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    Mud Pack

    "All glory is in the past, Ms. Beaumont, the deed must first be done. If he decides to care about his brother, that would be worthy of a song." If Leroy comprehended of the meaning behind Corinne's stare, he gave no more indication of it than any other time that exact same situation arose. He was possibly the one person she had met who seemed to get slower on the uptake the more you got to know them. At Davyd's words he nodded and set them out for the greenhouse, trotting down the stairs at the head of the little party. The question about his name had brought the smile back to his face and the light back to his eyes. "That I was! A long and lovely story, I will tell you about the Golden Marvel in full someday. But what Corinne says hits to the mark: this school is a starting point, and imperfect. There will be gaps that you must fill for yourself, knowledge they do not possess, experience you must have beyond its walls." He paused at the door, frowning to himself "Although, now I think of it, that is advice I do not follow. Rather hypocritical. Oh well." The walk to the greenhouse was delightful, following a winding path lined with plants sprouting or flowering from fresh soil, the air fragrant from them and the rich earth. At its end stood the glass and metal enclosure of the greenhouse proper, practically stifling inside and flourishing with vegetables, fruits and plants of every description. Some of them were in enclosures of their own, and some of those looked distinctly like they weren't in Earth soil or even native to this planet. "For example, Mr. Palahniuk, studying these might help if you ever end up on another planet and need to hide in some bushes!" Leroy indicated a bristling, dangerous-looking puce mass of sword-like thorns that all swiveled aggressively at the motion of his hand. "Without knowing its habits, you might make some crucial mistake and reveal yourself. Around every corner is a lesson, if you but look to see it."
  2. "I was ready to call it quits half a mile back. Could hardly give up in front of you or Ashley, though, could I? But yes, I agree, give the legs a rest." Leroy gently hoisted Judy up onto his shoulders, heading towards the boats. "I feel like a dragon carrying a castle," he chuckled as they swayed along the shore, "mother says that was how New Atlantis began, in ancient days the people called up great dragons and built palaces on their backs that sailed miles in the air. Once risen, they used magic to fix them in place, casting the dragon back into the earth. She heard the story and tried it herself...and now the sky is home to the greatest city ever built." "Hey there!" A burly young man had appeared as if by magic, wearing a red polo shirt with a nametag('Aragorn'), a slight sunburn and the blackest pair of shorts Ashley or Judy had ever seen. He nodded brightly to the lines of clean, well-tended rowboats running along the nearby piers "You here for the boats? Only $15 per hour, plus five for every-" Leroy clucked his tongue irritably "Tchah, money, money everywhere! Here, this should cover it!" Aragorn suddenly found a slim but meaningful stack of 20's thrust into his hand. The other boy marched briskly past past him, plucking life vests and a set of oars that were then tossed into a likely-looking boat, followed by Judy, lifted and placed as delicately as a vase. In moments the trio were sweeping briskly across the water, sunlight dancing around them. "Would you like that, Judy? A castle in the sky?" Leroy smiled at her from the rowboat bow, leaning back and forth as he rowed "I have a dragon, after all, and you have a sky free and clear."
  3. Ari

    Mud Pack

    "Perhaps another time, Mr. Palahniuk! I should love to, but now is a bad time as indicated by reactions...about five minutes past." Leroy laughed heartily, patting Davyd on the shoulder. The weight was surprising, and this close to him the shapeshifter felt an almost oppressive, stifling air around the ever-smiling young man. "As for training...understanding and application of your gifts is the aim of this school, not merely fighting. I have yet to even see the ominously-named and much-rumored 'Doom Room', for example. If your interest is how to avoid and forstall violence, the instructors will respect your wishes, though how to throw and take a punch is still something they expect you to learn." Stepping to a window, he glanced around the line of structures opposite the dorms, when something caught his eye. "The greenhouse! Dear friend, you must see it, a thing of beauty and life in all times of the year! Ever-changing, yet all components united by a shared essence! A place of peace and silence, nigh-on as holy as any chapel." Leroy scowled "Though I cannot seem to get the knack, everything I plant dies without Dee also caring for it. Regardless, would you like a look?" "And I must give my sympathies on your father, Mr. Palahniuk, my own father has not an adventurous bone in him either. All he talks about is art and music and eugh. How he caught mother's eye remains a mystery to me. His brother, Leroy Conte, was a hero and the people of this world jailed him for it, and my father shrugs and talks about concerts and creativity." He shook his head "No wonder this world is so filled with injustice, with men like him running it!"
  4. Ari

    [IC] Arcade Action

    Sun Dragon "Welcome and goodeve!" Landing beside Selena with a *thud*, Leroy brushed himself off, looking about at the scene with a carefree grin. His coiled, coarse black hair now reached to his back, gathered by a series of gold rings into thick braids that fell down his left side and jingled softly as he moved. Drawing a ticket identical to the mistress of magnetism's from somewhere on the sparse, glossy black outfit that clung to him, he compared it for a moment to the one she held, golden eyes lighting up at the match. Replacing it where it came from, the prince of Earth-2 beamed down at his schoolmate. "How lovely! I had not expected to see you here, Serena, have you any notion what this den of dreams and horrors might contain?" His smile crooked a little, the six deep scars on his cheeks twisting shamefacedly. "Ah, disgrace upon foolishness, but I have spent the better part of today merely searching for this place. It never occurred to me to learn what is or why one might attend!" He stirred at the asphalt with a sandled foot "We were so long about it, Dio dumped me from his back rather than land. I fear I have offended him direly." The boy laughed, dismissing the matter with a wave of a hand shining with winding gilt tattoos of other, more constant dragons. "But I ramble! How are you, and what tempts you, dear classmate?"
  5. Ari

