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  1. A few blocks from the Freedom School for the Arts, Riverside, Freedom City 2022 May 1st (Sunday), ~9:45am. Clear skies, calm, about 60o F. Davyd Palahniuk hummed random tunes as he made his way down the Riverside street. He was in a good mood, which readily showed on his face -- and it was his own face which he was wearing. He'd let his hair grow out a bit over the winter months, and it now reached just to his shoulders, rising and falling as he bopped along. His outfit, as usual, was fairly simple, a yellow long-sleeved cotton shirt, with plains cuffs and collar, blue jeans, and well-worn brown sneakers. He'd had many reasons to feel in such a good mood. The successes he'd had in his new job with DNN, and the challenges he'd recently overcome, was certainly a factor. And the day's pleasant weather didn't hurt. But one thing was foremost in his mind at the moment, the reason he was walking down this particular street: a call from one of his former classmate, Louise ("Lulu" to her friends) Beaumont. She'd called him a few days ago, asking to meet, to catch up over a meal. There was a new Ukrainian restaurant which had recently opened in the area, and he'd wanted to check it out -- maybe to treat his family for a Mother's day brunch next Sunday -- and this seemed like a perfect way to combine his interests. He'd not seen much of her since their Euro-Trip, and that was almost a year ago! I wonder if she'll have changed much? He didn't see her when he got to the entrance, and waited a few moments...
  2. Winter 2021 Kyiv It was a grey day in Kyiv, grey and white as heavy snow fell on top of what was already a heavy snow cover. But the people of Ukraine's capital were used to this, along with the various new super-coming-and-goings that the recent creation of Rurland, the robotic homeland, had brought to the region. But even so, the Ukraine was not Freedom City, and when Angelic dropped out of the cloud cover there were excited exclamations and snapping pictures. Eira liked that, so she flew a little slower as she circled Mykhailivska Square before coming in for a landing on front of its statuary. It was definitely cold, somewhere below 1C by her internal sensors, but she was comfortable in her cape and shorts combination. A few passersby wanted pictures, a few autographs, and with a smile the beautiful golden-haired goddess went about her work, snapping open an electric pen from her pocket. It was nice to be appreciated.
  3. Winter 2021 The interview location had not been the Patriot's idea. Showing the Christmas lights of the reclaimed Ashton Community Center behind her, symbolizing a city's victory over the Terminus and the holiday season, was certainly festive and even appropriate for the brand-new Danger News Network's interview with the Patriot. But the air here still felt wrong, buzzing with alien energies and danger, and it had her on edge as she paced the small trailer where she was waiting for her interview to start. Her makeup was done, her costume was on, and Daisy her night assistant was doing her best to keep both of the former under control. Daisy was a Claremont alum too, a flighty blonde who had gotten into some serious trouble after she'd left the school, but damn if she hadn't already proven her efficiency running the evening shift. It was the evening shift now; cold enough in the New Jersey darkness that the Patriot's interviewer was probably going to be dressed to his or her best. "I still can't believe they switched out interviewers at the last damn minute," Ashley was grumbling. "I knew we should have gone with an established network." "It'll be fine," said Daisy warmly, smiling with her darkly painted lips. In her drab brown pullover and skirt, she practically blended in with all the DNN staffers scuttling about outside as they made sure the lights were on and the season festive outside. "Making friends with the Dangers is good business in Freedom City, even if they do make life more complicated sometimes." She shook her head, checked her buzzing phone, and said, "Listen, I just got a text that the new interviewer is here. I'll go get them, bring them here, and then you can check them out for yourself before you start. You're going to do fine," she added, leaving Ashley sitting in the trailer's swivel chair. Ashley took out her own phone to make sure her sister was watching the show tonight, and Daisy headed out into the chill to see if she could spot the new interviewee, making sure to take frequent sips from the heated, sealed mug she was carrying so that her breath would stay foggy warm outside.
  4. Silberman's Books 2021, Mid-November (not long after Spies Like Us and Friend Like Me), a weekday afternoon Davyd Palahniuk had graduated from the Claremont Academy some five months ago, yet was still unsure what to do with his life. He'd sought out advice from family and friends, and friends of friends -- including some rather (in)famous folks! -- and was getting a better idea of what he'd wanted to do with himself. (At the very least, he'd learned some harsh truths which made him rethink and discard some ideas.) There was one more stop he wanted to make on this quest, two women who'd already offered him an immense amount of guidance and assistance, who he'd come to view as surrogate aunts: Grimalkin and Miss Grue. The silver bell above the door jingled merrily as he entered, just audible over the few customers in the store. In one spot, two young men were arguing by the comics section over which writer "got" the Raven better. Elsewhere, a woman was looking at dice sets, waiting for her daughter to pick out her first one. And over at the counter, chatting with one of the store's regulars, was Lynn Epstein. Davyd waved at her, then slowly began walking around the store, waiting until the owner was free to talk. Ooh, the new Best Horror of the Year anthology is out!
  5. The Caledonian Sleeper, Just Outside London. Monday, June 6th, 2021. 9:25 pm Cabin 2: Judy and Lulu The overnight train to Inverness had left Euston at precisely 21:15, right on time. Everyone was getting settled in for the eleven hour journey, and Lulu was stuffing her carry-on bag under the lower berth. She'd handled all the arrangements for this part of the Claremont graduates' trip, including booking two Classic cabins with a connecting door for herself and Judy, with Davyd and Micah next door in Cabin 3. Up until this point, she'd been both excited and anxious about the trip by train across nearly the whole of the UK; this included a lot of worrying about tickets, luggage and getting the whole group to the station on time. Now that they were safely on board and the train was under way, she could finally relax a bit. "Okay, that's everythin' squared away for now!" She turned around to take in the rest of the cabin. "Huh. Boy, these rooms are a lot smaller than the ones on Amtrak. Ah suppose it makes sense, on account of how small the UK is; no one has to spend two nights in this little thing." She put her hands on her hips and sighed. "Ah'm gonna go check on Adam, see how he's settlin' in." She went out into the corridor and knocked on the open door of the first cabin. "Hey, hon. You decent in there?" The redhead grinned as she poked her head into the room. Tonight she was very casually wearing an oversized Harry Potter t-shirt, khaki shorts and a pair of light hiking boots. She'd packed a jacket and some pants in case of cooler weather up north.
