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  1. GM The light raged, sizzling and blooming as the boys below cried out in pain. Most of them fell, convulsing, but the man with the crude blaster managed to stay on his feet, if unsteadily. Casting about, the man punched some switches on the cannon and tossed it to the ground beside the younger C's, where from the barrel emerged a hissing dome of energy that covered the thieves and the armored car. That done, he set off at a dead run into one of the alleys, vanishing into the shadows.
  2. Opposing DC16 Reflex for the group as a whole: 7. Failed. DC16 Will save, Blaster: 18. Rest of the gang: 9. Blaster sets his device to the Area Protection AP, sets it down to shield the Southside C's and hurries off into the alleyways next to Archer's vantage point. The C's lose their turn. Archer is up again.
  3. Okay First round proper. Octoman: Injured(x1), 5HP Red Lynx: Unharmed, 2HP Ms. Thursday: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Viper Star Crew: Unharmed(10), Grappled/Bound(x1)-GM White Lioness: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Artificer: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Dio: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP Sun Dragon: Unharmed, Flat-footed, 2HP
  4. "What-" Leroy looked utterly nonplussed, though from the glance between Mia and Judy it was hard to say which had more to do with that. "Yes, Mustafic-Markov, I am from another dimension. We call it Earth-2. There are dragons and whalesquids and...many other such things. Throughout my formative years I was taught that Prime was a dominion of evil, a cold and harsh planet where greed rules and only a few heroes hold back everlasting darkness. But you have shown me, Judy, that kindness, purpose and joy can be found here. Such as I never knew at home" He frowned "This is very confusing, even troubling, but...I cannot agree that my mother is evil." "Amatuken Ransome-Conte has a higher duty: the unity of all Earths to one dimension and the creation of a truly equal and just paradise. Where she has gone, the oppressed are liberated. Where the shadow of her dragon fell, tyrants have perished in blood and fire. Her daughters have carried on the work, learning to wield and shape the One Power that binds realities. Their children, and others, hasten the embrace of worlds to us. Realms of such number and variety that I cannot describe them, all bent to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, empowering the weak and overthrowing the wicked." Leroy became very quiet for a moment, staring at his hands linked tightly around Judy's. When he spoke again, it was low and mournful. "She has done cruel things. All my family save Oloroo, my little sister, have done so when made wroth at the wrongs done across the omniverse. Evil things, I must call them in light of my faith. But...if her aims are so high, her devotion so wholly for others' betterment...can those make her evil? My second fathers, Nova and Night? My sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces? The many who follow them into battle? The dragons?" For someone always so careless and confident, Leroy was the picture of agonized uncertainty, eyes wide and body trembling. "Even if we do not agree...they are my family, Judy. I love them, and if they met you they would love you, I know it! However, if you think it best to break from them, it shall be done." He shook like a leaf, but his grip and golden eyes were steady. "I love you more." He cracked a smile. "After all, Dee: now I know you."
  5. Leroy looked downright awestruck, even as he quite willingly cuddled up against Judy. "I have never met a sworn shield. I know my sisters have them. Deadly, loyal warriors who channel the One Power in complement to their liege. I never dreamed I would meet one, let alone here on Prime! I know you do not always see eye-to-eye, and being around less mature students again must be torture, but it is good Judy has someone by her side. The children of the powerful are tempting targets." His scars flushed crimson, and he looked abashed, "That was why you reacted so badly when I pledged myself to Dee." "But...you will not be so highly-placed forever, is that right, Judy?" He frowned "I recall there is still some protection for former presidents and their families, but surely there has been none of such radiance and might. We should plan to visit the Skies sooner than later. Even if you have a life on Prime, Dee, I know my family would welcome you there whenever you wish. Perhaps they can even restore your human body, while retaining your powers! The Chimaera could do it, my sister knows life like nobody else in the omniverse!" "Wait...Ashley, Judy darling, you have not told me, do others know?" Even lit up by Judy's shining self, Leroy's face was shadowed with worry, "The secret will not pass my lips without your will, but if there are others here so trusted, it would be wise for Mia and I to be forewarned."
