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Found 22 results

  1. Just putting this here for any feedback people would like to offer me. I'm far from finished and I consider nothing to be set in stone at this time. Additionally, I have a really thick skin, so please don't hesitate with your criticisms. ^.^ Kuroko Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: ±X Attack / ±X Damage, ±X Defense / ±X Toughness (or "None") In Brief: Grace does not equal weakness. Unarmed does not equal defenceless. Unpowered does not equal helpless. Catchphrase: N/A Theme: Alternate Identity: ??? (Public) or (Secret) Birthplace: TBD Residence: Claremont Dorms Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Claremont Student Affiliations: None yet. Family: TBD Description: Age: "116" (DoB: 1992 - ten calendar years as a fox before gaining sentience, ergo this age combined "fox years" and human ones) Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Japanese Height: TBD Weight: TBD Eyes: limpid jasper with slit pupils Hair: obsidian Kuroko tends to dress in "traditional clothing" when she's not wearing a uniform, such as the outfit pictured above. When acting as a hero, she wears the Claremont Academy hero uniform with a white fox mask over her face. She keeps the mask handy in case she needs to perform an impromptu heroic deed when she's out and about. History: Sixteen years ago, an American zookeeper was shocked to discover an infant girl in the enclosure of foxes they had visiting from Japan, while the famously rare naturally black Japanese fox named Kuroko that was the centrepiece of the exhibit was missing. The child displayed an uncanny intellect and behaved as if she were actually communicating with the foxes, who were in turn protective of her to the point of being aggressive to the zookeepers. At a complete loss for what else to do, the child was passed along to the government, where a local street level hero named TBD came looking for her, having heard about it from gossiping customers that were disappointed with the exhibit being cancelled. At his prompting, the infant revealed an ability to turn back into the missing fox, proving her identity. Kuroko eventually wound up officially adopted by TBD, who took her in and served as her only parent for her new human life. He taught her everything he knew about martial arts and ethics, the latter being rather difficult for Kuroko's non-human mind, though she eventually got the hang of it. Already getting on in years back then, TBD is fully retired now, so to further Kuroko's education and heroic training they moved to Freedom City and enrolled her in the Claremont Academy. Personality & Motivation: Kuroko is a gentle and quiet person, very respectful and studious and apparently rather boring and passive. Beneath this delicate silken facade, however, resides a heart of steel. The contrast is no deception; Kuroko genuinely values peace and courtesy, but won't hesitate to follow the example of the man she calls her grandfather and put a miscreant suddenly and painfully in his place. She considers grandstanding to be boorish at best, and prefers to simply do the right thing - that which would make the old man proud of her - and slip away silently before anyone knows that she's been there at all. Powers & Tactics: Kuroko relies entirely on her aiki-jujutsu, a pragmatic martial art designed for fighting armed, armoured, and potentially bigger and stronger opponents while unarmed and potentially unarmoured. The manoeuvres are subtle, frequently using the opponent's own strength against them and unlike the sports equivalent aikido, the style includes a number of painful strikes, twists, and locks designed to bring an end to the fighting as expediently as possible, up to and including techniques that are prone to making onlookers cringe in sympathy for the target. She uses this skill only when diplomatic or clever means to resolve the issue have failed. Power Descriptions: The only power Kuroko displays is an ability to transform from a human shape to that of a black-furred fox and back again. The transformation is accompanied by a concealing white light and a swirl of cherry blossoms.
  2. Janus Danger Power Level: 10/12 (180/180PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +2 Attack / -2 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Swashbuckling Scion with Something to Prove Catchphrase: Theme: Imagine Dragons - Thunder Alternate Identity: Janus Danger (Public, Prime), Prince Janus of Aruivia (Public, Freedom League Dimension Designation; Earth-O-Eldritch-2 (Allied), Local Designation: Fortuna) Birthplace: Wintershold, Capital of Aruivia. Residence: Claremont during the school year, Danger Manor when not in school or in Fortuna. Base of Operations: Claremont Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont, Danger Industries Family: Janus is the middle child of Queen Antigone of Aruivia and John Danger II. The Danger family tree grows more convoluted every year, especially with the predilection towards adventure that seems to run in the family. In Janus's case, it led to her father finding an entirely different dimension that he quickly found himself a destined hero in. Her immediate family remains in Fortuna but they visit the Prime-side relations at least a few times every year so she's reasonably close to her father's sister, Rachel, and the rest of the Danger diaspora. Description: Age: 16 Apparent Age: 16 Gender: biologically female, presents androgynous, uses she/her pronouns Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5' 10" Weight: 165 lbs Eyes: Violet Hair: White-blonde to rose-red ombre. Janus is lean and angular; fresh out being all legs and arms. She's definitely on the handsome end of the spectrum, with classic Danger good looks melding with the more exotic lines from her mother. Training and exercise has been part of her daily routine since she was old enough to toddle, so she has more balance and grace than a teenager fresh out of a growth spurt really ought to have and more muscle than might be guessed with her long, lean body. Janus dresses like something out of an early 1980s fantasy movie, a la David Bowie or perhaps like she's waiting to be called in for a Takarazuka Revue performance. It could look ridiculous but she wears it with the sort of casual confidence that kids of this world wear jeans and a cool jacket. Since migrating to Prime for schooling, Janus has pierced her ears several times, wearing silver hoops and studs to match the multitude of rings that she is rarely without. Over her right eye, Janus has a starburst shaped birthmark that has a silver-sheen. It glows along with her weapon when she draws out her soul sword. Janus dresses in high glam but masculine attire and is often wearing low heeled boots that add another couple of inches to her height. She's fond of Earth based cosmetics and often uses those to heighten and accentuate her already sharp cheekbones and striking eyes. History: During the mid 70s, Janus' father took his first trip to Fortuna, originally as a Freedom League affiliated envoy. John was already an experienced veteran of adventures but he found his true calling in helping restore Antigone to the thrown of Aruivia and, in time, they fell in love. Fortuna was significantly dissimilar from Earth. Although the magic of Fortuna fell more into the sword-and-sorcery arena than some of the more high-magic worlds, the dimension itself ran off the power of narratives. Stories have Power in Fortuna, as does belief. As the namesake and grandson of one of Prime's heroes, John brought that power with him to Fortuna, allowing him to form it into mystical weapons and armor. It was that power that he used to help Antigone and together, the two brought peace to the kingdom of Aruivia. Janus is the middle child of the couple. Her elder brother has their father's good looks and commanding presence, while he has their mother's sense of justice and compassion. As the crown prince, he's slated to take over the royal duties one day. Her younger sister embraces all that being a princess entails. Though still a child, she is kind and gracious and gifted with an emerging ability to forsee the future. Janus loves her siblings very much but as the middle, rebellious child, her place in Aruivia's story may take a darker bent as the narrative of the world presses on her to fit into expectations. It was with a heavy heart that her parents sent her to her father's relatives but it became clear that Janus's physical prowess was beginning to eclipse her older brother. They hope that free from the pressure of Fortuna, Janus can take her own path. Whether that will be the actual case, remains to be seen. Personality & Motivation: Janus is brash, bold and daring. She is both genuinely courageous and kind although she's often driven to prove herself. She thinks nothing of engaging in dramatics as its expected by the idiom of her native land. Despite often taking summers or vacations on Prime, she still retains a bit of a 'stranger in a strange land' vibe, especially as she makes little to no effort to change herself to conform. Janus' primary motivation is to be true to herself, and find the Hero within. She wholeheartedly believes that her Soul Sword is a sign of her inner potential and that it is both her responsibility and her gift to bring it to its full potential. Unfortunately, this means that she can be both stubborn and defiant when dealing with any authority trying to push her to act outside her morals. Powers & Tactics: Janus' relies on her physical prowess. Trained to defend herself with sword and fist since she was young, she's skilled at hand to hand combat although she's most comfortable with a sword in her hand. She's a flashy fighter, in part because she has fought side by side most often with her brother who, as the heir to the throne, is more important. Janus has accompanied her father and brother on ogre hunting missions and the like since she was old enough to engage in live combat. Being as she's from the Danger family, that was definitely on the younger side. She's used to making herself a target to draw attention away; a tactic her sibling is not overly fond of. She has a natural gift for witty banter, one that has only grown since spending more time with her Danger relatives. In addition to being highly skilled, Janus can draw her soul sword from her breast if she deems the threat worthy of it. Eldritch armor covers her arm from shoulder to fingertip and a glowing blade forms in her hand, drawn from her own essence, providing her additional mystical protection and weaponry. Power Descriptions: Janus' world is one of magic; where the rules are proscribed by the power of tales and legends in the minds and hearts of the people. Her soul sword and the armor fluctuates depending on her sense of self, so as long as Janus' heart is pure, the magic glows silver-white and the manifestations are solid and strong. At the moment, her power covers her shoulder down to her fingertips in armor and manifests in a single blade. It is possible that she might make different energy constructs with time and practice. Should she change or falter, the magic will manifest differently. Complications: Oh Fortuna: Janus carries with her the power of her mother's world but that is a world with its own beliefs and structure. Those are rules she has to follow. Self-doubt or despair weakens her mystical abilities and, in moments of true crisis, could render her without them entirely. Fame: Although there are a lot of perks with taking on some of the face of Danger Media, sometimes being a public figure can cause real problems not only for Janus, but for those she calls friends. Responsibilities: Not only does Janus have a title and public duties when she's home, but she's a member of the Danger family. Not only does that mean she inherits some of the considerable enemies that they have made over the years, but it means that in addition to school, she has whatever responsibilities to her family and their businesses that might come up. Abilities: 10 + 10 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 14 = 50PP Strength: 20 (+5) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 24 (+7) Combat: 20 + 16 = 36PP Initiative: +5 Attack: +12 Melee, +10 Ranged Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 6 + 5 + 6 = 17PP Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 [Defensive Roll]) Fortitude: +10 (+4 Con, +6) Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 88R = 22PP Acrobatics 5 (+10)Skill Mastery Bluff 13 (+20)Skill Mastery Climb 5 (+10)Skill Mastery Diplomacy 13 (+20)Skill Mastery Disable Device 5 (+7)Skill Mastery Drive 5 (+10)Skill Mastery Escape Artist 5 (+10)Skill Mastery Gather Information 8 (+15)Skill Mastery Intimidate 8 (+15)Skill Mastery Language 4 (Fortuna (native), English, French, Dakanan, Greek) Notice 13 (+15)Skill Mastery Perform(Vocal) 4 (+11)Skill Mastery Survival 8 (+10)Skill Mastery Feats: 37 PP Attack Focus (Melee) x 2 Beginner's Luck Fast Feint Fast Taunt Benefit (Security Clearance: Danger International, Fame, Wealth 2/Rich) [4] Danger Sense Defensive Roll x 2 Dodge Focus x 4 Equipment x 7 Improved Critical (Swords: 18-20) Jack of All Trades Luck x 3 Paralyzing Attack Skill Mastery x 3 Takedown Attack x 2 Taunt Equipment: 7PP = 35EP Sword (Damage 3, Feats: Precise, Mighty) [5EP] Danger-Cycle (Vehicle) [30EP] Size: Medium {0EP} Strength: 20 {2EP} Speed 5 (250 mph) / Flight 5 ( mph) {10EP} Defense: 10 {0EP} Toughness: +10 {5EP} Features: Alarm 2 (25DC), Autopilot, Communications(radio), Disguise, Ejector Seats, Hidden Compartments, Navigation System, Nitro Injectors, Oil Slick, Smoke Screen, Remote Control, Tire Inflators {13EP} Powers: 18 = 18PP Magic 9 (Soul Sword; Container) [18 PP] Damage 3 (The Sword; Extras: Penetrating, Affects Insubstantial; Power Feats: Mighty, Precise) {11 PP} Protection 0 (The Shield; Extras: Impervious 8; Drawback: Noticeable) {7 PP} Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (50) + Combat (36) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (22) + Feats (37) + Powers (18) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/180 Power Points
  3. MossHeart