  6. Thevshi

    Dakar Rally

    GM Approximately 90 km southeast of Cairo, Egypt Tuesday March 23, 2021 (11:36 AM local time) The sun was approaching its zenith over the flat, rocky landscape of the Western Egyptian Desert. The mid-day sun had warmed the air until it was now in the low 90s. Suddenly, the quite calm of the rocky desert was broken as a blue and white Mini Cooper sped across the terrain, kicking up a trail of dust and sand behind it as it went. The Danger International logo (consisting of a globe with the letters DI across it) was prominently displayed on the hood and doors of the Mini. Lulu Beaumont was seated in the passenger seat of the Mini, dressed in a blue and white jumpsuit with a DI logo on the upper left side. A matching helmet with built-in headset competed the redheaded teenager’s outfit as part of the Danger International rally team that had been organized by her friend Veronica, who was seated in the driver’s seat, similarly dressed. A small IPad was in a holder affixed to the dashboard in front of Lulu, a satellite map with various GPS points up to track the Minis’ course as it began the first leg of the 2021 Dakar Rally. Lulu and Veronica had arrived in Cairo three days ago aboard a Danger International private jet, along with their friends Micah Roebuck, Davyd Palahniuk and Elizabeth Grey, to prepare for the start of the rally. Although there had been a lot of work that needed to be done, the group had managed to find time for a bit of sightseeing, in particular the Giza Necropolis with its massive pyramids, Great Sphinx and other ancient wonders. "Everything is seems to be working perfectly so far Micah." Veronica said into her headset. "I am up to 192 kmph without any issue but will probably easy back a bit until the way stop." Approximately 128 km to the southwest/south Micah was riding in the Kamaz support truck that was similarly painted blue and white with the DI logo on its sides. Elizabeth was currently behind the wheel of the massive truck, with Davyd in the cab as well. The trio had set out about an hour ago along with other heavy trucks that made up the T3 and T4 class vehicles in the rally. In addition to running this first leg of the rally in for those vehicle classes, the support trucks left earlier in order to reach the midway mandatory stop point of the first leg before the rally cars to be set up for a pit stop. Normally this would include refueling of the vehicles, but in the case of the modified DI vehicles, it would involve Micah helping to swap out the power cells for freshly charged ones. Elizabeth had gotten the truck up to a cruising speed of just under 80 mph and been holding steady at that speed as they crossed the mostly flat, rocky terrain. The desert around them was empty save for another support truck a few miles ahead of them, mainly visible by the dust trail left behind in its wake. The route had turned due south over half an hour ago, and the trio still had just under an hour until they reached the waypoint.
  7. "A friend of the Espadas... Espadases, Espadaii? Talya?" Ace replied when Davyd called to arrange a meeting finally settling on his old friend sans surname "Think nothing of it, swing by the manor, next Tuesday afternoon?" The ageless man of mystery effortlessly encouraged not offput in the slightest by the out of hte blue call. When Davyd arrived at the imposing manor house of the Danger clan the gates swung wide and awaiting him at the end of the manicured drive was a positively ancient butler in full black and whites gloves and all, "Young master Ace is expecting you." he intoned breathily without a hint of irony in his voice, "He awaits in the conservatory." not waiting for a response he turned to lead the young man through the storied halls of the manor at a surprisingly quick pace for a man of his apparent age. Throwing open the glass paned doors the butler announced in his same reedy tone, "Master Palahniuk to call on master Ace." beyond the doors tables lined with lush exotic flora and the heady smells of earth and humidity nearly obscured the famed adventurer as he carefully pruned one of the plants with a delicate pair of shears. "Thank you Georg." Ace called out and waved for Davyd to come in. Georg closing the doors behind the young man and shuffling off to his other duties. "Welcome Davyd, can I offer you a drink?" Ace politely invited as he finished his final cut and set the shears down, "How can I help?" he inquired with a paternal smile. He seemed open and affable comforting even in his demeanor but there was something in the appraising way his eyes darted over his guests form that spoke to the age and experience behind the innocuous question.
  8. January 2021 Claremont Evening Eira had managed to reserve one of the art studios for a project in the evening period, and indeed project it was. She busied herself as she waited for Davyd, deploying fixed cameras around the square space in the front of the room where the model usually stood. She raised a hand and a few drone-cameras took off from her bag, humming softly as their internal magnetic drives activated and left them to zip around the room like tiny rotorless helicopters. She activated her connection to drones and cameras alike, eyes unfocusing slightly as she took in the three-dimensional view. She had only spoken to Davyd once since their return from Christmas - but there was no doubt in her mind that he would show up. After all, a substantial portion of her holiday allowance was at stake.
  9. Fall 2020 The kitchens Between one thing and another, Orange Squad had not had many opportunities so far to get to know each other. But with the traditional American holiday season settling in, it was evidently time to change that. Professor Lynn has spread the home ec class throughout the big Claremont kitchens as best she can, trying to stay out of the way of the hardworking group of student professionals and community volunteers who actually make the meals Claremont students eat. "All right, everyone, I have your assignment. All of you represent different culinary legacies to one degree or another," she said, giving a special smile to Ryder who was clearly already one of her favorite students, "and it's the integration of the whole into one that makes for a really good team!" She smiled, hands inside her apron, as she went on, "what I want you to do is come up with a dish that truly represents your blended legacies. And don't think I'm asking you to cook your lived identity, either, because that's nonsense. Come up with a dish that represents a combination of your past, your future, your skills, and your talents - and prepare a version of it that can be served at dinner tomorrow evening. That's just in case your first attempts don't work out," she added with a smile as she moved among the group of students. "remember, there are accidents in the kitchen - but only happy ones!" Eira extended the finger on her left hand and then began unscrewing it, slowly undoing each joint with an audible click-click-click, watching the organic students as they talked to the home ec teacher. This was not a class to which she had contributed very much.
  10. Thevshi

    Rally Me This

    Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Sunday September 6, 2020 1:34 PM During the slightly controlled chaos of the day before, Veronica had reached out to several of her friends from the Senior class at Claremont about wanting to talk with them about a new project she had in the works. So the teenage Danger (well, really Prudence) had arranged for a van to pick up Lulu Beaumont, Micah Roebuck, Davyd Palahniuk and Elizabeth Grey at Campus and bring them down to a small warehouse building a few blocks from Bayview Mall. The parking lot around the warehouse was fenced in, an electronic gate allowing entry in. Veronica was already there, standing near the side of the building and her parked DangerCycle. As might be expected, she was dressed in her typical cargo shorts, T-shirt with light linen shirt over it and the well-worn hiking boots. "Hey, thanks for coming!" Veronica said in greeting as the other four Claremont students exited the van in the parking lot next to the warehouse. "Sorry I have been a bit vague about what I am working on, but I figured it would be much easier to just show you." She added with a small grin as she led the group over toward a door beside a larger garage door.