  6. Winter is when things condense and conserve their energy, when things are boiled down to the base. All possibilities contract and people have to face the reality of themselves and their world like never before.
  7. Let's see, September/October was changes over time. How about the Winter Vignettes are about the things that don't change, that are integral to who the PC is as a hero or a person. The things that weaken or strengthen them that they can't do without.
  8. Ari

    Don't Ask [OOC]

    OOC thread for this thread. Legatus, Dio and Sun Dragon tangle with a private security kill squad targeting the homeless of Freedom City. @secondling
  9. Ari

    Don't Ask [IC]

    November 28th, Thanksgiving Day, 2019, 8.45AM, The woods of Bayview, overlooking the lake "Felix, they are...they are dead." Leroy whispered, as if he was afraid to awaken the two men under the leaves. Both were stiff, face-down and swollen, wearing soaked and muddy winter coats, hats and scarves to ward off the approaching chill of another polar vortex. Standing over them in his loving recreation of a Puritan's costume, hat crushed between two slender fists, the chatty Dragon Prince of Earth-2 was at a loss for words for the first time all morning. Felix and Leroy had set out on a mission of mercy. With his power to conjure the mysterious black diamonds growing, Leroy had decided to set up a shelter in the woods at a homeless community he'd heard about on the Bayview Slack. "Think of it, Felix!" he had told the other boy over lunch the other day, "Heat, food, water, cleaning supplies, building materials, clothing, medicine, in any amounts and at any time! That is what being a hero should be about, changing lives for the better!" So the two had set out into the woods with samples of all those things after a trip to Bayview Mall. At Leroy's passionate insistence, they had dressed up like Puritans. Now they were standing over two ice-cold corpses, the chill wind off the Atlantic Ocean rattling in the skeletal trees above. Finding his voice, Leroy murmured "Felix...their heads...twisted around. Someone killed them." On a closer look, that suddenly became very apparent. The faces were turned to the hard earth, but their bodies faced the flat grey sky.
  10. Leroy stared at Judy for a long time, face utterly blank. Taking a slow, deep breath, he looked out the dorm window, brow furrowing as he considered the world outside, the fading trees, the greying skies, the few remaining bundled-up Claremont students on the paths, hurrying to wherever they were going. "Well, I have a confession as well, Judy." Leroy looked back at her, his golden eyes clouded. "I utterly forgot what a president was for a moment." Bursting out laughing, the slender boy hugged the newly-revealed First Family daughter tight, planting a kiss on her lips. In her ear he murmured "You needed not tell me. But I am glad that you have. I will never betray your trust, as you have never mine." Over Judy's hair, Leroy's scarred face grinned merrily up at Ashley. "Do you also have a secret name, Commander?" Suddenly his smile dimmed. "Who else knows? I assume the Headmistress Summers must, but who else"
  11. "Oh, it is not worth such concern Mr. Roebuck! I have been put in a box before for unsafe practices of manipulating space-time!" Leroy waved away the whole matter with a rueful laugh. "I was merely wondering, as singularities theoretically preserve all that goes into them, at least on the base level, what would happen should a singularity be created inside the space permeable to this," he tapped the dark crystal, "and I entered that same space, whereupon a third party attempted to retrieve me." "It is outside the scope of this contest, admittedly, yet I feel the test would help answer many questions about the nature of singularities, life and how precisely these crystals function." "May I please, Ms. Vasquez?" he asked, the smiling, shining picture of innocence and eager curiosity.
  12. "I know you are kind, Judy. That you are generous and act where others would dream." Leroy tenderly slipped the joie du soleil into Judy's hair, "You have shown me love and looked past my innumerable weaknesses. Whatever else you are, wherever you are truly from, it cannot overshadow that. Not to me." Taking the younger Smith's hands in his, the Dragon Prince of Earth-2 held her gaze "If you are, as my squad leader suggests, aliens from another world, then so be it. I cannot hope to match her power, but I will gladly do all I can to help." "Whatever your name, you will always shine in my eyes."
