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Found 926 results

  1. OOC for this. @Heritage @Zeitgeist Blue @Avenger Assembled @Tiffany Korta @Exaccus For the record, the android daughter (who's name I'mma find in a minute) was trying to send a message and screwed up so badly she teleported the wrong people. Was trying merely contact the main league and ended up teleporting part of the AUX and Eira instead. You may arrive however you like, in whatever state you'd prefer.
  2. OOC for this. Roll Perform (Stage Magic) for your final trick of the show!
  3. OOC for this. @Darksider42, @Wyverntamer Give me an IC opening, then let's start with an Initiative roll from each of you
  4. ooc for this @Tarrakhash, @Torpedo Lass Just set up for now, feel free to add on with what you're up to.
  5. OOC for this thread. Okay, a new adventure for Green Team! Veronica has asked for their help in tracking down a pair of lost archeologists working at a remote Danger International dig site in western China. She would have warned everyone it would be pretty cold there, so they could dress appropriately. As they are teleporting from the DI offices in Freedom City, there would have been stuff available there if anyone needed anything. For the moment Veronica’s Magic Pool is: Teleport 10 (Extra: Accurate; Flaw: Long-range only; Feats: Progression 4 (x20 mass))
  6. @Azuth65 Took me a bit. But here's the thread!
  7. OOC for this. @Grumblefloof
  8. OOC thread for this thread. Supersuits as a Service. @RocketLord
  9. OOC for this. @Thevshi, @Heritage, @Thunder King
  10. ooc for this. @Tiffany Korta, @angrydurf, follow up to EC Showdown, as promised. Once you've made your entrance, give me an Initiative
  11. OOC for This There are two immediate threats. The guard needs to be saved from the pit (and then might be questioned) and the the gas leak needs to be closed before it sparks and risks blowback into the surrounding residences. Less immediate is stopping/finding out why the crater is growing and getting the gathering civilians to a safe distance in case anything does happen.
  12. OOC for this thread. @Grumblefloof
  13. OOC thread for this thread. Orange Squad goes to Earth-2 for spring break! Thrills, chills, blood-spills abound in a comedy classic! @Dr Archeville @Heritage @Shofet @Avenger Assembled
  14. OOC for this. @Avenger Assembled, @Thunder King, @TheAbsurdist, @secondling
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