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  1. GM "What dear little things," murmured the fishy visitor, who smiled fondly at the fire-spirits. They let themselves be led into the sitting room, looking curiously about at the furnishings, sliding a finger along the trim of an end-table with the air of someone poking at the faded, discarded leavings of some lost civilization. "Always caves. Enclosures. Was the same with the Chinook upriver, that cozy feeling. Like an embrace. And it will translate anything?" Wrapping a suitably absorbent cloth around one of the seats, they crouched on it, looking solemnly into Leonard's face. The next time they spoke, it was like the cacophany of whales, chirruping dolphins and clacking of crabs all blended into one complex rhythm. It sounded wholly alien, unlike anything Earth-born merfolk used. "If such is your will, sir, I will do as you say. Though I should warn you, my money may need conversion. Gold keeps well, but...you know." They shrugged finned and dripping shoulders, regarding the hearth-keeper for a moment, visibly drawing themselves to the point. "I am Vah-Lei, of the River Clan. I and the Clan's other Piscean Lor are descended from would-be colonists who crashed off the coast 500 years ago. There is a dragon in the tunnels of Mt. Forge, the mountain north of the river. His name is Sugaar, in old days he masqueraded as a deity of storms and fire. They have minions, the Fire Clan. These minions stole and...they ate our eggs." Muscles under the tough hide of their hands clenched tight, membranes sliding rapidly back and forth over their large, trembling eyes. "Every one we laid last year, in the cave our ancestors dwelt for centuries. Where I was born 80 years ago. With painted walls, deep pools and stone gardens and little wonders of our homeworld waiting for them. Picked clean." For a very long, tense moment, the visitor could say nothing more. Swallowing a little, they shifted position on their haunches and went on. "I begged the others of River Clan not to seek vengeance. Not only for the power of our enemy, but the risk of further, and needless harm compels me against mass violence. But something this evil cannot happen again, nor go unremarked. At a meeting of the other Clans it was agreed a magician was needed. But there are few with your power, and the one who lives on the south shore would not understand us or our ways. His heart is in currents and code. Luckily, there was a spider who knew your name and spoke highly of your magic. And so, here I am." "I can ask only a little of you, Mr. Kepler, but will you settle our dispute with Sugaar?"
  2. "How prescient! I was about to offer just such a thing, if it could be found among my sister's trophies. I did not think you could be more lovely, Nicole, and yet here we are!" At some point Leroy had gone and hefted Dio like a large, green floppy canoe over his head, rendering him quite invisible under the dragon's bulk. Every now and then the young reptilian sage jerked his limbs or thrashed his tail or flapped his wings, scattering black blood that smoked and hissed on the lawn. Leroy's voice sang out loud yet a little muffled under his burden. "I trust all will be well, with so much wisdom at hand, and bid you good people a fond good-night. We will be back in time for classes without fail, Headmistress." "Dio!" he barked, jabbing the slumped green priest in the side "Home!" Dio belched fire, a coruscating door through which could be glimpsed a maze of stairs and a dizzying array of doors. Leroy sighed. "Good enough." he said, and walked through, the door collapsing behind him.
  3. Sun Dragon tried hard to suppress a grin. "Yes, Pan, of course! I have to wrestle a beast every day as it is." At every word, he visibly lost ground in the battle for his composure, until he quavered on the brink. Masque's report drew his attention back to the pair on the roof, at the sight of which Leroy abruptly collapsed to the ground, shrieking and contorting in a fit of hysterics, laughing until tears again boiled down his face and he had to shove one awkward fist into his mouth to stifle it. Suddenly, as quickly as it began, it ended, Leroy regaining his footing to frown dubiously out the gate. "If I may, Headmistress," he asked Summers with a faintly apologetic look, "what is the plan to allay suspicion this school has anything to do with superhumans? Is it anything we can assist in? That is," he clarified with another shrug, "doubtful I would be of any help, but you know."
