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Found 44 results

  1. Midnight II Placeholder Text History Placeholder Text Costume and Appearance Placeholder Text Powers Placeholder Text Allies Placeholder Text Sidekick, HQ, Etc Placeholder Text Timeline 2010 Spring The Clock Strikes Twelve: Trevor Hunter transfers to Claremont Academy to finish the school year and is greeted by Mark Lucas and his friends. The taciturn teen is happy to let his new classmates do most of the talking and finds that his inherited codename comes with some cachet even if his powers pale next to those of his peers. Midnight Meeting: In the dormitory common room late at night, Trevor meets Erin White, also known as Wander. She shows him the Academy's Doom Room, a holographic combat simulator, and suggests he might be a good fit for Young Freedom. Trevor is impressed by her abilities but suspects his admiration may go a bit beyond strictly professional. The Wolf and The Night: Midnight encounters the werewolf Lukos while hunting criminals and after a brief skirmish the pair agree to work together toward their common goal. New Sound: Trevor meets another new student at Claremont, Warren Wilder, known at the time as Rift and latter simply Riff. Midnight Express: Erin accompanies Trevor of a nighttime patrol and he shows off a bit by talking them over the cables of the Pramas Bridge on the Night Cycle. They foil some minor crime and talk over diner food with Trevor working up the nerve to causally invite her to a charity gala he'll be attending. Japanese Import: Trevor is among the students to greet Karakuri Aiko on her first day at Claremont Academy. What is Essential: Eve Martel, a telepath and transfer student, arrives at Claremont Academy and Trevor helps her find the administrative office. House of L: Trevor, Erin and several others arrive at the Lucas residence just in time to see a booby trapped Steelgrave robot explose and slay Mark. Stunned by the loss they accompany their friend's family to the hospital where Rick Lucas has a breakdown, unleashing previous dormant reality warping powers that wash over the city... House of L: Wake-Up Call: In the new reality crafted by Rick Lucas everyone seems to have gotten what they most wanted; the original Midnight is still vital and active with Trevor acting as his sidekick, Kid Midnight. But standing over his parents' grave site with two sets of conflicting memories, Trevor is compelled to track down his friends and try to discover what is or isn't real. House of L: Bringing Down the House: The teens find that Mark has been revived in this new world but is imprisoned in a twisted version of his family home to keep him out of harm's way. Trevor infiltrates the house and breaks Mark free so that he can join the others in confronting his father. House of L: The End: Rick restores the world to its rightful state, saving his son's life in the process. Victory is not without cost, though, as Rick is forced to leave that reality and his family behind and each of the young heroes must contend with the secret wishes they've denied themselves in the process. House of L: Eve of Midnight: Trevor confronts Eve, who is bitter over losing the use of her voice a second time in the wake of House of L. Thanking her for helping to restore a world where his parents still live, Trevor strikes up a friendship with the petite Frenchwoman, who is similarly stubborn and driven. Monsters in the Streets! - Southside: Massive monsters run rampant through the streets of Freedom! Midnight teams up with Arrowhawk, Freedom Angel and others to take down some of the mysterious titans. Life's Parade of Fashion: Trevor brings Erin to meet his family's tailor, the incomparable Frank Jr. Frank sets to work designing a formal dress for Erin and shares some stories about the age of mystery men, letting slip that Trevor has a history as a competitive swing dancer. Summer "...And I'm a Mutant.": The country watches as Alex Albright comes out as a metahuman by birth on national television. Trevor questions the wisdom of stepping into the light. Could've Danced All Night: Trevor and Erin attend the charity gala and make a bit of a splash. Trevor runs into an old acquaintance, Meaghan Mercer, but their relationship is clearly anything but friendly. Even so after some nervousness the night goes well and Erin invites Trevor to the junior prom Alex has been planning. Jail Break: A massive riot at Blackgate Prison brings a laundry list of heroes out to stop the worst Freedom City has to offer from breaking free and causing chaos! Save Tonight: The off-campus prom promised to be the event of the season but when secrets come out in the worst way possible the fun turns to heartbreak and violence. Trevor joins in the damage control but friendships are left ruined. In the fallout he and Erin manage to share one quiet dance, listening to music through his earbuds. Midnight Bloom: A mystery chemical agent is killing plant life and Fleur de Joie seeks the help of renowned chemist Travis Hunter to discover its source. Trevor joins Fleur as Midnight to stop the dastardly defoliation! At the Mountains: Mark brings Young Freedom along to check on the Centurion's Sanctum, a duty inherited from his father. They find Dr. Stratos and Medea intent on freeing Superior from the Zero Zone. When Medea uses her magic to control Erin's mind Trevor and James have to work together to stop her long enough to break the spell. Lights at His Back, Stars in His Eyes: Greeting another new student to Claremont, Trevor finds that his eyes are increasingly light-sensitive and worries what that might mean about his developing metahuman powers. The Other Guys: Still in possession of the spaceship from Rick Lucas' alternate version of history, James raises the idea of proactively taking the fight to dimensions in need of saving to Trevor, Erin and Eve. Just Another Class Trip: Mr. Lumins, better known as Dark Star, takes a class of Claremont Students to an alien world for a field trip. When the planet comes under attack and Dark Star must deal with a fleet in orbit, Trevor and Erin work to lead their less experienced classmates against the invaders' ground forces. Temple of the Sun: Generations meet as Midnight attends a Lifetime Achievement ceremony for El Feugo alongside Edge, Ace Danger and Bombshell. Rose Tinted Glasses: A secondary leaves Trevor with onyx black sclera and blood red irises, horrifying him. Thanks to the support of Erin and their friends - and a timely shove from Eve - he begins to adapt to his new situation. Midnight Oil: Erin meets Trevor in the garage while he's working on the Night Cycle to tell him about James' confession of love. They agree that while they want to take things slowly they also want to continue deepening their relationship. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Fall A Trip Between Two Worlds: Trevor, Erin and Mark end up temporarily stranded on Earth-XX, a parallel world almost identical to Earth-Prime save that everyone's gender is reversed! Trevor gets along well enough with Tricia Hunter, encouraging her to pursue her feelings for the temperamental Arron White. A perfectly good pair of pants are ruined by glitter. Shadow in the Night: Midnight steps in to foil a mugging and ends up getting struck in the neck with a pipe by Carrie Wendle, after which she asks for his autograph.
  2. Miller Park, The Fen’s Freedom City 23rd February 2015, 10:00 am The small rather grotty park on the edge of the fen’s had a rather dubious distinction for the kind of people that inhabited the park through the night. BUt the local inhabitants had had enough and were trying to improve the reputation of the area and it started by cleaning up the area. Several of the cities largest companies had donated money towards the project and several organizations had donated their time including several school, Claremont being one of them. As part of you Social Responsibility class you’ve all been bused in to spend the morning cleaning up trash, not the most exciting of events but at least it get’s you out of the classroom.
  3. Electra

    House of L

    House of L “House of L” is an alternate universe plot-arc that took place over Memorial Day Weekend (May 31-June 2) 2010. After an Omegadrone attack claimed the life of Mark Lucas (Edge), his grieving father used previously unknown powers to rewrite reality in a way that suited his views of what the world should be like. Mark's friends from the Claremont Academy, among the only ones able to remember the original timeline, had to face him down and set the timeline right, though at personal cost to several of them. Characters Player Characters Mark Lucas (Edge) Trevor Hunter (Midnight II) Chris Kenzie (Geckoman) Eve Martel (Sage) James Prophet (Hellion) Erin White (Wander) Notable NPCs Travis Hunter (Midnight I) Elizabeth Lawlett (Spellbound) Rick Lucas Martha Lucas Faith Martel (Seraph) Duncan Summers (Raven I) Jasmine Summers (Jasmine Sin) Plot House of L It is Memorial Day in Freedom City, and the students of Claremont Academy are scattered to various leisure activities. An emergency call goes out, first to Young Freedom, then to the League and other students, warning of something terrible happening at the Lucas residence. The great popularity in the hero community of both Rick Lucas and his son Mark ensures a swift response by many heroes, where they find the immediate aftermath of a fight with several Omegadrones and a robot copy of Shadivan Steelgrave. Before anyone can intervene, Mark inadvertently sets off a booby trap bomb in the Steelgrave robot, which explodes, sending a large chunk of shrapnel through his chest. Though it is obvious to some that Mark is already dead, he's immediately teleported to the hospital where various doctors and heroes with healing powers work to save him, while others keep vigil. None of their efforts are successful though, so attention turns to comforting the grieving parents. Rick Lucas will accept no comfort, instead turning and lashing out at his old colleagues, even as unsuspected superpowers well up inside him. He uses his newfound abilities to dissolve Captain Thunder and Bolt in a swirl of black inkblots. As members of the Freedom League try to restrain him, he bursts out in fury, revealing the power of his djinn roots as he screams “I WISH EVERYTHING WAS THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE AGAIN!” Even as the members of Young Freedom rush to take cover, the world goes dark. Wakeup Call One by one, the Claremont students wake up, disoriented, seemingly in the bedrooms that are familiar to them, but with a feeling of disorientation as they realize the lives they remember now are not the lives of the timeline they just left. Each student has memories of a lifetime in this new timeline, but at the same time, they seem to be the only ones who recall their old lives on Earth Prime. James wakes up on a spaceship, recalling that he is no longer a prince of Hell, but the playboy exiled prince of a starfaring world called Lucifer-1. His codename is Hell-Ion, and he lives about his ship, crewed by an affectionate AI named Persephone. Chris finds himself the adopted son of Duncan and Jasmine Summers, living with them and carrying on the Raven moniker. No explanation is given as to the fate of his own parents or Callie Summers, the current Prime Raven. Eve is his girlfriend, and “Geckoman” on this world is an animalistic villain. His Prime girlfriend, Liz Lawlett, never reformed to become a hero here. Trevor wakes on the anniversary of his parents' tragic death, and is comforted by his young and vital grandparents, Travis and Margery. A super-serum has kept them both healthy and active in the hero community well into their eighties. He is now known as “Kid Midnight,” and drives a rocket cycle with a giant clock on it. Eve is woken by her cousin Faith, who remembers nothing of her life on Prime, on the day of Eve's citywide recital. A hot young musician, Eve has a beautiful voice, a singing career, and psychic powers as well. Erin falls out of the sky and lands on the lawn of Freedom Hall, her temporal inertia and extra-dimensional origin preventing her from being integrated into a new life. Instead, she has been replaced by a native version of herself with a living family. The students spend the morning trying to figure out their new lives, even as their paths begin to intersect. Erin is chased halfway across Freedom City by her double and several other superheroes who believe she is the villainous “Rednaw,” keeping ahead of them thanks to her double's habit of stopping to make speeches or talk to other heroes. The native Wander calls Kid Midnight for help, even as James remembers enough of how to work his ship to beam Erin up and out of danger. The resulting byplay makes it obvious that in this world, there is a love-triangle of sorts at work between Wander, Kid Midnight, and Hell-Ion, a fact that makes all three students uncomfortable. They begin investigating the changes in the world, and realize that in this universe, Rick Lucas died saving the Centurion during the Terminus Invasion, and the Freedom League is still composed mostly of its WWII roster. They witness the capture of Dr. Mayhem, who also seems to remember reality on Earth Prime. As he rants and tries to make the others remember, he is swallowed and erased by the same black dots that dissolved Captain Thunder and Bolt. Apparently everything in this world that does not play by Rick Lucas' rules is removed, permanently. Meanwhile, Chris goes to try and find Liz, his girlfriend on Prime. When he finds her, the reformed villain spellcaster is now a Wizard-of-Oz style wicked witch, who cackles and throws fireballs when he tries to question her. He is having a harder time than the others trying to reconcile his real memories with the implanted life he's been given. Provoked by the changes in Spellbound as much as by her attacks on him, Chris begins returning her attacks, a no-no in the sanitized and chivalrous world Rick Lucas has created. Erin teleports down to help him, since she is exempt from the rule against hitting girls. They win the fight, but that doesn't stop the ink blots from attempting to rewrite Chris! A tendril of ink strikes him in the head just before James teleports them away. Trevor teleports down to