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  1. Vox: 2 posts = 1PP Here & Now & Then (1) Park Time Job (1)
  2. Nick set down the tenner and returned a good, firm handshake with Dr. Tomorrow. His eyes sparkled and a grin plastered itself across his face. Oh yes, he looked more than happy to meet Dr. Tomorrow! He was not going to fanboy though. No, a dignified excitement would be sufficient. Eh, that wasn't working. The stupid, star-struck look on his face pegged him as being in awe. Nick signed back quickly, fumbling over his words, "English is fine, thank you, sir. For reasons you already know, I will be signing. A real pleasure meeting you, Dr. Tomorrow!" At Claude's interjecti
  3. Mona couldn't help but smirk a bit at Claude's surprise. It wasn't a malicious smirk. More a whimsy at having caught, unintentionally, the level-headed young man off guard. Once his gears turned, she nodded without looking back. "Got it in one. Being a living reactor has advantages. I suspect Dr. Tomorrow won't be much bothered." She continued observing the time-frozen park as Claude laid out the details. If she was surprised, she took the revelation in stride. Another day on the job as it were. Amusement still in her voice, she floated after Claude. "Lead t
  4. Sorry for the delay, Ari! Nick will use his Stun 6 (Resonance; Extras: Area (General: Cone) +1), DC 16.
  5. Nick froze in place. Truth be known, he still had a lot to learn about dangerous situations. Even more so about integrating his superhuman senses. He felt it, he heard it, but his head didn't fully register that it was invisible to normal vision. He blinked a couple of times, looking down the hallway but not really seeing it. The inhuman way it moved though threw him off even more. The sword though, and the ease at which changed walking surfaces, brought Nick back to reality. It was obviously approaching them. Now that could mean any number of things. Just passing them by could be
  6. I'd love to! Work has hit me very hard too. I'll try to post tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. Vox: 3 posts = 1 PP Here & Now & Then (1) Look Ma, No Self, No Sense, No Death! (1) Tech Compliance (1)
  8. Nick didn't much like conflict. Even before developing powers, he wasn't the type to start problems. A typical response to interpersonal conflict not directly involving him was to stay out of it. Even in general, "conflict avoidant" categorized him neatly. At the same time, the better angels of his nature often forced his hand. His sense of empathy did want him to try to calm Micah by defusing the situation. To address the first issue, his hand shot back from Micah like he'd been burned. Took a second or two to realize what actually happened, but it came as a shock, so to speak. Th
  9. Yup, nothing like keeping your audience riveted. Nick just continuing going with it. Given the superscience he read about occasionally, digitizing and de-digitizing people seemed within the realm of possibility. Not probable, but possible. "The Dolorous Clock" though elicited nothing more than a blink. Must have been important though. Instead he focused on the aftermath. He nodded in understanding about Claude's reaction. Made a lot of sense. By now he'd gone from reclining, to upright, to leaning forward. Hanging on every word as it was. Nick was on the edge of his seat for the re
  10. The company felt pleasant enough. Like many of his classmates, Leroy stood out as an acquaintance but not one with which Nick had much interaction. Most of his impression was first impression during the move-in. Which was, to say, something of outlier. This stood as a good opportunity to get to know the fellow better. As such Nick's smile remained warm. Once the walk got his blood moving, he seemed to wake a bit more and developed a spring in his step. His enhanced hearing focused on Leroy initially, and he glanced up at the prince from time-to-time. He nodded sympathetically at hi
  11. Nick hesitated but eventually turned his attention away from Summers and Ms. Vasquez. His smile remained, and he examined the website critically. After a moment or two, he nodded solemnly to Micah's question about adapting their design. He picked up his tablet to answer when Micah yelled. He nearly jumped out of his seat. In fact steadying himself on the table became necessary. He sat there blinking at Micah and wondering why he yelled at him. Of course with his head turned, the obvious answer became that Micah wasn't yelling at him. He was looking at Leroy. Seems his t
  12. Maybe not weird to Benny. This ranked among the weirdest things Nick had ever experienced. Painful too. He looked up at the shadow falling across him. Over the roar, Benny could have said anything and he'd be none the wiser. Still the guiding hand got the small teen moving, and up he stood while keeping his hands over his ears. Silently hoping the pigeons didn't scream louder, he followed his guide to Danica's shell and took shelter. Crouching just inside the opening, he nodded his thanks to Benny. Although the boxer probably didn't see the motion through the cloud of f
  13. Oh, Nick got the analogy. Nodded as much too. Up until then he'd gone with the flow, but the idea of human cloud computing made him squirm. Still as awkward as the situation made him, he focused on what Claude said. Time enough later to ponder theories. Aside a fidget here-and-there, he remained reclined and listening. Of course the next sentence caused him to blink. His mind immediately latched onto the problem with that plan, but thankfully, Claude had already taken that into account. His brow knit in confusion at the solution but again said nothing. Now the smile tha
  14. Perhaps the idea is low-hanging fruit, but how about a theme of wishes? Goals, regrets, secret desires, dreams, New Years resolutions, that sort of thing.
  15. Nick heard none of this. After his initial burst, the realization dawned on him that the radio squeal didn't diminish. If anything the volume increased! Hands still over his ears, he slid down to the ground and pulled his knees up against his chest. Putting his head down seemed to keep the birds at bay and protect from debris. With gritted teeth he turned to see what the others were doing. The blast did help him focus against the noise. His thoughts were torn. On the one hand, part of him really wanted to open up on these feathered rats. Again mainly to make them shut u
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