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Dr Archeville

[All] Active Threads for May 2011

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In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your character posted IC this month (including the News forum).

Please also mark things from the Non-Canonical forum as being non-canonical, as those count 1/2 (2 posts made for your char in a non-canon thread count as 1 post for the char).

And if you are GMing something, list those threads, too. GM-only posts -- as well as NPC Villain posts -- also count 1/2, and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push' to get up in post numbers.


1-14 IC posts = 1pp

15-24 IC posts = 2pp

25-49 IC posts = 3pp

50-99 IC posts = 4pp

100+ IC posts = 5pp

When you make your list, please post a link to the IC threads -- preferably to the top of the page where your first post for that month appears -- so we (and the auto-count program) can jump right to it.

When you post the link to your thread, the URL should look like this


or this


or this


NOT this


The four digit number in the URL (bolded & underlined in the correct example) is the thread id number which we need to use the autocountamotron.

When you start a thread, make sure [iC] is in the title/subject line of the IC thread, and [OOC] is in the title of the OOC thread. If you make a post in an IC thread as a GM or an NPC, add [GM] in the subject line of the thread. If you make a post and [iC] is not in the subject line, the AutoCounter will not count it. And if you do not put [GM] in the places you post as an NPC or Ref, it won't count those properly.

Please list your threads in alphabetical order.

Please clearly note any threads in which you are both player and GM/running an NPC.

Also, when you start a new thread, please mark it on the Timeline (if you have a handle here, you have an account for the Wiki, and anyone with an account can edit it). You do not have to be specific on the date, but I would like to keep track of when things are happening relative to each other. The Timeline also serves as an index for everything we've done in the nearly three years this site's been active, and it's useful to know if X happens before or after Y.

If you've done any extracurriculars -- artwork, HellQ, 20 Questions, NPC, Vignette, Wiki work, etc. -- please be sure to list them along with your active threads.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your post counts being postponed or skipped completely.

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Dead Head

Whole Kit and Kaddishle (2; also GM/NPC posts)

2 posts + 46 from Dok + 2 GM = 50 posts = 4pp + flipped Ref point = 5pp

Doktor Archeville [maxed]

News Thread (3)

Ballistics Is A Science, Right? (1)

Dine and Crash (3)

Freyja's Day, Freyja's Day, Freyja's Day (7)

The Heroes are NEAR (2)

I KAN HAZ HUMANITY? (2; also GM/NPC posts)

Interceptors: Planning for the Big Day (2)

Magnets! How Do They Work? Science, You Clown! (1)

Now You're Moving With Wormholes (8)

A Perfect Storm (9)

Second Opinion (13)

Sleep Sound Tonight (16)

Something Old and Something New (3)

3+1+3+7+2+2+2+1+8+9+13+16+3 = 70 posts = 4pp +1 Ref = 5pp

add 46 posts to Dead Head, 24 to Protectron!

And Ref point flips to Dead Head!


Checking Out the Territory (1)

Just Another Sunday (1)

There's A Little Grue In All Of Us (1)

1+1+1 = 3 posts + 24 from Dok = 27 posts = 3pp

GM and NPC

Freedom City News Forum (1)

I KAN HAZ HUMANITY? (1; also IC posts)

Whole Kit and Kaddishle (2; also IC posts)

1+1+2 posts = 4/2 = +2 posts, to Dead Head

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A Perfect Storm (21)

Exodus (11)

Total: 32 /2 = 16 = +16 IC Posts, +16 to The Scarab, +0 to Thrude

The Scarab

Ref Bonus (1PP)

Wiki (1PP)

News Thread (1)

Bread Crumbs (6)

Unstuck In Time! (2)

Total: 9 IC Posts, +16 GM = 25 IC Posts = 3PP, +1PP Wiki, +1PP Ref = 5PP


Reputation Tables (1PP)

Wiki (1PP)

A Perfect Storm (21)

Freyja's Day, Freyja's Day, Freyja's Day (6)

