (life support; starvation and thirst) {10 DP} Flight 8 (2,500 mph) {16 DP} Protection 9 (Extras: Impervious 10) {19 DP} Super-Senses 2 (Communication Link [Mentor]; Radio; Low-light vision; Direction Sense) {4 DP} Super Movement (Space Travel) 3 ({6 DP}
  21. Who has two thumbs and is willing to GM a thread? THIS GUY. Now, it's been a while since I've done it so I'm probably going to start small with one, maybe two characters at a time. I have a few story seeds in mind but if you have a suggestion or a particular character you want to put through the proverbial paces, feel free to let me know.
  22. So, have done these types of threads in the past, but figured it was time for another (given we have more new players that have joined since last time around). The Praetorians superteam is looking for some new members. The concept of the Praetorians is heavily influenced by DC's Legion of Superheroes and Marvel's Shi'ar Imperial Guard. More specifically, the original Praetorians were an Imperial Guard equivalent for a intergalactic empire more than 2,000 years ago. A number of them were placed in suspended animation by the Curator back then and were revived at the start of the Communion’s invasion during Incursion (a site event that happened a few years ago). Now that they no longer have an empire to serve, they have become more like the Legion of Superheroes. I put together the concept of the team as part of our expansion into space and as a way to provide easy access to a supergroup for newer players as well as more established ones. Because the concept is for a large supergroup that rarely operates all together at once, it allows for players to have a chance to be in threads with a number of other members. For those interested, there are generally two primary options for "new" characters: 1) Make another of the original Praetorians from 2,000 years ago that was placed in suspended animation. This provides an easy in and instant connection to existing members (particularly the other members from 2,000 years ago). 2) Make a new member from the present day that has joined the group post-Incursion. There are generally two different paths for this: (a) The new player encounters some Praetorians in a thread and gets invited to join after; (b) The new player is sent as a representative of some current galactic power to be on the team. The team current has a Star Knight and has had a representative from the Lor (that PC is currently inactive, so this is an open option). Some of the archtypes the team is current missing (and by no means is this the only types of PCs the team is looking for): Martial Artist Telepath (or other Psionic powersets) It is also somewhat light on energy projectors and other ranged attack powersets. So, just let me know here, by PM or in chat if anyone has any questions or is interested.
  23. There are worlds that aren't contacted for a reason. Showing up to certain planets at a specific time with equipment several TLs forward is like throwing a match on a powder keg. The planet Kolast is just one of these, as it is currently in the middle of one of the longest, darkest ages in this sector - like Warhammer Fantasy with all the "summary execution for heresy" of WH40K. None of the formal powers want to touch it, for fear of turning a long and bloody melee into a planetary firestorm. Unfortunately, it appears somebody beat them to the punch. A hero rises on the planet's southern continent, the very fist of the war god Olaya herself. Arrows shatter against him. Mountains fall beneath his fist. And his gaze will burn the unworthy. But how much of it is rumor? How much of it is a sudden magical manifestation? And how much of it is outside interference? The Praetorians - and, perhaps, other representatives of Lor-Van and interested powers - must touch down to find out what's happening, and ask themselves some hard questions. How long can you let the current order continue when people are suffering? Don't people have a right to decide their own destinies, even if it may lead to a self-destructive cycle? And is it colonialism if someone else messed it up first? (TL;DR - It's Hard to Be a God, only Daenerys Targaryen is working to burn everyone's stuff down, but there's a non-zero chance that she's really not supposed to be there. Who's up for away missions, trying to prevent anyone from realizing first contact has happened, and dealing with some weird moral choices?)
  24. Bethlehem Heights Psychiatric Hospital has served the mentally ill of the greater Columbia Basin with compassion and skill that has gone largely unrecognized outside of the professional medical world, thanks largely to being located in the conspiracy theory capital of the USA. For close to two and a half centuries after its founding 'Bedlam Heights' has been dogged with rumors of monstrous malpractice and evil government experiments, demonic influence and even psychic tampering with patients. Not helping matters is its use as a convenient place to shuffle inconvenient relatives, spouses or co-workers. No matter how diligently the hospital and its beleaguered legal staff uncover and expose fraudulent doctors, forged medical papers and suspicious court orders, public opinion remains firmly against the ill-funded and decaying institution, which hasn't been in the black since 1971. Now, the rumors appear to have come true. On New Year's Day, 2018, dawn revealed a dramatic shift to the staid Victorian manor on its high, lonely hill. The building is wrapped in spiked chains, the walls splattered with blood, an eerie red glow emanating from indoors and the faint sound of screams coming from somewhere inside. Its staff and patients are trapped inside, hopefully alive. Emerald City, Oregon's Mayor Amanda Talbot has given an open call to anyone who can help find out what's going on, why, if it can be stopped, how, and what it will cost them to do it. WHO: 2-3 PL8-12 PCs, of any sort. Preferably magical, but doesn't have to be. They will be joined by the Nightwatchman, a mysterious NPC whose mysteries are unknown. WHAT: Depends on how they approach the building and the interests of the players. WHERE: Emerald City, on the Oregon side of the Columbia delta, a bustling and colourful mini-metropolis majorly influenced by steady Asian immigration, whose burgeoning reputation as a center of technological development and application is well-earned. Like if a US Vancouver had some of Silicon Valley.
  25. Here: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10081-bonfire-with-vanity/?tab=comments#comment-261850 Amir is letting Corinne have run of his Northbank beach fronted mansion. So party around the bonfire. Any Claremonter allowed. Maybe some FCU hero kids if they've heard. Thanksgiving weekend.