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  1. Inside-Sun Dragon Leroy pulled a face "Technically. Unlike the rest of my family I have no chance of winning the loyalty of one, so Dio is joined to me only for a time. He is good company, but slyer and more irreverant than an acolyte of the Earth-Binder should be, I think. As for travel..." Taking his robe by the shoulder, he swept it clean off and held its bunches and folds up for inspection. Under it, he wore neat black trousers and a halter-top sleeveless shirt. "As you see, the ridges appear separate but are joined by a shared essence. So it is with Earths on the Coil. The Lioness stumbled upon a natural link between this world, where she was born, and my home Earth-2 many years ago. Since then other means have been found, most of which I...do not fully understand." The admission was bitterly grudging. "It appears many dimensions intersect with those of the Earths, so with the proper equipment or sorcery reliable travel is possible." He tossed the robe over his shoulder "A few other students are also from other Earths. Judy Smith and her sister, Ashley are from an Earth overrun by aliens, Pan Barrie hails from the chaos of Neverland and Veronica Danger is prince of a medieval Earth called 'Fortuna'." "As for my mother..." a boyish grin quirked his lips "...Heroditus, some time I must tell you about her and my sisters. Their exploits are legendary and us novice heroes could learn much from them!" His golden eyes sparkled "What about your family, if I may be so bold? They must be wonderful!" Leroy leaned against the wall next to Artificer, face bright and expectant.
  2. Dio and Sun Dragon have a lot of interest in meditation and mental focus.
  3. "Yes! Much more audible, well done Heroditus!" Leroy had begun leading the way to Rita Kord at once, hoisting his luggage onto his head, beaming proudly at the Atlantean. "And, yes, from another Earth. There are so many shepherded to our universe they begin to challenge the stars in our Sky, and still there are countless more." "Many other cities on the sea have been built, the one on Earth-2 suffered a cataclysmic earthquake that shattered the islands and the Atlantis resting upon them. Due to outside factors, the survivors were the only humans alive on the planet before my mother arrived." He flicked the dormitory door open, ushering Heroditus inside. Heading up the stairs, his robes swirling, Leroy's face brightened "With aid from their magic and the dragons she awoke, the ruins were carved off of the planet and set in the air. Now it glimmers with dark crystal, orichalcum and eternal rivers, the old city a playground at its heart, humans and aliens and magical creatures of other realms living in peace in the heavens!" Coming to the landing, the otherworldly prince looked curiously at Artificer. "Do you have animal friends, Heroditus?"
  4. Dio has never even heard of a living Deep One before, getting to know about their language and culture is a priceless opportunity to learn how Gorhummaz has moved other peoples.
  5. Outside "The which?" Leroy took a moment to realize what Heroditus meant, but lit right back up. "Oh! That is my conveyance and spiritual guide here on Earth-Prime. It would not do to fly everywhere with my gravity powers, so that will carry me across the highways and byways on land. That shape is a 'car', also called a 'Beetle' for the hard shell and slow pace.They have begun to ean a new name, the name Diogenes, but at present they are called 'Dio'." "Dio and I both hail from New Atlantis City, on the neighboring Earth-2. It used to be ruins, but my mother helped revive it and the planet so now it flies to avoid environmental damage." "Heroditus, speaking of air, I should warn that it blunts and warps our speech, so one must fairly shout to be heard. Nurse Aretha Joy and Professor Kuzin are who I would see about such voice training." He paused, rubbing his chin "I beg pardon, but did you mention which building you were assigned?"