    Side Step

    Daniel O. Becker Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: In Brief: The son of a retired Hero couple, Daniel grew up idolizing his parent’s achievement and training to one day emulate them in making the world a better place. Although Psychic, Daniel’s powers only recently manifested recently and so he’s grown accustomed to living as well as fighting like a regular person. Catchphrase: Theme: CloZee - Koto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QvMcQ2Eejo Alternate Identity: Secret Birthplace: Emerald City Residence: South Freedom, Boardwalk Base of Operations: Occupation: Student Affiliations: None Family: Cyrus Becker (Father and Retired Hero/ Reformed Villain), Alondra Ortega (Mother/ Retired Hero) Description: Age: 16 Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Latino Height: 5’10’’ Weight: 153 lbs Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black History: Daniel was born to a loving and energetic mother and a quiet but supporting father. As a child, Daniel's Mother would regale him with stories about good, evil, heroes, villains and the daring conflicts and struggles that regularly happened in the defense of Liberty, Peace, and Order. In particular was the special Crisis response team which had a duo of heroes who back to back would swing wildly into the jaws of hell, fight cruelest of villains and risk life and limb to save lives. These were Ortega and Sidestep, and together it seemed like nothing could stop them. It didn't take Daniel long to figure out his mother was Ortega, Really it wasn't hard, she knew classified information about those events, She hadn't actually changed much from her pictures from years ago, Her name is literally Ortega and if that wasn't enough Daniel searched the web and most of her Hero information including her real name and birth date was registered on a public record. He also deducted that sidestep was likely his father although he had his doubts as the hero was registered dead more than ten years before he was born. And so Daniel at the tender age of nine would commit himself to making the world a better place as his parents did before him. Since Daniel was a regular human he knew that there was no way he could easily out match a super and so he trained. At first he tried to join a Dojo in Emerald city but found fighting to not be his strong suit and so he signed up for gymnastics instead, He devoted his free time tinkering with electronics while learning physics and climbing on the rooftops of the nearby buildings(Which got him into a lot trouble). A few weeks after his sixteenth birthday, Daniel’s parents decided to move to freedom city as they were both offered jobs with lucrative salaries there. Daniel was excited to move to a wonderful city filled with heroes and villains alike but a month after arriving and transferring to his new school his powers began to manifest. The aspiring Hero was walking through the hallways to his class when he saw a confrontation starting between a group of delinquents and a younger boy. A punch was suddenly thrown with Daniel's first instinct being to rush in to save the boy and so he gladly threw himself between the bully to take any other hits and defend the kid. He succeeded, of course, and the young student was able to flee quickly but before he knew it Daniel was on the floor getting wailed on and curb stomped. He had the daylights kicked out of him and by the time he did get to class he was red, black and blue. After a week of laying low because of the fight, Daniel spotted the same group of bullies trying to pick a fight in a go mart parking lot with a blind elderly man. Glutton for punishment as he was Daniel tried to reason with them until one of the students pulled out a knife and in fear, for the old man’s life, Daniel screamed for him to stop. Strangely enough, The bully’s face went deadpan and froze in place, Daniel asked the other two in a stern but polite voice to leave. They gave identical wooden expressions and left peacefully. Daniel tried commanding a nearby bird and then a squirrel and when they all listened to his orders he concluded he had powers. He pondered this new and life changing discovery but all he felt was “I have powers now… Neat. I'm sure this is a sign for me to go patrol the streets for crime? I really should I'm probably ready right?” So Daniel decided it was time to roam the streets as a proper hero. He Googled how to make DiY Gadgets from the internet, Donned a loose collection of random clothing and tied on a bunch of belts and satchels to himself just to look cool. Personality & Motivation: Daniel was Inspired to become a hero after hearing the exploits of his mother and father. Although he tries his best to be analytic and cunning his utopian view of crime fighting, as well as his lack of hands on knowledge, make him somewhat foolish when fighting crime. Powers & Tactics: Uses Stealth, Speed and Ranged Attacks supplemented by a very limited amount of psychic abilities to disable his opponents. Power Descriptions: [Psychic, Technology, Electricity] Complications: Name: Description The Bright side: Daniel will always try to forgive anybody who's done him wrong and help anybody even enemies who honestly ask for help. Rose Glasses: Whenever possible he tries to talk down any criminals even when it would be beneficial to attack while hidden. His attempts don't end there are whenever possible he likes to help criminals as he does feel bad about most of them. Note, he only really does this if he's the only one in danger and will gladly rush into a fight if somebody is in immediate danger. Family First, First Second: Daniel's loyalty when earned is ironclad and he's quick to help and protect anybody that he cares about no matter how daunting the task. Abilities: 0 + 6 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 26PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 6 + 6 = 12PP Initiative: +3 Attack: +3 Melee (Base Attack), +3 (Base Ranged), +4 Throwing Defense: +7 (+3 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -1 Saving Throws: +2 +3 +2 = 6PP Toughness: +2 (+2 Con, +0) Fortitude: +4 (+2 Con, +2) Reflex: +7 (+3 Dex, +3) Will: +5 (+3 Wis, +2) Skills: 68R = 17PP Acrobatics 4 (+7) Bluff 5 (+7) Climb 7 (+7) Computers 4 (+7) Concentration 4 (+7) Diplomacy 8 (+10) Disable Device 5 (+8) Drive 1 (+4) Gather Information 6 (+8) Investigate 4 (+7) Medicine 1 (+4) Notice 4 (+7) Search 6 (+7) Sense Motive 4 (+7) Stealth 4 (+9) Language 1 (+1) --- English, Spanish Feats: 9PP Attack Specialization 2 (Throwing) Dodge Focus 4 Benefit (Wealthy) Inventor Uncanny Dodge Equipment: 0PP = 0EP Powers: 26 + 9 + 0 = 35PP Psionics 12 (24PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2) 26 PP BP: Stun 7 (Sleep; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Mental, Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Action [Full]; Feats: Sedation, Subtle 2, Variable Descriptor [sleep]) AP: Emotion Control 7 (Suggestion; Extras: Area(Burst); Feats: Subtle 2, Insidious) 24/24 PP AP: Mind Control 7 (Compulsion; Extra: Conscious; Feats: Mental Link, Subtle) 24/24 PP Device 3 (Gadgets, 15PP Container, Flaw: Easy to Lose) 9PP Main Gadgets (14PP Array, Feats; Alternate Power 1) 15PP BP: Blast 2 (Shock Darts; Extras Autofire 3; Feats: Accurate 3, Improved range 1) 14/14 PP AP: Obscure 3 (Smoke Bombs; Visual; Feats: Cloud Area, Range 25ft/15ft Lingers) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECTBlast 2 Range (50ft. Incr) DC 17 Toughness Damage (Energy) Stun 7 Perception DC 17 Will Daze(Fail)/ Stun(Fail-5)/ Unconscious (Fail-10) Emotion Control Perception DC 17 Will Mind Control Perception DC 17 Toughness Controlled Totals: Abilities (26) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (6) + Skills (17) + Feats (12) + Powers (32) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/105 Power Points
  4. Avorez


