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  1. @Tarrakhash 1) Yes! Fixed that, did not even realize I'd missed that. 2) Yes. They are no longer a threat. 3) Fixed, changed to John. Yes, that bit is quasi-interior monologue. 4) Around 20, +/- 5
  2. GM Platinum Porpoise was ready, trackng the movements of the pair and moving to dodge out of the way, but the world-warping of Alex's new powers delivered the blow with greater force and speed than expected. The shining lance of omniversal energy met his bracers' barrier of shadow-stuff at a crucial off-balance moment. Sent wheeling and spinning backwards, his arm crashed through some of the support scaffolds around the DR. "You don't get it!" the alien gritted his teeth, launching back to his feet as his shoulder oozed red around the burn. "Sri Rojan is doing this planet a favor! Do you have any idea how many artifacts, technologies and artists come from outer space? This machine threatens all of us just by existing! If you'd just let us take this to the Nightcourt, you would have nothing to worry about!"
  3. First up, you have: 1) Group of apparent kidnap/trafficking victims 2) Group of scumbags transporting them 3) Vehicle transporting 1 and 2. What do you do?
  4. OOC thread for this thread. It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel! @Tarrakhash Your opponent is this thirsty fellow, kindly enmagined by EternalPhoenix
  5. GM September 12th, 6.05PM Freedom City, Actually, I'm not sure where, one of the alleys by the E-Sea Bank? Kind of a blur, frankly "Boss won't forget this, mask!" The words were seriously meant, but the contempt was undercut by the fact that the man in the suit saying them was, himself, wearing a balaclava. His business partners were too busy recovering from sudden, repeated blunt force happening to them to do much but glare. the merchandise were already out of the truck, blinking uncertainly and huddled in a knot. Two of the kids had swiped a cell phone from one of their captors. It was hard to feel strongly about stealing right then. If you'd asked John where they were likely from, he might have guessed Angola. Why and how they had shown up in the truck was something that would be figured out once he'd reasoned with the businessmen. "You're wasting your time, mask!" The man was perking up now "My people will have me free in a month!" "Not if you tell him you have people," pointed out one of the quieter, wiser souls lying face-first on the rain-slick asphalt, "way to prejudice the judge against your counsel, man."
  6. Leroy's there for occasional DMing, playing complicated martial classes and getting way more into it than anyone else. Dio is also there because someone has to set the record straight on dragons.
  7. Okay, so transferring that DC27 TOU save instead to Veronica's Force Cage: 21. Failed by 6, so -1 to future rolls. Forever Boy's Snare is at -1 from earlier, but otherwise unchanged. As for the rest: those attacks both hit(DEF is adjusted to 14) does hit, so Platinum Porpoise takes a DC27 Toughness save, at -1 from their Bruise: 25. Another Bruise! At -2. @Thevshi What's Veronica's moves? Also, @Supercape, on Echohead's next turn would you give me a DC20 Will/Sense Motive save, whichever is higher?
  8. GM Forever Boy There wasn't any reply to Facsimile. Platinum Porpoise deciding instead to leap deftly to Electrum Eagle's side. He brought down a scything arm covered in hungry shadows that set to gnawing and grappling with the luminous shell of coherent energy the Danger heiress had conjured. With an eerie, hollow hissing noise, the shadows playing across the surface carved halfway through the shell before its light managed to conquer them. "You! Flyer!" Porpoise turned to face him as Electrum Eagle continued to strain furiously against the binding light "I don't expect you to understand this, but the longer this machine stays around him," he pointed at Facsimile as he dodged from a coruscating swipe "the more likely it gets that the next time it turns on, it explodes! Do you want to lose your home forever, just to win a fight?" Echohead He's right said Sri Syren you saw what happened when he tried to use the DR's powers the first time But you can stop him. You can do it easily. You can save them all, like I did.
  9. Alrighty, first, for a Standard Action Platinum Porpoise will damage the Snare holding Electrum Eagle. DC27 save: 23. Failed by 4, so Injured, -1 to next save. Then, as a Move Action, will try and Intimidate Forever Boy, telling him the DR has been compromised by Facsimile's taking on its powers: 24. So DC24 check of Intimidate/Sense Motive/Will, whichever is highest. Invoking Forever Boy's Complication, so even if he withstands the attempt to scare him off of the fight, he's pushed to something drastic *just in case*. Electrum Eagle will attempt to escape his bonds, DC26 Toughness save: 26. Well then! @RocketLord Forever Boy is up.
  10. Ari


    A young man with dark skin and a scarred face slipped noiselessly in through the doors moments after Headmistress Summers began speaking. Nodding gratefully to his guide, sour-faced school janitor Basil Faulks, he padded down the rows, his lack of footwear clashing badly with his elegant green, black and gold silk robes. Humming softly to himself as he searched for an empty spot, he reached the front row before finding one. Wheeling a suitcase to his side he dropped into the chair on the other side of Nicole, he retrieved a pencil and notebook from his luggage and set to work writing down Summers' words. "Greetings and salutations," he murmured with a warm smile to the girl next to him, turning back to the Headmistress after a parting "Leroy." His bright gold eyes ringed with kohl shaped like two stylized Eyes of Horus, immaculate hair and handsome face clashed strongly with the trio of jagged white gashes reaching from just under each eye and curving to his jaw. Visible on his neck and reaching to his hands, serpentine dragons in golden ink twisted and breathed fire. He was visibly curious about what Summers was talking about, waiting intently to hear what these 'changes' would be.
  11. Ari

