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    Let's Fall in Like

    Dio The dragon snorted as he slumped even further onto the roof, steam flaring from his nostrils, "Small comfort, runesmith. Every day is like an eternity when you spend it at someone's beck and call. An eternity that is gone in a moment, hardly a minute I dare spend to myself lest I lose the dratted boy somewhere and lose my hide into the bargain." One slitted eye swiveled to fix on Nicole "I do not exaggerate, by the by. One of the boy's sisters, the Wolfhound, her dragon turned on her. She tore the wretch's skin and scales clean off with one hand and then crushed her skull with the other. She has threatened me with a similar fate if misfortune should be traced from her brother to myself." "So, as you might imagine, much of my time is spent thinking up an exit strategy so I don't get roped into working for the Ransomes for the rest of my life. Their matriarch is on the cusp of true immortality, and I have no interest in being there when the rest cross that threshold." Dio took another mighty chunk out of the branch. Dio laughed at that. Though, given his mouth was full of wood and leaves, it came out more like a snigger. His tail thumped on the roof, shaking free a small cloud of dirt. "Pfegh, wish it was that simple, then I could just turn him into a frog." "There's a powerful center of magic somewhere close, and I can't go looking for it on my own. That tonight of all nights leaves me stuck around here, so close yet so far, is driving me mad. Have you found anything?" The dragon's entire head turned to Nicole now, green scales coldly glinting in the light yet casting the rest of the hulking creature into deeper shadow.
  2. OOC thread for this thread. Justice gets in touch with her spiritual side. @RocketLord Initiative, please. Using the Warrior Demon from the Core Rules to represent the Monster. Taking 10 on its roll, for 11.
  3. GM October 31st, 2018, 6.45PM University Hill, Emerald City, Oregon, USA The Halloween party had barely started, and it was already over. All around a young woman streamed university students, faculty, and staff of the God House, flavor of the year for Emerald City University's trend-chasing contingent. Screaming in inhuman fury, something in a horse-headed suit of armor kicked over a lovely gilded reproduction of some Madonna, trampling and smashing its way through altar tables, shrines of menus and wall-fountains as it swung now-bloodied fists, gnarled and bigger around than the young woman's head. Its wails and howls were nearly drowned out by the shouts, directions, shrieks and crying of its prey, the terrified Munchkins only barely keeping the presence of mind to avoid trampling each other thanks to regular earthquake and volcano drills had since kindergarten. The horse head turned to the woman, seeing in her the only meaningful challenge to be found, and charged.
  4. Sun Dragon & Dio <"How we came here is something I cannot adequately explain, Khan-Li. While it may seem foolish to your scientific mind I believe we were sent here by the Yellow Book and finding it is the key to returning home. It is lacking in corroborating evidence, but it is the most convincing explanation I know."> While Leroy could easily have dropped the bound-light armor, he kept it active, maintaining a semi-coherent 'look' with the other Claremonters. Leaning against one of the island's many trees, he glanced out across the water once again, golden eyes darting as he surveyed the crumbled city. <"If you need to clear debris, excavate a tunnel or anything else requiring strength, I, Arctos and Specimen would be only too glad to help."> For a moment, he closed his eyes, seeming to pause as if drawing a long breath. -------- Dio clambered awkwardly up the green statue, hissing and snarling as clawholds crumpled or disintegrated outright, making headway but far slower than the darting, lighter-than-light Forever Boy. "I confess, Pan, I do not understand your haste." The dragon's words were hissed, but the syllables fell like low, rolling thunder. "Why do you hurry so, to resume life in a dying world?" With a scrape and rattle, the green dragon launched across the rippling folds of some metal drapery, landing with a crunch on the far side. Two flat, cold eyes like beaten brass searched Forever Boy for a moment, before the dragon resumed the search for a way in. "See anything? The boy says the lower levels will be covered by the rest of the team and those strangers, but I'm not used to this kind of architecture. Is there a hatch or something?"
  5. GM Under the edge of Forever Boy's light saber, the armband had cracked and buckled as the energy field it contained was let loose. Like a tongue of flame, darkness deeper than any in the universe roared from the device and spiraled like claws for Pan's face! He'd dodged, but not fast enough thanks to the tight quarters and the speed of his foe's weapon. Luckily his inner light had deflected the blast, intercepting and dispersing it harmlessly into the light of the living world. Even better the damage was lasting. While not destroyed the armband was clearly damaged, something tinged at the edge with purple hissing and slithering across it as the alien mechanism fought to maintain its coherent tie to another dimension. In that light its continued existence was nothing less than remarkable. The tie it had to Facsimile was visibly wavering, too. As Alex regained his human form, the last eddy leeched from him, the Void sealing behind it silently but with an impact like cannonfire, the sensation of something slamming shut, some difference in metaphysical pressure abruptly normalizing. For the first time in several minutes the lab was silent. In the distance the heroes and bystanders could hear sirens.
  6. @Exaccus Ex, would you handle Fac's reaction to the Nullify attempt? No roll needed if you'd rather it succeed.
  7. Ari

