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Incursion: Prologue

Incursion: Phase One

  • Incursion: Blood in the Water
    A Lor refugee cruiser has become separated from the evacuated fleet! Can our heroes defend it from Communion fighters long enough to make it to safety?
    Featuring: Paradigm, Kharag, Deep Freeze and Seika
  • Incursion: Meaning in Destruction
    The world-killer has set course for another world. The clock is ticking as our heroes try to discover why and escape with their lives!
    Featuring: Dragonid, Moon-Moth, The Traveller and Solar Sentinel
  • Incursion: The Conquered Flesh
    The Stellar Khanate has been silent since the Communion first arrived in known space. Cavalier recruits blockade runners to find out the terrifying reason!
    Featuring: Cavalier, Eclipse and Rock
  • Incursion: Opportunists and Opposition
    The remaining Star Knights are spread thin and pirate attacks have surged! But are interstellar brigands the worst our heroes have to fear?
    Featuring: Corona, Mechanized, Memorial and Galvanic
  • Incursion: Backwater
    They came for a bounty but our heroes much deal with a corrupt sheriff, overcrowded refugees and rising tensions if they plan to make it back to civilized space!
    Featuring: Bliss, Roulette and Ruby Voxx

Incursion: Phase Two
The silent night of December 25th is broken by the arrival of a threat from the stars! The worst has come to pass and the Communion has come for Earth! With attacks on every corner of the globe the heroes of Freedom City must leave the familiar rooftops of their home city behind to defend their planet from utter destruction!

  • Incursion: Stop-Thrust
    The members of the Freedom League organizing the defense of Earth from aboard the Lighthouse find that something is trying to turn their own weapons against them!
    Featuring: Comrade Frost, Fleur de Joie, Gabriel, Gaian Knight and Velocity
  • Incursion: Drop the Needle
    The Communion's arrival has awakened something buried deep beneath Seattle's Space Needle and it might take three Erin Whites to save the day!
    Featuring: Cannonade, Cobalt Templar, Edge, Midnight II and Wander
  • Incursion: That's Amore
    Dragonfly and Miss Americana have a plan for a defensive weapon using the Farsider's moonstone as a focus. The Communion has a plan to blow the moon into itty bitty pieces!
    Featuring: Dragonfly, Geckoman, Harrier, Jack of all Blades, Miss Americana and Willow
  • Incursion: Uploaded to the Cloud
    As news of the invasion spreads and threats reveal themselves, a charismatic cult leader in Rio de Janeiro is on the rise! Dark magic or cosmic charlatans?!
    Featuring: Equinox, Ghost Girl, Nick Cimitiere, Nightingale, Phantasmo and Wraith
  • Incursion: Spirit of the Blitz
    Communion needleship drones focus on the UNISON HQ in Geneva, which houses may of Earth's space flight capable combat craft! The Vanguard and their allies stand in the way!
    Featuring: Coiled Lightning, Foreshadow II, Myrmidon, Synapse, Ulysses and Young Britannia
  • Incursion: God Squad
    Typhon plans to usher in the apocalypse by turning nanotech drones near the Naqada necropolis into cyborg versions of mythical monsters! Who ya gonna call?
    Featuring: Arrowhawk, Meatheral, Miras, Set and Sun Walker
  • Incursion: Mind Over Matter
    The Communion's broadcast is laying siege to the psychically receptive minds of Earth! Our heroes use the Arecibo Observatory to meet the threat head-on on the astral plane!
    Featuring: Blue Fox, Hologram, Miss Grue and Nano Angel
  • Incursion: Matter Over Mind
    While the psychic heroes fight the broadcast, their bodies are vulnerable! A second team must defend them against waves of Communion drones!
    Featuring: Fast-Forward, Grimalkin, Net Fly, Queenie, Silver Magus and Triakosia
  • Incursion: Science Team Go!
    A computronium bomb hits the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, converting everything it touches! Our heroes race to stop a grey goo scenario!
    Featuring: Asad, Citizen, Hronos, Maxima and Terrifica
  • Praetorians: Ghost in the Machine

Incursion: Phase Three
While Earth has lay under siege the rest of the galaxy has burned with war. The Communion continues to sweep over world after world, converting most into horrific server tombs to fuels it insatiable hunger to expand its intellect and destroying others outright to create wormholes for some more diabolical purpose.

It does not do so unopposed, however, as the Galactic Coalition fights back at every turn! Lor mentats soldier on shoulder to shoulder with Grue Arcane while Khanate pirates take up arms alongside newly awakened Praetorians in a battle for their very survival! They are outnumbered and overpowered but they have a plan. Legends are about to be born and one way or another the galaxy will never be the same.

  • Incursion: Black Sheep
    For months Star Knight Kyle Steward has been a one man armored thorn in the Communion's paw. An ally arrives to help and catch him up on what he's missed in the meantime.
  • Incursion: Red Five
    The Communion's machinations on Earth have been thwarted but the world-killer still looms near Pluto's orbit! Can our heroes destroy the superweapon before their home joins Lor-Van?
    Featuring: Argonaut, Cavalier, Geckoman, Hronos and Sun Walker
  • Incursion: Merciless
    At the Coalition's secret base a final, desperate stratagem is being planned. It becomes much more desperate when the communed Star-Khan arrives to quash the resistance once and for all!
    Featuring: Galvanic, Paradigm and Rock
  • Incursion: Troopers
    Behind enemy lines on a cyberformed server world our heroes must lead grudging allies from the Lor, Grue and more in an assault on a key communication relay before time runs out!
    Featuring: Corona, Eclipse, Roulette and Wander
  • Incursion: Blockade Runners
    To get vital intelligence regarding the location of the Communion mothership back to the Coalition our heroes will have to fight their way off world and through an enemy blockade!
    Featuring: Bliss, Dragonid, Ghost Girl, Kharag and Wraith
  • Incursion: Interstellar 66
    With another world targeted for destruction to form another wormhole a risky deal must be struck. Are our heroes sure they're aligning themselves with the lesser of two evils?
    Featuring: Dragonfly, Deep Freeze, Ruby Voxx and The Traveller
  • Incursion: Only Hope
    There's just one chance to infiltrate the Communion mothership and disable it from the inside, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance!
    Featuring: Citizen, Mater Vyrdna, Moon Moth, Seika and Temperance

Incursion: Aftershocks

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