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While most of the world's heroes concentrate on the werewolf epidemic, a few plucky types are called to deal with solving the great and terrible crisis that has caused the Night of the Wolves. 


These threads are first-come, first-serve for non-Refs/Mods/Admins. 

If you are one of those, restrict yourself to just one of these threads for the moment. 


These will start when there are at least three people in each. 


1. (Freedom City) - Great, Captain Thunder's a werewolf - and he's supposed to be retired! Help catch the poor guy before he does something he'll regret like knocking down a building for the sport of it. Yikes! 

Howling Thunder

2. (Freedom City) - Claremont Academy has gone into security lockdown during the werewolf crisis - but that just leaves it open for a spooky surprise! 

Fire and Bring on

3. (Emerald City) - In a cosmic alignment across time and space, mystic heroes and their allies are pulled into the Cosmic Coil to battle against the Thule Society wizards who have cast the Schrecklichwolfswelle across the world! - the big finale thread. Tail of Gold

4. (Bedlam City) - Roberto Meza was finally about to testify against the Mara in court - but oh no, he's furry; and so are the super-hitmen the Mara hired to take him out! 

The Fast and the Furriest


More threads will appear if there is enough interest. 


Potential Players so far:


1. Miracle Girl (Heritage), Chimera (Spacefurry), Shock and Awe (Brown Dynamite), Terrifica (EP), Facsimile (Exaccus)


2. Shift (Heriage), Specimen (Thunder King), Paper (Spacefurry), Nightscale (Nerdzul), Chronia (EP)


3. Ouroboros (Angrydurf), Salvo (Zeitgeist Blue), Justice (Rocketlord), 


4. Dr Thorne (Tiff), Gremlin (Fox), JETTE (EP), Tattered Man (Thunder King), Lady Horus/Wadjet (AvengerAssembled), Judex (KD)

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The Shrike can aid in EC!


Miracle Girl takes to the skies of Freedom!


And Shift will protect their fellow students at Claremont!

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Chimera could make her first appearance against a were-Cap.


Paper is always looking for some excitement at the Academy


And Blackstaff is willing to stand against anyone abusing magic.


So if you need someone to step in to get a tread started just let me know who you'd like.

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Gotta rep for EC, so Justice (and her magic powered armor) is up for Thread #3.


Let me know if there's room for more, I got people I'd like into thread #1 and thread #2 if they open up enough :D

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Let's see Shock and Awe for thread 1.  Instead of the Claremont thread that seems the most fitting for Sureshock to be in!  I'd also offer Dalir in 3, but will not take up a slot if enough EC folks want in there!


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I'll throw Gremlin in for Bedlam; haven't had a chance to play her in a while, and it looks like we're still a little thin there.

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