    Delta Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: Amnesiac warbot from space with a conscience, finding his place. Catchphrase: None…yet. Theme: See here! Alternate Identity: Public Birthplace: Farria Residence: N/A Base of Operations: N/A Occupation: Affiliations: Ouroborous Robotics (Formerly) Family: J’on Van-Dahl (Creator), several brother and sister models. Description: Age: 6 Years Old Apparent Age: 20-ish Gender: Male-identifying Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’9 Weight: Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Despite the outwardly human appearance, Delta is in fact a highly-advanced war machine. His body aside from his head is totally covered in what appears to be a burgundy and silver colored battle armor. Thick plates adorn his upper chest, arms, and outer legs, while his inner thighs and lower torso are covered in a thinner plating. On his right shoulder sits a blocky ‘ARU-D’, scratched and worn from use, an equally worn Ouroboros sitting on his left shoulder. During combat, and often outside of it, Delta wears an ornate helmet, the twin ridges splitting from the forehead all the way to the crown, flashing with a silver hue, the helmet even having a defensive/face concealing cover for high-threat zones. Underneath the helmet, Delta looks to be far older than he is, and perhaps far younger than most would assume him to be. His eyes are an unearthly aqua blue, the iris ridged to appear like traditional cybernetic replacements, concealing his true nature to an extent. Perhaps mildly unnervingly, the iris adjust themselves unnaturally, like dials. History: It wasn’t all that long ago that J’on Von-Dahl was merely a boy living in the Lor Republic, stuck on a backwater at the edge of existence, the Stellar Khanate an ever-present threat. That, of course, was before Von-Dahl met Daedalus, the space-faring hero from Earth. Von-Dahl was astonished by the man’s ingenious ability to work tech, to manipulate and create beautiful pieces of near or at-military grade weapons tech. All from some other back-water world, probably a lost colony. Von-Dahl progressed quickly after that, a leading mind in advancing robotics past what they could be, pushing the technology to their limit, before he realized: He could do even more elsewhere, pushing robotics to even further heights if he simply…bent the rules a little, stopped caring so much about the pesky rules against creating an unsanctioned artificial intelligence. Robots like his needed to push the limit, they needed to be able to think, decide, make complex decisions. Of course, once his robots made the wrong choices, chose to be cruel…Well, it didn’t go over well with the Republic. So, he fled, out of the Republic and onto the planet of Farria, an unregulated, unsupervised corporate safehaven, where his true work began. Over the next several years, Von-Dahl created advanced design concepts for warbots beyond comprehension, with advanced systems and decision-making capabilities pushing them far above and beyond what his machines in the Republic could do. A crack team of warfare specialists, with Delta among them. For almost 2 years, Von-Dahl deployed Delta and his companion bots deployed to different warzones around the planet for the highest bidder, showcasing their capabilities for mass-production. Delta didn’t mind it too much, he knew that this was his function, his directives forcing him to work within necessary parameters to achieve his goals. Fate, however, would have different plans for Delta. During Delta’s boarding of his landing pod, an orbital battery’s macrolaser destroyed the navigational system for the pod, causing the rockets to go haywire, shuttling Delta off into unknown space in a hostile territory. One by one, his systems went into power-down mode, the cold of space creeping over him as he powered down in his pod for what he thought to be the last time… Personality & Motivation: Given his basic nature as a weapon of war, Delta doesn’t have much in the way of a gregarious personality. Delta’s quiet and reserved, typically speaking a flatter tone of voice, his sentences necessarily short and concise. Delta is driven not only by a desire to re-discover who he was before he was lost in the vast expanse of space, as well as a genuine curiosity for the open universe. Powers & Tactics: Delta primarily focuses on rapid, mid-short range engagements with his twin plasma pistols, zipping around the battlefield to initiate a series of short, yet hyper vicious and deadly engagements that typically leave his enemies either wounded or destroyed. Delta’s function is as that of an observer, utilizing his experimental invisibility unit to hide himself away and, when the time is right, to sabotage key enemy installations, and assassinate key enemy leaders. Power Descriptions: Delta’s powers are technologically based, his twin pistols firing white-hot plasma shots, with the ability to charge up the shot for one large burst shot, hued a reverent violet. In addition, when Delta’s invisibility module initiates it activates panel by panel on the armor, taking mere seconds to adjust to the background it reflects. Complications: Primary Directive: Kill: Remnants of Delta’s last directive occasionally bubble to the surface, forcing Delta into an automatic kill mode, forcing him into lethal hostilities with all organic combatants nearby. ERROR 404 FILE NOT FOUND: Most of Delta’s memory banks are corrupted. Aside from basic tactical data, as well as his basic operating system data, Delta can’t remember his past. Occasionally, Delta sees “ghosts” from his past fazing into his vision, images of violent conflict and destruction ghost in for anywhere from minutes to even hours. Do I Have a Soul?: Delta’s mind often turns philosophical, leading to uncomfortable philosophical conversations with most around him about his own nature, and possibly even questions of his own value. Abilities: 10 + 10 + 0 + 8 + 2 - 2 = 28PP Strength: 20 (+5) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: - Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 8 (-1) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +5 Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged, +10 Plasma Pistols Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +9 Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 5 + 6 = 11PP Toughness: +10 (+0 Con, +10 [Protection]) Fortitude: -- Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Skills: 45R = 11PP Acrobatics 4 (+9) Computers 8 (+12) Disable Device 8 (+12) Stealth 8 (+13) Climb 5 (+10) Feats: 12PP All-Out Attack Ambidexterity Assessment Dodge Focus 6 Move-By Action Power Attack Uncanny Dodge Powers: 40 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 22 + 8= 82PP · Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves) + Protection 10 [Robotic Body] (40 PP) (Technological) · Invisibility [Experimental Camouflage Unit; Normal Vision] (4PP) · Super-Senses 4 (Advanced Sensor Suite; Danger Sense, Infravision, Time Sense, Radio) [4PP] · Super Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling) [4PP] · Dual Plasma Pistols 7 (35 PP Container; Flaw: Easy to Lose; Power Feats: Multiple Weapons 1]) [22PP] o Blast 10 (Extras: Autofire; Feats: Accurate 3, Alternate Power 2) [35/35 PP] § AP: Blast 10 (100 ft., 50 ft. Radius, Extras: Area[Burst], Penetrating; Power Feat: Subtle; Flaw: Action [Full Round]) [31/35PP] (Charged Blast) § AP: Stun 10 (Extras: Range[Ranged]) [30/35PP] · Speed 8 (High-Speed Servos; 2,500 MPH) Drawbacks: (-4) + (-3) + (-3) = -10PP Vulnerability (Magnetism; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP] Vulnerability (Emotion; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate [x1.5]) [-3PP] Vulnerability (Psionic; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate [x1.5]) [-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage Plasma Blast Ranged DC 25 Toughness (Autofire) Damage Charged Blast Ranged DC 20 Reflex/DC 25 Toughness Damage Taser Blast Ranged DC 20 Fortitude Stun Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (11) + Feats (12) + Powers (82) - Drawbacks (10) = 150/150 Power Points
  5. Definitely need to finalize the formatting on this (the tablet is awful for that) and would love feedback if I've gotten anything really terribly wrong numbers wise as I finish cleaning this up. Feeding Frenzy Power Level: 10 Trade offs: -3 defense/+3 toughness, melee -5 attack/+5 damage In Brief: Atlantean wereshark struggling to be a hero and not an animal. Catchphrase: Chow time Theme: Jaws Theme/monster by Skillet Alternate Identity: Koa Halelani Birthplace: Pacific Ocean Residence: Claremont Base of Operations: Claremont Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Family: Mother, Celeste Halelani Description: Age: 16 (DoB: 2000, September 15) Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Atlantean Height: 5'9" Weight: 125 lbs Eyes: silver Hair: black Koa is a dark skinned very skinny boy. He's thin and on the shorter side. He hates wearing shirts and prefers to go around bare chested. If he has to wear a shirt he tries to leave as many buttons open as he can. His entire upper body is covered in black and red Polynesian style tattoos. He usually wears either cargo shorts, jean shorts, or swim shorts. He has webbing between his fingers and toes which forces him to wear zori sandals or go barefoot. His mouth has a few rows of sharpened teeth. When he's doing hero work he wears a pair of red goggles and a tight red swim cap. He also wears a pair of red and black swimming shorts. He also has a small utility belt with meat sticks in it. As a wereshark, Feeding Frenzy is a massive creature. He hunches over and still stands at seven feet tall. His fin sprouts from his back between his shoulder blades. Back between his legs is a large crescent shaped tail. His tattoos are all expanded over his tough black flesh. His face is totally unrecognizable, it's a massive shark head with rows and rows of teeth. His silver eyes are still present. History: As a boy, Koa remembered waiting for his father to come home. His father was a soldier. He fought for the kingdom of Atlantis and would often be gone for long stretches of time. However, he knew his father wasn't a normal soldier. He knew this because he wasn't a normal Atlantean boy. He and his father had the same set of abilities. From the time he could swim on his own Koa found himself very different from those outside his clan. His voracious appetite was the first thing. He could consume his entire body weight in a single sitting. But nothing set him off like blood. Any kind of blood even miles away beneath the waves made him fly into a rage. His father was one of the few people who could hold him back. For good reason, when they smelled blood they both would face that same fury. That same hunger. Koa's father trained him to resist the blood frenzy. When he turned twelve he began to find that his fury was matched with a change in his physical body (which, adding to puberty? Really really sucked.) his body became a slender shark with arms and legs. Atlantean Military training from his father made that more and more muscular. Koa would have wanted to continue to train under his father. But then Atlantis went to war. His father was part of the invasion force in Emerald City. He never came home. His mother couldn't train her son, and was afraid of what he might do if he lost control. So she pulled strings with her husband's military and government friends. Koa arrived at Claremont to learn to be a hero. He resented the deep ones for taking his father from him. On the other hand everyone looked at him with trepidation, he looked and fought like the invaders. So he decided to do one thing. Prove them wrong. He decided to be a hero. Not just a hero, the best hero. His way, his terms, but Koa would be undeniably heroic. Through and through. He wanted to show them that he was up to snuff. Personality & Motivation: Koa's farther was a hero. He raised his son to want to do right for the world. Koa wants to do right for his home nation. At Claremont he is trying to learn to become the man his father wanted him to be. He fights to prove the Atlantean aren't all terrible, and because he wants to prove that for himself. Powers & Tactics: Most people can't tell tell that Koa is a wereshark. This allows him to go around incognito or get a lot closer than he could as a humanoid shark. Usually Koa prefers to drop in and snatch people out of the way and into the dark. When forced to fight openly he prefers to grab enemies and grapple them. He is a grappler first and foremost in his Frenzy form. He batters away smaller enemies he can and bites those he can't just smack away. Power Descriptions: Most of Koa's regular strength comes from Atlantean physiology. He's tougher, faster, and stronger than a normal human. He has gills in his neck and webbed hands. In his wereshark form his magic lends him his tremendous strength. He tends to opt for a crushing bite down on targets, due to years of training he doesn't devour enemies, but they will be left with pretty nasty wounds. Complications: Am I a monster?: At a very basic level turning into a terrifying shark on legs is enough to make people run screaming. In addition, most weresharks are ruthless and frenzied flesh eating berserkers. This means most Atlanteans, even those who appreciate his potential military uses, usually give him a wide berth. On another level, people still remember the Atlantean invasions. It's hard to wake up every morning trying to be someone who no matter what face you have is a scary one. Blood lust: When seized by the Frenzy Koa can't turn back until he has eaten flesh. He also can't control how much of a thing he eats when he starts there's no stopping until it is gone. Usually his keen senses can find something so that he can turn back, but if he can't the hunger will grow and grow. The longer and more times he transforms the more he needs to eat to grow back. Needs water: Koa needs to spend at least fifteen minutes a day fully immersed in Salt water or he begins to become very sick. My Country Right or Wrong: Koa's father, was part of the invasion and Koa saw the videos of atrocities and even war crimes committed by his fellows, but he still stands by his people. A hero point should be awarded for forcing him to go against the nation of Atlantis. Abilities: 14+0+14+2+4+8=42 Str 24/40 (+7/+15) Dex 10 Con 24 (+7) Int 12 (+1) Wis 14 (+2) Cha 18 (+4) Combat 8+8=16 Atk: +4 (+5 melee) Def: +7 (+4 base, +3 dodge focus) Initiative:+0 Grapple: +7/+25 Saves +3+5+5=13 Toughness +13/+7 Fort: +10 Ref: +5 Will:+5 Skills 60r=15pp Intimidate 10 (+14) skill mastery Sense motive 8 (+10) skill mastery Notice 10 (+12) skill mastery Medicine 6 (+8) Language 2: Atlantean(Native), English, Hawaiian Search: 10 (+11) Stealth: 10 (+10/+12) skill mastery Feats 10 Attack Focus: Melee 1 Dodge focus 3 Environmental Adaptation: Water Uncanny Dodge: Olfactory Power attack Move by action Hide in plain sight Skill mastery: (intimidate, notice, Stealth, sense motive) Powers 7+3+2+1+5+43=61 Atlantean Movement Array 3 (6pp Array, feats; Alternate power) [7pp] BP: swimming 6 {6/6} AP: speed 3 and Leaping 3 {6/6} Immunity 3 (breathe normally underwater, cold, high pressure) [3PP] Super senses 2 (acute scent, infravision) [2PP] Super strength 1 [2PP] Super strength 5 (flaws; limited, grappling only) [5 pp] Wereshark 10: (50 PP container, drawback: involuntary transformation [-5, smell of blood, DC 15 will save to resist], drawback one way transformation, [cannot turn back without eating meat -2 pp]) [43 pp] Enhanced strength 16 (+8) [16 pp] Protection 6 (obvious) [3PP] Super Senses 6 (tracking, accurate olfactory, extended olfactory 3) [6PP] Enhanced Feat 1: Improved Grab [1PP] Super Strength 6 [12 PP] Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6PP] Regeneration 3: (recovery rate: bruised) [3PP] Concealment 2: (visual, limited: only in water, passive) [6 PP] Drawbacks: -3-4=-7PP Vulnerability: Silver (uncommon, Major) -3pp Vulnerability: Heat (common, Major) -4pp Total: Abilities (42) + Combat (16) + Saves (13) + Skills (15) + Feats (10) + Powers (61) - Drawbacks (7)=150/150
  6. Ok. What is this? Well the Dream Team is my way of interpreting part of the guidebook post for the Freedom POTUS. Mainly that he wants more state backed supers. So this is the very much work in progress line up and write up for this team. None of this is sacred, all of it is up for debate and change. I left the team deliberately half written because I have no idea if anyone beside me saw the POTUS and went "OH! OH! OH! I KNOW WHO WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THAT!" So yeah very much work in progress and would love suggestions! it also definitely is not formatted. Will do but it wasn't a priority in my half a first draft. Things still missing: More members for the core: This is not the full line up. There's currently no female members for one and I would personally think that this would be a diverse team. Refining responsibilities: Is there anything else that people can think of that these guys should be doing? That maybe they shouldn't/couldn't/ wouldn't be doing? Fluff: they have no hideout etc. Wasn't really sure where was the best place to put them, I was leaning towards the south, might be nice to have Freedom in the east, Bedlam in the North, and EC in the west, so we put this in the south. Just a thought. The Dream Team The Dream Team is The United States of America's government sponsored super team. They began operation on July 4th, 2017 under a charter from the Federal Extra-Normal Defense Fund Creation Act (FENDFCA). They will operate under the public eye, stopping crime and preventing national disasters. Function and Goals Essentially they serve three functions: prevent and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, stop open and large scale super crime, and train other heroes and law enforcement. All of these activities are openly broadcast and displayed to the public, and the website for the Dream Team has information on their activities as well as costs and return on investment made public (It saves a lot of money to have super heroes unwind a tornado before it can cause any property damage!). They also can investigate crimes, but must have search warrants, probable cause, etc. At the end of the day the Dream Team has one real and tangible goal: Protect the American people. Core Members American Dream Class: Paragon State: Texas Juan Carlos-Sanchez AKA the American Dream is the face and heart of the team. His powers are granted from two psychic entities known as Liberty and Justice. They give him the ability to fly, generate a forcefield, and endow him with incredible strength. He is a notably young hero, only twenty five and the son of Filipino immigrants. Juan wears no mask, preferring his signature Stetson hat, Levi Jeans, and Ariat Boots Vaquero Class: Cowl State: California The Vaquero is a Gunslinger from the state of California. Notable for being a quick draw, skilled with a lasso, and having a number of trick bullets that can end situations non lethally. Vaquero was chosen for the team because of his ability to not only talk down common criminals, but also to emphasize with the public. Rumor has it that he has no powers, only his training and skill, making him an ideal for young kids to strive for. Satire Class: Other State: New York Satire is one of those odd heroes. A living political cartoon of more or less unknown origin. His ability to regenerate and shapeshift makes him a versatile combatant. Meanwhile he is already becoming the heart of the team, able to be both encouragement and critic as the need arises. And comic relief. Mostly comic relief. Mystery Master Class: Mystic State: Tennessee Mystery Master is a former member of the Waco Warriors. His magic stems from his connection to the ley lines that cross the Earth as well as the innate magic found in certain geometries. His signature spells deal with reshaping the weather or creating shapes of mystic energy out of the air.
  7. Player Name: Droideka Character Name: King of Suits II Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Dapper Legacy Costumed Adventurer, secretly young adult fanboy of the original exposed to Terminus Energy. Alternate Identity: Noel Chambers Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City, New York Occupation: University Student\ Affiliations: House of Suits (European Superhero Alliance) Family: Morris Chambers (Father [Adopted]), Rebecca Chambers (Mother [Adopted]), Tyrone Chambers (Brother [Adopted]) Age: 19 (DoB: June, 1998) Apparent Age: Young Adult Gender: Male Ethnicity: Korean American Height: 6'2" Weight: 175 lbs. Eyes: Hazel / Green Hair: Brown / Black and Red Noel is almost always frowning, to various degrees, and always looks serious or in thought. His physique is often obscured by his clothing or lab gear, but it is in fact quiet nice, slick and decently muscled. His hair is chest-nut brown and neatly styled with parted bangs. His posture is generally good, though he will occasionally slouch, sometimes noticing and correcting himself and sometimes not. He dresses mostly in drab tones and wears low-key clothing. King of Suits II does in fact wear a suit, of sorts. Noel wears a long collared coat, white shirt, a scarf, gloves, long pants, a black utility belt, and black shoes. The coat, which covers the belt neatly, is split in half vertically, the left side being a shade of ruby red and the right black, with a spade and diamond symbol on either shoulder. The pants and gloves are likewise, though with opposite color scheming to the coat. On the left and right knees of the pants are a Heart and Club symbol, respectively. The scarf is red and black in a striped pattern. Noel's hair as the King of Suits is dyed red and black, and styled somewhat wild with long bangs, though one may not notice as a nice black and red bowler hat rests neatly on his head. On his face, Noel wears a black wrap-around domino mask, with green color contacts as a final layer of protecting his identity. The cane he carries with him is black and grey, with a red stopper and grip near the crook. History Noel never knew his parents, never truly knew where he was born. He was a doorstop baby left at a small local south-side orphanage, and he was always a bit bitter about it. Other kids had memories, even if they were sad, but all he had ever known was that orphanage and the local public school. He was a brat about it, his temper would fray quickly, and the other children quickly became sick of him. At first, it didn't bother him, and he threw himself into his studies instead, but the loneliness and isolation became more unbearable as he grew. He found friends, eventually, even if they were the wrong kind. Troublemakers and bullies, Noel laughed when they stole harmless things like cards, giggled when they made fun of the awkward kids. But over time, that spark of cruelty faded. He watched nervously as they stole money from the wallet of a volunteer worker, when they shoved around a nerdy girl, when one of the older boys proudly stated he would be joining one of the local gangs. He wasn't strong enough to stand up to them, not clever enough, better to just keep his head down. Noel dreaded that he would have to follow the example set that by that older boy internally, join a gang as the others did. A stroke of luck, seemed poised to save him, however. A nice African-american couple, wishing for another child but incapable of having another of their own. They seemed to set on him from the moment they first met. At nine years of age, he had a new family. It was awkward at first, but slowly, he got more and more used to them. He grew to love the hammers as much as suspected anyone could love a mother and father, and even tolerated the sometimes infuriating teasing of his new big brother. All was well for over five years. Noel, now a tall sixteen year old, had obviously drifted away from the gangs and the problem kids from the orphanage, though he never forget them. And sadly, it appeared they still remembered him in turn. They came quickly, one day after school, weapons in hand. He had no choice but to follow along, for one little job to a local testing lab. They shoved him into a weird zombie mobster costume in the back of an unmarked van, handed him an unloaded pistol, told him he was to say he was "The Revenant." He had to sneak in seemingly, but in truth draw attention away from the main group. If he did as they asked, they would be gone from the city, leave him be forever. He did as he was told, and it seemed to work. He prayed things would go smoothly, that they would get whatever it was they needed and leave him alone, even as his stomach turned at the thought, at the fear in the faces of the innocents in front of him. He heard the crash behind him, the window shattering. A cape, a dark skinned man in a strange red and black costume. He bantered nervously with him through his voice modulator, the two struggled for a bit, before finally, the mask fell off. The man, the "King of Suits", berated him for his cowardice, told him he needed to stand up for what was right, before moving deeper to catch the others. Against his better judgement, Noel followed after. At the edge of a lab marked private, he heard the telltale sounds of violence He moved in to the outskirts of the fight, pulling a nearby goon's weapon from their hand. The King of Suits didn't need his help, but he wanted to give it, to prove himself. As stray shot fired, though none but Noel noticed as it struck a nearby piece of tech. he mechanism seemed to whir and spark, at first softly, but growing more violent every second. The King of Suits was close to it, to close. It was about to blow. In a split second, Noel made a decision, dashing forward and shoving the man out of the way. He heard the boom behind him, saw and felt the black and red energy as it seeped around him, heard a mute shout, and closed his eyes as he surrendered to the dark. Horrible visions filled his unconscious mind, monsters, the void, the Terminus.... He opened his eyes slowly as the light filtered in. He was fatigued and bedridden in a local hospital, the Chambers, his new parents, sitting with him. The King of Suits had dropped him off at the orphanage, and a man named Marceau had found him, apparently, and had donated to his hospital bill. He spent most of that year recuperating, studying, getting to know his new family. He still had nightmares, though he could never recall what they were upon awakening, but he refused to let it bother him. He followed the media trail of the King of Suits, learned all he could about him. He wanted to be just like him, if he could be, a man dedicated to good, strong enough to fulfill those ideals. The Night of Two Kings was....hard for