find Eve, who has been at her recital, preparing to sing in the city recital. Unlike the others, she has deliberately ignored the memories of her own life, enchanted by having her voice back and the beautiful world she seems to live in. Notes of wrongness creep in despite her best efforts, however, and when she reaches the stage, she is too undone to sing, and leaves the stage. Trevor follows her and convinces her to join the others. Up on the ship, they debate their options and decide that they must return the timeline to the way it was, no matter the consequences to them personally. Although many heroes who died on Prime are alive here, and the world is free of much of the conflict that plagues Prime, it's all a facade, maintained by the dissolution of anyone who disrupts the peace. In addition, it's obvious that millions, perhaps billions of people from Prime simply do not exist on this world, their homes and lives replaced by iconic representations of wild jungle or savanna, or simply erased. To restore the timeline, the team is going to have to confront Rick Lucas and stop him. They decide to go and find Mark. Bringing Down the House The students teleport down to Mark's house, where Eve senses Mark's mind, alive and conscious, but terrified and disoriented. He is trapped in his room with no way out. They approach the house and meet Mark's mother Martha, who appears drunk but also strangely lifeless, as though her will has been drained away somehow. She allows them to go upstairs, where they find Mark trapped behind a wall in a bedroom with no door. A joint effort by Mark and Trevor allows him to break through the wall, where his teammates try and fill him in on what's been going on. Martha begins to recover her memories of Prime, but passes out from the shock and strain of seeing Mark alive and trying to reconcile all her conflicting memories. Eve locates Rick Lucas where he is hiding, in the computer room of Freedom Hall, and the students call him out for the final confrontation. He teleports the entire house to Freedom Hall, which is standing open and empty. The students enter the Hall and confront Rick Lucas, who explains that his world is not finished, that he just needs to keep working on it until it's an entirely perfect place. He's going to use his powers to make everything better, the way superheroes are supposed to! One by one, the students reason with him, trying to convince him that he cannot be the arbiter of life, death and morality, and that the world he's creating is no utopia. When Chris angrily demands to know why his reformed girlfriend was unreformed, and the highly competent and trained female Raven was replaced by a callow teenager, it is revealed that the black dots have transformed Chris into a robot, who Rick Lucas tries to denounce as a trick of the Foundry. No one is buying it though, least of all Chris. Rick tries to point out all the good he has done for the teenagers themselves. Trevor's grandparents are alive and healthy, James is no longer tormented by the demons who haunt his dreams and try to influence his actions. Eve has her voice back, with fame to go with it, and although he couldn't help Erin herself, the White family is alive and well, untouched by tragedy and with a heroic daughter. And of course Mark is alive and well again. Rick will not accept the possibility of any timeline being correct if it means his son has to die. Mark steps forward and rejects the 'gift' his father has bestowed, pointing out that it is a hero's duty to lay down his life when the world is at stake, just as Rick's hero the Centurion did on Earth Prime. The other students step up as well, each one willing to throw away the life Rick would give them here in favor of the real world they left behind. Despite Rick's immense world-shaping power, they prepare themselves to fight. As Rick surveys the teenagers lined up to battle him, he laughs brokenly and says no more children will die today, even as the world fills with black dots. The End As the dots clear, the students find themselves back on the lawn of the Lucas residence, surrounded by other heroes and the remains of a fight with Omegadrones. They are back on Earth Prime, but Mark is with them, alive. Rick has rewritten reality one more time, but at a price. As everyone watches, he tells Mark and Martha that he cannot stay in this world anymore, that Prime cannot tolerate two powerful reality warpers without the risk of somehow enslaving the populace. He promises Martha he will see her soon, then vanishes into thin air, beyond the reach even of the psionically and dimensionally sensitive heroes. As Mark and Martha begin to mourn, Mark asks everyone to just leave them alone for awhile. With mixed feelings, everyone disperses, leaving them to their grief for the moment. Followup Following the events of House of L, there were several subsidiary threads for characters dealing with the aftermath of the crisis. In addition, the sitewide Vignette topic for June 2010 was “House of L Revisited, which gave players who did not take part in the adventure to reimagine their character through the lens of Rick Lucas' mad fantasy. Nevermore After experiencing life as part of the Summers family, Chris goes to confront Duncan Summers about what happened and what he saw in the altered timeline. Summers, though angered and saddened by what his old friend Rick Lucas did, refuses to crucify the man for what he did in a moment of grief. He also shares a moment of private pain with Chris, who leaves not entirely satisfied, but educated. Eve of Midnight When the fighting is over, Eve and Trevor share a private moment where Eve comes to terms with losing her voice and her aspirations once again. Trevor thanks her for the sacrifice that helped bring his parents back, and the two bond over coffee and a few short jokes. House of L Revisited Sixteen vignettes revealed the lives of other assorted heroes in the rewritten timeline, some of whom fared better than others. A few, like Dark Star and Fleur de Joie, slid easily into the reimagined world of goodness and peace that Rick Lucas created, while others, like Avenger and Phantom required such extensive revisions as to be hardly recognizable. The extremely unlucky Zephyr found that, like Wander, her temporal inertia protected her from initial rewriting by the black dots, but that did not mean she could live peacefully in Rick Lucas' paradise. And much like Raven II, there is no room in the new world for a minority female legacy character like Elena Gurrero's Scarab when the original can be restored. Links House of L House of L: Wakeup Call House of L: Bringing Down the House House of L: The End House of L: Nevermore House of L: Eve of Midnight To see the House of L vignettes, run a phrase search on “House of L Vignette” on the forums.
  4. Electra

    Demonic Invasion

    Demonic Invasion The Demonic Invasion of Freedom City was a citywide event that occurred around November 9-11, 2009, and also encompassed events in the ten preceding days. After learning of a plan by his demonic father to kidnap him and use him as an entryway into Earth Prime, James Prophet (Hellion) a Claremont student and member of Young Freedom, left his school and his team to confront the forces of Hell on his own. He was quickly overwhelmed and despite the intervention of his friends, kidnapped and brainwashed by the demonic forces. Ten days later, he returned as a demonic villain, bringing the massed forces of Hell along with him. They ravaged the city, leaving the heroes to gather in small bands to protect each other and what civilians they could. Young Freedom faced down their much-changed teammate and were able to reach the humanity still inside him enough to turn him back to the side of good. The demons were banished and time itself was rolled back by divine intervention, so that to this day, most people in Freedom City are totally unaware of the entire event. Threads Young Freedom The Morning Of James and his best friend Erin (Wander) spend an early morning together, playing video games and talking, with James never revealing that he's trying to say goodbye. Speak of the Devil On Halloween Night, James' friends find the note he left and go to find him. Another One Bites the Dust Hellion confronts the forces of Hell, which turns out to be a terrible plan. Young Freedom comes to assist, waging a pitched battle with the demons, but in the end, they cannot prevent him from being dragged down and away by the demons. Fallen Friends Wander and Psyche work through the night in Young Freedom's HQ, battling despair as they keep looking for signs of Hellion. Invasion: Riverside Gate Hellion returns to Earth with the armies of hell. While the other heroes of Freedom try to hold the buckling city together, Young Freedom faces down their teammate in a desperate bid to turn him back to the side of good. Rapprochement With the crisis passed, James sets about mending some fences, and retrieves the keys to his beloved car.
  5. Electra

    Day of Wrath

    Day of Wrath The Day of Wrath Incident was an event that took place from late November 2012 to mid-January 2013. Unbeknownst to anyone, the alien intelligence known as The Curator abducted a number of superheroes from Freedom City and replaced them with robot duplicates. The heroes were deposited on The Curator's ringworld and left to fend for themselves, while the robotic replacements insinuated themselves into the lives of the people they were imitating. At a prearranged time, the robot doppelgangers erupted into lethal violence designed to spread fear and distrust amongst the hero community and the general population. Links [Gorgon] Latchkey Kids Young Freedom defends Freedom Hall from the Crime League! (Robot Dr. Stratos) Test Site I Several heroes wake up... elsewhere. (Originally Hidden) Roughin' It A camping trip with friends leads to a discussion of old wounds. (Robot Blue Jay) Merry HAXmas The HAX company Christmas party! (Robot Harrier, Jill and Wander) Where The Love Light Leads Wander needs some space during the holidays. (Robot Wander) Chaos, Steel and Wolves Armored heroes team up to take on the Foundry (Robot Beekeeper III) War of the Worlds Young Freedom tries to wrap up their Erde adventure, only to fall into more trouble. (Robot Duncan Summers) Disco Inferno With the campus under siege, Claremont's students must decide who to trust! Counterfeit Medications Wander does some corporate headhunting. (Robot Wander) Time and Chance Beekeeper III goes beezerk. (Robot Beekeeper III) Arms and the Man Jill O'Cure goes for the killer cure. (Robot Jill O'Cure) These Chains on Me Harrier gets scarier. (Robot Harrier) Pale Moonlight Blue Jay gets in some target practice. (Robot Blue Jay) Scratch Team The Freedom League Auxiliary deals with Star Knight and Freedom Hall. Crosses with Arms and the Man. (Robot Maria Montoya) Test Site II The heroes continue to look for a way off of the strange alien planet! (Originally Hidden) Even Angels Fall Dragonfly meets Gina, they fix Midnight's flying saucer. (Robot Beekeeper III) Test Site III Stealing a shuttle, the heroes fly to their captor's doorstep! The End of the World Young Freedom wage a desperate defense against the Curator for the fate of Tronik and Earth! This Was a Triumph (Inside) The kidnapped heroes subvert the Curator from within its own control room. This Was a Triumph (Outside) Epic space battle, epic reunions for everybody! The Talk Ironclad meet Beekeeper III for the first time, again. Day of Wrath Vignette
  6. Claremont Academy The Claremont Academy, its staff, existing students and teams are all recognized as Product Identity of Green Ronin Publishing, in accordance with Section 1(e) of the Open Game License, Version 1.0a. The Claremont Academy is a private semi-residential high school in the Bayview neighborhood of Freedom City. Originally a traditional four-year high school, it has recently been acquired by retired superhero Duncan Summers and converted into a school strictly for teenagers with metahuman abilities. Most of the school's students live in dormitories on its campus, but some local students choose to live at home and attend day school there. The school's large endowment, some of which is speculated to come from hero alumni or those interested in cultivating a new generation of heroes, is instrumental in its work to gather and train metahuman teenagers from all parts of the country. Claremont Academy's sister school and feeder is the private Nicholson School, which provides education and boarding for metahuman children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Claremont Staff Summers, Duncan: Headmaster. Unknown to the students (though suspected by a few), Summers was the first Raven, the dark-clad crimefighter of the 1960s, and father of the current Raven. Due to recent health concerns he has stepped down. Dugan, Martha: Vice Principal. She has stepped in as principle during Mr. Summers absence. Faulks, Basil: the very weird chief janitor. Harcourt, Stephanie: gifted inventors whose actions during the Terminus Invasion brought her to Summers' attention. Teaches advanced science courses. Hawke, Leeroy (Turbo-Boost): teaches ethics and responsibility, lessons he's learned the hard way as a reformed criminal. Joy, Aretha: Humble yet outgoing nurse. Kuzkin, Demetrius: strange head of the theater department. Marquez, Gabriel: Counselor at the Claremont Academy, confined to a wheelchair since the Terminus Invasion, which also awakened his power to temporarily nullify the powers of others. Perry, Jesse (Ghostman): Former crimefigher in the 1980s who used his powers to strike fear into the hearts of organized crime. Retired to write a series of pulp novels, using his experiences as fuel; now Claremont's creative writing teacher. Skyler, Darian: Righteously self-important calculus teacher. Armstrong, Travis: Gym teacher, tries to get everyone to call him Coach, usually fails. Not a big believer in second chances. Claremont Uniforms The school colors of Claremont are blue and gold. All students participating in active hero training are eligible to wear the school uniform, which is made of super-durable material and can be replaced at no charge. Students may also elect to design their own uniforms, but are then responsible for acquiring and replacing them as well.
