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Downtown, Freedom City

October 31st, 2020



Howling. Everywhere, what used to be people were howling. Not everyone, of course. Just about 1% of the world's population were transformed, but 1% of the population of Freedom City? Now that was still a considerable number of people.


Luckily, Freedom City was the home of super heroes! Everywhere you looked, you were bound to see a hero helping the day, restraining the werewolves and saving the people! If anywhere would be safe on this Halloween, it had to be Freedom City, right?


For a moment, the howls were drowned out by a crack of lightning that the roof of city hall. A werewolf with white fur hovered above the building, pulling its mouth back to howl at the moon as another bolt of lightning struck above. It was wearing the tattered remains of a blue and white costum with a yellow lightning bolt on its chest, lightning crackling around its claws.


It seemed not even super heroes would go untouched by the night of the wolves.

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"well if things were gonna go down it would be on the night itself i suppose." facs mumbled to himself as he looked down onto werewolf ridden streets below from the rooftop he'd been enjoying the crisp night air from before chaos broke loose.


it was just as well the party he'd been attending was on a roof top; it was a quick matter to barricade the entrance (and quietly warp the hand bar into being useless with a subtle application of strength) after that it was just a matter of finding a spot where he could pull his "parlor trick" without getting noticed, a deep breath of fresh air and a subdued flash easily mistaken for one of the many lightning strikes that had kicked up from nowhere and he was a mass of air, barely visable aside from the ripples of his movement


Taking on a gaseous form was always a little nerve wracking, it was so easy to loose track of himself and he didn't want to find out what would happen if he became to dispersed before attempting to return to his normal form.


slipping through the tiniest crack in his windows frame he made his way directly to the ground below.


best not idle in the high winds too long, else ill get blown out to sea he thought to himself as he descended to the roads below with a fwoosh!


quickly returning to his normal body before he got a little too acquainted with the results of matter scattering himself across the city.


his hands immediately shooting to his trouser pockets and grasping the capsule that was his meteor hammer's travel mode, bringing it out and unfurling it in a single fluid gesture that saw its impossibly advanced mechanisms whiring to life mid air as it unfurled and slotted into place, crashing to the tarmac even as he wound the morphic molecule tether around his arm to more readily control its length.


"a real howler of a halloween this turned out to be!"

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Lockdown, they had broken a lockdown order by the school.  Tabitha was still fuming at her brother having dragged her out of Claremont.  Because, if or inevitably when it got back to their parents.  The blame would inevitably fall on the girl of metal.  After all, who would believe anyone could make The Spectacle do anything.

But, even as stubborn as the Texan native could be.  She couldn't help relent when Tremayne showed her the signal on the screenshot that was shared on social media.  That emblem belonged to the man that saved them.  And gave them a cursory schooling.  And above all Sureshock's idol.

Captain Thunder.  

Shock and Awe moved as a unit through the streets.  Neither party could fly, and both lacked a certain amount of subtlety.  As such the twin heroes were openly arguing amidst all the howling in the air.   "It's a generic lightning bolt.  Could be anyone."


"Could be Mr. Gardener."

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Terrifica did not normally use her personal phone to call home. Such things could be traced. But as sunset hit and people started changing, she broke the rule. “Stan? Please. Safe room. It’s going to a long night.” “A long night” was code for a high level disaster, something just short of a Terminus Invasion. They got off the phone quickly. She was in Freedom Hall at the time. Being an AUX reservist had benefits, one of them being she could come and go from there without question. Her large scale magic detection systems had gone berserk in late afternoon and she’d come to the Hall to chase down exactly why. The League’s global surveillance was more wide ranging than hers. It was purely a budgetary problem. Of course, 1 out of 100 people on the planet turning into werewolves kind of gave the game away. She was, of course, afraid. Millions of people had spontaneously turned into beasts red in tooth and claw. Being a supergenius with a perfect memory was not all perks. Encyclopedic knowledge of animal attacks flashed up unbidden. It was a primal fear. The fear of being eaten alive. She steeled herself as she always did, but one never entirely got used to it. She shook out her staff and walked out of the Hall to see Captain Thunder (because really, the odds on someone having similar powers and wearing his specific costume even on Halloween were incredibly low) flying above City Hall. “Oh, this is going to be one of those nights, isn’t it.” She had to work to sound annoyed instead of terrified, but she had plenty of practice doing that.