  11. Horrorshow, Claremont's latest shapeshifter! Character Sheet Claremont Team (2019/2020): Orange (teammates: Arcana, Crystal Gazer, Soliton, and Sun Dragon [and Dio]) Guidebook HellQ Interview/20 Questions Reputation Table Timeline
  12. Tortola, British Virgin Islands Monday, June 24, 2019 (10:34 AM local time) A white van made its way along curving roads that twisted and turned along the lush green hills along the southern coast of Tortola along the way to Road Town. In the back of the van sat Veronica Danger and four of her classmates from Claremont Academy, Adam Lanchester, Pan Barrie, Louise Beaumont, and Davyd Palahniuk. When Veronica had learned that she needed to come down to the Caribbean almost immediately after the school year ended to help a Danger International team that was investigating a recently discovered shipwreck, she had invited some of her classmates to come along. The group had departed Freedom City early this morning aboard a Danger International private jet, landing a short while ago at Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island, where the van had picked them up. Now they were on their way to where they would be picked up by the Danger International research vessel. The teenage Danger had been eagerly anticipating the trip. While she enjoyed being at Claremont, she also found the time there somewhat….constrictive, as she was not accustomed to being in one place for so long. If it had not been for trips to Africa over winter and spring breaks, Veronica would likely have gone stir crazy. But now it was summer vacation, and this was but the first of a number of locations she would be visiting before the fall. The teenager was pulled from her thoughts by a voice from the front passenger seat of the van. "A launch from the Horizon is already waiting at the docks for us. Several of the team went into Road Town to pick up supplies." Stated Prudence, the almost omnipresent twenty-something employee of Danger International that had been given the daunting task of trying to oversee the schedules for both Veronica and Janus Danger while the cousins were at Claremont. As was typically the case, Prudence had her tablet in hand, studying the screen, seemingly indifferent to the breathtaking view outside the van. From the winding roadway, the van’s passengers had a mostly unobstructed view of the clear blue waters of the Sir Francis Drake channel to their left, along with several of the southern British Virgin Islands in the distance. Out on the water were a number of sailboats, catamarans and yachts of various sizes, either moving through the channel or moored in one of the many bays along Tortola or the other islands. "Thank you Prudence." Veronica replied with a small grin, shaking her head slightly before looking back out the window at the water beyond. Then the van turned a corner to the right, and the teens in the van caught sight of Road Town and its harbor below. The clear blue waters of the bay were filled with boats, from small single person sailing ships to a large cruise ship pulled up to the main pier.
  13. April 2020 Two weeks to prom ...Det, sa Peter till Wendy, var vägen till Neverland; men även fåglar som bär kartor och konsulterade dem i blåsiga hörn kunde inte ha sett det med dessa instruktioner. Peter, du förstår, sa precis allt som kom in i hans huvud... ...Jag avvisade dessa svar; istället valde jag något annat. Jag valde det omöjliga. Jag valde ... Rurland. En stad där konstnären inte skulle vara rädd för censuren. Där forskaren inte skulle vara bunden av små moral. Där det stora inte skulle begränsas av de små!.. "Yes, I, hmm, know people at Archetech. And HAX." said Eira archly to Kam, turning from where she sat besides Pan to speak clearly to the Dakanan teen. "Archetech gives you the strength and power of a great corporation, with a mastermind as its leader, while HAX has a more...intimate atmosphere. Fewer limits at one, more good friends at the other, yes?" She smirked at that, leaning back with her hands on her lap as if she'd said something very clever. ...of course - I am not a fool. But still - just imagine what it would be like. We are here - I will see you soon VINCE... When the Claremont van stopped in front of the dojo, Eira stepped out, duffel bag slung over her shoulder, in her grey sweats and white sneakers looking ready for an informal workout. This was technically a gym elective, something that got them all out of playing "Quidditch - but with POWERS!" - and it promised to be an interesting evening.
  14. Late February 2020 It was a couple of days after the Valentine's Incident - a date where everything had gone terribly wrong, even if the aftermath had been enjoyable enough. But now Fa'Rua was back on her ship in all the ways that mattered and Ashley Tran was down here on Earth, dealing with the aftermath of her personal secret being exposed in a very unpleasant way. She had _not_ told Judy that she'd been spotted out with her date; being 'made' as going out that night had been difficult enough, and she did not need a teenager's questions about her space girlfriend even if it was from a teenager she loved like the dumbest of her little sisters. But she had to talk to one teenager, didn't she? Summers of course had played student discipline cards close to her chest, as she always did (which Ashley had to admit was probably fair, even if it made her job substantially harder) but she knew that the immediate situation with Davyd had been resolved, and he hadn't informed on her to Summers. Which meant the ball was in the court of Ashley Smith, teenage hooligan, and not Callie Summers, feared headmistress. Great, just great. She tracked Davyd down near the end of the day, when it was still a while before the dinner bell but after the end of afternoon classes. She looked like 'herself', white t-shirt with leather jacket over it, battered denim jeans, her bubblegum-pink hair a shot of color above her dour face.
  15. High Earth Orbit The Lighthouse Friday February 7, 2020 8:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time (3:50 PM Freedom City) In the aftermath of Eria's first meeting with her fellow members of Orange Team, the Swedish teen had made arrangements for her team to spend the weekend on CoVic Station as guests of the Praetorians. So when classes had finished today, the members of Orange Team were taken in a school van to Freedom Hall, where they teleported up to the Lighthouse, the most convenient place for the Praetorians to meet them. The Claremont students had been aboard the Freedom League's space headquarters for about half an hour, getting a tour from Freedom League member Velocity, who for the most part had managed to keep herself moving at a more normal speed. When the yellow clad speedster got word that the Praetorians' spacecraft had exited the wormhole at the edge of the solar system, she led the teens down to a large viewing lounge located near the airlock where the spacecraft would be docking. Outside the large windows of the lounge, the teens could see the Earth moving past below, with the northern half of Africa having moved into view. "Well, it should only be a few more minutes before they arrive." Velocity said as she moved over near some of the windows before turning back to regard the group of teens.
  16. Happy Hour, Chester's Club, West End, Freedom City 14th February 2020 Lucy wasn’t generally one to feel melancholic, she enjoyed her un-life to the fullest. But this year was going to be rough on her, the 1920 had been her time when everything swung and she was among the bright young thing. It wouldn’t be long before a century that she was originally killed, and whilst she’d missed most of it the weight of the years weighed heavy on her. People shouldn’t relive a decade more than once, and she wonder mournfully if it was be the same if she made it to the next ‘20s. Sipping her dirty Martini Lucy wasn’t really paying attention to the cub she liked to spend her time, instead of the dingy (though no longer smoky) jazz atmosphere, the club was brightly lit with table for a night for those who didn’t have a date for this special day...
