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  1. OOC thread for this thread. A strange visitor from another planet is here to turn us all into were-jaguars, and it's all Max Mars' fault! @Heritage @Tiffany Korta
  2. OOC for this. Ask me whatever questions you want about that thread in this space. Also gonna be needed for dice rolls, naturally.
  3. okay, let's start with Notice checks. Patriot has 25 w/SM.
  4. OOC thread for this thread. Can Christopher unravel a fiendish plot, and escape the knives of God's vengeance? @Spacefurry
  5. OOC for this. @Nerdzul, @Spacefurry: Feel free to move to the simulator and set up an area, then I'll come up with some bad guys for that. And everyone roll some initiative.
  6. Heya. Here is the OOC for this: link. For now the heroes only have the interrupted newsfeed as a clue of what was going on. We can start with an introduction with them approaching the scene, and maybe if they want to research things a little in advance. The research lab is an isolated facility a few miles south of the city. It is privately owned and so far it has been pretty unremarkable. Although, if anyone is interested in making some investigation before getting on the scene let me know and toss a roll here of a relevant skill and I'll provide you with more infos if needed. @Exaccus @RocketLord @Tiffany Korta @Heritage @EternalPhoenix I'll add your character to the tags once we have done the first post. Since we have a lot of people, I was thinking, if it's fine for you, once we get into some combat, what if we set a 4 days limit to post an action? To keep things moving.
  7. OOC for this. @MoonSimply @Nerdzul @Spacefurry Alright, let's start off with an intro post from each of you, then give me some initiative rolls and we'll go straight to the fighting! @MoonSimply: Use Orokos or another online dice roller that stores your results and make a roll for 1d20+you initiative bonus, and give me the result and a link to it here.
  8. OOC for this. Let's try and get @Spacefurry and @Sophistemon involved first, then @Heritage and I will join in a bit later!
  9. @Avenger Assembled, @Dr Archeville, @Spacefurry ooc for this. You can choose for your character to be among the crowd, or being one of the fighters. In the latter case, if you want, you can write the Mistress of Mayhem introducing the character to the arena in some playful and bombastic way. Showing off in front of the crowd, is of course very much welcome.
  10. ooc for this. If you want to make any rolls or anything, go ahead. The Judges will stop any attempt at violence. @Avenger Assembled @Thevshi @KnightDisciple @EternalPhoenix
  11. OOC for From the Clear Blue
  12. OCC for this if needed. @Spacefurry The place works pretty much on dream logic and it messes with their powers. Since I'm gm-ing I won't award Luke any free hero points for that, but Leon is definitely not subjected to that rule. They could also only bring with them what they wear while they sleep. The idea is, that the boys would have to rely a lot on their wits and on each other to get out of trouble. If you like the idea, as we have discussed on Discord, perhaps Leon can have his arm back in there, at least it makes sense to me that he will still consider it to be part of him. (Plus I imagine it will freak him out a bit). The way I imagine the place, is that it is built mostly on Luke's subconscious mind, but since Leon is also there, it might shift to accommodate details taking from his own as well. If you have anything you think would be fun for them to encounter there, let me know
  13. People can make whatever assessment rolls they want to make here - Notice, Sense Motive, etc
  14. @RocketLord @Kaede Kimura @Nerdzul @Tiffany Korta @Thunder King OOC for THIS thread.
  15. Out of character stuff for this.
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