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  1. Yea, I apologize for not finishing that up... But after months of it moving so slowly, I admit I did lose interest... We'll see... I'd thought about bringing back an old character, but I figured it would be best to just let that dream go. I dunno... if it's just business as usual around here, I can't say coming back is the most attractive idea I've had recently. I'll think about it though. Peace dudes.
  2. Hey guys, remember me? Just checked my profile and saw my last post was way back in November. Part of me feels like I'm at an AA meeting... "I've been Freedom City Sober for a month and a half now! :O" I may be about to backslide, though. How have things been going here? Did I miss much?
  3. Both Blueshift and her companion robot were stunned into speechlessness at the enormity of the Lab and all that being given access to it's upper floors entailed. "PleasePleasePleasePleeeeeease tell me these badges aren't just temporary passes?" Mac zipped around Supercape like an excited three-year-old, "Man, I hope I don't blow a fuse! This is so exciting!" "Mac!" Blueshift hissed, after being jolted out of her reverie, "Behave yourself, or they won't invite us back!" --- Once finally situated in the Lab, Blueshift went to work side by side Supercape. Both she and Mac were busy pouring over photographs of the break in and crime scene. Having always suffered from being able to think much faster than she could possibly write, Blueshift instead opted for linking her visor and other suit's systems directly to the Lab's database via a one-way connection at the approval of Supercape. There she uploaded all of her findings on both the situational analysis as well as what would equate to a small textbook on it's chemical compounds and physical behaviors. So fascinated was she that she didn't even realize how long she'd been working. Sadly, this was much more often the case than was reasonable or healthy for her. In short, she was used to it. When she finally pushed her visor up and leaned back in her chair, "Woh, how long was I out?" She sniffed at the inside of her visor and turned to Supercape, "Say, those rooms you told us about wouldn't happen to have showers, would they? I think I need a quick breather before we crunch the numbers on our findings. Besides, I've still got gunk on me..." She rubbed her fingers together in demonstration, unfortunately only succeeding in spreading the substance around further.
  4. Though Blueshift has no base Investigation ranks, she can easily max the ranks for her PL with Gadgets. Which just so happens to be exactly the type of reason I bought that power for! Gadgets 1 for Enhanced skills yields 20 skill points worth. Maxing Investigation gives her 17 ranks and a total modifier of +24 (if the DC turns out to be a 45 somehow, She'd totally EE in a heartbeat for a +2 to be able to pass it). Though with MAC's Benefit as counting for MW tools, she may not need to. She'll take 10 or 20 if possible using quickness to cut down on the time once they get to wherever this analysis is to occur, then she'll hand it off to Supercape. for his chemical analysis. Though I'd like to see if I can aid another in some form on that. Physical Sciences is her area of expertise after all. with base 12 ranks plus the three left over from Gadgets she'll be at a total modifier of +18 with skill mastery and quickness for the aid another check. Edit: If Extra Effort Doesn't get used on the first check, she'll use it here as a result of 40 is likely more beneficial than a 38 at least in some form.
  5. Wiki Fu led me to this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argenteum_Astrum Possible ending point for this story: He discovers his powers to be magically based, and joins the A∴A∴. Or becomes a student. Or something along those lines? Or maybe one of the Magister Templi help him discover what he's supposed to do to prevent his thirteenth nightmare? What do you think?
  6. Jin slowly and carefully lifted the tiny scale model. At first, he had no clue what building it was supposed to represent. He hadn't seen the hospital since early childhood, and even then he wasn't in great health so as observe it properly. But something deep inside him knew what it was. "Vi veri universum vivus vici," He whispered softly, "Thank you, Mister Crowley." He drolled. Ferros stood up, calling the metal thread to him from the ground, he wound it around his neck. After adding the new piece of jewelry to his collection, he summoned his flying disc as well. "Seems like I'm taking a road trip." He held the small model of the hospital in front of his nose on a flattened hand. He drew in a breath and blew on it. "For good luck, ya know?" he announced to no one in particular. Spreading his costume around himself so that he wouldn't be recognized while soaring through the sky. He shouldered his bag, placed the model in one of the side pouches and stepped onto his flying disc. Not pausing to tell the rest of the Espadas household where he was going, he launched off into the sky toward the land of the Rising Sun and the Orient which lay beyond. A little forethought would have told him it was still the middle of the night in China. But Ferros wasn't about to let that slow down his quest for finding answers. As soon as he was passed the city limits, Ferros began to truly tap into his powers. He urged his disc to go faster, and faster still. He pressed the limits of the sound barrier, and in no time flat, he arrived at the hospital in Chongquing. He hovered above the entrance way, withdrew the model his own subconscious had sculpted, and scrutinized it. He made a single pass around the outside of the building. Sure enough, it was an exact miniature replica, built to scale and perfect in every way. "Well now, Da Vinci would be proud." He lowered himself to just in front of the entrance way and disembarked. "But I bet he'd be even more thrilled if I could find some answers, ya know?"