  17. April 13th, 2020, 9AM at all points in the Omniverse, the start of Spring Break, Eternity Threshold of Primes, The Dimension of Doors, Infinity "I'm multiple liquid tons of 'dragon's blood', Prince. You're what, a gallon? Gallon and a half? This is stupid as hell." Above his charge, the green dragon lounged on a step, looking up at the boy with no little frustration. In the geometry-defying space Leroy Ransom-Conte, Dragon Prince of Earth-2, looked even more excessively dramatic than usual, a robe of pure white billowing from his shoulders, his feet unshod and his hair swirling in the shrill wind between worlds. In one hand was a knife of black diamond, in his other was a bundle of nerves very clearly trying to escape down his sleeves. Sweat trickled down his face as the blade approached his thumb. Beneath his shifting toes was a meticulous circle graven with Atlantean runes, with five circles intersecting at points any magician would understand at a glance, but to Leroy had been as alien as the experience of towering over most schoolmates. "My blood is unspilt for their sake, Dio." He swallowed, focusing on the descending arc of the smiling, smiling little dagger. "I am a coward." The dragon snorted, looking deeply unhappy "I don't think so, but...okay. Give a shout if you want something for the-" The knife brushed his skin, and like water dissolving salt it tore through. "-pain." Dio finished with a sigh, hopping off the step to pat Leroy on the back as the boy's face worked fantastically, the six scars on his cheeks stretching and growing ragged. Hurriedly, as the black blood beaded and smoked, Leroy walked to each circle and marked the names they enclosed with a smear. That done, he fumbled in a backpack, withdrawing a first aid kit and sitting down to disinfect and close the clumsy tear in his royal skin. "I thank you, Almighty," he muttered, tearing a band-aid out of its box, nose wrinkled at the sting of alcohol, "for Judy Smith, and her unerring foresight." "Now what?" Dio demanded, reclining once again, his pointed tail swinging over the edge of the abyss that gaped between the staircases wheeling and rambling in every direction. "They'll come here when they next walk through a door, but this dumb plan only works if they're all on board for visiting an Earth whose only advertisers are you and me. And one of us doesn't exactly make it sound amazing." he added with a look as pointed as his fifth limb. "I asked if they would like to visit a magical world, meet wonders and have an adventure. They all said 'yes'. This is the agreed-upon time. They know to open a door now will transport them." Leroy completed the application of the bandage with a gentle kiss, as Judy had always done, though he remained uncertain why. Despite the obvious lingering pain, his golden eyes shone. "I have erred many times, my dragon. But this time, nothing can possibly go wrong!"
  18. OOC thread for this thread. Orange Squad goes to Earth-2 for spring break! Thrills, chills, blood-spills abound in a comedy classic! @Dr Archeville @Heritage @Shofet @Avenger Assembled
  19. January 2020 Eira sat in the library meeting room, staring at the closed door. The lights were off and it was quiet, and she had arrived several minutes early for the Orange Squad meeting. She was wearing an oversized blue hoodie and jeans, a concession to the relative cold that her robotic nature didn't actually require. This would be the first time she'd met most of the Orange Squad, the team to which she'd been assigned upon her admission to Claremont - an admission made possible by her parents connection to the hero community and substantial wealth. It was team-building day.
  20. Claremont Academy, Kord Dormitory. Sunday, October 6th, 2019. 11:00 am Contrary to popular belief, Adam and Lulu were not joined at the hip; sure, they had a very close relationship, but they didn't actually do everything together. For instance, this particular Sunday Adam was planning to work with some of his classmates on a science project, which was very cool, but not quite his girlfriend's cup of tea. She decided instead to head on over to the Bayview Mall to maybe do some shopping, or at very least check out the cool Halloween costumes and scary props for sale. She and Davyd had both expressed an interest in doing something fun for the holiday, so maybe she could- And then the idea hit her, and she loved it. Dressing up in a red jacket, green sweater and burgundy slacks, along with some black riding boots, she headed down to the second floor and knocked on Room 213's door. "Hey, Davyd. Do you have a sec?"
  21. Shofet


    Lantern Hill, Freedom City October 31, 2019 8:00 PM Mia Mustafic-Markov looked especially spooky this Halloween night. She stood out front of a haunted house, her face marked with a false glasgow grin complemented by fake red blood, and her face was made even paler by white make-up, her eyes made dark and sunken looking by black makeup rimming them. Her neck had a similar false wound, and her denim jacket opened to reveal a white shirt marked by fake blood and three long slash marks over her belly. Yet, the effect was diminished some by the fact that she was dutifully staring at the screen of her phone. She had decided to invite out her Orange Squad team-mates (and Danica!) for the night, in order to get to know them better. And what better way to get to know them than scaring the bejeezus out of them with a Haunted House? Yet, unfortunately, it seemed she was the first to arrive. Which did make sense. She could teleport, and most of them… couldn’t. The choice of venue seemed cool. The Black House, they called it. Not the most creative name, but it was supposedly one of the scariest things ever. It traveled to different cities every year, almost always big ones, and was apparently so scary some people had to check into therapy after visiting. That probably wasn’t true, but it was a pretty great selling point and Mia wanted to check it out. But right now, she was here alone. She looked back at the great mansion behind her, watching as people stumbled out, pale-faced, while more brave looking souls headed on in. Her attention turned back to her phone. Opening up her group text, she hammered out a reply.
  22. Claremont Academy 10:30 am, August 28th, 2019 Weather: Sunny, 77 F, Wind E 15-20 mph The visitor's parking lot was packed. A sea of people bustled amidst vehicles and toward open, shining gates. Belongings, often with grunts of effort, were loaded onto carts. Laughter echoed from caravans trickling through the main entrance and the Quad. Hand-drawn signs pointed the way, each adorned with student messages. In time, the shadows of the twin dormitories provided respite to travelers. Staff and peer counselors dotted the trail, assisting overwhelmed students on their journey. Vice-Principal Dugan was the first new face to arrivals. Her table near the gates kicked off the journey. Mr. Marquez wheeled the circuit and kept visitors on course. Mr Kuzkin and Ms. Harcourt paced about the Kord and Carter dorms, respectively. Their task, to organize the move-in, appeared to have some success. At the very least, weary travelers could partake of cold refreshments and treats outside the main doors. While outside was organized chaos, the dorm halls were like herding cats. A din permeated the air. Dozens of students, parents, and guardians wandered in search of rooms. Boxes and bags transformed the hallways into obstacle courses. The excitement of new memories and old friends contrasted with worried hugs and goodbyes. If nothing else, the dorms were places of beginnings and endings. What are you doing this beautiful day? Moving into the dorm? Helping new students?
