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  1. Alright, updated conditions below. I'll get an IC out this weekend! *** 1HP, Blackstaff - Unharmed 1HP, The Dreamer - Bruised, Injured, Fatigued Alaynah - Bruised, Injured. Zach - Unharmed Mixnus - Unharmed Nixnus - Unharmed Advay - Bruised, Injured
  2. Roll Diplomacy @Spacefurry with a +2 from The Dreamer's Aid! We'll compare the result to the Diplomacy DC table in the M&M 2E book.
  3. Okay! Give me a Diplomacy check, @Spacefurry. We're using the Interaction table and Advay is... probably somewhere between Hostile (Interfere) and Unfriendly (Mislead) so I'll just take the average of the DCs. If you want to take an Aid action you can, @Kaede Kimura, but you'll need to add something to Blackstaff's offer for help (like a guarantee or reason why you'd take his side) to get him to open up.
  4. 2HP, Blackstaff - Unharmed 1HP, The Dreamer - Bruised, Injured, Fatigued Alaynah - Bruised, Injured. Zach - Unharmed Mixnus - Unharmed Nixnus - Unharmed Advay - Bruised, Injured
  5. GM "I..." The professor starts, then pauses as Blackstaff pats his arm. "Like you said, laying low does sound like the smart thing to do." Then he nods the The Dreamer's way. "In addition to general thankfulness, you have my gratitude for your understanding. Yes, delving deep into the unknown is an endeavour that could cost the ultimate price. It's a risk and a sacrifice, which I now had been witness to." He gives a deep sigh and runs his fingers through his hair. "Of course, I do hope to keep in touch when I need of your services once more. I've given Christopher here
  6. So for Blackstaff, it was something that The Dreamer had said that made things click. Advay's story all fits. The magical research, the accidental death, the flight from his would-be captors for fear they would place the blame of Yatin's death on him and take away his life's work. The Dreamer had suggested that the professor give himself up to the Forest Clan. She had explained how understandable it is to have accidents when dealing with the unknown and volatile magic of the Lemurians. The Forest Clan would no doubt understand the accidental death and perhaps even the d
  7. Whew. That's a Nat 20. I'll probably add it into the OOC, while I do the IC.
  8. Don't forget to roll Bluff/Sense Motive vs. DC 10, Kaede!
  9. Salvo: 0 posts + 2 GM posts = 2 post = 1PP Tail of Gold (1) GM: 1 posts = 2 GM posts (to Salvo) Fate of the Serpent (1)
  10. Roll Bluff or Sense Motive again to sniff things out! vs. 1d20+10 = 26. Unfortunately, he is rolling really well. Maybe an Aid action would help? Have Adrianna and Cristopher build off one another!
  11. GM Advay savors the tea as he listens and when you are done, he looks up with a sigh. He at least seems to have composed himself. "Excuse me for a moment, I've been wearing my charm for a while now." On his left hand is a ring, a jade stone embedded into it. He plucks it off and pockets it, and immediately you see a shimmer begin from his waist. The shimmer continues down his body, and in its wake human legs merge into and clothing melts into skin before turning scaly. Soon, he sports no legs but a single tail like a stunted snake's, but the tail continues to grow. It l
  12. I forgot to call for rolls. Advay got a good roll. You could still try rolling against it @Spacefurry. But just saying, it's nothing crazy like, "I killed a dude and laughed while doing it." Advay Bluff: 1d20+10=30
  13. "Some tea, thank you. To-to calm the nerves," the professor says as he sits down and when the cup of tea appears, he takes it and sips from it gingerly. He continues to drink, saying nothing, as the two of you explain and question him. As you finish your questions, he stays silent for a long moment. The waves crash against the rocks of your small island. He puts the emptied cup down and places his palms on top of the table, one on top of the other. "I didn't kill him, but perhaps in a way I had," he starts, voice solemn. "Him and I were always in the midst of experimen
  14. Salvo: 1 posts + 0 GM posts = 1 post = 1PP Tail of Gold (1) GM: 0 posts = 0 GM posts (to Salvo) Fate of the Serpent (0)
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