  4. "Oh, those times are lovely, so much to learn from them! Mother keeps a Doomsday Clock above the Stareway so she never takes anything about the homeworld for granted." Leroy's fingers danced through the pieces, discarding them one by one as he searched for a specific crumb of the artwork. "Wish my father had such important work. All he does is teach people to play instruments. Refuses to even use his powers." His roaming golden eyes stopped, a thin satisfied smile sliding along his mouth as he extracted the center of the flag. With great care, he placed it precisely where it went relative to the painting. He looked at it for a long time. "Most of the mystic forces in this world are old," he said at last, "have they left any artifacts in local museums? Or are those just handed to the League? Something about them seems drawn to old buildings, going by the stories I hear. Should like to get Judy one." A warmer, softer smile lingered as he scanned the pile. He nudged Astrid "See anything?"
  5. "Good even, Headmistress." Leroy's armor evaporated, the smiling boy underneath looking as cheerful and excited as ever. Despite that, his hands and other areas of exposed skin were streaked a worrying red from exposure to the deadly chill. Nodding to the torn-up lawn, smashed statue and gouged-out trees scattered across the Academy's interior, he was a blase counterpart to Zenith's outrage. "Light damage to the dormitory, some landscaping necessary, my dragon will have to be repaired. That aside, all is well!" "The other students performed admirably under the circumstances, nobody made any dreadful blunders(excepting myself and my dragon). This went approximately as well as one could hope." Leroy shrugged, ugly bruises on his chest shifting with his shoulders "May I be excused? I need to take Dio home for proper care." Moving gently around again to look over the frosted battlefield, the prince's face lit up at the sight of Forever Boy. He waved up at Pan. "A glorious display, squadmate! We should practice moves like that more often!" Turning back, Leroy pointed a shivering cluster of fingers at the elf wriggling and squirming under Headmistress Summer's foot. "May I have that as well? My family will want to know who they are and where they came from. For reprisals."
  6. OOC thread for this. High-stakes negotiations with a chance of becoming steaks. @Grumblefloof
  7. GM March 5th, 2019, 6.45AM Columbia River, between the Emerald Cities, USA The fog had been creeping in from the sea for hours now, until at last even Emerald Tower vanished. Silently, without fuss or hurry, the mountain of vapor muffled out the distant roar of the two cities, softening the world into a cold, wet blanket. The warning blasts of ships moving up and downriver blunted against the billowing clouds. The river itself had become dark and oily, lapping against the houseboat like gentle, insistent fingers trying to find a way in. The soft bump had gone almost unnoticed, but might have if not for the second, much stronger knock at the hull of the rocking house. With a ripple-less whisper, it emerged from the river. A slender creature, skin smooth and tough as a whale's, large eyes, fin-like fringes at the joints and crowing the head, webs between the fingers and toes suspending it above the water's surface with gentle, rhythmic strokes of its long limbs. "Mr. Kepler," it said in a soft, almost feminine voice, round eyes staring into his, "I am willing to pay several million dollars if you will represent my interests and meet with a dragon. Will you hear me out?"
  8. Hyperslice Something seemed to have drawn Skirris' attention as she rounded on the Spectrum Knight who shone a brilliant gold, her faceless mask briefly reflecting their armor's new-made flaw. The space she was in blurred, and the next time she resolved was as a scything hurricane of blows raining down on the Knight from every angle, fists and tail flying through hyperspace to smash and rend their armor. The punches and collisions increased speed, until at last Hyperslice was a silver shadow battering relentlessly on her enemy's stalwart yet less-than-infinite defensive harness. The speed needed to shift energy fields and localize stress dispersion swiftly outpaced even the armor's formidable limits. "Sssitara!" her voice hummed over the commlink "Ssstop fiddling with that massschine, you'll misss the fun!" With another flash, the star-sliding scrapper appeared in front of the orange Knight, hanging in place and seemingly oblivious to their other enemies as she coiled into stance for another attack on the golden Knight...
  9. Let's take a chance, Power Attack +-3, All-Out Attack +-3 on the Yellow Spectrum Knight with the Autofire singular Damage: 30. Natural 20, and that would have hit regardless, so DC39 Toughness save, +1 for every two over the Yellow Knight's Defence. Bluff to Feint at the Orange Knight to get them to drop their Dodge Focus, -4 for Move Action reduction: 26, so DC22 check.
