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Found 726 results

  1. OOC for this @Avenger Assembled I couldn't think of a cool plot hook for LH to know about the murder, or know Frank Slate, so consider yourself having free reign to narrate whatever craziness you wish. Or, hammer out the options here!
  2. For this A few notes: 1. Mr Murk only cameoing in this. 2. Long tracts on philosophy, ethics, and law encouraged. Especially if dry and tedious. This means I am mainly going to be throwing things for the three PCs to debate carefully and will give a lot of space for this. Which means please nudge me when you want to scene cut and propel forward. (PvP debate is encouraged - as opposed to frank PvP combat!) 3. There will be a lot of Globetrotting here. Wales, London, Belgium, Hong Kong (at least!)
  3. The assumption here is that the three of you have already met up and agreed to work together but I'll let you decide how you want to approach things! Feel free to give me the appropriate skill checks to figure out more about what you're looking at or if you're going to try to get any closer without being seen.
  4. Feel free to have your characters in the camp either in or out of costume, with whatever reasons for being there that make sense to you. Let me know if you have any questions about the set-up!
  5. Soooo...This will be @Ari's domain, honestly. But! Get your postin' muscles ready, @Thunder King and @Vorik! https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10624-like-a-wagon-train-out-of-hell-terminus-invasion-2018-ic/
  6. Give me a Notice check, @Tarrakhash http://orokos.com/roll/639613 = 18 for Wadjet.
  7. For when we need all da rolls for this.
  8. Welcome to the OOC thread for our first venture together everyone! @Supercape@Tiffany Korta I'm not sure what we'll use this for, but it's here anyways.
  9. For any rolls needed for this.
  10. OOC thread for this thread. @Supercape
  11. So @Avenger Assembled, @Electra , and @KnightDisciple. I took some liberties starting it in Foreshadow's Freedom City Base. Kept Vague what they could have learned in the past few days of the invasion. But, here you go thus begins Suicide Squad Freedom City edition. The totally safe mission to take out one of the three generators with a somehow less wordy title than this.
  12. For the out of character rolls etc for this here.
  13. OOC for here. Straight forward, there is a movement to Lonely Point and base, where this boogie woogie is going down. If you like to take a Bruise for an HP you may as this at the end of the cycle. There is some small resistance, but at this point any scraps/fighting with Drones on the way is incidental. Taarvon and Shivan are at PL14 caps. Shivan is +1 Dam/ -1 Attack; +1 Tou/-1 Def Taarvon is has no offensive tradeoffs, and is +4 Tou/ -4 Def There are no-trade-off PL11 minions as well once you arrive. So post travel interaction/working out plan, and then I can set scene for arrival.
  14. OOC thread for this thread. Citizen takes a STAND. On the ISSUES. @Avenger Assembled You don't need to roll for this opening part. It's basically just a cold open and splash title page.
  15. Questions, comments etc for the thread here.
  16. All right, @Tarrakhash, @Tiffany Korta give me die rolls you think are prudent here! Maybe Notice and Sense Motive, certainly.
  17. OOC for this You may want a DC 10 Streetwise or Current Events roll to know the IC background of the bar.