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Found 5 results

  1. With the team gone an eerie silence settled over the suddenly too large, open, and vulnerable dojo. The children were fitful in their beds the tension in the household penetrating their slumber though not yet waking them. Gina wheeled herself silently around the kitchen completing the tasks left unfinished by the evening's interruptions with a quiet efficiency that belied the worry etching her face. Jill was left to monitor the security systems with VINCE looking for signs of anything out of the ordinary Talyas final advice ringing in her ears, "When they know we've come for them there's no telling what he might do, don't let him draw you out, and be ready for anything." Dimitri sat in the control room at freedom hall monitoring the police and military bands for anything unusual fortunate that he'd been left behind from the rest of the league's mission to free a small town in Vermont from Glaciers grasp when Talyas call for aid reached him. The usual dispatch and report of the police bands suddenly shifted as an evacuation was called for a West End neighborhood, a 'Gas Leak' but no chatter on the utilities and the order sent from some office of public safety the league had no ties to or information about. All too convenient. Across town Klara sat in a parkside cafe sipping her tea when Talyas request to be on alert reached her, perhaps it was for the best after all her wife had been called into the embassy tonight, it seemed date night was destined for interruption this week. She had just finished her cuppa when a caravan of firetrucks blazed past heading east sirens screaming into the night. Ace hunched forward over his desk phone pressed to his ear, "Those were supposed to have burned up over the pacific after the invasion." he sighed very nearly sounding his age as he hung up the phone and stood pulling on his coat and hat with a disgusted glance at the phone before he stormed out of the office shouting orders to the staff.
  2. GM El dueño de ti Colonia Doctores, Mexico Saturday, September 17th, 2016 11:00 AM In pulque's heyday, there were over 1000 pulqueria's in Mexico City. Changing times, and a heavy handed propoganda campaign by beer companies, led to the decline of pulquerias. To the point that there are only handfuls left in the entire country. El dueño de ti, was one of those few remaining vestiges to days long gone. And more importantly, it was the long agreed upon meeting place between Serge and an online correspondent he had been communicating with for some time. Serge had volunteered his aid in helping his online pen pal in their search for a missing loved one. It was pretty much the sort of situation that was perfectly set up to end with the kidnapping of a young American teen. Which was the exact conclusion the Ministry of Powers had made when they had caught word of the chatter between the teens. As the situation matched that of an English youth who had been missing for some three weeks now. His last known location this very pulqueria. Silently an old contact of Klara's asked her, if she could personally stake out this meeting and hopefully find the missing English Youth. Of course, the Ministry of Powers had no way of knowing that Serge was never in any danger to begin. Even if his friend was simply a cartel lure, Voin would not be the only superhero on the scene that afternoon...
  3. Dutemps Building December 2016 It was unusual for a groups of people who lived in the same location to gather together to throw a Holiday party, but Dutemps wasn’t the most normal of places. First it was a castle high above the skyline of Freedom City, looking like it was from a fairytale or a cartoon but then again so did a lot of Freedom City. And this fairytale castle in the sky was home to an amazing bunch of female misfit heroes. And today they were having a party. One of the smaller halls had been prepared for today’s event with a incredibly well stocked buffet table and a fairly impressive sound system for hopefully a fruitfuls night partying.
  4. This is the OOC. Feel free to ask me quite literally anything about the thread, especially if it doesn't make sense. I've likely missed something. As for vital details about the situation, I do believe I've covered it quite well. Though I will admit the sky is only properly darkened around the Canterbury Estate. Doesn't mean that North Bay isn't having a very bad afternoon, though.
  5. March 21. Freedom City. Port Royal. Shore of Lake MacKenzie. Helena Canterbury was a sheltered young woman. Born into wealth and privilege, she wanted for nothing. Except her freedom. She had the best of tutors. Private and very exclusive. The best schools and the finest university. All so that she’d be the all too worthy heir that the Canterbury family deserved. She was never given a choice or asked her opinion. Upholding the family name was the most important thing in the world. And yet…university provided a small window, a way to spread her wings a little. She joined a poetry club, where her skill at macabre verse was immediately compared to Edgar Allen Poe. The small window, once opened in such a way, allowed all sorts of emotions to spill out. Helena had always resented her family and the seemingly vast circle of other people deeply invested in her success as the Canterbury heir. They never showed any interest in what she liked. In who she was as a person. The little sparks of poetic and artistic creativity, the oddball clothing she wore when she could, the interesting quirks of personality she at times displayed…all met with fierce disapproval. Don’t be like that. Be like this. Be what’s wanted. What’s expected. What’s necessary. Helena’s anger burned inside her, but she was not strong enough to oppose her parents. They had trained her too well. She had to be content with the little rebellions, like the poetry club. For now, it was spring break. She and two friends from the poetry club had come back to Freedom. They had bought a few things from an old costume shop in Lantern Hill, and now they were going to act perfectly silly. Helena put on the mask she had bought. Instantly, she noticed a change. The whisper of feathers. Birdsong. A great presence in the sky. She thought it would be nice if she could see it, and birds of all kinds appeared out of nowhere. They sang her songs of understanding. Of compassion. And of power. Sparrows, pidgeons, hawks and eagles. Birds smaller than her hand and almost as large as her. Crows and ravens. Helena smiled. Oh, yes. Strength at last. Vengeance would be hers. But her friends had earned her favor. With a thought they too were empowered, and their loyalties made unquestionable. She did not hear their screams of terror. They were not important. First she must find out her limitations. And then, plan well. Helena Canterbury was no more. Long live The Matriarch! March 25. Freedom City. North Bay. The Canterbury Estate. 3 PM. A flock of birds of all kinds darkened the skies about the North Bay. Screams echoed from many mansions as they broke windows and fluttered about everywhere, attacking nigh indiscriminately. For the smaller birds, like sparrows, this was not a life threatening attack. For the larger birds, like eagles, lives were very much in danger. Maybe a superhero could do something about it?
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