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  1. You probably weren't aware, but the name "stormfront" has… unfortunate connotations. Try googling it, and you'll see what I mean. Perhaps a different name might be in order?
  2. [nods] A reasonable inference from the available data, no question—and if/when I ever do get around to filling in some of the blank spots around Jube's transformation, I might well go with "yep, aliens did it, for sure". But at this point, it's still a question mark.
  3. Some factual corrections re: Jubatus… Not sure if that's the right word to use. In brute anatomical terms, Jay's body differs from that of a normal cheetah is exactly two particulars: One, the digits on his forepaws are somewhat longer, narrower, and more dexterous than the digits on a normal cheetah's forepaws. Two, his braincase is significantly larger than that of a normal cheetah. Possible, but not known to be true. The entity which zapped Jay is known to have been using Grue techniques for genetic manipulation, but the actual identity of said entity has never been investigat
  4. The Second Freedom 28 June 2013. West End. Jubatus here. There's a construction project in the West End, a couple blocks East of the intersection of Herge and Allen. It'll be a mosque, when it's completed… but it's hard to say when that will occur, because there's a bevy of protestors around the site every day. No prizes for guessing which religion all the protesters happen to share. Ain't it great how sincerely devout personal beliefs can encourage people to work in harmony to achieve a common goal? Me, I could care less about the mosque. I'm an equal-opportunity anti-theist
  5. Skills for the Urban Angel: I suspect the simplest, least expensive possibility would be to give your Angel the feat Jack Of All Trades, which would allow her to use any skill, including those which normally require a character to be trained in before they can use 'em. Alternately, you could give the Angel a Variable structure (ULTIMATE POWER book, pp 113-115) that can only be used for skills. I'm not sure I recommend this, because a skills-only Variable structure is quite expensive for what it does, but it will allow you to have any skill you want at any time. So it's at least worth consi
  6. Jubatus IC threads GM threads News threads
  7. While administering rudimentary medical care to the gang-bangers who most needed it, Jubatus spared a small piece of his attention for the guy in white. If Jube got blindsided by a hostile-in-hero's-clothing, that would do the wounded no good whatsoever… but in this case, as in so many others, the cheetah's habitual overcaution proved to be unnecessary. For one thing, Mr. White was taking this opportunity to summon paramedics. Good, good. Some mis-steps in the call, which confirm that he's a noob, but he's learning from them. Could be a lot worse. The feline's sensitive nose detecte
  8. In the midst of the hurry and bustle, Jubatus had time to kill. But then, Jubatus always had time to kill—his default tempo of 6, not to mention his Timeshift power, ensured that. Once the base camp was properly set up, the speedster did some reconnaissance, familiarizing himself with all the terrain within a mile of the camp; he was alert for disturbances and discontinuities, anything which might hint at the presence of a hostile force, but found nothing which fit that profile, unless he counted the area to the west which a pride of lions regarded as its territory. He wasn't sure ho
  9. Fun fact: The ability to make your personal Time run faster isn't as helpful as it could be when you're conversing with a person who can't do that. And when you're dealing with 23 people simultaneously, all of whom are stuck at the normal tempo of 1… "You're absolutely right, Mr. Hamilton," Jubatus said to the banker that currently occupied the body of a trumpeter swan. "You are in a xxixty situation, and you do need help, and I am as close as you're gonna get to a person with the kind of expertise you need. The thing is, you're one of twenty-three people who all can say the same, and ever
  10. Does that 783 Allen address remind Jubatus of anything? Take 20 'rolls' on Knowledge skills for Business ('roll' of 28), Current Events (28), Technology (29), and Theology/Philosophy (29), if that helps. Jube will interrogate KoS on whatever specific technological details he may have gleaned from Barven & Chandler and all, followed by a Take 20 'roll' of 29 on Knowledge (Technology) to see if he can make any useful deductions about the gadget Acinonyx & Transmogrifier want to build. Like, say, does it require enough power that it needs to be plugged into a 220-volt power line? That
  11. Let's put Jube in Group 2, on the south bank, on the grounds that he wants to inquire about what sort of violent opponents this operation is most likely to encounter, and Lt. Paulino "liaison to the Mozambique Army" Lidimo strikes Jube as the best person to talk to on such a topic. Also, Jube would like to make use of his Master Plan feat discuss tactics and strategy with someone who knows what he's doing, just in case any violent encounters happen to take place while we're here. Fortunately, Lidimo speaks English; if there are problems with English anyway, Jube's Spanish should sorta-kinda ov
  12. The semi-feline thug slashed— Upshift Idiot cat-boy, Jubatus thought as he moseyed around the thug's dangerous-at-normal-speed claws. Either he didn't do his homework on me, or he thinks he's got a prayer of tagging someone who can go hypersonic under his own power. Either way: "What a maroon." Not quite as careful to avoid causing harm as was his custom, the feline speedster levered the thug's arms into position and duct-taped his wrists together behind him, followed by a second strip of duct-tape to bind the thug's elbows together, and finally taped the thugs' ankles to his wrists.
  13. Finally! And since the combat will officially be over, Jube will transport the gift-wrapped cat-boy back to the scene of the battle, plus whatever other appropriate actions. Now that Jubatus is actually chatting with Neospell, it may be worth noting that Jube's voice is a literally inhuman noise that sounds like it was assembled from a library of sound-effects—because that's pretty much what it is. It is, of course, up to Neospell how he elects to react to this information.
  14. Okay, Jube's going to try duct-taping on cat-boy. His Attack roll (1d20+12=15) misses, so I'll burn my shiny new Hero Point for a re-roll, which effectively uses 1d10+10 rather than 1d20, for a 2nd Attack roll (1d10+10+12=32)—max roll! yay! Let's see if cat-boy makes his damn Reflex save…
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