  23. OOC thread for this thread. Teen and space heroes in space, meeting the space bears, fighting the star crimes.
  24. GM July 1st, 2019, 4.51PM Lor Diplomatic Navy vessel A Grace in Steel, in orbit of Xix Yr, first planet and capital of the Lia system civilization... The meeting room was structured along clearly hierarchal lines, in contrast to the more egalitarian architecture of the Science Navy ship that had carried the Earth teens to the Lia system. The Ambassador's seat was elevated by a few significant steps, the room arcing inward from there, encompassing a torus-shaped table. Everything was birds, from the Great Galactic Bird blazing across the walls and ceiling to the bird-shaped chairs with crossed wings for backs to the furred and snuffling eagle-like creatures that appeared from nowhere to snuggle against the legs of everyone in the room. From his seat, poised as if about to take flight himself, the Ambassador spoke. "...which is why Squire B'ka will not be joining us! Hopefully your visit to Xix will be less eventful! On behalf of the Coalition Council, and the worlds it represents, welcome to the galactic community!" Ambassador Ortilac already looked angelic with his sweeping red wings, long gold hair and dazzling white formal gown; his outright glow of joy at meeting the 'Terresi' teenagers was infectious, and the previously stern and solemn Lor Navy personnel had been suppressing grins at the excitable envoy throughout his welcoming speech, which had veered spectacularly from the Ealan's dignified, practical notes into vivid speculation about the glories to be seen, the wonders created and the almost frighteningly-rosy picture of the future Ambassador Ortilac believed in. Luckily, he had very easily been dissuaded from trying to hug everyone in glee at paragraph breaks. With a wing, he indicated the armored feline at the table "Squire Kath'lana, of the Star Knights," with the other he gestured to the armored Earth woman and her strange, robotic associate "Sitara the Traveler, and Universal Field Operative 777, of our Praetorians. These good people have agreed to be present at this, the final stage of union with our newest member. For form's sake, the Li have requested we only meet them face to face on the planet surface. I promise, you won't be disappointed!" The ambassdor's ash-grey face creased as his grin returned. He leaned back in the chair, nodding to the assembled officers, dignitaries and Claremont students. "So, any questions?" "Dozens, Ambassador, but they can wait." Dr. Rakesh Chawla never smiled, but he especially didn't around people as gregarious as Ortilac. Cold and quiet, the Claremont head of Extrasolar Studies had been watching his students like a hawk's keener-eyed and more vigilant cousin, keeping the party firmly on track and where, in his mind, everyone was supposed to be. His uncanny talent for finding people just in time to spoil things hadn't endeared him to the teenagers, and even the Lor found the brooding young man hard to get along with. Rakesh glanced at the Claremont students "I am sure the young heroes have questions, however, that can't wait. Not you, Leroy," he added with a sharp look at the tattooed boy who'd started to jump up, arm raised, causing him to wilt in disappointment, "you have done enough damage for today. I will be writing to your mother about that, rest assured." Seated beside Nicole, the gravity-bending prince of Earth-2 practically sunk into his chair. "I merely wished to know where the bathroom was" he murmured in utter dejection, golden eyes fixed miserably on the table.
  25. In Brief: Clayface, AS A HERO! Or Kamala Khan, as a Ukrainian-American boy. Identity: Secret Alternate Identity: Davyd “Dayv” Ocheret Palahniuk (pau-lah-nik) Birthplace: Freedom City, NJ, USA Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Residence: Claremont Academy Dorms, or his parent’s apartment (in Riverside) Occupation: High School Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Father (Vyacheslav), mother (Kateryna), grandmother/babusya (mother’s mother, Oksana), uncle (father’s brother, Aleksandr/"Sasha"), all in Freedom; paternal grandparents (Yuriy & Larysa) and maternal grandfather (Mykola) in Ukraine Age: 19 (Date of Birth: July 26th, 2002) Gender: Male Species: Human Mutate Height: 5 ft 9 in. (1.75m) Weight: 225 lbs. (147kg) Skin: Caucasian (variable) Hair: Dark Blonde/Light Brown (variable) Eyes: Gray (variable) APPEARANCE Davyd Palahniuk was an unassuming young Eastern European male, with short dark blonde/light brown hair and gray eyes, a round face, short arms and long legs. He usually wore fairly simple but sturdy clothing, which helped him blend in to the background and move about unobtrusively. That's still how he usually appears, though he has to use his metamorphic powers to do so. His default, true form is now a mass of protoplasmic flesh, vaguely humanoid in shape and size, with a narrow head featuring a thin lipless mouth, two tiny slits instead of a nose, and solid eyes of an indistinct, muddy hue. His flesh is a muddy mix of blacks, browns, pinks, reds, and yellows -- all the colors human skin can come in, as well as Grue crimson. His eyes are similar, a scattered, glittering swirl of every color that humans eyes can come in, plus Grue yellow. Thanks to his powers, he can look like most anyone (or anything), though he has little experience in mimicry or infiltration. He prefers organic forms, turning into animals or weird hybrids; when he mimics something with metal or plastic parts, those parts are made of a glossy chitin. In combat, and if out of the public eyes -- that is, in someplace where he can terrify criminals without worrying about scaring civilians -- he adopts a more terrifying "War Form," which is about a foot taller, covered in sleek crimson insectoid carapace, with a lashing alligator tail, raptor’s claws on the hands and feet, and piranha fangs. When he alters his form, he can have the shift go smoothly (like Martian Manhunter in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited and or Miss Martian in Young Justice, or Mystique in the various X-Men cartoons and films), or do it in a more disturbing manner, with shredding flesh and audibly popping bones (like the Things in John Carpenter’s The Thing and the 2011 prequel). HISTORY Davyd Palahniuk had a fairly uneventful early life, the son of immigrants who had been moved to the States from the Ukraine in 1986, shortly after the Chernobyl disaster. Clever and imaginative but painfully shy, and able to effortlessly blend into crowds (actually an early subtle manifestation of his mutant powers), he preferred the company of books and movies -- especially horror and science fiction -- to that of other people. Growing up in Freedom city exposed him to all manner of weirdness -- the worst being the 2010 Grue Invasion, where the building he was in partially collapsed due to a rampaging Grue!Kaiju -- but that eventually became just so much background noise. He had an unassuming time in school, with plans to become a secluded hermit of a writer. That is, until he enrolled in Franklin D. Roosevelt High School’s theatre arts class (mainly because the girl he had a crush on was in there), which helped him come out of his shell and learn to appreciate being around people. He still preferred working behind the scenes, though, and his love of weird things translated into a knack with