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  1. Farrah deflated at those words. No, I mean literally, she actually deflated. Just let out a massive rush of air, shrinking a hair further - she was still a statuesque stunner (if slightly leaning more to poundage than most), mind, though the biggest problem was the only thing protecting her modesty was an outfit that wouldn't have looked out of place on a belly dancer. At Lynn's question, though, she nodded; doing a little funny finger-flicking, and tweaking her nose - with a snap, crackle, and pop suddenly she was dressed in...well, the Hawaiian shirt was back; along with the khak
  2. Another massive HONK as Farrah blew into the (now quite sodden) hanky - staring at Grimalkin like she'd grown a second head. "I...you..." Her lower lip wobbled again, a massive wobbling, a terrifying wobbling, a wobbling that would cause even the hardest of hearts (Hi Gretchen) to break down into tears of sadness and despair. Even Morgan was feeling misty-eyed, and he was sitting there nursing a concussion. Stupid mortal body. Mental note, get some kind of Crow-helmet. Or armor the hood. Or wear the hood. Hindsight. Again, the massive genie engulfed Lynn in a hug that p
  3. ...aw, hell. Crow, as a rule, liked animals. Dogs, cats, even some birds. He'd let a whole host of rooks take roost above his turret room at Parkhurst, and he'd actually been working on familiar bindings - bird spies and friends? Yes, please. Crow, as a rule, did not like Hedge animals. They tended to be large. And mean. And hungry. And prone to trying to eat him - moreso if they were abused by the denizens of the gaps between the world; the servants of the Tuatha, the Fae, and their ilk did not treat animals terribly well. Especially their hunting beasts. W
  4. Okay! My keyboard is kerfracked (to the point my question marks come out as É), so I`m going to do a proper IC post at home; for now, though. Crow will deploy a Smoke Bomb (Obscure 2 (visual, 10' radius; Feats: Independent) [4EP]) into the middle of the dogs, and promptly vanish up into the tree boughs - with intent to force the dogs to scatter or get caught by surprise by our attacks. Dance, puppets, dance!
  5. There was a mighty HONK as the blubbering genie blew hard enough to kick up a small windstorm; sending the papers on Lynn's desk flying, and blowing her hair clear up off her head. A smaller sniffle, and the mighty smoke-elemental settled on her...well, brimstone? Everything below her waistline was colorful smoke, curling down towards the metal safe (which, incidentally, now looked a tiny bit worse for wear). "I-I am Farrah, Farrah of Iram. Well, formerly of Iram, and before you say anything, no, I don't know where it is now." HONK. She managed to compose herself - enough that her
  6. 1d20+8: 26 [1d20=18] - http://orokos.com/roll/477470 Hey, I`ll take it! Crow at 18.
  7. A small - very small, but surprisingly genuine - smile creased his face below the black mask. On a normal person, it might have been amiable. On him, it was a mix of reassuring and evil. Seriously, Cowls were not meant to smile in costume. That was not a thing. "...didn't bypass. Just cheated." A low rumble of a chuckle from him. "Walked through walls." To her offer, then, he shook his head. "Stress-test what Crowe builds, sometimes. Better to make me work for it. And deflate his ego." The smile vanished, replaced with a tiny smirk. "He'll provide anti-intangibility ru
  8. Crow Troid an Fomhoraigh (1) The Dog Park Will Not Harm You (4) Ultimate Cosmic Power, Itty-Bitty Living Space (1) Outlaw Rock, Meet Paper (4) GM Peace On Earth, And Mercy Mild (1) The Ben Hur Invitational: Five Stars (1) Ultimate Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty Living Space (3) Credit GM Posts to Outlaw, please!
  9. "She's not wrong." A calm, rasping voice from behind them - surprising. Just one moment they were alone - albeit with a slight breeze in the room - the next, a black-clad figure with a mask and a beaked hood stepped out from a shadowed corner. Smoke curled up from a glowing rune on his shoulder - similar shapes and whorls in silver thread going up and down the lining, and around the edge of the hood. Crow made a mental note, work on some form of bypassing teleport wards. Impolite, yes, but come on - one had to value a proper intimidating entrance. And having to twiddle one from a r
  10. It was ease itself for Miracle Girl to seize the falling phone booth - the elderly lady inside going from screaming to trying to reach out and give the dear heroine a hug and promising all manner of cookies, brownies, and assorted baked goods in thanks for not letting her turn into a pile of squishy bits on the sandy floor below. Perks of heroism, eh? Still, she could hear the cars receding into the distance... In the meantime, the deft maneuvering of ACE DANGER! brought him right in front of the manic-driving Ferrari - the oil slick deploying with a cheerful "Oil Slick Deployed" (
  11. 1d20+10: 30 [1d20=20] - http://orokos.com/roll/471865 Ferrari Driver sez NOPE. Durf! Opposed Drive Check to remain in front of him! Ferrari Driver: 1d20+10: 27 [1d20=17] http://orokos.com/roll/471868 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miracle Girl! You have successfully pulled up the grandmother, who is terrified! I will post accordingly, then you can do something else! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thoughtspeed! You h
  12. The black-coated bird of prey followed behind Cannonade, matte-black knives remaining in his hands. His whole frame was tensed, ready to react at the drop of a hat; leaping either to the offensive or the defensive, the second something came out of the hedge. The feel of cold iron between his fingers was a relief, in a way, even if this place likely would rebel against it. Morgan's relationship with the world of his parents was complicated. "...shame. Hate dealing with fair folk on their own turf. Usually involves a game. Or illusions. Or cheap tricks." Slight sniff. "..
  13. Gabriel could say that again. Morgan cycled through the myriad of emotions that a doorway to the hedge, the realm of the Fair Folk, popping up in Parkside evoked in him. None of them were terribly pleasant, so he didn't dwell on them. Instead, a figure in a black coat just came into being beside the hero of God, the scent of cold iron shavings coming from a bag in his left hand, with his right filled with a gleaming throwing knife. "...burn it?" He rasped with a clipped tone, staring at the hedge. "...could call in backup. Seal it off."
  14. Ah, I was going to ask for one, but honestly with Miracle Girl's Super-Strength one isn't really needed. Go ahead and post accordingly; Durf, if you don't explain what that oil slick does by the end of the weekend, we'll just chalk it up as scenery dressing and I'll put some more challenges up.
  15. 8:30 PM City Center Freedom City U.S.A If there was one holiday the denizens of Freedom City loved more than Halloween (hero/heroine costumes!), it was Christmas! The downtown area had for weeks been slowly massing it's festive atmosphere, bunting and holly hanging from every storefront and lamppost, giant Santas and reindeer and elves hanging hither and yon, mistletoe in convenient places, blinking red/blue/green lights here there and everywhere. The snowstorm had slowed the roll more than a little, but after it's disappearance... It was like
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