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Jack of all Blades
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Sidekick, HQ, Etc
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  • The Days of High Adventure: Jack is unexpectedly transported to a medieval version of Freedom City full of swords and sorcery! Not surprisingly it takes to his new surroundings fairly well and impresses the similarly displaced Dr. Archeville.
  • This is a Stick Up: Patrolling the Fens, Jack happens upon a convenience store robbery being perpetrated by the showboating Captain Knievel! Our swashbuckling hero intervenes and gets a bruised rib and a pounding headache for his troubles.
  • West End Warriors: Jack teams up with a couple of other heroes to take out some of Captain Knieval's growing army of thugs and criminals.
  • Training in the Wharton State Forest: Jack is invited to a gathering of martial minded heroes in a secluded glade for some training and sparing. He meets the shovel-wielding zombie Dead Head and the secretive teleporter Blink among others.
  • The Big Guns: A malfunctioning flying motorcycle from an alternate dimension deposits the high-tech but old fashioned cowboy Colt in the streets of Freedom City and Jack is there to greet him. The disagree on choice of sidearms but share an appreciation for fine coats.
  • The Interceptors: Issue #0: Jack receives an invitation from Dr. Archeville via the gregarious AI VINCE to join a new team of heroes: the Interceptors! Colt and Blink are familiar faces but most of the team are new to Jack: the enthusiastic Grimalkin, high-profile Velocity, sullen Razorwing and arrogant All-Star, the latter of whom inspires an immediate dislike in the swordsman. Still, Jack is cautiously interested and agrees to sign up.
  • Carnival in the Park: Erik and his sister Ellie head to the carnival for a rare night off but run into Dead Head and a number of other heroes when things inevitably get a little more interesting than a fun house and ferris wheel!
  • Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties: Lynn insists on hosting a Hallowe'en party at the Interceptors' brownstone and Ellie insists on tagging along with her brother. He agrees on the condition that she adopt the uninspired alias 'Jill' around his teammates, still reluctant to reveal his secret identity to them.
  • Interceptors: A Chance Meeting: Jack and Blink try to hash out some of their differences but with both of them being evasive they find they can related better though sparring. Unsurprisingly this turns to borderline cheating and various states of undress almost immediately.
  • Interceptors: Setting Up Shop: The Interceptors begin to settle into the brownstone in earnest, with Colt setting up a workshop for his equipment. The friction between Jack and All-Star continues to cause the team grief.
  • Invasion! - West End: Freedom City is overrun with demons! The Interceptors rush into battle to save as many civilians as they can but are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and power of the monstrous horde. Jack gives his life holding the line only for a spell to undo the day's events and restore him to life. He can't quite loose the nagging feeling that he didn't come back quite right, however...



  • Interceptors: New Recruits: In the wake of the demonic invasion the Interceptors attempt to replenish their numbers but none of the prospective new members really stick.
  • Fisticuffs Fundraiser!: The remaining Interceptors are invited along with several other heroes to participate in a charity boxing match. After meeting Ace Danger, a personal hero, Jack manages to beat Grimalkin in their bout with some showboating and sneaky tactics but get his comeuppance when his super-senses react badly to Fulcrum's radioactive powers.
  • Geiger Gal: After the Fisticuffs spectacle Jack tracks down Fulcrum and realizes that they have a shared history. Mona is concerned by the changes in Erik's personality but he's more worried about the terminus radiation she's leaking and decides to ask Dr. Archeville about a solution.
  • Surely You Jest: Jack teams with Jester, Breakdown and others to stop a warehouse robbery. A telepathic attack nearly causes him to loose control as he falls back on the hellfire powers he's developed since the demonic invasion.
  • Interceptors: Intervention: Colt and Grim have had enough of the angry, aggressive shift in Jack's personality and confront him. Although he's initially hostile they eventually convince him to reveal his hellfire corruption and they begin working on a plan to remedy the situation as a team.
  • Interceptors: Liquid Therapy: Jack and Colt head out to grab a beer and end up in a bar fight with an entire college football team. It turns out to be a great way to blow off some steam!
  • The Witch Doctor is IN: Lynn calls in a favour with a friend on the police force who also happens to have penchant for studying the occult. With her help Erik travels deep into his own soul to defeat the demonic corruption that has taken root there once and for all!
  • Life's Bazaar: Jack and several other heroes find themselves in an unfamiliar fantasy city. Colt needs to find some pants. Jack wonders if this is becoming a habit.
  • One of These is Not Like the Other: Dark Star is one of Freedom City's most powerful heroes so when a malicious alternate version appears with ill intent his friends recruit Jack to the cause as one of the few heroes capable of injuring the energy being! Jack doesn't make the best first impression but does prove effective in the resulting fight.
  • S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Freedom: With a little luck Edge is able to lead Ace Danger and Jack to a hidden SHADOW base in the heart of Freedom City itself! The trio dismantle the evil operation with extreme prejudice.