  6. Sun Dragon "...Well said, Adam. I suppose I must find her later and apologize for the mess I made of my apology." Leroy had been shocked momentarily speechless at the sudden eruption from Judy's sullen and withdrawn sister. Rising to his feet, the silver band still in his hand, the New Atlantean regarded it for a moment. He waved politely at the duo of Claude and Nick nearby "Good morning! Welcome to the Academy! Justice be done!" Sighing as he pocketed the ring, Leroy smiled wanly at his erstwhile artificially-assembled ally "I clearly have much to learn, you and Louise have a much more successful courtship. I wished only to make up for all that time, but her family..." his handsome face furrowed as a thought struck him. "I wonder-" he was beginning when Spinning around, eyes bright and hands clasped, Leroy beamed like the Sun itself upon the newest arrival "A knight of Atlantis! Yes! Come this way, please! Which dormitory have you been assigned, comrade at arms? And what is your name? I am Leroy, from one of the other Atlantises. The RAs are such good sorts, they shall have you sorted in no time!" He indicated the dormitories "The men's assistants are on the left when you reach the lobby of each floor. I should be happy to show you!"
  7. Dio "Good question there, buddy." said the bright green Beetle next to Legatus. "I mean...woof, moo, uh...beep-bebeep-beep?" Two enormous slitted eyes blinked up at him where the headlights usually were. "Look, don't ask and try not to get involved, long story short is that human kid in the robes and tattoos is my boss, that human girl he was saying all that crap to is his girlfriend, and the larger human girl who broke them up is first girl's boss. I think. Not really sure, but it's a safe bet. It's me, Dio," a great green claw reached out, offering Felix a handshake, "good to see you again, human guy Felix. I'm being a car until I can sneak off tonight, you got any plans?"
  8. Pointedly ignoring Pan, though Micah's reaction drew a flicker of uncertainty across his face, the Dragon Prince of Earth-2 took out two rings from the sleeve of his robe. One had a core dark as night but shimmered with threads of shifting colors, the other was plain and bright as steel. With understated grace, Leroy went to one knee. Raising the dark rainbow, he said "This ring holds my blood, it will open any door and grant you passage anywhere on my home world. There is no magic upon it, no marker or lingering eye. It is my promise to be by your side, Judy, and to be yours alone." Taking the dark ring and Judy's right hand, gentle despite strength that could shatter stone, he slipped it onto her finger, eyes fixed on hers as if none of the rest of the tittering, skeptical crowd existed. It fit perfectly, the material smooth as glass and oddly warm. Raising the silver eye, he said "Judy, your light guides me. If you will have me, let me wear this mirror of it. Together, we can bring love and joy and radiance to a universe of suffering!" His face shone with his smile, even the scars that rent it so slender they almost disappeared, his eyes dancing amber in the sunlight. Even the gold tattoos of fire and twining dragons on his arms seemed alive and joyous in the moment.
  9. Dio is going to be most of the animals and scenery, especially the cows. Leroy is very sure he has what it takes to play Jack of the Beanstalk.
  10. Sun Dragon is absolutely up for going bird-watching on another Earth. It'll be like back home, but fewer magic megafauna. Dio is there for meeting a Deep One again. They have such a rich and mysterious culture!
  11. Name: Leroy Remilikun Ransome-Conte/Dio Codename: Sun Dragon/N/A Year: Junior Pronouns: He/him(for both) Current Intramural Team: Blue Squad Current Roommate: Kameron Kingdom/Red Lynx Reflection: Leroy: I have let fear hold me back. Fear of failure, rejection, upsetting the fine balance. Justice will not wait, and the time for undoing a great evil draws near. Also I need to repair my relationship with Judy Smith. I have been taking her for granted, acting like my father. Blue Squad must make a real difference in the world this year. Dio: I've been having an okay time, going to spend more time with other students and get to know what people look for in a hero. There's a lot of magic in this world, the kind that doesn't come from earth lines or hearts of fire or spiritual links, the magic of people reaching out to help others. I want to learn about that. School Club: Leroy: I am in the school's youth Bible study and believe a club for people from other worlds and times would be wonderful. A way to learn about how other environments and eras affect us could help us see our own in new ways. Planning this year to be involved in the Academy drama club. Dio: I'm in the magic club, not really much of a joiner but a place to hang out and talk geology would be nice. There's so many cool rocks out there, and I've been hankering to see them.
