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  1. Alright! And with my last post, that pretty much ends the Serpent threads after a good part of the year. Think we rode through the pandemic here. Thanks for playing @Spacefurry and @Kaede Kimura!
  2. GM Alaynah nods at Blackstaff's answer and steps to the side to let him pass. She looks at The Dreamer warily, lips pressed thinly together. Though she seems like she's about to say something, after a moment she shakes her head. There aren't anymore words left to say. In a few minutes the Red Summer is cutting through the river, the evening lights of the city reflecting off its camo-green painted hull. It progressively gets smaller as it leaves the Emerald Cities behind, and soon it is swallowed up by the horizon and the darkness in the open sea beyond. Blac
  3. GM "I--" Advay says, momentarily taken aback. He inclines his head in acknowledgement. "Thank you for your trust. Though there is no need to apologize. Tonight has been full of deceptions. A necessity, pitiful, but it seems this is how the world works." Then he gives a rueful smile to Blackstaff. "Under more favorable conditions. Yes, that would be nice if I ever return at such a time, or if I'm ever in need of a investigator of magical means in my travels. Have you ever been in true wilderness? Fascinating." *** On the Red Summer, a
  4. GM Blackstaff states his decision and offers his services as a private investigator. Advay hums thoughtfully at all this, offering a small smile at the private investigator's consolations. "Thank you, Cristopher. I would rate your services quite highly if there was a way to do so. Perhaps twice now your cool head and abilities have kept me out of captivity, and for that I'd pay the Bennu thrice over if I could." He slips the jade stone around a finger, and slowly his tail retracts, seamlessly turning back into human legs. His scales fade into his dark skin and his pupil
  5. Salvo: 0 posts + 3 GM posts = 6 post = 1PP GM: 3 posts = 6 GM posts (to Salvo) Fate of the Serpent (3)
  6. Okay. So make a Knowledge (Arcane Roll) the both of you to see if you know something. Staged DC to DC 25 where I just outright state the info. Though tbh, not sure if The Dreamer would know of it. Well, we'll see if she gets it.
  7. GM The professor sets his eyes on The Dreamer and does not react outwardly, seeming to consider her words carefully as she speaks. Then when she finishes, still he does not answer, thoughtfully resting his chin on the ridges of his knuckles. There is none of that bumbling, nervous academic behind his spectacles you realize. No, it is more cold, calculating. Almost serpent-like one could say, more than just the slit pupils that lock on to The Dreamer. The professor flicks them to Blackstaff, then back without a word, but then slowly, his lips spread into a sm
  8. Alright, updated conditions below. I'll get an IC out this weekend! *** 1HP, Blackstaff - Unharmed 1HP, The Dreamer - Bruised, Injured, Fatigued Alaynah - Bruised, Injured. Zach - Unharmed Mixnus - Unharmed Nixnus - Unharmed Advay - Bruised, Injured
  9. Roll Diplomacy @Spacefurry with a +2 from The Dreamer's Aid! We'll compare the result to the Diplomacy DC table in the M&M 2E book.
  10. Okay! Give me a Diplomacy check, @Spacefurry. We're using the Interaction table and Advay is... probably somewhere between Hostile (Interfere) and Unfriendly (Mislead) so I'll just take the average of the DCs. If you want to take an Aid action you can, @Kaede Kimura, but you'll need to add something to Blackstaff's offer for help (like a guarantee or reason why you'd take his side) to get him to open up.
  11. 2HP, Blackstaff - Unharmed 1HP, The Dreamer - Bruised, Injured, Fatigued Alaynah - Bruised, Injured. Zach - Unharmed Mixnus - Unharmed Nixnus - Unharmed Advay - Bruised, Injured
  12. GM "I..." The professor starts, then pauses as Blackstaff pats his arm. "Like you said, laying low does sound like the smart thing to do." Then he nods the The Dreamer's way. "In addition to general thankfulness, you have my gratitude for your understanding. Yes, delving deep into the unknown is an endeavour that could cost the ultimate price. It's a risk and a sacrifice, which I now had been witness to." He gives a deep sigh and runs his fingers through his hair. "Of course, I do hope to keep in touch when I need of your services once more. I've given Christopher here
  13. So for Blackstaff, it was something that The Dreamer had said that made things click. Advay's story all fits. The magical research, the accidental death, the flight from his would-be captors for fear they would place the blame of Yatin's death on him and take away his life's work. The Dreamer had suggested that the professor give himself up to the Forest Clan. She had explained how understandable it is to have accidents when dealing with the unknown and volatile magic of the Lemurians. The Forest Clan would no doubt understand the accidental death and perhaps even the d
  14. Whew. That's a Nat 20. I'll probably add it into the OOC, while I do the IC.
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