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  1. Thank you very much! And thanks for the un-archiving, Thevshi. Some summer shenanigans sound very fun. I've been brainstorming ideas. At some point I want a magnetic controller. Beyond that I have no details yet. The other concept is more-or-less a complete one I've knocked around since my previous days on the site: a Sabretooth expy named Troll. Polished up with various fantasy elements. Modeled to the right PL, the character would make a fine, socially awkward Claremonter. Welcome aboard, blackstarraven! Congratulations on your first character. You will find all sorts of adventures here. Just keep your eyes peeled. Would you like a meeting thread then? I will be happy to make one. Once I review the site rules again and this fancy forum. I don't want to poke the interface and destabilize the space-time continuum or something. Edite: And it looks like Ecal posted a troll character years ago. Very nice!
  2. Hello, everyone! First off, I'm so happy to see the site going strong. I haven't been around in years, and seeing old and new faces alike is heartening. Time perhaps then to jump back into the mix. My main character is Fulcrum, a punchy paragon that ranged across Freedom City. Mainly looking for interesting people to meet and evil robots to recycle. I would really enjoy catching up (or meeting and greeting) in character! If anyone is interested please drop me a line. I haven't decided on what Fulcrum was doing in the intervening time. Given the wealth of major stories since my last thread, my guess is that she was out of the city during those periods. Globetrotting? Incapacitated? I know she had family and career interests that could fade her into the background otherwise. Until I figure that out, I will work on updating her sheet. May I have it retrieved from the archive please? I am also considering another character. Perhaps a Claremont student? But that's all up in the air. Bringing myself up-to-date will definitely take some time. Thank you all for such a great site. I hope to see you in the chats.
  3. Thank you so very much, Arichamus. I agree that this guide will very helpful to new and established players alike. On a personal note, your summary of Fulcrum is excellent. I am shamelessly biased however.
  4. Great to hear from you, Dok! Been a great run, and I hope it will continue. Enjoy Dragon Con, be well, and thank you.
  5. Seconded! Wait. Thirded! Happy birthday ChrisClark! Happy birthday Thunder King!
  6. I'm digging it! My first question from this idea, and extrapolations added, is what kind of omniversal evil would necessitate drawing that universe toward the Shadow? Chthonic horrors (I'm biased I'll admit!)? Omega? Battle brutes? Una? Walmart? The possibilities are endless. If the place is swarming with shadow creatures and super undead, that suggests to me the universe was either vulnerable or faced a major threat that forced the Master Mages to act in such a dire fashion.
  7. "Good work. Good work," Fulcrum commented as the robot powered down in her hands. She returned his grin. Her smile faded at where Mr. Craven's remains ended up. A sigh escaped and she shook her head. Thankfully, Jack distracted her. Looking down at him, she said, "Thanks. We're fine I think. You two okay?" Originally, she'd also been a touch concerned by Willow's sudden maneuver, but her worries were unfounded. Jack was nothing if not a dashing rescuer. Once Geckoman exited the head with the unfortunate pilot, the robotic remains soon landed a distance away from the acrobat. "You're right. Unfortunately, not a lot we can do. I doubt we could get through to 911 right now," the giantess stated plainly while unfastening and draping her cape over Jerry's prone form. "Don't worry," she added after glancing to Geckoman, "It's not the original. Gave that to the Super Museum years ago. I would have used it anyway..." The latter sentence added quietly to herself. If she heard Chris, she didn't respond. Now was the time to focus. With a nod to Jack, she activated her commlink, "I'm on it."
  8. I will be out of town from Thursday through Monday. I'm not sure of my internet access but likely won't be available much at all. Have fun and game on! :geek:
  9. Sorry for the delay! Toughness vs DC 25 (1d20+20=33) That works. Free Action: Shift 2PP in Array for Flight 2. Move Action: Fly down to the Evil Robotic Head. Standard Action: Grapple and catch said ERH. All-Out Attack +5/-5 vs Evil Robotic Head (1d20+15=18) Hopefully I will hit it this time or else I will HP! Geckoman will not pancake on my watch. Grapple vs Evil Robotic Head (1d20+44=63) I shifted two points to Flight to make sure she cleared the distance to Geckoman and the Head, making the total 62.
  10. Fulcrum looked a bit surprised that the damaged arm took another swing. She nodded in satisfaction at the robot's own, well, self-destruction. Must be out of practice. Of course giant robots fight to the end! Her attention quickly shifted to her teammates. Jack was right. Time to finish up this fight and move on to bigger fish. But where was Geckoman? The crashing sound suggested he was having fun with the robotic head. Unfortunately, the head was still plummeting earthward at a rather painful rate of speed. Now Fulcrum knew full well that ol' Gecks could regenerate like mad, but she also knew the injuries still hurt. A lot. And that just wasn't right to inflict on the fellow. Zooming past one crumpled and one damaged arm, the heroine came up underneath the head-cockpit and latched onto it with a bear hug. With a judicious use of air brakes, the bundle of two heroes and robot slowed and stopped in mid air. Hopefully a good, safe distance from the cold, hard, metal-strewn street. "Gecks? You in there?" called Fulcrum, peeking at the window of the cockpit and trying not to wince.
  11. Standard: Swing! Attack vs Robot Leg 2 +2/-2 Accurate Attack (1d20+12=15) and a miss? DC 33 Toughness if it hit!
  12. A wave of satisfaction washed over Fulcrum as the crippled robotic limb dropped earthward and the other one craftily avoided a bad move. Huh. I do feel better. She sized up the competition only to realize her teammates had taken a toll on the numbers. Further comfort fled her however as she noted Geckoman's plunge. Intellectually, she full well knew the young but experienced hero knew what he was doing, but her friends' conditions were always somewhere on her mind. Best to let him be for now and handle things on his own terms. Thinking perhaps a bit of flare was in order, the heroine kicked high, rotating backwards as she backpedaled. The kick picked up momentum as she spun, delivering a nice, solid THWACK! as she punted the unattended leg toward the waiting street below. The connection was soft, but still strong enough to rattle the thing like a bucket of bolts!
  13. Fulcrum watched Jack leap into the fray and nodded. A little giant-robot therapy could do anyone good. The giantess followed suit and soared forward into battle. What she lacked in grace she certainly made up for in power. The satisfying crunch of metal followed a booming impact. The robot arm's plated fist shuttered and crumbled against Fulcrum's own. It may still be functional, but she sure wasn't letting it move. A few rapid-fire punches were added for good measure. And stay down!
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