    Roar & Hiss (IC)

    Snorting at the 'long trip' comment, the dragon snaked their head out of the crevice, the sleek arching neck holding it well above the heads of the two boys as he started to reposition into a Sphinx-like pose on the bed. The broad, frilled tail whisked off the floor and dangled in the air, describing figure-eights endlessly. Clasping the hand of the other boy, Leroy grinned even broader than Kam "Correct! I am Leroy Conte, that is my dragon, Dio, good to meet you, Kameron Kingdom! You must show me your workout routine, it is clearly quite effective!". His grip wasn't as strong as Kamau's, but it matched his tall, powerful frame as Kam's did his more condensed body. "No, though you are kind to ask, it was a very short journey..." "It is reward enough to hear those words." The dragon idly preened one of his wings. "...by Dio's standards!" Dio's golden eyes shone with betrayal. "But here we are, and no worse for wear!" Leroy nodded at his overflowing wall of knick-knacks, masks, books and posters "Though this is a puzzle. I envy you your refined minimalism, Mr. Kingdom, it is such a simpler way of life." Reaching down, he hefted up a long, horned skull that bore an uncanny resemblance to the dragon on his bed "but even if I can unravel this mystery, I still have to arrange my Dragon's Daughter Ultimate Conqueror of Blood-Hellwreacker collected volume with all the author commentary from Ms. Georges. Have you read those books, Mr. Kingdom?" He paused, seeing the look on the other boy's face. Hastening to reassure him, Leroy said "If not, I well understand. There are only 44 of them after all."
  12. Well the concept is perfectly fine, Rig, but that's not enough to make any judgment on. The Manual has a bunch of Sample Builds in the Getting Started section. Also fair warning there's not really a job or money in helping out with disasters or protecting people from superpowered or superskilled types. Put some numbers to that idea, and let's see how it turns out.
  13. Ari

    Roar & Hiss (IC)

    The skulls weren't going to fit on the walls, and it wasn't Leroy's fault. "Dio! What is this, a prison?! Behold how cramped and mean our abode!" Covering the entire bed and part of the floor, the green dragon stretched luxuriously and gave no apparent reply. From behind the headboard, a long, forked red tongue flicked out, then vanished. "At least the barracks of the worlds liberated by my sisters, those had some rude charm!" Sighing a long-suffering sigh, Leroy sat down in a swirl of colored silk as his robes billowed. Surveying the shelves piled with bits and bobs, posters, maps, trophies, book stacks and carefully-positioned feather duster, Leroy ran a hand over his new hair. He still missed the masses of curls he'd grown up with, but the close-cut geometry of the Caesar was at least fun to skim your fingers over. He frowned, the pupils of his golden eyes narrowing to slits as he pondered the riddle of interior design logistics. He turned his eyes back to the lounging dragon "What if I just piled them at the foot and head of the bed, then I can just take them out when I want and during the day they can go over the covers?" "And where will I sssleep, O Dragon Prinsssce?" His face was draped behind the headboard, and a dragon's physiognomy is hard to read anyway, but Dio's voice carried the wry note of sarcasm perfectly. "Under that tree." Leroy pointed unthinkingly at the tall, spreading oak visible from the window. "Neither rain nor frost nor burning sun discomfort you, and I'm the one who needs sleep the more!" Dio started to reply, when his tongue, flicking out again, paused. It darted out again, for longer. "I sssmell sssomeone...your bunkmate, arrange yourssself!"
  14. GM "You failed, Sri Syren." The truth was hard. Hard as the packed stone beneath his armored feet, as hard as seeing what was once a vibrant ocean turned to silver mirrors. Hard as the skulls of his changed people that had splattered silver blood against his armor. He'd had to tear most of it off and blast it to atoms, to avoid what had happened to Sri Sare up in orbit. Communion infection was nothing to take lightly. Rojan Lhar, darkly handsome as ever in his glimmering black and purple hardsuit, was flying above the scene of recent carnage. Well, not flying. It was more like he was standing on the sill of a window seething with otherdimensional energy blacker than the starless void. "Mentor, when he wakes up, will remember that failure for the rest of your life, and so will everyone else. But if Sri Syren dies here..." The bracers that drifted down into his line of sight whispered softly, just out of hearing. "I was like you, once. My dreams dashed, facing a future of certain disgrace. Rojan Lhar had to die." Echohead's hands, finned and scaled under the leaking blood, reached out to take the weapons. The sight stirred something, something rising up in revolt, some contradiction driving into his....no, it was gone. "To reclaim my honor, Blackstar had to be born. Be reborn as well, Sri Syren, and take your place among my army of the lost." The bracers locked onto his wrists, a wave of otherworldly power sweeping over his body to deactivate and discard the remaining Star Knight armor. "You are a rare resilient soul, Syren. And you fight with agility married to power. You will henceforth be known as Platinum Porpoise. Welcome to the Blackguards."
  15. DC20 Will save from the Porpoise Platinum: 17. Failed save. Notice check, DC20: 22. Succeeded on check, but thanks to Insidious only knows they were very suddenly recalling who Sri Rojan Lhar, formerly the infamous renegade Star Knight known as BLACKSTAR, is to them as their patron and guiding hand. DC25 Toughness save from Feedback: 26. No damage was taken bringing Echohead this information. @Exaccus Facs is up!