Noel, to say the least. He mourned in silence, over the course of the year. A year where he also discovered, in secret, that his exposure to that strange energy had changed him. He was stronger, faster, more dexterous, even a bit luckier, strangely. He trained these abilities slowly as he reached his nineteenth birthday, and came to a slow realization as he began his first year of university studies, living on his own. No matter the source of these abilities, he had a responsibility. He would take up the call that his hero had left behind, become like the man who had inspired him so, no matter how long it took... Personality & Motivation Noel overall is fiercely independent, possess a good heart, a strong work ethic, and an unyielding moral compass. He is firm in his beliefs and slow to change them. Normally Noel is quiet and subdued, toiling away at whatever work has caught his interest. He can be snarky however, even to the point of insufferability, and has something of a quick temper, emitting hostility when frustrated or upset. His views on the world and the government are somewhat cynical, though he will always give someone the benefit of the doubt. He holds a personal grudge against those who target innocents and twist them to suit their own needs. Overall, Noel projects an image of quiet intelligence and sternness, but when relaxed he can actually be quite silly, the kind of man who would sink money onto and build a grappling hook flare gun cane. King of Suits II is outwardly a charming gentleman, similar to the original in terms of levity. This is intentional on Noel's part, his way of honoring his hero's memory, but he is himself past it all. Still a bit of a spitfire, his jokes and snark, more prevalent than when he is himself, are limited to more gentlemanly prods unless he is feeling truly emotional. Powers & Tactics King of Suits II has been enhanced by Terminus Energy, which grants him increased physical capabilities on par with high scale Olympic athletes, as well as increased fortune, with battles having a tendency to go his way with at times almost otherworldly certainty. Noel is vaguely aware of the second and well aware of the first, and has built several devices using his knowledge of mechanics and chemicals to supplement them, along with a small amount of formal training. His cane is his main weapon, steel reinforced walking stick that is overall a versatile melee weapon. It is his main source of transportation thanks to it's built in grappling hook, and can also serve as an emergency flare gun, though it hold limited ammo. His secondary weapon is the Suits, metal black and red weapons shaped after the suits of playing card. The suits contain a variety of chemical mixtures, which are triggered upon impact, but also serve as basic throwing weapons. Noel's final pieces of equipment are basic, general use utility belt items, such as his gas mask. Complications Disarmed: Noel's Suits and Utility belt need to be removed completely to deprive him of his gadgets, but almost all of the items he uses are handheld, and can be disarmed as such. Enemy (Mob): King of Suits II has an especially poor relationship with the local crime families of Freedom City. Most theorize that he holds some grudge for the death of the original. They will never help Noel if he needs them, and the feeling is mostly mutual. Enemies: Any villains, super or not, who had a problem with the original King of Suits may find that they have been granted a second chance for revenge, no matter who is actually behind the mask. Legacy: Noel is the second King of Suits, and in truth did not know the original in any real capacity, not even truly aware of his Secret Identity. He hopes desperately to live up the original, though internally that is a seemingly almost insurmountable goal. Obligation (House of Suits): Noel is not actually a true member of the House of Suits, being an unsanctioned American borrowing his hero's identity. However, the House has opened up small-scale communication with him, and may call him in to solve problems threat the original was once expected to deal with. Responsibility (Homeless): The original King of Suits took the homeless, the vagrants, and the harmless weirdos under his protection until his untimely death. Following in his footsteps, Noel has decided to likewise offer his hand if they should ever need aid. Terminus Flashes: Noel's exposure to Terminus Energy, something he tries hard to keep under wraps, has actually affected him more than he knows. If he should ever encounter a large quantity of Terminus Energy, or still active Terminus Artifacts, he must make an immediate 10DC Will Roll or become exhausted, as visions of the Terminus that normally enter his dreams haunt his conscious mind. Struggling: Noel isn't likely to become one of his own homeless wards anytime soon, but he is an independent college student who has sunk a large chunk of money into his costume and home-made gadgets. Abilities 10 + 10 + 8 + 2 + 4 + 2 = 36PP Strength: 20 (+5) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat 16 + 16 = 32PP Initiative: +9 Attack: +8 Melee, +8 Ranged (+12 Custom Cane) Grapple: +13 Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback: -4 Saving Throws 3 + 2 + 4 = 9PP Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 [Armored Costume]) Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3) Reflex: +7 (+5 Dex, +2) Will: +7 (+3 Wis, +4) Skills 48R = 12PP Acrobatics 10 (+15) [SM] Bluff 4 (+5/+9 Attractive) Craft 9 [Chemical] (+10) Craft 4 [Mechanical] (+5) Knowledge 9 (Physical Sciences) (+10) Notice 3 (+5) [SM] Stealth 5 (+10) [SM] Sense Motive 3 (+5) [SM] Feats 20PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Specialization: Custom Cane (2) Attractive Dodge Focus (4) Eidetic Memory Equipment (2) [10EP] Evasion Improved Initiative Move-By Action Power Attack Set-Up Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Sense Motive, Stealth, Notice) Take-down Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Equipment 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4 = 10EP Binoculars [1EP] Flashlight [1EP] Gas Mask [1EP] Multi-Tool [1EP] Re-breather [1EP] Armored Costume (Protection 4) (PF: Subtle) [5EP] Powers 6 + 24 + 1 + 12 + 1 = 44PP Custom Cane (Device 2) (Easy to Lose, 10DP) [6PP] BP: Reinforced Cane (Strike 4) (PFs: Alternate Powers 2, Extended Reach 1, Improved Trip, Mighty, Stunning Attack) [10DP] AP: Built-in Grapple Line (Super Movement 3) (Slow Fall, Swinging, Wall Crawling) + (Speed 4) [10DP] AP: Flare Gun (Environmental Control 4) [Bright Light] (Extra: Independent) (PFs: Improved Range 1 [x4, x100], Slow Fade) (Flaw: Unreliable [5 Uses]) [10DP] Utility Belt and Suits (Hard to Lose, Gadgets 3) [15PP Variable Power, Any Power, Multiple Powers at Once] (Extra: Action[Move]) [24PP] Leaping 1 (x2 Distance, Running 30', Standing 15', High Jump 7') [1PP] Luck Control 2 (Spend HP to negate HP/Fiat, Force Reroll) (PFs: Luck 5, Subtle) [12PP] Speed 1 (10MPH) [1PP] Drawbacks (-3) = -3PP Nightmares (Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate, Roll Will DC 10, Or Become Fatigued) [-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage (Bludgeoning) Reinforced Cane Touch DC 24 Toughness Damage (Bludgeoning) Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (12) + Feats (20) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (3) = 150/150 Power Points
  8. Player Name: Droideka Character Name: Gallant Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Heroic Swordsman and Adventurer, secretly sleep-walker controlled by three spirits. Residence: Freedom City, Queens Alternate Identity: Leon Angles [Birth Name] Identity: Secret Birthplace: Oregon, Portland Occupation: Retail at local book store. Affiliations: None Family: Oscar Angels (Father, 55), Bianca Angles (Mother, 43), Guinevere Angles (Older Sister, 23), Giselle Angles (Older Sister, 25) Age: 17 (DoB: February 12, 2000) Gender: Male Ethnicity: French-American Height: 6"0 Weight: 190 lbs. Eyes: Green/Blue Hair: Pale Blonde/Honey Blonde Leon is a somewhat wiry young man who is neither muscled nor overweight. His posture is proper, and though somewhat clumsy at times his general gait is quiet and controlled. His hair is feathery and mid neck length, with long wavy bangs that at times obscure his eyes. Due to his enjoyment of indoor activities, his complexion is somewhat pail. His eyes are generally cloudy, but brighten when something catches his interest. In general, he always looks somewhat tired. His clothing is based on practicality and is generally low-key. Gallant's most notable features are his omnipresent grin, and the golden aura that surrounds him. In general, he appears older than Leon, more a man in his early twenties than a teenager. The aura seems to brighten him instantly, and makes features such as his hair a far more honey rich gold. Unlike Leon, Gallant possesses a lithe, runner build of toned muscle. His eyes are a vibrant, almost glowing blue. If one looked past the aura, his complexion would still seem slightly pale, though less so than Leon. Gallant's posture is straight and confident, and he is always looking about and moving. The Gallant costume consists of a black tunic and pants, brown boots, a white and gold trimmed overcoat, black gloves, and a red sash around the neck and shoulders. The mask is a white and gold plated half-mask, designed to resemble a lion's upper jaw and face. It stops at his hairline. Gallant's sword is a medium sized silver broadsword that seems to swirl with the same aura he possesses. It appears to be made of a metal that resembles bronze in coloration. It's scabbard is brown, with a single red ruby at it's base, and hangs at his hip. Power Descriptions Leon has no powers of his own. When Leon falls unconscious (Sleep, knocked unconscious, etc.) the spirits inside of him surface and grant him power. As Gallant, Leon's body is granted greatly increased strength, speed, constitution, and charisma. As well, he summons a mighty blade, though not the skill with which to wield it. The golden aura that surrounds Gallant can be channeled internally to mend himself. Depending on which spirit is steering Gallant, he shifts tactics, though in general he is a bold melee attacker. Gallant is enhanced with magic, and thus all of his abilities fall under that descriptor. History Leon was born in Portland, Oregon, and lived for time with the rest of his family in a well sized seaside home. His father Oscar was over a decade his mother's senior, though despite the claims of some, the two seemed to have genuine love for the other. His father had in his prime been a successful stock-broker in wall-street and therefore had retired in luxury, capable of providing for his family as needed. Despite this, Leon's parents were somewhat withdrawn form their children, as was their nature. Though they often teased him, Leon and his sisters got along well. Giselle was outgoing and emotional, and enjoyed meeting new people, though she also had a tendency to pick bad friends. Guinevere was more focused on athletics and sports, but she adored her sister and followed everywhere she went. Leon, by contrast, liked to stay indoors, having always been a somewhat introverted youth, and, unlike his sisters, he was home-schooled. His favorite activities were reading and watching films, his favorites in the mediums being the Arthurian based, knightly tales of heroics and valor. Eventually, the combination of living in a small town, with a set of reserved and quiet parents, resulted in Giselle drifting off to greener pastures, the big city. Guinevere followed soon after. Leon was, however, happy to stay in his home town. Initially, his sisters sent frequent messages and updates, and Leon knew his parents quietly appreciated them as he did. Slowly, however, the messages dried up. Though at first this was brushed off, by the time a year had passed with little to no new messages, worry set in. And so, a combination of concern and a growing wanderlust sent Leon to Freedom City. It didn't take long to discover the problem. In a rundown part of the city, in a dingy apartment building, he found them. They were concerned, panicked even, when he showed up. They had found something, one day, by chance. A location, a treasure map, and though they had memorized it's contents, per the owners request, it had been destroyed in a fire. Someone wanted what was on that map. And that someone was, as Leon discovered later that day, while lying face down with a black eye, a gang boss of some repute. He was told to stay quiet and follow directions when asked, just as his sisters did, lest someone get hurt. Over the following two months, feeling helpless and morose, Leon complied. One rainy, miserable night, several burly thugs came into Leon and his sisters shared apartment. Giselle had caved, finally, when he had been threatened in full. The family was brought along, captive, by the gang on a small boat to a small off-coast island. When they reach shore, Leon and the thugs were made to dig. And dig they did, as the rain and cold wallowed around them in the mud and dirt. A shovel hit rock. The rain washed away the muck, and it was revealed. A large, stone structure. Leon was pulled aside, and he was briefed. A weapons cash had been hidden away in the large structure, a very valuable one at that. But it was trapped, and they needed someone expendable... Shoved into the dank, musty rock structure alone with but a flashlight for defense, Leon could't help the shiver that ran down his spine. The inside was as stone as the exterior, filled with odd statues and carvings. Walking slowly and cautiously through the winding halls and tunnels of the structure, turning down into the earth. Leon came to a fork. Before he could investigate the paths, his foot caught on something. Hearing the click that resounded through the hall, Leon moved. He stumbled down a random hall as the sound of a gunshot rang out behind him. He ran, ran until he felt the dull thud of granite on his face. A dead end. He recovered quickly, but it didn't matter. He could hear footsteps echo out from farther in. He'd been inside for too long. They were going to find him and kill him, kill his sisters! He was too weak, too, pathetic, he was-it was too much. With a cry he struck the wall, in frustration, in anger, again and again. He kept going, as the steps got closer, until, finally he heard a small click. He had no time to react as the floor dropped out from under him. His back hit soft dirt, and the trapdoor shut silently. The cavern was dark, save for a small, golden light that permeated from the center of the room. All around, more strange statues stood. With no other option, Leon moved closer. The light was coming out from coffin like structure, a tomb of some sort. On it's lid was a figure robed in heavy armor, both hands clutching a sword. With a small push, the lid gave and fell the floor, the golden light now shining furiously. Inside, a broken skeleton lay, clutching a scabbard containing a glowing, golden sword. After his initial revulsion passed, Leon felt a strange sensation. It was as if the sword was humming, calling to him... The instant he touched the pommel, the glow spread from the sword to him, and he could see no more. All there was around him was darkness, and voices. Three voices, chaotic, asking for a deal, a bargain, a purpose. His tried his best to wade through the sounds and give his own, but they were fragmented. Hero..save...protect...stop... A voice resounded. "We can work with that." It was blurry after that. A flash of laughter, a fight, a shocked gang boss. His sisters looked in awe, he restrained the criminals, and then, a..boat? With a jerk, he awoke. He looked about the boat, confused. His sisters would later tell him how brave he was, how amazing. They were proud, what would he do with this power? As several voices rang about his head almost silently, Leon couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. Personality & Motivation Leon is a soft spoken young man, with somewhat low self esteem. If you ignite his interest he can be quite passionate. These interests include literature and music. In general, he is kind and helpful, and at times has been derided by others as a pushover. Though he tries to be friendly and optimistic, it is at times difficult, as he suffers from mild mood swings into apathy and depression. Leon is somewhat nervous about his time as Gallant, though as long as he continues to do good is willing to be the vessel for the spirits. Gallant is joyful and boisterous, and is a seemingly uncontrollable chaotic young man. He may be boasting of his prowess one second, and the next be off on his next adventure. Gallant loves heroics and adventure, talking about heroics and adventure, and seemingly not much else. Despite this, Gallant does have a set of morals that he believes in, based upon helping others in need and other heroic, knightly conducts. Gallant seems somewhat shy when under scrutiny, avoids self-reflection, and strangely, mirrors. In truth, Gallant is simply Leon's sleepwalking body being steered around by spirits, his consciousness off in the corner of his mind, though at times it may leak through. Like Leon, Gallant suffers from mood swings, of a sort. In this case, however, it is actually his behavior shifting depending on which spirit is currently steering him. Complications Possessed Hero: Gallant is steered by three powerful spirits that possess Leon's body when he is unconscious. The spirits are in semi-flux, and who is the main driver changes occasionally. Heroic: Gallant must be heroic, no matter the cost. He must spare the villain, he must save the civilian in distress. Even if he knows it is a trap, he must make the attempt. It's in the very nature of Gallant as a unique entity, regardless of which spirit is steering him. If what is considered heroic in a situation is murky, things can get hectic in Gallant's head quickly. Secret Identity: Leon has two secrets to keep. The fact that he is (technically) Gallant, and the fact that he is host to three spirits of unknown origin who are actually Gallant. Relationship: Giselle and Guinevere (Sisters). Abilities STR: +10/0 (30/10) DEX: +1 (12) CON: +10/0 (30/10) INT: +1 (12) WIS: +2 (14) CHA: +10/0 (30/10) Saves Tough: +15 (+10 Con, +5 Protection) Fort: +10 (+10 Con) Ref: +5 (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6) Combat Initiative +5Attack +4, +8 (melee)Grapple +16/20Defense +6, +3 flat-footedKnockback -10.5 Skills Bluff 15 (+29/+19) [+4 Attractive] Diplomacy 10 (+24/+14) [+4 Attractive] Gather Information 10 (+20/+10) Knowledge (Art) 5 (+5) Language 1 (English[Native], French) Notice 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats Accurate Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Attractive Beginner's Luck Distract (Bluff) Fearless Improved Critical Improved Initiative Improved Throw Improved Trip Interpose Instant Up Luck 1 Quick Draw Quick Change Stunning Attack Take-down Attack Taunt Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers Gallant Sword (Device 2) (Hard to lose) -Gallant Sword (Strike 4) (DC 29, Feats: Improved Critical (Gallant Sword (Strike 4)); Mighty) (Extra: Penetrating) Enhanced Constitution 20 (+20 CON) Enhanced Strength 20 (+20 STR) Enhanced Charisma 20 (+20 CHA) Protection 4 (+4 Toughness; Impervious [6 extra ranks]) Speed 3 (50 MPH) Chi [Healing] 5 (Flaws: Personal) Drawbacks Spirit Possession: [Involuntary Transformation, Normal Identity] (8PP) Leon only becomes Gallant when he falls unconscious, and likewise Gallant reverts back the same way. DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage (Physical, Bludgeoning) Gallant Blade Touch DC 29 Toughness Damage (Physical, Slashing) Totals: Abilities (8) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (14[58 ranks]) + Feats (22) + Powers (84) - Drawbacks (8) = 150/150 Power Points ----------- So, didn't know if I should put this with the complication or what. My new idea for it was that at the start of every thread I do a personal roll to determine which spirit is dominate in general. And then, like was suggested, if a GM requested me to switch I could do so.
  9. The Channeler Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +5 Attack, -5 Damage/+5 Defense, -5 Toughness In Brief: Elemental hero who is still discovering how his powers work. Can control all four elements, but progresses slower with them. Catchphrase: None Theme: None Alternate Identity: Samuel Glase (Secret) Birthplace: Downtown Freedom City. Residence: He never left Downtown Freedom City. Base of Operations: He owns a three-room apartment at Parkside, and has converted one room into a sort of base. That's about it. Occupation: He has a part-time job cooking at a diner. He's currently going to college so he can study to become a scientist, and perhaps discover what caused his powers to sort of "stall" for two years. Affiliations: He is currently doing things alone. Family: His sister, Cassie, lives across from him. He'd do anything to protect her. Description: Age: 23(Date of birth: September 6, 1993 Apparent Age: See real age. Gender: Male Ethnicity: American Height: 5'11" Weight: 185 lbs. Eyes: Bright blue, turn white when channeling his abilities, or if he's attempting to appear threatening. Hair: Brown, kinda messy. Covers his left eye when he's not suited up. He appears fairly physically fit, even in his civilian guise. His head is kind of egg-shaped, with a ski-slope nose, and he normally wears glasses in his civilian guise. His casual attire generally includes various T-shirts with pop culture references, jeans, and a pair of black shoes. He also owns a blue hoodie. As the Channeler, he generally wears a blue domino mask. He has a blue, sleeveless "shirt" with dark blue shoulder pads, and small red, white, light blue and green circles in the center - he claims they represent the four elements he uses. He has blue gloves, as well as pretty basic blue spandex for the tights, and dark blue boots. History: Samuel "Sammy" Glase's story tends to remain ambiguous - what he believes to be the 'priming' event for his powers took place 2 years ago, and as such he doesn't remember the full details. To make a long story short, he took a tour of a laboratory owned by a company named Terracorp, and sort of...Well, he got distracted by a very odd-looking device and, always the curious type, wandered off. He stumbled into the machine, and got zapped with some sort of energy, going into a coma for 6 months. When he woke up, he thought everything was normal...2 years after the incident, he discovered his powers, creating a "misfire" which resulted in the burning of a painting he bought at a yard sale. Afterwards, he began to study his powers. He's been practicing for a week, and has learned how to control the very basics of his abilities. Having been inspired by the other heroes of Freedom City, he decides to do the right thing - protect his city. Ordering what he called "a Halloween costume" custom-made, he suits up and prepares to fight crime as the Channeler. Personality & Motivation: Motivation - He's surrounded by heroes, and is in fact inspired by them. It's hard not to take the good path with heroes all around you. Is further explanation needed? Personality - Since he's developed his powers, he's attempted to keep from getting too close to anyone, for fear of villains using them to their advantage. He's a bit of a deadpan one, and tends to make remarks in the middle of combat. He sometimes acts mysterious, dropping hints to what happened to him or who he really is. As with most siblings, he tends to tease his sister. He seems to have a zero-tolerance policy for criminals, in both his civilian and superhero guises. His interrogation techniques are often similar to that of vigilantes, threatening pain or death upon someone, but he usually just knocks them out if needed, sets them down and moves on. In truth, he'll only kill if he absolutely has to. Powers & Tactics: He has been shown to create and manipulate all four elements - Fire, Air, Earth, and Ice. There are very few tactics used in his efforts, mostly just trying to hit the opponent a lot and not get hit back. Power Descriptions: Energy blasts can be orange(for fire,) green(for earth,) white(for air,) or light blue(for ice), though the element/color used is purely aesthetic. There is no visible "short-hand" for using his elemental manipulation abilities. Complications: Can't Go Back: On the contrary to the example flaw, he's too cautious - anyone who's done evil in the past, he won't trust. And he will confront people for just about any slip-up. Family Matters: As stated, he'd do anything to keep his sister safe - grab her, and he'll do anything to save her. You can use this to your advantage, and even make a deal to get loose without charges - or worse. Curiosity Killed the Cat: He is incredibly curious in his pursuits, and will likely investigate anything out of the ordinary, whether civilian or superhero. You can use this to catch him off guard. Abilities: 0 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 0 = 20PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 2 (2PP / Base Attack) + 6 (2PP / Base Defense) = 16PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +2 Melee, +2 Range Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +12 Flat-Footed (Uncanny Dodging) Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 2 (1PP / Fortitude) + 3 (1PP / Reflex) + 3 (1PP / Will) = 8PP Toughness: +2 (+2 Con, +0) Fortitude: +4 (+2 Con, +2) Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex, +3) Will: +6 (+3 Wis, +3) Skills: 52R = 10PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks) Intimidate 12 (+12) - 12 ranks in Intimidate (3 PP) Investigate 8 (+8) - 8 ranks in Investigate (2 PP) Profession [Cooking] 8 (+8) - 8 ranks in Profession [Cooking] (2 PP) Craft [Mechanical] 8 (+8) - 8 ranks in Craft [Mechanical] (2 PP) Craft [Electronic] 4 (+4) - 4 ranks in Craft [Electronic] (1 PP) Feats: 21PP Uncanny Dodge 1 Invent 1 Taunt 1 Dodge Focus 6 Equipment: Leaving this area here because I will be getting the trait later down the line, but not yet... Powers: Powers: 23 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 23PPAll a result of genetic alterations.Elemental Control 11 (22PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power) [23PP]Base Power: Blast 10 (100-1'000ft; Feats: Accurate) [21 PP]Alternate Power: Telekinesis 10 (100-1000ft, Effective STR 50) [20 PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Blast Ranged DC 25 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (20) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (10) + Feats (21) + Powers (23) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 (or 105/105) Power Points
  10. From the album: Alder's Artistry