  7. Yea, he's going to try staying awake again. Concentration to stay awake (1d20+15=26)
  8. "True enough, Ace. But I still think it's worth noting, and bringing to the attention of both Aegis and The League." She typed away at the device on her wrist as they returned to the main room. "I'll just send them an email..." "Oh come on, 'Cape. It's not that unusual." Blueshift placed her hands on her hips as she observed the acid that was eating away at the artifact. "We've got things like that right here on earth. MAC, Hydrofluoric Acid: Scientific Entry." A small green light on the robot's Chassis flickered to life indicating that his hard drives were spinning away as he recounted the entry in his databases, "Hydrofluoric Acid attacks the silicon oxide in most types of glass. It also dissolves many metals (not nickel or its alloys, gold, platinum, or silver), and most plastics. Fluorocarbons such as Teflon (TFE and FEP), Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Elastomers, natural rubber and neoprene all are resistant to hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid is so corrosive because the fluorine ion is highly reactive. Even so, it is not a 'strong' acid because it does not completely dissociate in water." As the little robot talked, Blueshift extracted a pair of rubber gloves from her belt. Slipping them on, she began cleaning the acidic chemicals from the artifact that Ace had been observing. Once Mac was finished his report, she issued further instructions, "Mac, Hydrofluoric Acid: Trivia." The green light flickered on once more, "The ability of Hydrofluoric Acid to dissolve many types of metals, as well as other organic and inorganic materials makes it very useful in the disposal of incriminating evidence. Especially since a simple rubber container can be used to contain the acid without risk of damaging the container or surroundings. Though, the most well known method of dissolving the carcasses of farm animals or roadkill (with obvious extensions to victims of crime), is still the basic compound Sodium Hydroxide better know as the household chemical Lye. Additionally, one thing true of either compound is then intensely offensive smell produced during such chemical reactions." "Thank you Mac. Though I'm surprised," Blueshift commented as she used one of her gloved hands to gently waft a small amount of the chemical's fumes toward, but not into her nose, "I would have expected it to smell worse than this."
  9. Re-re-costume'd by Dok 11/9/2011 Doc, I hate to do this to you, But Aoiroo just pointed me toward this updated version of the Blueshift art. It's got a transparent background so it'll nix that ugly white block behind the artwork. If you could find it in your heart to do yet another update... [url]http://freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/8/80/BlueShift.png[/url] Re-re-costume'd by Dok 11/9/2011
  10. Alternate Costume'd by Dok 11/8/2011 Can you replace the Hero Factory art on Blueshift's Character Sheet with this one: [img=http://freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/b/bb/BlueShift_v2.png] Aoiroo was nice enough to do a re-design and I liked it! Alternate Costume'd by Dok 11/8/2011
  11. The new Three Musketeers movie was good. It was good in so much that it was the exact same movie as it was 40 years ago... except with airships.
  12. To be completely frank, if you had been looking for me to use a different location that's totally fine. Just give me a heads up and I'll change it to a sky scraper or something high up and uncomfortable enough to discourage sleep.
  13. Unwilling to let himself lapse into another dream that would endanger those around him, Jin returned late to the Espadas house. He made his way out his bedroom window and climbed to the roof. There he intended to sit for the duration of the night in meditation. If he could just stay awake long enough, perhaps he could spare anyone, or anything (he thought of Spike) from further harm. At least until he figured things out. There on the roof, he cracked open his copy of the Daodejing given to him by the monks. He began to read, fervently at first, hoping to find some answers. But after a time, his reading became more relaxed as he used the words on the page as a focus for keeping himself awake.
  14. Some news: I've just been told to "fast track" my latest project here at work. You may be seeing a good deal less of me until it's done. I'll do my best to keep up as usual, but I can't make any promises for the foreseeable future...
  15. Gathering evidence is a DC 15 Investigation. Blueshift can easily boost her rolls with Gadgets until she auto passes it. She'll then do another set of research checks to try and discover the location of the next nearest likely target to the end that if it runs at first sight of opposition, it may not attack here, but the next likely storeage of these artifacts which will also need protection. It's proximity will determine how much time they have before the the thing gets there to attack it, as well as whether or not its "too far" and they should just protect the initial site as the creature may not bother with the secondary site (yet). That's her thinking, anyway. Let me know what I turn up, and feel free to have one of your characters looking over her shoulder exclaim the name of the location in order to move things along. I left it open ended for that express purpose :)
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