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  1. A thread for some after-school shenanigans involving Golden Star Blue Bolt Torpedo Lass II
  2. @Avenger Assembled @Dracostern @TheAbsurdist @Tiffany Korta @MoonSimply OOC for this thread when the time comes. For getting caught up in Lawerence's complication (he's not even in this thread!) everyone gets a HP! Multi-Girl 2 HP Starshine 4 HP Neko/Copper Knight 3 HP Jotunn 4 HP La Puma Negra 4 HP Cerebral/Cerebellum 3 HP
  3. The OOC! @RocketLord@Thevshi@Kaede Kimura@Poncho@Dracostern
  4. Dwayne Devon responding to emergency! And more? Drive and Medical rolls will no doubt be in order here
  5. Nick Cimitiere, Sea Devil, and Artificer explore signs of Deep One activity in the Salton Sea.
  6. OOC for this thread Featuring Predator Echohead Rewind
  7. OOC for this Hot and Bothered thread will eventually be merged into this.
  8. OOC for this. @Kaede Kimura @Thunder King @Epiphany @Tiffany Korta @Poncho Let me know how you want to approach the room or if there's anything you want to try to roll for!
  9. @Supercape @RocketLord @Huckleberry @The Sailor @Kaede Kimura @Thunder King @Poncho OOC for this thread when it is time to make rolls! For once again being caught up in Lawrence's complications, everyone gets a HP! Timeout 4 HP Spaceman 4 HP Gamma Buzz 2 HP Rot 4 HP Torpedo Lass II 3 HP Golden Star 2 HP Blue Bolt 4 HP Sever 3 HP
  10. OOC for This Thread Will Carmen and Michael finally have a regular date that isn't interrupted by superheroics!? Seems Unlikely.
  11. OOC for this thread Featuring; Cerebral and Cerebellum Star Squire Timeout Neko
  12. @Fox @Gizmo For when we need to make rolls and such
  13. ooc for this. @Thevshi @Spacefurry @Avenger Assembled let's get some Notice rolls while we get another round of posts in.
  14. OOC for This Thread Featuring: Multi-Girl Sever Golden Star For now, Sever and Multi-Girl are getting interviewed by different people for different reasons! The trouble will start ~later~
  15. @Fox @RocketLord @Dr Archeville @Ecalsneerg @Tiffany Korta @Exaccus OOC for This thread. Making a Gather Info check for Velocity (thanks to Well Informed), only gets a 18.
  16. @RocketLord @Heritage @Nerdzul @Kaede Kimura @Lone_Star @Spacefurry Okay, for THE THREAD as we are likely to be rolling soon.
  17. OOC for this thread, for when we need it. @Jack
  18. @Spacefurry @Poncho @MoonSimply Everyone give me Notice checks please! (also, to help me out, let me know of any active supersenses with the roll, thanks)
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