    Miras, colored and complete!

    © K Keppeler

  11. Gizmo


    Incursion Incursion: Prologue Praetorians: AwakeningIncursion: Three If By SpaceIncursion: Holding the FortIncursion: Phase One Incursion: Blood in the Water A Lor refugee cruiser has become separated from the evacuated fleet! Can our heroes defend it from Communion fighters long enough to make it to safety? Featuring: Paradigm, Kharag, Deep Freeze and Seika Incursion: Meaning in Destruction The world-killer has set course for another world. The clock is ticking as our heroes try to discover why and escape with their lives! Featuring: Dragonid, Moon-Moth, The Traveller and Solar Sentinel Incursion: The Conquered Flesh The Stellar Khanate has been silent since the Communion first arrived in known space. Cavalier recruits blockade runners to find out the terrifying reason! Featuring: Cavalier, Eclipse and Rock Incursion: Opportunists and Opposition The remaining Star Knights are spread thin and pirate attacks have surged! But are interstellar brigands the worst our heroes have to fear? Featuring: Corona, Mechanized, Memorial and Galvanic Incursion: Backwater They came for a bounty but our heroes much deal with a corrupt sheriff, overcrowded refugees and rising tensions if they plan to make it back to civilized space! Featuring: Bliss, Roulette and Ruby VoxxIncursion: Phase Two The silent night of December 25th is broken by the arrival of a threat from the stars! The worst has come to pass and the Communion has come for Earth! With attacks on every corner of the globe the heroes of Freedom City must leave the familiar rooftops of their home city behind to defend their planet from utter destruction! Incursion: Stop-Thrust The members of the Freedom League organizing the defense of Earth from aboard the Lighthouse find that something is trying to turn their own weapons against them! Featuring: Comrade Frost, Fleur de Joie, Gabriel, Gaian Knight and Velocity Incursion: Drop the Needle The Communion's arrival has awakened something buried deep beneath Seattle's Space Needle and it might take three Erin Whites to save the day! Featuring: Cannonade, Cobalt Templar, Edge, Midnight II and Wander Incursion: That's Amore Dragonfly and Miss Americana have a plan for a defensive weapon using the Farsider's moonstone as a focus. The Communion has a plan to blow the moon into itty bitty pieces! Featuring: Dragonfly, Geckoman, Harrier, Jack of all Blades, Miss Americana and Willow Incursion: Uploaded to the Cloud As news of the invasion spreads and threats reveal themselves, a charismatic cult leader in Rio de Janeiro is on the rise! Dark magic or cosmic charlatans?! Featuring: Equinox, Ghost Girl, Nick Cimitiere, Nightingale, Phantasmo and Wraith Incursion: Spirit of the Blitz Communion needleship drones focus on the UNISON HQ in Geneva, which houses may of Earth's space flight capable combat craft! The Vanguard and their allies stand in the way! Featuring: Coiled Lightning, Foreshadow II, Myrmidon, Synapse, Ulysses and Young Britannia Incursion: God Squad Typhon plans to usher in the apocalypse by turning nanotech drones near the Naqada necropolis into cyborg versions of mythical monsters! Who ya gonna call? Featuring: Arrowhawk, Meatheral, Miras, Set and Sun Walker Incursion: Mind Over Matter The Communion's broadcast is laying siege to the psychically receptive minds of Earth! Our heroes use the Arecibo Observatory to meet the threat head-on on the astral plane! Featuring: Blue Fox, Hologram, Miss Grue and Nano Angel Incursion: Matter Over Mind While the psychic heroes fight the broadcast, their bodies are vulnerable! A second team must defend them against waves of Communion drones! Featuring: Fast-Forward, Grimalkin, Net Fly, Queenie, Silver Magus and Triakosia Incursion: Science Team Go! A computronium bomb hits the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, converting everything it touches! Our heroes race to stop a grey goo scenario! Featuring: Asad, Citizen, Hronos, Maxima and Terrifica Praetorians: Ghost in the MachineIncursion: Phase Three While Earth has lay under siege the rest of the galaxy has burned with war. The Communion continues to sweep over world after world, converting most into horrific server tombs to fuels it insatiable hunger to expand its intellect and destroying others outright to create wormholes for some more diabolical purpose. It does not do so unopposed, however, as the Galactic Coalition fights back at every turn! Lor mentats soldier on shoulder to shoulder with Grue Arcane while Khanate pirates take up arms alongside newly awakened Praetorians in a battle for their very survival! They are outnumbered and overpowered but they have a plan. Legends are about to be born and one way or another the galaxy will never be the same. Incursion: Black Sheep For months Star Knight Kyle Steward has been a one man armored thorn in the Communion's paw. An ally arrives to help and catch him up on what he's missed in the meantime. Incursion: Red Five The Communion's machinations on Earth have been thwarted but the world-killer still looms near Pluto's orbit! Can our heroes destroy the superweapon before their home joins Lor-Van? Featuring: Argonaut, Cavalier, Geckoman, Hronos and Sun Walker Incursion: Merciless At the Coalition's secret base a final, desperate stratagem is being planned. It becomes much more desperate when the communed Star-Khan arrives to quash the resistance once and for all! Featuring: Galvanic, Paradigm and Rock Incursion: Troopers Behind enemy lines on a cyberformed server world our heroes must lead grudging allies from the Lor, Grue and more in an assault on a key communication relay before time runs out! Featuring: Corona, Eclipse, Roulette and Wander Incursion: Blockade Runners To get vital intelligence regarding the location of the Communion mothership back to the Coalition our heroes will have to fight their way off world and through an enemy blockade! Featuring: Bliss, Dragonid, Ghost Girl, Kharag and Wraith Incursion: Interstellar 66 With another world targeted for destruction to form another wormhole a risky deal must be struck. Are our heroes sure they're aligning themselves with the lesser of two evils? Featuring: Dragonfly, Deep Freeze, Ruby Voxx and The Traveller Incursion: Only Hope There's just one chance to infiltrate the Communion mothership and disable it from the inside, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance! Featuring: Citizen, Mater Vyrdna, Moon Moth, Seika and TemperanceIncursion: Aftershocks
  12. Grailent