makeup effects and costume work. He had plans to study makeup effects, but couldn’t decide between Freedom City University (where some of his friends had already gone or were planning to go) or the Freedom School for the Arts (which offered a more intense program). One night, while on FCU campus, he heard screams coming from one of the biomedical engineering labs. He was on campus visiting friends and attending a late night monster movie marathon, and, still pumped from having seen normal human campers fighting off machete-wielding maniacs and oozing blob-monsters, Davyd rushed into the building, towards the screams. He found Fear-Master, terrorizing a group of grad students who had been working late on a project. His sudden appearance provided a distraction for the students, who tried to run, but Fear-Master recovered and leaped upon them. Frantic to get away, some of the students started hurling beakers and flasks at the fearmonger, but he managed to deflect most of them, and many instead hit Davyd. Through the cuts and scrapes caused by the shattering glassware (and one near-miss from a knife Fear-Master had hurled), over a dozen different serums -- experiments with stem cells and extracellular matrices, human and animal, intended to fix bone, regrow skin, and repair muscle -- entered his bloodstream, and rapidly spread to every cell in his body. Davyd’s body began to melt, and swell, distending into an amorphous horror that scared the students more than Fear-Master had, and captured the crazed musician’s perverse fascination, who wondered if he’d be able to get this new monster to work with him. But Davyd’s mind was still intact, so he picked up Fear-Master and slammed him about like a ragdoll. He then slithered out after the fleeing students, calling out to them that he was okay, that he meant them no harm, that he was a good guy -- but in his panic (and rearranging brain matter) he’d switched from English to Russian. "Ya khorosho" ("I'm good") sounds very much like "yeah, horrorshow" in English, and that’s the name the campus security used when the students reached them. After things were sorted out (and they realized Fear-Master had bolted), researchers were able to stabilize Davyd and give him some control over his form. Remembering the lessons from his parents who grew up in Soviet-dominated Ukraine -- the interdependence of humanity, and how those who possess much have a responsibility to give to those without -- he realized he could do much to help people, especially against the real monsters that plagued the world. Monsters like Fear-Master, who is still very interested in forcing Horrorshow to work with (or for) him, and SHADOW, who would very much like to study him and replicate his powers for their agents. Headmistress Summers soon approached Davyd, and offered him a place at Claremont Academy. PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Since gaining powers and entering Claremont, Davyd has had a noticeable shift in personality. He’s become more outgoing and energetic, and he loves using his powers in ways both subtle and gross. His grandmother often told him tales of people in her home country who had powers but kept them hidden, though doing so often had a negative impact on their health; Davyd has no desire to hide his abilities. Davyd Palahniuk loves being a superhero, almost as much as he loves having superhuman powers. He rarely angsts over whether or not there’s more he could be doing, as he knows there are many other heroes out there who are also fighting the good fight. It does upset him that so many people who become gifted with powers seem to turn to villainy, showing the same selfishness that ruined his parent’s home country and caused it to be seen as so corrupt for so long. But he just keeps trying to do the best he can, stopping what criminals he can catch, saving whatever innocent he can reach, and (if able) taking time to entertain children with his powers. Since his powers make him so adaptable, he’s willing to take on any challenge, no matter how dangerous, if it means he can be of some help. Since gaining his powers and stopping a few criminals, his self-esteem has received a considerable boost. While still not interested in taking the spotlight, or sticking around afterwards to take credit or be interviewed, his confidence has grown. He’s also become an advocate for those bullied or oppressed for the way they look or for other body issues, including the transgender community. His experiences with them, as well as in taking on so many other forms, male and female, has also caused him to begin examining and questioning his own sexuality and gender identity. He has no particular romantic interests at the moment, though, focusing on his heroic work… and his school work. POWERS & TACTICS Were it not for the accident, Horrorshow’s mutant powers -- caused by his parent’s exposure to radiation from the Chernobyl disaster -- would have fully manifested in a year or two, and he’d be able to assume the appearance of any humanoid form, though not quite down to the genetic level. The accident supercharged these abilities, giving him almost total control over his shape and substance. He can’t assume energy or gaseous forms, or any form that involves moving parts or chemical reactions (he could become something that looked like a motorcycle, but it would have no moving parts), but beyond that his form is limited largely by his imagination and personal preferences. He prefers sticking with purely organic forms, mixing and matching parts from anything in the animal kingdom, and forms inspired by all manner of horror movies and sci-fi television shows he’s seen. The one major drawback to his powers is that sometimes his body is too adaptable: effects that transform or otherwise involuntarily change his body are especially effective against him. He'd like to learn more subtler tricks like pheromones, adrenal alterations, or toxin secretions, but he's not (yet) knowledgeable enough to do that, which he intends to fix by enrolling in some biology and zoology courses. In combat, Horrorshow prefers to open with something spectacular, following his initial attack with an intimidating pose to terrify criminals into submission. (Or even opening with a Fearsome Presence or Startle, if able to catch them off-guard.) If straightforward attacks don’t cut it, he’ll go for more subtle tactics, trying to keep foes off-balance until he can work out a weakness. He's started taking some self-defense courses, and is working on adapting their lessons to create his own personal style of shapeshifter combat, which looks something like a cross between Aikido and professional wrestling. His powers are very similar to those of a Grue metamorph, something that the scientists noticed when they were called in to help stabilize him. In fact, they found that part of Davyd’s genetic structure has had Grue genetic material grafted to it, though this was not shared with him. (He later discovered this with the help of Miss Grue.) They theorize that at least one of the researchers at that FCU laboratory had gotten hold of some Grue biological material (perhaps taken from Roswell, or the 2010 Gruevasion) for use in their regeneration experiments, which may be why Dayv got powers instead of a messy death. ALLIES His family: father Vyacheslav (wyah-cheh-SLOW), mother Kateryna (kah-teh-RI-nah), uncle Aleksandr (aka Uncle