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  1. So three things Nicole is trying to do. 1.) Look for a less unwieldy than a lamppost. 2.) Activate her glasses Darkvision. 3.) Try and summon Bellios. The darkness will mask its coming, hence why she's not so worried about the flickering lights. Though she could be wrong that it's an indicator of Bellios. Could be the normal flickering as said from a post before.
  2. Nicole The hairs at the back of her neck stood on end as the voice finished speaking. There were other sounds beyond that voice, people moving around, but in a way that just seemed off to her, ringing alarm bells in her head. It was her gut telling her to be careful. Two years in the superhero business and she'd couldn't count the times her gut had saved her. "Yeah." Nicole said as she looked around the laboratory for a better weapon than a damned lamppost. "Yeah, coming!" As she looked she waited for Bellios to come. The bumps had stopped, meaning the mice were gone, or just watching and waiting. No witnesses. The lights flickered and this time Nicole gave a small smile. Her hand reached up and activated her glasses, a faint glow of purple in the darkness.
  3. Sense Motive: 1d20+2 = 11 Notice: 1d20+4 = 24 Nice. Nat 20. How about they quickly close their eyes, huh?!
  4. Salvo Nicole looked up as 777 expressed its concern for Leroy. "Like, I said, Seven. He can take care of himself just fine, but if you're really worried..." She scratched the nape of her neck then tapped Lulu on the shoulder. "Lulu, can you try make a link with Leroy? He couldn't have gone far. Tell him we're at the Bo-Tsu bar near the landing site." She waved her hand at the massive first floor with all manner of lifeforms in it. "It's the big square with neon lights like a hard open on Friday night and all the aliens in it. He can't miss it."
  5. Nicole "Helllloooo!" Nicole drove her wheelchair forward, not daring to stop as the bumps continued. She passed by laboratories, her lamppost held at the ready. She would peeked her head inside only to find an empty room before hurrying to the next laboratory to repeat the process. Nothing and more nothing, and with each empty room her heart sank. As the bumps and flickering lights continued her calls for help turned into whimpers. Her memory threatened to bring her back to the mice swarming over Rita, over the person she abandoned. The hand reaching for help stuck at the back of her mind like an unpleasant afterimage, and though she'd blink away tears she pushed on until she was right before the nanotech laboratory. "Help," she said, barely above a whisper. The bumps quickly drowning it out. "Please."
  6. Salvo Terrifica's self-assessment brought no outward reaction from Salvo. Instead she quietly formulated a response to Frost's question, sitting still while Terrifica spome. She had commited her own mistakes for sure, but the exercise was done in good faith, the best that she could have given. Then Terrifica offered to give an assessment on her. Frost gave a go-ahead gesture before she could do anything but eye the super-genius from the corner of her visor. The fists she had made before only got tighter as Terrifica continued speaking until she could have bent metal from the pressure if she were so inclined. "You don't get to do that," Salvo said, her voice in a low growl by the time Terrifica had finished. Her visor glowed darker as she faced Frost, Terrifica able only to see the side of her helmet. "You don't get to throw me under a bus and wave that I'm under twenty like a damned flag to the world, whatever your super-intuition told you." Her head snapped towards Terrifica and the visor glared like live eyes. "No. You don't get to hide behind your rational and logic either, putting all the blame on our failure on me but neglecting everything you've done wrong." She brought her hand up, with the index finger out, and struck it like a gong with the fingers of her other hand. "You negated my efforts on opening the airlock the first time, slowing our efforts as we had to open it a second time. You even went so far as to question me. You lack the trust needed when a split-second decision needs to be made like I did." She struck her second finger. "You stole control of the on-board computers from my systems. If I didn't let it go we could have been stuck there wrestling with each other while the clock ticked down." Third finger. Third strike. "Then I was the boots on the ground and you were mission control. That you didn't guide me well enough to do as you like or, hell, even where the vents were shows a failure in coordination. A controller's one job!" The sound of her struck fingers receeded in the silence. "I did just as well as anyone else, including Terrifica."
