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  1. "I'm in no rush, really." Tyler seemed calmed, more relaxed now that Judy had offered her apology. "I definitely think I'd like to meet more new faces, now. Video games... I don't think I'd get much of a chance to get to know people?" He turned his head to look once again at Corinne. "It'd be great if you joined us as well. 'The more, the merrier', isn't that the saying?"
  2. Tyler looked nervously at the two girls as they began to speak. His frown relaxed some when Judy began to apologise. He wasn't so naive to believe that Ashley's apology had been entirely sincere, but it was a start. "Well, it was nice of you both to say that. Thank you. I know that my appearance can... upset some people, at first. I get that, and I can't blame you." There was a slight blush that rose to his cheeks when Judy said the words. "I think I'd like that too." He looked at Veronica, then back at the sisters. "I should finish up the tour first, but I'd really like to join you later, if that's okay?"
  3. "Oh, sorry. I'm Tyler. I'm... new. You must have known that already, sorry." He shrugged, his expression apologetic. "It's nice getting to know everyone, most people have been pretty friendly. I'm sorry I didn't really get to say hello to your... friend. But don't worry about what Nicole said. Believe me, I know a few things about how badly first impressions can go."
  4. Tyler gave a polite smile to Corrine. "Hello." It was clear he was trying to maintain a neutral expression on the rest of his face, acutely aware of his own newness and lack of knowledge of the social structure. Then it was Salvo's turn to leave, and he gave her a short wave. "It was real nice to meet you all. This is shaping up to be one of the weirdest days for me, but... good."
  5. Seeing Salvo react to his horns made his expression go taut for a moment. "Yeah, that's me. Half-demon is as good a word as any, even though the actual demon is, like... generations back, I think." He nodded sadly. "We've already run in to one or two folks that looked pretty suspiciously at me and... yeah. It really does suck." Tyler watched, open mouthed as Zenith first appeared in a chaotic swirl of colour and then... reformed into something, someone else. "Um... what just happened?"
  6. Tyler smiled, blushing. "Oh, I see. Sounds like you've got your own cool superhero name already." He idly removed his hat briefly, revealing a pair of onyx horns at the level of his hairline, above his temples. They were small, like something one would find on a baby goat. He'd taken his hat off to merely run a hand through his hair, and back it went. "If you don't mind the newbie tagging along, I'd love to join for burgers. Most people have been pretty friendly."
  7. "Oh!" He said as he pulled his head back. "Oh, no. I like mint and I like chocolate, but not together." He shook his head. He merely smiled politely at her explanation of D&D. Too much to unpick there, it seemed. When Salvo asked about him, he looked nervous. "Oh, I got some... unusual ancestry. Wasn't really safe for me back home any more so I came here. Headmistress Summers is going to help teach me how to use my magic responsibly, I hope." He seemed merely curious when she mentioned Veronica. "Huh? She's dangerous?" Looking at his tour guide. "Dangerous how?"
  8. Darkling New Arrival
  9. Tyler seemed a little blindsided by the appearance of two new faces, and so friendly as well. He smiled politely, if a little nervously at Alex and Nicole. "Er, hi." He nodded mainly to confirm what Veronica had said. "Yes, I'm Tyler, I'm new." He looked curiously at Facsimile. "I don't know what a 'tabletop night' is, but it's a very kind offer anyway." He gingerly took the drink from the other boy, sniffing it experimentally. "What is it, anyway?"
  10. Veronica's understanding tone cut through some of his frustration, and he looked up at her with hope creeping onto his face. "You knew already, what I was? Then... you've been very welcoming, miss." He nods. "I sincerely appreciate it." He listened o he Smith sisters' story, giving it some careful thought. "I suppose I shouldn't assume I'm the only student with a past. There's probably a few people like me, people that didn't come from great beginnings but want to travel a different road from the one other people picked out for them." He'd fully perked up by the time Veronica mentioned an alternative stress reliever. "Well, now I definitely have something to look forward to."
  11. Tyler's face was now much harder after their conversation with the sisters. "Hmm. I'll probably not visit the chapel." He sighed. "I'm guessing everyone already knows what I am. It was stupid of me to think this place would be different." He shoved his hands in his pockets, now sullen. "I expect the gym's useful for working out some frustrations, too. Especially since brawling with other students is probably against school rules."
  12. He seemed as hopeful as Judy when she brought up homeschooling, but his face fell with Ashley's comment. Their reaction had been exactly what he'd feared, coming here. He looked down at his feet, crestfallen. "Sure. I'll see you around. It was nice meeting you too." He turned his head to Veronica. "We should probably continue the tour, these ladies don't want to be bothered."
  13. "Hello." Neither of the girls seemed inclined to want to shake hands, particularly Ashley. Tyler settled, instead, for waving from the hip, his smile guarded and nervous. "I'm Tyler and... yeah, I suppose I'm the newbie." He flinched slightly at Ashley waving smething in his direction, but decided to resist his natural urges and give the girl the benefit of the doubt before turning back to her sister. "Thanks, I'm... looking forward to being in a real school, for once. It's very different to homeschooling."
  14. Tyler fidgeted with his cap, something he'd been doing fairly regularly since they started talking. "So who was Matthias Cooke? I mean, I figure Dr. Claremont founded the place, but who was the other guy to get a building named after him?" He looked a little awkward when she brought up theatre. "I'm sorry. I don't really... know much about theatre, or acting or performing or anything." He had the hopeful-yet-scared look of someone fervently hoping he was answering a question correctly whilst knowing that he probably hadn't. "It'd be good if she was a former hero, but I suppose we should respect her privacy. Everyone has secrets, after all."
  15. "This is... a lot to take in." He smiled, still feeling awkward. "Maybe we just start with the tour for now, let my brain absorb some of that information. How long have you been here at Claremont? I haven't really spoken all that much to Headmistress Summers, what's she like?" He fell in beside her, eyes wide to absorb the detail of his surroundings.
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