Sasha, Vyacheslav’s younger brother), and babusya/grandmother Oksana (Kateryna’s mother). His paternal grandparents, Yuriy & Larysa, are still alive, but remained in Ukraine. Longtime friend James “Jimmy” Gray, who plans to enter HIT for mechanical engineering. Claremont classmates, especially Crystal Gazer (Lulu), Forever Boy (Pan), Lady Liberty (Monica), and Specimen (Adam). And to a lesser extent Sun Dragon (Leroy) & Dio, Salvo (Nicole), and Zenith (Corinne). Grimalkin (Lynn) and Miss Grue (Daphne) have been helping him train with his powers. Miss Grue has also been teaching him about Grue and other extraterrestrials. ENEMIES Fear-Master (Blume), and anyone who treats others badly due to their appearance (including transphobes). Uncle Sasha has done work with Freedom City's Mafiya, which could cause complications for Davyd & his family. MISCELLANEOUS Horrorshow is an all-purpose shapechanger, a solid jack-of-all-trade "backup" character able to fill most roles but nowhere near as good as a dedicated character. He can be a Brick, a Martial Artist, a Speedster, an infiltrator, a 'face,' and more, but he's there to support, not overshadow. (He could hypothetically be an ersatz Mentalist, with behavior-altering pheromones or touch-range Mental powers -- meshing his nervous system with another's -- but he’s avoiding the latter out of fear of damage to his own mind and also because it’s gross.) He still prefers to work off-stage rather than center stage, so is more than willing to let others take the limelight (as long as his contributions don’t go unacknowledged -- he does have some pride). How the FCU researcher got their hands on Grue biological samples -- and if there are more such samples in other laboratories -- could be an interesting mystery (and source for more superhumans!). Davyd learned (from Miss Grue) that he is part Grue, and was quite upset at first. He fears he may become more Grue-like, or dominated by the Meta-Mind. Behind The Scenes I’d been toying with the idea for a Claremont character for some time. My initial thought was some sort of gadgeteer, with ties to Ogoun (loa of metalworking & rum-making). But nothing quite gelled, so I decided to go with my other favorite superhero archetype, shapeshifters. I happened to see John Carpenter’s The Thing and Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange around that time, and an idea started taking root. I’m not sure if I’m going to eventually give him any psionic abilities (as he unlocks more of his Grue-ness), or just stick with the shapeshifting ones. Though Davyd fears this, I do not have any plans for Davyd to “lose himself” to the Meta-Mind, or develop some sort of secondary Grue personality. I already ran that type of story with Herr Doktor Viktor Archeville, and I’ve no desire to repeat that. COMPLICATIONS Bad Powers, Good People / Lovecraftian Superpower: Davyd has a good and kind heart, and would never dream of harming anyone who didn’t thoroughly deserve it. He loves using his powers to entertain and thrill people as much as he does using them to spook criminals. But given what Freedom City had gone through with shapeshifters -- both from the Grue and things like ArchEvil -- some people may react in an extremely negative way to him when they see him using his abilities. The GM may give him a Hero Point if someone reacts negatively upon witnessing his transformation, such as fleeing from him, trying to drive him off, and/or attacking him. Enemy (Fear-Master): Melvin Blume still hasn't forgotten the boy who spurned him. He feels Horrorshow would be a perfect accomplice, or, failing that, an unwitting pawn. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for Fear-Master or his minions attacking or otherwise disrupting him at the worst possible times. Involuntary Shapeshifting: While Davyd is capable of transforming in a controlled fashion, and usually turns into what he intends to, his powers also occasionally activate without his conscious input. If talking or hanging out with someone for an extended period, his appearance may subtly shift to become more like theirs. If interacting with someone he really likes, his body may shift to become more like what he believes they would find most attractive. When his attention wanders, one eye might start roaming around his head. When hungry, one of his limbs may sprout a serpentine head and stretch out looking for something to eat. A concentration skill check can usually get these manifestations under control, once he’s made aware of them, though not always right away. The GM can give him a Hero Point if his involuntary shifting causes a severe breach of etiquette or otherwise makes others uncomfortable, which could result in a penalty to (or automatically failing) certain interaction skill checks. Obligations (Family): If Davyd’s family calls for his help, he'll drop everything and run to their aid. The GM can give him a Hero Point in exchange for having them request his aid at the worst possible times. Secret (Identity): Davyd has a loving local family, and any adversaries who learned about his double life could threaten or harm them. OTHER Character Sheet [link] Claremont Roommate: Benicio "Ben" "Octoman" Wang (2019/2020, 2020/2021) Claremont Schedule: Junior in 2019/2020, Senior in 2020/2021 Claremont Team (2019/2020): Orange (teammates: Angelic, Arcana, Crystal Gazer, Soliton, and Sun Dragon/Parhelion [and Dio]) Claremont Team (2020/2021): Orange (teammates: Angelic, Arcana, Chitin, Nocturne) HellQ [link] Reputation Table [link] TIMELINE 1937 Oksana Kunis born in Korosten, Ukraine. 1953 Vyacheslav Palahniuk born to Yuriy Palahniuk & Larysa Oistrakh. 1962 Aleksandr Palahniuk born to Yuriy Palahniuk & Larysa Oistrakh. Kateryna born to Mykola Chornovil & Oksana Kunis in Korosten. 1986 April 25-26: Chernobyl disaster. The city of Korosten, 90 km away, was declared a zone of voluntary evacuation, as it had suffered considerable fallout. Vyacheslav Palahniuk, Kateryna Chornovil, and her mother Oksana all evacuate and head to America; Vyacheslav & Kateryna meet and fall in love along the way. Yuriy & Larysa move east, but remain in Ukraine, settling in Kharkiv. Mykola remains in Korosten. 2002 July: Davyd Ocheret Palahniuk is born to Vyacheslav Palahniuk & Kateryna Chornovil, in Freedom City. 2019 April 18th: Davyd is changed. He lets his Uncle Sasha know (since the authorities needed a parent or guardian to contact), but not his parents or babusya Oksana. April 22nd: David is brought on to the Claremont Academy campus, and meets several students (Watchdog & Daystar, Zenith, Sun Dragon, Lady Liberty, Crystal Gazer, Salvo, Red Lynx, and Veronica Danger). Will this Mud Pack hold? April 23rd: A routine tour of the Claremont Campus sends Crystal Gazer, Horrorshow, White Lioness, and Zenith on a strange Nostalgia Trip. May 6th: Davyd meets Grimalkin and Miss Grue, who wish to help him with his powers and see if he's interested in Lynn's Body Doubles service. He learns he is part-Grue! May 11th: Dayvd reveals his powers to his family. (Cast In A New Role) June 24th: Summer Vacation! Davyd goes with Adam "Specimen" Lanchester, Pan "Forever Boy" Barrie, Louise "Crystal Gazer" Beaumont, and Veronica Danger to the British Virgin Islands. But what's this: a sunken ship off the coast? (Dead Men Tell No Tales) July 1st: Horrorshow goes into SPAAACE! He, Crystal Gazer, Gauss, and Salvo go to CoVic Station, where the