  7. Electra

    Graduation Day

    Graduation Day “Graduation Day” is a dimension-traveling plot arc that took place in early summer of 2011. As the senior students of Young Freedom prepare to graduate from Claremont Academy, the detonation of reality-destroying bombs across several universes threatens to drag the entire multiverse into the Terminus. Saved by a timely warning, Young Freedom travels across dimensions and through time to find and disarm the bombs, a journey that culminates in a showdown with Omega on a world already destroyed by the Terminus. (For the members of Young Freedom, the events of Graduation Day spread over several days and nights, but thanks to the exigencies of time travel, the entire arc took place on the morning of June 1, 2011 in the Prime timeline.) Characters Player Characters Corbin Hughes (Cobalt Templar) Trevor Hunter (Midnight II) Mark Lucas (Edge) Eve Martel (Sage) Erin White (Wander) Notable NPCs Travis Hunter (Midnight I) Rick Lucas Martha Lucas Oliver Quo-Dis (Ultiteen) Dr. Verrill H. Archeville Radio Freedom (Nightlife, Cobalt Ranger, Wonder, Edge, Sage, DJ Breakdown) Young Freedom 2035 (Lucky Strike, Psilent, Vril Knight, Amaryllis, Fusion II) Red Falcon Redbird Physician Friendly Faith Martel (Seraph) Plot Noise of Thunder It is the morning of June 1, graduation day for the Class of 2011 at Claremont Academy. In the dorm, Young Freedom teammates Mark and Erin share a moment of commiseration over not having family coming to watch them graduate, since Erin's family is dead and Mark's parents have been absent from Earth Prime for many months. Down on the lawn, Corbin flirts with his girlfriend Quo-Dis as the two help set up chairs for the ceremony. Trevor drives his grandfather Travis Hunter to the school, where he meets up with Eve, who has just regained her ability to speak after her traumatic empowering. Travis knew Eve's grandmother, herself a superhero, and the two become acquainted while the rest of Young Freedom gradually gathers together. The seniors discuss their future plans and Corbin presents everyone with framed prints of a drawing he made of the team. Suddenly, Martha Lucas appears from thin air and warns the team that they must be ready immediately or it will be too late. As the sky darkens and the earth trembles, Young Freedom prepares for action, but before they can do anything, the world is awash in a curtain of black flame. Edge tosses up a reality forcefield around the team, leaving them to watch helplessly as the world, then the universe, then all the universes are devoured by the fires of the Terminus. Worn-Out Places After a brief period of unconsciousness, the team wakes up in what appears to be the Lucas house, though it has been turned on its side and they are all laying on one wall of Martha's studio. The members of Young Freedom who participated in the last round of Lucas Family hijinks (House of L) are very angry with Martha and Rick Lucas, who apparently saw this coming and did not intervene soon enough. Corbin is agonized over the loss of Quo-Dis, who was supervising evacuations and out of range of the forcefield, while Eve tries to cope with the sudden psychic shock of a thousand billion deaths. Travis Hunter, who was caught up along with the teenagers, takes a moment to regret how far Rick Lucas has fallen from his father's legacy. When Erin puts a fist through the wall in frustration, they realize that outside the house is nothing but empty void. Rick absorbs the anger and frustration directed at him, but insists that it is not too late, that he has a plan by which the multiverse can still be saved. With the help of a friend, he has isolated the four universes where reality bombs were placed, and can send Young Freedom back through time and out through space to disarm them. These universes are all linchpins in their own way, and if even one bomb detonates, the results could be catastrophic. With further questioning, Rick's “friend” reveals himself: it is Erin's pet cat Oliver. Although before this point only Eve knew of Oliver's great intelligence, it quickly becomes obvious that he is the brains of the operation. He quickly explains what the team must do and where they must go, but there isn't much time for explanations. The agents of the Terminus are seeking out residual pockets of reality like the one they are in now. If that pocket is snuffed out, all hope will be lost. The four worlds the team must save are: Earth-J-Nazi-1: Commonly known as Erde, a timeline where the Nazis won World War II and the United States is an occupied and subjugated nation. Several members of Young Freedom visited Erde in 2009 on a school trip. Earth-M-Lucas-1: An alternate dimension created by Rick Lucas to allow him to fix all the problems he perceived in the world. This timeline briefly supplanted Earth Prime in summer of 2010 before being undone, but not before it had taken root in the multiversal structure. Earth-C-Future-2 A timeline where the linear passage of time is accelerated, whereby people who are teenagers or young adults on Earth Prime are substantially older in this universe. Earth-Z-Omega-1 A near-Prime timeline that was destroyed in 2007 by a virus released by Physician Friendly and the forces of the Terminus. Wander's home timeline. Travis Hunter elects to stay in the reality bubble with Oliver and the Lucases to avoid slowing Young Freedom down. With a wave of his hand, Rick Lucas sends the team to save the multiverse. The End of the Beginning Young Freedom arrives on Erde at night, in the ruins of a North Bay home belonging to a Jewish couple who are neighbors to the Hunter family. Midnight recognizes where they are, as well as the fact that these ruins seem to be only a few years old, rather than relics of a decades-old attack. Outside, they see the Hunter Estate being surrounded by Nazi tanks and helicopters. It is clear that this is Midnight I's last stand against the invading forces, and despite their urgent mission, the team can't just stand by and do nothing. They go into action and defeat the first wave of Nazis to buy Midnight I some time. During the attack, Midnight II displays a brand-new power by turning into smoke and vanishing midair, much to Wander's chagrin. After the fight, Sage probes one of the captured soldiers for information on the reality bomb, then, with a somewhat dubious invitation from Midnight I, everyone enters Midnight Manor through the wall-clock door in the Hunter Estate. The Erde 1953 version of Midnight Manor is much different from its Prime counterpart, lined with Grue armor plating and bristling with weaponry, it is part bunker for Midnight and part reliquary for the dozens of dead heroes whose effects and photographs are saved here. Midnight is the last of the American heroes, and it appears that his time is running out quickly. He reveals that Rick Lucas told him they were on their way, and offers to lead them to Von Braun Island, where the reality bomb is being kept and studied by the Nazis. Midnight II takes him up on the offer, and the team promises to cause plenty of collateral damage to the Nazis, even though they cannot stay long enough to help more. They travel through Freedom City in the Night Cruiser, passing through checkpoints with the aid of false papers and Midnight I's knowledge of German. When they reach Von Braun Island, he drops the team off and goes to create a diversion while they sneak inside. No sooner does Young Freedom penetrate the building than they are confronted by Doktor Verrill Herman Archeville, Nazi superscientist and, on Earth Prime, grandfather to Doktor Victor Archeville. He sets four Nazi supervillains on them, Red Eagle, Madame Blitz, The Owl and Sea-Wolf, obviously expecting them to be an insurmountable challenge to the mostly unpowered American resistance. The Nazis are totally unprepared for the force they are confronted with, and in moments the four villains are neutralized and Wander is squeezing information about the bomb out of Archeville. Archeville implies that he knows at least something about the forces in play, and that he considers himself to be on the side of the Terminus. He is rewarded with a bat to the head as Midnight and Edge disarm the bomb while the others keep watch. They extract a cosmic rod from the bomb and tuck it aside in case it could be useful later. Just as the bomb is disarmed, The Owl attempts another attack on Young Freedom, but is dispatched from behind by Midnight I. Wander gives him Archeville to use as a hostage to secure his escape, while Cobalt Templar tells him the location of a power ring he knows about that could help the resistance. Even as Rick Lucas' teleportation effect kicks in, the Nazis enter with guns blazing and Midnight I retreats to the shadows. Familiar Faces Young Freedom materializes on a sunny afternoon in what appears to be the mid 1970s. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that the year is 2011, and this is Earth-M-Lucas-1. The team is mistaken by a police officer for a team of local troublemakers known as Counter-Freedom, and are soon confronted by their in-universe counterparts. The white-bread Young Freedom of their last visit has been updated to a funkadelic collection of disco-themed heroes who now call themselves Radio Freedom. Though several of the codenames have changed (Wonder for Wander, Nightlife for Midnight, Cobalt Ranger for Cobalt Templar), the only change in the roster between universes is the retention of “DJ Breakdown,” where on Prime that notable had been ejected from the team in 2010. After a bit of initial friction, Radio Freedom agrees to help their counterparts locate and disarm the bomb planted in their reality. As they head to Claremont to regroup, the universal counterparts compare life stories. From Claremont, the united teams go to ASTRO Labs, where DJ Breakdown is a junior staff member, having failed to make it big in music. The reality bomb was discovered and brought here for study, theoretically putting it in an ideal position for disarmament. The moment they begin, however, DJ Breakdown begins playing his guitar, ensnaring his own teammates in a mind control effect. He reveals that he is aware of the origin of his timeline in the madness of one rogue hero, and declares his intention to allow the Terminus to destroy this world in the hopes that he will be handed another by his new master, Omega. Under his control, the members of Radio Freedom begin to attack Young Freedom. The battle is joined, and it seems that the members of Radio Freedom, although mind-controlled, are fighting as best they can not to attack. In a moment of ironic justice, Sage picks up a luxury car and smashes it into DJ Breakdown, echoing the attack that got Breakdown of Earth Prime thrown off Young Freedom. Midnight uses a device to nullify the sound in the air around DJ Breakdown, snapping his mind control and releasing Radio Freedom from thrall. The combined efforts of Cobalt Templar, Edge and Wander put DJ Breakdown down for the count. With the fight over, Radio Freedom imprisons their former comrade while Midnight disarms the second bomb. The EML1 team is clearly rattled by the defection, but offer their thanks to Young Freedom for stepping in to save the day. Since Rick Lucas' teleport is not immediately forthcoming, both teams return to Claremont for food and rest. Wander replaces her damaged uniform with an unfortunately disco-fied version, then she and Midnight spend a quiet evening together, knowing that soon they'll be traveling to her dead homeworld. Cobalt Templar and Cobalt Ranger talk about Quo-Dis, Templar giving his counterpart dating advice to help him work up the nerve to ask her out. The two Sages continue a discussion from earlier about costumes and attitudes, coming to a cautious agreement, if not real friendship. Edge, left to his own devices, goes to bed and wakes up to find Rick Lucas sitting by his bed. Rick tells his son how proud he is, then passes Mark a mysterious artifact for safekeeping before teleporting the group to the next world. Leaves From the Vine The team materializes once again on a sunny day in Freedom City, this time in the year 2035. Not much seems different until they begin to notice memorial banners marked with the date “6/21/34” and the motto “Never Forget.” Closer inspection reveals that while the buildings in downtown Freedom City are beautiful and adorned with the mark of a futuristic technology, they are almost all badly damaged and under repair. Before they can investigate, Young Freedom is confronted by a native super team, this one composed mostly of familiar-looking strangers. Cobalt Templar recognizes one young woman as his future daughter, Jessica (Vril Knight) who he met on a previous trip to his own future. This futuristic Young Freedom is led by a young powerhouse named Lucky Strike, who introduces her teammates Vril Knight, Amaryllis, Fusion and Midnight. The new Midnight appears uncomfortable at the introduction and requests to be called Psilent “while he's here.” Lucky Strike explains that they have been briefed about the Prime team's mission and are ready to help. Wander, one of the few Claremont students to be fully privy to the history of the time-displaced student Zephyr, notices similarities in that story to this reality, and asks if any of them knew her. It comes out that this is likely Zoe Harris' home timeline, and the disaster the city is recovering from is the same one that she raced into the past trying to prevent. Lucky Strike reveals that she was briefed by her grandfather, Rick Lucas, which causes Mark a moment of consternation. Midnight and Sage, trained observers both, begin to realize that Lucky Strike is the child of this universe's Mark Lucas and Erin White, while Psilent is almost surely the result of a genetic union between Trevor Hunter and Eve Martel. Amaryllis is a known quantity, already born and named on Prime, with Fusion almost certainly the legacy of her superheroing mother. There's not much time to consider any of that, though, since the third reality bomb is already being held in containment at Freedom Hall, waiting for disarmament. The two teams travel there via teleport beacon, arriving in a Freedom Hall rotunda that has been painted with a memorial to the heroes who died in the 2034 attack. Of the original two iterations of Young Freedom, Wander and Edge were the only survivors. Despite the quick action of the united Young Freedom teams, they reach the underground bunker just in time to see the reality bomb being stolen by a group of T-Baby nationalists called The Wolfpack. The Young Freedom of 2035 have dealt with this group before and with Midnight's help are able to track them to their headquarters on an unfinished nuclear fusion reactor situated on an artificial island. The teams teleport there, into the middle of an evacuation scene. The fusion reactor is about to collapse and release waves of deadly radiation if no one stops it. The Wolfpack confronts the massed Young Freedom teams, only to immediately surrender and beg for help in saving their own lives. They tell the team that they'd been deceived by their leader into believing that the reality bomb was a weapon intended to wipe out all T-Babies, and