    Let's Fall in Like

    With his attention focused squarely on 1) keeping in time with the sweeping, precise motions of the dance, and 2) making small talk with Judy, Leroy seemed blind and deaf to the world around them, smiling warmly down at his partner as they swung and swirled beneath the canopy of stars. His eyes shone burning gold against the background of white, purple and blue, something seeming to flicker and pulse at the edge of the iris. The light made his scars almost invisible, even as it played and traced along the tattoos on his chest and arms beneath his shirt. He led passably well for a beginner, never missing a step, twirling Judy with the flair and self-assurance he was, justly, a frequent punchline for. When in doubt he made sure to make the signal, three alternating winks, so she could give a nudge in the right direction. While the rest of the evening unfolded he kept up a regular stream of casual, easily-dropped or ignored talk. "Oh, Dio has a young sweetheart on Earth-2, but Krau is with his wing of the Defense League. Thus his foul mood tonight." He laughed the matter off. "I hope we can go for a flight sometime, Judy, the world looks wholly different from the air. So much simpler. By starlight it looks so beautiful, it breaks your heart to descend. You invent reasons to stay aloft, find yourself envying the birds." "If you like, I would love to teach you about the stars, as you teach me about the faith." Unusually, Leroy didn't seem interested or even aware of Monica's sudden, explosive entrance, the strong young man wholly centered on Judy, his head bent to hers and left arm holding her close.
  8. GM "Yeah, I mean, that's how it is on paper," Herakles rubbed his jaw again, looking hopelessly out of his depth, "but it's a different thing in practice. Not to mention how if she eats ambrosia and drinks nectar from here she's gotta abide by the rules for here, it's a...uh..." Herakles' forehead creased like terrain deforming under erosion. "...I dunno, but it's not what you call feasible without severe changes to the program." He looked skeptically at Other!Scion "You got gods back where you're from? You were kinda vague there." "We have people who call themselves that. Me included. I had a vision when my powers activated and I became a paragon, it looked kind of like this mountain and a big guy and a...big girl told me said I was their child and to protect humanity." Other!Scion shrugged "I just though it was from the concussion, then when I learned of the Imageria, this kind of big imagination-land, I found I'd gone there. But it's just stories and things people made up, it's not real." She poked Herakles in his uncovered side, whistling as her finger didn't even dent the slab of muscle "Now that's pretty real." "I just dunno about this, Edone, it's not like her world is the same as ours." The god of strength hadn't even noticed the touch, turning to Scion as he said "But this Scion's got followers, at least? People who can and will call on her for help? Will they do that?" Other!Scion shrugged "Usually. Like the rest of the Pantheon I have some rituals set up to make sure people only call for important things or if they're at least kinda rich." Herakles shot a look at Scion that said I have more concerns, but aloud only replied "I'll let you through, Edone and...other Edone? But steer clear of Hermes and keep this short and sweet." Setting his shoulder to the gate, Herakles shoved hard, opening the way up a gentle green slope amid towering, jagged boulders threaded through by an even white marble stair, winding around the titanic buildings jutting from the mountainside. Halls and courtyards, agoras and gardens teeming with the servants of the Olympiad. Beasts and beast-folk, humans from ages reaching from the present day to the distant past, all aglow with divine power. Birds of a thousand colors darted and chirruped among ageless forests thick with game, wolves ran like grey shadows among the stones far away, and darker shadows lurked in deep caves whose mouths yawned at times perilously near the path to the summit. Other!Scion didn't look at Moira, but grabbed her hand and swallowed hard.
  9. @Heritage I as well can have a PC show up for this.
  10. @RocketLord You got it. Want additional folks involved?
  11. Ari

    Let's Fall in Like

    Dio Nicole heard a rush of air, and then several hundred pounds of sleek muscle, bone and wing landed beside her as gentle as a feather. The dragon looked faintly unreal in the weaker light, silhouetted against the sky, his eyes deep hollows in his skull that glittered spectrally. In his great clamp of a mouth hung something limp, long and dead. With all grace, Dio deposited it onto the roof and began to gnaw at one end, which action revealed it to be a mighty bough from some tree in the Wharton State Forest. "Evening, runesmith," Dio said amid crackling wood and clattering leaves, "I regret I can't be useful, but my knowledge is of the higher powers, not the lower." Smaller branches and leaves shredded into the maw, the main body holding out against the great reptile's crushing jaws. This did little to improve his attitude. With a snarl he dropped his food, chewing what little he'd gotten and glaring at the building below as if his eyes could pierce the walls. "Going to be fifteen years, did you know that? Fifteen years of gnawing at twigs, fifteen tours of Old Solar telling His Princeship which is his other left. I'm to lose most of my wyrmling days to this, and for what?" With a deep, rattling sigh, the dragon slumped onto the roof. One blunted paw padded idly at the bough dangling by his mouth. "Where will you be, runesmith, in fifteen years? I am given to understand there are several nearby worlds quite suited to fortification and colonization. Perhaps even Nemesis itself is your aim?"
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    Let's Fall in Like