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Miracle Girl


Casey Blankenship knew this day would eventually come, but part of her thought she just might pull it off. After all, somehow she gotten through three years of college without any of her sorority sisters discovering her secret identity, her secret life. Maybe she'd manage to squeak through her senior year without a slip, her fellow Pi's none the wiser.


But having one of her best friends turn into a werewolf right into front her, and viciously attack her without so much as a scratch? Yeah, that was going to take some explaining. But it would have to wait.


- - -


Floating over downtown Freedom, Miracle Girl swept the city with her eyes and ears.

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As the heroes made their way through the city, the scene was the same everywhere they went: People running and screaming. Werewolves howling and attacking. Some heroes were seen, fighting against the wolves. Others had become wolves themselves, hunting the people they would usually protect.


Terrifica stood alone against the Thunderwolf. Hanging with his arms by his side in mid-air, he did not seem to even notice her at the moment. His nose raised, he seemed to be smelling the air. Then, he howled. Lightning cascaded around his body, before the white-furred werewolf landed heavily on the ground, staring straight at Terrifica. 


The rest of the area around them seemed strangely free of other werewolves. Unlike what Facsimile, Miracle Girl, Sureshock and the Spectacle saw, the Thunderwolf seemed to be the only werewolf near city hall. The rest stayed clear, despite the number of people that were starting to gather behind Terrifica. 


"What do we do?" A slightly overweight man in the late 40'es stood close to Terrifica, holding on to his upper left arm with his right hand. Some blood dripped from where he had been clawed. "You gotta keep us safe!"

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it was short work to handle the various werewolves that attempted to impede him on his path towards the town centre, most of them he assumed were civilians and thus quickly subdued with a whirling blow from his weapon and at a distance, walking down the middle of the road made him in reach of most everything he could help with as he went, blasting aside obstacles and freeing trapped bystanders inbetween werewolf subdual, anyone who looked would assume he was traveling in a none chalant, casual manner his weapon whirling over his head like the rotors of a helicopter.


it couldn't be further from the truth however.


His ability to absorb information from the space around him was giving him some strange almost garbled input that made his sinuses hurt and his temples pound, there was definately something magical going on. he'd experienced the same sensation numerous times before now so he was familiar with it to a degree and now there was a strange powerful bit of information that brought to mind the tangy buzzing of a 9 volt and the smell of a wet dog.


For the most part he just hoped it was some wizards quirky idea for a halloween party gone wrong the rest of him however knew better.


rounding the corner to city hall he instantly recognized terrifica, a fellow Auxillary member and a former class mate.


"hey Teri, you know who let these dogs out?" he asked as he turned to regard the chaos, but instantly found his eye settling on the large white wolf with the familiar torn outfit, his six sense screaming at him now with sonorous roar of a hydroelectric generator.


"I thought he was retired!" facs complained as he dropped into a more serious combat stance.


He was gonna need to get his hands on something and quick. Preferably something lightning proof.



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"This is nuts," Casey exclaimed as she realized just how many people had been turned into beasts. But there was no time for disbelief; this was time for action. 


The blonde heroine flew as fast as she could safely manage, subduing the werewolves as painlessly as she could; this mostly involved sleeper holds and using whatever materials were nearby to secure the unfortunate victims of this cruel spell. Because it has to be magic, right?


But then she heard the deafening crack of thunder, and there was a sinking feeling in her stomach. Oh no.


Seconds later, Miracle Girl landed on the ground near her teammates. "Is that who I'm afraid it is?"

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Terrifica frowned. He said that like normal Captain Thunder couldn’t bounce her up and down the block like a basketball. “I’ll do my best. You, get inside. Put a sturdy door between you and tonight’s insanity. Don’t just stand there gaping, go!” This was going to suck. A lot. But then both Facsimile and Miracle Girl were there as well, asking the important questions. “Do either of you know anyone else who wears that costume, can fly, and throw lightning? No? Then let’s proceed as if it is actually him. Facs, you’ll need something damage resistant. The Captain could punching holds in titanium *before* he had claws to help. MG, we’re going to start by trying to restrain him. If that fails, we’ll just have to beat the hell of him and apologize later.” As there was no way in hell her electric taser was going to work. Beneath her gloves, her grip on her staff was white knuckled. “Let’s try not to die, shall we?”

