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Claremont, Bayville, Freedom City

October 31st, 2020

Just before Sunset

Halloween was always a fun time at Claremont those that weren’t taking the younger kid trick or treating had a party or movie marathon planned for the evening. A few even had a quiet night by either themselves or a partner.


Unfortunately you three you’re still stuck waiting for an audience, for either good or bad, with headmistress. It seems that for some reason everyone was a little more snippy and irritable than normal and a the place had been busy with various students with injuries only available at a school for powered individuals.


Still at whilst a little late the last three of you were about to get to meet the dread headmistress and after that they’d be home free, its not like it could get any worse after all...

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It was a special time in a boy's life, when he was on the brink of becoming a man. A challenge awaited him unlike any he had ever done before. College applications.


So, here Adam was, sitting and waiting for Headmistress Summers. If she didn't give him one, maybe she could offer some suggestions. His parents tried to be helpful, of course, but he couldn't make heads or tails of their advice. So he decided to come to the one person in the school he knew understood the process for sure other than the councilors. 


Maybe he was trying too hard to go directly to the Headmistress, maybe not. He had plenty of time to spare, and he had his eyes on the prize.  If she refused, he could move on down the rungs at the school. Though the only reason he thought she would refuse is if she simply didn't feel she knew him well enough.


That was always a possibility. His head sank. Oh well, he'd already asked to see her, might as well get the appointment over with.

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“And so you didn’t have anything to do with it Luke?”


“Definitely, he must have got there on his own...”


“On top of the tower?”



“And he also tied himself up to the pole?” 


“Yeah. I mean, you never know what people might be into right?” 


Somehow though it didn’t work…. So yeah there he was, for his first official visit to the headmistress office. Which, knowing how many time he had to do the same at his former school was a miracle into itself. Whatever. Was he supposed to be scared or something? What’s the worst that could happen? Right. 


Luke leaned comfortably with his back against one of  the walls, a confident smirk on his lips. Although, to be completely honest, deep down the young man didn’t feel as secure about the upcoming conversation as he was in in similar situations at his old school. After all there he didn’t care if he got expelled... At Claremont it was another matter entirely. Whatever. He could at least pretend that he didn't care.


Waiting in silence though? That was definitely too much.


Hey man… What are you in for?” He playfully teased Adam.

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Leon sat beside Luke in the head mistress's waiting room.  He had received a couple 'care packages' from his freedom flaunting siblings, but someone had said something to the right person. So now; a new TV, game system and one surprise floor inspection later here he was. He sat reading a book as he waited for his turn to see Miss Summers.


On 10/8/2020 at 6:52 PM, Nerdzul said:

Hey man… What are you in for?” He playfully teased Adam.


Leon lowered his copy of Blackout and glanced sideways at Luke with a smirk, then over at Adam. He didn't take long to size-up of the older boy. Something was off about him, and it wasn't just the boy's skin tone. Leon couldn't decide what it was at the moment. "My guess, not getting out enough. It's called the sun, you should try it some time." He smirks and glances back at Luke. "He looks like he should be in the background of my book." He waves the paperback to emphasize his point.

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GM Post

Finally the door opened and Headmistress Summers stood at the door, silhouetted by the rather beautiful sunset through office windows. Who was next getting to go into the office was unfortunately never going to be discovered as the failing light of the sun triggered a sudden and strange an unusual effects.


Unseen by the students inside the office as a few students briefly felt the pull of the wild as the wolf inside them tried to get out. Then the sky turned a sickly green as a barrier of eldritch fire sprung up around the school ground, cancelling the malicious werewolf related magic.


The teens inside the room didn’t know any of this but the brief glance of the green fire as a series of metal barriers slammed down over both the door. Those few students inside the building were suddenly trapped behind shuttered doors, corridors and windows.

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"The hell?!" Adam shouted as he bolted to his feet. The sky, was green. The hell did that mean? "Okay, the sky is green. What do we do now?" Adam ran to the window and saw outside.


"Looks like we're not leaving the grounds."


He turned to the Headmistress and looked confused. He had no idea what to do or what was going on, but it looked like something supernatural. Just in time for Halloween.

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Hey man and ye-“ Then the sky caught fire.


Woah.” Luke jumped on his feet. What the hell was going on? “Is this somethin’-“  His sentence was cut short by claning metal. Things were getting worse weren’t they?


We are? No way….” He frowned. “I have to bring my little brother go trick or treating-“ Well, plus when he was done he had a bit of Halloween fun planned too, but well… Didn’t look like it was gonna happen wasn’t it?


He turned to face the senior, hoping that he had some kind of explanation, but then again, he looked as surprised as he was. “Bet it anin’t something that happens every Halloween around here am I right?

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Leon glances in the direction of the office door when it opened. He caught the colors of the setting set behind the head mistress as she stood there. When the sky outside turned a sudden, sickly green from the hellish looking flames he was on he feet in an instant. He only caught a glimpse of the flames through the windows when the metal shutters slammed into place.

”The fu-“ He started to say when he looked over at Luke. “I really hope this isn’t a usual thing around here. Although the after the prom...” He let the statement trail off.

Leon turned his attention to Head Mistress Summers to gauge her response on just how bad this was by her reaction.

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GM Post

There was silence from a few minutes before the Headmistress reappeared with what looked liked a utility belt, gesturing to it she added as an explanation.


We have to keep confiscating these from certain students, young Ms Sen seems keen on such things. Though for now it seems appropriate.”


She walked to the door and touched the frame bringing a panel to apparently release the door.


This is part of the building defences, we had a few incidents in the past so more security seems appropriate. The fire barrier however is not part of out defences, someone wants to isolate us for reasons.”


The barrier on the door smoothly slid upwards and she looked at the three students and gave a little smile.


I could do with some assistance getting to a place where I can gather information on what is going on. Think of it as clemency for your crimes…” she gestured at Adam “Your letter is on my desk Mr Lanchester, I will happily discuss things further once things are dealt with here.”

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"Reaction, gauged." He thought and turned towards the spot in the office occupied by printer/copier. Extending a hand in it's direction, Leon made a single grabbing motion. The sound of rustling answered with a sudden flurry of paper erupting from the stored reams. Carried on an intangible wind the paper swarmed around him, some of it quickly forming a hoodie and a chain wrapped around his forearm. The rest of the paper forms into a baseball bat that Leon shoulders with a grin.

Turning back to the Headmistress he offers a mock salute, still grinning. "Let's. Get. Dangerous."

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Luke was about to find a way to crash through one of the barriers when the Headmistress appeared, forcing him to stop on his track and give her one of his best ‘I wasn’t going to do anything stupid’ smiles and ruffled the hair on the back of his neck.


What crimes?” Luke grinned at the Headmistress. “But yeah, anything that can help.” Plus his family was waiting for him, he absolutely could not get struck in school the whole night. Although, to be completely honest the  idea of some Halloween adventure wasn’t exactly that unwelcome in the teenage boy mind.  “Let’s get to it.

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