  13. "Ashley! Judy! So glad to see you before you depart! Leroy was on the other side, hands behind his back, dazzling in a black robe shimmering with blue, red and white stars that stood fixed despite how the cloth billowed around them. He was all smiles, and seemed to almost vibrate with energy, surrounded by a gentle and refreshing smell that was like the best parts of lavender and lemon. "May I come in? I have brought gifts!" he said, revealing his hands and their contents with a galactic flourish! "This one was very difficult, but well worth it." In his right hand was a gold-white flower, like a daisy but with narrower petals and a slim brown stem. "I call it the joie du soleil, for it needs but the gentlest of electromagnetic radiations to thrive and bloom. Any earth may be its bed, any time it may be plucked without harm, and wherever it is planted all life flourishes the more! Its scent you already know, calming and sweet, which may become a powerful knockout drug at the pluck of a petal!" "Ashley, I alas could not think of anything you would appreciate and find useful. So I made you a knife that can bypass most forms of detection." He handed the taller girl a slim, guardless blade made from the black crystal that had gone so haywire at Vasquez's meetup weeks back. The hilt was shaped like the snarling, leaping body of a Vietnamese ridgeback dog, the blade jutting from its jaws like a huge, serrated, vicious tongue. Even without testing it, Ashley could feel how sharp it was. That it came with a plain black sheath was rare foresight on Leroy's part. Leroy watched Ashley's face anxiously "I hope they are sufficient?"
  14. OOC thread for this thread. Vox and Sun Dragon(and Dio) help clean up some dirt underneath Claremont Academy. @Dariusprime
  15. November 9th, 2019, 5.22AM The tunnels below Claremont Academy A pair of mops and buckets filled with foaming water fell with a crash in front of Nicholas and Leroy. "Awright, cadets!" Basil Falks, scrawny and short as he was under a two-sizes-too-big set of overalls and a baseball cap that had once been blue, maybe back in 1970, still had an air of utter command as he leveled the two boys with his gimlet brown-eyed stare. "These are the evacuation and concealed movement tunnels! It's been my privilege to work in them for over a decade, but I'm getting too old to do it all by myself! That's why I picked you pups! Nick," he pointed a bony finger at the speechless spectrum-sensitive, "I know you can keep a secret, and you have a janitor's dedication and poise under all that shrinking violet business. Leroy," he pointed that same finger at the elegant otherworld prince, "you can carry things okay and I know Nick will keep you out of trouble. I don't have to repeat myself, but you will not speak of what you see down here on penalty of...on penalty of whatever it is I come up with later." "Now we're starting off with a very simple job: the exit passages out of grounds aren't much-used and need a little polishing up. I won't have some kid slipping on some patch of grease and getting eaten by zombies, no sir." He looked at one of the walls, tracing his fingers over the polished titanium, whispering "Never again..." He quirked his head like a bird at the two boys "Anyway, that's the long and short of it. Go right-left-left-left-back and you'll find the spot. Give a holler if anything's started living down there. Yes Nick, you can holler too, won't hurt my feelings to have repair work to do if it saves you kids a funeral. Now git!" With that, Basil turned on a dime and sped off down the hallways, the splendid lighting letting the duo watch him turn suddenly into a door that had definitely not been there when he started walking. Then they were alone. Picking up a bucket and mop, Leroy smiled at Nick. Even in the plainest clothes he had, a brown sideless tunic and heeled platform sandals, with his curly hair up in a bun, the clan-scarred and dragon-tattooed teenager cut an expensive figure. "So, good Nick, how wonderful to see you out of paracausal physics! Have you drunk deep of life? I will take the buckets, let us say, and you the mops?"
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