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Shock and Awe


Sureshock and the Spectacle ran up on the scene..  The terrifying sight of what could only be described as a maelstrom of lightning personified in human form now armed with fangs and claw.  Sureshock began muttering under his breath "Oh man.  That's really him.  I hoped y'know that maybe I was wrong.  Oh man.  Oh man."  The normally overly confident teen couldn't even bear to keep a straight face.

The Spectacle instead looked over the heroes that were already on the scene and the bleeding man.  She had caught the tail end of Terrifica's instructions as they came on to the scene.  She would otherwise be content to let Tremayne fanboy and act a fool.  But, it was clear he needed a second or two to get out of his own head.  As such she took some heavy strides towards the trio.

"Not dying sounds good."


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Thunder struck once more as the Thunderwolf howled to the sky. His fur seemed unaffected by the static electricity in the air around him, as he finally noticed the heroes. His lips pulled back into a snarl as he glared down at them. He lowered his arms to his sides, lightning crackling around his claws. The ripped remains of his cape hang limply over his shoulder.


"Oh no." The overweight man looked up, then back to the people behind him.


The Thunderwolf howled to the sky, and in the city around the heroes, several other howls joined him. They were not alone.


The man started running for the nearest building, the rest of the group near him quickly following suit.

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Good. The civilians were running. Step one, set the table for someone more qualified to hold the good Captain / neutralize the more dangerous threat. Terrifica pulled an odd looking device from her utility belt, and fitted it to her the end of the Terrifi-Staff. From what she knew of the Captain, Sonic Flash Burst would hold him for a moment or two. The device turned that setting into an automatic weapon. Wasting no tme, she fired at the Captain. Not even waiting to see how well it worked, she yelled at the two new arriving heroes. Claremont students, by their ages.  They did not need to be in this fight. “Protect the civilians! Move!” She’d help them if she could, assuming Miracle Girl and Facsimile could hold the Captain.

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Sureshock heard Terrifica's direction.  It was one hundred percent the correct call to make.  He knew better than most that even if he was to put as much voltage as he could muster into a lightning strike it would not take down Captain Thunder.  And perhaps he would have heeded her instruction.  If not for the fact that his legs had already propelled him forward.

The Claremont teen wasn't thinking.  Still caught up in his own emotions he simply sprung into action and extended his arm out releasing a high voltage but low amperage stream of electricity towards the lupine Captain Thunder.  The goal to stun him in place.  Or even luck out and overload his electrical reserves.  Neither of which came to pass as it became immediately obvious that electricity was the absolute wrong choice in weapon.

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Four werewolves broke free from the buildings that surround the fleeing civilians. They howled and growled at their prey, rushing across pavement and road. They moved fast. They would reach them soon, unless stopped.


Blinded and deaf, Captain Thunderwolf threw his clawed hands in front of his eyes, howling to the sky in frustration. For a moment, he seemed like he didn't know what to do, and then, as lightning crackled across him, he seemed to pick up a familiar scent. 


The super powered werewolf flew straight for its wayward protege, slashing at Sureshock, only to miss. No matter how strong his nose was, it didn't seem to be enough to find his prey.

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"I admire ya fighting spirit!" facs called out to the kid who had thrown a lightning bolt right into thunder-wolf's face even as he stooped and grasped the tire of a nearby vehicle in his hand, slowly drawing its properties out and over his own flesh.


He could of course have gone for silver from one of the coins in his pocket but if the legends and myths were true it would have proven fatal, he sure as hell wasn't going to make himself a involuntary mass murderer


"Not as quick at this as i used to be!" he added with a grunt "You're Gonna have to take the lead Miracle girl!"

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"I'll try to keep him occupied," MG said with a quick nod. And with that, she charged right at the great beast and slammed her fist right into it's jaw. Even covered in fur, the Captain was as hard as steel, and the impact rattled a few windows, but the blonde powerhouse detected a little give.


He actually might have felt that.


Standing right in front of the older hero, Casey grimaced and gestured towards herself with both hands.


"Come at me, old man!"

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The transformed Captain yelped, shaking his head after the blow, like he was trying to clear his mind for a moment. Then his lips pulled back into another snarl, while he looked around, trying to find his prey. His snout moved slightly, as he picked up Miracle Girl's scent. The scent of the one that had just hit him.


With a howl, he threw himself at her, wildly swinging his claws, with little thought or plan beyond tearing the attacker apart.

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