    Psyskull - WIP

    Player's Name: Grailent Character Name: Psyskull Power Level: 10* (125/125PP) *Sidekick Size: Small (4PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Alternate Universe Time Traveler, Floating Psychic Skull Seeking Redemption. Alternate Identity: Emile Christian Identity: Secret Birthplace: Straubing, Bavaria Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher Affiliations: Chimera II (Partner,) Saint Johnathon Elementary School Family: Annette Christian (Mother, Deceased,) Axel Christian (Father, Deceased) Astrid Christian (Sister, Deceased) Description: Age: 34 (DoB: June 20, 1939) Gender: Male Ethnicity: German Height: 2'0/5'6 Weight: 40 lb./130 lb Hair: None/Brown Eyes: None/Blue Emile is floating skull. He looks like a clean, bleach white skull, that is floating. When under the effect of illusion, he appears as studious looking man, with longer hair tied back and traces of stubble. He prefers to appear with longer coats and more covering clothing. Power Description: An extremely intelligent and insightful psychic, reduced to a floating skull. Has kept all of his mental prowess, abilities, and faculties, and has gained the immunities of a skull that needs no oxygen or sustenance. History: Emile Christian was born in 1939, at the dawn of the age of super heroes, though he had no way of knowing this at the time. His family were fairly well off, his mother a succesful baker, his father a professor. They never truly seemed scant of money, and were in his earliest years happ as could be. Things changed as Germany's occupation hardened. Emile wouldn't understand fully what had transpired for many years, but what he did know, was that they had lost everything. Their jobs, their friends, their home. They were forced to move, to a small shanty town out of sight and mind of the Nazis. Even after the war ended, the family's situation did not improve. Along with the new addition of Emile's baby sister, and the drought of resources their new home provided, his parents spirits had been broken. The losses they had endured, the horrors they had witnessed independent of their son, had stopped any hope of improvement. They lived in squalor for many years. This changed when Emile became an adult. Now of legal age, he was reached out to by a nearby university, in a much more well of town. He showed much promise, his studies in psychology already bearing fruit locally, as his town's recent mental improvements showed. They would fund his trip, give room and board, and generally accommodate his less well off status. The only downside, abandoning his family. With a heavy heart, he accepted. That was an exciting time, when Emile had as much to study as he could dream, and when he discovered his own burgeoning abilities. There had been reports of smaller mutations developing in those situated in his birthplace, theorized to be the by-product of nearby Nazi experimentation, But Emile was much more, severe. His powers would only develop more and more as he grew. Graduating with accords as a psychology major, opening the town's newest psychiatry clinic, Emile's life was looking up. News from family brought that down, of course. His sister had written him, telling of the recent passing of their parents. She told him of her now bankrupt state, reached out for help, accused him of abandoning them. He couldn't let it stand. But, though he got plenty of well-off patients, he himself got very little pay. What could he do... It got easier as time passed, using his powers. People were all too happy to reveal secrets, transfer money. At some point, his sister told him she no longer needed his assistance financially, but he couldn't stop. It was just too, intoxicating. Soon, heroes began to come around, searching for the lost funds. They couldn't stop someone of his skill, of course, but he played their little game. Making up a simple costume, the people of the world would treble before, "The Sinister Psychosis!" If you were to research the Sinister Psychosis today, you would learn that he soon moved operations, grouped with several others with similar goals, to Freedom City, to enact a heist for one of the most valuable gems in the known world. You would also know that this failed, that Psychosis, jailed and trapped in the city, faded away into history. You can find a minor exhibit in the Freedom City Museum of history that details him and several other European villains. In another world, another time, however, he was never approached about any heist. Instead, he was approached by a shadowy group, a splinter faction of an american governmental branch, looking for someone of his 'talents' to keep members in line. The pay was too good to pass up, and he happily accepted. Psychosis never learned the full story about the facilities going ons, only that they had found a unique specimen, and were using American humans as test subjects. On of these American's, a young man named Leon, he felt a certain kinship with. The first meeting was pure circumstance, the lad had been wandering about, Psychosis had been patrolling, they had met and struggled, and locked themselves inside the room they founds themselves in. With little to do, Psychosis struck up conversation, and fond that the Leon was not to different from himself. Even after being found, the two met in secret. Something about him, brought forth something Emile hadn't felt in quite some time. There was still some level of animosity, of course, as prisoner and jailer have, but a true trust was clearly developing. Trust that would be put into play, one fateful day. The facility was attacked, super heroes who had been trailing them. The Heads of Staff had gone mad, activated a self destruct function in the facility. Emile wasn't willing to die for a paycheck, and he began to flee. Something stopped him as he passed Leon, and he found himself opening his cell. Emile screamed warnings, and he woke with a start, the pair making their way as fast as possible outside the facility. Even at the very edge of the station's borders, it still wasn't enough.They were doomed, Emile knew. His life flashed before him, and he knew this is what he deserved. But Leon was different, he was an innocent, a victim. He used all of his strength to create a field of protection for his friend. In his final moments, he noted something peculiar. It seemed the heroes were going to try to counter the blast with one of their own. Fantastic. He felt searing pain twice over, heard static and otherworldly sounds. He only had a moment, as a hand grasped at his shoulder and pulled him down, to note the strange hole where his force-field had been. He fell for some time, in pain all the while, before, finally, losing consciousness. He awoke with a start, to a strange setting. A field, untouched by explosions or society. TO his left, an unconscious Leon. His right, a fisherman. He moved toward the man, noting a strange feeling of loss, and was startled when the man screamed and fainted. He looked down, behind him, nothing. Nothing... Emile would never truly get over his losses, and spent a good while in shock, but eventually he was shaken out of it by Leon's awakening. Without purpose, the pair wandered for a time, in a world alien to them. Eventually they drifter toward America. Crimes were present every step of the journey, and eventually Emile decided they would their purpose, his redemption. It took some coercion, but eventually Leon came around. People were none to happy with the floating skull and the monster man, carrying the name of historic villain. Leon had deferred to him in the matter, as he was poor with names. (Emile himself was little better.) Eventually, enough was enough, and the headed for Freedom City to gain some semblance of respectability. Committing what would hopefully be the only crime of their new careers, the pair stole the original Chimera's mystical mask. The pair decided to settle in the city for a time, Leon working odd jobs. Emile, refusing his original profession, decided to work somewhere similar to his father, as a teacher. Of course, the only openings were in the kindergarten grade level, but, it was a start. Personality & Motivation: In public is a generally jovial and sarcastic individual. In private, Emile is more serious, though he is still capable of humor. Holds Leon and his students in high regard, but can disrespectful to strangers and those he dislikes. Emile is extremely prideful of his powers, as well as his intelligence. Powers & Tactics: A powerful psychic, more focused upon mental manipulation, allowing others to do the work. Has many distraction techniques, and can be a useful asset to team-mates. In a pinch can create a forcefield to improve his and allies defenses. Is also a skull, immune to disease, suffocation, etc. Uses mental flight to propel himself. Complications: Redemptive: Emile could be considered an idealist, in that he believes that others can see the errors of their ways as he has. New Leaf: Emile was once a villain, and he is greatly ashamed of that fact. He is sincerely determined to redeem himself, and prove that he is worth trust and compassion. Public Relations: Somewhere along the monster friend with a villain name, the skull thing, the still unconfirmed theft of public property, and the super power of bad first impressions, the public found something to dislike about Psyskull. Secret: Superhero Identity, Secret Skeleton Head. Partner: Psyskull and Chimera II are more partners than sidekick and hero, but the two are nonetheless protective of each other, the only still living remnants of their old lives. Struggling: Though he has stable employment compared to Leon, Kindergarden Teachers are not payed well. Relic: Though he has mostly figured out the lingo of the new world, and is a quick study on advances in Psychology, His track of pop cultrure and history leave something to be desired. Teacher: Though he often can find time for super-heroics, Emile is still a dedicated teacher. He is protective of his class, and threating them is one of the few things capable of irking him. Stats Abilities: -9 + 6 + 0 + 12 + 12 + 0 = 30PP STR: 1 (-5) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: -- INT: 22 (+6) WIS: 22 (+6) CHA: 10 (+0) Combat: 1 = 2PP Initiative: +7 Attack -4, -5 Base, +1 (Size) Grapple -9, -5 base, -4 (Size) Defense +8, +0 base, +6 Dodge, +1 Size, +1 [+0 Flat-Footed] Knockback -8 Saving Throws: 5 + 2 = 7PP Toughness: +0/*+12(+0 Con, *With Force-Field), +0 flat-footed, Fortitude: Immune Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +5) Will: +8 (+6 Wis,+2) Skills: 22R= 7PP Bluff 4 (+4) Skill Mastery Concentration 4 (+10) Skill Mastery Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 4 (+10) Skill Mastery Knowledge (Theology And Philosophy) 4 (+10) Language 2 (English, German[Native]) Sense Motive 4 (+10) Skill Mastery Feats: 16PP Assessment Distract Evasion Fearless Improved Block (+2 Block) Improved Defense (+6 Dodge) Improved Initiative (+4 Initiative) Luck Move-By Action Master Plan Skill Mastery 1 (Sense Motive, Bluff, Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences), Concentration) Set Up Taunt Teamwork Ultimate Will Uncanny Dodge (Sight) Powers 40pp + 23pp + 4pp = 67pp Immunity 40 (Life Support, Fortitude) [40pp] Psionic Skull Array (Alternate Power 7) [23pp] Base: Telepathy 7 [14pp]AP: Illusion 3 (All Senses) (Extras: Action) [13pp]AP: Confusion 7 [14pp]AP: Mind Switch 6 (Extras: Attack, Area) [14pp]AP: Mind Control 6 (Feats: Consciousness Extra: Mental Link) [14pp]AP: Power Control 7 [14pp]AP: Force Field 13 (Feats: Selective) [14pp]AP: Mental Blast 3 [12pp]AP: Mind Shield 12 (Extras: Affects Others 1) [13pp]AP: Mirror Image 3 [12pp]Flight 2 (25 MPH) [4pp] Size 4 + Abilities 30 + Combat 2 + Saves 7 + Skills 7 + Feats 16 + Powers 67 - 9= 125/125 Power Points DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Telepathy Perception DC 20 Will Mind Probed Mental Blast Perception DC 19 Will Damage (Mental) Mind Control Perception DC 20 Will Controlled Mind Switch Perception DC 20 Will Controlled (Switch) Illusion Perception DC 20 Will Illusion'd Confusion Perception DC 20 Will Mental [Confused (Varies)] Power Control Perception DC 20 Will Mental [Power's Controlled]-------- Chimera II's 'Sidekick.' Any tips, advice, or insight is greatly appreciated! I've separated the two as Chimera already has replies. They'll be linked together once they are placed in the bank.
  13. Player's Name: Grailent Character Name: Chimera II Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: Variable Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Alternate universe time traveler, taking on the identity of 70's Villain for want of purpose. Alternate Identity: Leon Summers Identity: Secret Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts Occupation: Rotating Affiliations: Psyskull (Partner) Kimberly Ashvale (Chimera I, Villian, Technical alternate counterpart, Deceased) Family: Rosemary Summers (Mother, Deceased,) Jacob Summers (Father, Deceased) Description: Age: 23 (DoB: May 11, 1950) Gender: Male Ethnicity: African American Height: 6'0" Weight: 150 lb. Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel Leon Summers is a fit younger man, with generally attractive features, longer dusty hair, and a pleasant, if tired smile. His age is normally belied by his constantly tires eyes and expression. His normal attire, though shifting to fit his current occupation, usually consists of plainer jackets and coats, as well as worn pants and shirts. As Chimera, his outfit consists of a dark blue jacket, hood, and white armband and knuckle bandages, as well as a ceramic mask. The mask is pure white, and carved with a crawling, intricate sweep of ruby vines. Power Description: A human male forcibly experimented on, fused with Grue Genetics and animal DNA. Capable of transforming his limbs into those of the animals of earth, including bears, tigers, snakes, etc. Wears a specially enchanted mask, capable of glamouring away the facial morphs superficially, while still allowing them to function normally. The Grue genetics inside Chimera give him limited access to the species's extendable limbs. History: Leon was born in 1950 to Rosemary Summers, a struggling seamstress, and Jacob Summers, a small-town sheriff living in the city of Boston. The family struggled financially for most of Leon's young life, and at an early age he too began working odd jobs, wherever they could be found. Though they had little freedom in trying times, the family remained unified and jovial, his parents kept aloft by both each other, and the exciting tales of Freedom City often passed down the country. His parents saw the glory in it all, the excitement and wonder in the adventures. Leon was a bit more realistic, and he often found the tales a bit frightening. Being invaded by aliens, monsters, zombies? He would do just fine without all that, thank you very much! And just fine, he did. Though he find it a mite difficult, he worked quietly and diligently through school, saving every penny he could get, Leon and his family were ecstatic when the news came into the most prestigious university in the state. He was his family's pride, a Geology major in the making, and he threw his everything into his studies. Making some few acquaintances along the way, including the school Beau Kimberly Ashvale, Leon's final year was looking bright. A brief study of Kimberly Ashvale will bring up some choice hits these days. A psychologically troubled individual, responsible for several mysterious disappearance through her school life, she was invited along with several other promising schoolmates to a special sponsored field trip. A cross-country affair down to California to meet some big-shots with big promises. The bus never arrived along it's destination. A small splinter group, formed of disgruntled AEGIS members, stationed along the coast of Europe, received some test subjects for it's latest advancement. The recovered body of an alien life form, a Grue, had been discovered there, kept hidden from the public. The subjects were bonded with choice pieces of the Grue's genetics, separated into study groups to test it's effects. Leon and Kimberly were placed with the animal sub-group. Within this sub-group, the Grue never fully integrated. Leon could never fully transform himself into an animal, and Kimberly suffered severe mental degradation. They were lab rats, tortured and mistreated for too many years. It seemed never ending, hopeless. A small group of heroes hailing from Freedom City, tracking the disappearance on the side for many years. It was a slow journey, but eventually, they found their men. The walls exploded, the evidence destroyed, chaos emerged. Among it all, Kimberly, a beautiful, charismatic, and twisted individual convinced the heroes, that their mission had been completed, long before the discovery of the other subjects, left to rot. The only lasting survivor of the incident, Kimberly would become the villain Chimera, as she slipped fully into evil. Her most notable achievement, the theft of a mystical mask, said to hide even the most hideous of forms, held an exhibit in the Freedom City Museum of History to this day. At least, that's how it happened in our reality. In another reality, another world, the reluctant small-time German supervillian, The "Sinister Psychosis," was a staff member of the splinter faction. He kept potential malcontents in-line with his mental prowess, and the mole in the organization never even though of betraying them, allowing a much extended period of research. Leon, the least broken among all the subjects, developed a rapport with him. The two had a surprising amount in common, country boy's with a bright future, forced into a path they never wanted. They still had animosity, of course, but a true trust was developing. That trust came into play, when early one morning, Psychosis opened Leon's cell in a panic. The facility had been discovered, they were being torn apart. The heads had decided upon only one option, the complete leveling of the entire area. The two had to escape, immediately. A brief struggle with several other subjects later, the pair managed to break to the very edge of the facility. But it was no use, the explosion, it was coming fast. Leon felt himself pushed under the weight of a field, and looked out to see Psychosis, holding his hands out, staring at something. Leon wouldn't be able to see what it was, as he found the ground beneath him vanish. He was only able to barely touch Psychosis before he fell. He awoke to a strange sight, a green field, free of destruction or society. To his right, a...skull. Floating by a boat and an unconscious man. It would be a long time before he could adjust with his new friend's...loss. The two were caught unaware by the world they now inhabited. Along with the small historical discrepancies, the two had been shot forward in time, at least forty years. Lost ad alone, the pair wandered for a time, without purpose of family. Eventually, they began to come upon crimes. Though they bickered for a time, the two eventually began to fight back against these encounters. Though they meant well, people were less than pleased with the monster man and his skeleton friend, holding onto a name associated with a historic villain (at Psyskulls behest, as Leon had no talent for names.) Eventually, in an effort to ease distrust and maintain some level of secrecy, the pair staged what would hopefully be the only crime of their new careers. Breaking and Entering into Freedom City's Historic Museum, the two borrowed a dusty museum piece. The mask din't work quite as well for Leon as it did for his predecessor, only hiding his facial transformations. But it was enough, and now, slightly more respectable than before, Chimera II and his skeleton head friend hold out, as struggling men scraping by, and as part time super secret Heroes! Personality & Motivation: Leon is a generally serious and dutiful man, constantly working to fund himself and his family and friends. He is often tired or drained, but he still holds plenty of capacity for kindness and amusement. Though not a genius, he is reasonably intelligent, though he benefits much more from common sense not shared among his peers. Though he is generally affable, he holds those who struggle daily in much higher regard to the more well off. The most notable way to encourage annoyance or anger within Leon is to show extreme ego and arrogance, two things he finds appalling. As Chimera, Leon is perhaps a bit more mouthy than normal, mostly because it helps him cope with danger or stress. He is mostly distasteful of his powers, though the connection and understanding with nature and animals it has led to is appreciated. Powers & Tactics: A technical type of shapeshifter, capable of summoning force powers from the animals of earth. Technically a failure, as the project that created him was to create full shapeshifters, Chimera nonetheless holds power within him. He can complement his powers with decent physical prowess and a sharp mind. Chimera treats every threat with equal measure, never looking for true pain or death, but bringing his A-game as best he can. His battle-plans often rely on adapting to is opponents, starting with simple brute force and allowing them to expose a weakness or flaw to exploit. This has resulted in skill equal in both defense and offense. A bit harder than most to take down, both in part because of his limited regeneration, and his potential to summon forth defensive powers of the wild. Complications: Horror Hero: Leon's powers are not the most, pleasant to witness. Need a claw, boom, crab claw instead of an arm. Need suction, boom, tentacle leg. Need bite, boom, snake arm, etc. This has been mitigated slightly with the help of his mask, which hides superficially the strange looking facial morphs, but it's still not uncommon for the old lady who's purse just returned to scream at his tail. Newbie: Leon is extremely new to super heroics, having perhaps been in the business for three months. He defers mostly to those with more experience in heroic matters, normally Psyskull (though that has turned out poorly before..) and can get a bit panicked when forced to make large decisions alone. Public Relations: Somewhere along the villain name, the skull friend, the still unconfirmed theft of public property, and the super power of bad first impressions, the public found something to dislike about Chimera. Secret: Superhero Identity, Skeleton Head Friend. Sidekick: Psyskull and Chimera II are more partners than sidekick and hero, but the two are nonetheless protective of each other, the only still living remnants of their old lives. Struggling: Leon works constant shifting jobs to pay the rent, and often super-heroics find a way to squeeze into life. Groovy, Baby: Though he has mostly figured out the lingo of the new world, and is a quick study on advances in geology, Leon is still a man out of time. His track of pop culture, current events, events that were current twenty years ago, they all leave something to be desired. Loved and Lost: Leon is still mournful about the loss of his friends and family, old but sprightly in his time, now relics of the past. Disrespect them, there will be problems. Stats Abilities: 8 + 6 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 0 = 28PP STR: 18 (+4) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 16 (+3) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 10 (+0) Combat: 4 + 2 = 6PP Initiative: +6 Attack +6/*+10, +4 Base, +2, [*+4 Melee] Grapple +13 Defense +7, +5 Base, +2, [+5 Flat-Footed] Knockback -2 Saving Throws: 4 + 5 + 4 = 13PP Toughness: +9 (+3 Con, +6 Defensive Roll), +4 flat-footed Fortitude: +7 (+3 Con, +4) Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5) Will: +7 (+3 Wis, +4) Skills: 45R = 12PP Acrobatics 4 (+7) Bluff 4 (+4) Concentration 8 (+13) Skill Mastery Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (+5) Notice 4 (+7) Skill Mastery Survival 4 (+7) Skill Mastery Handle Animal 4 (+4) Sense Motive 4 (+7) Skill Mastery Feats: 57PP Attack Focus (Melee) 4 (+4 attack) Animal Empathy Beginner's Luck Defensive Roll 3 (+6 Toughness) Elusive Target Endurance Evasion 1 Improved Block (+2 Block) Improved Defense (+6 Dodge) Improved Initiative (+4 Initiative) Instant Up Luck Move-By Action Power Attack Quick Change Improved Trip (+4 Trip) Sidekick 25 Skill Mastery 1 (Sense Motive, Survival, Notice, Concentration) Take-down Attack 2 Track Ultimate Will Uncanny Dodge (Olfactory) Weapon Bind Powers: 30 + 2 + 2 = 34PP Animal Mimicry 4 (36 + 3) [39pp] EX: Extra Subject 2, Stacking Elongation 2 [2pp] Abilities 28 + Combat 6 + Saves 11 + Skills 13 + Feats 58 + Powers 34 = 150/150 Power Points DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical)
  14. Grailent

