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Found 947 results

  1. The OOC. Make whatever rolls you feel are appropriate here.
  2. OOC for this tread. Please give me some Notice checks, and any other checks you might want to make.
  3. OoC for this. Give me the best version of an alternate version of one of you characters, then we'll have them going on interdimensional shenagians! Jot down a few lines of how they are different here so we can keep track of anything, they will go on to be heroes so keep that in mind. This is a semi-social thread with the plan to spin off into one or more threads, so please don't feel put off by the number of people so far.
  4. OOC for this. @Zeitgeist Blue
  5. ooc for this. @Kaede Kimura @Cubismo Let's start off with a post from Kaede to set up what the Dreamer and Carnifex is up to, now that they've stopped the purse snatcher and there's Ultio Suits coming in to chase them!
  6. ooc for this. @Tiffany Korta, @angrydurf, follow up to EC Showdown, as promised. Once you've made your entrance, give me an Initiative
  7. OOC for this. @EternalPhoenix @Dr Archeville @Growth Spurt @Tiffany Korta Your opening post could describe how you avoided being affected by the initial outburst of friendship from the White Rabbit. You might not have heard him, you might have passed a Will save, you might have broken free of his control, I'm good with most choices. The effect from radios, tvs and phones are based on audio. Can't hear it, can't be affected by it. Doesn't mean you'll be immune if you go up against White Rabbit in person, though! You'll find some way of discovering the large concentration of affected people near Yellow Brick Row, and then we'll go from there. You might spot the others there, or you might not. Up to you.
  8. OOC for this. @Spacefurry, please tell me how you'd like to prepare and roll me the relevant dice if you're using Ritualist. Then can you give me an IC that includes Blackstaff preparing, if ever he does want to. Of course, he can ignore the letter or investigate the murder himself.
  9. OOC for this thread. Okay, a new adventure for Green Team! Veronica has asked for their help in tracking down a pair of lost archeologists working at a remote Danger International dig site in western China. She would have warned everyone it would be pretty cold there, so they could dress appropriately. As they are teleporting from the DI offices in Freedom City, there would have been stuff available there if anyone needed anything. For the moment Veronica’s Magic Pool is: Teleport 10 (Extra: Accurate; Flaw: Long-range only; Feats: Progression 4 (x20 mass))
  10. ooc for this @Tarrakhash, @Torpedo Lass Just set up for now, feel free to add on with what you're up to.
  11. OOC for this. Y'all can probably figure out how to get in there. Dixie's rumored to use daka crystals in her weapons, for one. Worth taking a look.
  12. The OOC thread. People can make Notice checks in here if they want. DC of 20. First three people to make it will get it.
  13. OOC for This There are two immediate threats. The guard needs to be saved from the pit (and then might be questioned) and the the gas leak needs to be closed before it sparks and risks blowback into the surrounding residences. Less immediate is stopping/finding out why the crater is growing and getting the gathering civilians to a safe distance in case anything does happen.
  14. @Tiffany Korta @Azuth65 @Kaede Kimura OOC for: Keep Their Heads Ringing The situation is peaceful for the moment but radio chatter and past experience says that could turn on a dime. Go ahead and put up an intro post for why your characters are nearby, probably to be on hand if it does go south or something similar. Or if you're out of costume in the crowd. I'll need a DC 25 notice check or DC 15 Knowledged Streetwise check from each of you.
  15. OOC for this. @Growth Spurt, @Exaccus
  16. Fox

    Bug Hunt OOC

    OOC thread for this IC thread. Nothing here yet!
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