had stolen it in self-defense. The moment they had the bomb in hand, they'd realized it was a creation of pure Terminus energy itself, at which point their leader had blasted one member of the Wolfpack into the fusion reactor and teleported away. Not only did that blast destabilize the fusion core, it made a huge monster out of the hapless Wolfpack technician, who is now attempting to destroy everything in sight. With so many concurrent threats, the two Young Freedoms split up into groups. While much of the New Young Freedom handles the evacuation, Psilent accompanies Midnight and Sage to deal with the reactor while Edge, Wander, Lucky Strike, Cobalt Templar and Vril Knight all team up to fight the altered T-Baby. With the T-Baby subdued, Lucky Strike takes a moment to warn her parents not to get together, because things did not work out well for them in her dimension. She is cagey, but Mark hears enough to realize he wouldn't like himself in this universe. Vril Knight, on the other hand, assures Cobalt Templar that things between him and Quo-Dis in this world were good, and he shouldn't be afraid. Meanwhile, in the reactor core, Sage uses her telekinetic abilities to stabilize the reactor, exhausting work even for someone who hasn't spent several days fighting her way from dimension to dimension. With the reactor stabilized, Midnight disarms the third bomb, ending the threat to this universe. There is just time for a brief goodbye in which Midnight and Sage comfort and encourage their orphaned future offspring before Rick Lucas' teleportation effect kicks in. Young Freedom is swept away once more, this time coming out in the path of danger as the Space Needle threatens to collapse directly on top of them! The Earth Died Screaming As the Space Needle collapses, the members of Young Freedom scatter, using reflexes, powers or luck to avoid serious damage from falling debris. When the dust settles, they find themselves on Earth-Z-Omega-1, just a few days before the start of their journey. This time, instead of being deposited in Freedom City, they are in Erin's hometown, Seattle. This world is not as dead as it once was, for the team can see a fight playing out in the sky high above them. One figure seems to prevail, but then crashes to Earth as well, very near Young Freedom. They race to the scene to find a grievously injured Furion and his sentient hovercycle, wounded and exhausted after fighting Omegadrones over Seattle. Midnight is able to stabilize the Furion, who identifies himself as Red Falcon, and his cycle companion as Redbird. He tells the team that Omega has co-opted all of the East Coast, including Freedom City, and to even approach will be to court grave danger. For the moment, though, none of them are in any condition to fight, exhausted, bruised and dispirited. Redbird is also in need of substantial repairs from an expert mechanic. Wander warns everyone not to enter any of the nearby buildings, then takes off for parts unknown, promising to return shortly. Midnight is needed to repair Redbird's systems, but is able to transfer his knowledge into Sage to let her take over repairs while he follows Wander with help from Edge's teleportation. Erin and Trevor wind up at Erin's home, which is desolate and weatherbeaten after years of complete neglect. Erin, who has not seen her home since the beginning of the outbreak that destroyed her world, is looking for clues to her father's fate. Trevor investigates and realizes that Roger White did not die of the flu, but instead committed suicide after sending his family to safety. Erin, while still grieving, is relieved to know that at least he did not suffer as she'd feared. She collects several mementos from her home and puts them in a bag, then she and Trevor go to find camping supplies before returning to the group. With Redbird repaired, the team makes camp and settles in for the night. Redbird tests various people and decides that Midnight has the appropriate fast-twitch muscle reflexes to adequately pilot the Furion technology if necessary. Everyone beds down except Wander, who stands watch until the next morning when they wake and plan a strategy to travel underwater to approach Freedom City unseen while Sage provides psychic jamming and Midnight obscures electronic detectors. Redbird is large enough to hold all of them at once, leaving only the question of how to destroy enough of Freedom City to disrupt EZO1's link to the Terminus. Edge claims that he can and will destroy the entire city with his powers once the last bomb is disarmed. That settled, they depart. There Won't Be A Next Time Red Falcon and Redbird carry Young Freedom all the way to the edge of Freedom City, traveling by water or under psychic cover. Once airborne over the city, they see that it has been totally overcome and altered by the Terminus to the point of being unrecognizable. Freedom Hall, where the bomb is located, is surrounded by thousands of Omegadrones. Wander leaps straight into the middle of the pack and begins fighting, while the others fight from the air. In moments, a path is cleared into the building. Young Freedom runs in, while Red Falcon and Redbird stay behind to keep up the fight. Inside, they find a laboratory set up by Physician Friendly, the creator of the virus that destroyed EZO1 in the first place. He appears to have been unprepared for Young Freedom's speed and is flat-footed and alone. As Cobalt Templar investigates the contents of several large caskets around the room and Midnight approaches the reality bomb, Wander drives her broken bat through the sadistic physician's skull, killing him instantly. The caskets he'd probably planned on opening contain zombified versions of someone important to each member of the team: Quo-Dis, Martha Lucas, Faith Martel, Travis Hunter, and a zombified version of Trevor as well. Though the members of Young Freedom are appalled and disturbed by the scene, that does not stop them from quickly taking on the zombies. Cobalt Templar is especially affected by the sight of his zombified love, but he proves his mettle by recovering and using his powers to heal a badly injured Sage. The team destroys all the zombies, then finds Red Falcon and Redbird still alive, though in need of healing as well. With all the reality bombs disarmed and the apparently ranking Annihilist executed, Young Freedom's work seems to be done. They leave Freedom Hall with the nagging sense that despite the grueling battles of the past three days, it was all just a bit too easy. Even as Midnight warns the others of a trap, the air is suddenly black and red with Omegadrones as the Lord of the Terminus himself descends in front of them and demands to have words with them. Behind him, the air seems to rip apart as the Doom Coil begins to form, eating away at the world around them as it twists and grows. With no other options, Young Freedom falls back on the tried-and-true strategy of refuge in audacity. Without so much as a pause, Wander leaps in to attack Omega, leaving herself vulnerable by devoting all her strength to landing a bare-knuckled blow on his armor. She hits directly in the glowing center of his armor, driving him back a single step as the massed Omegadrones rain fire and energy bolts down on her. Even with all her power and training, it's obvious she can do nothing without the joint efforts of Young Freedom. Edge steps forward, calling out encouragement to his friends while Cobalt Templar uses his ring to create a perfect sword made of pure energy and passes it to Wander. Midnight blankets the drones in mist to keep them from seeing or aiming, then begins assembling a device of his own invention. It all seems to be for naught as Omega blasts a defenseless Wander with a bolt of pure entropy… until the acrobatic Sage intervenes, drawing the power-seeking bolt into pursuing her instead, even though it will surely be fatal when it hits her. As Young Freedom faces off with Omega, Red Falcon slips the sphere containing Redbird's mechanical consciousness out of the bike and passes it to Edge. Shouting defiance in the best tradition of the Furions, he then rides the bike straight into the fires of the Doom Coil as it forms, disrupting it and buying time for the others to continue their fight. With sword in hand, Wander leaps for the Lord of the Terminus, stabbing so deeply into his armor that it begins to disintegrate around him while he screams for his followers to kill her. Cobalt Templar joins Wander in the attack, using his own sword to batter at Omega while Edge scours Omegadrones from the sky as fast as they can pour in. Sage is still keeping just ahead of Omega's horrific entropy weapon, but at any moment, a single slip could mean doom. Midnight suddenly steps back into the fray, armed with the device he'd been working on: a modified railgun that shoots not bullets, but cosmic rods. Aiming at the breaks in Omega's armor, he shoots all four rods deep into the tyrant's body, a mortal wound. The team watches as the rods ignite and burn Omega to ashes, leaving only charred armor behind. There is no time to savor victory, though, as the world continues to char and collapse around them. Millions of Omegadrones are still bearing down, while the fires of the Coil eat away at what was once Freedom City. All at once, Rick Lucas is there with them, shoving everyone but Edge back through a dimensional portal to safety while he and his son remain behind to seal up the holes in the multiverse. In moments, Young Freedom is back on an intact Earth Prime, standing on the steps of a Freedom Hall that shows not the slightest sign of disturbance, much less complete destruction. Jubilant to be alive, everyone celebrates for a few minutes, until Mark reappears. He informs them that the holes are patched, and that Rick Lucas has elected to take Earth-Z-Omega-1 into the Zero Zone and hold it there himself forever, to keep Earth Prime safe from another attack from that direction. Moments later, the charred armor of Omega falls out of a final portal, the only evidence of their amazing story. Summa Cum Laude Back on Earth Prime, Young Freedom learns that graduation exercises were canceled for the day when the five of them apparently disappeared into thin air just before the ceremony. No one else remembers the end of the world, just a moment of darkness and shaking, which is probably just as well. Redbird comes back to life and begins speaking from inside Erin's backpack, asking for Midnight. With Red Falcon dead, Trevor is more than willing to take on responsibility for the alien AI the Furion left behind. Before the debriefing sessions, everyone is reunited with their loved ones, even Oliver, who seems content to be silent for the moment. Corbin is desperately happy to see Quo-Dis again, while Trevor tells Travis about everything that happened during the mission and Mark comforts his mother. Despite everything that happened in the past, Mark's friends rally around him and offer condolences for his father. Rick Lucas had his moments of villainy, but he died a hero saving the multiverse, and that makes up for a lot. Unfortunately, the Freedom League is not as willing to forgive and forget, and while they do not precisely disbelieve Young Freedom's account of all that happened, several of them seem convinced that the entire business was an illusion created by Rick Lucas. The chestplate of Omega is an impressive bit of evidence, but even that can be explained away. In the end, it's hard to decide what the League actually believes and to what extent. Frustrated and angry, Mark teleports away with his mother, leaving the rest of the team to make their own way home. They step outside and encounter Hope, a Claremont exchange student originally from Erde. Rather than her usual costume of fatigues and antique guns, today she is dressed in a trenchcoat and fedora reminiscent of Midnight I's costume, but made of the same glowing energy that powers Corbin's ring. No matter what the League believes, the actions of Young Freedom have apparently made a number of substantial differences. With that bit of encouraging news, the members of Young Freedom disperse to their various homes, or to each others' homes. Graduation is postponed but takes place a week later. All of the graduating Young Freedom seniors are awarded the Summa Cum Laude designation for their displayed mastery of the school's teachings. Aftermath The events of Graduation Day led directly or indirectly to a number of changes in Freedom City and its heroes. Wander's cat Oliver revealed his true nature as an interstellar operative who had cultivated her and given her extra powers in order to allow her to fight Omega. When she elects to remain on Earth rather than to carry on the fight in the multiverse, he removes the powers and departs, leaving her with his son Charlie to keep her company. Upon seeing Omega's armor and hearing of his destruction, Dr. Archeville's evil alter-ego takes overt control of his body, leading to the devastating villainy of ArchEvil. Midnight II adopts the Furion AI pilot Redbird, and in the way of Furion equipment, she adopts a persona more copacetic to his personality. Midnight adapts a number of his vehicles to accommodate the AI, and she begins assisting him in his work. After their trial by fire against the Terminus, and with the other members of Young Freedom graduated, Sage and Cobalt Templar assume leadership of Young Freedom and recruit other members to fill out the roster again. Links Graduation Day: Noise of Thunder Graduation Day: Worn-Out Places Graduation Day: The End of the Beginning Graduation Day: Familiar Faces Graduation Day: Leaves From The Vine Graduation Day: The Earth Died Screaming Graduation Day: There Won't Be A Next Time Graduation Day: Summa Cum Laude