  • He Fights Meta Than You: With the Atom Family unavailable Jack takes on the mighty Meta-Grue with the assistance of wisecracking teen hero and ace pilot Geckoman in a spectacular, widely televised smackdown!
  • Furry Fracas - Mythological Creatures: A number of heroes from Ani-Earth arrive on Earth-Prime to help defeat their version of the Factor Four! Jack meets his own counterpart, the antler-wearing rabbit Jackalope of all Blades!
  • Green With Envy: Mind controlling plants turning suburbanites into zombies?! That just won't do!
  • Public Service: A new gang is proliferating a wickedly addictive drug on the streets of the West End and Jack and Avenger are in agreement that it ends that night. Taking down a warehouse of product first, they track it back to its source.
  • The Dragon Wakes: Dracula lives again! Avenger, Phantom and their friends fight to protect their infant son while other allies, the Interceptors included, are kept occupied with hordes of rats and other minions!
  • Monsters in the Streets! - Greenbank: With massive monsters wreaking havoc across the city the Interceptors engage the closest of the gargantuan foes alongside Fulcrum.
  • Fisticuffs 2: The Opening Credits: An informal underground tournament for heroes is organized for fun and to hopefully teach everyone some new tricks. Irked by Wander's treatment and harsh words for Dead Head, Jack sticks with an old trick: alienating and upsetting young people.
  • Fisticuffs 2: Dynamo vs. Jack of all Blades: Jack squares off in the ring with the fast-talking speedster Dynamo and finds himself in the strange position of telling someone else to dial back the banter and smack talk.
  • IN SPAAAAACE!: When an alien starship on a rescue mission is shot down over Freedom City, Jack and a group of heroes volunteer to take the place of the crew and rescue a Lor princess from nefarious pirates!


  • Bananaphone: Jack and Taylor Faretti call a meeting with Erik in their civilian guises to discuss the Interceptors and their infant son. Erik has a hard time imagining anyone trying to hurt a baby, half-vampire or not, and doesn't take their concerns as seriously as they would have liked.
  • Of Martyrs and Men: Erik encounters out-and-proud metahuman Alex Albright having trouble with a group of West Enders and lends a hand. Alex has plans to invest her company's considerable resources in the community; Erik does his best to convince her that she can't make decisions for other people just because she thinks she knows better.
  • No Mercy: The alien Grue have launched a new invasion on Freedom City and the Interceptors team up with Young Freedom to protect Freedom City Medical Center from their assault! With massive monsters among the enemy ranks, Jack creates a larger energy sword than he's ever previously attempted!
  • Interrupting Cow: At Dr. Archeville's request Avenger infiltrates the Interceptors' brownstone to test their security systems, finding them lacking. The Interceptors themselves don't appreciate the home invasion, however.
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity: Jack runs into someone he initially mistakes for Avenger atop a West End rooftop. Seeing through the imposter's attempted bluffs he tires to learn who the dark figure really is!
  • Me Like Hockey!: Erik and Ellie attend a Blades game but when the Crime League appears and holds the spectators in the Liberty Dome hostage Jack teams up with the Scarab and Valkyrie to save the day, though not before taking a nearly fatal bullet wound from Orion the Hunter's sniper rifle!
  • Troubleshooter: Natalya Browning, the immortal sometimes-thief, sometimes-heroine known as Bombshell meets with Jack to discuss public relations and self-branding, though in practice they get considerably more flirting done than anything else.
  • Interceptors: The Sweet Science of Stabpunching: Jack leads him teammates in a training exercise with power dampeners forcing them to rely on their skills rather than their special abilities. For a chance at punching the swordsman right in his smug face, how can they say no?
  • The Legacy of Al Kazar: Happy Grimday!: Lynn's birthday party is attended by a veritable who's who Freedom City's heroic community. Jack hits on and is hit upon by a cavalcade of gorgeous, immortal women but ends up being kissed by the last one he expected.
  • "Concert Auditions. Second Floor, 2B.": Estelle de Havilland puts out the call for performs among the hero community with eye toward holding a charity event. Jack follows a winged figure in through the window and ends up belting out a tune with the aid of a creative use of his powers.
  • Giant Dragon Bees: It falls to Jack and Wander to deal with a trio of semi truck-sized, talking, fire-breathing bees left over from the Bee-Keeper's latest scheme. Ultimately they find a solution that works for everyone and more or less bury the hatchet themselves, inventing a new move: the Dartboard Special!
  • Crisis of Infinite Jacks: When a villain rips a whole in the barriers between dimensions Jack ends up meeting a number of different versions of himself, some familiar and some disturbingly different.


  • The Church of Swordology: The Espadas siblings attend Sunday mass with their mother only to wind up helping Freedom Angel fight of a supernatural menace!

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