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    Player Away Thread

    Damn. Sorry to hear that, Moira. Hope laptop arrives on time if not before.
  2. @Azuth65 Failed by 6, Bruised, Injured and Dazed. Next two shots discounted. @Thunder King Attack hits, overcomes Defense by 12, +5 to damage DC, DC30 TOU save: 13. Failed by 17. Evaporated. So next order is Redshift: Unharmed-GM Prism: Unharmed,1HP Gauss: Bruised(x1), Injured(x1), Dazed, 3HP Redshift for their next three moves will move the convoy towards the South River, moving at around 50MPH per round. They're doing the running a cyclone thing to keep it in the air. Right now they don't think the heroes are a threat to them. @Thunder King Prism is up again. Next three rounds' worth of actions please.
  3. Stunting Nullify 10 (All Flame/Heat Effects; Extras: Area(Cone); Flaws: Action(Full-Round), Range(Touch); Feats: Progression(Size)4(100ft per rank))[14PP] off of her main Array. Using it to try and Nullify the fires at the second and third houses.
  4. Grating the plates of her jaws together in frustration Mag-Might leaned against a burning balcony and tried to figure what all this was leading up to, hersized glassy face screwing up in concentration. A whole bunch of homes sparking to life, someone taking things out of them(apparently? It kind of looked that way, the manses looked like someone had been rifling through them, from what she could recall Mo talking about crime scenes from work), with no apparent main target. Were they just going to burn down all of the wood houses? That aside, it was hard to be in a burning building and not feel hungry. Surely they wouldn't mind, if it stopped the houses being destroyed. Leaping from her perch to the driveway, Mag-Might turned to face the house, the coils of orange-red flames beginning to spill out of the upper windows. Her jaws unhinged to reveal the furnace of incandescent blue-green fire that gave all magmin life. Her eyes shone, and the flames in the house answered her unspoken call. Like some slithering thing from the black seas of Sub-Terra, the fire dragged itself out of the house, curling into a stream that flowed into Mag-Might's mouth and spreading channels of light and heat through her semi-translucent body and limbs. A final tongue of blue fire licked against her lips, and with that Maggy turned and barreled for the newest fire. Maybe the criminal is still there! Or, at least, some sign of them. The fire clears their tracks, but they must leave something...
  5. A very happy birthday to you, Phoenix. 32? Well, another several dozen to go.
  6. "Graaaaaaugk!" In a shower of wood, glass and plaster, a human-like creature made of some quasi-translucent substance crashed through the mansion's stately front doors. Landing in a roll, they leaped ungainly to their heavy feet and stared up at the flames. "I already said nobody was in there!" screamed someone from what Maggy assumed was some kind of servant class? They all wore the same kind of clothes and lived in an adjoining, much more modest structure. Whoever they were they didn't seem to understand that the rocky woman had gone in to look for the arsonist. It had made perfect sense at the time, Maggy reflected as she stumped away towards the new blaze, humans couldn't live for long in flames, and setting an empty house on fire could only have meant that someone like her must have been using the fire as cover for a robbery. In her defence, Silver City Sentinels had made a pretty solid case for this kind of interpretation. And it wasn't like whoever lived there couldn't afford a new door, or stairs, or helicopter. Gurgling in irritation at the wasted time, Mag-Might raced through the gloom of Elysian Forest. Even with her inner fire, the green-black magmin passed like a cumbersome, brush-obliterating shadow under the trees, pounding closer to the new fire. If this was some kind of fire spirit, she could just eat it. If it was just a fire, she could eat that too. She had to admit, it was a relief Mo wasn't there to come up with any other ideas. Some things didn't need complication.
  7. Ari


    GM Black Diamond waited until the last possible millisecond, tensing as the baseball rocketed for the plate, crouching just a hairs-breadth to gather that much more force. Suddenly, with seemingly no transitional moment, the bat of black diamond was scything the air before him, a furious roar and "Strike two! That's it!" Itachi shook his head, flashing a polite smile to Curveball as the crowd above let loose the exhilaration of the moment, cheering for the four-armed mutant with unironic glee. He turned to go, only to find himself face to face with the catcher. The catcher looked a lot taller than Curveball remembered, and the glove on her left arm was a lot bulkier, more metallic and robotic than it had appeared behind the plate. "You failed, Tachi." she said. But the voice wasn't right, too deep and masculine. Black Diamond took a step back, his smile a little more confused, "Oh, I wouldn't say that. Curveball won, but nobody lost-" "You failed, you little brat! Just like you did when you broke my arm!" The catcher threw off their heavy padding and the facemask, revealing a furious, athletic man in the white and blue of the Emerald City Ospreys, a robotic glove covering his left arm and cybernetics wiring through the right side of his face! Black Diamond's crystalline skin paled, and he took and involuntary step backward "Wait...you were that pitcher last year, Randall...?" "Yes! It's me, Randall Calder, here to take my revenge!" With that, the man jumped, and a hoverboard lanced out of nowhere to swoop up under his feet, carrying him aloft as his glove deposited a round grenade-like device into his organic hand. "Batter up, punk!"
  8. Ari


    DC17 Dexterity check: 9. Also, Initiative check please. Disgruntled Baseball Player in a Robot Suit, Randall Calder's Initiative: 3. Black Diamond, Noga Itachi's Initiative: 19. After Curveball's Initiative roll, Randall gets a surprise round.
  9. Okay, moving on. Round 7. Redshift: Unharmed-GM Prism: Unharmed, 2HP Omegadrone(x1): Unharmed-GM Gauss: Unharmed, 3HP Redshift appears and starts racing around the convoy's lead section, slowly raising it into the air. Prism skipped for this. Omegadrone shoots at Gauss: 18. Hit, @Azuth65 DC23 Toughness Save.
  10. @Tiffany Korta Hey Tiff, how about Spider and Mag-Might having a time dealing with some fire-related crimes against the rich and powerful?
  11. What: First-response and life-saving in the aftermath of a container ship's nagivation equipment malfunctioning, sending the several-hundred thousand tonnes of ship and cargo into the half-built MarsTech wave-power generator just off the coast. Hundreds of people need rescue, both in the ship and around the power generator. Who: Anyone, really. Max of four people, Maximum PL of 12. Where: Emerald City, Oregon coastline. When: August 2nd, Late night. @Jander-Prime Here you go, Jander. How's this?
  12. Ari


    GM The crowd drew a breath. The ball spun. Black Diamond tensed. And struck like black lightning. The crak that resounded in the stadium was like a gunshot, sparking a booming chorus of whoops and cheers from the crowd, the half-flattened ball winging away into the stands where it became the focus for an amiable wrestling match. Tachi relaxed a little, but he nodded seriously to Curveball, seeming to see her properly for the first time. "And Black Diamond evens the score! Double or nothing, folks, this is the moment of truth! One last shot to determine which coast has the better arms!" Diamond slipped into stance, eyes like obsidian bores.
  13. Ari


    DC19 Dexterity check: 23. Success.