newly-joining worlds of Xix (around the nearby, undiscovered star of Lia) is hosting an open celebration around their union with the interstellar alliance. The hope is that observing a peaceful transition between isolation to community will provide a safe, helpful means of understanding the galactic neighbors they might encounter later in life. (Stellar School) August 28th: Davyd (with help from his parents, uncle, and babusya) moves in to Claremont, and meets his roommate, Ben "Octoman" Wang. (It's Mov[in]g Day!) October 6th: Davyd goes on a Mall Trip with Lulu, both for Halloween ideas and general people-watching. October 12th: Davyd joins Ashley & Judy (Watchdog & Daystar), Danica (Chelone), Benny (Rebound), Mia (Soliton), and Nick (Vox) in a trip to Earth-B-Vacant-19, as part of Claremont's Extradimensional Birdwatching Club. They get to watch a rich variety of animals, who evolved on a world where people never did... and also find signs that other people have been there! October 31st: Davyd (disguised as a Lon Chaney!Wolf Man) joins Mia (Soliton, a zombie), Lulu (Crystal Gazer, Kim Possible), Danica (Chelone, a fluffy chick), Astrid (Ms. Thursday, as Ziggy Stardust), Leroy (Sun Dragon, Garnet from SU) & Dio (Dragon!Maleficent), and Abigail (Arcana, as Wednesday Addams) in a trip to The Black House, a traveling "haunted house." But things aren't as camp & kitsch as they first appear! (Amygdala) 2020 January: Davyd and the rest of Orange Squad meet their new teammate, Eira! They also do some trust-building exercises. (One By One) February 7th: In the aftermath of Eria's first meeting with her fellow members of Orange Team, the Swedish teen had made arrangements for her team to spend the weekend on CoVic Station as guests of the Praetorians! (Intergalactic Sightseeing) February 14th: Davyd, having no special person to spend Valentine's Day with, decides to engage in a little solo adventure. His mission: disguise himself as an adult, sneak into a bar (Chester's Club, in West End), then get out and back to Claremont without anyone knowing! But the bar he enters has a surprisingly varied clientele... like Mali, a physical therapist (and secretly the heroine Crimson Tiger)... his fellow Claremonter, Ashley (Watchdog), and her date, Farua... and an international criminal vampire! Well, that last one was Mr. Strix, but all sorts of miscommunications and assaults ensue. Cooler heads prevail, though, when Davyd runs back to Claremont and begs Headmistress Summers for help. (Century for a Dame) Several days later, Ashley confronts Davyd about that night, at a tree near the Claremont dorms. Their meeting goes surprisingly well. (Stitches) February 26th: Davyd and his roommate Ben (Octoman) are approached by Daphne (Miss Grue), who has an offer for the Grueling she'd taken under her wing: recover a cache of Grue tech from a vault in New Mexico! It's hard to tell which of the two boys is more excited! (#ReleaseTheRavenCut) March 21st: Claremont's Orange Squad (and a few others) makes a diplomatic/professional trip to the DuTemps Castle, to meet with True North (Canada's super-team) and Vanguard (Britain's super-team). Davyd chats a bit with Erick (Foreshadow II, Vanguard) and Indira (Wraith), and Mali (Crimson Tiger, whom he'd met at Chester's Club a few weeks prior!) (Phone a Friend) April 7th: Davyd helps Lulu greet some new Claremonters: Callie (Madame Raven), Leon (Paper), and Tabitha (Awe/The Spectacle). (Fledglings in the Fold) April 13th: Davyd joins the rest of Orange Squad on a trip to Earth-2 (Leroy's home) for SPRING BREEEAAAK!!! (Spring Break 1: To Remove is to Improve) April (Two Weeks Before Prom): Benny (Rebound), Davyd, Eira (Angelic), Kameron (Red Lynx), Leroy (Parhelion), and Pan (Forever Boy) take a limited off-campus course in dancing, at The Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship. Erik (Jack of Alll Blades) and Talya (Bombshell) are their instructors. But it's not just dance lessons on the agenda -- it's dance battling! (Strange Like Me) April (Late): It's prom time! For Claremont's Juniors and Seniors, a time for celebration! But for one Junior -- who had gone off-campus on Valentine's Day without permission, entered a bar while underage, assaulted a vampire, and allowed said vampire to follow him back to Claremont -- there would be no celebration, just sitting at the entrance taking tickets. (Hero Prom) June-August: Davyd gets a summer job at the Freedom Aquarium. (News) September 5th: It's move-in day! Davyd reconnects with Pan and Rebound and Thunderbird, and meets Chitin and Kensei. (Second Coming) September 6th: Veronica Danger has a plan, involving Crystal Gazer, Horrorshow, Masque, and Thunderbird. The plan: Danger International's participation in the Dakar Rally! (Rally Me This) Fall: Orange Squad -- Angelic, Arcana, Chitin, Horrorshow, and Nocturne -- work together on a Home Ec project, working to represent their culinary legacies. Eira & Natalia banter, while Davyd asks Ryder about his Robugs & Abby about her magic portals. (Weird Flex) October 31st: A Lemurian curse turns approximately 1% of Earth's population -- that's about 8,000,000 people -- into werewolves! Davyd & Heroditus are out walking Claremont's Quad when it hits the shapeshifter -- can his Atlantean associate aid him? (Night of the Wolves) 2021 January: Davyd helps Eira work up some new looks, and they talk about identity. (Sordid Deeds By Night) March 23rd: Davyd participates in a cross-country off-road race in Western Egypt, with Veronica Danger, Lulu/Crystal-Gazer, Elizabeth/Masque, and Micah/Thunderbird. (Dakar Rally) June: Davyd graduated from Claremont. Also, Davyd participates in a two-week summer internship, working on a farm of an alien world (well, a parallel Earth) populated by GIANT BEES! Things go pretty smoothly, until the steampunk time traveler shows up! (There Will Be Bees) July: Davyd goes on a train cruise across the UK and Europe, with Lulu/Crystal-Gazer and her boyfriend Adam/Specimen, Eira/Angelic and her boyfriend Pan/Forever Boy, and Judy/Daystar and her boyfriend Micah/Thunderbird. (Eurotrip: The Rhythm of the Rails) October 31: Freedom's Orpheum Theatre is showing classic monster movies, and made a special invite to all the city's more "monstrous" heroes. How can Davyd resist? Surely nothing bad will happen.... (Silver Screen Dreams) November: He'd been thinking about it for a while, but now he had to get serious. But there was still so much he didn't know, couldn't know. Fortunately, he knows someone with first-hand knowledge (or so it was rumored). And so he goes to visit Bombshell, to talk about Spies Like Us... ... which then leads to a meeting with Ace Danger at Danger Manor! (Friend Like Me). Davyd's quest for figuring out what to do with his post-Claremont self ends with him visiting with Grimalkin and Miss Grue. (Calling on the Aunties) December: Davyd's first gig for the Danger News Network comes earlier than he'd expected: he's interviewing a new superhero! But it's not just any superhero -- it's the new Patriot, one of his former Claremont classmates! (Patriot Games) Davyd's second gig for the Danger News Network has him going to his parent's homeland, for an in-depth look at Rurland, the all-robot nation situated in the abandoned, irradiated remains of Chernobyl. Angelic accompanies him, as both protection and envoy. (Blue Monday)
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