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Found 873 results

  1. This is the OOC for Kingmaker: Queen's Defence.
  2. @Dr Archeville @Heritage @RocketLord @Thunder King OOC for this thread. Here is another picture of Road Town from the north/northwest looking south/southeast, where you can see the inner harbor past where the cruise ships dock. Those hills at the top of the picture are where the PCs were driving along on their way in. About halfway up you can see where the road is by the clear cut in the trees.
  3. OOC for this. @angrydurf, @Tiffany Korta, @Heritage
  4. Angrydurf will be running combat and while you're welcome to NPC reporters, I'm happy to post for some too!
  5. @alderwitch @angrydurf @Exaccus @Tiffany Korta - feel free to make an IC reaction post, and give me a Notice check afterwards.
  6. OOC for this. @Zeitgeist Blue
  7. The OOC for High Stakes Quickstep We can do a Notice, Sense Motive, and Knowledge:Streetwise from each of you to see what you can pick out from the other people there.
  8. Main thread here Figure we're going to be needing this soon, so good to have it up now. Questions, comments, etc. welcome.
  9. OOC thread for this thread. Teen and space heroes in space, meeting the space bears, fighting the star crimes.
  10. ooc for this As with the normal issues of set up, a mix of railroading and narrative licence thrown at PCs!
  11. OOC for this Street is basically clear and the staff of the diner has found reasons to be back in the stockroom and kitchen with loud music playing. All the exits are in view of at least one of the gang members there are eight, nine including the leader. Judex and Mr. Strix both get an HP for their complications being pinged (with the church and secret Id and religious iconography and all that. A reminder for later, you can spend and HP for inspiration/minor changes to the environment for thematic effect (handily placed skylight, clues of where to look next etc) in case things bog down when we get to the investigation portion.
  12. ooc for this. @Nightshade
  13. Here is the OOC for Otherworld Capers.
  14. @Dr Archeville Feel free to make the first IC post at your leisure.
  15. This is the OOC for Kingmaker, Benelux.
  16. OOC for this An HP to Jessica for her The Sin In My Veins complication And if either of you are going to start the fight now I'll need initiatives.
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