    WIP- Rescue

    Player Name: Grailent Character Name: Rescue Power Level: 10 (147/150PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 3 Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30 In Brief: Troubled Teen to One Man Rescue Service. Alternate Identity: Felix Crenshaw Identity: Secret Birthplace: Portland, Oregon Occupation: Grocery Clerk, Volunteer Medic Affiliations: Dan and Deb's Healthy Living Convenience, 38th Street Family: Lewis Crenshaw (Father, 34), Natalie Crenshaw (Mother, 33), Candice Crenshaw (Sister, 24) Description Age: 18 (DoB: 8/13/1997) Apparent Age: 18 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Asian-American Height: 6'0" Weight: 133 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Shaggy nape-length dark hair, smooth nose and jaw, and slightly bushy eyebrows. Felix is, in a word, innofensive. Not unattractive, but not strikingly handsome, either. Pass him on the street, you probably won't even notice him. Upright but not especially so gait, and a relaxed and blase tone let you know that he probably hasn't led a super interesting life, though that is of course, slightly untrue. In his daily life, Felix almost always wears simple, baggy clothing in muted palletes, mostly because they're comfortable and flexible. This also unintentionally hides his physique, one of a fairly frequent runner from an early age. As Rescue, however, Felix takes every effort to be noticed. His "costume," esentially a silk raiancoat, pants, and boots, blares with bright orange and yellow. Silver strips of reflective safety tape dot the outfit. The goggles and scarf help to hide his identity, as well as offer some basic protection. In a storm, a fire, a blackout, an apocalypse, Rescue is very hard to miss as he calls out for you. Power Descriptions Rescue's powers, to him, anyway, seem perfect for search and rescue - he can create up to five copies of himself, walk through walls like they aren't there, calm down or inspire hope in uncooperative civies, heal wounded on the go... When using any of his powers, Rescue summons up a minor but pleasant looking water vapour effect. When he creates a clone, the vapor flows off him, forming a human shape that quickly solidifies. When he moves through walls and other objects, he creates and outline of this vapor. When he touches someone, to heal them or manipulate an emotion, he creates a swirling mass surrounding his hand. He throws out a ball of the water vapor to create a slippery area, or a debilitating cloud around one's head. When working with his doubles, Rescue remains fairly in tandem. He can see through their eyes, as can they, meaning things such as walkie talkies are normally irrelevant. In combat, the Rescue's are not perfectly in-synch, and all of them normally use only basic punches and kicks. Rescue never fights with himself, being something of a hive-mind (though he would hate to admit it.) They refer to each other as different entities (1, 2 etc.) and can be seen in mock conversations often. History Born ostensibly in a city, but much more so raised in the rural portions of Oregon, Felix was often alone in his life. His parents were hard working and honest, but often tied up. His sister was shy and withdrawn, more interested in reading and writing than her brother. With no real substantial talents as he could tell, no real friends, and no real coping mechanism, he was desperate for purpose. Purpose, would soon find him, however. Part of a generation of troubled children, who in their later years formed "cliques" and began to fight over turf, Felix was perhaps a bit out of his happy place. Being the only person in his class with an interest in medical science, he often volunteered to help patch up hurt kids. The wounds often progressively became worse as time passed, but nothing seemed too out of the ordinary otherwise. That changed when Amanda Springs was found underneath the local bridge. Her body was wracked with a horrible, oozing wound, one not even a called in professional could identify. It grew progressively over her throughout the week, until she was unidentifiable. Then, another teen, Scott Herein, was found, heavily wounded near a smashed part of a forest. This kept up throughout the year, teens found in progressively more wounded in terrifying situations. The only common thread between them was their membership in different cliques around the town. Felix tried very hard not to think about this. He couldn't help them, they weren't good kids...but no one really deserved a fate like that. He remained torn throughout the year, out of the way of police and supernatural investigations. At least, until he became the next victim. He wasn't part of a gang, unless medical staff counted. He was, however, a bystander who did nothing to help, an accessory to crime. At least, that was what SHE believed. Tara Edder, famed punching bag of the school. She'd gone missing a year prior, with no evidence turning up. Felix finally understood, why that was. She ranted and raved as she dragged him, paralyzed, toward a cave system. He was far too out of it to hear her, but she didn't care. Slamming him on a roller bed with a giant monster arm helped him hear her crystal clear, though. The caverns were her safe place, where where went for solace from the world. One fateful day, during a minor earthquake Felix could vaugely recall, the cave had collapsed, and she had been sent into it's depths. Heavily injured and alone, she had discovered a machine, alien technology, perhaps? It seemed a good a place as any to die, so she had sat in it. The machine, changed her. AS far as she could tell, the machine was designed to create super beings. It could drag out latent potential, based on subconscious and knowledge. Tara had gained the ability to copy any other power, though she only discovered this when the nosy, poisonous shrew Amanda Springs had found her new home. With this discovery, Felix realized her plan. The machine had damaged her, internally. She thought she was enacting justice against the town. She couldn't see, how awful her plan was. He watched, as she dragged someone else out of the machine, touched them, and grumbled, leaving them with several others, tied up and writhing about. Placing him in the machine's center, Tara left to obtain a new victim while Felix "cooked," not even entertaining the notion that he had the will or awareness to crawl out of it's depths. He could barely walk, he was scared out of his mind, he wanted to escape. But he couldn't. Not only because it was pointless and probably impossible, but also because of the others with him in the cave. Failed subjects, presumably, not good for powers or vengeance, left to rot. He dragged himself to them, and freed as many as he could. Most were confounded by the freedom, and he could only squeak out the barest request to run before his legs gave out. He faded in and out of consciousness then. He saw glimpses of, a battle? Some of the subjects must have stayed to fight Tara. He saw her final moments, limply clinging to the machine that had given her purpose, and he felt pity and sorrow swell up inside. He felt his legs being dragged, back...toward the machine... He woke with a start, as a piece of debris smashed beside him. It seemed, the machine had had fallen apart, the power holding it's pieces in place running out. But, how was he alive? He scanned the nearby area for others, seeing only a corpse. One which looked, a bit familiar.He screamed, as his own corpse turned to cloud like vapor and merged with him, noting that he felt more whole than prior. He checked himself over. He was till himself, he wasn't a ghost, what was going on? It would only be, over a month later, back with his ecstatic family, that he finally learned what had happened in full. The people he had helped had dragged him as he lay dying toward the machine. He had cooked in the thing for over a week before it ran out of juice, and got a full blast of super powers. He could copy himself, he could walk through walls, he could heal people with, cloud magic, or something! He kept secret any powers he discovered, only telling people that the machine had healed him back to life. He thought often about Tara as he reached graduation, about her cause. It was wrong, and awful, but she had been correct about one thing. He had been a bystander, in a way a willing aid in crime, and people, innocent people, had been hurt on account of him. He couldn't let that go. He had to make amends. And so, moving to the big city named Freedom to start fresh, he began a new career. Innocents in peril would never have to fear, when the Marvelous Rescue was on the the scene to help! Personality & Motivation Rescue is friendly, as well as usually attempting to be jokey. He tries to be non-conflictive, though he can sometimes become annoyed or angry. He rarely hesitates before plunging headlong into nearly any life-threatening scenario if innocents are in trouble, and has prior being involved with arguments with general authority on his refusal to sacrifice an innocent for a good cause. He often works alone, though that has more to do with his focus than any other issue. Rescue is mostly at peace with his powers. The only real exception, the ability to manipulate the emotions of others, is a bit of a sore spot. He has made a vow to never use the ability abusively, for pure minor personal gain (Free things, gratification, etc,) He makes exceptions for serious situations, however. (Fighting Villians, Helping Civilians, Making a massive bully afraid of the color red during prom...) Rescue is at times inconsistent with his doubles. He knows as much as they do that they are all the same person, being a hive mind of sorts. Despite this, they interact with each other frequently as individuals, with different names and tones, insults and compliments, and even occasional game participation (though they must promise not to peak through the others eyes.) If nothing else, to him it seems like good social practice. As Felix, he is much calmer and individual. He's normally just one of himself, much more low key, and concerned with things much more in common with a teen fresh out of school looking for a college or other opportunities. Powers & Tactics Rescue's main goal is search and rescue. Split up, sense people in need, move about, heal others as needed, get them to safety. With his five duplicates, he can be throughout a scene fairly quickly, and internally communicate need and danger. If there are no more civies as he can see, or a villain desperately needs stopped, Rescue will join a fight. In actual combat, Rescue and his duplicates attempt to disable opponents and assist allies. Having an extended lifespan, thanks to regenerative capabilities, re-directive capabilities and multiple bodies, Rescue is fairly hard to put down for good. There are other situations in which having more than one of yourself is useful - doing general grunt work, spreading messages or gathering information, observing, or working together to lift heavy things. He is especially well tune for scouting thanks to his ability through walls and sense living presences. Complications Secret Identity. Another day, another double life. Being in more than two places at once helps out a fair bit, however. Fear of Heights From a young age, Rescue was never one for heights. He could never see the appeal in roller coasters, or scaling high surfaces (though he did enjoy climbing up safety harnessed rock walls and the like). In a best case scenario, Rescue will be willfully down a clone in extremely high environments. Worst case, probable minor panic attack. "Super-villians attackin' the mall, we get the frickin road cone man..." Rescue has a less than stellar public image. Though his efforts and powers are appreciated, organizations and general government are distrustful of him, as an independent hero who refuses to register any groups, schools or the like with more controlled super-heroics. The general public at large are usually disrespectful, if they know or acknowledge him at all. As Felix, he has heard himself referred to as 'D-Tier' and unimpressive, though he tries not to let it get to him. Tabloids, internet groups, they all love putting him down (in the most disregarding, flippant way possible of course.) Stats Abilities: 4 + 7 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 0 = 27PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 17 (+3) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat 4 + 2 = 6PP Initiative: +3 Attack: +3 (+1 Unarmed) Melee, +3 (1 Unarmed) Ranged,+1 Defense: + 3 Knockback: -3 Saving Throws 4 + 4 + 3 + 5 = 15PP Toughness: +6 (Con +2, +4) Fortitude: +6 (Con +2, +4) Reflex: +6 (Dex +3, +3) Will: +8 (Wis +4, +4) Skills 58R = 13PP Medicine 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Climb 4 (+10) Skill Mastery Knowledge: Popular Culture 4 Knowledge: Life Science 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Languages 1 (Japanese, English [Native]) Notice 8 (+10) Skill Mastery Sense Motive 8 (+0) Survival 4 (+0) Swim 4 (+0) Feats 26PP Beginner's Luck Attack specialization: unarmed 1 Blind Fight Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 2 Skill Mastery 1 (Knowledge: Life Science, Medicine, Notice, Climb) Endurance 2 Teamwork: 2 Elusive Target Instant Up Prone Fighting Equipment 4 Improved Disarm 2 Improved Trip Improvised Tools Quick Change Power Attack Uncanny Dodge : Auditory Equipment 4pp = 20EP Personal: Flash Goggles [1EP] Emergency Pepper Spray [15EP] Rescue Pack: Binoculaurs [1EP] Flashlight [1EP] Gas Mask [1EP] Rebreather [1EP] Powers: 24 + 7 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 44PP "One Man Rescue Team, on the scene!" [Duplication 8] (16 + 6) [24 pp] PF: Absorption Healing Mental Link Progression 2 Sacrifice EX: Survival [Healing 2] (4 + 3) [7pp] PF: Persistent Ex: Energizing Total [Super Movement: Permeate 3] [6pp] [Detect: Living 2] [2pp] [Mind Shield 2] [2pp] [Emotion Control 3] (6 - 1) [5 pp] FL: Sense-Dependent [Touch] [Mind Shield 2] [2pp] [Immunity 1: In-Object Suffocation] [1pp] [Friction Control 1: Loss Of Friction] [3pp] [Deflection 1] (2+1) [3pp] Ex: Action [Cold Control 2] (4+1) [5pp] AP: Environmental Control Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (??) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (13) + Feats (26) + Powers (60) - Drawbacks (0) = 144/150 Power Points ----------- So the main thing is I have absolutely no comprehension of the combat stats, how to allocate them, how they get boosted, etc. Any tips on making the character, problems you noticed, things that are helpful? Not trying to min-max but I don't want the character to be useless or non-functional, or illegal.
  15. Important Site Events 2007: October: 25: FCPbP opens for business 28: First adventure thread opens (Bad, Bad Boys and Their Dirty Money) 31: First appearance of superheroine Velocity, who will later become unstuck in time and space for several years, then join the Freedom League Auxiliary. (Trick or Treat) 2008: February: 16: Tech Genius and superhero Dr. Archeville makes his first appearance in Freedom City. He will later go on to found the technology company ArcheTech. (A New Day, A New Way) September 13: First appearance of teen superhero Geckoman, on his way to Claremont Academy. (A Windy Day at Jordan International Airport) Geckoman and a handful of fellow new students arrive at Claremont Academy. This is the first real appearance of Claremont Academy as more than an incidental location. (Welcome To Claremont Academy)
  16. Electra

    Demonic Invasion

    Demonic InvasionThe Demonic Invasion of Freedom City was a citywide event that occurred around November 9-11, 2009, and also encompassed events in the ten preceding days. After learning of a plan by his demonic father to kidnap him and use him as an entryway into Earth Prime, James Prophet (Hellion) a Claremont student and member of Young Freedom, left his school and his team to confront the forces of Hell on his own. He was quickly overwhelmed and despite the intervention of his friends, kidnapped and brainwashed by the demonic forces. Ten days later, he returned as a demonic villain, bringing the massed forces of Hell along with him. They ravaged the city, leaving the heroes to gather in small bands to protect each other and what civilians they could. Young Freedom faced down their much-changed teammate and were able to reach the humanity still inside him enough to turn him back to the side of good. The demons were banished and time itself was rolled back by divine intervention, so that to this day, most people in Freedom City are totally unaware of the entire event. Threads Young Freedom The Morning Of James and his best friend Erin (Wander) spend an early morning together, playing video games and talking, with James never revealing that he's trying to say goodbye. Speak of the Devil On Halloween Night, James' friends find the note he left and go to find him. Another One Bites the Dust Hellion confronts the forces of Hell, which turns out to be a terrible plan. Young Freedom comes to assist, waging a pitched battle with the demons, but in the end, they cannot prevent him from being dragged down and away by the demons. Fallen Friends Wander and Psyche work through the night in Young Freedom's HQ, battling despair as they keep looking for signs of Hellion. Invasion: Riverside Gate Hellion returns to Earth with the armies of hell. While the other heroes of Freedom try to hold the buckling city together, Young Freedom faces down their teammate in a desperate bid to turn him back to the side of good. Rapprochement With the crisis passed, James sets about mending some fences, and retrieves the keys to his beloved car.
  17. Electra

