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  1. Fair enough. IC post the action, and what you do thereafter please.
  2. How exactly? If you slip it in a pocket, then who knows how long it will take them to discover it. Something more overt, perhaps?
  3. The 'Rust Bucket' was a basement bar, well filled with clientele at peak hours of the night. The bar was filled with gang members fitting the descriptions of the Lakeside Knights. In the corner, three of the members discussed a heated subject in Spanish, one of them, in particular, was livid. As Crow lurked in the rafters, Sil closed in on the group of gang members. Just as she moved in close, one of the three stood up abruptly, slamming his fist onto the bar in anger. He broke the language barrier, swearing in English as he did so. "Dammit, Jesus, I am talking about my mama's house! Not my friend, or some girl that worked at a store on the street, it is my family! I am going down to that warehouse, alone if I have to, and stuffing Jimmy's head up his..." An older, larger man of Hispanic decent cut him off. "I know what you want to do, Kenny, and I still say no! If you go down there, they will kill you. If we all go down there, the whole neighborhood will burn! We can't start a war," he began to trail off to a much lower tone, "and I don't know that we would live through it. I just don't know what to do." The final bit sounded fatalistic, like a tired man at the end of his rope. The younger man was still visibly angry, but sat back down. "What are we going to do, 'Sus? We have to do something." He also lowered his tone. "This is going to end bad, one way or the other."
  4. You don't get any details on the conversation, as there is a lot of background noise, but the word 'Reys' comes up, which her Spanish skills tells her, means Kings. Also, one of the speakers, the one of the three that seems the most calm, fits the description for Jesus Killema the Second, the leader of the Lakeside Knights (carry-over from her Well-Informed roll, earlier). Wait and listen more, or post other actions/ideas?
  5. There are three gangsters, in particular, engaged in a heated discussion about something near the end of the bar. Problem is, they are speaking Spanish. Other than that, pretty much the same info I gave to Sil. So what do you two do from there?
  6. Not much for a 14 Search, she notices the bartender also could be a combatant, and he would seem to have a bat and a sawed off shotgun under the bar.
  7. 'The Rust Bucket' is a basement dive, much like the bar depicted in the movie 'The Crow' where T-Bird and company hang out. Those entering will find it relatively well filled, mostly with 30-something down on their luck types. The bar, itself, is mostly occupied by a group of veteran gangbangers, all wearing colors associating themselves with the 'Lakeside Knights'. For those interested in counting, there would seem to be 9 'Knights' that look able to handle themselves, with half as many again hangers-on in the group, and another 20 or so patrons and staff in the bar. Notice checks could bring more information, as could Knowledge: Streetwise, and Search checks. Stealth checks are also a good idea, even if you have visual Concealment.
  8. The old Brit considered the younger two for a moment, and then nodded. "I will wait outside if that will make either of you feel better. I will stay close by, able to provide support should things get out of hand." He walked to the end of the alley and pointed in the direction of the bar. "The pub is called 'The Rust Bucket,' its a few blocks down, a bit of a dive as I understand it. I will keep at height unless I am needed." With that, he reached to his belt under his cape, and produced his grapple gun, aiming it at a nearby ledge. "Best of luck, yanks." He fired the line, and then ascended out of sight.
  9. The girl had risen from the wall, and began to walk to the mouth of the alley, with Lionheart in tow. He followed her two blocks down, to a used tire shop that had seen better days. It had seen both graffiti and window damage in recent days, and, by the look of things, was probably no longer in business. She led him up a short set of stairs, to a door leading to a small appartment above the shop. She unlocked it with a key she fished out of her purse, and motioned for him to follow her inside. The small appartment was not what Lionheart had expected. It was clean, well lit, and had the looks of a home. It was small, only a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and small den, but it was filled with old and tasteful furnishings and had the feeling of a place that had been lived in and cared for over many years. In the small den, a man in his later years sat in an old recliner holding a wet rag to his forehead. There were red stains on the white cloth, and the man appeared to have been recently injured. The girl ran to him instantly, calling "Daddy" as she did so. He cradled her in his arms, looking over her shoulder at the strangely clad man behind her. Lionheart explained the situation, as he had seen it, and did his best to calm the man's rage over the matter. He was told that the thugs from the alley way had come there, demanding money they didn't have. When the man had stood up for himself, they struck him. His daughter had run for help, and they had chased her, catching up to her in the alley. Lionheart convienced the man to call the police and report the attack, and took a moment to make sure that neither of them needed medical attention before he asked to use their phone, himself. He made a few calls, seeking information on the gangs of the Fens, and finding few answers. The only thing he could find out was a bar, not far from the site of the attack, often occupied by members of the older gang, the Lakeside Knights. Feeling he was well on his way to wearing his welcome thin, he returned to the alley. He approached the younger costumed heroes, still ahead of the police. "I wasn't able to find out much. The bobbies are on the way, the girl is with her father, hopefully safe. All I could learn was that the Lakeside Knights hang out in a pub about three streets down. We could see what they know about the younger punks."
  10. Gather Information roll: 12. Not much to go on.
  11. The girl had become more coherent over the last moments. Lionheart had squatted down next to her, listening. "Father...shop...cars....wanted to help...goons...shop...father, I need to talk to my father." He simply nodded, standing and offering a hand to help her up. "It's alright, girl, we'll take you there." He waited for her to gather herself while he listened to Silhouette's information. He gave off a 'Tsk' at the reference to 'brats.' "The kids in this bloody country. Sure, Britain has it's football hooligans, but here, every child want's to be 'gangsta'." The last word sounded very unnatural, and spit out, rather than spoken. He placed his arm around the young victim, speaking to his costumed allies as he did. "I'll walk this girl to her father, and call the authorities, as... Crow, was it, suggested. Then, I will try to gather more information about these kids, maybe find someone old enough to be held accountable. "If you two intend to be on these streets tonight, it would be better for us to work together than trip over one another. I'm Lionheart, and, if you haven't guessed, I haven't been here in the colonies long. I live here, in Freedom City, now, and have taken interest in trying to clean it up a bit. I gathered his name, and you are Silhouette?"
  12. Well, being that she lives in the Fens, it turns out that one of he neighbors have been harassed by these particular punks before. The 'Lakeside Kings,' as they call themselves, are a split off of the more prominent 'Lakeside Knights,' which have existed in the Fens for more than a decade. Seems that some of the younger 'Knights' thought that the tamer approach of the older members was too soft and not lucrative enough for them, and they broke off to form their own gang about 6 months ago. Since that time, the 'Kings' have been expanding their territory and their exploitation of the surrounding civilians. The 'Knights' aren't very happy about it, but know that nothing short of a gang war will change things. Rumor has it that the leader of the 'Kings' has some outside support that is interested in having more influence in the Fens, but who that might be is unknown. What is known is that the 'Kings' are mostly minors, mostly armed, mostly violent, and have been expanding into activities involving drugs and protection rackets.
  13. Aoiroo, make a Well-Informed roll with Sil in order to determine what you might know about these gang-bangers.
  14. With Secondary Effect to actually stick the weapons to the Magnet?
  15. So, I was watching Mystery Men last night (I like it, most people don't), and it came to the part when they crashed into the bad guy's layer with thier armored car, and turned on a giant magnet, stripping all the guns away from their foes and leaving them stuck to the magnet. So, I was thinking, what would be the best way to simulate such a power in M&M. TK with AoE and limitations seems overly complicated, but is resisted by Strength, which would seem to be the right resistor. Nullify would simply break the weapons it effected, and leave the others damaged, but in place. What are some other ideas?
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