  10. Sun Dragon The giant, staggering and flailing as he went, swung his ball and chain within view of the enchantress wearing a burning wreath. Starting at the glimpse, Sun Dragon expertly bent the next swaying of the Krampus for another, longer look at the unearthly sight. Leroy burst out into crazed, screaming laughter. Crushed between the child-taker's enormous shaggy paws, it was all he could do to keep himself stable as a proverbial bowling ball on the creature's rubber sheet. Tears streamed down his face as he howled, steaming in the chill, shaken off as he muttered "This is too much! The apocalypse is now, for me! Mother have mercy, 'five years is a long time', Dio? If this luck holds, three is a miracle..." Aloud he shouted "Well shot! Well shot! Keep on! Io, io, Fortuna audaces iuvat!"
  11. Sorry Gizmo. Free Action to maintain the Grapple, and since that's about the extent of his tricks will pass the turn.
  12. GM GM point to Sun Dragon please. An Uncivilized Age 1 GM post. Hyperslice Praetorians: Return to the Fold 1 IC post. Sun Dragon & Dio Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus 1 IC post. With Black Curtains 2 IC posts. The Night People 4 IC posts. Prisoners of the Moon 1 IC post.
  13. "Dio dislikes it when I play to lose. When he heard that was my reason for agreeing to be educated on Prime, he sulked for a week." Leroy laughed aloud, his golden eyes glittering with malice "More fool him. Game loss in one hand, else I am blind." Still grinning, the boy reached over Astrid's shoulder, slipping the pieces of the drummer together, nodding at Micah's point about the corner, "Just so. Those are the cracks of the paving stones. I was surprised to learn some parts of this world still use them." Hearing Corinne's very loud declaration of anti-lust, the boy startled. "She...was not? But...but then who is this secret love I hear so much about? By the claims I hear half the school has her affection. I should ask Pan, he understands these vagaries of the heart better than I." "Speaking of hearts, who were these 'Allies of Freedom', Abby?" he said over his shoulder, "was your father with them?"
  14. DC51 Opposed Grapple check: 54. Just barely.
  15. Hyperslice A sliver shadow flicked past, ramming into the Knights in an impact that left waves of distortion in its wake. Before the report of a mighty blow receded, another burst against the Knight's comrade, and then another collision with the first, then the second, and very suddenly the space between them was filled with a flickering, scything sequence of silhouettes of a faceless enemy in brilliant steely armor. Her lashing tail and powerful arms swept and cracked against their legendary harnesses, flung by the searing darkness, the raw motion and energy of hyperspace. Uncharacteristically silent, the Hassan did her best to telegraph her movements, lingering for bare moments she otherwise wouldn't, trying to lure the Spectrum Knights into firing on each other. In the middle of battle it was hard to concentrate, however, and the attempted subterfuge slowed the speed of her attacks even while her efforts to fight the Knights made her less convincing than she normally could be. Paradigm and the rest of the Praetorians had found Skirris consistently off her game after the investigation on the undeveloped world with its would-be messianic unifier. She'd wriggled out of active missions as much as possible, put in lackluster effort on the ones she had been assigned and spent almost no time training, instead skulking off to various corners of CoVic Station. And right now, in the thick of things again, it was clear what the effect had been.
  16. Move Action: Bluff to try and Trick the Knights into shooting each other: 23. -4 for Move and that's a DC19. Standard Action: Using Area Attack to attack the two closest Knights. General Area so DC20 Reflex to halve a DC25 Toughness save. Selective means nobody else but those two potentially get hurt.
  17. "No harm done," Leroy agreed, "besides, we brought our own little demons here. We should be asking your pardon." Sitting next to Judy, he leaned back on his hands and watched the light grow. Under his breath he murmured bits of a song. We are alive Beneath HER light... "Also, 'cause someone's got to say it: odds are good none of us remembers any of this anyway. Most dreams just fade, good or bad." Dio was still sulking at a distance, but his great crocodilian head was raised to scan over the much-changed reality. "Fine by me, I don't want to remember, but if you people learned or figured something out thanks to this, it's a hassle." Leroy broke off, eyes sliding over to the dragon's own. "Yes...they are only our imaginations taking the reins. Whatever significance they may have is minimal." He turned back to the dawn, smiling "Either way, Victoria, take heart: this was merely an accident. You will grow in your power and a day will come when you step into memories and dreams with the power to heal and protect. The power to make a better world." "Shame we can't all have that," Dio said, "but we'll get by."