  8. Young Freedom Young Freedom is the second super team to be started at the Claremont Academy. It first came to public notice in the spring of 2009, when its members defused a hostage situation at Freedom City's baseball stadium. Though it has never attained the public profile of the initial teen team at Claremont, Next Gen, Young Freedom has proven its worth many times over in the hero community of Freedom City. After three eventful years, perhaps the only reason YF hasn't eclipsed Next Gen is that many of its adventures have involved extradimensional travel, including trips to the Terminus. As a teen team, the turnover on Young Freedom is quite high, though former members tend to stay in touch and may occasionally participate in missions. Although based at Claremont Academy, the team often has a headquarters off-campus, typically belonging to one of the members or their families. Young Freedom does not have a team uniform, but all of its members share an insignia, a silver emblem with the letters “YF” printed on it, which most of them wear as a belt ornament. Iterations of Young Freedom Turnover on Young Freedom is fairly high, since the longest a member can be part of the team is two years (typically age 16-18). The iterations of the team have been divided into generations, with a new x.0 designation marking a complete team turnover from the last x.0 team. Young Freedom 1.0 The founding members of Young Freedom came together in Spring of 2009. Team 1.0 ran approximately from Spring 2009 to Spring 2010, with the expulsion of Breakdown, the graduation of Geckoman and Hellion, and the addition of Midnight II. Members: Breakdown Edge Geckoman Hellion Psyche Phalanx Wander Young Freedom 1.25 An interstitial period for Young Freedom, marked by fewer full-team missions and more duo or trio work for team members. Team 1.25 ran approximately from Spring 2010 through the end of 2010, when Psyche and Phalanx left the team to focus on preparing for post-school careers and Cobalt Templar and Sage were added to the roster. Members: Edge Midnight II Psyche Phalanx Wander Young Freedom 1.5 Arguably the best-known iteration of Young Freedom to date, Team 1.5 was responsible for a successful defense against the forces of Omega and the Terminus, though details of their efforts have largely been suppressed. This iteration of the team ran through the first half of 2011, when the final founding members Edge and Wander graduated, along with Midnight II, leaving Cobalt Templar and Sage to lead the new generation of Young Freedom. Members: Cobalt Templar Edge Midnight II Sage Wander Young Freedom 2.0 With all the founding members gone, new team leaders Cobalt Templar and Sage recruited new rookie heroes to fill out the team roster and carry on the YF tradition. Team 2.0 ran from Summer 2011 to the end of Spring 2012, when Cobalt Templar and Sage graduated. Members: Citizen Cobalt Templar Ghost Girl Papercut Sage Wraith Young Freedom 2.5 After the graduation of Cobalt Templar and Sage, Young Freedom continued as a loose confederation of student heroes until the graduation of Citizen and Papercut in Spring 2013. Members Citizen Crimson Tiger Ghost Girl Glow Papercut Wraith
  9. Wander Keeley Erin White (formerly Erin Keeley White), is the civilian alter-ego of the superheroine called Wander. Born November 11, 1992, in an alternate timeline (Freedom League Designation Earth Z-Omega-1(extinct)), Erin White arrived on Earth Prime October 17, 2008. Her legal name was changed shortly thereafter, to avoid confusion with her native double. She graduated from the Claremont Academy in Freedom City in the spring of 2011. She currently works as Chief of Security at HAX, a supertech company owned by Mara Halloman. In Erin's superhero identity as Wander, she is currently a member of the Liberty League. She's a former founding member of Young Freedom and keeps in touch with most of her old teammates. Wander's powers include superhuman agility, speed and strength, as well as an enhanced constitution that protects her from disease, poison, and most physical injury. She also has the ability to heal extremely quickly from injuries. She is a seasoned fighter and an experienced hero alone or in team-ups. Timeline 2009 Spring Touching Down: Erin arrives in Freedom City from Seattle with all her worldly possessions in a duffle bag. She is met by Alex Albright (Psyche) and Mike Harris (Phalanx) who are also starting school at Claremont Academy. The trio bonds over being the same age and uncertainty about the new school, and Alex offers to tutor Erin to help her catch up before the new school year. (Un)Familiar Faces: Erin, Alex and Mike arrive at Claremont Academy and get the ten-cent tour from Mrs. Harcourt. Alex and Erin are assigned as roommates for the summer. Going Walkabout Erin explores the school grounds on her own, but finds it difficult to let go of the habits and outlook she learned in her old life. Coping Strategies: Dr. Marquez, the school psychologist, assigns Erin to the Interdimensional Student Support Group, for kids from alternate realities. She meets several other students, including her classmates Quark and Agent H, but is quickly depressed by the stories of alternate realities and frustrated by the seemingly asinine response from the psychologist. She walks out of the group and does not attend again. Notes from Therapy: Wander Erin continues in private sessions with Dr. Marquez, but is less than communicative. As a compromise, he asks her to write stories to convey her feelings about all she has been through. Summer The Sweet Science Erin and Mike help Coach Jones test some new gym equipment, and prepare for their upcoming placement tests. Placement Test: Wander: Mr. Archer, the gym teacher, gives Erin her combat assessment in the Doom Room holosimulator. After priming her adrenaline response with physical challenges and perceived threats to life and limb, he tells her to fight four simulated opponents using her normal fighting style. She frightens off one opponent, kills the next two messily, and nearly knocks herself unconscious fighting the last one before Mr. Archer ends the test. Both of them are badly shaken by the testing and what it reveals about Erin's readiness to fight for the side of good. What Dreams May Come Rattled by the combat assessment, Erin falls asleep and has a nightmare, inadvertently pulling her psychic roommate Alex along for the ride. Alex gets a look at the horrors of Erin's past and does her best to help, bringing the pair closer together. The Delicate Art of Thunder Erin goes with Mr. Archer to have specialized training from a powerhouse heroine called Thunderstanding. They get off to a rocky start when Erin finds it difficult to curb the reflexes that make her fight to kill, but eventually begins working on a number of drills to eventually make her safe for hero work. Making Schemes Erin strikes up a tentative friendship with Hope (Agent H), another dimensional refugee from a world overrun by Nazis. Making Friends Erin, Alex and Mike make the acquaintance of Eddie (Breakdown), a brash new student who is not sure whether he wants to be a hero or a famous DJ. That same afternoon they meet another student, Mark Lucas (Edge) a heroic legacy who already has a year at Claremont under his belt. They explore the library and meet Zaranna and her micro-raptor Squeaker, who once bit Mark during a sensitive moment while he and Zaranna were dating. Darian and Erin: Erin gets tutoring from Darian (Quark), who tries to teach her history with the use of a time-travel device. In the process she meets Dr. Tomorrow, gets a bit of her memory erased, and begins to wonder if Quark's fantastic devices might hold the key to going back and saving her world before it died. Darian opens a portal to her home on EZO1, but when she sees a moving humanoid shadow, she has a panic attack and makes him shut it down without going through. Out Tonight Mark wins tickets to a concert and invites his friends along, including upperclassman Chris Kenzie (Geckoman), partially due to his having a vehicle. They arrive at the concert to find Eddie already there, line-jumping and schmoozing. Chris winds up flirting with two supervillainesses, who try to put the whammy on him before Erin picks him up bodily and carries him out of danger, much to his chagrin. And Hell Came Knocking: Erin meets new classmate James Prophet (Hellion), scion of a prominent local family and possessor of an interesting set of hellfire-related powers. They arrange to play videogames together some night, as he is also of the rarely-sleeping persuasion. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: On a school outing to a Comets game, the gang arrive late due to some very unlucky traffic patterns and a wrong turn. By the time they arrive, the stadium has been taken hostage by villains Tech Kid and Mystic Force. The students work together to stop the villains and free the civilians, though once again Erin finds it extremely difficult to control her powers in the midst of a fight. At the end of the battle, Mark coins a team name, Young Freedom. Up All Night: Erin and James bond over a night of video games, two very guarded people letting their walls down just a little bit. Sweet Sixteen: Alex's sixteenth birthday party is all fun in the sun with Young Freedom until they uncover a map that leads to her mom's abandoned underground base. It's the perfect new HQ for a new team! Growing Up Claremont: Alex and Erin sign up for Driver's Ed and gossip about their male teammates. Erin asks Alex about Darian's time-travel suggestion, but Alex gently breaks the news that while going back in time might create a new and better timeline for a divergent Erin and her family, it will not bring back the family Erin lost. Erin is crushed but tries to hide it, and decides that now would be a good time to try sparring with Mike. Schoolyard Brawl Erin and Mike's sparring session leads to anger and hurt feelings when they tell each other uncomfortable truths that neither are ready to face. Alex steps in to try and smooth the ragged edges, but has a few unresolved issues of her own to deal with. The Other Goods Alex needs a dress for her first date with Mark, so she and Erin hit the mall. Erin manages to brave the crowds long enough to act like a normal teenager and is very proud of herself. Those Who Fight Monsters Erin comes across James sleeping in the library and, after nearly getting stabbed, learns about his nightly visits to hell courtesy of his demon-lord father. She tries to share with him a little about her world, but can't handle it and runs away. They reconcile later over Mario Kart and things go back to normal. Postgame Analysis After Alex returns from her date with Mark, she and Erin discuss how it went and what she ought to do next, then play a game of Life using house rules based on themselves and their teammates. Wandering Edge Erin and Mark work together in the simulator and learn that they make a formidable team. Erin manages to not botch a diplomatic situation, and Mark gets taken for a ride. Birthday at the Park: James treats all his friends to a day at Ocean Heights Amusement Park for his birthday, including food, rides and prepaid gift cards for the stores. Erin uses her card to augment her severely limited wardrobe and enjoys rides with her friends. At the end of the day, they fight some cultists and the emotion-controlling demon they summoned. A Three-Hour Tour: Erin tries to help recruit her friend Hope onto Young Freedom, but the effort is pretty much derailed by student shenanigans and a surprise trip to Erde. Morning in America: Erin, Mike, Mark and Chris wind up in Freedom City on Erde, while Alex, James, Eddie and Hope are sent to Erde's Kaiju Island. The foursome destroy a Nazi facility, where Erin scores a decisive victory against a small army of Nazi robots and disable a device that the Nazis had been using to contact other dimensions. They scavenge the pieces they need to repair the Resistance's teleporter, then head off to find their friends. Reunited and it Feels So Good: The students are teleported home from Erde, whereupon Eddie immediately says something dumb and insensitive about Nazis to Hope. Erin skips the debriefing to take her friend somewhere she can cool off. The Visit: Erin gives Dr. Haviland (Gossamer), the new chemistry teacher, a tour of the school grounds. She is mildly freaked out by the new teacher's impressive hair-based powers. Creative Destruction: Mike and Erin end up together in the Doom Room again, but this time on the same side. They patch up their differences, break the simulator, defeat a couple of villains, and cook up a plan to try simulator softball one of these days. Car Shopping: James takes Erin and Alex car shopping, theoretically for a vehicle for Young Freedom, then winds up sneakily buying Erin the blue pickup truck she's fallen in love with. Fall Training Maneuvers: Erin goes through another painful combat assessment from Mr. Archer in the Doom Room. This time she avoids killing any of her opponents, but begins to respond with lethal force to a powerful opponent. Mr. Archer gives her a real-life version of the padded bat she's been training with in the simulator. Sunny Afternoon Erin tries out her socializing ability by welcoming an uncertain new student to the school. The End of the World: Mike and Alex take Erin and Mark to the library as part of a convoluted scheme by Eddie and Chris for Mike to ask Erin on a date. Before anything can happen, Erin notices Mystic Force from the baseball stadium doing something nefarious with the library computers. It escalates into a standoff on the steps outside, one that is broken when Zoe Harris (Zephyr) comes hurtling back into the past from 30 years in the future to help her parents and their friends. Zoe spins a convoluted story to explain where she comes from, but eventually tells the truth to Erin and Headmaster Summers, asking them both to keep her secrets. Guitar Heroes: After Zoe's revelations, Erin assures her she will keep the secret, but advises Zoe that Alex will find out one way or another. She is surprised by the fact that she apparently lives another thirty years in Zoe's timeline, then clears out of the way so Zoe can go meet Eddie to join his band. Mysteries and Gossip: Back in their room, Erin and Alex discuss the day, including Mike's odd behavior and Zoe's appearance. Erin isn't exactly swept off her feet by the idea that Mike considers her “safe” to ask on a date, but doesn't rule out the possibility. She does her best to keep Alex from prying into Zoe's background, but is not terribly successful. Cool Air: Mike takes the advice of his friends and asks Erin out on a practice date, which she agrees to with some reluctance. They play simulator baseball, have a simulated brawl, share a milkshake, and fly over the lights of Freedom City at night. Erin feels awkward, but it's oddly nice. Some Girls: Despite Erin's best efforts to dissuade her, Alex runs a DNA profile on Zoe and discovers the truth about her parentage. Daisy (Student Body) overhears Alex's tearful discussion with Erin about how she isn't ready to be a mother, and gleefully spreads a mistaken conclusion all over school. Mike very nearly beats Mark to a pulp before Alex intervenes, and everyone starts to figure out what's actually going on. Alex and Mark break up, and Mike's experiment with practice girlfriends is finished. Beautiful City: Erin and Alex work together in the Doom Room for the first time, where Alex acquits herself well despite Erin's overprotective instincts. They are rewarded by additional homework from Mr. Archer. Memory: Mike stops by Erin's room for a chat on the awkward topic of breaking up a relationship that may or may not have existed. Erin insists that one outing as friends didn't mean anything more than that, but admits that maybe, if things were different, she might have liked there to be more. The Morning Of James and Erin play video games in the early morning hours of October 31. James mentions he's been having odd power spikes, and cagily mentions he has to deal with family business that evening. Erin shares that she's been confined to quarters for the evening to prevent accidents with partygoers. As he says goodbye, James tosses Erin the keys to his car, saying he won't be needing them. Erin misses the ominous overtone, too excited about the chance to go driving. Speak of the Devil: Halloween night, Erin begins to worry about James and goes to look for him. She finds a farewell note in his room and calls for her friends to help track him down before he does anything stupid. After a consultation with Phantom, the team heads out for a rescue mission. Another One Bites the Dust: Erin, Mark, Mike and Alex find James in an old cemetery, making his last stand against a small army of demons. There is a pitched battle, in which Alex and Mike both manage previously untouched levels of power, but it is not enough to keep James from being dragged off into hell. Fallen Friends: In the week after Halloween, Erin and Alex do research to try and find a way to reach and rescue James. They come up totally empty, and Erin begins to crack under the strain. Invasion:Riverside Gate: Young Freedom is called to fight a demonic Hellion and close the gate that is releasing a demon army on Freedom City. The fight seems hopeless, with far more demons than can be fought, until Psyche weaponizes the power of friendship and Erin controls her fighting instincts long enough to reach out to her lost friend. James comes back to himself and shuts the gate on his father, returning the city to pre-invasion calm. Rapproachment: Days after the end of the demonic invasion, James finds Erin exercising after dark and comes over to apologize to her. They mend fences over all that was said and unsaid, and Erin finally gets a chance to drive James' car with him in it. Giving Thanks: Acting with the very best of intentions, Mark invites Erin to his home for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Erin appreciates the gesture and does her best, but is still drowning in grief for her own lost family. Her one saving grace is the mangy orange cat who seems to have adopted her, and who makes her feel better when she pets him. Beyond the Veil: Erin and Oliver turn out to support Mark when he learns the truth of his origins: his father is actually the son of Jimmy Lucas' genie pal rather than Jimmy Lucas himself, making Mark one-quarter djinn himself. Erin also has her first meeting with Phantom, a rather tense one until Phantom assures her that she won't be throwing Erin off Earth Prime. 