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  1. Mercury muttered to himself. These kind of things never went according to the script. "'Mister E', 'Miss S'... I suppose it's a bit much to hope for villains who can give you a straight answer." He sighed as the cops jogged past to arrest the Toon Gang, then looked at the others. "What's the next step? Investigate this oil derrick?" He looked at CT. "No offense intended, but I'm really not looking forward to getting back in that sled of yours..."
  2. Mercury Just Beneath the Surface The Measure of a Hero
  3. Evander ducked behind a podium when the trouble erupted, already yanking the hoodie over his head to expose his tunic and breastplate. "Honestly, all I'm asking for is five minutes of peace..." He balled up the garment, shoving it in his backpack and then stowing it somewhere out of the way so he could recover it later. He really hoped it didn't go missing. Others called out from within the banking hall - apparently he wasn't the only hero with transactions on his mind today, which was good. He also recognised the voice of Crow, which would come in handy - at least one other person he'd met before...
  4. Mercury nodded with a smile at the compliment CT had paid him. "Yeah, thanks." A slight pause before he realised he should probably return the compliment. "Your powers seem pretty impressive, too." He turned to regard the Toon Gang. "You know, you guys could go straight... but I doubt you will. Just drawn that way, huh?"
  5. Mercury looked at the last two standing, his hands already burning with fire, casting a sickly glow on his face. "The two of you want to surrender quietly now?" He made no threatening moves just yet, waiting to see what the opponents would do.
  6. The split second before the cartoon bullets impacted, one thought went through Mercury's head. This is it. Most of the spray missed, but a few bullets found their mark. They were stopped by the metal breastplate he was wearing - barely. True to their design, the moment the dynamite left Joey's hand, the wings on his Talaria fluttered into life, and he moved with blinding speed - one second he was in the blast radius, the next he was comfortably outside it. "Right, you wanna play it that way..." He nodded at Cobalt Templar's instructions and threw a volley of sizzling green balefire at Boss Moxie.
  7. He grumbled wordlessly, falling in behind Glowstar, keeping his eyes peeled for any further danger.
  8. As CT instructed, I'll be aiming for their leader. Blast Attack Roll: 22 Assuming a hit that's a DC 23 Toughness Save.
  9. 1d20+7=20 for the DC20 Tommy Gun 1d20+10=25 for the Reflex Save. 1d20=15 for Initiative.
  10. Mercury stepped slightly out of Cobalt Templar's power, his hands halfway through a gesture of arcane power. It didn't hurt that his hands had already begun to glow with motes of magical energy - like CT, he was producing a useful special effect designed to intimidate the Toon Gang into inaction. "What's the correct term for you guys anyway? Animated Americans? There are easier ways to get computers than stealing 'em, you know. Like, oh, buying one. Would you even know what to do with a computer?" He laughs at the thought of them trying to even start the thing up.
  11. Mercury was about to protest that he didn't need protecting, but then kept his mouth shut. If Cobalt Templar wanted to play being a shield, he wasn't going to protest. Better his spells were put to better use taking down the bad guys, rather than expending the effort worrying about protecting his own butt. He followed along with the group, easily keeping pace with CT. "A tiny little car? Who attacks a building like this in a tiny little car?" His eyes scanned from side to side, alert for any trouble. "What's their motive, d'you think? Disrupt the place, or steal information?"
  12. Mercury had seen enough of CT's piloting skills, and hastily vaulted over the side of the sledge - instead of plummeting like a stone, his pedalling feet caused him to float gently down towards the ground, as if he was running on air. He touched down on the sidewalk with a mild squeak of rubber, then looked up at their transport. "Thought I'd stick the landing myself. Uh... no offense."