    Mud Pack

    "I would give much to see my sisters again. Even once a year, that would be enough." At some point Leroy had ducked into his own room, changing swiftly into a fresh tunic and trousers to replace the tatters and handing back Ashley's leather jacket with a grateful smile. Nestled against Judy again, the boy shone in green and gold, a black sun reaching fiery hands across an embroidered desert, conjuring emerald plants and beasts from gilt sands and stone. "Hope is hard to find this far from paradise." At the mention of siblings, his easy cheer had faded a little. "I bunk with the valiant and wise Mr. Kingdom, and our talk often turns to the evils in this world. Many are ones my elder sisters have destroyed elsewhere, but here there is no respite or salvation from them, for all the power arrayed against. On such nights the walls close tight and the very air smells of ash and slow death." As he spoke, Leroy's face grew ever more grave, and his hand held Judy's more tightly. "But such is a passing shadow!" He beamed suddenly at Davyd, golden eyes sparkling, totally relaxed. "Soon the world will be born anew, we need only overcome this hourly trial." He snapped his fingers. "Which reminds me! It bears mentioning that the floors are divided by gender, intrusions are not tolerated and strongly discouraged!"
  6. Ari

    Player Away Thread

    @Tarrakhash Jesus Tarra hope you get well smoothly. On the list of bad things to break that's way up there.
  7. Ari

    Mud Pack

    "Ms. Nicole studies natural and paranatural phenomena, Davyd," the smiling boy had somehow brightened even more; he also apparently hadn't noticed the underlying tension, gently massaging Judy's hand in his own, "her research has placed her in a unique position to learn of new powers and dissidents. She is a master of both the open and hidden arts, skills in heavy demand since the expansion of Archetech." He looked suddenly grave "...although, her graduation is soon, and then her wisdom will pass beyond our reach." "In any event, the library here functions like its cousins elsewhere. When you are ready, perhaps the dormitories?" Leroy glanced out at the others, his eyes gliding off them. Suddenly they locked on Monica, something stirring to reptilian life as he bowed subtly to her, though as usual their eyes never met. "Lightbearer Monica, perhaps you would take the lead?" The two had barely exchanged words since the philosphy round-robin, but most of them had been weighted in almost religious undertones. In torn, stained robes, wild hair and lyrical voice, he even carried an almost prophetic air. "Dio is well," he added, apropos of nothing, "the thing has lost blood and retreated into the caves. They are beautiful, like crystal palaces on the shores of a dark sea, we should visit them." The last was directed at Judy, along with a tender smile.
  8. GM The three Cryptids looked at him dubiously, the fish-tailed woman with seaweed-like hair and seal's eyes looking like she really wanted to say something, but all kept a respectful hush and distance. On the 'inside', Hex felt it at once. The attraction-repulsion from something in the ground, the runes wavering around energy leaking from elsewhere, the perplexing isolation from any other guiding current. "Does this take long? Do we help?" whispered a voice Len hadn't heard yet, piercing and sibilant. <"Doubt it, would have said in either case"> murmured Vah-Lei, ending on an uneasy, whale-like chirp. As well as the smaller, local phenomena, Len could feel something all around him. A constant in every other divination in the Emerald Cities' area, and something that skewed the results just barely enough to be noticed. Something elusive yet constant as his own shadow.
  9. With witch sight, a few things become clear: the only magic actually in the room comes from the red gemstone lying in the biggest scorch mark, none of the damage to the nursery was from any magical source. The gem seems to have been some sort of conduit, and not actually very powerful at that. However there is a glaringly-strong source of displacement in the floor, a sustained portal to somewhere. The magic is utterly unlike anything Hex has encountered so far. The effect is like trying to decipher penmanship so ornate, intricate and deft that despite nominally being in the same language it might as well be from another species.
  10. OOC for this thread. A bright new day marred by an old shadow. @Avenger Assembled
  11. April 20th, 10.25AM, 2019 The paths around Lake Mackenzie The sun streamed down through the trees, its light glinted across the silver-blue surface of the lake. The air was fragrant with flowers, the rich scent of warm earth, and the far-off food carts. Birds sang in the trees, boats plying the lake roared or burbled or splashed, depending how they were being pushed, and the park was thick with barking dogs, yelling children and dancing cherry blossoms. On the far side of the lake and muffled by ancient trees, a fairground had sprung up like a pale echo of Port Regal's Ocean Heights Amusement Park. "Amazing," Leroy stared wide-eyed from his and Judy's vantage point up the hill, hugging her a little closer as he looked down at the scene, "playing on the surface like this...nobody without a dragon would risk it back home." He smiled at Judy "You are a brave people, Dee!" For the hike Leroy had worn the plainest clothes he had, a short olive-green tunic with black piping and the minutest little golden embroidered foxgloves at the neck, and short grey trousers with generous pockets. The thicker sandals laced up his calves looked like they had never once been used. For Pulse the air tingled with the shuddering waves of electromagnetic energy. Phones, satellite dishes, radio antennae, a raging sea of information and raw power blistered the air. ------------------------------------------------------------------- They had started the hike an hour or two ago, Leroy largely drawn by a performance his father's high-school orchestra was putting on that afternoon. "He will be absent and his pupils are magnificent," he had explained gleefully, reading from the pamphlet in the mail, "and walking to the lake would be lovely this time of year." He had turned over the pamphlet, regarding the elegant signature on the back. "Lavernius never sends me these. I wonder why he did this time. In any case, why not make a day of it? A little change of pace for us devoted scholars of heroism." -------------------------------------------------------------------- Leroy scanned the lake as they went further down. "Boats, the park, I believe that is a Carnivalé...so much to do! Where first?"
  12. Ari