2010 Winter Money for Nothing: Over Christmas Break, Alex cooks up a plan to play the stock market and build up a college fund for Zoe. She hires Erin to keep an eye on the stocks at night, and helps her out by making her a stock-owning employee of the new company and dumping a basic course in the stock market into her head. Erin is not sure about any of this working, but needs money for cat food and wants to help out anyway. It's a Jungle Out There: Young Freedom goes on their first international adventure, traveling to Dakana to fight a clone of Shadivan Steelgrave. They defeat him and save his captured proles from firey volcanic death, but during the standoff, Erin learns that the Terminus was responsible for the virus that began the apocalypse in her home dimension. Fatherly Advice: Rick Lucas makes an unusual evening visit to Erin's dorm room to say that Mark will recover from his experience in Dakana and to warn her about the perfidious evil of Shadivan Steelgrave. Gazing Into the Abyss: Erin seeks out the dimensional guardian Phantom for more information about the Terminus and the man Steelgrave called Friendly. Phantom tells her about Physician Friendly and his horrible hospital on Nihilor, and confirms that he could well have killed Erin's world, but warns her that he is too well-defended for Erin to try and fight with any hope of success. Battle of the Sexes: Erin, Alex, Mike and Mark square off in a silly girls-versus-boys match to test their new simulator. The girls defeat the boys using an amusing human-size hamster ball and flee the scene to savor their victory. It Is Well With My Soul: Erin and James hear a rumor about a real honest-to-god (so to speak) angel in Freedom City. Since they both have a bone to pick with religion, they go seek out Heyzel, who does seem to be the real deal. No productive conversation ensues, but everyone gets something to think about. Title of Show: Young Freedom's training game of Capture the Flag on campus is interrupted when Erin and Mike nearly collide at high speeds with new student Faith. Mark executes a daring last-minute save and proceeds to unleash every romantic cliche he can think of to impress the pretty new girl. Everyone else proceeds to tease Mark, who totally ignores them in favor of his new and very impressed conquest. From the Shore to the Water: Alex and Erin go swimsuit shopping after being invited to James' mid-winter pool party extravaganza. They discuss strategies for Alex's ongoing seduction of Mike, as Erin attempts to find a swimsuit that doesn't make her look like a bodybuilder. Erin is not certain whether she'll have fun at James' kind of party, but promises to at least make an appearance. Beach Party in Winter James throws a temperature-controlled beach party for all his friends, and Erin goes with some trepidation. She has fun for awhile, then is roped into an uncomfortable conversation about the inevitable implosion between Mark and his girlfriend Faith. Beyond the Door: Erin goes back to St. Stephen's for another theological discussion with Freedom Angel, this time without taking James along. She keeps her temper a little better this time, long enough to ask about how Heaven works, even if she doesn't understand the answers. Freedom Angel admits that God has not spoken to his angels in nearly 1500 years, which is sobering to them both. Spring I Don't Know Kung-Fu: Erin attempts to teach her teammate Geckoman how to fight hand-to-hand after he loses his zappers in a fight against his supervillain girlfriend. They make some progress, but are hampered by fundamental differences in approaches to combat. A Day Without Powers: Some of the kids from Young Freedom agree to wear power suppressors for a day for a school project. Erin feels weak and clumsy, but is much less affected by the suppressors than some of her more powerful classmates. Midnight Meeting: While spending yet another late night in the common room, Erin meets new student Trevor Hunter, Midnight II, who is also a night owl. She offers to show him the Doom Room, and they run through a training scenario together and are reasonably impressed by each others' abilities. Erin offers to put in a good word for him with Young Freedom if he wants a team. Enter the Squid: Erin gives new student Blake, Kid Cthulhu, a quick tour of the school after Oliver gives him the cold shoulder upon his arrival. Monsters in the Streets:Bayview: With monsters attacking all over the city, Young Freedom is called to save the Pramas bridge from a trio of giant monsters set on shaking it to bits, civilians and all! New Sound: Oliver introduces Erin to another new student. Warren, called Rift, is a sound controller who is eager to meet people and get started at Claremont. Midnight Express: Erin and Trevor meet up on another late night. He takes her for a thrilling ride on his motorcycle, including a cable jump of the Pramas Bridge. They fight a little crime and have a surprisingly easy chat over coffee and cocoa, then Trevor invites Erin to a fancy dress party in a few weeks time. House of L: A sudden alert on Memorial Day draws Erin, Trevor and some of her teammates and friends to Mark's home, where he's just fought off another Steelgrave robot. They arrive just in time for the booby-trapped chassis to explode, impaling Mark with a metal shard and killing him instantly. At the hospital, Rick Lucas has a complete meltdown in a roomful of grieving heroes, lashing out at his old comrades and vanishing most of the Freedom League before making a wish that everything would be how it was supposed to be again. House of L: Wakeup Call: Erin finds herself falling onto the lawn of Freedom Hall, where she is immediately chased across town by a doppelganger who calls her “Rednaw.” Her friends have all been dropped into new, Rick Lucas-approved lives, but Erin is a wild card for some reason. They quickly discover that not following the script can lead to people being deleted or hurt, as happens to Chris when he throws a punch at his gone-evil girlfriend. They regroup aboard James' brand new spaceship (aliens being more Lucas-approved than demons) and try to make a plan to set things right. House of L: Bringing Down the House: Now reunited, Erin and her friends set off to look for Mark, and find him trapped in a warped version of his own home, apparently for safekeeping. They break him out and go to confront Rick Lucas in Freedom Hall, trying to convince him to fix the world. Erin reminds him that he is not the only one who is desperate to change the past, but this is not the way. Eventually Rick breaks down and uses his power again, dissolving the world. House of L: The End: When the world reforms itself again, Erin and her friends are standing on Mark's lawn, along with Mark's parents and Mark himself, still alive. Rick then tells his family he can't stay, that two reality warpers of his caliber would damage the world, and tells them he loves them before vanishing. A grieving Mark asks to be left alone with his mom, so his friends slowly dispersed, having won a victory that seems somehow a little hollow. No More Good Days: Mark reaches out to Alex and Erin for help dealing with his many emotions surrounding his father's disappearance and his own temporary death. Fisticuffs 2: Opening Credits: Erin attends a citywide sparring match for superheroes, looking to meet some heroes and pick up some pointers. Instead she encounters Dead Head for the first time, which results in an embarrassing loss of composure for her and an inconvenient loss of head for him. Consolations and Remembrances: After fleeing her confrontation with Dead Head, Erin comes back to campus, where James finds her crying against a tree. She pours out the story of her powers and her dead world to him, and he does his best to comfort her, for all he has to admit that she probably didn't kill Dead Head. James promises things will get better, and she tries hard to believe him. Life Lessons: Erin meets up again with Dynamo, a speedster she met at the sparring match, when he comes to Claremont for powers testing. His intrusive questions fluster her and make her question the place she's tried so hard to achieve among her fellow students. So the Drama: Alex and Erin discuss recent events in Erin's life, especially her argument with Dynamo and the upcoming fancy-dress date with Trevor. Alex floats an idea for a junior prom, despite their concerns that some of the members of Next Gen will try to make trouble. Life's Parade of Fashion: Trevor takes Erin to meet his family tailor, an elderly but spry man named Frank who designs uniforms and formalwear for superheroes and mystery men. He decides to design Erin a red dress that she is slightly unsure about, and tells them stories of the good old days. A Simple Plan: Mike asks Erin for advice on whether he should propose to Alex even though they are still in high school, and how he should do it. She is diffident, but advises him to go ahead if he thinks he is truly ready. She also recommends keeping things very simple, no flashy stuff. He thinks this is a good call. Now What Did You Learn Dynamo brings Erin flowers and apologizes for his rude behavior on their last meeting. She accepts the apology and shows him how to use a tennis ball cannon for training. Walk Softly and Carry a Collapsible Stick: Erin meets Eve, a new student who is a mute telepathic gymnast. They work out together and have a very brief sparring session, then chat about the school. Cold Case: While out on patrol, Erin happens upon a misunderstanding-fight between Dead Head and Lady Winter. She drops in and subdues Dead Head's skeleton minions, threatens the zombie for a few minutes, then takes Lady Winter back to base so Psyche can help her find a place to live in Freedom City. Just Like Old Times: James' increasingly hectic schedule has been keeping him off campus, but he and Erin eventually find an evening to catch up. They talk about his new ship, brought over from Rick Lucas' world, and play Mario Kart. Summer Summer Job Listing: Erin answers an ad for a babysitter with combat skills and winds up interviewing with Phantom and Avenger for the job of babysitting their dhampir child. She impresses Avenger with her reflexes and hard right hook and gets the job. No Mercy: With Grue rampaging in the streets of Freedom City, Young Freedom and the Interceptors team up to protect the beleaguered Freedom Medical Center from an enormous Grue monster. Nockin' on Iron: Erin and James step in to assist a pair of new heroes who get in over their heads while trying to stop a drunk and disorderly villainess from tearing up a neighborhood. High Noon: Erin and Young Freedom work together to stop a deadly solar laser blast from incinerating large chunks of Freedom City, but although they see it is a manmade threat, they cannot find who might have done it. Could've Danced All Night: Erin and Trevor attend a fancy party as the representative of the Hunter family and his date. Trevor wins major points by letting her drive his classic limo on the way, and despite a little nervous awkwardness, they have fun dancing and socializing. By coincidence, James is also at the party, and realizes his feelings for Erin have shifted, though he does not make this known. At the end of the evening, Erin asks Trevor to the prom. Save Tonight: Erin and Trevor go to the prom Alex is putting on at the AEON building, only for the evening to be ruined by Daisy conspiring to out the truth of Zoe cheating on Eddie with James. Consternation turns to near-catastrophe when Eddie responds by driving a sports car into the ballroom, hoping to hit James, and Mike nearly causes mayhem on his own when he lets anger get the best of him. Eddie and Zoe break up, Eddie gets ejected from Young Freedom, and Trevor and Erin enjoy one quiet dance in a hallway, listening to Trevor's iPod. I See What You Did There: Young Freedom faces the music from the Headmaster after the prom disaster. Erin is surprised to be complimented on her handling of the situation. Strength to Strength: Duncan Summers lines up a new mentor for Erin: the heroine Fulcrum. After seeing Wander in action in Fisticuffs, Fulcrum is slightly ambivalent, and after losing her first mentor after a short period of time, Erin is ambivalent as well. They eventually go out for lunch and have a pleasant small-talk conversation. At The Mountains Mark brings his teammates with him on a trip to the Centurion's Sanctum to make sure things are still in good shape there. When they arrive, they find Medea and Dr. Stratos trying to release Superior from the Zero Zone. Medea mind-controls Erin to attack her friends, before James and Trevor working in concert manage to subdue her and get her back to fighting the bad guys again. Giant Dragon Bees: Erin and Jack of All Blades mend some fences while stopping some giant fire-breathing bees menacing Freedom City. MAWS Erin steps in to assist the heroine Fusion when she gets in over her head, so to speak, while fighting Megalodon and his army of shark mutates. A Clearer View: James invites Erin for a tour of his spaceship, where engine troubles and passive-aggressive AIs make the tour a little more fraught than fun. James finally confesses he has feelings for her that are more than friendly, leaving Erin very