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  1. Aquaria's warning of lies in her mind, Salvo followed the others deeper into the temple, her sabatons stomping on the stone floor as if to scare away the visions. "And sometimes you could find wonder without any form of horribleness," Salvo growls after Huang. "Yet I doubt primeval magic such as this one cares about any human-made concepts. They do as they do and it turns out horrible more often than not." Salvo looks towards Aquaria, leading them deeper into the tunnel. "Sea Devil might have the specifics for your questions, Justice." She shakes her head. Her snort at
  2. Salvo Before Aquaria could reach the robe, a beam of unstable magic cut between Aquaria and the robe. Salvo's hands sizzled as she shut her weapon down. "Stop!" She stalked forward, the vision playing out in her mind. She glanced at the great stone maw, as if the temple's beast would appear between its jagged teeth any moment. "Careful, Sea Devil, all of you." "I don't need to repeat it, but this place is cursed and so is anything within its walls." The light behind her visor darkened, emitting a low glare on her companions all. "And this temple is malicious and aware o
  3. Yes, yesss. Cannibalism, not ominous at all. Though if it's a vampire and a Deep One eating a human then each other, it wouldn't really count, would it? Salvo will Take 20 on Notice to see what Aquaria has spotted. Does this also include the robe? What can Salvo notice about the robe too? Take 20 + Notice 10 = 30.
  4. GM "They're us," Salvo sneered as realization hit her. She flew backward and up, hovering on a jets of flames in the air as she took the four statues with her eyesight. Then she descended among her companions as Robin pointed out a way. Salvo followed. Her footsteps thudded through the damp and blood-sprayed temple floor. "What does Vhoka have to do with the concepts of time, Sea Devil?" Salvo's voice was reverbed deeply beneath the metallic rasp of her armor's speakers. "If time flows non-linearly for them, prophecy would let it know about us since at least when this t
  5. 3HP, Blackstaff - Unharmed 1HP, The Dreamer - Bruised, Injured, Fatigued Alaynah - Bruised, Injured. Zach - Unharmed Mixnus - Unharmed Nixnus - Unharmed Advay - Bruised, Injured
  6. Salvo: 1 posts + 2 GM posts = 3 posts = 1PP Tail of Gold (1) GM: 1 posts = 2 GM posts (to Salvo) Fate of the Serpent (1)
  7. GM Alaynah clambered up the stairway to the main deck after regaining enough of her senses to stand without collapsing to the floor. Her ship swayed as only a ship could in the stormiest seas but she had seen the waters of Malory Bay retreating as The Red Summer was lifted in the air. She'd seen the sailors of the two Coast Guard cutters stare up in awe before they were quickly swallowed by fog, the golden-tinted waters too turning murky beneath them. The hero left in the deck did this like no storm could. What had that idiot Zach done? Her feet set down solidly on the
  8. I'll roll for Salvo's Knowledge (Arcane Lore) to see if she knows the figures. 1d20+14 = 18
  9. I'm gonna trust you on that cause I'm at work right now without the PDF haha. Go ahead and post in the IC whenever you can.
  10. Yeah, based the boat on the PT Boat from Black Lagoon, which is actually a WWII boat. Okay, but are you okay with using up an Extra Effort for just one round? Mind, the River/Sea clan guys won't be able to chase you in the air and if you're moving them to the Forest Clan clearing, it'll take some minutes (or more than 1 Round) to get there even moving at 100MPH in the air.
  11. Salvo "So a beast did them in," Salvo replies at Aquaria's observations. "Then it's a good thing most of us are armored. There's no soft flesh to bite through. Even you're tougher than your pretty boy looks would get at, Ouroboros, and that's without your force field." Salvo followed Aquaria through the eternal waterfall, hovering as the Deep One jumped. Her fiery jets burned a way through the water and sent blood red steam clouds in her wake. Once past, she descended beside Aquaria. Her sabatons thudded heavily on the stone floor and she looked up at the four stone sta
  12. Well, the PT-109 wiki page, which is how I imagined it looks, says it's 56 long tons. And since I'm at work and don't have the pdf, does Move Object allow you to lift it telekinetically or are you throwing the boat 250 feet in the air? >_> Blackstaff - No injuries Sure. I'll put up a summary sheet of the characters later.
  13. Right. That's Bruised + Injured for The Dreamer. And the dude's lying. They don't have any intention of throwing Blackstaff out. Quite the opposite actually. They're probably thinking of throwing The Dreamer overboard. And sure, write in the IC The Dreamer using Move Action on the P.T. boat and what're you gonna do with it.
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