  12. Leroy winced at the totally unfamiliar volume and intensity of Judy's brief tirade. Of the pair her boyfriend was usually the loud, blustering one. At her final question he swallowed hard, stood himself squarely and met her gaze. "N-no. I do not have one. Communication equipment was readily available and many people in the Skies would have happily helped me across the gap. But, there is a reason." Looking 'round the little circle and at the passing students and parents, Leroy lowered his voice. "Since I returned home, mother started talking about how I should get married, presumably so my wife can kill anyone else who attempts to kidnap me..." Catching sight of Micah he impatiently motioned the weather-controller closer "Thunder, now is not the time for hangdog skulking." "For the last months," he resumed with a grimace, "I have been going to absurd parties hosted by my terrible cousins who keep heads and the cousins who make up religions. As well, I have been trying and largely failing to make my mother understand I do not wish to wed. I am younger than she was when she was packed off to her horrible first husband, but she refused to listen until I started talking you up, Dee." He took a long breath, despite not needing to breathe at all "So now she only agreed to let me come back so long as I promised to date nobody else, and invited you back to Earth-2 so you both can meet." He smiled, almost shyly "And I was not making an idle comment, you really do look lovely in green." His smiled died "Judy, if you would rather never see me again for this, but say so and I shall obey. You have many sorrows and sources of pain, for me to add to them is monstrous. I truly wish for you to be happy, but if I am an obstacle to that..." "Judy, if you will give me another chance, I will not fail you."
  13. A green Volkswagen Beetle fell out of thin air into an open spot, a young man in black and gold robes falling on top of it with a whump and a strangled yelp. Two suitcases fell out of the air a second later, only to stop and slide to a more gentle rest at an irritated sweep of the boy's hand. "What a disaster," he muttered, golden eyes glaring briefly up at the empty sky above him, "but at least I got back before..." he stopped dead, sliding off the car as he caught sight of Judy and Ashley already entering the grounds. Stamping a sandal back onto his foot, he swept the two suitcases onto his head and flew across the parking lot, landing deftly beside Pan. Setting the load down he swept the tangled curling hair out of his face and smiled quickly around the little circle. "Hello! Leroy here, so good to be back among my valiant comrades of Blue Squad!" "Judy." He looked at the shorter girl earnestly "You are radiant even in your wrath. I need to tell you something. Do you have a moment?" He glanced at Ashley "Commander, would you mind terribly if Judy and I spoke in private?"
  14. Hey @HGM Want to get some cars and/or trucks full of people to safety, with a risk of failing super-hard. What would I roll for that?
  15. "Okay. I'm here. Now what, Agnes?" In the catastrophic havoc devastating Emerald City, the worst disaster in the city's centuries-long history, even the shiny new suit Ishmael Redwater was in didn't help when confronted with an unearthly storm battering his home. Looking down on streets swimming in riverwater as crackling bolts of lightning lit up the people struggling against the water, the wreckage, and each other. He shook his head, still feeling strange after a professional barber removed half the hair on it and bestowed unto him the most elegant swept-back style the sleek silver helmet turning round and round in his hands, and red crescent of MarsTech blazoned across his suit's shiny chest. "There's...there's so many..." ~"Keep it together down there, Paris!"~ over his earpiece, Agnes Nisso sounded every one of her 62 years, but the 'hero handler' had been guiding costumed cowboys through one crisis or another for almost half a century. With MarsTech drones giving her a bird's-eye view, Agnes and the team in Emerald Tower were in charge of getting him to the worst of the trouble spots. ~"There's three cars with people inside trapped in the water. One two blocks south, the other two five blocks due east."~ Donning the helmet with shaking hands, Ishmael took a moment to take in the augmented reality on the interior screens. "Agnes, I don't know..." ~"Paris, who are you responsible to?"~ He knew the answer to that one. "Emerald City, my sponsors and myself, ma'am!" ~"Good man. Get going, kid!"~ His helmet latched onto the suit, the teen mascot set off at a blur, his new name blazing on his suit: SLIPSTREAM.
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