The Straw Death (2)

Total: 29 IC Posts = 3PP, +1PP Rep, +1PP Wiki = 5PP

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The Last Picture Show: 2 IC Posts

Unstuck in Time: 4 IC Posts

Making a Splash: 17 IC Posts

Manic Pixie Dream Girls: 13 IC Posts

Total IC Posts: 36

Cobalt Templar

Auto Shop Blues: 2 IC Posts

New Kid in Town: 1 IC Post

Strange Visitors: 8 IC Posts

The Measure of a Hero: 3 IC Posts

Nightmare on West End: 6 IC Posts

Graduation Day: Noise of Thunder: 6 IC Posts

Fun in the Sun: 10 IC Posts

Graduation Day: Worn-Out Places: 2 IC Posts

Total IC Posts: 38


A Perfect Storm: 7 IC Posts

Checking Out the Territory: 4 IC Posts

Murder on the Victorian Express: 6 IC Posts

One Out of All Things: 11 IC Posts

GM Posts: 1 GM Post

Total IC Posts: 28

(Note: Links edited to go to my first post for the month in that particular thread)

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Jack of all Blades (85)

Double-Edged Blade (3)

Interceptors: Planning For The Big Day (1)

The Last Picture Show (4)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (18)

Something Old and Something New (3)

Manic Pixie Dream Girls (14)

Blades of Grass (30)

Brimstone and Whetstone (12)

Midnight II (51)

We'd All Go Down Together (4)

Full Circle (39)

Graduation Day: Noise of Thunder (6)

Graduation Day: Worn-Out Places (2)

Wail (7)

Raptor Ready (7)


  • Jill O'Cure (32/2 = 16)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (22)
Fun in the Sun (10)


Added Wail and Fenris to the Visual Guide

The Omnidimensioal Oddball Offspring Orchestra

Okay, so: I'd like to send Jill's posts to Jack first, to get him up past 100 for the sake of his progress to Platinum, before sending them down to put Midnight past 100 and Wail past 50, if that works. Don't know if Contribution PP work that way or not.

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Chaos Principle 8 Posts

Checking out the territory 2 Posts

Fun in the Sun 5 Posts

Getting the Story 6 Posts

The Heroes are NEAR 5 Posts

In the Blink of an Eye 5 Posts

Making a Splash 16 Posts

Russian Reactors are Reliable 7 Posts

Wiki page for Lord Steam to go to Supercape for +1 PP? (hopefully this means 5 PP and Silver reward!)


First Impressionisms 9 Posts

Suburban Horror 8 Posts

20 Questions for +1PP?

Lord Steam

Ambassador Steam 1 Post

Cats Paw 7 Posts

Dada Disaster 19 Posts

20Q for 1 PP?


First Impressionisms 1 Post

Getting the Story 5 Posts

The Heroes are NEAR 1 Post

In the Blink of an Eye 4 Posts

Making a Splash 1 post

Murder on the Victorian Express 8 posts

In case Supercape didn't reach 50, he is priority. Otherwise, use to boost Steam up to 25 PP (again, if he didn't make it). Rene is last priority :cry: but I think the GM posts end up with him (as SUpercape should hit 50 and Steam 25).

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Equinox 18 + 8 + 7 = 33 IC posts = 3pp, +1pp 20Q = 4pp total

Caffeine & Consultation (18)

Robots! (8)

Brimstone & Whetstone (7)

20 Questions

Geckoman 2 GM posts = 1 IC post = 1pp, +1 Ref pp = 2pp

No posts, but is claiming Ref pp and 2 GM posts

Scholar 2 GM posts = 1pp

No posts, please archive


Inactive, please unarchive :twisted:

GM posts 4 GM posts = 2 IC posts

Brimstone & Whetstone (4)

(If it's questionable to split a meager 4 GM posts between two 0 post PCs just so they get a pp each, I'm fine with just Gecks getting them.)

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