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And there came a day, unlike any other, when Doktor Archeville gathered seven young heroes together for a clandestine meeting at a brownstone apartment building in Freedom City's West End: the arrogant paragon All-Star, the teleporting thief Blink, the dimensionally displaced cowboy Colt, the puckish shapeshifter Grimalkin, the swashbuckling swordsman Jack of all Blades, the rage-filled vigilante Razorwing and all-American sweetheart Velocity.


His proposition was simple. Each was offered room and board at the brownstone as well as access to the technologically impressive facilities hidden beneath the building, along with a stipend to use as they saw fit. In return, aided by the gregarious AI VINCE, they would serve as the Interceptors, a dedicated and proactive team focused solely on Freedom City, rather than the entire world. For a variety of reasons each agreed, through there were some suspicions that the often morally ambiguous Archeville possessed ulterior motives for gathering them together.


Personality Conflicts

The founding team possessed a wide range of powersets, but also a number of extreme and often conflicting personalities. Blink and Razorwing, as former criminals, were reluctant to trust their new allies, while Jack of all Blades vocally objected to his teammates' use of firearms, particularly within the West End, which he considered his personal territory. Jack also clashed with All-Star, almost coming to blows over their dissenting views on personal responsibility and conduct.


Archeville's reasons for including Grimalkin in his line-up became clear, as she worked to systematically strengthen the bonds between the Interceptors, becoming romantically involved the Colt as well. Blink and Jack came to an understanding over an impromptu sparing match, and Razorwing, by far the youngest on the team despite his aggressive attitude, began to warm up to the group, revealing an aptitude for mechanics. Jack, intensely protective of his secret identity, was even convinced to introduce his sister (under the pseudonym of Jill) to his teammates as a combination Hallowe'en/house warming party.


Demonic Invasion

This growing camaraderie was all but shattered in the wake of the demonic invasion of Freedom. Although the team struggled valiantly to save as many citizens as they could, Jack of all Blades was slain early in the onslaught and it was ultimately a futile effort. Even when time was reversed so that the bloody day had never occurred, the psychological scars remained. First Velocity decided to refocus her efforts on her schooling, then one by one the Interceptors vanished to parts unknown, leaving only Colt, Grim and Jack. Efforts at recruitment to fill the empty
ranks with new members, like the chipper android Elektron, were unsuccessful.


While the gunslinger and changeling reaffirmed their feelings for each other, beginning a relationship in earnest, Jack was concealing a terrible secret. His resurrection had somehow left him tainted with demonic hellfire, a condition which was increasingly affecting his behaviour, making him more temperamental and violent. Eventually he was no longer able to hide this from his teammates, who staged an intervention. While Colt helped his friend in the traditional manner - barfighting - Grim called in a favour with FCPD Detective Morena Colby, who was able to use her occult knowledge to cure Jack's condition.


New Direction

The trio reevaluated their goals, deciding that a new mission statement was required. The Interceptors would become an informal network for heroes too old for Claremont Academy but still too unestablished for the Freedom League, or who were otherwise disinclined to join a team full time. Coordinated by VINCE, heroes who needed help on a case by case basis would have it, while being pointed toward the missions best suited to their skills. The three core members began quietly handing out cards to the appropriate heroes, such as Fulcrum and Atlas, with information
which would allow them to contact the Interceptors in an emergency.


The core team continued to battle crime in Freedom on a street level, dealing with problems ranging from drug dealers to zombies, while also operating as individuals. Meanwhile, Archeville secretly monitored their actions and a familiar face was about to hake his return...



Razorwing's return proved short-lived. Instead, Fulcrum began a serious relation ship with Doktor Archeville and became a permanent member of the team, albeit one who's other responsibilities demanded much of her time. A new super-speedster was also added to the line-up, the jocular Dynamo. Meanwhile, Jack's world was rocked once again by the culmination of the Tournament of Suits which left one of his long-time foes dead and his sister adopting a new heroic identity as Jill O'Cure. With refreshed membership, the team began to gel once again, participating in the defense of Freedom City against numerous threats, including another Grue Invasion and the living dead.


In the spring of 2011, Colt and Grimalkin were married and gradually retired from the superhero scene, leaving Jack as the final remaining founding member of the team. Shortly thereafter, a mistake by the increasingly unstable Doktor Archeville sent heroes throughout the city hurtling backward and forward through time seemingly at random. While Fulcrum led ancient Amazons in battle and Jack fought alongside a futuristic street gang in a dystopian West End, Dynamo spent a full three years in the distant future, building a life for himself and sacrificing a sizable portion of his phenomenal speed in the process of returning home. Though only moments had passed form them, his teammates found him a much changed man, more interested in scientific discovery than fisticuffs and beset by a tragic melancholy. Not long after Acheville and Jack introduced the team to Thrude, the daughter of Thor and a goddess of storm in her own right and Willow, an unbelievably ancient Guardian shaped by the Preservers respectively.


Archeville also added former Young Freedom alumni Geckoman and the metal controlling Ferros to the team in short order, seemingly working toward some larger plan without consulting or even informing the rest of the team. These new recruits were added just in time to face the approach of the Gorgon, a planet sized artificial intelligence created by the Preservers that threatened the end of all life on Earth, frozen in proverbial amber. The Gorgon empowered her 'sister' Willow as one of her heralds and only her romantic attachment to Jack of all Blades swayed the Guardian back to the team. More than a fleeting amusement in her immortal lifetime, she revealed to the stunned swordsman that she was pregnant with his child.


Under New Management

In the summer of 2011, Doktor Archeville's continuing instability finally came to a head when his evil side became fully dominant. Activating nanobots surreptitiously implanted in Jack, Fulcrum, Dynamo, Jill and the visiting Colt and Grimalkin, he seized control of their minds and detonated the Brownstone with Geckoman, Thrude and Willow still inside. In the resulting fallout, Dynamo hung up his costume for the final time, Ferros understandably reconsidered his decision to join the team and Fulcrum was lost in another dimension and presumed dead. A furious Jack told the devastated Archeville to stay away from his team, assuming full leadership of the Interceptors.


Operating temporarily out of the Espadas Family's small home in the West End, they eventually moved into the hidden basement of the self-defense school Jack began preparing in the West End, including the reinstated - and reinstalled - VINCE, who had survived the destruction of the Brownstone. With much diminished resources the Interceptors nevertheless rededicated themselves to their mission. The occasional assistance of Dragonfly and Spellbound added much needed technical expertise and the unexpected return of Fulcrum finally brought the team back into fighting form, though her renewed relationship with Archeville remained a sore point.


While Jack proved himself a capable field commander, his family history came back to haunt the team when members of the House of Swords attacked his family's home while Willow was in labour, significantly handicapping the present heroes with magic. Winning the day, they were introduced to the newborn Eden Espadas. Shortly thereafter, the Espadas School of Self-Defense and Swordsmanship opened its doors and began classes.


Base of Operations

Formerly The Brownstone, currently the basement of The Espadas School of Self Defense and Swordsmaship!



Active Members

Support Staff


Reserve/Retired Members

Expelled Members

Founding Members

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