    Day of Wrath

    Day of WrathThe Day of Wrath Incident was an event that took place from late November 2012 to mid-January 2013. Unbeknownst to anyone, the alien intelligence known as The Curator abducted a number of superheroes from Freedom City and replaced them with robot duplicates. The heroes were deposited on The Curator's ringworld and left to fend for themselves, while the robotic replacements insinuated themselves into the lives of the people they were imitating. At a prearranged time, the robot doppelgangers erupted into lethal violence designed to spread fear and distrust amongst the hero community and the general population. Links[Gorgon] Latchkey Kids Young Freedom defends Freedom Hall from the Crime League! (Robot Dr. Stratos) Test Site I Several heroes wake up... elsewhere. (Originally Hidden)Roughin' It A camping trip with friends leads to a discussion of old wounds. (Robot Blue Jay) Merry HAXmas The HAX company Christmas party! (Robot Harrier, Jill and Wander) Where The Love Light Leads Wander needs some space during the holidays. (Robot Wander) Chaos, Steel and Wolves Armored heroes team up to take on the Foundry (Robot Beekeeper III) War of the Worlds Young Freedom tries to wrap up their Erde adventure, only to fall into more trouble. (Robot Duncan Summers) Disco Inferno With the campus under siege, Claremont's students must decide who to trust! Counterfeit Medications Wander does some corporate headhunting. (Robot Wander) Time and Chance Beekeeper III goes beezerk. (Robot Beekeeper III) Arms and the Man Jill O'Cure goes for the killer cure. (Robot Jill O'Cure) These Chains on Me Harrier gets scarier. (Robot Harrier) Pale Moonlight Blue Jay gets in some target practice. (Robot Blue Jay) Scratch Team The Freedom League Auxiliary deals with Star Knight and Freedom Hall. Crosses with Arms and the Man. (Robot Maria Montoya) Test Site II The heroes continue to look for a way off of the strange alien planet! (Originally Hidden)Even Angels Fall Dragonfly meets Gina, they fix Midnight's flying saucer. (Robot Beekeeper III) Test Site III Stealing a shuttle, the heroes fly to their captor's doorstep!The End of the World Young Freedom wage a desperate defense against the Curator for the fate of Tronik and Earth! This Was a Triumph (Inside) The kidnapped heroes subvert the Curator from within its own control room.This Was a Triumph (Outside) Epic space battle, epic reunions for everybody!The Talk Ironclad meet Beekeeper III for the first time, again. Day of Wrath Vignette
  18. Vahnyu

    AtomSphere [WIP]

    Player Name: Character Name: Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: +/-0 Attack / +/-0 Damage, +/-0 Defense / +/-0 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 0 Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30 In Brief: (1-2 sentences which sum up the whole character) Alternate Identity: Identity: (Public or Secret) Birthplace: Occupation: Affiliations: (People and/or groups you work with) Family: Description: Age: ??? (DoB: Year [Optionally, Day & Month]) Apparent Age: (if applicable) Gender: Ethnicity: Caucasian? Asian? Etc. Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: (Describe what they look like!) Power Descriptions: (Describe what their powers look like, if applicable) History: (Please remember we are a relatively family friendly site. Your story should be PG-13 at most. If your character wouldn't fit in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, please rethink it.) Personality & Motivation: (Describe here) Powers & Tactics: (In-character descriptions of how they do their thing) Complications: Name: [Description] Example: Secret: Identity. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 6 + 4 + 0 = 10PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +10 Melee, +5 Ranged, +10 Molecular Black Hole, +7 Grapple: +0 Defense: +10 (+10 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15PP Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0 [Other]) Fortitude: +5/+15 (+0/+8 Con, +5/+7) Reflex: +5/+15 (+0 Dex, +5) Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5) Skills: 0R = 0PP Examples: Craft (Structural) 5 (+5)Skill Mastery (would be used for someone with 5 ranks in the skill and a +0 Int modifier) Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+10)Second Chance (would be used for someone with 8 ranks in the skill and a +2 Int modifier) Languages 2 (English, French [Native], German) (would be used for someone who speaks those three languages, but learned French first) Notice 5 (+4) (would be used for someone with 5 ranks in the skill and a -1 Wis modifier) Feats: 0PP Powers: 6 + 72 + 8 = 86PP Container 1 (5PP Container; Feats: Innate) 6PP] (Rolak Physiology) Additional Limbs 3 (2 extra arms, 1 tail) [3PP] (Descriptive Name, Descriptors) Super Senses (Ultravision) [2PP] (Ionic Eyes) Container 14.4 (72PP Container) [72PP] (Molecular Manipulation) Enhanced Attack Focus (Melee) 5 [5PP] (Mass-Distortion Propulsion) Enhanced Dodge Focus 5 [5PP] (Mass-Distortion Field) Flight 5 (250mph/2'500ft per Move Action) [10PP] (Mass-Propelled Flight) Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP] (Mass Sustenance) Space Travel 1 (Interplanetery) [3PP] (Mass-Distortion Propulsion) Mass Manipulation 29 (58PP Array; Flaws: Unreliable, Feats: Alternate Powers 5, Dynamic Powers 6) [40PP] Dynamic Base Power: Damage 10 (Extras: Penetrating 4, Linked[Drain], Feats: Mighty) + Drain Toughness 13 (Extras: Affects Objects, Linked[Damage], Flaws: Limited to Objects) [15 + 13 = 28PP] (Phase-Shifting Strike) + Protection 10 (Extras: Linked[Damage], Impervious 10, Reflective[Ranged]) [30PP] (Molecular Protection) Dynamic Alternate Power: Damage 10 (Extras: Penetrating 2, Ranged 1'000ft, Area[burst, Targeted] 100ft Radius, Flaws: Action[Full-Round], Feats: Accurate 2, Attack Focus (Ranged), Improved Range 3, Progression[Area] 2) [30PP] (Molecular Black Hole) + Flight 5 (Up to 10'000mph/100'000ft per Move Action) [10PP] (Mass-Propelled Flight) Dynamic Alternate Power: Growth 12 (Gargantuan Size, -4 Attack, -4 Defense, +12 Grapple, -12 Stealth, +6 Intimidation, 20ft Space, 15ft reach, 4.5mph/45ft Per Move Action; Flaws: Dispersal, Feats: Dodge Focus, Enhanced Attack, Enhanced Fortitude 2) [17PP] (Mass Growth) + Super Strength 18 (Up to 100 Effective Strength, 12.5K tons Heavy Load; Power Feats: Attack Specialization (Thrown), Bracing, Groundstrike, Shockwave, Thunderclap) [41PP] (Mass-Propelled Flight) Dynamic Alternate Power: Shrinking 12 (Diminutive, -12 Strength, +4 Attack, +4 Defense, -12 Grapple, +12 Stealth, -6 Intimidation, 1ft Space, 0ft Reach, x1/4 Carrying Capacity, Feats: Enhanced Dexterity 20, Normal Toughness, Normal Movement, Drawbacks: Enhanced Attack, Enhanced Defense) [30PP] (Mass Shrinking) Dynamic Alternate Power: Density 13 (+26 Strength, +6 Impervious Toughness, +4 Immovable, +4 Super Strength, x30 Mass; Flaws: Distracting, Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Buoyant, Enhanced Constitution 10, Protection 2) [40PP] (Mass Compression) Dynamic Alternate Power: Insubstantial 4 (Become Incorporeal, Affected by Electricity, Radiation, and Gravity; Extras: Selective, Flaws: Distracting) [20PP] (Mass Dispersal) + Protection 13 (Extras: Linked[Damage], Impervious 10, Reflective[Ranged]) [13PP] (Dispersed Molecular Protection) Device 2 (10PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [8PP] (Praetorian Helmet) Comprehend Languages 3 [6PP] (Speech Translator) Super Senses 2 (Time Sense, Direction Sense) [4PP] (Galactic Compass) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Drawback (Description, Frequency: [uncommon, Common, or Very Common], Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major]) [-XPP] Example: Vulnerability (Fire, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP] (Please note that you can only have a number of drawbacks equal to your PL, not including power drawbacks. Also, power drawbacks, such as Full Power or Power Loss, should be listed on the power, not here.) DC Block (see below)Totals: Abilities (10) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (0) + Feats (0) + Powers (86) - Drawbacks (0) = 131/150 Power Points
  19. Player Name: Avorez Character Name: The Human Tank II Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: -4 Attack / +4 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 0 Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30 In Brief: A clone of the original Human Tank. Alternate Identity: Henry Thompson Identity: Secret Birthplace: Fort Riley, Kansas Occupation: US Army Captain, AEGIS liaison Affiliations: AEGIS, US Army Family: Through the Original Human Tank, Henry has two children, though he really has no connection to them, these two being Avril and Troy Griffin, who are supers in the United Kingdom. It is, however, unknown as to whether or not they have children of their own, but it is highly likely that there is another generation or two of Griffins living in the United Kingdom. Though, it is worth it to mention that the Original Human Tank’s children are in their sixties, if they are alive at all. He also has a deceased brother, Thomas Griffin, also known as the hero Gunner. Description: Age: May 17th, 2001 Apparent Age: 24 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’3 Weight: 187 lbs, 350 lbs. when transformed Eyes: Grey, White with no pupils when transformed Hair: Brown, Dark Silver when transformed Henry is the poster-boy of a military man, tall, broad, and muscle-bound. His brown hair is usually kept in the ‘high-and-tight’ haircut, and he is usually dressed in his ACU when both on and off base, keeping himself to the Dress Regulation. It is rare to find him out of uniform, though on occasion he does go for an outing in ‘day clothes’ at the clubs Hot Licks and Fourth World. When transformed, however, Henry does not really resemble himself, becoming slightly taller, and, well, a hell of a lot heavier. Henry resembles a chrome covered man when transformed, though he isn’t the kind of transformation as Bruce Banner. Henry’s transformations really only make him a little taller and add on weight. Power Descriptions Henry’s powers allow him to lift up to 44 tons of weight, as well as being virtually impervious to damage that the average street thug can throw around. He has low-levels of being practically immovable, and when transformed has a highly dense body structure. He also has a minor ability to sense radio frequencies when transformed, his metallic body resonating when near radio systems. History: Many know the story of the Human Tank, a war hero from the United States who was one of the first American superheroes to fight in the European Theater, marrying and having children with the British superhero Lady Celtic, prior to her death fighting Nacht-Krieger. He was later transferred to the Pacific Theater, where he, along with his brother Tommy, was killed by the first Crimson Katana, Asano Ranaga. This is where the story is said to have ended, among the rumors of Hank’s vengeful spirit still calling the Earth home. Of course, things are never that easy. During the 1990s, cloning tech on a wide-scale wasn’t exactly an idea that passed through the mind of scientists in the US Army. In fact, it would be eleven years before the program showed any relevant progress. The idea was simple: Create a man who could bear the brunt of a full-on assault to clear the way for other soldiers. The next logical step to that was, why create when you can re-make? Thus, Project Rebirth was born, the rebirth of whom, you might ask. That man was, of course, the Human Tank. Burglarizing the tomb of Henry Griffin, bone samples were used to clone the Human Tank, his clone spending eleven years in a tank of his own before, in 2001, the eleven year old Henry Griffin II set foot on Earth for the first time. Henry was raised in the military, being trained in the usage of his powers from a relatively young age, being 13 when he was able to transform at will. He was adopted by a military family when he was 14, spending the remainder of his teenage years with them, going through the US Military Academy, earning a commission at the age of 23. Following his commission, he was reassigned to be an AEGIS liaison, staying in Freedom City. Personality & Motivation: Henry is a relatively chilled-out man, though he does have a penchant for being a hard-nosed man at times. He has some sort of bleed-through due to the spirit of the original Henry still being around, causing him to have some strange habits, such as enjoying the music of the 1940s, or having a particular rage against the Neo-Nazi movement. That isn’t to say, however, that Henry doesn’t have his own personality. He is a staunch patriot, serving his country regardless of whether or not it is right or wrong, and one of the ways he does this is by fighting various forms of crime in Freedom City. Powers & Tactics: Henry utilizes his abilities in a very ‘hammer-and-anvil’-esque way, with Henry being the Anvil. He usually focuses on the idea of being the forefront of a melee assault, his super-strength and nigh-invulnerability to most street thug damage allowing him to move through most enemies with relative ease. He’s a lot like a sledgehammer, when he hits he hits hard. He fights more like a boxer, except without the idea of a well-rounded defense to balance out the offensive. Complications: A Life Unlived: Henry, due to being the clone of the Human Tank, has the occasional bleed through of memories the original Human Tank, particularly when he comes into contact with others that the old Human Tank had a connection to, examples being Comrade Frost or Crimson Katana. Secret Identity: Henry has made it a point to keep his identity hidden, though that has caused issues in the past. Serve Thy Country Before Thyself: Henry holds an obligation to the US government through his military service, for better or worse. Clone: Henry does not know that he is a clone, nor does he know of the original Human Tank’s family. Odds are, they might not get along if they encountered one another. Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 2 + 4 + 2 = 28PP Strength: 38/18 (+14/+4), 53/18 Lifting (Heavy Load: 19 tons 400 lbs. / 300 lbs.) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 30/18 (+10/+4) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 10 + 14 = 24PP Initiative: +2 Attack: +4/+5 Ranged, +6/+7 Melee, +6/+7 Improvised Thrown Weapons Grapple: +26/+11 Defense: +6/+7, +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: 16/2, 18/2 at normal speed (Immovable 2) Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 4 + 8 = 12PP Toughness: +14/+4 (Impervious 10/0) Fortitude: +10/+4 [0PP] Reflex: +6 [4PP] Will: +10 [8PP] Skills: 40R = 10PP Climb 0 (+4) Drive 3 (+5) Intimidate 15 (+16, +18 Growth) Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+5) Languages 1 (English [Native], Spanish) Notice 5 (+7) Profession (Soldier) 3 (+5) Sense Motive 5 (+7) Stealth 0 (+2, -2 Growth) Swim 0 (+4, N/A Density) Feats: 10PP Accurate Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 2 Attack Specialization (Improvised Thrown Weapons) Benefit 2 (Security Clearance, Status) Interpose Power Attack Startle Takedown Attack Powers: 66PP Metal Form 11 (55PP Container [Active, Free Action, Sustained Duration], Extras: Duration [Continuous]) [66PP] Density 6 (Mass x5, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Permanent) [18PP] Strength +12 Immovable 2 Protection 3 (Extras: Impervious) Super-Strength 2 Enhanced Constitution 12 [12PP] Growth 4 (Large, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Permanent) [12PP] Constitution +4 Strength +8 Grapple +4 Knockback Resist +4 Lifting STR +5 Attack -1 Defense -1 Intimidate +2 Stealth -4 Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP] Protection 1 (4, Extras: Impervious 7 [10]) [8PP] Super-Senses 1 (Radio) [1PP] Vulnerability (Electricity Effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [+50%]) [-3PP] Vulnerability (Magnetism Effects, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate [+50%]) [-2PP] Drawbacks: -0PP None Abilities (28) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (10) + Feats (10) + Powers (66) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points