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  1. "Hey Murk, wake up." Salvo knelt down hurriedly and sent a small, continuous jet of water from her finger to the Neanderthal's face. It was a mess of a room looking up, the dead bodies and the thing's crawling up from the hole making things worse alongside the fire she started and the water sprinklers that came on, drenching the room. She could tell where the monster was sent flying from the groaning of the table as it moved to get up. From her other hand, she sent a blast of water at it, enough to know something invisible but tangible was still there and not creeping up behind them. Then she redirected her water to put out her fires. Salvo turned to Spider while she continued spraying Murk's face and the room. "I could keep fighting all day but I don't want to. You?"
  2. If both fail then Salvo can just carry Murk over her shoulder and hightail it out of the room.
  3. Well, a good 'ol ice cold water blast might help wake him up. If that doesn't work a low voltage zap might do the trick but I'm saving that for last. Would any of these be enough?
  4. Mmmm. How about past mistakes? Things he has learnt to steer clear from and Nicole notices the lasting marks? Knowledge (Arcane Lore): 1d20 + 15 = 24
  5. Think I could use Knowledge (Arcane Lore) or something to notice something with Dan and ask him a question in turn?
  6. "I didn't take you to be that perceptive, Mister Horis." Nicole leaned forward, her eyes glinting with a slow fire and a small smile gracing her lips. She was sixteen but in the ways of the mage, wizard, magician, creator she would be thrice-damned and ritually locked if she were to be one-upped by any adult. It was in the details, the minute and inconsequential, that one could read the other in regards to the magical like one did an open book... if only one learned to do so. She wondered what did her in. Was it the way her fingers drummed as if they needed something to do? Was it her nervous energy, humming and wondering as her eyes flitted to each surface? Or something that required magic to discover? That would be cheating then. "You'll find me to be a fast learner," Nicole states finally. "My family ensured that. It wouldn't do otherwise if magic is your birthright."
  7. Nicole looked at Dan quizzically, his offer churning in her head. She was very very good at what she did but that was a far cry from magical omniscience. Learning as much as she could about what she loved, even though she had her own unique style of rituals, made her truly intelligent. Not her mental acuity or her proficiency of prior knowledge. Talking shop, in other words with a man thought dead for fifty years. Fun. "I am a mage," Slowly a smile formed, excitement building up as she thought of what she could find and accomplish with a fully furnished stockpile of ingredients. Whatever he kept, however he did his rituals, could tell her a great deal him. Just as a musician may lay bare her soul through her music, so too could a mage through their magic. "Oh? I'll take you up on that offer then and those lessons."
  8. Well, we should probably wake up Murk. He's the only one who isn't blind to the magical things here.
  9. Right. I'm going to stomp forward and try and punch him. Melee Attack Roll: 1d20+3 = 14
  10. "Sounds like a plan," said Nicole as Facsimile moved to exit the room. "I'll keep Mister Horis company." She turned to look at Daniel and sat down, staring at him intently as she thought. A hero, not one who used his talents to fight but one who must have saved lives nonetheless. It was another way of going about being a hero, perhaps slanted heavily towards one aspect that he had ignored the rest. Mask, code name, powers and all. He had done good even if he refused to go the well-trodden path. Could she really criticize his decision? She couldn't really imagine being in his place when just a week inside this thrice-damned book made her feel like pulling her hair out. That was alone of course and with only the barest use of electricity, so that made it ten times worse. It wasn't a feeling she cherished, being outside her element so much. Bereft of her gadgets and the world, of seeing real people, frayed ones edges. It tore down at their walls, bit by bit until there was nothing left. Daniel had it so much worse than her, so much longer. It was a feat and put the man in front of her in a new light. Perhaps she shouldn't be so harsh, biting her lip against something she'd regret afterward, some retort about his magic or a critique about his heroics.
  11. Knowledge (Current Events): 1d20 + 7 = 22 Notice: 1d20 + 3 = 15