    Mud Pack

    "Afraid that leaves me out," Leroy said with a wry look that twisted the scars on his cheeks, "none of my powers are mine, or ever will be. And yes, a splendid idea O sunset star, to the library." Taking up the lead alongside Davyd, the other boy led the way along the winding stairs and through the hallways connecting the cafeteria to the other buildings making up the castle-like front of Claremont Academy. Almost alone among the group, he'd been politely interested in the display, though Judy's upset had made him take half a step in her direction...before her sister swooped in and took over. "That was a remarkable likeness of me, Mr. Palahniuk." Leroy casually hugged the wall to let a stream of other students jostle by. Waving back to some of them before they vanished around the corner, he went on brightly "I had never met a face-dancer before, Mother usually keeps them on the rings so they need not fear the call of the raging earth. But they are quite well-loved, according to my friends on Earth-2. How do people feel about your like on Prime?" "Oh," suddenly remembering something, his face fell "no, my dragon is several meters long and currently fighting in the hills. He is green, with a curved fan running from crown to tail-tip, you can spot him on campus with a tree limb crunching in his mouth." "But the library is wonderful! Well-stocked, in many languages, a carpet so soft and warm it puts life in your toes." He led the trot up another flight, spiraling around one of the mini-towers that jutted from the quad. "Not to mention a secret, forbidden room into which no student has ever stepped! Many have tried, but all fail!" At last, they reached the library's main door and stepped into the velvety hush created by long rows of books, desks and people crammed into alcoves reading as hard as they can.
  13. No, no time has passed, that's ridiculous. That hits! DC20 TOU check: 14, failed by 6 so Dazed and Bruised. Justice is up.
  14. Ari

    Mud Pack

    "Open to all, yes. Like the meditation space there is no barrier. My dragon, Dio, refuses to go in, but he believes all temples are to false gods and the only true worship is a libation of one's blood onto stone. A novice always exaggerates." "Hello, Ms. Beaumont!" Leroy indicated the blocky boy the gang was escorting "This is Davyd Palahniuk, he is as you guessed! Davyd, this is Louise Beaumont, a dear friend to many in the Academy," as he talked, he glanced over at the kitchens, a longing in his eyes, "her talents for understanding and persuading others cannot be understated. As well, she is acquainted with a vast spectrum of delicacies, and the places to acquire them." He shrugged "Sadly, I will soon no longer need food or drink, so learning how to make them for such a discerning palate is vital." "Ms. Beaumont, would you like to accompany us? I know Mr. Skylar has it out for you, but do you have a spare few minutes?" Catching Judy's fiddling, the wild-haired boy slowed his pace so as the party walked on the two drew together. "Something wrong?" he murmured out the corner of his habitual bright, genuine grin.
  15. Ari

    Mud Pack

    Leroy bowed graciously and shook Davyd's hand, the shapeshifter's practically engulfed. This close the boy in rags and a leather jacket smelled metallic and cold, covered over in something that could only be described as "dry", though his skin was soft and warm over steely tendons and bones. His golden eyes shone with delight as he beamed down at the newly-minted Claremonter. There was something almost hungry about the smile, like the tattered teenager was a collector examining a new addition to the hoard. Releasing him, Leroy said brightly "Oh no, Mr. Davyd Palahniuk, that would be a dreadful idea! You must find your own ground and form your own circle, to hew to any of us because we happened to meet you first, that would thwart your growth!" His grin hid his eyes from sight "But in any event, be welcome to the Academy!" Stepping back, with another swift bow, Leroy paused to nod and smile at Monica, "Hullo, Lightbearer, radiant as always." before removing to stand beside Judy and Ashley. "We found some sort of tiger-dragon in the hills, with a tail like a steel whip thick as Mr. Lancaster's leg," he explained to her with a careless toss of his hair "it fights as fierce as though God saw fit to grant Prince Janus a match in the flesh to their spirit. When it is dead, we will bring it here for examination."
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