  18. "Victoria, come now, this is no time for doom and gloom." Advancing from the shadows, Leroy stopped on the garden green next to their hostess, smiling carelessly about at the lurking, half-dreamt horrors of war and hearthbreak drawing near. Nudging Dio with increasingly firm shoves of his foot, Leroy said to the dreaming girl "It is not enough to grow old, great heart, one must grow up as well. See not merely these things but around them and through them." The words he stressed coincided very closely with especially sharp jabs at his dragon, which to his grimace of irritation had the sum effect of nothing. Eyeing the uncooperative creature with an air of saintly resignation, Leroy went on "To live is to stand on corpses, to watch all fade to dust...so rejoice!" Picking up the dragon by throat and tail, Leroy turned and began marching for the oncoming train, his golden eyes reflecting its light and his skin turning to burnished metal. Hefting the dragon like an oversized rocket launcher, Leroy knelt and sighted down the dragon's snout. "Every tear in the world cannot wash you away, Victoria, and every mote of ash cannot smother the reality that you live!" Yanking hard on Dio's tail, Leroy shouted "Dio! PORTAL!" With a strangled squawk and a gout of eldritch fire, the green dragon jolted awake, syllables in some unknown tongue pouring from his mouth and sparkling in the air, curved runes that swiftly closed into a perfect circle that opened like an eye and swallowed the onrushing train! The titan of steel and thunder barreled into the mystic doorway, its howling whistle fading into silence, until with an almost apologetic rattle the caboose trundled softly into shining oblivion. Rising, Leroy unceremoniously dumped his wheezing giant dragon onto the dreamscape floor. Catching his vengeful look, the boy said "Next time you catch me sleeping on the job, O puissant protector, do as you like."
  19. "Ooh!" At the masterwork's name, Leroy's already bright eyes lit up even more, his fingers darting into the descending cloud to snatch the face of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq. Inspecting it with loving care, he held it carefully so it would reflect the light glaring down from the ceiling. "Alas, Corinne," he said, eyes fixed on the miniature portrait in his hand as the other gently squeezed Judy's and withdrew to start snapping the rest of the pieces into place, "I have already agreed to accompany Suzanne Suresh to her Mistfall draft at Castle Comics that day. She desires an easy victory to make top 7. What mountains were you planning to grace?" Off the others' looks he added "Suzanne is Alpha-10, Violet Squad, jetpack and such." "And very glad to make your acquaintance, Reina Sophomore!" The smile he turned on the hesitant huddler was matched with eyes and teeth bright and piercing as a lighthouse "Please, make yourself at home, tell us about yourself and your dreams! Which reminds me..." A faint scrtching against the building had gone unnoticed until Leroy rose, marched to a window and opened it with a flick of a finger. Outside, leaning on the wall and looking the soul of misery, was the great green dragon Dio. His frilled crest drooped, his wings sagged and even his huge reptilian head managed something like a human's expression of anguish and despair. "What," Leroy asked testily, bouncing the puzzle piece in his hand, "is this about a 'crisis'? I left specific-" Dio's face pushed Leroy firmly back into the room, the dragon's eyes seething with impatience and his voice a hissing growl. "Loss on hand three." The furious argument that ensued might have been of interest to someone who was very into the game and had strong views whether or not Host of Horns was a valid strategy. The end result was that Dio called Leroy several very rude names and ducked back through the window in a huff, almost forgetting to teleport out of school grounds instead of flying. Closing the window with a snap, Leroy ran a hand through his lengthening curly hair and took a breath. He smiled at Monica as if nothing had happened. "I should relish such a wonderful opportunity, Liberty. Even my mother thinks well of the Freedom League, seeing how they began from such humble beginnings, it would be quite the inspiration! Astrid, forgive me if you can, I have stolen a central piece." With a rueful look, he handed Captain Cocq's face back to the visitor, looking curiously over her shoulder as it came together.
  20. There's a breathable atmosphere, and it's contained somehow behind force fields, but it seems lower in oxygen content than Earth's present norm so the spaceplane's excursion suits should still be useful.
  21. Sure, that'd be Knowledge Physical Sciences/Technology + Notice, depending if she's going off of the Pegasus instruments or her own eyes.
  22. Rocket, Cape, either of you want some unintended consequence from this?
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