confused. Coincidences: Erin helps out a street-level hero named Drifter nap a fleeing crook, then has a talk with him about what it means to be a real hero. A Better World Erin meets a dimensionally-jumping version of herself from a universe where the vaccine that empowered her was distributed, rather than the zombie-causing vaccine. The other Erin's world now has two billion superheroes running around. She warns Erin to be on the lookout for Shadivan Steelgrave, who has attacked and hurt or killed a number of Erins along their shared universal axis, and mentions that there are Erins out there in even worse shape than Wander. Lights at His Back, Stars in His Eyes: Erin and Oliver meet the new carrier of the Beacon legacy, Erin rescues Mark from another ill-advised sky-high adventure, and Trevor has trouble with his increasingly light-sensitive eyes. Crypt Tonight: Erin is assigned to go talk with Dead Head as part of her cognitive behavioral therapy for zombies. They do not make friends, but she doesn't beat him up a third time, so it's a partial victory. Calimari on the Menu: Fusion invites Erin to her home for dinner as a thanks for her help with the giant sharks. Erin attends and manages to act normal the entire time, a significant accomplishment. Joan, a reporter in her civilian life, is very interested by Erin's lack of answers about her personal life. The Other Guys James invites Erin, Eve and Trevor to his ship to discuss the possibility of interdimensional adventures. Just Another Class Trip: Erin and Trevor go with Dark Star and some of their summer school classmates to an alien world tha is quickly invaded by the Stellar Khanate. Trevor and Erin work toghether to save their less-experienced classmates and the day as well. Rose-Tinted Glasses: Trevor's powers manifest in the form of a secondary mutation: black and red eyes. Erin, who has been getting steadily closer to Trevor, is thrown for a few minutes, but she and the rest of Trevor's friends quickly begin to adjust to the change. Midnight Oil: Erin works up her nerve and talks to Trevor about James' feelings for her, and why things have been slightly strained on the new team. She also tells him that she really likes him and wants to keep getting to know him, even though they both have issues that require care and time. She kisses him, he kisses her back, and they make plans to have dinner together later. We Can Be Like They Are: Erin has another nightmare about zombies, this one about all her friends and family as zombies, with a gleeful Dead Head reminding her that every zombie she's ever killed was a person once, part of somebody's family. Case of the Mondays: Erin drags a very reluctant Oliver off-campus for a visit with the city's only super vet. Fall A Trip Between Two Worlds: Erin, Trevor and Mark get pulled into an alternate dimension where everyone's gender is reversed. Mark and Marcie hit it off big time and Trevor and Tricia get along, but Erin's own insecurities and self-doubt lead to lots of friction with her double Aaron. A Doktor Who Makes House Calls?!: Erin's quiet night of babysitting is interrupted when Dr. Archeville comes by to give JJ a checkup, and then interrupted further when the doktor reads an eldritch tome that possesses him and releases a quintet of monsters into the city. * Outing: Erin goes to sit with Mark at the hospital while he watches over his sick grandmother. Rick Lucas drops in for a visit as well, his first since leaving the dimension, and warns them that trouble with the Terminus is coming. Mark asks Erin how her father died, and she tells him. Mind Games: Erin, Trevor, Mark, Blake and Warren are dropped into Anti-Earth by an evil version of Rick Lucas, swapped with their counterparts to see who survives better. Erin is horrified to learn that her double is a dimensional refugee like herself, driven mad and caged until needed as a weapon. Whistling in the Dark: A slow night in Southside results in a four villain pile-up for Erin, Gabriel, Momentum and Dyne. Gabriel gives the younger heroes the lowdown on Southside, while Erin gives Momentum a sobering look at what it really means to be a superhero. Meet the Interceptors: Erin's mentor, Mona, takes Erin to the Brownstone to meet her team, the Interceptors. Erin gets a tour of the house and a look at the simulator, but is a little thrown by the team's super-casual vibe. Midnight Run: Erin and Trevor take Erin's newly customized truck for a spin, and the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” are tried out for the first time. Chocolate pie, a discussion about evil ex-girlfriends and some very exciting kisses round out the evening. Midnight Confessions: Erin decides to tell Trevor exactly how she came to be on Earth Prime, just in time for zombies to attack Freedom City. Flouting the restriction that she is to stay on campus during any undead activity, Erin helps Mark get his mom to safety at Midnight Manor, then follows Trevor out to fight. Midnight in Her Eyes: Several days after the zombie uprising, Trevor goes to check on Erin, who's had a hard time settling down. They talk about what happened in the Manor, and start getting comfortable with one another again. The Quality of Mercy: Mark brings Erin some new clothes to replace what was recently ruined or given away, and to talk about his decision to heal his evil doppelganger. Erin admits that she was angry about that, given how Hex treated her own double, but that she was more unhappy because there was nothing she could do to help the luckless Singularity. Mark talks about UNISON, and Erin reveals she plans to stay in Freedom City after graduation for reasons. Settling In: Erin has a brief conversation with Corbin, a new student who Oliver found up in a tree. They have little in common, but the exchange is friendly enough. Absent But Not Forgotten: Erin and JJ go on a babysitting adventure to the park, where they are surprised to encounter JJ's often-absent mom Taylor. Erin tries to encourage Taylor to spend more time with JJ, but mostly just ends up annoying her employer a little. She does get permission to bring Trevor along on babysitting jobs. This Party's Better Than It Seems: Erin opens her birthday box from the White family in Seattle, while chatting about school and making friends with Jill O'Cure. She gets a new netbook, some sweaters, and an heirloom necklace that is half the set that was Erin Prime's inheritance from her grandmother. Kill A Man: The members of Young Freedom are invited by White Lion to visit Dakana for fun and education. On the way there, they take advantage of Dakana's lower drinking age, get tipsy via Alex's telepathy, and play Truth or Dare. Erin tells Trevor she loves him, and he returns the sentiment. At the reception, Hellion turns up for the first time in four months. Kill A Man: Boys Boys Boys: After the reception, Erin and Alex enjoy the plush furnishings of their room in the palace and discuss what Erin wants to do with and about Trevor. Inside Out, Upside Down: Erin goes with Avenger, Dead Head and a weird grown-up Jack Junior to rescue Phantom and JJ when an argument with Heshem leads to them being trapped inside the Void. Minions are beaten down, speeches are made, and eventually Taylor retakes her mantle and Erin gets a paycheck that will be the security deposit on her first apartment. Mind Over Matter: Erin visits The Lab on an assignment to assist a scientist and write a report about it. She tries helping Supercape with a quantum energy project, but is much more effective helping him fight off the Factor Four when they try to rob the place! He offers to show her any alternate dimension she likes, but she takes a raincheck, saying she's not ready to go to the world she wants to visit. House on the Hill: Erin brings Trevor with her to babysit JJ, but first he must pass Avenger's somewhat obnoxious idea of an entrance exam. Starve Free: Erin meets Harrier, a freed Omegadrone, when he comes to campus. She takes him to the Doom Room and has him sketch out everything he knows about Physician Friendly's Helpful Hospice, in the hopes of taking it down herself. All Your Bank Are Belong To Us: Erin takes Cobalt Templar out on training patrol, only for things to turn surprisingly dangerous when they find Pax trying to protect a bank from a crowd of robot robbers. Erin manages to keep either boy from being hurt and defeats the leader robot, but at the cost of several ribs. Back on campus, Jill finds her and cures her with trademark blunt snarkiness. Alternate Timelines and Characters 2009 Ghosts in the Shell Set in Earth C-Future-2, Zoe Harris' (Zephyr's) home timeline. Erin and Mark, middle aged and divorced in this world, search the rubble of Freedom City for Zoe after the disaster that killed Alex and Mike. Their daughter Clara shows up to help, but all the evidence points to Zoe using her super-speed to run straight towards an explosion she could not have survived. 2010 Mind Games Remix: While Wander and Young Freedom struggle to find a way home from Anti-Earth, Singularity gets an intoxicating taste of freedom as the Young Imperials try to chase her down.
  10. The Combat Simulator used bleeding edge technology to allow students to face almost any perceivable threat. They could face anything from a mugger to the Lord of Entropy himself all without putting themselves in any danger. Unfortunately it was run and organised by very much flawed humans, who very rarely made mistakes. It seems that somehow both you groups have been booked to use the CS at the same time. Well you’re all here at the same time, what are you to do?
  11. January 24, 2013    It was just after beginning of lunch period on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 when a holographic dog appeared in the common room of the Claremont dorm that had recently been the home of Sharl Tulink, the young hero who had given his life to save his home world, and much of Earth, from the ravages of the Curator earlier in the month. Claremont's students had been hard at work rebuilding their damaged campus and making new connections with friends who had been falsely accused of being Terminus replicants, or had in fact turned out to be evil robots from beyond the depths of space.   Lora, Sharl's familiar electronic German Shepard, woofed at everybody a moment before Sharl Tulink himself simply appeared in thin air with a faint electrical hum. Standing right in front of the TV, and in fact seeming to be partially projected from it, he was hard to miss. "Uh, hey everybody," he said with a little wave. "I'm back!" 
  12. From the album: Character Pictures

    Erin Keeley White (Wander) circa Young Freedom 1.0, 2009. Drawn by alderwitch.
  13. The Morning of January 15, 2013 The Wonderbus roared through the skies of the Northern Hemisphere almost impossibly fast, the extra-dimensional construction of the craft shunting away the excess heat energy from its hypersonic flight enough to keep it undetectable in the air. They were flying thousands of miles, but the fantastic speed of their craft would get them there in less than an hour. Trying to keep his mind off the crisis of Erde-Tronik, the bioweapons, and the advanced plasma weapon that had nearly killed them all, Sharl had pulled up situation monitors from the computer inside the Bus, trying to keep track of what they'd left behind. "The good news is, the chaos seems to be limited to Freedom City, so it must be something there...I don't know, that bomb was extra-terrestrial, but I didn't recognize the maker. Maybe it's something with the Grue again." At least what they hoped to do with the Sanctum was easy enough. "I'll connect Erde-Tronik to the power supply there and keep it safe until Miss A and I can get it protected. As for the bioweapons, we can just drop them in one of the stasis fields there. It's not a long-term solution, but it'll last long enough for us to keep things safe. We-" A distant beeping interrupted Sharl. "That's the proximity alarm. Maybe there's somebody from the League there already." He tapped a few buttons on the bank of monitors they were all sitting around, the black and white screens looking as much like something from a 60s sci-fi TV show as the high-tech pieces of super-science they were. "I don't understand, there's something on top of..." The great grey vessel squatted over the Sanctum like an anteater scooping out ants, tentacles rising from its lower half scooping away huge chunks of ice even as they watched. The three eyes and slight horn at the rear echoed the face of the Gorgon, but Sharl knew that face well enough from his studies and his nightmares. He saw the details in an instant; the great digitizing towers driven into the icy Arctic landscape like tent spikes the size of buildings, the glowing red 'eyes' that bespoke an active subspace connection across the galaxy, and worst of all, much, much worse, were the smaller tentacles already buried in the exposed roof of the Centurion's Sanctum. His eyes wide with horror, Citizen managed to form the words: "It's the Curator."
  14. When the battle was done and the commandos defeated, Citizen floated out of the warehouse with his precious cargo tucked beneath one arm. "I've got it, guys!" He had both the truncated Erde-Tronik drive and the gold boxy storage medium from Earth-Prime in the same big black case. It would be up to he and Gina over the next few months, (probably as what would incidentally count as his graduation project) to integrate the Troniks together successfully but for now the backup was complete and the City of the Future (as he still sometimes thought of it, the very old motto that Tronik had kept even after the Exodus) was safe from the National Socialists. Assuming they got out there in time! "Wow!" He wasn't so focused as to not be impressed when he saw the battle with his own eyes; the smoking helicopters, the fleeing commando, the crack Nazi strike team that Young Freedom had taken apart with all of the skill and power of a master artist painting a portrait. "Nice, you guys," he said with a grin before disappearing into the Wonder Bus. "Now let me get the systems in here rebooted..." As the lights inside the Bus came back on, the other machines came out, Rogue in the lead in a humanoid body that looked like a human woman cast in the featureless nude, like something from a German Expressionist movie. With no explanation for the new shape, she cast her gaze from the scene of the battle to the heroes, back and forth, and for the first time seemed almost uncertain. "You did this. All of this, when you could have taken your Sharl and that city and..." She opened and closed mechanical hands before saying, decisively, "All right. All right, maybe you're right. Maybe there is another way to prosecute our war against the National Socialists." The group of robots behind her, which did not include her Sharl (who was in that system his counterpart was carrying) startled at that, but Rogue pressed on. "If you can fight the Nazis like this, teach them _fear_ without destroying them all, maybe we can try it ourselves. At least once, anyway. But you'd better take the Ragnorak with you. If we're not going to prune the humans back, it'll just look bad if we have it in our possession."