    Leroy had been there several hours before the event, he and a shapeshifted Dio helping the staff set up. Their substantial powers were put to somewhat excessive use moving tables, hauling things out of storage spaces, fixing a few last-minute issues with wiring and Dio serving as an impromptu second stepladder for getting decorations onto the ceiling. After setup they ducked out so Leroy could change into something less dirty and grimy, and Dio could refine his reshaped body into something less uncanny and indistinct. Leroy met the exile sisters in a surprisingly minimalist white button-up shirt, black slacks and slim, black, low-heeled sandals. When they arrived at the doors to the auditorium his forehead was creased in concentration, eyes burning intently as he threaded together a gaudy tie in the school colors of blaring yellow and eye-watering blue. His powerful hands trembled minutely, a single bead of sweat drifted down his cheek, his pupils narrowed to points as he moved for the final stroke. "A-HA!" With a shout of triumph, he completed the knot, reseated the tie in its clip and affixed it to his collar. He spun on his heels at the sound of the pair's approach, his face lighting up at the sight of Judy. Springing to the side not dominated by Ashley(to whom he shot a quick nod), he offered his arm to the smaller girl, holding open the doors to the auditorium with a finger. "You are wonderful, Judy, and look radiant besides," he told her, his deep, lilting voice curling around the syllables as he beamed, "I have learned in a few weeks what had eluded me for nigh-on a decade and a half. I could not have asked for a better or more patient friend." Pausing by the punchbowl, Leroy ladled out a pair of cups for Judy and himself, leaning against the table and taking in the wondrous display overhead. The sight of the stars sent a brief shadow over his face, a momentary look that was half-regret, half determination. It vanished in an instant, and he smiled warmly at Judy. "The staff have done surpassing work, preparing this place for our debut. Back home, it is rare to have an unobstructed view of the stars like this, one would have to either venture to the top of their strato-complex or fly to a nearby hill." "As well, my dragon and I have scouted the hall and found the optimum sites for our dance. Earth-Prime ballroom dancing, blessedly, contains an element of planning and strategy. I trust you do not object to a Viennese waltz?"
  13. "I am his dragon, Watchdog," Dio looked as put out as his reptilian face could show any recognizable human emotion, "if you need a message sent to him, entrust it to me. Message sent, by the way." "But, yeah, best if me and Pan make ourselves scarce," he added with a sidelong glance at the approaching strangers, "up and away then!" The branches and undergrowth rustled as the green dragon slipped into the natural camouflage, launching up the statue's pedestal and starting the long climb up the opposite side, powerful blunt claws carving toeholds in the ancient green metal. As he began, his long head and neck suddenly twisted around to stare at the sky "What? No, that's not what I sai-!" Even as he spoke, Sun Dragon descended from the sky, landing with a *THUD* in front of the sailors as his gravity renormalized, the helmet retracting to reveal his beaming face as he bowed elegantly. Rising, he began in Persian <"Greetings and salutations, People of Fire! I am Sun Dragon, a lost soul seeking aid in this strange land! My companions and I are castaways from the Jersey Shore, pilgrims seeking a lost artifact. If you would be so kind as to tell us where we are, I would count myself in your debt. For the sake of form, I request you refer to my companions as [Tide],"> he indicated Judy <"and Watchdog,"> he gestured to Ashley, <"Three others are with us, but they have gone to search the island for any provender or places to rest out the night."> <"We seek a book, a treasured text, yellow as the Sun, emblazoned with alien letters and bearing the image of a sailing ship. Seen anything like it?"> Or, at least, that's what he hoped he'd said.
  14. No worries Thevshi, I seriously under/misserved Veronica as it is. And I'd prefer a Nullify roll, but if you'd rather not we can just say "It was good enough" and let Ex decide how to pick it up from there.
  15. Works. No need to roll Attack but will roll Toughness for the Device(PL12,+12 TOU, the Penetrating gets past its Impervious) 22. Injured. As it was not destroyed outright, it retaliates: Rocket could you give me a DC20 Reflex save, and if you fail that a DC23 Toughness? @Exaccus @Supercape What if Echohead started helping Alex regain some mental equilibrium and peace of heart?