  7. Nicole As the bumps grew into crashes, Nicole stopped shaking Rita and stared at the woman's unresponsive eyes. Nicole waved a hand in front of Rita's face. Lifeless, glazed over. The circuitry crept from her ear into the edges of her face. *BUMP* "Rita?" Nicole said in a whisper, fearing the worst as her hands let go off Rita's arms. Unsuported, Rita sagged down until she looked like a kneeling ragdoll, arms splayed on her sides and head hanging limp. "I'm so so--" *BUMP* Nicole manuevered to the elevator control panel. Her fingers hovered over the open doors button as her other hand gripped the lamppost. She looked to Rita one last time. "I'm sorry." *BUMP* Her fingers smashed the button before the mice could recover and she drove out the elevator, leaving Rita behind.
  8. Nicole The bumping beyond the confines of the elevator jolted Nicole into action and she drove her wheelchair forward, swinging the lamppost wildly. She missed the mouse and hit Rita instead. The second swing dislodged the mouse from the scientist's neck and it splayed on the floor near Rita's feet. Nicole made short work of it like she did its two companions before she turned to Rita, who was sti standing stock still. The bumping continued and Nicole grabbed Rita by the arms, shaking her violently. "Rita," Nicole whispered, eyes with wide terror. She shook the scientist harder, adrenaline giving her a desperate strength. "Rita Rita Rita Rita!" "We need to run." She noticed the silver circuirty spreading from the neck and it only made her fear the worst. "You hear me? Once the doors open the mice will come in and if they catch us inside we're dead women. Do you understand?"
  9. Spending the last HP on this. Attack roll: 1d20+3 = 12 + 10 = 22
  10. Alas, Rita has become a nanozombie. Attack roll on Rita the mouse: 1d20+3 = 1d20+3 = 9
  11. Nicole "What. Was. That." Nicole was less verbose than Terrifica in answering Frost's call for questions. Similarly, her body language was more restless, even encased in a battlesuit, and they could easily imagine her narrowing her eyes behind her visor. Was there even a way to win that simulation? They did not have much time and could have merely missed something in their initial scans. Was it a way to see how they reacted to failure? Then if so this was the real test, sitting before Frost, but while the rational part of her noted this fact, the rest of her did not care. She wanted answers and then maybe she would calm down, but not before then. Fingers on both hands scraped across the plate over her thighs, leaving scratches on the plate as they settled into fists. They rested on her legs but she leaned forward as if ready to leap into action at any moment. "Same as Terrifica. My specialties can shore up what the League lacks and strengthen those it has."
  12. Done. And that roll is actually a 15 with the -4 from Space environment.
  13. Salvo "Finally. Found them." The access to the emergency vents was across the airduct from her. The airduct was large enough for her to fly through without fear of crashing against the sides. Her thrusters shifted and with a burst of fire she propelled herself through the airducts, landing right beside the access. Up close and the access was a circle, as tall as it was wide, and she stood at the base. "Right," she spoke in the radio between her and Terrifica. "I'm sensing some heat further down the vents. It's going to be stuffy here soon." Her fingers found purchase between the shutters, digging through the metal, and with a hiss of her servo-muscles she tore it free. Another set of shutters greeted her several meters beyond and she stepped through the access towards the next vent. She tore at that and the one after that. The heat went up steadily as she made her way further in but the holes she had made seemed to be working.
  14. Nicole She swiped at the mouse with the back of her hand as it reached her knee, sending it across the elevator to smack against the wall. It slid to the floor on its back and before it could jump to its legs, Nicole was jolting her wheelchair forward. "You aren't going anywhere!" Light glintef off her glasses, obscuring the killing intent in her eyes. Brrrrrrr. Her tires dug into the floor and she grabbed the lamppost Rita had dropped. With one hand she swung down, squishing it against the floor. Silver smears stuck to the lamppost as she raised her weapon high above and brought it down again. More smears splattered around the mouse's body. Nicole looked back at Rita, only noticing the eerily still stance of the scientist and the mouse hanging behind her neck. "Rita?" Nicole said, turning her wheelchair so she could hold the lamppost between them. Warily, she moved towards Rita. "You there?"
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