  15. January 2013 Outside Heesterstadt (formerly Branson), Missouri It was raining when the Wonderbus arrived, a thick, icy-cold storm of freezing rain that would have surely been a blizzard had the weather been any warmer. Warm and insulated through the dimensional craft was, it wasn't hard to feel the chill outside. The bus had folded its way through space and time to come rumbling out onto a deserted stretch of concrete road by a grim, grey lake that might possibly have been more attractive in the spring. As it was, the whole world was grey and brown: the city across the lake, what was Branson on another world, was almost lost beneath the heavy fog which swaddled the area. Shifting his clothing over to the bland, servile pattern his counterpart had worn, Sharl peered through the front windows, just able to make out tall concrete towers and a massive, hovering flag projected against the clouds from the city below like a massive old-style holographic billboard. It was grim. "Everybody get changed," he said, calling back to the passenger compartment as he reached down to turn on the conventional gasoline engine. "The Tronik base is about five miles up this road! We're turning around..." He muttered a bad word in Lor, trying to remember how to work these stupid controls. With all the worries about fighting Nazis and transdimensional technology, maybe he hadn't paid enough attention to how to drive a stupid four-wheeled, rubber-tired bus! Why can't they just use antigravs like civilized people?
  16. May 18, 2012 The first thing that Kimber Storm noticed as terribly, urgently wrong as she staggered, coughing from the cloud of smoke was not in fact that she had to cough or even stagger. Neither should have been a concern for the long since deceased poltergeist, but her first thought was that she was wearing absolutely the wrong hood. Rather than the ethereal cowl of her usual reaper's cloak, this was a heavy fabric attached to a sweatshirt with the sleeves ripped off and something scrawled on the front in stylized spraypaint. The jumpsuit underneath she recognized as the Claremont Academy uniform, which she was also sure wasn't right. Raising her hands to pull the hood out of the way, she saw that they were a healthy pink, undeniably solid and beating with a pulse. "Oh, marmalade," the living girl gulped. Thirty Minutes Earlier It took a lot of concentration from Kimber to keep her excited feet on the floor as the group of students entered the famous 'Super Museum' in Midtown, and even more concentration to keep her excitable body language confined to the shelter of the black umbrella blocking the sun's rays from revealing her as a translucent specter. The school trip to see the recently unveiled Lucas Collection had prompted a few significant looks between the senior members of the current iteration of Young Freedom, but the entusiastic Canadian was just looking forward to seeing all of the memorabilia in person. If all of the pieces were half as interesting as the ones mentioned specifically in the brochure, it was bound to be a memorable day!
  17. January, 2013 When the Young Freedom students got back home from Christmas break, or rather found themselves on campus again steadily for the first time, there was a message for them from Citizen, calling them to meet with him at the 13th Floor right away. Citizen had been very busy in the weeks and months leading up to the break, working with the school and his mentor Miss Americana, on the project they'd all signed on for: the stealth mission to the Erde variant where an enslaved city of Tronik was a cybernetic captive of a collapsing Nazi regime. The shiny, glossy headquarters of the sometimes-troubled team looked busy and lived in as the team got there, and Sharl ushered everyone in with a tight look on his face. The various holo-emitters in the main conference room were all playing images as they arrived, familiar images to those who'd taken their other-dimension classes: massive Nazi super-tanks moving across the landscape of a battered United States, heavily-armed and armored German super-soldiers in combat with determined Resistance fighters, and a thousand other scenes of a world at war. Sharl waved his hand to silence all the machines, leaving only the grim images playing out behind him. Without preamble, he said, "We have to go. We have to go now." He coughed nervously, his image flickering, and added, "Over the holiday, Miss A and I made contact with Erde-Sharl and the leaders of the resistance movement in that universe's Tronik. Their Reich is running out of Ubersoldaten, so they're building an army of combat droids to take out the Resistance. Plague weapons, chemicals, anything designed to destroy organic life. And the worst part is, they're planning to use Tronikians as the software. A sentient program can do things even the best non-AI can't, especially when you destroy the sections that allow for emotion and personality." His jaw tightened. "They've already started. Miss A is in New York getting the last of the parts we'll need for a real gateway, but our departure time is tomorrow." Sharl strongly suspected she was watching, but his relationship with his mentor right now wasn't such that he could ask. "A...defector captured by the Liberty League last year gave us the plans for the base in what the locals used to call Missouri, and the other Tronik gave us the passcodes we'll need to get in without bringing all the Ubersoldaten down on us. The school's been cleared on it and we're all good to go...if you all are still in, that is," he added, a little belatedly. He was a little out of breath, but that was what happened when you still thought you needed to breathe: program or not. "Even though we're not going to get in trouble now that the school signed off on it, we are still putting ourselves in a lot of danger."
  18. September 7, 2012 Sharl wasn't sure what to make of the assignment he'd gotten from Ms. Harcourt, Claremont's hardworking science teacher, but he was there anyway for the "special team project" she'd invited him for. As more of his teammates arrived, it soon became clear that most of Young Freedom, and even one or two faces outside of it, had been invited along for the elective. They were in one of Harcourt's science labs, and Citizen found himself studying the homemade equipment with undisguised fascination as more people entered. _Could she really have made one of these out of household items?_ he thought with a little amazement as he drifted around a big kitbashed cylinder of electronic parts in the center of the room. "Come on in, everybody!" called Harcourt as more students entered. "Those of you who were asked to bring bags, and that's everyone who could, make sure you have those before you find a seat. This will be an overnight trip, and you need to be self-sufficient."
  19. July 2012 Freedom City was an especially alien place in the summertime, given that Citizen had come here from one of his too-few visits back home. The heat poured off the naked alien sky overhead in a hot, moist blanket of humidity, the bizarre scents of humanity en masse rising from above the streets as he wafted his way through the sky towards Claremont Academy. Citizen had been in contact with Miss Americana since his departure, of course, as well as sending emails to his friends, but this was the first time he'd been back on Claremont's campus since his departure at the end of the formal school year. It was also the first time he'd brought his friend. "Hey, come here, Lora!" called Sharl, snapping his fingers towards the sky and bringing forth his dog! Lora was a black and brown canine from the German Shepard breed, an alien creature who'd had to board with a programmed sitter at Miss A's placewhile he visited a city where such creatures would have been an alien menace. But here on the streets of Freedom City, Lora was just another dog. It had taken some work to bond with the creature, but she was a nice doggie. Gina had made her well. Lora jumped up and licked her young master's face for a moment, making him sputter and reset his glasses, before he affectionately scratched behind her ears and went to look for his friends, cyber-dog in tow. Lora's holographic paws skittered lightly as he headed up the steps into the dorm building that he and Koshiro had shared.
  20. 14 April 2012 The weather is nice today, Eve thought as she looked out across the Great Bay. It was a fleeting thought, and only a momentary distraction from the anxiety gnawing at her, for guests would be arriving soon. Eve was never one for drawing attention to herself--the few friends she had knew she preferred to be the quiet, unseen hand in the background--but there were certain things she was unable to avoid. Unavoidable, perhaps, but not immutable. By floating out an invitation to her friends and teammates, and most importantly Etain, Eve was able to neatly sidestep the preconceived notion of what an eighteenth birthday party for someone of her wealth and status should be like. Taking things into her hands would allow the Martel heiress to do things her way. That thought brought a smile to her face as she slipped back into her room then headed down the stairs, guests would be arriving soon, after all.
  21. Amongst all the drama, be it world-threatening or simply teenage growing pangs, it was often easy to forget that Claremont was first and foremost a place of education, albeit one with a truly unique curriculum. Given the broad spectrum of powers and abilities the students were there to hone, it simply wasn't feasible to have an expert in each and every area on staff. Instead, part of the senior students' own development involved aiding their underclassman peers where they were able. So it was that Eve Martel, the supremely talented telepath and telekinetic better known in some circles as Sage, had organized something of a study group with two of the school's junior students who both hailed from outside the United States and were versed in the application of mind over matter. While Kristin Jones, the redheaded Australian who sometimes went by Glow, had by far more raw telekinetic ability than the spectral Deceased-Canadian Kimber Storm, the gregarious Ghost Girl, the object of the exercise was in fact fine control. Eve had instructed them to meet her after afternoon classes in the campus' zen garden, a secluded and rarely visited spot free from distractions. Unfortunately, tranquility was not one of the words most commonly associated with Kimber, who bobbed up and down excitedly in the air as she arrived, the light of the waning sun washing through her translucent blue form, obscuring her outline from the right angle. Although it was a perfectly calm day, the poltergeist's hair rose and fell as though caught in an unseen wind or current. "Am I early?" she chirped eagerly.
  22. Second Week of January 2012 Christmas and New Years were not a particularly meaningful holiday for Sharl, lacking a cultural understanding of the holiday and a chronological mindset that made the change between one year and the next relevant to his day-to-day life. It wasn't even like he'd gone onto a new grade at Claremont yet, something that made all this talk of school years seem terribly archaic. But things had gone pretty well for him; he'd gotten a house upgrade from Miss Americana that he was still customizing; the incredible, sinful luxury of another five rooms to himself, not to mention a simulated animal to tend to, was still something he was trying to wrap his mind around. Home and how different it was from Claremont had been on his mind lately: he'd managed a trip back home during the school holiday to visit his family in Tronik and to do some more superheroing in his home city, where the "mysterious Citizen" had gotten a chance to pull off some pretty impressive feats of derring-do, culminating in a spectacular rescue of a sinking exploratory ship on its way to visit the new set of islands Leroj had helped raise at the end of the previous month. No one on the outside had seen that, and maybe none of them would care, but he'd still felt good about it coming out. And that, he thought, had been that until Mr. Summers had summoned him and all of Young Freedom into his office the first day they were all back on campus after the Christmas break. Even with Mrs. Harcourt, by no means Sharl's favorite teacher, as their chaperone, Sharl was inordinately happy: they were going back to the Sanctum, the place that held his home, and with any luck his friends would be able to see it for themselves! With his usual laptop as his companion, Sharl put aside his house and went to work studying the school's files on the Sanctum again, heedless of the Arctic winter outside their jetplane window. After all, the Sanctum was one of the great repositories of super-tech on Earth, as well as the home of his home city: he'd better know something about it!
  23. GM October 10th, 2011 The West End, Freedom City The holiday was in full swing, and the kids of Young Freedom were doing their homework. The Columbus Day Parade was an annual Freedom City tradition. While it was nowhere near the size or intensity of the celebrations in New York City, the city's Italian population regularly congregated upon the West End to celebrate their heritage and the long road to America. Like any other city's celebrations, it had its share of controversies - several aldermen had tried over the years to get the parade officially renamed in the face of protests from Native American groups - but Headmaster Summers had put the fledgling superteam on assignment for a different reason. "The police are often overworked at celebrations like this," he had told Young Freedom, "and sometimes, things escape their notice. Especially when the person moving about has talents that go beyond what the human eye sees. Then there are the opportunists. Most supervillains aren't above a simple hostage situation, and a parade is a good opportunity. While it's hard for a single villain to control a large number of individuals, if they have the right powers, they can net enough to issue demands. Stay on observation. Keep to the fringes of the parade, but move through the crowds when you can. Odds are everything will go smoothly - but if it doesn't, I want you to be the first to notice, and the first to respond." And so, the Claremont students moved through the crowd and outside it, trying to keep a low profile. They were ready for if danger emerged... but maybe Summers was right. Maybe today would go off without a hitch.
  24. September 26, 2011 9 AM The first mission of the new Young Freedom, at least upon their return from their world tour, was to guard Freedom Hall during what just might be the end of the world. Headmaster Summers, and the older students, had reassured the new kids that this was in the finest tradition of Claremont's premiere teen hero team. Sharl had been away for the last couple of days, and so he'd missed all those reassurances about what kinds of threats Young Freedom had faced before. Of course, for those students not used to world-threatening disasters, those words were not reassuring. What had been reassuring, in a martial sort of way, was the stern speech they'd all gotten from Lady Liberty before she and the rest of the Freedom League had departed. "Listen, all of you. I know you're teenagers, and I know you didn't sign up for this." She'd paced back and forth in front of all of them, meeting each gaze, even the ones who looked away. "But the world's in peril right now, and that means it's time for all of us who can help to do our part. The world's going to be saved, I can promise you that, but it's going to take each and every one of you to do that. The Freedom League needs to go into space to help organize our defenses on the Moon against the Gorgon. That means someone needs to watch Freedom Hall and make sure none of the artifacts here fall into the hands of supervillains. The last thing we need is a world where we've beaten the Gorgon but lost our homes to supervillains who've seized control of some of the most powerful items in the world. Are there any questions?" she asked them. "If any of you do want to back out now, now's the time." They'd have an adult chaperone for this one; Mr. Archer having left the gym behind to act as their guardian while they guarded the centerpiece of hero history in Freedom City. Things weren't pleasant outside, not with the demonstrators protesting the League's 'inaction', nor the continuing violence in the streets that Freedom City's adult heroes were doing their best to handle. Hell, there'd been an outright battle near the Claremont campus between the Irregulars and a Claremont graduate who'd gone berserk from the stress! Inside the League's briefing room, though, all was quiet as Lady Liberty's question echoed in the room.
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